New Tyranny: CPUs will require Windows 10

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Re: New Tyranny: CPUs will require Windows 10

Post by hupostasis » 19 Jan 2016, 14:37

This is what Paul Thurott says:
As I’ve noted many times in the past, this behavior is mostly hard to justify, and is a far more serious issue, than the non-existent Windows 10 privacy issues that others carp about. For both consumers and now, increasingly, business users, Microsoft is making Windows 10 an offer you can’t refuse.

No Paul Thurott, BOTH are equally as bad but you're too biased and blinded to see that. Only when Microsoft finally eradicates privacy in a way that people unanimously expect do they start to realize the magnitude of how wrong all of this is. Being able to install Windows on whatever PC you want is a right of privacy, by the way. If I want to install Windows 7 on a PC from 1997, I should be able to do so (even if it's ridiculous).

Perhaps this is actually a good thing because it's the first step for people to realize what's fully happening. See, things haven't hit the fan yet and everyone is still in a "I trust Microsoft with violating my privacy" phase.

Re: New Tyranny: CPUs will require Windows 10

Post by brainout » 19 Jan 2016, 12:43

Wow, read the comments here. That's the Computerworld blog on te same topic. No wonder ZDnet's comments are off.

Here's a similar article in betanews.

Re: New Tyranny: CPUs will require Windows 10

Post by hupostasis » 17 Jan 2016, 20:20

Yeah Microsoft themselves are undoing the 'IBM PC' model. And soon as you start messing with that model, people stop buying. The last time this was attempted the 'gang of nine' was spun up: ... chitecture

The model was built upon off-the-shelf hardware and being able to choose whatever components you want with whatever OS.

The problem is... everyone is sort of in a sedated state, so now Microsoft (playing the ring leader) is dictating how the PC model should operate-- and the majority of the 'gang of nine' are no longer in the business or are defunct. And most consumers don't know what's happening or don't care. I hope enough power users retaliate so Microsoft stops their nonsense.

And of course Microsoft keeps messing with the standard 101 ANSI layout, they created their 104 layout (by arrogantly adding their own Windows keys and forcing all OEMs to follow suite). And now they're messing with the layout some more to make it more compact as seen here: ... face-3.jpg
#1 the key feel is terrible and the keyboard flexes as you type on it (cheap)
#2 keys are perfectly flat with no curved back or curved keycaps
#3 function keys are integrated in the top row which means you have to press Fn every time you want to use them
#4 keys are a nonstandard size, and I don't like their arrow key design (at the very least they could have made the arrow keys the same size)
#5 there are keys missing: printscreen, scroll lock, insert... there are people that still use those.
#6 It has a STUPID Windows key; I've always hated the Windows key (known as the 'crash key' during MS-DOS). I never buy a keyboard with a Windows key when given the opportunity.

Microsoft just can't help themselves from screwing up keyboards and user privacy along with user choice.

New Tyranny: CPUs will require Windows 10

Post by brainout » 17 Jan 2016, 11:12

So be sure to buy your computers early, folks. You won't get but 18 months if you buy a Skylake chip but an earlier version of Windows. Article, here. Apparently comments are no longer allowed, I've not seen any ZDnet comments allowed over the past few days. Maybe they are fixing their horrible comment software, maybe they are tired of being booed by the readers, since most ZDnet articles lately are puff pieces or really liars getting paid to praise something.

Turns out bleepingcomputer already has a thread on it, here.

THIS WILL BE THE END OF WINDOWS. Tyranny and tariffs always are used by an entity when it's failing. That's a historical fact you can see in business and various governments (excellent case in point is Brazil, and I have a great monograph on its own failurs and tariff reactions which only made the failure worse).

SO AVOID SKYLAKE as it's the first of the named processors to be newly subject to this restriction. In 18 months, any Skylake machine will have to move to Win10, per the article by Ed Bott, MSFT's mouthpiece.