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SueMeSaudi, yes!
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Author:  brainout [ 02 Dec 2015, 05:09 ]
Post subject:  SueMeSaudi, yes!

Anyone spending more than five minutes tracing the money, knows that evil, disgusting, totally ridiculous scumbag rulers of SAUDI ARABIA, have bankrolled terrorism for decades. So yeah worse than and responsible for, ISIS.

So this article is about how tweeting folk kinda figured all that out. If you tweet, now all that activity has a more noble purpose.

The Saudis specialise in funnelling terrorism money via OVERSEAS mosques they set up and fund. Here's an example of how vile they are, though you can find many more on Youtube: here, their TV station interviews a 3-year old Egyptian girl. Notice how they PRAISE her as a good Muslim because she maligns all Jews owing to one fake story in the disgusting, vile, scumbag pedophiliac Koran...

Pray to God these people die or get saved. They and the Iranians are the last countries not to be broken apart by the Arab Spring that Dubya and his advisors (pbut) alone had the courage to implement.

So many Arabs are free now who otherwise wouldn't be. So now pray God kill the remainder or convert them: it's not our job, but HIS ALONE, Isa 63.

Because the thing is, God creates each human at birth. So they will NEVER be dead to Him. So unlike the vile disgusting Muslims and their vile disgusting Koran invented by Satan telling them 'Allah' is so weak he needs them to war and convert people -- the REAL God alone does all that work, again Isa 63, and..

Stand Still and Watch The Deliverance of the Lord: the Lord will fight for you today, Exo 14:13. So the only way these disgusting scumbags will learn, is when GOD does it to them directly. So that there is no 'middleman' of a human in between. So again, pray God kill or convert them, as nothing less will work, anymore.

Author:  brainout [ 03 Dec 2015, 16:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: SueMeSaudi, yes!

Here's a related (satire) video on ISIS:

Author:  guest [ 03 Dec 2015, 17:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: SueMeSaudi, yes!

brainout wrote:
Here's a related (satire) video on ISIS:

I really lol'd at the first guy who said, "Just shoot me," rather than continue to endure their idiotic line of questioning. The other great line was, "Don't interfere, Peach."

But what is troubling is the ending, the implication being that ISIS is an Israeli creation. This is just a more cynical form of Antisemitism. The most troubling thing to me of all is who I suspect is really behind ISIS. I have hinted at it in other threads, but will not elaborate. Everyone has to piece that together for themselves.

Author:  brainout [ 03 Dec 2015, 17:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: SueMeSaudi, yes!

Well, the scuttlebutt is that ISIS is a tool of the Saudis, who are trying to curry favor with Israel right now, so Israelis get better treatment. You can peruse articles here.

How true that is I don't know and I doubt, for Saudi Arabia was the ONE country backing PLO Charter Article #1, which says:

"Israel has no right to exist."

Saudi Arabia really bankrolls everyone but pretends to be the moderate, as it houses the hajj, the Arab equivalent of Disneyland, what every good Muslim is supposed to go on, before he dies. Just search on 'hajj step' or 'hajj stages' in Youtube, see how crazy it is.

So in a way it makes sense they want to curry favor with the Israelis; but savvy politicians like Bibi would know it's all a ruse.

Author:  guest [ 03 Dec 2015, 18:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: SueMeSaudi, yes!

Finding true or relevant information about Saudi Arabia in the American press is about as easy as finding true or relevant information about the Pope in the American press. The Saudi's are better at staying out of the press altogether than the Pope is though. Pope is always looking for favorable press, so he necessarily has to have exposure. Very little news is spontaneous when it is covering the real power brokers. That's all by contract. The press will not report on who writes their checks for them, except to cover up for them. With more and more media agencies being in the possession of fewer and fewer people, a free and independent press is becoming as rare as the white rhino. This is why small time, alternative journalism is so important on the internet. This is also why the internet is becoming less and less free. Too much truth causes instability and unpredictability in a world run by professional liars. I think Satan's ultimate goal for the internet is to limit it to the big three: porn, shopping, and cat videos.

Author:  guest [ 03 Dec 2015, 18:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: SueMeSaudi, yes!

For example, read this now. It won't last long.

Author:  brainout [ 03 Dec 2015, 18:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: SueMeSaudi, yes!

Not sure I understand why it matters who owns the company serving up local election results. There are many places reporting them. Are you saying that only one place gets to house the results?

Author:  guest [ 03 Dec 2015, 19:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: SueMeSaudi, yes!

I linked to that article as an example to illustrate my previous post. The point I'm trying to make is that independent journalism is something that will continue to be suppressed and why. Nothing unsettling must come to light. The frog must be boiled slowly. If you noticed, the link that Drudge gave was already dead. It had been disabled by the time I tried to click on it. Things get scrubbed all the time. ... 2012-01-11

I think computerized voting was a mistake to begin with. There needs to be independent verification processes of vote counts by people on the ground that cannot be manipulated by a computer programmer. As these processes become more and more streamlined and centralized, the potential for fraud increases exponentially. As Stalin said, "The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do."

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