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What's a "Right" Pastor-Teacher?

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Prologue and Synopsis

WARNING: Look up Hosea 4:6, Matthew 10:24-25, Matt13:52, Luke 6:40, how students congregated around the prophets in the OT (like Elijah and Elisha, beginning in 1Kings19 -- compare with 2Kings 2:7, "sons" being a Hebraism for "student"). You are to get a Bible teacher, and to be a student/ disciple/ pupil under him (never 'her'). This is one of your 40+ spiritual inheritance gifts you get the moment you got saved, theme of Eph4:8-16. So: Holy Sprit matches pupil and teacher. So you have to ASK GOD who that is. For it's a soul-matching question, not a denominational question. That's why there have always been so many teachers, so many denominations. Each of us is unique, and uniquely we grow spiritually. Always was true, even in the OT. (The rabbis never had an ecclesiastical system 'running' them. Always a local shul (aka "synagogue", Greek term), and no two rabbis teach exactly the same way or believe exactly the same, either.) This webpage will go into the NT upgrade on this pupil-teacher Gifting by the Holy Spirit. Do not reject His Gift.

The second you believed in Christ you became a Royal Person requiring Royal Training. You must go to 'school' and therefore must have a teacher, as the "God's System" link at pagetop, succinctly explains. And if you refuse your Royal Training, you will be Royally spanked until you die, or until you submit. Royal Training for Royal Rule is God's Rule for your life. So: this webpage elaborates on the "pastor" requirement of God's System, Element #4. As a result, you can better understand God's System, and why it works as it does.

WHY a Royal Training System (requiring a 'right' pastor): As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, you are a Crown-Prince in Training, with a planned destiny of serving as a King-Priest under that King-Priest over King-Priests, the Lord Himself. So you need Royal Training. Unlike a peasant, a king needs advisors for as long as he rules, for he must Rule a Kingdom; for body proximity alone, requires assistants. So the king, unlike the peasant, must undergo much more Rigorous Training under Authority. So to prepare to Have Authority. In our case, forever. Many sites on the Home Page elaborate on this our real purpose. "Due Diligence" link is comprehensive yet shorter than its parent, the "Thinking Series". [Everyone is same sex post-death: Matt22:30, Mar12:25, Luk20:35.]

This Royal Training purpose is why we need pastors. The Holy Spirit is the Mentor ("parakletos", in Greek, meaning Royal Advisor), and He gifts human agents with the charge of Teaching Word. Virtually every passage in the original languages stresses this System of a Personal Human Teacher empowered by the Spirit, and always has: no one learned anything in the OT apart from a teacher. But for us, "to whom much is given, much is expected", and "no student is greater than his teacher" -- both statements of the Lord's in the Gospels. And what's expected of us is Jn4:24, which means breathing 1Jn1:9, and studying Bible under our own personally-appointed-by-God, tutor: our right pastor, whomever that may be. Since we are Matched to Christ, all spiritual life provisions are of a personalized-matching nature as well. For we are each unique; hence have attributes, abilities, and tastes which are naturally incompatible, one with another; so must be matched together by key compatibilities, so to be properly INSTRUCTED.

Warning: if you reject this doctrine, you will be tortured during the entire time of the rejection: it's a law like gravity. Meaning #3 explains why. Unfortunately, I've had to observe this law in operation over and over again; whether I'm the one violating it, or someone else. I testify that I've seen nearly everyone I've ever known, slowly or quickly destroyed on the inside due to rejection of this particular doctrine of right pastor. The categories and methods of internal destruction vary, but the pattern is distinct. At least two people were stricken by terminal disease soon after rejecting hearing it via me (directly and indirectly), which tipped me off to the phenomenon. Some others went wacko; most just became incredibly jaded and bitter; these are now on the slow, gross route of mental and physical deterioration. It's like watching someone torture himself to death. [The pathology varies, but deadness and/or anger and bitterness against God in particular, always runs high: that's the distinct pattern. So you can't explain to them, what's going on: the explanation only increases the anger. If you persist in trying, you will be told to shut up. The person's death maybe occurs soon after that, so it's not a good idea to keep warning: you only increase their liability to 1Jn5:16, with each refusal you get. Guiding principles for this situation, are in 1Jn5. Bible examples are many: Numbers 11:6 is the mindset (and all of that generation were executed); see also Hosea 4. Individual examples are also many, but two quick examples are Hezekiah's illness, and Acts 21-22 on Paul.]

Frankly, I almost became one of these folks; but thanks only to God's use of the extensive training I had previously gotten under my own right pastor, I didn't stay in that horrible state of rejection very long: 1Jn1:9 can and does save one's life. So I know this phenomenon not only from Bible and its corroborating observation in real lives.. but from inner experience. It's not pretty, k?

SYNOPSIS of Exegetical KEYs: God's "Henotes" (System) of
Distributing the Plunder in Christ, Goes through Pastors.

Bible is severely mistranslated with respect to every mission-critical doctrine for your spiritual life; this particular doctrine is all over the Bible and is well-known, but the best passage on it, is mistranslated beyond recognition. Translations always render God fuzzy, to 'make' Him politically-correct. (More on the problem of Bible mistranslation follows in the "Mistranslation" subsection, below.) So you can't tell from translation, that in the Greek of Eph4:11-16, Paul recaps -- for his audience long knew -- how Isa53:10-12 gets done in Church Age (covenantal period, Eph3:21's lexeme), with emphasis on the period post-Canon's completion. You can't see it in Isaiah, either, for half of the passage is missing from translations. [Terminology in Ephesians was used in prior letters axiomatically, i.e., in Rom12:1-3, esp. v.3, Greek. See Isa53.htm and hit the end key when you load the page, to see the full translation.]

Synopsis of exegetical 'connections' in the God-breathed, original-language, Real Bible Texts: Paul uses a witty marital rhetorical structure in Eph4, to show how Ephesians 1 is implemented for the Bride: Church. Ephesians 1, in turn, is an 'answer' to the Lord's John 17 prayer for marital-intimate "oneness", quoting from Gen2:24. (Translations always fuzz over Bible's sexual vocabulary.) Gen2:24's purpose was fulfilled in Isa53:10-11, with the Lord becoming pregnant with our sins ("me amal" phrase in Heb of 53:11), so not only is the John 17 prayer answered, but Father Grows the Bride for Son by means of the very same process which 'impregnated' Him: Instructed Truth. For Truth is God's Own Attribute. Now, that Attribute is in writing so can be 'written' in our souls (Heb10:15-17 -- see Heb101517.htm). Thus Paul references all this building of marriage-and-family-intimacy in CHRIST, when he writes Ephesians 4; which chapter, is an update on his previous expositions back in Romans 8 and Corinthians. [Nerd Note: intimacy-of-soul in marriage is what makes it marriage. The coalescence of bodies between the couple, is supposed to be an expression of that coalescence of soul. By Divine Design, marital sex thus depicts the higher spiritual goal of knowing God intimately, even as He knows us; so the Lord is using that depiction as the metaphorical framework for His Prayer to Father. Eph4 is thus the YES 'answer' to His Prayer, and Paul explains how that answer 'plays' in Church.]

Ergo, once you're in God's Henotes, it matters not where you're right or wrong, nor does it matter where the pastor might be wrong; because, you're all IN the System. So the necessary process for correction (Heb4:12), is already in progress. That fact sounds wrong, but here's why it's not: God will work together what you are learning (Greek verb "sunergew", from which we get the English word "synergy") , to fix whatever's wrong (Greek verb "katartizw") . [Greek Geek fun notes: Keyword katartismos in Eph4:12, for example; see also Phili2:10-13 -- 2:12 uses the verb, katergazw (in middle voice, stressing your volition), v.13 shows it's God as the "Energizer", for energew is a strictly Divine verbal noun, whether or not "God" is a word in the sentence; in Greek, verbal nouns are more dramatic, than if used here as a verb. So: just as katartismos means fixed by an expert (God), katartizw means to take something broken and make it completely, maturely, FIT. Backdrop for katartizw in Eph4:12, is Eph1:19's "for the working of His superior power" (my pastor's translation), which also uses energeia; see also 3:20 (in Greek) for the fuller definition. So katergazw is the believer's end, but katartizw is really going on, and energew links both verbs! See the systematic relationship, the HENOTES of the parts? katartizw, Spirit energew'ing pastor to feed you, so you can katergew, energew'd yourself by that same Spirit via 1Jn1:9, so katartisMOS is what you become! What wit! God never misses a nuance in the etymology of words!])

So if you are not in His System, you reject His Own Design for Giving you Bible, which is Christ's Own Thinking "Plunder". So Eph4:5-16, if disobeyed, is the closest parallel to the Gospel's 'blaspheming the Spirit' warning (for unbelievers) that I've ever seen: if you aren't in His Distribution System, you get nothing. Still saved, but "naked" (Bible keyword). Downright scary, to not be in His System! So get in the System. Or, get tortured. Your choice.

So Don't Play One of these
Four Types of 'Hookey' with God,
or you'll get Col3:25 in reply.

Whole lotta people are not in God's System; whole lotta people fancy themselves spiritual, but they play hookey, so will prove to be spiritual dolts. It's not that God is out to make a fool of you or chastise you: He knows what you will want, once you've left this dirtball and gone home to heaven. You'll then wish you'd learned Him while still down here, for you will then realize how you wasted your life. God isn't imposing this opinion on you. He foreknows how you'll then think, and would spare you the regret. God loves you; He's not into petty revenge and vindictiveness the way we humans are. So this warning comes from Love's Foreknowledge, period.

I-CAN-DO-IT-MYSELF-HOOKEY: these are people who study Bible on their own, without any one teacher they recognize as their authority. The movement began centuries ago, really; today, the reason is the same, as back then: Real Bible isn't being taught. No, it never is, popularly. People don't want God, they want goodies. That's why it's so hard to talk Bible, everyone competing over how smart/right he is, rather than interested to learn something. Hence, good teachers are always few, always hidden, so that is yet another reason why you have to ask God to lead you to the right teacher for you. At the end of this webpage, more will be said about it.

HOLY-SPIRIT-JUSTIFIES-HOOKEY: these people mistake the Filling Doctrine for replacing authority. So, they maintain they are equal or nearly-equal to any other believer or pastor; so they think they don't need a teacher. These people number in the millions as well, but are more emotional and good-deedy. They largely think that the first-century behavior in Acts was spiritual. Which proves they can read the Bible, not at all: Acts is the Chronicle of Christian Failure, and Luke's Greek is soooo finessed in sarcasm, it freaked out my pastor, when he taught it. Everyone mentioned in that Book went wacko: yes, Peter and Paul included. But if you are your own authority and you hallucinate yourself to have the Holy Ghost, well.. Satan&Co. can make you hallucinate those massive apostacies in Acts, as spiritual giantesse. [Stephen and Luke and some few others didn't seem to go wacko, or at least their own failures weren't relevant to disclose.]

TRADITION-IS-ENOUGH-HOOKEY: here, the idea of a right teacher is accepted, but ritual and do's -- rather than learning Bible -- is emphasized. As if men's traditions were more important or of competing importance, with God's Infallible Word. Here, the question for you (if applicable) is not so clear-cut. Obviously something's amiss, if anything other than Christ's Thinking is given importance, since the only way sins could have been paid for, is by His Thinking ON Cross (Isa53:5-12 explains the mechanics). So ask God what, if anything, you should know or "do" here, with respect to yourself. You can't answer this question for other people.

TEACHER-GURU-CULT-HOOKEY: here, again the idea of a right teacher is accepted, but cult-like slavering acceptance of what that teacher says, is urged: either by those under him, or by the teacher (or both). Obviously, if you are given a teacher, you are to learn something about God, so slavish parroting of the teacher, etc. are not His Will. Bear also in mind, that a teacher's time is limited.

Notice how all four of these categories stress man, not God. Notice how in each case there is a rejection of authority going on. Those are the dead giveaways of being out of God's System. The do-it-yourselfers and the holy-spirit-justifies hookey groups are obvious rejectors. But the tradition and guru crowd are even worse: for they pretend to accept authority, as an excuse for not learning themselves. So notice the rough divide between the two paired groups: one in the name of independence, rejects authority; but the other, in the name of authority, rejects independence. Um.. kings are independent, and must therefore be the most ruled. So they are all rejecting their kingship futures, so won't get any, 1Cor4:8. Your Independence is to be Developed into Kingship via God's Teaching System, capisce?

All four of these groups therefore evidence a retarded and fragmented understanding of Bible (Heb5:11-6:6), as a consequence of not being in the Divine System. Again, for Church this System is Royal Training, for God's Plan for our lives is to make each of us, King-Priests. Hence, Royal Systemic Understanding is Royally-Mature Understanding (Christ's Level, Eph4:13); and it becomes independent -- the one grown up really can see in Bible for itself and really himself has a cohesive grasp of Bible (Eph3:15-19). But you cannot ever get that systemic understanding, apart from your right teacher (one at a time, maybe God moves you to a different one in your lifetime). It's analogous to parenting. Each set of parents has a whole system of thought, and the child needs to be under that system, to grow up. So also, here. You will never outgrow the need for a teacher, your whole life: "the student is never above his teacher", the Lord quipped in the Gospels. How wonderfully true, that is: what king lacks advisors? Heh. [My other sites, especially the "Thinking" and "DDNA" webseries, cover the Royalness of Our Role in excruciating detail.]

So, then: God's System is precise, and getting out of His System, is easy. The Divine punishment you get for violating His System is not easy, Col3:25. Basically, you are committing "adikia" if the Holy Spirit isn't teaching you (Col3:25's last word, which is also the last word in 1Jn1:9). In short, refusal to be in God's System is a sin, because you are supposed to be trained His Way. Not, your way. So if things suddenly go wrong, ask if you are out of His System. Use 1Jn1:9, then evaluate. It's an occupational hazard of spiritual growth, and we all get spanked many times! [See Heb12:5-12. Verse 12 is another command to name sins to God. Many ways that command is given, in Bible.]

And now, the Most Important Reason Why You Need A Pastor:

Almost all the goofy ideas and disputes in Christendom arise from translated Bibles. If you spend any time in my other webpages you will constantly run into examples of translations which actually cut God's Head off, say the opposite of what the God-breathed verse says pre-translation, etc. It's incredible. Almost every verse I've compared in translation versus the God-breathed texts is mistranslated in some major way, beginning with Gen1:2! Because of that mistranslation, you have dingdongs running around for centuries claiming God made the universe in six days. That's not what Bible says. But no one bothers to read what God wrote, so.. they run around making fools of themselves. Bet you'd not care to join them, huh. So here we'll spend a little time on this problem of Bible bungling.

Most common mistranslation pattern in Scripture: If the original, God-Breathed Bible says, "the Maserati convertible sped along the Autobahn", it will be translated "the vehicle moved on the path". This is mistranslation via TRUNCATION: the original words' meanings are chopped down to generalizations in translation. So what the original text says, is now completely obscured. Note the problem: first, the translated sentence is BORING. So you will be inclined to pass over it, not pay attention, and nothing in the sentence gives you a motive to pay attention. Second, and worse, it is VAGUE. You don't know what kind of vehicle, you don't know how fast or in what manner it moves, and you don't know what it's moving on. It could be a donkey cart -- and even sounds like one, since in English "path" generally means only wide enough to walk on for a human being; and that, usually in a bucolic setting. Notice how your sense of meaning is totally opposite what the original sentence, is. Third, and worse still: you think you're reading real information -- there is nothing in the translation to alert you that it's wrong. Note the difference between the two sentences: the first one is fast, colorful, vivid. The second sounds slow, mousy, ho-hum, ok. And tells you nothing. Both sentences are cohesive, so there's nothing to warn you the translation is awry: so, you'll just gloss over the sentence, none the wiser.

This boring vagueness characterizes Bible translation, especially in the NT. Verses are fuzzy, often jarring. Body-oriented, do-oriented, narrow, soundbyte-y. As if just a political credo or culture to herd people into some 'accepted' norm of association with respect to each other, with "God" being somehow this Sugar Daddy or Petty Judge, viewing you from On High, ready to pounce. So yes, truncated translations are deliberately vague. For political motives necessarily spawn truncated translation, as will be shown in the following paragraphs. Further still, people don't "get" abstract concepts easily (most people are not good with math, for example). So, because the NT epistles are abstract in nature (God is an 'abstract', to the human mind), and because Paul (and others) use very colorful language to make it easier to remember and understand the abstractions; but because Bible colors are generally sexual/financial and other "off-colors" politically, truncation in translation is routine.

Principle: if a translation of Bible is wrong, the interpretation will also be even more wrong. If my pastor taught us that once, he taught it a bizillion times. Even the currently-famous scholars will tell you that. And Bible is mistranslated. Not so much you can't get a vague sense of what it means, but enough so that you only get a vague sense of what it means -- so you tear your hair out trying to be 'spiritual', not quite sure what that is! Aaarrrggghh. Or, you get the idea you're supposed to be ascetic. Which isn't too pleasant, unless you can fool yourself that martyrdom is fun...

Of course, if one has but a vague interest in God, a vague Book is quite satisfactory, and you think you know what it says! Why, look here at Jas2:22, and faith without works is dead, so I show my faith by working! Never mind, that Hebrews 6:1, 9:14, 11:6, Romans 4:5 and James 2:22 show that works without Doctrine-in-your-head.. are dead! For the verb translated "works" in Jas2:22, "sunergew", is intransitive, so you never can work anything; thus only ever means God works something together in an object -- but the translation, cuts out all that meaning. James says, God works the doctrine in you. It's a common refrain in the OT about the Word never returning void. But ho! truncate, baby! Just leave out the Actor, The Doctrine, convert pistis into a human function of "faith" -- which James makes clear is not the meaning, from James 1 -- and you can reverse the 'lesson' of Jas2:22! Ahhhh.

So notice how the problem is two-sided: on the one hand, the interest in God is vague, shallow. So, the translation will be, likewise. Hence the truncation. So now let's examine the result of this two-sided problem, in more detail. Truncated translation of Bible is pervasive, with the (unintended) result of reversing meaning of key verses you need to know about God, the spiritual life, etc. This fuzzing-over in translation is only partly deliberate, a product of consensus. Here's where 'politics' comes in, and you can't exactly fault anyone. Look: you know if a committee must decide what color to paint the walls, those walls will end up being beige or gray or some other 'neutral' tone! No matter how expert the people IN the committee, to get consensus, only some washed-out decision, can be made. Suiting no one, but alienating none, the whitewashed-'translation' of some desired legislation, good deed, policy, even Bible.. results.

