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Any topics here are also vetted in much more detail in my other websites. Focus here is on the ESSENTIALS of the answer, not the backup validating it.

More on the War You face, when Studying Scripture Seriously

First, the GOOD NEWS! Due to the Successful Outcome of the Cross, GOD GAVE SCRIPTURE TO EVERYONE, and everyone between Pentecost and Rapture, is a Royal Priest. (Hebrews 1, 1Pet2:5,9; Rev1:6, 5:10; Eph2, whole chapter. LordvSatan3.htm explains w/a LOT more detail.) For, GOD WANTS INTIMACY, not distance. Even what theology calls "verbal plenary inspiration", is really the heart and soul of the spiritual life: COMPATIBLE INTIMACY with INFINITE GOD. For, Intimacy without compatibility, is hell! But, Infinity by NATURE is INTIMATE, pervading EVERYTHING! Even the dumbest person can understand that compatibility makes for enjoyment. So even the dumbest person SHOULD understand that Infinitely-Righteous God wants COMPATIBILITY with who He creates. So, Bible is EVIDENCE of HOW God the Holy Spirit CREATES that compatibility: He 'writes' into a human soul, the Lord's (Humanity's, in NT) own THINKING. Then, the human receiving that thinking 'exhales' it, so to speak: in writing, the Canon.

Now, the bad news. If God is DESIRABLE to know, irrespective of any other advantage, YOU ARE AT WAR with your periphery. Automatically. Unavoidably. See, Adam sinned because he bought the lie that GOD WAS BAD; else, he'd not have eaten that fruit God forbade (a simple test of positive volition, lol -- there were TONS of other trees). So to turn around AFTERWARDS and say God is DESIRABLE, goes against EVERY CELL in the body. DNA has this built-in FEAR FAULT-FINDING FANTASY urge AGAINST GOD. So you become a threat to all around you, if they KNOW you are just plain interested in God. Your own body will rebel against it. Toughest thing to do, is to go against your DNA. So if you ARE interested in God, it is truly a remarkable thing, and everything around you will be antsy because of it. This problem will last as long as you are alive, so decide NOW how much you want to live with it.

Satan will make that war take on every form in every way and blatantly, too. All religion is sponsored by Satan: see Gen3, analyze the ploy there. (LordvSatan2.htm has a thought-provoking analysis, if you like.) So the person who just plain wants to know God will be TEMPTED to react back: to defend God, and himself. Don't bother. God doesn't need defending, and neither do you. You don't have to (and really shouldn't) spend time 'converting' people, or 'explaining' yourself. Just be quiet about your interest, so you don't EXACERBATE the prejudice against God we all genetically inherit from Adam's fall, which ONLY God can reduce.

So, with Gramma Satan's 'help', folks' NATURAL sin-nature-run SOULS focus on Bible like BODIES do: discerning anything BUT content; preferring, FORM (bodies are all about FORM, never substance); so, in essence, people WAR against Scripture itself, thinking they DEFEND it. Ignorantly. So, people make really silly errors and ruin their own lives; they imagine some doctrine is Biblical, never really STUDYING the Bible to see it (viz., the insanity that you must make Christ Lord, or have a heart belief rather than a head belief; or, that you lose salvation in some way, i.e., if you commit suicide or some sexual sin, and all the tabooism). People claim to believe in Christ, yet don't LIVE ON HIS BOOK, which is HIS THINKING? Instead, they come up with any manner of rituals, magic/miracle ideas. "An evil generation seeks a sign" (Matt12:39, Luke11:29), "to be seen of men" (Matt6:1,5,23:5). Yep: see anything but the REAL GOD. For Himself. How arrogant can we humans BE? We show even more interest in a dog, than in God!

So Satan, knowing the Power of God to overcome human perceptual handicaps, sought to motivate CHRISTIANS to WANT spiritual retardation, even as he did to the Jews, prior. The Mosaic Law was anything BUT legalistic. Everything in it metaphorically depicted some MEANING which was HUMOROUS, GRACE, PROMISE. The very DEFINITIONS of words in the ancient Hebrew language SHOWS how these associations, worked. But, RETARDED, the meaning is stripped out, and suddenly you're squinting at blue and white thread to get the EXACT MOMENT when you should light the Shabbas candles..thereby entirely making a WORK out of the Day of Rest! So too, Christianity morphed from a GRACE CELEBRATION, into all these teeny RITUALS (which were initially designed la the Law's, to be commemmorative enjoyments) -- so now if you don't say five hail Mary's, or go to Church on Sunday -- oh! You are BAD! Notice how RETARDED an idea that is? Notice how God is converted into an OGRE?

Witness, then, Satan's success. For, as demonstrated by the history of both Judaism and Christianity, the true people of the True Book (ANYONE, John3:16!), we betray ourselves to be just as slipshod and uncaring of the Relationship WITH God as all the pseudo-faiths. Every day in every way Scripture is misused, misquoted, mistranslated, and blatantly, too. Oh, how the holy intonings sway; oh, how one incurs political or familial rancor if he speaks AGAINST such abuse. Indeed, when the Lord said He came to bring not peace but a sword, He WAS punning, but He WASN'T kidding. [See Judges 3:16, Prov5:4, 12:18, Ezek5, and ESPECIALLY Isa49:2, which AS A PROPHECY is maybe invoked in the quote of Matt10:34; pun is on what would become Heb4:12, same Greek 'sword'=Word.] The sword of the Word (Heb4:12) lays bare our hypocrisy. The WORD divides us.

So notice that the key to spiritual retardation, is PROMOTION OF RELIGION. Religion, "the devil's ace trump" as my pastor puts it, ALWAYS lies, and to SPREAD its lies best, ALWAYS INSTITUTIONALIZES. REV17 harlot, religion. There's a BIG difference between a megachurch and a local church. A local church, is one pastor with one congregation, and while his congregation might not be PHYSICALLY going to that church (i.e., I live 1000 miles away from mine), the person is still LOCAL to that church. Kinda like a family: some family members might be abroad. But it's a BIG change to make a family, a nation. A local church, a denomination. Then you RUIN the privacy of it, the personalness of the relationship with God, and instead introduce, MAN'S RULES. Because, an INSTITUTION, needs rules. A family needs fewer rules, and the connections within the family, are PERSONAL. So always the impersonal rules have a PERSONAL base. So too, in our relationship with God: FATHER SON SPIRIT, see the PERSONALNESS of the Titles?

Witness: US. Aside from a few perceptive historians like Thomas A. Bailey, people don't generally understand that "America" is an IDEA which became a polity due to FAITH IN GOD. Not saying it was an accurate faith, but at foundation, it was a PERSONAL one. Many different sects came here, from Deists to Reformed. They all had ONE thing in common: they wanted FREEDOM FROM STATE CHURCH definitions of faith. Understand, this was a NEW thing in history, a polity without state religion. So, being already mostly outcasts in their own home countries, people seeking this freedom, came here. THIS is what made America, unique: a personal faith idea of free-before-the-Lord, is the ONLY REASON God blesses America, because it is a version of ELECTING GOD as King of the heart. The thing Israel STOPPED doing, back around 1080BC or so. Hence to the the extent America foregoes or abandons or suborns this FREE PERSONAL FAITH idea, it is traitor to itself, and will incur Divine Discipline. Just as Israel did, Lev26, Deut28.

So this 'business' of studying Scripture is no light thing, and is the most PATRIOTIC activity you can undertake on behalf of your own nation, your own people. None of us have all the facts about how our leaders, rule. They can't be wholly right, but! like Paul says in Rom13 and 1Tim2, THEY ARE APPOINTED BY GOD for a reason. Looking back on Winston Churchill's time, one can be rather critical of him. Yet we'd all be doing the goosestep today, if it weren't for his tireless condemnation of Hitler. Each leader, however wrong in some areas, is JUST WHAT GOD WANTS to preserve a nation. So this webpage isn't going to recommend how you should vote, but rather, LEARN SCRIPTURE; don't be either iconoclastic or fawning, with respect to authority, because GOD is the King of your heart. God is the God of authority, and Your Heart has been written in passages like 1Tim2, Rom13. God will deliver your nation, if you follow Your Heart's Thinking. "Thinking" series explains how blessing-by-association due to your studying, makes you a HERO for your nation....

So study is no light thing, because interest in God must be opposed, both by your own inherited sin nature, and by others'. So perhaps ignore, disregard (write in sand) or be 'low-key' in your response to all opposers within and without, to spare the opposers greater embarrassment at the Bema. Understand that Scripture's every jot and tittle has been fought over, maligned, chopped off, hidden (if possible) since Adam's fall. And of course, still is: both the "Bible Bumpkins" and "Thinking Out Loud" links on the Home page seek to explain how this raging battle plays in history; especially, NOW. (The discovery shocked me; so much so, I've had to keep writing, to myself recognize how universal the war has always been, though for decades my pastor taught us this fact. Guess I was hiding my own brainout head in the sand for all those decades under him, lol!) So if you are interested in God, you are at war. God fights the battles, you stand firm in the Word (cf Eph6), and just keep studying and learning how to use His Thinking in your every minute's breath. Oh, but this IS the hardest thing to 'do'! Conclusion: how do you reply to your 'enemies' who don't usually MEAN to BE, enemies? To those who scoff at Scripture study-in-depth? Or, to one's sin-nature arguments that deep Bible study is elitist or easy, or some "Western"/"white" heresy which threatens one's ancestral culture (as if God even had a body or gender)? Here's a great reply: isn't God the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON TO KNOW? How can you execute the First Commandment, if you don't KNOW the One who Bids it? After all, He DID write a BOOK: Heb4:12, 2Tim2:15,KJV; 2Tim3:16,NIV!

And to the argument that, well.. someone is too low in IQ, too handicapped, or too remote, or doesn't have the study tools needed: hello, isn't EVERYONE brained-out, when it comes to knowing God? Hello: is God Omnipotent, or what? If someone WANTS and BELIEVES Him, God provides! After all, HE ALONE PERSONALLY MADE EACH of US at Birth, so He knows how to TRANSCEND any handicap! [See NoWombLife.htm and the "near-and-far keywords" sections of NTKeys.htm. Lots of other Bible proof on this topic is scattered throughout these sites, because it is soo useful a topic to illustrate how Satan blinds us all.] No one, but No one is more interested in giving Bible, than its AUTHOR! And just imagine the contrast: for as I type, there are places in the world SO VERY HUNGRY for even a torn portion of the Bible! Reminds you of the Ps119 people... (www.bf.org helps get the Word to remote locations, which is how I learned this.) Someone told me of a tribesman in Africa who had to hike 30 miles just to get a lesson from his pastor. Where do you find positive volition like that in the US?

Meanwhile, expect the war to go on and on and on with every variety of spiritual cockroaches. Grow, Christian! so God thus can justify RESCUING our fellow cockroaches, among whom we all once were, from...

