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PostPosted: 29 Oct 2016, 17:19 
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Its time for Apple to go back to the drawing board as even they probably didn't see this product coming from the Microsoft Corporation.

To describe the Microsoft Surface Studio as a Wake up call is a massive understatement and for the first time makes a compelling argument for a touchscreen variant of macOS. For the first time there is a product that places the 27" 5k Retina iMac in the shade. Sure the Microsoft Surface Studio runs Windows 10 but it has been tailored to do so. Say what we like regarding Windows 10 but on the Microsoft Surface Studio one has to admit it looks mightily impressive.

Time for Apple to get their act together.

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PostPosted: 05 Nov 2016, 18:45 
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I've thought about the Surface Studio for awhile, and there's a few glaring issues with the system that nobody's mentioning or bringing up. Consider this a devil's advocate response to the sheer positive outcry of the Surface Studio.

#1 The Surface Dial
Gimmick. It's one of the things they emphasize as a one-trick pony the most. It's a proprietary device that if reliance is placed on can become obsolete and then you'll have to migrate to something else. Technical users prefer "keyboard shortcuts" which are faster to use. Right hand with your pen to draw, left hand on the keyboard for shortcuts at a second's notice. Or if you're used to wacom devices, this type of functionality is already built in and it's more featureful than the Surface Dial.
Although this generation is used to slow computer interfaces and generally yields poor WPM speeds, so maybe geriatric interfaces are the norm.

#2 Lacklustre peripherals
The surface mouse is basic and potentially looks uncomfortable (no ergonomics, they were forced to make it ambidextrous as they didn't want to offer right and left-handed specific mice due to cost). The keyboard is just a typical chiclet keyboard. I've used the Surface keyboards before and they're nasty to type on--not to mention they have terrible bend. The keyboards I use are from the 1980's, the reason being is that they're still more advanced than anything offered today and have proper tactility. Maybe SOME DAY in the future we'll get something like that again; and no, these run miles around even something as Cherry MX Blues.

#3 Apple-Envy
The Surface Studio is clearly "influenced" by Jonathan Ive's aesthetic. It's a complete rip off. This reduces the amount of creativity from OEMs in exploring new design, and means you have less choice as to what aesthetic you can get. Glossy screens? No thanks. Aluminium? Not for me. Oh but Microsoft insists on copying Apple, so they can play it safe. Corporations that 'play it safe' and don't experiment are adverse to thinking; that's why Microsoft is trying to get into Linux no with MS SQL for Linux. They were 'behind' when it came to the internet, they were 'behind' when it came to smartphones, and now they're 'behind' when it comes to Linux.

#4 It runs Windows.
IT RUNS WINDOWS 10 PRO. The problem with the "Surface" series of devices is that their firmware is notoriously difficult to play with older versions of Windows, and in some cases flat out not supported. You'd think paying for 3K for a computer would allow more options than inhibit.

#5 Microsoft commits Wintel suicide
Microsoft is playing a dangerous game with their business partners and slowly undoing the Wintel platform, transforming it into 'Mirtel' where you're running Microsoft software *and* hardware with an intel CPU. Why would a hardware manufacturer want to partner with Microsoft now that they are fierce hardware competitors.

#6 Specialty device with limited options
It's a specialty computer (if you can call it a computer) that you can't easily upgrade and already has a throng of limitations out of the box. Max 32GB of RAM? Plain Core i7? Oh and I bet the CPUs are soldered in so you will want to get that Core i7 and not an i5--unless you have a BGA rework station. I mean, if you're into finger painting and want to connect your xbox to a noisy-fan abomination that's sort of 'half-tablet' / the Microsoft Surface Studio is for you! Don't forget that you can spend more time having fun spinning the Surface Dial (TM) around in circles for maximum finger painting.

#7 Inconsistent Fan Noise
Like all family of Microsoft Surface devices, their fans are constantly going -- on / off / on / off, and they get hot. I surmise the Surface Studio is no different since it packs a Core i7 in with a hot-running nVidia GeForce. Judging by the size there will be fan noise, and it will be inconsistent and irritating. Why is this? The form factor disallows a proper sized fan, you DO NOT want anything smaller than 92mm, if it absolutely should be smaller than that it will need to be low-RPM. Cooling a claustrophobic Core i7 and a GeForce


I've done some more research to try and find any information on the potentially crippling thermal design of the Surface Studio, and nobody (not even TheRegister) mentions this. I predict the Surface Studio to have noisy and poor cooling.

Something interesting... TheRegister who is typically Anti-Microsoft GARNISHED the Surface Studio with positive reviews, I think something's up. ... face_book/

Wonder if MS is paying journalists / Ed Bott hasn't really said much about the Surface Studio, just regurgitate existing information like a cat dry-heaving.

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