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PostPosted: 19 Jul 2021, 15:34 
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Hi Brainout,

I sent you DM on Twitter (@daradeis) on 8th July and had intended sending you a message when you replied but I got busy with other things. I had a medical appointment for my own cancer treatment today and was reminded that I wanted to send on this information to you. So, thank you for sending on the answers to the questions earlier today so that I could post this item!

I have followed your YouTube channel for many years and appreciated your content. I don't always agree with your opinions, but it certainly gives me food for thought.

I recently learned through your forum that you also have cancer. I have researched nutritional advice for cancer patients for myself, and came across the following product, which aims to boost the immune system, and has shown strong anecdotal evidence of a positive effect in an overall cancer treatment.

I'm not in a position to avail of this myself, but I like to pass on useful information to other believers as the need presents itself, and so I am contacting you now. I'm sending you links to articles about the product -- history, results, and about some controversy about this product. I hope this may be of some help to you.

God Bless,


714X as a non-toxic immuno-modulator health product with the aim of supporting a weak immune system or slowing down an over-active one. It's goal is to restore the body's immune defenses without side effects. It needs to enter the lymph system by (1) injection (primary) and (2) use of a nebuliser (secondary). Both treatments are required in parallel.

The product was made available to the public in 1978 (43 years ago) and is manufactured in Canada. A single order (21-days supply) is approximately $800 (US). Website:

(1) Short article by Gaston Naessens (and his wife)

Gaston Naessens and 714X

(2) Short article outlining how the treatment works

Gaston Naessens’ 714X / 714-X Cancer Treatment

(3) Long article awarded a Journalist of the Year award in 1992

"Blood Fued" by Paul William Roberts ... -post.html

(4) Short technical background (But wrong on the availability of 714x in the US)

Gaston Naessens and Somatid biology

(5) Memorial Sloan Kettering's article on 714X. ... herbs/714x

It is banned from sale in the US despite the only side effects being redness, swelling and soreness at the injection site. They also note the following: "714X is illegal in the United States. The F.D.A. has prosecuted Americans caught selling this product."

(6) From

(The article that got me interested in this research in the first place)

What Naessens discovered was that in an unhealthy body, the 16-stage pathological-mutation dynamic gallops along. Trephones are created in great quantities, and cells are rapidly dividing, fermenting, and losing their differentiation. The body's immune system then rides to the rescue, putting out the fires, absorbing those “bad” cells and treating them as if they were an infection. In most parts of the body, the fire station is well manned, with the best equipment, and the fire is just around the corner. Not all the body is so fireman-friendly. In the lung tissue of a smoker, for instance, the “streets” have already been damaged by daily ingestion of smoke, and what are clean, readily accessible city streets in the liver, for instance, in the lung are streets clogged with burned out cars, and buildings have collapsed into the streets. The fire there is as bad as anywhere else, or even worse, but the fire crews have to work extra hard to get there. The water mains may have also been damaged on those burned-out streets, so when they turn on the hoses nothing comes out, and they have to rely on the water in their truck, if the truck could even make it down the street to the burning building.

I have to have a little fun in writing about the cancer racket, and this illustration is about all the fun I get, so please bear with me. In the "bad neighborhoods," the firefighters have a difficult job. Just when they put out one fire, another springs up a few blocks away. The immune-system firemen in damaged lung tissue, for instance, are much more beleaguered than firefighters elsewhere. Eventually the fires in the bad neighborhoods rage for days. Naessens found that a fire left to burn long enough takes on a new characteristic. Like Dr. Frankenstein's monster, lying on the table, it opens its eyes and becomes self-aware. Those errant cells, left alone to ferment and divide wildly for long enough, become a pocket of cells that redirects its biochemistry. Those cells are long past the stage of doing useful work for the body as lung cells, for instance, and begin pursuing their own agenda.

Naessens discovered that when a "critical mass" of errant cells was reached, those cells secreted a new substance. It is well known in orthodox cancer research that the nutritional needs of cancerous cells are markedly different from those of normal cells. Naessens noted that those pockets of cancerous cells became "nitrogen traps." Their altered biochemistry gave them an avid thirst for nitrogenous substances.