The Cockroach Creed: if it's HOSTILE, it's 'godly'

  • Moses,
  • Isaiah, Hosea,
  • Jeremiah,
  • Amos, Malachi
  • the Lord's Humanity, John, Paul, and Peter,

were ALIVE down HERE, they weren't exactly welcome. For, they taught the superceding importance of RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, ergo the need for spiritual brains. Jeremiah was thrown in the sewer by his hearers ("cistern" in prudish English); the others fared no better. THEY STILL AREN'T WELCOME, though now that they're safely DEAD, people routinely praise them to get brownie points from others. So, although it should be no surprise, it's truly appalling how disinterested Christendom has always been, in God. NO WONDER SCRIPTURE HAS BEEN KEPT UNDER LOCK AND KEY FOR THE BETTER PART OF TWO MILLENIA: FEW CARED TO LEARN IT.

So too, even today, even though SCRIPTURE IN THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGES HAS BEEN MADE MORE FREELY AVAILABLE THAN ANYTIME SINCE 90'S AD, there is almost ZERO interest in it. So there is ZERO EXCUSE to misinterpret it, in aggregate. Granted, it takes time to learn, but we HAD ARMIES of etymologists, lexicographers, collectors -- a real PRIZE of people, in the 1800's. Only to IGNORE the results of all that hard work, since the 1930's? (Well, the decline began about then, and then accelerated markedly in the 1950's.)

    At least in America, we should have learned by now what is the real Gospel and the Real Spiritual life -- instead of DISPUTING, both. Try this: ask anyone today, even most pastors, what is the Christian way of life, and you'll usually get a piously fuzzy answer that has something to do with people, for crying out loud! Theonomists, who claim Scriptural scholarship with loud trains of initials after their names, yet obviously ignorant of Heb7:18's import, seek to make the OT a nation's juridical standard, to control people (dominant trend in US politics, today)! {Heb7:18 is THE theme of Hebrews, from Chap1 onward; each Chapter is a before-and-after comparison based on Heb7:18, which is based on, the Session (Chap1). Kindred passages are Rom5-11, 1Cor2, 2Cor5 (see v.17), Col1 and ALL of Eph, the de novo reviews by the Lord in Gospels, like with the adulteress and Sermon on the Mount}

    Ask almost any Christian, "how do you get saved?" Then watch the silly answers. Out of 1000 people asked, it's practically a MIRACLE if anyone correctly STATES John 3:16, or UNDERSTANDS what those words MEAN. Never seen anyone get it right yet, on Christian cable stations. Only saw a FEW get it right, in daily (and prolonged) chat- channel visits over two+ years. Makes you wonder how many CHRISTIANS really exist...

What a mess we are: at heart, we're TRYING to have fellowship with God, but we've NO clue how, and the Book God gave us so we could LEARN how, we won't STUDY! Instead, we only PRETEND to honor His Book: we COVER it with nice material or (in the past) jewels as if we couldn't bear it naked or IT needed atoning. [Hebrew "atone" means literally, to 'cover over'.] We kiss it; we make songs out of its words, never actually UNDERSTANDING the words we sing or chant. We memorize verses and then use them like Mommy's red lipstick; we preen over our ABC-level knowledge, getting a "D-" in GOD101.

So, UNKNOWINGLY imitating EVERY type of believer-nutcase IN the Book, we emote; or, opposite pole, become humorless. So AntidoteGod, judas-BELIEVERS profusely bloom in every variety, and Satan seeds them all. By piously CLAIMING CHRIST DISTANT, they can preen about their slavish works and experiences, gloat over who has the highest degrees, keep away the WORD from hearts! Why else do you think the Jews and Judas are so evilly excoriated by CHRISTIANS, in every generation since the Cross? The mirror (Jas1:22-24) hurts our me-be-god-instead-of-god desires, so we thirst after OTHERs' past flaws. So, other flowering legalists fruitup god-dolls by means of taboos and appearances, since 'god' is a mere puppet; their marionette cousins, the feeling-god Christians, not to be outdone, roll in aisles, spout some 'prophecy', sing rousing songs, and thus primitively DEFINE 'relationship with God' as an oooh-ahh, no different from movies like "Cocoon", or "Close Encounter of the Third Kind".

People, people, people, feel feel feel!! I ask you: who's the god, then? Paul replies, "their emotion" (see Phili 3:18-19). Paul ought to know: during his emotional zigzag over being denied voice to evangelize his fellow Jews, he caved into his friend James' political compromise (1Cor1:15:1-10, Gal2:15ff, Romans 15:24ff, Acts 19-26). Note God's reply: Paul STILL went to Rome, as God had initially ordered; Paul, the NT Jonah, went there in chains, not a whale. While everyone else -- depicted by Luke's nominatives (as distinct from genitive absolutes used to spotlight Paul, the good guy) -- patted their own backs from the sidelines. And JUST WHO did the HS use to write Canon? The pious ones, or that lover-of-coarse language from Tarsus? Philippians 3:8!

And rightly so: see the oozing hypocrisy of religion? See how even in the 21st century, we retain the same witch-hunt mentality, slapping God's name on our lusts? No wonder the atheists can justify their irrational unbelief (see Rom2). Every religious sect on the planet imposes do's and don'ts, rather than learn's and know's, lacing the do's with lots of feel-good doggy treats for those who comport: reminds one of Fredrik Pohl's "Redemption in the Quantum Realm", only not that honest. Jingle jingle jingle people people people do do do -- that's the only "trinity" Christendom now and historically, respects. For, man should be god, see -- the real God is just a genie, a figurehead. Satan's fantasy! (See Isa14:13-14.)

Which, of course, is easy to make man want.

    • So, of course, man thinks that asceticism is really something praiseworthy;
    • that FEELING is 'relationship';
    • that BLAMING is 'righteous';
    • that trash like the Christian Apocryphal descriptions of Christ's miracles during his childhood are 'true' (though Matt4 proves what LIBEL those 'miracles' are);
    • that incense and movement and chanting and set prayers and giving money and taboos and appearances and bopping on the head are all so 'holy'!
    Yeah, what MAN does. Not God. See the how man pats himself on the back?

But as God retorted through Isaiah's pen, "My ways are not your ways, nor MY THOUGHTS YOUR THOUGHTS." So our multi-faceted STUPID religiosities in effect reply to God, What God wants IS stupid: after all, God is not like man, so anything connected to God, SHOULDN'T MAKE SENSE! See why the demons fall over laughing? So of course, anyone who wants to actually UNDERSTAND the Book God the Holy Spirit wrote, isn't holding up his end of the societal compact of doo-doo's. Read John 6 onward sometime, to get His view. And, throughout the Gospels, what did the Lord reply? "Verily, they have their reward", and "let the dead bury their own dead."

    Yet, using even their OWN childish reasoning, shouldn't they have concluded what was the REAL first 'obligation' to the REAL FIRST Father, Son, Spirit: the First Commandment? Since they don't understand the consummate joy and privilege OF LEARNING HIM, bestowed on us in the Beloved (Eph1), why don't they understand the First Commandment, which requires one BATHE IN THE WORD to become competent. Gotta get clean of all those "dead works", first (Heb5:11-6:6, 9:14), right? Alas, children have a child's view of things. Retarding, they harden in that puerility, content only with the splashy shallows of works, fearing the deep water of growing up and swimming in the Word. And, it shows...

More on Why NOT to use Relics to Prove Scripture

Ironically, Relic hunters tied up my Home page in April 2004, with the result that the server BLOCKED my page for an hour (a geocities policy when too many try to access a page). I had words in the page then which (unbeknownst to me) echoed the name of some expedition seeking to find Noah's ARK. So many people SEARCHED to find data about that expedition, the server overloaded. So now, think: what good would it do to find Noah's Ark? Like James' bones, who can ever be SURE it's the Ark? So what if it was? Wouldn't Noah have been a FOOL to leave all that great wood jammed on some hilltop? Wouldn't he have been PRUDENT to BREAK UP the wood and cart it downhill via all those many animals? Wouldn't it be more MEANINGFUL to then build a HOUSE out of the wood, once settled? As a memorial to GRACE? I mean, it's NORMAL to be a relic-hunter, because we all like touching the past.

Relic-hunters all have so little faith, they want something tangible to point at and say, "oh, this piece of fluff PROVES (against, for) Bible!" LIE. It proves nothing. You can't even be sure of the conclusiveness of empirical data in a recent crime: court can't accept "circumstantial evidence" as conclusive. So how much more is it NOT relevant, any pieces from thousands of years ago?

The Divinity of Scripture is proven by the Message of Scripture. For, a Book will reflect the CHARACTER of its author. For thousands of years, devout believers have YEARNED to get what we have in every hotel room. Let's USE BIBLE, then. And stop chasing after visions, dreams, relic-y windmills. Let's instead use whatever tangible stuff from Biblical times to help us better understand isagogics (histo-cultural context of Bible's day) so to better understand the MEANING of Scripture's verses related to those items. Else, let's just LEARN Christ.

Old Testament people couldn't get a full Bible, but only PARTS of it, because until Christ invented the ROYAL ADULT spiritual life, the relationship to God was EXTREMELY limited (John 7:39, 14-17, all of Hebrews, 1&2Cor, Ephesians have this topic as a major subtheme). So, the OT folks HAD to rely on ritual, dreams, visions, relics -- and had all kinds of UPSET as a result. Remember Gideon? He didn't trust the miracles he got. Remember Jacob? He wouldn't let the Lord go (theophany), in that mock wrestling match; then, lame, he was STILL in shock. Remember Moses? Wow, he went through event after event before he was willing to go BACK to Egypt -- and then, only if he had a mouthpiece (Moses was ELOQUENT, not a stammerer). All these problems, for good reason: direct contact with God or a miracle from God is shocking, not pleasant. Kinda hard to learn principles when you have only pictures (i.e., miracle/dream) to go by. So much easier to get a written explanation YOU CAN'T LATER CALL A HALLUCINATION.

Parting shot: just as NTKeys.htm began, if we're looking for PHYSICAL EVIDENCE the Bible is right.. just click your mouse on the link which takes you to the camera facing the Wailing Wall. [Link is in the "Multi-Religion Index" webpage accessible from my Home Page. I think it's in the "Non-Christian" subpage of links.] Or, just go to the library, and find a book on the Dome of the Rock. Daniel 9:26-27, right there. Matt24, right there. Every OT prophecy showing it's ON TIME in the Daniel timeline of fulfillment, right there. WHAT OTHER FAITH has THAT MUCH PROOF? Can the Koran prove itself, even though "proofs" are one of its catch phrases? NO! Can the Vedas, or the Bhagavad-Gita prove their divine origin? NO! You believe it or not.. but with BIBLE, here you have LIVING proof in the Dome and the Wailing wall, demonstrating MESSIAH IS CHRIST! For over 500 years, Israel knew the EXACT YEAR of His Birth, and since the Temple Destruction, has INCONTROVERTIBLE proof, that He left exactly AS PROMISED SINCE DANIEL AND THE OTHER PROPHETS. Again, what other faith, has so much UNDISPUTED RELIC proof?! We can't call the Dome and Wailing Wall, hallucination. No one disputes their existence. No one disputes their MEANING as STRUCTURES. But no one LOOKS AT HOW BIBLE PREDICTED THEM. ["Abomination" is anyone but Israel, making a shrine out of the Rock. That there will be a real talking statue there in the Tribulation, is just another kind of abomination, that's all.] I rest my case, and weep for Israel...

