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Topic review - Stephen K. Bannon
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Stephen K. Bannon  Reply with quote
Full interview with Charlie Rose
Post Posted: 09 Oct 2017, 10:47
  Post subject:  Re: Stephen K. Bannon  Reply with quote
There is a new Buzzfeed article of leaked emails between Milo and Bannon. Will add the link to it when I find it. Very revealing about how Bannon thinks he's going to accomplish his goals.
Post Posted: 08 Oct 2017, 02:00
  Post subject:  Re: Stephen K. Bannon  Reply with quote
Original Climate Change Hoax thread has videos with physicists explaining why it's a hoax: cuz man can't cause climate change on the macro level: ... f=22&t=708

The last two Cooling audios in the original post are repeated at the end of the Climate Change Hoax thread, too.
Post Posted: 31 Aug 2017, 01:08
  Post subject:  Re: Stephen K. Bannon  Reply with quote
Here's another one, 'an evening with Steve Bannon', 3/8/17.
Post Posted: 27 Aug 2017, 19:52
  Post subject:  Re: Stephen K. Bannon  Reply with quote
Bannon himself has made a number of documentaries which are soft on data but not wholly inaccurate. One of them, Generation Zero, offers a precis of his reason for crusading:

After that was published in 2010, he went the circuit to talk about his 'fourth turning' thesis, and here's one of those speeches:

He's perhaps best known for Clinton Cash, so here he is talking you through that movie:

And here's the whopper #SevenMountains satanic CPAC conference in 2017. I don't know if Bannon is a 'Seven Mountains' adherent (false doctrine that Christians are supposed to take over the US to bring Christ back, search it in Youtube or Google to see those folks advance it themselves, don't look at the oppo). But CPAC is wholly sold under Seven Mountains: Pence, Falwell and Pat Robertson on down. This is why, I think, God had Anonynomenon find the Matt24-25 meter in 2015 and why finally in 02/16 I started making the Matt24 playlist on it (42nd video begins the Seven Mountains tie, here: ... 4fmi3Xs3Yf)

So here's the whole conference, in video. Bring Pepto Bismol.

Here's the Bannon speech itself, alone:
Post Posted: 27 Aug 2017, 11:54
  Post subject:  Re: Stephen K. Bannon  Reply with quote
Joshua Green wrote a great book called 'Devil's Bargain'.
Someone made the audio version free on Youtube, the 8 hour book, which I heard. Do buy the book. It will have lasting relevance. There are other pieces there too: ... 7s+bargain
Post Posted: 27 Aug 2017, 11:52
  Post subject:  Stephen K. Bannon  Reply with quote
Collection of Bannon-related stuff. We're the same age, so I'm partly empathatic with his mindset. So this post will be a direct missive to him, whereas subsequent posts will be stuff I find on him that will prove useful.

My direct 'letter' to Bannon: .
Suggestion on how Bannon could do a movie ('doc') on how it's not global warming aka climate change that threatens, but global COOLING: .

But what kind?

:mrgreen: :drummer: :wizardball: :umbrella:
Post Posted: 27 Aug 2017, 08:55

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