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Dedicated to God's Delightful "Due Diligence" Accounting

Gen1:2, 2Sam7, Isa45:7, Isa45:18, Isa53:10-12, Isa54:1, John 3:16, Rom5:8, Matt12:7-8, Mark2:27-28, Heb4:9-13!

God is Absolute Reality, Truth: Vibrant Personality, not a mere collection of 'laws'. Pure Enjoyment, Because Pure Thought. Whatever He wills be, is; whatever He wills not be, is not; whatever He wills change, does; therefore, Total Thought Control, And All Thoughts Up And Running At Once. He didn't create Himself; He truly just lives. GOD LIVES! No beginning, no ending, no change, because Absolute. If Absolute, then Absolutely Satisfied, too. Only a Satisfied Absolute God need never change. And if relative life exists, then its mathematical opposite, Absolute Life, exists. If "0" exists, then Infinity does, too. Living, Intimate Infinity, the very opposite of dead zero, and just as Invisible. Other end of the Spectrum, The Top.

But not Alone, either: how satisfying would aloneness, be? To be alone or not to be alone, THAT is the Consummate Communion Question. Is it JUST for Abolute Perfect Being to be the ONLY Absolute Perfect Being, forever burdened with inferior 'hamlets' of mere finite creation? Would you like your life's companionship to be restricted to.. baby 'spouses'? Where would there be sufficient rapport? Where would there be compensation for the inferiority? How could Justice be Structurally Unimpeachable, unless Trinity? One to Judge, One to take on Humanity and via that Humanity Pay, and One to Empower that Humanity. So Each One is Free To Refuse Another. Or, Free to Love. Free to Judge. Free to Pay as a Gift. Free to Empower.

So Absolute God LIVES! He, Father! He, Son! He, Spirit! Each One Identical Type, Essence. Each One Absolute, Each One Unique Personality. No Partners needed, but They Absolutely Love Each Other! Not maudlin, not sacrificing, but REAL RAPPORT! Better than any movie, lol: movies tend to gloss over the bad stuff. But how Good is Rapport, if even the bad is desired to express it? Don't even we measly humans realize deeper love via the bad stuff? So, then: wouldn't Absolute Love among Absolute Father, Absolute Son, Absolute Spirit be Absolutely EXPRESSED? After all, it's not Infinite unless All-Inclusive...

And no one is more amazed to BE God than God, either. For, He didn't make Himself Perfect! He is Perfectly Accounted For -- but DIDN'T make Himself that way, doesn't have to sustain Himself, so is Pure Profit By Nature. So what does God DO with Himself, Gorgeous as He is? All this Pure Profit Of Just Being -- oh, it's gotta be spent! (Cf. 1Cor8:6.) But how do you spend Pure Profit? Won't whatever you spend it on, just produce MORE profit?

Witness the Humility Paradox of Infinite Perfect Essence, which is the Originating Economic Law Of Spiritual And Secular Equlibrium: God didn't make Himself, so Sovereignty concludes honor/payment is due FROM Him as 'thanksgiving' for that fact. Righteousness, Justice, and above all Truth should be 'PAID' for their Uncreated Existence. Hence there must be COST. It's UnRighteous that Holy Sovereign God should pay anything, but rather, be paid TO; but it's Equally UnRighteous that Holy Sovereign God just IS that way, absent a cost He 'pays'. This payment cannot be a sham, for lies never compensate Truth. Moreover, Whatever Cost There Is Cannot Be Righteously Undergone Unless The Resultant Profit Is So High, Even GOD Is Graced Out, so to speak. Three Gods' worth. THREE Absolutely Perfect, Identical-Essence GODS. That, even before considering how even the smallest dot of cost, is of Infinite Value Times 3. For look Who must SEE it forever in Omniscience...

But wait! THREE Gods! So Each can Pay the OTHER Without Compromise, and AS GIFT.. because Equals, and Equally-Sovereign! So can EXERCISE that Sovereignty in Subordination.. again, because EQUALS! Ahhhh.

