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DDNA, the True Grail.. has Enemies: an Appendix to DDNA.htm

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The True Grail of Salvation: Christ paid for Sins with his Thinking, Not His Physical Death

Blood, circulates in the body. Thought, circulates in the soul. Blood is mindless, a collection of corpuscles run by DNA instruction sets. Thought is wholly immaterial, and designed to be choosing DDNA, God's Instruction set, aka The Thinking of Christ, aka The Bible. So the real you is your soul, not your body. Human life is your soul, not your body, which is why no human can evolve. So in the Bible, blood always depicts thought, when used of a human being, since what's alive, is your soul -- body is just a bucket of biology. So "blood" in the sacrifices, is a metaphor to show what Isa53:11 says bluntly, that Thinking pays for sins: "Then the Lord delights to PLUNDER.. from His Soul's [pregnancy] labor" -- no physical blood, there. For, sins are types of Thinking (volition thinks), so paying for sin requires COUNTER-Thinking 'labor', to birth our salvation. That's what happened on the Cross, since God is Pure Thought, so can only be paid By Means Of Thinking, Phili2:5-10.

Of course, God's Truth has many enemies. Most of them are rather stupid, too. For example, it's hard to remember you are in the 21st century, when you hear the still-prevalent medieval myth that Christ's physical blood had anything whatsoever to do with our so-great salvation. The pagan mythical idea of physical blood being able to produce a magical result goes back to Abel, and is a mutation of Abel's recognition of Messiah coming to pay. The myth itself is but a mutation of what Satan told the woman, that she could get knowledge magically from a piece of fruit, in Gen3. So when the opportunistic Roman Catholic Church used the pagan idea of Blood to cannibalize the Eucharist (despite the clear meaning in Luke 22:19 and 1Cor11:25), people greedily drank it up. Every Mass. It's not the RCC's fault -- they always cannibalized pagan religious practices, thinking that by doing so they could save people thus entering the 'fold' of the Church. And probably, they did. Yet even post-Reformation, the myth lingers: can you imagine, the mainstream idea of how Christ paid for sins, is deemed a physical thing? Just like the woman thought of touching the forbidden fruit (which God never said), in Gen3 (compare to Gen2:17).

So the True Grail, The "Blood of Christ", is the Thinking of Christ; for, Isa53:10-12, His Thinking Permanently And Completely Paid For Our Sins. It wasn't His Physical Death which paid; rather, He could die physically because He Already Finished the Payment (tetelestai verse +Ps31:5, His Dying words). [You can prove the tetelestai references to finishing the payment for salvation while still alive, by looking up all NT uses of teleiow, usu. mistranslated "perfect" (well, as a legal verb it's not a mistranslation, but what average reader knows that). Seriously: all the NT writers play off His Triumphal shout of "Tetelestai" to show what it means. The writer of Hebrews uses teleiow as his main framework verb, stressing finishing of salvation, so our thinking can be Finished In Him, and we can thus get to the finish line of this Angelic Trial marathon race.] As a result, He is the Sacrifice Who forever sanctifies all who believe in Him, "once and for all time", Heb10:10-14. As a result, He is called the 'father' of both our salvation and an eternity of prosperity which He shall forever rule, Isa9:6, Heb12:2. So now we are in 'Operation Footstool', waiting for His enemies to be put under His Feet, Ps110:1 (a refrain, in the NT). For as Isa53:11 depicts so graphically, The Lamb of God had his soul cut open, so to speak, to become 'pregnant' with our sins, and with His Counter-Thinking "Mastery" (da'ath in Hebrew, suneisis in Greek), made DDNA conversion of those sins via the Holy Spirit's power, so Father was propitiated.

Hence we exist. Hence we are able to get that same Thinking, "treasure in earthen vessels", 2Cor4:7. Hence the command to learn His Thinking, 2Pet3:18. Hence Paul's prayer that we do so, Eph3:15-19. Notice the building metaphors used in that passage, as well as the macro building result in Ephesians Chapter 2 and 4:13. Thinking must be BUILT. The woman was "built" for Adam (Hebrew word "banah"), and the Bride must be "built" for the "Last Adam", Our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. That's entirely what life is about down here, for the believer. You have a choice to make: "what think ye of Christ". How much, do you want to be made by God, compatible with your Savior? The more compatible you are made, the closer you will be to Him. Forever. For the "Bride" is a kingdom, and not everyone in that kingdom chooses to be close to Him. As we saw in the Third and Fourth Aspects, in fact over 99% of believers will have made the choice to be rather far away. For they don't want to learn Him. They want flash, instead. To engage in a lifetime of what amounts to daily, college-style Bible classes, and then spend the rest of the day using that information in daily life as a way of sharing His Thinking 24/7, doesn't appeal. They would rather have bread-and-circus. Satan&Co. are only too happy to oblige them.

