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How to be permanently 'saved', live with God forever after you die: BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST PAID FOR YOUR SINS ON THE CROSS.
See the blue boxes at left below, for added info on why only "believe" is valid. You don't have to understand it, though. Just DO it once, and you're forever saved.

From the Bible's poetic meter, WWIII will break out in 2025 and last for 40+ years (yeah yeah, most of Christianity makes stupid 'prophecies' and all so you never know who/what to believe, but in this case it's actually traceable in the original language text by the Bible's own metering; you can also ASK GOD with 1 John 1:9 if you're not sure). brainout's tweets go over this, along with the Matthew 24 meter. The rest of the documents are already inside the downloads page. A few interesting observations as we get closer to 2025, at the bottom of the page.

Advisory: prophesy is NOT to be conflated with the unknown date of the pre-tribulation rapture which can occur at any time, but that 'time' is not known and has certain caveats. The "end times" shouldn't be salivated at and is a sign of spiritual immaturity. The poetic meter has NOTHING to do with "Bible codes", avoid those like the plague just as you should avoid: Prolifers, those who are against Israel or the Rapture-obsessed. Prophesy isn't technically set in stone (we have volition), even if we don't care God still gives us warnings so that we are without excuse.

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Bible Doctrine is gold, and we go out of our way to discard it as trash. God's thinking is a treasure; we go out of our way to instead choose religion.

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Gospel / Bible101 Videos

1st 40 vids = primer re God, salvation, spiritual life. Last 44 are on glitches. Still, GOD LOVES. He will never reject us, even when we reject Him.

Playlist toggle=upper left corner of video. Hover your mouse on video while it plays, to see the other buttons.

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No Female Pastors! Videos

Videos refute claims that females can be pastors. See videos' descriptions for Bible verses. Females pretending to play pastor "under the authority of her pastor-teacher" is also wrong, this is attempting to loophole God's intention.

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'Larger proof from Eph4:16's Greek: CLICK HERE.

Dedicated to God's Delightful "Due Diligence" Accounting
Matt12:7-8, Mark2:27-28, Heb4:9-13!

Did you know, God is the Master Accountant? Never a loss, always a credit..Gen15:6 is an Accounting Transaction, in the Hebrew/Greek inspired Bible text (corrected translation): "Now when Abraham had believed in the LORD, He Accredited him, resulting in [Abram having] Divine Righteousness." [See also Romans 4, which explains this verse, and Romans 10:9, which harkens back to both Romans 4, and Gen15:6. See also James 2:18-26, which references Gen15:6 to show how God makes faith 'work'.] Free. No works. Just believe. Whoa! How can God do this yet be Righteous? Click here to savor the profitable fatness, Isa55! God's Absolute Accounting Principles!

God's ROYAL Itinerary For Mankind

If God exists, and we do also, then He must have a BLESSING Plan for our lives. If a Plan, then an "itinerary", a kind of TRAVEL PATH to go from where we are, to where He wants us to be so He can bless us. For, if God exists, and we do also, then He must WANT to bless us. For if God exists, and we do also, then we are too puny, to do anything at all for Him. So He must LOVE us, and that's why we exist at all.

Since God is Truth, ONLY GOD ALWAYS MAKES SENSE. So, a claim about God, or about His Blessing Plan must make sense, to be correct. Not just a little sense, but total sense. Totally Gorgeous Sense. For, what is "Righteousness", but "Right" + "[Gorg]eousness"? Can't be good enough, if merely "right". Must be Gorgeously Right, to be good enough for Gorgeous God. Glorious, in fact. Heh: another "G", for Good Reason! "Taste the Lord, for He is Good", says Ps34:8, 119:103. Heh. The latter Psalm was composed on the death march to Babylon by believers who were daily tortured, raped, deprived in every horrible way man can invent. The LORD TASTES SO GOOD, even all suffering becomes ba-tampte, tasty. His Truth Renders Tasty Even Hell Itself! Ps22:6! Ps31:5, the last sentence Christ spoke before expiring on the Cross!

Man on the other hand, is not Truth, so often doesn't make sense. So man doesn't 'taste' so good. For man abuses Righteousness, to turn it into tyranny: Satan's swan song. So man constantly piggybacks onto God, so to claim his own good taste! So always suspect as a LIE any claim which emphasizes man, his behavior, or his role. Such stress on man never makes sense, and is always power ploy: man pretends love for God, but really uses God's Name to effect MAN's desires over his fellows.

So when you read BOTH prongs of Rom3:23, it makes zero sense to claim we must be good little boys and girls; our bad is too bad, but our good is too bad, as well. Verse says "all have sinned AND COME SHORT of the Glory of God." So, we're brainouts: it's not about behavior, we're too "short"! Then there are scads of parallel passages like Isa64:6, Zech 3, Phili3:8, which graphically depict even our righteousnesses as disgusting filth. (Get an unabridged lexicon and study the real words!)

So man's claim that we must be good for God, makes no sense; doesn't 'balance'; fails the Truth Audit. For, Rightness ends where tyranny begins. Which we know, because Omnipotent God could just zap 'good' into us at birth, so we couldn't sin; so, He wouldn't need to Juridicate a Cross, to make us 'good'. He could just obliterate us, so we wouldn't live forever, since compared to His Infinite Righteousness, we will always be "short", even when made good! So Enquiring minds want to know: WHY did He do this -- to Himself, bearing in Omniscience our appalling puny-nesses? What could possibly render TASTY to Infinite, Gorgeous, Holy, Peerless GOD -- our nonending existence? Even, forever seeing those of us who will forever choose the Lake of Fire, because we want our "filth" more than we want to even once believe in Christ (see Luke 16:20ff, Rev20:11-15, Zech 7, all "Pharisee" verses in context)...

Oh, He Must Have Another Reason For Decreeing the Cross; a reason so vast, it warranted Nailing Away All Mankind's Sins 2000 years ago: a reason so awesome, even Judging His Own Son, which Omniscience will forever see, was a pleasure? What reason could possibly ACCOUNT for such an extreme decision? What benefit to Eternal God would JUSTIFY verses like Heb12:2 and Romans 5:8, John 3:16? Oh, look at the answer! the drama of Fellowship created, Romans 8! Stone too heavy to lift, Isa53:5's Hebrew da'ath by means of dakah! We can taste Him because He BECAME the Truth (Jn1:1-4,9-14, 14:6) and thus used that Truth to all the way through His Substitutionary Death, Isa53:11 (in context)! Because He was crushed like a tola worm (Ps22:6), we can get Doctrine squeezed into us (Jn7:39, 1Cor2, Phili2:5)! Christmas, 24/7, True Communion (Phili3:8-10)! Eph1's purpose, Eph4's building us in Him, Eph3:19! To enable us to Grow And Know Him, 2Pet3:18! To Be "Near", Eph2. [Bible keyword.]

    So His Reason, Is Relationship. "Fellowship" with GOD, Deut 6:5, 2Cor13:14, Eph3:19! Sharing in His Very Nature, 2Cor5:21, Rom5:5, Heb10:10-17, Matt25:21, Luke 22:17, John 13:8-9, 1Cor9:13 and Levitical sacrifices, Col1:12, Heb2:14, 12:10, 1Pet4:13, Rom11:17, 1Pet5:1, Eph3:6, Heb3:1, 14, 6:4, 12:8, 2Pet1:4! 1Cor15:43, sown in dishonor, but raised in maximum honor, like HIM, 1Jn3:2, forever! Thinking Like Him to please Father, forever, Heb11:1+6's Greek! 2Cor3:3, 1Pet2:3-9,21 (in Greek); 2Pet1:3-8!

God's Plan is thus way bigger than man's religion or mere morality. Again, when you read BOTH PRONGS of Rom3:23, it doesn't make sense to claim we're to be good little boys and girls; our bad is too bad, but our good is too bad, also: verse says "all have sinned AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD." We're brainouts: it's not about behavior, we're too "short"! God is way bigger than how short people treat other short people in God's Name. God's Purpose And Power Is Way Bigger than how some short people are oh-so-piously-offended by the different flavor of shortness in other short people. So, since GOD gave us brains, then His Itinerary for us is as follows:
  • God wants us to SIMPLY BELIEVE IN CHRIST to be saved; since our righteousnesses are (Isa64:6) filth, since we are forever short of the Glory of God, there is nothing we can do. So God Did Something. So we were given brains, so to LEARN AND BELIEVE, which is the only way anyone ever gets saved; the only way anyone learns anything else, even 1+1=2 (gotta reason, and have a reason, to believe). No wonder science tells us we got 90% or more of our brains as free RAMM, left over, not needed to live toward other short people...