Gotta Freely Produce The Opposite Of God, then: and Turn Some Of That Opposite, into 'Sons', as many as, whosoever will at least once believe in The SON! For if Pure Profit, then Free Truth Includes Freedom To Fail; hence the closest thing to pure cost would be Freely Produced.. and then Turned To Pure Profit! Ergo, creation; the souled creation will necessarily be an unending cost, even when the relatively-few 'sons' are finally perfect. For anything less than Infinity is intolerably too low. But since Absolute God is Absolute Thought; since Thought Replicates Without Loss via Communication; then INFINITY CAN CYCLE INSIDE FINITY: so not merely tolerable, but Gloriously Free! For then, Real Sons by means of AGREED THOUGHT, exist! Freely! Not automatons, binged like pets from Omnipotence, ho hum! Not coerced! Even the flora and fauna for souled creation's enjoyment, shall be free to associate and reproduce...

So the Divine Broadcasting Corporation, a division of the Divine Trinity Corporation of 2Cor13:14, was Always Decreed. Chairman, Father; CEO, Son; COO, CIS, Spirit. One Godhead, incorporated due to LOVE, as reflected in Their 2Cor13:14, Isa53:10-12, 1Tim2:5, Rom5:8, Eph1 (and passim) Articles of Incorporation, the Decree of Eternity Past. Not an Egg. Not a shamrock. Not a hydra-headed monster. Not a bad definition in some Catholic or Protestant tome which can't think beyond the spatial idea of Oneness, forgetting that Echad, Heis, Unitedness is something Only Equals Can Choose: qal perfect-yet-imperfect, static present, gnomic present, effective present, and even aorist, tense. Hence Triune=Trinity= Voluntary Incorporation Among Infinite Equals Due to Love. Forever past, forever future, immutable, "in the beginning which was not a beginning, there always WAS" (first two Greek words of Jn1:1). [The quote is my pastor's translation of those two Greek words, arche and hen.]

Love. Freely given. To be or not to be, Love: Freedom. Freedom to have bad, freedom to have good, but to Love Freely in "all things", is BEING. And Truly: for if free, then truth is free to be bad, good, all things. Motive is thus Everything. Everything in the evaluation of cost and profit. Everything in the goal. Everything in life. For, motive colors ta panta, everything. Motive bad, whatever done is bad, however 'good' it would be on other accounting levels. For God is Infinite Power, so can do anything by mere will. So achievements are worth nothing; in fact, any creature achievement can only add to cost. Motive, by contrast, cannot be influenced, gerrymandered, coerced, and be true motive. Bad motive, bad. Good motive, good. But GOD MOTIVE Is Alone Profitable, and all else is but an addition to cost. GOD MOTIVE can only be asah'd by GOD. So God makes sons, at the sons' free choice. The Power and the result is all Divine, but the choice for God's doing the min-making, is freely made by the sons. By God, me ish, but me bene adam must be the terms. Choice by the sons of men, to become sons of God, by agency of the One Who Will be THE MAN, Beyond Human and yet born from the sons of men. Only then is profit produced, because God is Profit By Nature. All else, is but cost by nature. [Hebrew verb "asah" means to decree or make something out of something else. Hebrew preposition "min" has verbal and positional force, signifying birthed from but really beyond that source, therefore made at the point of SEPARATION from that source, outside that source, pattern of Gen2:7 in principle ("min adamah.."); stress is on the one outside the source doing the making, merely using source material as a dead tool. Stress is also on the NATURE of what's made being beyond-the-nature-of the source material. Soul is immaterial, so beyond the nature of mere biology. God is beyond the nature of human. Hence the preposition is frequently used in the OT, even thousands of times, and is always theologically significant; most often, it's a prefix to nouns and is frequently suffixed with pronouns, and when a prefix, is "m" "mi", or "me". Hebrew noun "bene" means "sons"; "ish" and "adam" mean "man" or "mankind", with "adam" also referencing the red earth out from which the first man's body was made, in Gen2:7.]

