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Divine DNA! Doctrinal DNA! The LOVE Contract of Isa53:10-12

First Aspect: Bible in your head is Doctrinal DNA, and thus is the 'superior parent' siring (as it were) out from the body life, a 'body' of Divine Thinking in your own soul: gold silver precious stones. Via the Holy Spirit, and due to being in God's System.

The Body of a King, requires the Riches of a King. Bible keyterm "Riches", DDNA.

The more DDNA in you, the bigger your soul. The bigger your soul, the more capacity it has for everything. So you become King-sized, fit for THE King in eternity: so, fit to INHERIT a kingdom FOR eternity. Funny thing about being wealthy, or being a king: the more you own, the more what you own, owns you. You are not your own.

Capacities determine relationships, and everything is RELATIVE TO those capacities and relationships. You hold a cup in your hand. It can only hold so MUCH, within some range of TEMPERATURE; if the cup is made of GLASS, the VISCOSITY capacity of glass means that thin COLD liquid will 'weep' through it. If the cup is made of paper, temperature and viscosity factors can cause the cup to BREAK DOWN faster. Notice how the integrity of the cup is its HOLDING power. Integrity is a holding, especially despite pressure. Earthquakes, hurricanes, heat, cold, wind, mold, etc. all are THREATS to integrity.

So the CAPACITY of a thing determines what relationship you can HAVE with the thing. The capacity of an athelete determines whether he can engage professionally, or merely on Sunday afternoons. Your capacity to hear your relative go on and on about his/her lumbago, determines how long and often, you'll visit that relative, and what the CONTENT of your relationship will be. There, it's Shallow. Your capacity to hear about GOD, therefore, determines how Shallow Or Deep, Short Or Tall, Short Or Long, Narrow or Broad, will be your relationship with Him. Relationship is about COMMONALITY, and that depends on commonality of CAPACITY. It's a BEING thing, not a doing thing. Prove this quickly: with someone whom you had nothing in common.. have you ever gone on 'vacation'? How much fun did you really have, even if you went to nice restaurants, saw nice scenery, dressed nicely and met nice people? Very little. The prolonged togetherness took its toll, and you were relieved to get home. No wonder relatives are glad when Christmas ends!

For years my pastor harped on spiritual capacity, even inventing the term "capacity righteousness" to describe the Spirit's activity as Paul depicts it in Romans 8, replete with computer-generated diagrams. And for years, I had no clue what my pastor meant. Well, that clueless day has left the building...

The real you is your soul. Your real shape is determined by the CAPACITIES of your soul, the DIMENSIONS of those capacities. So all your relationships are likewise 'boundaried' by the relative COMPATIBLE capacities in others. So you are large-souled, or small-souled. Shaped proportionately, or disproportionately in your soul 'depth', your soul 'height', your soul 'length', your soul 'breadth.' So the 'body' is not even remotely what you see in the mirror; not at all, your fingers and toes and (ulp) the need to lose weight. What you see in the mirror is but CLOTHING your soul wears, as David puts it in Ps139's Hebrew. And clothing is DEAD, which is why you have to keep on doing stuff TO your body, to keep it going. But YOU, are alive. When was the last time, you fed your soul? Unlike the body which dies from starving, the soul starved of spiritual food, goes into a coma.

    Notice all the walking zombies, next time you shop. Notice all the talking zombies next time you turn on TV. Notice the vacuousness of statements like, "I'm a good person", and all the complaining. Read the personals on the internet, see how shallowly people define themselves. Listen to conversations in restaurants, at the bus stop, in a hospital, in a church, lol! What souls are operating? Dinky ones. So they make much of their bodies, their ownerships, their nationality or religion or gender or political affiliation. They got nothing inside, so all the outers constitute their identities. And how miffed they are, if you don't 'respect' such definitions the way they think warranted!

    So what capacities and relationships must accrue from these 'dimensions' of soul? Shallow, short, short-lived and narrow capacities and relationships. Which is pretty easy to witness, in daily life: we can't hold much, can't hold it very long, and are easily upset; all with an attention span of about five seconds. Just long enough to read the crawl at the bottom of the newscast, and forget it before it comes 'round again. Shallow lives are frenetic lives, calling such movement, 'progress'.

    Repeating: Your capacity to hear about GOD, therefore, determines how Shallow Or Deep, Short Or Tall, Short Or Long, Narrow Or Broad, will be your relationship with Him. Relationship is about Commonality, and that depends on Commonality of CAPACITY. It's a BEING thing, not a doing thing. But God is infinite...

So your REAL body is the body of your soul's THINKING. Your Own Thinking is the 'DNA' of your soul, and it therefore GOVERNS how you will be. So your capacities, the 'shape' of you, are totally PROGRAMMED by what you think. Thus all your relationships in life will be governed by how you think. Doesn't matter that other people seem to have control over you, YOU are the arbiter INSIDE your own soul. So YOU are only the product of what YOU think. So all capacities develop or retrogress, are shallow or deep, short or tall, short or long, narrow or broad -- based on how shallow (etc.) is the THINKING. But God's Thinking, is INFINITE...

Whoa -- so those same thinking and capacity facts mean you can EXCHANGE 'your' body of Thinking, for HIS. That is your rejectible Royal Destiny, to become Christ-capacious. All bodies have shapes, sizes, capacities. Hence the body of a lumberman, would make a poor horse jockey. The body of a horse jockey, would make a poor lumberman. A person poor in thinking, makes a poor president; a president rich in thinking, makes a poor housekeeper. The level and capacity of your body's abilities, make you suited to certain occupations but not others. The Level And Capacity Of Your Thinking Abilities, make you suited to certain occupations but not others. And here, the Thinking Required, is a king's. So when you grow up in God's System, heh: you are then only suited to become a king, 'fattened' by His Thinking. And only, under the King of Kings. Forever. Everyone in the Body Politic God Will Have Granted You, Is To Live On Your Fatness-Of-Divine-Thinking. Because, they didn't grow up in it. As Part III (LordvSatan3.htm) explains, that is your destiny. But you can reject it.

    Paul has no end of fun in his epistles with this fact of your real body, being a body of thinking. Trouble is, the wordplay is either missed or fuzzed over by the translators, so you don't see it. So when Paul says in 1Cor15 we are raised as a spiritual body, people just wrinkle their brows, wondering what Paul meant. Some goofballs imagine we are bodiless, or balls of light such as in the movie, "Contact" (starring Jody Foster). Wrongo. God is Spirit, remember John 3? His 'body' is a body of THOUGHT. Thought is true beingness. So Paul, who's been playing with Head and Body since 1Cor1:5 (His Head in your heads, the goal of the spiritual life, Greek wordplay), in Chapter 15 climactically writes how that Head produced a spiritual body of thinking.. That Goes With You When You Die. Your physical body doesn't go anywhere but into the ground. Your brain doesn't go anywhere but to feed worms. Your human thinking doesn't survive your death, either; it has NO CAPACITY for heaven. Only the DDNA you get down here, goes with you.

    Hence DDNA alone is the real body of your real soul, and it really lives forever. And yeah, you get a resurrection body like HIS, too. But how big, what capacity, will be the Spiritual Thinking 'body' to go with that Resurrection Body? Well, it's designed to be a King's Level, but.. you can turn that destiny down, by never learning His Thinking.. down here. In which case, you have the DDNA Structure the Holy Spirit created that first nanosecond you believed in Christ (i.e., Titus 3:5), but.. nothing else. Like a newborn, then. Not, like a king. Paul spent Romans 8 on how you are to grow from BEING a newborn, TO a King, with Romans 8:4 the key verse: Spirit Filling You Up With That Spiritual Body of Thinking That is Christ's. Which Filling, you reject by rejecting 1Jn1:9, by rejecting the Spiritual Life in God's System. Your choice. Your choice, your consequences. And the consequences of not growing up in Him, are: babyish. Forever.

    A King's thinking is very different from a peasant/baby, as the "Second Reason for Royalty" link in LordvSatan3.htm, explains. A King's Thinking is necessarily deep, high, long and broad. For, he owns a kingdom, and that kingdom needs him to think so largely. A small-souled king is the worst thing to happen to any kingdom. Frankly, no such king lasts too long: someone deposes him. So in God's Kingdom, you are to become a King, hence the need for your soul to get DDNA. First, to be like-minded with God; second, to have the "true riches" you need To Rule Your Own Kingdom. You can reject this, but the consequences are obvious: having been Soul-Designed to be a King, if you try to be happy as a baby, well.. you'll be all the more miserable. Witness almost any group of Christians, see how miserable they are.

    It's downright hilarious that throughout the centuries, we've assigned mystical properties to relics and to bloodlines. Here, the True Bloodline Is Christ's Thinking, and it really IS more powerful than anything else. It really Does Transmute The Person Blessed With It. It really IS "true riches", buying true happiness, because GOD is That Thinking. That's why Christ WANTED the Cross, since in His Humanity it would have been cheating to tap into His Own Deity: had to be what FATHER wanted, not what Christ wanted. What Spirit did TO Christ, not what Christ could do to Himself. So here, look: By Throwing His 'Blood' Away, He Inherits All, Isa53:12. So all these centuries we've had this "Blood" in writing, but know it? Not at all. We instead search for dead things and write novels about alleged physical descendants of a King whose physical blood, is dead. The authors of such trash make tons of money -- while the Real Holy Grail, the BIBLE.. goes unread, gets misused, is distorted and mistranslated in every possible way. So look at the stupidity of the souls buying all those alleged-descendant books: when was the last time blood read you a poem? Not even real physical royalty becomes good via bloodline, but by BREEDING. Which means, Training in Thinking. Very arduous, not at all fun.

    So Christians rejecting God's System are like-miserable, not like-minded. They rave and race and run for office. They "plead the Blood" rather than GET the Blood. Bible is thumped of its dust, or gathering dust. So the souls are starving of capacity, wailing in the sandbox. And so shall they ever be with the Lord. Your choice, whether you go that route. Their choice, so long as they are down here, to reject that route and get IN God's System.

For here's the origin of this our rejectible Royal Destiny. The Spirit via the Cross, Converted All Sin Into DDNA -- inside Christ Himself, per that contract with Father, Isa53:10-12. Thus He became The Heir of "all things" (Bible keyword, most often used by Paul). This is the POSITIONING of our so-great salvation, that the First Person Benefitted by the Cross itself, was Christ Himself. Let's revisit the LXX of Isa53:11, since repetition makes meaning clearer, each time:
    "So the LORD delights to PURIFY by wounding Him [based on the contract], 'If You will give as a substitute for sin, Your [plural, God-Man in One Person!] Soul [singular] will see long-lived seed.' Then the LORD delights to PLUNDER, birthing/carrying out from His Soul's [pregnancy] Labor, to DISPLAY/ POINT OUT/ MAKE KNOWN/ EXHIBIT via Him, the Light. Then to SCULPT, via His Mastery-of-Thinking, so to MAKE RIGHTEOUS/JUSTIFY."

    This is how Christ got benefitted, HIMSELF. You see that fact in Isa53:11's five infinitives, especially the way the words are ordered, in the Greek: no prepositions (I inserted the "via" and "by" prepositions, in the above translation) between Him and the action done TO Him. LvS4d.htm has a "Combat" table which starts near the beginning of the page (text prior to it is important, so read it), to explain that the Cross ENLARGED His Soul, so that total rapport with Father could occur. It's Real DDNA conversion. Isaiah make quite a point of that fact, contrasting how He had no physical progeny due to the ABUSE cutting Him off, in Isa52:14, Isa53:8b -- but due to Greatest Abuse on the Cross, He bears all kids, Isa54:1. Hence we sterile, dead-in-sins humans, sire also: same Isa54:1! Fabulous, how Isaiah uses sexual/birthing analogies, throughout Isa52:13-54:1!

Ergo: Christ would not be as CAPACIOUS as He is in His Humanity, were it not for the VOLUME of the sins imputed to Him and judged on Him, Phili2:5-10, last half of Romans 5. What, you don't think Father would impute and judge His Own Son without it benefitting His Son, do you? Well, what was the biggest benefit to GET, but total rapport, in His Humanity, with Father? God is no sadist. So from His Perspective, each human being born was used to make His Son BIGGER; so it doesn't matter, what the human chooses -- the Son was Benefitted. Never forget that. Like Paul says in Gal3, it's "Seed", not "seeds". So now, that Seed can get into us. For, like Paul also explains in Romans 6, we Died In Him on the Cross, so now we Live In Him (see also 2Cor5). We need feel no guilt whatsoever: guilt is a sin anyway, but more a stupidity, since from God's perspective He says: I chose you in part to bless My Son, and thus you are used to make Him the Head of all (subtheme of Heb1-2). God profitted His Son by means of the very sins we sin, by ENLARGING His Son.. with maxed-out, DDNA. Kinda like what Joseph told his brothers, we meant sin for bad, but God turned it into good. Viral conversion of Divine Thinking on sin thinking made DDNA out of it all, Heb1:4, Heb7, 10. He became "more excellent" through His Victory on the Cross.

    Divine Physics, to make spiritual fission, the sins' effects -- beginning with that first "muth" in Gen2:17, see last half of Rom5 -- produce spiritual FUSION, total UNITY with Father. That's what happened on the Cross. Full circle. All that soul fission was reserved ("passed over", "Passover" significance in Bible). Then, PURIFIED in Him ON the Cross, and converted via the other four infinitives. DDNA would be the 'biological' name: these are the 'physics' of God's Spiritual 'biology'. So now, that process can be replicated IN us, using our own 'soul' DNA to convert all of IT, to DDNA. That's why you see the only VIRGIN apostle, Paul, spend almost every verse ON God's Begetting Plan (well, in the Greek you can see it, English is fuzzed over).

    See, God is Omniscient. So He knows all that sin thinking. So what does HE do with it? Well, He assigns given MEANINGS to it, and BECAUSE of those meanings, He never wants to sin, Himself. You are what you think. Your capacities determine your relationships. God's Capacities determine His Relationships, so What He Thinks About Sin, Renders Sin Productive -- not of itself, but due to What He Thinks In 'Reply' to it. So That Same Thinking Was Built In Christ. As a result, when the sins HIT His Soul, His Thinking 'reply' Converted The Erstwhile Meaning Of The Sins Into The DIVINE Meaning. So He didn't sin, either. So the sin was converted into DDNA. Just As It Is, In God Himself. And this is the legacy of Christ to us, that we can get that same conversion 'physics' of DDNA. Awesome, huh.

      Hebrew of Isa52:14 explains all this so deftly, every day the words leave me breathless: "k'asher shamemu aleká rabbim; ken mishhat me ish mareyhu; wa toaro me bene adam." This is a Decree, based on v.13's purpose of utterly-and-vehemently glorifying Him due to His Mastery Of Thinking. So Isaiah keeps on playing with "m" sounds, since the Hebrew preposition "min" means more-than, above, beyond, outside, separated from -- always used with "womb" meaning, connotation of BIRTH, Incarnation, Hypostatic Union. Beyond Human, Out From Human, Born from Humanity: "me ish" and "me bene adam". Preposition "min" changes endings depending on what vowel or consonant follows it. Noun "ish" means "man", and "bene adam" means "sons of men". So literally, "beyond-man", and "beyond-the-sons-of-men", idea of born outside separated from. Deft noun "toaro" means His Incarnation, His Human Form -- but also, the SHAPE of how He will be regarded, the OUTLINE of His Life down here, the Outline of History. His Story. So with "mishhat", which is a very graphic verb (think of Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion" to sense the sheer brutality of "mishhat") -- "mishhat me ish" thus means brutalized beyond all human resemblance -- so beaten up, you can't even tell He is Human, anymore. Because, Beyond Human Takes On Humanity, so gets Beyond Human Abuse. To be Beyond Human Glorified by the Father Who Abuses Him on the Cross, 2Cor5:21. So because the Mastery of Thinking, therefore the Mastery of Glory, via the Mastery of Abuse -- VIA That Thinking. That's Our Lord's Legacy to us. Bad stuff is GOOD, mishhat Gift to us! So we can learn it too! So translated too simply (play with the Hebrew multiple-entendres, instead!) it reads,

      "Just as much as They Will Be Appalled up-at You,
      so also You Will Be Seen Brutalized Beyond Human Semblance [by men, born from men]..
      for Your Incarnation, Beyond the Sons of Men!"

      Notice how the clause after the ".." is separated, double-entendre (like every word in this verse). Hebrew like Greek places words so they point backwards at prior words and forward at following words, to make multilevel meanings clear. So notice: on the one hand, His Body will be more brutalized than all mankind put together; but He is Beyond Human in Nature. It's a deft statement of how Father will ENLARGE and CONVERT into DDNA all His Son's Soul.. more than all mankind put together. So that's His Legacy to us. To Church. Beyond Human, no longer restricted to our puny thoughts and petty ways, always with the nose to the ground, qvetching. Salvation has truly come from the Jews. They were brutalized during their long history, and in self-defense, developed a psychological qvetching pride so cannot read this verse for the Fulfillment-to-Them-Promise, that it is. So it's normal, to react. But He Did NOT React, but Rather Accepted Like The Lamb Offering He is, the Full Hatred of Mankind into His Own Soul, thus Fulfilling (Isa53:10's) "im tasim asham", = Red Heifer Offering for all of Israel.. and all of us. How Blessed we all are, and we need not be guilty, says Isa54:1! For it ENLARGED Him Who Had No Descendents, to Owning Us all!

    Hence the spiritual life is this "mishhat", a type of Matt4:4, always occurring, and with results that last forever: God will forever see that moment you used Bible INSTEAD of the 'normal' qvetching expected -- for He is Omniscient, One Big Nowness. So, the moment: a thought hits, you 'reply' to it with Bible you are learning under the Spirit in God's System. 24/7. And each moment you do that, DDNA is being made in you, and it lasts forever, too. As time passes, a lot of DDNA gets made in you, so life becomes rougher, so that the DDNA production can escalate. You'll see how, as this 1st Aspect unfolds.

    Much of the thinking as you age will be Bible-Initiated Thought. So it's not at all just some struggle with hitting thoughts. Bible just runs in your head, 24/7, John 14:26, eventually. It's not so much the recall of specific verses -- though that is quite enjoyable, witty, and frequent -- but the meaning, the principles, and above all the AWARENESS of Him you have come to know, 24/7. More real and closer than anyone else you've ever 'lived with' in any kind of relationship. It's not emotion, but a state of being. For relationship is a BEING, not a doing; and Your Capacity Is Increasing. So The Relationship Is Increasing In Depth, Height, Length, And Breadth. So like Christ, Who would not be as BIG as He is absent all that stuff HITTING Him, YOU will be made bigger due to what hits you.

Of course, all this Begetting was planned since eternity past, theme of Isa 53:11, all of Eph1. So when God says He created man in His Own Image in Gen1:26, He's not kidding. When God says you become a "son of God in Christ Jesus" the first nanosecond you are saved, He's not kidding. CHRIST WAS MADE, so now you can be made OUT FROM Him. So if we don't take His Word seriously, we will misuse the Enormous Power Granted To Us In Christ, and wreck our lives. We really should get briefed on the "surpassing greatness of His Superior Power to those of us who believe", Eph1:19 (my pastor's translation). [Nerd note: pretty much everything Paul writes is centered on the LXX's Isa53:11 process being completed in US. Since that verse in the LXX is cut out from translated Bibles, you can't see how often Paul 'accesses' it as a frame of reference for every verse he writes. All other NT writers and the Lord do this too, but Paul is given it as a primary expository task. I really wish theology would 'discover' this. It would be the find of the 21st century.]

    For when God says He makes you a "son of God in Christ Jesus", that means His DDNA Attributes are to be replicated in you. Truth is one of God's Attributes, so by Him teaching and you learning under the Spirit in God's System, you are literally getting God's DNA. That's how Christ Himself BECAME "the Way, the Truth, and the Life". Note those last two terms: those are God's Attributes -- in His Humanity. Same, for Love. Obviously, same for Omniscience, since you know Truth. Of course, being Human, He was not infinite in scope -- but His Structure as a Human was such that All The Attributes Of God cycle through Him. This cycling came from the deposited Truth. That He is also already God the Son, is an independent fact. So you could say He's doubly God, in the sense that His Humanity Was Grown To Have Divine Attributes.

    Compatibility Requires First, A Compatible Structure. We all know from the glitches in Windows, how lack of backwards compatibility, wrecks your ability to use old programs and data. Well, sin wrecked the To-God compatible structure, in Gen3. So Christ had to be built, First. Having been built, His Compatible Structure Is Built In Us, beginning that first nanosecond we believe in Christ. But Surrounding That Compatible Skeletal Structure, Must Be A 'Body', So There Can Be Compatible Function, theme of Romans 8 and Peter's frequent "hupo" words (especially hupogrammos, a handwriting copybook for beginners, in 1Pet2:21). Else, it's like having an 'empty' body. So to Fill Up That Body/Building, is critical. But that Filling Up, has a structure of its own: wiring, placement, access routes.. a wide variety of things which must be in Precise Fit, so that the Function Is Free And Full. Rapport between two beings is essentially a 'body' of shared thinking; and we all know even a little bit 'off', strains a relationship. Well, God isn't going to have anything be 'off' between Himself and His Son! Philippians 4:19 in context and in Greek, tells us God GUARANTEES this is what He Will Do To Us. (Philippians is all about the DDNA results, and keys off Isa53:10-12 in every verse.)

    So here's how Spirit Fulfilled The Rest of the Function of FULL Compatibility with Father, in Christ's Own Humanity while He was ON the Cross: the incoming sins were 'grabbed' by His Divine Thinking, kinda like RNA can 'grab' DNA. That Thinking was due to the Truth deposits of Bible as it then existed, all from the Holy Spirit, Who ran both the depositing, and the usage, with Christ's constant consent (hence the need to be sinless). So: think of the sins as thought-DNA by humans, hitting a Human whose DDNA was the stronger. Then, the DDNA, acting like RNA, acted on the sins' DNA to re-engineer the thought into More DDNA. So, He Grew Bigger in His Soul, hence had more CAPACITY for Rapport with Father. The problem was, to keep on persevering in the Divine Thinking (hence the need of the Holy Spirit empowering Him), until the sins' DNA was thoroughly re-engineered. So sin thoughts of humans, went to a Human who had a COUNTER-Thought of DDNA, and the former got converted in the Latter to even bigger capacity for total intimacy AS HUMAN, with Father. Hence Heb1:4, Eph1. All pre-announced, in Isa52:13 and following, with the crescendo verse (and our legacy) being Isa53:11. God's Intent, all along -- to make sons of His Son, via DDNA.

    Back to the Cross and its conversion effect: Had He used His Own Deity instead of relying on the Spirit, all this wouldn't have worked (since the Humanity is finite, hence not Infinite Deity, it would screw up use of Deity, on its own). So since He did NOT do that, and the conversion occurred IN His Humanity, we can get that Thinking in us (again Phili2:5-10; 1Cor2:14-16; all of 1Cor13). Until He did this, that Thinking couldn't occur in humans, because He was the Author of all of it (Jn7:39, Heb12:2). He authored a NEW spiritual life in order to SUCCEED at the Cross (ibid, and Romans 5-8,12:1-3).

    See, when sin occurs, it's triggered by some kind of allegation of relief or redress. One gets angry usually because one perceives a wrong done (i.e., to self), and feels self-righteous to be angry. Well, both the self-righteous motive, and the resultant anger, are both sins. Those are thoughts (body is but a bucket of biology, mindlessly carrying out thought). But a different response to the initiating 'cause' could be applied. Thoughts of virtue (esp., Lev19:18, Jas2:8) which Do Not Reciprocate with self-righteousness, anger, etc. So instead of rejecting, acceptance; instead of separating, marrying. So, HOLDING, GRABBING, the sin thoughts imputed, and thinking the Divine Response, changes the nature of the sin thought. Re-engineers it. Technically, 'atonement' occurs because the Counter-Thought occurs instead of the sin thought -- the latter being the 'trigger' for the former. Technically, the conversion of the sin thought into DDNA, propitiates, since Christ Becomes bigger. So, Reconciliation occurs (now the sin thought is converted, and it has its converted value in Divine Truth). So, Redemption occurs (new value of the sin thought, having been converted by DDNA). All this, you see in the very graphic original-language, inspired text of Isa52:13ff (through 53:12, chapters and verse numbers not being in the real Bible). So you see a lot of references to that text throughout the OT and the NT (i.e., in Rom5-8, 12:1-3, 1Cor2,6,13, all of Ephesians). Seed converts thinking in His Seed, which He bore on the Cross. DDNA, baby!

    So here you are, in front of a computer. Things hit you, don't they? Glitches in Windows, dumb stuff ya gotta do, millions of gnats. Now you can get angry about it, or you can accept it. And the Same Holy Spirit Who Built Christ, can use all those gnats -- and the elephants, for that matter -- to Make DDNA In You. Father sees the same gnats, doesn't like them either -- so, shouldn't Father get Atonement, Propitiation, Reconciliation and Redemption of His Time in seeing that stuff forever? For unlike you, God is one Big Now, so there's no 'past' for Him. So DDNA conversion, gives purpose to the gnats (etc.) -- DDNA conversion purpose, Isa54:1! And it all can happen inside you, since YOU are the one being hit. Elegant solution, huh...

    Christ basically paid for the entire "opportunity cost" of creation, on the Cross; you know that's true, else Father would have been cheated. Technically, it would have been the PRESENT VALUE of the "opportunity cost", forever. Because Christ Himself is LIVING (big point in Romans 6), this Payment is IN Him, and HE is the basis for everything (Paul starts that theme in last half of Rom5). So: you are a 'dividend' of Him. A DDNA dividend. So: dividends produce, too. So the DDNA the Holy Spirit puts in you is like a present-value relative to that MOMENT you get hit with gnats or elephants. So to 'fire' or 'spend' Bible-in-your-head-under-the-Spirit at those gnats or elephants Pays Big Bucks, in the only currency God likes, Matt4:4, Isa53:11. And You Get Those Bucks Added Into Your Own Soul (ibid). This is true wealth. Keyphrase "every spiritual blessing" in Eph1 tells you that: since if you get Spiritual Blessing, you also get every material blessing to express all the spiritual blessings you've accrued. Forever. Yes, think of this as money, because it's really bigger than money, and it's all reserved for you (my pastor calls this your "portfolio of invisible assets" and your "escrow" account). I like to think of it as your "Divine Benefit Plan"; LvS4a.htm and LvS4b.htm cover that Plan (search on the term in each page).

For God doesn't want babies, morons, pets or automatons, He Wants Equals. It's sheer arrogance to think God should settle for anything less! We saw why, in "God's Soliloquy" (link at pagetop). Because, He wants Unlimited Rapport, which requires the other party in that rapport, Be Equal In Nature. That's why we get His Own Righteousness imputed to us due to the Cross, 2Cor5:21. All else is built around it, i.e., Eternal Life, Truth deposits, the powerhouse function of prayer, etc. Every Attribute of God is Undivided, so Love = Truth = Righteousness = Omniscience = Omnipotence, etc. So by getting Truth deposits, you are made More of His Attributes, DDNA! From all those DDNA deposits, is built a compatible-with-God Structure And Function, In Your Own Soul, Eph3:15-19! Such that, the full power of God can CYCLE in you, Eph3:19! Yet not kill you. Yet, become enjoyable TO you. Yet, eventually MERGE with what else you already are as a finite person, so you can see Him as He is, 1Jn3. You can't see what is not compatible with your own nature. So to say you will be able to see Him as He is, means you too will BE as He is. Hence Right Now, you are THAT work of HIS in progress, Eph2:10.

So God Sovereignly Wants To Clone His Own Attributes Into You, By Cloning His Son's Thinking Into You. He committed to do this in eternity past, For The Sake Of Christ. So He does this, to fulfill the "great ones" Contract Provision of Isa53:12. So it's not some sentimental whim, or nice dream you can later imagine arrogant, k? Your choice, how much of that Contract Fulfillment, to get.

    Capacities determine relationships, and everything is RELATIVE TO those capacities and relationships. The Capacities God Wants Are On Par With His Own. Not lesser-thans. So the first thing that happened to you at salvation was that you were Made As Righteous As God Himself, 2Cor5:21. It's not a figure of speech or nice words. Infinity is Infinitely Clonable, Begetting By Nature. God is Life. Not merely 'possesses' life, but IS Life itself. So His Thinking is Life, Righteousness, Justice, Omniscience, Love, Truth -- all undivided. So infinitely clonable. So God Won't And Needn't Settle For lesser-thans. Capacities must be FULL, not partial, to please Him, Heb11:1,6 (Greek, English is mistranslated).

    "I have said, You are gods: and all of you are the children of the Most High", Ps82:6, quoted in John 10:34 by the Lord Himself. The context of His Quote is most illuminating. He had just finished telling them that He and the Father, are "one". Meaning, EQUAL. They wanted to stone Him for saying that, so He sarcastically asked them for which of His Miracles (demonstrating His Equality, k?) are they stoning Him. They reply that it's due to Him speaking blasphemy (denying His just-demonstrated Equality). So He quotes from Ps82, the PLAN of God, which even Asaph the Priest knew (the Psalm is Asaph's). For, the Lord is talking to priests, so they should know what their own priest, wrote! For the Son is to Make Sons. Again, Isa53:11. So It's Not Only NOT Blasphemy, But The Very Plan Of God!

    So understand, since you are saved, you already have an extremely bigger nature than you were the second before salvation. Your human nature cannot sense how big you really are, because your Bigness is Spiritual. 1Cor2 explains how the non-spiritual can never apprehend the spiritual. So the only way you can comprehend your new nature and size, is via God's System. And even then, it takes some years of daily eating Bible under your right pastor, before there are ENOUGH SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS made by the Holy Spirit so you can 'see the picture', spiritually. Meanwhile, you really are this gigantic person of enormous potential: Eph4:13, "fullness.. of Christ". It's not a joke. Take it seriously. So: you have this enormous Potential Rank of King. You are already your own priest, and can pray anything to God in Christ's Name. So: rank has its privileges, and its responsibilities. God can kill with a thought. By His Design, so can you. Better learn how to think, huh. Since you lost your brains at salvation and instead get God's Power and Attributes: get Christ's Brains to go with that power and responsibility.. or you are one dangerous, loose cannon! Cannonfodder, absent Canon-Feeder, Eph3:16!

      Look: because God can bing! anything He likes at any moment with a thought! how it should be, you as a priest, can also. For as a priest, you can ask anything in His Name and it will be so. Christ kept harping on that while He was here. Everyone didn't believe Him. Like the priests contending with Him for calling Himself Equal to Father, we doubt, disbelieve that we are given equal status, as well. So: when you are peeing, you can ASK that be made to 'do' for Father, and it will. Shouldn't you ask? What's GOD getting for your peeing? Heck, all you even get is relief, wish-you-didn't-have-to-spend-time-on-it! God is making DDNA Out of Everything, Period. That's the contract. Father has to see it. So you can participate in that process, or not.. since you are a Royal Priest. God won't be shorted. You can short yourself, though. Because you are a Royal Priest, and what you don't learn or don't take advantage of, will only hurt YOU.

      Dunno about you, but I absolutely detest small stuff. Big stuff is fine: if I got cancer tomorrow, the only thing about it that would bother me was all those stupid hospital visits, filling out forms, etc. I could care less about the disease itself: it's the annoyance the disease produces, not the disease itself or the prospect of dying, that bothers me. It's the little stuff which makes me need 1Jn1:9 constantly. Little stuff is, why are you here wasting my time?! So I'm heartily glad to claim and name that DDNA is being made out of all that nonsense (especially governmental garbage, politics, petty junk people spread on others everywhere). I need to learn this lesson better, but boy oh boy -- what a relief, to know God is turning it all into DDNA! Hits, like sin! So hits me, so God has to see it all (everywhere, not just here), so doggone it, "Light, Be!" conversion like Gen1 -- DDNA, Be! out from all things!

      Again, capacities determine relationships, and everything is RELATIVE TO those capacities and relationships. But you SET what those capacities ARE, because you are a Royal Priest to God. Your Choice, His Power, Eph3:16.

      A whole lot of Christians are using their priesthoods to curse their home nations. Being priests, what they say, GOES. The world rejects God, and we are in the world, so what WE do, how WE grow, determines history. Part IV of the Thinking series (link at pagetop) proves that in excruciating, shocking detail. So if you don't have the Word in you, you can't BE competent at using your priesthood, so you are like a child with a machine gun, thinking it's a toy. Big mistake. LordvSatan3.htm (Part III of the Thinking series) explains more about what your priesthood means. It's pretty important to know who you really are, now that you've believed in Christ.

    Hence this design and power exist even on a non-spiritual level, since to GET the spiritual level first requires your soul be ALIVE. The spiritual level is far greater, but to begin to appreciate it, let's focus on the lowest level of this extreme power: "as a man thinks in his soul, so he is" (Prov23:7a, corrected translation). This oft-quoted verse is seldom recognized for what it is: you already ARE your own god. Every thought you have, MAKES you what you are. Not your parents, not some political party, not your environment, not your body abilities, but rather, Your Thinking. So now maybe you better understand what the Lord meant when He said that only THINKING defiles a man, Mk7:14. You do it to yourself, by Divine Design. You are already your own god, so that you can BECOME a "son of God in Christ Jesus". Angels are called the "sons of God" also, and their innate structure is higher than our own. But in Christ, we are higher than angels: Hebrews Chaps1-2, explain why. That's not just a status, but a reality. We don't see now how true it is (Heb2, 1Jn3), but it's True Now. So you can learn it Now, and learn to use it properly Now. Your very ability to pray to God is due to your being equal in Christ. Equal TO God. Else, Christ's own Priesthood wouldn't be good enough, get it?

    One of the many neglected doctrines in Christendom is what my pastor terms, "the Mediatorship of Christ". This doctrine is, like all doctrines my pastor teaches, upgraded every time he teaches it, which is often. Book of Hebrews is all about the EFFECT of Him becoming God-Man, and paying on the Cross. The type of Priesthood He inherited due to defeating Satan (Cross was also a conclusive Trial defeat of Satan&Co.), was BASED ON Him being Both God and Man. A mediator must be equal with BOTH parties in the mediation, or it won't hold. So as God, He's equal to God. As Man, He's equal to man. So is Qualified thus to be a King-Priest kata (of the order of) Melchizedek. Hebrews 5-10 explains what that means for us, since we are Royal Priests Under Him. Priesthood is in essence, mediation. Someone lower than you needs something from someone higher than you with whom you are well-connected, so your petition or involvement is sought. Well, for the higher one to listen to you, something CONNECTING the two of you must warrant that hearing. Such as, a wife to her husband. Such as, Church to Christ. Such as, Church to Father of the Husband to Whom Church is married, Eph5. So, see? We Are Designed to be equals, for nothing less, is good enough for God! So if we don't learn to think as befits our "high station" (tes anw klesews, phrase in Phili3:14), then our actions can't be recognized. For Rank has its Role, and if it doesn't play that role, it can't be Recognized. "Protocol Plan of God..due order and precedence, coupled with precisely correct procedure." (Quote from my pastor.)

    So now you know why you are getting God's Attributes at such a high level, higher than all other believer groups. [Even the OT and Trib+Millenial people got God's Righteousness at salvation, but they don't get the level of Truth deposits we can have, so they are lower. It's a permanent difference. We have different human spirits -- made like Christ's Own -- so we need more Truth to function, as well. Odd thing about being bigger than another person, is that you need more of everything, just to be 'even'. If people knew that about wealth, they'd never be jealous of what others have.] So, you are literally being lifted up. You are in Hypostatic Union with the Hupostasis (term for Christ's Dual nature, in Heb1:3 or 4, and 11:1). Hence where Christ went DOWN to become Human, you are growing UP to God's Level, by agency of God (Holy Spirit) Himself, Eph3:16 again. Now you know why.

    So clearly, God isn't into demeaning. God is into lifting up: if you look at the italicised words in Isa53trans.htm, you'll see Isaiah constantly employs a lifting up theme from Isa52:13-54:1. So God lifted Christ up on the Cross, so we could be lifted higher than even the angels. That was done to give them something HIGHER to enjoy, than they already had. When you look UP in life, you enjoy it more. Love is a type of Looking UP. Hatred, the archetype of looking DOWN. So if in your thinking you are looking UP, you enjoy your life more. If in your thinking you are looking DOWN (i.e., as most of the world looks), then you will enjoy your life progressively less, until at the end you are just a vibrating lump of reaction, upset by every little thing. By contrast, looking UP makes you become a Calm and Happy person, even when suffering. At that point, everything you see is ipse the reason to love it. Nothing can argue or stand against such Love: end Romans 8, Eph6.

    And you know this already, for tell me: it is more enjoyable to fix up your house as a chore no one else enjoys; or, to fix it up for a party? It's innately more enjoyable to do something for someone else, than for self.. IF you love that Someone Else. Doesn't mean the activity will feel good. True love isn't a feeling, anyway, but a FOCUS. Different "f", and if you don't get the Word you'll flunk by thinking love a feeling.

    And nothing is worse, than to be cut off from Someone you love. Well, here's the problem: people who don't believe in Him, cut themselves OFF. People who DO believe in Him for salvation, usually still cut off learning more about Him. So they are stuck with themselves, living down here, trying to make it make them happy. It never works, sheesh. So who will MEDIATE for them? Who will GET this Thinking Built so they can have more than themselves, to live for? Father must be paid DDNA dividends, right? Father got paid by Christ, but hey -- we're still here. And all those people who cut off from Him -- where's the dividend production? God must stand off from them, for they reject Him. So no DDNA is going in them. So what do we do with ourselves? Live for ourselves? Heck no! Paul says in 2Cor5. And by living for HIM, we are happier. By living for HIM, that propitiates for the temporary time granted so that others who are stuck living for themselves, can get OUT of that rut, by 'finding' Him. See? You're learning and living is a Priestly role, a Kingly Role. First, for Father. And second, for them.

    For God would have you live to fix up the 'house' of your soul, preparing for the never-ending party that He intends your kingdom, to forever celebrate -- FOR His Son. That's what the Lord is talking about, in John 14:2. It's a Royal House of THINKING (analogous to 'bloodline', since thought=blood, in Bible), in which there will be RANKS. A place for everyone. Under you as one of the Priest-Kings. All of these Priest-Kings, under THE King of Kings, the High Priest-King, the Christ (main theme, Book of Hebrews). So that everyone, however much they rejected Christ down here but yet once had believed in Him, can 'find' a way to look UP and be happy. Forever.

    Again, this is the Isa53:11 Contract, For You To Be Made High For God, For Christ. So it's sheer arrogance to roll the eyes and declaim how one doesn't want to be 'high'. God Wants Only High, Since He Is High. No one likes incompatibility. To be compatible with God, Requires You Be Made High. And so you cheat Him (really, yourself, He'll just reroute the value to someone else, Matt25:28), by pious eyerolls and that yucky fake humility people preeningly display. It's a bizillion times more productive and harder to be rich; so those who claim some virtue in being poor, are just making excuses and calling it 'holy'. How gross. One can get away with that fake humility around stupid people, but not around God...

So to fulfill 'His End' of the Isa53:11 Contract, God Follows That Same Five-Infinitive Procedure in the believer: Purify, Plunder, Point-Out, Plassw (Sculpt), Perfect (Make Righteous). In Greek, the infinitives (in vocabulary form) are worth memorizing:
              • katharizw (kath-ar-IDZ-oh), to purify;
              • aphairew (af-ay-REH-oh), to carry off (as plunder);
              • deiknumi (dike-NOOM-ee), to point out, exhibit;
              • plassw (PLAH-ssoh), to sculpt;
              • dikaiow (dick-eye-OH-oh), to make Righteous/Justify.

For, He uses your existing body of thought 'DNA', to renovate/create the Spiritual Body, DDNA; your God-given, innate, power of thinking over your own body, born the moment when you first drew breath, is what He uses to make that Rom12:1-3 transmutation.
[See Rom121-3.htm for corrected translation. Greek word sumorphologew is here rendered "transmutation".] You think. You have ideas. You have beliefs. What you believe, drives your life. Your thinking is like DNA to your body, the instructions to it, on how it ought to 'remember' or 'regard' events or information it receives. Body cannot discern anything. It must be programmed. Soul tells the body what truth is, and body won't know if it's getting bad instructions. The body is designed to 'obey' the instructions it gets, which is what DNA, is. So your soul does to your body, what DNA does to your cells: tells them what to BE. Hence bad thinking makes you truly sick, even more than any virus. For your soul, is a bizillion times more powerful, than all the DNA in your body.

    Question is, what's bad thinking? What's good thinking? What's a lie, what's a truth, and how can anyone know enough, to really get it right? Answer: you can't. Only God can. That's why there was a Cross. That's why only Isa53:11 works to Pay, Save, And Change Us So We Can Become Of The Same Nature And Compatible Capacity, as Very God. Which DDNA change immediately results that first nanosecond you are saved, Titus 3:5. And the rest, is about how to grow up IN that new DDNA nature, Rom8:4. He thus uses the 'leftover' nature, to do this growing-up. Leftover body, leftover 'soul' DNA. Spiritual engineering, and it's only run by God.

    Practically every religion ever on the planet claims that if you follow its prescriptions, you will 'evolve' to become a god. But notice how they all focus on body stuff to 'get' you there. Some kind of 'magic' is assigned to all those rituals, food practices, chantings, etc. Like evolution, then, all these stupidities tell you that via your nature now, you can become higher than your nature now. But look: you are necessarily restricted to the capacity of what you ARE. So how are you gonna really get bigger in nature, on your own? You can't. You must be 'parented' by that Higher Nature, directly. Ok: so of what nature, are all the rituals, works, incantations on the planet? The same biological nonsense. So they cannot change you -- eating that stupid fruit didn't make man know something in the Garden, either. So all that stuff can do, is drain you of your money and energy, and make you crazy.. but not, make you into a god. A God Nature alone can do that changing.

      A variant of this crazy stupid claim you of yourself can make yourself a god, is the claim that God is in you -- cute satanic twist on the Real Indwelling Bible explains. But let's just go with the flow, here: okay, a piece of 'god' is in you, like all animism and Hinduism and gnosticism and New-Age tenets say. But IT is in you. You are still you, smaller in nature. So how can someone smaller in nature properly use, what is bigger than the self? Do you see better WHY Christ didn't tap His Own Deity? His Humanity wasn't competent -- and He was Perfect, even MADE the Truth itself -- He nonetheless being FINITE, was INCOMPETENT to tap His Own Nature to 'do' for God, let alone, 'make' Himself something He wasn't, prior. Note that well: He Was Able, but needed first to be Infinite in His Humanity, to perfectly use what He was as Deity. To Not Perfectly Use So Much Power would have been a disaster. The more power, the more careful you must be in using it. So much for all the claptrap about you doing anything with the 'divinity' residing in you. Sheesh.

      Now you can see why the Holy Spirit has to 'parent' you. Truth is, you've no clue what Divinity really is, since it's Spiritual, thus undetectable to your human nature. So whatever you hallucinate 'using', will be at best a joke, and at worst a disaster (think of playing with a loaded pistol, the mistakes you can make). Now you can see why it's your thinking which gets transmuted, and your body is pretty much bypassed. And you can't do any of this yourself, since your new nature is undetectable, and your old nature is incompatible. So all that power, only God can run. And you consent. That's it.

    Because we humans are soooo body-oriented, we fail to recognize that thought, not body, is all-powerful, even post-Adam; and Thought Originates In A Higher Parent: GOD. So, God put HIS Immateriality in each of us at the very moment of birth, by creating our immaterial souls, per Gen2:7. So, it could be thought which created sin, Gen3; so, it is still thought which perpetuates sin. Body is affected by the thought, gets wired by the thought, so sends feedback based on that wiring, which is all too often mistaken for valid thought. So the body runs the soul, because the soul gives in to the body. Just like Adam gave into his wife, Gen3:17. So now insanely body-infected, the soul can hallucinate like Satan does: that it OF itself can make itself a higher nature, Isa14:13-14! Sheesh. So the irony is, this huge power of thought, can make your body bigger/more powerful, different from what it was. But that body makes your soul hallucinate such changes as making you godlike! LOL!

    Psychologists have done many studies on how suddenly a weak person can lift a car or something heavy, when trying to save someone else's life. How mental illness really changes a person's biology, such that you really don't know if the anomalies in the CAT scan, show causes of the mental problem(s), or results of the problem. Since diagnosis determines treatment, and since the treatment is antithetical if cause versus result, you can easily recommend the wrong treatment.

    Complicating diagnosis is the fact that what you think can make your biology run very well: and yet the thinking is even more sick. So the problem can be easily misidentified, or.. not even seen. The real illness maybe takes awhile to show, then -- because it has this asymptomatic or nice symptomatic phase (i.e., bi-polar disorder). So it's not true that bad thinking will simply make you look like the Wicked Witch of the West. Maybe, you'll be that Witch, but look like Good Queen Bess. So looks and feelings are deceiving. The real illness, is nonetheless infecting you, just like cancer does -- only in the end-stage, do you see the illness for what it is. Satan's cancer of thinking doesn't make him look bad. So bad thinking, is (frankly) usually attractive, not unattractive. Strong, not weak. So you think you don't need it fixed. That's what the sin-in-Adam results, basically are. And since all of us are infected with this crazy wiring, we think ourselves 'normal', even 'good'.

    But it's the need to be good, which is the hallmark symptom of spiritual death. Because, you don't need something you already have. So you don't need to be something, you already are. So the incessant drive to BE good, to GET good, to GET MORE are all proof positive that We Are Spiritually Dead To God; even as believers, who are in fact spiritually alive ("born again" in John 3), this spiritual death's residual effect remains in our very DNA. So the needs keep on going, like the Energizer Bunny.

    Psychology has identified (usually 8) "defense mechanisms", which are used by volition to pretend a lie is the truth; the truth perceived is too uncomfortable to face, so it is 'cooked' by the "defense mechanisms", into a palatable 'truth' the conscious mind can volitionally accept. To do this, the 'actual' information is deep-sixed into the subconsious mind. So the problem with defense mechanisms, is that they don't solve the problem, they only bury the problem. So, it's garbage, in your subconscious. So the truth rejected (and sometimes you're rejecting a lie but thinking it true), keeps bleeping the conscious mind. Have enough of these rejections dumped into your subconscious, and your conscious mind will have tons of problems: lack of sleep, poor appetite, obsessiveness, etc.

    And all of them, manifest as NEEDS. Because, You Were Originally Designed To Function On Truth; due to Adam's sin plus your own, you've rejected (what you consider) truth; so the need to face truth, goes unmet. It's a type of starvation, so has all the symptoms of starvation: obsessiveness, imaginations, prickliness, etc. So it is, with spiritual death: the first truth is, the uppermost truth is, We Need God; but Adam believed the lie that God was bad (and he rationalized that he'd share his wife's fate, to demonstrate love for her); so that lie believed, resides in us. Hence we fancy ourselves good, to hide the lie believed. So, the need for God, remains; which manifests in the Need To Be Good, To Cover It Up. But think: if it were true that we were good, we'd not need to tell ourselves how good we are; for, we'd not need to be good anymore. That's why it's so easy to disbelieve God. See how sick our minds truly are?

    By far, the most common objection to the Gospel is variantly phrased, But I'm a good person. That's the defense mechanism called "denial", speaking. Good must cover up God, so like Adam, one can fantasize not needing God. So one can fantasize one's own good, is enough. So every time you hear an objection like that, you're hearing Adam speak at the very moment of his fall, through the mouth of the person you hear. Gen3 plays live, every day. LordvSatan2.htm's "In the beginning of Man" link/section explains the psychology of the Fall in much more detail.

    So here's your soul: at any moment, some of the information you consider true is not true, or not true in quite the way you think it is. So think of your soul as a kind of puzzle, where some of the pieces are either missing, or misjoined to other pieces. More particularly, think of DNA, which is a whole Twisted Ladder Of Joined Puzzle Pieces, 98% of which is just fluff, but 2% of which is an Entire Instruction Manual For All Your Biological Life (98% maybe-junk DNA, 2% actual genetic instruction, per Encarta's "Genetics" article Sec.IIIC1). If ONE instruction inside that 2% was even a little mismatched or misused, you would get very sick, die, or mutate. Same is true for your soul. Which is why we need salvation, because "real spiritual death" means we have NO connection with God, hence ALL our soul connections, are jammed together. Like fused and broken wiring.

      That's why Adam went wacko and made figleaves, in Gen3. Having been created ruler of the world and a genius taxonomist to boot, he suddenly couldn't think, the first second after he sinned. I mean, come on: figleaves? Over his genitals (Hebrew text)? And he even sews them? Do you know how stupid and frustrating it is to try and sew leaves together? Oh yeah, he utterly lost his brains...

    When DNA isn't working properly, only small sections of it are malfunctioning. But since ALL of a cell depends on ALL the DNA, even the small part not operating, wrecks the replication process. That's how viruses invade: they change small sections of DNA in a healthy cell, and use the rest 'as is'. So the result is a cold, AIDS, cancer. 99.99% of the DNA in the healthy cell, was used. .01%, was changed to match the virus. That's genetic engineering. In spiritual engineering, you have the same problem, but it's the soul's thinking, values, ideas, and connections, which are misjoined, etc. So ALL the 'cells' in soul's thinking are messed up. But only small bits of understanding, need to be changed, for the thinking to become healthy, more-aligned with God's Own. For example, if you think it's holy to chant prayers, the error is, "chant". God isn't the God of mindlessness or magic. So you hopefully learn it's only the "chant" part which is wrong, rather than think you should stop praying altogether. But to learn even that, takes some time learning other Bible stuff, so you can see why it's wrong. The right answer is refreshing, not upsetting (God isn't the God of punishment, either -- even His Discipline is designed to bless, Heb12:5ff). So most of what you thought on that topic, was right (yes, pray, it's right) but some of what you thought needed Divine Re-engineering (no, not chant).

    You have to choose to learn Bible, to get this DDNA process to occur, and whatever you choose to believe that really IS the Truth, God uses. Else, you're programming yet more or different lies into your own soul, if you believe them. That's okay: God can fix that, too. For we all learn imperfectly. But only the TRUTH portions of what we learn and believe, God uses for spiritual re-engineering. And as John repeats incessantly, He won't re-engineer anything, no matter how much you want Him to do so, if you are "off/out-of-bounds from the playing field" (proagw, verb in 2Jn9) -- outside of God's System. For we are finite, so need a system which only GOD runs, to be developed by God. It's spiritual DDNA surgery, Heb4:12, to be schooled in the Word. Which obviously means PRECISION.

    So Bible is DDNA, God's Thinking, which then joins to your own soul 'DNA', so to speak, and works on it the way RNA works on DNA. So, you CONSENT to God doing that, by being born again, and then after that, using 1Jn1:9 and learning Bible in God's System. God won't fix what's wrong in your soul absent your consent, ever. Doesn't mean you know what He's fixing. Technically, whatever Bible you learn and believe, is a consent to that truth. It will bond, then, with what you know already, and eventually what you know already will CONFLICT with the Bible in some way. At which point, you make a decision pro- or con- the Bible information you believe. At which point, a DDNA replication (or malignant DNA replication, if you're not in God's System), occurs. Repeating, thousands of times a day in your head, with each thought you think. Over the years, your thinking thus "transforms" (transmutes, sumorphologew, Greek word in Rom12:2) into a reflection of God's Own, if you are in His System. That's why we get a Bible: to transform our thinking to become like His (ibid, see Rom121-3.htm for a corrected translation).

    Like, as in LIKENESS, REFLECTION, CHILD. Not 'like' as in 'approximation', 'semblance'. God won't settle for less than His Son, and doesn't HAVE to. He could bing us all right now and get that. But He prefers, consent. His Sovereign Choice. So our choice. It's not a joke, but no one takes Him seriously, in Gal3:26 and John 10:34.

    Belief in Christ makes you spiritually alive (John 3:16, Titus 3:5, etc). That means all your soul wiring can be fixed, so that you can be a whole person as God intended. More importantly, it means God can make you THINK the way He does. And the process for such "epistemological rehabilitation", as my pastor likes to call it, is to learn Bible in God's System. Line by line. Each line, a little bit is learned. Each precept, a little more. All these discrete learnings get KNITTED TOGETHER in you by the Holy Spirit. As these learnings grow (same process as how DNA replicates), they begin to impinge on all the soul garbage you still have. So then you feel a battle going on. You decide for the doctrinal answer as you then know it, or you reject it, in favor of some substitute. If the substitute, you've sinned; so, you breathe 1Jn1:9, which puts you back in the Divine Replicating Mode again. [Nerd Note: Satan&Co. really don't want anyone learning Bible in God's System, so don't ASSume that soul garbage in you is the sole cause of the conflict you feel; they might be urging guilt or wallowing in your past, so you will forget to just name 'whatever', and move on. Just treat the conflict impersonally. Doesn't matter if you are the source of the garbage or whether it's being thrown at you. Just learn to notice it, breathe 1Jn1:9 whenever you're in doubt, and keep choosing Bible as you know it so far. You don't need to wallow in self-diagnosis: that's a sure road to mental illness. Your body cannot hold Bible doctrine, it's a dead battery. So it constantly bleeps you with temptation. That's a given, a normal thing. Good news is, you get the opportunity to practice as the Lord did, in Matt4:4. THAT is victory. Just keep practicing firing Bible at the temptation. It's spiritual racquetball/NASCAR/name-your-favorite sport. Which you'll come to enjoy, as you become proficient in practice. Takes time, as anything worthwhile, always does.]

    This DDNA process happens 24/7, ideally. You learn stuff in class, then think it over and try to use it throughout the rest of your day, using 1Jn1:9 as needed. For all life is Bible class. After some years, your thinking has gradually changed to be more like His. After some more years, your thinking has become a lot more like His. Bible likens this process to pregnancy, birth, childhood, and adulthood in myriads of ways. In 1Jn, then, John calls "children", those whose DDNA is relatively 'young' (basic, and little in quantity); "young men", those whose DDNA are starting to knit together as a lifestyle, having "overcome" the thinking-lifestyle of this world; "fathers", those who know Christ. For when DDNA is fully built in you, you 'see' Him via Bible you live on, 24/7. My pastor's term for this is "Occupation with Christ". You see Him you live on His Thinking, and you are aware of Him 24/7. Nothing else matters. Yes, you still sin. But your view is altogether different, from when you were back in spiritual childhood.

Now let's examine a 'case study' in how DDNA changes your thinking, so you can see how God manufactures DDNA out of 'soul' DNA: how He changes the 'body' of your Thinking to become more compatible with the 'Body' of His Son's. Say you believed that it was holy to light candles in church, for your deceased relatives. Say also that you were very interested in Bible, and you were lucky enough to have a priest who told you about 1Jn1:9, so you didn't really have to go to confession each Sunday, since you can tell God Himself that you sinned. So pretend you do that, and you start reading your Bible in the Douhay-Rheims version (the official version of the Catholic Church).

    When reading one day, you come across the verse that says, it's not what you do that defiles, but what you think (refrain of Christ's in the Gospels, i.e., Matt15:16-20, Mark 7:15ff). So you think, Oh, then my lighting candles doesn't do anything for God! Bingo. So, you stop doing that. Lightning doesn't strike you, either. So the time you had spent lighting candles for dead relatives who don't need them any more than God does, you living, read more and more in Living Bible. So then you find out, hey, God is a spiritual being, (John 4:23-24) so I need to learn Truth! That must be The BIBLE, since God wrote it! And, then what I think, if it could defile, well.. then I can think Truth, Bible, and that Pleases Him, too. Since if only thinking can defile, then only thinking can be the issue, then if I think as Pleases God, that's really something FOR God. So when your stumble on Philippians 2:5, a command to THINK, well.. you smile. Aha. DDNA building, and rapidly! So then you realize, hey, I need a teacher of Bible! Bing, more DDNA knitted together into a conclusion of Truth! Then, you realize, oh, all this ritual and ceremony isn't what God wants, but for me to learn Bible! More Knitting! So you leave the Catholic Church -- or, find a priest who only teaches Bible, as some do -- and you start learning in God's System. [One of the fascinating historical studies you can do, is learn how the monks functioned. A goodly number of them were of course under the Church officially, yet they ran around Just Teaching Bible. So on the surface, no one 'bucked the system', but underneath, they just rejected the whole thing and learned God. The success of this teaching became so widespread, you had outbreaks of open rebellion, (viz. the Cathari) -- and eventually, the Reformation (which was started by Catholics, lol). But mostly, people just ignored the Church, and in a quiet manner, learned Bible. And still do. Then, as now, a good bit of the rebellers' ideas about Bible, are goofy (i.e., some of the Cathari tenets) -- but the fact that it's Only About Bible, is correct.]

    Notice a few things about this DDNA process:

    • there's no condemnation, only happy discovery. Even from translations. [The problem of translations is they mask or reverse/distort what God does say, so you miss even more happy discovery.]
    • Any suffering isn't coming from God, but from our own innate self-punishing desires (1Jn4:18), from the world's goofy anti-DDNA ideas, or from Satan&Co. Next,
    • notice how refreshing it is to learn something which finally makes sense.
        It didn't ever make sense to light candles. You only did that, because you were taught you were a bad boy/girl if you didn't obey it. So you did it, and you deep-sixed your desire to question (which was also deemed disobedience). So this senseless thing rankled. But, you were obedient. So you finally killed your curiosity. But up comes this priest who, looking to simplify his confessional day (pretend), told you about 1Jn1:9 (which they all know), so you are REFRESHED that you don't have to wait in line (and pretend that suffering counts with God) until you get your chance to robotically recite your sins for the week (most of which you probably make up anyway, so you don't sit there in silence).
    • So now, you are talking to GOD! You don't know that's God's System, but
    • since you are talking with God, you get INTERESTED IN GOD,
    • so you start reading the Book you were taught He Wrote. And you like this Book. It's REFRESHING.
    In short, you now ENJOY what was once a pain to suffer to avoid damnation. Quite a DDNA changeover, eh?

    Notice also how it is all an internal change, so it's NOT necessary to go crusading or 'correcting' others. Only God makes the change. So if a person is not changing, then they are refusing God. Well, if they are refusing God, they will refuse 'you'. So not only is it not necessary to go crusading or 'correcting' others, It's A Waste Of Your Time. No wonder the Lord counselled that we remove the logs in our own eyes, and leave off 'helping' our brethren to remove their 'motes' (Matt7, Luke 6)...

    Now let's look at it from God's Point of View. Candles are like idols, getting all this robotic attention due to a falsehood which is patently stupid: what kind of God would I be, if I wanted people to light candles? Does no one realize that function insults "God"? So how refreshing it would be to You (pretending you're God), when this one person, finally wakes up! One less lifetime of stupid thinking about candles, to wait on. For, God will not coerce volition. And ho! This person is actually INTERESTED in You, unlike the billions who pretend interest to get something, engaging in all manner of insulting practices and rote prayers, learning Bible as if it were multiplication tables, etc. ad nauseam. But this one person just plain.. wants to know You. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles. So you lovingly respond, boy oh boy, with as much DDNA as that soul can then handle. Which in the beginning, is not much. But DDNA grows, and so does the amount transmitted, each time the person learns more Bible in God's System.

    For God will never violate His Own Standard and force Himself on anyone. So how pleased is God, dya think? Rah-ther, Luke 15, all of 1Jn, widow-with-two-coppers story in Mark, and on and on and on. We like, like-mindedness. It's the basis for all rapport. We like, interested people. They don't have to be interested in us, but if they are interested, it's interestING to hear them. Well, God made all of us: from which source does your soul come? And if from God, you are like Him, structurally. So then what you like, He likes more (excepting sin, of course). So if you don't like boring, why treat God in a boring way? If you don't like stupid, why use stupid religion to have a relationship? For surely, God being the smartest of anyone, doesn't like boring and stupid.

    So it must be INTERESTING to LEARN God. Who would by definition, be the Most Enjoyable Person to Know. And you've got this Great Book To Learn, which is all about Him! So, you can become like Him in your chosen thinking, too. One line of Bible Doctrine, at a time. One DDNA strand, at a time. 24/7, replicating like rabbits, if you want!

    Back when I was in college, I first knowingly believed in Christ. (My mother had evangelized me when I was very young, but I didn't know that.) It was a pretty traumatic experience. But within a few months of running after all the wrong ideas of spirituality (from those dippy headless Bible classes to speaking in tongues), I realized during Italian class that I just needed to learn Bible. So I turned over my Italian book (you can tell I was bored in class), and wrote on the page edges, "Te Desidero Imparare", meaning I want to learn You. DDNA began for me then. It was a precious moment He still remembers, and always will.

    Surely you have a parallel story. Think about it now, so You Can See How DDNA Has Been Working In Your Life, Even Until Now. That trip down memory lane will do more to explain the hands-on effect of DDNA, than a million more words from me.

This is personal and intimate, not dry Blecch! stuff you cram down, so you can 'do great things for God.' Oh no. God Is Doing Great And Refreshing Things To Your Soul! The learning Christ is Living Christ, Phil1:21! Togetherness, flat: WORD in your head, 24/7, in God's System. So not at all dry and boring, but really, finally, learning the Real God. Closer to you than your next thought. And it's more beautifully intimate, than any romance could even dream. Not emotional, either, but.. eventually, Absolute. Nothing beats DDNA, for DDNA results in Love. And Love is an Absolute Attitude, not an emotion, 1Jn4:19. As my pastor likes to put it, "The Love of God is true wealth." Yep, the "riches" verses in the NT are all linked to Word-in-you, Word-in-head, Word=Love. Inseparably.

So notice: gradually, easily, refreshingly, your 'body' of thinking changes into His Body of Thinking as you grow in God's System. You Learn to Love God that way. Because you Come To Know God that way, Eph3:15-21 via Eph4:11-16. Can't love someone you don't know, says 1Jn repeatedly. So learn Him, and you learn to love Him, because what you learn about Him, IS Love=Truth=Righteousness=Omniscience=Justice=Bible. In your own head, LIVING. You are never alone!

Getting this Word, this DDNA in you, also happens to be the Only Holy Thing You Can Do. The Body of a King, is Church. So requires the Riches of a King, His Thinking. Again: Capacities determine relationships, and everything is RELATIVE TO those capacities and relationships. So Royal Capacity for Royal Bride Relationship is required, and everything is relative to that. So to the Royal, go much wealth and much responsibility: "to whom much is given, much is expected." Not peasant thinking, but Royal thinking.

    What passes for holiness in this world is universally, peasantly insulting to God, when you examine the definitions and behaviors. Look how vile: I go to church every Sunday (preen preen). How ugly a statement. I give a tenth of all I have to the poor. How much more ugly, that statement. I rang bells/chanted a prayer /went to Mass /fed the homeless. Whoopee. God didn't need any of that. And He sure doesn't need, such disgusting thinking! For all that thinking says, Look at ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. Who wants to look at such a person? Surely, not God. For such thinking demands from God, some kind of 'reward'. Yeah, they surely will get their reward, the Lord often warned in the Gospels. Reward, for treating God like a laundry chore (church on Sunday). Reward, for giving money to be SEEN by people (see Matt7). Reward, for mindless activity, which even the people doing it, don't like (watch their faces)! As if giving up something for a God who is oh-so-needy. Yeah, what love is that? Disgusting!

    Children think like this. Children see pretty clothes and think that's being important, happy, 'good'. Tabloids count on childish thinking. Religions do, too. But those "rich and famous" don't think at ALL the same way. They have other stuff on their minds. The Royal learning Him is thinking about HIM, not about how good the self is. Kings don't think about themselves, but about their jobs. The wealth is there to free them to think about their jobs. But those viewing the kings, think the kings have the same childish mindset; so they imagine the kings are busy frittering away the money just as a child would do. Not at all: wealth which isn't invested, doesn't stay wealth for long. For the Body of a King really does require the Riches of a King.. due to Love. Love for the kingdom. The children of which, the King lives to serve. Lack of wealth is a burden. Having wealth, is a bigger burden, since the children are children in their understanding: the King would have them grow UP and grow HAPPY. Hence the deft expression, "heavy is the head who wears a crown."

The Riches of a King, are the LOVE of a King.
They are ONLY acquired by Royally learning Bible in God's System,
and ONLY under the King-Mentor, the Holy Spirit. For God IS Love.

This is a very long section. Here are its main subsections, in order; they function as an outline. Click on one of the items, to go back and forth between the subsections: for the content interweaves, and is sometimes confusing.

  1. The more DDNA in you, the bigger your soul; the more capacity; so you become King-sized, fit for THE King in Eternity.
  2. Hence LOVE Capacities determine RICHES Relationships.
  3. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Treasure of knowing Him.
  4. For God's HEAD is Treasure. Love Heads His Heart, By Divine Decree. Ergo LOVE is the First Commandment.
  5. So 1 John uses 1 Cor's metaphor of Word in Head as Love, since Canon=Love being completed, via John.
  6. So everything "from the beginning" (in the Garden) is Now come Full Circle.
  7. So Now the Last Adam, gets the Last Eve -- first, as His kids, being Sired by 'Mom', the Holy Spirit!
  8. For MARITAL Love Capacities determine MARITAL Relationships.
  9. For God is always about Marriage, and the Angelic Divorce Trial is about Marriage, so the Garden and hence Church's Marriage to Christ, was and is.. On Trial.
  10. So 1 John explains that to develop Divine Marital Love, requires Marital-Level Intimate Knowledge of God, which takes Divine Power to produce.
  11. So it's not about human love, but Word in You, which IS Divine Love. THAT is what's On Trial.
  12. So Learning Word is the first "flank" of Divine Love. Second "flank" is Believing What You Learn. Believing-in, is the 'heart' of Love.
  13. So Love as a Metaphor of Word means the Spirit has Built ENOUGH Dendritic Word in you, such that you maturely love, even as Christ does.
  14. Hence 1 John's theme: Completion of Canon AS Love, wraps up history, via First Commandment Living in You.

1. The more DDNA in you, the bigger your soul; the more capacity; so you become King-sized, fit for THE King in Eternity.

The more DDNA in you, the bigger your soul. The bigger your soul, the more capacity it has for everything. So you become King-sized, fit for THE King in eternity: so, fit to INHERIT a kingdom for eternity. Funny thing about being wealthy, or being a king: the more you own, the more what you own, owns you. You are not your own. And you are not your own, because by the time your soul is King-Sized, it's the KING you live for. Not for yourself. In a word, you have come to LOVE Him.

    Love is most abused in and by the human race. What passes for love is a calculated user game, Pro23:7 (in context). So most of us know we have been the victims of such clever users, by the time we are in our 30's. And then, horror of horrors, we discover (hopefully) that we too have been such users! Most of us don't grow past that educational experience, to learn how God's Love is nothing human. Humans thus project their user mentalities on God, so bandy about "God loves you" the same way, and for the same calculated reasons, they bandy their own love -- to get something. Love has nothing to do with it. Love is just something you use to get something you really want. Slam, bam, thank-you-m'am. Welcome to reality.

    That's why people don't give a flip about content: be it the content of a person, the content of a book, the content of a job. They only care about their own opinions and comforts, so that person or book or job had better serve them.. or they are disinterested. That's why conversations are so typically banal and narrow; absorption of content is not desired. You can prove this pervasive fact quickly: interest in the Bible is slipshod, sloppy, narrow, lukewarm, and vile. Every century. The mistranslations of Bible show this up starkly. So if people have such a calloused attitude toward GOD, being so DISinterested in the content of Him, well.. they will be just as vilely disinterested in everything else. And not mean to be; and not know they are so vile. Welcome to the reality of Genesis 3.

    For "original sin" was rejection of God in the name of love. Adam rejected God in the name of his wife, evidenced by the fact he took the fruit from her. So altruism is a rejection of God in God's Name, nicely hiding the true origin of sin. It's in the DNA, and that rejection reflex thus gets in the soul the first second a baby sins. From there, the mutated instruction set of rejection multiplies, dividing the human race. All in the name of altruism, mind you. For truest evil, is near-white in color, not black.

    So Genesis 3 rejection of God, is the reason why everyone is so unhappy and unloving. Look: first thing Adam did when queried by the Lord after he'd sinned, was to accuse God and then his wife. Of course, the first thing she had done was to accuse the serpent (which God had made, and the serpent wasn't even to blame, it was just an animal). So she was lying -- she knew Satan used the serpent as a screen, he wasn't coy about it. So Adam was lying, too. So much for any love for God or love between them. This is our inheritance in Adam, and it shows. Thanks be to God, we have a new inheritance in Christ to replace all that tainted, no-love DNA in our souls, theme of Romans 5!

2. Hence LOVE Capacities determine RICHES Relationships.

Hence LOVE Capacities determine RICHES relationships, and everything is RELATIVE TO those capacities and relationships. Love is a focus ON the love object. But the Integrity of Love depends on the other attributes of the subject. Since God by nature is Infinite, He is therefore Undivided in His Attributes: you can't 'separate' His Attributes. So His Love is characterized by ALL His other Attributes, which is why you can't change God's Love by who you are or what you do. By contrast, everything about finity depends on division, even DNA itself. Finity must be modular, cellular, to continue living. So man's attributes are necessarily divided, in order for man to keep on living. That's the heart of the problem in the infinity-finity dichotomy between God and man. So to get DDNA in you is a True Transmutation in Truth, which means in Love. For Love isn't really love, if it's divided, apart from virtue.

    Division is necessary for finity to exist, so that freedom will exist despite conflict. Conflict occurs because finity GROWS in its attributes, whereas God is Infinite at all 'times'. Finity has a beginning, so has volition reacting or responding to its own attributes, to the attributes of others, of things, and most of all.. of God. Volition must always chose for and against, so needs division as protection to make that choice, to keep volitional independence, and hence stay free. Sin shatters that independence because a rejection of God is a derivative of negative volition against an Object far greater than the volition being negative. However, because God made finity of divided nature to start with, the volition can remain intact, and much of soul-body function can be stable. It progressively disintegrates over time, if negativity persists; but it takes a long time for this disintegration to occur: see Gen2:17's warning in Hebrew.

    Thus man can change his mind and go positive to God. The body disintegration is incurable, but it is treatable, such that many positive decisions slow the body's deterioration (well, unless certain genetic mutations or injuries are too severe). You make yourself sick by what you think, as we saw in the previous section. But you also become more soul-healthy by what you think, and the body is often positively impacted as a result. The most important health, is health with GOD. There's really no other reason to want to live, else. We all die. So to live for this dirtball's preoccupations down here, is to cheat yourself. You can live for GOD, instead.

    So the trick is, to get God's Truth in you, which produces God's Love in you. That Love thus TRANSCENDS your finite, divisive capacities, to MERGE, FUSE into a compatible capacity -- compatible with Him. Of course, for this transmutation to occur, you have to keep on choosing to know God, choosing to live in His System, wanting the Truth. It has to become more precious to you, than everything else. With God, it's all or nothing, by nature. So that change in the nature of valuing -- to Him, and away from all the divisive things which occupy our minds -- must occur. And when it does, line by line, you grow in a King's LOVE.

    This growth will drive your soul crazy. Love is not native to man since Genesis 3. Instead, rejection is native to man. So when he nonetheless starts to love -- remnant of pre-Fall capacity, since sin is everywhere incompetent -- his sin nature must rebel the more, subtheme in Romans 7. Even between humans, any incipient love disorients the one who has it. So how much more, when Divine Love is growing in you? As Paul explains, the old 'husband', is rejection. The new 'husband', is the One Who Accepted Sin on the Cross. Sin can't take pardon, so it keeps on wooing the soul to regain its old tyrannical role. Paul records the inner battles, well.

    Hence Matt4:4 is how you fight those battles. Word in you, the surgeon-soldier's knife, Heb4:12. Which you won't do, if you aren't learning to love the Word you're getting. Which you will do, if as you Learn that Word, you turn it over in your head in God's System, to better understand God Himself. That's where Christians divide, frankly. Many are big Bible thumpers, but they wouldn't know the Word if it bit them. They only want to thump Bible, not think Bible. Others fancy themselves thinkers, spouting verses and Greek-geek stuff, etc. But they don't turn over what the verses (etc.) mean, so they don't take the next step and learn about GOD HIMSELF. Instead, they use the Bible like a weapon to buttress ego, bludgeoning themselves and others, with it. That's not proper surgery. So, we're scarring ourselves and everyone else.

    But a few nonetheless discover a love for God Himself. When that happens, they gradually forget about the "me" thing, because they become progressively engrossed in the HE thing. They go nuts, too, as Paul describes in Rom7. But if they persist in wanting to know God, the perpetual warring of the sin nature is met more and more by Matt4:4 'replies', and one grows in Love all the way up to the Eph3:19, 4:13 standard of Pleroma. At which point, one Loves the King, LIKE the King. No greater wealth, than to know the King. Hence the need for a body (kingdom) and Riches, to express that Love.

3. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Treasure of knowing Him.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also", Matt 6:21, Luke12:34. "Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable His judgments, and His Ways beyond tracing out!" Romans 11:33. God's Heart, God's Love is beyond our radar screen, our comprehension, our accounting. So His Riches are, too. His Riches are His Love: as you'll hopefully see, in this subsection. Satan and all religion of any stripe would have you think God is the god of poverty. You know the gambit: if they scream on behalf of the poor, they are the holy ones and you are to feel guilty. But "My Ways are not your ways", He says in Isa55. Yeah, The Way to God is a PERSON, not a religion. That's why early Christianity was called, "The Way" after the famous phrase, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life". That Person is Seated, Now. So where should our heart be?

    For if you love, you are thinking of how wonderful the object of your love. If you love food, you think about IT. If you love someone, you think about that PERSON. If you love God, you think about HIM. In short, the object of your love occupies your brain, and the more you love that object, the more it occupies your brain. You can learn a lot by listening to people talk. What occupies their conversation, is what they love. And what they love, sustains and changes them. Love is powerful. Beware of what object, 'gets' it. For what you love, will lead you by the nose, everywhere you go. So if you learn to love God, The Spirit Does All The Leading: and you desperately need your nose in His Book.

    Sampling from what you can find on the web, airwaves, and church visits, 9999 out of every 10000 sermons aren't occupied with Christ. They are, however, rather occupied with human behavior, money-begging, nice emotional phrases, fire, brimstone, and thump thumps. "Christ" or "God" is spoken every once in awhile, to make it all sound 'holy'. Kinda like the talk on the floor of Congress. No love in all that, just ego rego. And if ego rego, then Pneuma nego. But the production of the Spirit is Love, Gal5:22. So no Spirit in all that. Just a lotta hot air, ballooning everyone up, to be tossed by each nosy, passing wind. [Eph4:14's Greek uses a sea-tossed analogy. It's exegeted in RightPT.htm, since you can't find a proper translation in English.]

    As the Lord warned, "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Bible keyterm "heart" always means thinking, with emphasis on what you believe in, and hence love. Your soul 'pumps' thought, but the kind of pumped thought you want, is where you 'put' your 'heart'. So if your 'heart' is on blaming people, on acquiring things, on promoting self, on buttressing ego, well.. that's the treasure you value. Again, beware of what gets your love, for it will lead you by the nose, everywhere you go. [Read Matt 6:21, 12:35, Luke 6:45-6 in the context of the surrounding verses. Then, if you have trouble understanding how Bible designates "heart" as the Believing-In Part Of The Soul, look up all OT "heart" and "blood" verses and their related concepts (i.e., 'longing' for the Lord by David and Hezekiah). It's not emotion, and sheesh -- there's no such thing as a "head vs. heart belief". Why don't we ever do our homework in Bible? Cuz we don't love it. So, we don't love Him, however mushy our endless songs.]

    Childhood has a lot of warm fuzzies. It's a time of innocence, and for many it's the only time they were ever happy. So it's very hard to let go of falsehoods you didn't then know were falsehoods, because you grew to love them. So when the floodgates come crashing down on some cherished idea and you see its feet of clay -- especially, with respect to religion -- God gets blamed, people get blamed, and oh how hurt you are. At that moment, you are loving hate. And it will lead you by the nose.

    People spend an awful lot of time and money trying to make themselves feel good about themselves. They do good deeds and say to themselves, "I did something good", kinda like Adam thought when sewing the figleaves. Years and years and tears and tears of striving and paying build up a sense of 'treasure' in what you spent all that money and time on. So to see it all go up in flames, is a grief beyond bearing. All that devastation from the tsunamis, hurricanes, floods: whole lifetimes wiped out in a few minutes. One doesn't recover well, if at all, from such disaster. Never again is it easy to just go back to the same ol' ideas -- for you know you just got mocked. So you become more hardened, and the martyr complex accelerates; or you become lala goofy; or, somewhere in between. But you are never the same. The trust you had, got broken.

    Sometimes the feet of clay need to be seen, or a thing needs to break, to free you from your nose-ring, hooked on a way which is not His Way.

4. For God's HEAD is Treasure. Love Heads His Heart, By Divine Decree. Ergo LOVE is the First Commandment.

So God's HEAD Attribute, which at 'heart' is Love, Decreed that every verse in the Bible be about His Son's Heart-Making DDNA, instead of heart-breaking, religion: all to build and answer, Eph3:15-19, with focus on the ingressive aorist of ginoskw, "and to come to know the Love of/for Christ", in v.19. For Divine Love is Something you Learn. And it changes you. That's DDNA, baby. Coming from Wholly-Matrimonial Divine Love, God in you, answer to His John 17 prayer. So the Real Holy Matrimony, First Commandment, you in Him. Lived and Loved, 24/7, 1Jn4:19. Communion, never divorce!

    Because humans are terminally dumb, when they see "Love" as an Attribute of God, they completely misdefine it as being like human love. Human love is based on attraction. God's Love, is NOT. God's Love is completely independent of attraction. His Love is a CHARACTERISTIC which represents His Sovereign ATTITUDE, with or without, any object. So there doesn't even have to BE an object. If there is an object, it is Loved. If there is an attractive object, it is Loved. If there is an unattractive object, it is Loved. The qualities in the object will be referenced by God's Love, but those qualities never influence God's Love in any way, degree, or direction.

    For God's Love is a STASIS. To say "God Loves you" is even more meaningful, because it means there is NO compromise in His Love. So you can't earn it, and you can't lose it, either.

    It would take maybe 100 years just to list the Bible-verse ties (i.e., tieing keyword in verse, key concept)!!

    • Head-in-your-head=Love, completed Canon concept of 1Cor13 (huperbole keyword in 1Cor12:31 and Logos in your logoi of 1Cor1:5 set the tone of 1Cor as Head and Body);
    • Isa 53:11 mechanics -- but in context of ALL Isa 52:14-Chap55.
    • 1Jn4:12-17,19 (which in Feb.2005 gave rise to this "DDNA" webpage, as I listened to my pastor talk in his 92SD 3/12/00 class, L.1702).
    • Romans 5:5, doctrine is water, and via the Spirit it becomes Love in your head, quintessential ("plenary") subjective and objective genitive. Cycling forever, never disappointing. God's Love never disappoints!

    There are literally thousands of these verses squarely on the topic of God's Love being His Head Attribute, His Integrity, which is why building the Truth in you, makes your head like His Son's. For Truth is Love and vice versa, in Undivided Infinity. No divorce in God, so as you learn Him you will come to love Him and you cannot be divorced FROM Him, in your own thinking. No matter what assails you.

    For, God isn't into magic. Relationships based on magic cause the magic, not the relationship, to be the 'god'. That's what distinguishes Bible from all other 'holy' books and prescriptives for 'improvement' or 'happiness'. Evaluate any other claim, and you'll find it's based on some magical idea which has no counterpart in reality. For the reality truly is, if you base a relationship on magic, then you have no real relationship: the magic, interferes. For the magical idea itself always disappoints, since there's no such thing AS magic. There's no magic product, magic promotion, magic job, magic house, magic spouse which will make you live happily even for five minutes, let alone, "happily ever after". Fairy tales are for children, not adults. So sooner or later even the search for such magic, will disappoint.

    God is into Truth. Truth isn't magic. Truth can be learned. God's Truth is God's Level, so only God can teach it. So, He taught it to the writers of Bible, and then they wrote it. Because, the Word is God's, but it's not magic, it's Reality. So His Teaching it, is not magic. Your learning it IS supernatural, because The SuperNature Holy Spirit is your Teacher. But that's not magic. It rather, is a kind of discipline: line on line, precept on precept, DDNA on DDNA. Hence Bible never disappoints, because it isn't magic, so enhances all relationships, even creating them. Love isn't magic, then; it's not some gushy feeling which you can also get from a nice, romantic dinner, for crying out loud. True love is a constant, not an emotion; because Truth Builds Love (hence it becomes True Love, not a fantasy); so True Love, never interferes. Fealty is based on Truth.

    This Love, therefore, is completely alien to the human race. Yet to have Rapport with God, we must come to have the love OF God, and FOR God. That is why Christ died on the Cross: to build this Love in us, forever -- one Word Deposit at a time!

5. So 1 John uses 1 Cor's metaphor of Word in Head as Love, since Canon=Love Being Completed, via John.

So, 1John uses Paul's 1Cor metaphor of Bible Doctrine in your head as Love, since John is writing about 30+ years later: because "Love" is being completed with John's writings; and because "Love" is the First Commandment. For all love is based on knowledge, and all Divine Life And Love Comes Through Knowledge, Hosea 4:6 (book's theme). God's life and love, John 3:16. Hence you have life and can know Him. The circle of love, Rom5:5, is the circle of life, the Word; without Word=Love, there is no point in living, 1Cor13. Love is something you Learn, by learning Him (ibid). So 1Jn is on how things have come full circle (playing on Eph1), and hence Completing. For he knew he was the last author of Canon. (See how he plays with all that, in 1Jn2's incredible Greek.)

    My pastor kept using all these keywords from about 1997 until the day he retired, and always in context of 1Jn4:12-17 and Christian marriage (which is a paradigm, a corporate spiritual test topic in the Church Age). Took me years to grasp what he meant, and it drove me crazy the meanwhile. No more! So this section will be a challenge to understand, sorry. Some helpful hints on better understanding 1Jn will be covered later, but for the moment know this: 1John is all about FIRSTS. First thing first. Sine qua non. First of importance. First in sequence. First in Value. First in practice. First in origin. First and Foremost Love.

    Practically every verse in 1Jn is a socratic equation, allowing the reader to substitute a protasis in one verse with a protasis in another verse, to learn more. Likewise, with the apodoses. So he's reasoning out for his audience, how "abide" in John 15 means Think Word, and thus is truly Love, truly spiritual. To do this, he crafts the equations in many facets, so they can see a) that they ARE abiding and hence Loving, and b) that they have a victorious Trial witness versus all the deserters-to-religion between 70AD (when the spectacular gifts largely ceased) and the 90's AD, when he's writing. So he also writes in a series of LISTS: each item is the first item on a LIST that the audience well knew. That's a Greek (and Judaic) technique all the writers use (see Heb 6:6's "repentance" in the context of Heb6:1's "repentance" for a quickie example). Saves time to just mention the first item in a list. [Sigh: Heb6:1 should say "repentance..dead works"; if your translation says something else, it's no good. Dead works is a major theme in the Book of Hebrews, and should have been picked up everywhere it appears in that epistle.]

    Practice going through 1 John even in your favorite translation. List all the positive protases on the left, and all the positive apodoses on the right. Then notice how you can link up any apodosis on the right, with any protasis on the left. Then repeat the same exercise with the negative protases and apodoses.

    You'll also notice another thing: the listing is PROGRESSIVE, and the protases ADVANCE as the letter goes forward.

  • That is, John starts simply, first protasis is "if we claim to have fellowship yet we walk in darkness" (NIV), a negative protasis, in 1:6.
  • The last protasis in 1John is in 5:20, a positive "We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding" (NIV).
  • Now, let's link up the apodoses.
  • 1:6's apodosis: "we lie and do not practice the Truth."
  • 5:20's apodosis: "so that we may know The True One [or, "Him Who is The Truth]." Actually, John piles on THREE apodoses crafted from "The True One", for dramatic anaphoric effect.
    See the contrast, the Advance, the Completion? See how the discourse comes full circle, even within the letter? Awesome stuff!

6. So everything "from the beginning" (in the Garden), is Now come Full Circle.

As 1Jn deftly explains, historically everything "now" (=Church, its timeslot) is come full circle; because with Canon's completion, Church the Bride can complete IN the First Commandment. The wedding is on, fulfilling the purpose of that Garden wedding, "from the beginning"! So John is also showing his audience WHY everything comes full circle by means of all those FIRSTS in his socratic equations. Very deft. Very unlike modern writing, so 1Jn is routinely mistranslated and misinterpreted. Try reading the whole epistle aloud, and change all present-tense verbs to the English PROGRESSIVE tense, see what a difference it makes in comprehension.

    Remember how, back in Genesis 3, the man rejected God in favor of people, represented by his wife. That rejection reflex and substitution of people as 'god' has gone on, ever since. Thus the First Commandment is largely replaced.. by altruism, the nearest-white of evils. You'll see that altruism's true evil face from the Genesis 4 roster. Acquirer ("Cain") rejects God, so what does he do? Well, after murdering his brother Vapor/Emptiness/Vanity for not rejecting God ("hevel" in Hebrew, "Abel" to you), Cain builds a city for his son named "Inaugurated/Dedicated" (Chanokh in Hebrew, "Enoch" to you). So Cain worships his son, to reject the God Who will 'bear' and thus 'inaugurate' the Son of Salvation, on the Cross! [You see all this in the Hebrew and LXX, but the translations screw it all up. For example, English Bibles don't translate the names; and especially not, the sexual pun Eve makes of Cain's "spear" name, in Gen4:1! So of course Genesis 4:7 is blasphemously mistranslated, and is key to understanding what Cain is doing. Gen4:7 should say, "The Sin BEARER is laying by the door" -- waiting for Cain to believe in the One Abel's lamb depicted -- but of course Bible translations always Cut God And Christ Out Of The Verses! So notice how the same sin that Cain is warned about in that verse, is committed by the translator, who leaves out "BEARER"! The lexicons were available; there's no excuse for this verse to be mistranslated. You can set your watch on man's arrogant disinterest in the Word! Of course, over the centuries this mistranslation has not been fixed, for oh -- then we have to admit some past greybeard translator, was (probably quite tired and hence) wrong! Yeah, man is still more important than God, every century! Same sin as Cain's, every century! Again, this isn't to excoriate the translators. Rather, the point is to show how mankind as a whole repeats Gen3 behaviors (here, not fixing an errant translation), pretending himself still the intelligent one, the lover. What a crock. So Satan&Co. can make a translator commit the very SIN as is covered there in Gen4:7, laughing at the poor guy the meanwhile. We are all satanfodder, absent God's System.]

      That Cain BUILT A CITY tells you much. It means he was a hard worker, and had a very engaging personality (he got ticked off at God for not accepting his produce as a sacrifice). For a city, needs to be populated with people, which means Cain was POPULAR. So among his sisters and later brothers, he'd gained something of a fan club; so they aggregated with him. Now, all this city-building didn't happen until after he'd murdered Abel, so you also know another thing: they allied with him in his murder of Abel. Big division in the First Family, then. Which, Gen4-5 deftly show (notice how so many of the kids in Gen4, have the same names in Gen5, and some of the Gen4 kids defected over to the Gen5 families). So Cain was not a nasty guy, in the eyes of his siblings. He was a leader, and he loved his family. Yeah, but not God. And neither did they.

      Now you can begin to understand how Genesis 6 demon invasion, was no surprise visit to the human race. Civil war IN the human race, was going on: notice Lamech's pride over murdering a defenseless man and his son, calling it an avenging of Cain. So the demons didn't hide themselves: after all, Eve knew she was talking to Satan, so 'hiding' was never needed. So Greek mythology isn't quite so farfetched: the sons of the parent gods (Trinity, really) rebelled, and carry on their rebellion into man, playing out upon him. [Seduction of Isha was mental, not physical, as the Hebrew of her admittance to God, shows. Satan is an ascetic, anyway, and physical seduction doesn't appeal to him. Mental seduction does appeal, since he hates God. Your other big clue is that he used a cute pet of hers rather than show himself bodily to her: had he done that, her volition would have been overwhelmed, and she could be rightly said to not be guilty. Moreover, he had to appeal to her ego, so showing himself as superior wasn't politic: he would argue that God's Own Superiority is an ego trip against her, which is why God prohibited Satan's tree. So he only 'hid' his appearance from her.]

      So now you know why 1Jn is so focused on religious sin&evil, and why he uses the example of Cain, in 1Jn3. Religious people won't see that strident message in 1Jn: you have to think over the letter as you read it, and be breathing 1Jn1:9. Religion is darkness, so religious people can't read anything. More technically, they are blinded by the 'brightness' of their own altruism and self-sacrifice, so they think themselves in the light (subtheme in 1Jn); hence they can't read, process, or hear truth (another subtheme). That's why they are so prickly about works, and can even justify murder, just as Cain did (another subtheme). That's why John focuses on warning against such people, throughout his epistles (and Gospel): Satan invented religion, in Gen3.

    So on a macro level, God has been reversing that fissional effect of sin, into a FUSION of Love back to Him. Christ is the Person Who Accomplished That Full Fusion, on the Cross. It's not simply about sin. It's about resolving the Infinity-finity dichotomy, so that man's necessary divided nature won't hinder full rapport with the God Who loves him. So that happened IN Christ: which is why, as we saw in the previous section, the Cross converted everything into DDNA. Why, the OT people couldn't know God as well as we Church can, John 7:39 (and theme of all Hebrews, Ephesians, Romans 5-12, etc).

    So now Church Is Bride, Body of Christ. So that means our fusion level is the same as His, in aggregate. So the failure in the Garden, is Reversed And Catapulted Into A Greater Bonding Than Adam And The Woman Had. [My pastor has taught this for years, even wrote a hymn about it. I can't tell who else recognizes this reversal purpose, but it's patent in 1Jn. Not coy at all. Deftly written "from the beginning" tips you off, which is a catchphrase the Lord used often, and is an OT catchphrase. It always has end-purpose and birthing significance. See how Paul uses it in Eph1, for John in 1Jn is playing off that, too.] On an even higher level (next section), this bonding between Christ and Church also will serve to catapult the bond between God and the angels -- which was always designed to benefit them more (subtheme in Heb1-2). So in the Millenium and in eternity, Church has many wifely roles, to effect a higher Synergy of Love than would otherwise obtain. So down here, we are to be training in that role by Learning Our Husband (theme of Rom5-8, most of Ephesians and Peter). To know Him is to love Him. On a Divine Marital Level, not just any ol' love!

    So God LEVERAGES sin into GREATER LOVE: see last half of Rom5. That's how He thinks. That's our potential, rejectible, Destiny, to think like He does!

7. So Now the Last Adam, gets the Last Eve -- first, as His kids, being Sired by 'Mom', the Holy Spirit!

Oh, Holy Matrimonial Wit! Look: Christ is the Last Adam, so we as Last Wife (lol!), have to FIRST be His Kids!

  • Seminally in Him ON the Cross (Rom6, Isa53:10-11) in order to be born again, Isa54:1, John 3.
  • Just as we had to be born from Adam's physical genes to have physical life, so also we need Christ's Spiritual Genes, To Have Spiritual Life.
  • But how can Christ be born? Well, He gets 23 chromosomes from his mother Mary, and the other 23 supernaturally supplied (NOT parthenogenesis) by the Holy Spirit.
  • The SAME Holy Spirit who called Himself a mother hen, in Genesis 1:2, re-birthing the earth (Hebrew verb there is rahaph, [a mother hen] brooding over [her chicks]).
  • So now the Seed is 'born' of a Father VIA THE SPIRIT, and a mother -- the body.
  • This, because it was Adam's sin which condemned us (he was the authority (head), so the genetics pass from him, Rom5:12, 1Cor15:22, etc).
  • The sin nature is in the 23 chromosomes of the male; the 23 sin nature chromosomes in the female split off each month due to meiosis and polar body. So that the remaining 23, can be fertilized -- but they are pure. [Sigh: why do people think that they have to explain a miracle? Don't they realize the tautology of the atheist, who claims that if he can't naturally explain the supernatural, God doesn't exist? That would mean God is only God if He is not God, get it? If God must 'obey' natural law, then God is not God. This is how the atheist can put distance between the idea of God and himself, yet fool himself that he is scientific instead of tautological. What a crock. Bible says the Holy Spirit made Mary pregnant. Accept it or do not, but sheesh -- God made your soul at birth, not via some natural phenomenon, since the soul is immaterial. So if He can do that, He can just WILL Mary to be supplied with 23 extra chromosomes.]
  • So now The CHRIST's Seed -- Isaiah 53:10 contract, see also Isa54:1's wit -- is 'born' of Father VIA THE SPIRIT (Titus 3:5), and a mother -- the body. Get the pun? Our chromosomes are also bypassed!

  • Ok, let's see, hmmm... if it was the First Adam's sin which caused the problem, then the Last Adam's obedience can solve the problem in the same way.
  • So we become His Kids, the same way He Paid For Sins, Isa53:11.
  • Then, we become pregnant with His Thinking so we bear kids, same Isa53:11 mechanism!
  • Heh: no wonder Paul gets so emotional when writing the last half of Romans 5!
  • After all, whoever FATHERS you, shouldn't you 'obey'?
  • Question then becomes, who fathers your THINKING?
  • For as a man thinks in his soul, so he is, Prov23:7.
  • So we are FATHERED in His Thinking.

    That's why practically every Originator/parenting/caregiving keyword in Bible is also thesauretically used as a moniker for Christ: Righteous One, That One, Righteousness, Just One, justice, sirer, author, hope, love, riches, faith, salvation, clothing, food, shelter, husband-head, glory. For, even as the wife is the glory of the Husband, the Husband is the glory of the wife: "Christ in you, the confident expectation of Glory". Glory indwells you, Glory is your thinking now, so glory is your life (1Pet1:8 in context). And it's a glory, isn't it, that everything reflects Him so much, that everything is thus a moniker for Him?

    So, the same Isa53:11 process occurs spiritually, in us; since after all, the GENNAW, siring, parenting, is spiritual! So you are to STAY AT HOME ("abide", "remain", "rest" are some English translations of Greek verb menw), and obey (hupomenw, to stay under): that's a wifely faithfulness, so.. heh.. staying in the Word, makes you become spiritually pregnant (Pleroma, see Eph3:15-19), your body life being like a 'womb'; thus those to be assigned to your kingdom in eternity, are seminally in you. To honor the Father, to fulfill Son's John 17 prayer. How rich a metaphor: Christ was pregnant on the Cross with sin; we are thus pregnant with Him in our bodies in this life, if we keep on keeping on, Phili3:14. What a great and dramatic life, ennobling even the brushing of teeth!

    So John uses gennaw, "to sire" in fabulous wordplay, which you miss in English because English Bibles mistranslate the term, "to be born". So "sired by God" or "parented by God" is far more accurate than "born of God"; even the English connotation of "sired" or "parented" has its double-entendre meant in Greek and in Hebraic thought:

    • you are PROGRESSIVELY sired/parented spiritually by your Trainer/Teacher, the Holy Spirit, post-salvation;
    • Who BIRTHED you spiritually, as well.
    So keep that duality in mind when you read 1Jn. It's real important to know the duality, since "abide" (Greek verb menw, always about staying at a location due to a positive attitude) is about post-salvation FELLOWSHIP, not getting salvation; so if you're not under Your Sire, you've no fellowship, either.

    1John 3:6 isn't ever translated well in English. Trans should be corrected to go something like this: whoever is in fellowship with Him, is not sinning; whoever is sinning, is neither seeing nor knowing Him. You can substitute "in fellowship" with "abiding", if you prefer.

    • Basic idea that you can't be sinning and knowing God at the same time; the two conditions are mutually exclusive.
    • So if not knowing, not seeing;
    • if not knowing, not loving.
    • But if in fellowship, then seeing, knowing, and loving are operating (progressively, of course). [Present participles precede or are co-terminous with the main verb, so in Greek a condition not or no longer happening is sometimes put in the perfect tense, sometimes put in the present tense, depending on what nuances are stressed. In English you'd have to make them all the same tense, to convey the same meaning: here, the progressive tense. This verse is in present-present parallel, to stress the ongoing parallel action, but other socratic equations using the same structure, use participles in the perfect tense to stress the cause of the apodasis, as in 1Jn3:9. In English you still have to translate it progressive, viz., "no one BEING sired by God [Holy Spirit, here] is practicing sin..." John is proving that you can't be in fellowship with the Spirit and sinning at the same time, even as he already explained, back in 1Jn1:5-10.]

    Try this corrective technique: whenever you see "born of God" in 1Jn, translate it instead, "being sired/parented by God", because this is a progressive BUILDING of those spiritual dendrites the Holy Spirit is doing TO you. Translate also any other verb used in parallelism in the same verse in the same progressive tense.
    • Spiritual siring is a Continual Birthing Of New Connections, Added DDNA, so it's a progressive-tense action.
    • You are being transmuted, gradually.
    • Each day little 'births' of understanding are adding to your soul, if you are residing ("abide") in God's System.

    That's the point John keeps stressing in 1Jn. Christ stressed it in John 14-17, so convert verbs into the progressive tense there as well. [Nerd note: the gennaw participle is usually in the perfect passive, because it precedes your ability to be spiritual; hence you have to translate it in the progressive tense, to know in English what generative state you are in, which 'houses' the action of the main verb.]

    Here's how you know it's progressive: first, look at Gal5:25, which is about 'walking' (a Hebraism for spiritual lifestyle); that verb is in the hortatory subjunctive, to encourage you to keep going back to doing it. So it's a dynamic. Next, its sister verse, Eph3:16 (corr trans): "that He would grant you, on the basis of the Riches of His Glory, to receive strength with Power through the Personal Agency of the Spirit inside [eis=destination] the inner man [your soul]." Paul prays a progressive prayer, for a process which God continually does TO you. 1Jn explains how this process works; the Lord first described its structure and function, in what comes down to us as John 14-17.

    So when you read 1Jn3:9, correct the translation to: "no one being sired by God practices sin [at the same time].. and he cannot sin [during that time] because he is being sired by God." John's explaining that so long as you are filled with the Spirit, you are not sinning. When you sin, the "siring" stops until you (1Jn1:9)name the sin to God; at which point, you are abiding in Him again, and He's siring you again. [Greek verb menw is always a dynamic location verb, so it's always an living-in-progress.]

    These verses show You Cannot Stop Sinning On Your Own; You Need God's Power Sustaining You At All Times. And you keep needing Word=Love Growing In You To Receive The Strength to resist sin. But in translation, you miss all this. What a relief to know one is helpless: He Alone carries you in the spiritual life!

8. For MARITAL Love Capacities determine MARITAL Relationships.

Hence MARITAL Love capacities determine MARITAL relationships, and everything is RELATIVE TO those capacities and relationships. No marital capacity, no marital relationship, no matter how many carats are on your wedding finger. Marriage is the most intimate of relationships, so requires the most Love. Love is not native to man, though he fancies himself a lover. Hence the divorce rate. Those not divorced, usually just stick it out. A truly happy married couple shines like a lighthouse in a storm, and is just as rare.

    Marriage has no limits within the couple, so the bond is meant to be Total, Indissoluble. It's all or nothing, at all times. That's why it's sacred, exclusive. That's why sex is only between the two (heterosexual) spouses. Depicting, Infinite God and (heteros, different-kind-of-being).. finity. So finity-finity preferences, are like homosexuality, evil. So all this to-people stuff is like homosexuality. For GOD should be the object, not people. There is no "people" in the First Commandment God wrote. So religion is same-sex also, hence excoriated all over the Bible (i.e., Rev17, all of Hosea and Hebrews, etc).

    Moreover, a marriage based on works.. never works. Marriage can only be based on Love, never works. There were no works in the Garden. If tit-for-tat, men-are-from-mars-women-from-Venus scorecards are used by couple, a constant negotiation takes place between them, and the marriage itself is a big lie. True marriage is Eph5: the husband throws himself down for the wife, and she for him. It's not negotiated. He does it from his own free will, with no strings. She does it from her own free will with no strings. Solicitousness must come from Love; not from negotiation, however seductively promulgated.

    What human can love at so high a level? Some few have tried, but the human race is finite, so divided by nature for the sake of preserving freedom; hence PRICED love is all it knows. Enter the impossible, full-circle nature of Church. So for us, unlike all other periods in history, Christian marriage is suddenly a Spiritual Trial Issue. Need Word in you to 'do' the Church Marital Standard Of Throwdown in Eph5. The Church did not exist when Christ died for it. So it was UNconditional. Only God is unconditional love. Hence, the tenor of John 14-17, and 1Jn.

    Think about it: marriage is a personal bond. Something in the soul of each party so fits the other, that life alone afterwards is inconceivable. So the soul tainted by the sin nature is utterly disoriented, since the definition of 'self', now must include this other person, in order to even THINK about the self anymore. [Hence the common "my wife", rather than her name -- evidence of that deeper bond, not a putdown. Some women talk this way as well; it was much more common early in the 20th century. Honor is evidenced, too; but the deeper evidence is the "my" plus office of the other person. Merging of self-concept with the other one, going beyond mere attraction.] So all the insecurities and inanities of the soul are irritated beyond measure. Yet it's here that one ignores all that need for the other, and instead without negotiation, throws self down? Whoa. Paul had never married, so God made him the marriage expert. If you've never been married, you can really see starkly this bond in a married couple. For better or for worse, they are INFUSED with each other. God help them, if they get upset with each other or divorce. Their lives are thereafter forever shattered. They gotta numb inside or become very bitter, to go on living. Awesome to witness. Scary thing, to marry: Paul is right, in 1Cor7:32!

    My pastor likes to say you grow up three times in life: the third time, is in the marriage. How apt. For history 'grows up' and completes, in Church, and Church is the Bride of Christ.

    Clearly it's God Who Makes This Happen. We humans can't even handle love. Notice how in our churches, we turn 'worship' into a dull chore with many shallow rotenesses, bad choirs, sour and solemn faces; or, the converse, lalalalalalala emotionalism, rah-rah Jesus. We don't even know what 'worship' is.

    By contrast, notice the wit in 1 John. YOU ARE BEING SIRED! SAME SPIRIT! Every moment you are between sins, The Holy Spirit is SIRING you in the exact same way as He did Christ Himself. So what is there to be sour about? Yeah, it doesn't feel good to the terminally-insecure sin nature, which always has to beat up on something or someone, since rejection is all it knows, legacy of Adam's sin. But You Are Being Sired By the Spirit, so take THAT, you stupid Energizer Bunny, just keep drumming, and I'll just keep on ignoring you, theme of Romans 6-8! Isn't it nice to know that the dull life you have to live, its constant menialities, are being trumped by Your Sire? Hah!!

    Would really be nice if pastors could show the wit in the Word. The wordplay in the Word is so delightful and witty, nobody would ever afterwards want to do the stupid Churchinanity thing again. Who needs lalala, when you have the Lalew of the Word? Who needs the sour, dour, oh-so-solemn shallowness of a Sunday service, when you can delight yourself in the Fatness of Divine Witty Word? Bible in the original is nothing like the sour translations, sorry. Gennaw, Siring! Kids of the Christ! Then, His Bride! That is witty, you know: God sires a Bride for the God-Man He Sired the Same Way. Yet it's not incest. Yet we are brothers. Yet His Father is the same Father as Our Father. Yet it's not sex. Yet it's greater intimacy than sex. Are you getting the wit, yet?

    NO BOUNDARIES between God and you. That's closer than any marriage. No body boundaries, no gender boundaries, no social boundries, no sin boundaries, no status boundaries. Which, of course, makes it harder than ever, on the soul. Soul DIVIDED away from God in Adam's sin. So divorce is its nature, while at the same time, craving oneness. Torture! So the 'game', is to overcome the divorcing sin nature, and join to Your New Husband, theme of Romans 7-8.

    The Marital Capacity for GOD is what's to grow, here. Wealth of Intimacy. That means, divorcing everything else in life. Cut out, Graft in. Cut out everything else, for it's a MARITAL relationship, exclusive to Him. Then THROUGH Him, graft in all else. The cutting-out takes the better part of one's lifetime, and the grafting-in makes the exclusivity, topmost at all times. But due to Love, not due to obligation. Hard thing to learn. Can't do it, except as God grows you. Can't do it, except by living on the Word to the gradual exclusion of all else in life, Matt4:4. But when you come to Love God, no other way of living, will ever suffice. For you are being INFUSED with Your Husband, Him.

9. For God is always about Marriage,
and the Angelic Divorce Trial is about Marriage,
so the Garden and hence Church's Marriage to Christ,
was and is.. On Trial.

God is always about marriage, and the Angelic Divorce Trial is about marriage, so the Garden couple's Marriage was on Trial -- was God more important, or not? The irony was, in the name of marriage, Adam took that fruit from his wife, rejecting God. So we've all been divorcing HIM.. ever since. Just like Adam did, we choose people rather than God, and we call that choice, virtuous. Replacing the Real "God" of the First Commandment with "people"! Expecting God to reward us, of course. Funny how we keep cutting the head off the Commandments, paying so much attention to the 2nd through the 10th, but ignoring, the First. So we have no marital relationship with God. So we have no love for people, either: main theme of 1Jn.

    Everything has always been about the First Commandment. Back before there were humans, the angels had the same commandment, and 1/3rd of them rebelled: more on that rebellion follows below. Point is, this divorcing between finity and Infinity preceded man's existence and is the proximate cause of man's existence.

    For the One Who First practices the First Commandment the Most, is God Himself.

    • For God constantly prostrates Himself, so to speak, before Truth (Ps138:2b), before Righteousness, Justice and Love (Ps89:14-15), etc.
    • And also, before Each Other.
    • We know this from Their Self-Chosen Titles: "Father", "Son", "Spirit". DueDisclosure.htm explains more why this Prostrating Love results in a Triunity.
    • It's not a structural deficiency within the Godhead, but a Use Of Sovereignty.
    • Because They are Equal and Each Wholly God, that's a PROBLEM.
    • Being Equal should mean a kind of DISTANCE, which They do not want.
    • So Because Equal, They can Justify Prostration Before Each Other.
    • Because Each of them IS Love.
    • So Love is not denied, and it's not unjust, either.
    • That's why we must be made EQUAL, 2Cor5:21, else a kind of distance would be required.
    • Love loves Justice.
    • So Love goes THROUGH Justice.
    • So we are made Equal because that's JUST. Anything less would not be.
    • Hence we are to be filled up with Love=Word, atop that structural DDNA Equality we inherited that first nanosecond we believed in Christ, Isaiah 53:10-11 (contract), plus Rom5:1(result), plus 2Cor5:21 (fulfilling Isa53:11, the means for Equality to be made juridically valid).
    • That's why we CAN pray, as explained in the prior section.
    • That's why we get MARRIED to Christ forever as Bride, Body of Christ.
    • That's why we are GIVEN the Word to the highest level, Christ's Own Level, Eph4:13 --
    • and that's why we are still down here, to learn this Marital Level -- God's Own Love.
    • No other group of humans can get this. Woe to us if we frigidly spurn it, Col3:25.

    Israel was to spiritually train to become Messiah's 'bride', which is why she got the Exodus and the Mosaic Law. That's why so much of the OT vocabulary to Israel is marital. Therefore, way back when Moses taught the people their eschatological marital role (for the 1st Advent), he continually stressed the Word being "near" (i.e., in Deut 30), so you were to think it day and night, "when you get up" and "when you go to bed". Hence the many reminders to think Word, like tfellin, tassels, all those rituals and details. They were mnemonic devices, teaching many things as well. Which you loved, if you loved what those mnemonics meant. Which you hated, if you hated the meanings. Manna, for example, depicted the daily provision of Word. Many hated it (i.e., Num11:6).

    Christ loved it, Matt4:4. So in the NT, Christ-Who-Loved-Word became the Word of the Cross (ho logos tou staurou) which is a Title indicating how He paid for sins (again referencing Isa53:10-12, from context of Isa52:13ff). He loved the Word so much, it sustained His Motivation on the Cross to complete the javelin-piercing imputation and judgement of our sins! So Hebrews 12:2, called the Cross a "joy". It's not hyperbole.

    As explained at length in Part IVa of the Thinking Series (link at pagetop), Israel spurned Messiah when He came, so He announced His Call for 'Esther', in Matt16:18. Church thus plays an Esther role to Rescue Israel -- specifically, rescue her TIME (math is extensive for this, see Mirroring.htm's "To be or Not to be" table). So here we are. The Lord prostrated Himself on the Cross, so we get crosses, too. Royal Marriage, Royal Role Model, Royal DDNA, Royal everything. Including, crosses. So Royal Training in Love is required: hence the Royal Mentor-King, the Holy Spirit, "without limit", John 7:39 (and elsewhere). And rejecting HIM, means Col3:25 (Greek word adikia is "wrongdoing", rejection of His Ministry, see parallel John makes in 1Jn1:9). It's not exaggerated. There never was a "people" in the First Commandment, but until there was a Person Who could Fully Execute it, no people could, either. Until "now".

    So the long human history of Divorce from God, comes back TO God in marriage, via Church. At this point, we've ALL divorced Him, and Israel is cut off temporarily -- but He is Faithful, since He is Truth. So with His Truth building in us, we can become that faithful, and thus bring history full circle. Via Our King-Mentor, all things are possible, and united.

10. So 1 John explains that to develop Divine Marital Love,
requires Marital-Level Intimate Knowledge of God,
which takes Divine Power to produce.

So 1Jn explains that to develop Divine Marital Love, requires Marital-level Intimate Knowledge of God; and that, takes Divine Power to produce -- parallel is Eph1:19's "surpassing greatness" (wordplay on Christ as Head). [Whenever Paul uses huperbole, he's playing on His Head in your Head, the Head Attribute of God's Word=Love. Fabulous stuff!] See, first the Groom had to be developed, for the Bride to be able to 'copy' Him. Israel was supposed to be that Bride, but she played Vashti (Part IVa of Thinking series is on this topic). So now Esther gets developed. The Husband 'bought' His Wife on the Cross. So now she learns Her Husband, prior to the Wedding. It's an old royal metaphor: in ancient times, a royal betrothal took place when both intendeds were young, and the bride was often raised in the royal house of her future husband (i.e., "Mary, Queen of Scots" had been betrothed to the future King of France, so spent her childhood there). So now we are in training to become Fit Bride for Our Royal Husband. It's a lot to learn.

    Since love depends on knowledge, no child loves: trusts, is attracted to, needs, wants -- but not loves. What passes for love between strangers, cannot be: they don't know each other. For not even human love develops overnight, since it IS wholly dependent on knowledge. No one knows God but God or has ever even seen Him (i.e., John 1:18, 5:37, 14:7-9, 1Jn4:12). So it takes GOD to give you knowledge OF Him. Until you have knowledge from HIM, you cannot love Him (another theme in 1Jn and his Gospel). And you don't have ANY knowledge of Him, if you are in a state of 1Jn1:8,10; and you have no knowledge of Him, if you're not learning the Word (main theme in 1Jn and his Gospel, even in translation).

    You can't think about anything, much less love, what/who you didn't first LEARN. You don't know if you'd like peas, until you 'know' the taste of them. You don't know if you'd like math, until you 'know' how it works. Get the idea? Even so: you don't know if you'd like Bible, until you 'know' what it says; and you don't know what it says, outside of God's System, period. You can fantasize you know: but 1Jn is pretty strident about the fantasizers, calling them very bad names (murderers, thieves, nice epithets like those). [1Jn3:6-15, wordplay analogy on the religious crowd, same rhetorical gambit as Paul uses in Romans 1-2, and the OT uses everywhere in the prophets. Idea that these people consider themselves pure, yet are the devil's own children, so are really murderers, thieves, etc. It's a common Bible theme, very.. um, abrasive. Isa64:6 sums it all up, calling man's righteousness, menstrual rags. My pastor spent a lot of time explaining that verse, so you know I'm not making it up. You can't easily find the true translation in lexicons, but all of the BibleWorks lexicons (even Strong's abridged, what a surprise) don't euphemize. All translations do euphemize "iddim" (ayin dalet yod mem), menstrual flow, rags containing (in plural).]

    Thinking depends on Learning. Love depends on Thinking. Hence the First Commandment is only realized VIA Word, main theme of Hosea. Hosea was a prophet to Samaria (aka "Israel", the Northern Kingdom), during the 40 or so years before Sennacherib levelled the place. Hosea was actually commanded by God to marry an unfaithful woman, whose meandering took her all over the place; in the end, she was sold for the price of a damaged slave, and Hosea was able to buy her back. Gomer was her name, and she represented Israel's unfaithfulness. But note how Hosea 4:6 describes it: my people perish for lack of knowledge of Me. Can't be faithful to Someone you don't know, since Love Sustains Your Motive To Be Faithful, in the first place.

      And since Love depends on Thinking, and Thinking on Knowing, well.. if you spend your time knowing not-God, then you are not-My-People (name of one of Hosea's kids, tweaking Israel). So your loyalties are elsewhere, naturally. So-called Christian 'backsliding' occurs for but one reason: not learning and living Bible in God's System. It's impossible to 'cure' sin; it's impossible to even treat sin. Only God can do that. And His Operating Table, is Heb4:12. Period. The only alternative is the romphaia (Divine Discipline, depicted as a broadsword). Your choice. [One of the funniest ideas in Christianity is the revival/retreat concept. Idea that you throw some faggot on the fire, vowing to change your life of 'sin' -- narrowly defined as the gross ones, of course. So what really happens, afterward? Your sins merely change to the worst kind, legalism. Note the Lord's oh-so-fine sarcasm in Matt12:43-45, Luke 11:23-26! Well, see the context from Luke 11:14, to get the full meaning.]

11. So it's not about human love,
but Word in You, which IS Divine Love.
THAT is On Trial.

1Jn (and his Gospel) stresses that Word-Love connection which Paul had earlier explained in 1Cor13; which the Lord had first explained, in John 14-17. So it's not about human love, but Word In You. That is True Love. Nothing else. For "love" in Greek has different words to denote a different source for the love. In Greek, "agape" is never used for any other Source, but God. In Greek lit., "agape" was the love from the gods, and to the gods, but the latter was always a product of the former. That's why you have the "subjective and objective genitive" in classical Greek, which construction the Bible uses a lot (i.e., in every "love of God" or "of love"). The 'god' cycling in you, is the idea. So the proper English translation requires an adjective front the verb: Divine Love, not merely "love". [Typical of translations, to chop God out of the picture. Happens so predictably, you can set your watch. If the word "God" or "Divine" is part of the meaning of the word, you must translate it. But hey: no one does. Find even one translation of the word "agape" properly rendered, "God's Love" or "Divine Love", I dare ya. Everyone knows this word, so why is it continually mistranslated! Aarrrrrgggghhhh.]

12. So Learning Word is the first "flank" of Divine Love.
Second "flank" is Believing What You Learn. Believing-in, is the 'heart' of Love.

So Learning the Word is the first "flank" of getting Divine Love. But there's a second flank: Believing In What You Learn. For Love always begins with a believing-in. If you 'abide' in believing-in, you eventually come to love, say the socratic equations in 1Jn4:7-19. From there, you 'abide' in the love, the same way you got there: "Love believes all things..endures all things", Paul writes in 1Cor13:4ff. Paul's main meaning level, speaks of the All-Things of Christ, His Word. Like the writer of Hebrews, John ties in the "believes" (in) and "endures" keywords, from 1Cor13:4ff: to explain how you can know you are loving God, especially in 1Jn4:7-19.

    It's really important to grasp early on that this Love is not possible for a human to 'do'. Save yourself a lot of angst over the many failures you'll experience every day. You cannot do this of yourself. That's why you have to learn it, and then IT does the work via the Spirit. DOCTRINE WORKS, main theme of James (always mistranslated and interpreted by legalistic, non-loving Christians). It worked in Abraham, it works even higher in us, theme of James and John (really, everyone in NT). The sooner you grasp that fact, the sooner your life will relax. This is a real DDNA transmutation. You can't do it yourself. You can only Vote For It, using 1Jn1:9 as needed, to keep on keeping on. God will do it. That's the Isa53:10-12 Contract.

    Big hint that God's definitions aren't like ours: if Bible were talking of human love, there would be no 1Jn or 1Cor teaching you how to know if you are loving God. Because, it's Divine Love, and you must learn IT by Learning the Word. Just as was always true, in the OT. But now, we get Christ's Thinking in His Humanity, a "new commandment" (term in 1Jn2, talking of the new covenant), to complete the First Commandment. Since He loved so much that He paid for sin, His Thinking can produce in us that Same Love, 1Jn4:19. Thus, completing us. Hence to get complete, means to get His Thinking completely in us (crescendo passage in 1Jn4:12-17).

    Love is not a doing, but a BEING. Specifically, a State of Being, since God is Absolute Being, hence His Love is Absolute (unconditional, immutable, dynamically homeostatic, the essence of Infinity). So "God" is not a doing. Hence the need to get DDNA, to change your own being. So love is not a doing, but a Thinking from a DDNA being; for, God Thinks. And you can't abide long in anything you don't love thinking about, period. For to abide, remain, rest in BELIEF, means love grows. Even, human love. But especially, Divine Love, since the only reason you'll GET the Word and USE 1Jn1:9, is because you BELIEVE in the God Who Wrote the Word and in His Son, Jesus the Christ.

    Believing IN, is not the same as believing. Bible uses the term so often, it concatenates the meaning to just state the verb, but the full statement is in places like Acts 16:31: pisteuse EPI ton Kurion.. kai sothese su. Meaning, Believe ON the Lord (Jesus Christ, in the text), and you are (that moment) saved forever. So "EPI" means ON, as on a FOUNDATION, 1Cor3, Eph2:10. I can believe a thing is true, and be negative to it. I can believe a thing is true and be positive to it. Like James writes in James 2, even demons believe.. and shudder.

    Note how it's not whether you believe or even know a thing is true, only: but, What Attitude Do You Thus Have About What You Believe/Know? Two 'flanks' of development are required, not one. Water AND Blood, as John puts it, in 1Jn5:6. Water, the information, the Word (another layer of meaning in the verse). Blood, how your volition reacts or responds. As my pastor puts it, the latter is your "Reciprocal love for God", and the Former, is the Doctrine itself. So demons know the Word way better than all of us put together. But they ridicule it (especially in the fake holy books). Every second they breathe, they are ridiculing Him. So they believe Him, but not in Him. So they never develop into loving Him. They probably started out that way, before they sinned. Having sinned, they can change their minds, since they of course retain free will. But look how hard it is to change the mind back toward God, once He is rejected.

    So all love -- even human love -- derives its staying power, from 'believing-in' the object. So: the second a wife stops believing in her husband, the husband stops, the child stops, the nation stops, the believer stops.. then the love stops, too. Real love never stops: but it first has to DEVELOP. Hebrews 11:1 is never well translated, but it says all this: estin.de pistis elpizomenwn, Hupostasis pragmatwn, elegchos ou blepomenwn. All those "wn" endings are plurals. Meaning many confident believings, many trials, many unseen evidences. All starting with believing. And not stopping. [Heb111.htm has the corrected translation.]

    Like 1Jn does, let's next review the process of thinking-development from the believing-in phase, to Love. As a child, you first believed in your parents. They warned you and cared for you and you learned that what they taught you, proved true. Even, when you disobeyed. So you came to trust them (i.e., 1Jn2:1-6). As you grew older, you learned your parents weren't perfect, but you respected them, anyway. And as you became a bigger person (maturing), you came to love them. Not necessarily attracted to them, but.. well, anything they need, you want to provide. Love rarely feels good. But it remains. And, in human relationships, love is used like a weapon, unfortunately. But God is not people. And the First Commandment has no "people", in it. So, you worry less about people, as time passes. For you have a relationship with God Himself, and you know 1Jn1:9, so you can stay in that relationship. [1Jn is about living the post-salvation relationship, not about salvation. You can't lose your salvation. Some of the verses in 1Jn are poorly translated and so sound like you can lose salvation; most of these verses, unintentionally mess up on English verb tenses, so you can MISread the verses. So if you think you see a verse which says you can lose salvation: try changing the English tense to the progressive tense. For example, "sins" should be "is sinning": a very different meaning in English, signifying the act At The Moment -- which is what John means. See if you don't get a better 'read' on the verse. It takes too long to go through the specific verses.]

      In relationship with God, as you come to know Him in His System, you realize there is No Risk. Finally, Love is free to BE Love, 1Jn2:2. Sure, you might rail at Him from time to time. Sure, you will get very emotional from time to time. But it's always a closeness, and that closeness occurs because of what you know about Him, from being in His System and learning His Book. For that is How God Thinks. Phrased, for human consumption. Yes, it IS possible for Infinite Thinking to be reduced to writing, and only because a Human went to the Cross, having Developed in That Thinking, and completed it. Without sin.

      So now you, with sin, can learn.

      • It starts slowly. It starts with Just Believing, and a kind of Childlike Trust, where you understand little, but boy oh boy you know GOD LIVES!
      • Then it grows, as you grow in the System, into the kind of adult appreciation, which then means "we love, because He first loved us." 1Jn4:19.
      • From there, the love matures.
      • All this growing, is an "abiding" in believing, in the Word (aka "faith", in English Bibles).
      • You Stay In The System.
      • You use 1Jn1:9, you stay under whomever is your right pastor, and
      • you think OVER what you learn in Bible class at times during your day.
      • Every day. So, you grow.
      • So, you come to Love, when you have accumulated enough of that daily DDNA.
      • Kinda like physical growth, it takes some years. But baby, you can't find any happiness like it! Not emotional. Emotions are too small, for this kind of happiness.

      • Notice what's not an issue: sin. Sin was paid for 2000 years ago.
      • You are experiencing it now, but it WAS paid for.
      • So it's not an issue, else Father was unfair to His Own Son -- what a crock.
      • So sin is not an issue. It's an issue to people, who slap God's Name on it to justify making it an issue. Self will do the same thing. Well, all the people are liars. God is Truth.
      • You can't stop sin, cure sin, treat sin.
      • God Alone Did That On The Cross, And God Alone Does That In Your Head, As You Grow In His System.
      • So whatever sin problem you're having, just keep on keeping on in His System. He Will Handle It. Don't you try. Psalm 46:10 "Be Still.. and know that I AM GOD." Whew!

      • For sin is resolved by learning, not earning. I just keep using 1Jn1:9 and firing whatever Doctrine I remember at the moment.
      • That's a Voting, and it Remains Unsinged, 1Cor3.
      • He makes that vote effective, even as He made your initial faith in Christ effective for all time, to save you to Himself forever.
      • Same mechanism, but now applied to the Rest of the Rescue, Building Atop that Foundation of Salvation.
      • From which Voting Atop, demonstrates Love.
      • It's Love God Builds. So don't worry about sin.
      • Do worry about permanently quitting God's System, so make being in it an instinctive habit.
      • 99.9% of Christians do not get in and stay in His System, which is true 'backsliding', 2Pet1:9 (always mistranslated, corr trans is in TrueSpirituality.htm, search on "myopic").

      • As love grows you will become more and more tempted to be disgusted with yourself and what you see around you: this, because Righteous Standards Are Growing In Your Head, and You Are Growing To Love Those Standards.
      • The body will always screw up what you learn, distorting it to the sin-nature's need to reject and blame. That's the "Energizer Bunny" nature of the sin nature.
      • So just keep firing at all that temptation, what you've learned about Grace (my pastor calls this a "problem-solving device" of "grace orientation"). I must think a bizillion times a day, "You Can Do This!" toward God. He can do it, I know that, but my Energizer Bunny is deaf to Him, despite all this beautimous doctrine taught so well over the decades.
      • So relax a little: the stupid temptations never go away. You just get used to them, and even develop a sense of humor!

    This is God's Nature Which Is Growing In You, And Your Nature Cannot Handle It. Hence the need of being in God's System, 1Jn1:9, etc. As time passes, this fight will give way to more subtle fights, and it never goes away. You will mature in the fighting, but it never ends, this side of heaven. Spiritual life is a marathon race, not a sprint, Heb12:1-2, Greek. So it helps to know now that you're in this for the long haul. No magic in God's Love, for God's Love is way better than magic is even imagined to be. For God wants DDNA, not magic. IN You, not in works. For YOU are the works HE wants to work, because He loves.. YOU. You, not works. So forget about works, sin, etc. Just learn Him. By the end of this webpage, you'll see what a huge testimony that is, outweighing all works, and accomplishing the Greatest Work of All Time: "Christ in you, the Confidence of Glory", defeating Satan&Co., Col1:25-27 (see context).

13. So Love as a Metaphor of Word means
the Spirit has Built ENOUGH Dendritic Word in you,
such that you maturely love, even as Christ does.

So Love used as a metaphor for the Word means enough OF that dendritic Word has been built by the Spirit IN you, with the result that you maturely love even as Christ does: John parallels the goal of Eph4:13, Eph3:15-19, in 1Jn4:12-17. To show how the completion of Canon, leads to its completion in your head; leads to the completion of history. So you become a king in eternity, and get a Kingdom of kids to love.

    True Love never thinks in terms of price, so status is but a tool to love the better. Notice how God uses His Godness to Prostrate Himself. Father, for Son. Son, for Father. Spirit, for Father. Father, for Spirit. Son, for Spirit. Spirit, for Son. We insecure humans with our constant yearning for power, cannot therefore love. So we don't 'get' this Love. We think it's grovelling, rather than FREEDOM. So we can't do this love. That's why 1Jn4:19 is so dramatic: we Divinely Love because He FIRST loved us! Circle. Full circle of Infinity inside finity. So no need for power, when you have Love.

    Your human nature cannot perceive this Love. The world cannot perceive it. Under pressure, you will be blindsided and will need to just assert this truth to get through that pressure. In calmer moments, you will realize how true it is. Every day, maybe many times a day, this pressure-assertion process will occur. Because You Are Living a Supernatural Life, in God's System. It's Beyond Human, me ish! me bene adam! So Beyond Human Perception, so seems untrue, foolish, wrong, unproductive, goofy, whatever. But Bible exists, and you fire it at all those too-low arguments. Takes lots of practice.

    True Love is Unconditional, which is impossible for humans: everything necessary to human survival requires PRICING. So only God's Love is True Love. So when the Word is referenced as "love", Bible is talking about a certain spiritual growth level. It's never talking about human love, or even human love for people -- but only Divine Love. Which is an absolute, every time it is "on", 1Jn2:5. And it is "on", if you are in the Spirit (1Jn1:9 used), and in the Word (a refrain, reminder of John 4:23-24). Then you are in the Vine, and in the Father, theme of John 14-17.

    1Jn addresses three groups of varying maturity in that Love. It's true that God's Love is an absolute, but until Enough Word is in us, that Love doesn't connect enough to cross us over the maturation threshold. And there are three such thresholds.

    • First, is childhood. No real love there, but the believing-IN exists. God builds on that.
    • Next, the break into spiritual adulthood, my pastor designates by the Bible term "hope" (elpizw, absolute confident expectation).
    • Makes sense: a child lacks confidence.
    • So: just as a child shouldn't marry, so also a spiritual child can't produce anything but drool and diaper rash.
    • But an adult, can actually have children.
    • So spiritual adults ("young men" in 1Jn) have just crossed over.
    • Third, the "fathers" are called that, because they ARE producing. So, to mix metaphors, one is 'childbearing' as a 'wife' once one is somewhere between "young men" and "fathers". For enough of the Word has grown and Connected to Become a Dianoia of Love in you.

    Greek word "dianoia" means A Thinking Structure That Functions. DDNA is a Structure of Instructions, and when you are Sufficiently Instructed, That Structure Forms. It's kinda like cell division occurring often enough that an aggregate body is produced. Takes time, and in the beginning everything is confusing. Just keep on keeping on. It does get clear and consolidated. Back seven years ago, I knew a lot of Bible doctrine, because I had a good pastor; but only since the last seven years, has it all consolidated so very much. Overwhelming, actually. Fluency is fast, high, even in my sleep. I didn't produce one whit of any of it. Holy Spirit does it. So it works. And I'm still the same doo-doo brain I was at salvation, hence the moniker "brainout". It works. Doctrine Works. The Dianoia Gets Built, so get in and stay in God's System, see for yourself.

    When one becomes mature enough to marry and have children, an enormous change occurs. You stop living for yourself. Love is like that, 1Cor13:4ff. So, that's how it will be in eternity, too. For the Riches of a king are Love of a king. Loving, loved. A circle of love, due to a circle of Word, and it's all Priceless, Isa55:1-11.

14. Hence 1 John's theme:
Completion of Canon AS Love,
wraps up history,
via First Commandment Living in You.

Hence 1John's theme from Chapter 1 is thus the Completion of Canon AS Love, wrapping up history -- in you. Completion ("perfecting" in English Bibles) of a Written Contract which Fulfills the First Commandment, completes Canon, completes Church, completes you, completes God's Trial Answer to Satan&Co. Note how this Trinity Love Contract is expressed in Isa53:10-12: If you will give Your Soul as a substitute for sin, you will sire many, who will via You, get the Light of the Word. There's not one verse in Bible which doesn't point to this Contract, which was made between Father and Son in eternity past. John understood it; he's using "Light" in 1Jn to reference the (missing-in-translation) LXX of Isa53:11, since it's the Heart Of The Our Legacy In Christ; so when he repeatedly uses the Greek verb teleiow (=to complete, "to perfect" in legal sense), he's thus showing how that contract gets fulfilled first in (1Jn4:12), and then in association with, us (1Jn4:16).

    Trinity as Family is so widely played on the OT you'd have to take five sabbaticals just to list the salient wordplay in all the OT verses. I think I stopped counting after about 500 verses, deciding I could never list and explain them all in TrinityCites.htm. The wordplay doesn't port over into English, so you can empathize with the translators, here. You can't even list all the categories of wordplay methods: I started to try, and then flat gave up. Come on! One of the Hebrew months is named "Father" (Ab, in Hebrew)! In that month, both Temple destructions occur because the Son was rejected! How the Jews can deny Trinity with so much wordplay in the Hebrew on Ab, and Breath (ruach, ruach-elohim being one way the Holy Spirit is designated), I'll never know. Most of Bible's OT Divine Humor is based on Trinity, marriage, fathering, birthing: FAMILY, get it?

    Birthing, Building, and Trinity-as-Family wordplay are the three most common metaphorical structures in the original-language texts of Bible: now maybe you begin to see why. Infinity inside finity, and it's not a compromise? LOL no! It's a FULFILLMENT! God has Desires, and just because He can do a thing, doesn't mean He wants to go against volition!

    So here's the Deal They Struck:

    • the Holy Breath ("Spirit", to you) will Breathe Power for the Son's Humanity so
    • the Son's Humanity can choose to stand off from using His Own Deity, even through the Cross. So it's never a work!
    • 'Mom', the Holy Spirit does that birthing, brithing, breathing, but not the actual paying, so 'Mom' isn't working, either!
    • Father, for His part, is the Ordainer (so bears the most responsibility) -- yet does neither the Breathing nor the Paying, but instead the Judging, so it's not His Work, either!
    This is the Divine Sense of Humor: I, Holy God, did not make Myself, so there's no such thing as anyone making himself, either. I, Holy God will make them, and thus they will be Made Like My Son. Shouldn't Holy God get that? Of course. But not, based on deserving -- but based on Love. With all Three, Wholly, Holy Participating. Which is what births us. David claims this No-Work Deal as the basis for his petition for Divine Aid, in Psalm 40:5-9, showing that the Word got IN him. [Section 85 in the Mormon holy books is a ribald satire on Psalm 40:8's Hebrew And Greek, so of course no Mormon could know that. The Bible verse is mistranslated in the English to say "heart": but in the Hebrew and Greek, the term rendered "heart" should have been translated "inner parts", "womb", "guts". The verse is referenced in Isa53:11, therefore. So Section 85 satirizes both Ps40:8 and Isa53:11 in both the Hebrew and Greek! For Section 85 says it's Joseph Smith -- not Christ, Who is depicted in Ps40:8 and Isa53:11 -- but it's Joseph Smith, who has a "fountain of truth" in his "bowels". In other words, truth is doo-doo in Joseph Smith. What demonic wit: they always but always mock those who believe in their fake holy books. Poor Joseph Smith didn't know Greek and Hebrew of Ps40:8 and Isa53:11; nor could he, because at that time, the Bible IN those languages was just then being collated overseas, by Samuel Tregelles and other Bible people. So this was a demon who made up Section 85. More on Section 85 is in SatStrat.htm.]

    So, just as ON the Cross, it's a CIRCLE, a CYCLING in aggregate of Word in us, which makes this process complete. Last two sections of this webpage will explain more about the process and its testimony, siring results. For now, just notice that "from the beginning" this Love Contract gets completed, in and with Church. Technically: because the First Commandment got fulfilled by Christ in HIS Body, He gets a Body to Administer that Love: we are that Bridal Body. It's an award to HIM, part of the "booty" promised back in Isa53:10-12.

    Hence "Completed": passive voice, Holy Spirit brings you to completion via Word-Love in your head: tieing to and playing on "It is Finished!" which Christ said on the Cross (tetelestai). Really bald statements that Doctrine in you=Love, and that's what completes you, testifies, and gets you "confidence" (of reward) at Bema (1Jn4:17, climactic verse). The DDNA angle comes from menw and agape and many intimacy/pregnancy allusions like "in", "abide", "children", "seed" in 1Jn3:9: so long as you abide under the Spirit who made Christ from a virgin, you too abide in the Word-Seed; and so, during that time you not only cannot sin but you are caused bear spiritual kids of your own -- inside yourself! Spiritual DNA! What a witty way to play on Isa53:11's "me amal" (labor pains of the Seed bearing all sins on the Cross)! [1Jn3:9 treats the Holy Spirit as birthing learning 'seed' of Word, Sanhedrin aphorism -- see gennaw in a lexicon. There's an ancient Judaic concept which comes from the Bible, that those who teach the Word 'sire' children who learn it. Bible stresses that about Abraham, and Paul uses that Judaic concept to write 1Corinthians, Romans 4, Galatians and Ephesians.]

    Something else gets completed, due to the completion of Canon: Church. And Church, completes God's Trial argument to Satan&Co. about Why Love Triumphs. John's tying Church back to eternity past, to the Trial, and hence to the Garden couple, just like Paul does in his witty Book of Ephesians. [LvS4a.htm begins Part IV of the Lord vs. Satan Trial, very long, very comprehensive on this topic.]

    Remember what was said earlier, quoting James on how demons believe Him, but not IN Him? How they ridicule the Word? Well, look: we have believed in Him. So as 1Jn4:12-19 dramatically sketches, We Are On Trial For Believing In The Word: will we 'remain' in that belief, 'remain' in the Love the Word builds IN us, 'remain' as evidence of Him, overcoming Satan&Co. while still IN the world? That's our real testimony, and the real culmination of history (main theme of 1Jn and John Chaps 14-17). As you'll see better in the next section, it's not testimony to people, but to God. God First. Which is why we are on Trial: is God the One Who's First? If no, our testimony runs the football into Satan's endzone, and the demons laugh their heads off. But if YES, it demonstrates to Satan&Co. that their rejection of their version of the First Commandment, is wrong. For they were (and still are) higher in nature than we puny humans.

    First Commandment has no one but "God" in it; no angels, and no people, either. Deut 6:5 follows the dramatic Deut 6:4, the command to Hear The Word, saying:

    "You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength."

    No other object, and none of you left, either. The Lord's Humanity changes Deut 6:5 to UPGRADE it, since He will be our DDNA. For He says,

    "You shall love the LORD your God in (by means of, in the sphere of) ALL your heart (believing-in),
    and in ALL your soul and in ALL your Understanding/Thinking-Of-Doctrine."
    [Matt22:37, Mark 12:30, Luke 10:27.]

      That purple capitalized text is really the pithy Greek noun "dianoia"; the term is usually fuzzily truncated in English as "mind"; but "dianoia" is not merely the faculty of thinking. Rather, the term stresses the CONNECTIONS in the thinking, how the thinking 'moves', and the CONTENT of the thinking; here wrought by all those spiritual dendrites and data the Holy Spirit makes INSIDE you.

      So "dianoia" means DDNA as an entirety, the 'body' of the thinking HE's made in you: the 'Divine throughput' of your soul. It's no longer the old Deut6:5 standard, your own strength. It's HIS Strength, same as the Holy Spirit did to Jesus Himself. Which is why He changes the last word in First Commandment. [Interpretative quoting tells you how to use the quote. It's not like our modern practice of merely repeating a quote everyone already knows.] You'll need to trace "dianoia" throughout Bible, to see this specialized meaning. [Well over 200 occurrences of cognates, i.e., Isa55:9 uses dianoemata, rendered "thoughts", body-of-thinking; 122 occurrences of morphed dianoia words alone; sometimes they are rendered "heart", as in Isa14:13, 35:4. A telling use of dianoia is in Isa57:11, where God 'chides' for the lack-of-thinking ON Him (NASB trans is cool). So, whew: start with Heb101517.htm, to see the Holy Spirit's Writing Role so you can tell it's about the DDNA dendrites and data. Then Paul's letters are next easiest.]

      So note how nothing of 'you' remains left over to 'give' to people. Oh, how 'Christians' would bristle if they knew the First Commandment, since they want everything to be about people! Yeah, well.. 1Jn has a lot to say about how if you don't love God, you cannot love people, partly for this reason; so if you do love God, then you ipse truly love people. So it's God-First, and God-only. Takes time to grow up in the Word enough for this God-First (a state of being, not emotion) to become true; but baby, if you don't seek to grow there, you'll never know anything but ennui. You're not designed to be less than God, which is why the First Thing He did, Was Give You His Own (and Christ's Own) Divine Righteousness, 2Cor5:21. So you cannot be fulfilled, unless you are filled up with Word, Rom8:4. So you cannot love, until you love God, 1Jn4:19.

      Christ didn't cave into the to-people arguments of Satan in Matt4. Every one of those Three Temptations was a claim that Christ didn't love people, if He didn't a) make stones into bread, b) do a flashy jumping display so people would believe in Him; c) take over the kingdoms of the world on behalf of defeating Satan himself (oh, how Satan loves to be the messiah) and on behalf of caring for people. We Christians fall for these Three temptations immediately, every day. See The Difference The First Commandment Makes? It's only about God, never people -- for the better sake of people. God made us. God is the One who takes care of people. To substitute someone else, makes one Just Like Satan.

    Preview of coming distractions: the biggest evil -- and the one which felled Israel -- is to replace "God" with "people", all in the name of the First Commandment. Very deft ploy. It's Satan's ace trump, and he plays it well. While we are spiritual children, Satan limits our idea of 'spiritual' to people-stuff; so we never get those spiritual dendrites and data from the Holy Spirit. For to get them, requires us choose God over-and-against people, like the Lord did in Matt4. Adam didn't pass that test, he chose his wife. We don't pass the test, either. So DNA remains DNA, no one gets DDNA, so no one remains in GOD'S Love. For God's Love is DDNA, only. True riches, as Christ puts it so often in the Gospels. Satan would make it dDNA, the devil's DNA -- in God's Name, of course!

    For True Divine Love will always CUT OUT, GRAFT IN.

    • Cut out Adam and the woman from the Garden, for cutting out God;
    • cut out Cain for cutting out Abel,
    • but graft in Seth;
    • cut out all but Noah &Co., in the Flood;
    • cut out Ishmael,
    • but graft in Isaac;
    • cut out Esau,
    • but graft in Jacob;
    • cut out Levi for cutting off Shechem,
    • but graft Levi back in through his youngest daughter, Moses' great-grandmother,
    • but via Aaron, since Moses cut himself out;
    • meanwhile, cut out all the firstborn of Egypt,
    • in order to graft in Israel,
    • which also meant cutting out all the Canaanites;
    • but then cut out ALL of Israel, when she cut off God in favor of Saul,
    • but Graft Her Back in, via David;
    • so of course, when the Last David arrives, He too must be CUT OFF, for the sake of Israel,
    • and when Israel cut Him off, well..
    • Church had to be grafted in.

    I submit to you that this seemingly-cruel exclusivity of GOD ALONE FIRST -- demonstrates more love for people than all the acts of love and charity since Adam's Fall and forever afterwards. So lookie what happened as a result of cutting people out -- all mankind can be SAVED! So we must cut people out, God being first. First before everything and everyone else, the same test as in Matthew 4. THAT is what's On Trial.

Hence both the Riches AND Love of a King, are always under attack.
More specifically: ON TRIAL. As in, Legal Trial.

So of course, our Plot, our Script, our Story is rather dramatic. Fitting, for a Trial By Combat. The Script/Plot/Story nature is one of WAR. Specifically, CIVIL war. The story of this war and our role in it, is comprehensively explained in the "Thinking" series, accessible from the Home Page (upper right teal box); the first page in that series, is LordvSatan1.htm, which furnishes you with an overview. This DDNA webseries is the 'micro' side of the Thinking series, to explain how you are DDNA-transmuted; but the war is over WHETHER you DDNA-transmute. For that's the same war angels had before mankind was created: back then, Satan decided that God's DDNA-transmuting plan for the angels, was evil. So he along with 1/3rd of the angels, rebelled against it, Isa14:13-14. ["Satan" is a title, not a name: means "adversary" as in "opposing attorney" in a trial. But his real name is Haylel ben-Shachar, which name can be rendered "Shining Son of the Dawn", Isa14:12. LXX renders it "MorningStar, Descendant" -- well, the LXX uses incredible wordplay, you'd better just look it up.]

    The rebellion is based on priced love, essentially. Satan claims there should BE a price to love. Since God is Infinite, the price God 'asks', is too high. Notice how to justify rebellion, Satan changes the truth. God is Infinite, and God does all the work, for FREE. We choose to get that done TO us, or not. Love never coerces. Does it really BUG our finite nature to submit to this process? Yes. You can't become bigger than what you are, without it bugging what you are. Growing pains means going against what you are 'now', in order to become what you are not. But that doesn't mean you earned anything. If you love something, you don't call it a cost, you call it a GAIN. If, by contrast, you hate something, you twist the truth to make a cost. Hence you can say that the One growing you, is 'asking' a price OF you. Thus priding yourself on your hatred. Pride and hatred always go together. The common urge in the media, by popular psychologists, etc. that you 'deserve' and should be proud of yourself, etc. is sheer satanic salesmanship, period. Recipe for misery, every time. John 3:16+2Cor5:21 makes you as good as God, so you don't need to ever think in that miserable, puny, sickly, 'deserving' way! Read all of 2Cor5, if you've any doubts.

    Frankly, Satan himself is the best witness to prove how yucky and gross a thing it is, to pursue 'deserving' or being 'proud' of yourself. Look: the 'deserving', 'proud' mentality of Satan makes him his own god; he clearly craves that conclusion. Ok, now put yourself in his place: you are this god. Therefore whatever goes wrong, you have to fix. But you can't fix all that goes wrong. So you have nothing to be proud of. You failed, see. So you don't deserve to be god. And by the way, even when you do fix something, it doesn't stay fixed for long; or what you fixed, isn't the thrill you expected.. afterwards. So you are always huffing and puffing for no reward, constantly being disappointed. Welcome to the reality of being your own god. Satan also testifies that he does not like being his own god: see the Third Temptation in Matt4. He tempted the Lord to zap him into oblivion by the crass insult of 'offering' all the kingdoms of the world which by rights the Lord owned anyway. So Satan was expressing his own death wish. So will you, if you make yourself. See? Pride and deserving ideas suck. Better to be a drunken bum on Los Angeles' Skid Row, than to seek all the kingdoms of the world...

So it has always been a war/struggle over whether Superior God makes you like HIM, or whether you make yourself your OWN way. For God is infinite, but you are finite; so if you love God, you want to be more like Him FOR Him. If you hate God's superiority, you want.. divorce. So you can be your own god. Satan&Co. will gladly 'help' you be your own god. In fact, you'd then need their help, for you can't improve yourself on your own. [Adam was created perfect, so no improvement mechanism inside himself was created. It wasn't justifiable. Any further growth would be beyond his then-current nature, so such growth would have to come from God.] You aren't your own, and weren't designed to be on your own, so you always need either God's Power, or Satan's. There is no middle ground. See, you were designed to be a King-Priest. No king owns himself, but his kingdom owns him. So if you want to be made like the Most High FOR the Most High, God will do that TO you and FOR you. If, by contrast, you want to be made like Satan&Co., they will do that TO you and FOR themselves. Your choice.

    Notice how this is the same issue as faced Adam and the woman in the Garden. Two trees. For us, the "Tree of Life" is the Cross, John 3:16 being the vote for it. For us, the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" is refusing the Cross. Post-salvation, it's the same choosing, but with this upgrade: "Tree of Life" is Romans 8:4, getting filled up with Christ's Thinking in God's System. Satan's tree is thus (still) the world's thinking, and you choose to get filled up with that. Historically, 99.9% of Christians have opted for Satan's tree, and so are filled up with satanic thinking.

    Again, capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships. What makes life hell, is that we have no soul capacity for life. Instead, we are bundles of urges, needs -- all due to the sin nature. That nature is an incessantly-needy tyrant, infecting our DNA; so when it gets in the soul, it mindlessly plays tyrannical instructions from that DNA. The first sin's imprint is a combination of Adam's original sin urges residually stored in the genetic material, plus a mutated residual storage of all the urges of all the other people whose genes you inherited. Thereafter, however, the imprints vastly mutate based on your own volition, and no one else's. So you can be tempted based on the genes, but only if your volition assents, will such temptations have any power in your soul. The power is weak, at best, even so. It takes many repetitions of your YESes, to give that nature power. But you are spiritually dead to God from birth, not from your first sin, because of your genes. [Again, no one goes to hell but for lifelong refusal of the Gospel, John 16:9. So babies who die obviously go to heaven.]

    So, mutating the meanwhile, your DNA-based sin nature mindlessly bills itself out as a god you must obey, kinda like a huge urge to pee, eat, sleep, etc. Hence we mistakenly call it 'good' when needs are met. And while they remain UNmet, we call that 'bad'. But true good only occurs when the need itself no longer matters, whether met or unmet. For so long as the need itself matters, it tyrannizes you. Freedom thus only occurs when your soul has sufficient capacity. For only then will it no longer matter that you need: the need can't interfere with your happiness, anymore.

    You know how hard it is to undo a past bad habit. How hard, to exercise and diet and otherwise 'war' with your body. Well, one war you cannot win, is the war with the old sin nature. You can redirect its trends, but when you do, the new trends are even more powerful at blinding you. The world's prescriptions for dealing with sin all make the 'solution' an even bigger tyrant, than the thing it allegedly solved. That's why welfare programs don't work, why multiple, choking laws don't work, why do-goodism doesn't work, why nothing works but to make life worse, not better. It's all picking-at-pimples, to try to solve the sin nature and its natural 'children', the problems in this world. But so long as one wants to be the god, rejecting the Real God, well.. one will fantasize he is fixing something. Just like Satan does.

