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Just how harloty was Justinian I?
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Author:  brainout [ 01 Apr 2017, 19:15 ]
Post subject:  Just how harloty was Justinian I?

Since Rev17:9 names Justinian I derisively as the 2nd of the posterboy harlots trying to unite Church and State, it should be a research topic whether and how that is true. Here's the time-metered Rev17 text: . It's also in doc form, in but you need BW9 fonts, to read/edit the Greek, which was pasted from Bibleworks 9 and is copyrighted. Non-Greek text is not copyrighted, and the thing is still in draft (I need to parse thru Rev19, which is all one chapter in Greek).

Raw data is here: ; load page then search on 'Blume's' (include apostrophe) to reach the links for classical translations and Latin original ms of the Justinian Code. All are really annoying to read, mostly not searchable. So you have to know the Code's organization to even begin to locate what you seek.

Easier, is Fordham's and you can search it.

Arguing con the common (and quite understandable) claim that Justinian Code was anti-semitic, is this interesting JSTOR article by Catherine Brewer:

You can join JSTOR for free, optionally read for free online, or buy the articles in pdf. If you belong to an institution your institution probably already has a subscription, so you'd have no limits if you use the institution subscription. I really like JSTOR.

For an overview (which like anything else will be biased), ... ine_Empire

Shorter, informal version: ... -the-jews/

We all know Christ said John 18:36, so to REGULATE RELIGION in any way should be obviously immoral, illegal, unscriptural and unspiritual. There was no law like that in the OT, either (remember, there were Temple prostitutes in the Holy Temple during Manasseh's day?) -- so clearly the Constantine et seq. emperors are anti-christs and well worth Rev17's condemnations.

Problem is, the folks behind Trump call themselves 'Seven Mountains' and have the same goals as Justinian's. Just look up that term in Youtube, hear them talk for yourself (i.e., Rafael Cruz, Lance Wallnau, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, etc ad nauseum).

So this attempt at uniting Church and State is a threat to US right now. Thus, warrants research into the past.

Author:  brainout [ 08 Oct 2017, 02:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Just how harloty was Justinian I?

Series will resume after October 15th, with a much-more indepth 'Quantum Bible' showing all the related passages for the Constantine-Justinian I period.

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