Satan's Strategy Epi.12, Love On Trial

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GIST: Sophisticated audio commentary re God's Plan vs. Satan's good-deeds plan. (Video is a static picture.) This is a very long series, so there are multiple channels. This is the channel for Episode 12's videos. Starting with GodDeeds Episode 12b9, this 'SatStrat' Vimeo channel/playlist continues from the Youtube playlist of the same name ( ). Eventually all the Youtube videos will be copied here, so you can comment without having to join Google Plus.

Playlist summarizes my Lord v Satan webseries starting at . Webseries reads something like a novel with extensive Bible documentation, starting with today, going back to creation, then ends at eternity, when the Trial between God and Satan is resolved. We are the courtroom, for that Trial..

So, the videos here, highlight and focus on Satan's strategy versus God's, in that very long series. Anti-semitism and the 3 Temptations of Matt4 constitute the gist of Satan's Strategy. First video in the Youtube playlist has an set of webpage links which exhaustively explain how Satan attacks.

To the world, Satan's Strategy is one of GOOD DEEDS, so you won't be doing GOD DEEDS. How do you 'do' a God deed? James 1:21-25 tell you how: LEARN AND LIVE ON BIBLE. Can't be a 'doer' of a Word you didn't LEARN. And the 'doing' is God MAKING that Bible 'live' in you. Changing how you think, which as James puts it, 'saves your souls' (verse 21). For yeah, you're forever saved to heaven.. but as what? The same old trashed-up worldly thinking person you were at the moment of salvation? So yeah, you're saved FROM hell, but TO what? Aha. So now being saved FROM something (hell) your soul needs to be saved FOR something: Christ's Thinking, which is Bible. True Riches, baby.

Additionally, since it will stunt Christian growth and Satan doesn't know when the Rapture will happen either, he used anti-semitism in the 'church fathers' to destroy recognition of Israel's future. Even to the petty need to mask the Lord's Own Birth and Death Dates, as both are JEWISH HOLIDAYS (Chanukah and Passover, respectively). It's due to anti-semitism that we don't know what YHWH means, that we dispute the Rapture, that over 1.5 billion Christians think Church replaces Israel.

See also my Youtube 'Timelines III: Anti-Semitism' playlist, which is a collection of other Youtubers' videos on anti-semitism.

God Deeds 12b9c TOGETHERNESS, FLAT! (The Game, cont.)

Okay, time to apply all this GAME stuff to the self. I don't know how it applies to you, so I gotta use the 'me'. Just replace the 'me' with YOURSELF, as you listen.

For it's ONLY about Togetherness, John 17:20ff. That's what Christ Prayed For, so That's what Father does! And you just know, that what Christ prayed for, Father always wanted...

Satan is outflanked, huh.

God Deeds 12b21 Weakness Perks = The Game

Weakness is a perk too? Sure! That's the game, to realize it is a perk!

Just think: you do not HAVE to be good; you do not HAVE to be strong; you do not HAVE to be rich, well, good-looking, well-liked. All the pain in the world comes from thinking self or someone else, HAS to be one of those 'popular' things, to be worthy. The whole selfie thing is what makes life miserable. Essence of the old sin nature is to HAVE to focus on the self.

Think: when you watch a movie you enjoy, don't you find it restful? Why? Because for that hour or two, you're not concentrating on your self, your life, your problems, etc. Aha. So who will deliver us from this body of death, Romans 7 and 2Cor12?

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God Deeds 12b22, Weakness Perks, cont.

Weakness Perks and their irony, cont.
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God Deeds 12b23 False vs. True Weakness Game

One of the dangerous perks of Weakness, is to think that if you're 'suffering for God', you're spiritual. Because, there is indeed a blessing category OF 'suffering for God'. Christ is the Ultimate Example of that. Suffering occurs due to weakness; but weakness can be due to sin, not merely being human. As a result, we tend to view suffering as somehow more 'holy' than if we are enjoying ourselves. That's actually a claim of strength, so abuses the perk of being weak. So then in the GAME of spiritual development, our 'playing piece' of the spiritual life, gets knocked off the board, and we're OUT of the game.

See my God's System video too, for when someone's out of the game, he isn't doing those four elements:

So a big part of the Game is how we REGARD 'weakness', which is indeed a perquisite, root idea that it doesn't matter how small we are, God loves us anyway; it doesn't matter what the world thinks of us, God will make us heroes anyway. So we can easily abuse those facts...

