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Spambot invasion
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Author:  brainout [ 01 Sep 2015, 03:37 ]
Post subject:  Spambot invasion

This morning, no fewer than 184 spambots invaded, with 328 posts. That's how many emails I got, too. Yikes! Who'da thunk boring Bible and computer stuff would be so interesting to bots (j/k)? :lol:

BUT HERE'S THE ADVANTAGE: now you know what doesn't work. For no self-respecting company would employ spambots. So look in the SpamCatcher forum (link below) for the products spammed, and BOYCOTT those companies. For surely whatever's spammed is either a scam, or is a product so bad that only robots sell it. :idea:

So I changed some of the procedures for registration and posting. You still don't need a real email address or real name, but now there are trick questions rather than a CAPTCHA. The questions aren't always the same.

Guests (or members who end up being locked out due to some program glitch) can still post in these forums:

* Vote on Windows 10, a voting forum I set up two days prior,
* SpamCatcher, where I expect the bots will first now go (all comments there are on moderation and self-destruct in a few days),
* Admin, where all comments are on moderation to catch the spambots which went there back on the 10th (and keep coming back there).

So if you get locked out or forgot your password or something (cuz I don't know it either), just post in the first or last one, and I'll see it. I try to clean spam every day. SpamCatcher I don't clean at all, it's supposed to self-destruct. We'll see if it does, lol.

SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE! Fighting for frankness!

Author:  testuser [ 03 Sep 2015, 02:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spambot invasion

Alternative account as test user to test board settings for users, still really brainout. This time, to test how the avatar looks if a smiley is selected. I like it. Should add more. Regular *.ico files don't work.

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