To be God and not to be God, that is the Infinite-Spectrum, Hypostatic Question. Hence the paradox, the Infinite Equilibrating Range Of Truth Fractals: make a universe apart from consent, Put Divine Thinking in a 'son' Apart From Consent, or Choose for Consent To Be Required, that is the question. For, Thought is the Ultimate Begetting, Creative, Power. For to be God, is Freedom. So, to be a 'son', must likewise be freedom. So Motive is Everything, and any souled finity must have inviolable free will: for, GOD WANTS it so. And what God wants, God gets. With or without consent. God wants to make things out from nothing, barah. God wants to make things out from something, asah. God wants to build things, banah. God wants to Sculpt Life From Death, yatser. God wants to then Purchase, Redeem, qanah, death itself. Starting with, a universe of souled beings who, apart from their consent, receive Divine Knowledge and abilities at creation, at the highest non-consent levels: angels (aka "sons of God" in OT Bible). All other additions are made solely based on creature consent. Failure is thus free to occur. Loss is thus free to occur. Lower souled creation (man) is thus free to occur.. and be made, Via Consent, even higher than angels (Heb1-2). For, that's how Sovereign God WANTS it to be, Isa 45:18, Isa53:10-12. And so it comes to pass...

For what God wants, IS Love. Love, not goodies. Love, not merely attraction, for attractions siphon unless balanced against all unattractions. "All things" means all balance, thus. So Love is really free. God's Beauty is not substituted for God Himself, as a love object. Creature ugliness is not substituted for the creature itself, as a love object. For, Righteousness is the First Object of love, and Truth is the First Object of Righteousness. But none have value, if no love. Being has no value, if too little love. So, love must be based on truth, and thus all love can exist. Freely. So It Was Always Decreed, So It Shall Always Come To Pass, Isa45:18, Isa52:13-55:11.

God thus elects hell for Himself and everyone else. Because, "Fairness" limits all relationships to a sterility which admits no love, and therefore no expressions of grace. So long as you are nice to me and I am nice to you, we 'relate' -- but then it's the niceness which our thoughts create as 'god', the niceness which is the real object of the relationship, not each other. Alternatively, 'god' is you, if you are nice; me, if I am nice. So the relationship itself, is always but a sham for ego. For, just because thought creates, doesn't mean what it creates, is independently true. So is that not hellish, too? Is it not hellish to create a sham by which to live, and then idolize it, Isa44? By contrast, if life together is God's idea of 'hellish', where you and I, both being free to fail, thus become subjected to some horror in association with the other, then 'fairness' is superceded by love. Or, by hatred. Granted, fairness issues are love's tools of competency -- but absent love, life itself is nothing (1Cor13), so what value, fairness? Especially since God is Infinite, 'hell' must be always and infinitely against His Gorgeous Perfection. Free to occur, never coerced. Free to be redeemed, then. By Love, through Grace, totally apart from merit, unfair though the redeemed ones may be to the Redeemer.

So LOVE is truly God's 'weakness'. True love puts one in a state of weakness. Even we humans know that fact, with respect to mere true human love: who can function properly, when the love is paramount in the mind? God's Total Love, thus, is the greatest weakness of all. Like 1Cor13 says, love is everything, and all strength is rendered outhen (fancy Greek drama word for nothing! in 1Cor13:2 or 3) without Love. Love Concludes The Love Object Of Total Worth, and self unworthy. No matter how worthy. So Love needs a 'husband' to give it strength: Truth. Righteousness and Justice are really attributes of Truth, since Truth would not 'hang together', unless also Righteous and Just. Hence Love's 'husband' gives Love integrity. So It Can Competently love.

So what set of Accounting and Due Diligence Standards, justly apply? God's "GAAP". "GAAP" is an American accounting term invented by the Federal Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Term means "generally accepted accounting principles", an industry-defined (not governmental) standard which governs all auditing in the United States. But God's "GAAP" is High, not low. God's Level, never man's. With God, everything is Top-Down and All-Inclusive, filling all in all: because the Cross means everything is Fully Funded since Eternity Past (Eph1's Greek).

Divine GAAP, The Royal Accounting Standard For All Time, Ephesians 1, Isa53:10-12

For THE MAN will, by His Mastery of Truth, by Such Thinking, pay for mankind's shortfall (Isa53:11's Heb or Greek inspired texts + Phili2:5-10, "heart" and "blood of Christ" verses, Prov23:5 as Bible's def of "heart", in Heb/Greek): the 'opportunity cost' of what Father Should Have Gotten In Thinking Pleasure From the Thinking of All Souled Creation. Thus, All Accounts Are Reconciled, the debt is aphiemi, cancelled, forgiven, for mankind is apolutrosin, redeemed. Of course, that same mankind Must Consent for The Payment To Be Applied to him, since coercion is never profitable; upon which Freely-Obtained Consent, sotereia: Rescue, Deliverance, Salvation. Thus all Divine Justice Books Balance, no matter how few or many of mankind, consent. Thus, the payment applied Shall Produce Profit by the selfsame means as that profit was paid to Father in the first place: Associative Truth Thinking with sins on the Cross was Paid for By The One Thinking Such Truth in His Humanity; as a consequence of which He Who is and was The Truth in Both Natures, shall have His Thinking codified in Writing, a) fulfilling Jer31:31-34, Heb8:8-10:17, which b) shall be poured into the hearts (Rom5:5) for a sweet savor to Father (KJV sweet savor verses). Thus shall Infinity cycle in finity. [Hebrew and Greek of Isaiah 53 is emphatic about how Thinking is the Spiritual Life, due to Him. See Isa53trans.htm for a corrected translation of that whole chapter, or Isa53.htm's last screen for a corrected translation of Isa53:10-12, including God's Provably-Inspired text missing from all commercially-published translations.]

A segment of this finity is to be called BODY OF CHRIST and CHURCH (Eph1), to answer the prayer of THE MAN in John 17, to inaugurate the then-future Building Purpose on the PETRA, the Rock of the Old Testament, as He stated about Himself in Matt16:18. Just as in Gen15:6, this segment shall be formed out of individuals who once solely obey John 3:16's tenet, as described therein and in its parallel clauses of THE WORD; however, the Holy Spirit shall make that individual's nonmeritorious faith into a Permanent Royal Salvation, since THE MAN is forever King of Kings. Thus Shall All Creation, Both Before And After The Completion of Body/Church, Be Additionally Blessed Forever. Consequently, the following is DECREED:

  1. ALL His Thinking Thus Shall Cycle in CHURCH, so that it become a Henotes (Eph4:13): a non-manmade Corporate System Of Profit-Thinking Individuals within and for THE PROFIT, the CHRIST, the Alpha and Omega. Which Thinking shall be codified in Writing (Ps119, 138:2b, 139:17, Jer31:31-34, Heb8:8-10:17, John 1,14,15,17; Eph4:5-16, Eph5, 1Cor2, 6, 1Cor12-13, Heb1-2,4, Greek Drama 'epilogue' of Rev22:6-21).
  2. To demonstrate the Total Sufficiency Of Word in the Trial, as distinct from all other forms of power and happiness, This Profit Thinking shall thus be the Total Provision to CHURCH: its energy, food, shelter, clothing; its riches, gold, wisdom, power, happiness, transport, fellowship; its very LIFE. Such terms shall continue to be used to designate this total sufficiency in THE MAN'S WORD when codified.
  3. So that although the segment named Church shall continue to sin all its life, and egregiously at that, the Learning Of Him shall Incubate and Enrich it via the Same SPIRIT who fixed the tohu wa bohu of Planet Earth (Gen1:2ff);
  4. via 1Jn1:9 (Ps32:5, 66:18) shall His Power of WORD be poured into them (Rom5:5), to Complete (plerow, teleiow) in Aggregate and Individually, the Continuing Inheritance "promise" from the Beginning of Mankind which THE PROFIT, Purchased on the Cross.
  5. His Thinking shall be the ONLY Holy Power and Money Source for CHURCH, even as at the beginning He merely Thought all Creation into Existence within a nanosecond (Gen1:1). No manmade anything shall be admitted.
  6. All other powers the CHURCH segment of mankind may have of itself, or within its individual members, are thus accounted as zero;
  7. or adikia, wrongdoing requiring 1Jn1:9, Col3:25, Lev26; all adikia is harlotry, be it moral harlotry (Rev17, Zech7, "Pharisees" and "hypocrites" verses) or immoral harlotry (Hosea, Eze16).

