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Bible Prophetical-Historical Timelines
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Author:  brainout [ 27 May 2016, 11:07 ]
Post subject:  Bible Prophetical-Historical Timelines

CAUTION: this material is addicting. Make sure you clear with God first, if and how much attention you should pay to it. Be skeptical too, as there is ZERO information in academia on this, and all the alleged timelines we do have, are all vastly wrong. So that's a big claim, and must be viewed askance, prior to vetting. Will take a long time to vet what follows, but it's all in Bible, so all forensic, using whatever original Hebrew or Greek texts you have. The texts I use, are all pasted from Bibleworks 5 or 9 without emendation.

I'm gonna park the timelines here for easy access. This post will be edited, as there are many timelines in the Bible which I've already documented. Takes time to list them all.

Master worksheet: uses ONLY Bible verses, which you can find here: . The meaning of the 1050 structure is provided in videos with much more detail, here: .

Prophetical timelines are often historical, meaning the past history mapped, is precursor of the future.

Genesis 1 is the first such timeline, retrospective to establish the future, videos (with downloadable docs in their descriptions), starting here:
Videos prior in that same playlist, overlap with the howgodorchestratestime channel.

Psalm 90 picks up at the same place as Genesis, but goes future in the first four and last two verses, to give a historical plan of history, 5250 years including a literal Millennium:

Isaiah 53 picks up where Psalm 90 leaves off, creating a retrospective and then future exposition, from First David's Birth to Last David's Death, with each syllable equalling one year, and the whole history of the remaining kings, Temple Rebuilding, Greek takeover, etc. listed. Basic outline videos of this structure, begin here:

Daniel 9 is crafted from Isaiah 53, literally using it for past history, then going forward to show how the Daniel 2 Man of Time interrelates within the Isaiah 53 timeline, to countdown to Messiah:

Next, we're in the first text for the New Testament, which had been orally memorized and then later transcribed by Luke: the Magnificat, spoken by Mary in Adar, 5 BC. She updates Daniel 9's timeline:

The Lord then updates her timeline to show future history to 3250 AD, if the Rapture doesn't happen (and even if it does), which we are working on now here in frankforum: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=512

So what He does, is 'sandwich' to Psalm 90, elongating the entire timeline (including Mill) from 5250 to 7350. This may be the real source of modern Judaism's idea of a 'Messiah 2000', since Talmud Sanhedrin 97-99 was written after Christ spoke Matt 24-25 verses (which was back in 30AD).

Caution: do not use the Timeline to estimate when Time actually ends. It's real future history, but the structure makes clear that it's not 'the end', using an even number (7x1050, when you sandwich in the Matt text with Moses). Whether later NT books ADD to this timeline, we don't yet know.

Latest updated Matt24-25 meter versions: (editable, need Bibleworks fonts)

Paul and Luke 21 play on this timeline, sandwiching their text to it. We're not yet sure exactly how Paul's sandwich works, whereas Luke begins his syllable 1 at same place as Matt24:1, and only goes for 1050 years past the pre-Church Millennium scheduled prior per Psalm 90.

Next, Peter and all the other NT writers, all 'tag' their timelines to Paul's. Not sure how they do it in all respects. Peter makes an antiphonal song out of Paul's text, and thus elucidates details Paul didn't provide. Videos on that, here:

It's clear John in Revelation 17 is playing off Ephesians 1:9 in Paul, using the same 'mystery' moniker for Church, so Political Church (which Origen started with the Severans in 217 AD, the 'time' of Eph1:9, and Constantine insititutionalized, the anaphora focus of Ephesians 1:12). But precisely how John's meter timeline ties (though it uses the same 364 rhetorical style of Paul's), I'm not yet sure.

The meters are extensively documented, with a syllabus, in pages 1-2. If you have Bibleworks fonts, you can change the pdf to htm and read online without download.

Vimeo contains the meters, mostly. Master list of them (including downloadable docs in each video's description) is here: ... :thumbnail

Author:  brainout [ 29 May 2016, 17:47 ]
Post subject:  Rapture-Palooza, my favorite scene

I could play this over and over and over...

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