Consequently, Bible translations are extremely valuable, but for very different reasons: they constitute your best lab evidence of the dynamic power and interplay of God versus Satan&Co. and the sin nature: in history, and in your own life right now. By comparing the types of mistranslations to the original-language texts, you learn much. For example, you learn of the intense DISinterest of man in God. You learn how Satan&Co. mess with that disinterest. You learn the types of disinterest, what makes man turn off God, how he rationalizes his disinterest, how the people-people REPLACEMENT of the First Commandment (making people god in God's Name), works. It's a whole dissertation, for crying out loud.

So let's plumb some of this treasure from the mistranslations, see how their lab evidence, 'plays.' As you read what follows, notice how the pattern of the mistranslation reflects the pattern of how we 'mistranslate' our own lives with God, and daily.

The original-language texts aren't at all vague. Most Greek words (and all the OT Hebrew, Aramaic, etc. words) are heavily laden with god-concepts. Phallic god-concepts. Lots of money words. Lots of sexual-overtone words. For, that was ancient Greek culture, so all its words have the culture embedded in them; and, the Bible is written in Greek. Hence the words in the original-language Bible do not have the meanings we moderns use. Hence, translations are to be avoided as much as possible -- if my pastor warned us about this once over the past 50+ years, he's warned us a bizillion times. Again, since Greek culture was phallic, the words all have sexual overtones; God very often uses such words to tweak the difference between the fake, phallic idea embedded in the words, and His true Action, Word-Begetting.

Which phallic and other culture-laden vocabulary, is truncated in translation -- to cover up those pagan meanings. As if God was wrong to choose it?! Do you see the evil, here? Man is instructing God how He should 'present Himself', in violation of what Paul says, in 1Cor2:15! Look: the sweeping Greek verb "epichoregew" (epi+choregew, the latter term morphing into the English "choreograph") means TO FINANCIALLY and otherwise totally FUND a Greek play or other massive undertaking like a sports complex or public baths. Not merely money, either, but CHARGE, RESPONSIBILITY to see all got done as should be. So see the God-Meaning? Only God is that powerful. So in Bible, epichoregew is never divorced from the idea that God does it.. verb (and its cognate noun epichoregeia, used in Eph4:16) is an all-encompassing UNDERWRITING of a thing, a FINANCIAL term: denoting EXTREME WEALTH of a BENEFACTOR.

So you realize the Bible in those beautimous original-language texts is Glory beyond description. Hence proper translation of the Bible is supposed to be impossible; it's too rich in nuance, too witty, and its utterly-gorgeous wordplay, won't completely port over in translation. Just you wade through the "Long Translation" link of Eph4:11-16 and its exegetical notes. That webpage took me well over a week to do, with little sleep the meanwhile; even though I know the passage well, having learned it under my pastor who teaches in the original languages! And this independently-done (mostly apart from him) translation is light-years better than you'll find in published Bibles, but.. it's still not as good as it should be! God is too smart. That's why the Bible is preserved in the original-language texts...

So what are you going to do? Spend your life learning the original-language Bible texts.. or find a pastor who does that? Not all pastors study in the original languages; not all who do study them, walk the congregation through those languages. So if you can't yet tolerate all that technical information, you still can find a pastor who spends his time studying them.. but teaches you only the results. See? This training is personalized. By God the Holy Spirit, via an individual He Sovereignly chooses just for YOU. No automatons, no big institutions, no cookie-cutter rules in God's System!

Meaning of "Right" Pastor-Teacher, #1: INDIVIDUAL FIT
within a SPIRITUAL CORPORATE BODY, not a denomination/religion

By "right" pastor, God means, right/fit for YOU. For your soul, for your needs. Everyone is unique; so who's the "right" pastor for me, won't necessarily be the "right" pastor for you. That's actually the point Paul makes in the Greek of Eph4:11-16, stressing "poimen kai didaskalos" ("pastor-teachers" in translation) as CONNECTING (haphe, Eph4:16, usu. translated with the body/building word, "joint"), each with his own flock. Not any specific denomination, but rather Personally 'joined' by God Who Makes the Body, Eph2:10, Phili1:6. LvS4b.htm's "Father's Criteria" table helps you with Eph2:10. [Nerd note: when analysing a passage, it's conventional exegetical practice to list the "vocabulary form" of an original-text Greek or Hebrew word, which is the form used in lexicons -- so it's easier to use the lexicon, I guess. So poimen kai didaskalos, which is singular, was typed above rather than the actual plural accusative, of the text in Eph4:11 where that term is used. It is a hapaxlogomena, meaning the only occurrence of that term in Bible: Paul coined it as a concatenation, in that verse. See Granville Sharp rule for Greek kai. Concatenation is a marked characteristic of Bible: YHWH, for example, is a concatenation. Always pay attention to etymology or origin behind a concatenation, when you spot one (conceptual concatenation, verse concatenation, word concatenation, etc).]

Context of Eph4:11-16 began with Eph4:3-10 in wordplay, conceptually concatenating Deut6:4 and the Lord's John 17 prayer for oneness (marital-style unity). So, how does this happy body of Christ get built? Through pastors, and only through their several, independent, local headships -- under the Spirit's Headship. Not, what the by-nature-headless sheep do (we lost our brains at salvation, all of us -- which is why we are sheep). But don't expect the politically-correct English to show this independent, local, pastoral headship. Bible translations were initially made while either the Catholic Church or state churches were operating. The Reformation therefore didn't really alter the apostate idea of some religious institution having sway over its teachers, so Bible translations reflect that idea, rather than what the Word of God says. Protestants like power, too. Religion chains you, and it chains you away from God. And of course, the mistranslations aren't fixed. So the idea of religion still chains the reader. No matter what translation he reads.

God orchestrates time, even, to Fit His Son. The Last Adam, and we are Bride. So, idea of a right 'man', Him for a right 'woman', us. Which Father makes, FOR Son (Eph2:10, Phili1:6). So that's the foundational purpose, Eph1. Intimately Filling All in All, Intimately Fitting All Together, from eternity past to eternity future for an Economy, Polity of synergistic happiness forever. The words God the Holy Spirit through the writers uses to convey Filling and Fit are Intimate Marital words which also are Precise-Architectural-Fittings, liquid Fillings (water of the Word); Fitting and Filling Upgraded for Church, but still patterned after the OT Temple, actually. Living Temple, theme of Eph2. Temple vocabulary occupies a good 30% or more of Bible. For the woman was "built" for the man, Hebrew verb "banah". Heh.

In a country, not everyone is alike. Else, the country wouldn't work properly. Can't have too many poor, can't have too few rich (well, can -- but the fewer, the more noble they need to be), can't have too much tax, too little industry (hence the need for rich people), too little agriculture, etc. Self-Sufficiency requires Variety, and in a precise Balance so that when fitted together, all the pieces work synergistically. But that means, incompatibility abounds. As you well know, it's really awful to be around someone with whom you are incompatible. But God solves all that, through the Thinking of His Son (theme of Eph4:5ff in Greek, to explain Eph3:15-21).

Among the vast list of God-given assets which together constitute the "pastor's gift", is one which enables him to stride the incompatibilities: this is why he has to be the one in authority, the ligament, the haphe. So he is isolated, really. Authority is isolating, not fun. So he himself is somewhat of an anomaly, all his life. He has to keep on studying himself, diligently, and with much more intensity and rigor. So he has to be the 'best' student of the group. Also, he has to be the Best Communicator. It's not simply the 'power' (what a laugh) of having say over things. We need the pastor's authority power, to feel secure about listening to him. It's a commitment on his part, and on ours. We never are secure, either; so the 'power' is always a headache to him (look how people rebelled against Moses, and Paul).

So in the Varied Body of Christ, pastors need to vary also. And then matched TO them, are those most compatible with the style, pace, content of the teaching. This matching is very precise, and variation is like snowflakes, no two quite alike. Knitted together by Someone Outside the Body, never by anyone inside. What, does blood tell lungs what to do? So, some pastors teach simply; others, in a more sophisticated way. Some teach with fancy language, others with down-home language. Some are flamboyant; others, quiet. Each person in that pastor's flock needs that pastor to be the way HE is, to best 'eat' Scripture.

So let's view the Gorgeous Eph4:12-16 in Corrected Translation,
starting first with its outline...

So, just as your body varies wonderously in all its LINKED parts, so also, each pastor is a LINKER for the Body Corporate. In the Greek, Paul demonstrates how this linkage works using the Greek parallelism, a frequent rhetorical style of teaching. So you have to line up what's being parallelled, to see the relationships. Paul lines up "poimen kai didaskalos" in 4:11 with the previous "sundesmos" in 4:3 -- showing that the pastor is CHAINED to this job forever -- then, with Eph4:16's "haphe", "henos" and "en metroi", in a crescendo. Further, these terms all LINK BACK to Eph4:7 (which you can't see in English), and in English Bibles are usually translated respectively, "joint" (haphe), "one" (henos, really means one PERSON), and "measure" (metron) . The word "metron" is extremely important: its root meaning is a MEASURING CUP. So it determines the CAPACITY of what Bible Doctrine/Truth is held IN the soul, since water is a metaphor for Word everywhere IN the Word. Hence the other big Bible keyword in this passage (4:5-16), "pleroma", which means TOTALLY FILLED UP. And that, links back to the INDIVIDUAL building-up of Doctrine, in Eph3:15-21. Wow: all this WEAVING. Yeah, like the extremely-thick Temple veil, now split so we can get ALL Truth: 1Cor13:8ff, Heb6:12ff.

So Eph4:16 thus is a 'bookend' for 4:11, even as 4:11 is a 'bookend' for verses 3-10; for, Paul is explaining how the spiritual gifts given out due to the Ascension (very wry wordplay in 4:5-9 on Deut30&Ps68:18 about going 'down' to the 'womb' of hell so can come up with higher gifts TO men, no longer FROM them) -- how these gifts are ALLOTTED ("measure") to the Body of Christ. So the bookends in Eph4:16 of "joint", "one", and "measure" all refer to v.11's "pastor-teachers", individually (indicated by "pros" at the beginning of v.12, for pros means FACING, essentially, and "didaskalos" means ONE teacher FACING a group of students). Thereby meaning, the actor-agent used for the entire passage, is the pastor-teacher, once Canon is completed. You can prove that's the criterion in other Bible passages where poimen is used, and then compare what's NOT mentioned: i.e., the other passages don't talk much or at all about apostles, etc. -- which were listed preceding "pastor-teachers" in Eph4:11.

Preceding, because temporary and adjunctive. Word Must Be Taught For His Head To Get Into Your Head. Everything else, is but catsup. An evangelist may precede. The gifts listed before evangelist, are all gone now. You might have to have a job in order to stay alive; that's adjunctive, too. Same idea: the purpose of living is to have a marital-style intimacy with Christ, your Husband forever. All else, is just temporary. So the pastor's gift of teaching is the gift everyone gets connected to; which gift and connection, His Success at the Cross purchased: so His Head can happily come to 'be inside', your own: Col1:25-27, causing Eph3:20-21, via Eph3:15-19, 2Pet3:18, with Eph4:12-16 as the method! No greater intimacy, than that! [As always, to get a doctrine, one needs to review pan-Bible, not just sections. So, for example, the fact that the temporary appointments of apostle and prophet were mentioned before teachers in 1Cor12:28, get seized on by people who don't look at how those gifts ended with the apostles, 1Cor15:1-10 and with Canon being completed (which also ended the 12:28-mentioned gifts listed after "teachers") in 1Cor13:8-end chapter. 1Cor14 explains that Tongues was only for warning sign of Temple's destruction, and only to unbelievers, in 1Cor14:21-24, quoting the Isa passage.]

For CHURCH, Eph4:12-16 shows how the pastor is the linker/catalyst GOD uses for purposes of:

Notice the KNITTING rhetorical structure Paul uses: very colorful verbs are 'threaded' throughout the passage, so you can see the dynamics. Living Temple Veil: Word so opaque to those who don't learn it, so thickly woven! Because, we are to be a Kingdom of King-Priests under THE King-Priest, Christ -- for all eternity. People then will be going through us to see HIM, better. Even so, down here. So, see: we need the WORD in us, not works in us, and the WORD in us is the work of the Holy Spirit; which work, HE does via equipping pastors to FEED us this WORD. For that's what people really need, to 'connect' to God.

So the Body of Christ's completion, is only gifted and run by the Spirit (context of Eph4:5-9); so THROUGH each man gifted as a pastor. So he can FEED WORD to us, and thus provide the DIPLOMATIC CONNECTION service, the world so desperately needs. Again, spend time on the Greek biology/building mixed-metaphor of Eph4:3-16; verses 12-16 are translated below with exegetical notes: LvS4b.htm's "Father's Criteria" table, 2nd Criterion, has more exegetical notes. It's no exaggeration to say that the way you think of the spiritual life will forever change, if you spend time on this passage's Greek. [Nerd note: mixed metaphors are good writing style in both Hebrew and Greek. In fact, God goes out of His way to layer many metaphors on top of each other, which only if you know the original languages, you can see.]

Whew. See what it took just to quickly explain something of the real meaning of "diakonia"? So clearly Eph4:11-16 can't be read properly, with that horrible translation in v.12. So, what follows is a working translation of v.12-16 in purple font, picking up from the ACTOR, the Divinely-Gifted "pastor-teachers", in v.11. Bear in mind that the objective of translation should be to exactly convey the thought of the writer/speaker. You'll get fired or even executed, if you don't strive for that objective while a translator or diplomat for/to a country: it's too important to be exact. Again, misrepresentation is tantamount to treason.

Bible translations are always treasonous; and really, it's impossible to truly translate God's Thinking because the original language words are each skyscrapers of meaning-layers. So it would be nice if we were interested enough in Scripture to justify God sending us more of the better teachers and translators, so that brainout pages wouldn't be needed, hint hint. On the other hand, if a pastor or translator did this kind of page, he'd be accused of being self-serving! Oh well. So I opted for the main point Paul is making in this passage, as the highlighted set of meaning layers. Since Paul is parallelling and pairing, the translation cannot be dramatically smooth like its Greek, without loss of meaning in English. Bible is SO rich in meaning you have to translate, then go do something else, to refreshen; then revisit the verse and fine-tune; then refresh again, etc. Now I know why it took my pastor sometimes days just to research one word in a verse! Now that he's retired, I hope he's getting lots of that kind of gorgeous time, after having beaten his brains out for us!

So the translation below will look very different from what you have. PREPOSITIONS TRACK RELATIONSHIPS. So pay very close attention to prepositions, in Bible. Here, they are underlined. Since prepositions have many meanings, not just one, I tried to pick English equivalents which allow multiple meanings yet highlight which meanings first are intended. You'll have no end of enjoyment playing with the prepositions, but.. lay up a food supply and turn off the telephone, for it will take you weeks! [Misidentification of the intended meaning of genitive, dative case endings when they have prepositional significance, and similar flaw with respect to preps themselves, renders a translated verse unintelligible or misleading, even if otherwise right.]

Click Here for the LONG Translation of Eph4:12-16, with Exegetical Notes.

Whew. Now, let's put ALL four verses together, without any small-font notes, capitalized letters, italics or bullets. Eph4:12-16 thus reads, in corrected working (vs. completed, smoothed-out) translation:

Although I don't like it, here's a smoothed-out translation; I much prefer working translations, for they are easier to track in Scripture. However, a smoothed translation helps grasp overall import in one's native tongue. So, I tried to reference the specialized vocabulary Paul uses with modern-day idioms, and I tried to emulate Paul's Greek 'flow'. Oh, I could tinker with what's below for days, so the translation still dissatisfies. Capped words are emphasized as they would be in speech. Note how in English, a smooth translation means you have to take nouns and make them verbs, or other parts-of-speech changes. You'd also have to insert words in English to show what the metaphors mean so clearly in the Greek: it's not 'expanded' translation or interpretation, it's strict translation, which demands this (again, any secular translator who followed the inane Bible translation rules for published versions, would be shot by his king). It's real important in this passage, to not break it into smaller sentences (passage has legal force, due to henotes), so semi-colons are used.

Sumbibazw, its participle here rendered "embraced", really is an explicit husbanding and husbandman verb, as well as architectural. Paul is sooo funny here, showing how Isa53:11-54:1 get fulfilled! We the Body become spiritually 'pregnant' with Word, and thus spiritual childbearers because we were born from Him, and grow up into Him, having been 'pollinated' by our own pastors' spiritual childbearings and hence feedings. Fabulous: one could just live on these verses' meanings and with practice, defeat any temptation which ever comes along! By the way, good Greek mixes metaphors as often as possible, the more mixing, the better. Not good English, though. Note that there are no verbs in the clause, "born from..'husbandman'". When Greek uses participles and verbal nouns, it's much more dramatic than if it uses plain, direct verbs. Ellipses like this clause's always stick out. Finally, there's no "the" in front of "Spirit's", because in Greek "agape" is anarthrous (stressing Divine Quality).

Can you imagine, Paul just dictated this off the top of his head to whomever was writing for him! He was under arrest at the time he wrote the cyclical letter we know as "Ephesians" (their copy). Wow. I'm totally exhausted. It took a good seven DAYS for me to do the above translation, even though I have long known what text said, yikes! And I've only skimmed its surface, main meanings! No wonder Bible's many truncated translations aren't fixed! Who could then afford to buy them! See the absolute necessity of a pastor to specialize in Word Study? It's a full-time job!

Imagine then, how long and hard God works.. do you hear the Loving, Painstaking Process in this translation? Paul is really stressing it, in the Greek. One long sentence, each clause hooked onto the next so you can actually feel the ongoingness of it. Sentence actually started in v.11, head verb being, "He gave". English shouldn't chop the sentence into shorter sentences. Eph1:1-18 is one long sentence -- in legal documents, you better 'lock' the meaning of the stated relationships if you don't end the sentence until the last item has been covered -- so Eph4:12-16 answers Eph1's purpose-of-design theme.

What shall we conclude about Eph4:12-16, and Meaning #1?

That set of conclusions have certainly proved true for this weirdo believer. I really can't understand Scripture until I understand the exegesis. Translations are completely a waste for me, because I need to pick apart the real words. People joke that if they ask me the time, I tell them how to build a watch. And it's true, because I don't know what time it is, until I know how the watch, works. So, my pastor only taught in the original languages to his congregation; they obviously shared to some degree, my same need. But not everyone is like that; so they belong under some other pastor.

The average person next asks, well, who's better? Wrong question. It's not who's better, but who's better for YOU. Remember v.16's "each part"? You are a part; so am I; so is your next-door Christian. So there's a Divinely-chosen pastor YOU need. Tailored: "measured". For YOU.

Note that carefully, because it reveals a critical Grace Difference in the way God thinks, versus the way we do. We would account the pastor who was the more skilled in exegesis, etc., automatically the better pastor. But by that standard, Paul should have been sent to the Jews. But God refused to send Paul there, Acts 22. Instead, He gave Israel 12 apostles, and the Gentiles only 1. So it was something else about Paul matching to the Gentiles, not his erudition, which justified such a 'strange' order from God.