  • GOD WROTE A BOOK ABOUT HIMSELF which He wants us to COMPREHEND with our brains, not our emotions. So to THINK like Him: John 4:23-24 ("in" s/b translated "by means of"), 1Cor2:16, TRUE WORSHIP! Not thump His Name as if He were a gong or cymbal; Not thrust His Name, to oh-so-piously STAB others; Not thrash His Name in politics, as if God needed Caesar's mudpies. (1Jn1:6-10: analyze each clause 'vertically' and horizontally. 1Jn and Rev17 warn about abuse of the Word. "bb0000" in Rev17 in Bible denotes political power; "purple", religion. So, false 'Church'. See also Exo20:7 in context, Matt7, Acts 5 (Christian 'competition'), Rom2, end 2Peter, etc. See also Caveat #4, above.)

  • We're brainouts, withOUT the Holy Spirit. So, We can only comprehend His Book via breathing 1Jn1:9; for, being in a state of sin rejects His (unfeelable!) Teaching Authority and Power; so we could no longer spiritually 'breathe', yikes! Prayer thus won't work! Works are thus dead! BibleStudy is thus hot air! Avoid 1Jn1:6,8,10 brainouts! use 1Jn1:9! (Again, 1Jn1:5-10 and all his epistle, is strident on this topic. See also John 14-17, Heb4:12, 2Tim2:15, 2Tim:3:16-17. See also Caveat #3 and #2, above.)

  • We also need pastors; to study only on one's own likewise rejects His Authority. Doesn't matter if the pastor is perfect, even as it doesn't matter if we are perfect. [Eph4:11-16, Greek, Timothy epistles. See also RightPT.htm.]
  • We always need to TEST comprehension, DO OUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE, since nobody's perfect, but God. Due Diligence shows respect for God, His Word, and for the pastor teaching; a lack of due diligence shows a lack of interest in God, His Word, the pastor teaching: hence, DISrespect.[Job12:11, 13:1, 29:11, 34:3, 16, Luk12:57, Acts4:19, 1Cor10:15, 1Cor11:13, 2Cor13:5, Matt7:1-2, 1Cor11:31.]

  • Since God gives us the tools, we ourselves are Royally Liable To God for what we believe. Of course, this Royal Liability requires, heh, that we feast on the Word; since you can't 'obey' properly until you LEARN THE BOOK. Gorgeous, eh? Cry all the way as you go get your deposits from the Bible Bank, baby! [1Cor4:8; 2Cor13:5, but "faith"=Bible Doctrine, Greek. Verse means to test your COMPREHENSION about the Bible's doctrine/truth regarding the Indwelling of Christ. Like most of Scripture, the verse and the term is double-entendre, for "Christ in" verses also refer to HIS THINKING in you. Bible uses Many many synonyms for Bible in you, in both OT and New. Titus1:1-2's Greek flatly says that IS the spiritual life. Closest English trans, even though its words aren't correct (but right overall meaning), is NIV. "Hope" in Greek is a technical word, invented by Plato or Socrates. It means Confident Expectation About The Future Based On Sure Knowledge. There is no doubt in the Greek elpis. So "hope" probably should be translated "sure hope" everywhere you see it, to understand what Bible means.]
  • LIABLE TO GOD, not people. Folks use "God" to manipulate other people's behavior; but then God's Name is used in vain/wrongly, says First Commandment: Exo20:7 (in context).

  • The information and links in the pagetop 'boxes' above, are solely to facilitate due diligence with God, Our 'Spiritual Brain'; not, repeat not to 'sell' anything.

  • For what you believe, is a Sacred and Private Matter between you, and the 2Cor13:14 Gorgeous God, Each One! Who Sires Your Soul, Isa63:16, Isa44:2's Hebrew, all of 1Jn! Happy Bible eating!
CLICK HERE for more tips on how to test/audit whether a belief, holy book, etc. makes SENSE.

Synopsis of God's Architectural Design

All too often Christians and others restrict their consideration of the relationship between "God" (however defined) and mankind, to the limited issue of sin and human good. The problem is far bigger and more fundamental than that. God Is Infinite: that is the problem for us, even if we all never sinned, and obeyed perfectly -- the "AND come short of the glory of God" clause, in Romans 3:23.

    If you were to actually see the Humanity of Christ (and you will, if you ever "did" John 3:16), you would react like Peter does in Luke 5:8 (NIV): "Go away from me Lord, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!" For God is Holy. But we, are not. That dichotomy warrants SEPARATION. It's not what we do, but who we naturally ARE, compared to Who God naturally is. We all know this; we all fear this; so we all make up whatever falsehoods we can, to live with this knowledge of unbridgeable chasm between Holy God, and little 'us'.

    Scripture quotations marked (NIV) are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.™ Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved worldwide. The “NIV” and “New International Version” are trademarks registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Biblica, Inc.™

So no claim about the relationship between God and mankind will ever be accurate, if its explanation doesn't begin with the inherent Dichotomy of God being infinite, but us being finite; and hence, by nature we cannot have a relationship with God. However much a holy book or teaching is nicely phrased and enjoined on a populus, if it skirts how God solves this fundamental incompatibility problem, the holy book or teaching is a flat lie. All religion of any kind, 'Christian' or no, skirts this issue, so NO religion is ever from God. Religion of any kind makes a big deal out of sin and human good, always carefully avoiding the fact that since God is Infinitely Holy, ALL human good is but filth, Isa64:6, Rom4:5, 1Cor3, last half of 2Peter -- so only good for burning. So, solving nothing in the relationship but to make it, worse. So all religion is but the old sidewalk game where you win a prize by picking which walnut half-shell has a pea underneath: none do.

So: how shall God solve the INCOMPATIBILITY between Infinite Perfection.. and finiteness? Such that, Infinity can JUSTIFY intimate relationship with finiteness (imperfection being a further incompatibility to solve)? This is where we should start our inquiry about whether and if God, whether and if mankind. If God is Infinite, then the First Problem Is The Incompatibility Between Infinity And Finity. The solution to that problem will thus solve all other problems (i.e., the problem of sin fracturing the soul beyond repair).

Click here to continue reading...

Royal Gospel Brief

God rescues/saves you to Himself permanently the first moment you SIMPLY BELIEVE CHRIST PAID for all your sins on His Cross; once you've believed in Him, you are forever rescued from Hell, period. For as the Lord Himself said in John 16:9, salvation is never about sin or what people do. But rather: Do You Want To Live With God Forever? If "yes", you believe in Christ; meaning, that He paid for all your sins; that His Payment Alone can justify your relationship with God forever. For God is Infinitely Holy, but none of us are infinite, let alone holy. Christ solved that problem. Hence, it's only about believing in Him, not about sin, etc.

    Here's more on why we all have the same problem, no matter how nice we are to each other. God is Infinitely Perfect, so there's a two-pronged BARRIER to life with Him. First, a MEDICAL and LEGAL barrier, that we sin; but second, another MEDICAL barrier, that we are not infinitely perfect. As Romans 3:23 puts it, "for all have sinned, and come SHORT of the GLORY of God." So we need to be rescued from this hapless condition. So, John 3:16 says in the Greek, "For God loved the world so much, with the result that He gave His Uniquely-Born Son, with the final purpose that whosoever believes in Him shall NEVER perish [in Hell], but has Eternal Life." So, Acts 4:12 says in the Greek, "There is no other Person given among men by Whom we MUST be rescued/saved." Romans 5:8 says in the Greek, "God demonstrates His Love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died AS A SUBSTITUTE for us." So since a Substitute, then no other Person is given among men by Whom you must be saved. NO OTHER.

    So clearly, sin is not an issue since He died for us "while we were yet sinners". So clearly, no ritual or good deed is relevant, either. The One Who Paid, is the object of belief, not some ritual, for crying out loud. So obviously: if you believed you needed to be baptised to be saved, you are NOT saved. So now, just believe Christ paid for your sins right now, and you are forever saved. And kiss all that ritual and angst good-bye, as you say Hello to the One with Whom You will forever LIVE, John 3:16. God is refreshing, never petty.

