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Why FrankForum

Postby brainout » 10 Aug 2015, 18:25

Godaddy provides a phpBB forum as part of its services in hosting my domain. So I don't consider this forum 'mine', but rather it provides an opportunity to have AD FREE and TOTALLY ANONYMOUS discussion for folks. So, on August 10 2015, I started it.

What makes this forum different:

* This forum is no-holds barred. Controversy is just fine. No moderating, here, except I'll boot spammers, stalkers, and anti-semites, since those are threats to the participants' and forum's existence.

* You are totally anonymous. Give a fake username and fake or real email but not related to your real name, and you're in, can post right away. No email verification step. No request for your birthday. I have no clue what IP addresses mean, so I couldn't and wouldn't track you down. This forum is a subfeature of webhosting I get from godaddy, and I don't want to manage it. So I won't be looking at your information, whether it's a lot or a little. And, there should be no ads, as I want none and this forum is part of a paid service. If you see any ads, please let me know ASAP in this Admin Stuff forum. You won't get mail from me either, unless it's an emergency like the site had to shut down for awhile, etc.

* So... You're not moderated, so you can post in peace, ad-free. Spammers and stalkers and anti-semites get blocked or deleted, only because they threaten forum safety. Else, free speech and conduct without mods means you are your own policeman, and you can be FRANK. Now, if you lay into someone and they lay into you, well, that's your fight.

* You are in control of your own posts. You can edit or delete them at any time, even years from now. Obviously if someone quoted you, then your old post remains in that person's quote. I don't censor. So if you want to show yourself puerile by swearing or using bad grammar, thoughtless syntax, be my guest.

* No post here is an endorsement or attempt to sell, except in the Selling forum. People who post there have something to sell, and of course you have the freedom to rebut them, ignore them, ask questions, etc. Frankforum is never about pushing a particular idea on anyone. Frank means you state a position, but it never means force. Different 'f', k? If you find someone's trying to force you into agreement, shout them down or ask me to and I will. But I will not censor. Only spammers, stalkers, and anti-semites get booted, here.

FRANK because FREE. FrankForum! :D

* Finally, people have long complained that they don't know how to organize my stuff. Yeah, they're right. It's a 15-year long journalling, so I'll make posts in categories here, trying to assemble and organize 'my' material in the webpages, vimeo, Youtube and elsewhere, for easier reading.
  • That anyone would even want to read 'my stuff' amazes me, but that's between God and you. HE ALONE makes it sensible, not me. To be honest, when I read or hear it myself, it's as if someone else is talking or writing, and I argue against it, too.