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PostPosted: 23 Aug 2015, 02:59 
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King James Onlyism is a movement which rose during the days of Adolph Hitler, essentially claiming that, inter alia, only the White Anglo-Saxon translation of the KJV 1611 is inspired. In other words, the text that Moses wrote, that Jesus and the apostles read, somehow got corrupted over the centuries, but magically in 1611 the KJV translators of those texts, suddenly got it Divinely Right.

The fundamental dichotomy of this claim is obvious: God couldn't get it right until 1611? Or, God got it right, then couldn't preserve it for 1600 years, until some White Anglo-Saxon Protestants came along? So the Jews messed it up and the Church messed it up and the Words Jesus Spoke aren't really His Words.. until 1611? For the core of KJVO is to discredit the Jews. It is an anti-semitic movement. You don't find this out, and most of the KJVO don't realize its core, until you pay close attention to the leaders. For they stress the corruption of the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE texts in order to discourage you from learning them. Because, those texts, were commissioned by God to.. Jews. (Luke is the only exception, and really you don't know whether he had been a converted Jew.)

It's an assertion designed to advance anti-semitism. All anti-semitic claims have a ring of the slapstick about them, just as it's slapstick for a bunch of Moslems to suddenly show up at a Danish Embassy to protest against CARTOONS which some company located in Denmark, happened to publish. Cartoons? Seriously? So why go to the Embassy to protest, and en masse? See: it's insane behavior. Thus it is, with the KJVO as well. All anti-semitic groups have a craziness about them. So know that, up-front. (This is why anti-semites will be banned without notice from FrankForums.)

The KJVO claimants vary, with some alleging there is in each generation some Divine Translation that's as good or better than the original words penned. Notice how this devalues the original words God commissioned, to we're equal too! status. Showing, they don't understand what 'Verbal Plenary Inspiration' means.
It means, that God empowered THE WRITER to convey HIS meaning without waiving ANY characteristic of the writer's humanity. So, then only the original WORDS of that writer, are inspired -- no matter what language they are written in. So the language has no authority, but instead the WRITER EMPOWERED. So whatever language those words happen to be written in, those words are inspired. Not, any translation. Not, any 'holy language', either. Idea is the proof of God's Authorship is PRESERVED IN THE ORIGINAL WORDS. So it matters to know THOSE words, more than to know some translation.
Satan needs to encourage us never to learn those words. So, the claim that the original words got corrupted has been around for about 2000 years, as I tried to explain in this video pair, here, and here.

So then the obvious way to reply to this latest of the same claim, made by KJVO: ask 'what proof do you have?' Here, the parrots cite so-called 'experts' who argue one or some other passage is corrupt in the original. Problem is, all the 'experts' cannot read the Hebrew and Greek (or Chaldean, for OT). It's easy to prove they cannot read the text. But if you don't investigate their claims and you too cannot read the text, then you don't know how they are lying, inept, or both.

The incompetence is quite laughable, actually, with many of the main spokespeople proving unable to even properly spell koine (they spell it kione), or know case endings. They just parrot over and over and understand nothing you tell them. Like MSFT fanboys and seedpod people.

So, if you'll debate them here, you'll get into an unending debate with people who cannot think or hear any common sense objections you might raise. So when you argue with them, do so to practice your own thinking skills: for if you think you can get through to them, well.. you won't.

It's a valuable exercise, to argue. And, it has a moment where you realize you're wasting your time. :oops:

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