Hence the Bible itself is the True Grail, the Thinking of the Lord Jesus Christ: the OT, His Thinking as God, and the NT, His Thinking as Humanity. The Bible codifies this thinking for humanity so one may choose to get that same thinking, and have ever-increasing real rapport with Him. The promise of this codification is a central theme in Scripture, as noted above and in all my other websites, for the promise of eternal relationship with God, is the heart of God's Plan for the human race. This promise must be believed to be had, since God is Love, and will hence never coerce anyone to choose Him. If believed, then the first belief, is faith in Christ alone for salvation, John 3:16. Once thus saved, the individual may choose to get in God's System, and learn his oh-so-great Savior. To assure the believer that this is indeed 'okay', we have the wonderful First Commandment -- can't love a God you can't first learn. Hence, we have a Book to learn. The above Four Aspects explained how this learning, changes your thinking (at your discrete consent, always) via the Holy Spirit, in God's System.

In short, there are no works man can do, for human power cannot make a DDNA change. Only God can do that. In short, it's learn, not earn, and only God causes that to happen to you. All you bring, is your volition; which is a pleasure to do, since God is pleasurable to know, Ps1:2, 9:2, 13:5, 16:11, 119 (written during the to-Babylon death march, during torture)! "How precious your thoughts are to me, Oh God!" David happily wrote in Ps139:17. [Translation needs to be fixed, but that is the standard rendering. David's making wordplay on the purpose of God, and His Head, idea of David having a head to see God's Head. But I digress...] David understood that the whole happy meaning of life, is seeing God's Thinking, and he writes about that fact often. David wrote most of the Psalms; David is famously recorded in Bible has having had a number of paramours; so clearly God's love for David (1Sam13:14, Acts 13:22) DIDN'T require David be religious.

Satan's Religious Grail, 'Magical Blood'

Of course, Satan&Co. have always sold blood as a magical, physical thing. Whether it's RCC cannibalism on drinking His Blood (patent misuse of Remembrance in Luke 22:19ff and 1Cor11:22-24); or, the more common pagan ideas like racial superiority or drinking blood helps conquer foes -- man likes magical blood. Makes him feel superior. So for centuries, since Satan&Co. like buffooning, they've promoted these slapstick ideas. Ancient cultures are rife with them. So many myths abound, about physical blood conferring power, buying stuff, totally satirizing the blood-of-the-covenant TEACHING (which a MIND has to get, not a body).. from Gen3:15 onward. So the magical idea that Christ shed His physical blood for a thought crime (sin), lingers in many forms. Anything to get man's eyes off His Thinking and on to something man can pride himself doing, as if the Bible were only a paperweight.

For it was Satan, not God, who invented religion in Genesis 3. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, is Satan's religious plan for the human race: oh, if you do this stupid thing, eat this stupid thing, you will be as good as God. ["God's Transmuting Plan" link at pagetop, covers this topic in greater detail in its "Religious transmutation fantasy" section.] In the Hebrew and Greek text, "good-and-evil" is a hendiadys, meaning it's all one thing. What's 'good', is ipse Evil. In English, you're supposed to translate a hendiadys with hyphens, to show the 'unity'. Here, a unity of 'good', being evil. [See also "pastor-teacher" of Eph4:11; it's one office held by one individual; so the term means that God gifts many "pastor-teachers", but not pastors who are not teachers or teachers who are not pastors: idea being, the pastor's job is to teach.] But who would follow religion, if Bible translating committees allowed the hyphen demanded by the Bible's God-breathed, original languages? Whoa: you'd know 'good', wasn't! As my best friend often quips, "they gotta keep those butts in the pews." For religion is all about, CONTROL.

The entire purpose of religion is to make God PAINFUL; the pain makes you feel holy. Furthermore, the purpose is to sell all those outside religion, that relationship with God is supposed to be painful; so if you aren't having a painful relationship with Him, you are a bad person. Never mind, that Adam didn't have a painful relationship with God UNTIL he sinned! And then, the relationship becomes painful to him only because he WANTS it to be painful, as evidenced by how he ACCUSES God (Gen3:8-10, 12)! Prejudice, you see. We've all been sold this prejudice ever since: because the first purpose of religion, is to make oneself like the Most High as a REPLACEMENT for the True God, which is Satan's own goal, Isa14:13-14. So the True God must be demonized, for that prejudice to become popular. So he hopes to enlist mankind's support in attaining that goal (theme of Part I of the "Thinking" series). We are thus pawns and Satanfodder. And truly have painful lives, if we go the religious route.

So religion is always the mortal enemy of God, in all its forms; even and especially when it calls itself 'Christian', Rev17. That chapter is about how a FAKE CHURCH would begin to superimpose itself over God and Bible, claiming to represent both. The year Revelation was written, was 96AD, and it was given to the last surviving apostle, John, to write during his exile on Patmos (Caesar Domitian had exiled him there). In that very year, a letter called "Clement I" was written by someone who was trying to become a papal authority. There is zero evidence of any Roman office of pope being accepted, even at the time of that letter: 'Clement' sought to get authority over the Corinthians who strenuously had rejected it on Biblical grounds; so you know right away 'Clement' was NOT a pope, and that the Bible didn't provide for such an office, either. [I don't know who the real author is. It's ascribed to Clement, but back in those days, all kinds of false Gospels and other written material were ascribed to people who didn't write them. That's why the Apochrypha and pseudipigrapha are also suspect. Their content is so silly, you wonder how anyone could even imagine granting them any higher status than the goofball stories in the National Enquirer.] PopeMyth.htm has more details, and has a link to the letter. For much more information on what happened during that first century, start with LvS4a.htm, which is the first subpage of Part IV of the "Thinking" series.