What might that 'matching' be? Dunno, but before settling on my own right pastor, I tried listening to others, but they all sounded like..fuzz or static from a badly-tuned-in radio station; like sociology classes in college. Words and words and words but they were so much hot air. Religion bugs me, anyway, what with all its fuzzy vocabulary and pontificating tones, see how holy i am. Blecchh. Yet when I heard the man who became my pastor, he made sense right away: the substance I was looking for, I could hear. Yet someone else will hear him and it's just so much 'hot air', again. So to the Gentiles, Paul would make sense; but to the Jews, he'd just sound like hot air. You know, of course, that the Jews tried to kill him many times. So whatever they thought they heard, it sure didn't sound 'right' to them!

Because Scripture is now available in the original languages to anyone for free (i.e., via the internet), and we know from Bible and history that God rolls out Scripture when and how volitions want it -- it's rather likely that what any believer now should do, is get under a pastor who teaches Scripture from those original languages. However, each person has to determine whether this fact applies to him.

Obviously there must be exceptions, and where exceptions, there are other pastors kitted-out by God to serve such 'parts'. We all have a place in the Body, and we are inter-dependent, as Paul so tenderly recounts in 1Cor12:19ff. So only the sin nature wants to make an issue of 'better or worse' as a putrid status thing. It's normal, kinda like an allergy you can't get rid of, take two Bible verses to calm the sin nature obsession down and call Him in the morning.. no, wait! In the evening, too! Well, how about 24/7!

So who's better among pastors is only relevant for assessing who's better for YOU. See verses like Rom14:4, 15:20, 2Cor10:16, 1Cor1:12, 1Cor3:4-4:8 (NASB is really good here). So this whole fad of people preening over knowing Greek/Hebrew words (but not meaning, lol!) is not about who's smarter (i.e., because he studies in the original languages): but as always, about learning Christ. Holy Spirit provides the smarts, anyway. You bring your volition. Out of which, only He can make anything productive. So this learning is not status, but an henotes, a System of Doctrine, Eph4:13. The Divine Order of Things. Body-of-Thought, His Thinking: One Thinking, which was the theme since Eph4:3. Parallel is 1Cor1:5 (in Greek, not English) which is about this same Oneness of Thinking, the Head's. Not man's religious ideas.

This Body of Thinking is something you're to live on (Matt4:4), not preen over. Chat channels are full of preeners, who can quote large passages and have memorized all the works of the Church Fathers. But if you ask them, "Define Righteousness of God" -- they come back with men's moralities. Righteousness is so much more than that. [See LordvSatan1.htm's "Integrity Properties" and SatStrat.htm's first section. Also, first section of Fixes.htm.] So, see? Knowledge is of no value until you know how to use it. You can't use what you don't understand; you can't use what you don't believe; you can't use what's erroneously hooked up, either. Like bad wiring, badly-hooked-up knowledge (which of course means Out of His System, 1Jn1:9 not used) will short-circuit the spiritual life. So it's not a question of how erudite you are, but can you well use what you know. However little, however much. And even there, if you are focused on how 'good' you are, you're not looking at God, so you will be no good. No matter how well you could use what you know.

So if you were concerned about status, look: you're far more wealthy forever, than all those OT people ever were or will be. They will never be priests to God forever: but you can't get out of being a diakonos, ever. So yeah, your status is much higher, but look at the responsibility which accompanies it? You need Him more than they do, you can't be happy apart from growing up in His Word, because you are Royal, so need Royal Instruction, sumbibazw. No way out. Heh: doesn't look so great now to have high status as Body Member due to needing His Thinking 'system', does it.

You are what you are, and what you are is in the Body of Christ; so God intends to bloom you from whatever you are now, to what you can be.. a King. Question is, under what teacher? Doesn't matter how society thinks of that teacher. God chose him, and God chose you, God matched you both: so it matters not at all how society considers him or you. God is far more valuable, than societal opinions. Society always gets it wrong, chasing after the windmills of this world, though each day we see death. We got our priorities bass-ackwards, huh. So look up where you are GOING; not horizontally at what is already dead, twitching from the onset of rigor mortis.

Meaning, #2: The PASTOR YOU NEED -- not some Religion

So think of "right pastor" as a teacher of a certain school in a certain location, of a certain grade level, but not of any particular religious denomination, lol. Could be any of them. Might be none of them. It's not an institutional question, see. Rather: do YOU personally belong under THAT pastor.. or, someone else? Bible example: Paul obviously taught more accurately about the new role of Church, since God picked him to write most of the NT -- but look! the LORD forbade Paul to teach the Jews, i.e., Acts 22's speech. So Paul was not right for the Jews, but for the Gentiles. Each pastor has his own flock. Has zippo to do with denominations, everything to do with GOD's KNITTING the Body together. Paul, of Jewish 'denomination', had more in common with the Jews than with the Gentiles, and if anyone was 'right' about how the Christian life worked, it was Paul. But God said, No! And Paul fought it, too: and ended up in chains, too. That's how strident God is about matching a PERSON to a CONGREGATION, no matter the denomination, no matter how 'right' in teaching!

So, then: God has appointed someone to be your own right pastor-teacher: as in, right for you, right now. The one right for you knows What Bible-Doctrine Topics You Need To Learn In What Way At What Time, like a shepherd knows when and where to take his flock, to forage. It's not magic, but a gift, and it doesn't intrude on your privacy, either. The pastor is gifted to sense his flock's needs, and gifted to communicate Our Food (Matt4:4), the Word.. so that the flock can EAT it. Hence the Bible Greek term "diakonos" (explained in Meaning #1), which means a FOOD SERVER OF WORD. Hence also the term, "poimen kai didaskalos", pastor-teacher (kai acts like a hyphen there), the latter term (didaskalos) meaning ONE teacher for a group, his flock. So he is also Gifted To Know Bible, In A Manner To Fit Both His Own Spiritual Life First, And His Flock's Needs, Second. If you know anything about fauna, you'll remember that many animals first eat food and then feed what they ate to their young. So also, here.

Remember Ps23? In KJV it runs something like, "Thy rod and thy staff, comfort me." The "rod" was for punishment, and the "staff" was a crooked branch to pull the sheep OUT of the trouble it perpetually got itself into. Sheep are the most helpless and stupid of God's creatures. They cannot exist without a shepherd. He has to do everything for them: they can't even find water on their own. So also, their panourgia (Eph4:14), a do-anything-to-wander proclivity, means they need stern handling, for their own good. Hence the pastor must have authority to check the urge to stray. If you've ever owned a pet, you understand the importance of having authority for the animal's own good. So too, in the spiritual training system, we need shepherding.

Which brings up a common chatroom chestnut, usually said in a whiny voice, "Oh, but you are supposed to physically be in a church! 'Forsaking not the assembling of yourselves'!" Yeah, that Heb10:25 verse gets a lot of pious quoting, no one knowing that "episunagoge", the noun base in the verse, means School For Learning God. Where you get taught something. Has nothing whatsoever to do with Christians being together. Sigh: I really wish people did their homework before pontificating re Bible... Look: synagogues were not megachurches, but schoolrooms. You sat and listened to the rabbi, and then maybe afterwards you did something, but more often you just went home. Even today in Judaism, the modern Yiddish term for synagogue, is "schul". At least they remember that much! Today we have many ways to go to school 'long-distance'. The internet and tapes and any number of other access methods offer ways to go to 'school' even overseas. [See the verse context, which really began back in Heb Chap4, the central theme of the book. Well, immediate context of 10:25 is mistranslated, but translation in v.23 at least seems to have something to do with teaching -- Greek is clearer, because elpis is used: see Rom5:5. It would be helpful if v.24's "allelous" was translated with its inner meaning, since that's what the author's (kinda sarcastically) talking about (they weren't doing it -- context begins v.22, with what we'd call 1Jn1:9 usage). The of-Love-good-deed, not works. Idea of each person among the group being internally stirred to Love (moniker for thinking Doctrine in the Spirit with emphasis on resultant attitude, see Rom5:5), not beating on each other (see how James uses kalos poiete in James 2:8 or thereabouts). The whole point of Chapter 10 is get the Completed Word in your hearts, which is why you'd assemble, and why the chapter turns as it does after v.25, into the Trial Witness Role of learning that Word; but then, Heb11:1 is always mistranslated, too! I translated Hebrews 10:24-25 in a small-font note within DDNA1.htm to show how 1Jn3:18's corrected translation was valid. You can search on "carefully discern among" in DDNA1.htm to see the corrected translation of Heb10:24. Sorry to keep making comments about Bible mistranslation, but there's no alternative.]

So while it's true that learning Word is THE reason to "assemble", the use of the Word gets a workout by physical attendance. Same could be said for a lot of popular works-ideas in Christendom. They are in the Bible, and we do them -- but they aren't supposed to be of competing importance, with Word. But you can and in fact must think Word under the Spirit while you do those works -- else, it's wood-hay-stubble anyhow: not to mention, incompetent. So, okay then: most humans need hands-on-usage of the Word, before they understand it. Great. Again, what works for YOU? God knows, so ask Him. No two people will get exactly the same Divine Answer, for we are each of us, unique. So we don't need to go around measuring others by our own standards (2Cor10:12), since we don't know what Divine Answer, the other person, got.

So, then: obviously God will tell you who best suits your Bible eating needs, and whether you must be physically 'there' or distant. However, you must ASK Him (use 1Jn1:9, ask Father in Son's Name). God has a very detailed will for your life: what you should think, where you should be, what you should do. You can reject that will, or choose to know it, and then act on it. Romans 12:1-3 is all about this learning and knowing, in the Greek.

And why is this relationship solely personal between God and you? Because you are your own Priest, so there are no go-betweens. Links at top of the Home Page referencing this topic are many. (Most comprehensive treatment of what your Royal Priesthood means is in LordvSatan3.htm.) Even priests have always needed teachers. So do you. Royally. Holy Spirit is your Teacher (really, Royal Advisor, of which teaching is a part) -- and HE chooses pastors, as we just saw in Meaning #1.

We are ONE IN CHRIST, not a denomination or some religious institution man creates, Eph4:5; which is a trio of Divine Words, not human ones: ONE LORD, Him Who saved us; hence ONE FAITH, His Thinking; hence ONE SPIRIT, the One Who Teaches us, and Who Baptised us into Christ. (Rom6, Paul previously defined what 'baptism' he means.) You know for sure that's the meaning, since Body in Eph4:4, was just mentioned in Eph4:3 as being 'chained' (sundesmos) by the Spirit. So Body has only One Head, Christ. Therefore only One Faith, His Thinking: Greek word "pistis" first means WHAT IS BELIEVED, the Body of Thinking. The act of faith is second: you believe, because something warrants it. And Christ is The Everything, as we saw in Eph4:16: title for Him in NT, "ta panta", used often in wordplay due to the Vine verse in John 15 -- apart from Him is nothing, so He is the everything.

So, your spiritual freedom: the right pastor-teacher is the right one for YOU; who's right for you isn't necessarily right for someone else, and it doesn't matter at all -- nada, zip, niente, cero -- what others think of your beliefs or teacher. It only matters what GOD Thinks. Kinda like clothing, what suits you, is best for YOU, isn't like anyone else. However, though you are unique, you have certain characteristics in your personality which are like others. Hence, compatibility and rapport can be had -- because the communication between you and those like you, is eased by the commonalities you enjoy. So you really can't know the answer on your own, and you shouldn't trust just your own judgment. So each person has to be told by God, who is his right pastor. So, ASK HIM. And don't worry about the differences in others.

Meaning #3: The Pastor You'll HEAR, not works

The larger "fit" of this doctrine about "right", is the interplay between what's absolutely or structurally right, compared to what's "right" based on relative compatibilities at the time. God's all about Building Compatibility, as we saw in Meaning #1 and #2. So whatever He does, He does in LOVE. So He'll never coerce volition.

Meaning #1 addressed the overall purpose, structure, function of pastor-teachers as the 'spiritual ligaments' in God's Love=Wealth, Transmission-to-Transmute You, System. Meaning #2 therefore sketched some parameters of the structural individual fit between your pastor and you. By contrast, this Meaning #3 concerns your CONSENT. Everything being in flux, a lack of agreement means a functional incompatibility exists despite a structural compatibility. Can't learn: a) what depends on prior knowledge, if you didn't learn the prior knowledge; b) when not willing, no matter what your knowledge.

So it's a CORRIDOR of compatible-will question: a) did you learn what you needed beforehand, and/or b) do you want to learn what's up, now? The answers determine whether the pastor God would appoint is the "right" one, given your CONSENT. And if you won't consent, then the 'rod' of Divine Discipline must be applied. For as goes the believer, so goes the world. Hence consent and its lack, alter who should be your pastor. For it's dumb to assign you to a pastor you'll refuse to hear, aren't ready to hear, etc. So God might assign someone else temporarily, until and unless you change your mind. So you should be warned. Alternatively, perhaps you are outgrowing a pastor you now have, and the permanent one is not yet available.. but will be. So there are positive and negative reasons for incompatibilities. However, the more common reason, is that the sheep is stubborn. We'll focus the most on the negative reason, in this Meaning #3.

Negativity to hear 'provokes' Divine Warning, and this Warning is issued through specially-appointed folks and circumstances. Hence in the OT you find Lev26 and Deut28, inter alia, to alert you to the warning circumstances. The OT also contains the warnings of the many prophets; these folks were always largely rejected, but they stuck around usually for a lifetime.. warning everyone. The ministry period doesn't ever seem to be less than 40 years. When they are finally and completely rejected, God takes them home; then judgment is executed against the rejectors, and that judgment period is also often (but not always) 40 years. This pattern repeats over and over again, in Bible: you can also verify it in history, if you know what to look for. It's pretty gruesome, and the generation getting the warning never seems to learn from it. Some few always do, but the many go right on being as clueless as they were, prior. So the warning keeps getting repeated, generation after generation. This is the Divine Accounting for the ebb and flow of war and peace, in history.

So the warning pattern running now for us Church, is similar: you have a right pastor, chosen specifically for YOU. So you are warned to get under him and stay under him. If you refuse the warning or refuse to hear him, you will be clobbered, Hosea4, Col3:25, Heb12:5ff, 1Jn5:16ff. If you are in some kind of functional incompatibility due to negativity toward God, you will be spanked. If you nonetheless find out who he is and get under him, you are still being warned to listen. Being there is not a good luck charm, but your spanking stops; so your old sin nature will treat being under him as a good luck charm, lol: see Romans 8 -- the sin nature can't handle truth, can only abuse truth. Of course, if you were under the right guy and left, you are being warned to go back. If you haven't been under the right guy and you won't go, you are being warned to go.

The most trackable current manifestation of this same warning-then-clobbering, is the current decline of the United States. Many famous authors have been stunned at our decline from the 1960's, so they write trying to diagnose the cause. Some, like David Halberstam, attribute our decline to lack of corporate leadership and political power wrangling. Others, like Hedrick Smith, attribute it to a decline in mental attitude. Still others, like Theodore White, Paul Kennedy and William Manchester, take a longer view, seeing it as a play of cyclical history, since other nations have risen and declined as we are doing. But the precipitousness of our national decline -- all within one generation (my own) -- is, as the Bible always warns, due to rejection of God. So I tried to sketch the Biblical diagnosis of our history since the 1960's in an essay, WitnUS.htm. That essay is part of LvS4d.htm, to show the 'witness' of a large number of negative believers, in keeping with the forecast explained in Lev26, Deut28, etc.

So here's another layer to Meaning #3: due diligence disclosure. Because, God Wants Compatible Sons, Eph4:13. Every human born is thus a potential heir of God. Hence the Gospel is an inheritance contract which God unilaterally offers, having already completed it with Christ, on the Cross. The contract between them was made in eternity past, Isa53:10-11, 1Tim2:5. But we haven't ratified the agreement, and it doesn't apply to us until we do: hence the requirement of John 3:16, to be saved. But after salvation, the five infinitives of Isa53:10-11 (LXX) are to 'run' in you, which Paul describes in Romans 8.

Notice how Meaning #1 was not about religion, but about learning Christ. So, Meaning #2 was also not about religion, but about what PASTOR you need, to best learn Christ. So, here Meaning #3, is also not about works, but what you HEAR from that pastor. Obviously, a pastor who you're not ready for, due to a) and b) above, might be the better one for you -- but the one you will hear, is still better than none at all. And light-years better than works. We just saw in the three passes of translation in Eph4:12-16, the only 'works' which make the Body grow, is the Food of His Thinking. That is how Christ Himself Grew, Matt4:4, so it's pretty categorical -- works don't work, Bible (not men's) Doctrine works, James 1:1-2:26 in Greek. (More on why works is so not the spiritual life is covered at length in Paradox.htm, and in even more detail throughout the "Thinking series" and DDNA.htm. The latter is a newer series focusing on the internal changes God makes in you, which 'play' kinda like recombinant DNA engineering -- but on your soul.)

In any event, we don't judge pastors: God will clobber us for that. Granted, some pastors don't teach Scripture well, but that issue only comes into play if you become aware of it and are under that person: because then your willingness to hear is impacted. Worst thing you can do to yourself is to close your ears. Repeat: errors do not matter, but closing your ears prevents any needed correction. So, should you quietly leave? Maybe yes, maybe no: use 1Jn1:9, ask Father in Son's Name for the Spirit to show you via Scripture and its eating, what to do. Our parents weren't perfect, either, and we surely are not. When you get to the last section, on Satan's Counterfeit Pastors to Avoid, you'll find that you'd have to separate yourself from the entire world, practically, to 'leave'...

When a person is ready to hear, ready or freed to be moved to some pastor, God is right there to confirm it and exploit that readiness. It's His Character to make profit on everything. Word never returns void, a common refrain in Bible (Isa 53-55, 60-61 are great chapters on this). Surely you have examples in your own life you can remember.

In sum: Full functioning Compatibility with Infinity is God's Goal for establishing His System: God wants Intimate Relationship because Infinite. Hence He wants 'sons' at His Own Level, Eph4:13! Sounds almost too good to be true, huh. But Omnipotent God can do whatever He wants -- so it's just a question of how He wants it done. God is ironic. We'd expect Him to flash His Majesty, not prostrate His Love on the Cross. But by doing that, He really does get the only Righteous result, for His Son can now be cloned in us -- again, the five infinitives of Isa53:10-11 in the LXX text, say this.

