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Topic review - Turn off Firefox PDF viewer (the REAL way)
Author Message
  Post subject:  Turn off Firefox PDF viewer (the REAL way)  Reply with quote
So Firefox now comes with a ridiculous PDF viewer that lags and FORCES you to wait for it to cache, before you can download a local copy, which can make you wait for minutes at a time staring at a screen waiting for it to finish. WHEN IT COULD JUST TAKE A FEW SECONDS TO DOWNLOAD.

Now, here's where Mozilla traps you, they say on their official help page to go into options and configure it to 'Save File' instead of 'Preview in Firefox'
Options > Applications > Portable Document Format (PDF): Save File ... her-viewer

Except... IT DOESN'T WORK. Firefox *overrides* those settings and always defaults to using the stupid built in PDF viewer that makes you wait for five minutes to cache and render instead of taking four seconds to download to your desktop so you can use a real PDF viewer like Foxit. Like Microsoft, Google and Apple-- Mozilla has implemented what I call a 'false interface' that doesn't actually do what you tell it to. The developer at Mozilla who designed this is a drooling idiot.

Instead, you have to go open a new tab and type 'about:config'. Then you need to search for 'pdfjs.disabled', right click and select 'toggle' (because they wanted to make it as nonspecific as possible).

That's what I call real Bull$hit. I use firefox because it's basically the only browser that allows you to clear your history after closing it (I need it for *security* purposes, I'm not doing anything I want others to see-- my browser history would be boring to most people anyways). But now they have to throw in stupid things like that on the latest versions... why?! If I tell the browser NOT to open PDFs in the builtin viewer, it shouldn't.

More people need to speak up against this nonsense otherwise Mozilla and Microsoft are going to continue since they think everyone WANTS this...
Post Posted: 16 Jan 2016, 04:06

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