Quick Lie Detector

Detecting merely-HUMAN lies

Quickest Lie Detector: whatever is most true, we most DENY. And, the obverse: whatever we most PROMOTE, is the most FALSE. "Denial" is but one of 8+ psychological defense mechanisms in the soul: Denial is the version which flat REFUSES SEEN TRUTH. So, since Denial flat refuses seen truth, you REVERSE what is denied, to SEE the Truth. The stronger the denial, the stronger the truth was seen. Simple example: we just couldn't BELIEVE what our eyes saw on 9/1l, so we all stopped what we were doing and watched TV over and over to TRY to accept it.

Denial, like all defense mechanisms, has a two-sided behavior. The 'defense' side shoves DOWN the truth; the 'attack' side REPLACES that truth with a lie to LOCK AWAY the truth from the conscious mind. So, if you can't tell what is denied, you CAN usually tell what is loudly promoted. What is promoted, will generally be the OPPOSITE of the truth. Because, whatever's true, just is. You don't need to promote what already EXISTS, lol. Salesmen have to sell what is NOT bought, not what already IS bought, get it?

Since God is bigger than 9/11, our denial of Him is naturally greater, too. NATURALLY. So we 1) deny the TRUTH OF HIM WE SAW, and 2) REPLACE that truth of Him we saw with some LIE. That's one reason why there are soooo many versions of 'god' out there. You can back into what REALITY was SEEN AND REJECTED by reversing what LIES are promulgated. This is especially true, when it comes to detecting truth about God.

It's a GENETIC BRAIN IMPULSE, to deny God or any other truth. Soul either accepts the impulse (which creates sin), or rejects it. Adam's Original Sin of rebellion against God spawned all psychological defense mechanisms (see Gen3 for the birth of them).

You can cycle through the other 7+ defense mechanisms and flip them as well, to decipher truth. For example, sublimation doesn't DENY a truth, because it can't FULLY deny it. So, instead 'procrastinates' by focusing on something else. Like, watching TV when you should be doing the dishes. So you can tell the truth by what you are avoiding. The other 6+ defense mechanisms are in any good Psychology101 textbook. You can also click on the "Spiritual Pathology" link (accessible from the "Advanced Topics" box at Home pagetop) for more info.

Detecting SATANIC lies

Lies aren't strictly human in origin, but are demonic, as well. "Demons" are angels who rebelled against God before the RESTORATION of the Earth (Gen1:2ff). Some angels sinned first, and their sin, like Adam's, was really the sin of REBELLING AGAINST GOD. It's not the sin itself, but the REBELLION, which is the problem. You know that, because SIN was never imputed to us, but PASSED OVER (root meaning of "Passover") -- and poured out onto Christ on the Cross. So what remains, is the rebellion, and the rebellion is angelic, not just human. So now let's look at SATANIC lies, for these lies are promulgated ON us, because THEIR rebellion is an ongoing UNSEEN Trial, and we are Trial Evidence. (The whole "Thinking" series is on this topic. Box accessible from Home pagetop.)

So a SATANIC LIE, as distinct from human error, always a) MALIGNS GOD, and b) is POPULAR. Not just a) or b), but BOTH. See, both a) and b) are true of satanic lies, because he must PROMOTE the lie to 'deliver' it. There are actually 7 characteristics; but these two will quickly uncover many lies and save you much pain. [The 7 characteristics of a satanic lie: 1) advertises satanic origin via SIGNATURE (which itself has 7 characteristics); 2) is SLAPSTICK GOOFY; 3) plays on Greco-Roman cultural concepts; 4) plays on Bible verses or doctrines IN THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGES, though occasionally in translation to play on DIFFERENT ORIGINAL LANGUAGE verses the translated words misuse; 5) derides the person who believes the lie; 6) derides God (Father, Son, Spirit, Christ); 7) derides His Word. These seven characteristics could be variantly configured for description, but all 7 are present, not just a few, if satanically sponsored. Also: the 'delivery vehicle' for all 7 is ALWAYS a version of Matt4 temptations. Since those Three temptations are so clever they play fractalically, sometimes you have to think awhile to see WHICH of the Temptations is spotlighted. Think of the Three Temptations like primary 'transport' colors (i.e., publicity stunts), to play this 7 characteristic mocking game.]