To promote religion, Satan&Co. use all human devices: especially, those most integral to communication and emotion. Thus, any number of emotional gimmicks will be employed, such as pomp and ceremony, respectability and 'miracles', rousing sermons and other feely tactics. Idea is to hook you on the feeling, so you will buy the demonic doctrine pitched. The chief difference between normal human group goofiness and demon-sponsored goofiness, is that the latter is always about something Biblical. The second major characteristic is that the goofiness is simultaneously turned on like a faucet, over very large, diverse groups of people (i.e., not merely everyone at a rock concert going dreamy-eyed). It turns off as quickly as it turns on. So when on, the huge numbers of people obsessed, evince characteristics of mental illness (obsessiveness being chief among them). Yet when the 'faucet' turns off, no lingering obsession remains. Puppetting. Man, obviously, can't do that to himself or to his fellows, or we'd have world peace by now.

Satan's Grail Plan, Rev12-17: to Unite Fake Church and Fake Christ

So here in April 2005, notice the fawning, mesmerized quality of media reporting and popular attention, concerning two main elements in the Rev12-17 prophecies regarding Satan's strategy for world control: 1) the FAKE CHURCH, and 2) alleged descendants of Jesus the Christ. You just know these fawning and mesmerized people, are totally unaware of those prophecies. Look: the combination of the Pope's death and the runaway success of the The Da Vinci Code, resulted in the current media attention on both elements, since the latter is a fictional novel about the persecution of alleged descendants of Christ BY the Roman Catholic Church. That a real death and a fictional novel rehashing again the old Grail myth can be combined for national television and cable, with so much obsessive public interest in both, is alarming. The lock-step fawning in the reporters and other media professionals is even more alarming. What used to be the stuff of Tribulational movies one scoffed at as too goofy to really happen, is now real news. We had earlier 'appetizers' of this fawning feast in the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana, her funeral, the O.J. Simpson Trial. But now this kind of stuff is happening over a much broader scope of topics. As if anything is an occasion for mesmerized attention. Today, it's a Pope's death, at a time when worldwide interest in Roman Catholicism, is at an all-time-low. Today, it's a criminal trial of a singer's alleged pederasty (which I don't personally believe happened), Michael Jackson. [Though the trial of Lizzie Borden excited the same kind of goofy interest.] Today, it's a furor over the whether his sister showed a pasty during Superbowl half-time (still a furor, though the 30-second slip, happened last year). In short, this combined Pope-and-Grail obsession is but a part of an overall trend of increasing obsessions, none of which make any sense. Unless, of course, demons are herding the thing. Since the topic is Biblical, assume that they are, especially since the obsession is worldwide, not just in the US. That's one of their favorite ways of advertising themselves and mocking us, as the Gospels (especially Mark's) painfully prove.

Whether Christ actually married and had kids, has long been a popular topic of debate: the so-called "cult of the Magdelene" is based on that claim. Moreover, there are currently 'pretenders' out there making a similar claim (i.e., Prince Michael Stuart, though I can no longer find his official website). Note carefully that these 'pretenders' are all European: the popular book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, published (I think) in 1982, was based upon one such pretender, an allegedly royally-descended Frenchman of the Plantard-Saint Clair line. That line, as well as the others, all meanderingly derive from King Clovis I (aka "Clodwig" more on him below); and Clovis, from Merovech/Merowig (Meroveť, in French). According to the many legends about him, a mystical priest-kingship was claimed by Meroveť, deriving from a Trojan (Grecian) merging of kingly bloodlines with the Jewish tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Dan. Somewhere in all that you'll find a claim folding in the Magdelene with the Merovingian line; or, instead of the Magdelene, folding in the lost ruling house of Israel (aka "disposyni"). In the Magdelene cult, it's claimed she bore Christ a daughter named Sarah who eventually married some monarch (I forget who). All this is the stuff of myth and legend, you can't prove any of it; what you can prove, is that the Merovingian kings were very into the occult, and.. um, 'wanton'. To the extreme. However, there are real claimants today, and in the past, all of them European, aka "the West" in the Bible. ["real claimants" doesn't mean their claim is valid, but that they are real people.]

