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New Gospel audio
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Author:  brainout [ 21 Mar 2021, 05:14 ]
Post subject:  New Gospel audio

I will fill this in later; I don't like the audios so I will redo them.

You should be able to download the above audios w right-click: their focus is, why did God create the system of Salvation? Because He could have made us unfailingly perfect from the get-go. That's actually Satan's accusation, eg in Matt4.

Once you understand that, everything in Bible will start to make sense, eg, why are we so small, why does God let u in Heaven FREE, etcetera

So these audios re-examine the basics but from the standpoint of the deeper design God intended.

I will edit to add New audios at the top of the post so the topmost audio will be the latest one each time. I keep passing out so I can't predict when new posts are made; but I will post in Twitter, when I edit this.

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