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Martian Chronicles
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Author:  brainout [ 20 Sep 2015, 22:21 ]
Post subject:  Martian Chronicles

Since you can't get this 1980 TV mini-series as Region 1 version on DVD at a reasonable price, someone streamed the series on Youtube. The resolution is awful, but still worth watching until Region 1 version becomes available again. And if you know where, would you provide a link here? Thank you! PS: you can still make it fullscreen, but the resolution is even worse, then. And, of course, you have to put up with the cheesy directing style and music. The 1970's and '80's was one of the cheesiest lalaland periods in American history, even when it was occurring. Much worse, now. Yet it was full of questings. Bradbury's stuff was one of the better ways to spend time, then. Movie here, he didn't like; but for its time, it was well done.

Here's Part 1, The Expeditions:

Part II, The Settlers:

Part III, The Martians

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