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Topic review - Comcast Comedy modem
Author Message
  Post subject:  Comcast Comedy modem  Reply with quote
At 11:11 am Central Time, my modem went off. So my long download of a Linux distro, failed.

We in Texas are having tornadoes, I live in a storm corridor, and these outages happen every month or so. It's so bad, I've had three or four modems (last three the same NetGear dual-band model).

Ergo, I believed I had no internet or phone. Modem stayed off. So, I scrambled to find my Android to call into Comcast and find out why my modem went off. I got that, my first Android phone, BECAUSE the power goes off so much with Comcast, meaning no phone no internet no nothing. You know how hard it is to learn a new piece of tech stuff, right?

But worth it, cuz here's the next outage. But then I thought I better test the connection, and what do you know: though the modem lights were ALL OFF, neither my landline nor my computers were without connection. Internet fine, phone fine.

So then using my landline, I called Comcast to find out how it is that the phone could work and the internet could work tho the modem lights were all OFF. Of course, while wading through that interminable female voice who always wants to reset your modem (NEVER ALLOW THAT), I finally got someone who couldn't pronounce English very well and didn't understand my CORRECT 'last four digits' so wouldn't believe that I'm the account holder; so now I must go online to Comcast, and even paid a bill to prove YES I'm the account holder, and they STILL wouldn't accept that I'm who I am. WHILE I AM ONLINE AT COMCAST.

Disgusted, I hang up. By now, it's noon. Go look up those last four digits again and yes I told them rightly, then call back again and get another person who can't articulate English well (I'm pro-immigrant, k), and she can't repeat to me the above no-lights problem so I ask to speak to her supervisor.

Punchline: here's what he said: THE MODEM TAKES A NAP OF TWO HOURS WHEN IT IS 1.5 YEARS OLD. That's an 'energy saving' feature, he said.
Post Posted: 02 May 2017, 17:22

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