More on Why You should Study under a (Male-only) Pastor

Many otherwise-positive believers are stuck here, thinking that oh, since the Holy Spirit is Our Teacher, then I don't NEED a pastor! They even get into Bible-related projects with robots and such, so think themselves qualified to study on their own. Oh yeah? Then why are 1Tim and 2 Tim and Eph2-4 and 1Cor12-13 in the Bible? Get real! There are, on the internet, pastors who teach in some depth in the original languages; many more have local churches in various spots around the world (with or without an internet address). Some of the ones I saw on the internet (my pastor is but one), had tape ministries, so you could order tapes from them. So you have NO excuse not to be under a right pastor. And you wouldn't WANT any, for once you see the DIFFERENCE it makes in the quality of your spiritual and secular life, you'll kick yourself for not getting under, earlier!

At least, start SOMEWHERE. Look: I was just as goofy at the beginning of my Christian life as any other Christian born. God introduced me to my right pastor as soon as I was a legal adult (see how God, the GREATEST AUTHORITY, Himself respects authority). Did I just jump in, studying? NO! I ALSO dallied around with other teachers, who I knew were NOT my own right pastor. It took about 10 years (oh, this is embarrassing to admit) before I 'graduated' from those (for me) diluted teachers, to ONLY the RIGHT one for me, and you don't even WANT to know how much Divine Discipline I got during those 10 years. In my case, when I finally woke up and smelled the coffee in 1981, my RIGHT teacher kept growing at a very rapid pace, so I didn't have to 'graduate' to someone else. (Some others graduate from one pastor to another, kinda like graduating from school: depends on how the pastor is growing, compared to how you are growing, under him. If you are growing so fast you need someone more advanced, God will show that person to you. Don't disregard His Voice.)

So if you are queasy about someone who teaches in the original languages, start with someone on a Christian channel or at a church who AT LEAST spends time in EXPOSITIONAL TEACHING OF SCRIPTURE rather than focusing on doo-goods or entertainment. I happened to chance upon at least five guys on Trinity Broadcasting Network who DO teach Scripture FOR ITSELF. So if over a few days I could find even five who TEACH at all on "TBN", the MALE teacher for YOU is 'out there' at a level which you find comfortable.

Conversely, a lot of Christians go overboard on the fact we each need a teacher and misinterpret Heb10:25 as a mandate to physical gathering in a church; and brand those who do NOT do this, as heretical. Well, then all those New Testament epistles were heretical, since they weren't 'face-to-face'? People gathered to HEAR THE LETTERS READ: they didn't have the internet, you know. They didn't gather to socialize, either: socializing was incidental to LEARNING CHRIST, for crying out loud. Greek word "didaskalos" means TEACHER TEACHES A GROUP. In the days while the New Testament was being codified, there were teachers armed by the Holy Spirit with pre-knowledge of what would BECOME Canon (1Cor13 is on this topic), and people assembled to LEARN. Just as the Jews did, in synagogue. It's not a social order to 'assemble', but an order to LEARN. Under a TEACHER. Whoever the teacher is, for YOU. HOWEVER you get that teaching, is "forsaking not". Socialization is optional, but getting the teaching, is REQUIRED.

Warning to the terminal feminist: we females have a wide number of witness offices, but NEVER are AUTHORITIES, like pastors, evangelists, deacons, etc. The Greek of Timothy and Eph4:11-16 is GENDER-SPECIFIC, males only. You can't tell that fact from a translation. Also, the other seemingly-teaching roles in Scripture you see assigned to women are NOT the same roles. Again, this fact is masked in translation. Satan's always stirring up war between the sexes, just like he did in the Garden. So, he promotes a female pastoral role in order to promote his modern-day version of the phallic cult. Don't give into his venom. Remember, even Deborah was only a judge in Israel because it was so apostate, there was no man of sufficient faith; even then, what's recorded about her was her ENCOURAGEMENT of Berak. God is consistent.

The hard thing about having authority, being male, being wealthy, being a parent, and especially being a pastor, is command pressure. A normal human being will soon realize he CAN'T get it right, and will make some kind of mistake with his superior position. It's a STABBING, to know this. Think about some mistake you made and how devastated you were by it, and you'll get a glimmer of what it's like to have a CONTINUAL JOB of NOT making mistakes, yet knowing you can't ever avoid them!

Worse, those UNDER him EXPECT him to be a kind of 'god', just as children are so traumatized if their parents make (what the kids think is, or truly is) a mistake. This expectation INTENSIFIES the stabbing nature of command pressure. So, mistakes intensify, too. The biggest category of mistakes in this category is to DEMAND OBEDIENCE. It's RIGHT to demand it, but NOT right to squelch the learning, by squelching VOLITION. Thus you understand how Christianity's tyrannically-abusive "don't question!" standard got innocently developed: like parents to kids, "just DO it!"

The hard thing about being UNDER authority, being female, being poor, being a child, and especially being under a pastor, is respect and obedience. One tends to go overboard one way or the other: to OVERTHROW authority, or SLAVISHLY OBEY it. Neither reaction benefits the authority, or the one under it. (Just review the history of Russia sometime.) For, true respect means you will OBEY, but you will also RECOGNIZE that what you are told isn't necessarily correct, since those OVER you are human as well. So what do you do? Well, like Paul counseled women to do, 'be silent in church', and 'go home and ask your husband' if you have a problem. Our Husband, is Christ, and the Holy Spirit is (really, chooses to play) His Voice; and we are BODY, WIFE (Eph5, 1Cor6&12), thus to be trained to be LIKE Christ FOR FATHER. So we use 1Jn1:9, and talk with FATHER of Our Husband about whatever problems we have. Then, learn FROM the Spirit what Husband wants us to do, be, know. Of course, ideally, those OVER us are doing the same thing: for we are ALL under Him. [Nerd note: we don't pray to Christ and we don't hear directly from Christ because we have His Word in WRITING. John 14-17 will help you orient to this topic, as will the Book of Hebrews and Ephesians. Read them over a couple-of-dozen times, if using a translation.]

So, this is how to be under your right pastor. A pastor you're under may not always be the right one for you: times change, and people change. If this condition becomes true in your case, you will be caused to a) become aware of it, and b) know under which succeeding pastor you should 'sit'. At which time, you quietly depart: for those remaining under the pastor you're leaving, how do YOU know if he's not the right pastor, for THEM? For, we aren't perfect: only GOD is Perfect. So we don't have perfect authorities, parents, rich people, etc: but GOD gives them whatever offices they have (1Tim2, Romans 13). So it's up to GOD to run the show with respect to them, and it's up to us to OBEY HIM. Which we do, by aiming continually at TRUE RESPECT, "neither to the right (slavish obedience), nor to the left (overthrow)."

More on How Hostility is incorrectly deemed 'scientific'

Sorry for the satire, here.. breaks my heart that academes who WORK SO HARD are sooo deluded. We're all human! Pray for these people, ok? We need authority. We also need to discern between the 'spirit' of error and the Spirit of Truth, as 1Jn4 puts it, for the Highest Authority (Who by the way can FIX those spirits of error, so we needn't try) -- is GOD. Having determined which is which, we don't CRUSADE against the spirits of error, we just LEARN what the Spirit of Truth, teaches by such exposure...

The Cockroach Creed of 'Science': if it's HOSTILE, it's 'objective'

It makes immediate sense that if a topic is politically-sensitive, be it in any discipline of science or medicine, charity or especially religion, what passes for objectivity should be suspect. After all, the researchers need money to carry on their research; outcomes of the research will engender dispute and even outright political conflict, whether the outcomes are correctly-concluded, or not.

In ancient Greek times, "rhetoric" was used to reason out truth DEDUCTIVELY. The discipline of rhetoric was used in debate, and a person adopted one of five "classes" of premise conditions: true, false, maybe-true, wish-it-were-true, and (I forget the fifth one, will stick it in here later). Greek logicians (i.e., Chrysippus or Socrates or Aristotle) would then debate or otherwise reason out from a particular "class" of condition regarding a topic through to the conclusion. So, it was ACKNOWLEDGED that a premise of some sort would take a 'side': then, going by evidence and logic, a conclusion would be reached. If from premise through conclusion there was SENSE, and the all the available data FIT, the conclusion was regarded as correct.. until disproven, of course.

    For example, pretend I start with a premise that God is made of green cheese. No matter HOW I work through to a conclusion, either green cheese must be something OTHER than itself, or GOD must be something OTHER THAN itself. So, the FALSE premise proves correctly false by the end. Assuming, of course, that I stuck with logic in 'the middle'. OBJECTIVITY ALWAYS REVEALS ITSELF. So does falsehood.

So, it DIDN'T MATTER whether you started with a 'slanted' premise: a true premise would prove true by the end, a false one prove false, etc. Meanwhile, the premise SHAPED THE DIRECTION OF THE SEARCH, in which case, one speeded up the detection of RELEVANT versus irrelevant data. This is the essence of deductive reasoning, the fastest way to establish the truth of a thing. The trick in science is to pick the right PREMISE. That will sort out the RELEVANT from the irrelevant data. It's a trial-and-error process, which the ancient Greeks recognized; thus, the use of the five DIFFERENT 'class conditions', so one could find WHICH premise MOST accounted for the FIT of the most data.

Aristotle, though trained in deductive reasoning, seems to be one of the founders of the INDUCTIVE method; which, instead of starting with any premise at all, one just looks at facts (he started with biology and astronomy), and then one concludes the next level 'up', building from there. Modern methods of determining truth unfortunately are inductive, on the grounds that any deductive method starts with a slant, so can't result in an objective conclusion. So, all the inductive research lacks shape. Therefore, much of what passes for research is a meandering, with the result that true answers are rarely found. Of course, such fuzziness is more politically-acceptable, and research grants are thus easier to get.

Sadly, most Biblical scholarship caves into the inductive approach; worse, the scholarship starts from the wrong rhetorical direction, 3rd class condition, maybe-true, maybe-not; which SOUNDS more 'objective', but isn't: the analysis paths one follows if Divine Authorship is NOT presumed true are so different, one never SEES the relevant data. In short, it's a fallacious method, roughly analogous to those who demand scientific instruments 'detect' God -- since the former can only measure the material, but the Latter is IMMATERIAL, obviously 'God' will never be detected by the former. At least, not recognizably.

