Common Bible Interpretation Errors

The movie "At First Sight", starring Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino, poignantly portrays the role of the mind in visual acuity. That is, your MIND must tell your eye what it sees -- or you can't see, even if sighted. A person can be sighted, but because mentally blind, can't interpret/recognize what he sees. Man is born blind to God, so must be TAUGHT how to see God; only God can teach one how to see Him; His System for teaching requires positive consent, among other factors. So: if the MIND of Christ isn't operating in the soul, one can't understand Scripture, even if sighted, and erroneous interpretations are inevitable. That is why the unbeliever can't understand Scripture, and why the Holy Spirit's Power alone enables accurate vision (read John 14 and 1Cor2, using 1Jn1:9 as you do so).

Of course, even when properly sighted, it's super-easy to make errors. So we usually overlook them, knowing that doo-doo happens. When it comes to analyzing Scripture, the error rate hits something like 99% or more, because man has no ability to analyze Scripture apart from the Holy Spirit's power; worse, because he doesn't WANT the Holy Spirit's power; even worse, he doesn't know HOW to get the Holy Spirit's power; because, few nowadays TEACH the 'how': believe in Christ (so you have a human spirit with which to 'see') and use 1Jn1:9 to stay online (fellowship) with the Spirit. So, when you read the errors below, don't blench too much if you catch a favorite of your own. All of us at one time or another believed such goofy things. Why do we fall for the goofy? Because, being blinded by our own arrogance (however subtle), we become cannonfodder for Satan's counterfeit 'sight'; the goofiness betrays that not only our own stupidity is at work.

Scripture misinterpretation is ALWAYS goofy, not merely incorrect; the goofiness goes undetected, because it is seductively engrossing (i.e., ascetism). Satan sponsors goofiness, because he's always deriding God. Satan's WIT is to blatantly sell a goofy idea as holy; beneath that is a wordplay on the original languages of the Real Bible which is phenomenal. Of course, the average human doesn't see this wit; but the average human COULD see goofiness. So, there is no excuse. So, every common misinterpretation of Scripture is DEMONSTRABLY goofy; others will see the goofiness, but the one believing the lie, won't.

So as you read what follows below, note how undeniably GOOFY is the common interpretation; how UNsubstantiated is that interpretation compared to Scripture itself; how ARROGANCE motivates believing the goofiness (i.e., too much effort to really learn God's Word; have to give up some cherished hatred to reject the goofy lie). Sure, maybe Satan is authoring the goofiness, but he's only leading us to water, as it were: we willingly DRINK what potions he sells.

Therefore, what makes a lie plausible, is the kernel(s) of truth within it; what makes the lie BUYABLE, is the kernel of YOUR attraction to it. So: when you analyze how the lie is made from genuine truth, notice how the truth itself is preserved. Truth is power. Clearly, if you believe it true you can fly so flap your arms, you go nowhere. But if you learn the truth about planes, you can fly anywhere.

Satan's (and man's) spinning truth is due to his DISLIKE of truth he genuinely knows; so, he's out to change its MEANING.

So here's your injunction, which the Bible repeatedly stresses: TEST TEST TEST FOR SENSE whatever you believe, see, read, hear, think. You don't have COMPETENCE absent testing, whether you rightly believe or not. We know we should test a building we build, a car or appliance we make, so WHY OH WHY DON'T WE THINK TO TEST OUR IDEAS OF BIBLE'S MEANING? USE 1Jn1:9 and ask Father in Son's name to get understanding of the truth via doctrinal recall/study on these topics. Else, you'd be wasting your time to read.

Of course, men make errors on their own with no diabolical help. What distinguishes a SATANIC spin from the usual human-arrogance error is EXTREME lawyerly cleverness. Satan knows just what kernel of truth to tout, just what truths need to be shaded, etc. Man isn't even smart about secular truths, let alone Divine truths. So, the errors below vary in degree of satanic sophistication, from crass stupidities like taboos, to cleverly misstressed truths: like the fact that only the Bible is from God. So don't gloss over any of the errors: study them carefully, test them carefully, note the patterns. Basic satanic pattern of deception: depict a SELECTED kernel of truth (data), craft from it SELECTED premises, SELECTED stresses, SELECTED lie conclusions which simultaneously BLOCK detection and common sense. The selection is accomplished by emotional appeals (an appeal to reason is an emotional appeal, just like any other). The explanation in the links below will thus summarize each category of the foregoing pattern, so you can see it more easily. (A far larger explanation is in SatStrat.htm, which is part of the "Thinking Out Loud" webseries, accessible from Home Page.)

