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Part II, The Lord vs. Satan: SupCtHeaven; aka, the Trial of Human History.. aka, Did God err?

God's Script: Then, versus Now

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"In the beginning, God." God is Infinite, Perfect: beyond-improvement.

God is beyond-improvement, yet there are three Gods: the Trinity. Religion has spent countless hours and councils honestly trying to define what "Trinity" is. Thus, the positions fostered a kind of childlike 'loyalty' test, God help us all. So, if you review Christianity's sordid history, you'll find that literally millions of people were beheaded, ostracised, tortured, and otherwise persecuted if they didn't agree with the definitions those religious bodies consensually derived, never mind that the wording in their councils' definitions was often anti-Biblical.

So let's just use the Bible's own definitions. People always ask, "where's Trinity in the Bible?" Here's a video I made listing some of the many Trinity verses in Bible:
click here to view it.

"One", in any language ever known to man, means all of the following qualitative and quantitative terms: "one in number", "unique", "United", "First", "Best", "in harmony", "in agreement", etc. Bible uses all of these meanings, and, as is its "unique" (ahem) wordplay style, usually means all meanings of the same word at once: unitedly multistoried, heh. Try shouting Deut6:4 triumphantly like the Jews used to do, but repeat it using each of these definitions for "one"; see if you don't "get" what that most-beautiful-of-Bible-verses really means!

The fact that They are each Infinite tells you something of the Quality of Their Nature, Their Essence. Essence, "ousia" in the Greek, is "Intensive, not extensive", as my pastor puts it. Qualitative, not Quantitative. [It's the Intensiveness and Integrity of God which explain virtually every 'why', perfectly. The more you turn over these characteristics in your brain using 1Jn1:9, the more glory you will have in learning Him. Promise. The enjoyment, the glory of understanding, here, is nearly-beyond-bearing, it's so wonderful.] For a fuller discussion regarding The Attributes which constitute Their Essence, you can: Click here. For a shorter list, Click here. The fullest discussion is in DueDisclosure.htm and the "God's Paradox" section of the Appendix.

Father, Son and Spirit are also therefore "One" in the sense of "united" -- by Love: see how the Lord talks in John 17. Meaning, a Corporation. Bible is very strident about saying God is "one" in this corporate sense: that's why, frankly, God invented marriage, as any review of John 17 will show -- notice how Christ prays that we may be "one" with Them, even as They are One. So it's not talking oneness like a hydra-headed monster, but more like -- well, you know.

Why then are there but Three? 'For Love's synergy. What good is it to be God, if alone? What good is it to be God, if only two? Should they disagree, which Freedom (Sovereignty) requires be a potential, there is no way to resolve the disagreement, because disagreements always require a Mediator. (Which is why Christ IS the Mediator, see Heb5-10.) Freedom is not freedom if there is no judicial mechanism for mediation.

So, Justice and Freedom are only completely served, if Three. An odd number of Persons, so to resolve any disputes by free majority. The Attribute of Truth would have, as one of its necessary governing principles, Justice. Yet, any of Them could -- but never would, hence "one" -- could! because Free! could! choose to 'leave' (not-have-rapport-with) the Others. [It should be obvious that the real definition of divorce is when the DESIRE 'leaves'. Proximity wouldn't matter, and in fact would become a painful thing.] True Justice, thus -- true Freedom. 'Including the glorious Freedom to NOT use an option. So they are never 'trapped' into being "one". They are never 'trapped' into "rapport". After all, "God" is not God if trapped, is He?

This point is incalculably critical. Being alone is not good, even if one is perfect. Not only is it the ultimate cruelty to be right, but alone, but where can Love go? To Self, only? What enjoyment is that? So, even though Each is Perfect, being Alone Perfect is not good. Like Father, Mother, Son, so to speak. A Family: not too big, lest the relationships lose intimacy. Not too small, lest the relationships be lonely. And above all -- never never never never 'trapped' into that 'oneness'.

So, how does one expand on what is perfect? To have more perfect beings -- thus the spheres of enjoyment, for self and others, multiplies. After all, isn't it so much more enjoyable, when someone else freely has the same viewpoint you do? Isn't it more enjoyable to have an activity in common with someone who enjoys it like you do? Isn't love even more enjoyable, when it can be spent on another?

Freedom, Love and Justice Unity Key
Understanding Trinity and the Reason for the Hypostatic Union are critical to grasping the magnitude of the Cross, and why God the Father chose for us to even exist.

  1. Perfect Love wants Problems on which to spend itself, on behalf of the One Loved. For, Love by nature is foregoing -- yearns to spend itself without reciprocation from the beneficiary, even more than it wants to get reciprocation. So "Perfection" requires continuing problems, else Love hasn't sufficient outlet. Infinity requires there also be problems, since Infinite Truth necessarily includes truths about badnesses, not merely goodnesses. Hence, since the badnesses are problems, Love has a justifiable outlet, since Truth should not be compromised by limiting in any way, what badnesses may exist.

  2. So though the Godhead are Each Co-Equal, They do not choose to have equal Authority with respect to each other: this is the key to their "oneness" identity in Scripture. Thus we know Their Personalities, and how They think of Each Other: Father is the Head, and Son is the Executor; Spirit is the Operator. Thus we know Son and Spirit testify of Their Own Freely-Determinative Wills, that in their View, knowing Father is the Be-all-and-End-all of Life. "One" to Them, is thus Father, even though Son and Spirit are Co-Equally God. One Reason to want to live, AS God. So Our Savior, Our Ho Logos says that ho Logos to Live, is Father. Spirit says the same thing. Even, as God. [Punning note: "Ho Logos" as John uses it in John 1 first has the Hebrew meaning of "The Word", which is why even today you'll find that Jews accord Torah study the highest spiritual value. God spoke The WORD and all came into existence: Gen1:1, Matt4:3. But in the Greek intellectual's mouth, "ho logos" means "Reason" (the "ho" is monadic, so is not translated, for there are no others of the same kind). So, the Reason to live, is the Word, and the Word, for Son and Spirit, is Father, even though Son and Spirit are Co-Equal. It's like saying, They don't want to be God unless it's for Father. Cute wordplay, eh?]

  3. So Son does not want to be "Son", and Spirit does not want to be "Spirit", unless they can incur a COST to make bizillion percent benefit to Father. Period.

  4. So, Father chooses what HE wants; and what He wants, is Problems. Unending crosses. So that He, Son, and Spirit can all spend Themselves on Each Other, and on whatever gets created. Note the irony here: whatever God creates is automatically a Problem, for whatever is created, cannot be infinite. For, God is uncreatable. Thus, whatever is created, is automatically and, if everlasting, forever short. Romans 3:23's second prong is true even for perfect beings, since even a perfect being is finite. Hence Jesus the Christ is to be dependent at all times on Spirit, not using His Own Perfect Humanity -- it's too short!

  5. Thus Father is the Designer, Grantor, and Beneficiary of "ta panta" (Biblical Greek keyword signifying "THE all-things", everything).

  6. So, SON is the CREATOR. And the Reason Ho Logos created creation, is For FATHER. Period. There is no other significance to creation except its "for-Father" value.
  7. SPIRIT concurs, so Spirit enables the "For Father" meaning, which is the spiritual life Father ordained for that being, to root and grow within each created person to the extent such person consents. Starting with angels, culminating in Christ (Humanity of Son of God, Messiah Title, but loosely used to mean His Humanity, entire).

      Since it is For Father, a created thing or person is Free to Reject. So, free to reject the For-Father value; which is, the spiritual life. Although such rejection means the life/item chosen instead has no significance whatsoever, Freedom is still manifested by the rejection, so Father is still served (albeit in other ways, viz., Acts 17:26, Hebrews 1-4). The person rejecting has his own will and properties, pursues his own way, and is free to do so. However, as Proverbs repeats so often, such an individual ends up frustrated and empty; because the truth is, only the For-Father value is actually valid. So "ta panta" are all corollaic to the For-Father value. We reject or accept the spiritual life; in the latter case, God makes the corollaries all work together For Father through us (viz., Rom8:28). Else, our lives mean nothing but smoke and mirrors, tails of sound and fury, hoofers' faded dreams of stardom.

      Application to life: people substitute the variable "people", in lieu of "For-Father", as the purpose and meaning of their lives. So, there is always a quid pro quo component to such substitution, even toward people (I did for you, so you do for me). ["Quid pro quo" is Latin, means literally, "this, for that". It's an idiom for I-do-this-so-you-compensate-me-by-doing-that. The Righteousness Principle itself is but a badge for preening, and has no innate compensating value. Hence the need for a quid pro quo. Rome was real big on such petty thinking, which was and remains popular among mankind.] So of course, God is expected to 'reward' what we think we do for Him. As if the doing itself wasn't sufficient 'compensation', gratis, upfront, just to express the joy of knowing Him. But of course, people who substitute "people" as the variable do not know Him, so are not compensated. Hence the quid pro quo, hence the life of emptiness which ends with a meaningless death.

  8. God the Son's Reason for becoming the Christ is to INCUR COST, because His Enjoyment of Father is so high, to Him it's not Fair to have so much enjoyment unless He incurs maximum cost.
  9. Spirit shares this same attitude, since (i.e., per John 1, 14) the Spirit empowered Christ all during His First Advent.

  10. Jesus is and always was also, Son of God: One Person, One Will, two 'natures' (roughly analogous to soul and body, so you can grasp 'connected', yet 'separate' and no bleed-over). Thus He had the right to refuse the Cross, and as God or as Humanity could have just 'opted out', taking the Creation He made as God, with Him; He had the Right to do things in agreement OR disagreement with Father's Choices: in Matt4, Satan tempted Him three times to use His Deity in a manner against the Father's Choices! The Cross would have been sham Justice if there weren't Three Independent Gods: Father/Judge; Son/Payor (the Humanity paid for sins), Who could voluntarily refuse to pay for sins at any point; Spirit/Empowerer of Son's Humanity.

  11. Son and Spirit want Son to become Christ in order that Love be judicially free: not a fair-weather love only, but a Love which actually maximizes its pour-out expression in the 'foulest of weather', the Cross. In order to create unending crosses (for rational beings have interminable souls, so continue to be a 'cost burden' forever, even when finally perfect). Because, to Free Love, no cost is too high, no benefit given is ever sufficient. And, of course it will never be sufficient, since nothing can ever pay down, pay back pay off even the smallest 'jot' of Infinity. So, Free Love always has intrinsic justification for unending Giving. This is what the God-Man says: Only if It's Never Enough, is It Ever Enough. So, how much more true is this same fact, in our case? So life is not about how we interrelate, but about the For-Father value; not about merit, but about Love for Father. For, if God qua God (Son, Spirit) voluntarily throw Themselves down to give to Father, preferring that lifestyle, how much more, is this preference the best for finite creation, too?

  12. The Cross would have been unfullfilling, absent Love. For Love means weakness. Love chooses to be weak, so needs to be fulfilled AS weak, in order to spend itself. So The One Who was Total Strength, Surrendered it all in favor of Father, and was thus fulfilled in doing so. Therefore no one else finds any happiness in being 'strong'. Like Paul says in 2Cor12:10, when he's 'weak', then he's strong. God used His Strength to throw Himself away, so to speak. Father, to Judge His Son. Son, to not use either Deity or Humanity to 'do' for Father. Spirit, to Empower Son's Humanity. Each Member still throws Himself away, on us, since the Cross justifies the relationship to Them (Galatians, Romans 5-8). For, Love subordinates, substitutes, believes all things, endures all things (1Cor13). They tell us this because They really ENJOY it, not to make us feel bad.

  13. The Cross thus totally PROFITS Father Son Spirit. Part IVd's "Christ's Combat" table, and the DDNA webseries which came out of it (starting with DDNA.htm) cover what happened TO Christ's 'soul size', as it were, on the Cross. Isaiah 53:10-11 in the LXX explain the soul-size increase via verbs the NT frequently references. As a result, our own 'size' can increase all the way UP to His, which is flatly stated as the goal in Eph4:13, the most shocking verse in Bible: Spirit causes this via growing us up in That One's Thinking (i.e., John 4:24, Rom5:5, 8:4ff, all "in.. Spirit" verses; 1Cor12:7 and Eph4:3-4, both mistranslated). (DDNA1.htm explains that from the inside, and Part III accounts for it from the outside. Part III will be more familiar to you, unless you are into biology; so read it before you tackle DDNA1.)

  14. God wants to do it the HARD way -- due to LOVE. Love pours out. Love foregoes. Love lingers. Love wants difficulty. Love substitutes. Love subordinates. Love takes the hard road, in order to have more to pour out. If you love a given activity, that's what you do. You don't pat yourself on the back about it, you're too busy LOVING the activity and IT -- not you -- occupies your mind. If you love a football game, you're busy watching it, not telling yourself how great you are for watching. That's how love is: it focuses on the object, not the subject. Hatred by contrast always focuses on itself. So whatever hatred does, it credits self, and always hates what it must do, to get that credit. Obviously, if you seek compensation, you deem what you did as NOT compensating you. So every claim about works is a claim that the works are no good to the doer. That proves the doer hated what he did! So hatred can never be satisfied.

    But God testifies to us that Love is self-compensating: for in spending itself on the object, it gets what it wants -- pouring out. God is Love. This is how He is. Each He: Father Son Spirit!

Notice how the only way to 'improve' on perfection, is to increase it horizontally, by adding perfect 'spheres', as it were -- more Persons. More free choices. However, that means creating creation, which is a "stone too heavy to Lift". For, God is Infinite Perfection. Creatures, to be enjoyable to Infinite Perfection, must have the 'impossible': the same Essence. Can God do such a Thing? How can Infinite God have "sons"? Ahhhh, let's see how He accomplishes the truly-impossible.

In the beginning of creation, angels..

So, God the Son made all the angels, simply by speaking them into existence! [Cf. Matt 4:3-4; John 1; Heb1:3,1:10; Col1:16-18; Isa55, Job38ff.]


He did it for FATHER, to add SPHERES of enjoyment for the Godhead: Love-for-Righteousness, The Decree Standard, Isa52:13. Behold, the Genius of God's Decree Standard. It goes, in part, like this:
  • God should get Every Expression Of What Is As Good As God Is -- FULLY.
  • God should get, therefore, what is compatible with His Essence.
  • Ok, then: God did not make Himself, but He just "is".
  • Thus, no creature should be nor get less-than-God, either.
  • So, only what is compatible/acceptable to Essence, is also what most blesses the creature! Grace! [Cf Ex34:6.]
  • Just as God did not invent Himself, nor sustains Himself, so also no creature should of his own power, grow bigger than his own nature. Which is impossible for any creature to do anyway, even if perfect.
  • In order for this beyond-nature growth to occur, Essence must be produced/poured into the creature -- and freely, for God is Free.
  • So, the creature should get the growth from God as a Gift. By means of Love, just as the Godhead give to Each Other!
  • Thus they can become big-enough to be compatible with Essence; thus they get no less than God -- just as the Godhead get no less than Divine Gifts!

So, despite all the pain-knowledge such a decision would bring to Them, They each covenanted to 'marry' creation, when the Son spoke them into existence. 'For Better or for Worse. Thus They covenanted to do what was truly impossible, even for Omnipotent-but-Righteous God! -- as we shall see.

He made the angels perfect, too. We thus see that "perfection" is balanced to the size, as it were, of the being. They were not infinite, but within their finity they were nonetheless perfect. So, they had "full" (meaning, balanced-to-their-'size', so as not to harm free will) knowledge of God, and "full" Power. The knowledge and power were just binged! into them, as attributes. So, they had hands and feet; so, they had knowledge. So, they had beauty. Knowledge-and-power, then, were complete (balanced), just as everything else about them was complete, at initial creation.

What fun is that, we might wonder. Ahhh, but now they are ALIVE. That is the added 'horizontal' sphere. So, they can expand on their perfection, exploit it, even, by choosing to play with their attributes, including their Knowledge of God -- or, they can reject playing. Just as God didn't make Himself, so also the angels didn't make themselves. Pure Grace. They have this perfect beginning.

A new 'sphere' of enjoyment, that of using free will, is available. They can now CHOOSE. They can now reject. They can now choose to think, or do, anything at all -- going against what they know, in favor of what they don't know (sin), or by going forward horizontally, parlaying knowledge, into Love. This parlay widens them, deepens them/makes them 'taller', by expanding their souls. They thus can become inviolately "enlarged" as Paul would later say. (Cf Eph3:15ff, the height, depth, length, breadth metaphor.) In short, "big enough", despite their finity, as we saw in Part I's "Integrity Properties" subsection.

CAPACITY KEY==> It's not merely what you know, it's not merely what you don't know, it's how much you ENJOY what you know or don't know. Love is what makes for enjoyment. Thus, one's on-earth and in-Heaven (or in-Hell) capacity for enjoyment  is determined by how much one grows up in Love. So, a person can have full knowledge, yet only a baby's level of enjoyment/Love of that knowledge. That's the only issue: how much shall we grow in LOVE?

For Love requires volition being positive to what's known about a thing or person. That can't be 'improved' by any programming. Rather, since Love is based on choosing, to 'program' it in any way would be unRighteous. So, not total knowledge, but "full" -- enough so they could freely choose to grow in knowledge due to Love.

Moreover, just because one 'knows' something -- what does that knowledge mean? Is it just a collection of data? What does that collection signify? What's the meaning? Then: what is the meaning to 'me'? How do I value it? Do I 'love' it, hate it, feel indifferent about it? Knowledge per se might have intrinsic value, but the one with the knowledge must decide on the value to him. That requires choice, which requires will, which requires pro- or con-, loving or not loving, the information.

So, Love is potential. 'New, like a baby. Volition is pristine, but new, like a baby. All else is provided, and all else can be rejected. Or, used to create a product, Integrity.

As we saw in "Integrity Properties" of Part I, Integrity is the SUM of: Truth, Righteousness, Justice, Love. Take one of these attributes out, and the person disintegrates. The angels, being initially perfect, had a sort of finite Righteousness and Justice, but "Love" was new. So, they could preserve their perfection by not sinning. But they could EXPAND their integrity Only by Growing in Love. Kinda like God, they didn't make themselves, so they didn't have to exert any effort to keep themselves perfect. Unlike God, though, they were finite. So, the angels could only lose -- by Rejecting Him, by Rejecting Love. That was the only one way to sin. Such was their granted knowledge-and-power level: their "covenant".

The Covenants of Association

CRITICAL BIBLICAL INTERPRETATION KEY==> The concepts below underlie ALL Biblical covenants from eternity past to eternity future; and are vital to one's understanding of Scripture. For all the covenants are of Love, and thus, of "association". All of the meanings and synonyms of that term apply throughout history, for the idea is to come to enjoy "association" with God. So, from the very beginning, "unitedness", "oneness" is the Godhead's Personal Goal with respect to Creation: In a word, "marriage". So, every covenant in history is literally chock-full of associative meanings, in progressively-intimate ways. The Hypostatic Union, as a structure -- Christ's own Personhood -- is the ultimate statement of this Unitedness Intent. Incarnate. That's why, if you look at virtually any property in the universe (e.g., in most scientific law) you'll find a spectrum (opposites at either end): unitedness, equilibrium. ASSOCIATIVE UNION. [Bible's written 'associative' style thus teems with alliterations, multilevel metaphors, verb tense plays, ironic humor, satire, sarcasm, plays-on-words, etc. to fully exploit associative learning and enjoyable understanding. Folks who don't know this will miss its meanings.]

When God decreed creation, He associatively-'baptised' every element in it with God-meanings. So, any thing or person has its natural, free meaning, plus God-meanings. So, everything exists in "hupostasis", a (Greek word signifying) bonding (i.e., of meaning) between two disparate natures (i.e., God-Man). Some of these God-meanings apply generically, and some apply only under certain conditions. In that way, any person can receive not only the free natural meaning of any thing or person, but also any God-meanings. Hence, the covenants all have this quality, since choice of God-meanings is a choice to associate with God.

Moreover, "association" is a critical component of learning. One sees thing "A", and learns a given meaning from it, or about it. That meaning BONDS to the thing in the person's soul; so, whenever one sees "A" again, the meaning is "attached", as it were. Successive meanings learnt about "A" likewise attach. So, as one learns more about "A", any recall or reminder of anything associated with "A" brings up maybe all of those learnt meanings. Note: the meanings "learnt" always have been baptised, as it were, by volition choosing "A" to have that meaning. So, volition agrees to some external 'teacher', or creates the meanings from within the soul, and then 'learns' that internally-created meaning. So: the accumulated meanings, then, might be correct, or incorrect -- but they are nonetheless habitually associated/baptised with "A" until volition succeeds in changing them. One interprets what he sees or thinks in light of the meanings he has learnt, however incorrect they may be: these accumulated learnt-meanings form a "frame of reference" the person uses toward God, toward life, toward self. COROLLARY: meanings discarded by volition become successively harder to 'learn' when such meanings reappear, so to speak, at volition's door, for approval. ("Hardness" toward both accepted and rejected meanings is thus progressive, and always volitional.)

