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Part IIIc, The Lord vs. Satan: SupCtHeaven; aka, the Trial of Human History.. aka, Did God err?

God's Script: NOW
Father Answers Son's John 17 Prayer, and Builds a Bride

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The Bride Cometh Your Priesthood
+ potential Crowning
Synopsis, Our Royally-Invisible
Spiritual Life:
I. Kingship II. Bridal Thought DDNA,
God's Apodoses
III. Bema Inheritance

1st Spir. Life Trait,
1st Reason,
'Clone' Christ:
God's Apodoses 5 Infinitives, katharizw aphairew
deiknumi plassw dikaiow
4 Happinesses, Hefty Hearty
His Husband
Love Alphabet
Abiding in His 7-Faceted
'House of Thinking':
Function Desire Development Plunder Victory Intimacy Compatibility Spiritual Maturation
Process, Overview:
1Cor13:13's Faith Hope Love
I-VII Spiritual Growth Benchmarks S.Child Form Before Function S.Teen S.Adult S.Adult, II S. Maturity aka "Pleroma" 2-3-4-5 Evidence Tests: E.Test Alphabet E.Test Structure
2nd Reason,
sign of Jonah
3rd Reason,
Qorban fulfilled
He Upgraded Divine Intimacy! 4th Reason,
max tests Love for God
CrossOver Law Evil, adikia or Kenosis, Marriage? Victory or Dungheap?

2nd Spiritual Life Trait, Royalty: 1st Reason,
Priestly Bride of Christ
2nd Reason,
Royal Life Far Harder
3rd Reason,
Qorban Thinking for Father:
You, in Me! Baptizw
for Dad!
Royal Spiritual
Multisphere Living
4th Reason,
Royal Defeat of Satan&Co.

Reasons' Sum:
His Escutcheon!
Your Soul
Becomes a Polity
Spiritual Heraldry,
Life of Honor
Conclusions: #1, He
takes Precedence
#2, His Word
takes Precedence
#3, Royalty
Makes the Rules
Corollary 3A, Authority (=You)
Accountable for Divine Assets
3B, Bema Blessing
(or Burning)
3C, Caring Charge 3D, Devoted Destiny
(or Dung)
Conclusions' Sum: Your Potential Escutcheon

Where do we go from here? How to Maximize Your Spiritual Life How to Make Dung of your Spiritual Life And now, for that Blessing-by-Association Payoff

Summing up the Reasons

These sets of Invisibility and Royalty Reasons pair up, though I was unaware of that fact when I first wrote them! When I wrote them back in 2001 or so, the process was question-and-answer, in my mind: "Ok, why are we Royally Invisible?" Then, the Holy Spirit brought Doctrinal answers to mind, and I 'reported' what I understood. In short, I had no idea where all the answers were 'leading'. But now, idou! "4" is the Biblical number-metaphor of completion, fullness. Look how these four sets of Reasons interlock! Oh! Are these like the four colors of yarn for the Veil? The four-part Royal Heraldric Escutcheon those "four living creatures" wear/bear in Revelation 4?

Shocking! About 20 years prior, during Rev 2-4 exegesis, I listened to my pastor tell us day in and day out about heraldry, the Angelic College of Heralds, the Angelic Order of Battle, and the heraldric/knighthood meanings of the Awards mentioned in Rev2&3. I couldn't understand what-the-heck was the significance of so much detail on heraldry! Oh, but I was (wrongly) bored! And for tuning out of Bible class, whoa -- what a spanking I got, too! But notice: even God's Discipline, blesses. What a comeuppance, Payback Time! For now, all-of-a-sudden, a scenario of what the heraldric awards might signify 'clicks' in my puny brain!

Oh: now that my brain is back on, here's what I tuned out of during four years of daily exegesis faithfully given by my own right pastor: The Awards represent vast amounts of eternal wealth of every type. Bible terminology for awards is extensive, and is usually fuzzed over in translation. "Pebbles", for example, are citation and voting stones, which also function as passes to exclusive places, like the Gazebo in the Garden and pass to the New Jerusalem -- on stone, so easy to carry and permanent; white clothing, is honor/dress-military; crowns (stephanos) are battlefield/athletic victory wreaths (the higher the body-part item, the higher the wealth of the award represented). Kingship crowns are distinguished by Greek word diadema, though the more normal nomenclature seems to be just to say "kings" (Basileus). Rome greatly rewarded its heroes, and expected much, too: need to know that stuff, to understand the Bible's metaphorical terms. Behold the Escutcheon, patterned after Rev4's, but using today's ideas of the color-names of Veil thread:

Invisibility Assets plus Status Assets. Our Irrevocable, Permanent Position in Christ. The Lord as Precedence used His Royal Status and Royal Assets to the uttermost. Best economics, Best Investment, Total productivity, Total yield. So, then: did the Royal believer also invest these 'talents' for maximum yield, by living enough on God's Script in God's System? If "yes", at the Bema he gets a Royal Knighthood title (usu. mistranslated "name") and enters within the Royal Order of the


Our Aggregate Position in Christ is designed to Invisibly Function to Royally Preserve mankind during post-Cross history. Royal Status and Royal Assets require Nobility: living up to a Royal Standard, for the sake of the ruled. The Lord's Humanity invented that Royal Standard, and demonstrated Steadfast Nobility, for He faithfully and completely abode in it. Thus He protected mankind from destruction by a 'foreign' power (Divine Judgement, Satan&Co. -- 'foreign', in the sense of 'foreign' to men's awareness). So, then: did the Royal believer steadfastly and nobly abide by the Royal Standard during his own 'first advent', by living enough on God's Script in God's System? If "yes", at the Bema he gets a Royal Knighthood title and enters within the Royal Order of the


High-Low! Serving God the Father! Vested mediation of Life! The Lord, the Highest (as God) became also the Lowest, thus Vested as King-Priest, Full-Spectrum. So, then: did the Royal believer also vest in docking all things under God through his own spiritual life, by living enough on God's Script in God's System? If "yes", at the Bema he gets a Royal Knighthood title and enters within the Royal Order of the


Maximum Mediation "Stretch" leads to Maximum Trial Witness! The Lord's Humanity accomplished a Strategic Trial Victory on the Cross against Satan; thus He was Crowned "PantoKrator", Ruler of All. As a result, Operation Footstool's Preparation Stage was inaugurated to Tactically Conquer via the Church: man's dissociation, the world, Satan's power system. So, then: did the Royal believer also finish the course, such that his witness produced Tactical Trial Victory, by living enough on God's Script in God's System? If "yes", at the Bema he gets a Royal Knighthood title and enters within the Royal Order of the

Scarlet-for-Battlefield-Victory, FLYING EAGLE!

I can't breathe. One knows from Doctrine that these things are true, but to see them pair off like this..! Oh, I had no idea of these meanings when I wrote each answer ..breathless! How Father completes Son's Royal Escutcheon! With us! Heb 11:39-40! Oh, Beloved Father, I'm prostrate, speechless: Ps138:2! Rev1:17!

Escutcheon Meaning: You are to become a polity, In Your Soul

There are so many applications from this four-part Escutcheon. Why didn't I pay attention in Bible class then? Ohhh what I've missed in my understanding! But now, Grace! I get to know! See, each of these is a class society needs for happiness: Profit (1 Philippians 1:21!), Virtue (probably agathos; put verses here on recall of keywords), King-Priest (Heb 5-10), Victory (nikaw, kratew, hupomenw, huparchein verses)! Four categories of knighthood, four categories in executing the Spiritual Life! We each will end up ranking in each of these four categories! Have to get to Pleroma to even get in ("overcomes" in Revelation means reaching Pleroma, so that is the litmus), but even within the Pleroma category, variety! Inequality of ranking! (Probably those below Pleroma will be rewarded for the peaks or specifics that they accomplished, even though they spun off before Pleroma.)

Thus, if our Church group had a Royal motto, it would also be four-fold: "Profit for Virtue, King-Priest, Victory!" For, in Father's Plan, there is only and always Pure Profit. A Blessed Word, not a bad thing. "True riches" verse, but fulfilled! That Divine Thinking "in earthen vessels"! His Thinking! Which only the Holy Spirit can run, so to us the spiritual life is entirely without price, without cost: Pure Profit! 'The "business" of our unique spiritual life!