    God's Infinite Perfection can't be satisfied by any sacrifice other than Infinite Quality. What makes God Infinitely Holy, is Love. Which means, He'd never do anything less than Infinitely Competent. Righteousness is a standard of Competency, really, so way higher than whether one doesn't sin; you can sin and not be infinitely competent, right? Um, so this means we creation can't ever measure up, since we can't be infinite; so OF COURSE we sin: it's frustrating to not be as competent as God. So look at the juridical problem He faced: that would mean no creation should be made! It's an impossible dichotomy Love would never accept! Well, Infinite God relishes the impossible, due to that Same Love. So the Infinite Challenge was, for the Holy Spirit to Teach Divine Thinking to the Humanity of Christ, so that Christ's Infinite Quality Thinking could pay for sins. Divine Thinking in Humanity alone is sufficient 'sacrifice'. All the while, that Humanity had to eschew using His Own Nature as God -- which made all the waiting on the Spirit Who taught, Infinitely Harder. How Christ survived even to get to the Cross, and then on the Cross?! is a story one never tires of recalling. All sin is 'matched' by thoughts He had when the sins were imputed to Him, such that when Omniscient Father 'looks' at the sin, He 'sees' Christ's Thinking! And we all know, it's only the thought that counts...

    So you can be sure that the very nanosecond you believe in Christ, you are permanently rescued. Your appointment with hell, got blotted out.. by His Thinking on your behalf, while on the Cross. Forever. [Isa53:10-12 in the original Bible texts explains this process, blow-by-blow; the entire Bible, the entire universe, the entire history of mankind, revolve around those three original-text verses. Provably. Translations always fail to translate the Greek text, which supplies information the Hebrew texts, miss. See last full screen of Isa53.htm. Once you truly learn Isa53:10-12, your understanding of God, and your confidence in God, will skyrocket.]

Note how it's a specific belief in a specific Person, and a specific vote: belief, that only His Payment, works; vote, that yes, you WANT to live with God forever, and you Believe Christ's Payment ALONE buys you that life. Think of the Gospel as a contract offer, for that's exactly what it is. Do you believe in the terms? Clearly God does, since He's making the offer, due to His Love: But do YOU BELIEVE also? If "yes", you voted as just described (the belief=the vote). You are thus forever rescued, saved to God, saved from Hell. Forever.

    By the way, it's normal to not yet grasp why all this is true; but you still know you must believe in Christ to be saved: that knowing comes from the Holy Spirit's Own LIVE Testimony to you right NOW, Jn16:9. No one really understands the whys until after salvation, because the whys are many, and big. So the Holy Spirit just gives you the '1+1=2' fact of it, first.

    Bible legal term for the RESULT of this belief in Christ, is "Reconciliation". So BELIEVE in Christ, and from that moment forward you are forever saved, Gen15:6, Acts 4:12, 16:31; John 3:16, 18, 36. (Really, dozens of verses even in the Gospels alone -- Greek tenses show momentary belief is made into PERMANENT salvation, but English has no like tenses, so they aren't translated.)

    No one who's ever ONCE believed in Christ loses salvation. It's impossible to lose, given the nature of the change salvation makes in your very nature: you get a human spirit, which makes you FOREVER a spiritual being like God is (Tit3:5, 2Cor5:17); you get God's Own Righteousness (2Cor5:21); you get Eternal Life (John 3, "everlasting" is a mistranslation), and at least 38 other components. All of these are God's-Nature related, so impossible to lose.

If "no", you DON'T believe in Him, you aren't rescued from Hell. There's no 'middle' place (i.e., purgatory) post-death, so your choice is a stark one: Believe, or burn forever. Believe is so easy, even a five-year-old can do it, so no human effort matters at all; so no one is excluded, see. Obviously, since Christ died for the entire human race (1Jn2:2), if you couldn't believe, clearly you'd be saved anyway (i.e., mental retardation, infant death, etc). Burn, then, is the only alternative for a LIFETIME's worth of NEVER believing in Christ: it's not like God made it too hard, to be forever rescued.

    For whatever else you are or can do, however good or bad, whatever else you believe, is utterly irrelevant. Doesn't matter that you believe in God, or that you believe Christ was a great person, and even God; heck, even Satan believes all that, and his abilities are light-years better than ours. But he wants his abilities, to count for something towards God. So also, if you DON'T believe Christ ALONE pays FOR you, then you INSTEAD want to SUBSTITUTE your own abilities. But God won't accept any other substitute payments: not Satan's, not yours, not mine, not anybody's: ONLY Christ's. There are no magic rituals (i.e., water baptism), no magic works, no anything else. Only Christ's Payment on the Cross, satisfies God. Bible is very explicit on this point, as noted at the beginning of this Royal Gospel Brief.

    For example, if you are taught or you believe that what you do or are has merit before God, you won't believe in Christ SOLELY for salvation; you'd at most believe in Him partly, and in some 'merit' of you, partly. God won't accept "partly", because God is Infinite, and only what Christ did meets the Infinite Standard. So, once you realize that, you believe Christ alone provided the necessary payment so that you can live with God forever: so, you believe in Him.

    Conversely, if THROUGHOUT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE you NEVER ONCE believe, you do go to hell. For, then you have REFUSED the contract offer. Again, it's NOT about sin or being good: Christ already PAID for all sin, so any 'good' in us is too "short" (Rom3:23, again), so is irrelevant. So the ONLY question is do YOU believe in Christ, Jn16:9. Those who thus REJECT Christ's Payment on the Cross, instead want the contract to be ABOUT sin or being good; but GOD REJECTED all that, which is WHY there WAS a Cross in the first place. So those who reject what God accepted, go to hell -- and that's the only reason why anyone goes to hell.

For further details on "tough questions" about the Bible's (not man's) Gospel, Click here, or select from the list below. Eight tough issues you rarely see answered in Christendom are in that link. Of all my websites, these eight issues most succinctly portray the relevant data. These eight are:
  1. That one must believe Christ paid for one's sins as the ONLY way to be rescued ("saved") to God, is a MEDICAL problem, not a political, sexual, cultural, racial or religious one; for, sin destroyed our ability to have a relationship with Infinitely-Righteous God. It's not that God can't have a relationship with us, but that we can't have one with HIM. Click here for more on #1.

  2. The "Gospel", which literally means the "King's Good-News Proclamation", is thus a treasure disclosure; a NOTICE OF ROYAL INHERITANCE, really. What does that mean? Click here for more on #2.

  3. So, then: say you've already believed in Christ. What happens next with respect to this inheritance? Click here for more on #3. If you're a believer already, you really should read #3 to make sure you're apprised of your Royal status RIGHT NOW, in Christ.

  4. Before Christ's Humanity was born, was this same way to be saved, true? Click here for more on #4.

  5. Ok, He paid while on the Cross.. but how did that actually work? How was His Payment on the Cross constructed and juridicated? Click here for more on #5. This link is pretty important. Christians are largely clueless about how our salvation was actually DONE on the Cross, so make up goofy ideas like the Holy Grail (some magic property in His blood). Bible is very explicit on the mechanics, and they are both sensible as well as shocking.

  6. So why must one believe to be saved, since He already paid for sin and God already accepted His Payment? Click here for more on #6.

  7. You keep on stressing 1Jn1:9 in your webpages. But here you've just said that the debt was paid, and believing in Christ saves. So why is 1Jn1:9 needed? Click here for more on #7.

  8. But why does one go to HELL for never believing in Christ's Payment, since He paid the debt? Doesn't seem fair to God or the unbeliever. Click here for more on #8.

Just BELIEVE in Christ, no 'additives'!

So what's the message? Just BELIEVE Jesus the Christ Paid For Your Sins; then and only then are you FOREVER saved. Don't 'add' any verbs to "believe" like 'repent', 'invite', 'receive', 'make Christ Lord', etc. Any 'additives' are poison. If you 'add' anything to "believe" you're not saved, whether you call yourself a 'Christian' or not. Here's why: Belief+something else means the belief alone is not enough, but rather that the something else, makes belief enough: hence you are NOT saved if the belief is "plus" anything else. Hence the Cross is nullified, negated by the claim that something human is needed, which Paul refutes in 1Cor1:17. So, just BELIEVE: John 3:16 and 16:9, which the Lord spoke -- He oughta know which verbs are valid -- say BELIEVE, with no other verbs: in that instant, you are permanently saved. YES it is a mental act, as John 3 explains at length. Only with your soul can you believe: same as Gen15:6, Acts 16:31, many other verses. Bible consistently says this in OT and New, no exceptions, no gimmicks, no twisting "belief" into some other verbal meaning. Satan clouds minds, makes people embarrassed that it's "only" believe, nothing you can do of value, since belief by definition means the object of the belief has the merit, not you. So to uncloud the mind, IF you are a believer in Christ, use 1Jn1:9 to get the Holy Spirit's brains, and then cruise your Bible on "believe". Gotta be hundreds of verses to which He'll attest, all saying what Jesus said in John 3:16, no gimmicks.