    Man can't solve the sin-nature problem, since his very body-and-soul DNA, is now infected with this sin-tyranny (called "flesh" and "old man" in Bible). So God is out to make us Christ-capacious; for on the Cross, all that horrendous need which sin produces and urges, Lacerated His Soul Utterly -- Yet Didn't Even Dent His Love. So instead, the True Solution was accomplished, and is on 'reserve', as it were, for every human born: DDNA conversion. That will make you Christ-capacious, so even while hurting, you are content. That's what happened to Him, that's His Legacy to us (main theme of Book of Hebrews and Ephesians). It does mean that God's Heb4:12 surgery, will continually (progressively) be uncomfortable. But each moment of it, pays a bizillion dollars forever -- because Father wants it to. God is One Big Now, doesn't like suffering, loves blessing, so it has to pay bigtime to Him, if one of His sons (from The Son) suffers. See, you are much loved, theme of Eph1!

    Satan thinks God's 'solution' to man's problem, is evil. So Satan&Co. promulgate their own 'solution', which is to make man's needs become works which deserve a reward. So, the world rewards such works, as you well know. Whether those rewards are better than what God does, is the substance of the Trial, and we of course are constantly voting between God's solution, or the world's (Satan's 'solution'). You'll end up loving the one and hating the other. There is no middle ground. So your capacities will end up reflecting one or the other: you will either end up 1) having no capacity for God and total capacity for only the world, so you'll hate God but love the world; or 2) having only Capacity for God and no capacity for the world, so you'll Love God and Not Need the world -- even while your human needs are maxed, analogous to Christ-on-the-Cross.

    So this is the biggest and foundational, classic Love vs. hatred story: everything else down here therefore plays the same script. So it's about marrying and birthing kids; it's about politics and power; it's about struggling against your enemies. Classic epic. From which all other plots, derive. Hence the Hero's challenge: do you Love God despite the fact He's way superior? Or do you hate Him for that? Underlying fact giving rise to this plotline: God didn't make Himself. And you don't make yourself, either. But Satan claims to make himself superior to God, Isa14:13-14. So, we're here to pick either his choice.. or God's. Either way, you're picking WHO will remake you: God's Remaking, is DDNA. Satan's remaking, is dDNA. Which, of course, he believes superior to God's DDNA. So it's about Real Love versus real hatred; Real Marriage (here, Christ and Church) versus real divorce; Real Wealth versus real destruction/poverty. Lasting, forever. It's as big a Production to Love, as can be.

So: in this Culminating Phase of the War-Trial, God is out to build a Bride for His Son, which is Church. Then, to marry her off for all eternity; at which point, she keeps on birthing DDNA kids; starting, Down Here And Right Now. For in that first nanosecond you believe(d) in Christ, you marry Him. What kind of marriage ensues after that, depends on how much DDNA gets put in you. The marriage, is absolute. The way it forever plays on and for you, is a matter of your consent, every second you breathe. You can always reverse a prior vote, but many prior votes of course will take time to nullify. Meanwhile, every positive vote you make has a bizillion times the effect. Which you know, because God took your first vote for John 3:16, and saved you forever. So how much more now will He do with your subsequent positive votes! For you are not your own, but His, now.

    God does all the work to endower this Bride. But the Bride, must consent. So Satan is out to abort this consent, so to abort the production of DDNA kiddies, to abort God's Rulership, itself. For if Satan can do this aborting, then he wins over God. That's the deal. We know from Scripture Satan won't win, but God isn't even trying to stop Satan; God is out to help Satan&Co. to subordinate, since that will truly make them happy. But it's Satan, who's always out to refuse God's never-ending offer. That's why there is a hell. Because, God really never accepts divorce. It's inimical to His Sovereign Attitude concerning His Attribute of Infinity: which Sovereign Attitude, thus desires to "fill all in all", end Eph1.

    Hence God's Wealth, Kingship -- us -- are always under satanic attack. Hence even down here, "rich" are always on Trial, accused of not 'giving' to the poor. Wealth of DDNA -- Bible in your head, run by the Holy Spirit -- is the highest wealth there is: resulting in Love, God's Own Attributes. So we saw in the previous section, God purposed to make this DDNA in us back in eternity past, via His First Son, Isa53:10-12. By contrast, Satan's out to make his own brand of wealth, thinking that by so doing, he defeats God in the Trial.

So this spiritual siring by God, occurs amidst a Divorce Trial which Satan&Co. filed; hence we were created. Hence the human race has always been "evidence" in the Trial. In this phase of the Trial, we Church are being developed and then presented in evidence (by both sides, actually) to show the results of Love as Word IN you. Or, the lack thereof. Word, not works. Love=Word, not works.

    Love itself does all the work. Question is whose Love and whose works? And, what's the Quality Of The Resulting 'Children'? God says that His Love Must be Built in you; else the resulting 'children' have the 'quality' of menstrual rags, Isa64:6. Satan counters that God's 'love' is masochistic and sadistic, so offers his own dDNA 'seed'. Both sides in the Trial agree that what man does, is worthless in and of itself. Neither side in the Trial really faults us for that, we're too puny. It's not about how small we are, it's about Where Our Consents Go. The quality is entirely based on who remakes us; that Production Result is Trial Evidence. So in this Trial, we are 'operated on' by one side or the other. So we vote for who remakes us every second we breathe, by believing in one or the other side's tenets. So notice how in any event, It's the Believing, and not works, which develops you. As a result of which believing, works result (main theme in James, always mistranslated). So the resulting Trial Evidence shows 1) who is developing you, and 2) whose works thus result. That's the 'game'; you are always deciding who will do it TO you: whether you know that, or not.

So what's on Trial, is God's LOVE. Satan contends God lies, and does not love, essentially. So it's a big battle over the works of God, versus the works of Satan&Co. That's why Satan tempts the Lord in Matt4, with works! You can see where this argument is heading, can't you? Do you Wait for God to Work, or .. do YOU work? Satan was trying to break the Lord's waiting on Father...
    • So: if you Wait on the Lord to do the Work He wants to do in you, 2Pet3:18 -- you will be a Victorious Witness, and own ("inherit", in Bible) your own kingdom, for all eternity. Just as it stands written, "Wait on the Lord, be of good courage; and He will give you the desires of your heart." Ps27:14, 31:24, 37:4.

    • By contrast, if you don't have the Word in you, you aren't abiding in God and you don't love Him, and your Trial witness is a failure. But you will be putting a lot of touchdown works.. in Satan's endzone. See 1Cor3:13, 2Pet3:10.

    Notice the apples-and-oranges goals and results. God doesn't want works, He wants sons; so only does works for the sons He's developing; because those sons are in the world, the world benefits from God's works; because those who are not sons refuse to become sons -- could God make it easier, than John 3:16? -- God will not do works for them. By contrast, Satan says because God won't do works for the refusers, God doesn't love. So Satan does works for the refusers, alleging he's the greater lover. Yeah, he is that petty. Welcome to reality.

    God's Work, therefore, is to Produce Children Of Love. That means, Happy Children. Truly happy, not automatons. Truly happy, therefore independent. Irony of how total dependence on God produces maximum independence, is Christ Himself (thesis of Book of Hebrews). So His Victory on the Cross, demonstrated Maximum Happy Independence via Maximum Dependence, Heb5:8-9, Heb12:2. So he defeated Satan in the Trial (Heb1-2), but.. now the kiddies get produced (ibid).

      Christ paid for every soul in history on the Cross. So clearly God Loves every soul He makes at birth, no exceptions (1Jn2:2, 2Pet3:9). So He loves all the angels, too, including Satan&Co., since He made them. But when the child rebels, the child is refusing to have God's Involvement in the child's life. So, a Loving God accepts that refusal. But the same Loving God, knows what will most aid the child to see that his refusal is the source of his unhappiness. So, part of the Blessing The World Gets Due To The Developing Sons In It, is a blessing of discipline: lest the rebelling children, have no escape route out of their self-made unhappiness. That's another reason why hell will always exist. God never gives up, 1Cor13:4ff, Rom9.

      Judicially, the issue is related: The King Who Made You is being refused. Christ's many parables on this topic in the Gospels, explain that issue. So what is at heart a Loving Father's discipline, is judicially, a warring: hence the last half of John 3, is about that warring 'match' Justice would require. So the hating world can see in its own 'language', what Justice must ensue. And its children-of-God, get blessed (and spanked, of course). So the hating world can see the advantage -- again, in its own language -- of making peace. Frankly, the West only developed due to the few believers in it. The US is not of itself, powerful. Same is true of any other nation. The sons in the nation are the only source of blessing, because it's a Justice Issue. Founded, by Love.

    Satan's work, therefore, is to produce Children Of Misery. That means bored children, prickly children, fighting children, dependent children who never grow up. For Satan is all about aborting whatever God creates. So he's all about faking out the prolifers who never look at Bible in the original languages, to see how no soul is ever in a womb. So, he can chuckle over how he's aborting their very real spiritual life, in the name of life. Yeah, he's that petty. Should see how much more cruel a game he plays on the Moslems via the Koran, but I digress...

      As 1Jn keeps repeating, if you are in the Word you are loving (i.e., 1Jn2:5); if not, you are hating (ibid, immediate context). So at any moment, believer, you are either hatred-based or love-based. The unbeliever is only hatred-based, and wouldn't know love -- again, 1Jn repeatedly explains all this.

      When a hatred-based person is attracted, he must beat up the object of his attraction. Therefore the more you do for a child of misery, the more you will be hated for it, and the more you will 'make' him miserable. So at some point, you must stand off. Conversely, whatever mistakes you make (and we all do), the more those mistakes will be blown out of proportion, to justify further hatred of you. So again, at some point you must stand off.

      When a love-based person is attracted, he must leave free the object of his attraction. So the children of love, are quiet; but the children of misery, are loud. The children of love, put UP (and put up with) the objects of their love; but the children of misery, must put down the objects of their attraction. Seduction of any kind is a put down; flirting, compliments, you-name-it, are done to manipulate, and are all coming from misery. For misery seeks power. Love seeks to avoid power, since it already has too much and wouldn't want to influence the love object in any way.

      So that's yet another reason why God stands aloof from the world, sending His blessing only through the children of love. God is not like the children of misery, but since those children are clamoring and loud, they can't 'hear' His Quietness. So all they 'hear', is their own language. Yet, He demonstrates He Himself is not like them, by leaving them free to clamor, etc. Sooner or later, many of these children (of which we all once were) will catch onto God's Quiet Freedom. For lightning doesn't strike them down, the wicked do prosper, especially the religious wicked. They need space and time to see that God is Quiet, because He is Loving. So they need that contrast, even as they need the seeming 'warring' in their own language. The 'mix' between the two varies all the time, for God knows when you need to 'hear' Him 'mimic' your own miserable nature, and when you need to 'hear' Him be Quiet. No one, but no one, goes UNloved by God. Not even in hell.

    So: Who shall work upon YOU? God, or Satan&Co.? You and I are in the operating theatre; you and I are on the stage, in the stadium: with billions of angels (and probably many dead believers, I dunno).. watching. See how much we miss when we cut God out of the First Commandment? Thus mistaking Who sees us, as mere people? The whole people-people thing, doesn't even matter! The whole people-stress thing comes from the guys who enjoy guffawing at our touchbacks! (Per dictionary.com, a "touchback" occurs you make a touchdown for the opposing team. That's the definition I grew up with in the 1950's. Not all dictionaries agree, today.]

There's an unbelievably-gigantic difference between God's DDNA-Love-Production works, and Satan's dDNA version; because, God's love and Satan's, are antithetical. Again, this is Trial Evidence. And your own Trial witness/production is this: How You Vote. How Do You Vote.. and Keep Voting? For GOD'S works.. or for Satan's? It's Evidence, hence Legal: you're voting for Who Rules you, every second. Therefore Because Of You, 'in your name', Works get Produced. The works of 'you' are always bigger than whatever you do, good or bad. Because this is a Trial, and what's getting done TO you is always the Bigger Power. So if you're getting dDNA, that's a bigger power than anything you personally are doing -- Satan&Co. are doing works through and in you, and that's the Evidence 'you' are producing. Conversely, if you're getting DDNA because you're voting for God by Being In His System, then that Power is Producing IN and FOR you, Works IN you and in the world. And that is Evidence, as well. So at no point are you the product of what you do. You are only the product of what gets done TO you, and most of the time you can't even see what's happening to you, or what's being done in the world 'in your name'. Welcome to reality. It's exhilirating and humiliating, and it's the truth. The Real Truth. You are simultaneously both bigger, and smaller, than you think yourself. Play on the Hypostatic Union, dual-natured value, per the Greek of Heb11:1. [See Heb111.htm for a corrected translation, since no translated Bible I can read, but screws up that verse.]

    Here's a quick example. The Divine purpose of the internet, is to get the Word out where it couldn't otherwise privately go. A big problem with getting the Word out, is that people-people interactions put pressure on the hearer. But the internet is private: one person in front of a computer. No pressure, no judging, no money-begging, etc. So the individual gets the needed space to consider God and issues related to Him. It's direct, too: for internet sites are needles in haystacks, so the person getting a particular site can know it came from God -- for God alone knows where the right needles are in the right haystacks, hallelujah -- not the site's writer. Perfect, that. We humans need to get out of each other's way...

    Satan&Co. also wanted the internet, but to denude us of privacy, to homogenize us: we all can be more easily herded into their be-your-own-god altruism: pattern of Tower of Babel, George Orwell's 1984. If they can get us all on the same altruistic page, we will be so busy looking at ourselves and making ourselves gods, that we will be like ancient Rome. The 'world' size in our eyes thus dazzling us, we will forget all about God, and even shake our fists at Him whenever He does some weather or disaster warning. Pattern of the people in Revelation Chapters 6-19. For this body is very susceptible to the world's siren songs, being as we are all infected with the sin nature.

    Consequently, all the people making money due to the internet, and those who invented it, are needed for the internet to exist and continue. So they are blessed by both sides. So they won't realize that's the reason, of course, and will congratulate or curse themselves or others based on banalities like stock price, or what kudos Fortune or some other magazine, gives them. They work very hard to make this internet thingy go, and they thus think they earned whatever they get. But they cannot earn it, since the very purpose of their success is not related to their own working.

    Not that working hard is pointless, but.. the point of it is something else -- which is UNseen. So never think that what you do, is the value of it. Even brushing your teeth in God's System does far more than anything you could do in a body. Even earning a billion dollars on your investments does nothing of value, if you're in Satan's system -- you're just making touchdowns for good-and-evil thinking, for all your hard work. But don't hate money and material stuff, either: because it all does have a more valuable purpose, than the one you can see. Instead, Vote For The Right Team. And then, whatever you do, will be truly valuable.

    Parts III and IV of the Thinking series (link at pagetop) go through the importance of a believer in God's System, in terms of what value he is to the world. It's enormous, this value: only believers make history (forget the history books!) and only believers in God's System can buy time for the world to go on living; for only believers are the source of blessing or cursing by God to the world. Here in this webpage, only a teeny bit of that value will be explained via examples. See, if God is pleased, then He expresses His Pleasure. And since He's Infinite, His Pleasure is Infinite, so He expresses Himself in a Gigantic way. After all, only One Person paid for all the sins of History, and He did it with Thinking, not doing. So never underestimate the Pleasure of God.

      Since Christ really did pay for everyone, the value of every soul, believer or unbeliever, is much higher than it would otherwise be. God upped the cost of creation when He ordained Christ pay for it. Christ (then, as God alone) wanted that increased cost, to express His Love for Father. Spirit wanted it for the same reason. So the Chairman of the Board of the Trinity Corporation, ordained it. As a result, all of us are extremely valuable -- paid for by the Thinking "blood of Christ". DDNA-potential, see. Before, we were just dumb bunnies, worthless, cannonfodder. But now, In Christ -- potentially, or really (if we ever 'did' John 3:16) -- we are extremely valuable. See, when you pay a bizillion dollars for something, it is afterwards worth much more to you than it was before you paid that money.

      Never underestimate either the Pleasure or the Power of God. Absolute Love is more powerful than anything in the universe, and Love loves obedience. God 'obeys' because He wants to. Absolutely. So this isn't a God Who's keen on condemnation: Romans 5, Rom8:1, 2Pet3:9, Isa45:7, Isa55:9, Eph3:15-19, 2Cor8:9, Rev2:9. Even the Dome of the Rock gets to stand in mute and utter testimony to the Christ's Victory on behalf of the whole world: Matt24, Dan9:25-26. Anyone can see it.

    Satan expresses himself in terms of destruction, and all he does to improve the world is designed as a setup to destroy it. Satan's pretty upset the Lord didn't take him up on his surrender in the Third Temptation of Matt4, and he knows there's nothing he can do to win. So he wants everything destroyed, classic Wagner Gotterdammerung plot. So going for what the world wants is a waste of time. But you can Change The Reason Why You Do Stuff In This Body. Look UP, and then you'll have a real satisfaction in anything you do: Isa53:11's "see, be satisfied" (Hebrew) clause.

Moreover, your own ultimate nature is the outcome of all those amalgamated votes. As always, any past votes you made, can be undone (usually gradually). So it's never too late to change your voting pattern. In all events, you are always voting with every thought you think, every action you do. And absent DDNA building in you.. you're voting for Satan. No way around it: You Can't Vote For God, Absent God's Power. So when you vote for God, the Holy Spirit makes that vote produce DDNA, even as He made your first 'vote' for John 3:16, save you forever. But now, the question changes to what goes atop that salvation, as Paul puts it in Romans 8:4.

Meanwhile the world, Christians included, largely votes for Satan: people rely on people rather than God, so they vote for Satan rather than God, so.. touchdown! for the enemy side.

    God must therefore stand aloof: He was rejected. Being rejected, He Must Withhold Blessing, And Instead Judge. Satan's constantly saying (viz., beginning of Job1, Job 2, Zech 3, "accuser" verses): see, they voted for me, not You; see, they should therefore be wiped out. Satan builds his 'seed' in order to destroy God's Begetting. Never forget that.

    In the Bible, it's easy to see the past testimony: the qualitative 'children' of God's building-UP works, versus Satan's destroying works. Not so easy to see this evidence in the world around us. Yet the evidence is everywhere. Look: the world is constantly doing works for mankind. Why, we're falling all over ourselves to help the poor, the hurricane victims, the tsunami victims, the name-your-brand victims. Every piece of legislation, every TV program, internet site, radio show is all full of good-deeds pushes. And with what motive? So we can fancy ourselves, gods. For if we really cared about the human race, we'd be Voting For God's Help, rather than trying to do it ourselves. So sure, beneath this i-am-god attitude, there's lots of altruism. But altruism is only there to serve guilt, ego, the need to feel good by beating up someone else. You can see this ulterior ego motive trump any alleged love for the victim quite easily: next time someone tells you what good deed he did, don't reply by complimenting the person. Then, watch his reaction.

    They crucified the Lord for not complimenting them, you know (Isa53:2-3). He didn't fawn over or even kowtow to their very very many good deeds. So they violated every juridical law IN the Law, granting Him no witnesses. They violated even the Passover itself -- the penalty for which should have been, their own deaths -- in order to grant Him a lot of punches, blindfolded! They also granted Him bribery -- which a dull populus greedily accepted -- to free a murderer (Barabbas). [Details are in PassPlot.htm.] Even like, today's works crowd. Works people love to and need to condemn others. It's a trend of history.

    Post-crucifixion, the Christians quickly forget about Christ altogether; they retreat back to the Law, go hog-wild for works, and the Judaizers among them -- the very people who did the most works -- were those who beat up Paul on the Temple steps! You can see this sordid story play out in that Book of Early Christian Failure, aka "Acts". Paul (with Luke, Timothy, a few others) got straightened out. Later, Peter and John got outta Jerusalem, realizing that works don't work: the Bible records Peter going to Antioch and later Babylon (never to Rome, that was Paul's territory after God shipped him there in chains). John ended up on Patmos, exiled there by Domitian. But the others all morphed into the Church Fathers: we all know how That Failure turned out.. Rev17, preening live even today, still wearing the same colored clothing. [Does no one read the Bible, anymore? Would you wear those colors and then call yourself the true 'Christian' church, when even the colors and the behavior you exhibit, exactly match Revelation 17? Sheesh: Satan&Co. sure do like to mock our disinterest in God, huh.]

    Moreover, the works themselves are incredibly stupid. Whether some silly bell by the United Notions people, the silly laws each country passes (do ya need a law in Argentina mandating clothiers sell larger sizes?), every candlelight vigil -- not to mention, the silly lawsuits people filed against the airlines whose misfortune it was to ferry the terrorists -- we prove we don't care about the 'victim', or about competence. We sure like wasting money, though. Same ol' same ol'. For works, preening and accusing, go together in any century. Century after century. Just turn on your TV, see for yourself!

    Worst of all, the more we work, the more DISsatisfied we become. Sin eliminates the capacity for soul satisfaction, and substitutes a capacity for DISsatisfaction. So the more you give into sin (moral sin fuels works), the more DISsatisfied you become. Hence in the last 50 years we've made more technological progress than at any time in man's history: yet we've never been so dissatisfied and unhappy. The more we advance, the more we retreat. Whatever successes we enjoy, are ever-sooner cut off by some new goal; so that past success becomes ever-more-quickly, passé. Been there, done that, what's next... It's just like the effect of prolonged addiction/fornication. The 'thrill' becomes instead an urge, with repetition; and you never get the satisfaction of that 'first time'; so your only pleasure becomes anticipation, instead of attainment. Quite some production to love in Satan's system, huh.

    Insanity, results. That's why the world adopts insane projects like a bell made by polluting the air to melt down children's coins, in the name of 'global ecology'. That's why we pass insane laws to choke our lives by the millions. That's why we keep throwing money away on anything to buttress ego -- the altruistic cause actually being harmed by the activity, not helped. We can't get satisfaction, are ever more desperate for it, and in our attempt to ease the urge constantly besetting us, we'll grab any idea which feels good. Because, we don't feel good, can't feel good, can only feel like martyrs. Welcome to Satan's reality. This is what the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil produces. This is why God outlawed it for consumption by the Eden couple. For, this is why Omniscient God, Who Really Knows All About that Tree, never sins. It's not satisfying, but destructive.

So with all this satanically-sponsored soul pollution of motive, insanity and incompetence evident, God's Love Evidence stands out in stark, mute contrast. The human can't hear or see it, "silence of Jonah" clause in Luke 11:29. [The "sign" of Jonah, is 'silence'; play on the witty Hebrew term "damah" in Hosea 4:5-6, which was the Message Jonah also gave to Ninevah. "Damah" has two roots: 1) silencing/destroying Bible teaching leads to 2), national destruction ("mother" being the nation). The Lord makes a Genius parallelism, here: it's not just the three days and three nights, but the pregnancy metaphor running throughout Isa52:14-53:12, the resultant fulfillment of Dan9:26, which is parallel to both Hosea and Jonah's messages of Believe.. or else. You'll have to read both Hosea and Jonah to see His clever conceptual concatenation. Awesome stuff.]

    As Heb11:1 puts it, what's on Trial is "elegchos ou blepomenwn" -- evidence UNseen. So you see nothing. So no preening going on. So you see nothing. So no competing going on. You see nothing. So you compete against yourself, and you never consider yourself to have 'won'. You see nothing -- but the next day, dawns. And if there was not ongoing UNseen evidence -- you'd not see one more dawn. Because the believer is here -- as always, since Adam -- to buy TIME. And what buys time, is DDNA. [Mirroring.htm, which is an Inset to Part IV of the Lord vs. Satan Trial ("Thinking") series, provides you with more detail on the math and verses proving the believer buys the world time, than you'll probably want to read. It tracks from Adam through Christ. MirrorNOW.htm picks up at the Crucifixion, and sketches out the parameters of buying time since then, showing something of what God's been doing with the time, and how you can benchmark history to reasonably prove it.]

    God Himself directly fathered every soul. Only God can create the soul, and He does it every time, no helpers, Gen2:7 -- when the fetus is outside the womb (on the ground as it were, fully formed). So God Is Our Mutual Father. No one else, Isa63:16ff (great Trinity wordplay in the Hebrew). So God has the Father's Rights. God is Perfect, so His Rights are Perfect. But what does He do with His Rights? Love. Grant the world who hates him, Time.

    So let's look at this judicially, since the Love thingy throws us for a loop. Ok: here's the judicial brief. God wants sons for His Son. That's what HE wants. The world wants God to be a dog, 'fetching' for them. Well, God won't do that. So the world would not be here, and will not be here, one second longer than it takes for God to get what He wants, theme of Ephesians 1. We can hate Him or love Him for that, but.. hey, He's God, we're not, that's what He wants to have creation FOR. Call Him bad or good, He's GOD.. and we're not. So: notice how the hating-Him world, gets another day and another day and another day.. simply because God is busy making progeny like His Son. Not too bad a blessing, huh? These hating-Him folk can do whatever they want, while God does what He wants to do. And since we are in this world and we are OF this Son -- courtesy of Him, not of ourselves, but we did vote to be saved -- well, we need the world to go on longer. So, He grants Time. Not all the works on the planet from Adam through the end of the Millenium could even add one second to life, Matt6:27. [Greek verb merimnaw really means to be concerned about, to care for, so He's not talking about the act of worrying per se, but the actions of taking care. So all that caring, and the works resulting from it, don't add a whit of time.]

    As Paul quips often in his letters, heh: we were just like 'them', once. We were hating God, far away from Him, shaking our fists. So: wouldn't we want them to get another day, another chance, another fertilization on the fig tree? For what if we didn't get the time we needed to wake up and believe in Him? What if we were cut short in our spiritual DDNA-growing time? So why would we want them to be cut short? Ahhhh, that's a Priestly motive. And we are priests! So guess what? We can pray about that need for them!

    So look at the Evidence Quality, the 'child' which comes even from a simple prayer. For golly gee whillackers, anybody who's ever 'done' John 3:16 can PRAY! But few care to learn how. There's a protocol for prayer, and if you respect God, you follow it. In essence, you

    1. must be a believer in Christ;
    2. must not be in a state of sin when you pray (so breathe 1Jn1:9);
    3. must ask Father, no one else (any other addressee invalidates the prayer);
    4. must ask In Christ's Name (acknowledges your legal standing is solely due to Him).
    There are some other protocols, but the foregoing are the main reasons most prayers get tossed out of God's court. Yes, Court. This is a legal, Royal, Privilege. Hence the protocols. Other protocols (which will naturally occur to you anyway), are in GodSystem.htm (shorter) or PrayProc.htm (longer). Remember: this is a Trial, so the Defendant (Satan&Co.) needs a level playing field. So there have to be terms and conditions met, to allow prayer entry. So of course they do all they can to obfuscate our learning the protocols!

    We don't know Bible, so we don't know prayer protocol; so of course 99.9% of prayer goes no higher than the ceiling. And when we do know, we don't ask. So only an idiot has the courage to pray something big. Yeah, and God Loves Idiots, 1Cor4:10 (NIV, French Darby). His Son paid for them.

    But Daniel prayed for Israel after the Temple was destroyed in 586BC; at that point, because Time Depended On Israel's Existence As A Client Nation To God, the entire world had only 126 years left; but even that much time, was contingent on Israel reconciling to Vote For The Lord, by a deadline of 516BC (when the sabbatical years completed, Dan9:2). Daniel knew all that Divine 'Mirror' Accounting for time; so Daniel prayed, following the protocol above. (The essence of the protocol is the same, but the expression was different, in the OT. You should be able to see from Daniel 9 the astonishing similarity: he addresses Father, names the sin of Israel, and the prayer is about the Christ, so is obviously acknowledgement of his standing solely due to Christ -- the only juridical basis for the prayer. So the prayer is answered because of Christ, as well. Btw, "Christ" means "Messiah" which means "Anointed One", it's a title. So the term "Christ" is IN the LXX of Daniel, 9:25-26.)

    So in Dan9, God answered Daniel's prayer by granting the entire planet, another 490+70 years! Just one request, and the world lasts another half-a-millenium? [For the derivation and accounting of the 560 and the 126 years, see the "To Be or Not To Be" table in Mirroring.htm, and the text just after that table (so you see it all balance to 30AD, fulfilling Dan9:26a). God's accounting is very precise, so it will take time (heh) to absorb that material.]

    Whoa, what we could do instead of ringing Satan's bells, Matt7:7ff, Matt 17:20ff, Luke 17:6ff, Mark 11:22-24, John 16:23! Tell me: What Works Could Ever Buy Time? And all you have to do, is ASK?

    Oh yeah, you'll say -- that was Daniel, a Bible great: He'd never do that kind of thing for me. Oh really? Guess what. I was a complete dufus back in 1984, and so I stupidly prayed God would break apart the Soviet Union because I feared Gorbachev's popularity in the US; I wanted Russians to freely get Bible, but Gorby's glastnost and and perestroika initiatives looked like they would keep the Soviet Union chained forever. So for one week, six weeks, six months -- I don't remember -- I daily spent time laying on my bed, knowing very little Bible, and prayed. Then, I forgot all about it.

    So what happened? Well.. on my birthday years later, I overslept in a hotel room long enough to be stuck there.. just in time to see live on TV, Gorby going under house arrest and then 'rescued', by Boris Yeltsin. Down came the USSR. Then I suddenly remembered that old prayer from years prior, principle of John 14:26. God timed it so I'd be stuck in a hotel room on my birthday, so I could see the show... [I didn't watch TV or read the news in those days. Would have not known, absent that 'weird' circumstance. Would not have seen it still, but because I overslept I missed Bible class in Houston -- I was there on business -- so woke up 'just in time' to see the 'coup', etc. on CNN. I didn't even have cable, at home.]

    Now the diplomats of the world would not like to know some dippy Christian's prayer got answered, and all their hard work counted for squat. But that's what the Bible says (scathing passages in Isaiah Chaps 30-31, 36-37, for example). ASK GOD not man, for help. So.. didn't God's Work count for more than all that money and machination? It's hard work to be in diplomacy, I initially trained for that in college -- but God had other ideas. What a sense of humor. Guess He didn't want my BA in international relations, to be wasted; after all, wasn't the world owed something -- especially since it was a full scholarship -- since He nixed my going into that field upon my graduation? LOL. See, only GOD thinks like this. This is exactly His Sense of Humor you see displayed all over the original-language texts of Bible.

    Never underestimate God's Accomplishment In Christ. Pray your brains out, k? So what do you really want? Ask HIM! Think carefully about what and why you pray, given the Enormous Power.. then Practice Praying. It's a Priestly Function, a Kingly Function.. so Think Like A Priest-King. Forget how puny 'you' are: it's not who you are of yourself, it's who you are in Christ. Again, never underestimate God's Accomplishment in Christ, 2Cor5:17 (really, the whole chapter). Christians totally underestimate the Victory of the Cross. Don't join them. Even were you an axe-murderer but a Christian who did the prayer protocol, you'd be heard.

    Because you really ARE a "son of God in Christ Jesus", Gal3:26. Old things, remaining oldnesses you see, are completely irrelevant, 2Cor5:17 (read whole chapter for context). God's Work Is Bigger Than Anything You Do. No matter how good or bad what you do or did or will do, you are not God. So don't put yourself in His Place, by judging what He should or should not regard of you, based on you. For He Is Your Father. You didn't father yourself. You don't make yourself. You vote who makes you, and you can vote therefore as a Royal Priest (2Pet2:5,9, Rev1:6, Rev5:10, all of Book of Hebrews); and you are a Royal Priest, because Christ made you into DDNA on the Cross: Isa53:10-12, theme of all Romans 6-8. Accept it, do the prayer protocol, and you will be heard. Reject it, and all your self-touted, mere-DNA (or dDNA) good deeds are cast out of court: you will never be heard so long as you are rejecting, Ps66:18.

    Which brings up the other biggest reason prayers don't get heard: we really don't believe God will answer us. Ok, then: He won't! We really hate it that someone 'inferior' to us can get something nice -- you know, like an axe-murderer -- you know, like a prayer answered. Ok, then: He won't answer our prayer, but will answer the axe-murderer's prayer (parable of the Pharisee and the publican, look it up). Matt7:1-2 always plays in the Supreme Court of Heaven, 24/7. So if you adjudge God wrong to answer, well.. then He won't answer you!

    It will be a real surprise when we get to heaven, to find out how history really was shaped. Nothing like the news and history books, that you can be sure. Maybe some serial murderer used the protocol and asked God to make the Word accessible to anyone in the world for free, and that's why we even have an internet. Maybe a charwoman back during the Dark Ages used the protocol and asked God to free people from the Catholic Church, and that's why we have the Reformation and Real Bible In The Original-Language Texts. Do you see where this line of reasoning goes? The Lord said we could Ask For Anything In His Name, and He'd Do It (John 14:14, 16:23). Let's not be embarrassed at the Bema for not asking, k?

    Even though God didn't make Himself, so He utterly rules out deserving as a valid justice criterion: God being Infinite, should be Infinitely Matched. That's why you got His Own Righteousness that first nanosecond you were saved, 2Cor5:21. So even if you think you are puny -- big lie, since you are as Righteous as God which is why you Can Pray Anything in Christ's Name -- even if you still persist in believing you are too puny for God to answer you, He is not puny. So your prayers should be big, not small -- matched to HIS Size, not your own. After all, you are a Priest To Him. Asking for yourself is not small, either. Asking for others is not small, either. But aim as big as possible, think big like a king would: because, you really are in training to become a king. So practice is essential. Prayer is much more than asking for stuff; David used it like conversation, which is by far the best nuclear device for accelerating spiritual growth. Yet, you also need training in thinking about What To Pray, so pray often. 24/7, really: thinking toward God is like prayer. Conversation, awareness, Living With And In Him, 24/7 is the spiritual life. Hence the need to be in God's System.

    What have we learned in this subsection thus far? That life in Satan's system, leads to insanity: the evidence in world history is enormous. By contrast, we've also seen something of the Fact That The Christian's Power In Christ, Is Even More Enormous. That, it is accessed by living in God's System, growing in as much DDNA as you can get, baby. And because you are doing that, since God's Goal is sons, well.. the world is being blessed due to you. You just breathe, you are a dufus, drooling or growing into spiritual adulthood, whatever -- but You Are In The System. Whereas the world, rejects God's System. They adjudge Him of no account, Isa53:2-8; but you adjudge Him your God, and you're learning Him. So He blesses them due to you, and answers your prayers but not theirs. It's that stark, that simple, and all TIME depends on it.

    My pastor likes to say that God is training us to be "spiritual Atlases." Very apt. Frankly, What God Makes Of You Personally For All Eternity Is Far Far Far Bigger Than any prayer you can pray. So it's still, not what you do -- not even prayer -- but What He Makes of you, that's the biggest prize of all. And you, don't you want to just know Him as much as possible? Well, that's why He makes you bigger, really. Again, still not what you do -- but for Love. Just because, just to be intimate. Forever and ever and ever. The Atlas function is actually.. peripheral. Infinity is all about INTIMACY. The Cross Is Maximum Intimacy. So go for the intimacy, "and all these things will be added unto you", Matt6:33, Luke12:31.

So, like every other NT book, 1Jn4:12-17 shows why the Building-Up of Church "sons" is the Culmination of History, because it Finishes God's Love Answer to Satan&Co. in the Trial; hence Canon's completion will be the cause of Church's completion, and hence Church becomes the cause of Love's completion (v.17 compared to v.12, in the Greek). And with the culmination of history, no more time is needed to answer Satan, so: the Rapture occurs, playing out the last 1007 years of history previously reserved (pre-Church). 1Jn4:12-17 elaborates on Eph1:15-23, essentially. [Re the 1007 years, see Mirroring.htm's "Jesus the Christ" link.]

    Each writer of Scripture uses his own synonymal structure. So in Hebrews, the structure is built around "priesthood" and "covenant". Paul selects the "Body" and "Temple" framework. Peter likes using "under" (transmutation, obedience), and "stone" synonyms, as well as "priesthood". John, who is the last writer of Canon and knows it, fashions allusive concepts so to incorporate by reference in one very short letter, all previous Divine Writ. It's an awesome task, and he awesomely fulfills it. Of course, the Holy Spirit is the Real Author behind all this deft writing in 1Jn. Which means, He taught John the material, so John could write it. And that same Holy Spirit, can teach us to read it. He ought to know how His Books are to be interpreted. No one else could know.

    John's essential message, is this: God is not seen, but abides in us; His Love in us is being brought to completion when we love each other, which is out from the Spirit (tie to Rom5 and Rom8); so we nonetheless have seen and known and testify (in the larger Trial, not merely to our fellow humans) of Him, because we have come to know and believe the Love-Canon (v.16, ties to Eph3:15-19); which itself is brought to completion and thus Brings Love Itself To Completion In And In Association With Us, v.17. So we'll be confident at the Bema (ibid). [John's rhetorical style requires above-normal Greek-techie knowledge; and, Bible software that allows you to research all the "MSS" for John's Greek words. Each writer of Bible uses previous definitions in Bible to craft his letters. John thus uses specialized vocabulary in Greek, so you can see John making use of Church and priesthood and Canon keywords. Light, for example, is an OT moniker the Word, both Incarnate and written (i.e., in LXX of Isa53:11). 1Jn1:9's katharizw was used to sanctify the OT Temple (and is also in Isa53:10); so just that verb also incorporates by reference, the Church/Body concepts Paul had explained in 1Cor, Ephesians, etc. 1Jn4:12's "and" (kai) should be better rendered "in fact", since it will be bookended with v.17. So v.12 would be better rendered "in fact, His Love is brought to completion IN us." "IN" also signifies by-means-of, location-of, sphere-of; so John again stresses Church/Body as Paul had. 1Jn4:16 parallels Eph3:15-19, so John literally incorporates by reference the entire book of Ephesians in 1Jn4:16. So now v.17 makes much more sense: "By this [v.16], Love is brought to completion associated WITH us." Verses 13-15 are the means of v.16-17's achievement. My pastor kept on returning to this passage over and over, from 1997 onward. So if you are under him, you might want to get his "1992 Spiritual Dynamics" tapes. Begin in 1996 (circa L.800) and go sequentially forward from there. These webpages couldn't exist except due to those lessons, and are corollaic to them (albeit via independent due diligence).]

CENTRAL TRIAL PROOF: LOVE capacities determine LOVE relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships. God is out to Build A Marital Relationship Between His Son And You. His Son's 'side' in that relationship was previously built on the Cross, 2000 years ago. So now it's a question how much on your 'side', you want to be built. This is an Exclusive, Personal, Intimate Relationship. It matters not at all that there are billions of us; in our lingo, it's a relationship that's 'as if' each of us were the only person in the universe. For God's Love is not 'diminished' by a plurality of objects, by differences among the objects, nor any other factor about the objects. God's Love is Absolute, which is why no human can do it, which is Why It Must Be Built In You. But Love never coerces, so your consent is constantly required. God does all the work, you just consent.

    So He utterly bypasses all sin and works issues. It matters not at all who you are, what you are, what you've achieved or done wrong. Only the Relationship Matters: we need 1Jn1:9 because sin breaks the relationship, which is why Christ died on the Cross, and why 1Jn1:9 admits sin -- because He died, therefore Sin Was Paid. So, you get back in Fellowship with God, only via 1Jn1:9. Hence the Holy Spirit's Love Capacity-Building Function, Can Resume. It's only about soul capacity for relationship to God. Never about anything else. [2Pet1:9 uses scathing Greek syntactical sarcasm to stress the fact you can only be in fellowship with God via the function we know as "1Jn1:9"; but the Peter verse is everywhere mistranslated. Search on "myopic" in TrueSpirituality.htm to get a quick corrected translation of 2Pet1:9. "True Spirituality" also explains 1Jn1:9 and the Peter verse in much more detail.]

    "Love" is a Progressive Thing, and it's only and always a mental attitude. Soul has no body itself, so emotion is felt solely from the body, which sends that feeling to the soul. Body reacts to any kind of input, which is why you can be tempted, too. So here, what you learn changes how you value everything: especially, how you value God. As you value God more and more, you want to reciprocate TO God. But, you really can't reciprocate to God, the way you can to people. So, needing an outlet, you want to reciprocate to people to express your desire to reciprocate to God. It's something you need as an outlet, not works. You need food, and you need to express yourself. Here, you need to express love: to HIM. That's why the Cross meant so much to Christ -- the maximum outlet to express His Love (in His Humanity) toward Father, and toward us.

    That's the point John is making about loving the brethren: pattern is set up beginning in 1Jn2:28, parallel to Christ. Point closes in 1Jn4:17. So it's not works John is talking about, but the Word-in-You DDNA results of Transforming Your Thinking. Of which, one of the symptomatic results, is that you will love the brethren, when enough of this Word has been built in you. My pastor classifies this development in 8-9 stages (the last two are a unity, so maybe only 8), and the "loving the brethren" stage he calls, "Impersonal Love". In other words, it doesn't matter how 'deserving' the object is, you love anyway. That reflects God's love, and there's absolutely nothing like it ever, in the human race.

    As we just saw above, altruism's dark side is ego. Fake love is actually hatred with a smile on. The second you don't 'deliver' the expected pay or compliment for a person's good deed, beware the sudden venom, Prov23:7ff. By contrast, true love is relieved to have something to do, so has no expectations of reciprocation, 1Cor13:4ff. The person who loves, IS reciprocating for something he feels he already got. Moreover, even the reciprocating thing the person gets to do, is in his mind, a gift; not, something he's giving. And he doesn't want to be complimented by the recipient. His attitude is like the angel who chided John, "Don't do that!" (lit., don't see me that way!, very strong) in Rev 19:10,22. Compliments or 'worshipful' attitudes given to the self, are utterly disgusting. God Alone gets those. That there should be any other recipient, is laughable. See the difference in attitude?

    See, God didn't make Himself Infinite and Perfect, He just IS that way. So There's No Such Thing As Deserving. Sure, justice requires a matching; but 'deserving'? It's downright hilarious that Satan thinks he can make himself like God, since even God didn't make Himself Who He is, get it? So whatever puny 'me' seems to make is laughable, as well. On the other hand, at no cost and without any effort -- it takes no effort to 'do' John3:16, k -- I am saved forever. Moreover, at no cost and without any effort -- it takes the Spirit's power to 'do' Word in my head -- I am growing up in the relationship with God. So the erstwhile need of the sin nature is gradually replaced with a need to Thank God for what I've already gotten. But I can't thank Him. So HE HE HE -- Father, Son, Spirit -- do what thanks Them and the world, on my behalf. So if I get some little token of refreshment as well, it's like a nice meal. See the difference in attitude? And the 'me', 'I' is any of us. God never loves unequally. We are the ones learning to love Him, from Him, so we are the ones loving unequally. But that doesn't matter, since God needs no reciprocation. It's just an enjoyment to have. Not, a need. Salvation obliterated all need, even while needs remain. Word in you develops that fact in you, and by the time you mature, you'll have needs and not at all care that you do. Someone Else is occupying your mind, now. Love is an attitude, and it truly does conquer all.

    So with this attitudinal difference, competence is freed. Competence is freed, because the person isn't looking at himself, anymore. He's looking up at GOD, instead, Phili2:5, Heb12:2. See, most of what complicates competence in life is insecurity and immaturity. A child can't concentrate, because everything is too 'big' for him, and since he has a sin nature, he's focused on himself. The child only grows up if he learns to go against himself -- which means, going against his urges. Well, the only sustaining motive for that, is a burgeoning trust, which leads to respect, which leads to Love -- outside himself. How much more, this transition from childhood to adulthood, needs to occur spiritually: to God Himself. The "me" thing has to give way to the "He" thing, in the spiritual life. So if this transition does not occur, a childishness remains. So incompetence remains, so insecurity remains, so the thinking is eventually retarded. So we arm our airports with all kinds of ineffective screening, and strengthen the cockpit door -- but forget all about, the latch. So we are no safer. And cannot be. But we are insecure, so we grab even any fantasy of 'safety', and call it 'good'. It's not good. But incompetence and fear, will do anything to get relief. Except, the one thing that works: look UP to God.

      The world is entirely preoccupied with itself. So it never sees how it's being herded by Satan&Co. It wars, it makes peace, it marries and divorces, it gives gifts and takes bribes. And, it dies. Only as each person dies, does he come to realize his entire life was a waste. Caesar is long since gone. The drunken bum on Skid Row (in Los Angeles) who died of cirrhosis of the liver, is also gone. High and low, eaten by the Conqueror Worm. So where did all this frenetic activity, go? Nowhere. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. But we don't learn from all that overwhelming past evidence which daily stares us in the face. So how competent are we? Not. Look: what difference does it make if you are brilliant in French, if that brilliance won't help you live? And looks? Well, a pretty, dead blonde is still a pretty dead blonde! Were we competent, we'd instead focus nearly all our attention on what's of First Importance: what happens after death? Can't orient to life, until you can orient to death. Because, nothing else lasts. Because, all that talent we work so hard to acquire or steal.. dies. But we are afraid to talk about all that, and instead sublimate in lesser pursuits. Yeah, and that's why the evolutionists and the cosmologists can never solve their conundrums, because they won't address initiating cause. So they chase their tails. What sick puppies we all are.

      And we are crazy puppies, to boot. Always fantasizing some explanation, we insecure puppies thus feel good about ourselves. And we see not how insane, our explanations. Just like Adam's neurotic figleaves 'solution', we modern adams continually cock up the wackiest ideas in religion, politics, medicine, science, philosophy, childrearing, even fashion -- drugs, really, all those ideas -- and go on not learning a thing. However smart we imagine ourselves, we learn nothing. 2000 years of failure in the Middle East, should have taught us that, by now. The Dome Of The Rock Evidences Daniel 9:26, yet the smartest folks on earth, the Jews.. learn nothing from it. Even though Chanukah, is based on the abomination of desolation. The Lord even pointed all that out, in Matt24 (explaining the then-future outcome of Dan9:26). But they didn't learn from Him then, and they still don't. So if the God-Gifted smartest people on the planet still aren't learning.. then none of us are. So much for 'human wisdom and achievement'!

    As a result, the few who are growing up in Him, are vastly more competent than everyone else. However, since only a few will be growing up, and a world needs many competent in order for that world to go on living, well.. God Grants Competence To The World. LvS4b.htm's "Seventh Facet" explains this granting in more detail. For our purposes, it's again an expression of Father pursuing His DDNA purpose, and blessing the hating world for our 'downtime', as it were. We aren't 'helping' the world directly, we are rather citizens of heaven, not the world, Phili3:20, Heb8:11. [Greek: politeuma (and synonyms), used by Paul, Peter, and writer of Hebrews. The latter in Heb8:11 is a bookend to Heb10:15-17, which is why you know it's a citizen-of-heaven application. See also Hebrews 6-9 text (showing our 'ascension' in Him), and Heb12:23.] So to 'compensate' the world for our not 'helping' it, God helps it. Satan owns the world. God never cheats anyone, so is 'compensating' Satan for our time down here -- even though, God owns everything, including Satan&Co. What Grace!

    This building-up of Sons will result in an aggregate Body for the Eternal State. The Third Aspect sketches out the nature and function of that aggregate Body. So the Rapture occurs when that Body's Structure completes, which is why no one can 'predict' its 'date'. Part IV of the "Thinking" series furnishes a lot more detail on this topic. Here, the objective is to see what micro, internal goals God has per person, and how such goals relate to the Trial against Satan&Co.

In sum, Love=DDNA=Word Being Built In You Is The Spiritual Life: you are to be DDNA-Transmuted, like His Son's Soul. So it's what you are to become by means of Who you learn, that defeats Satan&Co. in the Trial. Because, You Keep Voting To Learn Him So You remain Learning Him; rather than, change your vote and instead, learn Satan. You aren't being trained to learn something in order to do something else, ever. God is infinite, and your life is forever about learning Him. Whatever you are to 'do' is for the purposes of learning. Which, if you Love Him, is a dream come true. Which, if you do not love Him, is a nightmare. No middle ground.

So it's never never never never about 'earning'. "Earning" is what happens when the "L" for "Lord" is missing. If you don't learn this ASAP, you will waste your time and have a lot of later regrets. The world lies: it's not at all about works, since the work is what God works in you -- building that Love up, one precept at a time, every second you breathe. No matter what you do. So if you don't breathe 1Jn1:9 and live in God's System, you are as evil as Satan -- a threaded theme throughout 1Jn and James. You can even see it in the Gospels, when the Lord excoriates the religious types. Example: in Jn8:44, He calls their father, "the devil". Hint hint.

Hence Satan&Co. are out to make it about "earning", so to abort God's Progeny. But at the same time, they mock us for not Learning Bible. Their strategy and tactics are not at all hidden. Rather, they advertise their involvement to Deride the spiritual life, to Imbalance the spiritual life, to Obfuscate the spiritual life, and finally to Substitute their own viral dDNA, in lieu of spiritual DDNA; so the poor soppy Christian, has no excuse for his votes against God.