So also, interpersonal contact is called "association": the character and function of bonding, branding, baptising, the elements of interpersonal relationship. Fellowship. Progressive Intimacy. Being 'surrounded' by a person (preferably, someone you love). "Association" also means any attributes you see in a person, will -- even if seen elsewhere -- remind you of the person. Also, 'things' of that person will remind you of the person, even if you see them 'separately'. Further, resemblances to a person's attributes or things remind you of the person. Further still, your attitude toward the person will bleed over to any noted resemblances. So, if you love the person, you'll tend to love anything which reminds you of the person. 'Even if the reminders would otherwise be things you'd not like. In short, "association" aids, deepens, and magnifies the intensities of: intimacy, knowledge, relationship, life itself. For Better, or for Worse. So, if Worse, one wants to disassociate from any reminders, to avoid pain. So, if Better, one enjoys the reminders, and maybe lingers over them. Thus any Covenant of Association would have rules, rituals, parades (e.g., Luke 2 parade of angels before the shepards) -- even meals, to provide occasion for enjoyable lingering: a celebration, or even an auld lang syne. (OT Example: the animal sacrifices always resulted in some form of dining fellowship, dining on and resultant fellowship with, The Sacrifice-to-Come: cf Gen 2:16, 3:6,21; 8:20; 15:9ff; all of Leviticus, 2Chron Chaps29-32. NT Examples: the Eucharist, aka "love feasts" in the NT; "dine with him" in Rev 3, and "Marriage Supper of the Lamb" in Rev.)

So the angels' covenant, like all others after it, operated by means of ASSOCIATION. They all had fellowship, association, with each other. Naturally, any resemblances to what they knew about each other, or about God, would bring to mind the person with whom the resemblance was associated. Thus, they would come to be aware of each other every second. Any piece of knowledge would be associated with some facet of God, and some attitude-value concerning God. So, too, with all that was visible: with the things of the universe, with each other. So, too, with everything that was invisible: for example, thought. A thought which 'resembled' God's would remind them of God, even if the speaker wasn't God. So, the covenants served to celebrate their association: the rules and structures depicted their relationship with God, and with each other. So the covenants were -- if they loved the association, that is -- a way to greatly intensify their pleasurable association. "Obedience", therefore, was to be a joyous thing. (Like the American expression, "crying [over the 'burden' of being rich, ha!] all the way to the bank"[to deposit the money].)

One's soul "size" is as big as his associated Love-for-God. Gotta get a BIG soul, to get BIG enjoyment.

Educated Guesses on Relevant Features in The Angelic Covenants

God by nature is Ruler. The Godhead even choose to be organized in a hierarchy, even though They are all Equal. So, Rulership is the maximum way to enjoy relationship: ruling, and being ruled. Can't enjoy ruling, if you don't enjoy being ruled. Can't enjoy giving, unless you enjoy receiving. So, to have most compatibility and happiness, one must become like Him. So, one must acquire a ruler-nature. That seems to be why all covenants stress rulership in some way or another. 'Not pets, not children, not peasants, but Rulers. That kind of thinking.

Given the similar tenor of all Biblical covenants, one can deduce that the angels were the first ones offered exalted Ruler status -- if they would execute the covenants they had. God always offers both conditional, as well as unconditional, covenants. Salvation is a "conditional" covenant in the sense that one must agree to be saved. God doesn't coerce. Salvation is also a type of "unconditional" covenant, for in every generation throughout human history, salvation is permanent.

It's the permanence of salvation which gives rise to the post-salvation covenants. These likewise are conditional, and unconditional. The Mosaic Law is an example of a post-salvation conditional  covenant (although some of its provisions weren't dependent on being saved). Obedience, which requires both associative knowledge and Love, eventually produces the capacity to enjoy, and thus receive, the benefits of the covenant. Since obedience is voluntary, the covenant's blessings are thus "conditional" on choosing obedience.

Post-salvation unconditional covenants, like to Noah, Abraham, David -- these were nonetheless delayed, as Hebrews 11 notes (end of chapter). The delay is always due to the person(s) needing preparation, of some kind. So, until the preparation is completed, the covenant is not delivered. Again, capacity is the issue. God never gives a benefit before one has the requisite developed integrity. Here, the requisite developed integrity is a Resurrection Body, as Hebrews 11 explains.

So, it makes sense to say the angels had both conditional and unconditional covenants, since man does. God is never inconsistent.

Rulership seems to be some kind of additional conditional  covenant, in the sense one can lose it. Further, it seems to be a rolling offer: if one person/group doesn't qualify, then a succeeding person/group gets the offer. One sees the offer to Adam, to rule the world; he loses it. One sees the offer to Israel to become a "holy nation" -- they botched it. Christ has a Unique Covenant as Seed -- the Holder and Dispenser of all the other covenants granted to everyone. He becomes King-Priest, Escrow Officer, Trustee. All things get executed through Him. And that Seed covenant was conditional on the Cross being completed, as both Galatians and Hebrews explain.

Given the wording in Hebrews 1, 2, 9, and 1John 3 (among other big passages), it seems as though this additional Rulership offer is directly a consequence of the Angelic Conflict, which thus makes me think it initially was an offer to the angels (or maybe only to Satan, I'm not yet sure) -- because it's clear the purpose of the Rulership of Christ, besides fulfilling the covenants to Israel, is to replace MorningStar (Satan). Even the Lord's Humanity's "Bright Morning Star" title (Rev 22, I believe) is a deliberate play on the Isa14 pre-Fall title of Satan's. So it's not merely about the Last Adam taking back the world which the first Adam lost. It's bigger than that, since humans weren't around yet, before Satan fell. (This interpretation can of course be wrong. I'm trying to back into the foundation from the information we are provided. Frankly, the conclusions in this piece wouldn't alter much if there was no prehistoric ruler offer to the angels, so it's a fair assumption, to bring out the truly critical data: God's Grand Design in making real sons, not footmen.)

Buttressing the idea of a pre-human rulership offer to angels is the Matt 22 parable of the wedding invitation. The inviter's initial guests refuse to attend the wedding; so the inviter goes out to the streets, inviting just anyone (us), to replace those guests. Paul proves we aren't replacing Israel (we don't get their covenants) in Romans, and in Chap 11 he reinforces the wedding parable when he talks about us being "grafted in". So, it seems more than reasonable to conclude that, as Body/Bride, we, the Church, end up being the last group invited to rule. We make it. Barely. So, the "last are first, and the first, last." There end up being three kingdoms: the angels (Christ heads them, as "Lord of Lords"); the Jews (Christ heads them, as David's Greater Son), and the Church (Christ heads it, as the King of Kings). The latter two groups are interrelated, because in the Millennium, the Church rules the Gentile nations, so that Israel has peace from its enemies. So the Head, Christ, is Head of the World, in that manner. Ergo His Title as Cornerstone (joining two "walls" of the 'Temple' of believers, Jews and Church).

So, given this ongoing ruler-offer pattern, and its ultimate completion -- reinforced throughout by similar offers to individuals, like to Noah, Abraham, Moses, David -- maybe one of the initial "covenants" with the angels involved some kind of offer to make man anyway -- for them all to rule. However, they'd FIRST have to grow up enough spiritually, so that they'd come to associate ruling with enjoyment; thus, have the capacity to ENJOY ruling. Every ruler offer always is contingent on sufficient spiritual growth, for to rule requires a greatness only God can build in you. Reinforcing this idea is the fact that a) elect angels did have some ruler-roles in the OT, as communicators, teachers; b) that Satan&Co. won rulership of the Earth from Adam, and still rules it today. So, maybe such roles indicate that their design included the destiny of ruling man -- if they grew up enough.

So: when God makes a person, the structural nature of the person must be compatible with the intended result. Here, Rulership. So, that is the intended destiny. So, to fail to grow up would mean the urge to rule remains -- but not the associative enjoyment, so no capacity, since the association with God "balances" the urge, mediates it. Love for God, in other words, makes for this capacity. In short, the person would end up supremely frustrated, if he rebels. His 'urge' would devolve into pride, self-love, -- sorry -- spiritual/mental masturbation, so to relieve, via such sublimation, the unfulfilled desire to rule.

So: it seems Satan was to be the head of the angels, and thus the head of all creation -- if he hadn't dissociated himself from God's Plan for him. So, our existence seems to have been contingent on either covenantal fulfillment -- or, on the Appeal Trial. So, we'd end up being created anyway.

It seems as though none of them did grow up enough -- without first sinning, anyway. So, it seems angels had had some kind of "salvation" package. How else can the term "elect" be applied to 2/3rds of them? That's the term used for believers. God is not inconsistent in his terminology, is He? Further, the order of the "seraphim" did not exist until after Satan's fall, which implies they had some kind of post-salvation spiritual growth hierarchy -- the seraphim are the most spiritually-advanced (i.e., Occupied with the Lord). Since this is a Trial, and man has the same (albeit analogous) system, it would have to be true that the angels had some kind of salvation package, and post-salvation package. Else the comparison to man, and the covenants God set up for man, wouldn't be of significance in the Trial.

    Moreover, how else could they grow, if they didn't sin at some point? Why would Christ's Perfection be unique, if the angels had grown up without sin, as well? After all, if Satan, who was the highest, sinned -- doesn't all finite perfection sin -- sooner or later? Adam sinned, too. Sin isn't rebellion, though. One can sin and repent -- the first "repentance" would be to believe in Him, and be saved. Else, the damage of sin could not be restored by the Holy Spirit. Satan&Co. permanently rebelled -- never believed IN Him. Knowing He was Real, hence believing that truth, is not the same as "believing-in/on", because to believe in/on, one must POSITIVELY VALUE the object of the belief. In a word, Satan&Co. didn't value God. So, they never repented of their sins or their rebellion, even though they always remain able to do so, since God kitted them out with souls (thus free will is inviolable). Ergo, the Trial. (By the way, the word "repent" is the Greek word "metanoeo", which means "change-mind". It's not emotional, since "mind" is a separate attribute from emotion. Any emotion, if present, is not necessary for "repentance" to be effectual.)