DDNA.htm covers that internal goal at the micro end, and "Thinking" series covers it at the macro end. Upshot: we needed a Cross, to be made structurally compatible with Holy God, 2Cor5:21, "far" and "near" concepts in Eph2, Rom5. So that's why Bible keeps on stressing attitude and learning and believing functions, thereafter (i.e., Rom5-8). Because, compatibility is dynamic, since volition is its impetus. Hence Romans 8, which is all about going from structure, to function. So too with Ephesians: Chaps 1-2, are structure, 3 is on function, 4 is on how structure and function are designed to interrelate. Which is why we can all be so different, some learning nothing, others learning way more -- such that God can still fit us together happily forever. Nothing is impossible, for God. However, at the personal end, where do you want to be? That's a functional question, which no one but you, can answer. Because it's not right to force you: God will never force His Will upon you.

Meaning, #4: Eph4:5-16, God Makes Pastor's Feeding,

Remember this page's re-translation of Eph4:12-16? God finances all, God does all the work. Eph2:10 says the same thing. So, what's the result? Well, the combined effect of the Structure of the individual within the Body Corporate, the fitting of the individual to his own right teacher, and the functioning of that individual within the whole, is reflected throughout God's other macro design goals. The impact couldn't be greater, for and upon, Church. This purpose is stated in the sweeping language of Eph1:1-18, the longest sentence in the NT's Greek, both on the earth during time, and in eternity. Overall principle is most succinctly expressed in Matt7:1-2, root idea of matching, fit, orchestration, which is compatible with accumulated understanding and volition.

The "Thinking" and "DDNA" webseries just mentioned cover the Results in Christ in great detail: "Thinking", from the Angelic Divorce Appeal Trial filed by Satan, which is the proximate cause for our creation; "DDNA", from the standpoint of what happens inside your soul, as a result of living in God's System. So "Thinking" is the macro-epic, and "DDNA" is the micro-epic.

In both series, the end result shown is that two eternal universes will exist: for lack of better words, we'll call them heaven and hell. So like Paul says in Romans 8:11ff (Greek), all of creation is kinda like a pregnancy waiting for the birth of this eternal state.

So the upshot result, is this: what makes a thing heavenly is SHARED RAPPORT. What makes a thing hellish is lack of rapport. So it's all about answering the Divorce Trial (filed due to lack of rapport), and building that capacity to live happily with God forever.. while still down here. Wouldn't you say that's quite a lot of 'fruit' from what seems a 'small' thing, getting under one's own right pastor? And then, 'just studying' and trying to live on some words in a Book which is routinely abused, disregarded, waved about or thumped to make self feel worthy?

Now let's look at the potential results of you, me, any Christian. These results aren't small, either. In fact, they are staggeringly large. You will be humbled by them, cocky because of them, spanked because of them, and will MATURE because of them, ideally. Hence the advance disclosure about them, in Bible. Can't grow into a wealth without first getting the wealth so you can 'practice'. So categorically, some of these Results could be classified as follows:

  1. Your growing up spiritually in God's System blesses the world even while you're down here -- and it's the only way the world can be blessed. DueDisclosure.htm probably offers the best presentation of the legalities, and DDNA1.htm helps you see why your puny life can have so great an impact. The whole "Thinking" series was written to assess the impact, and DDNA is its micro end. That's a lot of reading. A shorter summary might be in the "Seven Facets" links of LvS4b.htm, which categorize the kinds of Benefits to Father you are deemed to becoming, even while down here. My sites always focus on legalities and accountings, so of course the material is densely-packed, sorry. This is of epic importance, to live in God's System. Christianity is really missing the boat. My pastor has taught this stuff for 50+ years, so it's been available. I'm writing to synthesize and independently vet what I learned under him. So my way of presenting the material is not the same as his. I didn't expect the proof to be so overwhelming and obvious.

  2. While still living down here, time you spend in God's System buys time for the world to continue existing. Mirroring.htm shows God's Accounting System for time, and it's always based on who is learning Him. Goes back to Adam. This is how God justifies giving the planet a dawn tomorrow. The believer's role in buying time is in Bible, Eph5:16 and Col4:5, other places. You'd have to know God's Accounting System to understand how all that works, but no one in theology I can find has ever noticed the wholeness of the System: people have known parts of the story, but I can't find any comprehensive explanation fitting together all those parts. Mirroring.htm offers a comprehensive explanation which is testable.

      So all this will be news to you. It's pretty shocking news: the entire webpage was due to several people in the web audience and in my life (who didn't know about these sites) querying or giving me info about Time. Strange story. So vet Mirroring.htm carefully, if you read it at all. It's a tremendous commitment of your time: please ask Father if you should do this thing, k? Everything in there is based on Bible, so that you can test it. [My pastor has taught something like this, but I've not gone through all of what he's taught to know if the comprehensiveness of Mirroring.htm's presentation would fit what he's said. However, the entire construct of Mirroring.htm is based on Bible, so you can vet the interpretation: verses are many, and provided. It's empirically testable in history, too. In short, the information can be vetted, so I don't feel bad about the fact that I have no 'expert' support. God is an expert, and He validates. Which is the best and only way, anyhow. I just like to give credit where credit is due to a pastor, but as yet I don't know any. Mirroring.htm's last section discloses what I could find, among others.]

  3. As part of buying time, you are used to help rescue Israel's 'time'. Ibid. Israel's rejection caused Church to become Esther, basically. So we get to return the favor and rescue her, via our Lord. The last 1007 years of history couldn't play out otherwise. Mirroring.htm's "To be or Not to be" table (link in that page, at top) is the shortest summary of the accounting. LvS4a.htm covers the history, precedence, and resulting legalities the most. Pretty shocking stuff, imo. Everything in there is testable, because that's an accounting requirement (imo) for anything written. A theory or interpretation is not valid if it can't be tested.

  4. You become functionally compatible spiritually with Christ Himself. Eph4:13 is pretty sweeping, says His Own Level. This is the main goal of the System. God wants togetherness, flat. It's not at all about being good, it's about being with GOD. Good or bad has to do with competent enjoyment, not brownie points. Soliloquy.htm (part of the DDNA series) probably offers the best summary on God's purpose and result. This is the most important result among all of them. ArchiDes.htm, which summarizes this issue as the central thesis advanced throughout all websites, might be worth reading (it's nice and short). Of course, Thinking series and DDNA series are all about this theme. My pastor's central teaching has always been that God is out to make you think like His Son for the sake of Rapport with Him. Again, the way he presents the information isn't the same as I'm doing. I'm extrapolating from what I learned under him, and then testing, and I've zero authority. This is my personal due-diligence, before the Lord.

  5. Therefore, your growing up spiritually in God's System defeats Satan&Co. in the Trial. LvS4d.htm goes into the most detail on that topic, but it probably won't make sense if you didn't understand the previous parts (I-IVc). Counterpart version is DDNA1.htm. Those two webpages play off each other. Gist: that you stay ("abide", in 1Jn) in the System no matter what gets thrown at you. Everything will be thrown at you. It's a Thinking War, not something you do with your body. Demonstrates how well the Holy Spirit built Christ's Thinking in you. Again, this is a central theme in my pastor's teaching, and he gets pretty strident about it. I could prove all the conclusions from Bible, independently.

  6. Therefore, your growing up spiritually causes you to inherit a Kingdom. This honors Christ. Same websites as in the previous entry would cover this topic, but LordvSatan3.htm's "Summing" links will be helpful as well. That webpage is very long. God doesn't do anything small, lol.

  7. Therefore, the Kingdom you inherit will need you forever as its own blessing, because the Thinking Is The Source Of The Blessing -- again, rapport is everything. 3rd and 4th Aspect of DDNA (DDNA3.htm and DDNA4.htm) probably offer the shortest summaries on why this is true. Again, all the Thinking and DDNA series are on this topic.

So basically, in Christ you are worth a bizillion dollars, right this very second. As Isa53:10-12 (both inspired texts) graphically proves, the payment of sins on the Cross didn't zero out the sins, but CONVERTED them into Christ's Bigger Status (see also Heb1-2). So it's not as if you went from being a negative to a mere zero. You went from a negative to being CHRIST in value, theme of Romans 6, Eph4. That's why even the angels are your servants right NOW, see end of Heb1.

So how much of that value you yourself will choose to have function IN you, is another question entirely. But you are worth that (in "escrow", as it were, term is my pastor's, based on Eph1) -- repeat, You Are Worth All That Wealth, Right This Second: that's why the first three of the red-font results above, can even function. So all the rest of that Real worth, you can refuse. If you refuse, it will re-route to someone who will not refuse. See, God's Accounting is not at all like ours, Matt25:28-29. [LvS4a.htm's "Divine Benefit Plan" link and the "Corollary 3" links in LordvSatan3.htm say a lot about what it is you can turn down, and the re-routing results.]

You refuse, if you refuse to live in God's System. You don't live in God's System if you aren't functioning on all four remaining Elements (the First is a one-time faith in Christ for salvation, and cannot be rescinded). IF you're not in the System, just start doing whatever element you weren't doing. Until you die, you can always get closer or even win.

Welcome to the world of Christ's Wealth, the "riches" verses of the NT, Eph3:19, Col 1:27. You gotta first get wealth, to train in having wealth, so you are made a bizillionaire, that first nanosecond you believed in Christ. It's not hyperbole. Your human status is too small no matter how big -- and Satan's bigger than all of us, and he's not big enough, either. Only Christ is big enough, and we are all IN Him. So there is much to learn. God's Love is the Riches, which is His Thinking, the Truth: Infinite Truth, Infinite Love, God's Attributes are not divided -- so these Riches are depositable in us, Rom5:5. [Central thesis of my pastor is this quality of Love being the Integrity of God: see ArchiDes.htm for a synopsis, in its first section. Blows me away, how provable that is; and it's even more astonishing that for almost 2000 years of theology, no one caught on?]

So frankly, it's humiliating to know how big, God has made us puny. It's exhilirating to know how big He's made us. CHRIST Deserves It, so it's Just that He's done this. But oh boy, the sin nature in Adam can't take it. Every excuse, every bad feeling, every good feeling, every rationalization to QUIT will hit you during development. Just keep on keeping on, 1Jn1:9 and Phili3:14. You vote, God acts on the vote. That's all you ever can do. Whatever you learn, you'll mess up -- but that's okay, the Holy Spirit fixed the tohu wa bohu back in Gen1:2, so your doo-doo He'll make into His Diamonds. KOKO!

Helpful Bible Keywords on Right Pastor

Bible has many keywords to search on, but you'll need to use the original-language texts, for English usually fuzzily-translates these terms. The ones which follow are in hundreds of verses, but they will get you started. As you search, you will undoubtedly find many more terms (Holy Spirit is real avid about pointing out other words)!


Satan's genius is to play both sides of the Counterfeit Pastor 'aisle'. One 'side', respectable, will be touted as 'good'. The other side, gross and silly, will be touted as 'bad'. So that no one notices the near-white quality of true evil. So, to avoid the darker hues, the believer jumps to what's 'whiter', not realizing he's just cleaned his house, and seven more devils, have entered (i.e., Matt12:45). So one major category of counterfeit 'pastors', is a skewed definition of what 'authority' you need, in the first place. As in, none. Or, as in some flashy guy. Or, as in whatever-it-takes (panourgia, wonderful Greek word) to make you throw up the spiritual life (make you seasick), Eph4:14.

Of course you know that people don't seek to be pawns "of the devil". But, we all are, at one time or another. Sometimes it takes years before a person wakes up and realizes how he was used. So it's a dicey thing to talk about false teachers: for all we know, some of them might be coming out of a long-believed falsehood. Teachers are human, and we all are subject to this problem. Still, the believer is warned to detect false teachers, to avoid the misery of believing falsehood. So bear in mind as you read this section, it's not a cut-and-dried thing, what you do. Use 1Jn1:9, ask Father in Son's Name, what Policy He has for you in whatever circumstance. That rule of course well serves anyone, anytime. So also, here.

Since Satan rebelled against authority, Satan messes with the definition of authority, constantly, in order to get people to fight each other. So let's distinguish between spiritual adjunctive roles, and pastoral authority roles. So we who are not pastors, have ancillary roles: witnessing, ambassadorship, etc. "Ancillary" doesn't mean less-important, but only less visible: see what Paul says in Greek of 1Cor12:19ff. Never underestimate your thinking, and never mistake a small thing you do as being small. He who is faithful in little, is faithful also in much, Matt25:21ff; see especially, Luke 16:10. God doesn't think like we do!

Now, let's distinguish the role of authority. Authority has to be visible, and it has to be honored, so those under authority can get SECURITY and PROTECTION: their specialties are not big-picture, so they need a way to justify what will often seem like a meaningless task or role. Knowing that due to that authority, they fit within a whole, gives purpose and fulfillment to each member of the organization. If a 'high' person can't get a good meal, all his highness counts for nothing, for he is too hungry to think. So scratch all ideas of 'high' and 'low' status as being demeaning, in the latter category. Only arrogance thinks 'low' is demeaning. Even pee is important, don't ya notice? Just try avoiding it. Without pee, the body would be poisoned, and die. God invented pee. It didn't come into existence after the Fall, y'know...

But above all, the purpose of authority is FACILITATE GROWTH and smooth operation of the organization within its own purpose; in short, to chart and keep on, the course. If you've ever tried to get anything done by a committee, you know how horrible it is. Everyone stands on his turf, competing cliques form; coordination is thus almost impossible; and everyone is miffed if not all of his cherished opinion, isn't selected! All that waste is avoided if power is concentrated in a HEAD. Which is why we have, chains of command. Fragmented, unsystematized learning is about the worst thing you can do to yourself. You have to have a System. Bad system, good system, but a System. Your body isn't always working well, but it remains a System, and if it didn't, you'd be dead. Your body is not a democracy, either, or .. you'd die waiting for consensus: oh, we the blood don't LIKE carrying food to the gonads! Heh.

So we see two kinds of information flow, with respect to our Royal Training. One, we have an assigned pastor, under whom we are designed to be. So what he teaches, we are to learn and respect: in the OT, they would call the rabbi, "father" (e.g., story of Elisha in 2Kings), signifying the idea of obeying what he says, as true. Even if not true. But We also Get Bible Itself. Not locked away, the private reserve of the elites (though the elites tried to keep it locked away, and successfully did so, for centuries). If you look at the history of Bible IN Bible, you'll notice that when someone wanted the Word, he got it. Most, didn't: so the Bible (as then written) would go lost for centuries.. in the Tabernacle, nicely hidden away where no one wanted it. Samuel found it. Jeremiah found it. One of Josiah's priests found it. Again and again and again. Since the Cross, this selfsame lost-then-found Word has continued. Fascinating story. Get Christopher DeHamel's The Book, or something like it (Amazon and bn.com carry a selection).

Someone has to be in charge. Since we all have sin natures, we will be, in charge or no, unevenly competent. Authority is distinguished in that God grants 'something' unique to the one in authority (true in secular areas also, see Romans 13) which warrants that person being the one to have charge. We who are under authority often find it baffling -- especially when we see (or more likely, think we see) an authority's mistakes -- but God is really the one in charge (Isa45:7ff, Acts 17:26, Rom13, Timothy epistles). So we don't have to be upset with authority. God will turn any evils to good account.

God uses all errors of authority, too. In the course of researching the material for these sites, it's astonishing to me how regularly a mistranslation will by its very structure of error, reveal more strongly the very highlighted doctrine in the original-language text. Clearly the one making the error, is not smart enough to so orchestrate his error. This pattern is so predictable, I now rely on the error to show me more about the verse, than I'd discover absent the error! Try this yourself, see it yourself. [Gen3:11 denounces God the way it's translated. Word translated "tell" should be translated, "denounce", and because it's translated "tell", God is denounced. See end of Gen2. Similarly, in 1Cor13:3, kauthesomai did not exist in Paul's day as a valid Greek word. Yet, "in order to be burned" (should be that I may boast, kauchesomai), is still used in venerable translations like NASB. So God shows how boasting is arrogant, with this 'burning' error. Not to mention, every verse translation which reverses the meaning of min or ek +"womb", aborts the Word, and there are many of those. I could go on and on with similar wry results -- a whole treasure chest of them. Time for you to discover your own, heh.]

So when Satan can't discredit proper authority, he apes God's pastoral teaching system. This, to steal away as many of the unwary as possible. To fool as many people as he can, about what's "Christian", what "Bible says", etc., ad nauseam. Satan legitimizes falsehood by making it a) public/popular, and b)'respectable'. These two pulls on human nature are very compelling. Really hard to go against, because the kernel of truth in them is that it's right to be approved, and right to be respectable. So long as the person is not filled with the Spirit, he has no defense against Satan's wiles. 1Jn weaves this problem throughout the epistle, as a major subtheme (overall theme is how to be spiritual, since the feely/visible spiritual gifts had pretty much ended, and people were at loose ends). The "Thinking Series" spends a lot of time examining Satan's strategy and tactics here, especially in its Appendix, SatStrat.htm.

To this end, Satan uses but skews Scripture, everywhere he can. Truth is power, so skewed truth is skewed power. So you'll find translations and teaching skewed to satanic objectives. Of course no translator ever intends to screw up. No teacher gets up in the morning and says, "I think I'll lie against the Bible, today." Even the most cartoon-character 'evil' atheist wouldn't do that on purpose. Like we saw in the corrected translation of Eph4:14, we have to be deceived ourselves, to deceive others. Which, of course, God long ago understood would happen -- which is a big reason why we have the Bible the way we have it: in pieces, many manuscripts, much repetition of the same topics, many witnesses, so one can cross-check an interpretation all over Bible.

So, Bible everywhere warns the believer to stay away from false teachers, and constantly enjoins the believer to test any 'Bible' interpretation he has with the Bible. Sad fact is, people don't do that: they test with how they feel, how their best friend or other admired person feels, etc. In short, human opinion matters, but not God's. Most of the misinterpretations and mistranslations are therefore silly errors, which a few days' or even a few seconds of Bible study, could fix. So it's not God's fault, and not Satan's fault, and not a false teacher's fault. Only our fault. Vague interest begets vague teaching and vague translations; disinterest is the culprit. It's natural to not think of God -- but that doesn't mean it's right...

So what's a false teacher, versus someone who merely makes a temporary (even if for years), mistake? Well, note the mechanic of becoming an ally of falsehood, so you can tell the difference, yourself; and, so you won't be much inclined to judge the person. It's a deft deception into which, the person falls ("piptw", in Greek). Sample Mechanic: the person who reads the last part of James 5 but not Ps32:5, 66:18, 1Jn1:9 will mistakenly think that 'confession' is to another human being. If he just stops there, he'll tell everyone else that's how 'confession' works (this actually happened in a chatroom). If he's been doing that long enough, to confront him with other passages which refute his notion, garners hostility (that actually happened, too).

