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PostPosted: 15 Sep 2015, 01:35 
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#1 artificial convenience: KJV-onlyists generally tend to be Americans in the southern regions of the U.S. who can only comprehend English, and are oblivious to other languages. They would rather live with the convenience of not having to study, and ignore those who don't speak English. Ignorance is bliss.
#2 exclusivism: any other languages are simply ignored, and the KJV-onylists could care what else happens outside of CONUS
#3 'bubble' mindset: to be a KJV-onlyist, you need to place yourself in a bubble and 'ignore' all of the arguments that cannot be answered with the KJV translation, or create sub-par excuses rather than answers. You also have to be oblivious of other languages and how God reaches out to those who speak different languages! The world does not revolve around the CONUS.
#4 willful ignorance: you absolutely must show willful ignorance against textual scholarship and errors that are pointed out plainly in the translation itself. It starts to become less an issue of the Bible, but an issue of basic context and understanding of languages, instead of being so oblivious.
#5 zero desire to change: a KJV-onlyist is not interested in changing their mind, EVEN IF-- EVEN IF proven wrong. That is why [any] religion continues, because the people following it WANT to follow it, and will not change; they'll create as many lies and excuses to their conscience as it can take rather than simply say "I am wrong" or "you know what, I might consider that".

Unfortunately a lot of these rules apply to many religions and especially the problems in Christianity. However, KJV-only is one of the ultimate forms because it's something so obviously wrong, as opposed to having somewhat of a potential for contention. Another problem is that it starts to get Christians to attack Bibles and belittle those who don't use an antiquated Bible translation that was largely developed off of the Wycliffe and Douay-Rheims; retaining all mythical creatures, obsolete English, obvious manuscript errors and textual issues since it is NOT derived from a 'perfect' source. And the largest problem; KJV-only is sponsored by Satan because it mixes two very unique concepts: A) having a body of believers who are very spot-on with doctrines, i.e. salvation only through belief and nothing else, B) completely throwing the original language texts down the drain hole: which is one of Satan's goals.

Of course, repeating correct doctrines is a lot different that knowing why they are true and proving them. So KJV-onlyism does disservice to your Biblical comprehension. Sure you'll be able to tell God: "yep only believe is correct, yep pre-trib rapture is correct, yep the unforgiveable sin is never having believed in Christ paying for your sins, yep the trinity is correct, yep soul sleep is wrong"-- but when God asks you to PROVE it, you'll be standing there with nothing.

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PostPosted: 15 Sep 2015, 08:27 
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Maybe I'd add #6, anti-semitism. There's no cohesive argument for KJVO whatsoever, thus an emotional hook is needed. Fear of a beloved translation suddenly being wrong isn't enough of a hook, esp. since so much of the KJV translation is close enough to mainstream. Ruckman's fixation is to claim the original Hebrew/Greek incorrect. That can only come from anti-semitism, for to claim the original incorrect as he repeatedly states -- then it's got to be a putdown of the Jews. They were the major human authors used (maybe even Luke was a convert, for all we know).

The defying of common sense? WHERE DID THE KJV GET ITS WORDS? It's a TRANSLATION. So then it would have to be corrupt even as the claim of corrupted original Heb/Greek. Yet the KJVO are oblivious to this obvious corollary. For look: if the original text was corrupt, then a COMPETENT translation would render the translation as corrupt; so if the translation is perfect from corrupt texts, then the translation is NOT competent with respect to those original texts.

Can't have it both ways. So the translation is bad, in which case it cannot be God's Will or Word, for He'd not authorize a bad translation. And if not bad, then the words in the text translated from, are not God's Will or Word either, because the KJV clearly mistranslates the text it had!

So the craziness of anti-semites is the same in KJVO as among the Muslims, the Mormons, etc.

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