Windows 10 S......RT all over again.....

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Windows 10 S......RT all over again.....

Post: #3562 5735guy
03 May 2017, 00:17

What is Windows 10 S?

....The most important part of the Windows 10 S configuration is a setting that prevents it from running any apps that aren't included with Windows 10 or available through the Windows Store.

RT all over again. Hell what do we care. Its laughable.

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Re: Windows 10 S......RT all over again.....

Post: #3564 brainout
03 May 2017, 10:19

Thank you! More and more I find that leaving Windows 8+ behind is a happy future.

Am in the middle of configuring the new PCLinuxOS which if you add Synaptic 'task' programs, lets you use more 'sessions' (variants like Gnome or KDE or LXDE, Openbox) than merely the one you picked to install (I chose Mate, but after installation run Synaptic to add others).