In short, an entire entity: economics (lion), internal character (ox), government (King-Priest Man), military (eagle). We each must become entire and completed entities in order to qualify as Rulers. Else, it's not fair to the ruled. More importantly, apart from our becoming entire self-ruling entities, we are no reflection of our Gracious Lord! So, of no sweet savor to the Father!

Personal subcorollaries of these applications are also legion. One can look at this four-part Escutcheon and examine his own spiritual life: how well is he progressing in each of the four major categories? Great way to do the same thing to self as the Lord does for the churches, in Rev 2&3. The weakest place in the four parts would be the way to resolve all shortfalls in any parts. So one can see what is the big bottleneck(s) in the life. So one can say where advances are, too (and objectively, since any advance is solely the Holy Spirit's work). So, as Paul so often notes, one can use the Biblical version of the nine cardinal principles of military doctrine to defeat the bottlenecks, and exploit salients. [Pity that English translates military words in the Bible with fuzzy euphemisms. Paul, but also writers in the OT, constantly reference military analogies in explaining how to live the spiritual life. As to the "nine principles", these are codified in various secular works throughout history (not necessarily grouped as "nine"): Sun Tzu is a good sample of this genre.]

These last two, thinking-for-the-Father and associating-everything-with-Christ are their own nuclear blitzkrieg against human good, evil -- well, against everything in Satan's kosmos. Temptation has to be able to get past that barrage, see. The more and more I exercise Doctrinal thinking, the more and more it 'demolishes strongholds' (satanic thinking, world's thinking), as Paul noted in 2Cor10:4-5 (NIV). So, here, these last two categories will maximize both asset yield and virtue. They are the vanguards. What's 'last', is First!

For me, the ultimate nuclear weapon uniting and serving as the litmus in ALL these four categories, is Isa53:11 in the LXX. Remembering what it is, what those five sweeping infinitives mean. DDNA, baby, being built in me by the Holy Spirit. What's the "You, in Me!", highest-DDNA value, as the criterion for any decision. DDNA.htm begins that webseries. Not a day goes by, but I live on this verse and its DDNA meaning: for God Wants Sons and This is How He Makes Them! Every second you live on God's Script, more DDNA is being put into you! This DDNA idea unites the Third and Fourth Reasons into a 'do' concept which even the body can understand. Something is happening, in all this Thinking Multisphere Life!

For you are that polity, Now. In training, to be sure. For the world is only blessed through the believers in it, which is why the Rapture removes all the believers, for then the world must be judged. But you are still here, so the Rapture hasn't happened till yet. Part IV will go through the devastating importance of that Blessing, as will the two upcoming sections in this webpage. Yet surely by now you get the idea, that since the world rejects God, blessing cannot go to them: Love never coerces. So if you love the world, you'll grow up on God's Script, in God's System.

Spiritual Heraldry, a lifestyle of HONOR

Once upon a distant speck in time, we all really knew what Honor was. Whenever I read Herodotus, Tacitus, Roman or Greek lit./philosophy, etc. -- one theme keeps on running through them all: Honor. Even the public plays. In them all you find a real honor thought pattern, not only circus-for-the-masses. Herodotus, who dedicated his whole life to just write The History, oozes respectful honor in every word he writes. It's astonishing. In later periods of history you also find little 'oases' of honorable thinking and living. America was such an 'oasis', once. We're too self-righteous and petty, now.

So what's the thinking pattern of true Royal Honor? The Object is viewed, not the "me". True honor never thinks, "i'm a good person because I did this"! Rather, true honor isn't thinking of self at all. Instead, the self is grateful to the Object of Honor. See? We've really lost that attitude in America. To US, now shrunken, 'honor' means something the 'me' gets. Just the reverse of true honor. No wonder we ravage anyone based on any allegation; no wonder we are such crybabies.

Principle Extrapolated: In Church Royal Family Honor Code, He is Everything. Virtue itself, Honor itself, life itself.. only has meaning if you can use it toward Him. The Greeks and Romans knew that well: they just misidentified who "God" was. Even so, their lives were far more meaningful, since Honor was the standard. So we who can now honor the Real God, whoa -- what meaning NOW is in every speck of earthly dust!

So, then: see how marvelous it is to have a Royal Standard of Honor in all things? Who really benefits by honoring Him? We do. In the very act! Every tedium is suddenly ennobled, kinda like the noble act of folding the flag. Because, it's not the surface activity which is in view, but the Meaning behind it. Meaning, not the yucky, truncated, "me". As noted in Parts I and II: same facts, same "middle", but different orientation mindset in the doer. For, if God's Script circulates in the soul, the doer's orientation mindset escapes Satan's one-sphere works deadness.

Idou, look at the Honor! No more sense-of-inferiority, to drive ego. No more cockiness, either, to buttress ego. So, no more need to get upset over Windows crashes; traffic; the telemarketer; waiting in line; some fool's incompetence. Instead, under the Fourth Reason-pair, you can Vote the Doctrine of Your Choosing, out of a motive to Honor the Father with Divine Thinking. Isn't that a supreme privilege? What, take a Windows crash and turn it into a Divine Gift? Talk about revenge on annoyances! What greater revenge is there, than for the thing which offended, to be turned into a thing of beauty?! And if the Lord told His Audience (Matt 7) that the widow who put in the two coppers did more good than the 'talent' contributed by the guy before-her-in-line, how much more do you think the Father appreciates your thoughts when besieged by the 'gnats' of life? Conversely: do you like hearing complainers? Gripers? Greedy people? How much less would the Father like to hear such thoughts in you? Conversely, how wonderful is it, to recall how God flips failure into fulfillment, so this tedious problem is actually to your advantage! A deposit! Wow, can a 'gnat' be more valuable, or what? Heh.

God's Ways are not the world's ways. Our Royal Priestly life doesn't work like the world does. God's always been about VOTING. He voted for our existence, and we exist. He votes for our freedom, and we have it. We in turn can vote for Him -- for Love never coerces. See, God already is Everything, so He wants the opposite: cost. We start out as cost, and really remain a cost to Him forever. He loves it. But can we reciprocate? Yes! Learning God's Script in God's System gives us the tools we need to vote properly. We vote to learn, the Holy Spirit says "yes" to that, and runs the whole thing; we vote to live on what we learned, and then He runs that. So it's as if we too were God, which is proper, since the First Thing We Got at Salvation was God's Own Righteousness. Else, we couldn't vote at all. Else, we'd have to spend an eternity in hell or never be created. But God voted we exist, and we voted to be saved, so He voted we become as Good as God: that's how Love works. It Votes, then Waits. If the recipient doesn't return that vote, it's okay -- Love didn't get cheated, it got Fulfilled. So if the vote is freely given back, well.. that's extra; Love is like that. Since extra, there's no "ME" truncation, because the Meaning is full. No need means no truncation. Love is self-fulfilling. So never needs reciprocation, but always loves to give it. That's our So-Great-Royally-Invisible, Spiritual Life: "we Divinely Love, because He First Divinely Loved us", John 4:19 (corr trans).

Honor mediates and makes sweet what is ugly. Gosh, we all know this so well, but rarely think about it. Soldiers live incredibly horrible lives, and there is nothing glorious about what they do. Yet that very fact is what makes them so Honorable. Like in the Fourth Reason for Royalty, they are Honor-Driven, so it becomes sweet to them, however horrible, to go up "Hamburger Hill". That movie's end demonstrates Honor. Here they are, sliding down in the mud two feet for every inch of toehold they got, going nowhere. Shot, mangled, in the rain, covered with mud, totally incompetent-looking. No success. But they kept on trying to get up that hill, even though they knew it was a lost cause -- they'd rather die trying, than not try. No feel-good, no medals, no cheering crowds were in their minds. Like Steven Weber's confession as to why he re-enlisted, they just want to get it done.. or get it done to them. When you are willing to die even if you get nothing, then honor is your attitude. So how much more would one want to die, if one knows it actually serves God?