  8. The PROFIT preceded the Cost of Church, so the Cost of the Adikia is also Prefunded, since it is an Indirect Cost of Sin. Owing to the inherent dissociative nature of sin, both it and adikia shall be used to unite what original sin fragments: Motive. The original and all subsequent dissociative Motives of sin shall be flipped toward FATHER'S Benefit. Thus shall adikia, which is alike thought/performed in the temporal status of sin (apart from 1Jn1:9), be flipped toward FATHER'S Benefit.

  9. Thus the one in such a state of sin, and all affected by him, shall receive Blessing. Such Blessing is solely to develop LOVE. So, depending upon the relevant justice issues, such blessing may incidentally mimic punishment, since sin and adikia alike have been rendered incidental to FATHER'S being Blessed. For FATHER, each individual member of CHURCH is to be freely grown up in the same manner as the PROFIT, CHRIST: irrespective of individual member merits or demerits, or individual acceptance. Lack of acceptance shall only determine where the individual chooses to fit in the Body of Profit, not whether he fits in the Body.

  10. For the Standard Of Profit is For FATHER, so the Standard For Profit is much higher than any creature; so creature merits and demerits are not relevant to the Standard.
  11. For, this segment of mankind is wholly Sanctified to FATHER ("set apart", "saint") -- a Temple wholly dependent and serving God, in Christ. And, FIT BRIDE For Christ, according to FATHER's specifications, which are "Christ in you, the Confidence of Glory", meaning His Thinking (theme of Heb10, Ephesians, Col1, 2Cor). Irrespective of its individual member differences. Freely.
  12. Thus, All Mankind Shall Be Blessed By Association With CHURCH during its time of development; and, after its completion, blessing shall continue as a wedding present to THE GROOM;
  13. At the Completion of Which (Eph4:11-16), that Church Body of Christ shall be rechristened, "Bride" and its wedding presents shall be awarded on the Day of Declaration (1Cor3, Rev4:1, 1Thess4:17, 2Cor5:10, Rom14:10, Rev16:15's Greek).
  14. Thus all history shall flow through THE PROFIT and the BODY made for Him (Eph1-2),
  15. and their Amalgam shall be Priests and Kings forever For FATHER (Heb5-10, 1Pet2:5,9,Rev1:6, 5:10, etc).

So proper "GAAP" Accounting/Auditing Reconciliation only means God-to-God. All else is corollary. So, if finity exists, it exists FOR GOD. Dative case. [Dative case in non-English languages means what in English is normally referred to as the "indirect" object, the one BENEFITTING from an action. In Bible's inspired languages, "dative" (donative) has a lot more meaning than in English.] Benefitting GOD. Hence, is Justifiable To Be Fully Funded. Because, for GOD. Doesn't matter, that the finity is short, sinning.. whatever. If "for God", then any condition is good. Even, if bad. Hence, Nail Away All 'Bad', In Order To Make Fully Funded. So that 'bad' leverages good. Best investment, then, highest yield. Because, for GOD. So all accounting, auditing is based on one criterion: What Does For GOD? Love is based on Integrity, and Integrity is Uncaused. For GOD is uncaused. So, everything should be GRACE (i.e., Heb13:9), since the biggest Grace, is to be Uncaused Perfection. In a word, GOD.

So, for God's "GAAP", Father elected gaps, an Unending Series Of Opposites, All The Permutations Of Truth With Respect To Finity, in order to "pleromize" Intimate Rapport. ["Pleroma" is a Greek Bible keyword of extreme importance: it is usually translated "fullness" or "fulfillment" but the Greek always has the connotation of PREGNANCY by a Greek god; Bible plays on this cultural pagan meaning to show the True Begetting God Can Do. Ephesians is entirely based on this cultural meaning, and its writing style is in deliberate parallel to Euripedes' play, "Ion". For, this is one of Paul's favorite topics, recurring passim in all he writes. John, too (though John's angle of approach is the FELLOWSHIP aspect). The Lord also uses the term allusively in John 17, for "oneness" is the same meaning.] Idea of the fullness of intimate love between husband and wife 'begetting' sons. So, not just Full, but Fully REPRODUCING. Forever.