So note: Revelation 17 occurs when the FAKE CHURCH and the "King of the West" (who claims to be Christ or a descendant of him).. UNITE. You know this interpretation from the larger context of Rev12-17; from many OT passages on the same subject, like Daniel 9, 12, Zechariah 12, and many other passages in Isaiah and other prophets. (The prophecy was unveiled piecemeal, as elements became relevant to the generation needing those teachings at the time; so Bible prophecy isn't nicely limited to one book in the Bible.) Once you go through them all (and it takes a few years of study in the original-language texts so you don't hallucinate what Bible says), you get the picture that

God's Marital Relationship Plan of DDNA Unity in Christ's Thinking

By contrast, God's Goal is to unite you with His Son's Thinking.. Relationship, not religion-cum-politics which arrogantly passes itself off as divine. For He married you on the Cross. Individually. Personally. No intermediaries. Bible relentlessly explains that God's purpose is a relationship, not a religion. Paul, like Isaiah before him, is especially strident about how it's not religion but relationship, in Romans Chaps 4-8 (divorce from religion, man's preoccupations) and in all of Ephesians (esp. Chap4). Religion is completely evil, and even more -- irrelevant: a fetid and impotent opposition on its way to defeat, stand still and watch the deliverance of the LORD. You are thus instead, to calmly and daily acquire your portion of the True Grail Word, the Thinking of your Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, 2Pet3:18, Eph4:11-16. For the whole purpose of the Bible, is to teach the believer about God. Not, about religion. [Since Eph 4:11-16 is always mistranslated, check out the corrected translation in RightPT.htm.] The "shemah" of Deut6:4, meant all that, which is why "hear" (=shemah) is the first word in it. Hearing was ALL they could do, since not all the Word was yet written down. But it would be. That it would be written down, was the promise Israel had looked forward to, yearning for the day when its shadow-worship (term is in Heb10) would end, and the LORD would be her Husband. You'll find many comments referencing this fact strewn throughout the OT, like in Ps138:2b (David, prostrate, which is why 139:17 reads as it does). Like Jer31:31-34, which is referenced and explained in Heb8:8-12-10:17, 1Cor13.

So Satan's Out to Substitute the Groom -- all in God's Name, of course!

Hey: Laban substituted the bride for Jacob, so why can't Satan create his own 'Leah'? So Satan's bid to marry religion and politics, to craft a FAKE CHURCH and FAKE CHRIST, is to prevent the Real Marriage of the Cross from being consummated. Hence God's Marital Proposal to the human race via the Cross, is contested by those who don't like that fact; Satan&Co. head and sponsor all opposition to it. For, the larger story is that mankind is involved in a DIVORCE Trial petition ("riv" in Hebrew, "pragma" in Greek) in which Satan&Co. allege that God is the guilty party. So religion is not at all an issue, being as it is rendered irrelevant, since God is Infinite and no one can even dream of doing anything which counts before Him, Romans 4:1ff. All of this Isaiah graphically explained, in Isa52:13-Chap55, with 55:9 being the summary: My ways are not your ways, nor My thoughts your thoughts. No amount of religion, can transform the person into a son of God. But God can do that. Do you want that compatibility to happen TO you? Then learn His Book, in God's System. Not, religion.

So all enmity against learning God, is the persecution subplot in the True Grail story, and it began back in the Garden of Eden. What did Adam and the woman do, that Satan needed to tempt them? Why didn't he just leave them alone? They weren't involved with him. Why should it matter, what God was doing with them? Satan didn't want God, they did, so what? Satan wasn't impacted by their choice, and at any time, could have changed his own. But oh no -- he's got to get them to buy the Tree of the Knowledge of Good And Evil -- a religious kind of knowledge, where man makes himself good, even as Satan purposed to make himself like the Most High God, Isa14:13-14. Religion is nothing, if not pushy. So here you see the First Grail story, where religion picks on people who just happen to be blessed by God. It has never changed, since.

So the Grail story has been playing, really, all throughout man's history, i.e., the bond woman persecuting the free woman, like Paul explains in Galatians 3 and 4:22ff. Genesis 6 and the Flood, for example, is a bid to destroy the human race by Satan&Co., so that Christ could never be born. Noah and his family, were the 'grail', back then. So the root idea of 'grail', is a God-blessed object or person, whom everyone is out to possess or destroy, with the result that the object must be continually hidden; with the result that the object/person, is pretty much persecuted its whole 'life'. Perfect metaphor for the True Grail, this "treasure in earthen vessels", 2Cor4:7, the Thinking of Christ, 1Cor2:16. Which Thinking, was hidden from everyone as He used the Word to pay for our sins, Isa52:13-53:11 (both original-language MSS -- translations fail to translate all of the inspired text). Darkness is all we saw, on the Cross. Darkness is all we still see. "For the Christian way of life is a supernatural way of life, and demands a supernatural means of execution," as my pastor puts it. God's Power, Eph1:19-20. Playing quietly, every second you live in God's System. Hidden. Persecuted. So you too grow up before Him like a nourished and flourishing sapling despite all opposition, Isa53:2a (original-language text).