So most teachers today are in the "false" category. If you look back over Christian history, it's the same story. That has always been true in history. OT prophets were prophets to counter the 'mainstream' teaching, which was always largely false. That's why their messages have so many refrains like, "peace, peace, when there is no peace" (false claims by the teachers, etc). Josiah was the last good king of Judah. In Kings and in Chronicles you'll find out a shocking fact: since Samuel (meaning, before David), there had not been celebrated, the Passover, as happened under Josiah, e.g., 2Chron 35:18. Including, David! To whom God made the promise that Messiah would come from his loins! Later on (Neh8:17), during the 2nd rebuilding of the Temple, a similar statement is made about Succoth (Feast of Booths) -- not since Joshua. So, see? The Lie is always Popular, and the Truth is always Hidden. So this business about false teachers, is the norm, not the exception. So as you read the bullets below, and recognize how common they are, just know it was ever thus.

Repeating: false teaching is the NORM. A pastor who really teaches the Word of God is a needle in a haystack, and you need God to show you where he is. For a true teacher is supposed to be a needle in a haystack, just studying and teaching, staying put in one place, relying on God to send him his flock. The teacher is not supposed to promote himself, advertise himself, or ever ask for money. Now you begin to see what a rare bird a true teacher must be. Now you see why you need to ask God how to find him. God's not into the world's ideas, and doesn't use the world's methods. Satan owns the world, presently. So: people can be so easily beset, Eph4:14, Heb12:1, and thus are prone to trot off on the world's stage, missing God's System -- in the very name of serving God. So condemning, judging.. no, because that plays on Satan's turf. Praying, empathizing.. yes, because that plays on God's turf. We are citizens of heaven, not this earth, Eph2:19, Phili1:27 (NLT), Phili3:20, Heb 12:23 (NJB), Rev 3:12 (NLT), other passages. [There are an astonishing number of expressions for citizenship, and the translators don't all translate them idiomatically.]

In Gospels, the Lord repeatedly explains what false teachers are like. Matt7's "by your fruits shall you know them" is talking about false teaching, not works. So anyone using that quote to talk of works, betrays his crass ignorance of Scripture. Well, what are false teachers like? Chief characteristic is that the teaching is false, as we saw up in the purple text of Eph4:14. Of course, if you yourself can't distinguish that fact, then you have other markers for identification. So the Lord explained false teachers in terms of their behavior, to His audiences. Of course, you shouldn't quickly ASSume that any behavior which you think matches what He said is the 'mark of the devil'; what you should quickly assume, is that you better check Scripture against the teaching, breathing 1Jn1:9 so that the Spirit will guide you.

  1. Those selling "another gospel" -- Galatians' Greek term heteros, means "another-of-a-DIFFERENT-kind", from which we get the English term, "heterosexual" -- another, meaning a FALSE Gospel: RUN AWAY from these 'teachers'. They are only Satan's teachers, and never God's. John's letters are so strident about this problem, you almost can't read them. So it's a continuing problem in every generation, fake 'Christians'.

    This should be your first litmus test: is John 3:16 properly known as the way to be saved? If no.. run away. Any 'gospel' which has any other verb but "believe in Christ" as stated in John 3:16, is not Bible's Gospel. Bible is always consistent. Translations screw up here, but not as much as in other doctrines, so you should be able to look at almost any "believe" verse and see that it's only believe. [Romans 10:10's translation is screwed up, see Rom1010.htm. So also, someone stuck in the word "baptise" at the end of Mark's Gospel. Some other "believe" verses are mistranslated too. "Repent" verses never say anything about repenting from sin, but repenting from unbelief against Christ, see John 16:9.] Left blue boxes on the Home Page have more detail.

      This is one thing the Calvinists and many of their Baptist cousins, get right: "faith alone, in Christ alone." Just "believe". No added verbs. Just believe IN CHRIST. Nothing else. Don't believe in your repenting, don't believe in your inviting, don't believe in baptism, don't believe in some Church blessing you, etc. Just "believe" in just "Christ". Faith alone, in Christ alone, saves. Faith alone in Christ alone, is what the Holy Spirit uses to make you born from above, as perfectly explained in John 3, as evidenced in Titus 3:5, Eph1:13, Rom10:9-10 (last "eis" in that clause should be "BECAUSE of salvation"), Acts 16:31 and a whole host of other verses. Faith. Alone. IN CHRIST. Alone. Perfect way to put it.

      I use this Gospel-reading-test as litmus in deciding what 'Christian' sites to read. Sure, those who get the Gospel right can get everything else wrong, but it's likely to be at least somewhat profitable to skim what's said. Can't say that about the false-Gospel sites. And upon deeper inspection, you find so much wrong you regret having spent the time. Seems like 99% of 'Christian' websites screw up the Gospel bigtime, preceding it with the wrong verbs like repenting of sin (that's nowhere in Bible), and ending it with an "invite" (again, nowhere in Bible for salvation -- only a believer can "welcome" (mistranslation is "invite") Christ as a child does). The "believe" is in the middle, and its presentation is always muddled. So no one gets saved through those websites, unless the Holy Spirit causes the eye to only notice the "believe" verb. Which of course, He can do!

      Believers demonstrate that the Gospel makes them nervous. They always have to precede it with stuff, and then smooth out afterwards. Believe in Christ or burn in hell. That's John 3, and that's the way we ought to tell it. Else the unbeliever will be confused, and therefore NOT saved!

    Think of the "Lord, Lord" passages (i.e., Matt7:21). If you're not saved, you're not even able to learn Bible; you're only able to distort it. You must be born from above (John 3:3, 7 in Greek), which happens the nanosecond you BELIEVE IN CHRIST, John 3:16. No added verbs. Then, you get a human spirit and then the Holy Spirit has a vehicle to teach you Bible (human spirit is like a CPU). For which, you need to keep breathing 1Jn1:9. So if a teacher can't even state the Gospel properly, he might not be saved. For communication gifts from God always can function properly, even when 1Jn1:9 is not used. So if a communicator doesn't state the Gospel properly, he's
      a) long rejected the Holy Spirit, if a believer (takes a LOT of rejection to override the Spirit's use of a communication gift); but
      b) might not even be a believer.
    For any verbs added to "believe" negate the Cross, making the added verbs the 'savior', instead.
    Run away from anyone who adds to the Gospel unless you like being spanked, see 2Jn9-11.

    Mistakes are normal. Communicators are human, and they make mistakes, and God even uses errors to profit everyone, as we saw earlier in this section. So it's normal and natural to misinterpret Scripture. It's normal to mess up on a doctrine. Takes time to learn Bible and ferret out all the parameters in the Truth. So of course it's normal to mistake 'how many' God is, whether Christ was divine, to mistake what the Filling of the Spirit means and to mistake spirituality as works. All that can be solved by learning in God's System, and is of itself, not conclusive reason to run away (though you should be wary of all such falsehoods).

    But if the person misstates the Gospel -- run away. God Himself is warning you to run away, and He made that warning repeatedly in the Gospels and in 1Jn. 1Jn explains that these are the antichrists: it was the litmus test John passed on, knowing he was the last writer of Canon. It's impossible for a five-year old to misinterpret John 3:16 in translation, so the person misrepresenting the Gospel is evil, not merely dumb. Evil people generally don't realize they are evil, so you can't educate them about it. They have to learn the hard way. Run away. Quietly.. but run.

      If you read 1Jn's words, you'll notice he has this refrain which (in concatenated form) goes, anyone who says Jesus is not the Christ/the Son of God, is of the devil. There are many ways to deny Christ. The term "Christ" means "Savior". So: if you add a verb to "believe in Christ", then that verb is the savior INSTEAD of (Greek word ANTI) Christ. For by adding a verb, you are saying "believe" is insufficient. So that means His Work on the Cross was insufficient -- else you'd not need another verb. So if you add "repent", "invite", "baptise", etc. -- you are negating the Cross and saying He's not the Christ, NOT the Son of God -- but that the added verb is instead what saves you.

      Other substitutes and add-ons are common, but this business of adding other verbs is the most common, particularly among the independent churches. So they are becoming 'catholic', just like their first-century cousins did. For the primary tenet in the Catholic Church (Eastern or Roman or their hybrids) is that the institution must 'bless' you for you to be saved. Baptism is usually the beginning blessing, and where 'last rites' are deemed, it's the ending 'blessing'. So the institution casts itself as Christ INSTEAD of (ANTI) Christ, get it? The independent churches are going in that same direction, and their unity on "prolife" is what Satan will use to get them there. So it's no surprise that so few of them today, can even state the Gospel correctly: instead, they all add verbs. Just ask a Christian, a pastor, listen to 'Christian' stations.. see for yourself. It's appalling. Bible's warning of antichrists within the "Body" during the first century, is current and warranted before our very eyes.. every century.

      A sly variant of this adding-verbs negation of Christ, is in the blasphemous claim that you can lose your salvation. Note how coy: well, if you believed in Christ you were saved, BUT! if you commit some particular sin then you lose your salvation. Which means, Belief Was Not Enough. So negates John 3:16. Now, who do you think is more correct: the Bible -- here, a verse Christ spoke, so even the red-letter people can't deny it -- who is more correct, the Bible.. or some dingdong who loves believing that sinners he dislikes, will thus go to hell forever? God isn't cheated. If you could lose salvation, then some sin didn't get paid for. God isn't petty. What's wrong is our NATURE, and what we do comes FROM that nature, which is why even babies need salvation (and get saved, automatically). See how vile, how anti-Christ, all this emending of Holy Writ?

    So you are not under the right teacher, if he can't even get the Gospel right. As LvS4c.htm explains in great detail, Satan has his own counterfeit 'Christianity' which he trumpets to mask the real Gospel and the real spiritual life, to buy time between now and the Rapture. For, once the Rapture occurs, Satan's only got 7 years of freedom, left. Ergo the Rev17 harlot, is Christian, whether you call it 'catholic' or any other name. The harlot is (1) really Christian, and (2) NOT really Christian: Two flavors, in order to trap everyone. Satan's not stupid.

    Really (1), in that the Gospel might be right, so real believers -- but key doctrines are wrongly taught to make us spiritual retards. (2) NOT really Christian, in that even the Gospel is mistaught, though some people might merely believe anyway and GET saved -- so all the doctrines taught are skewed in key ways. You can see this skewing in the translations. The entire satanic scheme is revealed if you plot the patterns of the mistranslations. My sites talk a lot of the mistranslations and Satan's schemes (especially SatStrat.htm), so more need not be said here. Except, you just know those mistranslating, have no intent to be Satan's pawns. But, we all are, and those who work in Bible are set upon deftly. Pray for anyone who works in Bible. Including, yourself.

    It really hurts to say all this; I spent three years in chatrooms and many months watching Christian TV, even watching the so-called great teachers and evangelists; yet I could count on one hand the number of times the Gospel was properly stated by someone (only by a few Calvinists and Baptists in the chatrooms, as I remember). Now I understand why my pastor kept on nagging his congregation for decades about how the Gospel isn't being correctly stated; he spent SO much time going over the problem, I thought I would vomit. So much time going over the exegesis of mistranslated verses like Rom10:10, so we could see how folks mess up their interpretations.

    You name it, I've heard or read now probably every so-called 'great' preacher or teacher over the last couple of generations, at least (I'm 52) -- enough to realize they are mostly false, because they promote the fake 'gospel' of 'invite' or 'repent' added to "believe"! So no one got saved through their decades of messages: famous faces, all around the world, using Satan's gospel, instead of God's. Now I really do want to vomit.. with grief. Now all those relentless warnings by my pastor about all this apostacy since the 1960's -- which, even as I typingly agree with it here, sounds like nagging -- well, um.. he was right to 'nag', sorry.

    So how bad is it? Well, do your own investigating. I can only report what you see in these pages, and that is not enough for your own due diligence. All my webpages can only offer exposure and brainstorming aids.

  2. NO FEMALES are pastors. Avoid them, period. This rule is from time immemorial, and it didn't change due to change in covenant. An often-overlooked passage in Gospels about this is the one where the woman interrupts Him while HE is teaching to praise Him. His reply is NOT nice (see Luke 11:27-28). [Older NASB and older RSV manage to catch his rebuking tone back to her for her rude interruption, for her not listening to Him teaching, for her vile attempt to usurp His superiority by asserting He was once just a baby on a breast. Her praise was an insult, see. ] He often rebuked his mother, too, when she ordered him to do something. Women had a lot of cultural and business freedom under the Mosaic Law; but they didn't ever have the role of rabbi or Scripture teacher.

    Even the so-called "prophetesses" (a gift which died when Canon completed), were only specifically consulted (e.g., Huldah by Josiah); moreover you'll notice in Acts 21, that though prophetesses were present, God sent Agabus to warn Paul he was out of God's will. Rabbis were always male. Deborah was a judge in Israel, but NOT a teacher. "Shaphat" in Hebrew is NOT a teacher of Bible, but a governor-type job (little or big, depends on the scope of the "mishphat"). So she encouraged obedience to God, didn't teach it; which is a great role for a female to have. By contrast, idolatry uses female teachers and mediums: one big reason why God never chose females for His Word's Authoritative teaching. Women can teach kids, maybe other women in some below-pastor manner; secularly, women can do almost anything, depending on the accepted culture mores for her roles -- but God never grants women, pastoral authority. So never gives them pastoral gifts.

    There's a gigantic movement in Christianity today to have roving groups of pastors, many of them, women; moreover, there are whole sects which advocate and even ordain women pastors, in both Christianity and Judaism. GOD IS NOT IN IT. The person learning Bible in this manner will never grow up. Doesn't mean nothing gets learned, but the learning is NOT spiritual. For, the student needs to be under someone with the gift of the pastor you saw in Meaning #2. So the inner needs of the 'student' under a woman, are NOT being systematically met, so only appetizers, not a fully-balanced meal, is eaten. So, such a 'student', starves. But will not know it. Women have other roles which are extremely important, and enhance authority. This pastoral role is NOT one of them. And you know that fact quickly: the reason why women clamor to BE pastors, is that they are offended at not having some role given a man: so it's arrogance driving the female-pastor movement. Well, God is never arrogant, so He'd not be into any arrogance-driven movements, either.

    Of course, we humans being so childish about everything, truncate what God says into little black-and-whites, so some think the female has nothing to offer of spiritual value; others, go overboard in the opposite direction. We Are Equal In Christ, But Not Equal In The Transmission Of Spiritual Information. Ok: but unequal doesn't mean spiritual information is cut out from the female. Nor does it mean the female is sleighted if she can't be a pastor. Just because some people are sooo immature they feel they can't accept thought content from someone deemed 'inferior', doesn't mean mature people think that way. A mature person recognizes wisdom from any mouth. Certainly God isn't immature: He used even Balaam's donkey! So, if you're a female reading this page, please don't give into the immature temptation, to fret over 'status'. You're being trained to rule; and will, if you reach Pleroma and finish its racecourse (trephw, in Heb12:1-2), have more status forever than you could even imagine, now!

    Look at the rebellion of Miriam, if you doubt only males can be teachers: she got leprosy for wanting to take over Moses' job. Timothy letters are instructive also, but you'd have to see in Greek how Paul is only talking about MALES. How anyone can be so insecure and stupid to think Paul a misogynist, I'll never know. IT'S THE WORD OF GOD, not Paul! Paul is but a conduit, k?

    Watch how the male-female dynamics work: we learn from our fathers to obey what they say; we learn from our mothers WHY obedience is beneficial; we are encouraged to not be intimidated, for we see them REFLECT RESPECT for the fathers; because we hear them explain motive to obey by their behavior and words. Trouble with having authority is that the one having it must remain somewhat aloof; trouble with obeying authority is that thinking tends to cut off, in favor of 'doing' the obedience. So, the benefit of authority, of obedience is not learned: so into that vacuum, a goofy assumption that authority is about power, restriction, tyranny -- infects the mind.

    That's where women come in: they are witnesses, reporters, adjunctive encouragers, so you can fill the vacuum, and learn the benefit of obedience. Learn why it's justified, good, to obey. Hence the greater intimacy accorded a woman: as a mother, as a nurturer, etc. It's a great role, not a demeaning one.

    The man, gets to show the order. Thus, he sanctifies the order, so security of obedience, is sure. But the woman, gets to show WHY it's good, so VINDICATES the order -- if the man tried to do that, it would seem self-serving, further motivating infection. So, she gets to play exemplar; she explains, shows by her own obedience, the value of his order. Fantastic role, for each one. Unequal? Sure. But synergistic! Read any biography of a 'great' person in society: you will always find that his father or his mother greatly affected his development as a person. Sometimes by contrast, sometimes by likeness -- you always learn from authority, and you always learn from no-authority. That's the benefit.

    The Christian needs to be secure in trusting the one teaching him; so, the pastor's authority SANCTIFIES the discipline of sitting down and learning what he teaches. Authority shows up in the CONTENT QUALITY of the teaching, thus playing a wifely role of vindicating the trust. Other believers in the congregation who are positive should thus be growing, and they too have a kind of wifely role, by just breathing: you see the success of the teaching, in their lives. When they are out among the world, a wifely role of their lifestyles -- and especially, that growing relaxed mental attitude which hallmarks the spiritual adult -- attracts people. People want whatever makes these breathing ones so .. content. So, see how a 'teaching' goes on, with nary a word even said?

    See? Principle is FIT, not some way to put people down or crow. And, um, Bride is the purpose of history, now, Eph4-5, so how can that be demeaning? Calling out of the Church, upon Whose Completion, all history hinges (Heb11:39-40). All of Part IV of the "Thinking Series" (far right box at Home page top) deals with this subject in great detail. In NTKeyMore.htm there is more info on why no females are ever gifted to be pastors: search on "(male-only)". Upshot, there: the female role in imparting Bible information works differently, and is extremely valuable in its OWN way.

  3. As the Lord explained, Satan's lies are made POPULAR, to sell them better. Hence his salient promulgation tactics: PUBLICIZE and make RESPECTABLE, whoever or whatever, he wants sold. For Satan lost under the first trial (John 16:11), and is going to lose the current, still-in-progress Appeal Trial (Matt25:41). So all Satan has to fight with, is VOTES. So he wants as much of humanity as possible, VOTING on his side. For then he can validly get a "mistrial" verdict.

      Part IV of the Thinking Series -- specifically LvS4a.htm, LvS4b.htm, and LvS4c.htm, a lot of reading -- go through Satan's "mistrial" strategy, which requires human voting. Paradox.htm is a shorter version. Gist: a Mistrial occurs when the Trial basis in law can be shown WRONG. So if enough believers in Church will VOTE for Satan such that a DIVORCE must be pronounced by God, then Satan wins in the Trial, and all history ends. There would be no Rapture, no continuation of mankind. This can happen at any moment. So Satan needs to falsify the Gospel, to prevent believers being added to the Body. Satan then needs to falsify what constitutes the spiritual life, so believers will be voting for his side, triggering the judicial requirement of divorce for a given generation. It's a real issue, and it could happen tomorrow, or 1000000000 years from now, no one knows.