As a result, what the BIBLE SAYS is barely glanced at; scholarship re what the TEXT SAYS is so shoddy, one's embarrassed for the 'scholars'. Worse, relics and other (never-conclusive) physical stuff are 'researched' as if THAT stuff were more important, than the Word itself. Oh, because the presumption is, by AVOIDING THE CONTENT of Scripture one is more 'objective!' No wonder, then, that even sympathetic scholarship goes awry, resulting only in tidbits of undoubted importance, but nowhere near "Complete". Surely then the UNsympathetic scholarship will fare worse. No wonder, then, that so much of what passes for scholarship in any endeavor lacks competence. We are embroiled in politics, pressed for time, short on funds, and everyone can call an incompetence a 'difference of opinion', if the one making that opinion has the right number of letters after his name. Truth, of course, gets sacrificed in the process.

An example here is necessary. The Discovery Channel and the Christian channels periodically replay a video called "Jesus: the Complete Story". It is, on the whole, an attempt to sympathetically verify through science the plausibility of items like the Star of Bethelehem, whether the Lord's Crucifixion was through the hand or the wrist, could He have survived the Cross (did He really die, was He really Resurrected), etc. While the term "Complete" is not accurate, many interesting angles of answer are mentioned, and the viewer is not forced to agree.

    NOTICE RIGHT AWAY, the WRONG FOCUS. Emphasis is on whether something we can SENSE agrees with what Bible says. As if such agreement, made Bible right. Rather than, PRESUMING Bible right, and then learning HOW it is right. When you have the wrong premise, or the wrong FOCUS in the premise, you ASK THE WRONG QUESTIONS, so get the wrong answers. This has always been the bane of science, of logic-seeking, of law, of everything that makes life MISERABLE.

    So, because the focus is wrong, the conclusions are at times, wacko and hostile -- no one meaning to be wacko OR hostile, of course. In the process of the analysis, you hear some strange comments, like the claim that since Matthew didn't record the going-to-register-in-Bethelehem, somehow Luke's Gospel 'contradicts'. LOL, so if one writer doesn't use a fact because it's irrelevant to the overall framework of writing but another of a different framework includes the fact, they contradict? That's a classic case of not reading Scripture, for each writer has a particular FRAMEWORK for what he writes, and if you don't know the framework, you don't understand the writing. Luke's framework in both his Gospel and Acts, is historical and causational, so he'd include events and details within them the other Gospel writers would not. Cardinal reading principle, one we are all taught in school: first recognize what the WRITER MEANS TO WRITE ABOUT AND WHY. Only then can you understand WHY certain points are included or excluded.

    The video had lots of little crazinesses like this, but so did Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Here's another video gem of insanity: the PRESUMPTION that the Lord didn't know WHY He was here, and had to figure it out (lol). So I guess the video makers just IGNORED all of John 1-5; as well as, all the Scripture the Lord quoted to POINT TO HIMSELF; as well as, all the Levitical Sacrifices POINTING TO HIM, which HE ALSO KEPT QUOTING; as well as, Gabriel's announcement to HIS MOTHER, Mary; as well as the Baby being wrapped in DEATH BANDAGES ("swaddling" was swaddling for death) -- was all that never told to Him? LOL!

    Or, this gem: the quest to find out if virgin births are possible biologically -- what, the fact that Scripture says THE HOLY SPIRIT DID IT (Luke 1:35), so DOESN'T claim a natural process, however aberrantly corroborated IN nature -- that Bible statement doesn't matter? Or, the verse that the Lord sweated "like great drops of blood" -- LIKE, ok? But oh, someone researched that there's a process in humans under extreme pressure in which they ACTUALLY sweat blood. Ok, that's fine, but it's NOT what Scripture ACTUALLY SAYS (Luke22:44), so it's IRRELEVANT to validate. Drops of blood are usually big and heavy, and sweat can also be big and heavy, for crying out loud. But my all-time-favorite was the guy who, looking at the Greek meaning of paradidomi, concluded that Christ FIXED HIS OWN CONDEMNATION WITH JUDAS. Oh, so then why did Judas have a GUILT ATTACK and thus hang himself (Matt27:5)? It's disgusting when someone makes a technical point -- yet doesn't do his homework! Oh well, we all belong to the same ol' politically-sensitive human race...

    See how it matters to compare BIBLE? See how the CONTENT OF SCRIPTURE gets short shrift in the very name of validating it?

Nor is that a lone example. It's a sad day when I read in even the Encyclopedia Britannica's "Biblical Literature" section (Volume II, 1985), a heading which says "Theological presuppositions which helped to shape the Gospels". WHAT??? Isn't it the HOLY SPIRIT who 'shaped' the Gospels? See -- even redoubtable EB makes the 'presupposition' that the Gospels are NOT inspired. No wonder they can't figure out the dating of the Lord's lifetime, Paul's ministry, etc. ad nauseam. If EB would have read Daniel 9:26's MATH, and worked it out, they'd have gotten His Correct Birthdate, 3BC. Takes 90 seconds to calculate. Daniel knew it circa 560BC...

And, not to be outdone, even the venerable Zondervan, that foremost publisher of Bibles, dares to say in its introductions to the Gospels of Updated New American Standard Bible, Reference Edition, Library of Congress Card Number 98-61548, egregious statements like (preface to John's Gospel), "The Gospel of John was INFLUENCED (!) by the Old Testament... obviously based on the recollections of an eyewitness." LOL! Do you know, there are a good DOZEN verses in that Gospel where John testifies he himself is an eyewitness, INFLUENCED by the Holy Spirit? What, did the editor of this particular Bible forget how to READ? Or, the Zondervan comment at the beginning of Mark's Gospel, on how the Church Fathers "agreed" Mark reproduces Peter's teaching????? Excuse me, but isn't this about CHRIST, and who gives a flip what the Church Fathers 'agree' -- what GOD SAYS is rather more important, right? And didn't GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT give Mark to write the Gospel, rather than Mark using Gospel as a showcase for Peter, for crying out loud! See how dippy even we respectable Christians ARE?

    NOTA BENE: THESE RESPECTABLE FOLKS PRESUME NO "HELPER" (Holy Spirit). So, they get no 'help' in their research, and instead tilt after fake windmills. So they go running off on false-analysis paths, i.e., presuming that Gospel writers used OTHER WITNESSES for their writings, LOL! Or, (EB), because two datings of same event don't SEEM to accord (based on the empirical data they have), the BIBLE must be in error. Oh, it's just not possible that they have errors in their data, or lack data! Every day in every way the Lord's First Advent is replayed live, before our eyes, since Scripture is His Thinking: oh, watch how TODAY'S 'Pharisees' piously ATTACK! One despairs: will the Bible, like the Lord's Humanity during Passover week, NEVER get a fair 'trial'?

    Of course it never will: you best DEFAME if you ASK AND ANSWER THE WRONG QUESTIONS, PRETENDING THEY ARE THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Every politician knows that if he makes a big stink out of his opponent's problemmatic FAMILY life, the RELEVANT question of the opponent's COMPETENCE FOR THE JOB will no longer matter. Every trial lawyer knows by discrediting the witness on something IRRELEVANT, the RELEVANT parts of the witness' testimony will be likewise discredited.

So too, with the Bible's countless 'documentaries', even though surely most engaged in them, as well as the above-mentioned folks, have no INTENT to defame. But defame they do; worse, they end up defaming themselves, considering how easy it is to prove their alleged 'scholarship', bogus. For, even if the scholarship which is NOT on Scripture itself is okay, the Scriptural scholarship is appallingly bad: if I hear one more documentary screw up the interpretation of Matt16:18, when "Petra" is the CLEAR AND UNMISTAKABLE NAME FOR JESUS HIMSELF in the LXX, I'll vomit.

    Back in the days when the Catholic Church had Scripture under lock-and-key, there was some excuse for folks not knowing this verse's egregious misuse. But not today. Understand, this horrible misuse of Scripture is tantamount to saying 1+1=5 in base 10. You have to be LYING or STUPID to interpret that verse as designating Peter as the foundation for the Church, because the Greek is sooooo clear in both OT and NT.

    Check out this claim for yourself. It's easily seen in some Bible software like BibleWorks, and it's not rocket science to find it: just search the Greek texts for all "Petra" references, and read those verses. So documentaries using that 'Peter-is-the-Rock' interpretation betray themselves as being of bogus scholarship, whether they seem to be pro-Bible, or not. View them with caution.

So a big tipoff to bogus scholarship is WHAT is chosen to 'research' or comment upon: STUPID STUFF. We IGNORE that "Genesis" in Greek means "The Begetting of Man", and instead debate it ENDLESSLY, on how God made the Universe. Well, that's not even what Genesis 1 says it IS! If anyone BOTHERED to really read the Hebrew and LXX, it's about how God RESTORED the universe, not made it, in Gen1:2ff. Simple use of the verbs and tohu wa bohu tip you off, not to mention dozens of OTHER Bible verses which EXPLAIN Gen1:2ff. So the unbeliever uses Genesis the wrong way, and the Christians are cretins about its use, as well.

Oh, and it never ends, the stupid-question quest: "Jesus: the Complete Story" was fixated on proving HOW LONG His Hair was. To prove why those pictures painted of Him BY MEN were wrong, as if it even MATTERED that they were wrong. What, were the paintings painted by God, that this question is important? What did GOD SAY ABOUT THE LENGTH OF HIS HAIR? NOTHING. 'Classic instance of people drawing WRONG CONCLUSIONS based on WRONG PREMISES. Here, paintings, for crying out loud.

    First of all, the item itself is always so small and inconclusive, how can it be BLOWN UP to (in)validate Scripture's Divinity?

    Secondly, is the INTERPRETATION people MAKE of the item, accurate? Often, "no"!

    Thirdly, does this thing shed any light on BIBLE DOCTRINE? Generally, no; sometimes, yes. If "yes", the item is MAYBE helpful. Else, it's a waste of time. Come on: does it REALLY MATTER what the Lord looked like?

    So yes, people mispainted Him having long hair, whooppee. THE BIBLE doesn't say how long His Hair was, what He looked like, etc. FOR A REASON, lol: those aren't RELEVANT questions. Notice how, by discrediting the paintings which are held in esteem and SANCTIONED by 'the Church', 'the Church' is itself discredited, and thus the BIBLE 'the Church' also praises is discredited. Satan is not stupid. [Isagogics and other items establish things like what clothes and hair were common at the time. Some verses help, but if God doesn't make a stink about a thing, then LOGIC would conclude we shouldn't, either.]