    A demon-run idea always has seven distinct characteristics. Thus you can distinguish what's demon-sponsored and promulgated, versus the usual stupid ideas in the human race. But you have to know your Bible to make the identification, so if you don't know your Bible, you are fair game for derision and maltreatment. Thus you are mocked and proved at fault, because they blatantly advertise these characteristics in the demon-run idea. So due diligence is accomplished (this is a Trial, so due diligence disclosure is key to legal procedure). So you didn't consult your God-given Manual to read the disclosure. So you, not they, are responsible. So dDNA results in you, and you consented to it.

    A larger discussion of these "Seven Content Signature" characteristics, is in SatStrat.htm. Here is a summary list:

    1. Some key verse, doctrine, or concept in Bible is used as a hub; then, it's satirized in a very pointed, superhumanly-witty way within the target idea. So if you knew your Bible, you'd know the target idea was wrong, because you could detect the satire.

    2. The satire always 'travels on' Greco-Roman cultural concepts, since those concepts best repeat the Genesis 6 success which destroyed almost all mankind. Sex, intellectuality and feeling are prominently promoted as the way to have 'communion' with the gods (satirizing God's Begetting plan, basically); these are all works; you are to get worked up in them, or you're not 'holy'. Sex, in particular, is Religified. In Greco-Roman culture, you had two types of sexual 'union' with the gods: one was lascivious (i.e., orgies), and the other was ascetic (i.e., castration in the cult of Cybele). So it wasn't merely the first, but also the second. Bible excoriates both lasciviousness and ascetism, using language the ascetic translators usually won't translate. My pastor's favorite verse on the latter is Gal5:12: parallel to cult of Cybele, idea that if you got 'holy' via circumcision, why not go the whole way...

        It's not too hard to see the religification of sex among ascetics. But it's even more religified among the lascivious. What you move, when you move, how you dress, how you perform, is incredibly legalistic. The famous HBO series "Sex in the City" demonstrates the religification in spades, which of course was not its intent. Dating rituals, the questions and hard-hearted attitudes.. all this is predatory and judgemental, just like any religion. And just as boring.

        These Greco-Roman concepts are very much replayed and recast in the following: Tongues, the prolife movement, the holy rollers; Kabbalah, Sufi, Dervish; and most all of modern eastern religions. But also in the concept of the almighty 'Terminator' hero, the inordinate worship of sports celebrities, etc. Rome had a lot of virtue concepts, but they were heavily laced with ennui and craftiness. Such ideas are pervasive in society, even today. God is nowhere to be seen, but everywhere to be bandied about. All in the name of self.

    3. The demon-sponsored satire is promoted as a series of baldly slapstick beliefs. Quick example: even if you didn't get all the witty satire on Bible's true (7-fold) definition of "baptism" promulgated in the demonic sales pitch re water baptism, you can nonetheless figure out quickly that getting wet doesn't save you. So if you nonetheless believe that water baptism saves, you are the consummate fool.

    4. The satire therefore openly mocks those who believe in the promoted beliefs; so those who don't, can laugh at those who do. Thus everyone is looking at each other, and not at God. Probably the most embarrassing proof of this open mocking is the Dome of the Rock. Mocks the Arabs who built it and believe in it, and the Jews who prove that all their Torah-kissing didn't result in comprehending this blatant depiction of Dan9:26. So the Arabs proved that verse true by building the Dome, and the Jews prove their blindness by moving back to Israel. We Christians are just as blind, and in fact we helped the Jews move back to the very place the Lord warned them to flee, in Matt24 (see also Eze39ff, Isa60ff). For the better part of 2000 years(!) the Jews had stayed away, and we Christians did too. Shows how Blind To Bible We've Become -- oddly enough, beginning at the very time when Scripture in the original-language texts became widely distributed in the West, so did the 'Zionist' movement and its Western promoters. [Israel should be defended at all cost; her 'return' to 'the Land' makes her an easier target for annhilation, which is why God repeatedly Warned Her To Flee; and she heeded that warning, as did the Christians, until the late 1800's when finally we had proof from the original-language texts, OF that repeated warning, lol. So the point here is solely to demonstrate our being mocked, and with exquisite timing: here by a freakin' building, for crying out loud, which was built on the 'mirror' side of 99+586AD. Abraham was 99 years old when he was circumcised, and the "Rock" is the rock on which he had almost-sacrificed Isaac. So, the Dome commenced building on that auspicious year, proving it was Isaac, not Ishmael, who had been on that Rock. The Rock is the Holy of Holies' Arkstand, aka "Petra", a famous OT moniker for Christ. See Matt16:18 in Greek, where He plays on His Own Name.]

    5. The satire's heart mockery goes largely undetected, yet is always there: lawyerly wordplay with many meanings all-at-once stacked like a building, and in a studied ambiguity phrased much like the infamous Delphic Oracles. Each one of the stacked meanings plays on something in Bible, and most often, on the original-language texts. Quickest identification of demonic satire is had if you know those texts. Sometimes it takes only a few seconds.

    6. The satire's promotion is always advanced with strong, sexy emotional appeals -- appeal to intellect being chief among them, so you can fancy making yourself god. Truth is thus substituted in favor of the target idea, because it feels good. Widespread Popularity Always Accompanies a Demon-Sponsored Idea, therefore. Angels (demons are angels) are composed of light, which is to say they are electro-chemical in nature. So they can send thoughts and feelings, and you wouldn't know theirs, from your own. So they can blanket a populus, and the populus will just swoon (herd) wherever desired. Only Bible running in your head, defends you.

    7. Finally, the Bible is blatantly and satirically contradicted, truncated, and admired -- all at once. So if you missed the other characteristics, you can't miss this one. Idea is that for all their gamesmanship, only the human who buys their lie, can be blamed. For example, both the Book of Mormon and the Koran claim that the Bible is from God, but that those books 'update' it. Yeah, and when you read those 'updates', you find Tons Of Deliberate, Derisive Contradictions versus Bible. Much the same can be said for any fake holy book, but some are wittier satires than others. These aren't mistakes. They play on what IS truly in Bible God Wrote, and then twist it. Cow sura, for example, plays on the Hebrew meaning for "red" in "red heifer" in order to make a golden calf, hence a "yellow cow" is in the Koran to prove the Koran is from a demon. No human is this smart, but the resultant contradiction is blatant, derisive, so no one can excuse himself for not recognizing it.

    Hence, we Christians get derided openly by them for not reading our Bibles. Thus Catholicism, most other denominations' tenets, prolife, baptism, works-salvation, faith+ 'gospels', and a wide variety of other commonly-believed falsehoods are fairly easily proven false if one just looks at Bible for a little while, even in translation. But we don't. So we are proved the fools.

    Non-Christians are mocked even more than we are, because all the holy books actually point to the Bible, and in very sophisticated ways. The pointing is always satirical, derisive of both Bible and the person who believes in the fake holy book being authored. The wit is sheer genius. For example, a demonic specialty is to have the text in the fake holy book, play on the Original-Language Texts Of The Bible: only those texts are inspired, really from God. Translations, are not. Every demon knows this. Almost no humans, do. If you missed the earlier example of Section 85 (among the Mormon holy books), go to pagetop, search on "Section 85", read that note. Then, search again, to return here. So very often in the fake holy books you'll find outright references to words in the original-language texts.

    Some demonic references are instead to specific old translations of Bible; there, the references sometimes play on the translations versus the original-language texts, to correct the translation, lol (the Section 85 example is one of them). Then there's the common fixation on Bible in all of the post-Crucifixion holy books: inordinate amounts of text praise Christ or Bible or some Bible hero, with unbelievable derisive twists so you can see both the admiration, and the derision, side-by-side. Or, these books say other stuff which only a demon could know well, but again -- in some twisted way. Like, the fact that the Bible is "adulterated." That's true, but you'd have to be very familiar with the original-language texts, to know that. Not one in a 100 million people, are. Truth is, we have so many copies of the original-language texts we can tell where and how one text is adulterated, but another one, is not. So in aggregate, the Bible is infallible and inerrant. But of course a demon wouldn't tell you all of that; he just wants to imply you have an Excuse To Reject the Bible; he never quite accuses IT. So: notice how these implied accusations sit side-by-side with the fixation on Bible and Bible people. So.. do no brains turn on, wondering why all this fixation? All this pointing to one 'holy book' out of all the others out there? Guess not. They like the implied accusations, see.

    A good index of man's negativity historically, is his embrace of books which claim to be of the Bible, but patently are not. These get the most demonic promotion, so that you think you're looking at a book of the Bible, but are not. Such books have the most glaring evidence of their being fake (i.e., in the pseudipigrapha). So there's even less excuse than none, to even read those books for longer than 10 minutes -- well, unless you had a bad day and need to laugh. It's like Mad Magazine, to read them. So anyone who takes those books seriously -- and millions do! -- is proper satanfodder.

    Then there's the demon-sponsored version of ghost=spirits=aliens=Bible demons' characteristics. These are commonly portrayed in the media, and are very popular, currently. Humans mix in their own ideas, as well. Hence the importance of the seven characteristics for proper identification. For in a demon-sponsored version, the same characteristics in a 'ghost', are in 'the aliens', are in the demons of the Bible. The Bible, not some other holy book. Only Biblical demons are cast as ghosts, not another holy book's demons; only Biblical demons cast as aliens, not another holy book's aliens.

      And it's sophisticated, with the 'ghosts' or 'aliens' exhibiting and mocking Bible doctrines most Christians don't even know: like, no believer can be possessed. Like, how we are Royal Family of God. Like, what "Pleroma" -- a Greek word -- means. You can't find the proper definition of "Pleroma" in Bible lexicons, because the lexicographers are too ascetic, not admitting the many sexually-explicit terms IN the Bible. You have to know something of Greek literature usage, to know that stuff. Its pregnancy connotation is played on (particularly in the Koran, but also often in the ghost/alien UFO stories). Lots of stress on nakedness -- that's Genesis 6! And on and on.

    They've done this mocking since time immemorial, beginning with Cain. Pretty much every religion of every ancient culture you'll look at is a demonic satire on Bible and on those who believed in the substitute religion, proving the Biblical excoriations, valid. It's pathetic, it's embarrassing, and we don't even notice how much we are always mocked.

    Evolution itself, is Isa14:13-14, sold to the human race; worse, it's sold to intellectuals, yet is but a recast version of animism and reincarnation, stripped of God words. So how 'intellectual', is it? The intellectual prides himself on not being 'religious'. Yet, is more religious than the primitives were. See the derision? Now, look at how irrational. Since no set can contain itself, even math proves evolution is a fraud: adaptation, yes; hybridization, yes; mutation, yes; TRANSmutation, no. Hence there is no such thing as evolution, since NO being can become bigger than what he already is, absent a larger 'set' in a parent. Doesn't matter if you believe in the Bible, or even if there was a Bible, evolution is a fraud on its own terms. So look how pathetic, how embarrassing: and again, those who believe in the substitute, are mocked.

    So what gets proved, is how much we want any excuse to reject God. No matter how silly. So we are all mocked for not knowing Bible. By, those who most hate God.

Let's now examine in more detail, how they accomplish this "DIOS" strategy, thus making the Real God 'foreign' to us. A strange god... [Satan's "D-I-O-S" strategy is explained at length in SatStrat.htm. Search on "D-I-O-S", once you load that page. "MEGA" table in LvS4c.htm is also instructive. Search on that term, once you load the page.]

  • Earn their dDNA, baby: Works is spiritual AIDS. The 'AIDS' disease that works produces, will take some years to manifest. Years of huff-and-puff, with a vague, building resentment. So over time, all these huffings and puffings without the expected 'reward', make one bitter. There's a reason for that: the works are not God's, but man's -- always with a little 'help' from Satan&Co. And you know this, because God's Work in you doesn't lead to bitterness, but to happiness: Heb12:2, Gal5:22. And the litmus test? Watch how a works-person behaves when disaster hits him. The one believing in works will (in some manner) resent God, thinking, after all I did for you! Love-for-God triumphs over that horrible thought. But the works-person has no love; so he can't triumph. Numbers 11:6 becomes his fate, and he dies shaking his fist at God, losing faith in the Bible, declaring himself an atheist, whatever. All for nothing.

      1Jn is a treatise on why works is spiritual AIDS, versus the Word. For works are depicted all over the Bible as a form of adultery away from God. You can't see this in translation, because Satan&Co. mess with Bible translation; they are allowed to do that, because the translators have largely been religious Christians who thus vote for works. If you are works-oriented, you'll read the Bible that way, even when reading the inspired text. Because you want it to have that meaning. The proof that it was your slanting the Bible, rather than the Bible itself, shows up in the poor scholarship of the translation itself, compared to the original. This proof is rampant, embarrassing, and every website must show examples: precisely because, such rampant bad scholarship over centuries, proves the 'invisible hand' of Satan&Co. behind such incompetence. [If the scholars are so blinded, then who are we puny, to think we can escape? So we gotta live in God's System, to be protected against the same snare, as snared our best-and-brightest. That's one big reason why so much emphasis on mistranslation is in all my sites. I didn't learn Bible in translation, so I didn't know it was so badly mistranslated, until doing these sites. I knew there were errors, my pastor covers them; but he usually just flat teaches from the original-language texts, so I didn't know the scope of the errors.]

      So do this: when you see what looks like a verse pro- human works, dig into the original- language texts. Jas2:22, for example, uses sunergew, a God-Works-Together verb. Every good lexicon for the verb sunergew (even Thayer's) will tell you that the "sun" prefix on a verb always and only means a Divine Actor. So the inspired text means Doctrine Works, since the Actor, is Divine (here, the Holy Spirit). God worked the Word in Abraham, which is why Abraham was able to sacrifice his son. So why isn't it translated, "Doctrine Works" or "Word-believed works", so you know that God is doing the work? Because then you'd know human works aren't desired, get it? So the translation makes it appear that Abraham himself did something, and turns "faith" into a work. So for centuries Christians have used this verse to justify their works claims! Satan&Co. are herding the translators' 1) natural works-orientation; plus 2) their natural fear of disagreeing with 'tradition' (past translations). It's a common ossification problem in academia and science, every century. But since you can prove that same obvious mistranslation persists for centuries -- our lexicons are usually old too! -- man's arrogance is being herded by a power greater than himself. We selectively ignore something old we respect (and preserve) that's right (the lexicons), in order to grab something old that is WRONG (past translations); thus we prove ourselves the arrogant fools, so Satan&Co. are not to blame.

      So the AIDS spreads as time passes: we preserve and propagate it, lovingly. Just you try explaining the God-Breathed-Text of James 2:22 in a 'Christian' chat channel, see what opposition you get. People love their ignorance, and consider it holy...

  • So works is spiritual abortion. Again, God is not about making us work, but about making us sons. So it's Only About Relationship With God; Fellowship with God is everything, 2Cor13:14, Matt22:37, Mark 12:30, Luke 10:27. Relationships with people, are optional. Satan&Co. are about Works, not sons: so they use people-people issues, to divorce us from God. Then in Heaven, they use our divorcing from God, to accuse us before God. This, so they can get a "mistrial" verdict. So it's a double abortion:
      1. The Christian aborts from the spiritual life, individually, in favor of people-people, aka "works";
      2. corporately, a mistrial verdict constitutes an Abortion of God's Sons-Making Plan.
      Their Mistrial Strategy is explained at length in LvS4a.htm, LvS4b.htm, and LvS4c.htm of the Thinking series: search on "mistrial" in each of them, to save reading time. Or, just turn quickly to the beginning of Job 1 and Job 2. There are other verses in the Bible on the topic, but those passages are easy to read.

      There's true and false abortion. False abortion: to claim there is soul life in the womb. That idea is not in the Bible, but instead originated in ancient pagan religion (i.e., mother-goddess cults, transmigration of souls). Bible only and always says that life begins at birth, with the Breath of God breathing your soul into the body which exited from the mother. But -- and this is demonically clever, boy oh boy -- Bible is almost always Reverse Translated in all womb verses, so you can't easily know it's untrue, unless you read the Bible God wrote. Again: the God-breathed texts say repeatedly that no soul life is in the womb; rather, God breathes soul life á la Gen2:7, after the body is formed and outside. Bible says this thousands of times, often using a deftly-placed preposition (min, in Hebrew, ek in Greek). [Since "min" is often a prefix, you can't even count how many in a Bible search. "Min" by itself is used at least 709 times in the OT. But the prefix occurs many times more often than the "min" form, and every time I've run into it -- practically every verse -- there is always a wordplay on Birth of some kind; birth of an idea, birth of sin, birth of blessing, etc. God is always about Begetting, so "min" constructions are extremely frequent.] So when a fetus spontaneously aborts or is taken out in any other way, God is no murderer, and neither is anyone else. It's just biological tissue: see Caveat4.htm if you doubt this and need info.

      But there IS such a thing as true abortion. To Abort The Spiritual Life Is Worse Than Murder, and the Bible spends a lot of text on that fact. Because, you are already spiritually alive, Titus 3:5. Paul spends Romans 8 in Greek explaining that this spiritual life, 'begets' a new pregnancy period, to give birth to eternal progeny. So beginning in 8:11ff, he explains how the spiritual life's adult phase, is like labor pains (a frequent theme in his other letters, too, viz., Gal4:19).

      So: only a Live Christian Rejecting God, Can Commit Spiritual Abortion. And when he does, he is far more vile, than any murderer. Paul, James, John, Peter, Jude use the grossest possible words to describe these folks. The Lord called them "whited sepulchres" (pretty tombs), and many other vile names. So Bible is pretty rife with excoriating detail you should be able to find even in translation. So the prolifers commit spiritual genocide in spades. Satan thus aborts the prolifers, by getting their eyes on people who they consider evil -- always his tactic -- so they get their eyes OFF God, and thus become more evil than those they accuse -- all in God's Own Name, lol! Many countries in the world are literally dying from the spiritual infection these people spread, especially in the US. Which is all the more tragic, since if the infectees only knew their God-Written Bibles (not translations), they'd quit the prolife stance faster than a cobra can spit. But they like being their own gods, so they don't read the Bible -- they just use God to make themselves powerful: Jude likens them to the orgiastic folk before the Flood (Jude verses 4-20). So they will live as spiritual babies in heaven forever, unless they wake up to their delusion, 2Tim2:26-3:7.

      Next, regarding the Corporate Abortion: a mistrial verdict means the entire Premise of the trial violates the Law of the Trial itself. Or, that the Judge of the Trial is somehow so Corrupt, that the Trial itself, is More Guilty than any Potential Guilty Parties IN the Trial. It's the biggest kind of victory an attorney can win. "Satan" means "opposing attorney", in Hebrew (that's not his name, it's one of his titles).

      As 1Jn3 reminds everyone, Rapture can occur at any time. From Rev 1-3 we know that It Occurs For Two Reasons: 1) Christian apostacy is too great to justify time continuing (it's never about the unbeliever, he has no legal standing, he's not to blame); and, at the same moment, 2) God has Finished His Trial Arguments to Satan&Co. Part IV of the "Thinking" series (LordvSatan4.htm is the header page) spends a lot of time on that topic. Basically, when John wrote 1Jn in the 90's AD, Christians were tiring of waiting for the Rapture; were tiring of life with God: like Israel tired of Him and wanted a human king, circa 1050BC. So some believers went apostate and split, tempting those still faithful in the Word to peel off, too. You can tell by 2Jn and 3Jn that the condition only became worse. Jude and Peter's letters of a generation prior, echoed this sad aborting condition. Satan&Co. were Religifying Christianity, so the Relationship with God, was being Aborted. Religion always cuts God out of the picture.. but in His Own Name, of course! The sordid history of Christianity from the 90's AD onward is the outcome: Scripture would stay under lock-and-key until about the last half of the 1800's. Little breakouts here and there, and of course any individual who wanted the Book, well.. God is God, and He handled it! So this letter is more relevant to us Now, since we have an Unprecedented Access To The Original-Language Texts. And we can tell by the prolifers' ignorance of those texts, how Satan AbortS them all. So this abortion method is used across-the-board, but what a nice derision 'flavor', to use the topic of abortion itself! Yes, they really are that petty and cruel. We are all being derided, 24/7.

      [Nerd Note: the Reformation was a big deal, but it quickly apostatized into mega-religions like Lutheranism and Calvinism, which in their own way, suppressed Scripture by their rigid, anti-Bible interpretations. The Calvinists in 1610 really screwed up what Calvin had written when they invented TULIP. Beza's probably in heaven right now screaming at us down here to wake up and fix what he (or his people) screwed up! Calvin, Beza, Luther, all the so-called fathers are probably totally chagrined that their followers are so puerile, treating what they wrote as ceilings of spiritual grandeur, rather than as adolescent understandings, begging for upgraded study. So what you have is and was a very UNChristian power battle, down here: with everyone thinking himself holy. So state churches formed; so, they still linger, choking off all further growth from their adherents. Meanwhile, under all that furor, there were really growing believers in all the groups, who just kept on quietly learning whatever Word they could get. And they could get it, for God always provides. But the religions in either Protestant or Catholic camps, were (and are) all competing for the Rev17 mantle. Sorry, you can see it in history: apostacy is always political and always in the name of a holy crusade, as if God needed man's help: just as Rev17 depicts. Same stupid trend continues today, only this time, it's the independent churches who get on their political highhorses and ride in beastly fashion, decked in scarlet and purple.]

So let's pause in our review of Satan&Co.'s DIOS plan, to note a litmus test. After all, God does mandate behaviors, so.. how do you tell the difference between obeying God, or.. somehow slipping into Satan's Works System? Well, operationally, it boils down to MOTIVE. Why are you thinking/doing What you are thinking/doing? And it also boils down to Where You Are Living, whose Power System. So: are you living on Bible in God's System.. or living on works/people, in Satan's System? Live in God's System, and DDNA grows. Live in Satan's system, and dDNA grows.

    Here's how the to-do's work in God's System: in Bible class, you learn; in life outside of Bible class, you practice, as 1Jn puts it, the "righteousness" you learned. Note that difference in orientation: you are learning 24/7, even when doing something. Not works, but ongoing Bible class -- living, with your body engaged. Not merely study, since no one can keep warm by means of good wishes. In short, Balance. (Same theme is in James 1:1-2:26). So if you want to get ahead in the spiritual life, get headed with His Thinking, by living in His System; when not in Bible class proper, treat the rest of the time as practice of what you've learned thus far, Headed by His Thinking. For the Body of His Thinking acts on a body of flesh, engendering an ennobling of all you touch. However wretched.

    Believers then and now had this problem about the knowing, versus the do's. Then and now, we think of 'doing' something of extreme value. We also have the peasanty idea that if a thing requires a lot of body effort, it must be worth something. So we get real upset, when someone who isn't sweating like we are, gets more than we get. Or, when we see someone learned, we get upset that we aren't learned too -- or, intimidated, thinking ourselves hopelessly inferior.

    Both attitudes prove this problem of eyes-off-God. We are looking at each other. And expecting that "God" values what we value AS we value. Well, He doesn't. So James and John (and Paul and Peter, etc.) take great pains to separate out the entire works question, to show that the premise is Learning God. Specifically, the Son of God (e.g., 2Pet3:18, which he wrote just before he died). All the NT authors trace how Word IN you is what works. God doesn't want your works, doesn't need your works, and your works don't really help people, either. John is particularly pointed about it in 1Jn3:17 -- parallel verse is in James 2:16. Both passages in context illustrate that absent the Word in you, your works are but empty, hypocritical wishes. For God Is Not In Them. As 1Jn explains, there's a gigantic difference between doing the Word and doing works, and this difference shows up in motivation. Both James and 1Jn stress this difference:

    The one doing the Word, is motivated by IT;
    the one doing works, is motivated by them.

    So which source is your motivation? Like the widow who put in the two coppers, the one motivated by the Word is looking at it, not at what he does. But the one motivated by works, like those many rich before that widow who were putting in tons of money, were motivated to be 'seen' doing Much Money. So the money, mattered to them. Didn't matter, to her. Christ explained this (saying far more about it than I'm writing now), in Mark 12:42-44 and Luke 21:1-4.

    Because if the Word motivates you, you don't price what you do.
    But when works motivate you, oh -- how you do price them!

    Priced love is no love at all, for the Word is Priceless, Isa55:1-11. When the Word motivates you, you want to hide what good you might be doing, and you'll never believe it's good enough: because the Word IS Priceless. Pearl without price parable, ties here. By contrast, when works motivate you, you want to be praised and noticed for what you do, so you are constantly measuring in terms of PRICE, like the Pharisees (both of Jesus' day and today in Christendom). Big difference in love, huh. Bigger difference, in the object of love, huh. Which of the two, should God prefer?

So back to their DIOS Plan...
  • Abrogate the WORD. Now you know why Satan&Co. focus on distorting, mistranslating, hiding the Bible. The Word is the Counterfeit Detector, not only of fake verses, scribal errors, and fake holy books, but "the Word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any machaira (two-edged Roman sword); piercing even to the dividing asunder of the soul and the spirit and the joints and the marrow, and is a critic of thoughts and intents of the heart. All Scripture is God-breathed and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in Righteousness; that the man of God might be mature, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth." Those are three Bible verses largely from the KJV. My pastor used to begin every Bible class with those words.

      True evil is white, not black, because true evil mimics God in every way. So it's subtle; and the younger (or more arrested) you are in the spiritual life, the more trapped in evil, you are likely to become. This subtlety works on all the right answers God gives in Bible, like Satan tried to work on Christ in the 2nd temptation -- to push the believer over the edge. In PopeMyth.htm, there's a link to a letter written by an alleged pope, Clement I. Read that letter, to see how far over the edge he went -- it's not immediately apparent. Now you'll know why Rev17 was given John to write, in the same year as 'Clement' wrote his letter.

      Given all Scripture says in the post-Paul letters about false teachers (and even, during Christ's time, He said much about them, i.e., Matt7), those apostate believers must have been a real problem; which we also know historically, since that was the decade the Church Fathers began arising (90's AD). Sure can tell the difference between their writings, and 1John! How ironic that it's John who writes of this origin of antichrists, only to follow it up a few years later with their portrait, Rev17. False versus true 'spirits', false vs. true 'seed': the latter have the Word in them, the testimony in the Trial; the former claim to have the word in them (3:17,18a). Now 1Jn4:12-17 makes sense in the contemporary context, too. Rev1-3 shows some pretty apostate folks, esp. the respectable Laodiceans. No wonder John uses Temple keywords in 1Jn, since there was no temple (he skips right over the Temple prophecies, since they were already fulfilled, and instead spends three critical chapters on the post-salvation spiritual life, John 14-17, all taught on Christ's last night with his apostles). No wonder God is sarcastic about measuring the non-authorized Temple, in Rev11:1. We learn from Bible that we learn nothing from Bible.

      So the quintessential characteristic of Satan&Co.'s involvement is therefore the suppression of Scripture; when they cannot suppress it, they suppress interest in it; when they can't do that, they distort it. Now you know why So Much Mistranslation, occurs. Satan&Co. are finite like we are, only bigger. But they still can't be everywhere at once. Because the Word "is alive and powerful", they can't afford to have its use go unmonitored. But they can't monitor everything. So they have to herd us in order to make their DIOS goal function effectively.

      Hence their AIDS and abortion tactics. By getting us into works and getting us into people-people substitute 'holiness', they can all the better distract us, and hence dissuade interest in the Word; wrecking translations, stressing substitutes, encouraging disinterest. Any way they can do it, they will. Since the Word produces Love in you, and since the Love in you is the quintessential witness in the Trial, then suppression of the Word is all-important. And they did it very well, for nearly 18 centuries. But today, they can't suppress the original-language texts -- so must offer other substitutes. The Gospel, Caveats and "Right" Pastor? links on the Home Page spend much time on the nature of these substitutes, so little more will be said here.

      Essentially, you can tell a satanic sponsoring of someone or something if the Word is given only lip service (or emotion). Every religion acts like this: not one of them know their own holy books, but vaguely; and instead, they get into many doo-doo's, pretending they are thus obeying their holy books. It's hysterical, what hypocrites we humans all are. So, with respect to the Real Word: if a teacher doesn't teach Bible, or just gives you snippets and sugary/emotional sermons; if you are taught by means of Madison-Avenue or emotional techniques, socializing and all manner of substitutes for teaching the Word -- it's not God who's in all that. Mind you, Satan&Co. don't exactly 'inform' their pawns; so you can be reasonably certain a satanic pawn very sincerely believes he's on good terms with a real God. It's at the end of his life (but hopefully much sooner!) he realizes he's been used. Better to never be born, the Lord observed of Judas. Judas, by the way, was a disciple -- so had to have been a believer, first. Would you want to know forever what Judas in heaven forever, knows about himself? So end up all of Satan's pawns, whether they live happily in heaven or happily in hell. [Nerd note: people in hell love it there, because they love feeling sorry for themselves. Read Luke 16:20ff to see why.]

      God wrote the Word. God didn't write long tomes with windy erudition. God didn't say we should read the Church Fathers as if they were the summit of wisdom (what a crock -- read them yourself, and see). God didn't say we were to just intone or quote or otherwise parrot our teachers, as if it was respectful to learn nothing from what they taught. (Worst thing you can do to a teacher, is to not think out what he teaches you -- very disrespectful, sorry.) God didn't say we were supposed to memorize Bible verses and slap them around when we see behavior 'we' feel doesn't comport. Oh no. But Satan&Co. teach all that. So forget all the knowledge about what a surplice is, and how many Marys are in the Bible, and what Quelle is. Just Learn The Word. For itself. Not, for showing off at a 'fellowship' rally.

      Granted, most Christians won't go to church if they don't get the razz-matazz -- people will leave if they don't feel the church is friendly, for example -- but then it's not God they want. Flee anyone who isn't teaching the Word AS the Word, for itself. Kissing the Word, oh-how-i-love-Jesus songs, potlucks and all that substitutes for the Word, so is evil. Satan is all about Dios -- his strategy for making God foreign to us. By Derision, Imbalance, Obfuscation, and Substitution. Implemented by the substitutes of Morality, Emotion, Gross sin, and Apathy (toward the Word). These characteristics are explained, respectively, in the Appendix of the "Thinking series" (SatStrat.htm) and in Part IVc (MEGA table) of that same series (LvS4c.htm).

So: if you don't learn those socratic equations in 1Jn, you'll become Satanfodder, mistaking 1Jn as about works and being nice to people. A socratic equation is a rhetorical style which is kinda like tic-tac-toe. It's modular, and the sentence structure is balanced. Notice, for example, that in 1Jn1:5-10, you have three clauses in each sentence; if you 'vertically' examine them, every first clause parallels every next first clause; every second clause parallels its next second clause, etc. So that you can equate the protases of later sentences, to similar protases in prior sentences. So the one who sins is in darkness, doesn't have the truth in him (so is a liar), doesn't have the Word in Him (calls God a liar). This is a sophisticated form of parallelism, so you can move the modules around and equate conditions and results. Hence Word=Love=abiding in God. All else, not. Very deft technique.

    So by means of these socratic equations, you can tell that every 'bad' thing John's mentioning in 1Jn is what moral sinners do. Keyword "antichrists" in 1Jn2 also tips you off, since the term first means "instead of Christ" -- fake christs, fake holiness, fake representatives of God. The moral sinner claims he's not sinning, claims he loves God, claims he loves his brother, claims he obeys. A false teacher claims to be of God, but is of the world. The world is normally moral, for morality is needed for survival, and is the root source for pride -- another survival (aka "defense") mechanism of the sin nature.

    Moral sinning comes from a need to be compensated for doing something unpleasant; there is no compensation to the moralist, except pride. He has to be his own god, so he has to be unrequited. That's why moral people are such a pain to be around: they have to be superior to everyone, in order to justify their own pride, which is the only 'compensation' they respect. It didn't start that way. See, we are too well aware of our physical limitations. We have to pee every day, for crying out loud. So to do the 'opposite' of that, like to deny ourselves or incur an expense, naturally upsets us, since we are sooo animalistic. So, if we treat that upset as making a 'sacrifice', well.. then we can (oh so quietly) call it evidence of how GOOD we are. Yeah, an extra "O", for Obfuscation, got put in God's name. So we make ourselves, gods. Real subtle, constant urge running from the body to the soul, to make the self god. Can't avoid it, unless you get God's DNA, His Son's Thinking. Constantly. It takes some years, to knit together.

    So beware. What's most obvious, we least see. Because, without the Spirit, we are in darkness. It's our natural condition. And being in darkness, we fancy ourselves in the Light, just as John warns in 1Jn2. Look carefully at what John parallels as bad, given the purpose of his letter in Chapter 2: how the audience can know they are not like the believers who became apostate and left; which leaving believers, are now under the devil's sway; hence to beware of them (parallel passage in 2Tim2:26-3:7); for their objective is to sway the epistle's audience away from the Word. Moral sinners substitute their works and their power lust and then call themselves doing the will of God, viz., all Christian activism in any century (and especially, today). Worst evil is substitute holiness. Murders the spiritual life.

    To illustrate this fact, 1Jn3 reminds his audience of Cain's sweaty religious sin of offering vegetables to God, instead of Abel's belief depicted by the lamb sacrifice; and hence Cain became jealous (instead of doing the same thing as Abel) -- and hence murdered Abel, 1Jn3:12 (see also Gen4:7 in context); the murder was done with a sacrificial knife in a sacrificial manner, mocking the Sacrifice-to-Come. (You can't see that from the English -- Greek word is specialized for sacrificing a lamb by slitting its throat, sphazw -- ties to Jn8:44, my pastor explained.) So John is very much, excoriating works and false spirituality. So you also have to know Cain was very moral and was ticked off all his hard farming work wasn't acceptable to God, but Abel's no-account sheep (which you just lead to pasture, you don't slave over it), God honored. If you don't know that about Cain you will miss John's definition of evil and sin and everything bad, in this epistle. Remember, John's parallelling what Christ said, to remind the reader, and Christ excoriated works at every turn, i.e., the Pharisees, in Matt23 (whole chapter, but especially vv12-15).

    Worse Evil is white, not black, and the theme in 1Jn is to beware of false teachers. If teachers, then obviously the evil being warned against, is religious evil. Idols are always used by religion (i.e., the cult of rituals, taboos, relics, etc), the last warning in 1Jn. John's other two epistles are only on that topic, so.. looks like many of his initial audience, defected too. The theme that no Word or false word=no love is very pointed in 2Jn. So if you have trouble seeing it in 1Jn, look at 2&3 Jn, and Jude (each only a few paragraphs long, and written in some haste): note the Cain analogy in Jude 11, which John uses in 1Jn3 (tieing to the earlier Jude letter). Notice how "love" means turning away those false teachers. For 2Jn v.10-11 says, Don't even greet them; for then you yourself share in their evil. Pretty strong statement, huh. Wow: today, that behavior would be considered very unloving. So, again - it matters that you learn Bible's own definitions, not your own, lest you misread it. [Nerd note: notice that John is not telling the noble "lady" to go crusading against the false teachers, either. That's the other typical apostate behavior common throughout Christendom's sordid history, to crusade against what they consider "false". Truly disgusting, that Athanasius and his ilk. When will we ever rightly divide the Word of Truth?]

      Even in translation, if you use 1Jn1:9 and actually think about what you are reading, you can see it's only the Word In You, which matters. So if you have trouble with the equations of 1Jn, look first at 2Jn and 3Jn, and Jude. Then 1Jn might make more sense as you study it.

    So with the illustration of Cain, 1Jn3 says works leads to murder; again, referencing Christ's quote (Jn8:44) and his epithet to the Pharisees, "you are of your father, the devil". Christ never uses that expression for any other group of folks: only the religious types get that epithet. So in 1Jn, you can't mistake what kind of apostacy is referenced, unless you don't know your Bible. Of course the devil is a Self-Righteous Murderer, so Christ came to free us from the devil's works (luw should be translated loosen the bonds, not 'destroy' in 1Jn3:8). The equating of works to turning away someone starving, to mere words mouthed, is pretty scathing in 1Jn3:17-18.He's saying the Word clothes and feeds and loves the brethren by abiding in you, so don't do what Cain did and substitute something else -- ouch!

    See how he writes 1Jn3:18 (corrected translation): "Children, we must not 'love' by means of mere words nor in lipservice, but [rather] in the sphere of Divine Work, even The Truth!" Pretty strong sentence: leaves no doubt, huh. In context, his socratic equation here contrasts all human works as mere words and lipservice, versus the Truth which is The Word. Only The Word, works. Heb10:24 is parallel syntax and construction -- mistranslated, of course. Same theme in James, also mistranslated. See for yourself: well, only in the Greek, never the English, lol. [Read the context from v.1Jn3:16, because the equations relate back to 1Jn2:6 on how the Lord walked; how by the Word, He gave up his Life. So here in v.18, lol -- "ergoi" and "aletheiai" are anarthrous, both of them. John is equating what is True Works, with the Truth -- after all, it's the Word which was IN Him, which paid for our sins, direct reference to Isa53:11's sunesei (da'ath, in Heb text, dalet ayin tau). But do you find that anarthrous quality indicating Divine Work in translation? Of course not! This is a pivotal verse, just like 1Jn2:5 is, and both are surgically mistranslated to reverse the meaning! Kill me now: in seminary one of the first Greek-geek things you're taught is to look for the absence of the "article" (nee: "definite article"). Absence stresses Quality, and particularly, Divine Quality. And the other big thing you're taught, is the Granville Sharp rule, where you treat "kai" as a hyphen, if there is an article for two nouns. But here there's no article, so how much more close, are the two nouns? They are equal, two sides of the same coin! So "kai" is not "and", but "even" (ascensive)-- John is equating, uniting the two anarthrous words. You'll find the same exact construction with the clever "kalwn" inserted, in Heb10:24, so that verse should say [hortatory subjunctive] "let us carefully discern among ourselves, resulting in the encouragement of Love=Word, even Divine Good Deeds." 10:25 therefore turns the noun into a foundational participle, "being encouraged" (there's no "one another" in the verse): so you know it's from Word, previous verse -- it's not between people, for crying out loud. Verse goes on to say how that encouragement results: by getting Bible Teaching (you went to church to get Bible Teaching, not social life, they didn't have tapes or internet back then)! But of course, Heb10:24 is reversed in translation! Sheesh! I'd never know what Bible said, from translations! It's a miracle anyone gets saved or lives the spiritual life! Thank you Father, my pastor taught from the original-language texts for 50+ years to his congregation, nearly every day! It hurts to see what others are stuck with. Man, my church and I have taken for granted the teaching we got, not realizing how poor the translations are. What a fool I've been! End ranting, sorry. ]

    So much for all that claptrap about giving to the poor! So if I would feed the poor, I better get fed Word! Unlike people, God can really bless the poor. Unlike people, God won't use the poor to get money out of other people. Parallelisms of this in 1Jn2:9-11, 15-19, 3:4,6,8,10,12,15 and 4:20-21 show that religiosity was really a problem. After all, the devil is extremely moral, too. Angel of light, even. Religion murders the Word: see John 5:37-47, 15:18-27, 16:1-3. What you think defiles you, not what you do. So what you do, doesn't help you either, but rather what you think, Mark 7:14ff. So if defiled thinking, what must God do to any works thus contaminated, as Christ Himself, explained? Burn them up (2nd half 2Peter, 1Cor3).

    So it bears repeating, that litmus of Motive and Where You Are Spiritually Living. As 1Jn explains, there's a big difference between doing the Word and doing works. This difference shows up in motivation:

    The one doing the Word, is motivated by IT;
    the one doing works, is motivated by them.

    So which source is your motivation?

    Because if the Word motivates you, you don't price what you do.
    But when works motivate you, oh -- how you DO price them!

    For priced love is no love at all, for the Word is Priceless, Isa55:1-11. When the Word motivates you, you want to lay down your life: because the Word IS Priceless. By contrast, when works motivate you, you want praise for what you do; so you constantly measure like the Pharisees (both of Jesus' day and today in Christendom). Big difference in love, huh. Bigger difference, in the object of love, huh. Which of the two, should God prefer?

    Do you begin to see how evil is the do-good-for-people claim? Does no one recognize that Matt4's temptations are temptations to good deeds? Of course not. Well: why are we so blinded? Surely it's not God who's blinding us. And you just know those touting good deeds are blind. For the claim sounds soooo nice. Soooo loving -- yeah, and chops out, God Himself! Think really hard: to Whom do you owe your first allegiance? Your parents. And Who is Your First Parent? Well, the Father Who Ordained Your Salvation. And to Whom did Christ sacrifice? He didn't turn stones into bread to feed the hungry of the world in Matt4:3, did He? Why not? Oh, it would have been a sin to do good deeds! And why? Because Father Wasn't The Recipient. First Commandment does not have the word "people" in it. And, excuse me -- by not 'caring' for the poor but instead going to the Cross for father, no little accomplishment was made on our behalf, right?

    So, then: if Father is FIRST, and if Father is pleased with His Son's Thinking developing in us, then -- how do you think Omnipotent God likes to Express His Pleasure? Well, due to Christ we all got saved! So what do you think He'll 'save' in the world now, since those saved by Christ are learning what Father wants to hear? Won't He save people in other ways, far more than anything we can think or imagine, Eph3:20? So how evil are we, if we reject Learning His Son? Well, we are more evil than any murderer!

      Can it be more evil than to reject your parents? Can it be more evil than to reject your parents in the name of God? Can it be more evil, then, to reject God in the name of your parents? But the Corban gimmick was used by the Pharisees to deny support to their parents in the name of God. But works was used by the Pharisees to deny God Himself (see Mark 7, Matt23).

      Can it be more evil, to refuse to do the one thing God really wants -- learning His Son -- so that the world can get from God, not you -- what God wants to give it? So if we are soooo busy giving the world what we think it needs, then we succeed in giving God nothing He wants, and we deny the world God's Gift on our behalf. Greater evil than that, well.. can't think of any worse.

    Hence the climactic, scathing, 1John 3:17: who having the world's goods, can close his emotions to someone in need? Unsaid, and sotto voce -- but we have All Things in Christ, so how can we not 'lay down our lives' like He did.. by Learning Word, Matt4:4? Didn't God Buy Time via Noah, Abram, Moses, David, and now.. Christ? And what 'works' did these Bible greats do? They Believed. They Learned God's Thoughts. Thus the world Continued To Exist; for God only and always perpetuates via spiritual 'fathering', same contract pattern as Isa53:11. David says that's why he was born, Ps139:17 (vv.11-17 are always reverse translated, see "Don't Abort My Word" table in NoWombLife.htm).

    More: as said earlier in this section.. can any work one does, BUY TIME? But, as Paul said in Col4:5 and Eph5:16 (and 6:13, indirectly), which letters were already well-circulated -- it's our job to buy time.The same way Christ bought it: learn the Word. For the Word became flesh and we flesh can thus become the Word in ourselves, since only God can do that. So only God can buy time. So only God knows how to help the poor.

    Take this challenge, test the Gospels yourself and see: Christ never did anything that 'Christians' do. Not even once. He didn't run around witnessing (but rather kept on teaching, and told everyone to shut up about His Miracles and Identity, see Mark's Gospel); He didn't try to debate the validity of the Bible versus science, He didn't pass around the collection plate (and was excoriated for that); He didn't fast (except in Matt4, because that would weaken Him for better testing); He didn't tell others to be ascetic; He didn't condemn those who were rich or poor, He didn't get into activism. He only taught and died on a Cross. So, when John says repeatedly we should live ("walk" is the expression, a Hebraism) like Christ, well.. he sure doesn't mean religion. He sure does mean BECOMING something, since Christ became the Way the Truth and the Life. So how can we become that? By learning the Thinking of the Way the Truth and the Life through the Holy Spirit (1Jn4:13). Which is Spiritual DNA, Doctrinal DNA, Divine DNA. Changing us. Not, us changing a world which wants breaded stones.

    Instead, Christ prayed that we be Sanctified (lit., set apart as holy, hence the term "saints") By Means Of The Truth -- John 17:17-21, 4:23-24. Truth, not works. Truth, not givings-to-the-poor, not rituals, not taboos, not revival rallies, not sing-alongs, not syrupy sermons, not prolife movements, not political crusading, not religion.. not anything like Christianity today. But instead, Truth: which results in glory and oneness with God, John 17:22-26. So much for the goofy idea that man's works do anything 'holy'! Yeah, works make one sanctimonious, but never sanctified! [Nerd Note: Greek preposition "en" is used with the dative, hence close Association, Relationship, Benefit is always the connotation. It matters that "in truth" uses that preposition, but "in" is not the only meaning, and "sanctify" is an action word, so you have to use "by means of", which of course results in "in". Look up all the meanings of the preposition "en", and test all the meanings when you find "in" used.]

    Now why would He pray that? Because Truth Is What Father Wants To Hear; obviously, since Christ never prayed against the Father's Will, did He. So Truth is what Father wants to hear. Truth, not 'works'. If you work for a boss, and that boss is pleased with your work, he pays you. Pays you more, if especially pleased. Then you can spend that money as you choose. Ok: so what if God, your ultimate Boss, is pleased? Well, He pays you by taking care of the world for you, since you need the world and it (the more) needs you in it. But you are so busy learning, not doing all those kooky works the world pants after. So God Does Bigger WorkS. Well, isn't that better than you directly getting the money, and having the hassle of giving it away? It is a hassle: people won't treat you like a human being. They drool too much. So, God spares you all that hassle, and gives the world TIME, WEATHER, and all manner of stuff only God can do. Plus, competence -- because on our own, we're not competent. God is Love. Grace is His Expression of that Love. No one else can Justify that expression, but the One Who Grew Up. Of Whom, we are growing up. See the parallel?

      He's Our Father. Could be the world's Father, and in fact He Gave Birth To Every Soul Directly, Personally, model of Gen2:7. But the world disowns Him. But we didn't. We drooling dufuses, not able to think our way out of the proverbial paper bag; we fools who actually believe in God instead of our own egoes, for we can't fool ourselves anymore -- we got spanked too much, enlightened too much, deiknumi clause of LXX Isa53:11! So Our Father, Dad! Our Dad! OUR Dad, Our Mutual Dad! will move heaven and earth to love us, protect us, spank us as needed, GROW us. To be like Our First Brother, Christ (see Heb2). And because HE is our Dad, the world gets to live another day...

      I've left out one other Huge Blessing God Grants Because You Are Learning His Son: your entire nation is Blessed. My pastor has taught this for decades as "the pivot"; since 1997, he's warned us that due to lack of interest in Word, the US is about to be punished with extinction as Israel was -- but then discovered through the parallel of Moses, that a few "Pleroma" people are enough to justify the continuance of a nation, despite itself. Years later, through the math on Bible verses about certain Bible believers, I learned of God's Blessing System for Time (Mirroring.htm). That's a separate blessing system, from the one which benefits your home nation. So you are worth much!

      Given the Moses parallel, a ratio of about 1:6 million is needed. But when you look at the parable in Luke 8, that ratio might be much higher: LvS4b.htm spends time on how such ratios leverage blessing, and how such ratios might indicate how God builds the Church for the Rapture (not trying to date it, just to understand the voting parameters). So: for the US, my pastor guesses that between 10-50 people alone carry us. We are too far gone. When national debate can center on steriods and stem cells and Federal Marriage Amendments -- headed by dingdong Christians who wouldn't know law or the Bible if It Bit Them -- then you know we are a nation of rotten figs (metaphor of believer apostacy, in Jeremiah). So only a few are spiritually-mature enough, and the US limps along. I shudder to think of the sad condition of other countries, for Bible seems to be much more loved here than anywhere else (except maybe South Korea and Brazil). [I'm not at all sure that the Bush administration is 'into' all these issues. They seem to be adopting the stance to keep their dingdong Christian Right, having decided that political support in other sectors is too small. What's interesting is that they really only talk about the issues, always managing to do very little of substance about them. That's an encouraging sign, but someone in the Administration ought to read Isaiah's many warnings against trusting "Egypt" -- the prototype of trusting the Wrong persons for your safety. God first and only. To hell with the stupid dingdong Christians, don't count on them. God disciplines His Own (Heb12:5ff), so we don't go punishing others, but we don't go relying on them, either...]

In conclusion, ti gar oun, ti oun estin: for whom are you voting, and who's making you? Are you getting DDNA, or dDNA, fancying yourself holy? For surely, it's murder if you key your life to people, and you're making touchdowns for Satan, but never God; especially, if you do all that AIDS abortive, Word-distortive work in the name of God. For God alone has first "dibs" on your life, and if He's not getting all your heart and soul and understanding, the Lord's Amendment Of The First Commandment is a sham. So you reject Your Savior, too. There's no "people" in the First Commandment, and it's First. So that's the "work" which is good. All else, is a phony substitute, Cain's vegetables, Zech7: are you doing that fasting for ME, Israel? Isa1:13, I can't stand your sacrifices any more, they stink. Lots of verses like this in Bible. So there's a lot of satire on works which in translation you can't see; the normal style, like here in 1Jn, is to tweak the religiously apostate's works by calling 'em something immoral (major rhetorical style in the OT); by stating what real good, work, love.. is.

    Even in translation you can see how we all would have been murdered if Christ didn't live on the Word, Matt4:4. Yet by our 'Christian' standards, Jesus Christ Our Own Lord and Savior, was the One most remiss for not caving into the doo-good deeds of Matt4. He didn't feed everyone, as Satan pleaded Him to do; He didn't do something flashy so we'd all easily believe Him, as Satan taunted Him to do; and He didn't zap Satan and just flat take over the earth, as Satan baited him to do. So we have a lot to learn about what does and doesn't please God; what is and isn't, spiritual. Hence, 1Jn.