      Hence falsehoods will be common, popular, loud, and respectable (Matt4 Temptations' structure, Matt7:13-14, John 8:44). The truth will be unpopular, and uncomfortable. Hence, a person believing falsehood will be insecure if anything presents an opposing view. Such a person cannot stay neutral; he must put down the opposition. This may take the form of withdrawal (i.e., dismissiveness, disregard), or the form of outright hostility (i.e., antagonism, maligning, attacking) -- a whole spectrum of reactions. Truth really understood, by contrast, cannot be threatened. So, doesn't need defending. Notice how the Lord always just states a thing, and then moves on. He never defends what He says, but rather explains. That's all you need to do with Truth, if even that -- for the sake of the hearer. Of course, if the hearer is not willing, you move on. Again, for the sake of the hearer (to push will only excite further, his sense of being threatened).

    Once popular, false teachers can easily REPLACE doctrinal meat with BODY meanings, so you grow spiritually, not at all. Most of the time they do not know they are doing this. One subtle form is to make more out of what people say 'Bible says', rather than just teaching Bible directly. A variant of this form is to make very exciting sermons, after which you don't know what the verses referenced, mean. A fuzziness about God is perhaps the biggest tipoff: not much time is spent explaining GOD101 stuff like His Nature, Mechanics of the Cross, etc. Dismissive answers and epithetical statements like "God loves you" won't feed you. Oh, Doctrine will be stated, and often well-stated, because that attracts, too -- but can you USE it afterwards? Not at all.

    False-teaching Tactic (generally played ON the false teacher): Skew the doctrine just a little; leave some big part well-done, but the 'little' part all awry. Very sophisticated. The skewing tends to be categorical, so a cohesiveness of the teaching results, looking very much like 'truth', since it hangs together so well. Here are two quick examples which are very common in Christianity today:

    • Pastor teaches Bible, alright, but teaches his congregation, the wrong protocol for prayer (i.e., praying out loud in front of the congregation to "Jesus" or "Holy Ghost" or teaching you pray through "saints"). Therefore their prayers don't get heard, but get thrown out of the Divine Courtroom of this Divorce Trial. Instead, both pastor and his congregation, get Divine Discipline. The mandate of prayer is a common thread from Genesis to Revelation, due to the Divorce Trial with Satan&Co. And we Church, oh! We are Royal Ambassadors for Christ (2Cor5:20); as Royal Priests (i.e., 2Pet2:5,9), one of our biggest offices is PRAYER. DueDisclosure.htm explains the Ambassadorship role we have in more detail.

        Satan&Co. 'answer' illegal prayer. They also teach it. The Divorce Trial is about VOTES; you vote for God, if you live in God's System; part of living in that System, is your priestly/ambassadorial function of PRAYER. So just because you get an answer to a prayer, you still don't know WHO 'answered' it, unless you've lived in God's System for quite some time. Beware!

    • A pastor spends nearly all his time teaching Bible, and is quite interested and sincere about it, not trying to be flashy. But he leaves out the mechanic of how you learn from him: the necessity of breathing 1Jn1:9, to be Filled with the Spirit. He doesn't teach it, or assumes his congregation already knows it, so his congregation learns nothing. But imagine that they are learning. And he imagines that they are learning, because their behavior is 'moral'. Big mistake: it's not about morality, but about morphology -- changing to BECOME like Christ via His Word in your head. The pastor didn't mean to shoot all his ministry down the tube, completely wasting his job before the Lord. But being blinded to that mission-critical 'little' doctrine, all the BIG stuff -- even if correctly taught -- gets maggoty. So he ends up with nothing but shame at the Bema.

      So someday pastors in these sample categories will wonder why their congregations, remain so miserable. So then they die miserable -- for one thing a pastor needs, is to see his flock thrive. Means more to him, than his own breathing. See how horrible the outcome for the poor teacher? Oh, how cruel are Satan&Co., and how dumb we humans are!

    Always pray for pastors, teachers, anyone working in Bible. They need as much prayer as we can utter. Prayer has a protocol: 1) address it to Father, 2) breathe 1Jn1:9 as needed, 3) ask in Son's name; 4) ASK ANYTHING in His Name. Don't be shy, don't disbelieve. There's more to the protocol than this; but believer prayers don't get answered mainly because they OMIT one or more of these four things. [Nerd note: it's not 'disbelieving' if you don't know whether God will grant your request, so you put it up, not expecting it to be answered yes. It is disbelieving, if you refuse to ask or you accuse in your mind, thinking that God won't do a thing, as your justification for refusal. Unbelievers don't have the royal office of priest, so their prayers can't be heard, except as related to getting info about God leading to salvation.]

      Here's what I do. It's a legal thing, called a "blanket proxy vote". Often during the day I pray to Father an absolute, Blanket Proxy Vote for whatever the Lord decides my prayer should be. And then I vote for all the Father's answer, too. Prayer is a voting, a Royal Voting, the most powerful weapon in the universe. By making that kind of vote (which I understand well, so I can pray it like that), then everything is covered exactly as the Lord wants it. HIS INVOLVEMENT was voted for: THAT'S WHAT PRAYER IS ABOUT. His involvement, His Will, not anyone else's. Here, on a blanket-proxy, Unlimited Level. Baby, that matters: for the world can't be blessed by God unless His Involvement, is voted for. But how would I know all that, if I had no pastor? See the importance of ANY pastor? How much we need them all!

      You pray with your brain ON. So pray what you understand; don't pray by rote, by script, by someone else's nice-sounding words you yourself don't understand. God is interested in your own soul, not how impressive you sound to mere people. For prayer develops your thinking as you think/speak. So do that: make sure you are thinking. Then, follow the protocol. Your prayers will be heard. It doesn't matter at all how good or bad you are. It only matters that you are a believer, and you followed the protocol. Because, you really are Royal Family of God. Never underestimate what God accomplished in Christ on the Cross.

      It's normal to be self-conscious before God. That's another good reason to pray as often as you can. Your self-conscious nervousness will diminish; your confidence will increase; your competence at thinking will increase. David and the Lord prayed very often. Think of prayer as a running dialogue with God, not just asking for stuff. Seriously. This is the fastest-track growth mechanic among the Elements; for you can't keep up a running mental dialogue with God and not be vastly learning the Bible in your head so far. Try it; see for yourself.

    Examples of false teachers and teaching within 'my' websites are many. Most concentrated sources re the false teaching, are in the Caveats on the Home Page. They provide lots of skewing examples. "Lie Detector" link at pagetop will prove helpful. So will GodSystem.htm, 4Essentials.htm and PrayProc.htm, because you can prove the efficacy of these spiritual mechanics if you DO them yourself, and thus learn to discern falsehood. Satan can't duplicate these mechanics, thank God. But he'll keep trying...

  4. Categorical Skewing is Satan's favorite tactic, and all his false teachers, do it. For the 'Grand Central Station' of skewing, is TRUNCATION. So the chief characteristic of false teaching, is Truncation. Starting with, truncation of Scripture itself, via Truncated Translation. We saw in the "Bible's Badly translated" link section of this webpage how truncation works. Well, get this: Truncation is an official requirement, in all Bible translation. You are not allowed to use more than one translated word per Greek/Hebrew word. You'd be fired from any translating company or the UN or any diplomatic post, if you followed such a rule. But for the King of King's Word-Communication, oh! Let's snip God out of it, and call that snipping and therefore sniping, holy! Sheesh! For you can't snip out God's Word without sniping at Him. And oh, how the false teachers do that.. unbeknownst to them, of course!

    For NO Greek/Hebrew word can really be condensed into one English word, because English is a verbose language, requiring many words to say the same ideas. Moreover, the English culture is so vastly different, you need more words to convey the original-language meanings, even on a shallow level. But you are not allowed to do that when translating, generally. Sorry: this is a satanic rule. But, no one will change it: it's too old, so too respected. Worse, most of the foreign-language Bibles copy the English system of translation, and even just translate from the English, not from the original-language texts. It's embarrassing. If you can read in multiple languages, check out that claim for yourself. Import: a bad translation in English ends up replicating as a worse translation in the foreign-language translation, so the satanic truncation goal is even more successful. Makes you wanna cry.

      Examples: remember from the "Bible's Badly translated" link section of this webpage, how
      • the Greek financially-equipping-WEALTH word "epichoregew" -- the one financing a play, which is like today producing a big Hollywood blockbuster -- remember how it got truncated in translation, to "supply" (see Eph4:16's translation link, if you forgot)? Oh, lol: so now you know nothing of what Peter or Paul mean! There's a big difference between supplying lots of money and organization, and the fuzzy "supply", right? Supply what? Oh, that's chopped OFF, lol!

      • Then there was our friend in the same Eph4:16, "sumbibazw": "joined by INSTRUCTION" (or, held-by-instruction). Oilá, just cut off the capitalized word, which is the heart of what the verb means, and you get "joined" or "held" in English Bibles. Huh? meaning what kind of 'held'? Well, you can't know, right?
      • But here's one of the biggest ways to cut God's Glory, which every Bible I can read in ANY language, always does. Thousands of verses here: the word usually translated as verb or noun into "Love" is agape (verb=agapaw), and in Greek ONLY means DIVINE Love. Different Greek words designate human love. So if you don't translate agape or agapaw as "Divine Love", then it's easy for "Love" to look like an.. emotion??! Just as, cutting out the word INSTRUCTION makes it easy to look like INSTRUCTION doesn't matter..right? I tried explaining this meaning of "Love" in a chat channel and was shouted down by people who insisted God had emotion, using 1Jn's "God is Love" (agape, there, k?) -- oh well. Oh yeah? Infinity changes? Yeah, right, sell me some more snake oil: e-motion, get it?

        Who said Satan was stupid? Not to mention our other Eph4 friend, ergon diakonias, getting the lame "work of service" mistranslation. So you have no clue what kind of "service" is meant. So what will you imagine it means? Huff and puff, of course!

    Truncation: aka, "salami tactic". Great military tactic which Alexander used to conquer the world. Just keep slicing a little bit off at the edges, imperceptibly. Like taking one cookie out of the cookie jar, when "Mom" isn't looking. Until, they are all gone. Mom would catch on, of course. So Satan snips little bits off each word in translation, so you can't tell the Word's cookie jar is nearly emptied of meaning. Look: "Divine Love", becomes "Love"; "God-works", becomes "works"; held-by-INSTRUCTION, becomes "held". "SUBSTITUTE FOR us", becomes "for us" (i.e., Rom5:8, Greek preposition huper); "OUT from/ SEPARATED from/ OUTSIDE the womb", becomes "from the womb" or even worse, "in the womb". See the reversal in meaning, when you snip Word like that? And it's done all over the place in translations, no one caring enough to investigate the original-language texts. No one caring enough to at least fix the many mistranslations which cut GOD out? That would only take maybe a year or so. Yeah, and we churn out "new" translations which are just the same ol' same ol'. What hypocrisy.

    Satan practiced truncation ON the Lord in the 2nd Temptation of Matt4. Cutting out just a snippet from Ps91, Satan reversed the meaning of the passage. Moreover, by truncating Bible verses to have only one shallow meaning, the others go undetected. Handy. Bible and its lessons are multi-layer in meaning, all-at-once true, each in its own 'compartment', so to speak (e.g., a time to be born, a time to die). So each verse like a hub with a bizillion 'spokes' of understanding, all flawlessly tied together. Awesome Writ. It's real clear in the original languages God wrote this Book. So falsehood is easily crafted by cutting out part of the meaning in a verse: same tactic in 2nd Temptation in Matt4. This is how denominations form and fight: they each narrowly define a few key doctrines, and the chopped meanings get deemed 'holy'. Then they trumpet those now sound-like-Bible-but-are-not meanings, to get adherents. Very effective tactic, has sucked in the human race to its Eph4:14 wiles for centuries!

  5. Same kind of skewing-via-truncation, happens all the time in Bible teaching. Satan's smart enough to have crafted his own Hebrew-and-Greek-geeks, by now. And they all prove how little they really know. Discernment, not quantity, is the key to identifying a Spirit-Filled pastor. So it's not how much Bible you know, or how much Hebrew and Greek you know, but how well can you CONNECT the Scriptural dots. The Holy Spirit knows how well; and without Him teaching the pastor, the pastor goes nowhere, John Chaps 14-15.

      A quick litmus I use: despite all that Hebrew-and-Greek knowledge, does the guy repeatedly rely on 'experts', spout from 'experts', and especially from the Church Fathers? Does he focus on Church history? What did all that expertise teach him about the nature of God? Does he stress God, or.. moral behavior? If the latter, then he surely didn't learn much, for all his erudition. And the Church Fathers were all wacko, so his reliance on them augurs poorly for any learning I could get under him. Many denominations' experts would thus flunk this litmus test, and within five minutes. For we're all here to learn God, 2Pet3:18. Not, people.

      If the teacher truncates meaning in teaching, then he's not teaching what he knows; on the other hand, sometimes he has to simplify for his bored congregation (we believers are notoriously UNinterested in God). On the other hand, sometimes it's an elitist mentality which spawns the truncation -- that's how the Catholic Church formed, frankly. God doesn't want us to be 'shielded' from the Word in its unadulterated form. So listen carefully to the guy, breathing 1Jn1:9 as you do. The Holy Spirit will alert you. Don't accuse, don't ASSume, but instead.. listen. You will always profit.

      A great way to quickly assess is to use the Elements in GodSystem.htm as a litmus. If the pastor teaches those Elements (no matter what denomination, k) then maybe he's in your short list of right pastors. Else.. not. Few pastors do teach those Elements, which means very few Christians are growing spiritually. But in every country there will be some pastors who do teach them. God provides.

    Religious vocabulary is famously fuzzy. That's a type of truncation. Then there are the snippet statements which sound so holy, but inform you? Not at all. Watch how deft a thing it is, to state a truth curtly, leaving the hearer, blank. For example: "God is Righteous." Yep, that's true, but.. what does that mean? Morality? Well, that's the answer you usually get. Notice how it wasn't said that morality=Righteousness, but via truncation, you'll naturally conclude that's what it means. Looking no farther. So not knowing God, but instead focusing on yourself.

    Really sad, for Righteousness is so much more than mere non-spiritual morality. Morality is never spiritual. Good for you, but not spiritual. But who teaches that? Almost no one. See, Holy God is truncated to a mere morality, so the one teaching Him that way, is sniping at Him. That's exactly how Satan likes it. Yeah, so it's not hard, if God is truncated to morality, to take all those GOD-works verbs and nouns in the original-language texts of Bible, and cut God OUT of them in translation. So the teacher only using a translation, really thinks he's teaching correctly, get it? So then it looks like human works to him, in MIStranslations of James 2:22, Phili3:12-13, Rom12:1, our friend Eph4:5-16, scads of other passages. So then easily taught in truncated fashion, too. So then the sniping infection, spreads to millions, who themselves are so DISinterested in God, they settle for the translations. Oh, too much WORK to study in the original-language texts... Yeah, right: it's the Holy Spirit's Power, dummy. You do nothing but grin...

    So, the following results: right and wrong is defined in BODY terms, as if thinking didn't matter, only behavior. Or knowing Bible is truncated to flashcard knowledge, which is no knowledge at all: how-right-my-definition-of-Trinity compared to some other sect, doesn't mean you know what it is. You don't know anything until you know the WHYS. Christianity never explores the whys; it's historically 'allergic' to whys. So, from the Church Fathers onward, Christianity has stayed in doctrinal shallows, always hollering "Be good!" LOL: as if God needed from us what we need from each other. Tragic.

    In short, swallowing camels, but straining at gnats. Shallow, insisting on small fetishes, and ignoring the big stuff. Like, God's Nature; how the Cross got accomplished; what role Bible really plays in making you like Christ. So, the shallow, truncated teaching casts God in caricature: Sugar Daddy or Petty Judge. With the result that you actually learn very little about Him; and what you imagine you know, makes you unhappy.

    So: to popularize skewed teaching, false teachers are often genuinely attractive in some way. Most are moral, nice to hear, sincere, even loving -- by human standards, that's the trick. "Attractive" depends on what people think such a person should be, so there is no one personality or other physical-characteristics type you can use as a litmus. Nonetheless, they tend to be engaging, smart (or aw-shucks-dumb), good speakers, decent, good-looking (or very humble-looking), etc. So you can't use outers like these, to decide. But here's what you can use: do they crusade? Anyone who favors political activism is a Rev17 devotee. Wonderful to hear, but.. running after Babylon. Christian right is full of them. Christ never crusaded. So in the final analysis, compare what they advocate, to what Christ did. What did HE stress, versus what they do? Again, keep on comparing His Ministry, and you'll be better equipped to avoid Satan's counterfeits.

  6. Any Pharisee-type teaching is false, because the Lord excoriated those folks repeatedly in the Gospels. So works is not the spiritual life, but instead the 'respectable' side of the Rev17 harlot, the one who uses the ill-gotten money for honorable purposes. This is the Number One, Most-Common Category of False Teaching, and is 100% satanic. It's just a fractalic morphing of the Genesis 3 temptation and Matt4 temptations. It's like cockroaches. You can't get rid of its infestation -- unless and until you burn the whole building down. Which, you can't do. So this will be a long and thorny explanation, sorry. Gotta flesh out how vile a thing, how blasphemous a claim, are works.

    Because our sin nature is genetic, and because the first sin was motivated by works, we can't get rid of this cockroach of "works" until we die. So all we can do is keep fumigating it with the Word. Adam sinned by choosing the woman over God. Everyone knows that. It's even a common quip among Moslems I know. So think: people got substituted as 'god', over God. So it has been, ever since. This is the worst of wrongdoing (Greek word adikia, means specifically abuse of justice): to replace God with people. As the Lord puts it in Matt10:34-39, it's the Word, not works, not people: "machaira" is the word for "sword" in v.34. Read the text in any translation, see for yourself. That message is repeated in various ways throughout the Gospels and in the rest of the NT (i.e., the excuses like I gotta bury my father, and the sanctified sarcasm in the Greek of Heb6:11-12).

    Not until we die, will we be rid of this infesting blasphemy. We don't need each other, we each need God. To the extent we don't adjust to our true Need of Him, we can't adjust to anything, period. It's all in vain. God pursues us with Love, says Jas4:5 (updating Ps23:6). But we pursue doggone near everything else. It's in the genes.