God Deeds 12b24 Tandem Weakness Game

Weakness runs in a tandem, and actually becomes a perk when the tandem operates. Idea is that you get moment-by-moment confirmation and demonstration, of God's Love. Which after all, is really the Love On Trial, with your love for Him, being secondary. It's a wild ride, and even harder than anything Christians can dream up as 'sacrificial'. For the old sin nature gets its rocks off, by sacrificing. So ironically, the biggest sacrifice of all, is not to sacrifice at all. God deeds means you're not doing anything. And that, is the hardest thing of all.

Your motive for going forward is thus taxed the most, by wanting God, since that will excite the sin nature the most. By wanting God, rather than wanting to think well of self for wanting God, that's the tricky surgery going on.. until you die. No work that man can do, is as difficult, as this DIVORCE between those two wants.

So to get those two wants divorced, a new TANDEM (think of 'bicycle' or buddies in a relay race) must be created: tandem of wanting, and knowledge of Bible running in your head. The one motivates the other to keep going, 2Cor5:14, Eph 3:15-19. You'll need to know both of those passages well, for this audio to be meaningful. The 2Cor5:14 passage is mistranslated 'compelled', should be 'holds together', Greek verb 'sunecho' (sun=together, echo means to have hold grasp). My pastor spent time explaining the mistranslation, so maybe your pastor has also. Point is, you can look it up in any lexicon and see that the verb is mistranslated by someone who wanted to think God a tyrant.

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God Deeds 12b25 Thread Weakness Game

Divine DNA is 'threaded' into you by means of learning and living on Bible. THOUGHT threads. The threads build. Like brain dendrites: . So life down here is also a Thread Game. Whose threads are in your heads? Satan wants his threads 'clothing' your thinking, and he's good at selling that wardrobe. God, on the other hand, wanted a Temple Veil, Hebrews 9, built by His Thinking, Matthew 4:4, line on line, precept on precept, over DECADES.

Not at all what Christians hallucinate as the 'game' of the spiritual life. Ooops.

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God Deeds 12b26 Tree Road Weakness Game

Coming full-circle back to the 'Arbitrary Love' theme of Episode 11, but now the ON Trial Application of it. The Trial of you becoming 'arbitrary' the way Satan accuses God of being 'Arbitrary', is the theme here, and its 'game' is like a Tree or a Road. Many branches of life along the way, to get us off the road, into preoccupations with anything but God. That's the Game, Set, Match.. and Trial.

Bible in your head makes you eventually become single-minded, aka 'Occupation with Christ' (term of my pastor, common term in the 1930's also, used for example also by Watchman Nee) -- where HE is on your mind, rather than the 'me' which is your 'normal' human mind. For, if you'll become Christ-like, since He is God-man, you too end up growing out of your very humanity. Bible in your head, learning and living on Bible, does that to you.

So the 'game' is to shunt the growth of this Bible-thinking Trunk, into the side branches (distractions, normal human stuff, evil, good, sin) -- so that the trunk, stops growing. That's what this audio, is about. Will be on this topic for awhile. I meant it originally for Episode 11, but frankly it's more germane as THE TRIAL EVIDENCE that Hebrews 11:1, is all about: 'It's about Confidence in Word! Christ's Thinking, On Trial! Evidence, Unseen! See corrected trans and associated videos, in .

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God Deeds 12b27 Tree Road 'L' Game, cont.

Tandem operation of the I (vertical) and the L (horizontal) is the ultimate integration of His Head into your head, is the goal of the Tree-Road Weakness Game.

Spiritual Maturation Process chart helps you figure out where you are in the Game: . If you want the videos explaining the doc, in context with the associated webpage, . If you want to watch the videos rather in Youtube, start here, play in order: .

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God Deeds 12b28 Tree Road 'L' Game, cont.

Still on the L tandem, more issues to cover.
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God Deeds 12b29 Tree-Road 'L' Game, Episode 12 conclusion

End of Episode 12, on the nature of God's Love, which is the ultimate answer to ON Trial. That same love, developing in you.
Episode 13 will be posted next week in a new channel, Satan's Strategy Epi. 13, Integration . Theme will be INTEGRATION, which is a beyond-Trial issue, the root purpose for getting into Bible, in the first place.