Secondly, Satan is very precise AND OBVIOUS in his derision against God and His Saints. (Term means a believer in the Body of Christ (Pentecost through Rapture), not a special person among believers -- you can easily prove the latter is a LIE by searching for NT "saint" verses.) Satan has no real wish to hide his sponsorship, but rather trumpets it BY MEANS OF SOME OBVIOUS DERISION. Demonic egoes know no bounds; if you are foolish enough to believe an OBVIOUS LIE like taxing the rich, magic diets, lottery, you-earn-salvation, you-lose-salvation, magic incantations/ pyramids/ sounds, UFOs, ghosts, or 'getting the Ghost', etc., then you are mocked. If you are foolish enough to spot a lie as satanic AND THEN REACT (e.g., try to fight them), then you are mocked; or, promoted and then.. mocked. If you IGNORE the lie due to DISINTEREST, you are mocked.

Their obsesssssion with mocking makes digging for the truth, easier. The KIND of SATANIC lie will be the REVERSE of some key BIBLE verse's VERB. So you search Scripture for the OPPOSITE VERB, and find proof in the Inspired Word, that the lie is satanic, not merely an (understandable!) human mistake. The most common lies promoted in Christianity will be detectable this way. More subtle lies require more thesauretical thinking, so take longer to uncover. But it's NOT rocket science. Use 1Jn1:9 like breathing (to be online with the Spirit, see Caveat #3), and do the search. You can prove this procedure yourself.

You can prove beyond doubt that Satan is OBSESSED with deriding God VIA God's Word. All it takes is a little digging. Whether it's a reversal of INTERPRETATION versus WORD you can even read in English (his favorite), or reversal by WORD MIStranslation, or even fake holy books he sponsors, Satan predictably specializes in REVERSING the WORD to make his derision, ESPECIALLY with respect to the original languages. For example, Bible mistranslations generally REVERSE the inspired languages' meanings on the Four Essentials (link at Home Page top): you can PROVE it with a little digging.

Time to do your own homework. Start with some tenet, using 1Jn1:9 like breathing, as you do, especially here: for you WILL detect lies, and (understandably!) give into the temptation to react. Then, 'find the verb' in either a), the MALIGNING, if you know (or suspect) what it is, or b) the POPULARITY, if you know what it is. Pretend you only know b). So, you determine what 'main verb' the POPULAR tenet promotes (for it will always PROMOTE itself); then, SEARCH on all ANTONYMS of that verb in Scripture. You will likely FIND MANY verses refuting the touted lie, especially if you search in the original languages.

Or, see Caveat#4 on how prolife ABORTS THE LIVING WORD, so you can get a clearer idea of Satan's pattern. (The Prolife movement is PROVABLY the most satanic cause in the world today, anti-Bible ON EVERY COUNT; salvation would be IMPOSSIBLE if ever a soul were in a womb. So that's an example maybe worth the time to read AND TEST YOURSELF.) There's also a "Lie Detector Matrix" in the "Testing" box at Home pagetop, for more subtle lie-testing. The Appendix of the "Thinking" series will have oodles of data showing the satanic style in operation, so you can yourself test it clinically. CLINICALLY, not emotionally. The Caveats all show how TEACHING is skewed to satanic ends, with the teachers being none the wiser. Which, of course, you should TEST using this page, not merely believe what you read, lol.

Or, do your own search now. You could start with all Bible references to "fruit" to see BIBLE SAYS THE OPPOSITE of what you commonly hear touted as "fruit" by Christians. But there are hundreds of "fruit" verses and their synonymal concepts. It may be simpler to start with "tithe", to see how it was ONLY FOR ISRAEL's INCOME TAX, not money you give to a church; how Temple offerings were ALWAYS voluntary, from Exodus forward. What key verb is in the popular promotion of "tithe"? How does it malign God to claim you must "tithe" to your church? Have fun searching (hint, read Leviticus and Deuteronomy, even in English).

It's extremely important you do your own homework: purpose of the spiritual life is to develop your THINKING, to ready you for living with God forever, thinking compatible thoughts, the basis for rapport in LOVE. Which should make common sense, lol: who likes to be around someone whose THINKING is incompatible?