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YOUR VOTE on Win10 so far (changeable)

Posted: 27 Aug 2015, 02:19
by brainout
Pick up to two applicable statements in the poll. You can change your vote immediately or any time later, this is meant to be an accumulative ongoing tally. Ignore the percentages, it's the numbers that tell the story.

GUESTS CAN VOTE AND POST HERE, so you don't have to 'join' (which is anonymous anyhow) to vote and comment. The 'username' is the name you want to use for the post. You are NOT required to login or register. That's why the trick question is posed, to prove your post is human, not a bot. So complete it, and you can post with near impunity, in here. :lightbulb:

If you can't figure out the answer to the question, post to me in the Admin forum, where all posts go on hidden moderation, and I'll change the question so you can better guess the answer. :thumbup:

Just so you know, my vote was 'Did update and kept', and 'Don't like Windows 10'. So the other votes are other people, anonymous.

Hopefully the spam bots won't overrun this place. :roll: