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An archive of notable public YouTube comments from brainout's videos as Google has now prevented searching comments and will probably remove most at some point in the future as they already have for many, anyways (yeah many legacy comments have been removed sadly). All comments have been archived in 2024 so 'year' references reflect that. I'm not coding a script to retroactively update all of the years as time advances, I just don't have the time.

The titles I made become 'playful' when the negative-volition commenters end up being unreasonable and/or crazy since they REFUSE to use 1 John 1:9, or nullify it.

A major recurring theme with a lot of the comments are from people who don't understand the gospel (believe once & forever saved even if you stop believing afterwards), hallucinate the rapture/end times, or are just completely out of it. Even worse, a lot of their claims predictably never happen. Even though the Bible has prophecies, the rapture can still occur at any time, its date is not known and cannot be calculated. Therefore any Pastor who screams "we're in the end times" or denies a pre-tribulation rapture should be avoided like the plague.

Grab popcorn for every claim of a set rapture date.

When Christianity Neglects 1 John 1:9, You Get Bigly TRUMPED

"why do I have to, you know, repent, why do I have to ask for forgiveness if you're not making mistakes?" - Donald J. Trump [1] [2]

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
If you want to know how vile Donald Trump could get elected, just read the comments here by folks who don't think one needs to use 1Jn1:9 post-salvation. They are as nutty and evil as Trump himself, who said he never uses the verse. So too, the others who think you must ASK for forgiveness, that is nowhere in the Bible. Some allege it's in the Lord's prayer, but that's not ASKING, it's CLAIMING and it's still not what the Lord means. These people don't bother to read or learn the actual Words God had commissioned be written. They use their imagination or translation or just hallucinate. So, we got Trump.

Because, the video shows the actual Bible text. Not, interpretation or run-around. Very clear. Even, in translation.

KJV-Only Fiasco

@QuinnBoone | 7 years ago
so, you feel that the kjv has errors in translation?

@brainoutyakabrainout | 7 years ago (edited)
Oh yes, in practically every verse it gets something wrong. So too, all other translations. No single translation gets the verses right. Sometimes the best trans is KJV, but still with provable errors. Sometimes, another version. Translations are never inspired.

Fortunately God preserved the PERFECT ORIGINAL TEXT which can be proven ORIGINAL by means of syllable counts, since the authors 'tag' prior Bible by means of those syllable counts. I've been doing videos on these topics for 8 years, in vimeo (as 'brainout') and here. See links in my @brainouty profile on twitter.

So you can prove WHICH of the ORIGINAL TEXT copies has the exactly-right words. Often many copies do. So in aggregate of all the copies, we do have PERFECT Word, but again no one copy gets all the words right.

God did it that way, to demonstrate how His Perfect Word can reside in you, though you are not perfect. Sometimes you'll get it wrong, but also sometims, you as a 'copy' He writes into, will get it right. Very comforting.

@QuinnBoone | 7 years ago (edited)
Brain Outy so, how do we know truth? just trying to learn. if not there, and all christians have the spirit, whos right? if everyone has the truth, how do you know whos right?

does there not have to be an absolute truth?

@brainoutyakabrainout | 7 years ago
Yes, there is. But God can DEPOSIT that Truth as He chooses. If He chooses to deposit it in earthen vessels (Romans 9), then those vessels need not be perfect, but each will contain some of the truth, and you see it ALL in Aggregate. Actually, the 1611 KJV translators said that,

@QuinnBoone | 7 years ago
Brain Outy im glad to finally meet someone who has the answers, now i can give up, my search is over. lol. im sorry, ive watched your videos for over a yr now, im not a greek scholar but i do believe every word is translated how it should be as there are no original copies, and if God cannot preserve his word in a book, how can i trust what he's says. he made the universe, but cant get a book right, i dont get that. if one word is wrong, how can i believe any of it.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 7 years ago
Since you admit you cannot read the Greek then you cannot know if the words are properly translated. So you just lied. What you BELIEVE is unfounded, and for that God will judge you.

You spit on Him and His Word. Once you're hurting enough, I pray He will cause you to remember this post and 1John1;9 so you can recover.

@QuinnBoone | 7 years ago
Brain Outy i cannot read greek or hebrew thats why he gave us the kjv. and so, romans 2: 1 a pplies to you in this case a long with john 8:7. God alone has the right to judge, certainly in this case, not you,. Glad to see us christians proving all the unbelievers right in that were the only people who organize our firing squads in a circle. The problem with all the so cslled scholars that know greek and hebrew is a problem of pride and arrogance, lording the tongues over us common people like in the dark ages. mabey thats where you belong ms outy, in the crusades crucifying christians for their beliefs that differ from yours.

Brain Outy and i will now unsubscribe, thsnk you and i hope The Holy Spirit csn do something for you because lord knows nobody else can...thank you and good night

@brainoutyakabrainout | 7 years ago
Please do unsubscribe. I'd rather have 1 subscriber who wants GOD than 1 million who don't.
You've had a year to wake up, and you hate God's Word, so PLEASE leave now.

@QuinnBoone | 7 years ago
Brain Outy your no Christian at all, your a false prophet and i rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ, by the blood of jesus to turn you over to satan for the destruction of the flesh. Your anathema to God!

Curb Our Egos

@shucksful | 6 years ago
It basically comes down to: "What say, YOU? Who do you choose to follow? Which side are you on? THAT, has a real way of waking you up and getting right up in your face, and right where you (I heard, in the Greek, it's a real kick in the chin!)

But, yeah... If your choice is HIM?????? Then,,,,,,,,,, You sit up straight and stop all that scaredee~cat stuff, and get to walkin boldly You are on the winning team. Now, act like it. Fear, is usually an indicator that your level of faith, is not everything you quite claim it to be. So, call it a faith rest drill, or whatever, but I'm always striving to come up with an express alignment to Him, in order that my perspective get's regenerated back to it's spiritual significance. (This is of course, after the use of 1John1:9) lol. Okay, brainy...That's all. I'think I got it all out of my system for now...except for not having time to tell you, that for the last month or so, I've been getting verses thrown at me.... I wasn't sure if it was real, so, I haven't said anything, but, it is a huge milestone, I would have to say. Although, this is something that only I can validate, but, it sure happens to you a lot, but, I've been experiencing Him talking through scripture, and getting answers, and the comforter is comforting, with answers out of nowhere. Comforting answers. Revelations, that made my old epiphanies look like "Shoots & Ladders" in comparison. ~~~~I thank you, for lending me your ear. Have a brainiful day. :) (peace out....)

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
Well, what's happening to you with the verses is John 14:26 happening live. THAT IS NORMAL. Not highbrow. We are ALL supposed to have it happen to us. Means the spiritual life is 'on' and growing.

It's overwhelming at first. You'll be tempted to think you're a spiritual giant, but since it's what Christ said should happen in John 14:26, then you know it's not something special about you, but the norm in the process.

That so many don't have it happen to them, is due to their not using 1Jn1:9 so any Bible they get, is all hot air.

1Jn1:9 usage changes all that.

Emotional, Kinda Like TRUMP

@TheLightOnEarth2 | 6 years ago
Hi there,
There were two Saviors in one body: Immanuel the Son of man and Jesus the Son of God. To know what the 'two Lords' secret you uncovered (and other intel) means:

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago (edited)
No, not a secret. Rather prosaic, actually. Two natures is like two arms and legs. You can use one or both. The miracle of the HU isn't so much His God-Man nature, but that He kept willing his HUMAN nature not to access His Godness, Hebrews 1:2-4.

It really helps to learn Bible, rather than hallucinate meaning not in it, to create some 'secret' so people will feel emotional, rather than get truth.

Eastern religions love to make you emote, so you won't see how false they are. Kinda like vile Donald Trump.

Dichotomous and Temporarily Sinless (at birth)

@endlessnameless7004 | 6 years ago
So if a human is born with a sinless soul (up until its first sin), does that mean it temporarily has a living spirit too? I always thought we were born spiritually dead.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
We are spiritually dead. The human spirit (trichotomous) is not breathed into us (Adam lives plural, but not us). But that doesn't mean the soul straight from the hands of God, is anything less than perfect. So the soul is perfect at birth, but no spiritual life. Some seconds or minutes afterwards, the soul gives into the sin nature which is in the body; which sin nature, is the reason why we cannot get a spiritual life at physical birth.

Dictionary Games: the unborn are not "babies"

@kidkratoski3778 | 6 years ago
You keep saying pro life is bad? killing babies is good?..uhm..are you simply misspeaking?

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago (edited)
Perhaps the fastest proof for you, is to use 1Jn1:9 and ask God yourself to show you Genesis 2:7's SEQUENCE. You don't even need the Hebrew to see what HE says. Then, look at John 18:36 and ask Him about that.

I've written on this a lot, and many pastors know that prolife is satanic. But they aren't popular, since they stick to BIBLE, not politics.

NoWombLife.htm is webpage proving NO SOUL LIFE IN WOMB from Bible, relatively short,

OR videos with more detail, starting at

THERE IS NO LIFE IN THE WOMB, PER BIBLE. It is also satanic to POLITICIZE any so-called 'faith' issue, as well. So even if it were wrong to abort (and it can be, I'm not pro-abortion as I'm adopted), it is ALWAYS SATANIC to politicize abortion. For Christ said 'My Kingdom is not of this world' but prolifers SPIT on Him.

So it's satanic to be pro- or con abortion as a POLITICAL issue. So that is why vile DT won, we are under God's Judgment for lying against HIS Word.

The BLOOD OF JESUS! That's no longer physically around.

@BibleTumper | 5 years ago (edited)
When you read 1John 1:9 in it's contex, it hard to avoid water baptism as the means of confessing one's sins to God in accordance to Mark 1:5; Matt.3:1,6. John's gospel was to the house of Israel, not to the body of Christ. The way of repentance and confessions of our sins today is,1Cor.15:1-4. It's by faith, through the blood of Jesus Christ for the remission and justification, unto eternal life. Not any kind of verbal confession to God for sins. As the body of Christ. Christ paid it all at the cross. What we, the body of Christ should be doing is pleading the blood that Christ had shed on our behalf.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago (edited)
No no no and no. Christ did not die physically for your sins, so the baptism is not physical either. It was a custom, a witness when someone was already saved, to go into the Jordan. It has no spiritual significance whatsoever.

And for God's sake, you don't plead any blood. Blood did not pay for your sins. Isaiah53 is extremely specific that Christ's thinking Bible paid for your sins in Isaiah 53 5 + 11.

Are you familiar with my Isaiah 53 videos, which go through the real Hebrew & its meter translation?

Furthermore 1John1:9 makes it clear you simply name your sins, cuz He already paid for them on the cross.

When you sin, you reject the fact that the sin you sin IS a sin. So that's why you need to name it to God, to be cleaned (as it were). If you don't admit it, you are not in fellowship & any Bible you think you know, you'll mess up.

That's true for all of us. 1 John 1:9 is your lifeline to the spiritual life: use it or lose it. You can't lose salvation, but you can lose spirituality.

Test these claims. Use 1John1:9 and ask God yourself.

Sorry it took me so long to reply to you, but I didn't see your post until just now!

I am dictating inside a little box, so I hope there aren't too many typos made by my Google voice to text!

Is God's System Actually Odd?

@TheDavidlloydjones | 5 years ago
This (God's System) seems odd to me. If there is such a system, surely we're in it. Period.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 5 years ago (edited)
David Lloyd-Jones (I had to edit this, now at my computer)

Bible depicts salvation as an inheritance. The post-salvation life is the option to learn your inheritance. Just as in any royal family, you can be born Royal but you don't get the privilege of rule, if you don't learn how.

To learn how, you have to be in God's system. It is not a denominational question, but steps described in the video (however poorly my words sound).

Use 1 John 1:9 and ask God yourself. The steps also applied in Old Testament; New, is paradigmal of how Christ revolutionized the spiritual life. In that life, you yourself are a Royal Priest to God and King in Training, just like any other believer. Book of Hebrews, Ephesians, Colossians, Rev 1 and 5, cover that.

Thank you for your time!

Just Do It! (belief + 0)

@Pompeii2020 | 3 years ago
"it does not mean you have to understand it; just do it"....I am not a lawyer, but under law, would that constitute consent?

@brainoutyakabrainout | 2 years ago (edited)
If you agree to something whether you understand it or not, you are bound to what you agree.

Yes you believe Jesus Christ died for your sins? You're automatically saved, forever. It does not matter that you do not understand HOW salvation works or WHO Christ is.

You wanted it & you said yes to His Payment, so you get saved. Do not confuse this legal consent with other forms of consent that require a certain age. There is no age requirement, here.

@Pompeii2020 | 2 years ago (edited)
But who is making the offer? There is no angel standing in front of me telling me this. The Jews (supposedly) were privileged to witness miracles to convince them. Where are miracles to convince me? Thomas (supposedly) said:

"Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe."

This guy Thomas was with Jesus from the start of his ministry and, most probably, witnessed some of the miracles done, and yet he did not believe in his resurrection.

But not only that, when he stated that he will only believe if certain conditions are met, Jesus complied and gave to Thomas what he wanted.

Well, if Jesus does not appear to me and gives me a high 5, I am not going to believe. Now what? Shouldn't Jesus show himself and give me a high 5? Or am I am fucked because I do not believe? This all seems unjust, improper and ungodly.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 2 years ago
God is making the offer directly to your own soul. God doesn't have a body, is invisible, and made your soul at birth, Gen2:7; so can communicate to it.

You can know He communicated, because He gave you the ability to 'hear' Him send His thoughts to your soul.

If you refuse Him, you are responsible for that. If you never once believe Christ paid for your sins, you will go to hell..but you still have the opportunity forever, to believe that He paid for your sins, & get OUT of Hell. But once you go to Hell, your desire to believe will be a lot lower & you will suffer a lot more; so it's a good idea, to believe now.

Christ paid for everybody's sins, so everybody gets the same salvation opportunity.. forever, 2Peter3:9, last nine Greek words (never properly translated).

@Pompeii2020 | 2 years ago
yeah, right, ok...ummm...all of what you said is unfounded. Maybe it is founded for you on something tangible like a miracle, but it is totally unfounded to me. I don't hear God. I only read what YOU write, nothing else. So, for now, I remain in Thomas's position. I will not believe until Jesus shows himself. Thomas set that as a precedent and I am following in his footsteps. Now, where is Jesus? Why hasn't he showed himself?

Anyway, if what you say is true, and God can communicate to my soul, and could communicate to ALL souls throughout all time, then why were there any miracles performed at all?! Why bother with that? Talking donkeys and great clouds from the sky would have all been unnecessary.

Either God can talk to souls, in which case miracles are unnecessary OR God cannot talk to souls, in which case miracles are necessary. Since, (supposedly) God performed miracles, He must have done so for a reason. What was that reason if not to convince the people of His ways and His authority?

It is written:

Acts 2:22 “Men of Israel, hear these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a Man attested by God to you by miracles, wonders, and signs which God did through Him in your midst, as you yourselves also know—"

"Attested to you by miracles, wonders and signs"...I think that says it all. But, no one attested to me in that way?! Why the hell not?! Why should I believe anything without being given evidence of that what is being proclaimed?! Why did God attest to people in that way in the past but not in that way in the present?!

The really absurd thing is that, it is also written:

Luke 11:29 As the crowds increased, Jesus said, “This is a wicked generation. It asks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.

So, Jesus (supposedly) said there will no sign be given, but then he goes on to attest himself by the power of God by "by miracles, wonders and signs". HA! Was Jesus lying in Luke 11:29? OMG. Did Jesus lie?

I want divine intervention. If you are on good terms with God, ask him God to send the fucken devil if Jesus is busy, but don't try and shove unsupported priciples down my throat. Thank you.

Btw, Gideon (supposedly) wanted proof as well. So, asking for proof is not an "ungodly" request. Therefore, I feel no guilt in making it. Why would anyone believe any of what is written in the bible without being given a sign???

@brainoutyakabrainout | 2 years ago
Everything I told you is actually in the Bible. When I say 'hearing God' it is hearing Him witness to His Own Word. That is in John 14.

Since you are not using 1 John 1:9, you do not understand what I say. To be online and hear God witness to His Own Word, even if it's in someone else's mouth.. you have to use 1 John 1:9.

You are not using the verse, so there is no point in my talking to you. If you will not hear God, you cannot hear me.

@Pompeii2020 | 2 years ago
I do not dispute that everything you said is in the bible. I dispute that it is true. What I want any child of God to answer me is this:

Why did not miracles happen when there were cameras around? Why do they not happen now, on a regular basis?

Why, if someone sins against the Holy Ghost, do they not fall dead like Ananias or Sapphira?

There have never been false prophets doing miracles. Why? Didn't Jesus warn about this? Isn't this something that was suppose to be happening everywhere?

Everything that was happening at the time the Christian writing were written (miracles, inspirations) is not happening now. Everything that Jesus said was going to happen did not happen....ever. Why?

People were (supposedly) raised from the dead back then but I cannot get a flower to wither before me? Why? If it was righteous of God to give signs back then, why is it not righteous to do the same now?

Why isn't there a pillar of smoke or a burning bush somewhere so that people can come, observe and be convinced?

Why is God so mysterious when he can be as transparent as he used to be?

I think I know the answer to all those questions. It is an answer that makes me sad considering the souls that are affected by the Bible. The Bible is an idol. Nothing more. A tool for disempowerment and manipulation. Not a good book at all.

@truthbetold3379 | 2 years ago
~ if I may and I will, in regards to miracles, miracles done by Christ were for the purpose of showing Christ's authority from heaven. Miracles done by his apostles were to prove they had authority from Christ. Miracles in today's society are for believers who believe in Christ NOT for unbelievers. Hence Thomas's request was done from the point-of-view of a believer therefore Christ answered Thomas's request and allowed Thomas to touch His wounds. Christ answered the prayer/request of a believer (Thomas) in Christ. Thomas represents skeptical BELIEVERS not skeptical unbelievers.

~ in regards to Ananias and Sapharias the Canon of Scripture (Bible) was in the process of being written. God therefore showed His Word through direct manifestations in order for the bible to be written. Now that the bible is 100% written recording all of God's direct manifestations,the method God used to teach His word, there is no need for direct manifestations. Direct manifestations happened in order for it to be recorded in the Bible. Now that the bible is complete we learn God's word through the bible no longer need direct manifestations because the bible has been completed.

TFW 1 John 1:9 Is Ignored

@marceloribeirosimoes8959 | 3 years ago (edited)
I'm not saying it was a star.
But the argument about the fact that Jerusalem and Herod did not come to such a star to say that it was not a star, from my point of view, it's very weak.
I say this because Daniel was a prophet and taught in Babylon, certainly. On the other hand, we see some passages where the people and the chiefs of the Hebrews did not even know the law given to Moses and lived in error. Kings even tore their clothes when someone found the Scriptures in a place they weren't even going.
That is if a star pointed the place, and Babylonians had the custom of guiding their lives by the heavenly bodies, and this had been prophesied by Daniel to them, they would have been able to perceive the Messiah's arrival.
I'm just trying to bring a different possible point of view ...

The second part of the problem I see here is this: If there was an angel, why the angel didn't lead them to Jesus but to Herod?
A shining point giving them some kind of reference, maybe fits better than an angel, too.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 2 years ago (edited)
Read Matthew 2 again. Use 1 John 1:9 as you read, and use the verse again as you read what follows, so you can test with God directly.

They did not see an angel when they came into Jerusalem. That's why they went to Jerusalem, to ask people where was Christ. In other words, they weren't seeing an angel or a star, nor did anyone else in Jerusalem.

There was one, guarding the royal couple..unseen.

The magi saw Balaam's 'star' prophecy + Isa53+Daniel 9's timelines, so they inquired about Fulfillment, cuz 5BC Annunciation=start of Isa53:12. Daniel 9:26 balances the 490, to it: you can only see that, once you see the meter in both chapters.

Matt 2's Greek portays magi as very flashy, so Herod sought them out.

AFTER speaking w Herod, something changed; maybe they believed in Christ, because now they see the angel guarding the couple: he led them back to the couple in Nazareth, 6 days NW from Jerusalem.

They gave their gifts and went away; angel told Joseph to leave for Egypt, cuz clearly Herod's spies followed the magi.

You will see all of that at the end of Matthew 2.

@marceloribeirosimoes8959 | 2 years ago
- I'll take a look, for sure...
- Ok, let's see...
1Jo 1:9 - it's about sin and forgiveness. Confession, one to each other.
Isaiah 53 is about death of the Messiah, the prohibited chapter in Israel - no star nor angel there.
Daniel 9 says a lot os things, but 9:6 explains that the Truth was always said to gentiles. And I understand that the hebrews were the Creator's people to lead all other nations to know The Creator and worship Him alone, but good works. So, we agree that this is Daniel teaching those babilonians about the Messiah.

"...confusin of the face..." SHAME...
...a curious english word from the world that lies on evil...
SHEM, in Hebrew, is the character as known, the renown, + fame + personality. And it sounds very closely to "shame", a negative impression about someone.

But I could fin a "star" in Numbers 24:17 - talking about a star that would be a leader.

Talking about "flashy", it could be their clothes.
Do you remember the babylonish garment (Js 7:21)???

You've said: "...AFTER speaking w Herod, something changed; maybe they believed in Christ..."
I think that they were aware about a Massiah, but I am not sure about their understanding about who was there. Because they came from a materialistic people. And I am not sure if they understand that The Creator would make Himself man. The Creator made Himself man. And even those that followed The Creator in flesh could not understand that even after His death.

So, I think that those magi were there fulfilling the prophecies and they were there representing the gentiles.
But I am not sure that they were following (literally) a star, because generally a star is bigger than this planet - so, they were following the sign in the sky. Or they were following the Daniels teachings - and that's what we agree. The star in the sky in certain position would tell them that the Messiah is arrived.

And He is The King of the jews because the King of the jews, since the beginning, was only The Creator Himself. So, one day, they started to claim for a human king...
...and the "king of jews" title says WHO was there, right in front of their faces.

But, where do you see the Catholics better understanding about dates?
I still don't get it. I'm sorry. I think I need some help...

Talking about "angels", they are the manifestation of the Creator Himself - no matter the name the angel receives. Knowing that, I can't understand why something cheged after talking to Herod.
Maybe it's a symbol like talking to pharaoh before to leave the Egypt.
Probably that means that they were finally ok with the local authorities and all the process of the Messiah life, and death was starting... They made Herod aware. They emphacised that the religious system is "the devil" (the enemy, the adversary) because they exist to keep people blind and materialistic.

So, now they could see, like Balaam.
...yeah, ok.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 2 years ago
1 John 1:9 is not, confessing sins to each other, but name your sins to God. Just as in the Old Testament when you brought the animal to the priest; but Christ died on the cross, so there's no need to bring an animal to a priest, now.

You are your own priest, and you name your own sins to God.

Please re-read the verse.

There is a difference between what you think you read and what is said, both in Bible & my posts/videos. Do you care to rethink and rephrase your post?

Thank you!

@marceloribeirosimoes8959 | 2 years ago (edited)
When I've said "to each other", I mean it.
I would never put a religious guy to listen to what I've been doing.
I mean to talk to those we know we have put in some bad feeling, or we may be caused any kind of prejudice or pain. Maybe all those that we had a bad thought about them, judging them. Like if we could be better than them.
Because that's love, too.
And it's impossible to love The Creator if some can live with all these kinds of mistakes living inside and among others...
We feel the need to get things right and even. Even if it cost a lot to us.
What I am saying is, our relationship with The Creator is our relationship with all human beings around us.

Please, try to read your Bible like there were never be any catholic nor "evangelical" denomination on Earth.
Try to understand that those texts are from humans that never heard about Christmas, Easter (Ishtar) eggs and bunnies, etc..
If we read the Bible keeping today's religious mindset we'll never really see what's happening there.

The Creator in flesh came to get His sheep out of this babel (confusion).
And He said that all we need to be is like Him, like this: Mathew 25

Q Gospel is as bad as Donald Trump :o

@thomasharrison9846 | 7 years ago
Just because you read something in a silly voice, that doesn't make the thing silly. The Q Theory had nothing to do with making money. Most of these scholars don't have a lot of money, and aren't interested in it. A condescending attitude is not helpful.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 7 years ago
+Thomas Harrison The Q 'theory' is junk, stupid, not enough swear words in all languages can describe how IDIOTIC it is.

ANYONE can tell that the LATER Gospels are Luke, then Mark, then John. One has to be as dumb as Donald Trump, not to notice it.

EVEN IN TRANSLATION it's obvious Luke then Mark then John wrap their text around Matthew, as shown here (series not finished yet, but results are obvious):

Moreover, Luke surgically COUNTS THE SYLLABLES in Matthew to make his own text FIT EXACTLY, as we're beginning to show now in the Greek of Luke 21 compared to Matthew 24, here: frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=512

Now, you can be easily forgiven for not knowing all this, and taking the 'scholars' word for things. But they are BEYOND INCOMPETENT to make such claims, proving they can't even read CHAPTERS and INDIRECT QUOTATIONS which any good literature uses.

Sorry to be so heated, it's not at you. I'm sick to death of bad Bible 'scholarship', which is even worse than Donald Trump's ignorance of how to pronounce Tanzania!

Mark Omitting Jesus' Birth

@SergioRuizMendez | 3 years ago
Hi! Thanks so much for your work, I am learning a lot because I am new in Biblical world.
I have one question for you: why Mark does not say anything about Jesus, birth?
God bless 🙏🏻

@brainoutyakabrainout | 3 years ago (edited)
Mark doesn't talk about Jesus birth because Mark was written at Passover AD 69 per his own dateline meter, which I show in videos in

At that point Jerusalem was surrounded by armies; he writes his gospel in hasty Greek, warning everybody WHY the upcoming Temple destruction, one year later to the day.. same style as Ezekiel wrote.

That's why John who wrote his gospel in AD 77, omits the Temple prophecy. It wasn't prophetic anymore, (?)

Scholars don't know this meter cuz they are anti-Semitic. When Robert Lowth discovered Isa53 meter in 1752, he wrote a monograph (you can buy in Amazon): he insisted that Hebrew had no meter cuz it didn't follow Greek meter rules.

Scholars are so bad they never question his opinion, which is provably wrong,

I've thrown a lot of information at you. Please don't be intimidated. It took me 20 years to learn & document what I write here. You can't be expected to understand or believe it within 5 minutes!

Use 1 John 1:9 and ask God what, if anything, you should do with this reply. 😍

When You've Drank Too Much And Think God Isn't Omniscient

@Ben-qb4lj | 4 years ago
Daniel's a false prophet? Or did 490 years mean 490 years?

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago
What are you talking about? Didn't you watch the video? Nobody's saying Daniel was a false prophet. Maybe you're watching somebody else's video.

Daniel's Bible meter* proves preterism false. Video shows why. There are many more videos on the same topic using other Bible books.

* Bible writers counted syllables of their words to cleverly match the time of writing and the time the writing covers, to the actual words. Bible writers also cross reference each other by means of meter so you know what passages they tagged in their own writing.

This rhetorical device also enables proof of the original words, so we know where our copies are correct.
Scholars do not yet know this meter but they have been looking for it since the Reformation. See my Matthew 24 meter playlist after its 42nd video, for scholar history videos.

@Ben-qb4lj | 4 years ago
no. Futurism depends on Daniel being a false prophet. His 490 years MUST be wrong in this view. Jesus quoted Daniel pretty often. He didn't think he was a false prophet.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago
God is omniscient; He knows the future; He prophesied through humans; that's part of what Daniel wrote. Everybody knows that.

The 490 is part and parcel of every page in Bible, which is why Daniel didn't ask any questions. He meters his own prayer to it. The 490 is a Time Grant, so God replies to Daniel by granting another 490 yrs, which is then explained in Daniel 9. is a better ordered playlist of videos than I can do here in YouTube, re the 490+70+490 Structure of Time God invented, documents in every syllable of Bible, and Talmud Sanhedrin 97-99 reflects.

Or, at least look at the Yapping Most High episode 10 videos here in YouTube.

Scholars misaccount all Bible dates, esp those related to Christ & David. Their incompetence is shocking.

So please clarify what YOU mean. Cuz your post sounds goofy, which is not your intent.

Thank you!

@Ben-qb4lj | 4 years ago
I have a feeling you require scripture to be wrong & not you. I believe what scripture says.
because "yapping scripture " doesn't sound goofy! At all! 1😊🤣🤣😂

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago
You have a feeling?

I make live BIBLE videos that demo what Scripture says -- here, what the 490 means in Bible -- how one can prove from the actual Bible text, in Hebrew or Greek or Chaldean.

But you have a feeling?

I don't know what you're drinking. Titus 3:10.

To others: comprehension and articulation are important skills that only work if you're using 1 John 1:9. Otherwise you rattle about making no sense like this guy.

Use the verse like breathing. See what a difference it makes.

You didn't even watch the videos. Apparently humor is not something you understand, just as you don't understand Scripture.

You need 1 John 1:9. Conversation w you is pointless, until you use the verse. Goodbye.

@Ben-qb4lj | 4 years ago
(I'm a comic) - I'm not over my head in humor, little fella 🤣
not an answer. Is Daniel a false prophet? Or did 490 years mean 490 years? I was a dispensationalist for almost 5 decades. With many studies in historicism. After false prophecy books since the 80s, I realized something fundamental was wrong. Men of God can't be 100% wrong in every book/sermon. So I listened, thank God, to Brian godawa & Doug Woodward have a brotherly debate about prophecy. The more I learned, the more I smiled. Scripture IS always right!

The Poetic Meter Can Be Sp00ky (if you're a lordship salvationist)

@inTruthbyGrace | 6 years ago
this is voodoo.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 5 years ago
No, it's the first book published in the United States, and of all the types of books that could have been published, the publisher chooses BIBLE METER which sadly, they don't translate metrically in English. So my 'discovery' could have been known centuries prior, but people didn't bother to COUNT THE SYLLABLES properly, even tho like Lowth in 1752, they wanted to find the meter. Even EW Bullinger 100 years ago suspected Bible was accounting time in 490s (yes, in dates and in meter), but he didn't DO anything with that suspicion, see here:

So not voodoo, but mnemonics. Easier to remember Scripture orally via meter, esp back in its inception when it was put on heavy animal skins.


@amperess1 | 8 years ago
Is this work something you get paid to do? Or is it something you do in your spare time? Obviously some serious time has been put into this, and I have to ask, " Is this to verify the scriptures? Or to find hidden meaning?

@brainoutyakabrainout | 8 years ago
+amperess1 No, I don't get paid to do it. I own a business which is very efficient now, so I have had a lot of spare time since Year 2000. Purpose is yes to verify what's the right interp of Bible, and to better understand what my pastor taught (for he taught no womb life for 50 years, see ).
He also taught Isaiah 53 and that believers buy time, in the 1980's. So I wanted to see what that meant, and ended up looking to see the meter in Isaiah 53, which ended up proving that Bible uses this meter from Genesis to Revelation as Countdown to Messiah, as concordance for Bible cross reference, as way to prove WHAT is Scripture, that Rapture is pre-Trib due to hanging-chad 7 on Countdown, etc.

@professorflynn8062 | 5 years ago
He's insane.


@aliciavelting2404 | 3 years ago
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Everything he (Kim Clement) prophesied came to pass!!!! How dare you blaspheme the Holy Spirit?!!? You need to seek forgiveness!!!!!!!!!!

@brainoutyakabrainout | 2 years ago
You poor soul. Literally nothing he said came to pass. I feel so sorry for you, that you live in a dream world and cannot perceive facts in front of your face. But that's the Folly of wanting Trump, it turns you into a zombie.

Use 1 John 1:9 repeatedly to recover, or you will die "the sin unto death", says Bible in 1 John 5:16.

If you use 1 John 1:9 God will show you your Folly and heal you from it. Test this claim by using the verse like breathing, for 7 days. Ask God to remind you to use it.

But We Have *English* Translations!

@patrickdiederich9331 | 7 years ago
If the scriptures are in understandable, straightforward English why go into this? Also, the hour and the date are unknown, why try to put it out there so far into the future when only Father knows when? Just asking.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 7 years ago
Bible wasn't written in English. It wasn't a language during the time of its writers, either. Are you completely unaware of Bible?

@patrickdiederich9331 | 7 years ago
Yes, we'll just leave it at that.


@jimmyjohnston8287 | 7 years ago
It isn't HISTORY.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 7 years ago
I never said it was history: prophecy WAS future at the time Christ spoke it; NOW it is history to US, but the idea is to prove how that prophecy was FULFILLED.

For fulfilled prophecy, is evidence of Divine Authorship. It is also evidence of correct

@jimmyjohnston8287 | 7 years ago
You have got this all wrong (or worse). Please watch Abelard Reuchlin.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 7 years ago
You didn't understand the video at all. This is a setup to show how prophecy is to be interpreted per BIBLE style of writing. The entire text is prophecy starting in 30 AD, so I'm going forward from there to show the stayle of writing.

Abelard Reuchlin wouldn't know the Bible if it bit him. Guy can't read at all.

2030 False Coming, Take 1

@danielspeck5721 | 6 years ago
This woman who cowardly hides her identity has been launching ad hominem attacks against me, my website and book, "2030 Second Coming" in a shockingly hateful and nasty way. I like to think I'm tolerant of most criticisms and welcome a lively debate but this crosses the line in so many ways. I cannot leave this unanswered so here we go:

Some of the names and insults she has spewed out: "Retards, Jerk, stupid, full of BS, a bunch of idiots, same damn thing, dumb jerk, jerk-off, ding dong, trying to make money, greedy, the jerk's website, a jerk like him, duhhhhhh, this guy needs to be trashed."

Unchristlike character demonstrated in her tirades: hateful, nasty, vicious, loveless, condescending, arrogant, dishonest, obscenities, false accusations, hypocritical, deceptive, bragging, heretic, cultist, false gospel, etc.

"You will know them by their fruit" Jesus tells us. It's easy to feign being a Christian and claiming evangelical doctrine. But when someone demonstrates such a deeply hateful, vicious personality it's obvious they're a false brethren.

She also pushes her absurd heresies on her website: She said: "There's one more reason for being anonymous, and it's important. Some of the stuff in these pages is controversial. Some, really sophisticated theology, higher than what you can find anywhere in Christendom." Response: You're not a megalomaniac are you? False teachers usually claim their brain droppings are the greatest in the World, or in Christendom, etc. No real Christian would brag like this. Definition of megalomaniac: "A megalomaniac is a pathological egotist, that is, someone with a psychological disorder with symptoms like delusions of grandeur and an obsession with power."

She said: "If you don't know who 'brainout' is, then you can't credit me. It's not my material, it's Bible. Which, when you prove it yourself before God, becomes His Gift to you, and I'm not involved." Response: What an ridiculous lie. Of course she is involved. She is lying about her involvement so you'll be suckered into believing that everything she says "becomes His gift to you". A deceitful way of claiming Divine authority for her writings. Her excuses for hiding her identity don't pass the smell test. Hiding something evil is more likely. "For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed." John 3:20.

She said: "Emails I get tell me this -- "God sent me to your websites". Yeah, He did. Which means, the material is not mine, and the person got the information from God, just like I did. Sure, I wrote it out, but that's only a secretarial function." Response: Falsely, blasphemously claiming the information on her web site comes from God and she just wrote it out as a "secretarial function." Only the writers of inspired Scripture can make that claim (Revelation 1:19). Again, deceptively claiming Divine authority for her writing. A classic cult heresy and doctrine of demons.

This woman accused me of "…claiming 2030 will be the end of the world." Not true. Never said it. Another one of her lies. 2030 is not the end of the world, it’s the end of Church Age followed by a thousand year Messianic Age. The chart in the back of the book makes that clear.
Like many, she misrepresents what the Bible actually says, claiming it says no one can know when He will come, but nowhere does the Scriptures say we cannot know the year. It's only the day and hour that cannot be known (Matthew 24:36).
This woman's so-called "Timeline proof starting in 2004" is unbiblical and bogus. There is no such thing. It's a twisted, absurdly convoluted, long winded fantasy that makes sense only in her own mind. The man she calls her pastor, R. B. Thieme Jr, denied that believers are saved by the blood of Jesus: "His literal blood has no spiritual significance" (contradicts I John 1:8, Romans 5:9, Ephesians 1:7, etc). This is a major heresy and a subversion of the Gospel. Thieme also taught many other heresies too numerous to list.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
The one who's cowardly and hateful, is you. I'm not anonymous, my face is all over my videos, but you didn't bother to do your homework, did you. This is my pen name, 'brainouty' or 'brainout', and I've been VERY public in the internet as the video itself, explains WITH LINKS.

So you didn't do your homework. Again. Even so, the censure (never censor) is from God, not me, as LIVE BIBLE PROVES YOU WRONG.

In fact, you are invited to criticize any of the LIVE BIBLE videos I've done. And, starting now, I'm posting a new 'Quantum Bible' series showing live in the Greek text of Revelation 17, WHY YOU ARE A LIAR.

Feel free to call me names, too. I will never delete your posts. Free speech.

Oh, I forgot to remind you, that C/C complimented you about your concern re 2023 and 2030. They ARE important, but not for the reasons you pose. You might want to actually watch all 3 videos, use 1Jn1:9 and talk to God about this before you respond again.

PS All my videos are live DISCLOSURE of Bible text. Not teaching. The text is clear, just has to be shown. But not, in English. Sorry. That wasn't a holy language used by any Bible writer, during the time God inspired the Autograph.

@danielspeck5721 | 6 years ago
Once again, you are caught another lie when you said you are not anonymous.
You obviously don't know what anonymous means: "a·non·y·mous : (of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name."
You have no idea how much "homework" I've done. Certainly enough to expose your frauds, lies, heresies, obscenities, viciousness, demonic doctrines and megalomania.
Hardly anyone views your videos anyway. Real Christians can smell false brethren a mile away.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago (edited)
Yes, I have your book, and you've done no homework. It's patent, and you can say whatever you like, as a third party reader will use 1Jn1:9 and via God alone, learn for himself.

I am REQUIRED to point out falsehood, as are you. God judges and exposes. Where you are wrong, He will witness. Where you are right, He will witness. Same, for me. And before Him, when I see a lie promulgated, if I have evidence to prove that, I must show it. Same, for you.

This isn't personal. It's BIBLE. And you're lying against it. So use 1Jn1:9 and ask God YOURSELF, just as any third party and I must also do.

Oh, by the way, when you go by the number of views and not the intrinsic value of truth, you prove yourself satanic. God used ONE person to save the world, and few viewed HIM. So too, any truth. Its value doesn't depend on HOW MANY see it. ANYONE who sees it, got it from God, not the hoi pouloi. Oh, you can't read Greek, so that means 'the many', Hebrew equivalent is 'rabbim'. Real Bible is in Hebrew, Greek, and some dialects related to them.

It's really a pity that you prove unable to read, or maybe you didn't actually watch this video. For THIS one, partly validated what you said, but your REASONS for saying 2023-2030, were wrong. So I guess you'll lose out of whatever blessing God intended for you, due to this exchange. I can't do anything about that. Titus 3:10 bids me to walk away.

I already replied to the rest of your repeat post, here:

Good bye.

@joegreen4481 | 5 years ago
Rapture 2023-----Christ returns to earth 2030.

What Church was you raised in.

2030 False Coming, Take 2

@danielspeck5721 | 6 years ago
This woman who cowardly hides her identity has been launching ad hominem attacks against me, my website and book, "2030 Second Coming" in a shockingly hateful and nasty way. I like to think I'm tolerant of most criticisms and welcome a lively debate but this crosses the line in so many ways. I cannot leave this unanswered ~ [repeat from above]

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago (edited)
Your meandering post does not address or refute the content of the BIBLE videos against you, which are well known; such as, CHRIST HIMSELF in Acts 1, says YOU cannot know.

BGT Act 1:7 εἶπεν δὲ πρὸς αὐτούς· οὐχ ὑμῶν ἐστιν γνῶναι χρόνους ἢ καιροὺς οὓς ὁ πατὴρ ἔθετο ἐν τῇ ἰδίᾳ ἐξουσίᾳ,

NAU Act 1:7 He said to them, "It is not for you to know times or epochs which the Father has fixed by His own authority;

Everyone knows that section. You instead just see '2' and '1000', and ASSume it means 2030; but the pertinent verses, you won't look at, use, or admit go against your eisegesis.

Worse, you lie against a pastor and more importantly, against the BIBLE itself, which equates THOUGHT CIRCULATION with blood, saying flatly that CHRIST PAID FOR SINS WITH HIS THINKING, not with physical blood (text pasted from Bibleworks 9), keywords bedato yatzdiq, below:

WTT מֵעֲמַ֤ל נַפְשׁוֹ֙ יִרְאֶ֣ה יִשְׂבָּ֔ע בְּדַעְתּ֗וֹ יַצְדִּ֥יק צַדִּ֛יק עַבְדִּ֖י לָֽרַבִּ֑ים וַעֲוֹנֹתָ֖ם ה֥וּא יִסְבֹּֽל׃ ׃

BGT Isa 53:11 ἀπὸ τοῦ πόνου τῆς ψυχῆς αὐτοῦ δεῖξαι αὐτῷ φῶς καὶ πλάσαι τῇ συνέσει δικαιῶσαι δίκαιον εὖ δουλεύοντα πολλοῖς καὶ τὰς ἁμαρτίας αὐτῶν αὐτὸς ἀνοίσει

NAU Isa 53:11 As a result of the anguish of His soul, He will see it and be satisfied; By His knowledge the Righteous One, My Servant, will justify the many, As He will bear their iniquities.

I made videos live some years back, which I already posted to you in my Amazon Book review, but you can't read the Hebrew or just want to ignore what BIBLE says (now above).

Videos are the first 3, here:

Do you realize how you look? FOOLISH. You decide instead to bring up irrelevancies, ranting, as if that somehow refutes the BIBLE PROOF against you. Worse, you paste the same post on all three videos, so you look like a robot.

THIS ISSUE IS WAY BIGGER THAN YOU OR ME. Thieme didn't even know the meter. So he's not relevant here. I learned it, however, cuz he taught BIBLE in Hebrew and Greek, which as a result I learned how to READ. You cannot read it, you cannot refute the proof against you shown not only here, but in the hundreds of other videos I've made before I even heard your name.

The topic of the video is generic, on the pros/cons re 2023/2030 Rapture/2nd Coming, and in C/C the METER proves a different importance, so it COMPLIMENTS you. Yet, you don't address that, cuz you cannot read the Greek.

So what will GOD say to you, for such sloven attention? Use 1Jn1:9 and find out. For all you know, maybe HE brought us together -- cuz I learned of you through someone sending me your website -- maybe GOD caused that, so YOU can see how big a deal this meter, is. ASK HIM.

We will both die someday. I wouldn't want your ignorance on my conscience, nor that of those fooled by your sloven 'work'; so I've done the refutation and now walk away, Titus 3:10.

The Bible is 1st Party

@garlandjones7709 | 4 years ago
I'm extremely new to this concept. It's just this past week been revealed to me through genesis and searches have led me here. I myself found 2030 but didn't put it at 2030. I land at 2030 with the 490, but with Daniel 9 and considering the 6 day way in 1967 I catch a pentacost 2030 rapture and a 2037 Yom Kippur armageddon. Spring 2034 antichrist reveal. Possibly around Passover like the 70ad temple.

Any positive input or constructive help/correction will be greatly welcomed .

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago (edited)
Some of your methodologies are incorrect. You never use current events, nor do you make assumptions about what Jewish holiday will be used.

That's the mistake John Hagee makes. Instead, use Bible and only Bible.

Secondly, you do not predict the Rapture. The whole point of prophecy is that historical Trends are predicted, but never ever never never never the Rapture date.

For Rapture is governed by when we Believers as a group, are a perfect composite of Christ in our souls. Nobody can know that but God; that is what Christ prayed for in John 17; that is why Paul says Ephesians 4:12-13, "when we reach the destination". That's the destination: the fullness of the maturity of Christ.

So historical events have absolutely no value. You don't need to predict the Rapture, anyway. You only need to know what time it is, if you will still be here. I hope this helps!

REPENT REPENT... but Jesus Loves You ;)

@Jesus-vd6ny | 3 years ago
Jesus still loves you...HE is the Lord...He is the Alpha and Omega...HE is the beginning and the end...He is the first and the last...He is the King of kings..
HE is Lord of lords...repent from alcahol, pornography and prostitution, drugs and read the BIBLE and accept Jesus as your Lord and you will have eternel life...Jesus will come back soon, very soon, maybe 2030 or 2031 according to 2 BIBLEVERSES : HOSEA 6.2 and 2 Peter 3.8 ...after two days he will revive us...1 day is like 1000 years...we think that Jesus had left this world in the year 30 or 31 or 32 or 33 (minium 28 / maximum 36) and Jesus said, that he will come back as he left. We can calculate : 2 × 1000 + 30 or 31 or 32 or 33 = 2030 or 2031 or 2032 or 2033 (any year from 2028 to 2036 can be possible, 2036 should be the last possibility). Another very important message : the darkness is the last sign (Luke 21.25) before the arrival of our Lord Jesus on the clouds (Luke 21.27). After the arrival of Jésus on the clouds there will be the rapture (Luke 21.28). Are you ready for the Kingdom of Heaven? REPENT SO YOU WILL BE READY !!!

@brainoutyakabrainout | 3 years ago (edited)
You wouldn't know Jesus if He bit you. 50 years ago, I was as dumb as you are now.

You don't even get the gospel right.

You are preoccupied with childish Notions of sin.

The true gospel is this: once you believe Jesus Christ paid for your sins, you are forever saved.

It does not matter what sins you commit because God is Not Petty. Romans 3:23 means you can't do a damn thing to please God before or after salvation.

Nor can you know when Christ returns, until after the tribulation has started. You and I will not be here to see it.

Everything I just said can be proven if you use 1 John 1:9 and ask God to show you the proof in Bible.

Test this claim.

@Jesus-vd6ny | 3 years ago
no repentence AT all ? Not the once who says ..Lord Lord, but who do his will

@brainoutyakabrainout | 3 years ago
God's will is that you use 1John1:9. You are so carnal, you can't even read.

People in a state of sin lose the ability to read and work and talk. Prime example is Trump.


@therescueofthebride1134 | 6 years ago
I examine near term (fewer than 62 days from today) prophecy in detail at "The Rescue of the Bride" The Great Sign of the Woman appears on September 23, 2017 exactly at sunset in Jerusalem - exactly at the end of Rosh Ha Shanah, exactly at the time of the blowing of "the last trump." [The two (2) day observance will start one day late this year.] In my opinion, this is a likely "rescue" date. We see the first evidence that the "rescue" has occurred when "The Great Multitude in White Robes" [Revelation 7:9ff] appears in the throne room of Yahuah (God) twelve (12) days later just after the opening of the Sixth Seal on October 5, 2017. These events allow us to unlock the timeline of the Book of Revelation.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago (edited)
Well, dear, we're still here. Tried to warn you. This video and the ones before and after it, explain where you went wrong.

@justincolombi2583 | 6 years ago
I do believe the content of my email scared the hell out of this woman lol. That's not my intention. She more than anyone else has gotten closer to the truth about Justinian than anyone else. Except for me lol

When The Isaiah 14:14 Kicks In

@justincolombi2583 | 6 years ago (edited)
Notice the comet, the angelic script. The key around the angels neck. I know you saw that and saw the resemblance. You have such an ego on here you only believe that you are right and no one else.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 5 years ago
You have an obessession with self. This isn't about you or me, as I keep telling you both here and on twitter. This is about BIBLE, what GOD says. Like it or not, but you don't know whether to like it or not until you know what it SAYS. That's what these videos explore, the TEXT aligned with the TIME to see what it SAYS about that TIME.

Once you see the methodology, you can dispute its interpretation. But until you know WHAT, you can't say 'no'.

TFW You're Rapture Crazy, and a Yehoshuian

@therescueofthebride1134 | 6 years ago
The Great Multitude in White Robes appears in the throne room of heaven in the context of a full moon and stars falling.
"Whole Moon Rapture" November 4, 2017?
Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Dan :-)

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
LOL so when Nov5 comes, you'll just add a few more weeks each time, STILL NEVER LISTENING TO THE PROOF AGAINST YOU, IN THE VERY VIDEOS ON WHICH YOU CLAIM TO COMMENT?

1Jn5:16 is your future for aborting the Word of God. 1Jn1:9 averts. I can't even pray for you.

@therescueofthebride1134 | 6 years ago (edited)
Brain Outy,
You might actually watch my video before condemning me. I am trying to save your life or the lives of others who have not yet put the puzzle together.
I am not "setting a date." I am asking a question.
I am writing assumptions and comments based on scripture, stating clearly that they are "assumptions," and then telling the viewer that it is up to him to decide what he believes - that includes everything - assumptions, comments, inferred and/or implied conclusions - everything.
This is straightforward exegesis. I am helping the viewer see how the scripture is connected to the astronomy (not astrology) of the sign(s) Yahuah (God) has placed in the firmament.
Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Dan :-)

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago (edited)
What's to watch? Acts 1, IT IS NOT FOR YOU TO KNOW. I watch BIBLE, not your crazy #davidmeade #nibiru or other 2030-related lies. Deuteronomy 18 assigns the DEATH PENALTY to what you calculate and say. Pretty clear Scripture that YOU ARE WRONG.

THIS VERY VIDEO PROVES WHY YOU ARE WRONG. I didn't know of you before you commented. God, though, did. So you're not watching HIS WORD.

So you will be run over. I can't save you from that, you won't listen to HIS WORD.

Christianity Didn't Exist Until 14th Century (just like the earth is flat *sarcasm)

@tiami3886 | 5 years ago
our timeline is way out of line, many centuries were added to early mideval diocletiani calendar.
historical narative is also completly wrong and false. there was no christianity in times of Diocletian and Constanitine it apeared at the end of that century at earliest. this is all so interesting but you have to be awere of historical hoax. hope this can help you.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 5 years ago
You need to do better research. Christianity started with Christ. Hence the name. The records are many at the time, since Christians were blamed for everything. So until you do better research on the history, I can't regard your comments on it. Try again.

I wish I could edit that post to make it less brusque. I don't mean to sound cold. It's hard to type in this tiny window. But seriously, even as early as 49AD, Claudius kicked out the Jews AND Christians from Rome, so you can't say there was no Christianity then.

@tiami3886 | 5 years ago
did you check the links i posted? there was no christ and christianity only started from the end of 14th century.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 5 years ago (edited)
No, I didn't check those links, after reading the first part; they ignore HISTORY DOCUMENTED ALREADY LONG BEFOREHAND. I read the actual HISTORIANS of the time, and they all acknowledge the existence of Christianity. You have to do better than post bogus website links of no scholarship and less truth.

The historians, start in the 1st century, including of course the NT, which DATES ITS OWN WRITING, as shown in this video series.

Then there's the Asian effect, viz the revolution into Mahayana Buddhism, to COMPETE with Christianity.

Please: I expect better of you than that.

The Demons Love to Gaslight

@arielduyongco8047 | 4 years ago
Brainy, don't kill the messenger! I would rather stop existing in this defiled present world and into the coming Kingdom of God, but I was given this message while in this present world. This happened 12/29/18 Flt 911 @ 6:30 a.m. 560 x 3 + 1000. What does this mean? Please enlighten us.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago (edited)
Darling you didn't read what I gave you before. So there's no point in my saying more now. You did not get any of that from God. Use 1John1:9 and ask Him yourself.

Demon boys like to play God on people positive to God who yet don't know Bible very well. They're hoping you will make the mistake and think they are God talking to you. God doesn't talk; He brings Scripture to your mind, see Hebrews 1 Hebrews 2 1st Corinthians, Philippians 2:5-10. There are more verses but they are harder to talk about because you have to know something of the Greek. Use 1John1:9 and ask God to show you the verses.

@arielduyongco8047 | 4 years ago
thank you for the enlightenment and great advice. Yes, I have been using 1 John 1:9 like breathing. And what I told you is just the tip of the iceberg. It doesn't matter if anybody would believe me or not because the message is between me and God. I just thought I'd mention it to you if the numbers were something of significant to you. I'm glad you are recovering well. We still need you! I still need you for great insights. 🙂

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago (edited)
It's because of the numbers and because of what the Bible says that I know you didn't get anything from God. You're using 1John1:9? I don't believe you. Why? Those numbers are wrongly ordered. God wouldn't make a mistake. So you got the numbers from the demon boys who really don't want this information known, and until you use 1John1:9? Nobody can talk to you.

Right numbers are 490+70+490. There is no 560 * 3 + 1000. So the demon boys know you're ignorant and they're having you on.

Use 1John1:9 right now. Save your life. God won't help you unless you use it.

@arikduquino8933 | 4 years ago
I suppose, the litmus test would be Blue Texas 2020 and Presidency expiring November 7, 2020. Signs given around same time. I seek God's guidance only. I didn't ask for it. And been using 1 John 1:9 since then.

The Demons Love to Gaslight (again!)

@endlessnameless7004 | 6 years ago
I realize that conventional theology interprets Dan 7 as four historical kingdoms/empires, but I was under the impression that they are all four contemporary kingdoms that will exist during the Tribulation. I get this from Dan 7:12 & 17.Dan 7:12 says that the fourth beast will be destroyed, but that the other three will be allowed to continue existing (only, their dominion will by taken away). So I interpret that as three kingdoms that will exist from Tribulation, into Millennium, under the authority of the Millennial kings.Dan 7:17 states that the four beasts "will rise from the earth". I'm assuming that it is correctly translated in the future tense, but I don't know enough Hebrew to know for sure. If that is the case, then there is no way any kingdom prior to, or during Daniel's time. Its possible that the 7 heads are Egypt (possibly Babel or even a pre-Adamic kingdom), Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Seleucid Empire, Rome, intermediate, and finally Iron-Clay as the 8th. Let me know what you think. Dan 7 has been a mystery to me for quite some time now.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago (edited)
Why can't both meanings be true? The land still exists. That's why I kept on stressing 'change form'. Rome dominated and crushed its rival empires (well, not Persia, which killed itself), and yet all of them continue living now. Just not in the same FORM.

Frankly, it looks to me like EVERYONE will be trying to revive their own empire from the past, and that's why civil/world wars result in the last half of Trib: after all, if you're CHINA, you don't like the idea of some waigworen (=white foreigners) claiming to take over the world, right?

Does that idea help?

@endlessnameless7004 | 6 years ago
Actually yeah, it does help. It explains why the ME is doing what its doing today. For some reason, I never considered the possibility of both scenarios being true. Its always been one or the other, but if one revives, why not the others too.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
Well, Satan is always gaslighting, never knows which area of the world will be 'the' area he'll use when the balloon goes up.

Salvation Without Additives

@bekfeastedits5498 | 8 years ago
I want to be truly saved

Please tell me the steps

@brainoutyakabrainout | 8 years ago
+michael Tabor Simply believe that Jesus the Christ paid for your sins and you are forever saved INSTANTLY.

After being saved, IF you want to learn more about it, ask God to lead you to your right MALE teacher. It may be someone local, it may be someone online. That way you will be able to learn Him Who Saved You. It's a private thing between God and you. He will answer you within 30 days, as to who will be your teacher.

