Caveat #5, Errata in brainout's LordPages

A small 2024 update post-brainout: while talking to another believer after brainout has passed, we discovered something about John 3:5 & John 5:7-8 that's absolutely huge. This affects wherever you see "born again" or "born from above" on any of brainout's pages.

I don't know how long this doctrine has been forgotten while Christians scream "BORN AGAIN" like it's a muscular reflex, or if anyone else has actually learned the correct meaning that we're born through all three members of the Godhead. I checked, and everyone always says the "Water" is for absolutely everything and anything else other than God the Father. To make it more interesting, 1 John 5:7-8 is also one of the few verses that actually has malicious garbage added to it by someone at some point, making it all the more curious... because you need 1 John 5:7-8 to see John 3:5. But it's hard to see that when the verse has been doctored in the original language text with garbage filler.

  • If you seek the prior text here about God's Level MEANING of Christmas (to make mistakes into glory), related then to Iraq and Islam, please email me. I've now deleted the page.

  • A running (and controversial) subtheme in my webpages is this: though we should defend Jews wherever they are with our very lives -- the Jews should not have returned to the Land. God basically says this: OT prophecies of safeness in exile (i.e., in Jeremiah 29) and how only the Lord will "shub" them, coupled with the NT forecast of Jerusalem always being a warzone until Messiah comes. Hence the significance and historical play of this prophetical advice, is a main theme in Part IVa of the Thinking webseries (LvS4a.htm). For, until Jesus comes Himself at the Second Advent, Satan&Co. continually conspire to 'gather' Jews in Israel, to more easily kill them (Dan9:26, Matt24, Rev11, tying back to Isa63 and Ezekiel Chaps 38ff). This, in an attempt to prevent the Lord fulfilling His Promise to regather the Jews. Notice the demonic signature: reversing something God promised, by MEANS of that very promise. So herding the Jews for slaughter, in the name of "shub" (return, emotional verb in Judaism).

      That satanic-gathering trend of history is true and provable, from 70AD onward, even to the extent of having its own satirical 490 (and even 430) timeline play; documenting it in Part IVa -- and especially, in GeneYrs.xls -- will take some years to complete. The amount of data is overwhelming, and especially the 490-year trend (often 430, playing on the 430 years in Egypt). It's important to select the data properly, picking what an average reader can verify without arcane searches. So it will take time to post such events in the worksheet.

      So here's my error: I haven't noted a) how globally VAST was this satanic orchestration within the 1880-1950 voting window (the 490 ended in 1990); and b) my webpages give my erroneous impression that Jews just plain wanted to go there -- not true. More often, Jews were FORCED to go there as the only alternative to the horrific pogroms they were experiencing in exile. This satanic forcing is worldwide from the late 1800's, and it's easy to see historically: but I haven't adequately reflected the FORCING nature of it UPON the Jews. So Jews WERE still listening to Ezekiel and Jeremiah, trying to stay away from Jerusalem, though ardently wanting to return. So long as the Land was not a government of its own, they would heed the warning, and stay away. But circumstances FORCED them to NEED a place to go, and we who loved them, wanted to find a POLITICAL entity which they could control, so they could be safe. So we thought. Satan outmaneuvered us all. So: that forcing-ness needs to be reflected in my webpages, but right now is missing.

      This forcing nature is extremely important. Central to the Angelic Trial is whether you wait on God, or you try to do something yourself (i.e., use works to claim you are righteous before God is doing something oneself). So it's vital to learn whether the Jews themselves were the primary impetus for the return (which of course Arab Islam stridently asserts); or, whether this return is imposed on them. If the latter, it's the common Bible historical theme of man intends one thing, But God Works All Things Together (i.e., what Joseph said to his brothers when he revealed himself, what Paul says in Rom 8:28 and Chapter 11). As is, my webpages sketch the satanic orchestration, but (my error) it also seemed they themselves fostered the return to the Land. No: they were satanically 'helped' by their enemies and friends. God's warning to stay away, then, was heeded. So Blessing from God, which He unconditionally promised anyway (Gen12:3-5), is even higher, because they listened, they waited, and stayed away (Jer29, Lam3:23-24, and root idea behind 2Chron 7:14). The pogroms became too great, and they were forced to find a place of refuge: that place was primarily proposed by the British and the UN, not by the Jews themselves.

