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Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering
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Author:  brainout [ 19 Feb 2017, 19:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

So you're counting four I'm not counting, and not counting 6 I am counting. So you get 56 versus my 67. I'm also counting the apokriteis, because they seven and are pregnant judgment preambles. So that's the diff: 9 apok + 6 amen.

You need both verbs and nouns. In verse order, the keywords alternate into precis sentences, effectively saying 'Answering (with juridical rule), Christ Believe See Sign (of His) Coming Answering See Jesus Christ See Christ the Sign' etc. I put the keywords in verse order in the Notes section of the Matt24-25 pdf (link below). Pretty amazing.

I don't count idou cuz it's an adverb. Only verbs and nouns. Not counting semeion but maybe should. If I do, all three occurrences are before v.47, and the result is still Matt25:11ab as center (total 70 is meaningful, so the 35-36th would be center). So maybe should count it, but the center result doesn't much change, drat! Paired center now starts with the prolife movement, Matt25:10, ends at Matt25:11a.

I updated accordingly, adding semeion.

older post is below.
Do the 42 you counted, all seven to each other? Example, does 2nd Iesous seven to the first? Then seven to parousias? If they don't, then either the count is wrong or it's not intended as an anaphora, and there MUST be at least a pair of them.

Do the Basileus refs seven to each other (I get the distance at 210, so yes)?
Do the ho christos refs seven to each other (I get the distance of 504, so yes)?
Adding these makes the kurios center later and later. Adding these 4 to the 23 I have (including numphios, in verse order, count every occurrence even if repeated in the verse), makes the center Matt25:20.

Adding ho Iesous, seven to each other at 154-7.

So now the total becomes 29 (23 plus the six you found). So then 14 left and 14 right means (in verse order) the 15th occurrence, Matt25:18.

Including parousia as a synonym, then 10 more means 39. In verse order, then the 20th occurrence puts us back at the second of the pair in Matt25:11, which is our own 2017 (yikes).

But in no event do the other anaphora occurrences converge with them. The center of the prophecy is where they converge, which brings us back to amen legw humin, which has six occurrences, so must be a pair to center, which is between English Reformation (24:47) and (ulp) our Matt25:12. The only items not converging are parousia, and the above basileus/christos refs, tho they may be 'spokes' out from the convergences, I'm not sure.

Not sure to onomati mou is meant to be an anaphora either, since it's a fake claim in His name, but not Him, tho the ho christos refs might seven. It does in Mark.

I'd leave out all the pronouns, autos, su, me, etc. And why did you inclulde kleptis, since that's a thief?

If there's only one occurrence (like poimen) then it's not an anaphora, which by definition, repeats.

There are several centers to plot. One per keyword, its own center. Then the center for the sum of all the synonyms. The real center is where they all converge.

Here's an example (the big red box section), but it doesn't take into account your additions yet. .

I can't put a large jpg in here, sorry.

Author:  brainout [ 27 Feb 2017, 19:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Okay, all three are up now, and they coordinate with boxed cum meter totals where they are the same. or doc (done in MSWord 2003) or doc or doc
So too Rev, or doc now has copies, if you only want one link to keep.

It's easier to see the convergences. For Mark, since he's forecasting Byzantine history, there are many intra-doc links so you can see what rulers he marks. Uncanny how the Blepw/horaw instances EACH TIME mark someone's death.

See what you think.

Author:  brainout [ 01 Mar 2017, 07:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: German guys who know Ephesians 1 is METERED

I finally found the link on another computer to the other guys who long ago realized Ephesians 1 was metered. It's in German, though. I don't know if Google Translate will translate the page, but here's the link:

I used Google translate on the page, ... edit-text=

Notice what scholars call the UBS text (the formal name for United Bible Society, the copyright owner) they call 'GNT', which is the Bibleworks name and also used by scholars as the name. 'NA' stands for Nestle-Aland, a German couple who periodically update the text. In any name, this is the standardized 'critical edition', meaning a compilation of all extant mss leaving in only the text they think is closest to the original. That's what 'Textus Receptus' (which Erasmus did, and the KJV translators initially used) and 'Majority Text' are as well. So there are three major critical editions, but the most prized thus far, is the UBS/GNT/NA.

You can get older NA editions for free in Google Books (free download), but the Greek is not searchable.

You then view it with what's called an 'apparatus', which is a compilation of all the mss VARIANTS from the UBS/GNT/NA text, and that's what's in Bibleworks, along with some of the actual major mss which have long since been on facsimile and are also freely online. But Bibleworks indexes each verse, so you can see the original and the transliteration side by side.

Point is, when you get into these weeds, you have to know the nomenclature scholars use, to know what you're looking at. And these guys are scholars. But they don't know the meter of BIBLE, but instead are evaluating GREEK CLASSICAL METER and testing Ephesians 1 (among others) as fitting that meter, too.

I can't get into Twitter right now. Seems like they are refurbishing the site, cuz the signin page keeps changing then does nothing when you click on it. So I'll put the link in your Youtube comments on my videos, too.

Author:  brainout [ 15 Mar 2017, 12:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Matt24-25's Meter was updated, so use the link again if you want to see it, . Can now download en masse from the downloads directory, .

