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Topic review - Rigged2016 movie discussion thread
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
Good point. Clear that principles mean nothing, are only used to get votes, by the R&D.
Post Posted: 05 Nov 2016, 12:55
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
Its a total double standard. Its ok for Trump to brag about sexually harassing women,, its ok for Clinton to flip flop and pretend like she's always been consistent,, but God forbid if Gary Johnson has a brain-fart. It would be easy to blame the media, but the media was never designed to override individual thought processes.

Im convinced the root problem is gang mentality...anything to justify sticking it to the opposing team and anyone who gets in between.
Post Posted: 05 Nov 2016, 01:13
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie, rant on Gary being unfairly treated re 'Aleppo'  Reply with quote
One of the 'rigged' items is the persistent glee over Gary on 'Aleppo', which is whollly wrong and misplaced. I typed in an answer to an article, but it's not showing up, so I'll have to quote myself, here.

brainout wrote:
I'm sick to death of people bashing #GaryJohnson over #WhatIsAleppo:
1. Christopher Hill, who was on the @MSNBC show 09/08/16 when Gary gaffed, also gaffed moments after, calling Aleppo the capital of ISIS. @nyt followed suit, had to issue a correction. But did anyone pardon Gary? Oh no, he was DISQUALIFIED in their minds, from running? Ok, so alleged foreign policy expert Hill and newspaper @nyt should be disqualifed, too? Sheesh.
@washingtonpost made a similar error, but I can't document it (not sure which link).

2. Back in 2012, when Gary was running for POTUS the first time, ONLY HE called Syria rightly, see here: ... -al-qaida/

Did anyone give him credit for that? OH NO. @MSNBC didn't do their 2012 homework: not @JoeNBC, not @mikebarnicle, nor anyone else on ANY TV channel that day or ever afterwards. Moreover, @HillaryClinton and @Evan_McMullin also didn't do their homework (they are running for POTUS as well), wrongly offering Gary a 'map', never mind that DURING @MSNBC show (and since 2001, if you ever watched him speak), it was CLEAR he knew #WhatIsAleppo.

So they all have no integrity. So only Gary does, and voting for anyone else -- especially with the Brahmin Brain Bill Weld as equal running mate -- only voting, is virtuous. All other voting is true waste, before God (or FSM if you don't believe in God).
Post Posted: 04 Nov 2016, 15:39
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
Peruse Evan McMullin LIES at your leisure, ... ry+Johnson

EM Lying to claim Gary won't debate him cuz he's so much better? LOL

Lying that he's the only conservative in the race,

Prior posts' vids show how McMullin lies that HE is qualifed cuz HE is the only one who's fought ISIS, even though GARY was the one who back in 2012 predicted the problem. EM's statements prove he knows very little, as I tried to explain in the prior posts' MP3's (all of which you can verify by mere googling, now).
Post Posted: 30 Oct 2016, 09:55
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
The pity of it is, these are the only two, Johnsonweld, who have integrity. All the others and their supporters I've run into on twitter, have proven to be liars. I'm not saying all GJ/BW supporters are perfect, but they're not liars.

Should be a fundamental issue, not to elect a liar.
Post Posted: 28 Oct 2016, 14:59
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
Latest poll stats,

Actually, that link needs updating, since at the time it was written only 750K had signed the petition to #LetGaryDebate. But when I signed it, I was just over the 1Mth person. I believe the latest total is close to 1.2M now, but of course all debates have finished and the signing is irrelevant.
Post Posted: 28 Oct 2016, 08:20
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
Found the audio: it specifically covers McMullin's comments from 7-12 minutes to demonstrate why he doesn't know fp, .

It's 18 mins, kinda rants, not sure worth hearing unless you can't tell from his video, why he's ignorant re ISIS and fp, and why his playing the Mormon card INSULTS Mormons. :argue:
Post Posted: 27 Oct 2016, 12:56
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
Yeah, and he has no party to back him. Nor experience for the job. It's a spoiler campaign, designed maybe to get Paul Ryan in WH if the election goes to the House. I just can't stand the guy lying.

Problem is, he KEEPS lying, and now proves ignorant of econ and fp too,

Ignorant of econ, cuz buyer always pays the sellers Income Tax, so there should be NONE. Instead, there should be a Federal Sales Tax, as the other thread, explains. Why doesn't Evan know that? Cuz he's just an alternate RNC plant backed by Bill Kristol and others. Like DNC, RNC needs control over donors and the poor by perpetuating the ALWAYS REGRESSIVE Income Tax.

Gary at least knows that's wrong. But he doesn't know enough about what's right, so I sent the audio on 8% FedSalesTax to him via the LP National chairman. No word yet on whether he heard it. I also asked Cato to work up the model, but no word back from them, either.