And why does it work? Well, 1Jn spends his third chapter explaining why, since a main theme of the letter is that we are extensions of Him in the Trial and therefore in the world (refrain, repeated in 1:3-4 (referencing Isa53:11 in LXX, inter alia), 2:6,28,3:2,4:17, and the many "abide" verses). First Commandment, we are Qorban, so we should lay down our lives in Thinking -- since that's the only way for the world to be blessed, who can close his heart to all the poor people in need?

But think about what you know already, and you should be able to prove the foregoing true: the Word is what works, James screams throughout his epistle. Why would Paul say learning God in Eph3:15-19 leads to the very fullness of God, then parallel it in Eph4:13? Must be what God does with what you vote, what you think in His System, right? And surely, whatever God does, Works.

For surely the best of our thoughts, even when living ON God's Script, are incredibly small. Well, it still works for the same reason you got saved: you essentially voted to be saved. God did the work, but wouldn't coerce you, so required that you vote, to get salvation. So, ever after, it's the same: God sets the conditions, and if you vote for them, He does the work. The conditions post-salvation, are to live on His Script. So, for the same reason it worked when the Holy Spirit said, "Light, BE!" in Gen1, He makes serve God whatever thinking ON God's Script you have: no matter how small, no matter what you seem to be doing. For, you voted for God to be served. Instead of binging you apart from your Consent, God wants your consent. Because, He just wants it that way. He is Freedom, so won't want slavery. So if you want it to serve God, it will. But only, if you are on God's Script at the time. For Freedom is never apart from Truth, and if you are rejecting Truth, then you are not voting for Honor.

How He makes your vote serve Him is covered at length in Part IV (a-d subpages), and in DDNA.htm. It's real, what He does, and He largely will do it to you. And then, bless your nation, your periphery, way beyond all the fantasies you could ever imagine. Provably. Naturally, it will take some time to see all this proof. But know this: God Did It To His Son, and thus it must work for us, since we get the same Royally Invisible Spiritual Life.

What Conclusions Should We Draw?

Conclusion #1. Our Unique Spiritual Inheritance (Invisibility plus Royalty) = HE TAKES PRECEDENCE.

When the Lord's Humanity trained a lifetime so that He could suffer more than all creation put together, even on the Cross, why did He do that? What motivated Him? The Father came FIRST. Then, His Love for us. Note that order.

So the Son is now Precedence, and that is why we are Royally Invisible, and Royally accoutered: to become Fit Bride, during this preparatory phase of Operation Footstool, aka the "Age of the Church". We've now seen how our lives are not like the Mosaic Law, for the Lord Himself wouldn't even be a priest under that Law. Instead, He's a King-Priest, "kata Melchizedek" (Heb5-7). So, our unique spiritual life is structured to "fit" Him, and is characterized by Royally Invisible Thinking, culminating in Pleroma ("Fullness") -- if, oh if! -- we choose to actually grow up. For, we were bought with a price, and that price is spent ON us, to make us Fit Bride (1Cor1-3,6, 2Cor5; Rom5-8, 9-11; Heb2,4,7,9-10,11:39-40,12; 1&2Peter, 1Jn3-4, Jas1-2:8, all of Eph and Colossians).

Therefore, we have to ask ourselves: do we really understand what God the Father did, depositing on our behalf "every spiritual blessing" in eternity past as part of the Decree, as Eph1 and 1Peter1:3-5 explain? Do we really understand what passages like Eph1:15-23 and Eph3:15-21 mean? What about 1Jn? Are all these passages just sweeping rhetoric, to be passed over (like so many brush off Revelation as merely colorful)? To look at these citations alone, gives one the impression that Father's Standard and Intended Inheritance is for us to become like Our Precedence, the Most High -- and that we can make it, due to the unparalleled power of the Holy Spirit. Can we? If "yes", then our usual works=spirituality attitude is just so much peasant tripe, dished out of Satan's bowl to deceive us.

Our job is Royally higher, as a consequence: "bringing every thought into captivity" (2Cor10:5). That demands total control over your thinking. Just as Christ had. For, the Father hears every thought. Never before and never again in history will the spiritual standard be so high for fallen mankind.

So the sheer impossibility of such a Royal Standard of Loving God with Every Thought means maximum spiritual leverage is gained with every occurrence. Every time you do a Matt4:4 'hit' on some temptation, it's a huge Victory. So the 'game' is, to rack up as many of those 'hits' as possible. Easy to get anal about that, but easy also to think it's not important. It's only the thought that counts, because FATHER HEARS. So aiming to fire God's Apodosis at every thought is of inestimable worth. For God's Pleasure is Infinite. Hence the 'leverage' of each such thought (small 'you', but going to Infinite God) is easily worth more than all the good deeds from Adam through the end of the Millennium. Each such thought. For it takes God's Power, to say "Light, Be!" on each positive-to-God vote your puny soul makes. Now that's true leverage!

For the Cross was the ultimate in unfairness, and the ultimate in Royal Love-Commitment by the Greatest Royalty of All Time. So via the Cross, Christ forged the Ultimate Leverage and Legacy: to Think His Thoughts. Hence this Warning Application: If the "royal law" of James 2 is to "love the brethren", Who's First among them, Heb2:11? "For He is not ashamed to call them brothers." If we are "brothers" to Him, isn't He the First "Brother"? If Yes, how does HE feel about us not wanting to know His Own Father, Whom He knew better than anyone? [(Cf. Lev19:18; Matt22:36-39; Rom5:6-11; 2Cor5:14-15,17, 19,21; 1Pet3:18; Jas1 plus 1Pet1:7-8 plus: Rom13:8, Gal5:14, 5:22; flagship verse is Jas2:8's "royal law", where "kalos poeite" should be translated "you do a right thing in a right way", not merely the chopped translation's "you do well".)

Conclusion #2. So, the preponderance of commands to 'know' = The WORD takes PRECEDENCE.

The Ephesians and 1Jn (etc.) mandates are almost wholly invisible. For every 1 visible work commanded of us, there are 100 commands to "know" something. These are discrete commands. After all, one being trained to rule cannot afford to be emotional, mystical. Satan will do all in his power to fragment one's learning the Word, since learning Bible Doctrine, His Thinking, is the key to beating Satan in the Trial. Maybe Satan knows something we idiots don't know: that the "Word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any [Roman sword] 'knife'.." Heb4:12. Above all, Satan will deflect learning Him by tempting the believer to do some good deed. 'As if some -- get this -- physical 'work' could magically convey spiritual benefit? Can we be dumber? I don't think so. Worse, this bait-and-switch tactic of Satan's is recorded, "in plain sight" -- if we'd ever pick up the Book and read it. This temptation is exactly of the same pattern as executed against the Lord in Matt4. Do we catch it, as the Lord did? Or are we thoughtless, like children, still drinking the milk-portions of Word only, instead of also eating its solid food? For, like Him, we are to live on every Word which proceeds from the mouth of God -- not merely the words which suit our egos. Words our egos "eat" turn stones into bread -- so we'll die, stoned by rocks in our bellies.

The Lord told everyone that He was food and drink in John 6 (:27ff, saddest passage in the Bible). They didn't like that. Even the apostles had trouble with it, and -- weird -- the Lord actually had to explain that metaphor as His Thinking that they had to believe (6:63). Of course, Satan gets his rocks off playing to belly bread, since the Lord refused it in Matt4:4, based on Deut 8:3, for the Man-hu got His Manna from Mom, rema'd into Him. Taught. Real bread, then, not something for a belly.

