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 Post subject: KJVO Leader Talks
PostPosted: 10 Sep 2015, 18:52 
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You pretty much gotta see these leaders talk, to believe 'em. For the essential KJVO claim is that the original texts of the Bible got corrupted, so God had to hire some White Anglo-Saxon Protestants in 1611 to get the text right. So what Jesus learned and spoke, what Moses had and used, what the apostles were given to write down for eternity.. well, God was careless.

Now, to make such a claim, you better be able to read the TEXT in the Hebrew and Greek you claim corrupted. None of the KJVO leaders, can. Further, there is a 500-year history of proof anyone can read, of literally thousands of KJV translation ERRORS -- which, the translators even claimed they erred, in the Preface to the 1611 KJV (which you can also read online, here). But the KJVO people, claim the translators were inspired, and that the KJV text is perfect.

So how is it, someone who cannot read the original-language text claims it corrupt; yet claims a translation perfect, when its own translators, say they erred? :lolhard:

Additionally, the original KJV 1611 text which is alleged to be perfect, was supposedly destroyed in a 1660 or 1666 London fire, read footnotes in pages 133-135 here). And, KJVO people claim as the 1611 Bible they have today, is usually the recension of 1769. Ooops. I mean, you can find real 1611 copies, but they are collector's items and run thousands of dollars, only sold in auctions or private sales. The texts sold as KJV Bibles today, aren't 1611. For the translators did many revisions, beginning in 1612. Double-ooops.

So when some KJVO person says only the 1611 KJV is inspired and all others are from the devil, ask him to open his Bible's flyleaf. :bookread: Oh well: guess God didn't preserve the original 1611, either.

So now let's look at the top two leaders. There are about 12 of them, but these two get the biggest following by KJVO people.

First, one of the KJVO leaders who pretends to know Hebrew and Greek, even got a Doctorate, but clearly didn't learn anything, Peter Ruckman -- he writes here about how from the KJV he learned the Anti-Christ will be a 10-foot guy arriving in a UFO with black lips and dreadlocks.

You can look at/buy the book, but don't buy it directly from Ruckman's people. You don't want to be on their mailing list. What's really sad, is that Ruckman has been fixated on my (now-dead) pastor since the 1960's, to the point of copying the latter's personal protrait styles and pamphlets, including the silly covers. (Ruckman started his ministry 15 years after my pastor had. At that time, my pastor was famous. So maybe Ruckman was just looking to emulate someone famous, but the fixation continued for decades. I don't much like those early books my church made out of my pastor's classes; the recorded live classes are by contrast, very sophisticated and scholastic.)

I didn't even know Ruckman existed until 2008 when someone mentioned him (my 9/72 KJVOB video was when I first learned of KJVO at all.)

Another weird leader, a woman who cannot read either Hebrew or Greek, Gail Riplinger, writes extensively with the worst 'scholarship' I've ever seen (more like a kidnapper's note). She talks here of how she learned non-KJV bibles were from Satan, from holes in the Titanic.

So then how is it, the KJV is perfect, if these two obvious nutters had to receive 'revelations' outside of the KJV? Of course, the 'revelations' contradict the Bible too... :ufograb:

Sadly, most of your KJVO people follow these two as if they were popes. There are other nutty leaders as well, but once you read these two in their own words, you realize one thing immediately.. you can't talk to KJVO folks. Their brains are gone.

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