      Pogroms in the ARAB world were far more significant than even those in Europe and Russia, at this time. The convergence of pogroms in those areas from the mid 1800's onward, pushed the Jews out via pogrom or outright expulsion. Same worldwide phenomenon can be observed during the initial spread of Islam, from the 600's-800's AD, and during the Crusades; but by the late 1800's, the herding had begun to focus on Israel proper, since Israel at that time was largely unpopulated owing to the extensive pillaging criminality of the Bedouin who preyed all over the Land. In short, there was no other largely-uninhabited area, to which Jews could escape. And this, the British promoted to the Sultan of Turkey, in the name of economically benefitting him, since most of that land ("miri"), he owned. The Porte agreed, issuing an edict in 1856 allowing both Jewish immigration and their ability to buy land, 40 years before Herzl, and 60 years before Balfour. So there were no "Palestinian" Arabs on the land, back then.

      So God will defend the Jews, all the more: they are being falsely accused, they were being pogromized by Europeans, Russians, and Arabs alike, and they were 'helped' not by themselves, but by those very persecuters, to go to the Land. No human conspiracy can be so competent, sorry. This is a satanic thing. And we humans who meant well for Israel, had no alternative, either.

      Understand, that in political terms there has always been a Jewish presence in the Land; that they bought the land from Muslims, so legally have a right to it; that the so-called "Palestinians" (a term originally only used to describe the Jews, which the Arabs usurped after 1948) -- these Arabs NEVER had a right to the Land, and in fact didn't want it until the Jews came in large enough numbers OUT FROM (mostly) Arab countries which pogromized them. Understand that the Porte (Ottoman Sultan) supported the Jews being there, especially since it economically benefitted from such support. Furthermore, the Land was won in conquest five times: WWI and WWII, then of course 1948, 1967, and 1973. So the Jews paid for the Land in both money and sweat equity/blood, which no international body can dispute: the law of conquest and payment is as old as law, itself.

      So the entire "Palestinian state" question is an utter lie, promulgated upon the ignorant; to unite the Arabs whose only interest is to destroy the Jews. Even, among the "moderates" in the region. PLO Charter's FIRST Article is, "Israel has no right to exist." President Bush conditioned the roadmap on the removal of that Article in the Charter. Similarly, other Arab groups and states support that First Article stridently and viciously (Saudi Arabia being the most subtle among them). So don't be fooled: God will protect Israel against those who hate her, wherever she is. And now, she is in the midst of her enemies. From Time Immemorial.

  • Next: estimates of the proportion of the world's Jewry who lives in Israel vary widely. I've seen estimates claiming only 20% live there, up to 80%. I'll have to better investigate which of these percentages is right. So far, "50%" sounds most correct, though maybe even that is high. The percentage matters as an index of pogroms worldwide (especially in Arab countries, who have mercilessly tortured and abused Jews for millenia, such that there aren't many Jews left in those countries). It also matters as an index of how successful Satan&Co. are in selling anti-semitism.

    --------- What follows below is older material. Bold headers indicate separate errata items. -----------------

  • If you are also a student under the same pastor as mine, you'll need to know that I hadn't heard the May 2000 upgrade on how Love=+I until 12/04, though every page in the website material written makes that conclusion. Point is, the subjective and objective genitive being a love circle of integrity was in essence taught since the Romans '77 tapes, and "reciprocity" is but a massive and fantastic update. The entire "Thinking Series" is on the topic of how LOVE is God's Integrity, though I didn't exactly recognize it in those terms while writing. [In April+ 2000, when I suddenly got my first Windows computer from the janitor named Jesus who saved it from the trash for me, I happened to be studying L.1170ff-L.1237ff of his 92SD audio-taped classes (of 1-3/98): the two 'happenstances' (yeah, right, no accidents in God's Plan) 'inspired' the "Thinking" webseries.] The subjective/objective genitive of 2Cor5:14-15 hit me hard; and is often remarked on, in my websites. About 2001(?) I read James Joyce's quip about it in his first short story of Ulysses. So Scriptural support for Love=+I is virtually everywhere, Romans 5:5 AND 2Cor5 being blatant examples (really, any "love" verse in the NT). Most amazing doctrine in all of Bible, how this cycling of His Thinking creates our integrity, and THAT is real LOVE. Infinity cycling inside sinner finity? Impossible! Yeah, and only when a thing STARTS to be impossible, does it START to meet Infinite Love's Standards. Cry all the way to the Bible Bank, Christian soldier!