So as we saw in the 2nd Reason for Invisibility, the world only gets the sign of Jonah: Doctrine Taught. Amazing, how the Lord's "evil generation seeks a sign" lecture, with its condemnatory tone, announced the New Covenant fulfillment of Jer31:31-34 via an analogy to Jonah's saving all Assyria from destruction in 754BC. Do you know that story? Assyrians loved doing really nasty stuff, like skinning people alive. God told Jonah to give them the Gospel, but Jonah went to Tarshish (Spain) instead of Ninevah (Mesopotamian valley, Iraq). The opposite direction. So, God appointed some sea creature to act as a taxicab. From there, Jonah finally gave in and grudgingly announced the Gospel. Everyone -- "from the least to the greatest", as it says in Jonah -- believed. Jonah stayed on to teach them Doctrine, and died there. His tomb is among the ruins of Ninevah. Notice how the book of Jonah never mentions that epilogue. It only ends with God's Policy Of Grace. Assyria lasted four (!) generations longer, and then God wiped it off the face of the earth (but remnants of the people still survive, and you can see "Assyrians on the Move" on public TV in the US). [That program mostly airs the Gospel, its own movie about Christ while down here. I met an Assyrian who told me about the Peshitta, which the Assyrians all use. About 800,000 of them supposedly live in the US, if I remember properly. God protects His People.]

The Sign of Doctrine We Heed.. saves the world. Macro, King-Sized BREAD Benefit. For God wants LIVING stones, and turns THEM into Bread! In Part IVc you will get historical evidence you can trace of a global trend throughout history, any period you wanna pick: anywhere in the world interest in Bible increases, so does the material prosperity of that nation, usually within the same generation as the one having the rising interest. It's completely predictable, and the recurrence is utterly stable. Trick is to recognize what constitutes a rise in interest. Conversely, anywhere in the world interest in Bible DEcreases, so also decreases the prosperity of that nation. Mirroring.htm and MirrorNOW.htm go into great detail on how God blesses by granting TIME -- due to Christians growing in His System. Documentation you can prove historically. There are other sources too, which "Divine Benefit History" link in the red table of Part IVc provides, so you can do your homework.

In sum, God gave us His Word: "the Word of the Lord." His Word is His Son, as John 1 dramatically says (John loves Greek drama). So His Son's Thinking is in Writing. So we are to learn it. The Word, not works. So if we pick works and not the Word, as we've so assiduously done for 20 bleeping centuries! we are to blame for what goes wrong in the world. Not, the unbeliever.


See how much harder our lives are, versus the OT? They had neat little rules like, collect one portion of manna every day but on Friday, collect two; give tithes (income taxes, including for the poor) of certain amounts, each year. Rest on Saturday, take the holidays, memorize the Scripture and then ponder it to learn what it really means, don't just mouth it. Everything then was clear-cut. Now, nothing is: 'deliberately.

"All things are lawful, but not all things contribute." "What God has called holy, you must not call common." "Love your wives as Christ loved the Church." "Against love, there is no law." These broad mandates all require extensive and precise understanding of principles, to execute them properly.

The OT people, great as they were, lived on spoonfed rules. We, by contrast, are to make the rules, having only principles and past case law as our guide. Why? because We Are Royal, and in training to Know How To Make The Rules, not merely obey them.

This fact should refresh, as well as frighten. Christ is our Precedence, the basis of our Royalty. He determined the rules, since He was to be the Ruler. He ruled on how any carryover from the OT would be handled -- or retired. This, because He is the Seed, the Inaugurator of the "New Covenant" (see whole Book of Hebrews for parameters). So, He gave everything a de novo review. His Thinking, which we now have in writing, is His Mindset, His Conclusions. So, we too have the same "liberty", the prerogative of rulers -- and the awesome responsibility to go with such Freedom.

So, no cookie-cutter rules, like the OT, hold. We can say they hold, to some extent, if that is how our consciences determine our life "before the Lord". This flexibility is unique, because we are unique, among fallen humans: Spiritual Royalty. So, it's no wonder, then, that we have Four Corollary Conclusions, which 'just happen' (yeah, right) to correspond to our four-part Royal Escutcheon!

Corollary 3A, Accountability for Assets: Your 'rule' on Scripture
is Your Royal Authority and Accountability Before The Lord.

This is the "flipside" of the "law of liberty" we have. You are Royal, as in "kingship", but also Royal, as in "priesthood". As we saw in the "Crowned Lion" heraldic quarter of His Escutcheon, the spiritual assets we have from the Father to Honor His Son are awesome (Eph1). So, our role is unique in History, and is solely due to the Precedence of Christ. (Hebrews is on that fact. See also 1Pet2:5,9, Rev1:6, 5:10.) So, we have the requisite authority to use those assets -- and, as Scripture warns over and over, we are accountable for what we have been given. So, because you are ROYAL, your job is to learn Christ, and Then Derive Rules. You have a Personal Royal Authority Before The Lord. This was not true for the OT people, and will not be true for people after the Rapture. We are the Spiritual Royalty of history and forever. Awesome and scary.

So, as a Ruler-in-training, you are to Conclude Rules, and live by them. Right or wrong: and you are accountable for the decisions you make. Naturally, you can change your conclusions, fix the rules as you learn, as any ruler ought to do. However, meanwhile, since you ARE a ruler-in-training, you will be held accountable for what you believe God wants -- even if your belief is mistaken. As James puts it in James 4:17, if you "know" something is wrong to do, for you "it is sin." Paul echoes that fact, in 1Cor8, Rom12, Rom14, Rom15:1-7. 1Cor8 (etc.) ties also in another way: one should avoid being a stumbling block to other, weaker (younger-in-doctrine) believers. James had said the same thing, in his "royal law" passage (James 2:8). 1John echoes it in his stress on loving the brethren; in his stress on the differing spiritual age-groups he addresses. Peter stresses it also, in the "prowling lion" passage. Paul stresses it again and again in Romans 12-15. We have a witness to our fellow man: to unbeliever, and believer, alike!

Satan wants to "help" us rule.

Satan knows all too well how much more difficult this new standard is. He's out to exploit it. If we don't get the Mind of Christ circulating in us, he'll make us casualties faster than we can count a car's wheels. His task in deflowering Israel was more difficult, because its rules were so simple and its people so centralized, even though Israel was small. We don't have those strategic advantages.

Notice how this "law of liberty", which seems to say 'anything's okay', is instead the antithesis of Satan's tyrannical, homogenizing goal. People like simplicity. If everything's okay, then all faiths are alike, and we are all 'one', oh goody. Yet we also like the simplicity of paint-by-numbers spirituality: haha, I obeyed better than you did, waaaahhh!! So, we are natural pawns for a "Daddy" religion to ease the pain of actually thinking for ourselves; to make us feel 'one', all warm and fuzzy (lol, for 'oneness' is truly God's Plan); to give us little chores so we can say we're "good" -- well, better than someone else. Oh, but this New Standard in Christ goes against those desires, so plays into Satan's grand-strategy of "Daddyhood" -- to create a nice world which needs no God. Satan smacks his lips, gleeful.

By contrast, God favors competition -- but not invasion. Remember Paul saying he would not work in another man's territory, 2Cor10:6? Remember how Paul violated his own rule, when he went to Jerusalem, which was James' territory? And got disciplined by God for it (Acts 22)?

Man-opoly (or Mom-opoly) is anathema to the spiritual life, just as it is to secular life. That is why we have many nations, not just one. That is why we need many versions of Christianity, not just one. The day you see Christianity homogenize, run away. The more it homogenizes, the more the truth gets stifled: it's a trend of history. Satan wants Christianity to "unite" so he can stifle it. Hide in plain sight. That's why he tries to make it popular -- the bigger it gets, the more he can apostatize it via homogenization.

Thus it is not God's will to bash another's denomination, or faith. It is also not God's will to seek doctrinal unity. See how complex our spiritual lives are? When does one speak out? When does one stay silent? All the skill of an Ambassador is required, for the cardinal rule of Ambassadorship is, Never Tell A Lie. The minute you're caught lying, you'll never have credibility again. Be quiet, use shaded language, but Never Mislead Or Lie. So sometimes, you must be blunt (even bluntness can be kind). [Bible is very blunt, often. Calling a spade a spade hits hard, but the hearer knows you're being honest. So over time will trust better. It's real important to be balanced in bluntness. See Revelation 1-3, where the Lord bluntly reviews the churches. He doesn't coddle, and his praise is as blunt as his warnings. So to say something is false, when there's something else true -- balance both comments, lest it seem misleading. For example, it's true that the RCC doctrines are full of lies. But so are a lot of other Christian faiths. So are we all. Truth must be balanced in presentation, or it's not the truth, you're presenting...]