So don't add any other verb to "believe", unless you want to live in hell forever. No additives: no added verbs, no prayer you pray, no church blessing or baptising, no repenting, no invite Christ into your life, no "accept" Jesus, no confessing with your mouth. All those other verbs are things you can only do after you have believed; those other verbs don't save you. So if you add any verb to "believe", you are not saved. So only do "believe" now, John 3:16, 16:9, Gen15:6. Just BELIEVE, now. That way you'll never go to hell!

For over 50 years my pastor harangued the congregation about how the Gospel is presented wrongly when adding verbs to BELIEVE; over and over he harped on how the added verbs negate belief. I was annoyed with my pastor for repeating this in nearly every Sunday class -- we had class 7 times a week, all on mp3, now -- on behalf of what he called the "nod-to-God" crowd. Well, he was right to repeat. I was wrong to be annoyed. Most Christians, who knows if they're even saved? Ask them what the Gospel is: if they add verbs, then maybe they never got saved?! Look on the internet yourself. Even famous pastors and evangelists fuzz up the Gospel or mangle it in their websites. So are even they saved? Why should you take a chance? JUST BELIEVE, as Jesus Himself said. Our Savior oughta know what the right verbs are, huh.

So how is it that people mangle, slice, dice, and add to John 3:16, Acts 16:31, thereby negating the Gospel so no one gets saved? They all seem to be embarrassed that the human doesn't contribute something like repentence or commitment or a prayer, etc. As if the spiritually-dead unbeliever could do something. Corpses lie. They can't do anything a live person can do. Hence no one believing their substitute Gospels with all their added verbs requiring a spiritually alive person, is saved. See for yourself: search in dogpile or other search engine on "How do I get saved?" (use the quotes). Over 99% of the time you'll find the Gospel falsified as some four-step program of 1) repent (of sins), 2) believe, 3) invite/pray, 4) receive; with the emphasis on what YOU do; usually they give you a script they themselves invented, as a magic formula you cite to get saved. In some of these sites, the verses used to 'support' the four-step program are not even salvation verses, are egregiously mistranslated, and of course reflect the writer's bias that sin must be repented brother (nowhere does Bible say you must repent from your sins to be saved). [Search Bible carefully, and you'll find the word "repent", alright, but it's not talking about from sins -- "repent" is Greek verb metanoew, and means To Change Your Mind -- in salvation verses, it means Change Your Mind About Christ, as the context will prove.] For example,

  • you can't pray to God until you have believed in Christ (only the believer has the privilege of prayer, 2Chron7:14, Rev1:6, 5:10, 1Pet2:5,9, Heb7), so you can't pray or ask to BE saved;
  • nor can you repent of sin until you have believed in Christ (Ps32:5, 66:18, and 1Cor11:27-32 and 1Jn1:9 are for BELIEVERS) -- see also John 16:9, to prove to yourself that personal sins are not an issue, but rather faith in Christ;
  • you don't need to say aloud you believe in Christ to be saved; you can say you believe in Christ only because you ALREADY did -- again, God only uses the believing, to save you (main theme of Romans 3, 4 and Galatians, esp. 2:16). Romans 10:10 says all this in the Greek; but because its second "eis" is egregiously mistranslated, dingdongs routinely reverse its meaning, never bothering to check what the Inspired, Real Bible says. Very sad, when God's Word is reversed by those who think themselves 'Christian'. See Rom1010.htm for the correction, and history on the mistranslation.
  • Next, there are no -- repeat, no -- verses in Bible at all which allow YOU to invite/accept Christ (what arrogance, to claim that we invite or accept God)! [The knocking verse in Rev3 is addressed to believers, not unbelievers. Christ Himself is the Door, and only HE does the inviting, viz., in John 3. As for "accept", there is no such word in the New Testament's inspired Greek. Newer English translations mistranslate variations of lambanw as "accept". Talk about reversing God's Word! So the one who says, "you must accept Christ to be saved", or "I accepted Christ"-- see how arrogant that is?]
  • "Make Christ Lord" false gospel is the most blasphemous of all -- oh, YOU make God something? Sheesh. Show me where that is in the Bible, k? [You can't even recognize He is Lord unless you are a believer and filled with the Spirit, which only happens if you did John 3:16 and then you breathe 1Jn1:9 as needed and live in God's System (learning Bible your life long, being under your right pastor, it's not a denominational question). Many verses on this: just search on "Lord" in the NT and breathe 1Jn1:9 as you do so -- the Holy Spirit will make you notice them.]
John 3 tells you what to 'do', even in translation: believe, and you are saved; never believe, and you go to hell forever. No other verbs. Click here for more info on the problem of added verbs and other fake-gospel, fake-'Christian' panderings.

A whole lot of dead people didn't evacuate before Hurricane Katrina, because they DIDN'T BELIEVE the authorities' warning. You can bet they prayed. You can bet they invited. You can bet they called, "Lord!" So you can bet they spoke His Name aloud. You can surely bet they repented. But those verbs didn't do them any good, huh: only if they BELIEVED, could they have escaped harm. One can only hope they believed in Him at least once in their lives, prior to their deaths!

Spiritual Royalty Brief

Believer, you can Click Here and Click Here, for two briefs on what's your Royal Destiny In Christ; how "Redemption" (Bible legal funding term) is designed to be spent on you; why, once saved, the Spiritual Life is not about people, either. Which makes sense: if it wasn't about people before salvation, how can it be about people, afterwards? Aha: quite true. And believer, are you ever in for a Royal Surprise...

Basics, Orientation

  • "True Spirituality". You're spiritually comatose if you're not regularly naming your sins directly to God. Just name them. No Additives. It was true in the OT, and true in the NT. So the page goes through how you know that, so you can vet the content yourself. So, being carnal, well.. this is why Bible is so badly taught, interpreted, translated, lived, for centuries.

  • Is belief in the supernatural, goofy? Short thinkpiece on how what we consider natural, an ant would consider supernatural; how we can't be the most-advanced life forms in the universe; how therefore a more advanced life form would be "supernatural" compared to us; how therefore "God" would be the ultimate lifeform, as the Ultimate Cause. So it can't be goofy to believe in the supernatural; it can only be goofy, to deny it or to goofily define it.
  • Warning about Use of HaShem & other conventions (for Jewish readers)
  • Who's on first: the Art of Hearing and Reading [Do we 'read' what the writer means?]
  • Site Purpose, My Bias This page is only useful for those who can't justify reading content without knowing something about the writer's bias or nature. Frankly the writer is irrelevant, since truth is authored by no one, and proves itself in the reading. At best, we can only REPORT our findings. So the webpage is about testing bias, not so much about what I believe.

  • Removed Link: LoveTable.htm. This page was replaced by the more-comprehensive, DDNA.htm.

  • Due Disclosure of God's Design. God's Design in BIBLE and nature uses hupostasis to teach us; this two-sided structure is also commonly observed 'law', whether civil, or natural: Ultimate "hupostasis"=God&Man, get it?

  • "God's Soliloquy", a great dramatized summary of God's Plan for your life. The Soliloquy runs about 18 printed pages in XP's "smallest" View font, and is a table linked to DDNA.htm. The latter is a sophisticated page, but the "Soliloquy" table should be pretty easy to understand. This is one of the best-written pieces, in all 'my' stuff.

  • Pagetop Basics links are repeated, here:
    Royal Gospel Brief
    False Gospels? Gospel=Insult?
    God's Royal Itinerary for Us God's System "Right" Pastor?
    Spiritual Royalty Brief 4 Royal Life Essentials Effective Royal Prayer Protocol Salvation Attributes

  • The Pure Genius of Salvation (A good, time-saving Gospel and post-salvation life synopsis.)
  • Salvation Components Chart (Text below chart is amazingly good; chart needs more work.)
  • TULIPS? NOT Calvinism, but a simple page showing Salvation & Post-salvation basics. Also fixes TULIP's errors.