    Now, we know that God would have to be propitiated for any sin -- angelic, or human. Otherwise, Righteousness is judicially compromised. That would be UnRighteous. Else, there'd be no Cross, at all. Further, in order to pay for any sin, Christ had to think Divinely -- without using His own Divinity. He has to depend on the Holy Spirit. 'Which, we know from Scripture, He did. Constantly. Thus, because He associated Everything with God totally, He associated our sins with Doctrine, with His Love for the Father (and for us). So, even our sins reminded Him of the Father, of Doctrine. So, He was Invincible, even though Human. So, the Father would associate every thought He 'heard' the Son's Humanity think, while on the Cross -- and be propitiated.

    Divine thinking is worth infinitely more, even ONE thought -- than creature thinking, because God is Qualitatively Infinite. It's not how limited we are, but how Great He is. So, His Enjoyment at seeing is what makes for the value of a thought. Seeing a sin, that's not enjoyable to Him -- so He has to also see a Divine counter-thought, so that the second baptises/bonds/associates to the first -- to be propitiated. Christ could think such thoughts -- and did, on the Cross. Or we'd not be here.

So, this series tentatively assumes (for the sake of argument) that Christ also paid for angels' sins on the Cross, because His Thoughts would be "high" enough -- God's Standard. It wouldn't matter what creature-level sins were. Buttressing this interpretation is Hebrews 1. His Status as a result of Session, as a result of His Victory on the Cross, was Defeat of Satan -- that's a running theme in Hebrews, and in 1Jn, Corinthians, etc. Per Heb 1, His Humanity thus becomes Higher Than Angels. Heb 1:4's Greek says that His resultant Being -- not merely His authority -- is greater than all the angels put together. Again, this result concerns His Humanity. (Were it about Deity, there'd be no need to stress how He's higher than angels, so obviously Humanity is in view.)

    My pastor kept stressing that fact, as he gave us the exegesis, word-by-word. He also speculated what I'm saying here -- that when Christ was on the Cross, all sins -- angelic and human -- were imputed to Christ on the Cross. He even goes so far as to conclude that maybe the "number" of those who make it into Pleroma (Ruler) status among the Church equal the number of Satan&Co.

What are the Implications if Angels DIDN'T get salvation?

It does appear, from Hebrews 2:16, depending on how you interpret the words, that (at least) fallen angels don't have a Savior: a Mediator must be of the same nature as the warring parties, in order to qualify as Mediator -- that was always the teaching in the Mosaic Law (depicted by the Ark: gold, Deity, acacia wood, Humanity). If you've been reading this site since 10/2000, you'll remember that I had hedged here about whether angels even had a salvation package, because my pastor was revisiting the question; that I'd update this section when I got the material. Well, I just received it (2003), so comments here are very preliminary. What I know so far: my pastor reversed his longstanding conclusion that they had a salvation package. In 1999 he suddenly taught that they did not have one; I do not yet know if he has since reversed his conclusion again (back to the longstanding first conclusion). Because I've been under him since 1971, I'm familiar with this kind of reversal; he's so eager to publically correct any mistake he thinks was made, that once in a while he ends later reverts to the original conclusion, having too hastily assumed it incorrect. (Some people feel threatened if their pastors correct or reverse their prior teachings; I find greater confidence if someone is eager or overeager to do so.)

For the sake of clarity and brevity, Let's name my pastor's 1999 teaching that fallen angels cannot be saved, "reversal". The reversal apparently turns on some verses claiming that angels were given Eternal (God's Own Type of) Life, aka "+EL" or "EL", upon their simultaneous initial creation, in addition to the everlasting life which is an attribute of every immaterial soul. I don't yet know from which verses he derives this conclusion. Still, this revision might answer many questions with respect to the role that the nature of Eternal Life plays in one's a) enjoyment of knowledge-of-God, and b) one's temptability, if one has not yet sinned. So, if they initially had Eternal Life,

  1. Sinning would be next-to-impossible, since there are zero external temptations, so the individual must manufacture them ex nihilo. This situation is roughly analogous to the famous epithet of making bricks without straw.
  2. "Redemption is not necessary", quoting my pastor, since "Eternal Life cannot be lost."
This latter item is thorny. He's not talking about how it's the granting/acquiring of God's Righteousness ("+R"), which redeems, though it's through his teaching we learned that +R is the criterion. Over and over we've seen how Scripture makes it clear many times that the only reason we get EL is because we first got the +R -- the explanation in 2Cor5 comes to mind (whole chapter seems dedicated to it, as a followup to 1Cor15); so also, Romans 5. So now why it's always-having-EL which makes redemption "unnecessary", I don't yet know, especially since it's obvious that fallen angels do not have +R. Whether my pastor now says they ever did, I also don't know (yet).

Perhaps the sin corrupts the +EL, but (of course) can't kill it, in which case there could be no redemption, since EL can't be killed. I haven't heard him say the first clause, but he's repeated the latter clause in varying ways. If that bold italic sentence is true, it better accounts for the construction and fit of Bible verses regarding the Trial: for Satan&Co.'s (maybe billions-of-years') intransigence, as well as why Adam&Isha didn't get EL at their initial creation; and even more, why even we Church in eternity are so differentiated, with most being "naked", poor. Why also, we replace Satan&Co., as the Body of Him Who replaces Satan as MorningStar; so, why also the Church period ("dispensation", a KJV trans of several Bible terms) is the apex of the Appeal Trial. Moreover, why it is an appeal trial, the proceedings of which are unseen by the witnesses (witnesses are always kept out of the courtroom until called to testify). The rest of this table will sketch out these whys. (The entire webseries explains them also, despite the fact that its angelic premise is the opposite: that angels had a salvation package).

    TRIAL RAISON D'ETRE ==> To grant any appeal trial, there must be new evidence which is material, i.e., of such a nature and importance as to possibly overturn the prior verdict. The Bible is shot through with legal terminology. Even the word "Law" should be a tipoff to the dullest reader. So it's not surprising that the Bible uses trial-law keywords, i.e., "trial judge" (usu. chopped off as "judge" in English), "Satan" (means opposing attorney in a trial), "witness" (most uses of this term ref the Trial, not to-people testimony), "testify", and in-the-docket word pictures (the narratives), tip us off to the fact that there is a trial going on. Appellate law, just like trial law, has historical roots going back to Adam. The origin of 'prayer' is based on appellate law, and the Bible deliberately uses the term that way: you're making a legal appeal to God. That's why prayer has strict protocol, which, if not followed, gets the request thrown out of court, and the one who misuses the protocol is in for some Divine Discipline for breaking the rules. (See Hosea 8:7, Gal6:7, Col3:25 -- antidote is explained in 1Jn1:9, Ps66:18, 32:5, 1Cor11:31, etc., because these antidotes are likewise since-Adam legal protocols. Note how the Lord looked for the admission in Gen3 from Adam, which itself is a courtroom transcription.)

    So, as noted above, if EL at initial creation, it becomes almost impossible to sin, so long as the body is likewise perfect, and suited to the EL attribute. Which, obviously it would be, lest the EL be incompatible in the first place. For the Appeal Trial, then, the witnesses cannot initially have EL, since the basis for the Matt25:41 indictment is Isa14:13-14, in which those who allied with Satan share. The Matt25:41 initial Trial verdict is due to a permanent rebellion; so the APPEAL issue is, did God's making angels with +EL at the start constitute a material failure on God's part? If "yes", then of course the initial verdict would have to be overturned. Note how SIN is not the issue, but rather, whether or not the rebellion was something +EL unduly influenced, given the devastating permanence of sin in a creature having it -- a fact which God obviously foreknew. This claim is a far clearer juridical basis for appeal; versus (this webseries assumption that) angels-can-be-saved, where Satan appeals on the grounds that never believing is some God-made defect: for, in that scenario, making a mankind and then saving it would replay minor variations in same Trial arguments; so not necessarily material enough to justify granting an appeal trial.

      Ergo, the makeup of Adam, the first Appeal Trial witness: for him (and later, the woman), EL is not compatible, for Adam was to have a sin-terminable human spirit, as well as a sin-terminable body. EL would have made that impossible. So, then: angels having EL would find sin supremely difficult, because there was nothing in their natures to motivate sin. Adam and the woman, by contrast, had a parallel problem, in that sin terminates relationship with God, plus destroys the inner person -- without killing, which is worse than death itself. Yet, in the case of the latter two, because they didn't have EL, but instead had to keep eating from the Tree of Life to keep living (plus not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil), they could be saved -- because there was no initial EL to corrupt. Thus we also know why only two of them were made, versus the millions or billions of angels who were instantly created (indicated by aorist of ktizw in Col1:16, plus Gen1:1's barah, among other verses). When you get to the section below on Adam's fall, much more will be said about how God 'manufactured' more witnesses.

Trial Vehemence Corollary: if it's true that the angels had +EL at initial creation, the fallen angels truly have, in their opinion, no recourse except to fight: so, the entire story of the Angelic Conflict and our role in it would become much more dramatic and shocking than this webseries currently portrays. Frankly, I suspect the reversal will generate a far superior accounting, versus this webseries' assumption that angels-have-salvation-package. 'Especially, since the reversal accounts for what the angels-could-be-saved assumption cannot, i.e., cliff-like parallels to what if God sinned; what if Christ sinned; why is Hell final, Heb9:27's emphasis on only ONE life, no metempsychosis; starkness of the 'Believe or burn' message in the Gospel itself, which so vehemently offends people.

