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Author:  5735guy [ 31 Aug 2017, 15:59 ]
Post subject:  KEEP IT BACKED UP !


Lost count of the number of times I have advised customers to Back up their Important Data. Storing a record of your life on a mechanical Hard Drive is a risky business indeed.

Precious Wedding and Holiday photographs are immediately gone should the Hard Drive they are stored on suffer a catastrophic failure. Had a customer come to me with a ten year old MacBook complete with the original Hard Drive which was clicking. Clearly on its last legs I asked the customer if they had their precious data Backed Up and was horrified to find they hadn't.

Fortunately I had a cheap USB 2.0 Caddy available. Inserted a 250GB Hard Drive and immediately began and successfully completed a Time Machine Back Up.

I still don't think the customer realises how close they were to heartbreaking catastrophe.

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