  • What's a "Right" Pastor-Teacher? It's always been true that God Personally Picks a Pastor for you to be under. For Church, the role of the pastor is much more vital than obtained in the OT; for now Canon (Bible)=Christ's Thinking, is Royally completed: so the Body of Christ can be Royally Completed. 1Cor13 is on this topic, but is mistranslated (Head wordplay throughout 1Cor is missed). Eph4:11-16 is on how this Head gets into our heads: through a "metron..merous" (plunder sharing system, term references Isa53:12's merizw in LXX), with pastors being the connection centers of distribution (aka "joints of supply" in most translations, Eph4:16). In RightPT.htm, Eph4:11-16 had to be re-translated from the Greek, since English translations of it are so bad: passage succinctly proves why and how God uses individually-tailored pastors to pour His Thinking Plunder into their congregations, as the implementation of the Isaiah 53:12 "sharing" contract of eternity past, (which ties to Ephesians 1, Romans 12, many other passages). "True Riches" are Christ's Thinking, and you can only get your 'metron' (share) of His Thinking through a pastor God appointed personally for you. All your eternal inheritance depends on how much of His Thinking you get while you are down here. To see the plundering origin, you'll probably also need to read Isa53trans.htm, since Isa53 is badly translated, too. Sorry. All of the DDNA webseries (starting with DDNA.htm) is based on this contract. For God is Pure Thought, and that's Divine DNA. For your soul doesn't die, only this world (and your body in it) dies. You really can "take it with you": the real I.T., His Thinking.

  • Removed Site: Quips. Miscellaneous observations related mostly to God's Nature. Material was 'sprinkled' in other sites.

Objections/Testing Claims/Research

  • Multi-Religion Index. MANY Links, including secular colleges and anti-Christian sites: all unrelated to me.

  • Surprising Conclusions from my website research. The prior version of this page was completely gutted in 11/05. The replacement version allows scanning overall website research content for what might interest you. Any report should state what it found. Some of the surprising results are important, and you will doubtless disagree with some of them. Conclusions listed are not defended, just stated. Websites most associated with the conclusions are also listed; and often, directly linked.

  • Evolution's taxonomic tautologies, and possible "fixes". Short webpage, unusual analysis. Like the Jungian school contends, now "science" is our myth. Science is in grave danger, if it doesn't FIX the problem of its own descent into religious dogma. How 'evolution' needs to be re-postulated, in order to preserve the respect science deserves. I'm really worried that science will go back to the dark ages, solely because "evolution" is so transparently a dogmatic assertion failing ALL scientific standards of inquiry. We don't need to give religious idiots any further grounds to destroy reason, do we?

  • First Law of Math conclusively proves Transmutation is False. Key here is "a set cannot contain itself." This site is a mathematical upgrade on the prior bullet's content about taxonomic tautology, but uses words instead of formulae to illustrate both problem and its correction. Key is to reinstate the "missing link" modern science has long sought and can prove true, which ancient science had already recognized as true: Hupostasis. Einstein's theory of relativity, the Four-Fold Nature Of Time, and universe expansion topics are briefly included, to help show how the "missing link" can be used to correct other conundrums in scientific theory. There's no missing link: it's just a problem of science MISclassifying the nature of what it observes. We're talking a simple taxonomic blunder, which can easily be fixed. The First Law of Math is the 'detective' of taxonomic misclassifications.

      Finally, the page summarizes the originating Biblical definition of "transmutation", i.e., in the Greek of Rom12:2, Eph3:15-19, Col1:25-27, 2Cor5:17 and like passages, which math proves secularly: the site's Endnote has a brief on that topic.

      Transmutation can only happen spiritually; man essentially became an animal in his soul when he sinned; so devolution, not evolution, is what we observe: science has it backwards, as usual. A really great book proving this true was ironically written by an atheist (or agnostic), Julian Jaynes. You can probably buy it at Amazon,, etc. Title has the words "Bicameral Mind" in it (I forget the whole title, just now). Read it and then compare what Bible says, so you can see how Jaynes proves Bible's contention, while meaning to debunk it. Or, just search for "Jaynes" in SpirPath.htm, to get a gist summary (but I'd really recommend reading the book).

      God can reverse our devolution, and instantly does so STRUCTURALLY due to the Cross; however, since our souls are still trashed and ALIVE, we need to consent to an ongoing functional transmutation in our soul, as commanded in Rom12:2's Greek. The degree of functional transmutation "enlarges" (Greek verbs auxanw and megalunw) your spiritual capacity for intimacy with God. Now you know why we get a Bible to learn and live on. This Soul Transmutation takes a lifetime, so requires a much longer explanation as to its nature, function, etc. So the DDNA webseries is about all that; it's very long; DDNA.htm is its header page. The transmutation takes place under the auspices of a Trial between the Lord and Satan, so God's Transmutation Plan is also covered from a Decree and Functional Relationship, Trial amalgamated 'view'at length, in the mammoth "Thinking" series. Start with LordvSatan1.htm. This is a lot of reading, sorry.

  • Does God Exist? Unusual ways to determine the Existence and Nature of God. The "Due Disclosure" link at Home pagetop is now very helpful, too. Frankly, the "Nature" question is more important, because as you prove "Nature", obviously "existence" is demonstrated. The intra-page links in SurpConc.htm direct you to other webpages which might have helpful Nature-brainstorming information. God means for you to think over whether and if and how He is. It's never wrong to question; it's very wrong to be dismissive, fearful, full of guilt, etc. "Wrong" only means harmful, and is never a truncheon of condemnation.

  • Gospel Objections. 6/03 revision: introduction now shows how the "Believe.. or burn" Gospel applies even to Omnipotent God, First. For if God is Omnipotent, and by definition He must be, then even He has the Power to sin: which, if He did sin, He would no longer BE Omnipotent, and thus would be helpless to fix Himself. So "Believe or burn" is not some nasty rule He arbitrarily imposes on man, but instead reflects Unadulterated Truth. For, if even GOD would become totally wretched and offensive forever if He ever sinned, how much more, we? No matter how much we pretend otherwise? And if we weren't really wretched and offensive, we wouldn't need to tell ourselves how 'good' we are! One doesn't need to become what he already is, but needs to become what he is yet not: like that line in Shakespeare, we "protest too much." A 'little bit' pregnant is still pregnant; a 'little bit' of cancer is still cancer. We are pregnant with cancer, and need curing. So why, oh why do we find it either offensive or shameful that He offers us a total forever cure for our wretchedness, if we authorize that cure by merely believing in Christ?

  • Bible bloopers or..bumpkin bloopers? Quicklink to Gospel Obj. #6, revised 6/2003.
  • Is God a Murderer? (God's alleged "genocides", and related Justice Issues): this webpage was deleted due to lack of reader interest. If you want it, email me.

  • "God is not magic." Gist: God is REAL, so you 'relate' to Him as REAL, not 'magically'. God is GOD, not dog. So He isn't to be treated as a genie, nor should we expect ourselves to be magically-godlike, capable of being good on our own. For example, in order for you to have relationship with an ant, wouldn't you always be doing something for the ant? Could the ant magically do something beyond its ant-ness? What's the value for you if the ant chanted a prayer over and over to you? How good is the relationship, if the ant demands you heal it? If the ant 'marries' you for goodies, is it you, or the goodies that the ant loves? See? We all assign some kind of insulting magic as a standard for relationship with God, however rational we mean to be. As a consequence, we likewise render all relationships, sterile. Yet the real Truth is far more enjoyable than even ideal magic: provably.

  • Exposing Grail-type Myths. This site was originally the first of DDNA.htm's appendices. It's now been spun off to its own page. It blasts out of the water, two common Grail-type myths. The first one, by Christians, is the myth that somehow Christ's physical blood 'magically' paid for sins. Big, stupid lie. The second one, promulgated by Islam and other anti-Christian sources, is the goofy idea Christ had kids. This latter of course has been recently popular. Like P.T. Barnum said, there's a Bible-ignoring sucker born every minute.

  • Verbal Plenary Inspiration. Very short note on what "Canon" really means: Bible's Inspired, Infallible, Inerrant Nature. See also Caveat#2. Frankly, get into the original-language texts, and when you see the sheer genius of the wording, you'll know that you're looking right at God, Himself. Alternately, you can look at how Satan&Co. make all the fake holy books and Bible mistranslations POINT to the Bible's original-language texts, and make wordplay on them (admiringly and derisively, all at the same time). To explore this latter idea, take a gander at the "Grand Strategy", "Seven Signature" and "Ex" links starting in SatStrat.htm, which is the Appendix to the "Thinking" webseries. Humans aren't this smart, sorry.

  • How Bible Translations become Hearsay, and then.. Heresy. That webpage has been deleted. Replacing it, are SurpConc.htm's "Re Satan's Plan" link, and Caveat2.htm (whole page). Also, you can see the problem better via the corrected translations of specific verses in the "exegetical pages" of the next section. Or, in whatever other webpage you're reading.

  • Bible Cites on Trinity, by category. There are thousands of verses demonstrating God is Trinity, both in OT and NT. Careless handling of Bible, misses them. So the webpage categorizes only the rhetorical styles (the WAYS God chooses to state Trinity), with sample verses: since to list all the verses, would take years!