Re Evan's ignorance of fp, I made another audio but have to find it, and will link it in the next post I make. Gist: he has no understanding of ME history, and even less understanding of how to prosecute war with ISIS, though he DOES correctly know the war is 'ideological'-- his term used in his first Bloomberg interview (below). Pity he doesn't know how best to fight that (you need to expose the Medina suras in Koran and juxtapose with Koran's refrain that Allah needs no partners to show jihadism is not meant to be terrorism).

Gary, by contrast, knows that you have to be all-in if in the ME, or all-out. Evan doesn't see that, and neither does HRC. But Dubya DID see that, and meant for us to be there permanently. I used to agree with that position, too. Not so sure now. Seems Gary's more right. But Evan? He's clueless. Sorry. Maybe a good CIA operative for the few years he worked for them, but that doesn't create the skill set needed to be good POTUS.
Post Posted: 20 Oct 2016, 07:23
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
I don't think Evan McMuffin really believes that Trump is any kind of agent. He said himself in that clip that Trump "knows nothing". I think Evan is playing a psychological game with the Conspiracy Theory crowd. I guess he figures he can skim off the Rep and Dem voters that don't like their candidates. Its not hard to demonize a fool that already does it to himself, so all Evan has to do is provide circumstantial evidence to sway the already alienated voters.

At this point, it doesn't really matter if the media calls him out on his lies. The mere accusation is sufficient. I think Evan thinks he can steal the election if he can undermine Gary Johnson. That's why he belittles him, but I think Evan is underestimating the growing desire for a more libertarian candidate.
Post Posted: 19 Oct 2016, 23:40
  Post subject:  Evan McMullin stupid about Russia  Reply with quote
How Evan can't tell DT is NOT a Russian agent. ... nFPbad.MP3

The proper word for Trump is PATSY, not 'agent', as shown here, ... 778b55a923

But McM says, ... ven-know/#

This is what happens when you shoot from the hip sans homework, as Evan all too often does. So what did he do at CIA, answer the phone?

Lookie here:

More here: ... absolutely

Only tangentially related, but still relevant, as the whole issue concerns why 3rd parties are excluded. Dummy candidates are one long-term reason the R and D use to exclude them from debates.

I hate having to do this. But this way I can't be blamed for being silent. CYA.
Post Posted: 19 Oct 2016, 14:28
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
Post Posted: 13 Oct 2016, 20:35
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
The above stats make even more sense, when you factor in multiple other parties not likely to get 30% overall, but maybe up to that much in any ONE state.

In particular, Evan McMullin might go that high, in Utah. Since instead of COORDINATING, the two campaigns (Evan and Gary's) insult each other, I made a 30 min audio on it. It has some good points, sorry it took so long to explain.
Or if you need a shorter url.

PS I've put all the MP3's on Gary into the downloads/wma directory, which is open to the public for download. If there's any file you want me to put in there you don't see, lemme know and I will put it in there.

DRAT! Turned out Evan McMullin lied AGAIN against Gary, so I had to make tweets and a retraction audio explaining them:

Retraction audio:

Videos mentioned in the audio:

I'm having trouble finding the CNN/Fox clip for 09/08, but there are plenty of quoting articles, ... +candidate ... 0452581377

Kinda sad, really. The YOUNG guy without experience (EM), and without homework, bashes the guy with the most experience who called Syria rightly since 2012 (again,

When I find the 09/08 video clip, I'll post it here.
Post Posted: 12 Oct 2016, 21:22
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
The movie came out yesterday, and is free through 10/30, . You can buy it also, but have to sign up to watch free; however, you can immediately watch, maybe. Or, they send you an email and you click their watch link there.

I was kinda disappointed they didn't cover the actual rigging of the polls. It's really important. Bill Weld provides the stats (as does, and they're shocking, here (starting about 15 mins in, his video link and precis of results):

So let's analyze this.

29% of electorate is Dem.
26% is GOP.
Remainder is Indep (42%), Libertarian, Green, other parties (3%).

50% amongst all the above, are millennials.
Voting rate in presidential elections, % actually voting versus registered, is also 50%.

Gary's share of the vote among EITHER millennials OR independents, is about 30%, nationally.

So if only half the whole population doesn't vote, you cut all those numbers in half, too. Which conversely means that each person actually voting, has twice the voting power. But if some among them are more enthusiastic about voting, then those who are, count MUCH more than normal.

Johnson voters are very enthusiastic. Presumably also the others who register with 3rd parties.

So: millennials would be 29/2, 26/2, and 45/2. If the registered voting population is 150M, and only half of them actually vote, the millennials are 75/2 as well.