      Since I had NOT heard the upgraded "Love IS the Integrity of God!" statement until 12/04, my website material will not reflect that content as he presents it in Bible class. The material will often SEEM like it reflects what he taught in 2000 (especially the Thinking series, the framework of which was written 4/2000-12/2000, and since expanded a LOT), but I got the same idea from his MUCH EARLIER tapes: so be careful. Same, for the mutual flanks; "double envelopment" is the term I use in the websites (which isn't the same, exactly -- mutual flanks are the EN ROUTE movements to hopefully RESULT in a double envelopment); but I got that term FROM my pastor's many earlier tapes, too: he talks about it in many contexts, i.e., L.1402 (Series #376, 92SD) on Veteran's Day 1998, he explained the Falaise Gap as a double envelopment (to which Corporate Testimony of Christian marriage is stressed as spiritually analogous), quoting from Saving the Breakout by Elwin (sp?) Featherstone. So you immediately know that the Germans moving through the Falaise-Argentan Gap would have BREACHED the mutual flanks, not only giving the Germans a great retreat by going up the middle between them: but ALSO perhaps turning defeat into victory, because from that 'middle' they can deploy left or right and knock out either British or American flanking movements. A great diagram of this gap and its strategic effects (if you FIRST know the American, British and German deployments near Caen just after D-Day), is in the Encyclopedia of Military History by Ernest and Trevor Dupuy, p.1107 (2nd Revised Edition).

      Therefore, you'll even see me use some of the same terminology in my websites as he uses in the post-1999 Bible classes: that's a coincidence (well, not to the Holy Spirit, lol). Again, I DID NOT KNOW the information in those classes. At most I heard the term "reciprocity" in passing when I took a break from the regular study after 9/11, and got some of his tapes to see his interp of that horrible event. But I did NOT have the back up for its usage. So please: if you are supposed to be reading 'my' stuff collaterally, keep on asking Father for WHAT you are supposed to get from the material.

        Example of (NOT-to-Holy-Spirit!) 'coincidence': his comment on subjective and objective genitive which he'd learned back pre-WWII from Dr. Percy at Univ of AZ -- in Greek drama, since it's bad Greek to repeat the use of the genitive to show the circular result (i.e., of reciprocity), then you have to "substitute" some other construction, like Paul does in Rom5:5, and the substitute function is thus even HIGHER than the initial function. That ties perfectly with the question, how can God improve on His Own Perfection, the topmost theme of the "Thinking" series -- posed bluntly in LordvSatan2.htm, near its beginning. So we are to understand this making-sons result is God outdoing His Own Infinite Nature, the stones too heavy to lift. Awesome stuff.

        So, as a result of my pastor's updates on +L=+I and mutual flanks, part of me just wants to pitch ALL these websites and start over. But I don't have time to fix/update the sites for these things; I was, however, able to independently research and hence write DDNA.htm, the "Doctrinal DNA!" link at pagetop. [My pastor doesn't quite call Bible Doctrine in your head "DDNA", but he sure seems to come close, circa L.1690's onward.] It's the longest of my websites, so download it onto floppy/CD, and then copy to your hard drive for easier (offline) reading. DDNA.htm is about 1MG. I didn't yet update the 2nd Aspect of DDNA.htm for the Falaise Gap information in this #2. It will be months before I can do so: Lessons 1170+ of (Series 376) 1992 Spiritual Dynamics, actually began with this +L=+I topic!

        So to the extent you should read any of 'my' stuff, the Holy Spirit will point out what needs more fine-tuning to fit what our mutual pastor teaches. The HS constantly refines for me (and for anyone who breathes 1Jn1:9 and lives in God's System), which is why DDNA.htm got written: it ANALYZES how LOVE=INTEGRITY gets built in the believer, based especially on the never-translated Isa53:11 in the LXX. I haven't heard my pastor yet mention that verse in connection with his "Love IS the Integrity of God!" statement, but virtually EVERYTHING I've ever heard him teach for 33 years is reflected in that verse's five sweeping Greek infinitives (start at the end of v.10 in the Greek, they messed up verse division). Parallel verse is 1Jn4:19, same Attic Drama. I can't find a SINGLE SCHOLAR who focuses on the importance of Isa53:11 in the LXX. The better lexicons even pooh-pooh the verse as unBiblical (i.e., Bauer Danker), due to the usage of dative and accusative of autos in that verse (yeah, if you are in BIBLICAL GREEK KINDERGARTEN -- but God is rather more advanced in His use of dative and accusative).