Two final, scary subcorollaries of this "liberty": first, we can't use the excuse of solely depending on someone else's teaching. As rulers-in-training, we are also to decide for ourselves. Right, or wrong. Second, because we must be gentle in any criticism, or silent, we can't expect someone else to point out our errors. We must diligently look for our own errors, as all good rulers must. See? We have a much harder life -- we don't get the easy reliance a child or peasant can enjoy. That, too, goes with the privilege of rulership: more is expected of a ruler, than of a child-peasant. We are heads, not feet. Woe to us, if we don't know of, or forget this fact!

So a ruler-in-training, must listen to His Teacher, the Holy Spirit; must listen to his Holy-Spirit appointed human teacher; must TURN OVER what he learns, not just swallowing it or spitting it out, John 7:16-18. Same is true in all secular things. Your secular teachers are not to be slavered over, nor spit out. You learn from them, and you THINK OUT what you are learning. People don't do this, which accounts for the massive ignorance even in our literate societies within the 'West'. Thinking over is how you grow even psychologically. Much more, spiritually. It rarely happens.

The above principles apply to all secular rulerships, as well. You own things. They won't perform as you want them to. You have varying kinds of authority over people, and they over you. The more you own, the more you are owned. Ownership of a business, a house, even a car means lots of things which go wrong and you must bear the brunt of them. Especially, when in a family or owning a business. Loyalty up, loyalty down, and the whole point is freedom of everyone to learn and grow. It's the hardest thing, to be a ruler. And we are from the get-go, designed for that function, since we are by spiritual nature, kitted out for Christ, Greek of 2Cor5:17 and all "in Him" verses. So we dare not look at life the way peasants do, as the first two Reasons for Royalty explained. We are accountable. Like it, or lump it.

Corollary 3B, BEMA Blessing: You WILL inherit.
Question is, what will be your Royal Inheritance?

This second heraldic quarter of the Our Lord's Escutcheon references "Immovable Ox" Virtue: living up to the Royal Family Honor Code. Obviously, steadfast nobility is required of a Ruler. So, the Royal who isn't steadfast wouldn't rightfully VEST as a Ruler. But, everyone who believes in Christ in this epoch of history is Forever Royal. What then are the blessings, and the criteria for them, awarded at the Bema (the Evaluation/Judgement Seat of Christ)?

So, because we "Now" (Church) believers are all slated to be Rulers, we can't get out of that "adoption". (See Rom8:16-17, Gal3:26-27, 1Pet2:5,9, 1Pet1:3-5, Rom14:10, 2Cor5:10, Phili3:11, Rev3:11 in this connection.) So, if we prove unworthy to rule (e.g., Gal5:19-21, Rev3:11), we must nonetheless inherit something, just as was done in ancient times, because we are still in the Family. The unworthy son did not inherit the "true riches", but he did nonetheless inherit some kind of economic provision from his father, because the son was still a son. What does he get then, since he is unworthy of the "true riches"? In ancient times, he was given what he could 'handle'. Everyone can handle something, however small. So also, in God's Inheritance. He has reserved for you and wills the highest-and-best, the "true riches" (cf 1Pet1:5, Rev3:11, Eph1).

Fear Stubbornness! What you will inherit in Heaven is determined by what you think of God down here. As we just saw in Corollary 3A, whatever is your 'rule' on Scripture, it's YOURS. Well, whatever is your accumulated 'rule' on God, is what GOD rules you 'take' as your inheritance. Here's why I conclude this:

"Do not judge, so that you will not be judged.
For the way in which you judge, you will be judged;
For the Measure which You Measure shall be Measured back to You."

(Matt7:1-2, composite trans, mostly NAS; emphasis added.)

God never coerces volition. So, free will always gets what it wants, always. Forever. After all, Righteousness got paid the "opportunity cost" for all this "weakness", for free. After all, Righteousness can "bear" anything. Forever. That's God's View, as we saw the Christ reflect, especially when He was on the Cross, bearing our sins. (See "Opportunity Cost" and "Evidence Test of Himself" tables in Part II, and "Paradox"table in Part V, and "God's Paradox" link section in Appendix.)

So, the 'God' we essentially voted for, is the RELATIONSHIP to God we're voting to have in eternity. Problem is, post-death we'll realize how silly many of our ideas of Him were. Too late: 'the measure which we measured will be measured back to us'. Forever. Thus, any adversity/punishment down here is designed (in part) to wake us up to any false ideas of Him, so we can change our 'vote', and thus be much happier in eternity. Everyone will be happy then, but the spectrum of happiness is vast, and everyone will be unequal: each one living within the capacity-for-happiness his accumulated 'vote about life-with-God' created, down here.

Assuming the typical Christian's beliefs, what kind of inheritance will result? Well, assuming he didn't also live on 1Jn's Script, his toga virilis, so to speak, is an Eternal RELATIONSHIP with Christ much like the superficials he lived, down here: far-away-from-Him; close-to-people-and-things; eyes-on-people; works-based; do's; shallow; outer. So he will thus also have a limited 'portion'. Again, the 'personality' of one's eternal future is 'measured back' to him, since the REAL God insures free will -- and, its free consequences. Forever. However, they will fully know Him, at least relative to their own soul size; will fully appreciate the justice of their limitations, and will thus love their lower status.

For, just as the straw man of his own free will projected his own self-tyranny onto God, thus accused God of robbing him of will, in Rom9:19-20; just as the rich man in hell still belittled Scripture in Luke 16; just as Pharaoh accused God in Ex8:32, 9:17,30,35; just as the stingy servant (likewise projecting his own flaws) 'judged' God stingy (Matt25:24-29), so also believers who shallowly value learning the Son's Thinking in the Father's Hearing will receive a shallow eternal inheritance. One always gets the real consequence of what one wants. Royally: Col 3:25.

Moreover, this 'measure back' rule not only is one's 'future', but also, one's 'present'.

For, who can live up to his own standards, much less, God's? God is very punctiliar in the way He applies Justice, so Justice 'puns' the person's belief -- and measures it back to him. Uncompromisingly. Both Now, and in eternity. Exactly. Free will always gets 'measured back' the consequences of its own decisions. Especially, with respect to attitudes about God.

So, it's a good time to pause and ask the self: "Is this idea of God I have, and how I am to live down here -- is this what I want eternity to be?" If "no", then use 1Jn1:9 and talk to God about what might be incorrect in your beliefs. In short, think over what you want in your own 'toga' inheritance, which is the 'personality' of your relationship with God. For, you are Royal: whatever 'kingdom' you carve out for yourself, that's what you'll get. God never compromises His Righteousness. He loves it too much.

Corollary 3C, Caring Charge: Because you WILL inherit,
you are treated as an Owner-Ruler Now.

This third quarter of Our King's Heraldic Escutcheon is, of course, the most important: King-Priestly function. Being Accountable, having Assets, having a Royal Nobility Standard is one thing -- but how does one mediate/enact those glorious assets, those solemn and happy responsibilities? High (to Father), and low (to life)? One needs to practice ruling, in order to gain competence. Moreover, how does one practice ruling, without a kingdom? And what does that kingdom get due to successful practice? Or, due to failures in practice?

PRINCIPLE: God owns everything. He gave "the all things" to the Son. The Son gives the Bema awards. We are Royalty, though, beginning at salvation, so we have to have Royal Training. Which means, ownership-of-property responsibilities, including over people. It's not simple stewardship or trusteeship. It's OWNERSHIP. Temporary, pending our vesting in the task. But make no mistake: you have Royal ownership responsibility over your periphery, before the Lord. And that is how both you and they are treated by Him, as well. Is this fact scary, or what?!

