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New planet being born?
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Author:  brainout [ 19 Nov 2015, 09:18 ]
Post subject:  New planet being born?

Article here.

Sadly, the article and the commenters have little understanding of the OPTIC PROPERTY of light. Actual light is composed of energy and mass, true. But the HEAT and TRAVEL can only be said of the MASS. The light itself, never 'travels' anywhere. Depending on its angle in the sky and what you're using to view, you're seeing REAL TIME the object.

You are not seeing light which USED TO be there. Honestly, I don't know how dumb people can be. It's an OPTIC issue, no travelling required. Laws of OPTICs.

The sun's HEAT and MASS from the ENERGY takes 8 minutes to reach Earth, and that's why there are tidal waves, etc. But the LIGHT is immediate, depends on WHERE YOU ARE at the moment. Same, for all those stars in the sky.

OTOH, this little ditty about a planet being born is interesting to explain why, inter alia, the Earth's core is still quite light, because molten. So when we see 'darkness' like in the Abyss, then it's far from the core. And, we know that, too.

So for all those who debunk the Bible's ability to talk science, I submit the problem is, too many incompetent readers, not the Bible itself. Most of the readers call themselves Christians, and they are quintessentially inept at reading Genesis. So those wanting to debunk Bible, instead of reading IT, they go for the inept readers of it. And both fall into a pit.

I'm fed up with willful incompetence. Will shut up now.

Author:  Anonynomenon [ 21 Nov 2015, 00:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: New planet being born?

I think modern physics and the theory of relativity assumes that light takes time to travel, therefore they probably think the universe is much larger than I would assume it actually is. I mean, I wouldn't assign a numeric value to its size (who can number the stars?), but like you said, the light we see is realtime. This might indicate that space is actually filled with some kind of subatomic either. If you sit in the bottom of a pool and crack your knucles, you hear it instantly, but throwing a punch will be met with resistance. The punch is mass being thrusted through a medium that produces resistance, but the sound moves through the mass. I would suspect that light acts in a similar manor.

Plasma Cosmology has a lot of interesting theories to offer.

I don't think new stars and planets are being born. It was all created 'breshith'. So maybe nebulas have a different explanation...

Author:  brainout [ 21 Nov 2015, 09:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: New planet being born?

Interesting ideas. If we compare doctrine to the sky, both look the same. Winner believers in the center, galaxy spinning around them, drawn into the center, star grave and star womb all at the same time (for we are dying every day and something new is born in us every day), horizon of influence, and the vacuum of space.

So like the brain, too, so much of it unused, spiralling outward as it gets used, filling up the yet empty axons and dendrites.

So b'reshith bara elohim (I keep wanting to put 'ha' in there) implies creation like EITHER the brain, where all the axons and dendrites and cells are present at birth, and only wane after that.. or, a generative PROCESS which keeps on expanding, like folks claim of the universe. Greek auxzanw, to grow a crop. Seed parable.

Meanwhile, all that outer darkness remains, but maybe it's gradually filled up. ;))

Author:  Anonynomenon [ 22 Nov 2015, 03:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: New planet being born?

Sorry, misspelled aether. Ever since I started learning hebrew and greek, my english spelling skills have declined. Kind of annoying.

Yes, the brain has a lot of "unused" space in it like the universe, but if you look at the activity within it, its all interconnected...literally an electric circuit. NASA recently confirmed what plasma cosmologists have been saying for a long time; that streams/filaments of plasma connect the earth to the sun. Same for the other planets, especially the jovians like Saturn and Jupiter. Infact the solar maunder maximum/minimum is thought to have influence over our climate (producing what politicians call global warming). Interestingly enough, some attribute the maunder cycle to Jupiter's orbital pattern. Is it true? Who knows, but its an attractive idea, and it would compliment God's engineering side.

In the circuit model, the universe would be constructed (even instantly) and regulated by God's direct input. In the same way, our brains operate according to what knowledge we use as input. New knowledge establishes new connections, overwrites unused data.

Did you know that we still can't explain WHY electricity 'is'? Yet it is such a prevalent force throughout the universe. There is a debate between electical engineers about the actual definition of ELECTRICITY. Some call it the "flow of electrons", yet they can't explain why the electrons "flow". I would define electricity as the force that causes electrons to "flow". Honest science is the strongest indicator that God exists (of course knowing Him requires knowing His Word). At some point you have to acknowledge that a Creator got the ball rolling. Carl Sagan never liked that idea.

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