Trial Argument Corollaries: you can see why God would have made Adam and Isha without EL -- Satan's claim was obviously that God was unfair to condemn angels to the Lake of Fire for sin on the grounds that the EL can't be rehabilitated. Ok, then: wasn't it wrong of God to give them EL in the first place? Did He make a mistake, or was He sadistic? So, the Appeal Trial Evidence will show the following (notwithstanding initial +EL in angels, but especially, if it was), via mankind as circumstantial evidence, but certain mature believers ALSO testify for the Prosecution, to wit:

  1. that the Volitional Choice To Rebel Precedes Sin In The First Place, has no intrinsic cause, and results in Permanent Corruption;
  2. the devastation its resulting sin makes;
  3. how even more negative one becomes to God, due to sin's aftermath;
  4. how even if God had not given EL at the outset, it doesn't change the negative attitude;
  5. that God's giving EL at the beginning provided maximum protection against sin, even as God is always Eternal Life and never chooses to sin. So,
  6. They only go to the Lake of Fire because they want to. It's not the fault of how they were made, but the fault of their own choosing to be permanently negative. So for us, the parallel fact:
  7. humans have the choice of permanently living with God, just like the angels, and humans only have the "time window" of this body life to decide; during which, we accept or reject.
  8. Accepting is to once believe in Christ, just as the angels had to only once choose for God. Rejecting for us is to never believe in Christ, just as the fallen angels (they chose Satan because they rejected Christ).
  9. The human decision thus has the same ramifications as if God had given us EL at the beginning, so we aren't shorted because He didn't do it. So too, we share in the eternal ramifications.
  10. A "work" is evil if +R is not in it, and +R cannot be 'in' it, in a state of sin; a state of sin cannot be cured or rehabilitated, absent a) admission of sin, and absent b) positive volition to learning and using God's Standards on God's terms, not the creature's. (Even for a believer, since the +R resides in the human spirit, without the Holy Spirit to run the Divine System, so to speak, the work is cut off from the +R, for it takes +R to run +R. See 1Cor2, 2Cor5, Rom8:1-17, 1Jn1:8-10, Ps32:1-5, and like passages, esp. the Lord's many dissertations on the topic in the Gospels: practically every time, He speaks partly or wholly on this topic.)

Thus for believers, many other issues get accounted along the way. For example, we now understand why Scripture simultaneously says we have both "redemption" (a term which includes EL), and "Eternal Life" forever, from the moment of our salvation, yet the Holy Spirit has to guarantee it ("Seal" verses), and yet we are waiting for it. [E.g., John 3, 10:28, compared with Jude 21 and like verses in 1Cor15, Romans 8, etc. Jude 21 is mangled in English Bibles: last clause should read "with reference to Eternal Life", because eis there is accusative of reference, a frequent usage in Scripture which no one ever translates!] The paradox of having-yet-not-having is simple: we have the position, but not the body. That, we get at Resurrection. Apparently the Corinthians had some trouble with this paradox, for Paul spends 1Cor15 and 2Cor5 on the timelines and categories. You can see the same lines-of-explanation flowing in Thessalonians, Colossians 1, Romans 8, 2nd Peter, and of course, Revelation 1-5 (well, passim throughout that Book).

    Clearly, the time between the waiting and having are likewise parallel to the angels: because we have EL, compatible body or no, any decisions after that moment have permanent ramifications, as well. No undoing them, just like we can't undo salvation. Parts III-V cover these ramifications in detail. Assuming angels had EL initially, Parts III-V are even more critical than there portrayed: hence the vital importance of learning and living on Bible Doctrine, for the Church -- for, just as with the angels, once the window closes, so do our options for spiritual wealth with Him: just like it says, in Hebrews 2. We get what we chose: if we chose a distant, ritualistic, works relationship, that's what we get; if we chose to learn Him, to be 'near' Him down here rather than to the world's preoccupations -- that's what we get. Just as stark, as the choice of the angels. It couldn't be fairer. Notice how sins are not an issue, but only choosing God. The corruption of sin severely influences one's desire against God, but in the case of humans, that influence can -- well, only with Bible Doctrine learned -- be overcome, starting with positive (rather than legalistic) orientation to morality, a "doctrine" God gifted to the entire human race.

No one can be as good as God absent +R (e.g., Mark10:18). But if God were to ever sin (since He's Omnipotent that choice is always available), then even God would not be God. Moreover, there'd be no way for God to get the +R back: who can atone for Him, and to Whom would such atonement be paid? That fact makes the Hypostatic Union, in effect, the only way to risk Godness -- for, the Humanity of Christ, being ONE Person, could have commanded His Deity to do anything --- a fact Satan was trying to use against Him, in Matt4. This fact will be progressively demonstrated in the webseries: it doesn't matter what angelic assumptions one chooses. [Since God is timeless, the choice to sin would be, as it were, somewhere 'in' Him and He'd never be God; that's how we know His Choice is always "no". It's not like He'd be God for awhile, and then suddenly stop, since He's timeless. However, since that idea is too hard for folks to grasp, you'll find this webseries uses the anthropopathic expression of God 'stopping' being God.]

It's the role of +R which will solve the question of whether angels had a salvation package. I would maintain they didn't have +R at creation but by growing in Love would gradually acquire it:
  • For God's Truth Attribute is Undivided, as are All His Attributes.
  • So by getting more Truth Deposits beyond the initial amount God granted them apart from their volition -- they would acquire Love and Righteousness deposits.
  • This, because Infinity is punctiliar (as Thought) and Qualitative, else sins couldn't be paid for on the Cross.
  • So indeed, Infinite Attributes can be "built" by means of a finite process, as well as imputed.
  • This, Scripture actually says and baldly (i.e., in Romans 5 and throughout the Greek of 1Cor, 1Jn).
  • So if no +R, then no EL, since that too is an Attribute of God which can be BUILT by means of the Love Deposits of Truth --
  • how Christ Himself BECAME the Truth, and thus Integrity, even in His Human Soul.
  • Consequently that would be the paradigm for any finite creation, starting with the angels.
  • Hence anyone can be saved by means of faith in Him (angels included), and at that point, receive +R and +EL like we humans do.
  • In short, an Attribute's being IMPUTED versus being built, required Someone first be Built In it -- Christ -- for the imputation method to be juridically valid.
  • God would foreknow all this, of course -- so would NOT impute +R and EL to angels at their initial creation. It would be a free-will thing to choose from an initial lower state of perfection, just as it would be for Christ. Especially, since that makes Him truly the Firstborn of all creation just as the Bible says, above the angels even in His Own Humanity (Heb1:4, Col 1:15, in their contexts).
  • That means anyone in hell or the later Lake of Fire can always be saved, too. God wouldn't have to see the suffering, even as He doesn't have to see us suffer down here as unbelievers, since the saving mechanism was fully completed IN CHRIST Who Lives Forever, theme of Romans 6 and Hebrews 6:13-7:28. For He's King-Priest to FATHER, forever. So that's why hell/Lake of Fire can last forever, as the King-Priest is always Alive, and thus anyone there, can still change his mind -- or go on sinning. Luke 16 makes it clear the rich guy in Hades still has his free will. Looks like the guy will never change his mind, but God is the God of Freedom, so would preserve that freedom to change-the-mind, even as we humans down here have it -- again, Because Christ Has it First.
  • It's the consistency of the mechanic used to make Christ Inviolate in His Humanity, which has to be the primordial design for everyone else. At least, I can't find any Bible verses to dispute this. If you find any, please email me.

    Yet pretend (though it needn't be true) the angels all had +R at the beginning, with the EL; they too, could sin (just as God can); so if they did sin, there's no going back, because they also already had the EL. The underlined clause is what my pastor's saying (not yet covering whether they also had +R), so far. There's something about it which rings true, and I know he never pulls stuff out of thin air. So far, I suspect he's brainstorming, because the angelic salvation issue interrupted a different topic he's been teaching, due to persistent queries from the congregation. So, often he brainstorms aloud to us, to show analytical paths, which are vital to living on Bible Doctrine; but until I know about the +R, I can neither be sure I understand what he means, nor can I track it in Scripture.

    [Since my pastor also said (but then hedges, at end of L1571) that unbelievers get EL at the GWTJ (because Rev20 makes it clear they are Resurrected), and -- bearing in mind he's pioneering an answer which theologians have always copped out by calling it "inscrutable" -- maybe "Eternal Life" has more than one 'flavor', one of which requires the +R imputation (so we can live with God forever, completely compatible). So, maybe the Scriptural "Eternal Life" solely means God's Life with God: the term's usage in Scripture seems restricted to this meaning. Yet if so, how is it that Satan&Co. are in heaven, still? Further, they must still have a spiritual life, because they can see and talk with Him directly; plus, "evil spirits" is used to describe them, though "spirit" is not used solely to designate a spiritual life: the meaning depends on context. And, it's also clear that both they and unbelievers have or will get immortal body life -- i.e., suited for the Lake of Fire. Conversely, maybe "Eternal Life" is a generic moniker for immortal body life, and Scripture poetic metaphors like in John3:36 mean, if you're not living with God, "life" is not worth the name, even if you do have the God's Attribute of Life (forever).

    In any event, we all can surely know from Scripture's many verses that a) people and angels live forever, that b) post-death all humans (at least) get an interim body (Luke 16:20ff being a bald proof) and then a final, immortal one at resurrection. (E.g., 1Cor15; and Rev20-22 all depict physicalities for believers and unbelievers alike.) But what do you call the type of immortal body life that is with God? In the Lake of Fire? Is this body life always the same type for either place? Conversely, why does Scripture call those who go to Lake of Fire the Second Death, though it's completely obvious they are very much alive forever? So is "Death" metaphorical, just as John 3:36 uses "shall not see life"? These and other questions obviously would need to be answered. Many more are related: what is spiritual beingness, can it be lost; what is +R, can it be lost, can it be regained IF lost, etc. It will take a long time to adjust the accounting on these things. The pre-adjustment assumptions you see in the webseries still make sense, absent proof to the contrary; so will remain, until I have that proof.]

His reversal begs a lot of questions, though: so extensive reweaving of the 'threads' in this series will be needed with respect to any angelic parallels. I may have to do a second LordvSatan series based on the reversal, so that a reader can compare the changes between the two. Among the dozens of line items which might require a different 'reconciliation' (in the accounting sense of that term), a few should be mentioned now. For example, wouldn't any sins committed have to be atoned, lest "+R", (God's Own Righteousness) be judicially compromised? If Christ had to pay for our sins, how could any angel who sinned subsequently atone for his own?

    Since the obvious answer is, "not possible, that angels can pay for their own sin", then +R is not being paid for every sin. That to me is a big issue to resolve: atonement, being God-ward, is not the same as redemption. One possible answer to this MOST important question might be sourced in the very explicit Biblical teaching of Substitutionary Atonement, as well as the Substitutionary role of Blessing-By-Association, upon which ALL salvation and post-salvation covenants are based. So, not surprisingly, these doctrines are repeated over and over again in every conceivable way, Gen1:1 through the end of Revelation; so you'll find them as the underpinnings of this webseries, too.