  • In some of 'my website writing regarding evolution, I didn't regard the begats as consecutive, but hall-of-fame rosters. The latter is true, but the former is also, with respect to the line of Christ. So while the undefined-gap-in-time in Gen1:2's Hebrew and Greek inspired texts means you can't claim a young earth, I now realize Bible claims a young mankind. So I was wrong to think the Seth+ roster, wasn't consecutive-year in nature. The correction was made in Evolshort.htm ("Transmutation" link in "Testing" box on this page). That whole site was revised; I can't yet find other website material needing the same revision. See Mirroring.htm's first paragraph: you can download an Excel worksheet on the lineage from Adam through Jacob. The worksheet shows how God orchestrates time, as does Mirroring.htm.

      "Journey of Man", a PBS video made by geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells, uses DNA from BLOOD, not carbon dating, to try to date man's origins. Because real human blood is used from the get-go, we know we're talking souled creation. We also know we're talking ADAPTATION, not "evolution" (people don't use the word "evolution" properly, which term IN SCIENCE is strictly limited to transmutation, i.e., from apes to people). So, even here -- how FAR BACK does that bloodline take us? Well, the video posits about 50,000 years -- but is based on modern-day ASSUMPTIONS about gestation, the age at which a female becomes childbearing, how long it takes for a particular gene marker to mutate, travel, etc. Evolshort goes into the problems with even DNA dating assumptions.

      In short, much guesswork has to be done: question is, can you trust the scientist's assumptions? Well, it's hard to do that, since so many of their assumptions are based on a TOTALLY SCREWY idea that apes can become human over long periods of geologic time. NO AMOUNT of time overrides the fact that no set can contain itself, and if the scientist doesn't see that, what else is he missing in his evaluation? Example: if the mutations occurred far FASTER than is assumed -- and Bible treats the mutations occurring MUCH faster and in EACH of the children differently; which is why, for example, Cain could marry his sister and not have stunted progeny -- then the TIMELINE of these truly-souled humans, is far shorter than science assumes. Like, maybe only 6-10K years back, NOT 50K+ years. But if the scientist is stuck on this goofy idea we came from apes, he won't GO LOOKING to revise the premise about the rate of mutation. Religion always refuses to re-evaluate its premises; evolution is a RELIGION, not at all a science. First law of math, no set can contain itself -- THAT's true science. Not subject to human judgement, math.

      Still, the genetic trace-back is a FAR better scientific approach than carbon dating. Now if only they can remember the first law of math -- for who can trust their assumptions, when they can't even get the fundamental law of math correct? Anthropology is fascinating, but it's hard to have faith in the evolution thingy since the scientists who believe in it and teach it, consistently IGNORE the first law of math (no set can contain itself), so apes cannot POSSIBLY be the ancestors of humankind. I'd respect evolution theory once they respect the first law of math. Again, Evolshort.htm goes into this topic in more detail.

  • Somewhere in "Thinking" series is a small font note concluding that Cain was or became a believer after all. I can't find it now, but I no longer agree with that conclusion. Genesis 4:7 is stupidly mistranslated: "sin" should be "Sin-Bearer" (Christ) in that verse; verse is so multiple-entendre (as is most of Genesis4) that the translators don't seem to know what to do with it, but "hataat" means SIN OFFERING, not sin itself -- the ending "T" makes all the difference, and it's not a textual error, but a translator error; especially, in the CONTEXT of 4:4-4:7; so "crouching" is NOT the idea, but REST and LOVE ("desire" in v.7) of the Sin-Bearer FOR Cain.

      "Rest", lying down, ceasing from labor, is the POINT: Cain was trying to work for his salvation, but it cannot be done. Rest=7th Day = promise of salvation = salvation inheritance, resting with God forever. Commonest use of sheba, Hebrew word for 7, is this rest=salv=being with God. Whole Book of Hebrews is based on it, and makes reference to Abel versus Cain in that context (well, under the rubric of the Angelic Trial Evidence of Abel onward), in Heb11.

      A LOT OF BIBLE DOCTRINE IS MISSED by not understanding Gen4:7. First, it's clear from Cain onward that to "acquire" salvation, you hevel/Abel -- do nothing. [Hevel means nothingness, vanity, empty. LXX transliterates this as Abel. Should be a rough breathing over the "A", and it's VERY short.] Just believe in Christ. You are unable to do anything, see, so stop trying to "acquire", gain/Cain, what you cannot and NEED NOT do. (Gen 4:1 qayin=spear, but it's a sexual euphemism, and is a play on qanah, to acquire (redeem, ransom, purchase) = Cain. I REALLY wish the names of people in the Bible were easily found in the lexicons. It matters a LOT to know what those names mean. Much Bible Doctrine is wittily and deftly communicated thereby.)