    1. The Pharisees had two basic tenets in their spin on the Mosaic Law, which is why the Lord excoriated them so much: 1) they stressed Form, rather than substance, and 2) they Deemed Themselves Deserving, when they followed that Form. Ritual and do's thus characterized every iota of their lives, and the so-called "Oral Tradition" (Talmud) came out of their pil-pul style of religiosity. God wasn't in any of that, only ego.

    2. Today, learning nothing, we promote the same egotistical spin as did the Pharisees; Christianity's legalism in fact grew from the legalism of the Jerusalem Church. (See Acts 15ff.) Which legalism, replicated like mold; until sometime around 90AD it morphed into what we now call the 'catholic' form of Christianity (not restricted to Catholics, anymore). So legalism has been the 'accepted' version of Christianity even until today, despite the Reformation; despite the breakout of 'independents' from the state-religion (which merely replicated in different denominations during and for a long time after the Reformation); and despite the break from the more egregious doctrines like mariolatry, popism, etc (which many Catholics frankly don't believe). The works and some of the ritual are still embraced by most of Christendom.

    3. And it's stupid ego, at that: for every body, dies. No one will remember your good deeds except to puff themselves up for praising you. Man's hypocrisy is the stuff of history. We praise because it makes us look good. So much for any people giving a flip about what good deeds you do. Slam, bam, thank you ma'am. Be nice to get nice. That's it. Sure, being moral and nice are genuinely beneficial, so you'd want them also: saves a lot of wear and tear. But think: what's the freakin' point of being good? Just so you can puff up in a mirror or in a ministry? What the blazes will it ever matter what people think of you? We're all so puny, for crying out loud!

        1000 good deeds but one mere accusation or screw up, cancels them all. Study up on Stilicho or Belisarius sometime. Look today at all the people drooling to accuse priests, corporate executives, singers, you-name-it -- as if those people never did anything nice. Decades of nice were wiped out in a nanosecond. Mostly, based on accusation which later proved largely false. So never account your good deeds to buy you anything but vanity. Only your ego will be puffed up, later to be pinned out. People don't love; they love to grab, that's all. It's in the genes, see how Adam and the woman turned on each other and on God, in Gen3.

        It's really hard to determine who are the bigger criminals: the ones we find engaged in gross/lewd activities, or the self-righteous ones who beat you to death with how good THEY are and how much you owe them. These latter probably drive many people to commit crime, just to have an outlet away from their do-goodism. Makes one never want to watch TV anymore, that's for sure.

    4. And here's a bigger reason the ego-motive of works is stupid: God made every believer As Righteous As He Is the first nanosecond he believes in Christ, 2Cor5:21. That's not hyperbole, but the Infinite Requirement for Infinite Righteousness to be satisfied. You can't lose your salvation because you are Infinitely Righteous the first nanosecond you believed in Christ. See Heb10:10-14 if you even have a 'dot' of doubt. Christ's Work is Perfect. Don't compete with it.

      The Greek is so final and strident it blows you away. Perfect participle in Heb10:10 leads that point, then Heb10:14 bookends that participle, using the indicative perfect active of teleiow, to COMPLETE -- notice when it was completed, and for all time -- ON The Cross. So what bleeping works can you do? Sheesh. Talk about spitting on the Cross, Heb5:11-6:6! Do you see what a blasphemy it is to claim spirituality by works? That's saying the Cross is not enough! But the Bible says that you are Holy For All Time -- back then, on the Cross! It's a main subtheme and warning in the Book of Hebrews (theme started in 2:1), NO WORKS. Not to get saved, and not after salvation, either. See also Romans 6, to which the writer is alluding. Man, Christians sure do not know their Bible, even in translation! God works. God works the Word in you. The Word works. There are thus no works from you. You are damaged goods, still in this body. Don't substitute works for the Word, because only the Word in you can accomplish any works. All the NT stridently advances this message, but it's clearest in translation, in Hebrews and Ephesians.

      Consequently, Holy Spirit deftly interrupts the writer in Heb10:15 to testify, HIMSELF -- a rare 'appearance', and hence a rare construction, effective present tense of martureo -- to explain that as a RESULT of His Perfect Work, we can GET the Word in us to the FULL level promised, and on which the OT people will depend FOREVER: an awesome point, which closes at the end of Chapter 11 with the phrase (Heb11:40, always mistranslated): "apart from us, they will not be completed". The aorist subjunctive of teleiow means God purposes it that way. Attic kreitton, usu. translated "something better" in the verse, is the new covenant in Christ, and is also yet another threaded theme -- explaining WHY the change from OT spirituality to NT spirituality. Because they only had part of the Word in writing, they had to make do with body mnemonics. Well, the Body Hung on the Cross so we don't have that system, but Christ's Thinking is full. So they won't be fulfilled until we are, Heb11:40. Because, we are already holy. So now it's a question of developing that function.

      Again: if you weren't already perfect in Christ, you couldn't even be eligible to be built in the Word. Romans 8 has the same theme, elaborates on the process more in context of Rom7 backsliding (explaining why that happens, that the process is a zig zag fight as you are learning the Word, which Paul likens to pregnancy in the last half of Rom8).

      Repeating: we couldn't even GET the Word in us, if we weren't already as Righteous as God Himself. The OT people got God's Righteousness at salvation also (see Gen15:6 and like passages), which is the only reason why they could get the Word in them. This is the Central Promise of Bible, and it goes all the way back to the Fall. Because the Word became Flesh and Became the Word of the Cross, the Word of God is Alive and Powerful (Heb4:12) so can do its surgery in our souls. That's what Book of Hebrews is all about, the fulfillment of that Garden (post-fall) promise, "and He will crush his head." By His Head in our heads, the 'head' wound of sin, gets crushed forever. Trick is to get as much of that Word in our heads before we die, as possible, living on it. So to be happy, not so to be work-y. Gotta BECOME something, not do something. That's why John uses terew in 1Jn2:5, referring back to Gen3:15 (in LXX, which also uses terew). By cherishing the Word, you crush the old thinking. One Head replacing another head, thus you overcome the devil himself. Just like Christ did.

    5. As explained further in DDNA1.htm's "on Trial" link, 1Jn separates the works-goats from the Word-sheep so that believers won't get trapped in the always-popular legalism of works: the one loving the Word is motivated by IT; the one loving works, is motivated by THEM. The one loving the Word does NOT price what he does. The one loving works DOES price what he does. The overwhelming preoccupation of Christians in accounting themselves righteous or more righteous versus some other group or denomination proves legalism is always predominant. That's why religious vocabulary, degrees, study of what men write -- and then using Bible to sound smart -- is so popular.

      Learn Bible to learn God because you want to know Him personally. Else, forget it. All else will only produce a lot of wood, hay, stubble, and a life of frustration. The whole reason why we have a Bible is to have an increasing intimate relationship with God. So, we have his thinking in writing. It's not there for another reason, per Heb10:15-17.

      It's positively incredible to me that Judaism is so blind to the prophecies and markers of Messiah, to the real meaning of the Law. But I remember when I thought just as they did. Difference was, I wanted to know God. Life didn't seem worth living if I couldn't know Him: life is otherwise too weak, too fragile, too treacherous. So my wanting to know Him didn't make me better.. but happier. So the Christian is as blind as the Jew was (any Jew who believes in Christ is just as much Christian as anyone else) -- and the only way out for him, is to Want To Know God. Because, life really isn't worth living, else. What good are all those religious things, even if you do them well? So what if people think you are a great believer; so what if they think you are not? Whoopee. That and a quarter might buy you a stale doughnut. I was lucky: by age 10 I knew human opinion was worthless, hypocritical, petty, fragile. Many people don't get to learn that until they are much older, and are soooo invested with the need for human approbation. Even so, think: what's the point of being here? We DIE, k?

      See, the reason to even be saved is to be WITH God. Not to be good. Not to preen in front of a mirror. So the promise was from Gen3:15 onward, to GET the Word in your hearts and minds. So you could be with God IN your heart and mind. Every prophet looked forward to it; the Holy of Holies signified the Arrival of the Word Our Savior Whose Words would be in His Heart and Mind so they could be transferred to Our Hearts and Minds. Jeremiah promised that we'd not miss the Ark, because we'd be getting the Living Ark instead. Writer of Hebrews makes wordplay of this in Hebrews 6:15ff, then building to a crescendo with a bookended section between Heb8:8-Heb10:17. Paul makes it the theme of 1Cor (always mistranslated), starting with 1Cor1:5's witty His Word in your words. All of Ephesians is dedicated to how this Word gets built in us. 1Jn is entirely built around this theme, as well. Word Not Works. Only The Word Works.

      James made that his theme, too, in Jas1:1-2:26, always mistranslated. But then, translators still scratch their heads over Jas4:5, not recognizing 1st-year-Greek-geek stuff, like

      • the fact that in the Autograph, Greek sentences had no punctuation, weren't capitalized, and often had no spaces between the words, either. So a probably tired and underpaid scribe blew it, putting in a Greek question mark (a high dot) -- or maybe he was eating and a grease spot fell artfully -- and then him or someone else, capitalized "pros" in an ancient copy.
      • Next forgotten tidbit: pros takes the accusative of hostility.
      • Next forgotten 1st-year Greek datum: legw introduces summarized principles, indirect discourse, as well as Scripture quotes.
      • Above all, they forgot the obvious fact that God is never jealous.
      • so someone had to mess up the translation, since the Bible is perfect. But oh! they won't fix it. Can't change 'tradition'!
      • So see what centuries of legalism buys, see how vile it is: James 4:5 in all translations, horribly maligns the Holy Spirit. For centuries. [I can't find any version in any language of any Bible translation which properly renders this verse. Closest one to the real Greek is the Spanish Regina, but only in Lacueva's interlinear version, ISBN84-7228-877-3, using "hacia", which in Spanish has the same against-ness duality as pros. No Regina versions in BibleWorks follow Lacueva, what a pity. Please email me if you find a published translation in any language which isn't blasphemous?]
      • Because, all these people are sooo stuck on works, they can no longer read Word. Despite all those degrees from seminary.

      Oh: James 4:5 in corrected translation should go something like this: "Or do you think that Scripture VAINLY [very witty wordplay, jealousy is a vanity, an emptied cup] speaks against jealousy, when it says the Spirit Who Indwells us pursues us with love?" James refers to one of the best-known of those verses, Ps23:6. Idea that since the Lord's tov and chesed will pursue you all the days of your life, you don't need anything else (He's shepherding you); so you don't need to be jealous of others, either.

      Because there are a bizillion passages using that 'jealous' anthropopathism in the OT, James is alluding to them too -- as a warning. For the analogy was Husband-Bride, Lord-Israel; but now, Lord-Church, since Vashti had refused Him during His First Advent. ["pursues us with love" is epipothew, and you can prove that meaning all over the OT. The phrase is how my pastor translated it, and you can see it also in Thayer's lexicon. In short, there's no excuse to mistranslate this verse. Even less than none, to leave it maligning for centuries. Everyone knows it as a "problem" verse. What's the problem, is their blindness. Due to, works. Poor guy who first mistranslated it was probably exhausted, translating by candlelight or something. Very easy to make mistakes, no problem. Yet no one wants to admit it was a mistake. Like those dippy guys caught committing online child molestation (NBC's "Dateline" sting which aired in the US on 12/16/05).. the translators make the same kind of excuses when caught molesting the Word -- they just call Jas4:5 a "problem" verse. For centuries. Yeah, blame the Word, you're the innocent ones. Sheesh: how embarrassing. We are all pawns for Satan&Co., if our Bible workers are, huh. For works leads to pride leads to coverups, and they are just as immoral -- no, more immoral -- than the worst child molester. For look how the Holy Spirit is maligned century after century!]

      Of course, James 4:5 is the perfect description of what happens when works are said to be spiritual. Everyone gets jealous, and then the jealousy clauses of punishment in the OT have to play out. For God is being replaced by the works, so the first commandment works people obey, is .. idolatry.

    6. God doesn't like substitutes. Substitute verbs for salvation (anything in addition to or other than "believe") and you are not saved. Substitute works for Learning His Son post-salvation, and you will be embarrassed at the Bema. For works-emphasis is a people emphasis, and you've just replaced God with "people" in the First Commandment, main (and strident) theme in 1John's Greek. It's not that hard to even see in translation, if you breathe 1Jn1:9 as needed while you read it.

    7. So for centuries the false spiritual life has been sold by the Rev17 harlot counterfeit, vs. learning HIM via the Word. Hence for a pastor to go against the common idea, takes a lot of Scripture and courage from it. So you almost can't find a pastor who doesn't think works are an important part of the spiritual life. Use 1Jn1:9, ask Father in Son's name what to do here, because maybe you should stay under such a pastor, inasmuch as the Spirit might be breaking him out of the falsehood. It's not an easy falsehood to break from, since the Bible has works-commands in it. These are to make life easier on us, and to give the unbeliever less excuse for his unbelief; but boy oh boy, Satan uses works, big-time.

    8. For what makes works false and yet hard to 'navigate', is the misemphasized role imagined of them. Only thorough grounding in Word can chart you through Satan's stormy seas, Eph4:14. Misemphasis is one of Satan's key tactical ploys: it's called "Imbalance" in SatStrat.htm, if you want more detail. Gist: Satan's out to prove he can make man better than God can do (see Paradox.htm on Trial issues). So anything validly God's, Satan spins. So his spin to the Pharisees and their modern-day 'Christian' counterparts (who might also largely be UNbelievers), cuts God out: keeping only His 'Name' as a shell for their works. This is the exact same thing Satan&Co. do with Bible translations; so you can prove the tactic has gone on for centuries, so must be demon-sponsored. People don't live so long. Very sly, very sophisticated, and everyone doing it is unaware of being in his trap. Litmus: if the person gets angry or resentful that what he does garners too little credit, then his motive for his good deeds is not spiritual, but carnal. The fruit of the Spirit is Love, Gal5:22; Love is Unpriced, Isa55:1-11, 1Cor13:4ff. So it's not love, driving the works, but religiosity. Religiosity is "Satan's Ace Trump" (quote of my pastor's).

    9. Hence false teaching will increasingly focus on BODY, and in increasingly petty ways; this teaching will become increasingly strident and political, too. Like, 'prolife', which aborts the spiritual life. Like, teaching that even drinking one drop of alcohol, or smoking, is a SIN (not true, not in Bible, see Isa28, and of Eph5:18). Being drunk with false doctrine is thus evidenced by this strident body focus: Rev17, and Greek of 2Tim2:26-3:7, say so. [By the way, smoking isn't even mentioned in Bible, though the practice of smoking/chewing tobacco is some-millenia old. This isn't to praise or condemn smoking, but to just state facts.]

        Or, the idea you can lose salvation (also not in Bible). Like, the teaching that soul life is in the womb (Bible says the opposite, translations reverse what Bible says, see NoWombLife.htm). Like, the idea that if you don't do certain works, you are unspiritual. Like, lots of judging. Especially, judging.

      Note how the emphasis on works, creates a BODY emphasis on Scripture teaching and interpretation. That's when it goes too far. It's not the errors themselves which are the problem; making mistakes per se is never a problem, for mistakes can be fixed. Rather the problem, is that these body-slants don't get fixed, and instead tend to snowball into a Rev17 tyranny, so the Word gets trampled in the dust. Again, you gotta ask God what to do. This is the most prevalent trend in Christendom today, and it's always been, since Paul.

      Notice how these are always lies against the Bible: and they are spun, to justify invasion of privacy. You can't grow up spiritually, if other people have a right to stick their nose in your business, have a right to judge you. Hence the Bible Is Not About Body Stuff, But About Thinking -- which no one can see. So you have privacy. Hence, in the satanic herding spin of false teaching, more and more behaviors can be thus 'spun'; and over time the teaching takes on cult-like tyrannical characteristics. The prolife crusade is cultic in nature, and derives in fact from the mother-goddess pagan cults of ancient Greece (and elsewhere): look up "Traducianism" and "reincarnation" on the net, if you want to know the real origin of the life-in-the-womb lie. So prolifers lie against the Bible like you can't believe. Under the Banner of Heaven and similar how-did-they-go-wrong cult histories, will be perhaps helpful, to read. It's a long, slow slide downward. It doesn't happen overnight. So again, it's not the mistakes which matter but the prolonged failure to correct them. Here, for 20 centuries...

      Pride motives always need gratification. Grace motives, never do. With the latter, the benefit is perceived up-front, so the 'good deed' is an expression of gratitude, a response. By contrast, pride does a thing to get something it feels it lacks, but 'deserves'. So, this pride motive will come out in a teaching which stresses works as evidence of faith, evidence of being 'righteous'; as a result, people think they earn something from God, for these things. So you'll see a lot of competition among people who think like this. For anything satanic, always leads to fights. Holy Spirit is of peace, not fighting. Satan's doctrines mimic the Spirit's 'peace', wearing it like mask: but it can't stay hidden, long. Spend just an hour inside a 'Christian' chat channel, if you doubt this.

      Again, the one motivated by Word, is motivated by IT. The one motivated by works, is motivated by them. The one motivated by Word, doesn't price what he does; the one motivated by works, oh how he PRICES what he does! Love never prices anything. Hatred, always does. So the legalist bristles with pride if he thinks he did good deeds; but hatred, if he thinks he didn't get the proper credit for his good deeds. You see it all the time. So those good deeds are "dead works" (subtheme running in Hebrews).

    10. Compounding this problem: man basically wants to be nice. Man wants to get nice, and be nice. Frankly, it's a religious motive, for the Fall of Adam was religious in nature -- LordvSatan2.htm's "In the Beginning.. Man" explains more. Cain's sin was moral, not immoral: he wanted God to accept his vegetables, on which he slaved. Cain only murdered, out of jealousy. Ok: even absent that cause, it's nice to be moral, and is man's default modus operandi. Far nicer to be moral, and you get moral back. Immorality is what you do when the moral, is frustrating. This isn't to excuse immorality, but to merely explain it's not man's first nature. Man's first nature from the fall, is religious. That was the motive for both parents' sins. Isha, because she resented being inferior; Adam, because he resented losing his wife. Notice how in the name of doing something moral (better good), the immoral gets committed. Happens every time. So naturally the immoral sin is a child of the moral sin. But the moral sin, being moral, will be much harder to detect as such and will be impossible to eradicate.

        Need Word to heal you from any sin of any kind. Sin had to be paid for on the Cross, and the Thinking which made that Payment has to get in your head, theme of Romans 8. Else, you've no hope, theme of Rom7. Being 'saved' from bad thinking while still living down here is a real thing. The permanence of salvation 'waits' until you die, and because you are saved, you can get this wonderful 'salvation' of His Thinking in you before you die. So that when you die, you are TRANSMUTED (sumorphologew, term in Rom12:3) in your thinking. More than merely being saved when you die. Atop all: theme of 1Cor3, Rom8, Ephesians, Hebrews, all "riches" verses, etc.