    However, since redemption is not the same as judicial compensation due to +R for the loss, it is not necessarily true that +R was somehow shorted. The Christ's payment for this compensation due would not be classified as "Atonement..Redemption", but would have a different name: perhaps one not disclosed to us. For, there is no way God's Righteousness would ever be shorted. Father would never have planned it that way: Son would be shorted what He could give to Father, so would be hurt by Father, and Father would never do that; Spirit would be shorted some of the value He could make. For, God is Justice, and to be Justice, He must first be Just to Himself, even though as God He has no need to be paid. Justice is not based on need, but on what is Righteous. I haven't heard how my pastor newly covers this "However" issue, yet, so I'm just making an educated guess based on the doctrine I do know.

    Ergo: perhaps the valuation of the "opportunity cost" of each of US includes the opportunity cost of each one of Satan&Co. For, just as the Lord's Humanity is the Substitute for each one of us, so also each one of US is a substitute for each one of them. We replace them: there are a good many verses which would at least imply this, an easy one being the "stingy servant" parable, the guy who hid his master's talent in a 'napkin'. Thus, indirectly, the line items composing the summation of the opportunity cost of each of US would be valued to include juridical compensation for the sins of each demon we are to replace. The idea that the payment for sin is merely valued at the offense of the sin itself by the sinner himself, is definitely not a correct valuation, not even in secular affairs: there are many other components, too. Example: remember that the cost of sustaining us, of seeing all the destruction due to sin which non-free creation receives (viz., Rom8:18ff), that would have to be paid, too, under the line item of "maintenance cost". Since if we replace them, we are a replacement cost, there are at least two categories of costs: a) initial property, loss and damage versus best-perfect-use-revenue, capitalized; and b) replacement property, same categories as a). The sum of both becomes the true opportunity cost due the rightful owner/Plaintiff.

    Since obviously all true human justice concepts must be rooted and sourced in the Divine, it's plausible that opportunity cost be valued indirectly as well as directly: in fact, in accounting there is a concept known as "direct costing", to distinguish between "indirect" costs (like advertising, G&A, etc) from "direct costs" (which are directly associated with a unit of product, viz., the cost of the plastic needed to make the casing of a monitor unit). Moreover, a similar kind of valuation is even very common in human law: not only the destroyed property, but also the replacement property, is summed up and the sum (plus other legal owings like suffering costs, time loss, etc) becomes the compensation the plaintiff receives. God, here, would be the Plaintiff. All Three of Them.

    So, when you read the "opportunity cost" link section (in redbox at pagetop, 3rd row), you'd merely adjust the cost concept there upward for each demon a Church believer replaces. I say Church believer, because our spiritual life, as Part III will explain, is exactly the same as Our Christ's. By Divine Decree. Moreover, maybe only "Pleroma" believers -- the term is progressively explained in Parts III-V -- replace them. Further, it might be that replacement isn't a one-to-one ratio, though a verse in Corinthians (covered in Part V's Millennium sections) implies that it is. As I get a better understanding of the answers, I'll write more. Meanwhile, it's obvious that if our added substitutionary role is true, then our spiritual lives have an even far greater meaning than currently described in this series; so too the Divine discipline, if we aren't living in the Spirit on 1Jn's, God's, Script.

Also, I can partially reconcile how 'no salvation package' might be true, since a person can become so hardened to God, no salvation offer would 'help' him change his mind. As you'll see in Part V's "Lake of Fire" section, it's pretty obvious that even in Hell no one wants God. So for angels, maybe the first sin would require a negativity SO great, that they'd have said no to any subsequent salvation offer, anyway. (Imagine how hard it would be for an angel, who constantly sees Him as He is, to want to sin.) We see such hardness even in unbelieving humans, which is almost unfathomable, since it is so easy to believe in Christ (takes but a nanosecond); even believers can be recalcitrant unto death (1Jn5:16,capital punishment, not loss of salvation). So the person, whether angelic or human, is still responsible before God, as Romans 1-3 explain.

Assuming the reversal is true, and there is much logically to support it, the 'parallel' between the angelic story and man's, then, would instead be something like, the angels could only lose by sinning: defined as, to choose Satan's side, rather than God's; so is akin to our first faith in Christ. We can only lose by never believing in Christ. How is that 'parallel'? First, 'from the ease standpoint: it would be easy for an angel not to sin; it is easy to be saved, as a human; angels, because initially having Eternal life, obviously can't be 'saved' by getting it; man can only get Eternal Life by believing in Christ. Second, from the permanence standpoint: if angels had EL and they had to choose to go with Satan or God (Satan being the self-appointed savior, to 'save' them from what he billed out as God's tyranny) -- it would necessarily be a forever decision. Same is true, for one who believes in Christ. Can't undo it. Same is true (let's say) for the unbeliever, who if he never says yes, has voted a permanent "no". Again, these are but preliminary comments, about an answer which is the reverse of this webseries assumption about angelic salvation. [The tenor of my pastor's proof so far rests on extrapolation, yet the extrapolation itself rests on sound Biblical doctrines, like 'God being Perfect, would make the best first, and the "Best" would be most like Himself.' So if you take those known doctrines, and then read original-language Scripture verses like Heb1&2 (esp. 2:16), Col1:13-16, Rev20; so if you take those known doctrines, and then notice Scripture's omissions, like the fact that angels are never said to die in any way, nor to get redeemed; so if you take those known doctrines, and read so-called 'ambiguous' verses (like Heb2:2), you can see how this initial +EL creation interpretation has validity. Scripture communicates foundational doctrines largely in a sotto voce manner, to indicate that they are foundational. After all, the foundation on which a house rests is not usually visible! Corollaries or applications OF these foundational doctrines explicitly reference them, viz., the many analogies Scripture writers make to the Cross, to the nature of God, etc. in order to explain something else.]

In short, the reversal better accounts for Biblical finalities, doors of opportunity which remain open for awhile, but then close -- forever. Most importantly, the reversal stresses something we Christians all-too-frequently forget: God 'gets it right the first time': that is, He Does The Best, First. front-loaded. Why? Because eternity is forever. Of course, the reversal is also far more complex to explain: spiritual neophytes will have trouble understanding its many facets, and will feel doubt, discomfort, and -- distrust. Explaining the reversal requires Divine Calculus, but most Christians are still confused over Salvation's 1+1=2 dynamics of 'believe in Christ and you are permanently saved'. [True meaning of tense of sozw in Greek of Acts 16:31, probably the baldest verse on salvation in the Bible. Greek use of 'future' tense is not like the English; here, the aorist tense of believe, pisteuw, gives the Greek future of sozo, "to save", a Now And Forever meaning.] Assuming angels did sin and got salvation, then, is closer to the 1+1=2 basics, so that's what this webseries assumes. The "calculus" can be examined later.

Obviously, the true answers to all these questions depend on what exactly are the properties of "Eternal Life", "spirit", "God's Righteousness", "body life", "soul life", "redemption", etc., and whether such components differ due to the underlying nature of the being. Since the bulk of what is peddled as "Christianity" is at best baby-level teaching, just because we might not know these answers, doesn't mean they aren't in Scripture. Teachers usually cop out, claim something they are too lazy or untrained to teach is "inscrutable"; and students? Well, they mostly don't care: everyone just wants to hustle in works, feeling holy, and no one gives a flip about How God Really Is, and Why He Decides as He Does. It's appalling, the indifference: they care only about status, goodies, almost never about His Own Beingness -- well, except for titillation purposes. Kinda like the kids in high school who didn't want to learn anything, but wanted a good grade to show their parents and friends, so they only studied to "get by". And anyone who actually wanted to learn was branded a "nerd"! Whew. So the fact that these terms are abstruse to us reflects our disinterest, not God's 'inscrutability'; but that won't stop everyone from blaming teachers, Him, Bible!

    But God the Holy Spirit provides a lot of data, anyway. For example, Perfect Adam's spiritual life could die, and as a result his body did (Gen2:17 bluntly says so); clearly Adam didn't have EL, either. But if an angel has EL, can his spirit die? Did the angel have God's +R at the beginning, since he had EL? Neither of which, Adam had? So, as you see, the questions are many and important. However, one can vary the assumptions greatly, and still find the audit trail perfectly leads to the covenants given man in history, especially, that of the Church. So, these questions can be temporarily laid aside, for we do know from Scripture what these attributes are for US. So the webseries assumes that how these attributes are constructed (or lost, changed) for US, which we definitely know from Scripture, is how they are across-the-board (i.e., for angels, too). Later, the assumptions can be revised as needed.

For now, I'll keep on using the assumption throughout this webseries, that instead angels did not initially have Eternal Life at their simultaneous creation; that all did sin; that they all had a salvation package akin to our own which, if taken, resulted in their also acquiring Eternal Life; but 1/3 never believed in Him after the first sin. Such an assumption simplifies the explanation of what is without doubt true: the structure and function of the spiritual life for humans. Of course, I'll later correct my angelic-salvation assumption when I'm sure how to do so. If you're interested in knowing what tapes these are: 92 Spiritual Dynamics, Lessons 1563 et seq. Get at least the full monthly allotment of 20 tapes, then do it again the following month: because what seems to be a topic in the catalog often spills over into tapes beyond the catalog listing. (I listen to tapes sequentially, rather than topically, so I can better learn how an interpretation is derived.) My church never asks for money or rents out your name, so don't send any money and don't worry about being badgered 'someday'.
Click here for the site -- they might not take orders online, yet.

Meanwhile: whatever the answer truly is, surely the Holy Spirit knows what HE is doing, even if we do not. One is reminded of 1Cor2:15, here: "Who has known the thinking of the Lord, that we should instruct Him!?!" In short, there are alternative explanations which get to the same point -- the Angelic Appeal Trial; yet perhaps in different flavors from those sketched here, all of them gloriously justifiable. I'm dying to write out the alternatives, but must wait until I finish reviewing my pastor's exegesis on tape. In Fixes2.htm, the "clarify brown" bullets do have some added, preliminary raw notes on the reversal.

In the beginning of Man..the Garden

In this and the following sections, you might need a Bible to follow along. In order to focus on the flow of the Trial principles and God's Epic Design, I usually can't stop to review the Bible passages themselves for the sake of refreshing the reader's memory. Of course, this 'problem' means you can instead use 1Jn1:9, and "test" the analysis here against that Gorgeously Opulent Diamond of diamonds, the Bible itself. Heh. Cry all the way to the bank, baby (grin).