Hebrews 11 is God's telling of this Grail story's results, those who are persecuted for learning Christ in every covenantal age (but the passage focuses on the OT witness, to show its relationship to Church). Because Hebrews is mistranslated in strategic places (sure mark of demon tampering, since no translator would be so smart or evil), you don't get the reason for the persecution, in the translations of Chapter 11. But Hebrews 11:1 tells you dramatically and bluntly, using Attic Drama heptameter and anephora. The latter is a type of dramatic equation among each noun in the nominative case, and there are always three of them. Such rhetorical techniques have no English equivalents, so here's a too-tame, corrected English translation: "It's [due to/about] DOCTRINE confidently believed, [=] Christ-on-Trial [in us], [=] Evidence Unseen!" Then Hebrews 11:6 dramatically adds, "for without Doctrine, IMPOSSIBLE to please Him! For to approach God, one must BELIEVE that He is, and [that] He acts as the Paymaster of those who seek Him." Him, not works -- verse ties nicely to Romans 4, and all the other verses on God's rewarding. Trick is, to know what constitutes 'faithfulness'. It's not works, but getting that Grail of His Thinking in you, as Heb11:1 and 6, so deftly explain. [Bauer, Danker lexicon explains the "paymaster" origin of misthapodotes, and has a cool translation of ginomai, in this last clause in Heb11:6 -- God proves to BE a rewarder of those who seek him. What's so awesome about that translation and this verse, is how it ties to Isa53:12 and God's OT name, YHWH. YH, is. WH, becomes. So the writer of Hebrews is reminding the reader that the Hupostasis is YHWH, He who is, BECOMES via the pairing of eimi and ginomai. And He Became Human and tabernacled among us, so He BECOMES our Savior and thus Inheritor, Isa53:10-12. So Becomes our Paymaster, at the Bema. What Divine Wit! All this, packed in one verse!] Seek to Know Him, as your 'wages': "seek" is a very strong Greek verb, ekzetew, like you'd turn over every stone in your hunt for buried treasure, scour the house for that lost wedding ring, never stopping until you find it or drop dead, whichever comes first.

For God's DDNA/Grail Plan is to make sons from His Son, not religious robots. As we've seen in the above Four Aspects of God's DDNA plan, since God is pure Thought, He makes "sons" via Thought, which is why we have a Bible and the First Commandment. Due to Christ's victory on the Cross, Hebrews 1 and 2 inform us that God is out to make a Royal Priestly "Bride" for His Son, via reproducing His Own Divine Thinking in us; just as the Holy Spirit did, to Christ. And all this, to fulfill the LOVE contract of Divine DNA, Isa 53:10-12 (in the original-language texts), and John 17; 1Cor2:16 and Col1:25-27, Eph Chaps 1-2, Eph3:15-19 and 4:11-16, 1Pet2:5,9, 2Pet3:18, Rev1:6 and 5:10, are but a few of the passages explaining this astonishing goal, and that it is produced by simply learning Bible in God's System: no magic about it. For the surpassing greatness of His Supreme Power (Eph1:19-20) doesn't need magic; so doesn't need man's help or approval, ever. So certainly doesn't need political help or crusaders. God doesn't need salesmanship, Madison Avenue, or anything human, to get His Word out to those who want Him. And as much as you want Him, you'll get; and if you want no or little fellowship with Him, then you'll get that. For Matt7:1-2 is the Divine Justice principle: however you want it, that's what you'll get! God never coerces free will, and free will has its free consequences. Always. So the Bible also serves as a due-diligence disclosure to mankind, explaining your options and their consequences; which you are free to ignore, distort, or learn, as much as you choose.

So Satan sponsors mere DNA, to counter DDNA -- with Grail Myths and atrocious scholarship.

Consider the wit of the satanic play on Bible, if you will. Satan&Co. always play on and build on Biblical metaphors, to craft witty, ridiculing and yet oddly admiring satires/caricatures of whatever God says in His Book. They are obsessive about this. Once you see the pattern of the obsession, you can more easily trace the origin and nature of the other 'faiths' in the world, to prove THEY are the mutations, and the Bible (even before its contents were reduced to writing), is the original. So let's go through a few of the DDNA metaphors which are relevant, so to see how this Grail myth, plays on them.

Ok. Now let's review the fake Grail stories sold by Satan&Co. since the Crucifixion. There are basically two versions: one which calls the "Grail" an object, and another which calls the "Grail", Christ's alleged children. The object, was corrupted to a magical chalice which collected Christ's Blood from the Cross, the idea being His Blood had magical powers. A second 'object' version was instead a thinly-veiled allegory of bloodline, since the shape of the chalice was much like that of a womb. So the "Grail" meant physical descent, not some magic-power cup. By the way, there were no chalices in Jesus' day; but chalices were common, in medieval Europe. The bloodline idea thus means someone had to 'mother' His kids. This comes from the 2nd-century pseudipigraphic, Gnostic "Gospel of Mary"; which is insulting also because the Gnostics largely held that materiality and hence sex, was evil. [Gnosticism seeks to divest the soul of materiality either by asceticism, or by rampant hedonism. The version of Gnosticism popularized today is the latter variety, but it wasn't the dominant one, when flourishing in the first and second centuries. Gnosticism is really a lot older than that (it's at least as old as animism, and so are the Kabbalic ideas); but Christian Gnosticism began in the first century, obviously. Scholars tend to forget that distinction, when dating that religion in the first and subsequent centuries.] Over the centuries, there developed yet a third idea that the cup from which He drank at the Last Supper was itself somehow endowed with magical powers, such that if you found that cup, you would have those powers to control. Sadly, no one realizes that back in Jesus' day, wine was drunk from little bowls, they were simple earthenware, so could not have survived very long (such bowls were easy to make, so when they developed cracks, etc., people just broke them down and used the shards for other purposes). So there is no such thing TO find.