Now what do you 'do' with this information? Practice Being Aware of it at All Times; practice thinking out the implications, since in the eternal future this will be known. The chief training one needs for Royal Rule is Thinking. So in a way, you rehearse this idea by constantly acting as if you were the real (but secret) owner. You'd be concerned for the welfare of your property, and especially its people. You'd be very concerned about the correctness of your decisions before the Lord: which are ALL of them. Your behavior and decorum would be rehearsed as well, with an eye toward whether you are making yourself a stumbling block or annoyance to others. Notice how you are ruling yourSELF, and not giving orders to anyone else. That's how true royalty works: its own example INSPIRES others, so it doesn't have to give orders, advocate causes, engage in politics, browbeat, money-grub, etc. Even secular royal children are reared with this kind of rehearsal and awareness. Less, is more.

Royalty is a kind of prison. You learn to love its demands on you, or you self-destruct. Publically. True love is evidenced by respect and submission (not wimpy, either). Attraction, is not love.

Notice how it's a self-ruling mindset which develops and matures. The spiritual child is thrilled to say he has this status, and imagines many childish things: ordering people around, getting whatever he wants when he wants it, etc. As the spiritual child matures, he realizes that his real importance can actually harm people if he's not careful how he uses it; he realizes he's just as humanly weak as anyone else, but whatever he does, has disproportionate effect; so he learns to withdraw, to mediate himself. Peter uses the term "huparchein", which in lexicons is listed as a sort of intensive, alert, beingness. Yeah, that's true: but it's primarily being ruled by standards (Peter likes to play on etymology, especially with hupo-prefixed words). The Ruler is the Most Ruled: a palindrome. The Multisphere Royal Thinking Lifestyle (3rd Reason for Royalty) is a very intensive huparchein. It is not seen, but the dedication is somehow sensed by others. The word "Bible" doesn't even ever have to cross your lips. People are thus inspired to reach beyond their peasant attitudes toward the more noble, and you'll be surprised how many just know you're into God though you say nothing (royalty never advertises itself). This inspiration really matters, and all the legislation on the planet can't change morals faster than a royal (or other leader) who inspires. You inspire by being inspired, yourself. Not by lecturing, etc.

Christian marriage is doubly-solemn for this reason. It's not a "Christian" marriage unless both spouses are believers. We're not talking the usual Divine Standard of marriage here. The gist, is this: Adam was created as a husband, not merely as a man. Isha was created as a wife, not merely as a woman. Due to the marital failure, Satan made big stinks in his arguments in the Trial. So, Now, since we are Royal, Father is answering Satan with the special spiritual institution of Christian marriage. My pastor calls this, "Corporate Testimony". The idea is for the couple to develop to a JOINT "Pleroma" level. We saw that "Kenosis" is essentially the testimony, back in the Fourth Reason for Invisibility. (You can get details from my pastor's tapes.)

Eph 5 covers the essential criteria for 'passing' Pleroma-level JOINT rulership:

  1. Husband must grow to love his wife so much, it's parallel to how "Christ loved the Church and gave Himself as a substitute for her".
  2. Wife must grow to love her husband so much, she "respect[s] her husband", and "obey[s]" him, "as unto the Lord".
  3. Both spouses are to forgive each other, "as Christ forgave". Meaning Total. As if whatever the problem was, never happened. Aphiemi, cancelled!
  4. Most Importantly: God has to matter more than the 'horizontal' attractions or distractions between the spouses, within the marriage. The above three 'tests' will never pass unless God is the more important. This is what failed in the Garden. The woman got her eyes on her own inferiority relative to Adam and God, so wigged out. The man got his eyes on the woman's reaction, and he wigged out. Neither grew enough spiritually while being perfect, to weather the 'stretch' of being inferior to God. This was the test Satan failed, and of course that's why he knew how to tempt them. So Corporate Testimony is about God being More Important than even a God-designed Marriage. Here, one goes against God's Own Design. That's the hardest thing one can do. [Not everyone should be married. If you grow into Pleroma and remain single throughout, there is some counterpart difficulty to correspond to Corporate Testimony. We know that, because the Lord never married, and Paul never married. It's not true to assign singlehood or married life as 'higher' per se. God the Father sees everything, so there must be counterparts, else He's cheated of sweet savor, which of course will never happen. But it's wrong not to recognize the Bible doctrine about Christian Marriage, and my pastor started teaching it stridently about 1997 or so. You can just order "92 Spiritual Dynamics" from that year forward, if you need to, but.. it's better to learn the whole realm of what God says, not just the parts which interest you now.]

    Only one way to pass such a difficult test: run the personal relationship through the Doctrine you're learning in God's System as often and as intensely as possible. That ends up meaning the spouse is of secondary importance. Which reduces the human neediness which often plagues a marriage. So now True Love blossoms. (Human love has no virtue, and causes the problems of inferiority, etc. to intensify.)

    Obviously, only those millions of Doctrinal Deposits will, under the Spirit, enable such an impossible 'triple crown' to be raced! What? Husband has to love his wife AS MUCH AS the Lord loved the Church? Impossible! What? Wife must respect and obey her husband AS MUCH AS is due the Lord? Impossible! What? Both must forgive each other as Christ forgives? Impossible! Heh: see why the Father 'waited' so long to answer Satan? An earlier answer wasn't 'impossible' enough! For, Christian marriage depicts the entire blessing-by-association or cursing-by-association criteria in history: the synergy of Love, as explained in Part I. Thus it is the hardest and highest way to get to Pleroma.

PRINCIPLE: We live as Royalty in the Son's House before the Father, in order (as Royal Priests) to make a "sweet savor". Our Training thus requires Rulership, which means Ownership, which means Responsibility for Whatever Goes Wrong In Our 'Kingdom'. Which is, our periphery. Starting at salvation, depicted by marriage (for we are Bride to Him), and affecting virtually everyone. For Better and For Worse.

Corollary 3D, Devoted Destiny's Duty:
to fulfill our destiny under Him, and the Royal Law to people,
we must keep thinking objectively (phronew, Phili2:5).

The Fourth heraldic quarter of the Bright Morning Star's Escutcheon, the Flying Eagle of Victory, completes both His Escutcheon -- and our Trial Role. For, here the issue is our Witness, first to the angels, and second, to mankind. For, the Trial is a War, and the destiny of Satan&Co. is the Lake of Fire; so also, mankind's. We thus have over our periphery a Caring Charge, as we just saw above, which is mediatory -- but also, our own Destiny's Duty is live our witness -- so others too can change their minds, and believe in Christ: thus exchanging their destiny for His. Indeed, this is Our Royal Law, as we saw in the Second Reason for Royalty.

We've just seen how awesome is our role towards people, how we are a blessing or a cursing to them! How to cope with all this responsibility! How do we witness to them, too! It's enough to make a person frenetic with activity, keeling over from the emotional burden! Ahhhh. So let's not be emotional. Let's phronew, instead: Like the Lord did, in Phili2:5.

In that passage, we see that He invested in learning the Word. He kept thinking, and didn't use His Power to fix the world. So too, we (1Jn4:17) should learn, and become wise, eschewing our 'powers' (2Cor12:7-10 ties in here). For, we are first and foremost, to be a sweet savor to Father, as we saw in First Reason for Invisibility, and in Corollary 3A-C, above. As a result of that role, we are used to be a sweet savor to our periphery, which we saw in Corollary 3C. Here, though, the idea is that we don't live in hermetically-sealed compartments, 'blessing' or 'cursing' our periphery solely because we are deployed by God to exist nearby. Rather, we mingle with people -- and, people being people, they evaluate us by what they see. Hence, all the behavioral do's and counselings in Corinthians, Romans, Timothy, Heb13, Eph5, James. Because we're Royal, as we saw in the Second Reason for Royalty -- we are on Divine Television. Which results in people reacting to us, since reaction to Christianity is also a way to advertise it. God uses the wrath of man: He doesn't advertise, the demons do (i.e., a main theme in Mark's Gospel). Because, "we are evidence of Him in the world" (1Jn4:17, corr trans from my pastor); for which we will be judged in the Day of Evaluation (ibid).