God always makes sense. Therefore the story of the Garden couple is a Deposition about a real event; not some allegory, not some magic story, etc. Human nature is very well explained in the story of the Garden couple, and the more you analyze it, the wiser and happier you'll become.

If you really wish to 'see' God, then note carefully how God balances everything He does. 'For example, the 'knowing' and 'not-knowing', in man's original creation, below. Structural characteristics (like these) reveal much about God. That's why the Bible's written style is, deftly! concisely! structure-intensive (i.e., OT/Gospel narratives/poetry and NT principle-building epistles). Even every 'particle' in the (original languages of the) Bible is balanced, to emphasize His Integrity, as a Structure, a Whole. So, these websites (Parts I-V) will repeatedly portray key patterns, structures, in an attempt to convey God's Intensive Integrity "Balance", in all He is and does. [For this reason, I'm forced to make certain assumptions, i.e., what Adam and Isha knew at their initial creation. Such assumptions provide a framework on which to depict the truths the Bible actually makes known. The assumptions, I'll have to fix later, both in this subsection and the next. I may also have to spend more time proving where I 'get' what's said here, for folks less-familiar with this part of Scripture, maybe. If you've any data which you think helps, please let me know!]

As we saw in Part I, Satan &Co. rejected Him. Hence, we exist. Let's go through man's creation categorically, rather than chronologically. God the Son first fully formed each body -- Adam's from the ground; the woman, from Adam's rib, as it were (a metaphor for making her completely "fit" him, which is discussed below). Then, He made them alive: He "breathed lives" into them. 'Just as He had created the angels with the same types of "lives". As a result, analogous to the angels at creation, Adam and the woman became tripartite: body (for rapport with physical creation), soul (for rapport with other souled creation), and spirit (for rapport with God). Adam and the woman thus had three types of life, two of which were terminable: the body life, and the spiritual life. The latter's death was the only way the body life could die: "dying[spiritually], you shall die[physically]". So, as long as they did not die to God, they could not die physically, either.

So, God's Script for them, was the same as His Script for the angels. 'The only difference? Adam and the woman were a lower order of creation, "human". 'Animals, but with an everlasting soul. (It was the same type of soul life as the angels had -- a critical point for interpreting Scripture, e.g., in Gen 6. 'Also critical, obviously, to the Trial's fairness.) Like the angels, the pair also had a sin-destructible spirit, except their spirits were human, since their bodies were human. (Note how body life and spiritual life keep on being interrelated, but soul life is independent.) So, because they had souls like the angels, the pair had inviolable free will. In sum, the pair's parallel attributes, parallel missing attributes, parallel knowings and not-knowings, together constituted a duplication of the pre-creation 'situation' of the angels. Yet, on a creature level Satan&Co. could sufficiently influence. So he had a level playing field with Almighty God, to make his arguments.

Moreover, God did a new thing: he created two sexes. (Angels are all male.) God thus set up the male-female structure, to tip the scales in Satan's favor. What would eventually contribute to the Fall was the fact that the pair were so tied up with each other, God was less important to them. In short, their association with each other became more important to them than their individual or collective association with God. This particular weakness becomes a major Trial argument at this time, but is not answered until the "Age" of the Church.

So, because of that associative pleasure, Adam came to love the woman more than he loved God. So, because of that pleasure, the woman was more interested in Adam than in God. It wasn't merely a body thing. The body signified the soul coalescence. Love, not merely copulation. Big difference. It created an intensity which made both extremely sensitive to each other on every level. As a result, something he did or didn't do disquieted her disproportionately over time; so, as a result, she was distracted, so came to distort what she knew about that Tree. So, as a result, Satan could tempt her. She knew very well it was Satan talking to her, as she had been binged! with full (balanced) knowledge at her creation. So her talking to that pet serpent tells us she had some desire for disassociation; that she was no longer happy in the marriage. (Christian couples, take note. Christian marriage harmony is a big Trial Evidence Test, in our "Now": see Eph5, Peter, Corinthians, Timothy. Search on "3C" in Part III for a summary of the Trial criteria in Christian marriage.)

The 'Fall': Magical, RELIGIOUS Transmutation Fantasy of 'Better Good'
only begets Dissociation

Study this section intensely, for all man's instincts will reflect both Adam's and the woman's, 'fall'. Think over the corollaries, look beneath the facts to the pattern the facts demonstrate. If you do, you will find that all you see in life will be 'redefined' and Scripture will be much clearer to you, as a consequence.

Underlying Divine Design Principles Evidenced by the Fall

Hence, religion is always Rebellion in a pious mask. My pastor has long taught that the First Temptation in man's history was a temptation of religion. Look: like Satan, the woman, via spiritual arrest in Love-development, came to want 'more' than God; 'more' than a perfect relationship with her husband -- she thought she'd get 'more', too, if she were as good as God. Ironic, huh? Just like the Most High? Heh, which all along was the DESIRE of the Most High? Yet without, apart from, min (Heb preposition for "apart from") the Most High?

Underlying Satan&Co. Strategy Evidenced by the Fall

Let's look at Genesis 3, to prove from Scripture what both the above text and Part I say about Satan's mindset; and, how he 'begot' that same mindset into humans, via the seduction of a better 'good', the goal of pride.

  1. Satan (via the serpent, she well knew) began to talk with her. (Mere animals don't tempt people to be jealous. Satan couldn't show himself fully, either, for that would have overwhelmed her, rather than her choosing to talk to him.)
  2. So, then: what does that tell you? 'That she was disquieted in her relationship with God and Adam. Else, why even want to talk to the one whom she already knew was 'the bad guy'? It's like flirting. Note further: the conversation lasted over some long time: Hebrew makes this succinctly clear, English does not. Hebrew style also summarizes the gist of the conversation, here.
  3. So what Satan says in this passage had been a long conversation over some days, months, years.
  4. Clearly, then, she enjoyed what he'd been saying! Oh, what a nice conversation. The devil, through the serpent, pretends to observe, to seek her knowledge. Wow. Flirt, baby, flirt. What a nice voice he has. What a nice tone to his words. Nice nice nice.
  5. Ahhh, but he does a lot more than speak sweetly: he insinuates that God prohibits eating from ALL trees. Not a nice way to ask, is it? Moreover, he uses "Elohim", a plural 'last name' of God (translated simply "God" in English), rather than "Jehovah Elohim", [first-and-last-name, but no "ben" (son of), because Godness isn't begotten] -- which is extremely disrespectful. English has a similar usage: the nasty custom of using someone's last name as an epithet: as if the person were just a member of a group, not an individual. "Elohim" in God's Name stresses His Essence, not His Personhood. So Satan's making God into just a collection of properties, de-personalizing Him: "Hey, 'Cheese!" [Satan's doing much the same thing here. Really really nasty. Sotto voce, of course.]

  6. So how does she reply to her Creator being so maligned? Not, "Shame on you for accusing God", but she repeats! his "Elohim" epithet! and then answers the (alleged) question about the prohibition. Well, she doesn't answer the 'question' properly, either. If you look back at Genesis 2:17, you'll notice that God never said "neither shall you touch it" about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. She interprets the information incorrectly, which shows she was focused more on the prohibition's body-meaning (physical death) than on its spiritual meaning (loss of relationship with God). Aha. So again we see that the spiritual life with God wasn't as important to her as her physical life.

      What she knew she valued; what she didn't know she valued. She valued knowing her physical life as more important than her spiritual life, for she ASSOCIATED the prohibition more with physical death than with spiritual death. In short, she valued physical life more, and thus, though perfect, values an untruth; and thus, accords that untruth on par with the truth. So, is open to all untruth. Like, magic. A magic property of a fruit to physically make her as smart as God, even, what ho!

  7. Satan's got her, now. To her, the Tree was some kind of physical poison. She doesn't think about the spiritual poison, and so when she recounts the prohibition, she 'spins' it. Unknowingly. Uncaringly.
  8. So, all Satan needs to do is counter that she will not physically die, since that is in fact the truth (well, she won't die right away, heh).

      Satan's Continuing Legal Gaming Key ==> You really should look up Gen3:3-4 in the Hebrew, and compare it to Gen2:17's muth-tamuth. Notice how SHE misstates the Gen2 prohibition, but Satan does not. The dual dying, first spiritual then physical, of Gen2:17's Hebrew is repeated by Satan, to her face, correcting her misstatement of the prohibition. See how Satan uses God's real words, then denies their validity, so the woman has no excuse for her 'no' to God: Satan, ever the lawyer, did his own 'due diligence' and reminded her of God's Own Words. So she, not Satan, is responsible for her sin. Doesn't matter that he tempted her: he gave her blatant proof of his own intent, and blatant warning of God's real words. Satan blatantly follows the exact same procedure on us every day, 24/7, and like the woman, we say 'no' to God anyway.

  9. That's why he responds as he does, with his religious pitch! Oh no, she won't 'die'. God's lying to her. Oh no -- instead this tree has a magical property of conveying KNOWLEDGE if its fruit is eaten. So, God's afraid that if she eats from that tree she'll be as smart as He is! Let's look at this heart of "religion", the valuation system Satan thus transmits to TRANSMUTE her (and us).
    • Isn't this Tree prohibited, because knowledge is power? After all, hasn't "Elohim" come to teach knowledge daily? Therefore,
    • Knowing more makes one more powerful, hence better, than knowing less. Therefore,
    • Knowing less makes one weaker, more vulnerable, worse, less beautiful. Therefore,
    • Isn't Authority for power-over, rather than love? And isn't the object of love to be power? After all, isn't that why "Elohim" should have the greater Authority, because "Elohim" would know more, and that is why everyone should love "Elohim" more than self? Therefore,
    • Isn't "Love", subservience, a weakness (her weakness), due to knowing less? Therefore,
    • Isn't the Relationship with "Elohim" really one of power-over, dominance? Therefore,
    • Isn't Power, not Love, "Elohim's" motive in being with her? Therefore,
    • Isn't it true that "Elohim" only keep power over her because "Elohim" know more than she does? Therefore,
    • Mustn't "Elohim" prohibit eating from the Tree as a test of power, not love? Therefore,
    • Isn't it true that "Elohim" prohibit eating from the Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil to withhold value from her (value of knowing more)? Therefore,
    • Isn't it true that the "Elohim" are lying and cheating? Therefore,
    • Isn't it true that the "Elohim" are jealous and afraid? Therefore,
    • If she eats from that Tree (and Adam, too), then isn't it true that they will be as good as "Elohim" (and won't need Them anymore)? Isn't it true, then, that they will TRANSMUTE and become JUST LIKE GOD?