Therefore God elected the "gap" between Infinity and finity, and elected it be pleromized, Filled Up And Forever-Reproducing Rapport. Freely, and pure profit, despite any and all costs: i.e., due to creature rebellion. So God elected souled creation, beginning with angels. Since their freedom would be used to rebel, God elected a "gap" in time, between Gen1:1 and 1:2, so Spirit could Restore The Earth Son Made (but the rebelling angels trashed), for man's occupancy. Ergo another 'gap', that you and I exist, to be Witnesses in the Trial of the Rebellers. But God is not a 'user': His Deeper Purpose is always love; to PUT that Same Love in us, Solely To The Extent We Consent (1Jn4). No matter who we are, no matter what we are, because His Election, Like His Nature, Is Absolute.

God Elected These Gaps, To Fill Out/ Fill Up/ Max-Out The Permutations Of Love Expressions Within The Godhead, Reconciling/Sewing All Up In Christ (Isa53's raphah). This is the central theme of the Bible, especially the New Testament. Because, Infinity is not infinity unless All-Inclusive. Perfectly Accounting for Everything, negative or positive. Obviously: "Son" is an Election To Subordinate To "Father". "Spirit" is an Election To Rehabilitate to "Father". Whether rehabilitating the Earth for the creation of humans (Gen1:2ff), or rehabilitating the human who believes in His Son (Titus3:5 due to John 3:16). Each Member of Trinity tells us His Election by His Self-Chosen Title in 2Cor13:14. [Much more on this issue is in "Due Disclosure" link at Home page top.]

Hence we exist to Be Made FULL in Christ. Full, as the culmination of Uses Of Divine Funding. Full, as the Demonstration Of Divine Funding. So the Election of God COMPLETES the Accounting, in Christ; completes the structure of rapport with creation, however much angels or humans rebel. All this is for His "good pleasure" (Bible catchphrase), not asceticism. God-to-God satisfaction, an Infinitely Higher Accounting Standard than creature satisfaction. Because an infinitely higher accounting standard, all creatures receive blessing at an Infinitely Higher Level than 'creature merit', warrants. Because, the "GAAP" is based on God's Uncaused Merit, nothing less. [Too many verses. "Good" in Gen1 expresses this purpose. It's expressed in many synonymal ways. Bald verses like Isa46:10, Col1:19 are only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.]

This invaluable inheritance has another purpose: to demonstrate to Satan&Co. Why God's Grace Accounting Works, and why the self-causing-merit argument of Satan&Co. 1) not only can't work since Merit is Uncaused (only God is Merit, and He didn't create Himself), but 2) any merit self can cause, only causes MISERY. In the Old Testament, therefore, Divine Power aided human power, to show the difference; but when Christ came (more below), He eschewed the use of ALL His Power, in favor of Father's Will. Thus the Holy Spirit's Power was what He used to grow spiritually, and He lived on Scripture. Not on anything else: Matt4:4. As we know, He successfully bore all sins on the Cross by means of this Thinking empowered by the Spirit, per Isa53:5-11 (original inspired languages) and other verses. The effect of the Cross, however, was also to conclusively demonstrate to Satan&Co. the justness of God's Election and its Superior Happiness (i.e., in Heb5:8-9,12:2, 1Pet1:8, Phili3:8); therefore, the necessity of the sentence to a Separate Universe Without God's Blessing, for the rebellers.

God's Good Pleasure is Total RAPPORT. Total Rapport requires a Total Accounting On Par With God. So, Christ invented The Opposite Spiritual Lifestyle versus the Old Testament's, FROM the Old Testament, in order to BECOME the Truth in His Humanity, so to Withstand all The Imputation And Judgement of sins By Father On Christ On The Cross: theme of 2Cor5, Hebrews, John 14-17. The OT system was but a shadow pointing to "better things" (theme of Hebrews). The "better things" couldn't come about until the One Who Always Was, became Human (John 7:39, Heb10:5ff). That's why the "Law is fulfilled" in Him (Rom10:4, Heb7:18, Heb10:9-17, etc). So We inherit HIS Spiritual Life, not the OT system. This inheritance is the central theme of the NT epistles, born of His John 17 prayer, answered in the affirmative by Father (Eph1+). [Dunno why, but Christianity hasn't caught onto how Our Legacy in Christ is the OPPOSITE of the OT system in every respect: Bible couldn't be plainer on the change. My pastor had been daily teaching it since the 1950's, and especially since 1980. Because this Legacy is the central thesis of my pastor's ministry, my website pages are for purposes of my own "due diligence" on this topic of our Unique And Highest Spiritual Life: what it is, how it works, why the alternative 'Christian' ideas about it aren't true, etc. This Enquiring Mind wants to know, see. As my pastor likes to say so often, "what was spiritual adulthood for them [OT folks], is spiritual childhood, for us." Ok, then how? Why? Etc. Enquiring minds want to know Him Who is Our Portion (another keyword for inheritance).]