A virus is tiny. You can't see it. It can kill you. A tiny thing, properly placed, kills. Conversely, a tiny thing, a Right Thought, properly placed, saved many lives. Hurtgen Forest in WWII is an example of a wrong thought which killed a lot of people. The sargeant (?) who told the Germans "Nuts!" at Bastogne is an example of a right thought, properly placed. If it wasn't for some pretty fancy maneuvers around Hurtgen Forest, everyone would be under Hitler's descendants. If it wasn't for the guy at Bastogne, we'd all be doing a goosestep. As Benjamin Franklin quipped, "..all for the want of a nail." So, then: just like the ballet dancer, the bizillionaire, we Royal Family must learn how to think the right thought at the right time. For Father! And, that right thought at the right time takes oodles of practice. After all, you don't become a ballerina in a major ballet company, without years of daily, grueling, practice. So, too, you don't become a Pleroma believer without years of daily, not-so-grueling (except to our sin nature!) learning and practice in thinking His Thoughts.

So we don't live on our own, and we are not to be running around, but to Learn the Groom, getting ready for the Wedding. So, not Satan-fodder: people who froth with emotion every time a scrawny child looks at the camera with his big eyes and distended stomach, tearing out our heartstrings. So, it's not that we should be stingy, but that we should be generous -- in learning Him. Again, as we saw back in Conclusion #2, The Word Takes Precedence -- our Royal Job Is To Grow Up And Pray, Which Is A Royal Priestly role, not a peasant's. Different "p", from the one pandered by Satan! A Ruler orders a thing done, not does it himself. So we grow up and pray, which is treated as a Ruling -- "ask anything in My Name and I will do it", the LORD said three times (again, John 14:14, 15:16, 16:23). The LORD doesn't lie, does He? So that's like ordering something. Rulers order, peasants "do", so the peasants of this world have peasanty jobs. Not us.

Have you noticed, competent people are few? Competence is wrought by learning. If the wrong Head is driving the peasants, then only evil results. So if we aren't learning the Head of Christ, and thus aren't praying for His Head to be Ruling down here -- then we are electing for Satan to be the head, get it? Most folks don't or won't spend much time learning. So who's competent-to-advise, among the Royal Family of Christ? We are all Royal-Priests-in-training. Granted, we have pastors -- but we are also Ambassadors. So who's competent-to-advise, among the Royal Family of Christ? 'Precious few. So, the many, who have rejected the spiritual life, they can be the runners, the doers, the peasants-despite-birthright. Where do you want to be? Christ chose the narrow, high end. Where do I want to be? among the many simple, who think it evil to seek to be among the few -- or do I want to be among those few, who, like the Most High, really benefit the many, as good rulers always have?

See? We are indeed on Divine Television. We are thus 'advertised' to the world: we are His Representatives. For Better or for Worse. So, if our "message" isn't Christ Alone, we condemn folks to Satan's idea of Him. However, if our "message" is Christ Alone, folks gravitate to such prepared believers. Suddenly. With no need for the prepared person to initiate. It's weird, it's obvious as a Goodyear Blimp, and you won't mistake it. That's why Peter warned us (1Pet3:15) to always be able to explain "the Hope that is in you", echoing Paul's "in season and out of season" (2Tim4:2). With gentleness and meekness. For, you never know when Satan or God will spotlight you. Be prepared -- not hustling. Learn 1Jn's Script. That will benefit souls with real bread, far more than stupid belly-bread. Learn 1Jn's Script, not Satan-fodder. And thus "obey the royal law."

And all that above, is just with respect to people, what they see in us. But the far bigger issue, is what GOD sees, and consequently what Blessing or Cursing the world must get due to the Unseen Trial we're all in. For, back in Conclusion #2, we saw the Massive, Polity-Level Seven Categories of Blessing and Cursing which the world gets due to our being here. Let's recap them briefly:

  1. Prayer, which for us really is a 24/7 conversation with God, not just asking for things. Our Multisphere Royal Thinking Lifestyle, since we ourselves are Qorban.
  2. Redeeming Israel's Time and protection of her people (God does the work, but we are the justification for it, since Israel broke with Messiah, and her national covenant is on hold).
  3. Redeeming Time itself: the world gets another day with less or no judgement, solely because we are here.
  4. Competence blessing and prosperity.
  5. Opportunity to change to Better Standards.
  6. Here's the curse part: Fake Church, Rev17, playing daily on every Christian station and in nearly every pulpit on Sunday, for lo these past 2000 years. Even down to the colors depicted, lol.
  7. Here's the curse antidote and protection from it: Learning and using Bible Doctrine is contagious, too. So people believe in Christ and get in God's System, which reduces the curse of #666, and increases the prosperity of the prior five categories.
All of these are big-ticket blessings and cursings in our Destiny's Duty portfolio; they all have precedence, too. From Genesis 5 (really 3:15) onward, the people honorably mentioned in Bible were the top folks in their generation who brought about that prosperity to the world. For a long time (40 years) the world survived only because Moses was on it. Moses technically was the only reason Israel survived, but Israel was the only reason why the world survived, and all time was conditioned on her (Mirroring.htm proves this in spades; shocking stuff). So now, Church gets to return the favor, since there'd be no Church, if not for Israel. Part IV will have so much more to say on these topics the reader will want to scream from the volume. Suffice it to say here, that since we are Kings-in-Training and our Training is to be Witnesses in this Trial -- Fourth Reason for Royalty -- our battle has some pretty big effects, even if we end up casualties. Right Now.

So while you brush your teeth, do the dishes, stand in line, try to not get angry during the bizillionth rude telemarketer's pitch, remember: it all depends on what you are thinking. My pastor quips that we are to be "spiritual Atlases." And that's true. Woe to us if we consider that arrogant, since Christ's Payment is so high, we CAN be kitted out with this Role. Royalty never spits on its ancestors, and our Progenitor (Heb12:2, Greek "Archegos") is Christ Himself. Let's not spit on Him, let's avoid that #666 poisonous fake humility like the spiritual AIDS it truly is.

Oh: there are two ways to be humiliated, in life. First is the obvious one, where everyone spits on you. But second, not so obvious: where you are promoted so high, you can't handle it. Isaiah 52:13-54:1 is about both types. And both types happened to the Lord: that's why His Humanity relied on the Spirit aka 'Mom', rahaph in Gen1:2, and eschewed use of either His Deity or Humanity to benefit Himself. And therefore they happen to us, the five infinitives of Isa53:10-11, LXX. Like it or lump it. John 6:27ff, 99% hated it. Too bad. Royalty is a prison you learn to love or loathe, but there's no getting out of it. You are being watched by Dad. Mom can make this prison a palace, so just cling to Mom, and you'll see what He can do.

Summing up the Conclusions

These conclusions are staggering, aren't they? Look: Conclusion One: because Our Lord Jesus Christ became Our Precedence, our life before the Father is the heart-and-soul of our spiritual life, as Royal Priests under the King of Kings: FIRST COMMANDMENT. So also, our role before mankind -- we live to the FATHER, which mediates our role before people. For, what honors the Father, pleases Our Lord; benefits people.

Ergo, Conclusion Two, the Word takes Precedence: it's the WORD which Mediates Our Thinking and Function. Ergo, Conclusion Three: We Make Our Royal Rules before Our Lord, out from His Word (His Thinking), which is why we have the Four Reasons, the structure of our inheritance in His Four-Part Escutcheon. Behold the four 'quarters' (heraldic term) of our potential 'pebble' citation, put on deposit for us by Father, in eternity past! (Rev2:17 tied to Rev4:7 and Eph1:1-18.)

First Reason: Royal Order of the

His Spiritual Life becomes Ours,
+ Our Royal Position and Assets in Him
= Profit.
Ergo, Corollary 3A, our Authority and Accountability for profitable use of these "true riches" Assets: we exploited the PROFIT of our spiritual authority and assets under the Lord, before the Father, while down here.
Second Reason: Royal Order of the

Mankind gets Invisible 'ROYAL Sign' for his benefit,
+ Royal Life is "far harder"
= Virtue's Royal Nobility Standard.
Ergo, Corollary 3B, Bema Blessing: we "inherit the kingdom" due to choosing and fulfilling the True Virtue and spiritual life of Him, while down here.
Third Reason: Royal Order of the

Associating all with Our Lord
+ Vertical Living toward the Father
Ergo, Corollary 3C, Caring Charge: TRUE Blessing flowed due to how we ruled our 'kingdom', our periphery, while down here. Faithful in Little, Faithful in Much.
Fourth Reason: Royal Order of the

Kenotic Spiritual Life vs. Visible Fake Spirituality
+ Bread&Cup Crushing Defeat of Satan&Co.
= Victorious TRIAL Witness before Satan&Co. and before men.
Ergo, Corollary 3D, Destiny's Duty: we thought objectively, and displayed the superior benefit of Knowing Him, so truly fulfilled the Royal Law, while down here.