    Apart from the Word, then, one is just like the straw man in James 2, wishing everyone to be clothed and fed -- but no one can feed, but God. The straw man, the works person, fancies himself doing God's work by doing body works. But God has no body. But there are so many poor. Do you help but one, and that one, scantily? When you can do what Christ did, learn the Word and produce such a sweet savor that God blesses the world to express His Pleasure?

    Through the Spirit, you can do much. So to not abide in Him, when you can, 1Jn3:17 -- well, that's like the false good wishes everyone hypocritically banters: Have a nice trip. Happy Christmas. Hope you have a good week next week. Christ turned Satan's good-deeds temptations down in Matt4. In favor of, the Cross. To get to which, He had to learn learn learn learn for a lifetime. Surely if we are given to learn, then God wishes to make more of that, than we could wish to do ourselves. Even were we able.

    And if you love God, oh how you ache to solve another's suffering! And how well you know, since you know HIM -- that Only God can solve suffering! Didn't He solve your own suffering? For capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships; so the world has no soul capacity, and therefore it suffers. Well -- how then do you pray? For you know unless you pray, the world cannot be helped, since it rejects Him. And you know unless you grow, your prayer won't be heard, since no prayer is heard from someone outside God's System. God should get from us, right? And doesn't the world need Him to be pleased with us? You are So Royally Powerful, you've no idea -- well, hopefully you've some idea by now -- use that power well?

So the Warring against the King, produces Battlefield Royalty: kings.
And Battlefield Plunder, Booty, Isa53:12.

John writes 1John so believers can know what constitutes being "spiritual" for God; what constitutes good evidence in the Angelic Trial we are in, because we can't see anything from down here; and we can't see them (the demons, angels, God, etc). So John outlines four types of things which in that Trial are used to demonstrate God's handiwork. He's referencing and elaborating on Heb11:1 (in the Greek), which they all knew. What they didn't know, was what now that the Temple is gone, and God seems to have gone silent?

    LvS4a.htm, which is Part IVa of the "Thinking" series on this Trial, begins with a much longer version of what follows in these indented paragraphs.

    Gist: the Coming of Christ was a cataclysmic event with widespread, worldwide repurcussions owing to the kind of Prophecy His Coming was. Salvation and the end-of-the-world were to be simultaneous. That prophecy was known throughout the world, and His 30 years of 'silence' after His Birth, gave the world enough time to decide for or against going to Israel, to see Him. That's why John the Baptist and not Christ, was visible. It was a Period of Voting. Since the world was to end with the ending of Messiah's paying for sins, the world needed time to decide how to vote. So Messiah doesn't show up on the world's stage, until the last three years. Everyone could know when those last three years would be, owing to the timeline in Daniel 9:25-26. So after He came and was crucified, the world turned upside down. Proof of His Coming was evidenced by spectacular spiritual gifts, to give the Jews and the world yet another 40 years, to decide how to vote: Paul chokes up about that, in Romans 9:22 (aposiopesis between v.22 and v.23). Because, the message was.. He's Coming Back. This time, as a Rapture, which would kick off the end-of-the-world sequence known in the OT by various names -- which we know as "the Tribulation".

    But those visible spiritual gifts pretty much terminated with the 08/28-29/70AD end of the 2nd Temple, and probably by that date, most of Scripture had been completed. Then, a 'silence' ensued: only John's 'portion' of the Bible, didn't yet exist. In the 50's and 60's AD, Matthew, James, Luke, Acts, and Paul's huge portion of Bible, were all written and disseminated. In the spate of Christian persecution following Paul's execution in 68AD (beginning the Year of the Four Emperors, a very bad time in Roman history), you got Peter's letters (written from Babylon, that's how bad persecution was), the Book of Hebrews, Mark's Gospel, Jude. So from 70AD forward, a period of silence ensued. No Rapture happened (which was expected), either. And it kept ON not happening.

    So by the time John writes in the 90's AD, the other Bible books had been in circulation for nearly a generation; everyone had grown weary of the 'silence'; and wary, from all that waiting for the Lord's sudden "exanastasis" ("Rapture", in modern parlance) -- which "exit resurrection", had obviously not occurred. As a result, there was a terrific breakout of legalism and 'Christian' gnosticism (an ancient, morphing idea underlying many Eastern religions). So people were defecting away from Word in droves. It wasn't 'fun' like the competitors' offerings. So John is the last Canon writer (which he deftly informs them, in 1Jn Chapters 2-3). (PopeMyth.htm has a chronological list of NT book-writing dates, near the top of that webpage.)

    Back when the 2nd Temple was built (circa 536BC-516BC), there had been excitement; but it wasn't anywhere near as glamorous as that 1st Temple had been, and the Glory of the Lord did not fill the 2nd Temple: it was promised only for the Millenium (i.e., in Ezekiel and Habakkuk). There was no Ark, either: just the Bedrock in the Holy of Holies. Still, there were plenty of prophets, and plenty of prophecy, too. So the people were sustained by the progress in building, by the prophets, and by the hope of Messiah. Understand, it wasn't easy to build the 2nd Temple and Jerusalem -- people kept on persecuting the rebuilders, so building took something like 90 years (circa 536BC-446BC); and Messiah-to-Come, wouldn't come for another 400+ years: the Daniel 9:25 timeline was precise. So that rebuilding generation, was the first generation to know when He would come.

    But His Arrival, was too far away. So about 10 years after Jerusalem around the Temple had its walls finished, boredom and weariness set in again. So by about 434BC, Malachi, who was raised up by God as a prophet, was ending his ministry: so he wrote what was known as the last book of the OT. Then, there was silence. All you had to go on was the promise of Messiah's arrival per Daniel 9:25, and the Writings. Which you knew, were completed. No new revelation would come, until Messiah came. Which date, was a long way off.

    If you trace God's messages and messenger styles, you'll find a progressive DISappearance of visibility. And in each case, the disappearance tallied to negative volition. As men waited and waited and waited, they tired. Those who did have a lot of faith, got a lot of visible feedback from God; those who didn't, didn't.. until some judgement had to occur. So by the end of Malachi, negativity of an ascetic nature had taken hold; so no more prophets, even, were sent. If you read Malachi, you'll see why. It ends abruptly. The next person to arrive, would be Messiah. Meanwhile all they had, were the Writings.

    So here in the 90's AD, believers faced a parallel situation, but in a kind of reverse impatience: the Rapture can come at any moment ("if He should appear" clause in 1Jn2:28, 3:2), but it's been so long, and it hasn't come yet. Will it come at all? Believers a generation earlier had the same weariness, so Peter wrote them scathingly about how the Lord is not slow as "some count slowness", in 2Peter. But then Peter died. Mark's Gospel had come out soon after; the Temple was destroyed within two years afterwards; and of course Paul had been executed by Nero, in 68AD, which had kicked off that second spate of Scripture writing (Peter, maybe Jude, Hebrews, Mark's Gospel). But since all those climactic events which kept people going -- nothing happened. So here in the 90's AD, people wondered what to believe. Most just up and left or morphed the Bible into something it was not.. as usual. Notice the parallel, and the switch: the Rapture was imminent, not far off. But because it didn't happen as expected, people drifted off.

    We humans are dependent on the visible for motivation. What we can't see, we don't remember very long. Two people are close friends, but one moves away. Their closeness fades, as a result. So, too, with learning God: there was no visibility, except an aging set of books a few old ones could tell stories about, back when they and the books were younger. So old peoples' stories, by now. The younger ones, ached for something they could get their hands on or see. But there was nothing. First generation in history to have total invisibility, these younger ones post-70AD, felt like fish outta water. And, they were.

    For the hardest test you'll ever experience, is nothingness. Doing nothing to be saved, John 3:16. Not seeing God, 1Jn4 (and refrain, elsewhere). Not seeing what your belief in Him signifies, Heb11:1. This Trial phase is the hardest one. Beginning, with that generation of believers who lived after the Temple 'died'. And that phase, is the one you are still in. For the Rapture still can happen at any moment, but it's now been, about 2000 years. Once the Rapture happens, it all goes back to the visible: the official Tribulation, followed by the Millenium. So again, this is the hardest Trial phase. Because, all we have we think we can see.. is a dusty set of books few read, and fewer still, understand. Yet no greater proof has ever existed, either before that set of books was completed, nor ever after. For what you cannot see, you can better know. The 'eye' isn't in the way, anymore.

    Scripture in the original-language texts is conclusive proof, in and of itself, that God wrote it. By Content, what the words mean. Written across a span of 1500 years, one cohesive package, consistent and comprehensible from Genesis through Revelation. Without a doubt. If God never did any visible miracle, and even if He did all visible miracles He could do -- this one, is the greatest. Bar none. Reading these texts is looking God in the very 'Face'. Just as Paul forecast, back in the last half of 1Cor13.

    Oh, but there is a catch: without the Spirit's Brains, you have no eyes. So without the Word, you have no way to know how to get the Spirit's Brains. Hence we have John's writings, which explain how to 'see' without our eyes. Faith is not blind, but a superior sight. Which is why a person can read Bible until he's blue in the face, and learn nothing. Takes the Spirit's Brains and you believing in the Word He teaches you, to see anything: that's the main theme of 1Jn.

    For the world wants to see the world's way, but God stopped all that visibility, since the world is too negative. Prove it quickly: See the Dome of the Rock? It's the latest in a long series of "abominations of desolation" since the 160's BC! And this particular Dome has been dumbly standing Over the Rock which is the Holy of Holies, for 14 bleeping centuries! Is it not big enough, not often enough in the news, is it not easy to read Matt24 and Dan9:26? Why, then, don't we see Bible is from God? So if a truly gigantic building with a well-established history no one disputes, Goes on Testifying to Bible's Divine Origin and is yet UNseen, well.. why should God do more? Not to mention, virtually every natural law including math, economics, history, patently displays a Hypostatic Pattern -- can God make it more obvious?

    Now you have a better inkling why we Church alone can become Battlefield Royalty, the true and only Royalty for all eternity: kings under the King of Kings, Rev1:6, 5:10. Just as He was in the world, so are we, 1Jn4:17. Kinda like John the Baptist had been, we are now the only visible evidence of Him: so like Him, we are On Trial. But the world can't see us. We can't see the Trial, and we can only live on this Bible.. invisibly. That's the hardest battle for a human being. No visible support, no human systems of perception or courage. Just silence.

    No one really sees a King. They see his body, and hear his voice. They see his property and servants, but they don't see his inner life. That, he lives alone, independent of all others. Else, he's not a good king: even within his own immediate family, he must draw the line, be somewhat isolated. In his own mind, he must stop being a person, and instead become an entity. Which entity, he then obeys. For the king to be a good ruler, he himself must internally be, the most ruled (Peter's palindrome, "huparchein", in 2Pet3:11). He has advisors, but he makes the decisions. He has lots of help, but no one can help him BE king. They can only help the outers and behaviors which attend the king. So for a person to train to BE a king, requires much inner isolation, to gain the necessary independence. For which, one needs strength with power, Eph3:16-17. Spirit, Word, Christ, Word, Love. That's your inner life, now. So you can see how it becomes valid to be crowned a king, if you finish the course all the way through Eph3:19's "Pleroma" completion. Invisibly.

    They say that in Russia, one of the really bad punishments rendered was to lock you in a red room for about a month. You'd come out of it, crazy. Man can't take invisibility, isolation, independence. He needs feedback. Well, in this spiritual life, you don't get any: only the boys on the opposite side of the Trial, will be urging you out of your shell. So: if you're not held together by the Word in you, you'll fall apart. That's the spiritual life Christ had, and that's His Legacy to us. Welcome to reality.

So, the Silence Of Jonah is the answer: Bible Teaching, Just As The Lord Had Promised Back In The Gospels. (Matt12:39, 16:4, Luk11:19; the later explains what "Jonah" meant for Ninevah.) Hence the Word in us, the THEME of the Trial, Love being brought to completion in association with us. (1Jn4:17, but brought up in v.12.) It's not running around to people gushing love, for crying out loud. That's what the Gnostics and the religionists were all doing -- just like today. Love is a Thought Pattern Of The Word In You, so can't show up on any radar screen except heaven's. This Trial and this Witness is something we ourselves can't even see, so of course it's not even playing to the world. It's playing, to GOD. And thus, to the angels on both sides of Him, in the Angelic Trial.

So Father silently answers Son's John 17:17-21 prayer by putting His Son's Thinking, which is the Truth, in us hapless earthen vessels. Consequently, for Trial purposes, these four major demonstrations of Invisible God are the "Work" God is accomplishing in us. These four are listed in 1Jn4:12-17. Put too simply, these four are:

  1. The Spirit teaching and FILLING, thus EMPOWERING us, which is why 1Jn is written, why one needs to live on Word Study and 1Jn1:9; this is the entire spiritual life, for Church. For in the beginning which was not a beginning, was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God. So began John's Gospel. "Word" is the quintessential moniker for God in the OT, and particularly, the Son of God: dabar in Hebrew, ho Logos in Greek. For that means God's Thinking, His Essence. So loving the Word, is loving God. And if you love the Word, you cherish/guard the Word, 1Jn2:5. Anything else.. not. For that's only how the Lord 'walked', Matt4:4.

  2. As a result, we thus truly know we 'see' the Invisible God, Who sent His Son, the Savior; we're thus eyewitnesses, in the larger Angelic Trial, and not but condimentally, witnesses to people; and in fact we can see and know God like 1Jn explains, because we are becoming like Him via the Spirit's transforming DDNA in our souls (the Word itself, its Thinking Results);

  3. So We admit that Jesus is that Son of God, and for that reason, keep abiding in Him ('confess' is an admittance something is true, hence obviously you believe it); John 15 is thus fulfilled.

  4. Hence, the climactic completion: We have come to know the Word and believed Him, so we reflect that Love: Him. A love the world can't match, no matter how hard it tries. A Love the world can't see; but it's not about what the world sees: it's about what God sees. God, not people.
Because, we are truly spiritually-born, and it's all the Spirit's DDNA, proving the authenticity. Not, how nice we are to people.

This invisibility is just like all the other Trial witnesses of the Bible. Who saw Abraham sacrifice Isaac? Who saw Job pass the test? Who saw Christ on the Cross? The angels, not people. So who is seeing you now? The angels, not people down here. Search on "angels" verses in the NT, see how many Trial references are made to them. It's so bald in the OT and NT that this Angelic Trial is going on (fuzzed over in translation, of course), it's totally amazing that all our fascination with them doesn't yield a more sober understanding. My pastor has taught this extensively for over 50 years, as have some others. Consequently, we have no reason to be so obtuse about the fact that the Trial is before the angels; not at all, before mankind.

So people have very little to do with this witness. So we need to have little to do with people, but a lot to do with God. Once we are "rooted and grounded in Love", Eph3:17, we'll have enough discernment and proper motivation from Word to know what, if anything, we do in witnessing (etc) to people. Frankly, God's not too coy about what He wants: he just flat brings people to you when He thinks you are the appropriate mouth for whatever He wants. Then, they run around and tell everyone they know what you said. You never see the person again, after that. Ships that pass in the night. So God, not you, remains the sole focus. After all, you get chateaubriand, Him. Why should your brethren then settle for you, who are dog doo-doo?

But Up High in the 3rd Heaven, beyond this universe, those who know the difference between what is normal human and Bible Doctrine IN the human, are the unseen combatants in the Trial. They are very involved with humankind. They intently watch us down here. Peter uses "epithumousin angeloi parakupsai" to describe them craning their necks, like you would from up in the stands at a NASCAR race or a football game, totally involved in the 'play' -- one of my pastor's favorite reminders, 1Pet1:12. Think of us as a stadium (1Cor4:9, Greek), as a laboratory, where the results of Satan's implanted thinking versus the Lord's implanted thinking are all on display (viz., beginning of Job1 and 2, Eph3:10, 1Tim5:21). Now you get a better sense of what 1Jn4:12-17 is about. This Trial is real. You are onstage. You are being watched. By God, by the angels. So forget the people thing: you are part of something of so much greater importance, you can't even imagine. As a result, your potential impact on the human race right now is so vast, you can't even imagine. So forget the works thing, too. Stay In God's System, not works! John keeps repeating. Now you know why.

Here's a quick list of the tangle of conflicts and issues this spiritual life creates due to the Trial, and especially due to the diffferential between Infinite God putting His Own Truth in you.. and your own nature. Each of the items below is happening within each of the above four dimensions of this DDNA buildup. This DDNA transmutation, is a killer!

  1. Spirituality is what happens in your soul: this DDNA growing in you is impossible from the get-go. You can't even understand it, or use it, yourself. You can only vote "yes" or "no". So the Trial Test is, do you learn Christ and thus become like Him in your soul, or do you instead become like Satan? Same test, as in the Garden. When the woman took the fruit, she became like Satan, not God. Macro version: when we stupid Christians make an issue of "fruit-bearing" we imitate the woman's sin -- see how Matt7, 12, Luke 6 talk about "fruit": rotten figs, Jeremiah (i.e., 24:8, 29:17) reference. Read the context of Jeremiah closely; notice how from Chapter 22 onward God is talking about how He will destroy the Temple due to all those rotten figs with their rotten works. It's gruesome text. It's what's going to happen to Christendom, and all its associated countries, if we don't grow up in God's System. One person growing up makes so vast a difference, you can't imagine. See Mirroring.htm, if you want the measly-version (where 490 years was granted to the whole planet due to God being pleased -- so what more is happening, now that Christ is risen)!

  2. It's Learning, not earning! So from whose tree are you 'eating' learning? If Satan's, you'll be all about visible works stuff. If God's, then you'll live as Christ did, Matt4:4. For the Fruit of the Spirit is all inside you, Gal5:22. Spirit is invisible, and so is what HE produces, since He produces it for God. Not, for people. But heck: what people can get just because you 'abide' in the Spirit, is a bizillion times bigger than all the works since Day One until the end of time. This is not hyperbole, but "the surpassing greatness of His superior power" (my pastor's translation), Eph1:19, Eph3:19. "Surpassing" in both those verses, is a frequent wordplay technique Paul uses to designate His Head, which is superior to the Body, being in our heads, which IS the spiritual life. (See also 1Cor1:5, 10, 12:31, 2Cor4:7, 2Cor12:7 in Greek where the same punning wordplay is used -- Greek word is some form of huperbole, but sometimes the imagery is used instead of the word. Peter seems to like huparchein -- well, he loves using hupo- prefixed words, designating you are Under the Head, the Word.) Keep on being in God's System, and you'll see it for yourself. Invisibly, taught to you by the Holy Spirit Himself.

  3. Because, the Divine Thinking and the human body are not compatible. Which is why spirituality and spiritual growth, is only the learning. As you grow in Christ you will be increasingly living only on the Word in the Spirit. You cannot survive, else. So, apart from Him you can do nothing (John 15). But if a part of Him in the Spirit, you need do nothing. Just stay (aka "abide") in His System. Now you know why 1Jn is so 'simply' written. When under pressure, those 'simple' reminders, are your lifeline. Spiritual Growth and spiritual importance are always 'blind' to your human nature, so to that nature this life will always seem 'wrong' or surreal. You only know due to the Spirit telling you; and He only tells you through the Word, John 4:23-24, 14:26, 1Jn4, Heb4:12, Eph3:15-19, 4:11-16, etc. That's why you need the Word for proof, so you can keep on seeing that you aren't hallucinating. God never commands us to make bricks without straw. Religion, however, is for those blind-of-Word; which is why Christianity proves itself blind-of-Word, constantly working working working to make touchdowns for Satan&Co., per Rev17.

  4. God truly changes the person who grows in His System. Ironically, this means your sins are bigger than they were before. Because, YOU are bigger than you were. This problem is a concomitant hazard of growing in what my pastor terms, "capacity righteousness" (keying off the Greek in Rom8:4). As you grow, you will become much more discerning about what is truly righteous, and what is not. This leads to a vulnerability in your soul: you will become more ashamed or guilty about your own failures, because you are more discerning. You will also become more offended at the failures around you, for the same reason. So you are weaker, not stronger, humanly: thus more vulnerable to attack (by your own sin nature, by the world's thinking, by Satan&Co).

      God never urges; so the urges you feel, are never coming from God; the urges will seem like they come from God (sure mark you are being messed with, by the unseen defendants in the Trial). God never accuses. God never casts doubt. God never expresses disapproval the way we expect. He informs, but there's no taint. Even Divine Discipline is loving, Heb12:5ff.

      So it's an occupational hazard, to step 'out' of God's System, as this burgeoning discernment, beckons you to react. Cling to 'Mom' (the Holy Spirit) in the Word with all your heart and soul (aka "mind") and strength. Breathe through it, hanging onto whatever Doctrine you know, learning what you can about our hapless condition as humans. It's a normal part of the growth process of knowledge, to suddenly see and need to react. Hang on in the Word. Use 1Jn1:9, get up, and keep going. Over and over and over. It's spiritual LaMaze, frankly. "Me amal", Hebrew prep phrase of birthing in Isa53:11, depicting His 'labor pains' of the Cross; being paradigmally played for your benefit IN you, fulfilling Isa53:11, fellowship of His Sufferings. Couldn't be a more valuable experience, one you will come to cherish. Fourth Aspect will cover this topic in more detail.

      "My Food is to do the Will of Him Who sent Me," said the Lord in the Gospels. And what is the Will of Him [Father] Who sent Him [the Son] into the world? To Do Nothing. Be a lamb. Let Holy Spirit carry you to and through the slaughter of the Cross. Lambs don't care for themselves, and neither should you.

  5. Guilt and shame and offense are big-ticket items for the human race, to motivate works so Satan&Co. can get more touchdowns and spiritual abortions. So guilt, etc. are even bigger ticket items, when used on the believer. Christ paid for ALL sin on the Cross, but we humans want to put our oars in: the more power you have, the greater the urge to "do" something with that power, so Satan&Co. use guilt (etc.) in order to push the believer to "do" something. Guilt is a sin-nature trait (bio-psychological remnant of remembering that first sin). Can't get rid of it. Treat it like an allergy, so you take your medicine of Bible you know, under the Spirit, in His System. You will be tempted like the psychomatic paralytic my pastor taught us about, in Matt9 (Mk2, Luke5): to think your sins have cut you off from God. Well, your sins were paid off, since 2000 years ago! so take up your bed of fake misery -- use 1Jn1:9 to name the guilt, shame, offense -- and walk away. It's a lie that you ought to feel guilty, ashamed, bad or offended. All a lie. Christ didn't die on the Cross in vain. If you don't use 1Jn1:9, you in essence claim the Cross a fraud; that somehow what you did either didn't get paid, or that you don't need to name the sin since the Cross did occur. Evil lie, either way: see 1Jn1:10 and :8. See also Heb6:6, Rom4:14, 1Cor1:17.

  6. Divine, Absolute Power is growing in you line on line, precept on precept. For the Trial is about whose Power is superior, and we humans are the recipients of both kinds. Test is, What Does The Human Become Under God's Power.. or, under Satan's? It's not about anything else, at the Trial level. So you must be careful what you want. What you want, will be given EFFECT. That's why we have prayer. That's why we have a spiritual life. It's one long series of votes for whose power will govern. So you are powerful, not in yourself, but in your God-given Role. And that role is way too powerful, to be treated dismissively or emotionally. Christ was God-Man, because that would maximally express the range of power options available. He chose to spurn the use of His Godness to benefit Himself or anyone else -- unless and to the extent that, Father wanted Son to use it. Christ also chose to spurn the use of His Human Power, completely. Instead, He relied on the Spirit. That is what we must do also. But we will be tempted to quit or use this power wrongly. Just as Christ was. This is the closest thing to being in Hypostatic Union a sinner human can get. No other group of believers was given so much power, theme of Eph1. No other group post-Church will get it, because we are Body of Christ. No one else has that role. If Christians really knew this, they'd probably be too shocked to move for weeks...

      The more power you have, the less you should 'do', because you are more powerful. You don't kill a fly with a neutron bomb. You don't spend your wealth on the poor, you invest your wealth, because then the poor can have jobs and make their own wealth (socialism always bankrupts a country, sooner or later). The more power you have, the smaller must be whatever you do. Because whatever you do, is way more powerful than everything else.

      DDNA is very small. All life depends on it. Quarks are very small: all the cosmos depends on them. Aggregations of the small stuff thus get big, whether in biology or cosmology (vacuums 'unite' quarks and general theory of relativity). So the 'big' stuff gets all the attention, since we can see it; but big is little, really. So the Holy Spirit focuses on the 'little' thoughts you have, lovingly. Thereby turning spiritual fission, into spiritual fusion. Biggest power in the Universe: "not by might, not by power, but By My Spirit, saith the Lord", Zech4:6. The Holy Breath, Invisible. On Whom, all life depends.

      So you only win in the spiritual life by God CARRYING you, since Only His Power does Everything, and.. since you're not God, you can't properly use all the power He makes you BECOME. Satan&Co. will try to USE that power He makes you become. Hide in 'Mom', the Holy Spirit. Just stand still, as Eph6 counsels. Stay below-radar, just keep on learning Him. Don't give into the temptation to come out from 'under' the Holy Spirit, but instead "abide in Him". Like a soldier staying at his post, not giving into the taunts to leave (i.e., to help defeat the enemy). God Does All The Fighting. He did it all in the OT, and He still does. Stay Put. Be a 'faithful wife' and stay at home, no matter how it seems you glorify your Husband if you do it yourself. Christ never used His Deity for Father: Satan was baiting and berating Him for that, in Matt4. Jesus always could have done so, even on the Cross. But Christ Stayed Put. So must we. That's 1Jn's strident, never-ceasing warning.

      In practice, you'll mess up over and over and over. Think of it like training in your favorite sport. For example, in racquetball, for every killshot you make, you'd previously shot a thousand high balls. But with continued practice, you get more killshots per 1000 bad ones. So keep breathing 1Jn1:9, try again. And again. And again. John's style of Greek writing is over and over and over, very driven, very repetitive. That's how success in the spiritual life, is built. That's how even biological DNA is constructed. One nucleotide upon another in a gigantic chain; one moment chained to the next, repeatedly. No flash.

  7. Because it's God's power, the entire mechanism with respect to the human race, is INDIRECT. You pray for what you want. You live in God's System according to how HE wants, and you pray instead of do, anything (big running theme in 1Jn). Whatever your body life, it will have exigencies, intrinsics which tell you what God wants you to 'do' with that body life, so you live that life in God's System as a Bible class, 24/7. But your spiritual life rides 'atop' it, so to speak, and you use all the body stuff for learning. So you yourself, are 'indirect' with respect to the world: in it, but not of it. Because, you are taken off the world's playing field that first nanosecond you believed in Christ. So you live to God, and no other way (main theme in Romans 6-8, 2Cor5, Ephesians, Colossians, 1Cor). Satan&Co. will continually try to get you off the spiritual life in the name of being spiritual or serving God. To tap that power of God's. For you belong to God, and when you want to do the wrong thing, well.. certain responses BY God are required. Trust Him, these responses are not what you would want, were you in your right mind (see Lev26, Deut28, for a harrowing picture). In the Thinking series (link @pagetop), Part III's "Corollary 3" items and all of Part IV are dedicated to the beyond-imagination effect God's Power has on the human race due to believers and how they are growing or retrogressing in Christ.

      1Jn is very focused on this fact. From the beginning he weaves the theme of the separation from the world, that we are. Technically, since the world doesn't want Him, it won't want us either, so we don't play on the world's turf. Instead, we just learn Him. Father then uses that progress to reward the world -- really, to sustain us, as if we owned the world already -- so the world gets paid far more than what we could have done, for it.

      In the previous section, I explained how in college I was training for a career in diplomacy; but God didn't want me in that field. So, I didn't go into it. So what I might have owed the world in that field, HE paid by answering a prayer I prayed during my too-dumb-to-know-Bible days. I don't need to tell you that the breakup of the Soviet Union completely changed the balance of political power in the world. Additionally, all those hard-working diplomats on both sides, not to mention the now freer peoples, got to be involved in that change. Not in a million years' training, could I have directly helped them that much. But God is Infinite, whereas I am infinitesmal.

      So: I'm not the only believer on the planet, am I? So what must He be paying on your behalf? Gotta be at least that big, huh. For we are equal in Christ, per Romans 6, 2Cor5:17, all of Galatians. Our status in eternity might not be equal, but we're still down here and thus are equal as Priests. And all of us, are Kings-in-Training. So the world gets a king's ransom out of us. Or a king's worth of damage, if we try to play on this world's turf. Avoid all power motives -- and Churchinanity claptrap -- like the plague. They only make touchdowns for Satan's team.

  8. God's Power is indirect, because He's too big for us. You have to be 1) a believer in Christ (so to have the requisite spiritual structure and thus not die from directness), and you must be 2) in God's System (for Truth is the way He reveals Himself). Also, because we humans largely don't want a relationship with Him. We'd rather be ashamed, offended, preening about our own vaunted accomplishments. In short, we want some other version of "God" (which praises US).. than Him. So, that's what we get. The sin nature is incurable. Adam fell for the pitch that he'd become something greater than he was, by disobeying God, so that urge has been genetically in our cells, ever since (sin nature is only genetic). So the only cure to bad DNA, is DDNA via spiritual cloning, re-engineering by the Master Surgeon, the Holy Spirit, Heb4:12, Eph4:23 (Greek), Eph5:18, Gal5, Rom12:1-3 (Greek), Eph4:11-16 (Greek). Period.

  9. Hence Divine, Absolute Beauty is growing in you line on line, precept on precept. For the Trial is also about whose Beauty is superior, and we humans are the recipients of both kinds. This beauty will be played on, attacked, and human agents will be used. This is ironic. Most of the world's singles are pining for the right person to meet, and they constantly manipulate their own lives and the lives of others, to get someone. Well, that's why they are lonely: as my pastor loves to repeat, "marriage isn't about finding the right person, but about being the right person." Since you are automatically the 'right person' for Christ and are being trained by the Holy Spirit, well.. a whole lot of humans who are not in God's System, will be attracted to you. Because you are not like others; you aren't needy. So you are not FAKE.

      People will be thus be attracted to you for no apparent reason, or disproportionate to the reason which seems apt; you won't see your own beauty, so you will mistake what's going on. You gotta be reserved; royalty faces the problem of being too desired, so they must be somewhat aloof from admirers -- and so must you, since you are being trained by your King-Mentor. Many of these encounters will turn into truly weird relationships in business, friendship, even romance -- and in each case, the person becomes extremely possessive. See, people who are interested in something outside themselves, are attractive to begin with. When that interest is in God, it's even more attractive. So people uncannily pick up on your interest in God -- or, while immature you don't keep quiet about it -- and then they use it to 'acquire' you. This is a kind of kidnapping, really, very predatory. It's you they are after. This is not the typical predatory behavior just to get money or support. It's a personal need these people have, and they themselves are largely unaware of the "God" connection, or wish that connection were not there. They think it's you they want. Oh what sops we all are, being used by Satan&Co.!

      So: if the relationship lasts long enough and becomes close enough, you'll get or sense an ultimatum to give up your interest in God as the 'price' of the relationship. For, they become jealous of that interest, wanting that interest on them. All kinds of vindictive behaviors then ensue, if you don't give up your interest in God. You see this story time and again in the Bible -- especially with respect to Christ Himself -- and you'll see it in life. I could tell real-life stories about it, but God will show you how this theme plays in your own periphery. One category you can research: a good pastor is always excoriated by those jealous of his flock. That you can research on the internet, and find play throughout history (Paul, Jeremiah are two quick Biblical examples, to see the pattern). Also study Canonicity (i.e., read Christopher DeHamel's The Book, a history of how we got our Bible), for the same pattern is exhibited there. [Or see "Satan's Kidnapping Scheme" table in SatStrat.htm.] This pattern happens the most on a personal level, because the Rapture occurs when enough believers have reached Pleroma maturity; so the individual is the main target; the objective is to entice you away from the spiritual life, or to make you miserable for not 'giving in'. You are being pursued, and as you grow up in God's System you'll one day maturely recognize that. Meanwhile, just remember: You Can't Afford To Live Outside God's System. Cling to 'Mom' (the Holy Spirit) for dear life!

Now, the angels all well know we humans can't stand still, that we're squirming (drowning) in our own blood, Eze16:6ff. For they well know what "normal human" is. And none of these four spiritual functions/dimensions is normal, for a human. Every one of them completely goes against our herding nature as a human; completely goes against our insecure sin nature, which is genetic (talk about biological determinism)! Every one of them goes entirely against the nature of the world we live in, which is propagandizing constantly with fit in, be nice to get nice, don't stick out, win others over, gain gain gain but pretend otherwise, feel good. Might as well be in a torture chamber, to believe in Christ and grow in the spiritual life, what with all this antithetical body life we all have. Impossible. Good thing we but once believe He paid for all our sins, to be forever saved!

    We're really just a cut above an animal. We are utterly weak and helpless (see Ez16:6ff); hence, cunningly, terrifically grasping; hence, totally disloyal and fickle. We therefore drool over the misfortune of others (think of public and private reaction to Enron and Arthur Anderson and Martha Stewart!); we way overvalue ourselves; our pettinesses know no bounds: how we love bureaucracy and ritual! To top it off, we are undoubtedly the most incredibly irrational, of God's creation. Even Darwin noticed that: our irrationality was a real flaw in his theory of evolution, since due to it we dressed oddly, and didn't choose mates in line with what survival-of-the-fittest ought to 'do'. Well, there's a reason for that. God solved "unified field theory" in Isa 53:11 and evolution in Gen 3, duh.

    We aren't evolved, we instead Transmuted Down (devolved, but it was instantaneous); so we are nuts, ever since we wigged out against God and for Satan (who is the craziest of them all), back in Gen3. Our Devolving State is all on Bible paper any psychologist can read in any US hotel room. See how economical God is? He saves us millions upon millions of dollars in researching cosmological theory, evolution, and psychology. Not to mention, saving lots of pockets hourly fees they no longer need to spend, 'on the couch'. We Are Incurable. Only salvation and getting Word, will produce "sanity, without illusion.. as God has assigned to each one, a standard of thinking From Doctrine", Romans 12:3 (my pastor's corrected translation).

So to get a spiritual life at Christ's Own Level, sheesh -- that should be a recipe for disaster. It's a real spiritual birth, and of a uniquely-high spiritual species to boot (kaine ktisis, 2Cor5:17, so to be most compatible with His Spiritual Nature). We have both the Righteousness of God the Father and the Son as our own, imputed to us at salvation. So what do you think happens when we sin -- Adam went wacko, and he didn't have any of these attributes. But we do. As a result, our spiritual being is utterly incompatible with our physical being, and our storm-tossed souls (theme of Romans 7 and 8, Eph4:14). So we need DDNA, to keep from devolving into insanity. Just the same, the process is completely incompatible with our sin nature, which has the upper hand. So: we should be wigging out (and we are), we should be running away (and we are), we should be hostile to God (and we are).

  1. Witness, the impossibility of Dimension 1, Spirit Teaching and Filling, 1Jn4:13: it's not natural, to just sit and study Someone you cannot see. We can't even do that in secular school, but must twiddle with our hair, gum, or throw spitballs. We can't sit still in a concert, a ballgame, a lecture. We nod off or eyes glaze over after about 10 minutes. That's why commercials and packaging always change and are loud. To get our attention. We can't sustain attention, and thinking is harder than passing kidney stones. It's not natural. Angels all know this, and laugh at us for feeling so guilty about our natural puny state. Satan&Co. are completely flummoxed by any sustained concentration or learning of the spiritual life. It's impossible, and they know it. Doesn't matter that the Holy Spirit does it, we should not be able to consent on a sustained basis. No basis for the motive, since we are constantly picking the lint out of our navels.

  2. Next, Dimension 2, Actually Knowing God, 1Jn4:14. This should have flat killed Christ Himself. Much more, it should kill a sin nature person, so Satan&Co. reason. Part III of the "Thinking" series explains what we inherited as a spiritual lifestyle from Him, and when you read it, you're exhausted. It's a constant monitoring of thinking, a constant awareness of God, a constant fighting with your dippy body urge, and a constant attempt to stay on an even keel although you are constantly shocked that you actually know God. We don't get the buffer of visible training aids and miracles like they had in the OT. Those things give you a 'comfort' of looking at something not-God, to indirectly see God -- kinda like using sunglasses, and still not looking directly at the sun. But Christ didn't have that luxury, and we don't either. Knowledge can kill you. When you 'know' your spouse cheated, or you 'know' torture or abuse, it changes your life. When you 'know' that all your efforts to save a life were in vain, or all your hard work got trampled on, that changes your life. So knowing God is the hardest and most alien kind of knowledge you'll ever get. So you go nuts, or you grow up, but it's impossible to live with. Hence the need for Indwelling and Filling of Spirit, or you'd not survive. The angels all know this.

  3. Next, Dimension 3, being able to Admit and Abide in Him, 1Jn4:15. This is utterly impossible. To do this makes one a wacko in the eyes of the world. Even among Christians, belief is sidelined in favor of works, because to believe too much, well.. where IS He? You can't see Him, touch Him, taste Him, and this old Bible, well.. it's obtuse. Might as well believe in the Easter bunny. The world laughs at belief in God, and especially at belief in Christ. It's offensive and silly, and what proof is there, lalalalalala, snicker snicker snicker. So how do you sustain belief ("abide")? Just some book telling you? You don't have human 'help' or approval (only fake ideas about Christ get herded, the true ideas are always isolating). So how do you continue to believe? When the pressure mounts, when things get way nicer than you expected, oh! Why don't you peel off? Humans aren't loyal to anything, by nature. So this "abiding" shouldn't be happening. And it's not happening due to human strength, but.. Why The Continuing Consent? God isn't forcing that. It's not your merit which provokes the consent, but as you grow up in God's System you understand better, see better, so your consent has more basis. So, in your mind, it's easier to continue. But that's the Spirit holding you together, 2Cor5:14 and Rom5:5. So it's factually impossible, and Satan&Co. absolutely hate it. Admire it and hate it.

  4. But nothing is more impossible, than to be Made Like Him, Dimension 4, 1Jn4:16. Which means, we come to have God's Own Attribute of Love built out of all those millions of Diamond Doctrine deposits. Doo-doo made into Diamonds? The process is a killer, of course. So how is it you stay the course? Naw, this shouldn't be happening. Period.

So most of us, quite understandably, don't stay the course, parable in Luke 8. But some of us are aberrants; we just plain become these impossible reflections of Christ, and hence 'abnormal'.. solely due to the Spirit's DNA working, within this Plan of God's. So we become bigger targets, for Satan&Co. Even the lowliest believer is one, but much more, those who are learning the Word -- such as the audience of 1Jn. For, the Word is designed to Finish The Transformation, Building on the Imputed Righteousness what my pastor likes to call "capacity righteousness" -- capacity to enjoy God (theme of Romans 8, esp. 8:4). So it's a real transformation, this Word being poured into our hearts, Romans 5:5: actually, a TRANSmutation, (sumorphologew, kaine ktsis, in Roman12:2 and 2Cor5:17, respectively). We don't see it happening, because we're just wigging out or so busy trying to live ON the Doctrine, we pay no attention to our transformation. Of course, the world we live in, only hears the weirdoes; we aberrants are too small and uninteresting for the world's radar -- but not for angelic radar. For apostacy is always what's popular. Anything to denounce God.

    But Spiritual capacities determine Spiritual relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships. So we who become Pleroma, are fit to be Kings. Higher than angels, Heb2, defeating even Satan&Co. God can do anything, and this is what He does when you abide in His System to Eph3:19, Eph4:13 Completion -- you are a spiritual giant, and thus a king forever. You are a "great one" in Isa53:12, to whom the Lord Himself, Your King of Kings, grants a kingdom. Your Own. And you will own everyone and everything in it. No communism, no democracy, only True Monarchy, in God's Plan. No constitutional monarchy, either. Because here, only the Monarch has the requisite Virtue. Learned the hard way, via the Battlefield of this Trial. Learned from the King-Mentor, the Holy Spirit, Himself. Hence truly valid.. forever. Again, capacities determine relationships, and the capacity built in the Pleroma person is "full". Pregnant, birthing, fecund. And everyone else quit, so ended up naked at the Bema. So they will be grateful forever, to BE in your kingdom. And you will love throwing yourself down for these your 'kids' forever, Heb2's "I and the children You gave me" verse.

And the Booty? Well, 99.9% of us Christians reject the spiritual life. So, we don't become the kings, we become the PROPERTY inside Kingdoms which are awarded to those kings. Isaiah 53:12 is stark. Calling the rejecting believers "the many" (and it's not complimentary), these "many" get divided up among the "great ones", with Christ handing out everything. Christ told a great many parables of this future event in the Gospels. The king-gone-away who came back to see how his slaves handled his investments, for example. Two did well, the other didn't invest the money, but hid it. So that latter, had to give what he was entrusted with, to the one who had the most money. Then there's the parable of the stewards who kept beating up the king's servants when those servants came to get the produce, finally beating up the Son. Lots of parables like these. In each case, The King Returns, and those who rejected Him, are made into booty or otherwise judged. So yeah, we will all be happy in heaven. But none of us will be equal. John 14:2ff is about ranking in the Royal Family of God, not about rooms. Wish people would do their homework.

    It's important to develop the awareness that although you are doo-doo, what the Holy Spirit is making out of you, is Diamonds. So you are treated as owning a kingdom already. Practice thinking that way. You'll have cocky days and therefore humiliating ones, as He trains you into thinking properly about that status. But the sooner you begin practicing thinking AS a king, the sooner you'll be trained into one. People depend on you. They aren't to know that this is your future. It would be upsetting (think how you would feel). You don't want to become a king to lord it over others, but to serve Your King, Who is the King of Kings. But as your soul size increases, you'll need a Kingdom, to express yourself toward Him. So you are becoming a Chief Slave under the Chief Slave of Slaves. Notice how being a slave and being a king, unite. Practice practice practice live in the System, practice and practice again...

So you have one of two future fates, and you choose which one: become a King by living in God's System down here, growing up to the Eph4:13 level; or, be miserable while you are here, and be booty in someone else's kingdom. It honors Christ to become a King. It dishonors Him to be a peasant, however Royally-related. A king wants another king, doesn't need more peasants. Again, God Is Rich. And everyone hates Him for it. Too bleeping bad. Love Pulled Out All The Stops So Everyone Could Become A King. That few accept, and "the many" reject, well.. God won't get cheated. Frankly, when we see Him in heaven we'll be screaming for those kings to get everything; for at that time we will all only care about what God gets; all this horrible ego-focus will be gone. And then, we will account ourselves as deserving death. But, will never suffer again, because that ego-focus is gone. It's the "me" thing which wrecks our lives. Get in God's System, and the "He" thing gradually replaces the "me" thing. And then you'd be happy as a pauper or prince, but then you will be made.. a King.

1st Aspect Macro Siring Results, Summary:
4-Dimensioned Body of 'Fertile' DDNA Kings, Rev1:6, 5:10.
Cloned from His Thinking in God's System per the five infinitives in LXX of Isa53:10-11, via Eph4:11-16;
and thus also, from viral RNA-DNA 'interaction' WAR against them, Rom Chaps 6-8, Rev Chaps 1-3, 2Tim4:7-8, etc.
Just as Christ was made ON the Cross, Isa53:10-12.

Now we have to go back to cell structure. Everything in the universe, no matter what it is, is essentially cellular in nature. That is to say, composed of 'parts' which are very small, which aggregate in certain ways to form larger 'parts', which larger parts also aggregate into much larger parts, and so on. All these 'parts' are very very busy. They are focused on their own natures, and don't see the larger aggregation to which they belong. And they live, these cells of ours, in the bizillions.. and only for a few days, a few weeks, a few months. All that frenetic activity, that warring, for such a short life? And sheesh: only the DNA itself, lives on! Everything else ends up being recycled and finally processed as fuel, 2nd half of 2Pet. It's hell, to be a cell.

So notice the Infinity-finity dichotomy, 'from the get-go': God Himself is a 'composite' of Attributes which are not divided, because He is Infinite. So finity reflects its Creator, and also exists in composites. Because, however, it IS finite, it is barriered into cellular-type structures, no one of which can 'live' independently; no one of which, is complete; each 'part' has some independence, but could not live 'alone'. So: whether a quark in physics, or a nucleotide in a cell's nucleus, everything is cellular and dependent. By contrast, God's Love is not separated from His Righteousness, or Justice, or Omniscience. So His Attribute of Truth IS at the same time Loving, Righteous, Just, Omniscient, etc. Complete and Eternal, never dying, is each 'cell' of His Immaterial, Infinite, Perfect Nature. So when you get His Truth into you, you are getting wholes of Him.. in 'dots' learned precept by precept, under the Holy Spirit. Which wholes, live forever. For only DDNA, God's 'genes'.. last forever, sustaining all else.

So: your soul, like your body, can be said to be 'cellular' in nature, though the soul is immaterial. Look: one thought links with another to form aggregates, and the sum of all these aggregates, is the real you. So your 'soul' DNA, is essentially all of what 'Instructions' You Believe. And your believing, is Your Volition Choosing To Believe, at all times. Whether you understand the effect of that belief ON you.. or not. So, You Program Your Next Thought Based On What You Believe. However incorrect, doesn't matter. You are what you think, Prov23:7. Same is true for your biology, your physical body. It depends on -- and mindlessly -- the instructions given it. These instructions reside in genes, and the genes are in the nuclei of your cells. For a new cell to form, the instructions must first be replicated. For a new thought to be formed, the instructions for it must first be replicated -- and your volition decides those instructions. So if you decide that God should form those instructions, you live in His System and live on Bible under the Holy Spirit as long and as often as possible, breathing 1Jn1:9 whenever you even think you are sinning.

Bible is Food For The Soul, Matt4:4. Most of the body, is composed of protein. For protein is 'body' component of the cell; fats protect it, carbohydrates fuel it, and nucleic acids instruct it how to make and use the proteins; how to use the fats and carbohydrates. DNA itself is composed of the building blocks of proteins, our instruction set -- Bible is our soul's instruction set, hence all food is produced from it. DNA is basically a chain of nucleic acids which act on and are acted on by, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. So everything depends on everything else, but most of all -- you need the meat of proteins, the meat of the Word. So DDNA is the Instruction Set which tells the cells of your 'soul', how to make proteins of God's Thinking from within itself. This process is run by the Holy Spirit. We don't run our body's cells, either, so watch in what follows, for the parallels God designed in the very body itself...

The (spiritual hence soul-and-) biological cell itself, is composed of the following parts, which in cell biology are called "organelles":

  • ONE "nucleus", which is the 'head' and generator, replicator, holds DNA tightly wound kinda like a golf ball's innards;
  • multiple "mitochondria", which function as central energy factories;
  • multiple ribosomes, which function as central protein factories: RNA works in here (more about RNA follows, below). Next,
  • "Golgi Apparatus" bodies act like warehouses and distribution centers for proteins and fats previously made by the ribosomes, but not yet used by the cell's 'roadways', called
  • "endoplasmic reticuli"; these roadways manufacture, process, and transport within the cell itself. So, kinda function and look, the way arteries do; so the structure is circulatory. The ribosomes either attach to some of these reticuli, or are free floating. Next, there are
  • "lysosomes", which are sacs functioning like a 'food processor' for the cell; in them are enzymes. These lysosomes thus act like recycling centers -- or police, when defending. They break down material to keep it from harming the cell, or to make it do something productive for the cell. The endoplasmic reticuli manufacture the lysosomes, and the Golgi apparati process them so they can have an independent existence. Then, they do their recycling/policing jobs. Next, there are
  • two "centrioles", which also function to protect, but primarily function to break down the cell itself when the cell is to DIVIDE.
  • The entire cell is encapsulated in lipids (fats), and it's living in a kind of soup mostly made of protein, called "cytoplasm". So the cytoplasm is its inner 'body', and the lipid membrane is its 'skin'.

    Think of the cell as a mini-body or mini-polity, therefore. Just as God has designed you to become, if you complete the training in His System: a king, under the King of Kings, owning your own kingdom of 'cells' who need you as their 'nucleus'.

Ok: now we are ready to get into DNA, again. Within the cell's nucleus, DNA itself is encapsulated via its compacting (folding over itself), into pairs called "chromosomes"; what differentiates one lifeform from the next is the number and makeup of these chromosomes. In man, and there are 46 of these (23 pairs). "Genes", by contrast, are the string of instructions (literally, a string of nucleotide BASES, covered below) -- so a gene is a portion of the 'sum' of what DNA 'instructs' for cell creation, function, and even death. These gene strings are parts of chromosomes. So you could say the whole of DNA is the instruction book, organized into chromosome 'chapters'; and each 'gene' is a subsection within a chromosome 'chapter'. [This sentence might be confusing. Rethink it. DNA is technically composed of the smallest units, organized into genes, and next up in the ladder of organization are the chromosomes. But the entire string of DNA is the real book and the real generator of the whole cell, so maybe let the sentence stand as is.]