Hence as Body of Christ, we have an abstract Ruler Spiritual Lifestyle, not the paint-by-numbers OT child/footman version. Hence 2Cor5 is indeed quite literal and doable. See also Romans 5-8, which is a primer on the topic. Like Christ, your own nature is kitted out for maximum intimacy as a King-Priest FOR FATHER. It's part of our inheritance IN Him which 2Cor5 and (all of) Ephesians and Hebrews explain. Of course, you can't know that yet, and being human you will have opposite interests: but as you learn Scripture over some years you'll come to prefer living for Father, as a better benefit to your own soul. It's not sacrifice, it's Sacramental! Because, God is Gorgeous, and it's frankly a Much Bigger Enjoyment to live for Him, than to live for any other reason. Everything 'bad' literally flips into enjoyment, if it's For Father. Not overnight, of course. But it happens: Heb12:2. Since it took Him 33 years to get to total FOR-FATHER Enjoyment, it will take us some years, too. Click on the "Spiritual Royalty" box at Home pagetop if you want a preview. "Thinking" series (box at Home pagetop, far right) is a major monograph on this topic (about 700 pages). "Due Disclosure" link at Home pagetop has a shorter (30+ page) summary.

So what you really see down here, but don't yet realize you see, is your so-great salvation, rescue playing out! Like Moses said to the Israelites before the Reed Sea parted (Exo13:14), the enemy you see today, you will No More See Forever. Moses and the people just stood there, but Pharaoh and his troops were loud.. and running. So too, your own life is like a movie, where you just stand still, learning, and watch the enemy drown itself -- except it's really happening, not a fiction! God uses life down here to Prepare You For Life With Him Forever. It's not about winning souls or doing works, it's about Developing You Internally for life with Christ. That's the theme of Ephesians. The idea is to learn to Think As He Does, since like-mindedness is the basis of all Rapport. True Love, not emotion. True satisfaction that never ends. No amount of external wealth can even fantasize doing that. After all, He saved YOU. So He's saving every soul who will hear Him.

So, "God's GAAP", His Fully Funding Our Salvation To Gift Christ, explains why we have Bible: it's the 'Money' Of Christ's Thinking (i.e., 1Cor2:16), promised since the Old Testament (i.e., Jer31:31-34). Which, you gotta learn, God's Way. See, God has His Own System for this learning, even as He fully funded the package in eternity past. So human power is completely irrelevant. You gotta Learn The Word to have any power. As you'll see in the paragraphs below and in my other websites, Word In Him is how Christ Did the Cross: so that's how any human grows spiritually (2Pet3:18). You can't will yourself to obey, push yourself to believe, promise you'll do better, grunt against the sins which beset you -- absent the Word you learned Running In Your Head, you can run all day but you'll go nowhere (John 15). Again, no human power works -- so, even Christ did Matt4:4, not Matt4:3.

So, everything in your life is not at all what it appears to be. Little is big, and big is little. Little is big, since in Satan's accounting, BIG is stressed. Big is thus little, in God's arguments. It's really true that brushing your teeth while Filled with the Spirit and thinking Doctrine, is worth more than all the world's wealth. Because, Divine Truth is in your head. No physical wealth is that good. So Divine Pleasure rewards the world -- which otherwise can't get anything, since it's Satan's world -- with more reward than Satan can produce. Never underestimate the Power of Christ's Thinking.