Four is the Biblical number of completeness; these Four Corollaries form the Complete Royal Lifestyle of Honor, as depicted symbolically in His Rev4 Escutcheon. If we live our spiritual lives to Full Completeness (Pleroma-Teleios, so to speak), we too will be enrolled in all Four Knighthood Orders, and will Forever Reflect our Lord's Royal Escutcheon. Awesome, isn't it? Do you begin now to see how vastly superior is Father's Honoring of His Son, versus Brother-Foot Churchinanity's puerile prescriptions? Do you begin to see how vastly rich mankind can become, through the Father's Infinitely Superior Plan? Especially, versus Satan's do-good, touchy-feely rotenesses? Let us be eager, then, to go under the 'knife' throughout our lives, and thus enter this Rest! Heb4:11-12!

Where do we go from here?

Isn't Our Legacy in Him intimidating? Lots bigger than folks think, huh. So, in case you're interested, here are some tips to help speed your spiritual development -- or speed your retrogression. All are testable, and no one but you will know about it. Contrary to Churchinanity opinion, the spiritual life is intensely private: Royally Invisible, in fact. Greek of Heb11:1 says so, but it's never properly translated (see Heb111.htm or Fourth Reason for Royalty, to get a corrected translation). So, you can

Click Here to read Tips for Maximizing Your Spiritual Life.

Click Here to read Tips for Maximizing Dung in Your Spiritual Life.

Upshot: if you use the "1John's Outline of God's Script" section in Part I, in God's System (GodSystem.htm), coupled with the study tips and cautions above: over time a comprehensive, "aerial view" of God's Thinking on a wide range of topics gels in your mind. Once it does, you can see connections or boundaries between the mandates with clarity. The entire dynamic of His Thinking becomes clear; so you, too, can quickly and precisely know what He wants for you at any given moment. This happens, because Doctrine is truly alive: His Thinking in you (1Cor2:16). It's Real. See, each verse is like a stone in a mosaic, and until you've enough "stones" learned, you can't see the 'picture'. That 'picture' is Him, the Cornerstone: face-to-face. No kidding. It takes time, though, and diligence-of-desire. But God will enable it all (see Philippians 2:13). It takes time for you grow up enough to be able to understand the answer He wants to give you. Remember Part II? Abram wanted only one son: but GOD wanted a universe of sons -- headed by THE SON, who is descended from Abram's loins! What would have happened if Abram thought instead, "oh, shucks, I'm not worth all that honor?" We'd all not be here!

So whatever you want, God wants it BIGGER. So you need to first grow up, before you can get GOD's version of what you want. That means a lot of downtime, learning. It takes Strong Motive to want to know Him, to keep plugging at study, when everyone around you seems to be glorified, but you not. Yeah, and the ugly duckling was the swan, all along. Worth it!

And Now, for that Blessing-By-Association Payoff

Meanwhile, the fact that you are learning benefits those in your periphery,
even more than Moses saved Israel from destruction by the Lord.

As we saw in Part II, the Exodus generation, even though believers, wanted the Lord to really be Yucky Gertrude Cheese. To suit their works-oriented (or orgy-oriented) egos. So, twice the Lord offered to wipe them all out, and start over again, with Moses (Deut9:14, Num14:12). Which Moses refused, because Moses had spiritually grown up so much, He fulfilled the First Commandment. So, as a consequence he thus loved people so much that he wanted them to see the Lord's Beauty. So, he framed his refusal of the Lord's offer in terms of how people wouldn't then see His Faithfulness anymore. That was the first thought which hit Moses' mind. Even though the people were unremittingly hostile to God, and to him.

Why did the Lord want to wipe out the Exodus generation? Well, if you look at those passages, you'll see: He didn't like hearing their constant, qvetching rejection. So, what do we know? GOD HEARS. It's what God Hears, not what we do. It's what God Hears, not how nice we are to other people. It's what God Hears, not whether we are high, low, pretty, ugly, rich, poor, healthy, sick, white, black, Americans, Asians.. et cetera, ad nauseam. For, what else is there, but GOD HEARS? Can man give God anything else, at all? What, does God need food or clothing, a nice cake or you being all dressed up for church?

So, then: think about how Pleased the Father is, to hear thinking like Moses'. All day long, for eons now, most of what He hears is me-be-good, accuse-the-Son. It gets old, baby. Wiping out such folks is truly within the Father's rights to order. After all He's done for them???? They still spurn His Love Gift? They still call Him Yucky Gertrude Cheese? Believers, and unbelievers alike? And it takes but a spoken word to wipe them all out, baby. Just a word from the Word, and it's all over.

So as a consequence, the Father blesses the rest of humanity. Even the curmudgeons, gives them goodies, even -- though they themselves should instead be executed. Just as, once upon a time, we should have been. But we are learning His Son, now. [Part IVb's seven Diamond Facets links cover this blessing structure in much more detail. It happens live, right now, every second, whenever a believer is living on God's Script in God's System. The higher one advances spiritually, the greater the value of each second. Part IVb is devoted to explaining the spiritual "actuarial valuation" of such thinking, as it's part of the reason why the Rapture cannot be predicted. But really, all of Part IV threads through the enormous role we are given. Mammoth stuff. Testable stuff.]

So due to the Session, there can be many christs. Peter uses the term lithoi, chips off the Bedrock which are VOTING: written on. See, that was how you voted: or, cast lots to see how GOD votes on you. What a wry tweak at Peter's bad hair day back in Acts 1:15-26, when he played God: wrongly ordering lots for a replacement apostle! [Peter's sense of humor is awesome. There's no way he didn't have an awesome command of Greek. But he who once was very legalistic, in his letters is often politically-, and hence grammatically, incorrect!]

Satan of course, will keep pushing cheap "Brother Foot" stuff (1Cor10:21), so to distract us all from learning Christ, so that the Father must kill us off. As you'll see in Part IV -- which also extensively covers Satan's strategy and tactics against believers -- Satan first crafts a media blitz so he can tranquilize the masses, thereby allowing for concentration on those few who decide to learn God's Script in God's System. The demons can't be everywhere at once, so they have to split their attention between the big, visible, mass-anesthetizing ploys, and the individual, pick-on-the-positive-believer attacks. So if you are learning Him, you're under attack.

So for the world at large, Satan&Co. bang the drum: improve the externals, the environment, feed the poor physical food, improve international relations (so to build one-world government, his desire from the beginning), improve morality (so to make Christianity look like any religion), improve improve improve. See, Satan wants to "help the poor" already. For his own reasons. So you don't need to "help the poor" in the same way. That 'job is already taken!'

Do you now begin to see how valuable your learning is, to every human being on the planet? And even more so, to God? What, is God's Infinite Pleasure in your learning of no value? What, is God's expression of His Pleasure in your learning -- toward those very people you want benefitted -- too small? Of course not. The world needs us to learn Him, so that He can justify giving them enough time, enough opportunity to "find" Him. That's "redeeming the time". Royally. Right under Satan's nose. [Part IVa is about how we redeem time. Mirroring.htm demonstrates it from Adam forward. Very heavy stuff, lots of Bible verses and math to play with. But provable, if you're willing to do the vetting.]

Ok. You can grin now. It's okay to be Royal; it's okay that God wants you and will make of you this far, far, bigger blessing than all the world's money could do. So let's look into the historical impact God creates out of the believer: Click Here to go on to Part IVa, the Precedence for our So-Great Royal Inheritance.

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