  • Daniel 9 Timeline of Messiah, God's PROMISE structure of Time: use for testing Biblical dates vs. 'scholarship', esp. because the latter is so often wrong. God orchestrates ALL time around the Jews, because He orchestrates all time around Christ (Who is also Jewish). It's a lot to read, and there's a whole bunch of conflicting stuff on the internet about Daniel 9. So beforehand, you might instead want to read the blissfully-short: Ten Ways This Timeline differs. Hope it saves you time, heh.

  • Shorter synopsis of Timeline, titled "A Question of.. Time?" It's part of the "Does God Exist" webpage, since if you can prove Time is being intelligently orchestrated Biblically, you'd have proof of God and His Identity.

  • Mirror, NOW! post-70AD proof of Timeline still playing in history, even now. Site is a postscript to Mirroring.htm ("Daniel 9 Timeline of Messiah" link, above), and is significant enough to get an extra link, here. You won't understand it very well, if you're not at least familiar with one of the two links, above. Objective is to show how God is still orchestrating time based on the 490-year segments, to free mankind from religion. (If you read Gen3, you'll see that original sin is based on a religious motive, to make self as good as God. So the sin nature is religious in nature, with gross sin merely being a subset, a religious 'rebelling against'. Two sides of the same sin coin, really.)

  • "GeneYrs.xls", an Excel spreadsheet timeline from Adam through 2006 which complements both Mirroring.htm and MirrorNOW.htm. Dramatically shows the 1050-year and 490-year increments of Time Grants in God's Blessing-by-Association Time Accounting System. You can vet all this data, and the dates in Biblical periods come from the Bible itself.

  • Case Study in Flawed Dating of Exodus, see how the Daniel 9 timeline allows correct dating of this event; how historical facts and math corroborate its dating. The data is all testable.
  • Passover Plot: another Case Study in Flawed Dating, re Christ's Birthdate and His Passion Week. What's awesome here is the FIT of His Birth and Death Dates into Israel's holiday calendar. Israel's holiday calendar is a mirror of history, and its first six months is mirrored in the last six months (hupostasis, get it). "Modest Proposal" section in the page walks you through that panoramic meaning. See for yourself how the Daniel 9 timeline allows correct dating of these events; how Bible verses, historical facts and math, corroborate the dates; especially, how erroneous ideas about when Christ was born and died -- and what happened in His Final Week -- are entirely due to not reading Bible.. for centuries! The data is all testable.

    Caution: exegetical pages below are provided only so you can see
    why these (often-mistranslated) verses are used in my other pages.
    Ideally, you should instead get exegesis (etc) from your pastor.

    Many verses are exegeted and corrected in translation in each webpage, since Bible in translation is so bad, but the ones below are pivotal to understanding what's the spiritual life.

  • 1 John, whole letter retranslated with exegetical notes. This document goes verse by verse, with the corrected translation of each verse in blue, the actual Greek text (pasted from BibleWorks) and small font exegetical notes explaining why the translation differs from the Bible you have. That way you can just skim it easily for the blue-font translation, or dig deeper to test it before God.

      You can instead get 1 John's exegesis from my pastor's website, if God wants you to do that. Here, as is my normal due-diligence practice, I exegete and translate first WITHOUT recourse to his exegesis (which I have); this, because he taught his entire congregation how to do that function because he wanted to teach Bible only from the original-language texts, proving from GOD'S TEXT, not his opinion, what Bible says. Then, I'll go back to test my results against his and anyone else's I can find. Idea is to be uninfluenced, just using BIBLE, first. Who cares what the truth is, so long as it comes from God?

      God won't hold our pastors accountable for how we read Bible, even though God appoints each of us a pastor personally. So this is due diligence. 1Jn's full re-translation will take me a long time to do. Now I appreciate why my pastor spent daily Bible classes of a year or more, exegeting this book; it transformed his ministry, according to what he says on his live Bible class tapes.

  • MisTrans.htm gives you a short list of some egregiously-mistranslated verses, without spending lots of reading time. Idea is to show the pattern of them, and how satanic blinding hits all believers, even our best and brightest scholars. So absent 1Jn1:9, we are all satan-fodder for falsehood. Pretty much every webpage demonstrates the foregoing sentence, as it was a recurring surprise during website writing, how badly Bible is translated. (I didn't learn Bible in translation, so I didn't know it was so badly mistranslated, until writing these sites.)

  • RightPT.htm has a "Bible's Badly Translated" link is a bit longer, explaining more about the types of translation errors categorically.

      If you like a longer and more chatty writing style, then also peruse Purposeo.htm's "Cup" section: blue text shaped like a cup, you can't miss it. Then keep reading through the end of that webpage.

  • 1Jn2:5, Exegetical Notes. You don't love God if you don't cherish/guard/hold close-in-you-thinking The Word. This page is being replaced (upgraded) by 1JnTransandExegNotes, above.

  • Heb11:1, Exegetical Notes and corrected translation. Trans should be "BibleDoctrine Confidently Believed=Christ On [Angelic] Trial=Evidence Unseen", or similar words. It's Angelic Trial verse which sets up the OT "witness" roster of that Trial in Chapter 11 (showing the legal precedence). This webpage used to be a section in Part IVa of the Lord vs. Satan (aka "Thinking") series; it was spun out to its own page, and is an inset to Part IVa of that series. Eventually the other Heb11:1 exegetical stuff will be 'copied' or 'gathered' to this webpage. This verse is critical to the spiritual life, and is very mistranslated in every Bible of any language I can read (i.e., Latin-related languages).

  • Heb10:15-17, Exegetical Notes and corrected translation. Book of Hebrews is on the change of covenant away from Israel, to Church, and how the latter will be used to rescue the former; this passage shows how Thinking Canon was the promise OT folks yearned for, but we get (eventually, for their sakes). Very dramatic.

  • Isa53:10-12. This passage gives blow-by-blow description how our sins got paid on the Cross and what Legacy comes from it. Exegetical Notes on both BHS and LXX, with both fresh LXX translation of vv10-12, and how well BHS and LXX combine. Yet lexicographers and scholars consider LXX's v.10-11 a problem, not Biblically valid (yeah, if God only knew the kindergarten version of language)! Yet, NT writers reference and play on LXX vv10-12. So LXX deserves attention, shouldn't be left out of OT Bible translations. Instead of waiting for that or politicking for that (and thus wasting your life), just see for yourself, what's there.

  • Isa52:13-54:1, Expanded translation with exegetical Notes on both BHS and LXX, more technical. Focus is on how you trace the original-language wordplay which runs rife in this chapter (which actually begins in 52:13, and ends 53:12). Isa54:1 is a conclusion from the previous chapter, which in translation makes no sense, but flows perfectly from the original-language texts. So, you can see for yourself this is true, from this webpage. Three types of translations are offered: a working translation without explanation, an expanded translation with exegetical notes, and a poetic translation, to reflect Isaiah's own meter. All three translations amalgamate the LXX and Hebrew texts for Isa53:10-12.

  • Click here to read BibleHebrewMeter.htm. KEY TO OLD TESTAMENT HEBREW METER is furnished. If you've been following my Isaiah 53 series from about six years ago, you'll recall that in April 2008 I finally learned Isaiah's meter; then in July, that the meter is used as a CALENDAR. Well, that led to comparing Isaiah with Psalm 90, in May 2009. What a shock! Isaiah 53's meter is deliberately crafted from Psalm 90's meter. So now you can see what rules both Isaiah and Moses 'followed', to craft their chapters. So now, an overall hypothesis regarding the "rules" for Old Testament Hebrew meter can be formulated! So this page advances the rules, but the codification description needs much improvement.

      The page contains the metering videos for both passages, so you yourself are witness to the phenomenal results. You'll see the 'rules' that both Moses and Isaiah followed, for yourself. So maybe you will come up with a better phrasing of the codification?!

      Bible Hebrew Meter is really important for a number of reasons: 1) solidifying interpretations for hotly-contested doctrines like Trinity, Hypostatic Union, Rapture, and for all prophecies with timelines (like Daniel 9); 2) textual criticism, the art of deciphering what the REAL words in the Word originally were; 3) WHAT DATES the Bible says things happened -- for the meter has a CALENDAR function. So, for example, Moses writes Psalm 90 in 1400BC, so the number of syllables ending his Psalm equals the number of years to the time Israel rejects God as King and Saul is appointed. So, Isaiah has his meter start in 712BC and end at 37AD -- same endpoint which God uses in accounting Daniel 9. So you have An Audit Trail Of Dates BIBLE provides. For we perennially look OUTside Bible rather than INside, to interpret it, and then conclude the Bible obtuse or even erroneous?! Guess again!

