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Mark's Meter and Variants
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Author:  brainout [ 19 Aug 2015, 16:12 ]
Post subject:  Mark's Meter and Variants

Since it's annoying to have to use the video pages to comment on the meter and variants in the Marksgospel channel, this topic is reserved for discussing them here. I don't know when I'll have time to go back and edit or make more videos.

This would also be a good central place to debate a) whether Mark is the first Gospel. The meter and text prove that NO MARK IS THIRD, and it's kinda criminal that so-called 'scholars' claim otherwise. But one can dispute the meter, ergo this thread. For all this is original research, and needs vetting (raison d'etre for the videos). As for the text, I don't see how anyone sane can miss how Mark surgically threads his text to Matthew and then Luke -- so Matthew is first, Luke is second, Mark is third. To show how obvious his style, I did a simple Synoptics Series of videos using even English, click here. That same series began in Youtube, was continued in vimeo, hence the previous link is better used.

It's not done yet, but enough is provided to see the interleaving. This is a style in the NT none of the scholars sufficiently discuss. They understand the interleaving with the OT, but fail to recognize that same rhetorical style is done pan-NT, with the writers all quoting EACH OTHER. They do see how Jude quotes Peter, but not how Mark quotes Matthew and Luke? Really? So this is a serious gaffe in NT scholarship which needs fixing. As a mere brainout, I'm no authority, but even a brainout can see the obvious. Even a goatherder, can point to the sun in the sky...

So commenting can be in one place, no longer hampered by email or restricted to the video watch pages.

For discussion here, please use Roman letters, not special Greek/Hebrew fonts, so everyone can follow what you're saying. Try to transliterate phonetically, or use the standard seminary transcriptions, again so people can follow what you're writing.

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