Win10 services to disable, article by ghacks

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Win10 services to disable, article by ghacks

Post: #1453 brainout
29 Nov 2015, 00:15

This just came in my email from NBR, a ghacks article, click here.

WARNING: the article is somewhat inaccurate. Many of the services you cannot really stop. They will seem to stop, but really do not, such as Cortana. For Enterprise, usually the services can be truly stopped. But for Pro and especially Home, almost nothing can be truly stopped. Every update might turn them back on again. So every time Windows 10 updates, you'd have to check both your Privacy and all other settings, including services, to see if yoru chosen settings were nullified/changed by the update.

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Re: Win10 services to disable, article by ghacks

Post: #1455 hupostasis
29 Nov 2015, 18:09

Actually Martin in a previous article mentions about the services starting themselves back up again after updates (and Diagnostic Tracking Service was renamed): ... telemetry/

And get this! Woody Leonhard goes out of his way to immediately throw criticism towards Martin:

Woody Leonhard wrote:So I was very disheartened to read this story: ... -telemetry. Ghacks is a generally-credible source, often breaking news.

Why??? So, someone finds that MS starts up services after updates (and renames them). Why must these guys constantly berate others? It's a *FACT* that Microsoft turns previously disabled services back on. It's a *FACT* that you agree to provide personal information to Microsoft with CEIP and telemetry (and in some cases neither through passive data going to the vortex server). It's not a conspiracy, nothing is since it's all plain in the open.

I've already personally tested the services thing, Cortana spun itself back up after I disabled it, and, the service can never be killed in task manager. I'm sure I could create some scripts and modify the registry to permanently stop it... but I don't agree with the EULA (for my personal computers), so I'm not entitled to use it. Therefore, I'll let someone else do something about it ;)

There is still no comment from Microsoft why the service was renamed: ... 6481.shtml