"Computer Stuff" Forum Now Open to Guests

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"Computer Stuff" Forum Now Open to Guests

Postby brainout » 13 Nov 2015, 16:59

I just changed the permissions of the 'Computer Stuff' master forum, to allow guests to post without joining. The subforums remain the property of members only. The idea is to allow a general computer posting by guests, so they can get comfortable with the idea they are anonymous and free to say whatever they want.

The phpBB Board features don't track, so there's no way to allow you to edit your posts until you are a member. Once a member, you can edit or delete or change anything in any of your posts at anytime.

Part of what 'advertises' a forum as being open to guests, is its skin. I changed the skin to orange for all forums where guests can post (Admin, VoteOnWin10, now ComputerStuff, Presidential Election). If you don't like that skin color, let me know what's preferable. There are eight choices: black, charcoal, medium gray, dark blue, turquoise blue, orange, brown/beige, and teal green. I can't get more skins than that, right now. Default is the turquoise. Members can change the skin but these open forums have an overriding skin color.

Not sure how the orange looks on your device, so do let me know what you prefer? Thank you for your time!