So if 75/2x.30, you have 11.25 million voting for Gary Johnson. Out of a total actually-voting population of 75 million, that's 15%. Else, 22.5M, if they all vote, hence 30%

15% is the Commission on Public Debate's claimed threshold for allowing Gary to debate. BUT if you looked up that tweet, the CPD won't COUNT the millennials AT ALL in the polls they select.

Just as evil, they ALSO presume -- despite knowing better -- that 'independents' are only 17% in the POLL SAMPLES that they accept. Since that percentage of presumed demographics is 1/3 the actual sample of demographics, the independents' actual poll results are REDUCED by 2/3. So if Gary shows up 9% -- as he does, in the polls they DO accept -- it really might be 15%. Which of course they don't want!

(CNN in particular, weeds out millennials and independents, in its polls and focus groups; that rigging has been in the news as of late.)

So now, to independents. .42x75M(total electorate sum likely to vote) is 31.5M. So if 1/3 vote Johnson as polled, that's 10.5M.

So if you sum them (leaving out everyone else, so the overlap between millennial and independent is cancelled out), you're still looking at 22M or more. So double 15%. So the CPD is flat wrong to leave Gary out of the debate.

But it's even more important, since there's VERY LITTLE difference between what it takes to WIN all of a state's electoral votes, and that 30%. Why?

Cuz the R&D shares are each UNDER 30%.
Also, over HALF the people IN each party, don't like their nominee. Thus, as the Pew Research study noted,, the actual core vote for GOP is like 16%, and Dem 22% of EACH PARTY, respectively.

Let's be charitable and say that only half of each party wants its nominee. So then 29/2 and 26/2, equals 15% and 13% of electorate, respectively. Then /2 again, cuz only half actually vote, so ONLY 8% and 7% vote. Total? ONLY 15%!

So it's not at all farfetched, for a candidate to win on 30% of the popular vote. Further, it's also obvious that Gary's at least as likely to be elected as EITHER the R or D.
Say the actual votes in a state are 30/30/30 (leaving the other 10% for write-ins or small vote shares), and Gary has only ONE VOTE MORE in 'his' 30, then he wins ALL the electoral votes in that state. Wash rinse repeat in 25 states or maybe fewer (depending on how many EVs a state has), and he wins the 270 electoral votes outright.

Now you see why the polls are rigged. They want to make the people vote based on who they TELL the people will 'win', versus voting their conscience or voting based on real numbers.

Here you see both parties are evil:
1. They want you to REJECT your conscience (the true bulwark of democracy), and instead vote on popularity (which is manufactured).
2. They want you to think that the numbers THEY give you, show popularity.

I know I sound like a conspiracy person, but I'm not. I don't even think this is a conspiracy so much as a shared lust for power, with those doing the skewing, thinking they are fighting for their survival, which they neatly color as virtuous.

But clearly, it's not.
Post Posted: 12 Oct 2016, 10:51
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
If the movies is what I think it is, then its about how the two-party system has gradually moved America away from the "live and let live" principles of the Bill of Rights.

The vague statements are probably designed to appeal (universally) to an idiologically diverse audience. Everyone knows America is in hot water, and everyone sees different problems with different solutions, but the movie is likely offering a Libertarian solution.

It could go either way. Could be whining to Caesar about non-caesar issues, or it could be revealing Caesar's lust for unlawful authority.
Post Posted: 03 Oct 2016, 20:26
  Post subject:  Re: Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
I couldn't really get much out of what the injected phrases were saying:
"we've clearly gotten off track"
"because of political gridlock between certain parties that shall remain nameless we're unable to take care of the business of america... if america is not careful, america is on its way to becoming a divided or cleft nation"
"I'm going to see if the american dream still lives..."

All of that is really perception based. One person could say "my life is a mess, I blame the government", whereas another will say "my life is fine, the government is fine". Of course the government has NOTHING to do whether or not your life is good or bad--and vice versa.

Really it sounds to me like more whining to Caesar for things that Caesar has nothing to do with. A normal person wouldn't want Caesar to dress you and mouth feed you-- yet Trumpanzees and Berniacs seem to want that. Yuck!
Post Posted: 03 Oct 2016, 19:30
  Post subject:  Rigged2016 movie discussion thread  Reply with quote
I didn't put this in the Movies subforum cuz it's more properly related to the US Pres race, and here both anonymous guests and anonymous members (no ID ever required either way) can comment. Members can edit their posts, delete, change anything. Guests have to answer trick questions to post; this prevents bots from posting. NO ONE is ever asked real ID info, so don't give any. We don't send emails, so don't need a real email ID.

Here's the trailer:

So what do you think of the movie, or the ideas behind it? Opine, opine!

:campfire: :chay: :band: :drummer: :3friendschair: :rave:

:sofapopcorn: :TVpopcorn:
Post Posted: 02 Oct 2016, 22:40

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