Now do you see the demonic wit? Do you see no human being could have made all this up, because no one knew Scripture that well? Look: even today, you have to really search to find out that "me amal" and "Pleroma" are pregnancy terms. Scripture was locked up away from the common guy for about 18 centuries, with only the occasional monk or nun being able to glimpse an original-language text. So who could know those pregnancy terms in the original-language texts, and then satirize them into a human bloodline? Who could know from the translation, that Isaiah explains the mechanics of the Cross? I couldn't get it: had I not been a student for 30 years under a pastor who taught from the original languages of Scripture, I'd still not know. It took me weeks of research in the MSS with lexicons, to get a corrected translation of Isa53:10-12, and I've got modern tools! So who back those centuries past, could even discern the Bible's meaning, much less satirize it so deftly? And for so long? Look: Satan&Co. are satirizing the Cross, for crying out loud -- picking a verse on how He paid for sins ON the Cross (specifically, Isa53:11 in both inspired BHS and LXX texts), and then spoofing that suffering into a human bloodline claim! No human being in medieval times could do that!

Today's version of the bloodline story roared back into the public eye, beginning with the book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, in (I think) 1982. The term "Holy Grail" derives from sangraal, really Royal Blood: it's a French term and a largely French/European obsession, ever since Clovis (466-511 AD). [The weird thing was, Clovis was German. "France" derives from "Franks", of which Clovis was; and so "France" is really just another German country. That's probably why they warred so much, lol.] Gregory of Tours tells an interesting story of Clovis' ability to remember his enemies and wait for the right moment of revenge, cleaving an errant soldier's head when the soldier cleaved a valuable vase with his axe (Book II, paragraph #27, "gregory-hist.html#book3" at www.fordham.edu, Halsall's Medieval Sourcebook). So the idea of "Grail" as itself a chalice/vase is simply due to the separation of "San" and "graal" in translation. Kinda cute, that: since we are earthen vessels designed to have the Royal Blood in our heads, and all God's enemies are out to cleave us lest we get that True Grail. Of course, if we are frigid and disdain God's intercourse of His Thinking Seed in us, we can count on plenty of whackings as Divine Discipline. So Satan&Co.'s choice of Clovis, crafting a Merovingian claim of descendance from Christ, is rather witty, huh.

After all, the Levitical sacrifices had the animal bleed to death, and the blood was collected in a bowl. Blood always depicts Thinking (thought circulates, is the essence of soul life), and as noted in the Fourth Aspect in corrected translation, Isa53:10-12 graphically depict Christ as Lamb of God, paying for our sins with His Thinking. So Bible's definition of Sang Real is His Thinking. Mindless corpuscles can't ever please God, so Satan&Co. choose mindless magic, hoping everyone will bleed to death trying to find it. Heh.

So Satan distorts the true nature of "blood" with respect to Christ into a body thing, replete with mystical powers and phallic practices. And, for good measure, Satan&Co. adapt the metaphors in the Bible about how this Thinking builds in you, to the body-oriented lie they want to tell. So the "Grail" story makes use of Bible's masonry metaphors, flower metaphors, etc. It's very rich that in the pro-Grail stories, much is made of symbology, since all their symbols have Biblical definitions no one consults. When you do consult them in Bible, you find very different meanings; such that the Grail symbology, is downright derisive of those who believe in it. For example,

So notice: since the goal is to mock God, then every metaphor depicting truth IN the Bible, will be abused. The true meaning gets replaced by the false one, so that when you read the metaphor IN the Bible, you'll think the false meaning, is true. That's always Satan's tactic, to redefine Biblical terms and metaphors: so that when you read it, you'll think BIBLE says the promoted lie. Only if you vet how the Bible defines itself, can you prove the Bible doesn't say what is alleged about it. Of course, Satan counts on scholars never vetting the Bible itself, so the lie gets repeated, rather than tested.

Satan's DNA+Political Power, completes Fake Groom for the Wedding -- with more atrocious scholarship.

So a political Messiah is the Satan&Co. distorted presentation of Christ -- just as promoted to the Jews, back when Christ was down here. The OT prophecy in Daniel 9-12, Rev13-17 and elsewhere about the Tribulational King of the West claiming to be Christ, is thus proven at least plausible: for over 20 centuries, there persists a bloodline-descendance-from-Christ claim with the requisite mystical-powers implication, attached; which claim allegedly 'vests' in at least three royal houses in Europe. But the claim was made in variant other forms, since Gen3:15 (to prevent Him from being born to fulfill that verse). This you can prove fairly readily from that point onward, via the many phallic cults and divine-right kingships, where the kings were priests as well. For Satan&Co. always COPY what God really says, and then derisively mutate the key elements. It's their version of a joke on God and mankind, and they love it well.

