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Topic review - The BS comments to be found on ZDNet regarding Linux. This ones a classic just had to share
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: The BS comments to be found on ZDNet regarding Linux. This ones a classic just had to share  Reply with quote
Sounds like a Trump voter.
:capwaving: :chemfail: :diespam:
Post Posted: 13 Apr 2017, 09:58
  Post subject:  The BS comments to be found on ZDNet regarding Linux. This ones a classic just had to share  Reply with quote
"Obviously you care or you'd have put those fingers to better use. Like, up your arse. Linux? How many of those repositories you automatically download and update do you even look at the source code for? Just because a virus isn't flagged doesn't mean you don't have one. What can we do on Linux from a business perspective... er, yeah. Run unreliable and servers. But it's free! Grrrreat. iOS. The painfully restrictive OS that Apple makes almost impossible to work with? The one that barely supports a handful of hardware configurations. Useful. Let's go with Android then, because that works well as a desktop alternative to Windows. The reason Windows has so many viruses is mainly the number of users. Same reason Android is said to have more virusese than iOS. More users, more attacks reported, more viruses created, better stuff to steal. No point writing a virus for Linux when no company in their right mind would ever use it for daily business. Viruses are primarily for stealing data and no one cheap enough to use Linux desktop has anything worth stealing. Meanwhile Microsoft hire the best programmers in the world to build software libraries/drivers where you can play games, run office applications, develop any piece of software in any language and use as a media server without changing environments then supporting every hardware combination imaginable for the last decade. iOS doesn't do a fraction of that and treats it's users like they're idiots. Oxymoron in there somewhere. Linux is unbearably slow and practically useless for anything other than users pretending to be superior while struggling to run the most basic applications daily. Enjoy your rewarding life working on a helpdesk... if you're lucky." ... -the-road/

So much BS in one comment the contributor is to be congratulated.
Post Posted: 12 Apr 2017, 19:03

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