Meanwhile, ask God every once in awhile to remind you if you are sinning, and if you know you are, then just name the sin to HIM privately, since you ARE saved forever. Naming the sin helps you stay in spiritual fellowship so you can learn and live on Bible under whomever He will appoint as your pastor.

That's all. There's no money or formal steps. It's relationship, not religion.

πιστις to the Maximum

@jesusrodiguez4119 | 4 years ago
Does believe means to trust in greek, in the bible?

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago (edited)
In a way. I have to get into the long answer, so you can see what I mean.

The Greek word for belief, is πιστις (say piss tiss). It is a commercial word, which in today's language translates as 'credit'. Like having a credit card. So you see, that's where the word 'trust' comes in. You are trusted, or you trust in the issuer. You believe in, that person or Institution. Therefore you CREDIT what it says, as true.

So when you believe in Christ, you credit as true, that He paid for your sins. You trust that the message you got, that believing in His payment for your sins, saves you forever; you trust (however briefly), that it's true.

For salvation, that trust only needs to last for a nanosecond. After it has happened, you cannot go back in time and undo it. So you CANNOT lose your salvation.

Do you want me to say more? I do not want to overwhelm you with information!

brainout's "shame" of knowing Bible Doctrine :,(

@dubbelkastrull | 3 years ago
You’re obviously not shamed of something you don’t know about...

@brainoutyakabrainout | 2 years ago
Please elaborate? Thank you!

@dubbelkastrull | 2 years ago
You seem to think they knew they were naked or that there were such a concept as “naked” in their mind before they ate, which the text doesn’t say.

I also don’t get your argument that they had to have some sort of “perfect knowledge” before the fall. What do you even mean by that? They obviously weren’t omniscient.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 2 years ago
They knew they were naked and were not ashamed, is actually stated in the Hebrew at the end of Genesis 2.

As far as them having perfect knowledge, Perfection is a matter of size. It is not merely perfect if it's infinite.

Just like you can be a perfect 1 ounce glass or a perfect 10 or a perfect 5. So the knowledge can be limited but perfect within itself. I explained that, in LordvSatan1.htm, but you should be able to reason it out yourself.

@dubbelkastrull | 2 years ago
You seem to think that they had to know everything, while the text doesn't say that... Genesis 2 doesn't say that they knew that they were naked.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 2 years ago (edited)
They were perfect and without sin. In order to be perfect, they would have to have perfect knowledge relative to their size. It's standard theology. I'm not telling you something new.

I'm not telling you something not in the text. Adam named all the animals. That means he was a taxonomist. So he had a great deal of knowledge. He would have to have perfect knowledge, to BE perfect.

Christ was born perfect, but had no knowledge. Adam was created an adult, so had to have an adult's knowledge, to function as an adult. The Angels were created perfect, and had to have enough knowledge to function as angel adults. Do you understand that reasoning?

I am not criticizing you. Your questions are good. I urge you to use 1 John 1:9 and talk to Our Mutual Father about this.

Bible is written, such that what it does NOT say is referenced by what it DOES say: you have to talk to God, to connect the dots. The spiritual life is designed to be bi-directional between God and you.

That is why the Bible is somewhat difficult to read, because you're supposed to read it then talk to God about what it means. That is how His thoughts become your thoughts Isaiah 55. (God just threw that in my head while I was editing this post, so look at Isa55).

Matthew 4:4 says you live on TAUGHT Word of God. Surely Christ was online with the Father and Spirit, His entire human life.

The only way to be offline.. is sin. 1 John 1:9 puts you back online. Again, use the verse, talk to Our Dad about it, and you will understand.

@dubbelkastrull | 2 years ago (edited)
If they knew everything, they wouldn’t have fallen.

They didn’t have the idea that naked is bad thing, that came after they ate. They became aware of things they shouldn’t be aware of, that’s what’s being referred to. Don’t take things too literal. God obviously knows everything, yet He is asking them a rhetorical question.

To be naked means to not have clothes. If clothes didn’t exist before the fall, then we can see how they didn’t understand what “naked” means, if they don’t know what they are lacking.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 2 years ago
Obviously Adam knew what clothes were, because that's the first thing he does when he sins, sew a loincloth from itchy fig leaves.

You just want to argue your own points, ignoring answers given, or facts. You are free to do that, and I am free to ignore you. Goodbye

PERFECTION IS A MATTER OF SIZE AND VOLITION. I already explained that Christ was born perfect vs Adam being created perfect as an adult. You are not reading my replies, nor are you reading the Bible.

You just want to argue. A conversation has to be 2-way. You want it to be your way, which is the wrong way, per Bible. So goodbye.

@dubbelkastrull | 2 years ago
I am reading the Bible. You’re running away.

The Bible doesn’t say that Adam was omniscient or that he knew what clothes were BEFORE he ate from the fruit.
It’s called the tree of knowledge for a reason. When he ate he gained certain knowledge he didn’t have.

You seem to think Adam knew what all Animals were “supposed to be called”, that’s really a Talmudic interpretation. He could have just called them whatever he felt like, making it up on the spot, hence making Adam the one who GAVE them their names.

Trash Dump Metaphor

@ocdplaylistmaker7032 | 3 years ago
What do you make of the Gehenna/Hades/Sheol/Hell issue?

@brainoutyakabrainout | 3 years ago (edited)
Technically Gehenna was a trash dump outside Jerusalem. Like now, people burned trash to reduce its mass, so it became a metaphor of Hell. The actual word hell in Greek, 'αδης, say 'Hades', was long famous as a compartment under the Earth where dead people go to live. Many Greek plays were written about it, most famously Aristophanes The Frogs (which John paraquotes in Revelation). So there is no excuse to claim the people didn't know about the afterlife being in a compartment under the Earth.

The Hebrew equivalent is Sheol, and in Old Testament Greek, Hades translates it in LXX. So everybody knew Sheol meant the Greek concept of Hades. Jesus depends on them knowing it when He tells the story (NOT a parable) of the rich man & Lazarus, in Luke 16.

So all today's illiterates claiming Sheol only means 'grave', are crappy liars.


@AvGodd1 | 6 years ago
I'm not a scholar, nor a 'brainiac', but I D0 have the Holy Spirit, and I can clearly see that when Peter made a confession, it was upon that confession, that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God, that Christ was going to build his church. Now, that was stated many centuries ago....did it happen? The Church of Christ has been built and is confesses to believe in the death, burial and ressurection of Jesus Christ and that He is the Son of the Living God. People do not come to the Pope and confess the Pope for salvation. People do not confess their sins and repent because of the Pope being in the news and convicting them to have a wonderful and beautiful relationship with a Pope who doesn't even know them....who will die like every other man. People, wake up. If you pray to the Pope, will he answer you? Does he know you? Get real. The testimony of Peter was to confess who JESUS really IS. That is what the Church was built on and that is how it operates because the proof is in the pudding. Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD.....YHWH....NOT THE POPE.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 5 years ago
No, you don't have the Holy Spirit, who would have alerted you to the fact that GREEK PETRA is used only of CHRIST, never anyone else. I did videos on it to prove it, which HE would know and HE would have lead you to see, YEARS ago.

PETRUS did not exist as a word until 200s AD when VULGATE was invented.

So use 1Jn1:9 for you just lied against GOD.

@AvGodd1 | 5 years ago
I dont care what you think. Yes, I DO have the HOLY SPIRIT! You cant save me but God CAN. His is the only opinion that holds water.

Isaiah 46:3, outside the womb

@green9227 | 8 years ago
the new American Bible revision edition translate it "Here me, o house of Jacob, all the remnant of the house of Israel, My burden from the womb, whom I have carried since birth" Isaiah 46:3 is this a good translate.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 8 years ago
+green9227 'from outside the womb' would be better translation. It's a parallel clause structure common in Hebrew for poetic cadence and stress:

"My burden from outside the womb,
whom I have carried since birth"

Ironic play on how he's pregnant since birth.

Hebrew preposition min and Greek preposition ek both mean 'beyond', 'separated from' or 'from outside' but unfortunately are mistranslated merely 'from'. So if you want to change the translation to 'My burden beyond the womb' you could. See how well that works poetically?

Emotional Kidneys

@green9227 | 8 years ago
From watching this video I think that Jubille bible got it right but I want it check "for thou hast possessed my kidneys thou hast covered me In my mother's womb". Psalms 139:13 also 1 peter 1:2 " Chosen (according to the foreknowledge of God the Father) in sanctification of the Spirit, to obey and be sprinkled with the blood of Jesus, the Christ grace and peace, be multiple lied unto you" thanks in advance if anyone can verify this a good translation.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 8 years ago
+green9227 Well, 'kidneys' is a metaphor signifying 'emotion', and yeah, it's ELECTED, meaning before he was born (fetus still in womb is not human yet). Play on Sukkot, how the body is but a 'booth' the human will live in, when BORN.

God Lied About John 6:40 :( *sarcasm

@CBALLEN | 13 years ago
I believe that Jesus will save all that He intends to save,He is a mighty Savior not a weak failure,man does not have the power to thwart God's will.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 3 years ago (edited)
Both of your statements unwittingly belittle & lie against God's Righteousness, & Christ's work on the cross.

You talk as if God did not want to save everybody, violating 2Pet3:9, 1Jn2, Romans 9.

You talk as if Christ's payment was not for everybody, violating 1Jn2, Isa53, etc.

You talk as though consent was not GOD's RULE to be saved, violating John3, whole book of Ephesians, Romans Chaps 4-13, Heb Chaps 5-12

That's three ways you malign God based on ignorant, antisemitic & anti-biblical Calvinism. You don't mean to malign Him, of course.

The Catholics/Odox are also anti-Semitic, so they get it wrong too.

Their theology is so retarded; you would think that after 500 years, they would stop being so Bible-illiterate.

But anti-semites always remain retarded. The Reformation Scholars were all retarded, just like the church fathers. And because they were all so damn Bible illiterate, we in the world today are stuck with today's kindergarten theologians.. nobody reading Bible de novo.

It's criminal: we have idiots signing Nashville Statement, w TBN, Seven Mountains, Hal Lindsay, Dr Oakley, Hagee etc all going clinically insane; idiots, voting for Trump, who God forewarned as a wannabe antichrist, see 42nd et seq Matt 24 playlist vids.

TFW you assume the OT was written in English and not Hebrew

@terryt367 | 8 years ago
I have read and reread that verse (Exodus 21:22) several times, and it appears to me that it says if a man accidentally strike a pregnant woman and she delivers early, but there is no further mischief (or death), then that man will surely pay an amount to the woman's husband that he determines and the judges allow. It isn't clear to me whether the mischief is referring to the premature child (who may have been born alive) or whether it refers to the mother. Either way, I don't see anywhere in that verse that God says the fetus is not human. And also, this was a way to judge an accidental premature death, not a deliberate one.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 8 years ago
+Terry T Did you watch all of 10a b c, which shows that the KJV 'mischief' is a mistranslation? For the Bible wasn't written in English, which wasn't even a language at that time.


