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ZDNet and the Windows 10 Apologists

Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 16:49
by 5735guy
David Gewirtz has just written an interesting article on ZDNet

"In a world of free operating systems, can Windows 10 survive?" ... 0-survive/

Of course comments have quoted that a Mac needs to be purchased to get the free macOS upgrades and as usual derogatory remarks have been made regarding Linux.

The fact is though the Windows model is no different. The Hardware needs to be purchased first to run that awful product from the Microsoft Corporation which the consumer needs to pay for.

Credit to David Gewirtz for writing this compelling article. Unlike Ed Bott whom I hold nothing but contempt for who defended the Microsoft Corporation to the hilt regarding the controversial Windows 10 consumer privacy invading EULA and subsequent aggressive and intrusive free upgrade tactics applied. In fact it is my believe Ed Bott would have defended the Microsoft Corporation had they stripped and flogged the consumer into upgrading.

Once again credit to David Gewirtz to stand up write an honest article and face the Windows 10 apologists head on.