So the current Satan&Co.-promoted Grail story, which by now itself is at least 2000 years old, deriving its latest mutation in the claim Christ had kids, is avidly 'herded' by Satan&Co. upon the human race. Which is why people are so enthralled with it. Satan&Co. make their lies popular among those who are titillated by any story which debunks authority, has sexual overtones and intimates conspiracy. Not too hard, to sell. Mankind eats up the lies, greedily. Same story formula as in the Greek myths, sells today. Moreover, the story nicely combines to trash the Bible, the Jews, and thus the truth of our so-great salvation. Which is why so many 'scholars' are enthralled with it. The average joe who reads the story, wouldn't even understand how it maligns all God says and does. Because the average joe doesn't want God either, else he'd diligently study the Word; so, he's ignorant of the Word, and thus buys whatever lie he gets -- not even knowing, what the lie means. So he avidly reads Grail stories for entertainment and the subliminal thrill of accusation against authority's abuses -- and since God is but a cardboard character of authority, well.. the God Who is Christ, is obliquely being accused. Thus the average joe passes along the lie to his peers, who greedily buy more copies of the lie, keeping its books on the bestseller lists. Ignorantly.

The false Grail story therefore only survives due to prejudice against Christ; and that prejudice is demonstrably 'aided' by Satan&Co. Human prejudice itself doesn't require demonic aid; but its persistence, does; man's short attention span and fragmented needs naturally interfere with any crusading cause, so man is prone to easily abandon his ideals (whether evil ideals or valid ones); so he needs 'help' to maintain any kind of focus. Especially, a focus lasting over many centuries. Prejudice is born from insecurity. Insecurity is born from the sin nature, which we all acquire at birth: through Adam, not the woman (Rom5:12, 1Cor15:22). Hence Paul's witty remark that the woman shall be delivered through delivery in 1Tim2:15 (always evilly mistranslated -- verse is born-again play on Gen3:15-22 in the context of 1Tim2:5): a supernatural birth of a Perfect Human to replace the first Adam, counters the disease with which we are all afflicted in this body (larger theme of 1Cor15 and Romans 5). So salvation is a spiritual-medical RESCUE from our real spiritual-medical problem of being dead to God. To cure our innate and biological urge to remain prejudiced against all He is, says, and does. It's in the genes, folks.

Funny how the Bible's never well-researched either, especially by the pro-Grail people. So not only Christians are bad scholars. If a verse says "A" in plain English even, the pro-Grail people will insist it means "-A", and even pride themselves on how scholarly they are! You do a double-take when you read the same verse they use to support some claim made. Funnier, how since we only know much of Christ through the Bible -- we consult anything BUT the Bible, to 'prove' facts about Him; we'll consult any old rag of the first century, and give IT more credibility! As if the Bible couldn't possibly be valid, but only its critics could be right. Hence the Bible is virtually ignored. Note the hypocrisy: if you do research on the Titanic and why it sank, you have to go to the source material, the Titanic itself. So the source for a claim about Christ of the Bible, is the Bible. Whether you believe in it or not. And the Bible was not written in English, but about seven languages which all predate English. So, you should carefully consult those texts, not a translation. We routinely go to the original texts for Egyptian stuff, Sumerian stuff, Greek stuff. But NOT the Bible, for Bible stuff. Do you begin to see a pattern here? Bible is never truly consulted with reference to anything it says -- anything but THAT Source, we use. So too, with respect to the Grail claim: those inimical to Bible cite only Roman Catholic Church people and teachings, which is why every Grail book consistently misreports the meaning of Matt16:18, and gets egg on its face. What little Bible is used, is so egregiously ABused, you shake your head in wonder: do they have the same Bible as I do for the same verse address?

Those fighting the pro-Grail folks also don't do their Bible homework, and look silly when they try to refute them. It was unbelievable how the RCC marshalled so many bishops, telling their parishoners to boycott Dan Brown's book, as if it were something new. They'd done the same thing to Baigent et al. with the Holy Blood, Holy Grail series, back in the 1980's. Sheesh: let them read that stuff. The material proves itself stupid, needs no 'help'. I was laughing so hard in the middle of the Holy Blood, Holy Grail book I had to put it down lest I spill my coffee. Great stuff for a guffaw. Like Mad Magazine used to be back in the 1960's. So what's to be threatened about? And all those fake bible books, sheesh -- pure slapstick. Books of Enoch, Jasher, Gospel of Peter, Infancy of Jesus -- a whole roster of satire to make your belly laugh long and loud. So enjoy the silliness.

Thus mankind battles over the Fake Groom, the two anti-christs of politics and ego:
thereby missing the Real Groom, Christ --
to prepare for the Rapture, lol!

So it's not God anyone on either side of the Grail debate, cares about: but only politics and ego. These latter two are our anti-christs, Phili3:18-19. God is just a designer label for each side to 'use'. So the lie, and not the truth, is exciting. So the lie, and not the truth, is promulgated. Just as it was, during His Incarnation, so even until today, only His political status is desired. His Real Person, everyone patently hates; were it not so, you couldn't tear people away from Bible study in the original languages (which conclusively prove that they are from God, given the perfect brilliance of word usage, consistency across 1500 years of compilation, and wit). So, we crucify Him, still.