Later on I'll reorganize the order of the goofy errors categorized below. Caution: the Categories listed below overlap; so for example, what's listed in the "Spirituality" category, would also belong elsewhere. Eventually all of these bullets will be links, taking you to different sections on this webpage. So, it will be easier to print, as well as easier to read than my other pages. If you just can't wait until I figure out how to craft these explanations, try reading VERindex.htm, NTKeys.htm or godnotmag.htm: search on the keywords which concern you, i.e., "tongues", "good deeds", "taboo", etc. The larger explanation, into which all these topics fit, is in the "Thinking Out Loud" links accessible from the Home Page. (It took me over 30 years' research in Scripture under my own pastor-teacher before I could understand and write "Thinking Out Loud"; so it is an epic-story accounting. Like everything else in life, it is also unfinished. The learning never ends, thank God!)

Here goes...

THE ERRORS, by broad category

Bible itself and Bible Teaching

  • Translations of Bible (i.e., KJV) are as right as the original manuscripts (called "MSS" by academics).
  • Only the Bible is right: all other 'holy' books are wrong.
  • Miracles are always from God.
  • Miracles feel good.
  • Miracles prove God exists.
  • Human life is in the womb, so abortion is murder.
  • If a holy person in the Bible does something, then I should imitate that 'something', too.
  • If God praises something, that 'something' is ALWAYS the right thing to do at any time.
  • If God condemns something, that 'something' is ALWAYS wrong to do at any time.
  • Since God punished Israel, Jews are bad.
  • If God punishes me, He doesn't love me.
  • If God gives me something good, it means I was good enough to get it.
  • If the wicked prosper, Christians must do something to punish them.
  • If someone sins and is not punished by society, the sinner 'got away with' his sin.
  • If Cain was black, then all black people are bad.
  • If a church does something, it's good.
  • The more popular the church, the better and more right it is.
  • The more popular the pastor, the better and more right he is.
  • If a person has gone to seminary or has a degree in Bible study, whatever he says about the Bible is true.
  • Whatever my teacher teaches about the Bible, he's right.
  • Whatever I think the Bible means, is what it really means.
  • Whoever disagrees with my teacher/faith or what I think the Bible means, is evil.
  • If my teacher/church makes a mistake, then I must leave it, for all that it taught, is wrong.
  • If my teacher/church turns out to be bad, then I should lose faith: for then God doesn't exist, or is a different God, and I was lied to, all along.
  • Killing is always wrong. War is always wrong.
  • Killing is always right. War is always right.
  • God wants us to make war on the unbelievers.
  • God never wants us to make war on the unbelievers.
  • We should always be kind.
  • We should always be mean.


  • The Earth is 6000 years old.
  • All science is a lie, because evolution is taught in science.
  • Everything about evolution is a lie, and should not be taught in schools.
  • Whatever the Bible says about science is correct, so whatever is SAID the Bible says is likewise correct.
  • Whatever the Bible says about science is just as important as whatever the Bible says on other topics; so, if people fight against what the Bible says on science, Christians should fight back.


  • If you have illicit sex, you'll go to hell.
  • If you have too much illicit sex, you'll go to hell.
  • Sex is evil, and should only be had for purposes of procreation.
  • Homosexuality is more evil than other sins, except maybe murder and rape.
  • Sexual sins are more evil than other sins.
  • Sexual sins are less evil than other sins.
  • Sex isn't really harmful, so long as you are sincere.
  • Sex was created by God, so it's always ok.
  • All nakedness is sexual evil, so everyone should cover up from head to toe.

