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Topic review - Binary Choice Lie
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Binary Choice Lie  Reply with quote
No 1John1:9 creates matiotes so then any lie publicly told becomes the substitute 'truth'. So all the propaganda fed as polls enters in and carnal Christians buy it. So I'm praying God connects the dots as due-diligence disclosure to them on behalf of you millennials and your kids, in light of that 600-year Matt25:14ff prophecy. Won't sway their free will, but many MIGHT respond.
Post Posted: 27 Oct 2016, 10:19
  Post subject:  Re: Binary Choice Lie  Reply with quote
I know some Christians who wanted Gary Johnson, but voted for Trump out of FEAR that Johnson would sway the election to Clinton. It sickens me that people let their fears control them like that. The spoiler theory then becomes a collective psychosomatic syndrome. I pray that people will just start thinking for themselves on a collective level for once in my lifetime.
Post Posted: 27 Oct 2016, 02:31
  Post subject:  Binary Choice Lie  Reply with quote
Audio, 10 mins, ... iceLie.MP3

Audio (21 mins) on how polls create the binary lie, ... lained.MP3

Seems like this is a topic which will survive the election, so I made it into a thread.

Related thread is on the rigging of polls so you aren't AWARE of the facts in the audio, viewtopic.php?f=17&t=586

Basic underlying proof of this is here: ... z4HsLmh3is

Point is, 26% GOP, half soft support; 28% Dem, half soft support. 46% none-of-the-above, strongly want someone 3rd party. Gary's the ONLY one who fits all those checkboxes. So he can even win by a landslide, but it won't show in the polls. More likely, once a person GETS INTO the voting booth, he/she cannot bear voting for DT/HRC, and Gary's name is vaguely familiar, so votes for him. Chances are very high, actually.

My opining (and others'), is above. Yours?

Post Posted: 25 Oct 2016, 09:47

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