  • Rom10:10, Exegetical Notes -- Mistranslation of 2nd preposition "eis" has led lots of folks to believe you must confess Christ with your mouth. Nope, not true. The opposite is true: "because of" (="eis") salvation, you are even able to say you believe in Him.
  • Rom12:1-3, Exegetical Notes and corrected translation. Gotta see this to believe it. Paul is talking about getting Christ's Thinking as transmuting you. Translation makes it look like works transmute you. Incredible mistranslation blunder, given context (Chap11). Oh: Paul's referring back to the contract of Isa53:10-12 in the LXX, so you'll want to read that section of the above exegesis webpages as well, yikes!

  • Testing the Truth. Very short overview on evaluating Scripture. Revised 6/03.
  • NT Interpretive Keys. Keys to Biblical interpretation the Bible itself uses. This needs much editing, but it's good for brainstorming.
  • Verse lists, categorized by doctrine. This gets regularly updated, but coverage is still sometimes sparse; over time it will be improved. In other webpages the verses are more thoroughly provided, within the topic addressed. Key with Bible is to think theauretically: synonymal words and concepts, in endless hubbed array. Deft Infinite-Quality Divine Thinking! Breathe 1Jn1:9 and just try to think like a thesaurus repeatedly, as you study; John 14:26 means the Holy Spirit will enable you, since your repeated trying are VOTEs to learn His Thinking! For with God, it's always and only about Voting, Free Will choosing to know Him. TEST this claim, see for yourself!

  • Bible..Bumpkins? For my #scripture cohorts: brief review on how we don't know our Bible; on how Bible was kidnapped throughout history, until about the 1800's; cautions on debating Bible in chat; study aid recommendations (see also the Bible recommendations in Latestchgs.htm). To show the importance of proper study, the webpage shows the corrected translation of James 4:5, which verse stumps scholars (why, I can't fathom). Debating Bible is good, for it gives you practice in living on Scripture; notice how everyone debates and uses Bible to think, in the NT (really, the OT also). But if you're not studying Scripture, not breathing 1Jn1:9 and learning Bible under your own right pastor, then you're wasting your time, bumpkinning around, all hot and puffed up...
  • "Common Biblical Interpretation Errors". Site is intended to be a collection of links on specific, common errors folks make about Scripture, but no links have been done, to 'answer' the list. One should determine why and where one has errors for himself, in God's System. So this site may end up being deleted, later on.
  • Lie Detectors you can use. Part of "Thinking Out Loud" series, Bible-sophisticated.
  • Quick Lie Detector Simpler version than the "Lie Detectors", above.
  • No Soul Life In Womb. See Caveat #4, also. This page is about the Juridical basis for our salvation and post-salvation life, and only tangentially 'answers' the falsehood of the Christian prolifer 'right' (which is neither Christian nor right Biblically). You aren't alive until you are independently breathing. You aren't spiritually alive until you are breathing spiritually, and 1Jn1:9 rescues you from spiritual apnea. But if you don't know the juridical basis of the woman's condemnation; if you don't know how the Bible is reverse-translated versus the Inspired original (original says soul is imputed at BIRTH, not before); then you'll not understand your salvation or your spiritual life's NATURE, either. Politicking is evil, no matter what side of an issue a Christian is on: Rev17 harlot, baby. So this page doesn't take a political position, but rather the spiritual position alone matters. Leave Caesar out of it, Matt22:21, Exo21:22.

Big-Picture, Advanced Topics

    Note: except for the "Basics" box of links, pretty much all sites are fairly advanced. So if your eyes glaze over, start with the stuff in the "Basics" box, and breathe 1Jn1:9 to get the Holy Spirit's brains (we are all too dumb to live, apart from His Brains). You'll be very surprised how smart He can make you, instantly and over time. God's System link (in white box at pagetop) explains this process, and it's GOD's Way of making you smart, no matter what your human limitations, faith or societal status, etc. You can prove that assertion, by 'doing' the Five Elements in His System. It's private; no one but God and you will know.

  • Thoughts on Katrina. Bullet list analyzing how the warning provisions of Leviticus 26 play out live in 2005.. all over the world.
  • "Spiritual Pathology Principles" +Diagnostics. Preferably, use this only on yourself.

  • Divine DNA webseries. This is the micro counterpart to the "Thinking" series; God is out to transmute our soul's thinking into His Son's Thinking, per the Love Contract in Isa53:10-12, and 1John, but you can't see all the contract provisions in translation. Thinking replicates without mass or energy transfer, because Infinity is neither mass nor energy, but is Pure Thought. So you could call this "God's DNA", the Infinite Thought. Put in Christ by the Holy Spirit, paying for our sins, and thus available as "plunder" (term in Isa53:10-12) for us. Very long, very sophisticated series. Thought replicates and mutates just like biological DNA does, because the secular always depicts the higher spiritual Truth. Biological DNA is the "instruction set" which tells your cells how to be: without that instruction set, you'd be dead. So without the Divine Instruction Set which the mere biological one depicts, you can't breathe or live well spiritually, either. Very long, very sophisticated series; all the inter-page links are at the top of each webpage in the series. A quicklink to its first page is also at Home pagetop.
  • Spiritual Growth Principles in 1 John. revised 3/2004. Needs much more upgrading.

  • Thinking Out Loud II, a recasting of the doctrines and ideas in the "Thinking Out Loud" series, as a fictional novel playing 'today'. If you've been reading the Thinking series since it first came out in the year 2000, this novel format might help you spot errors or correctness in ways the original series didn't make clear. Only the first few chapters are uploaded, so it's short.

  • The original "Thinking Out Loud" webseries: 'Epic workpaper on God's Grand Design for Time and History in context of the Angelic Appeal Divorce Trial to Reveal His Son. God doesn't have to do things the hard way, but chooses the hard way. So the question is, WHY would God be so hard on Himself? Hence the historical framework is the Angelic Conflict, which was the proximate cause for Adam's creation. Series is very long (over 2000 printed pages) and surprisingly sophisticated, especially Part IV; so don't print it out.
  • Click here to read more about the purpose of Thinking series.

QUICKLINKS to pages in the Series:
[Intro]  [ Part I ]  [ Part II ]  [ Part III ]  [ Part IV ]  [ Part V ]
[Appendix: testable summary of Satan's strategy & tactics
[IVa, Rapture's based on Precedence, not prophecy]
[IVb, Father's 'Body' Criteria: BELIEVER GROWTH, NOT PROPHECY]
IVc, Macro Historical Impact of Believer]   [IVd, Your Trial Witness Destiny]
[Separating Prophecy 'sheep' from 'Goats']  [Daniel Timeline of Messiah]  [Revelation: a Play within a Play]
[Witness? US. America.]   [Spirit's Role, OT vs. NT]   [1st-century Pope Myth]
[Satan's Trib 'spin' propaganda]      [ Fixes, macro (i.e., God's-Nature) issues]
[Fixes2, micro related issues]      [Color codes' meanings (i.e., table colors]

This section was replaced; I can't find anymore. But you can click on Funny Christian websites

Note to my fellow RBT congregation members and tapers:

The purpose of these sites for a reader, is abnormal. The sites are to encourage thinking OUT Doctrine, not teach or parrot it. Thinking out, not selling someone that 'my' pastor or 'my' idea of Bible is right; hence the sites are nonsectarian in orientation. Therefore, the sites 'do' a lot of thinking out (which I personally needed anyway). The reader is presumed to already know enough MD to play with the material: like it, lump it, rage at it, smile at it, whatever, before the Lord. These facts may warrant your not reading 'my' material: only God knows if you should read at all; so, please first ask Him. On the other hand, if you are turning over concepts you heard in class and seek collateral thinking on the same topics, well.. maybe you should be reading stuff here. Again, only God will know.

If you desire elaboration, click here.

About "Thinking Out Loud": The "Thinking.." series is a deductive synthesis of about 30 years' study, so it's truly epic, and testable. Purpose: to see the coherence of God's Grand Design. The best way to see His Design is to try to describe it, as if one were taking an exam. Or, in this case, doing an accounting 'trial balance' workpaper, but written as a narrative drama. Principle: God Makes Sense. So every item in God's Nature, Design, Plan balances. So an errant view of His Word will not make sense, and thus stick out.