But God cares about informing us, and Bible anticipates and explains every jot and tittle of the Grail game, from the beginning; if we would but seriously read what the Holy Spirit wrote, so we don't end up with a permanent memory of how we wasted our lives in delusion. God doesn't warn because He's a sadist -- He foreknows how we will be affected by our own bad decisions, and what we will freely conclude as a result. Like any loving parent, He would spare us the agony. But to get what God means, you gotta seriously study, what He wrote. You can't be cavalier with Scripture; you can't read the Bible like a novel: it's meant to be studied, and daily for years, in the original-language texts. That's why God preserved them.

For Satan's overall strategy IS delusion, so to prove God wrong in the Divorce Trial: put simply, his strategy is "DIOS" -- to make God 'foreign' to us, to make a 'foreign' god the one we worship. Satan maintains that God should lie to us, not show Himself as He really is, because we can't take it. So the real goal is to craft substitute ideas about God, sell them to the human race, and then preen before the Most High about how much happier mankind is, with the substitutions. Which is why God never sells any substitutes. So it's not true that any sincere idea of God, is okay. Lies are never okay: they always kill the one believing in them. Which, as noted above, God is keen to avoid, and thus we have The Book to learn The Truth.

Ergo, albeit one can well argue "Hoax!" in the recent years' recycling of the Grail myth, the underlying claim is not a hoax, but a satanic strategy you can prove in real time. For as 1Thess4, 1Jn, and Rev13-17 explain, there are many anti-christs in the world. Satan keeps on trying to maneuver the time as if it were the official Tribulation, not knowing when God will actually call the Church (body of believers, not a building or a religion), home. You can quickly prove this fact, since people are so intensely mesmerized by the Grail idea, which is exactly the sales pitch Satan needs to produce a "king of the West": anything anti-Christ or anti-Bible captivates man's attention. So once again, the enemy testifies to the accuracy of Bible prophecy, even going to the trouble of delineating step-by-step, how he'll pull it off. Satirizing us, for not noticing his bald explanation. If he wrote with a skywriting airplane, "this is how I'll create the anti-christs of Rev13-17", it wouldn't be clearer. [Two anti-christs, a Christ-claimant and his Jewish prophet, are in Rev13-17. A Fake Church also serves to buttress the Christ-claimant. So the world will believe, so Israel and the West will temporarily make a pact -- see Dan9:27, also -- and then the rest of the world will be motivated to destroy them, which results in the Armaggedon Campaign. RevPlay.htm has more details on the latter, and it's part of Part V of the "Thinking" series (page name is LordvSatan5.htm). So right away you can see how all the Tribulational movies ever made, and the now-popular "Left Behind" series, didn't consult the Bible, either. Oh well.]

So the Grail myth is Satan&Co.'s Number 1 'pick' for the rollout of the Tribulation, which the Lord warned about, beginning circa Matt24, when warning people to NOT believe Christ had returned. To best promulgate this myth, Satan&Co. must keep on promoting the Roman Catholic Church and whatever independent churches or other denominations, act like it. Which is most of them, today. Which you can see on all the major news networks and cable, with all their fawning attention on the RCC, today. So many competing religious harlots will wail or join the RCC, in 2005. All of them, cannonfodder, a setup for a wedding to some fake future 'descendant' of Christ, see. Heralded, if Satan&Co. can swing it, by a Jewish supporter those in Israel, respect. To bring peace into the Middle East in our time, yes! So to justify building that fake Temple of Rev11, with the Fake Church, smiling upon it.

In sum, you are seeing the Real Grail Story, play. On the one hand, the True Grail is getting the Word in you. Quietly learn, never earn. On the other hand, you see via the fake Grail and Rev17 fake church ploys (not merely the RCC), how the "King of the West" is being formed -- as has happened already in history. Demonstrably, today's demonic hunger for anything which debunks Bible (i.e., the popularity of the false Grail story), is an orchestrated affair; which helps the one positive to Bible, see how well Satan played the same game, in the first century. It worked then, and you can see how it still works now. So you can see how it will work during the Tribulation.

So when you see people gleeful over alleged 'contradictions' in Bible, or waxing self-righteous over the lies of the Catholic (or any other denomination's) Church yet treating that same church as if it were the arbiter of Bible, well.. you are watching Satan's success in action. You have the True Grail, if you are in God's System. And they are out to destroy it. But you just stand still, and watch the Deliverance of the Lord... And if you got stung and had bought the lie, well.. don't wring your hands, or look for some mea maxima penance to do. Instead, just use 1Jn1:9 and cling to God's System. Yes, "cling" is a euphemism for 'have sex', Hebrew word davaq (i.e., Deut 10:20, 13:4, 30:20 a command -- compare to Gen 2:24), God's quintessential word for spiritual intimacy -- learn His Son. Do what Paul did, and forget what's behind, move on (Phili3:13-14, a favorite passage). The sting will be healed over time. It's only too late to start over, if you were already dead!