So God's Agenda For Your Life, if you are willing to have it, is to

  1. use 1Jn1:9 and learn Scripture under your right pastor. That results in
  2. His Thinking cycling more and more in your head. So
  3. you wean off human values and power, in favor of Divine Values And Power, living only on Spirit's Power and Word.
See how The Agenda Of Life Flipped Over To God's Power Poured Into You Via Christ's Thinking, says 2Cor5. Study that chapter carefully, because it is literally true. Virtually Everything Got Reversed from the temporal appearances your physical eyes 'see'. So you need the spiritual 'glasses', to see the new reality, the Bible. "We walk by Faith [Bible believed], not by sight." So, the Holy Spirit is your BRAIN, now (e.g., John 14:26), and you go online with Him by breathing 1Jn1:9 (you can't learn Scripture without it); you go offline when you sin. Each believer is a brainout, because our secular brains are only good for the life which we positionally left (Rom6-8); so, we get the Spirit's Brains so He can put in us CHRIST'S BRAINS (aka Scripture, Word, Truth, Way, Life, Thinking, Head, Surpasser, Love: theme of 1Cor13).

So, in God's Audit Of Church, we are to live our spiritual lives by Thinking Bible, not ritual or stuff we can sense physically; we have Filling of Spirit via 1Jn1:9 usage (see Caveat#3), not Spirit-enhanced human power of the OT. (God-breathed Greek OT is called "LXX". Its keyverb pimplemi, usu. mistranslated "filled" in Bible, shows the OT method of Spirit-enhancing physicals. NT doesn't use the same word, but translations translate with the same word. NT Greek keyword for Filling Of Spirit is pleroo, is a Spiritual Thing with NO human power in it. Contrast Greek of Luke 1:15 with Eph5:18. Due to the mistranslation, these very unequal 'fillings' got called "enduement", in theology.)

To sum up: down here, what you're really seeing, is your so-great salvation playing out, against the backdrop of an Auditing Appeal Trial about Which Is Better, Sharing God's Integrity Love, or Satan's tyrannical morality 'in the name' of love. Which is another way of saying you're seeing the same life, but with a new EUS (2Cor5:17): the "eusebeia" use, God's Election Of How Your New Spiritual Life Plays Out On Earth. With the above intended results. So everything is epic-sized, because it's FOR FATHER. Even brushing your teeth. [It will be hard to find Bultmann's description of "eusebeia". He is quoted somewhere in 'big' Kittle for "eusebeia". Meaning is THE SPIRITUAL LIFESTYLE, not formalities, says my pastor. Other lexicons do give you some idea that outward shows are not the meaning of the word, but the etymology of "eusebeia" is not really discussed, though the source material is profusely listed. In BibleWorks 5 I couldn't find the reference to the Bultmann source. The usual lexicon translation of "godliness" or "piety" is so legalistically-tainted in modern English, you have no concept of what Bible means by the term.]

Secondly, what you see down here is also What God Rejected. He Elected You Exist, He Elected You Be Rescued/"Saved", and He Rejected What Would Have Been Your Fate. People think God imposes hell. No. Hell Must Be Elected, But God REJECTS It, So He Only Furnishes What Is Voted For. You got saved, because you voted for it. Your vote is powerless, just as it is in human affairs. The Object Voted For Has The Power, which is WHY you vote as you do: you vote for Who Shall Have Power. So, those Voting For Rejecting God must get their votes counted, also. Which, only God can empower. But just because He empowers a thing, doesn't mean He Himself ELECTS it for Himself. Freedom means choice must justly have its free effect. God is Just, so Justice is effected.

Therefore, God's Word is Demonstrably Holy, for it was by ELECTING TO LEARN God's Word that the Humanity of Christ, Who did not use either His Deity's or Humanity's Power to save us (Trial issue), PAID FOR OUR SINS On The Cross. HE LIVED ON THE WORD, and so masterfully that our sin thinking was PAID for by His Word Thinking (per Hebrew of Isa53:11, etc).

Thus His Holiness, built solely from the Word being built in Him by the Spirit, is His Holy Legacy to us: the spiritual life, eusebeia, the new "use" of life! Old things, passing away as you watch!