See? Whether anti-Bible or pro-, instead of studying His Word's CONTENT, we ever skirt outside to the physicalities, and betray our sin-in-Adam proclivities to DENY THE WORD itself. We do all this stuff, in the name of proving Scripture Divine, to WARRANT study -- but manage, thank you, to spend all our lives on these very 'proofs', so never GET AROUND to studying His Thinking.
  • Witness, the incredible amount of attention paid to the media on which Scripture is written, the shapes of the letters, etc., for purposes of dating the manuscripts -- INSTEAD OF, attention to THE CONTENT itself.
  • Scripture's validation has always rested on the MESSAGE, not the 'carrier' (human being or media). The age of the LANGUAGE is conclusive evidence, NOT the media the language is written on.
  • But oh! let's claim Scripture is newer than some older religion due to media age!

    It's really hard to imagine that normal- and rational-looking human beings can ROUTINELY make such insane claims in most documentaries, and in the mouths of degreed professors! How did they get those degrees -- by mail? Yeah, so 1000 years from now, someone will look at my copy of Von Clausewitz purchased from Amazon and say the guy lived in 2003, so couldn't have massively influenced ol' royalty-led Europe's military doctrines!

See? Typical 'scholarly' premises CAN'T sort or determine RELEVANT data well; so they are FAR less efficient and WAY more prone to error. By contrast, the more efficient and conclusive manner to prove what and if God, is by STUDYING HIS WORD. God proves Himself the Author by SCRIPTURE'S CONTENT, the Genius of the communication itself, along with the 100% sense it makes, though it takes some years to reach the 100%. So, the point is to get whatever doctrine He wants me to learn NOW, not waste precious time VALIDATING things one can only GUESS at, like the Star of Bethelehem, etc.

    Isagogics are relevant to INTERPRETATION, not to validation. So, though I'm certain whatever God says is fact really is, I don't need proof; nor would any alleged proof ever matter, whether pro- or con. Because, NO material items can be sufficient proof, either way, whether collectively or individually. Such data is always too far back in time, too fraught with judgement calls as to significance and identity. This isn't to say such 'proof' should not be sought. This isn't to say it shouldn't be studied. It IS realistically admitting that any such 'data', CANNOT 'prove'. Whether Bible debunker or Bible thumper, one should recognize that all such 'data' will never obviate the (I guess painful) confrontation you must PERSONALLY face regarding Scripture: is it from God, or not?

    Funny how in all these documentaries, pro- or con-, no one asks the MOST IMPORTANT question: if there is a God, HOW DOES HE GET PAID? And then, find what books ANSWER that question. Bible is the only one. Surely if God exists, and most of us are not SO insane, we'd deny that fact -- surely since God exists, HE SHOULD BE PAID. We can't be enjoyable, to look at. Justice has to be served, no matter that God doesn't NEED to be paid. It's the PRINCIPLE of the thing. If He's not just to Himself, how is He just, anywhere else? See, again: asking the wrong questions, getting the wrong answers, is just so much SUBLIMINATION -- a defense mechanism, a PREJUDICE; not at all, 'scientific'.

In sum, a whole lot of so-called Biblical scholarship gets wasted due to scholars feeling they aren't 'objective' unless they first use INDUCTIVE (i.e., empirical-first) methods. Further, that they aren't 'objective' unless they assume a HOSTILE stance when examining some conundrum. Can this be more DISingenuous? LOL, if I have to assume a HOSTILE stance in the name of objectivity; and, if I come up with ambiguous data, I'll have to INTERPRET it in a hostile fashion -- again, in the name of objectivity; so if I derive a HOSTILE conclusion, oh -- that's objectivity! Cute tautology, right?

    So: watch VERY carefully all those so-called 'objective' documentaries, and notice how they PRETEND objectivity, but instead SLANT toward hostility. It's fine that they follow a slant; it's NOT fine that they pretend to have no slant BECAUSE they are hostile. So they, too presume no HELPER, so get no help. So, make some incredibly stupid mistakes; so, can't resolve whatever 'contradiction' or 'problem passage' they see; so, get frustrated/lose faith/debunk Bible -- all for nought!

    In this, the so-called scholars engage in the same sort of irrationality as plagues every ATHEIST: set up a standard of 'proof' which CAN'T be conclusive or CAN'T but prove false, so one can pretend to self that he's been objective, so can JUSTIFY not believing. [Example: the DEMAND that God can't do a Flood, based on false empirical data, like how much water is in the atmosphere now, when Bible ITSELF tells you most of the water came from the oceans and freshwater ON GROUND; meaning, among other phenomena HE MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT have used, EARTHQUAKES etc. RELEASED the water and levelled the land.] So, then: how can they see the relevant data, how can they even LOOK for the relevant data, when they have tautological and irrelevant PREMISES, to start with?

    Not long ago, a guy who's apparently famous for leaving the Catholic Church, had a book signing near where I live. It was advertised on a radio station I hear upon waking in the morning, that because this guy left the Church he is more objective in evaluating the Church -- so you should come by, get his autograph, and buy the book. SNAKE OIL! Can you imagine, WRITING and then ADVERTISING a book on why he left 'the Church'? Would you in good conscience be able to spend the money you made, on such a topic? Same kind of WRONG PREMISE -- here, that whatever was wrong with 'the Church' is likewise wrong with BIBLE -- cute tautology. And then to make money on it -- how SINCERE is that book's message, then? Puleese.

NOTA BENE, REPEAT: ALL THESE RESPECTABLE FOLKS PRESUME NO "HELPER" (Holy Spirit). So, they get no 'help' in their research, and instead tilt after fake windmills. So they go running off on false-analysis paths, i.e., presuming that Gospel writers used OTHER WITNESSES for their writings, LOL! Or, (EB), because two datings of same event don't SEEM to accord (based on the empirical data they have), the BIBLE must be in error. Oh, it's just not possible that they have errors in their data, or lack data! Every day in every way the Lord's First Advent is replayed live, before our eyes, since Scripture is His Thinking: oh, watch how TODAY'S 'Pharisees' piously ATTACK! One despairs: will the Bible, like the Lord's Humanity during Passover week, NEVER get a fair 'trial'?

Of course it never will: you best DEFAME if you ASK AND ANSWER THE WRONG QUESTIONS, PRETENDING THEY ARE THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Every politician knows that if he makes a big stink out of his opponent's problemmatic FAMILY life, the RELEVANT question of the opponent's COMPETENCE FOR THE JOB will no longer matter. Every trial lawyer knows by discrediting the witness on something IRRELEVANT, the RELEVANT parts of the witness' testimony will be likewise discredited.

The good news is, for us Christians, we'll CELEBRATE all the stupidities we 'bought' while down here.. forever. We'll laugh, boast in our many weaknesses, for God gives us the Victory in Christ.. forever! [2Cor12:9ff., 1Cor15, etc.]

More on How God orchestrated Cohesive Word out of Disparate Writers

God being INFINITE, wants INFINITE INTIMACY with whatever He creates. So, that means SHARING His Thinking, to have that COMPATIBLE intimacy. Which means, FREE WILL on God's Part, to TEACH us His Thinking; which means, free will on OUR part, to LEARN that Thinking. Has zippo to do with works, but EVERYTHING to do with WANTING GOD. So, GOD'S TEACHING GOD'S WORD to a person, such that it is written in the heart (BELIEVING part of soul) and mind (ACADEMIC PROCESSING part of soul), is the biggest promise of the OT, and THE reason to live. Third and Fourth Reasons in LordvSatan3.htm explore the ramifications of this promise for Church, in great detail.

So, the task is, who can be DEVELOPED in this Thinking to EXHALE it, in Writing? Theopneustos, God-breathed, Bible Keyword. So, first, to TEACH a person means that the person obviously NEEDED the teaching; so, obviously, didn't KNOW until taught; so, obviously, didn't necessarily YET know ALL of God's teaching. So, obviously, when God taught certain truths to a person such that the person COULD 'breathe out' God's Meaning wholly accurately, God could use that person to WRITE SCRIPTURE on those topics.

So, obviously, we can indeed learn well enough to really KNOW God, since the writers of Scripture were taught enough to PERFECTLY WRITE whatever God had assigned to them. It wasn't automatic writing. It was CONVERSATION, faithfully converted into the writer's OWN style of writing, without waiving anything God wanted said the WAY God wanted it said. God knows how a person thinks. God knows how a person will COMMUNICATE what he learns from God. So God knows HOW TO TEACH a person, to get the desired OUTPUT God wants. All this, without waiving any human characteristic in the person, and DEFINITELY without waiving his free will. (Sheesh. People give God no credit whatsoever when they tie themselves in knots over the Inspiration of Scripture.)

Frankly, this BREATHING in by the BREATH (heh -- Holy Spirit, the Breath of our Spiritual Life!), is the same method as for spiritual growth in any believer -- difference is, the believer doesn't get the learning to WRITE SCRIPTURE, since it is perfect/complete/finished -- since Christ is Seated and all the apostles are dead (John died last). Instead, the believer gets this COMPLETED WORD, to learn and LIVE on it: "living stones", as Peter calls us (wordplay on his own nickname).

So: just as we don't learn the whole Word at once, neither did the WRITERS of Scripture. That's why certain things are omitted by one writer, but covered by another. So, for example, each Gospel writer has a particular underlying framework on which his deposition is constructed, by means of, and under the direction of, the Holy Spirit Himself. So, God's Word fits together perfectly, but there's a PROGRESSIVE REVELATION quality to it, since the books are written by different folks at different dates who had differing UNDERSTANDING. NO MAGIC to this. It's LEARNING. Better than magic, this: it shows GOD directed them all, especially since each one didn't know all of the being-revealed truth. Many misinterpretations of Scripture will be avoided, if this how-did-Scripture-get-written history, is remembered.

So GOD ORCHESTRATED ALL THESE DIFFERING GROWTH RATES, all these folks, throughout OT and NT; AND ORCHESTRATED the meanwhile, via the TEMPORARY spiritual gifts like prophecy, visions, teaching and knowledge, what was GOING TO BE IN WRITING. Thus HE orchestrated was taught to the then-current crop of believers. The so-called 'spectacular' NT temporary gifts like tongues, miracles, and healing were given as letters-of-credit, to prove that those TEACHING were really from God -- because, there WAS no written NT available, yet. Just as, in the OT, during the time when Israel was yet positive enough, to even hear anyone. Sadly, by the days of Malachi, they were so NEGATIVE, Malachi has to be the last guy -- book ends on the prediction that Elijah will return to proclaim Messiah, which we of course know as John the Baptist (see Gospel of John for the Lord's statement to that effect).

GOD ORCHESTRATES. Mirroring.htm is on the Daniel Timeline. Notice God's orchestration of TIME, for crying out loud -- you can VERIFY EVERY DATE IN IT, in advance, mostly; dates which no believer could cause, or influence. Heck, most Jews don't even understand Daniel, because if they did, they'd FLEE Jerusalem like the Lord recommended, in Matt24. So you can't cause the Temple to be destroyed EXACTLY ON TIME; you can't cause the Dome of the Rock to be built on the Holy of Holies, A PROTOTYPE of the Tribulation "abomination", and simultaneously fulfilling the "until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled" clause in Luke 21:24, spoken HUNDREDS OF YEARS PRIOR to the birth of Islam, which no believer created...