So inside the nucleus, you have chromosomes; inside them, is DNA; and the 'strings' (sections) of DNA inside the chromosomes, are the genes. You are thus wholly produced, whether in your soul -- the real you -- or in your body, by INSTRUCTION, period. No other way to exist.

"Warring" is a but a form of energy producing a result; this result always comes from the collision and coalescence of opposites. A true description of Spiritual DDNA-RNA 'warring' to make you alive or sick would take much webspace. So it's really worth your time to separately study how these interactions work in biology (cell genetics): because the Bible Is Wholly Depicted in that science. You Are Designed To Be Cloned. So Christ Is Cloned Into You, in accordance with each discrete consent to be in God's System. So: Your very cells right now, work exactly the way Scripture is Written, and right now depict what Scripture via the Spirit does TO your soul. So if you want to understand the Bible's spiritual genetics better, learn more about DNA-RNA. Most encyclopedias will cover the details in their "genetics" articles. What follows is not so detailled; its purpose is to analogize, to show how the Four Dimensions of Love -- God's DDNA -- get produced in your SOUL while you are in God's System. And, if you finish the Course of Growth, that DDNA Production (Eph2:10) will make you yourself a DDNA King 'reproducing' much DDNA progeny, in eternity. [In Romans and in Ephesians, Paul likes bookending: he begins a conceptual segment with a type of birthing, and the ends it with the birthing-to-eternity. So Eph2:8-9 is the your spiritual birthing, but Eph2:10 is the birthing-to-eternity goal of cloning His Son in us (very deft in Greek: search on "God Endowers Bride" in LvS4b.htm). Parallel passage is Rom5:12-21, sweeping from our physical birth to our birth-to-eternity ("reign in righteousness" in v.21). I'm trying to describe this process using something you can test in science, because the two are so alike! So if you are a geneticist, I apologize for any gaffes in the explanation -- I'm just a layman. I'll keep trying to find better books to read so I can explain it better. If you know of any, please let me know!]

So let's review DNA-RNA structures, and add some more information (as is the Bible's typical writing style). Remember: in order for a new cell to form, it must be given INSTRUCTION. This instruction tells the cell what it is, how to behave, how to live, and how to die. You can see the immediate parallel to the spiritual life: without God's Instruction, we don't know how to be, live OR die. Frankly, that's what we're here for: This Life Is But A Pregnancy, say Paul and the other NT writers: we are here to Learn How To Live In Heaven With God Forever, Heb10:5. No other purpose. "For this purpose I came into this world", said the Lord (e.g., John 9:39, Heb10:5, John 12:27 -- look at context). Don't miss this purpose!

Cells are made up of protein, whether formed as enzymes or Golgi bodies or DNA, etc. -- Encarta posits there are 30,000 kinds of protein! -- so the instructions a cell receives from DNA, tells it what kinds of protein to make. DNA itself, is composed of nitrogen-hydrogen-oxygen atom "bases", and these bases are the instructions themselves. [Thymine has one carbon atom, but the others have none.] But for the instructions to execute, they must have energy to be held together and pull apart: thus they themselves bind together via carbon-hydrogen-oxygen compounds; aka sugars; and also by means of salt compounds in the form of phosphates. The latter act like 'arms' to hold two sugar molecules together: the phosphate 'body' is between each molecule. Thus the vertical 'stair' of DNA is made up of alternating sugar-phosphate-sugar molecules, and the nitrogen-hydrogen-oxygen atom "bases", attach to the sugar molecules horizontally. If you have Encarta 2004, click on its "DNA Replication" picture in its "Genetics" article; a short-but-helpful video will play, so you get a good visual idea of this structure.

  1. So ironically, the first step in cell multiplication, is division! (Remember, Infinity is hupostatic in nature!) To prepare for that, the cell's instructions need to be replicated, so their replication also begins with division. You divorce this life in favor of God's life, that first second you believed in Christ. Therefore all life multiplies, for you. So: technically, the cell first forms (or gets) free nucleotides (sugar+phosphate+"base", covered below). When there are enough of these, the DNA molecule splits. As you grow in God's System learning Bible, you get lots of 'free' floating information and you have no clue how it all fits together. That's what happens in this first step for cells, and in the first phase of your spiritual life (just like childhood -- lots of input, no internal organization).

  2. So the DNA splits, next. Remember, DNA is this twisted staircase with half-runged 'bases', so it can split. At which point, it looks like two 'combs', no longer a staircase. When something in Bible you are learning 'clicks', your DDNA is splitting so it can link up with that free-floating info you suddenly are ready to understand better. The more you mature in Christ, the more often this happens, and the bigger the splits become; sometimes it's overwhelming.
  3. DNA splits, but then stops; it doesn't replicate on its own. It needs RNA to make that happen. Part of the instructive action of DNA in protein synthesis, on which your whole life depends, is in the DNA itself, but RNA is what's needed to finish that process. This is what the Spirit does to your soul when your DDNA splits. He's the Real/Royal Nurturer of Absolute Truth.

  4. This RNA comes in three types, and they are all essential to each other.
    • The main type, is ribosomal RNA (rRNA), which makes the actual process of DNA replication happen. But for rRNA to work, it needs to be acted on, so it has two siblings:
    • "messenger RNA" (mRNA), is the actual instruction manual for rRNA;
    • the other sibling is "transfer RNA" (tRNA), which carries amino acids to your cell's ribosomes, to make proteins. Notice the Trinity depicted, except that of course Each Member of the Godhead can do all things. They Don't Choose To Operate Separately, however. So, notice: you can analogously see how rRNA, is the Son; mRNA, is the Father; tRNA, is the Holy Spirit. Or, you can say these are three sub-Ministries of the Filling of the Spirit.

  5. The components of DNA and RNA are sugar, phosphates, and five different nitrogen compounds called "bases".
  6. Each "nucleotide" is composed of two sugar molecules, one phosphate molecule, and one "base". Then the "nucleotides" all join up to form what we know as the double helix structure of DNA (RNA is a single strand, except that some forms of viral RNA are two-stranded).
  7. The bases are each half-'rungs'; they pair to form a full rung. So think of a "T", where the top part of the "T" is the phosphate, 'flanked' by the sugar molecules, and the vertical part of the "T" is the "base". Then (mentally) turn the "T" sideways, to 'see' the half rung, like this: |--. The "|" is now the sugar-phosphate combo, which hooks to the "|" of another nucleotide. The "--" is the base, which hooks up with another "base". So a pair of bases hooked horizontally, looks like this: |----|. And a longer chain, looks like this (pretend the vertical bars all connect, lol):
  8. There are five types of bases, but only four of them pair up. These five are:
    • "guanine", a "purine" member of the bases, primarily has a FERTILIZING function (i.e., bat guano, a fiercely-sought fertilizer of the late 1800's). Purines are hypostatic in nature: what distinguishes a purine is that its own atomic structure is four-sided; but it doesn't exist alone -- it joins what would otherwise be a pyrimidine, which is six-sided. Think of a pentagon's 'fifth' side joined to a hexagon, leaving the other four sides 'free'. By contrast, a pyrimidine lacks the 'pentagon' attachment. Now get this: Purines only mate with pyrimidines: there's no same-sex in cells either, lol !! Further, they don't mate, without a MEDIATOR to CATALYZE that hupostatic hybridization (hint hint). Next base, is

    • "adenine", the other "purine" member, which primarily has an ENERGIZING function. Next, is
    • "cytosine", a pyrimidine member, which primarily has a FAT-PROCESSING function. Fat is essential to everything in cell function: would take too long to describe it all. Basically, fat protects, preserves, lubricates, and provides a reserve when carbohydrate metabolism is insufficient; it saves your life, when all else fails. Fat is also the most efficient energy there is -- ergo, it's hard to get rid of. Chemically, 'fat' itself, is a combination -- get this -- of fatty acids and alcohol. That combo produces an "esther" (look it up): without esthers, you can't metabolise anything: your DNA would just sit there, dead. Next base, is

    • "thymine", the other pyrimidine member, which primarily has a MUTATION function. All mutations require thymine, to occur. Next base, which only occurs in RNA, but on which DNA depends, is
    • "uracil", which only exists in RNA. It, too, is a pyrimidine; its 'job' is to metabolize carbohydrates, so the entire process of RNA-DNA interaction cannot occur without uracil. For RNA and DNA depend on two other components, as we saw earlier: sugars, and phosphates. The latter is a salt. Salt controls how you can absorb nutrients. But no matter how you absorb them, you can't use what you absorb, unless you have energy; but you can't get that energy, without sugar; and you can't get the sugar, without uracil. Note well: salt bonds sugar together. Without salt (=Bible in you, Biblical metaphor), your entire DNA would fall apart: the 'vertical' part of the DNA 'double-helix staircase' is entirely composed of phosphates (salt) and ribose (sugar), in alternating 'blocks', because the 'blocks' of sugar are bonded by the salt blocks. Moreover, brain DNA requires more salt and sugar, and has its own salt generators for this reason; else, you couldn't think and you'd be dead. Hint hint: the spiritual life is not something you provide, not of works but of God's Works Upon You, Eph2:10; and it's not a pain-in-the-donkey, either, Ps34:8!

        So what do these bases do? they INSTRUCT all the process of cell formation. They, in turn, are dependent on sugar and salts for that instruction to even form. These four combine in sequences to form all the amino acids. These sequences are vertically 'read' from the order of the 'rungs' on each side of the DNA strand, kinda like you'd read a sentence. They form what are called "triplets", and each "triplet" ("codon" in RNA) instructs what type of amino acid will be produced. The amino acids form into proteins -- sometimes as many as 100 amino acids are needed to form ONE protein! So the TAG, GAC or CAG or ACG or AGC (etc.) sequencing tells every cell what to become. Else, you'd not be here. Given what seems to be the fundamental function of each base, it appears that
        • Thymine, which has a MUTATION function, is the Transmutation base, setting the parameters of how the cell can change.
        • Guanine, which has a FERTILIZING function, is the Growth base, setting the parameters of growth character and dimension.
        • Adenine, which has an ENERGIZING function, is the Aggregating base. It catalyses energy, and sets parameters on what kinds of energy to use, how much, when, etc.
        • Cytosine, which has a fat-processing function, is the Christ base. "Christ" in Greek (i.e., in Dan9:25-6, LXX) means "Anointed One"="messiah" in Hebrew; and all "anointing" in Bible is done with oil, a fat. Heh -- salvation depends on fat, and "all fat is the Lord's"! Seems pretty bald, since cytosine alone is uniquely composed of three nitrogen and three hydrogen atoms (plus one oxygen atom). Cytosine thus determines the quality of cell life in all parameters (i.e., without the lipids, the cell has no integrity). Apt metaphor, huh.
        • Uracil is the Uniting base. Without uracil, the sugars couldn't hold to the phosphates, nor could the sugars be metabolised to enable the splitting and recombining in DNA-RNA interactions. So you wouldn't be alive without uracil, either: all the above four (TGAC) require uracil to 'do its stuff'.
    • The latter two bases, thymine and uracil, exchange places in RNA-DNA interactions (thymine is in DNA, but uracil is in RNA, and adenine pairs with either of them).
    • Guanine only pairs up with cytosine, and vice versa. Perfect picture of God-man. Father's 'guanine' is the same as Son's, but Son takes on Humanity, to become the Christ base; to pair up with our viral RNA -- sins -- ON the Cross; on which sins, He used the DDNA Holy Spirit gifted Him -- so then that process 'fertilized' Him so completely, He even IN His Humanity, gained total Rapport with Father.
    • So you can have a rung of cytosine and guanine (the 'split' is in the middle, with hydrogen bonding the two).
    • So you can also have a rung of adenine and thymine, or adenine and uracil, but never both.
    • The four also act on each other to form catalytic processes, but in order to do that, they must break down and 'die'. So the energy function of adenine is often warring with cytosine or guanine, etc.
    • So notice how all energy comes from waste. As in, warring. As in, the puny body life we live, the attacks of temptation and sin, the attacks by Satan&Co. All that waste is turned into spiritual energy (the adenine and cytosine) by the Holy Spirit (His 'uracil' function)! Is God witty, or what?

  9. These bases form sequences, and the precise order of them tells the cell what to be, do, etc. If you understand binary code in computer programming, you can better understand DNA sequencing. Or, think of it like composing a series of letters into a sentence that can be read. These are chemical sentences which can be read as how-to-make-proteins, on which everything else depends. So some string-sections (a gene) are very long, and some are very short. It's amazing that only four bases are needed to do all this instruction. In Bible, "4" is the number of completeness, so I guess a Christian shouldn't be surprised. But the amazement then intensifies: Trinity are Three, and Each of Them is Wholly God, needing nothing: yet Christ's Humanity makes a '4', which is why we are necessary. God's Love Wanted Us, though we are completely undeserving. So He flips our complete waste of nature into complete in Him, Eph1:15-21.

  10. DNA replication and RNA interaction require that the phosphate-and-ribose pairs hold during the process; or dissolve when being recombined. Since sugar has no nutrition, and salt represents Bible-in-your-head, and your volition fuels how your life goes (for better or for worse), it seems apt to say the believer's soul is represented by these salt-and-sugar blocks. Again, you are deciding, but that's all you can do. You don't make the instructions, you choose what instructions to obey/believe. Better be God's Instructions, huh...

  11. "Recombinant DNA" results from very precise surgical changes in the sequencing of these bases. So your choices will have effects, Col3:25, 1Cor3. So choosing God's Instructions result in previous 'soul' DNA, changing to DDNA. For, that's Your Vote (the choosing). As we saw near the beginning of this First Aspect in the example of the Catholic who stopped lighting candles for the dead, that 'soul' DNA was Acted On By the Holy Spirit, and the transmuted belief was truly beneficial for the dead and the living, not to mention of immense benefit to the believer who no longer had to mess with it, anymore. God's into spiritual genetic engineering, in accordance with your consent. So, analogously: genetic engineering of DNA changes how proteins form; and proteins, are the basis of all life; All Thus Depends On The Instructions Replicated.

      Notice how a small change in DNA will have a huge effect: a small change in your DNA during replication causes a mutation; descendent cells thus contain the mutation. Spiritual lesson depicted: Infinity is God's Attribute, and hence only a 'dot' of it is enough to save you to Him forever, John 3:16. You believe, which is 'soul' DNA; in that very second God the Holy Spirit -- the Real/Royal Nurturer of Absolute Truth, Who because you Believed A Truth (the Gospel) -- thus Transmutes your 'soul' DNA into His Own DDNA Nature, Titus 3:5, etc. That's why You Cannot Lose Salvation. So keep that analogy in mind, when you read what follows. Because now you'll see the Romans 8 Superstructure Built Atop that first 'Cell' of Salvation (Rom8:4ff), as you live in God's DDNA-RRNA making System. It's pretty shocking.

Divine Nucleotides, Always Recombinant:
via the Uniting Holy Spirit, Who is the Hydrogen (bond) and Sodium of our lives,
God Adds Christ's Thinking.

Is Christian activism against knowing the Word, genetic engineering, stem cell research and cloning because all those things are the Very Plan Of God? Sure looks like it. See Gal4:19, Eph3:17, Phili2:5-10, Col1:25-27, Rom8:10, Heb8:8-12, Heb10:15-17, all of John 14-17; not to mention the cloning words like hupogrammos (in Peter), lithoi, etc. Not to mention all the transmutation verses like Romans 12:1-3 (mistranslated), and 2Cor5:17-21 (also surgically mistranslated); not to mention the transmutation/cloning process which is run by the Spirit through each pastor, Eph4:11-16 (always mistranslated). Then there are the "sons of God" references in Galatians, Romans, Colossians, 1Jn3. Propagating: God is propagating His Son!

See how God is the Ultimate, Cloning Geneticist. Repeating: the four major demonstrations of Invisible God are the "Work" God is accomplishing in us. These four are listed in 1Jn4:12-17. They are demonstrations, functions, foundations, dimensions. Of a living building which keeps on getting, 'additions'. Specifically, the building God makes of you, inside yourself. Put simply, these four prove the superiority of what God does versus what Satan&Co. do; versus what mankind does. So superior are these results, that mankind can't even see them. So neither can you. (Body-thinking is too limited to perceive the changes Spirit is making; what it thinks it perceives, is foolishness to it, 1Cor2, Rom8:1-10.) So 1Jn is about how you can nonetheless know what's happening. 1Jn4:12-17, summarizes that process.

And God's Work needs to be happening in you, because the person needs to be remade by God, to be good enough for God: to be happy. It's not God who needs anything from us: we need everything from Him. To not be God, is to have a hellish life, so God moves hell and high water to make us "sons of God in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3). That's what true good, is. All else will be burnt, 1Cor3, 2nd half of 2Peter. Again, it's hell.. to be a cell. So we might look like and behave like 'cells' now, but that's not what we are becoming. Rather, our 'cells' are designed to be replaced with His DDNA cells, just as was done to Him (especially, on the Cross).

Repeating, but now on a macro level: 1Jn4:12 introduces the LOVE=WORD building structure's DIMENSIONS and demonstration. Love is a Thought Pattern Of The Word In You, so it can't show up on any radar screen except heaven's. This demonstration of DIMENSIONS, completes the Dimensions of God's Testimony in the (Satan&Co.) Divorce Trial. John loves Greek drama. God has him write epic themes. So John writes in socratic equations, and he always stresses the FIRSTs: that's another Greek listing technique. Idea that the first in a list tells you what list is in view, so only the first item needs to be mentioned. Also, first of importance, first as foundational, first as sine qua non. So his writing style's seeming simplicity is lost on the modern reader, who glazes over it; but the Greek reader of his day would be thunderstruck. This passage is very dramatic, in Greek: the simpler the sentence structure, the more dramatic it is. So if you're reading 1John in translation, Turn Over The Words' meanings many times, Thinking Out What They Mean, and Keep On Noticing The Parallels he draws to the Gospel of John, esp. Chaps 14-17 (he uses them as a 'base' in writing, and from there ties in ALL of the Bible except 2&3Jn and Rev, which hadn't yet been written). Oh: and change most of the verbs in 1Jn to the progressive tense, when reading: John is writing pictorially about actions in progress, as any good dramatist would. Translators all know that, but stupid translation rules only used for Bible, prohibit recognizing John's pictorial style in proper English. [The stupid rule is that you must use one English word per Greek word. But you can't ever do that, and be loyal to the source language, when translating. Incredibly bad rule, this. No translating company on earth holds to that rule, and you'd be fired from the UN or any embassy, if you followed such a rule. But this is the Bible, so it can be trashed, lol, who cares about God!]

And here's the reason for the epic drama: This Trial Witness is not even playing to the world. It's playing, to God. And thus, to the angels on both sides of Him, in the Angelic Trial. So what constitutes a work, is what plays to God. Not ever, what plays to mankind. Heck, you need merely read Revelation in translation, to know that: notice how Heaven Watches, but the earth has no clue, not even when informed by the Witnesses in Rev11, or the angels in Rev14, for example. We are blind, so what's the point of playing to the world? Hint hint!

Therefore, your life is measured in these Four Dimensions (referencing Eph3:18-19, but John plays out the dimensions in reverse order), since they "perfect" (complete) the contract of God: which is to bring to completion, Christ's Love-Thinking in our souls, 1Jn4:12. This creates an aggregate 'building' of Hero-Love Thinking in the believer, who is here dramatically depicted in aggregate. To wit:

  1. 1Jn4:13, Love's Depth/Foundation: The Spirit Teaching and Filling us, so we keep living on Word Study and 1Jn1:9; this is the heart of DDNA manufacture. Verse 13 shouldn't end "given us of the Spirit", because John is using the birthing preposition "ek" plus the partitive genitive. The Holy Spirit births us, just as he'd recorded in John 3. So a better translation would be "given us the siring of the Spirit" (goes with the mistranslated "born of God" in his letter, which should be translated "being sired by God" -- progressive tense -- everywhere it appears). Greek drama shifts to verbal nouns, prep phrases (with or without the preposition) or infinitives or verbs without objects when heightening drama: it's a type of dramatic ellipsis. To render that meaning in English, often the nouns (etc.) have to be translated as progressive verbs. For once you are spiritually born, you keep needing spiritual siring forever atop that DDNA of your spiritual birth, 2Cor5:21+Rom8:4. Because God Is Infinite, so it never stops. You're a new creation at the new birth, so an empty 'vessel', 2Cor5:17. So need Him to keep siring you -- Filling you up with Christ's 'seed', see. True Fellowship, True Communion! Deepest Love, 2Cor13:14! [My pastor has speculated a lot about this, at times surmising that only the Pleroma keep on growing after death. Seems to me that we all keep growing, but the spiritual capital we start with post-death, becomes our Capital Base In Eternity. So if you have a Pleroma spiritual-capital base, obviously there's so much more 'yield' than someone who quit the spiritual life, so only has the de minimis needed to live in heaven forever. And only DDNA forms the capital base. Currency is only Christ's Thinking since that Thinking paid for sins, see Isa53trans.htm's translation.]

      Shallow love is gushy, splashy, childish. Deep love is silent, accepting, mature.. hence unfathomable, to most. Shallow love is akin to excitement, so can always be faked; in fact, the one faked out the most, is the one shallowly loving. Watch how quickly such a person can be disappointed, lose faith, etc. Body has emotion, and shallow 'love' is all about emotion. So any emotion 'changes' that 'love'. Deep love, by contrast, is utterly independent of emotion, so cannot be faked; as a result, it is usually not recognized, either. God's Love is Infinite, so Infinitely Deep. The Cross is a Depth, which is why Christ is the Foundation. So the test/demonstration/dimension reveals How Much You Want To Abide In Him, and therefore how Deeply You Come To Love Him. You vote to learn, you 'vote' 1Jn1:9, and God transmutes each such vote into more DDNA, which Deepens Your Desire To Vote The Same Way, The Next Time. So at some point, you must get added energy of 'suffering', so greater transmutations will occur 'downward', deepening you further.

      So whenever you suffer, you are getting DEPTH training, no matter what or who is the nominal source. No matter whether God gives you the suffering as discipline, or not. If discipline, convert it quickly to the faster type of Divine Depth blessing, by using 1Jn1:9 (I breathe that verse a bizillion times a day, just in case). Once you die, you will be Most Grateful for the Suffering. It's the best asset in the Divine Portfolio for Growing You. Don't seek suffering, but learn to accept whatever you get, knowing this is the real reason why you get it. The height of any structure, be it a boat or a skyscraper, is proportioned to and dependent on, its depth. Structural integrity in buildings or believers-being-made-living-Temples, is the same.

      Man has no depth; he lost the capacity to get depth, in Gen3. So growth in Love is impossible, because Love requires Depth as its Foundation. God loves the impossible. So what He loves, He does to the believer. And what He does, works. We are His Craftsmanship, Eph2:10. Christ is the Ultimate Proof of what God can do.

      By contrast, in the world there is a 'depth' of shallowness: much complaining, striving, ooohing and ahhing, with an attention span of five seconds, unless the attention is on the self; and any suffering, only raises the world's clamor -- again, for five seconds, after which it goes back to the same ol', same ol', perpetually looking at its navel. Everyone blames everyone else. Everyone grabs at everyone else. All in the name of 'love', but sheesh -- see the hypocrisy? True love never grabs at anyone, but the world knows nothing of love. So for all its vaunted achievements in every field, sheesh -- outhen results. Nothing. What good is it to be the most rich, most beautiful, most talented person on the planet.. but without Love? No good at all. Satan's plan for us fools us into thinking that if we go after the things of this world, we'll get love. No, we get death. There's no love, down here. Yearning, yes; fantasizing, yes. But there's no pea under any of the world's walnut shells. Notice How the Testimony is Not About Sin, But About Good. Whose 'good' is really good for anything?

      God answers Satan's 'good' height, with DEPTH. If what's bad is still voted for by the believer because he has been grown up enough in the Spirit to want the bad as well (think of Job), then.. Satan's arguments are demonstrated to be outhen, nothing. More importantly, the believer thus grown in depth truly does yearn for the opposite of what he wanted, prior to spiritual growth. Everything else is too small; all the world's heights are but anthills, windmills, anticlimatic and .. boring. The paired "Fourth" Reasons in LordvSatan3.htm explain more why. It's a real desire, and it reflects Christ's Own Reason for yearning for the Cross, Luke 22:15ff.

      This Depth dimension, as it develops, will develop this motive. And the Height IS the Depth. Spiritual maturation is all about developing in knowledge of God and motive toward Him; when you're a spiritual baby, the world is big in your mind, and God is a distant, fuzzy computer-like icon. But in the final stage of spiritual growth ("Pleroma", Eph3:19), all that focus is completely reversed: it's all about Christ, and the world is but a pinprick, hardly even noticed. Everything else is comparatively uninteresting, even your own life. Whatever you do or are in the world, is redefined in terms of the spiritual life, Phili1:21. You still sin (that's incurable, hence the need for 1Jn1:9), but your Motive for Living completely reverses from what it was when you were saved -- again, Phili1:21 IS your life, period.

      That's a key demonstration in the Trial. Satan can't produce spiritual maturation for all the tea in China, though he beats his brains out trying. Maturation in the world's values is maturation in evil. True evil is near white, not black. All that altruism, is a replacement of God. So it's the most evil. The one maturing in Satan's system will be very moral, and very stuck on the world; God is dismissed from the mind, treated as not important or as approving the evil person's good. In reality, the evilly-matured person in Satan's system tells God what to think. And is mighty ticked off if he is not 'obeyed'. Hell will be heavily populated with these people, many of whom called themselves 'Christians', but they never 'did' John 3:16. Breathing 1Jn1:9 as needed, repeatedly read Jeremiah and the Gospels even in translation, sometime: see for yourself.

      Again, It's Not About Sin, But About Good. Satan maintains his plan for mankind is better than God's; which argument, is founded upon his argument in previous angelic trial: to wit, that a Loving God wouldn't treat His Creatures as He does. So that's what the Trial is about, still. And we are the new crop of lower-creation witnesses to finish off the (now, final-appeal) Trial. So the test of Depth, proves that even when God treats you 'bad', you want it with all your heart. Now you know why Hebrews Chaps1-2 state flatly that Christ beat Satan via the Cross. All the bad He absorbed: and yet never rejected Father even once (theme is repeated at the end of Chap4). For true sin is rejection of God. That's the only reason why anyone goes to hell, John 16:9.

      Capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships. So the capacity resulting from being DDNA Depth-Developed by the Holy Spirit, is a Depth of God's Love IN you, conquering and reversing, what you were. So the capacity resulting from being depth-developed by Satan's dDNA, is unconquerable pride and hence its hateful children: prickliness, a pervading martyr-complex, ennui, and above all.. bitterness.

  2. 1Jn4:14, Love's Height: We thus truly keep knowing we 'see' the Invisible God, Who sent His Son, the Savior; we're eyewitnesses in the larger Angelic Trial; which proves the DDNA, for to see and know means we are becoming like Him via the Spirit's transforming DDNA in our souls, demonstrated by the presence of the Word itself, the Thinking results in our souls: This Is The Goal Of DDNA Manufacture. You really do come to see God Face-to-Face In Thinking, even while down here in this body. It takes a lifetime, but it's worth more than all the kingdoms of the world from Adam's fall until the end of time. Seeing Him is incomparable to anything else you will ever know, and it's not emotional, but a State Of Being, A Constant.

      How to tell? Your Awareness of Him becomes ever-more-pervasive in your life as you age in God's System. Eventually He is always on your mind and you are always 'looking' at Him in your mind. You have to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time, all over again. It isn't a thrill thing, but a thlipsis (=tribulation) thing. And it's a thlipsis thing, because it's a shock to see God. And so you ease into it, react to it, get back in, many ups and downs, many zig-zags. But you acclimate to the shock gradually; so you calm down after some years. Meanwhile, you coalesce and can really live in this world even while seeing Him: "Third" and "Fourth" paired "Reasons" in LordvSatan3.htm, explore this changeover further. It's big change, and it begins in spiritual adulthood. "First Reason of Invisibility" link in LordvSatan3.htm provides you with an overview of the vicissitudes of spiritual growth. Upshot: You Change Focus from people and things.. to Him. Love is a FOCUS, not an emotion, 2Cor5 (esp. v.14). The changeover is shocking to your sin and human nature, and you won't recognize the true nature of the change for a long time: you'll constantly misdiagnose what's happening as something wrong with you or someone/something else. Only if you keep on going, will you come to recognize this change for what it is, as you enter spiritual maturity (well, sometime after you entered).

      So notice how spiritual growth progression, progressively shocks you as your Awareness of Him grows. That seems like depth, because you will often feel low, as you come to see how High He is. So that recognition of lowness, tempts despair, demoralization, etc. But think: again, you can't see what is unlike you, or too far off. So if you are better seeing how high HE is, that means you yourself were grown higher, so that you can see His Highness. So you are also grown closer, so that you can see His Highness Up Close. God is the God of irony, baby. And you're no baby, anymore...

      The world absolutely cannot handle such up-close, high recognition of anyone, much less, God: hence all religions are so kooky and insulting, to whatever 'god' they claim to worship. We routinely beat up our rich, our famous, our heroes. We smother them with praise, we grab at them to get some praise (or money), we pick at them for even the smallest 'foible', and make up a good many; we dissect them in conversation constantly.. as if they were but cattle. That's not love. But we'll call it love, to justify doing it over and over and over...

      By contrast, here you are, surviving and even thriving -- feeling like doo-doo, but hey -- and the world, can't handle that. People who know of your interest in God (hope they are few, not many) will be "utterly appalled UP at you", Isa52:14 (see Isa53trans.htm). Interest in God is not their idea of fun; they are highly offended that you disagree with them, and they have this urge to 'convert' you away from that interest. Ever notice how people are uncomfortable around some "man of the cloth"? Hoo-boy, what irony: the most common complaint against Christians is that they are 'pushy'. But the pushy one, is the one pushing against the Christians! Why be so offended? Who the blazes cares that we Christians are often so childish? Why not get that upset at the Hare Krishnas, or the Moslems, or other faiths? What's so special about Christianity, that it is always the preferred target? Well, because it's the real thing. We Christians didn't make that true. We can't handle it any better than the world can. So here you are, not a child but a Christian, whaddya know. So you have to be attacked, because your highness is perceived by them. Just as Christ was, Isa52:14ff. And yet you go on, not giving up, not cursing God. This is impossible. And very upsetting, inside and outside, Isa52:14.

      So depth is height, and height is depth, and all Satan's expert horsemen can't ride as well as you are. Even though you will look like Don Quixote, it's the world which deludes itself about heroes.

      Capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships. So the capacity resulting from being DDNA Height-Developed by the Holy Spirit, is Height of God's Love IN you, making you like the Most High Himself; your ability to Know Him demonstrates that likeness, since you can't see what is UNlike you. So the capacity resulting from being height-developed by Satan's dDNA, is unconquerable blindness and its groping children: tyrannical grabbing, vanity (inability to be satisfied by what you get), ennui, and above all.. bitterness.

  3. 1Jn4:15, Love's LENGTH (of your life): We thus keep admitting (on the witness stand, Greek verb homologew) that Jesus is that Son of God and keep abiding in Him, another sign of our Transforming Compatibility; which compatibility should be impossible, given our natures; this is the Function of DDNA Having BEEN Manufactured.

      The double-helix nature of DDNA operates like "mutual flanks", which is my pastor's term. (He borrowed it from military lingo, to explain the spiritual life better, starting really in 1997 with the parallel of the breakout of the WWII Fallaise-Argentan "gap" (June-Aug, 1944); but he fully developed the concept for the spiritual life, in year 2000+ classes.) The term is further explained in the "2nd Aspect" of this webpage. There, the "sugar-phosphate group" in DNA, is in DDNA, the Reciprocity flank; the "bases" in DNA are in DDNA, the Doctrine "flank". "Protein synthesis" function of DNA, is in DDNA, the four functions/dimensions in 1Jn4:12-17, this table. Divine Sequencing, which literally makes you, clones you by your choice, to become like His Son in Thinking. So you keep admitting Who He is, despite mounting pressure, despite ongoing pressure, as you age.

        Two kinds of pressure in life, whether pleasant or unpleasant: acute, and sustained. Notice that pleasant or unpleasant are still pressures, so still suffering. "Suffering" means that something beyond your current capacity-for-tolerance, is occurring. Pain or pleasure per se only add to the addiction quality, urging you to cave in. The childish idea that "suffering" is only restricted to stuff which feels 'bad', thus ensnares millions in the more-common suffering due to pleasure. Whatever enslaves you or has puppet-power over you, is a suffering.

        So you can never say, "a gorilla is better than an ant." Yes, a gorilla is stronger in certain visible ways. But the gorilla can be felled the more easily, for that same reason. The gorilla needs more food, is susceptible to more diseases, etc. The ant can be trodden on more easily, but it can also hide better, build better, needs almost no food (but ironically eats more, proportional to its size, than does the gorilla). Notice how capacities are specific, and in the 'right' spot, 'best' is only one moment. Capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships.

        So we humans really can't measure ourselves BY ourselves, yet we spend the LENGTH of our lives, doing just that; we are puppetted thereby. We don't have the facts, and we don't have the requisite information on either capacities, or needs. That too, is a kind of suffering, the worst kind: judgementalism due to ignorance. Most common suffering in the human race, because in Adam we are all terminally insecure. So we are under pressure all the time, and we use everything to buttress ego: even accrediting ourselves, if we believe in a good thing or buy a good product, lol! If you 'look good' on a given day, why does that look suddenly make you good, and you you you get the credit? It's a product, lol! It is good, and you get the privilege of using it, but you are not changed! Every actor or actress knows this. Five hours in makeup and exercise each day yields a product which can be sold. Puleese.

        So to your terminally-insecure human nature, acute pressure is a surprise; so your Love-Word 'instincts' are tested the more. Sustained pressure is debilitating, so Love-Motive instincts are tested. A short war is shocking, but a long war is tiring. In short pressure, there's a reaction, an apnea, followed by a rah-rah phase; but if that pressure continues, the rah-rah wears out. That's what happened to Christianity in the years following the Crucifixion, as LvS4a.htm, paints. So John has to write these tired, demoralized people who've just suffered a lot of attrition -- believers who deserted Word in favor of works. So those left, began to naturally wonder if they were even spiritual. Hence John's Gospel and 1Jn are focused on showing why the Word in you, is the only spiritual life. The Gospel, highlights that evidence (which everyone knew, but they needed a Canon for best authority-assurance). 1Jn draws on that Gospel and all prior Canon, to show the Staying Power of "abiding", as opposed to works.

        So to your terminally-insecure human nature, all these pressures, whether painful or pleasant, acute or sustained, beg your attention. They hook, as if you were just a fish. Your body is just this bundle of urges you can't help, and the mammoth media campaign of Satan &Co. to herd you, is more than the body can bear. Just this once. Just this little bit. Only for a moment. Won't harm me. I can take it. No, you can't! With each give-in, the next give-in lasts a little longer. Then a little longer and a lot longer and then the rest of your life. This is how people get fat, lazy, justify crime, etc. It's all the same process, and is just a matter of time.

        So as a Christian growing in His System, you are an anomaly extraordinaire, swimming upstream. Funny thing, though: you don't feel good about it. You don't feel but out-of-place, a fish outta water and swimming upstream in the 'ether'. And.. you are. For everyone around you is calling 'Christian', the product Satan sells. Buying it all up, baby.. Pavlov's dogs. And you are not among the pack, so all that barking, doesn't keep you going, but rather tires you out. That's when you know you are spiritually-powered, not living on your own strength. Because, You have none.

      So as John puts it in 1Jn4:15, the Word is a series of Divine Thinking, Love 'nucleotides' which pair and chain together, GACT. So the effect on your soul as a whole, is that it transforms, just as Romans 12:1-3 explains. So you keep admitting, since your belief is sustained by that Word. Sustained in depth, sustained in height, so sustained in length. Despite sustained, ever-growing, pressure against the weak capacities of your human nature. Humans aren't capable of sustained independent loyalty. They keep needing ego-stroking goodies, kinda like those greyhound racers need that stupid 'rabbit' running in front of them on the racecourse.

      The world is a walking corpse. What is truly dead, it calls 'life'. What is truly life, it calls 'death.' Hence the world is all preoccupied with feeling, but not with thinking; with doing, but not with learning: the world doesn't know the Divine GACT sequencing, so its biological sequencing ends up controlling the soul. That's death-in-progress, not life. Corpses need to kept moving, else rigor mortis sets in. Death is the absence of circulating thought (flat EEG). So people who have the world's death-thinking in them, are not attracted to God. They are instead attracted to insulting ideas of "God": Satan's many-religioned caricature, always derisive in the extreme. As John says in 1Jn4:5, people of the world think like the world, and only want to hear IT. Even if they have believed in Christ. Because, they don't have the Word in them. So it doesn't matter how smart they are (and often they are brilliant); it matters how spiritually discerning they are. Which they are not, because the only one who can even become spiritually discerning, is the one getting DDNA built into him, via the Spirit.

      So as 1Jn says, that is how we know we are being made like Him, and abiding in Him -- because you can't see or understand or be attracted to, what is UNlike you. Incompatibility does not attract, for incompatibility is a BARRIER, a type of divorce/death. Spiritually-alive people have eternal life, sired by God, so have spiritual thought. Capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships. Couldn't be a greater incompatibility, than between spiritual life and spiritual death. The believer, then, who doesn't get DDNA built in him, lives down here in a spiritual coma; marionetted like the world is, so indistinguishable from the walking corpses; but when he dies physically, he will be in heaven forever.

      Not to put too fine a point on it, but the world is like that sci-fi movie, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", only worse. At least in both versions of the movie, you could empathize that the person couldn't possibly stay awake and avoid being 'replaced' by the alien. In real life, the aliens are the demons, and they can make anyone do what they like -- so long as the person consents. To get that consent, they play to our arrogances and needs. So we, not they, are responsible. You can't explain the furor over Enron and Arthur Anderson, else. You can't explain the reaction to Princess Diana, else. You can't explain Christian activism, else. You can't explain that stupid bell Japan spent countless man-hours and millions of dollars to make to ring for the Earth on March 20?! else. We don't have enough facts pro- or con-, to warrant such a reaction. But then, we didn't want any facts. We just wanted a feeling: with the bell, the puppet strings are "children" and "Earth Day" and "coins" and "bell" and "ring". Just as, we wanted to light candles and put klieg lights up to the sky at Ground Zero, to allegedly honor the victims of 9/11; not recognizing, that's what Albert Speer did for Hitler at Nurenberg!

      See? We're marionettes, pure and simple. Gurgling with delight, the whole time.

      See, It's Not About Sin, But About What 'Good' Is. And the world's good, is insane! So the believer is doubly tortured to finish the length of this dimension, when he finally sees God and the Truth in enough detail, to realize how insane the world is. This world is soooo 'Twilight Zone', and sometime during this "Length" dimension of Love, he realizes that fact. Worse, the more he becomes like Christ in his soul, the more tortured he is inside, to see his own humanity be So Much Less Than Father Should See! Torn apart: Romans 7. But then, he reflects Christ there, too: for how much more torn-apart can you be, than to be God-Man, since finiteness is so short, even when perfect? And then, to be on the Cross???! And Complete it?!! What, No Price Too High????! Capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships.

      In humans, what passes for love is necessarily a PRICED object. We haggle over price: you do for me, and I do for you. All 'love' relationships are really agreements on PRICE -- which relationships, when the price becomes a problem.. break up, divorce, become bitter. Then, the real hatred which is the basis for all 'price' concepts, shows its true nature. So much for our vaunted 'love', k? Hatred is always and only about price. True love is priceless, Isa55. Only God is true love, so it's here in LENGTH that the constantly-increasing 'price' of relationship with Him, shows you are Spiritually Loving, just as God does. The Holy Spirit built that love via Bible in your head. Your head changes, since God's Truth is simultaneously characterized by all His Other Attributes (God's Attributes are not divided, see ArchiDes.htm). So in building Truth, He's building Love, as we saw earlier in this 1st Aspect ("King's Riches, King's Love" link at pagetop).

      So the one growing in His System, finds the ever-higher prices of STAYING with Him, still desirable; as time passes that one comes to realize there IS no price too high (shocking the self, maybe). All the while, that one has thus gained inner strength to keep on keeping on, Eph3:16, Phili3:14. That is love. The one loving doesn't even want anything in return, having previously concluded that what he gets, is already way higher than he can ever pay (2Cor5, theme) -- so all he wants to do, is keep on 'paying'. Just the opposite of normal human nature, weirdoes excepted. So you will be accounted a weirdo by the 'world' of your periphery, once you've exceeded their idea of the 'Price' Of Wanting God. At which point they will attack you, leave you, cajole you, or quietly drift away. There's no commonality between love-for-God and the world's thinking.

      Capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships. Your true cross will be your interest in God. As you grow in His System you'll find that out. It's not God who makes the problems of this life, but disinterest in God makes all problems. Rejection of God is the most destructive power in the universe. And it must seek adherents. As it does, it shrinks and shrinks and shrinks. For the price becomes ever too high, as rejection-of-God 'ages' in a person. At the end, the person is just this quivering, reacting lump of emotion; or, dead-to-the-world. Disinterest is an RNA virus, see. So disinterest in God spreads like mold spores throughout all the rest of life, and at the end, the person gets ennui for all his huffing. So he fancies himself a martyr, and longs to DIE.

      It's not "sin" you should fear, but rather, DISinterest in God. That's the most deadly virus in the human race: just turn on your television, watch it spread.

      By contrast -- and this is a big theme in 1Jn -- the believer growing in His System, also yearns ever-more-desperately to free his fellow humans, since he once was as they are. But who will believe our report, Isa53:1. No one believed the guy at the end of (1st version of) "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", either. The guy looked like a raving maniac, wandering through traffic, warning everyone to stay away from the city.. didn't he? So will you, if you run around and warn folks. So you stay on God's radar, content to avoid the world's. They're deaf, anyway, since God is evidencing Himself constantly and they won't hear HIM, first. Just as they didn't hear but instead laughed, in the 1000-year Warning period before the Flood, so they also won't hear and ridicule, today, theme in 2Peter. [The names in the Gen5 roster tell you reams of information about the character of the time in which those people lived. Finding out the meaning of the names is a real pistol, since lexicons don't 'translate' proper names, but you can research the syllables. Good pastors do this. So "Methusaleh" means, "when he dies, IT (destruction) happens." So the "it" being the Flood, was already long known. Which you also can tell, by the names prior to Methusaleh. Enoch, for example, means Dedicated-to-God (root for "Chanukah"). So Enoch had that message to give, and that's why he named his son "Methusaleh", to leave behind a reminder to all.]

      Again, capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships. So the capacity resulting from being DDNA Length-Developed by the Holy Spirit, is LENGTH (staying power) of God's Love IN you, making you independently Love like the Most High Himself, even during your own 'crosses'; your ability to Stay in Him demonstrates that likeness. So the capacity resulting from being length-developed by Satan's dDNA, is unconquerable shrinkage and its devolving children: tyrannically-puppetted, insane (unreasoning), bored, and above all.. bitter.

  4. 1Jn4:16, Love's Breadth/Width (of your spiritual understanding, and hence love): Thus the completion, we come to know the Love-Word and believe it, so we reflect Him. This Is The Result Of DDNA'S Function. This love, Satan can't match, the world can't match or even see; and thus we have confidence at the Bema. Confidence in and from and toward God, not people, 1Jn4:17.

      There's wordplay in 1Jn4:16 which isn't translated. Verse should go, "We have come to know and have believed the Love-Word God has built in us..." The capped word 'built', isn't in the text, but it's what John means. The usual translation mistakes the sentence to mean just the Love God has for us, which is true, but the Greek syntax and words chosen, here mean more than that. They signify what God did atop giving His Son, to demonstrate His Love. So this is a BREADTH of Love Deposit in us, His Word. So all those GACT sequences got built enough to knit together into many DDNA strands, and the strands built many 'cells' of spiritual understanding, so that now a whole body of spiritual discernment, understanding, and mastery (recalling Isa52:13, 53:10) exists.

      This is the fulfillment of the John 17 prayer, which is why the second half of 1Jn4:16, reads as it does. See also John Chaps 14-17 in context, which is the Lord's detailled explanation of WHY we get saved (what happens as a consequence). The whole point is to Abide In Oneness With God. That's not a mystical thing, but a Rapport thing. Like, an old happily-married couple: they think so alike, you can't tell them apart. Where the thought of one 'ends' and the other 'begins', is all one whole. That's what happens, in 1Jn4:16. You Are completed in "grow in Grace and in the Knowledge of Our Lord and Savior", 2Pet3:18. So that verse ends in glory, and so do you, Eph3:19, Col1:25-27. Capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships.

      Breadth of spiritual understanding makes you spiritually denser. What once took you many hours to understand, you now understand in a few seconds. The breadth of your thinking Doctrine is far bigger, far faster and more fluent -- so much so, you must be careful what you say to others, since your secular thinking has also become much 'smarter', as well. People will be intimidated and will have trouble understanding you because your ability to think outpaces theirs. So you must slow down -- which will become very frustrating -- for their sakes. This you will be able to detect, when the Spirit has knitted enough breadth in you. You will become cocky, at first; then God will spank you a lot, and then you will really come to see what He's done to your soul. In the "Thinking" series (link at pagetop), Part III's First Reason for Invisibility extensively examines those vicissitudes.

      It's an odd kind of smartness, compared to human smarts. Humans consider lots of quantity knowledge important. But rather, Right Connections To Right Data are alone important. So very brilliant people mistake all their hordes of data, for relevance. So can't detect relevance. But the Holy Spirit, can. So when you find yourself being able to solve conundra brilliant people can't solve, it's again evidence of the DDNA at work in you. The recognition is alternately exhilirating and humiliating. And you can't explain to anyone that they shouldn't give you credit for what they perceive as your smarts.

      The other big differential between human smarts and spiritual smarts, is the accounting 'system' used. Humans have zero breadth. Their definitions of who they are, look: my name is, my gender is, my race is, my nationality is, my religion is, i live at, my job is, my wealth is and on and on and on. Those facts tell you nothing about the soul, except that the soul, can't think. To account such definitions as valid indicators of identity, says that you are no more than your outers, all of which are dead. So you are identifying yourself the way a coroner must identify a corpse. By contrast, spiritual smarts causes thought to run along truth lines, which are principles related to God and His Nature, His Purpose, His Planned Future, etc. So you think like Paul does, in Philippians or in 2Cor5. So you don't value or even define life as the world does. The world hates Galatians 3, which knocks down all barriers: so the world can't preen over its dead differences. But you love Gal3, since those Barriers Are Down. Really gigantic difference.

      So again, it's not about sin, but about what 'good' means. The accounting of true good. God's Accounting, or Satan's. And here in Breadth, you become adept in God's Accounting, always via the Spirit. And that's just how you want it, too: living apart from 'Mom' is anathema to you. To the world, you will look like a fool, and you will be accused of wasting your smarts -- for you can't hide the smarts, even if you can manage to hide that they are spiritual smarts. But you don't value being smart. You value.. seeing Him. All else is narrow, foolish. So you look the fool. And the world's dead definitions, keep on getting those gold stars.

      Mirroring.htm shows you the Divine View of History. Who the real heroes are. The webpage only goes through 70AD, but from its accounting principles you can prove that the Continuation Of Time Goes On Because More Heroes Are Being Manufactured. That's what John's talking about, here in 1Jn4:16's breadth -- parallelling the 'hero' Paul prayed God make of each of us, in Eph3:15-19. The hero whose Hero is Christ. See: to see Him you have to become like Him, so you have to become a hero too, Eph4:13. Defeating, Satan&Co. Satan wanted to become like the "Most High" (pre-fall angelic title for the Son), Isa14:13-14. Well, that's what God wanted all along. But Satan wanted to do iT himself, which was impossible. So Satan is the true Don Quixote. And we'll replace him and his kin (i.e., 1Cor6:3).

      So it's here in breadth that you will be able to see what He's done to you, most poignantly. From that moment onward, the best and worst period of your life, begins. It's one kind of challenge, to persist in "abiding" in the spiritual life (i.e., #1's Filling maintained), when you do not know much; but an even bigger challenge, when you DO know much. Satan flunked his breadth tests. Christ passed them all -- even through the Substitutionary Spiritual Death (my pastor's term) on the Cross. [The term is actually in the Bible, and quite often. Isaiah repeats "huper" and "psuche" in the LXX as a refrain, to show how Christ died for our sins. It's not physical, but He gave His Soul, and "huper" means "as a substitute for" -- don't ever call it merely "for" if you study Greek in seminary, unless you want to flunk that test question. Unfortunately, after seminary most translators forgot that fact, so you'll find the wrong translation of huper (and peri) as merely "for", in English Bibles. Oh well.]

      God is Truth and God is Omniscient, so the building of Truth in you makes you more functionally compatible with those two Attributes of God, as well as with His other Attributes like Love and Righteousness. Which of course, means your puny body can't take that Truth. At all. So again -- best and worst life, is when you finally do "come to know". [Nerd Note: we are given God's Righteousness and the Son's Righteousness at the first moment we are saved, but that doesn't mean we know how to live out those attributes. It's like money: you have to learn how to have it, once you have it.]

