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Topic review - King James Only Videos
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: King James Only videos (pro and con)  Reply with quote
Here's another collection of nearly 100, mostly anti-KJVO videos from other folks, in Youtube. Some of the videos are simple, some are sophisticated. The pro KJVO videos are needed so you can see what the leaders say. Decide for yourself, but do your homework.

For KJVO claims God got the Word WRONG until 1611 or that God couldn't PRESERVE it until 1611, and no :lightbulb: :lightbulb: :lightbulb: turn on for the KJVO fanatics, how insulting that claim is. Oh? God is so weak He couldn't preserve His Word?

Saddest thing is, the Word in the writer's original words (mostly Hebrew and Greek) is so genius in its articulation and formatting (the meter will blow you away) that you have hard evidence in front of your face, not only of Divine Authorship, but of how God works in the human. For selected humans, were used to write Divine Writ. We all think, 'yeah, right'.. until you read the text and realize no human is this smart. Yeah. Now you know something of God's Plan, and about His Character, huh...

Yeah, so if you are discouraged from learning it in the Hebrew and Greek, you'll have no evidence, right? :devil:
Post Posted: 09 Sep 2015, 21:53
  Post subject:  King James Only Videos  Reply with quote
This is a new debate thread for my Youtube KJVOB (King James Only Blasphemy) playlist, click here. The six-year old series has so many comments, which are so unwieldy, it seemed a good idea to create a more-organized forum, here. You can instead ignore the videos and just debate KJVO in general, starting whatever topics you want. Thus people can debate with each other, more easily.

      Word to the wise: don't keep repeating the same tired posts, and don't merely insult without substance. Notice how people who do that in the KJVOB comments, come off as liars and fools. So: do you want to waste your time and make others see how foolish you are? I bet not.
As for me debating, NO: I'm done. Everything I could say is in the foregoing video playlist of 70+ videos, and in their video descriptions and comments. The comments are re-enabled, and you are free to debate here, or there. So... debate among yourselves..?

PM me with questions, though, since I turned notifications off. Questions, not debates. Debates, go here in the open.

WARNING: KJVO people are famous for lying about whether they can read Bible's Hebrew and Greek, since the KJVO position is that the Bible's Hebrew and Greek are corrupt (same claim as Islam makes). If I catch you lying about your ability to read the mss, expect to be reamed out. Take any position you want, [highlight=#ccffcc]but in here you'll do your homework and be honest[/highlight]: or honey, you'll be lambasted. Sorry.
Post Posted: 11 Aug 2015, 00:38

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