God's Orchestration of NT writers, is phenomenal. It's a wonder these folks learned as quickly as they did: Paul, 14 years; James, 15 years (assuming Book of James was penned in 45AD). Those two weren't even BELIEVERS until the Lord in Resurrection Body Personally APPEARED to them severally, AFTER His Crucifixion! So why be surprised, that between roughly 50-65AD, Paul's letters were penned; that Luke wrote most contemporaneously, for Acts ends with Paul being under house arrest in Rome, not afterwards (so you pick up the timeline with the prison epistles); that Peter wrote post-60's AD, to the DIASPORA (some think the 90's); that John didn't write his Gospel until maybe 90's AD. Believers grow at differing rates: especially, to a level required to enable accurate writing of SCRIPTURE. And even if they were already grown enough -- was the AUDIENCE READY? Folks don't think of that, when debating whether Gospels contradict. Yeah, well folks don't think. So let's try...

Now, you can see plainly all this Divine (not human) orchestration when you go through the NT letters chronologically. Write out the names of some NT doctrine you know. Then, begin to TRACE it chronologically, starting with the oldest book (James). Finish with the newest one (Rev). Note the progression in each epistle, as above -- what doctrines are in the epistle? How expressed? How UNIQUELY expressed?

SO ADD TOGETHER the teachings: "find the highest truth" litmus ("Cardinal First principle" on NTKeys.htm). That litmus will help you properly ORGANIZE the Doctrines taught in God's Word, for in God's Word, all doctrines FIT in a hierarchy. This issue of assigned-jobs' fitting together is a part of a BIGGER theme in Eph4, the knitting-together of the Body of Christ: by INSTRUCTION (Ephesians verses are usually mistranslated and fuzzy).

The fact that each writer of Scripture corroborates other writers, in that each one is given the same basic doctrines to explain, PLUS the fact that each of the writers is given some unique things to teach, should be borne in mind when you read Scripture. Ask: what DOCTRINES does the writer express? What DOCTRINES does the writer UNIQUELY express? What DOCTRINES does the writer corroborate? Then, HOW does the writer express, express uniquely, corroborate? For, just as in a corporation, everyone has some tasks in common, so also each one has some unique duties.

If you read NT with the purpose of learning what THEY learned and watching the unfolding of THEIR understanding, you can know PARADIGMALLY, the foibles ALL CHRISTIANS face in EVERY GENERATION. God isn't exposing our flaws to us to condemn us, but to PROTECT us. We'll screw up anyway, but then the same exposure is our comfort: oh, those hallowed believers of the first century were also wacko, so I needn't beat myself up about my own stupidity. That's right: brush off the dust, pick up those feet, and move on, James 4. James ought to know!

So, as was true in the OT with respect to the Law, so also in Christianity, there continue to be two basic 'drifts' in Christian apostacy: 1) misdefinition of the nature of God; and 2) MISORGANIZATION of the doctrines in God's Word. All other misinterpretations, misdefinitions, etc. come from these two; and if 1) is wrong, 2) will NEVER be right. What makes 1) go wrong, is lack of FILLING -- no use, or too-infrequent use, of 1Jn1:9; what makes non-use or infrequent use, is RELIGIOSITY. For, if you mistake being religious for being Filled, you will sin the sin of self-righteousness continually, never detecting it. Like Jude 21 says, like Peter echoes in 2Pet3, like Paul warned Timothy in 2Tim2:26-3:7,16, be on your guard AGAINST emulating such mis-sing!

Finally, besides showing
  • Divine authorship by this progressive revelation;
  • our foibles AND THEN COMFORTING US ABOUT THEM, using the same seemingly-fragmented authorship style;
  • the PRIORITY AND UPGRADING of Doctrine via this same system;
by using specific authors and assigning them jobs of writing truth which overlap AND uniquely teach, God used a 'buddy system'.
In many ways, this 'buddy system' displays Divine Orchestration more than anything else He does. I'm dumbstruck with awe every time I ponder how He did it...

What's a 'buddy system'? Well, so far as I can tell, it's an American military expression going back to WWII. That is, if one part of a platoon is shot, another part keeps going. If one division in a corps is trapped, another division can keep going. So if one Bible book is kidnapped by Satan&Co., another book is still 'out there'. So, EACH BOOK of the Bible REPEATS truths which are central, as well as crafting their explanation in unique ways; as well as, expressing truths which are unique to such book. Clever, huh?

For, note how CORROBORATING yet FRAGMENTED books over a LONG history proves God's Authorship BETTER: then the ONLY conclusion is that GOD is behind them all. For, if all these disparate books EACH corroborate the doctrines, but aren't written at the same time nor by the same person, and there is ON THE SURFACE considerable VARIETY of expression; if these books historically are largely LOST then found; if someone GETS one, and GETS truth out of it, ANYWAY -- GOD has to be behind all that. No human even LIVES long enough, to do it; no human is SMART enough, to do it; no one even can READ these DEAD LANGUAGES well enough, to COUNTERFEIT. After all, while God won't do magic, and crafts even His Miracles for the sake of the Doctrinal Content of them -- don't we still have to get CONFIRMATION from Him that it's HIS WORD? If there is a surer proof than this many-disparate-and-often-hidden-books method, I can't think of one.

For if it is really GOD's Word, it is really attacked by Satan&Co. Sure enough, you don't hear people make a swear word out of "Allah", or "Krishna".. you don't see people trying to attack Divinity by attacking those books.. ahh, but they all attack what? THE BIBLE. And if the Bible is ATTACKED, it NEEDS a 'buddy system', so that people can GET IT, anyway. Even if a torn portion, as is so hungrily desired in Africa and some parts of China. Yeah -- and that teeny portion, can save a life...

So how do you know what to trust? THINK: puzzle pieces FIT TOGETHER, so they all had ONE MANUFACTURER. A square peg never fits properly into a round hole. So if you have a LOT of pegs, and a LOT of holes, and THEY fit together, then you don't HAVE to guess. Well, that's what so many FRAGMENTED books and parts of books, accomplish for the person who WANTS THE REAL WORD. It's painstaking, but IT FITS or IT doesn't, and you can't HALLUCINATE the fit, because there are TOO MANY pieces to fool yourself. Pieces which don't fit in a puzzle, JAM together. So also, with false books of scripture, false verses, and false INTERPRETATIONS!

God, of course, ACCOUNTED for all this hostility in advance, and preserved Scripture in JUST THIS WAY, to make it CERTAIN which is His, and which are satanic counterfeits. Moreover, God by Nature, is real big on multiples. Abram only wanted ONE son. God the Son, would BE that Son, really -- but not alone! Oh no -- ALL THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD WOULD BE BLESSED through AbraHAM, Gen17. That humor runs rife throughout Bible, and constitutes a sort of SIGNATURE of Divine Authorship. So too, in these many Bible books -- not just ONE book, but MANY. Not just ONE human author, but MANY. All tying flawlessly, same humor, same AUTHOR BEGETTING them. So that, if a child is lost, another is there to beget more children, see...

So we are EXTREMELY blessed to have a RELIABLE SET OF WHOLE CANON available to us. It's only in the last 150 years that this is true (click on Canonicity link at pagetop). It's only in the last 50 years we had truly-reliable Greek grammar (found in the 50's). Granted, earlier versions of Bible did exist, particularly Geneva and KJV -- but these were based on inferior manuscripts (more copying errors in them than the best ones later found). Moreover, until the last 150 years or so it was VERY hard for the common man to GET a full Bible. So, most people made do with a few Bible books: historically, mostly some Psalms and some Gospels. Most other people in HISTORY have never been able to do the kind of research urged in this webpage. Most other people have gone through their lives GUESSING what God means, based on VERY LITTLE information.

OBVIOUS CONCLUSION: you are richer in Scripture than they were. USE IT. If I were one of those weirdos who's trying to date the (always-undateable!) Rapture, I'd find it EXTREMELY significant that in THIS century, for the first time in history, Scripture is EASILY available to anyone, anywhere. Even someone in the remotest parts of China, Africa, or Asia can get the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE manuscripts downloaded to a computer. Scripture has been kidnapped for SO LONG, now suddenly FREE to the lowest, least, of humans (by societal standards). Read Matt24:6ff, esp. v.14. Just as the Dome of the Rock is the prototype "abomination", so also this AVAILABILITY of Scripture everywhere is right-on-time playout of v.14... [For the terminally-titillated about the end times, LvS4a.htm and its siblings will prove insightful. Note that "tribulation" in the Matt passage is NOT talking ONLY of the official Tribulation, since it clearly says other things happen, and "then the end will come" -- v.14, SEPARATED from the rest of the text, grammatically.]

If you track the story of Scripture's being written, lost, discovered, and then compare how its history OF EXPOSITION has transpired, you get the very distinct impression that BIG DUE-DILIGENCE DISCLOSURE is going on, right under our noses. That has to mean UNUSUAL positive AND negative volition in the world! In other websites I try to analyse MORE of what this phenomenon means, which is partly why my sites focus so much on mistranslation and misinterpretation of Scripture -- I'm trying to TRACK SATAN's ABUSE of Bible, for we are all cannonfodder. It's not about human error, which is constant and axiomatic; but rather the PATTERNS of what gets screwed up, tells you more about the CONFLICT going on. Christians are SUPPOSED to be wise, not foolish.

In closing, notice this Fitting-together of Time and Scripture, and prepare for the shocking MACRO HISTORICAL conclusions. These are covered in excruciating detail in Part IV of the "Thinking" series, but you'll need to start at Part I, to get the context...


Eph 4:11-16 is never properly translated, but if it were you'd understand, especially in light of the REST of the book, that the CORPORATE MATURATION of Church's Understanding of CHRIST'S THINKING is Father's Objective for History. You can trace this maturation process through Christendom's history. Just after the Cross, there was widespread confusion about whether the Mosaic Law would still be followed; this, despite KNOWLEDGE of what became the verses of Matt16:18 and Acts 1:5, John 14-17.

So, Christianity has gradually morphed since the Crucifixion from a ritual-based, childlike aping of the Law into the full-scale RECOGNITION that studying His Thinking in the ORIGINAL LANGUAGES is the real spiritual life. Granted, currently this recognition is trending back toward a catholic-like slant. But in the 1800's through the 1930's, a BIG REALIZATION of it, grew like wildfire. This latter phenomenon took centuries to rise to public recognition, and each time the recognition notched up, you'll notice that original-language manuscripts were either translated and disseminated, or 'found' and publicized. Usually, under very strange circumstances. If you want to trace this gradual rollout of what was the ORIGINAL INTENT of Scripture being available to the common man, get The Book by Christopher deHamel. It's $50, hardback, lavishly-illustrated, but the text is so valuable: dunno if there's yet another book of its kind. Author doesn't take a position, so what is typed here, is 'mine'.

