Windows 10 Telemetry and Cortana Gets Worse

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Re: Windows 10 Telemetry and Cortana Gets Worse

Post by hupostasis » 24 Mar 2017, 22:26

Some of my audio stuff claims it's not compatible in a VM, but I hope by that time virtualization has reached a point where device passthrough is seamless with no problems.

It looks like MOSAIC does run under Linux, so that's good... ... c-on-linux

I guess the future is a Windows VM to run stuff that simply cannot run without it. Really... I wish more developers would develop for Linux because that's still the pain point.

Re: Windows 10 Telemetry and Cortana Gets Worse

Post by 5735guy » 24 Mar 2017, 11:28

The only way to maintain privacy with Windows 10 is to keep it offline in a virtual environment and yes at this point I admit to running Windows 10 on Parallels Desktop in just such an environment hosted by macOS Sierra.
Windows 10 is much easier on system resources than Windows 7 and that factor is crucial when working in a virtual environment. Upon installing Windows 10 create a local account which negates the initial privacy hurdle. Local account and staying offline equals no collection of telemetry. I only run Windows 10 for one simple reason, that being Microsoft Office 2016 which I managed to 'obtain' to which I hold no scruples. The macOS version of Office for me at least doesn't cut it, this is nothing new the same applied to the Mac version of Office 2008 and Office 2011.
For those on a tighter budget the same can be achieved with XP Offline running Office 2007 both being capable software even now. Of course Office in each case is an example but the same applies to myriad of other software that the user may need to run .

Windows 10 Telemetry and Cortana Gets Worse

Post by hupostasis » 22 Mar 2017, 13:31

In the upcoming 'Creators Update' to Windows 10, Telemetry and other services (like Cortana) will be baked inside explorer.exe and other critical processes so they can no longer be individually turned off, removed or modified.

Microsoft has done this in an effort to prevent people from consistently disabling all of their tracking services and annoying junk that keeps on persisting.

This is the nail in the coffin for me. I will never be considering Windows 10 until all of that is reversed, I don't want to have hard coded rules on my firewall just to disable certain services. Not to mention... what if Microsoft changes the addreses and IPs, then all of the sudden your information gets uploaded to Microsoft in a single swoop and then it cannot be undone.

As an aside I do run windows 10 on a special laptop I built for work purposes--but that's all it gets used for and nothing personal that I would care about.