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Author:  brainout [ 18 Apr 2017, 20:07 ]
Post subject:  Master Meter list

If you're brand new to the concept of the Bible having TIME meter, start here:

Then here:

Else, your eyes will glaze over too often. This material is provable, but complex, especially since our ancestors didn't pass down the information to kids post-Cross. It's a political powder keg, the material, so that's why they stopped talking about it: the TIME METER is about countdown to Messiah, the Guy Who Will defeat all the kings of the earth, so of course knowing that would make you persona non grata in any kingdom.

Before frankforum, I documented what meter I found in docs which I turned into videos (doc links are downloadable as are the videos).

Link to the main videos: ... :thumbnail

Master list pre-frankforum: or htm (need BW fonts to read the Greek). Since Anonynomenon in frankforum found the Matthew24 etc meters, the foregoing link doens't yet include any of that material. Instead, it's in frankforum and videos starting below.

The many videos on the Matt24 and other videos in Research and here in TextCrit are lumped together in chronological order, here

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