      Second, it's clear that those who DON'T LIKE the Gospel are JEALOUS and want to murder it. So, the future tussle between the Arabs and the Jews is forecast, since the RIGHT OF FIRSTBORN (see also Heb12, toward the end) depends on FAITH, not works. See also Romans 9. So the entire BATTLE between the murdering works, vs. LIFE-GIVING faith method of salvation, is sourced here in Gen4:7. Do you realize, all religion, including 99% of Christianity, has been claiming the murdering version for centuries? Which could have been avoided from 4:7 onward; but because a HEBREW LETTER is missed in 4:7 (the het looks a lot like the tau, when written): the whole verse's import is messed up. Oh, Satan's not stupid: you only have to be a little tired in reading, to miss a whole meaning.

      It's true that an underlayer of all-or-nothing choice (believe in Christ or sin will eat you alive) is given as well: but 4:7 should first be considered a GOSPEL ASSURANCE verse of astounding beauty: it's only secondarily a warning about the foreknown sin of murder. (L.40-48 Gen75 tapes exegete 4:4-15, and importantly impact understanding.) Also, looks like the LXX is bypassed (again, sigh) in translation, which is a pity: the LXX offers important added information, esp. in Gen 4. The BHS and LXX should be AMALGAMATED in translation, where the texts seem to 'differ'. It's not a contradiction between both inspired texts, it's ADDED INFORMATION. Book of Hebrews thus plays on Gen4, throughout its text, and it's clearly looking at what (we know as) both LXX and BHS, verses, especially in Hebrews 4 and 1l, since Abel's offering the lamb CONTRACT RECOGNITION, is PRECEDENCE.

      So Cain WAS NOT a believer at least at the time he killed Abel (Hevel). Maybe before he died himself later on, he became one, I don't know.

      Third (post-Gen4:7): Cain's NEGATIVE REACTION against God spawned a countergod, family and city and culture. To replace God. Idea of gOOd, instead of God, which of course is why Satan rebelled. Hence the inherent tyranny-urges of herding (must fit in) are entirely satanic, not of God at all. Yes, God invented family and nation, but as institutions to develop and preserve freedom: NO right to impose its values on its adult members, but rather a de minimis level of rules so that its members are FREE to determine their own values. Children must obey parents; but once grown, IF NO LONGER LIVING AT HOME, no longer under that obligation. Same, in a polity. If you agree to live there, you agree to the rules. Else, leave. Polity has no right to impose on you, except to the extent you agree (manifested, if you live there). Same, with culture (which has NO inherent rights; whereas, a polity, does).

      God's rule of society is SELF-DETERMINATION; Satan's rule by contrast, is EXTERNAL-determination. So, heh: just because it's family or nation, doesn't mean you should stay 'in'. God is first.

      Therefore any family pressuring, cultural pressuring, and political acvitism in the name of family, is ipse evil, of Cain, and therefore MURDERING. Murdering of love, murdering of freedom, murdering of the relationships. The tyrannical overemphasis (prime characteristic of satanic involvement) naturally leads to rebellion, which is also evil. So, the rampant evil in human history is the 'good' claimed in it; near-white, so MORE evil than darker shades. Someday a separate webpage needs to be made on these Cain-related topics, but I've no time.

  • Somewhere in my sites (probably LordvSatan2.htm) is a reference to the Tree of Lives (lit.) preserving the body forever, if its fruit is regularly eaten, but I didn't explain the significance of that point. So here's the explanation. Adam and the woman totally destroyed their capacity for enjoyment, when they first sinned: suddenly they feel ashamed of being naked (contrast with Gen2:25). So what ONCE was an enjoyment, is now a 'hell', to them. No wonder they are so busy first accusing God and each other, when He formally interrogates them (Gen3:11ff): they aren't having fun anymore! Hiding and blaming is now 'fun', lol! Sound familiar?

      So the body even pre-Fall is highly sensitive to thought, so if the thought POST-Fall is evil (natural effect of fall, actually), then eating from the Tree would make the body even MORE negatively influential, sounds like. THE SIGNIFICANCE: the Gen3:22-24 prohibition means God is protecting man.
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