Author:  brainout [ 01 Apr 2017, 17:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Not yet updated: the same keywords for their AD years, as I did for Mark 13 and Rev17. I'm kinda pooped out right now. Might be in a month or two before I can document all the keywords now indexed in the revised pdf.

Author:  brainout [ 03 Apr 2017, 15:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Now updated, but am still proofing the explanation. New Feature: click on the keyword in the Greek to go to the note (it's green and underlined now); when in the note, click on the green underlined word to return to the text. The interlinks at the top of each page go to the text.

There are seventy whopping anaphora. Meter is the same, but the sevening is documented now and even the Amen anaphora seven, EXCEPT the one at 1110. But it's deliberately not sevening, tho I'm not yet sure why.

Should work well on mobile, too.

Again, download link is still same name,

So here's a navigation video which incidentally covers the astonishing SEVENING between each of the anaphora keywords:

Author:  brainout [ 10 Apr 2017, 18:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

For now, I'm done proofing the explanation. The doc/pdf are updated now, same name, and also in the directory, along with the videos above in their originals, so you don't have to watch them in Youtube but can download.

Author:  brainout [ 24 Jun 2017, 10:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Update: I'm comfortable with the videos now on all but Eph1 and Luke 21. May have to redo some of the Matt24-25 explanation, too. I'm really stymied at what Luke 21's benchmarking. So am in the middle of revisiting Luke 1 dateline meter for clues.

Also, Rev1 dateline meters, as I think John's doing a 3-D meter Rubik's cube to tie up all the themes in Scripture. Proving that idea true will take awhile. Or, finding what is true instead. Have started but not yet uploaded the video revisit on Rev1. I will not post them in vimeo, but in Youtube, in the same playlist, sometime later.

Author:  brainout [ 06 Jul 2017, 02:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: THEMES Matt Eph1 Luke Mark Rev

Think I know the themes:

Matthew 24-25 traces the relationship between Volition to #Bible rollout (positive or negative) and historical results (positive and negative, direct correlation). It's not expressly political.
Eph1 ties the political results to the teaching going bad.
Luke 21? I still don't know.
Mark 13, same theme as Eph1, but tracks Matt24-25. I can't tell exactly how it tracks Luke 21, tho it does track the anaphora and focuses on the same Charlesmagne period, tho for Byzantium.
Rev17 is baldly political.

Matt Mark Rev all use 'kai' to mock a dying emperor, similar to how Paul used the eta in thelematos. Rev uses it pointedly, Mark's pattern of use I've yet to determine. Matt doesn't focus that much on it? Unsure. I can't find whether it's used in Luke. The Luke 21 meter is obvious, but I can't tell what he tracks.

Author:  Anonynomenon [ 06 Jul 2017, 05:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

So "Lord, Lord" and following, is a prediction of Bible rollout being rejected, not so much a direct commentary on the political apostasy? Of course, the apostasy would be the natural result of negative volition, but the Alt-Right is merely a primer at this point. Apostate Alt-Right rises as Bible rollout occurs so that people can be presented with both options.

If so, then wouldn't 2018 have to be a very public rollout?

Author:  brainout [ 06 Jul 2017, 09:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Yeah, it would. Focus in Matthew is not apolitical, we saw how biting it gets starting with Matt24:50 onward. All those refs are political. But the benchmarks (cum syll totals) aren't. Here's where I started tracing the morph to kurios from the prior parousia:

In Mark and Rev, the benchmarks seem to stress political. I can't tell WHAT Luke stresses.

Basic idea is that when volition to Bible goes negative, mankind becomes religious then political in that sequence. So yeah, 2018 onward is public. You and I have been batting around the question of intensity. Now I'm beginning to think it will be VERY intense, as the religio-political is going toward CRUSADE by 2030 (for in Russia, the parallel movement is called Third Rome, look it up); which means a 2nd Reformation to free Bible will also go on, within the same time frame or after.

I don't know how long the 2nd Reformation will last, but the 2nd Crusade Reset seems like it ends soon, about 2062. I have no idea how violent it will get, but it doesn't have to, now. We can kidnap/enslave each other via cyber wars.

Like nearly everything else I type and say, these are hypotheses or speculations, guesstimates. So yell at me if they seem wrong.

Author:  brainout [ 16 Jul 2017, 18:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Okay, going back to Luke's Meter, viewtopic.php?t=521

His Chapter 21 is the only chapter whose meter pattern I still can't prove historically per clause. The keywords fit perfectly with their fellows in Matt24 (prior), Eph1 (seems prior), Mark 13 (after), Rev17 (long after).

Meter looks sound, but I didn't break the clauses apart all the time. Will have to see what difference that makes.

Author:  brainout [ 14 Aug 2017, 12:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Quantum Bible will change to show Matt24-25 as part of a 4-way demo of Justinian, sometime maybe next week.

Author:  brainout [ 27 Aug 2017, 09:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Now I'm certain Luke 21 is charting the 'barbarians' history. I don't know their dates as well. So will update Luke21 doc/pdf after I know which dates he references.

Author:  brainout [ 24 Sep 2017, 00:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Update: still haven't had time to review 'barbarian' history, so to better map Luke 21. The other five chapters are mostly done.

Author:  brainout [ 07 Sep 2020, 21:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Anonynomenon's Matt 24 metering

Series will resume after October 15th, with a much-more indepth 'Quantum Bible' showing all the related passages for the Constantine-Justinian I period.

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