Verbal Plenary Inspiration

This is very important material to master. Quoted Text below is from one of my Bible classes; the quotes are read from time to time, to remind us of the SIGNIFICANCE of this Beautiful Bible we are so privileged to have. [L.1628 92SD.] If not quoted, it's paraphrased. I believe my pastor was quoting from other theological sources, but when you think over the meaning of the words, you see how apt they are, just the same.

"Verbal Plenary Inspiration" means "God the Holy Spirit so supernaturally directed the human writers of Scripture that, without waiving their intelligence, their individuality, their personal feelings, their literary style, or any other human factor of expression, His Complete and Coherent Message to mankind was recorded with perfect accuracy in the original languages of Scripture: the very words bearing the Authority of Divine Authorship."

So "Verbal" means, "the Bible in its original languages, from first to last (Autograph), is an exact record of the Mind and Will of God as He intended it to be."

So "Plenary" means, "the entire text of the Bible is equally from God, but not necessarily equally-important."

So "Inspiration" means, 2Tim3:16's "God-breathed" (theopneustos): just as God breathed into Adam's nostrils AFTER MAKING HIS BODY and that made Adam EXHALE and thus become a living soul, so also God's breathing of the Word into the Scripture writers produced an 'exhale' of Canon, without waiving any of their own personal attributes.

Note the next verse, which shows the PURPOSE of getting Scripture: to make you mature, proficient, thoroughly equipped for every "good of intrinsic value accomplishment" (true meaning of the Greek word agathos, which Greek lit. and Drama constantly hail).

If you track 1Cor12-13's keywords (esp. meros) in the inspired Greek, you will see that Canon was expected to be completed in WRITING in Paul's day (completion of Head would cause completion of Body). Some tie-in verses reinforcing this fact: the AGE-OLD PROMISE of His Thinking in writing, Jer31:31-34; 2Pet1:20-21, a parallel to 2Tim3:16; Heb4:12; Rev22:6-21.

Then, there's "Infallible" and "Inerrant". "Infallible" means, "incapable of error"; "Inerrant" means, "totally free from error". Note that these terms apply to the original text, NOT to copies or translations. So, the task of textual criticism is, to COMPARE the original-language copies (manuscripts, abbreviated term is "MSS") to see which one is most accurate. Some of the scribes OF the original text made their own changes to suit their OWN opinions, yikes (viz., 1Cor13:3 or 4's kauthesomai is NOT in the Autograph). Some just made booboos, i.e., one scribe capitalized "pros" in James4:5, thus beginning an incredible series of head-scratching by scholars who should know better. Since we have so many copies (some no longer than a verse), and the original languages are both so a) precise and b) so chock-full of multiLAYER nuance and meaning, it becomes CLEAR (though painstaking) which is the "Autograph" (original text) and which is NOT. FAR BETTER WAY TO PROVE AND SEE DEPTH-OF-TRUTH, than if there was one or a few 'nice' manuscripts.

So the task of translation is, to "apprehend the exact thought of the WRITER", not our own, not someone else's. Unfortunately, all the translations are regularly and even predictably tainted by the OPINIONS of the translators; who, in the name of 'translation, not interpretation', CHOPPED OFF meanings that really ARE in the original text; or, ADDED IN meanings which are NOT in the original text. (My websites often illustrate this problem.) In all fairness, Scripture is SOOO very multilevel, it's IMPOSSIBLE to merely translate ALL of the meaning which is REALLY SAID in the original-language texts. However, the way translations chop off or add to the word is always SLANTED to a legalistic, gotta-work-for-God OPINION. It's as predictable as gravity, once you see the original enough, versus any translation.

So if you REALLY want to know God's Word, you have to learn and study it in the original languages. Only a few pastors in the world teach Bible in the original languages to their congregations, but such pastors DO exist. So you can use 1Jn1:9, ask Father in Son's name to direct you to the pastor He wants for you. Never Never Never underestimate God's Power. Your IQ is of no importance, high or low. JUST BE WILLING TO LEARN.