@petew7897 | 4 years ago
This is the most horrible teaching on this verse (Genesis 2:7) I have ever heard. This is a narrative on how the FIRST man was CREATED. Adam did NOT experience birth out of a womb. To imply this just shows your lack of understanding. What do you do with Genesis 9:3-6? "In the womb a fetus continually consumes energy drawn from the umbilical cord and produces waste material. The fetus’ heart beats and its brain produces electrical impulses. A fetus at certain points of development moves its extremities, sucks its thumb, experiences hiccups, and even enters recognizable patterns of sleep and wakefulness. The fact that the fetus is not yet capable of drawing air into its lungs (no air is yet available) cannot nullify these other obvious signs of life. The comparison here, then, with God’s first created man is unfair."

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago
You can't read Bible. You make that clear in your post. The way I explained it FROM THE TEXT, not from some cheap political position, is expressly referenced in Jeremiah 1:5 & before that Ps139 & later Hebrews 10:5.

I sure hope you're not a teacher. I am NOT teaching the verse. I witness to it, live onscreen. If you don't even know the difference between teaching & Witness, then anything you say is specious.

All the rest of Bible is consistent. But you didn't run that test, did you? So you flunk hermeneutics.

Go do your homework, so you won't be embarrassed again. Oh and by the way, the fetus brain does not work in the womb. Only at the first breath does the brain begin to work, just as Bible says. You don't even know basic biology.

@petew7897 | 4 years ago
I flunked hermeneutics? Not one of those passages (Jeremiah 1:5, Hebrews 10:5, nor Psalm 139) has any context for the laughable way you twist scripture. You are obviously enamored with the allegorical. I suggest learning proper context before making a fool of yourself further. Don't bother replying back, I'm not interested in debating.

When your own beliefs override Bible's

@JesusSaves379 | 5 years ago (edited)
I think that God doesn't let us remember when when we were in the womb cause it'll be a terrible experience.
But that doesn't mean that we aren't conscious.
Besides I don't believe that the holy spirit is limited by a woman's womb. Obviously God is everywhere, and that baby can perceive him.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 5 years ago
What you want to believe true is irrelevant. BIBLE SAYS you don't exist until born. So God will punish you with delusion so long as you live until and unless you use 1Jn1:9.

@JesusSaves379 | 5 years ago
Brain Outy Where in the bible does it says that it's ok to abort?

@brainoutyakabrainout | 5 years ago
In the very playlist this video is in. First vid starts here. 500 verses, and you have to read the descriptions to get the many you must look up by CATEGORY.


@pdavisnwa | 6 years ago
You are insane. Sadly, you can't realize you have believed the lies of the devil. You do not know what you think you know and have produced a tremendous amount of garbage. You claim "no female pastors" yet you are acting as if you are a pastor.

This is nonsense and violates everything about the nature, character and Person of the LORD God:

"ABOUT ME: my public name has been brainout' on the internet, since the late 1990's. The avatar is a kind of trademark. So I'm 'brainouty' in Youtube, domain is Anonymity is necessary, as my family doesn't share my interest in Scripture, so they should be protected. Nickname derives from Ephesians 4:23; its Greek says (sotto voce), that once you believe in Christ, you have no brains, and need the Holy Spirit's. So, using 1John1:9 puts His Brains back in you (see also Psalm 32:5, 66:18, 2Peter1:9's Greek, verse is mistranslated). So my nickname reminds me to use 1John1:9. Often."

This is an outright lie:

"A. Bible says NO SOUL LIFE IN WOMB. Very plainly. That doesn't mean you should be pro-abortion, but it does mean that GOD ALONE AUTHORS LIFE AT BIRTH, and that's the key reason we're not evolved"

The proof is here that you lie and your pastor lied:"But the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John. And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth. For he shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink; and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother's womb. (Luke 1:13-15)"

"And entered into the house of Zacharias, and saluted Elisabeth. And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost: And she spake out with a loud voice, and said, Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. (Luke 1:40-42)"

John the Baptist could not recognize the voice of Mary while in the womb and leap for joy, except his soul knew the voice of the woman that carried Christ.

You make contradictory statements and cannot see the contradiction in your statements:" Due to many mistranslations in Bible which 'spin' what Bible says into works, 99% of Christians live in carnality."But you also state:"Should I find any of these beliefs incorrect, I'll just change them to whatever Bible says. I don't need to be 'loyal' to a belief. I do need to keep on AUDITING belief against Bible, and the Latter is Always Right."

That you make such contradictory statements in such close proximity only displays your insanity.

Though much of what you state seems correct, it is tainted, misleading and ultimately wrong.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
No, everyone has the right to WITNESS TO SCRIPTURE. You don't know the difference between witness and pastor, yourself. Which means, you cannot discern. So the CLEAR BIBLE used to refute, which you also didn't notice or address, went right by you. You didn't read the video description, which had the references. So you did no homework, either.

So your long-winded diarrhea here, is pointless.

@pdavisnwa | 6 years ago
I wasn't interested in the video. What I was interested in was a way to communicate to you what I had to tell you. I did so.

I understand insane people do not realize they are insane. This is why others have to tell them.

Your website, videos, and various other rantings on Twitter and elsewhere all indicate you are disconnected from reality and cannot make logical connections.

You followed a cult leader and it is obvious why.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
Well, again you prove you are guilty of what you accuse. I don't follow anyone. I display Bible in Bibleworks, proving what IT says so anyone can SEE and TEST the interp for themselves. This I have been doing, for nearly two decades. Online, in public, easy to prove.

So whatever you hallucinate about me, is disproven by the facts anyone can read. Why you should even BOTHER to come here and twice make an issue of 'me', demonstrates your fixation. So you must feel threatened by free BIBLE speech.

@pdavisnwa | 6 years ago
"I don't follow anyone."

Okay, sure. From 2006:

"Remember when Thieme said he wanted to throw out all of what he taught prior to 1985, when he started teaching Ephesians then? It was only with great effort that he was dissuaded from throwing the pre-85 stuff out, which frankly is exegesis-heavy (thank you DAD I have it all on tape). I personally can't understand what Thieme (who is my own right pastor, never mind he's dying now) -- I can't understand what he means UNTIL I hear the exegesis. Dunno why that is. I was there in Houston those four years (taper before and after), and in the seven-year-long series of daily classes, you'll hear him start OVER three times, mad at himself for not getting the teaching right enough. That self-criticism made him keep upgrading what he taught, so far as I can tell in the tapes. The amount of theological advance beats anything I can find on the internet. I didn't appreciate all that, back then. Odd thing is, from my perspective he was only REFINING what he said prior. Guy was hard on himself."

Not following Thieme at all or defending him and excusing his erratic behavior. Nope, not a bit.

From your present day website:

Link to "My Pastor's website"
"R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries, founded in 1967 as Berachah Tapes and Publications, was incorporated in 1982 under its present name. R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries is a nonprofit organization designed to preserve, perpetuate, and disseminate the doctrinal and theological Bible teachings of Pastor R. B. Thieme, Jr. The purpose of this ministry is to make doctrinal Bible teaching by R. B. Thieme, Jr., available worldwide without charge or obligation so that anyone anywhere may have the opportunity to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18)."

It's now 2017. The man died in 2009 and you still call him "my pastor?"

But you "don't follow anyone."

Unhinged from reality much?

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago (edited)
Having a pastor is a requirement for every believer, Ephesians 4:16. You are not ipse a follower of your teachers in school, are you? Same, for a pastor.

FOLLOWING means you are a disciple or something. I'm so sorry you are unable to read or comprehend the proof of the difference between them, even in basic English.

I am a FOLLOWER of Jesus the Christ. Proven, in the Bible videos. Anyone else, is just adjunctive. Why you can't see that, I can't fathom.

Of course, you never answer the SUBSTANCE of the BIBLE VERSES used to prove your allegations false, which are in the video description, so one must conclude that the irrelevancies about the SPEAKER you keep bringing up, mean you have no substantive rebuttal to the VERSES which REFUTE stinking Rev17 harlot Nashville Statement.

@pdavisnwa | 6 years ago (edited)
"Having a pastor is a requirement for every believer, Ephesians 4:16."

Ephesians 4:16:
"From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love."

Hmmmm.... Doesn't say spit about pastors or having one in this verse. In fact, the passage this verse concludes does state that it's highly beneficial (in so many words) for a believer to have a teacher and pastor, but it doesn't make it a "requirement."

You really need to get connected to reality before it's too late. If you don't, you'll figure it out at the Great White Throne.

"FOLLOWING means you are a disciple or something."

You spout R.B. Thieme's doctrine all over you website and in your forum posts. That fits the definition of "disciple" and it is following Thieme. Yet, you attempt to claim you are a disciple of "Jesus the Christ."

Hmmmm... Doesn't wash.

Again, you are not in touch with reality. Rather, you are like Thieme, who invented terms that had ZERO Scriptural basis. His "Greek" and "Hebrew" understanding were severely lacking. His Scriptural understanding lacked as well.

But, no matter to you. You are a cultist and a bit unhinged from reality.

"Of course, you never answer the SUBSTANCE of the BIBLE VERSES used to prove your allegations false, which are in the video description, so one must conclude that the irrelevancies about the SPEAKER you keep bringing up, mean you have no substantive rebuttal to the VERSES which REFUTE stinking Rev17 harlot Nashville Statement."

I already told you the following:
"I wasn't interested in the video. What I was interested in was a way to communicate to you what I had to tell you. I did so."

But I understand that people with mental/emotional issues get hung up on one particular point after they've been told that point is no longer relevant.

I will repeat it to you again: I posted comment here because I could not find another way to communicate to you what I needed to communicate. I have done so.

I am done with you. You are a heretic and you are way past the second admonition and you aren't listening.


@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
You don't read Greek, do you? So you don't know what it really says.

10 years ago, I wrote up how the Greek works, but you won't read it because you can't.

Your ignorance is appalling. Every believer should be able to read Bible in the original mss.

No, I do not. You really can't read well. The entire purpose of the site is to EXAMINE the doctrine for COHERENCE, and it's due diligence disclosure to say when a particular item is brought up by someone.
You have no knowledge of academia, do you?

Goodbye. Ignorant arrogance like yours is rare, and I'm sure those seeing your posts will find yours quite instructive.

@pdavisnwa | 6 years ago
"John Bois received his earliest education at home by his father William and mother Mirabel. As already noted he had read the Bible and was conversant in Hebrew and Greek before he began his preparatory education at Hadleigh Grammar School located conveniently near to Elmsett, Suffolk where his father was rector. The headmaster at the school was John Still who was also master of St. John's College, Cambridge. It was because of this fortuity that John Bois found himself at St. John's as a young teenager in 1575.

It was at St. John's that Bois met the man who would exert a profound influence on his life, Greek scholar and future Translator, Andrew Downes.

Downes was regius professor of Greek at the university and seeing young Bois' potential, became his mentor. The association of teacher and pupil was intense. Besides the routine of delivering Greek lectures to Bois and other students five times a week, he privately tutored John by reading with him twelve of the most difficult Greek authors with particular attention to phrasing and dialect.

John Bois graduated B.A., in 1579 and proceeded M.A. in 1582. He ultimately became a doctor of divinity in 1590.

John Bois was elected a fellow of St. John's College when he was twenty years old, two years after graduating B.A. When time came for the ceremony admitting him to his fellowship, Bois was seriously ill with the dreaded small pox. Fearing his failure to be timely admitted would negatively impact his career, John had himself wrapped in blankets and carried to the designated place where his tutors Andrew Downes and Henry Coppinger saw that he was duly admitted.