    So, test the claim yourself: notice, when you do this tracing,
  • how Scripture got deep-sixed in the 2nd century;
  • how PUERILE are the Church Fathers' writings;
  • how even baby-basics like the mechanism of Salvation and the very definition of GOD were muddled and confused by the time of Commodus.
  • Oh, so they had to have RELIGIOUS COUNCILS decide what was Scripture, what was the nature of God?
  • What, were all the VERY CLEAR verses in the Bible on these topics, suddenly missing?
  • NO, but people stopped caring: the incompetence of those Councils is positively incredible; yet, punctuated every now and then with EXTREMELY BRILLIANT (gotta be HS-filled) insight.
  • By the time of Commodus, people could BARELY read the Greek anymore, notes Roman historian Carey in the last chapter of his History of Rome. So low was the interest, a Byzantine scribe could get away with "kauthesomai". Good ol' boy network replaced interest in God, as usual.

    So of COURSE Scripture wasn't being read. "God" was a label you used to make yourself feel holy.. or, to persecute someone whose Bible ideas differed from your own. Gibbon's many scathing criticisms of Christian hypocrisy well illustrate the low level of REAL interest in God. Notice the corollation between low interest and high legalism and ritual...

    So notice that it took about 14 CENTURIES before Wittenberg, Luther's 95 theses, which centered on Faith Alone in Christ Alone IS salvation. (Yes, that's a Calvinist phrase, but the DOCTRINE is John 3:16, and Luther was protesting the Catholic MASKING of it.) Imagine: 14 centuries, before it could be again publically acknowledged? What, did everyone NOT know John 3, Acts 16:31? Scripture wasn't totally hidden, you know. It was transmitted by word of mouth, for people are uniformly too lazy to READ in any generation -- but THAT LONG before there was enough popular INTEREST in this basic doctrine? Granted, things unrolled rapidly from there, and had 'bouts' of interest before, such as in the 900's, and the 1100's, so if salvation was known (and no doubt it was, the HS is not impotent), it was PRIVATELY communicated. Quietly.

    So notice how rapidly the world developed from Gutenberg forward, and notice how interest in the Bible spawned ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. The two trends invariably go together, in ANY country where such interest burgeoned. So also, the downward interest in Scripture is soon (in a generation or two) accompanied by economic downturns and war. Leviticus 26 and Deut28 are as predictable as gravity.

Overall, though, as you trace the development of UNDERSTANDING of Scripture through the centuries, you'll notice a gradual UPWARD trend (with many spikes) which is AWAY from the simplistic (and inaccurate) ritual/formal TOWARD the personal 'I wanna know Scripture for myself' orientation. Which, if you go through Paul's epistles, you'll see was God's intent all along: promised, in fact, all the way back in Jer31:31-34, which Heb8:8-12 through 10:15-17 CLEARLY EXPLAIN in the Greek. So, a progressive MATURATION OF RECOGNITION of God's intent has now reached even the internet.

    So now, anyone, anywhere in the world, can FOR FREE download the original-manuscript text which God managed, thank you very much, to preserve in copies, be they found in crocodiles, in baskets beside the fire (to be used to light fires!) in the guarded halls of the Vatican where no one could even take pen and paper to copy. This treasure of Scripture has NEVER been so easily available: even in the first century, folks had to make do with all those 1Cor12 spiritual gifts, "until the Perfect comes" (1Cor13:9 or thereabouts), the Head of the Body being in codified in writing. We are at the highest apex of Scriptural history since the Cross. Whether that apex will grow further still, or we will dip back into yet another Dark Ages, remains unknown. The trend back to a new dark ages has already begun, though.

This, this, this, is the key to interpreting Christian history: how, from primitive and ritualistic beginnings, Christianity is FINALLY getting publically understood to be a private and THOROUGH STUDY of Scripture as the spiritual life. Frankly, this realization was a long time building, and started in earnest with the Reformation, but not until the 1800's did the idea seep into the MAINSTREAM public consciousness. America wasn't the first or even the strongest proponent of it, but we were, the largest body of Christians to embrace it. Hence our prosperity -- NO OTHER SOURCE.

    Which, we are now abandoning faster than we can count the vowels in a church program out of boredom. Even now, with the fabulous find of Greek Grammars which revolutionized how we READ the original manuscripts, the idea of INDEPENDENT STUDY under INDEPENDENT PASTORS is still kinda new. And, unfortunately, contested. Satan can't afford this idea to become popular yet UNinstitutionalized. For, only the institutionalization of Christianity afforded the kidnapping of Scripture, an act which became widespread from about 100AD onward, just after the last Book was penned (Rev, by John).

So, then: see also how the interpretation of MANY INDEPENDENT CHURCHES is proved right by even common sense: we are all one in CHRIST, "now". [Nerd note: "now", when used to designate an epoch, is a keyword for the Church Age in the NT.. trace it and see.] See also WHY Revelation 13-17 are so important to understand? Without knowing there should be NO so-called 'unity' of churches, people would not be FREE TO LEARN SCRIPTURE.

    The 'unity of churches' idea, which stems from EGREGIOUS MISINTERPRETATION and MISTRANSLATION of verses like Matt16:18 and Eph4:5, is the very DEFINITION of apostacy, the harlot. Notice how clever Satan is: "Petra", translated "Rock" in Matt16:18, is THE NAME FOR CHRIST everywhere it appears in the OT. The name given Peter is of a different GENDER in the Greek, and is SMALLER: "petros", a chip OF the Rock. Then, to Eph4:5, note the satanic cleverness: "One Faith" really DOES mean, "One Doctrine", but stands for Our Lord's Own Thinking, not some religious institution. It's so obvious a meaning in the Greek, it CAN'T be mistaken: only, LIED ABOUT. Look: Funny how HERE the word "Faith" is rightly recognized AS "Doctrine" by Christendom, but in James 2:18 and 1:1-5, it's NOT. Heh: nothing like a little convenient 'ignorance'. Ok, now watch: whose 'doctrine'? God's, or.. Satan's (1Tim and 2 Tim 4:1, 2Tim2:16-3:7)...

    So Satan twists this 'oneness' thingy into 'catholicism'. This isn't to badmouth the Roman Catholic Church, but rather ANY institutionalization into 'religion' is the Rev17 apostate harlot. Universal Tyranny, which those founding what became 'catholicism' surely never intended, but boy oh boy, everyone USED! Which tyranny, of course, our sordid past with Scripture being locked up and NOT taught BY DENOMINATIONS, for nearly two millenia, confirms. If it weren't for some extraordinary work done in the mid-1800's by a truly gifted group of men (which broke wide open access to the original-language-manuscripts of Scripture for local churches), you and I would NOT have the freedom to learn! (If you can even mildly read German with a dictionary, go to www.bautz.de and pick the biographies of Samuel Tregelles and Count von Tischendorf.)

    The current politicization of Christianity in the US is an EXACT REPEAT of the force which gave rise to ecumenism in the 2nd century AD. FLEE IT WITH YOUR LIFE. It's the Tower of Babel, playing all over again. Which should be no surprise, considering Rev17 links the moniker 'Babylon' with the harlot.[Note to self: the Rev1-3 and 1Pet5:1 tie-togethers came from L.1613, which turned on the lightbulbs in this para. Listen to it again.]

    Denominations, as distinct from those IN them, are basically evil, because they ARE INSTITUTIONS. It's the institutionalization which causes the Rev17 evil; for an institution must perpetuate its power, so STOPS depending on God. So, denominations stand pat on a few doctrines which are, by that point, hopelessly distorted versus Bible. They don't mean to be evil (lol, who does), and they don't start out evil. The Reformation, for example, started basically as a freedom-fight to GET Scripture. But look what happened: state religions formed, and two huge subdenominations formed. The politicization caused these new denominations, named after their founders, to HARDEN and RESTRICT teaching to a few poorly-defined doctrines. So, learning was STULTIFIED. So, became state religions. So, just as apostate, in their OWN ways, as the so-called 'catholic' church they rebelled against.

    Even so, look at how God managed, thank you very much, to even use the evil of the institutions to a) preserve Scripture and b) nonetheless teach a few to REALLY LEARN SCRIPTURE, though technically still in, of, or a founding member of, the denomination in question. Where, for example, would we all be, without those roaming friars?

    The US was founded on the freedom-to-worship apart from superchurch control. Yet look at it now: Christians are largely too-dumb-to-live (Eph4:14, churches run amok), so they band together for prol-itics, fancying themselves to be doing the Lord's Will. It's SATAN's will they really do: for the God of Romans 13 and 1Tim2 did NOT approve of such activity. So, eventually -- and the homogenization is moving so fast, it may already be too late -- they will 'unify'. God will withdraw His support for US at that point, scattering those who really ARE in the spiritual life, into a new diaspora. Ponder the matter under the Holy Spirit, use 1Jn1:9 like breathing, because this historical trend is obvious, far-developed, so greatly impacts YOUR life right now. Watch how the 'prolife' campaign goes, for it is a barometer of apostacy: the more popular it becomes, the WORSE Christians are becoming, en masse. Seems like 'prolife' is the rallying issue Satan wants to use to pimp the Rev17 harlot, again, for it's sure serving to 'unite'!

    [Ya gotta be vicious, nuts or stupid to think that God would put SOUL life in the womb: that would make God a sadist, for then the person would be AWARE OF AND FEEL all that horrendous biological development; would BE TRAPPED AND KNOW IT -- well, once he had a brain, which isn't really developed fully until just before birth, so how the HECK would God be so stupid to put a soul in 40 seconds after conception, lolololol! Bible teaches the opposite, i.e., God breathed lives into Adam's nostrils -- body formed and OUTSIDE first, get it? More detail on what Bible actually says is in Caveat #4 on Home page. Also, in NTKeys.htm, "Near-and-Far Keywords", and passim in all other pages. Again, this is NOT to point the finger -- I'm not interested in putting down -- but rather, to track MEGA TRENDS which Satan's MEGA plan (LvS4c.htm), plays: to POINT OUT how Satan blinds US ALL. Oh: see also LordvSatan2.htm's small font (keyword to search is "Mary") has more info as well.]

Now, let's look at the LARGER HISTORICAL CONTEXT. (LordvSatan4.htm and ~5.htm's pages focus on this context almost exclusively.) Three huge SUPERHUMANLY-MANAGED historical trends have been unrolling in Christian history since Canon was completed. Thus you can see the Angelic Conflict play live on the BIG stage and figure where in history you are (a Church believer 'job' Scripture frequently orders). These macro, battling trends are:

1) the kidnapping of Canon and its subsequent 'breakout'; such that, just as in the 1st century AD, INDIVIDUAL STUDY under a PASTOR (now, of the ORIGINAL LANGUAGES OF SCRIPTURE) is the NORMATIVE method of learning God's Word. In that 1st century, because Canon was being WRITTEN (1Cor13's main theme, the Head being completed so the Body can be), everyone looked forward with "hope" (confident expectation) to the day when they'd no longer have to rely on visions and spectacular gifts to get God's Word, just as those of Jeremiah's generation (Jer31:31-34 and Ps119) hoped. This was the Divine intent all along, obviously; but no sooner is Canon completed, than it was 'kidnapped' and after that subverted/distorted for nearly two thousands years after Christ. (SatStrat.htm is largely on this topic.)