    Sin & Salvation

  • If a priest doesn't bless you, you'll die in your sins.
  • You can lose your salvation.
  • If you have a head belief but not a heart belief (whatever that means) you really never believed, and will go to hell.
  • If you don't 'get the Ghost', you aren't a believer, so you're going to hell.
  • If you commit suicide, you'll go to hell.
  • Gotta be a good person to get into Heaven.
  • Bad people go to hell.
  • If you imitate the behavior of unbelievers, you go to hell.
  • Special clothing, days and foods are holy; if you don't observe them, you'll go to hell.
  • Gotta go to some building, to have fellowship with God; you go to hell if you don't do this often enough (whatever that means).
  • If a person says he believes, but he's doing no good works I can see, he must be lying.
  • Hell doesn't really exist.
  • Everyone eventually atones for his sins in purgatory (or some other like place, post-death), so everyone eventually gets into Heaven.
  • Sin can undo some or all of what Christ accomplished on the Cross.
  • If I later disbelieve in Christ, I am no longer saved, or was never saved in the first place.


  • Miracles are spiritual.
  • It's spiritual to want miracles.
  • It's spiritual to believe in miracles.
  • Healing, tongues, visions, dreams, etc. are all miracles.
  • Prayer is spiritual.
  • Doing good deeds is spiritual.
  • Special visions are holy. You are more special than others if you get a dream, vision, ability to speak in 'tongues', etc.
  • Fasting is holy.
  • Special chants or set prayers are holy.
  • Christians should take over government so that Christ can return.
  • You're spiritual if you feel spritual.
  • You're spiritual if you're hurting.
  • You're unspiritual if you wear makeup, smile, have fun, see a movie, dance, or do anything but crusade for God.
  • Morality is spiritual.
  • If I get sick, it means I'm spiritual.
  • If someone else gets sick, it means God is punishing them.
  • People who smoke or drink are evil; people who refuse to do either are spiritual.


  • God will reward you for your good deeds.
  • You serve God if you do good deeds.
  • If a person is respectable, he is a good person.
  • If a person is conventional, he is a good person.
  • If a person is not respectable, he is a good person.
  • If a person is unconventional, he is a good person.
  • It's always good to give money to charity or the church.
  • It's always BETTER to give money.
  • If a person has a religious experience, he is more holy than someone who hasn't.
  • To be holy/good witness, you must separate yourself from those who don't believe.
  • To be holy/good witness, you must CONDEMN those who don't believe.
  • To be holy/good witness, you must STICK OUT by means of special dress or diet or behavior, compared to those who don't believe.
  • It's evil to be rich.
  • It's virtuous to be poor.
  • It's evil to be powerful.
  • It's righteous to be weak.
  • It's righteous to be ascetic.
  • It's evil to seek pleasure.
  • If you know more facts than someone else, you're more important.
  • If you know LESS than someone else, you're more holy.
  • If society praises you, then God does, too.
  • If society condemns you, then God is praising you.
  • If it's popular, it's right.
  • If it's popular, it's wrong.

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    Only the Bible is right: all other 'holy' books are wrong. Of all Satan's arguments, this is the most sophisticated, for it contains the most truth. See, to God, "right" is 100% right, or not right at all. In fact, it must be GORGEOUSLY right, to qualify as "Righteousness"; INFINITELY Righteous, to qualify as 'good-as-God'. Obviously, no creature can do a thing which would qualify. Just as obviously, the Humanity of Christ had to be empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to become qualified, Himself.

    Above all, the BIG difference between the Bible and all other holy books centers on how "God" is depicted. You'll never find any other holy book depict God as the Bible does; no other holy book offers a solution for truly paying GOD for sin. Period.

    Thus only the Bible is 100% right, and the other holy books are even more evil than we suspected, because they also claim to be white, but instead are grayer.

    So ONLY the Bible is right ENOUGH, because only the Bible correctly covers and stresses the Nature of God. The other holy books treat man is the object of God's attention (instead of the other way around); man does the work for God (instead of the other way around). So, the other holy books aren't right enough, because they all claim MAN can do something of himself, to warrant God's approval. It's this "enough" litmus which distinguishes Scripture from all its lying counterclaimants. It's a PURE white versus pretend-white litmus, NOT black-and-white.