    11. So, then think: a new Christian, or any Christian, will naturally think that God is nice, so I must be nice, too. So it's natural to think that body-works are spiritual, serving God. Especially, since we weak humans have so many, needs. So it's really hard for a pastor to teach that this morality stuff is not spiritual, but just a good thing to have like.. well, like a roof over your head, or a nice house to live in. People want recognition for their good deeds -- because, like Adam's fall, religion is the heart of fallen man's motives. Yikes! Our arrogance is naked, then!

    Notice the sophistication and the truncation. OT had a lot of do's, which were all ways to take the memorial meaning in the sacrifices, into the rest of your life. So, you wore tfellin. So, you prayed a lot. So, you wore tassels on your clothes, washed a certain way, didn't work on the Sabbath, etc. All those reminders of your Salvation, were the purpose of the do's. So you could live how great your salvation in Adonai, was. After all, life involves a lot of menial tasks. So notice God's Grace Enjoyment System: if you associate the menial tasks with God, then you are reminded of God, and you can thus think about God WHILE you do those tasks -- so they aren't so menial or unpleasant, anymore! But if you cut out God, well.. then you have all these religious demands. So you can feel proud of yourself if you do them. And since they were mandated, well.. see? I'm a better person than you because I do them better! That's what happened to the Pharisees, and that's what happens to Christians today. En masse, more than 90%! So now their lives truly are empty, menial.. no wonder they are resentful if they don't get 'compensation'; no wonder they keep being unsatisfied, theme of Isa55. Because baby, if you don't have the Word cycling in your head, well.. nothing works.

    Enter the satanic role of PUBLICITY. By publicizing a thing, it herds people into CONFORMITY. Whether they want to go along, or not. Fear, the heart of the religious motive (see Genesis 3), cuts out reason (see 1Jn4ff on fear). So you forget meanings you might normally know, and get religious. Just as it would be really hard to walk out the door naked (for fear of what people would think), it's really hard to go against any public idea. So, if it were accepted that everyone should walk out the door naked, it would be equally as hard, to walk out clothed.

      Witness, how 50 years ago, it was not acceptable for a white Christian to associate with blacks, in the American South. The South has always been much more devoutly Christian, than the North. So see how 'Christian', isn't -- even among devout Christians -- solely due to herding? Witness how today, it is not acceptable to show how Bible proves separation of church-and-state is God's own law; to show how Bible teaches no soul is ever in a womb; how, the Gospel is Believe-Only; how salvation, is permanent. You just try to openly discuss these facts with 'Christians', see how far you get. Time the encounter, for they will keep you there arguing, forever... [My other sites all cover aspects of the foregoing statements, so won't be repeated here.] Ohhh, that's upsetting to the public Christian mind, which wants to take over government (lots of unbelievable laws are in the pipeline); which wants to call tissue, 'alive' (which makes God stupid, not to mention sadistic, considering the biology of fetal development); which wants to make salvation conditional and forfeitable, no matter how lucid John 3 and like passages. See? Just like in Hitler's day, the axiom he made famous in Mein Kampf applies: make the Big Lie, repeat it often, and it will become the mass truth. Lenin knew that, too. And everyone just goes along.

      So over 90% of Christians today are going along with that big, centuries-old lie that works are spiritual. No wonder the US is in trouble. No one else to blame for it, per Lev26 and Deut28, Romans 2-4, 9-12 and Galatians, Hebrews 10:18ff. But of course those NT passages are strategically mistranslated. So you can go right on fooling yourself that works are spiritual. Truncation, baby. Truncating your spiritual life into wood, hay, stubble!

      It's astonishing how much crime of every kind is middle-class. It's astonishing, what empty lives people lead. Turn on the TV any time day or night, and you see pettiness and frustration on parade among families. Everyone sniping at each other. So no wonder child pornography and other heinous crimes go on, especially among the middle-class. But also the upper class. And, the lower class. It's always been like this. SPQR made fun of people who engaged in pederasty, made jokes and dramas about it, the thing was so widespread. When you are frustrated, you seek an outlet, and if your family is sniping at you -- you turn to perverse stuff. It has ever been thus. No excuse on anyone's part, but again -- if you would have the world be moral, get the Word in you by living in God's System. God can catch criminals, you know. But since no one is voting for Him, but instead for Satan's religious tyranny, well.. God must stand off.

  7. Those preaching what amounts to idol worship are false, as many passages in OT reveal. Chief characteristic of idol worship is stess on BODY stuff, to 'experience' god. This is the non-respectable side of the harlot, the hedonistic side, as most people recognize. Today, this side has gained respectability, however, so it's more dangerous than ever. Such teachers are ignorantly engaged in demonism. This category of 'experiencing' God via ritual, etc. is exactly the same category as brought on the Flood, read Jude. Don't think of the narrow phallicism as being the only meaning of "idol worship". So the tongues crowd, the healings crowd, the "prophetic utterance" crowd are all just as demon-influenced (or possessed, if they never 'did' John 3:16), as the murderous, orgiastic Bacchic and other ancient cults. See 1Cor14 compared to Isa28, 1Cor13 compared to 1Cor12 and Ephesians 3; see how Hebrews is worded; notice that tongues, healing, etc. are nowhere mentioned except in Acts and Corinthians; how, in Acts and Corinthians the use of tongues was to UNbelievers only, and only to communicate the Gospel. Scripture is abused in favor of that warm-fuzzy experience. Demons provide plenty of ecstatics: study the maenad/bacchantes cult sometime. Study stoicism, and Cybele cults. Ascetic cults are just as 'fornicating' as the lascivious ones, and they are ALL that way, in the name of 'experiencing' the god. Today's common 'Christian' cults just have different names slapped onto the same demonic games as played in ancient Greece: that's a hallmark characteristic of demon sponsorship. [See the "Seven Signature Characteristics" link in SatStrat.htm.]

    Stress on BODY stuff is idolatry. God has no body: "God is Spirit" verse (John 4:24, see also 1Cor2). Hundreds of references to The Spirit as Instructor, especially in David and the prophets. If you aren't online with the Spirit, you're in a state of idolatry. Bible calls this "adikia" in Greek, and in the OT it was a term for a defiled TEMPLE, unclean. 1Jn1:9 uses the same term, since your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, as part of the Body of Christ. You won't see its specialized meaning in the English, which is usually translated "wrongdoing" or "unrighteousness". A better word would be "defiled", given its use in Bible. So: search the word in the LXX and the NT inspired Greek texts. The Holy Spirit filling you has never been a felt thing, but a KNOWING thing. Not even in the OT. Your emotional reaction is to the knowing. The ecstatics of Saul etc. were emotional reactions, not something the Holy Spirit ever produces. God never promotes any kind of uncontrollable urge. That's coming from your sin nature, your body being stimulated.. or from Satan&Co. Period.

    So stress on feely stuff is a type of stress on BODY stuff. So, one can be trapped by a quite-genuine yearning for contact with God. However, as we saw in Meaning #1, 'contact' with God is through His Word, and specifically, through a pastor teaching His Word. So all else, is idolatry. The feely kind you see today has been going on since Gen6, and is of the same type. That's how Greek phallicism got to be popular: demons can make you feel anything, and will. They did it then, they're doing it now, and the evidence is so patently the same as the Greco-Roman type, it's a wonder how no one catches on. But it's hard to catch on, when you're feeling soooo good. This feely thingy is a satanic signature of burlesque. It has seven characteristics, and you can both Biblically and empirically today prove each one. SatStrat.htm, the "Appendix" of the "Thinking Series", goes into huge detail with examples you yourself can test. So does Caveat #3 (its link is near top of Home Page).

  8. Those selling themselves are false, because God doesn't need salesmen -- last half of 2Peter, 2 and 3 John, 1Jn4 help you with the parameters. Key here is some guy pitching himself as an apostle, prophet, special envoy of God you must tell everyone about, end-times-brother. Wanting your money, of course. Frankly, ANY appeal for your money is God's Warning To Flee the one making the appeal. God can drop a million dollars on you in a nanosecond. So He can on them, too. So if they are appealing to you for money, it means He's said NO to them. So you should say no, as well. [Within a church, giving money is something a Christian should do as it's a vote for that church to continue. So also, there is a role for giving money. But all such giving should be put to God, to learn how to vote with it. Any appeal which bypasses that mechanism, should be refused. Granted, a church is a business, so if the roof needs fixing or other thing, the pastor has to inform the congregation about it. But all that folderol with drives to collect money, etc. -- beware. Talk with God. This, too, is a doctrine which requires time to learn, and historically we don't get it right. Sometimes you go along waiting for the church (or whoever) to get it right. But ask GOD, no matter what.]

  9. Those who deny Trinity, are false. Click here to read it. Site is about 10 printed pages long, with links to other sites on same topic, and has rosters of OT and NT verses by keyphrase and rhetorical style category (since there are too many verses to list). Rhetorical style is a way to identify, just as much as the shape of an object, the sound of a voice, etc. So, once you see how God says a thing, you will be able to spot any repetition of that same 'how', all over the place. And you should, because the style is often how God marks a particular doctrine for ready identification. Kinda like learning what a Corvette (car) looks like -- after that, you know what to look for.

    Any translation of Matt4 proves Trinity: Satan wouldn't tempt the Lord to use His Divinity, were He not Divine (can't tempt someone to do what he can't do); Satan wouldn't tempt the Lord to sin and thus lose the power of the Spirit, were there no Spirit; Satan wouldn't tempt the Lord to disobey Father and thus lose that way -- if there WERE no Father. Sheer logic would tell you salvation is a sham apart from THREE Persons: One to JUDGE sins, One to be the Mediator and RECEIVE Sins in His Humanity; One to EMPOWER that Humanity, so that the Humanity, is not using His Own Divinity. Juridical Independence, without which the whole Bible is just a paperweight.

    God loves Righteousness and Justice, i.e., Ps89:14-15. So this issue of Juridical Independence comes from Love, not from need. We need justice, so independence is to protect from threats of misuse. But were we all perfect, we'd still want to have the same structures, as a kind of CELEBRATION of their meaning. That's how it is in God: His assiduous application of Justice to Himself is a celebration, not a restriction! We really sell the Trinity short by making them out to 'need' to be or do things, as if they had no alternatives, sheesh. God Is Omnipotent. So He's never forced to do anything. He does it, because He wants to. So you can kiss good-bye all that angst over your not being good enough for Him. If that was ever going to be a problem, you'd never have been born.

    Because we always cast God too 'small' -- in our own likeness, rather than in HIS Own -- the historical definition of "Trinity" is wrong, too: see DueDisclosure.htm. Why is it that man always has to chop God down? Nearly every Trinity definition you'll see says God HAS to be "One" or He's not God. That's not true: if they could not separate from Each Other and stay God, they would not be "God", to begin with. God is by Nature, Infinitely Free and Independent. 2Cor13:14 proves all this, by its three monadic articles. They don't want to be God, apart from Each Other, as that verse also shows; but not want, isn't "can't", get it? So it's sheer blasphemy, to claim They 'can't' be God, alone and separate; not to mention, stupid. Sheesh. Sorry, but the "Trinity" creedal definition really bugged me when I first knowingly believed in Christ, my first year in college. I remember sitting for hours outside the college cafeteria with this long-haired hippy who kept on telling me "God" was three-in-one, like.. an egg. Three parts, inseparable. At first I was thrilled with the analogy, but.. then that means God is not 'whole' on His Own? I knew God was Three Persons, so just kept on going, vaguely dissatisfied. Now I know better. The Catholic and Westminster definitions of God being this Hydra-headed thing which would be 'diminished' if not "One" is daft and blasphemous. They Have The Same Identical, Infinite Nature, but that doesn't mean they are joined at the hip, k?

      Good luck trying to explain this real meaning of Trinity to a Trinitarian. My pastor has correctly taught Trinity as "Triplets" for years, but boy, who heard him, Isa53:1! We humans are really helpless: so we can be carried by the Spirit, yes! Forever...

    People expect God to spoonfeed them information, so if they don't get some instant verse saying exactly what they think constitutes 'proof', they think there is none. God won't spoonfeed. Brain must be on when reading Bible.. or else, forget it. So a bald Trinity verse like 2Cor13:14, even in the English, won't be discerned, either! Chatroom folks fancy themselves smart when they say the OT has no proof of Trinity in it. Feel sorry for them, maybe; but don't ever debate with them. They can't read Bible. So also, anyone who thinks Bible doesn't teach God is Three Equal Infinite Persons can't read it.

  10. Those who teach Christ was not Divine during His Incarnation, are false. John 1 is so clear, you couldn't mistake it if you wanted to. Someone recently tried, though, by ignoring Greek grammar, inserting an "a" whenever an article was 'missing' before "God", lol. So changing John 1 for example, to "a God" in translation, what a stitch! Who was so stupid to publish such a 'version' of the Bible? You might as well have put on a dunce cap and paraded around the world with it, k? [When Greek or Hebrew article is not before a noun, it stresses quality of the noun, or has some other role. There is no equivalent to the English "a" indefinite article, in Greek. I'm not aware there is any in Hebrew, either, though maybe I'm forgetting.]

    John 1 is written in OT style, picking OT buzzwords for God very carefully and systematically; the Greek words are sometimes chosen to sound like the Hebrew keywords for God, (i.e., using Exo3:14's "ho own" LXX moniker for God, to denote Christ). ["Ho own" sounds two-syllable breathy, like "YahWeh"; and in Greek, has the same doubling-verb structure.] So, it's deliberately written Christ was God and became flesh: that's what YHWH means (YH, always-was, WH, becomes). Hebrew concatenation of the very ancient verb "hawah" (becomes) in the last two consonants, with "hayah", IS (timeless) being the YH. Lexicons cover the two verbs enough so that anyone can see this. Not to mention, Matt4 temptations: Christ can't be tempted to use His Deity if He's not God. Then there's the verse Christ spoke "before Abraham was, I AM", the "I AM" being the most famous signature of God in the OT (again, synonymal to YHWH). Blatant stuff like that.

    So anyone who claims that even for a nanosecond Christ wasn't God, isn't reading Bible. All salvation doctrines are about the Mediatorship of Christ as God-man. MEDIATOR means dual-natured -- else, there's no way to mediate, so no salvation could have been bought on the Cross. Mediator Must be Equal to Both Parties in the Mediation, or there IS no mediation: this is what Redeemer means, "Immanuel" means. Again, rather blatant. Of course, some dingdongs therefore contend that if God-Man nature, then somehow "God" paid for sins. Think, willya? The one owing payment, is mankind; so the Payor, is human. OT's matching rules on restitution and payment are so clear, the italicized claim is impossible to justify. Nature matched to nature: hand for hand, eye for eye. So Godness was unaffected. Which, one should already know, since being God, Nothing Dents His Divine Nature. Oh well.

    Unfortunately, there's always been a goofy idea like Christ was not Divine, which just keeps replicating like mold, through the centuries. Read Gibbon's 1776 tome on the decline of the Roman empire: in Justinian's day (Byzantine Empire), people who all spoke Greek so could at least still read the blatant parts of Bible -- yet Circus Maximus still divided their chariot competitions over whether Christ was Divine, and then slaughtered each other when the 'wrong' team won. But worse, can you imagine -- Constantine (a Greek, ok) had to convene several Councils of religious experts (!) to figure out whether it was true?! What's to figure out? 2Cor13:14 is clear, with its THREE EQUATING yet SEPARATING monadic articles every Greek could then read! So this goofy idea of Christ somehow 'becoming' God after He paid, or 'emptying' Himself of Divinity to become human, is realllllyyyyy old. Which gives the goofiness the patina of respectability, by now.

    Because we now have easy access to the original-language texts, it's much easier now to prove those old errors, as errors: unless, you don't read them. Unless, you just stick to some denominational kant, which of course, most do. Sorry: a pastor who won't read the original-language texts, either shouldn't be teaching, or should himself get under some other pastor who does read them. There's no excuse not to know Christ was always and will always, be God. Not even, from translation, frankly.

    It's true that to deny His Divinity is blasphemy, but if you can't or don't read Bible, you won't understand He's Divine. The Hypostatic Union is routinely confused, though again that's only due to not reading Bible with your spiritual brains on, 1Jn1:9 breathed. Will is the essence of Personhood. So, One Person, thus One Will. But those councils back in Constantine's day, (and chatrooms now) just can't handle it. Somehow 'magically' Christ is both natures yet one Person? What's so 'magic' about it? Why do people think His will would be compromised, by two natures? Is my hand compromised by the fact I have another hand? Just because He knew He was God, didn't mean His Humanity tapped that nature to serve His Humanity (i.e., Omniscience, which is what throws people). In fact, it's like avoiding temptation (which is what Satan was trying to slip past Him) -- you don't use something you can use. I can avoid using my other hand... Oh well. If someone just reads Matt4, he'll understand what the Hypostatic Union is. Guess few ever read it, lol.

    Egregious mistranslation of Greek verb "kenoo" in Phili2:7 as "emptied" is often a cause of confusion. No translation gets it right. So God is maligned -- typical satanic involvement. God is not a vase of liquid that gets poured out, ok? It's a figurative usage, clearly. But goofy Christians treat it as literal. How the blazes does God empty Himself, or stop being God? The word "God" then is not God, but some (rather stupid) supercreature. Brains are really out! Phili2:5-10 tells you how to translate kenoo, as not using something you have or are.. in that passage, like clothes you don't wear. You still have the clothing. You don't use all of what you are, but you still are all of what you are. No mystery or magic, in that. Of course, the implications are horrific -- since He did not stop being God, how could He stand to NOT use His Deity?

    Look: as a human you have a bunch of knowledge available to you, but you don't use it all. In fact, what you don't want to remember, you deep-six into your subconscious (called "defense mechanism" in psychology). So: you can prevent something coming to mind you don't want to think, as well. Satan was trying to tempt Christ to look at His Deity and USE His Deity. But He'd had so much practice NOT looking, even the hunger temptation didn't work (which was aimed to bypass the will, using the biology of hunger imaging). [When very very hungry, the brain beeps with pictures of food, or imaginings of making food, smells, etc. Satan was trying to tap that via power of suggestion: so the image of MAKING bread from stones, would have bypassed His Will and TAPPED Deity directly. But the Lord was SO focused on Father, even that impossible-to-miss temptation, missed. No wonder Satan was so flummoxed, afterwards.]

In sum: does it compromise your own spiritual life, to associate with people/teachers, etc. you know are 'false'? Of course the real first question to ask is if YOU are the false one. It's common for Christians to judge another 'false', when in fact the 'judge' is wrong. So first vet what you think is false. Every false idea has a kernel of truth IN it; once you understand the thinking path which led to error, you will be more secure in the truth you know; and compassionate, not judgmental, about errors.