      Capacities determine relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships. So the capacity resulting from being DDNA Breadth-Developed by the Holy Spirit, is Breadth of God's Love IN you, making you CAPACIOUS like the Most High Himself; your ability to think truth thus demonstrates that Likeness: the "delight thyself in fatness" of Isa55, and Greek of Rom12:1-3 (corr trans is in Rom121-3.htm). So the capacity resulting from being breadth-developed by Satan's dDNA, is unconquerable famine and its bony children: tyrannical hunger (inability to be satisfied by what you get), narrowness-of-mind, lassitude, and above all.. bitterness.

All these functioning LOVE CAPACITY dimensions demonstrate that we are truly spiritually-born; that it's all the Spirit's work of DDNA, Our Savior's Thinking.. transforming us. It's a whole Building of Love Thinking, so you inherit a whole POLITY if you get completed in it, Isa53:12. Those you inherit, did not get completed, and need you to complete them. Just as even down here, we all need each other, since no one of us is able to be the best at everything; even so, in heaven we need each other to be a happy aggregate. And it will be happy: what 'competition' there is, lol! is a competition of everyone falling down before everyone else, anxious to give! See those angels falling down before Him with utter enjoyment, in Rev4? That's how we'll think, too! No one inferior will feel bad about it. No one superior will even want to preen. All that stuff will be way "passé"! Just the opposite of the one-upmanship and scratching/biting fake 'love' down here on this dirtball.

    Capacities are dimensioned, hence relationships are also. Relationships to self, to things, to people.. and especially, to GOD. Dimensions are shallow, short, narrow; or, deep, tall, long and broad. Structural integrity has very particular dimensions, as any boat or skyscraper builder can tell you. God is out to build His Own Structural Integrity, in you. Because, you will be living with HIM forever and ever. You will never sin again once you die. But what is atop that perfect nature, after you die? Do you realize, you will reverse most of the values you now have? Can you imagine being a Christian of shallow dimensions down here, suddenly realizing how he wasted his life on the stuff down here? He will be the opposite of what he is now. We all will be.

    Hence 2Pet3:9, which is the strongest verse I can find to indicate that those in Hell can get out, but don't want to. God knows now how it will be then, and He Never Wants anyone to perish, but have eternal life with HIM. He's not imposing, but Proposing. Forever. For Better and for Worse, and He Knows Both. For God's Capacity is Infinite, Endless, and so He can save anyone at any time. But from what you've just read about what happens to our capacities.. we won't want to be saved, in hell. We are too shallow, too short, too narrow to want anything but vibrating hatred. That's how Satan is now. God is using Satan, like He did Pharaoh, to Wake The Rest Of Us Up. Because He really is NEVER willing that anyone should perish, Satan included -- but we are willing. Caveat emptor. [If you're also under my pastor, you might recall his reversal of whether angels had eternal life, so were not paid for on the Cross, back sometime in 1999 or so. I'm not disagreeing with that, but rather refining what I think it means. Somehow God must be paid for ALL shortfall in all creation, but how it got 'booked' -- as direct cost or indirect cost -- I don't know. Further, since God had to be paid, then the 'funds' exist and He's Omnipotent, so it's not a matter of whether He can save -- and we know from 2Pet3:9 that He Never Stops wanting to do that -- but it's a matter of what happens to volition in someone who always refuses John 3:16 (and its equivalent, for Satan&Co). Clearly the volition becomes scelrotic and permanently negative. So all the flames of hell are designed to save the person, still -- even if out of a natural desire to avoid pain. But, looking at Luke 16:20ff and Satan&Co.'s continued behavior, clearly even that pain doesn't register so much as the self-insanity addiction they've so carefully dDNA'd over all the years. Makes you wanna weep forever. LordvSatan2.htm has a table on this topic of what-if-no-angelic salvation; you'll see it linked at that pagetop. LordvSatan5.htm's last section is on the (imo, defensible) premise that even those in hell, can still believe in Christ to get out, but (likely) never will.]

    So it becomes critical to get Fully-Dimensioned IN God, before you die. Let's review these Dimensions He builds in you:

    1. Depth-of-Love, #1 Dimension, 1Jn4:13, demonstrated by Keeping On In The Spirit, despite Deepening pressure, Deepens your DDNA love=Word. Man has no depth in himself, except depth-of-arrogance. So this is Spiritual Depth, contrasted with the world's fake-messianic, Isa14:13-14 arrogances. Spiritual Depth Capacities Determine Spiritual Depth Relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships.

    2. Height-of-Love, #2 Dimension, 1Jn4:14, demonstrated by Keeping On In Awarness and Knowing Him, despite the enormous shock, and the ever-growing recognition of self-lowness. The greater love grows, the greater this accounting of His Highness and one's own lowness, becomes. It's not fake or maudlin, like the world's grovelling. So paradoxically, this Heightens your appreciation of Him, and raises your own soul 'height' capacity, as well. Which others will recognize, much to your chagrin. That you ARE chagrined, that you don't quit despite the overwhelming sense of self-lowness, are completely antithetical to the human nature. But totally reflective of your spiritual nature. Spiritual Height Capacities Determine Spiritual Height Relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships.

    3. Length-of-Love, #3 Dimension, 1Jn4:15, demonstrated by keeping on in admitting He is the Lord of your life, despite all that ever-dripping sustained torture of being in the world. The world's argument is that God is bad if things are bad. Your thinking is the opposite. And keeps on staying that way. Love is a staying power, a hupomone, Greek word comprised of "hupo" (under) and menw (to "abide", "remain", "stay"). So the Length (staying power) of this Love is demonstrated. The world has no love, knows no love, fakes love, views real love as weakness. Well, Love is God's Head Attribute, theme of 1Cor. Which theme is cut off, in translation (see ArchiDes.htm). So even Christians view Love as a weakness. For the world is about power, not love. But God already is Power, so is Love. Therefore His Word-Head-Love is the greater power, 1Cor13:13. So the staying power of Divine Love in a your DDNA spiritual nature is demonstrated, 1Jn4:19. Spiritual Length Capacities Determine Spiritual Length Relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships.

    4. Breadth-of-Love, #4 Dimension, 1Jn4:16, demonstrated by keeping on knowing more maturely, despite the honor and horror such knowledge brings. Honor of Him, increases as you Know Him Better. The horror of anything else, is thus unavoidably known. And you live with both. Worse, your own knowing abilities in order to know Him better, had to increase. So they spill over into all other areas, too. So everyone and everything is now low, slow, very hard-to-live with, and you can't hide the smarts, so people close to you are intimidated. Sticking it out despite what you know is always the harder. The very Structure of your knowledge versus the world's, is like apples and oranges, so it's not human knowledge, but Spiritual Knowledge, and hence Spiritual Love-Breadth, is demonstrated. For you keep on going in it. This is not humanly possible to even build, much less want to have. Too big. Yet you keep on maturing.. to completion. Spiritual Breadth Capacities Determine Spiritual Breadth Relationships, and everything is relative to those capacities and relationships.

    All the while, your human nature is completely side-swiped by the spiritual life. You're living in two antithethical worlds, and for all your Spiritual Dimensions, your body is none the wiser. It can't 'hear' or 'see' what your soul sees, theme in Rom7-8. Whatever understanding you have, your body will distort. Your body is something you have to keep on fighting, the most. Like Paul explained, you have to box it, constantly. This pressure of hypostatic growing distance is the closest experience to Christ's own -- for He is God-Man, and the differential couldn't be greater. Being Perfect Humanity is much harder, since the Perception is Perfect. Our dead body blunts the perception of the difference, comparatively. But it's a killer, that growing differential, like being on "the rack". Your Internal Incompatibility Increases, Not Decreases, As You Mature In Christ. Thus your own body is like a 'cross', which is used to Leverage The Love=Word Dimensions, even further. Think of leverage in finance or physics, and you'll see what God does with 'bad'. It's just capital, baby, DNA which He uses to make DDNA, the most.

    Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ" movie focused on the Day He went to the Cross. It's a gruesome movie, but His Constantly-Trudging LOYALTY is well-depicted. That's how the spiritual life plays, and that's how 1Jn is composed in Greek, a steady rhythm: menw menw menw abide remain stay rest hupomenw stand under understand keep going trudge day in day out keep going. Even and especially when you think you can't go another step, when it seems you're not growing or learning or 'doing' anything for God, even when it's so shallow a life, so menial, so.. empty. Yeah, that's His Trudging toward Golgatha. Fellowship of His Sufferings, Isa54:1 being birthed!

    So don't be surprised that your learning seems to produce no improvement on your body's behavior. Body is dead, Gen2:17. When you're spiritually young, you don't really know that. Like DNA production, the first step in spiritual growing pains, is Division. God progressively divorces you from all your human attachments, and Grafts In DDNA attachments. At some point in spiritual adulthood, you experience a reversal of your old attachments, consciously. And from that point forward, this world is not where you want to be, anymore. Usually the awareness of the changeover is traumatic, but it's been a gradual replacement, all along.

    So as you age, you'll mistake your growing awareness of your deadness, for some new 'flaw' in you. It's not new: you're just newly aware of the shortfall ("come short" clause in Rom3:23), so for a long time you will angst over it, thinking yourself a spiritual failure. Just keep using 1Jn1:9 and living in God's System, and even this angst the Holy Spirit will resolve. The body gets left behind. You will grow to understand that. For It's Not About Sin, Not About Works, So Not About The Body, At All. But rather, it's about "Christ in you, the Confidence of glory", Col1:25-27. Love Glory, Eph3:20, which comes right after all those Dimensions are completed, in Eph3:19. Which comes as a Result of Learning Him, last clause in 2Pet3:18.

Hence 1Jn4:17 reads as it does, pointing (again) to Isa53:12's "great ones" clauses. Love gets completed IN ASSOCIATION WITH us, in the Trial. We are the end group in God's Rebuttal to Satan. "For (1Jn4:17c) just as He is, so also we are in the world." And later (1Jn4:19), John climactically explains why: we love, because He FIRST loved us! That verse ties back to Ephesians 1, which is on the same epic topic of God's Love completing in the Body of Christ, aka Church, via the Depositing of His Love-Thinking in our heads, aka Scripture via the Spirit, John 4:23-24, 14:26. So those of us who get completed IN this Love Answer, have no reason for shame at the Bema, 1Jn4:17b, because we are the Pleroma, Eph3:19. And anyone can be completed, for it's never about sin, it's never about works, but it's only about What God Does, Eph2:10, 3:15-19, 4:11-16, 1Jn4:12-17!

    This Witness is therefore higher than other Trial witnesses of the Bible, except Christ's Own. Watch for the Highness of the testimony, the Arduousness of it, and the Likeness to Christ's:
    • Who else gets a double portion of Righteousness in this puny sin nature body?
    • Who else has a Standard Of Growing Up To Be Like The Perfect Son Of God, despite being in a sin nature body?
    • Who else was appointed a Royal Priest forever, the second he was saved --
    • and then held accountable for that unearned status?
    • Who else gets the arduous standard of monitoring thought 24/7, so to be sure to stay online (in fellowship) with the Holy Spirit? The Biggest Sin A Church Believer Can Commit Is To Not Use 1Jn1:9, because that denies the Holy Spirit His DDNA Function On The Believer. ["Third Reason for Invisibility" in LordvSatan3.htm covers this problem in some detail. The Building Opportunity lost is far worse than any sin you can commit. No one gets away with sin, and this is the worst one: to not use 1Jn1:9.] No one else was so accountable.

    • Who else has to bring every thought into captivity, so that Father can get the hearing He likes, 2Cor10:5?
    • Who else gets a job pray properly and
    • to BUY TIME, via learning Son so Father Grants Time -- so the world can Breathe One More Day (see Mirroring.htm and MirrorNOW.htm)?
    • Who else gets spanked and even executed for doing good deeds, Acts 5 (see also Matt 4 to learn why)?
    • Who else gets blessed the more, just by brushing the teeth while thinking Bible under the Spirit?
    • Who else can even see that we are important and responsible, so We Can't Ever Explain Ourselves?

    Man is born under a horrible mismatch between the power of his mind to imagine and value, versus the power of his body to enact what his soul thinks. In the Garden, that mismatch wasn't a problem, for God supplied the requisite power: we were designed to be in Union with Him, from the get-go. Notice that there were no works in the Garden. For man is Not meant for works, but for Union. God works. That's always how the relationship works: it's One-Sided, at God's end; hence the mismatch is deliberate -- we need His Power for Fellowship, not works. So, we have weak bodies, comparatively. Which bodies, did no works. That essential message and meaning continued despite the Fall, and was stressed, i.e., on the sabbath You Do No Work. Waiting for God to Work On You, so that you could be spiritually-matured and then Go Home To Eternal And Full fellowship with him, Psalm 23:6.

    So: Eph3:16 explains that if you are to have power, you need strength: for Church the Highest Levels of both are given. When you ride a horse, the horse has power, and you need the strength to control that power; control requires self-restraint. The foremost use of power is to hold it, not flap it around. Judicious Restraint constitutes the wise use of power. Which thus requires strength. So: when you pick up something, you need strength not only to pick it up, but to control how you do it, and most of that control, is a kind of waiting. Hence you need a certain body strength, which in turn requires integrity of mind to focus, to be aware, to have the right values so you can be competent in using your strength and power over the horse, over your arms, etc.

    Without strength to hold power, it will crush you. We are subject to two warring powers, down here: Satan's power, and God's Power. We are no match for either. Surely all the Bible mistranslations in my websites should prove that to you by now: our best and brightest scholars screw up the Bible, and not a one of them intends or even believes he is doing that. But the evidence is overwhelming. So: if our best mess up so badly, we the laymen-puny don't stand a chance! Hence 1Jn1:9 is our lifeline. Literally.

    Love is the greatest power there is, and hence the greatest wealth. Love is also integrity and strength (Latin "virtus" depicts this meaning well). But we humans, have no integrity and no strength and no power, so can't handle this Divine Love. So, Eph3:16 explains that the Holy Spirit produces it via Bible's doctrine in your head (mistranslated "faith", in English Bibles). Notice those components: strength in your soul, and power in your soul, and Spirit running both, and Bible-in-your-head is the means He uses to do this running. No rituals, work. No taboos, work. No amount of charitable giving, works. No amount of altruism, works. In short, no works, work. Bible alone works (main theme in James, always mistranslated and misunderstood). So This is True Wealth: His Thinking in Your Head, His Love-Word in your words, 24/7, main theme of 1Cor (always mistranslated, too). Paul advances that theme here in Ephesians, and John dramatically summarizes the meaning and effects of both 1Cor and Ephesians, in 1Jn4:17. Bema Blessing Is based on Bible in your Spiritual Brain, BY the Brain, the Holy Breath. No Breath, no Brain, no Bible, no Bema Blessing. Period.

    One can't help empathizing with Satan's motive to rebel. Satan was made the highest of God's creatures, at that time. Imagine the burden he came to know: Oh, all I'll ever be is second-fiddle to the Most High Himself, and yet HE will pay for future "humans"? They can sin, but I cannot? It's very rough to be high. You have all the burden, and those below you are so far below you, the satisfaction of 'fellowship' with them is rather unfulfilling. So either you Grow Further and Learn to Love The Burden, or.. you do what Satan did, and decide to shake your fist forever.

    We Christians face an even higher burden than Satan did, since Our Progenitor IS that Most High, Who Became (YH+WH), Jesus the Christ, Heb12:1-2, Greek. Higher burden, higher blessing. For God really means to make us Like His Son. You can't transmute without suffering. Even exercise teaches you that. So it's to gain something, not to sacrifice something. But as you pursue this Blessing Life, Phili3:14, you will be attacked. Those not wanting such a life won't let you pursue it in peace.

    People born to royalty and immense wealth, face these same problems on a much smaller scale. Many of them end up bitter. Others get into the royal/rich honor code, which has from time immemorial, helped the poor without any legislation. Don't kid yourself about status and wealth: it's a killer, not a party. (Frankly, the parties are boring.) Christ was crucified for being the Richest Person in the Universe. We are in the world even as He was, so our status -- and fate -- will be the same. Playing quietly, on every demonic radarscreen near you.

    So this life is about Two Warring Powers: the power of sin, which is death (i.e., 1Cor15, Rom7), run by Satan&Co.; and the power of Love, which is Life, run by the Holy Spirit (Eph3:15-19, Rom8). We humans have no ability to control either one, and we mess up whichever power we get. So both sides build that ability, and keep having to nurture it. The Trial demonstrates the results of each side's 'building': the dimensions, the resultant strength, the resultant "production" (1Cor3), etc.

    Notice the contrast: the apostate version of Christianity -- run by Satan&Co. -- is all about visible works. So bad is this works-tainted thinking, our Bible translations are all slanted to it. So really, you're not reading The Bible God Wrote, in translation. At best, you get a vague idea of what God might mean. At worst, you get infected with the power of a whole lot of lies. So of course, you'll end up loving death, and hating life, by life's end. For the idea that you just study the Word to get His Thinking IN you, isn't even visible in translation. Whereas in the original-language texts, that's all you see harped on, over and over and over. So the world can't see even from the Bible, what God says. Much less, how to obey Him. They had the same problem, even back when the original-language texts were new and everyone could read them. So we know it's the world's blindness 'powered' by Satan&Co. which we prefer, rather than the deadness of the ancient Greek. If you read 2Jn and 3Jn, you'll notice that a whole lot of folks still kept peeling off, hankering for the world's religious self-praise. Funny how to this day, religious Christians are utterly blind to the tremendous excoriation of religion in every verse of Bible, especially in 1Jn. To their blind eyes, Bible buttresses their religious arrogance. Amazing.

    For as 1Jn stresses over and over, all religions are Rev17 harlots, competing for customers. But the real believer really growing in Christ, is Just Like Christ, quietly learning, turning down the Matthew 4 temptations of the world. Sure, we aren't as 'big' as Him -- but we are reflecting Him, since we are being made of the same 'spiritual genes'. Even a little piece of a mirror, still reflects the Big One from Whom it came. Gemstones reflect, whether big or little. And we are stones of the BedRock ("Petra", big Greek Keyword for Christ in OT, designating the Holy-of-Holies Arkstand, on which Isaac was almost sacrificed). Being made into, Diamonds.

    So this is a big Trial between Two Big Powers, and we hapless humans are caught in the middle. But we are given the means to know and choose and hence be made strong. Which way, though? Satan's huff-and-puff power, or God's Quiet Breathing Power? That's the drama of it, that's what gets answered with us Church, that's the decision you face every second you breathe...

Do you now see something of the TRANSformation which must be occurring, so that we too don't consider this spiritual life, crazy, 1Cor2? For we cannot go on in this life, unless we are doing all those four functions, every second we "abide" in the spiritual life. Because it is all Invisible, and so we can't rely on the usual buck-ups people use to motivate themselves (i.e., peer praise or pressure). We Can't Talk About It. It's an isolated life, even amidst a crowd. So if we aren't living in those four spiritual dimensions, baby, we're cooked!

So now you know why 1Jn is written as it is. The believer privately lives this life. The spiritual life is choosing God, not works. So God is thus Juridically Free to do God's Own Works. Directly. I'm sorry, but that's a far bigger 'work' for 'you' to do, than all the world's works put together. For the world rejects God, so God must stand off. But you, puny believer, are Learning Him. Look how God granted 490 years to the entire planet, just because Daniel admitted Israel's sin and prayed for a reconciliation, in Dan 9. That's not a work Daniel did, capisce? It was an Attitude. Oh, how we underestimate the value of knowing God...

So follow 1Jn's Script, live in God's System. No one but the unseen and you will know how you are doing, this side of heaven. And pay no attention to the loud mouths, for they aren't playing in heaven; they are playing on the Wrong Playing Field -- 2Jn9, still fancying themselves actors in the world's play, though God removed them from that cast, the first nanosecond they believed in Christ. (See Romans 6-8, 1Jn2:15-19. When reviewing 2Jn9, my pastor always stops to explain "proago" in simile: like a quarterback hotdogging it with the ball. No points added to his team, just a lot of childish blather.) So Christ told even the demons to shut up about Him in Mark's Gospel (awesome Gospel), so we aren't to run around advertising ourselves, either. Learn And Live On The Word. One day at a time. Then, you will truly be becoming like Your Savior, as the Spirit deposits all that DDNA in you. Then, at the Bema, 1Jn4:17 will be your victory shout.

In sum: Christ could have just died on the Cross, and having done so, creation can stop: its purpose is fulfilled, by producing Him. But God replies (as it were) Oh yes, that's true! So now that purpose is fulfilled, it's time to make sons! Hence Doctrine is DDNA, His Thinking is spiritual genes; which elaborate code, play like fractals throughout the life: line upon line, precept upon precept, day after day, from glory to glory, once seeing as a child, but now with unveiled face. We who are a new creation in Christ (2Cor5:17) get filled up with Righteous Thinking (Romans 8:4, in context) and thus are transmuted (Titus3:5 parlaying into Romans 8 into Romans 12:1-3). So to become pregnant with Him (Eph3:15-19), and thus in labor like He was on the Cross (me amal, Heb of Isa53:11), groaning (Rom8:11ff); so to become raised up a spiritual body (1Cor15), in glory. To the Glory of Father, thus fulfilling John 17.

So in 1Jn, just like all the other epistles and especially the Gospel of John, Isa53:11 is altogether in view, as well as Paul's use of Love to mean Word in You, by John's deft crafting in 1Jn4. Awesome stuff. DDNA! Doctrinal DNA! 1Jn 5:4, Doctrine overcomes the world!

Doctrine, Divine thinking, Not Adikia!

About Tracking Bible Definitions, esp. in 1John

Every Bible book's definitions are determined by references to other Bible passages with the same words in them; or, a Bible book's beginning sets up its own definitions of the metaphors to be used (usually both devices are used so you know where and how to define the words). Then you track the definitions thesauretically. Especially in 1Jn, which is very sophisticated; the whole epistle is crafted in parallelism, like math formulas where variables are changed to show an EQUATING matrix. Makes me think of what it must've been like to see Einstein quickly writing his general theory of relativity, on a blackboard. John repeats the variables over and over in formulaic patterns; so what you look for, are the CHANGES in the formulas. So, for example, you compare all the abide-in-Hims to see that numberset of variables, etc. It's always important to get the overall BIG picture of a Bible book before you analyze any verses in it. Else, you can mistake the import of the verse(s) you're examining. This would be a great book to print out and color code the parallels: for example, it's like tic-tac-toe in 1Jn1:5-10, each clause in a vertical parallel with its brother clause in each following verse.

    Then try to do it all over again -- but in Greek, since translations bland out the cultural loading, so you really don't see well what he's saying; since he repeats so much, it is really important to track this book in the Greek. Master the Greek keywords, for they are all loaded and multiple-entendre words, esp. from the LXX and the Gospel of John. Of course, if you only know Strong's or lexicons, this won't be too helpful. Read Greek plays. Read Plato. Read Greek lit. If you read those guys in translation, then when you see the same English words in the Bible, you'll have a better cultural background for the real meanings God builds on to tell the real Truth. There's no substitute for this kind of digging. Pastors should NEVER teach the Bible apart from the original definitions in the original languages, even if teaching from a translation. Your translation is but Swahili, else.

    Lemme give you an example. In Greek, a very common way of incorporating a whole list by reference, is to but mention the FIRST item on a list. If you don't know that, you'll never understand 1Jn, since one of his main themes, is first-things-first, First Commandment. Without which, you can throw the rest of the list (i.e., of commandments, do's, your entire life).. away. So, he crafts his epistle in 'firsts', so to the English reader, it seems kinda basic, almost child-like. Not at all. This was a very sophisticated dramatic technique, and required of the reader, extreme concentration: it's like Einstein's formulas, swiftly written. John stresses so much that without the Word in you, the First Commandment is spit on, you almost can't read it. His very insistent, extremely fast-paced style, is totally reversed in English to a simpering, sugary, pitch. That's not the translator's fault, but the fault of how English is as a language (a language of diplomacy deliberately fuzzes over, and that's what held England together for centuries, its ability to fuzz over -- a great genius, but no good for understanding the Word of God).

    So John keeps referring to first-list items, so the reader knows which list John is referencing. Further, the OT was popularly summed up as follows, which you'll find in the Gospels: the whole law was the sum of 1st Commandment and Lev19:18, which meant: love God, love your fellow man. If you did that, you obeyed the whole law. But underneath that simple statement was the implicit and well-taught understanding that "love" meant Knowing The Word. Hence the commandments in OT for tassels, leather strips, prayer shawls, and all manner of mnemonic devices, so you would have the Word cycling in your head, 24/7. The Psalm 119 people, who were daily raped and stabbed and tortured on their death march from Jerusalem to Babylon, put it this way: "I have guarded Your Word in my heart, that I might not sin against You." That whole Psalm is a kind of acrostic, each first verse standing for a letter in the Hebrew alphabet. First things first. John is incorporating all that meaning, when he writes. So, he keeps to firsts, thus always stressing the First Commandment. Can't love someone you don't know. Can't know someone you don't study. Can't study someone you don't want to know. Can't study someone if you're running around paying attention to people. For "people" isn't in the First Commandment, but in the subsequent ones. So, John keeps stressing: if you don't love God, you're not loving your brother, either. So if you don't have the Word in you, then you're not loving, period. It's real dramatic (John must have loved Greek drama and the philosophers): it smokes on the page. But sleeps instead of smokes, in translation.

    By crafting his letter in firsts, he sets up equations. He's equating getting Word in you, with being saved; with having eternal life; with loving your brother; with food/shelter/clothing (bitingly, near end Chapter 3); with being in the light (another term for Word, used by Isa in Isa53:11, LXX) or in the darkness. Stark contrasts, sine qua nons. So the reader is pounded with the insistent rhythm: one foot in front of the other in the Word in the Word in the Word just as essential as breathing and just as low slow constant high drama playing on earth treasure in earthen vessels keep moving keep guarding the Word just as essential as your salvation keep thinking don't deviate from the course. Now you know you love Him now you know you are abiding in Him now you know you are in the Spirit now you know you overcome the evil one now you know you will be rewarded at the Bema now you know Him now you see Him now you are testifying to the angels about Him...

    And on and on and on. Phrased in linked verses which take what was said before, change the equation a little, so you see that the prior and the current equation, are Word In You. Equals Love. Equals victory. And anything else, is bupkis. Anything else, is fornication. Being a seed of the devil. John is not, coy. He likens being in the Word to being a faithful wife at home, not straying from her husband (menw, big keyword in John 14-17). Like a soldier faithfully remaining at his post. Faithful Bride. Which "from the beginning" (tieing to Ephesians 1 deliberately, and to Gen1 and to John 1), was the Plan of God. Who was With God. Who is God. So now, you are in Him. So now, Be With Him In Your Thinking. Which means, walking in the Word, it guides your every thought. Faithfulness. Marital intimacy. Oneness, John 17. For obviously, if the wife doesn't share her husband's thinking, she's not being really faithful. Kinda like being inert when intimately alone. Sorry, it's a main theme of the Bible, that sexual metaphor (see Eze16, a truly blistering chapter).

    Talk about smoky! John also heavily weaves in the by-then-long-famous, Passover night discourse of the Lord, which John finally reduced to writing, in (Gospel of) John Chaps 14-17. It's all about marital oneness with Christ via your own soul being so Filled with His Thinking, you are 'pregnant' with Him. Even as, He was pregnant with your sins. So: look for sexual innuendo, because that rhetorical style is critical to understanding the meaning in not only 1Jn, but Ephesians and doggone near every other Bible book. Bible makes very heavy use of sexual innuendo, since the theme of the entire Bible, is God making sons for His Son; of which, we are to be a Fertile Bride. But translators are ascetic, and finding the sexual innuendoes in lexicons is a pistol. You almost have to look in other Greek literature, to find the meanings.

      Pleroma, for example, is a pregnancy word. Paul uses it pretty bluntly (he loves sexual innuendo more than the other writers, except maybe Isaiah): all of Ephesians is on that topic, as is the latter half of Romans, and all of 1Corinthians (a major thread throughout, fuzzed over egregiously in translation). Major sexual-innuendo words are usually translated "full" or "fulfill" or "fullness" (pleroo and pleroma), "abide", "remain" (menw), "seed" (sperma, obvious), hence "Word in you" (get it?), and all the Body stuff (like 1Cor6, 12), Bride and wife analogies. Then there's "endure", lit. hupomenw (staying under); Paul uses some really blazing words, too, like the blanded out "joined and held" in Eph4:16 (think about that, willya?) which are two very graphic verbs (even in RightPT.htm I myself had to euphemize them). Moreover, all of John 17 is sexual innuendo: viz., "that they may be one even as We are one" is a blatant reference to the "oneness" of Adam and his wife, prayed by the Last Adam, partly for His Wife, the Church. Don't let the ascetics spoil your learning Holy God. It's right to unite with God. It's spiritual, which is far higher than any stupid phallic cult could imagine. Poor sops. They settled for animalism. We get to have Coalescence of Thinking. Unless we wanna be frigid, or pretend a headache.

      Satan is thoroughly ascetic. That's how he can fancy himself like the Most High. Satan's first act on taking over from Adam when Adam sinned, was to command Adam cover his genitals. My pastor reminds his congregation of this fact every time he covers that aspect of Genesis, noting that Gen3:11 should be translated "Who denounced you...". So, I must conclude that ascetics would rather malign God and make Him a liar (compare end Gen2) by translating it "Who told you...", than admit there's no shame in being naked: since the better lexicons clearly agree with my pastor's translation. Satan denounced nakedness. Because he can't bear to see his own. Don't imitate him. God invented marriage and sex as a unit. Satan wants divorce. God invented pleasure. Satan wants pain. Love frightens Satan, because love means weakness, to him. Again, he can't bear to look at his own nakedness, so he makes doggone sure God's Word is 'clothed', in translation! God is not so insecure. Neither need you be.

    If you can only use a translation, look for similar-meaning words in the translation and track them from the first chapter, forward. Don't just use the same words, for the actual tracking also tracks by parallel concept. Then also look carefully at John's Gospel metaphors in the same translation, because he's referencing its keywords as well. 1Jn2:8 makes it clear he knows he's writing that very letter as new addition to Canon, which accounts for all the tracking he does. Here's a shortcut, until you can research the Greek: ASSume that I'm right about all this sexual innuendo, when you read the translation. So when you see a phrase like "fill all in all" at the end of Eph1, ASSume it has (what even in English) would be a wry underlayer of husbandy desire. Also, "in the beginning" is a real big keyphrase in 1Jn (and also in Gnosticism, which he's tweaking). It dates back to the Garden, another shorthand way of saying Church is the culmination of history. (My pastor really stressed that fact.) Oh: Don't go overboard on the sexual innuendo meaning. It's just an analogy we really need to understand, to get the "depth" (yes, another innuendo, in Eph3:17-18) of God's Plan. This isn't literal sex, k? Rather, (as it were) spiritual sex: God's Infinite Desire for Intimacy, which is non-emotional. Which is far far higher than the stupid body-sex fanatics could appreciate. They get all excited over swear words and feelies as if they were still five or fifteen years old. Let's not be childish or ascetic.

    Big hint: Love=Word In You. If you don't know that is what the Greek is saying, you'll screw up interpretation. I didn't get this for a long time. In fact, it wasn't until my pastor started revising his presentation of the Integrity of God back in 1997, that the meaning hit me. Specifically, he was circling on 1Cor12:31, Eph3:19 and 1Cor13:1-3, then v.4. It was when he got to verse 4, that I recognized how "huperbale" is used in 12:31 and Eph3:19; Romans 5:5 skyrocketed my spiritual life back in 1995 when I was listening to a 1977 Romans series exegesis on the verse. So, all of a sudden, everything clicked. So I looked into the Greek of 1Cor, to see WHEN Paul started to introduce the idea that Love=Word in you. He starts right away, in 1:5 -- but you'd never know that, in translation! All that talk over believer schisms in Chapter 1, is used to jump into the Union of the Body with Christ -- not in a religion, for crying out loud.

    But again, the translation is so pitiful (lots of sexual innuendo words in 1Cor, especially since they all had a hedonism problem), you can't see what Paul is tweaking. Basically, he says this why settle for body animalism/schism, when you can have marital intimacy on a spiritual level with Your Husband? It's beautiful, the way he develops that concept. So by the time he introduces the Husband as the Head of the Body in Chapter 13, you are ready for the Love=Word In You meaning. So by the time I realized all this, I was ready to see it everywhere else in the Bible, the same theme is developed. Like, in 1Jn. As you can see, this coalescence of understanding took approximately 5-10 years. So maybe it won't now take you so long...

    Yikes, what Incredibly Deft writing, therefore, in 1Jn! John is restating the Head-completed-in-you theme in 1Cor, for the post-temporary-gifts generation of believers, so is reminding them of what they already know -- and assuring them that it's still true. Tying it to John 14-17, which they newly had. (They knew about the material in John 14-17 for a long time, for all of 1Corinthians is based on it, as is Ephesians: that material was a prophecy, technically, so the NT books being written were explaining, gradually, how that Vine and Branches structure, was going to work. But they didn't have John's testimony in writing, and he was an eyewitness on that Passover night. God staggers out the witnessing so that each witness circulates, so not to confuse people. God knows our limitations.) No wonder my pastor spent so long exegeting 1Jn verse by verse! It was a watershed book for him, culminating in what he'd come to call the "Divine Dynasphere"; his teaching really ramped up after that, and he was already advanced compared to anyone else I could find. In short, it's worth the time to really understand 1Jn.

    My pastor is one of the braver ones, not shying away from all the sexual innuendo like so many feel constrained to do. Scholars know about all this innuendo. They are embarrassed over it. My pastor, is not; he feels that if God writes a word, He means it to be understood and taught as He wrote it. That attitude nearly cost him his whole congregation, back decades ago when he had to teach the graphic Ezekiel 16 and Song of Solomon (back in the 1950's or 1960's, if I remember rightly). But he hung in there. And the congregation, reshaped and stuck with him. So because I'd been under him steadily since '81, and many times heard him equate marital intimacy (Corporate Testimony of Christian marriage, is the name of the doctrine currently) with 1Jn and the topic of Love every time he brings up the Integrity of God (to teach the parallel between them), I was alerted to look for the innuendo in 1Jn, Paul, and the rest of Bible. But if you don't have a pastor like that, you'll have a real hard time seeing all this intimacy meaning: and you will miss out on the most fabulous information about God's Plan for you! Don't let a tendency to ascetism ruin learning Your Holy Savior, k? Don't let all that stupid distortion of sex (which God created, to depict this Infinite Intimate Desire) which the world likes to do (God never divorces marriage and sex, but the world always does) -- don't let the world's animalistic distortions color your learning of Your First and Only Love!

Now let's return to how 1Jn uses rhetorical parallelisms to act as an EQUATING matrix. Greek key words used in this equating are logos, menw, poiew (really important -- John's distinguishing between doing the Word versus works), light, commandments (esp. the First: compare use of tereo, to keep/cherish/guard in 1Jn2:4-5). So Word=Word of life=truth='doing' truth=naming sins to be purified like a temple you are, so you can re-abide IN truth -- all these metaphors are set up in the first chapter. So you know the math paradigm, so you can interpret the rest of the letter. So when you see "practice (poiew) righteousness" in later chapters, you know that "righteousness" is the truth you're learning, which is the Word you are learning. So when you see other "does" and "practice" clauses, you realize that "sin" and "lawlessness" and "hate" are all tied to the same parallelism as in 1Jn1:8,10 -- NOT learning Him.

This is especially true with the "abide" (menw) clauses.

  • So you're supposed to recall that same "abide" metaphor which Christ used in John 14-17, and tie it in (i.e., 14:23-26, 15:5-10, where "fruit" means the Word from the Seed, get it?) -- which also ties to Isaiah 5, about false teachers wrecking God's vineyard of the earth (Law in head, resulting in wine).
  • By 1 John Chapter 4, "love" is Equated to Word.
  • Back in Chapter 2:1-11, you learn that if you don't get the Word in you, you can't stop sinning (2:1 should be translated "stop sinning", not "not sin"); else, you're not doing the Commandment (esp. the First One), not 'walking' (living) as Christ lived (reference to Matt4:4). So the "Love" equating to Word begins back in Chapter 2.
  • Another example, 2:4-5 is about having the Word in you, else you're not keeping "the" commandment; v.7 is a reference to the shema, the command to learn and live on the Word of God 24/7.
  • Another example, 2:8 is about Canon "true Light", the fulfillment of Isa53:11 (in LXX) and Jer31:31-34.
  • 1Jn2:12's "fathers" know Him, versus the children who know only the Father, and the young spiritual adults, who are said to conquer evil one (by learning Him, see previous verses' metaphor of light and darkness).
  • So to father children yourself, You Must Know Christ. Can't love Someone you don't know, and "knowing" is also a metaphor for marital intimacy. Parallel concept is the focus of Ephesians (passim, since the whole letter is about God's siring superior progeny, compared to "Ion") and 2Pet3:18.
  • Hence 1Jn2:18, doing (poiew tracker) the Will of God is to learn Him, established earlier 2:1-11, repeated again (setting the tone for all the "abide" of later verses), in 2:24.
  • And 3:3, making use of Romans 5:5! Which you won't know, if you don't know that "cleanse" is a culturally loaded word, refs back to water ritual to depict purification, esp. in connection with the Nazirite vow -- which then ties back to the far bigger cleansing of katharizw in 1Jn1:9! [Whoever the audience was for this epistle, they were well trained in OT concepts; maybe they were Jewish, or very well-trained-in-Law Christians. John relies on their understanding of OT becoming NT as he writes, and like the writer of Hebrews, he uses those concepts. Kinda like a post-Temple reminder of what Hebrews explained.]

    Additional Technical Notes about 1Jn4:12-17

    Again, when you read any Bible book, you have to know its own definitions. Trouble is, the Greek language at the time John wrote, had very refined definitions which don't port over to English. So you can see the same words in English, and entirely miss the meaning. You have to know the definitions in the Greek, so that when you read the English, you can understand. For, John is writing Socratically and in terms of Greek drama. [Even the dumbest person in the empire was familiar with these concepts, since the whole language was based on them. So this isn't intellectualism. It was everyday language and thinking. Dramas were for the common people (same, for Shakespeare's, in his day; same, for operas when they were composed). We've gotten so stupid since those times, we call all this stuff high-brow, now. Well, it wasn't. We've just become incredibly animalistic, eschewing thinking.]

    Of course, you can only know all that if you are reading IN the Greek. And that means, you have to know Socrates' definitions, and the Greek drama concepts, or you can't understand what you are reading. For, John takes those definitions (as all Greek writers did), and builds from them, God's definitions. Furthermore, John weaves into these, the OT definitions. Furthermore, John is weaving all the NT known at the time of writing, to show how it all comes together to glorify God, reaching a series of crescendoes. So if you don't know all those definitions, 1Jn will be greek to you. Especially, in the English.

    So here are some critical definitions to keep in your head as you read 1Jn in the English.

    • "Love" means 1st Commandment, without which, nothing. Ties to 1Cor13:1-3.
    • So "Love" means Word in you, since the First Commandment is only obeyed if you are constantly thinking the Word of God: "you shall love the Lord with all your heart (thinking) and soul (place of will) and strength (of will)." So it's not human love, and it's not emotion: if you love God, you live on His Word, Matt4:4. So John is folding in the entire OT, when he uses the Word Love. It's a Hebraism, reminding the reader of the shema, which was the beginning of a series of commandments Moses gave the people to keep having the Word in them, like leather strips on their heads and arms. All day long. All night long. So, it's "not a new commandment", but yet a "new commandment" (see 1Jn2), since the "new" is the Level Of Word we can now get. Ties to 1Cor13, completion of His Head in our heads. So you are only obeying, if you are Learning And Living On The Word. Period. You are only loving if you are Learning And Living On The Word. Period.

    • "Love" is only and always, God's Level: it's not human, so you can't do it, you must learn it, by learning the Word. This was a well-defined Greek concept, and even more, Hebrew (see how well the Ps119 people understood that); so the word "Love" for only this type of love, is (in Greek), "agape" (ah-GAH-pay). Verbal nouns in Greek are more dramatic than verbs. So John is being very dramatic in his writing (as opposed to the sleepy English translations). So simultaneously you understand, if reading in the Greek, that all the epic-drama meaning of "agape" is what's to happen in YOUR life. By, Word building in you.

    • So by 1Jn4:12-17, John summarizes the 'play' of your life and its intended result; the play began at the end of Chapter 2, talking about how we are to develop so we can have confidence in the "Day of Evaluation" instead of shrinking back. So you have to know that in Greek plays, there were usually a set of four plays to constitute a whole epic story: these are the four dimensions of 1Jn4:12-17. And this epic story, always plays on two levels (hupostasis): one level, seemingly-mundane (daily life); but the "level of the gods", the higher story being worked on you BY "the gods", as part of THEIR objectives. So, the Real God has Real Objectives HE works on you. Not, you working. Hence Chapter 3 is the seemingly-mundane level (well, chapter divisions are funky, so it's really 3 through mid-4). Then beginning about 4:8, he begins to merge the seemingly-mundane with the larger from-heaven epic meaning being simultaneously worked IN you BY the Holy Spirit. To win in the Angelic Trial.

    • Put simply, this 'play' is the play of us learning the Word, by which one 'overcomes' Satan&Co. in the Trial; culminating with God winning and us being victors in the "Day of Evaluation" (Bema, review of heroes and losers), 1Jn4:17. So he begins in Chapter 3, with the seemingly-mundane activities; comparing good versus evil, Divine Good versus works. So by the end of Chapter 3, you are stunned: oh my goodness, if I am not learning this Word and living on it in my thinking 24/7, it's as if I were a murderer, a thief, a liar, and withholding my brother's worldly needs. Pretty dramatic, huh.
    • In Chapter 4, he keeps on with the theme of if you're not growing in the Word then you don't love God nor your fellow man, by showing the mechanics like prayer, being in fellowship, testing what you hear. The repetition of loving the brethren is a constant refrain, to show that if you are in the spiritual mechanics (which harken back to Chapters 1 and 2), then you are growing in this Love. Which then sets up the dramatic summary, 1Jn4:12-17.

    • A new crescendo is set up on v.17, to flourish in high Greek drama of v.19. So verses 17-19 review in panorama, the cycling of this growing Love Word in you, the fulfillment of v.17, the Completion of the First Commandment. Hence the verse in Greek, "We love, because He first loved us!" In Greek, no direct object and two nominatives denoted Absoluteness. Note the clever use of "First". Because God first loved us, we can do the First Commandment, as a result of which, He becomes the First in our lives. Thus we love Him. Thus we love the brethren. Thus we fulfill all commandments (the Hebraic aphorism about loving God and your neighbor being the fulfillment of the Law, see the Gospel discussion Christ had with the teacher on it). Climax, victory. In between, is the zig-zag course of fear (representing all sin, not just that category, first in a list, Greek rhetorical device) and love. Which, brings the reader back to Chapter 1 and 2, with emphasis on the turnover in 1Jn1:9. So you see the wholeness of the dynamic, in v.17 and 19; in v.12-17, you got the four-dimensioned, dynamic structure.

      Whew. Now you see why Christianity is so messed up. No one bothers to really learn the Bible in the languages God actually wrote! So much for our vaunted "oh how I love Jesus", and all the people who think a translated Bible is just as good as the Real One Which God wrote. Oh well.

    So I need to say a lot more about what these four dimensions are, especially since they are deliberately tied to what Paul says in Eph3:18. Lesson 1707 of 92SD of my pastor links both passages together, but doesn't explicitly link the four dimensions in both passages. However, it was a Sunday class, and he wasn't feeling well. However, if you take what he says as the four dimensions in Eph3:18, and then apply them to 1Jn4:12-17, you'll get a match. So when you add up what Paul is saying with what John is saying, you get Depth/foundation of your spiritual life (or of its failure), height of Seeing Him Who is Invisible, length of the Doctrine+Reciprocity mutual flanks (covered in the 1st and 2nd Aspects), width of God's Love and your reciprocating that Love Word in you so you too are completed in it. You are the building, so if you don't know the structural-integrity procedures followed to construct buildings, you will have a hard time understanding how you get built by God. Heh: the woman was built for Adam (banah, Hebrew in Gen2). We get built for Christ. You'll notice we get built in Word, never works. Never emotion. Love is THINKING which no one can see, just as no one can see God. Invisible. Real building -- "Edification Complex of the Soul", my pastor used to call it. So Paul explains how this building works in Eph3:17; in L.1707, my pastor explained this as being FIRMLY rooted (hence incapable of being uprooted, when diaster hits) in Doctrine, and STRONGLY secure in your motivation (reciprocity, covered in 2nd Aspect) -- both of which, accomplished by the Holy Spirit, only and always.

    John depicts the order of building in the reverse of Paul's listing, to make it goal-oriented and chronological, since you always start by building a foundation, and you always have an eye on height, when building the rest of the structure (so that the integrity of the structure is secure, its building goals are met). Paul talks about this building first in terms of the superstructure you see, because his point of departure is that you already have one. So John is reminding his audience of Eph3:18 -- the four dimensions, which are impersonal substantives, each relate back to Eph3:17's "Love", the burgeoning Spirit-deposited, Christ's Love-Thinking in you.

    There's a double-entendre meaning to "depth". It's true that depth has both a negative and a positive connotation. That the depth is supposed to keep on increasing means your soul is getting bigger; hence depth and height are mentioned together, so the 'foundation' of you is getting bigger, too. So think of depth both in terms of getting back into fellowship via 1Jn1:9, and rising no higher than the foundation of salvation if you are not; but also, the positive idea of "depth", living in the Spirit and on Doctrine (since the deep moments of life are usually the very unpleasant ones, "deep" in the sense of really hitting you hard).

    The next big thing to note is that verses 14-15 (which 'threw' me for 20+ years, even though I've heard my pastor teach this passage dozens of times) are probably a Greek idiom of repeating the first thing on a list, to incorporate by reference ALL of a previously-stated list. You'll see the same kind of structure, for example, in Hebrews 6:6's "repentence" (just after he'd listed basic doctrines, beginning with that one (another Bible keyword to denote the function in 1Jn1:9, which was always true, even in OT -- metanoew); which they were supposed to have learned, but didn't). The see-and-testify, and the Who-is-Son are the first things John mentions in his letter. Which is John's point, in 1Jn4:14-15, i.e., Keep Looking At Him Who We See And Have Testified -- idea that, you yourself see Him and could testify. Also, idea that you yourself keep admitting He is that Son, because you see Him and want to abide in Him. Which of course you couldn't do, unless you were seeing Him and abiding in Him (staying online with the Spirit, 1Jn1:9 used and learning His Thinking).

    So John is talking about all the letter, and hence all of Canon, by referencing those two firsts in vv14-15. Idea that you should be remembering all of it, and since you actually can, you must be abiding under the Spirit and in God, since it takes God's Power (John 14:26) to enable such comprehensive understanding and rememberance. So you have EVIDENCE that you are in Him, by means of this function; so you are being demonstrated AS Evidence in the Trial, by means of this function.

    Dramatic or really important passages in Greek are written by dropping objects, prepositions, and leaving just a stark verbal noun or verb seemingly dangling -- to indicate Comprehensive And Absolute Function of that verb or verbal noun. So you track such verbs or verbal nouns in a passage to see how they interrelate. So when saying His Love is brought to completion in us, he's saying this is a culmination-of-history (so in all ways and at all points, with respect to all objects, brought to completion). Same kind of structure is in Eph3:18's dimensions. That's why in Eph3:18 you don't see breadth of any one "what" ("love", though, is the antecedent noun the impersonal substantives relate to) -- because Love is the foundation for all "breadths". John is picking up on that comprehensiveness and elaborating on it when he words 1Jn4:12-17. By this he also ties back to Eph1, incorporating the entire chapter by reference. See how the deceptive simplicity of John's words are instead, the most sophisticated?

    So you are to interpret verses 14-15 as hubs or foundations, baselines from which all other Word-learned seeing and testifying, abiding, spring. Which in practice, they do, since at the lowest moments of your life you'll find yourself USING those facts to motivate breathing your next breath, viz, "You're God, and that's all I know". "He's My Lord, and that's all I know." Absolute belief, in the trenches. So after v.17, you see the results of that Witness, contrasted with the world's: no fear, loving God and His Word (aka "commandments"), hence really loving the brethren, overcoming the world (Our Doctrine, 1Jn5:4), you keep on believing, and your 'blood' is His Thinking -- big tipoff there of the nature of DDNA -- by agency of the Spirit, you are in agreement with Father's Testimony. So now you know you have eternal life, seeing the evidence of what once you believed, but didn't actually know. So you have confidence in prayer, staying power (1Jn5:18 should be translated with progressive tenses, in English -- verse is not about salvation, but post-salvation fellowship). So one knows He is Genuine and we are genuinely from Him and in Him (v.20 looks like a parallel to unveiled face verse in 1Cor13).