Naessens discovered that the new substance produced by the pocket of errant cells did two things. What it did was easy to understand and seemed almost diabolical. The substance attacked the neighboring healthy cells, robbing them of nitrogenous compounds, and it paralyzed the immune system in the local vicinity. That seems natural and logical. The pocket of errant cells needs nitrogen, and robbing the neighboring cells is the only way to get it. Simultaneously putting the local firemen to sleep is logical, because attacking the neighboring cells should turn a local disturbance into a five-alarm fire, as the body's entire immune system would rush to the lungs and put out the fire that was threatening to destroy the entire city. In putting the local firefighters to sleep, the errant cells could feast on the spoils of intercellular plunder without interruption by annoying firefighters. The fire rages out of control, the cancerous pirates devastate the cellular neighborhoods of the lung, and the body now has full-blown cancer. The fire begins to spread throughout the body. The immune system is disabled wherever the fire spreads to next, and eventually the entire body becomes an inferno of cancer.[207]

Without a microscope that could observe the sub-cellular milieu of the somatid, and with a mind blinkered by modern microbiological training, orthodox cancer researchers could not reach square one in blazing the path that Naessens's research discovered. As with Béchamp and Rife, Naessens left his contemporaries far, far behind.

Armed with the knowledge of how cancer really worked, Naessens invented a brilliant solution. He also discovered what the ancient doctors knew but "modern" medicine had completely forgotten. Ancient doctors saw diseases such as cancer as a problem in the body's fluids, or "humors." Modern medicine has rejected the "humors" philosophy, particularly regarding cancer research and treatment. The "modern" paradigm looks solely at the tumor and devises strategies to get those bad guys. In looking at the humors again after centuries of neglect, Naessens and others have discovered that cancer is a systemic disease, directly related to the humors’ state. Attacking the tumor is insanity when the systemic nature of cancer is understood.

Naessens discovered the reason why those pockets of pirate cells attacked their neighbors, and secreted the substance that robbed them of nitrogen compounds and paralyzed the immune system. He called that substance CKF, for Cocancerogenic K Factor. He then experimented with substances that were high in nitrogen content and eventually decided on a derivative of camphor. The substance he developed and patented in Canada was composed of camphor, ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, sodium chloride, ethanol, and water. He dubbed it 714X, after the initials in his name. Here is what he did with his 714X.

The lymphatic system circulates body fluids, as the bloodstream does, but the lymphatic system is largely ignored, since it only circulates “humors.” Modern cancer research and treatment knows that the lymphatic system is how cancer metastasizes in the body, but they do not really treat the lymphatic system, at least not in the ingenious way that Naessens does. What Naessens did was take his 714X and inject it into a lymph node of a cancer patient. The lymph nodes in the groin have proven the easiest to inject, and the most effective for distribution throughout the body. The 714X then flushes into the lymphatic system and is carried throughout the body. The cancer tumors have been secreting the CKF and attacking their neighbors to extract nitrogen, while simultaneously paralyzing the local immune system. When the 714X hit, those pirate cells would suddenly find themselves awash in nitrogenous booty beyond their wildest imaginings.

When a pirate suddenly gets wagonloads of plunder delivered onto his ship's deck, he is too busy counting up the booty to get too excited about plundering the next port. He quickly becomes complacent and may even settle down to a life of luxury, perhaps even becoming respectable, because that was his dream in the first place. Similarly, when those cancer colonies found themselves awash in 714X, they began feasting on the booty the lymphatic system so kindly delivered to their front door, and stopped attacking their neighboring cells. They stopped secreting the CKF. Then the firemen in the immune system gradually awakened. They heard about those fat pirates feasting down the street. Those pirates were oblivious to the fact that the firemen were awake. They were not very smart pirates. The immune system came back to life and easily mopped up the cancer cells so intent on their feast that they forgot they were unwelcome members of multicellular society. That was the end of the cancer. Again, please forgive these anthropomorphic excesses here, but it was fun to write. It might make the cancer dynamic easier to understand for some, as well as Naessens's brilliant solution.

Also, a little sympathy for the pirate is in order. The pirate originally was a happy member of multicellular society. It was only when society began letting the pirate down, with him going hungry periodically, that he began reverting to the primitive behaviors that his ancestors engaged in, when it was every man for himself. He was going to survive, and if society could not provide the proper nourishment, he would take the matter into his own hands. Eventually, he would recruit others to his little band, and they would embark on their new careers as pirates. The breakdown of intercellular society (poor diet, smoking, etc.) was what led to their life of crime. Importantly, the dynamic that Naessens discovered for degenerative disease - when the cells were not properly nourished, they ceased becoming productive members of the body and looked out for their interests at the expense of the body – is also the most prominent dynamic yet proposed for why civilizations collapse.

It can be breathtaking to consider how Naessens had flipped the entire cancer paradigm upside down: instead of attacking the tumor, Naessens was feeding it! When I read Bird's book on Naessens in 1990, I was primed to devour its revelations. I had not yet heard of Béchamp, and Naessens's 714X treatment was one of the first alternative cancer treatments I had ever heard of.

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