    This first historical trend is actually the THIRD of its own kind: the first was the LOSS/DISTORTION of what Adam and the woman initially knew. When it ended, 'Israel' (the nation) was 'born'. When Israel as a nation rejected the Brideship offer (from Moses forward, really) from the Messiah during His First Advent (i.e., in the Sermon on the Mount), 'Church' would be grafted in. [LvS4a.htm centers on this topic, but it might not make a whole lot of historical sense until you understand the prior 3 htm's.]


2) CHRIST INVENTED A NEW SPIRITUAL LIFE DURING THE FIRST ADVENT, which invention Christianity has largely NOT recognized. This spiritual life is INTERNAL, THINKING, completely ABROGATING the OT methods (Heb7:18 and parallel verses in NT). It's truly awesome to realize HOW LONG Christianity has been in the dark about this fact, given the thousands of direct and oblique commands to THINK like Christ: i.e., MATT4:4 (can Christ make it more obvious than by using the words STOMA (mouth) and REMA (teacher-SPEAKING-teaching)?); Phili2:5-10; 1Pet1; 1Cor2, 2Cor5. That this INVENTION of a unique and NEW spiritual life WAS NEVER AVAILABLE BEFORE is baldly stated in verses like John 7:39, John 14-17, and is the whole point of Corinthians, both books; macro description is in Ephesians and Hebrews, MAIN THEME OF BOTH BOOKS. Micro how-to's are in those books but more baldly explained in Philippians, Romans, "musterion" verses. BASIS is John 17 (the prayer for it).

    Virtually everything about the unique Spiritual life He authored is the OPPOSITE of the OT system: opposite method, opposite priesthood, opposite covenant, not even the same GOD is FIRST worshipped, for OUR focus is UNDER SON, TO FATHER (Heb1-2; topic is a running central theme of Hebrews). [This topic is core for the accounting in the "Thinking Out Loud" webseries.] So instead of a MONOLITH, there are many 'stones', all these petroi, chips of the Rock Who is Risen. Every "joint of supply", every PASTOR (Eph4:11-16), not just one hunk of stone. For He is not ashamed to call us brothers (Heb2), for we are a Royal Priesthood to Father (1Pet2:5,9, Rev1:6, 5:10).

      So, where there WAS in OT a system of ritual, now INSTEAD there is a system of THINKING (Phili2:5, Heb12:2, Rom12:2, Eph4:23, etc), since, as the Lord put it, it's THINKING, not what you do with your body, which can defile you (Matt15, Mark7). So, even the LONE ritual of Church, the Eucharist, is a REMEMBRANCE, not even a ritual except in the nominal sense. And why? BECAUSE IT'S ABOUT INTIMATE FELLOWSHIP, depicted by FAMILY DINING, like the Last Supper. [See Luke 22:19, 1Cor11:27. NOT transubstantiation: CAN NO ONE READ BIBLE, ANYMORE? What evil idiots invented transubstantiation? What evil idiot could EVER believe such a thing? Is God a genie, for crying out loud? Is THAT ALL GOD IS WORTH, to do magic? Can hatred of God be more deeply expressed than to ask Him to do the trick He refused to do for Herod? See how Satan dupes us, making us repeat that same evil 'request' Herod 'asked' of Jesus, though in DIRECT CONTRAVENTION of Scripture on the meaning of Eucharist, and calling the lie 'holy', to boot? LOLOL! What sops we Christians are!]

      It's not that ritual, etc. are wrong in themselves. 'All things are lawful, but not always helpful', Paul says in Corinthians. What BECOMES wrong is, essentially, the HUMAN DISTORTION which inevitably results from such practices. Like, if you have a CUSTOM of sending out Christmas cards, but one year you don't do it, you feel guilty. Why feel guilty over what is merely a VOLITIONAL custom? So it is, with ritual, taboos, appearances, etc. The item slides from being a free-will celebration, into a DUTY. At that point, it REPLACES GOD in importance. This is what felled Judaism even while the Law WAS still prescriptive of the spiritual life, for the rituals and do's, were there for CELEBRATORY AND TEACHING purposes, so to just go through the motions without the meaning, was like a woman who lies inert while her husband makes love to her; or, like a woman who cheats on her husband, preserving only a facade (God's own analogies, developed extensively in Ezekiel and Hosea).

      So it is, with the history of the Church: undoubtedly, folks who still wanted to practice the Law, could do so, but the Law was no longer PRESCRIPTIVE, from Pentecost forward. Ergo those who had had prominence or approbation due to the Law's former prescriptive status would naturally have a sin-nature need to regain the former importance. Which, they COULD, by becoming teachers of the Word, of the New Spiritual Life based on the New Spiritual Species we become, in Christ (theme of 1Cor2,6-13, 2Cor5, etc). Which, they DIDN'T WANT to accept, so that's why Paul got the upgrade information, and the strict charge to NOT witness to them (see Acts 22).

    So we're ALSO looking at the kidnapping and subversion of the 'builders', our TEACHERS of the REAL Spiritual Life Christ Authored, both in Paul's day and since: there's just plain NO EXCUSE for this spiritual life not being taught. Most everyone post-Cross recognized the post-salvation life became 'different' due to His Life here. Question was, how much, and what? The Jewish legalists were all busy keeping the Law as a post-salvation spiritual life, which is why the James-Paul friendship was so glitchy, eventually 'causing' (superfically speaking) the death of both: Paul got the UPGRADE INFORMATION the most, and the Jews were UPSET about that.

    So, if you look at Christendom's doctrinal interpretation history, you find an alarming childishness which centers on just another version of keeping the Law. It's SO pathetic, given verses like Peter's "hupolimpano hupogrammos", and Heb12:1-2's DELIBERATE GREEK-ATHLETIC PARALLELLISM, that we don't RECOGNIZE the gigantic change His Spiritual life engenders. How this Legacy fits in history, the Holy Spirit had Paul explain in Ephesians. And not just Ephesians, either, for POST-PAUL, the writer of Hebrews explained the very same structure but via the OT system itself to show the change to CHURCH. And, the writer does this in such painstaking detail, replete with both OT and NT keywords so you can SEE THE CONNECTIONS CLEARLY, there is NO EXCUSE for teachers to miss it. We just don't care, that's all. Greatest Spiritual life ever given to humans in history, baldly displayed, and we go for the glitz and the baby-rituals. Incredible.

      A sterling example of this not-caring is rampant in the Christian movie/mini-series, "Time Changer". The root theme is like H.G. Well's "Time Machine", only this time a Bible-toting, 19th-century professor travels in time. Lots of very interesting stuff is presented, and the authors of the series intend to show how morality is just orality if the Master of Our Hearts isn't IN our hearts. This professor is horribly legalistic; he can't even state the Gospel properly (he tells people to receive Christ as Lord, which Bible contradicts in passages like Acts 16:31 and John 3). He runs around shocked about loose morals and our not TIEING God to state and business (never mind the Lord turned that offer down in Matt4). This oh-so-holy professor also himself tells bald lies. Those reacting to him aren't so hot, either. Everyone gets SOME of the Bible correct, but a whole lot is wrong (time travel and its Christian inventor, of course, being obviously incorrect themselves); which of course is an accurate reflection of our lives.

      So, you end up seeing ALL sides of the how-do-we-screw-up-Bible. Very au courant: is Christianity a series of behaviors, or LEARNING CHRIST, for crying out loud? Authors don't appear to take sides, but they also don't actually SAY what learning Christ means. Which is fine, since we are all Royal Crown-Prince Priests in Training by means of the HOLY Mentor UNDER Our King of Kings, FOR FATHER. So, we must draw our own royal conclusions, before the Lord. Individually.

      Most of what's promoted as 'Christian' is rarely Biblical. I've yet to see one Christian program, one movie, which wasn't a TRAVESTY of the Bible. It makes me wanna put my eyes out, like Nebuchadnezzar did to Zedekiah (Jer39:7). My people are suffering, and I can do NOTHING about it! Only a few Bible classes aired VERY RARELY even had sound Bible teaching ON BASICS. It's unbelievable. No wonder unbelievers hate us. We've GOT FULL ACCESS TO SCRIPTURE, now. There is NO excuse.

      That blessing-by-association doctrine which God grants to anyone growing in His Son is a lifeline. The ONLY thing a believer can do amidst apostacy is GROW GROW GROW. For, like Abraham said to the guy in Hades of Luke 16, if they won't listen to the Bible, they won't listen to an informed believer or a miracle, either.

3) The above two trends illustrate the underlying history-wide trend (Adam's Fall through end-Millenium) of VOLITION's NEGATIVE DIRECTION. This trend has TWO PRONGS, like 'graph lines', which Scripture constantly reminds the reader: a) ANTI-GOD trend. As mankind multiplies, he becomes ever more negative. The actual pattern plays kinda like regression lines, but trending downward at a faster pace as history unfolds. Then, b) BELIEVER trend, though zigzaggy, trends UPWARD, but is really a BELL CURVE (which is why Rapture ends up happening -- detail in LordvSatan5.htm, first division). The relationship between the progressively-downward NEGATIVE trend and the BELIEVER BELL CURVE trend is that the former progressively effects the latter: for, not only does volition routinely choose to 'fit in' (here, to mass negativity), but MORE IMPORTANTLY, God always uses what's bad as a catalyst for greater GOOD. Not, because God would have believers cave in to mass pressure; but rather, because believers, like unbelievers, progressively become negative to God, in favor of people and things (including self). Just like Adam chose a human, over God, in the Garden.

Thus, history ends when all believers are harvested (there will come a day when prolonging history will not further develop a Millenial believer, nor result in an unbeliever, believing). When you see verses like "latter days", "days are evil", "man will learn war no more", or other sweeping-macro statements, you're looking at some FACET of what God is saying about this underlying trend of history. ALL SCRIPTURE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS TREND. Correct INTERPRETATION of the "ages", God's TIME-DIVISION of history (Big Bible keyword which translations routinely screw up) will be missing if you don't understand this underlying trend and its two 'prongs'.

GOD FITTING TOGETHER: prophecy, fragmented Word, time, history, Body, and the PATTERN IS SOOOO CLEAR! So many puzzle pieces exactly fitting! So we better spend more time FITTING TOGETHER our understanding of His Word, than fitting in with the crowd, for this rollout of Scripture is NOT normal!