John recovered and held his fellowship until 1598 when he became rector of Boxworth. He was appointed principal Greek lecturer, senior dean, and senior fellow of his college. He had been ordained previously to the priesthood in 1583 and briefly succeeded his father as rector of West Stow and to a chaplaincy with the Earl of Shrewsbury.

He served at Boxworth for nearly forty years, from 1596 to 1630. So devoted was he to learning that he regularly rode the short distance from Boxworth to Cambridge to attend Andrew Downes' lectures on Greek and Edward Lively's lectures on Hebrew.

He was a most dutiful person and prayed that he would live only as long as he could preach and be useful to the people of his congregation.

It was during his residence at Boxworth that he became a Translator."

"John Bois and the Translation
John Bois was a member of the Second Cambridge Company with responsibility for translating the Apocrypha. John Duport was the leader of the company, and all its members were fine scholars. Among the company were Andrew Downes, and college masters, William Branthwaite and Samuel Ward. During the translation process John Bois traveled to Cambridge Monday morning, and spent all week working on the project until Saturday evening when he traveled back to Boxworth for Sunday services. This continued for four years.

After the initial draft of the new Bible was completed, John Bois was one of the Committee of Revisers, two appointed from each company, who spent nine months at Stationers Hall in London going through the entire translation, reading aloud passages to one another. They had the weighty responsibility of deciding many issues that arose during the project and remained unresolved. They were asked to decide which of several alternative translations was correct.

For instance, when the committee came to the book of Revelation, chapter thirteen verse eight. There were differing views as to whether the phrase "from the foundation of the world" referred to the "book of life" or to "Jesus the Lamb slain". Even today scholars and translators argue the point. Andrew Downes felt the modifying phrase "from the foundation of the world" was descriptive of the "book of life", John Bois on the other hand while acknowledging the basis for that point of view stated "since all translators, as far as I know, and a good portion of the commentators both ancient and modern, regard this passage as pertaining to the eternity of the sacrifice of Christ, I do not deem it prudent to institute anew anything in a matter so commonplace and spread abroad."

John Bois' view prevailed and the verse from the KJB reads: "And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him [the beast] whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb who was slain from the foundation of the world."

We know this and much else about the translation process because John Bois preserved his notes. Though these notes were mentioned by early historians, it was not until the 1960's that Ward Allen located them at the Corpus Christi College Library, Oxford and brought them to public attention."

"At age sixteen he began his university studies, having been awarded a scholarship to Pembroke College, Cambridge funded by Thomas Watts, archdeacon of Middlesex. Pembroke, though a thoroughly Protestant college, was less Puritanical than others. His friend Edmund Spenser also chose Pembroke. While at the university, Lancelot demonstrated the same scholarly rigor that marked his work at Merchant Taylors'. He continued to avoid games and recreation other than walking. He stayed at the college year round until he graduated B.A. Thereafter, as he pursued advanced degrees he traveled home once a year, walking each way. Lancelot loved nature:

He would often profess that to observe the grass, herbs, corn, trees, cattle, earth, water, heavens, any of the creatures, and to contemplate their natures, orders, virtues, uses was ever to him the greatest mirth, content and creation that could be.

Even while on vacation at home he pursued his studies, engaging his father to seek out a teacher to tutor him in a language he had not yet acquired. This may account for how he mastered at least fifteen languages during his lifetime. As he worked towards his B.D. he learned Arabic, Aramaic (Chaldee) and Syriac."

"Lancelot Andrewes and the Translation
Lancelot Andrewes was designated by the king as the chief of the Westminster Translators and director of the First Company. The First Westminster Company had responsibility for translating the Old Testament from Genesis through 2 Kings. Andrewes likely had a major hand in the selection of all the Westminster Translators. He had been at the Hampton Court Conference where the new translation had its beginning and was a major influence in the project after that.

The men of the Westminster Companies all lived in London, or within a day's journey of the city, so as to be able to attend their regular meetings. A November 1604 letter from Lancelot Andrewes makes clear that his company had begun the work of translation. Tradition has it that Lancelot Andrewes' Company began its work in the Jerusalem Chamber of Westminster Abbey."

"Tyndale began a Bachelor of Arts degree at Magdalen Hall (later Hertford College) of Oxford University in 1506 and received his B.A. in 1512, the same year becoming a subdeacon. He was made Master of Arts in July 1515 and was held to be a man of virtuous disposition, leading an unblemished life.[15] The M.A. allowed him to start studying theology, but the official course did not include the systematic study of Scripture. As Tyndale later complained:

"They have ordained that no man shall look on the Scripture, until he be noselled in heathen learning eight or nine years and armed with false principles, with which he is clean shut out of the understanding of the Scripture."

He was a gifted linguist and became fluent over the years in French, Greek, Hebrew, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish, in addition to English.[16] Between 1517 and 1521, he went to the University of Cambridge. Erasmus had been the leading teacher of Greek there from August 1511 to January 1512, but not during Tyndale's time at the university.[17]

Tyndale became chaplain at the home of Sir John Walsh at Little Sodbury and tutor to his children around 1521. His opinions proved controversial to fellow clergymen, and the next year he was summoned before John Bell, the Chancellor of the Diocese of Worcester, although no formal charges were laid at the time.[18] John Foxe describes an argument with a "learned" but "blasphemous" clergyman which occurred after the harsh meeting with Bell and other church leaders, and near the end of Tyndale's time at Little Sodbury. The clergyman asserted to Tyndale, "We had better be without God's laws than the Pope's." Tyndale responded: "I defy the Pope, and all his laws; and if God spares my life, ere many years, I will cause the boy that driveth the plow to know more of the Scriptures than thou dost!"[19][20]"

"3. Right Pastor - Completely erroneous. If you accept this notion, then you must accept that everyone else is wrong, and that only your Right Pastor is, well, right. You must then discard all the books and teachings of the truly great minds of Christian theology. Right Pastor is a complete and total lie. See 4 (next).

4. It is the joy of the believer to study the Word of God. This study should not be a chore. It requires no acronyms, formulas, and invented so-called 'doctrines' for you to hear from God through His Holy Scriptures. The Bible was recorded so that even the most simple-minded believer could understand it clearly. This is made possible by the presence of the Holy Spirit within us (believers). Thieme was able to rewrite the Bible by telling the congregation that they couldn't understand it. I clearly remember having this very argument with classmates in my high school, and sneering at them for thinking they could read God's Word themselves. If any of you are reading this, know that I have actually lost sleep over that argument in my adult years."

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago (edited)
Again you make a long, windy, irrelevant post. I won't reply to you again. You keep embarrassing yourself, so feel free to do that as much as you like. I don't censor.

I muted you from my notifications, so I don't have to see you post. That shouldn't stop you from posting.

Rapture Clapture

@mikeradu2010 | 4 years ago

Insofar as you outline your rapture analysis, you say that the purpose of the prophesy is not to tell you when it will happen but instead to let you know that it is / has happened. May I ask, wouldn’t you already know if all of the sudden, lots of people in one’s life mysteriously disappear?? And even then, the scripture does not entirely make it clear that we would be living during the time of rapture — it’s pretty abstract and perhaps open to interpretation, don’t you think?

Some have mistakenly thought that they were living during the rapture time in the past (and obviously, they weren’t), which proves my point that the scripture was misinterpreted when people of the past thought that time was happening then since it is written cryptically.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago (edited)

You make a lot of assumptions. I'm not sure you actually heard, what I said. What I said was, we don't need to know when the Rapture is, because we won't be here. We only need prophecy, for when we are here.

Those on Earth just after the Rapture, will obviously be here; they will need to know what happened.

Bible is very explicit about the seven years, counting the days.

So there is nothing obtuse or unclear or cryptic, about Scripture. But there's everything wrong with teachers of eschatology. They are extremely inept, in any denomination.

Both the preterists and the Dispies, the pre Rapture post Rapture mid rapture mid-trib post-trib any combination you want to choose: every one of them is flat wrong, because none of them learned how to count.

They make so many mistakes with respect to the Davidic timeline, that they couldn't read Daniel 9 correctly; they didn't bother to go back to the Bible, to fix their mistakes, but instead relied on other Scholars or The Coming Prince or some other nonsense by a human. It should be a crime, their incompetence.

Primarily, they're inept due to anti-semitism. Dispensations are Jewish, 490+70+490, therefore all the smaller parts, like sabbatical years, fit.

I could go on, but I hope you understand that your assumption is the Bible is cryptic, is incorrect. The problem is the teachers are bad, especially at math.

If I sound angry, I'm angry at the situation not at you.

@brainoutyakabrainout | 4 years ago (edited)

I don't know what your reading problem is, but it seems as though you need to use 1 John 1:9. That will make it easier for you to hear what I said in the video, and what I wrote to you.

Otherwise there's no point in my responding to you again.

The Origin Story

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
LOL 'brainout' just means 'believer'. I got the idea for that nickname 20+ years ago after hearing RBT explain Ephesians 4:23, that you have no brains apart from 1Jn1:9, once you're saved.

Proves true every day. 🙂

As for how I knew to add 30, each Chapter of the Bible (at least each book, but now suspecting each chapter) has a 'dateline' formula for when the author wrote. It was obvious at the time folks GOT the book, when it was written, for they got it WHEN it was written; for them, the game was to find out WHAT PAST OR FUTURE DATE the author set as his theme, which was based on the date written. For us, then, it serves to know when the book/chapter was actually written, for we have a lot of history, specifically Bible-related history, preserved.

So in Matthew, the datelines (as usual) are the first two times the text sevens by syllable count: here, at 49 and 63. Since the next chapter is Christ being arrested, it's a no brainer that He speaks here in 30 AD anyway, but look: 49-30=19BC. What was that? Has to be famous, and related to the text. Well, that was, as every Jew then knew, when Herod started reconstructing the Temple. And of course, this text starts with the FALL of the Temple Christ just walked out of. Cute, huh.

Next, 63-30, is 33BC and everyone knew THAT, as when Octavian broke the 2nd Triumvirate and started his war against Anthony. That ties, as now the same theme of SPQR coming in to the Levant to take over, applies both currently and is the theme of Daniel 9:26. Christ is explaining, that since He will die AT THE BEGINNING (not the end) of the 62nd week, CHURCH IS INSERTED IN HIM, since HE was the only way God would extend the time grant, PER Daniel 9:26.

Even Thieme didn't get that, then. But he suspected it (see the penultimate class in his Daniel 9 tapes). So now I know why I know the meter. God wants to elaborate on what He started via Thieme. And I get to play grunt, counting syllables, reporting on the counts, etc. Someday God will hire a MAN with degrees, etc. to get mainstream attention. But meanwhile, one can have a secretary type up this stuff...

Remember, they didn't have TV or news papers or other gewgaws of entertainment back in Christ's Day, so they memorized their writings and their HISTORY. So syllable counts aided memorization, and if God turns the counts into doctrinally-interactive values with the TEXT, it would be easier to learn, retain, remember, use, etc.

And it would end up being.. fun. That kept their minds entertained as they'd walk to Ephesus, spin flax, pick olives, etc. Literature was VERY important in those days, so unlike now where everyone only wants SpongeBob Squarepants.