Theme: Angelic Conflict is the outline on which human history is based, and that Conflict is designed to reveal the Christ, Who is the Stone too Heavy to Lift. [Isa 53:5's Hebrew, "dakah" ("crushed" in NIV). My pastor taught this etymology as a stone which 'crushes' your strength, because it is too heavy to lift.] Series helps AUDIT 'slants' on Scripture. For, we are each accountable for how we used our individual spiritual lives at the Bema, 1Cor3. Not good, to be spiritual WorldCom... So, the webseries also covers today's "tough questions", along the way. Thank you "tzip", for your yr 2000 post about how folks can't tell God exists! Until then, my many prior drafts of this workpaper didn't balance.

Cautions: go through the webseries IN ORDER. If you skip a section, you may get lost. The series presumes you've some familiarity with Scripture, or that you can use a Bible, Bible CD/'bot or concordance, and that you routinely use 1Jn1:9 as you read. So, the series 'flows' like a epic story: very fast-paced, densely-woven with wordplay and color-coding. Oh: don't mistake the use of common-day or even technical vocabulary for some New-Age drivel. The vocabulary is chosen to make meaning clear. Not pious-sounding words to please egos but leave comprehension, fuzzy. God gave us brains so we could get His Spiritual Brains: it's not magic, it's Learning. God's Way, via 1Jn1:9 use and study under your right pastor.

NOTE: There are a lot more verses to support the stated interpretations than I list in this series, because you should do your own homework. So, use 1Jn1:9 (if needed) and ask the Father in the Son's name for the Holy Spirit to help you find/recall relevant verses. After all, it's His Book of the Son's Thinking: so if you also get the info from Him, then you know it's not some human's interpretation, á la 2Pet1:20-21.

ERRATA Caveats

For ERRATA reports in 2010 forward, see my blog here. At present there's only one main ERRATA to fix, but it's a biggie: I have to revamp my description of Trib events. The webpage chiefly affected by this is SatSpin.htm, which was a hypothetical scenario of the Trib's 'spin'. It doesn't have anything specific on the Trib verses (i.e., nothing about Daniel 11 events). The goal of the page is to show how Satan will 'spin' the Trib to fake it as a 2nd Advent. Still, the actual events I had in mind formed the backdrop for the spin, and I think I've mistaken the flow of the events. So that needs to be corrected, and then maybe SatSpin will have to be revised. Other pages will also be affected, even if only marginally.

What follows below is just a generic statement about how I know errors linger in the webpages. If you see any others, let me know. Constructive, substantive criticism is worth more than gold.

Because websites are written quickly and then later revisited and revised, you'l find some unintended grammar, style, and typographical errors remain. However, substantive upgrades or corrections in content are also always in progress, because I continually audit my faith for errors. See, God is Perfect, but I'm not. So I have zero qualms about reversing myself if I find I'm in error; hence there's no guarantee that what is written here today, will be believed tomorrow. Only God Matters. Only His Word Matters. So if I screwed up on a belief, then.. fix it! That's what you do with a broken car, right? And isn't a broken (false) belief, even more important to fix? Would that we tended to our understanding of God, even as much as we care for our transport! But oh no.. people think it's disloyal or wrong to change belief? So they just stand pat on the errors. Yeah, and that's why the Bible's been so badly translated for centuries, no one fixing the old errors, but copying them into the alleged 'new' translations! Good thing GOD preserved the original-language texts so we can fix our belief errors, huh.

    And that's what I've been taught, the original-language Real Bible. So if a piece of writing here is Scripturally accurate, ONLY the Holy Spirit caused it; He knows what He's 'behind', and will point it out to a reader, under the deiknumi clause in Isa53:11's LXX. That's a relief, for no human gets 100% of what the Spirit teaches via the appointed pastor for that person; hence my webpages have errors in them, too. So the Holy Spirit will prove to an interested reader whatever is right or wrong in these pages, even as He does for me, whew. 1Jn1:9 and being in God's System, is the key: not the mistakes made enroute, but being in His System, learning His Son, 2Pet3:18, 24/7! Click Here for pre-2008 information on errata items within my sites which remain to be fixed.

Hail to Our Front-Line Christian Soldiers,
who Sacrifice to Serve us Beautimous Bible!

Anyone who chooses to work in Bible is a hero of the greatest magnitude. Not only is Bible our very food and drink, our lifeline, but serving it to us is the hardest job imaginable. Thousands upon thousands of sacrifices have been made just so we can even Get The Book Into Our Hands. Thousands upon thousands of painstaking hours counting the Words in that Book (to make sure the copy was accurate); to make up the lexicons; to cross-reference parallel or related passages; to analyse and translate or teach even one verse! It's beyond comprehension.

So these the scholars, the teachers, the cataloguers, the etymologists, of every denomination and no denomination throughout the centuries.. this army of sacrificing folks! should get the greatest praise. They are the créme de la créme, the forward line of troops in this spiritual war of ours; a corporate campaign, and an individual battle, every hour of every day we breathe. All in preparation to See Him Forever. We owe them everything; for seeing Ta Panta, Him! Is Everything.

So, think: if these our best and brightest can be outwitted by Satan&Co., such that translation and teaching errors of truly-egregious nature persist for centuries, in every denomination and no denomination: then we know for sure that only the Holy Spirit's power, works. No one can correctly fathom an iota of Bible, apart from His Power! Christ stayed Perfect, because He lived only on the Spirit's Power, Jn4:23-24! So must we, Eph5:18! All of my sites list many of these errors and bluntly, for that reason; like they teach you in West Point, your better comrades fell in battle, so make good on their fall!

So use 1Jn1:9 like breathing; Think Study Ponder Test "the spirits", as John puts it, in 1Jn4. We cannot, absolutely cannot, do battle on our own! Sic transit gloria mundi, nos morituri mortem salutamus! Abba, Father! The Battle is the Lord's!

A few interesting observations that I made a note of as we approach 2025.

God's promise is that every word (in the original language texts) must be preserved, else the trial would end. Therefore these people are more focused on the high of there being some 'mystery' than going straight to God, asking God, and using 1 John 1:9.

One of Satan's current most widespread initiatives is Prolife: for, it trivializes God creating soul-life (Jeremiah 1:5) and turns Him into a murderer for all stillbirths, makes zygotes magical and holy (not too dissimilar from making the Blood of Christ literal), and enhances suffering for those who actually need to have an abortion. Often Trump supporters and Prolife go hand-in-hand. If your church supports either, run far far away. Technically pro-choice should really be God-choice, as we should always ask God first. But there will be situations where abortion is either necessary or the best course of action for either the believer or the unbeliever.

Prolife claims that rape is a blessing and that you must sacrifice yourself for the fetus. Under no circumstance would God EVER want you to sacrifice your life for something that's not life (1 Peter 2:9). This is unfortunately what's happening in Russia as well with Russian propaganda saying you should 'sacrifice yourself for the State' because you have salvation through the State-operated Russian Orthodox!

Christians who support Prolife both fail at reading what the Bible says (Genesis 2:7), fail at common sense (most atheists can tell anti-abortion is visibly wrong), and want to focus purely on hyper-emotionalism and never ASK GOD or LEARN GOD. What good will come of YOU with your OWN WORKS yelling at people to "repent or burn" or literally burn abortion clinics (Isaiah 14:14), do? And as usual, the loudest trumpets won't lift a finger (Matthew 23:4) of their own and are filled with hypocrisy. They're addicted to selling their religious narrative and force-feeding others (Matthew 15:8). If God wanted to force-feed us, He wouldn't be giving us space TO have freedom. Prolife therefore claims that He shouldn't give us freedom and that He's "too small" so the angry Christians need to step in and help Him (1 Peter 1:12) by yelling and making the Bible look pathetic and bullying others (Exodus 20:7). What a humanistic way to paint a God that's nothing like us (Isaiah 55:8-9)... Satan loves every second of it (2 Corinthians 11:14).

Trump calls himself the "Chosen One" which is actually a title for Christ (Isaiah 42:1). It's a common trope for demons to transmute the idea as someone's own or tell people they're the "chosen one", others who were given the same idea include Whitley Strieber and Spurgeon. Now how did Trump, Spurgeon, and Whitley Strieber come to the same conclusion that they're all chosen ones?

Another big tell is that the Qur'an outright says that life is in the womb. If the Qur'an states something so specific and we know it's demon literature, it should raise an eyebrow if your beliefs are parallel to its reversals. Of course the Christians who go along with Prolife and works salvation attack Muslims, and don't realize their beliefs are almost identical to the very ones they attack, LOL. That's what happens when you neglect to think and want to focus on religion, trashing the God you supposedly claim to love (Matthew 7:22).