    Notice how all these arguments are patently insane. After all, if the tree really did have 'knowledge', then why did the Lord come in the 'breeze' of every day, to teach them? After all, if God really was sooooo afraid of them knowing as much as Him, why provide the tree in the first place? After all, since when did a piece of inanimate fruit, for crying out loud, convey knowledge? And especially, Divine Knowledge? What, is God no more than a piece of fruit, that divinity is so easily obtained? Then again, insanity sounds good to dissatisfaction. To iconoclasm. Satan's own thought pattern was that Tree. He himself beguiled himself through these same bullet points, killing his own love for God via his own extensive self-flattery and seduction.

    RELIGION EQUALS INSANITY KEY ==> All religious ideas are kooky and slapstick. Only a soul insanely preoccupied over authority can 'buy' them. Even, while still perfect, insane preoccupation can occur. Sin thus follows, to 'relieve' the preoccupation. Making it thus ever worse!

  10. Notice how neither Isha nor Adam ever say, "Gee, how is some fruit, lol, gonna make US as smart as God! Screw you, Satan!" See how far gone they are, to even listen to the argument at all? And why are they so far gone? Ohhhh because it's attractive to compete with God. Yeah, and a set cannot contain itself, but who remembers that little ol' first law of math, that bigger/better attributes can never come from smaller/inferior ones? [Nerd note: temptation doesn't become sin until you decide "Yes" on the temptation. Here, to eat the fruit. So yes, they were far gone, crazy with temptation, even -- but still hadn't yet sinned until each one ate the fruit. That other sins may have preceded this one can be argued either yes or no -- in any event, temptation will drive one crazy, as well. Man cannot function on his own: either you use God's Power, or Satan's. No middle ground.]

  11. So, Isha 'ate' Satan's arguments, too; so she ate that fruit; so she transmuted, alright! She became just like Satan, rather than just like God. So, "eating" to her had become an act of DISassociation, rather than associative fellowship with God. 'Just like Satan. Note how the 'middle', "eating", reverses its meaning in the soul. 'From fellowship, to rebellion. Same fact, but an opposite orientation now is associated with that same fact: ME-NESS. Hence is born all politics: where content is but a servant to make the 'me', great.

      Corollary to Your Real Life Key ==> Listen to conversations for the emphasis on who says what, rather than content itself. It's no longer what is true, but who says it's true that matters. This, because ego gets gratified by citing an expert, never mind whether the content makes any sense whatsoever. Self-importance is so vile a disease, due to the 'fall', that all truth is subordinated to serving ego-gratification. So, if someone tells you something, your first instinct is to bristle. That's the sin nature: it wants to claim its own authorship, lol. Just like the temptation to eat the so-called forbidden fruit, unless self gets some kind of gratification from the telling, i.e., oh, an expert says so and if I agree I too am like that expert, the actual information is deemed meaningless. Alternatively, notice how people don't want to agree with what you tell them, because if they agree, they consider that they benefit you: as if what you say, had no value apart from their approval. Never mind that a thing is good or bad of its own. Never mind that a person saying a truth is not better for having simply said it; never mind that Truth is True and Good no matter who says it, so no credentials are needed to warrant the saying. So if a drunk accurately says the Gospel, the mouth used 'makes' the true information, despised. Watch, listen, see for yourself. This is why governmental policies can never work: people are more interested in what kudos they get, than if the idea is really beneficial for the nation. So they buy or sell an idea to get kudos, not because of any innate value in the idea: any innate value is but used to get kudos. So, the policy goal is never accomplished. It's all hypocrisy. Politics is just ego-struggle, never more.

  12. Adam was right there when Isha took that fruit. Adam knew what he was doing. Adam had long known of this 'pet'. Adam didn't USE his authority over the serpent, nor over the woman to warn or stop her (cf. Gen3:17). In short, he let his love get in the way of his Love for Righteousness, and thus is responsible for causing harm to her, even though she was the first one who sinned. Adam, loving her deeply, loving her even more than he loved God (in the name of husbanding her!), not wanting to lose her, ate also. So, the Garden "covenant" was also broken.

      Adam's sin was also a better 'good', and worse than the woman's: he chose the better 'good' of siding with her, over and against siding with God's Rule. Just like Satan had: in the name of "good".

However, unlike Satan & Co., Adam and the woman did not want to divorce God.
Underlying Soul Damage Evidenced by the Fall

Next, let's review sin's damage before salvation, to see key, Trial-related, 'pathological' effects of sin.

Integrity means 'integrated with God'.

Here it's really important to distinguish between the indestructible properties of the soul, and the trashing which occurs in the soul.
Underlying Soul Damage is at Root, a Genetic urge of "Dissociation"

So goes our genetically-dysfunctional 'reasoning': in psychiatry, this pattern would likely be called "dissociation". The term is reserved for mental illness diagnostics, but from the Fall forward, the genes actually possess the malady. We all have it. Just as every human being has certain proclivities to physical illness (i.e., we all have potential cancers in our genetic makeup), more fundamentally, we all inherited a dissociative predisposition at the Fall. What psychiatry classifies as "defense mechanisms" are actually the fallout urges from Adam's Original Sin: denial, projection, compensation, sublimation, rationalization/intellectualization being the five most common. They are mindless urges and target especially to "God" anywhere in the conceptual vicinity. So the weird sense of defeat or weakness or nervousness people have when believing in the Real God, thinking about the Real God or hearing about God -- is all GENETIC, a kind of 'race memory' going back to the Fall. And the behavior of this race memory is just like the classical symptoms of dissociation.

In psychiatry, an integrated personality is the key to mental health. So, if the personality fractures, it loses integration, and the person becomes (to some degree) mentally ill. "Dissociation" is a personality-fracture malady. It is characterized by a fracturing fragment operating independent of volition. This fragment is an associative/ baptising/ bonding/ 'hypostatic' reflex, often occurring totally apart from the person's awareness. What happens, is this: the dissociation occurred due to what psychiatry calls a "triggering event". Say, a parent threw an electric iron at you. You were so traumatized by the shock of your parent doing something like that, you deep-sixed the memory. Your parent and the iron are now bonded to the event. What you can't admit, though, is that your parent did this to you. Even if, you thereafter are angry/ afraid/ whatever against your parent, the iron is what bears the brunt of the 'bad' association. So, next time you see an electric iron, you have an involuntary fear or revulsion at the sight. You won't touch it. If forced to iron something, you feel terrible the whole time. You don't know why. You will invent all kinds of rationalizations/ intellectualizations, to justify not seeing, touching, being around that iron. And, will likely not know why. Even if you come to remember why, you will still feel that way. It's an Energizer Bunny, playing over and over and over in a vain attempt to rid you of the memory. [If you are under my pastor, he spent an entire series explaining "dissociation", 1991 Israel. It focused on how the Exodus generation were wacko, to explain the sin nature. "Dissociation" was a term invented by Dr. Emil Janet, a contemporary of Sigmund Freud's, though Janet was not a psychiatrist. Janet was trying to find organic causes for mental illness, and really Adam's original sin produced the organic sin nature, so Janet was essentially right as to the real cause. Technically the interaction between soul and sin nature results in a variety of mental illnesses, some chronic and severe. But we are all at least a little mentally ill at one time or another, and the essential sin nature's drives to which we succumb, makes mental illness a virus in the soul. Only getting in and staying in God's System, will properly treat the malady. GodSystem.htm explains God's System. Link is at pagetop, upper left corner.]

So, "dissociation" is a perfect description of how Adam's disassociation from God affected our genetics, our brains. For, on the topic of "God", Adam rebelled, hence dissociated, hence any "God" idea in humankind generates the exact same reflex hostility and intellectualization as is observed in Adam after his fall. Couple that with the natural genetic variation and volitional variation among humans, and you can readily see why so many goofy ideas of God prevail among Christians and non-Christians alike, since Adam's fall. For example, that's why we are so stuck on "works" (guilt reflex, need to atone). That's why we get soooo self-righteous, even about how our hair looks (compensation, denial, projection, many layered defense mechanisms). That's why we feel so queasy about "faith" (again, guilt reflex, but added to by the other defense mechanisms). Why it's such a traumatic thing to initially believe in Christ (sense of surrender, reliving the dissociating experience). Why man can even become mentally ill. Psychiatrists have long mused over genetic bases for mental illnesses. Well, here it is. ["Spiritual Pathology", link at the top of this page, explains further why this genetic urge is "dissociative".]

Underlying Soul Damage is at Root, a kind of Soul FISSION, not a loss of Free Will

If you know anything about derivatives in atomic physics, you can see why this anti-God reflex is so undefeatable. If you know nothing about physics, you still probably remember hearing, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Well, negative volition reacts against Infinity, so it's the power of Infinity, not the power of the reaction itself, which is greater than the reactor itself. Hence, a mating contact between the reaction and the object (Infinity) occurred, even though the mating is negative (separatist). So, the resultant power of the reaction, being derived from the power of what it reacted TO, will henceforth be forever ongoing; and it will be stronger than the reactor itself (Satan's volition, man's volition): only death ends the reaction. Fortunately for us, God knows what He was doing when He created the immortal soul in a mortal body; for the effect of Adam's sin is on the body (hence the word "flesh" in Bible denotes the sin nature). The body, happily, dies. Taking that horrible reactive reflex, with it.

Preview of coming attractions: For Church, the amount of Divine FUSION Power is unique, as it derives from the spiritual life the Lord's Humanity invented during the First Advent, as you'll eventually see if you keep reading this webseries. So, only the steps in Part I's "1 John's Outline of God's Script" can reduce and eventually cure you of the Adam-originated reflex: theme of Rom5-8. "Cure" doesn't mean ending the genetic dissociative disease. Rather, "Cure" means "preservative", like in curing meat: you slow down deterioriation with the "salt" of learning His Thinking ('covered in detail, in Part III). If you don't get with and stick with the spiritual life, however, your life becomes "dipsuchos" (term in James 1, literally "split-souled"), schizophrenic. You will eventually live a fantasy life, though to others around you who are doing the same, you'll seem 'normal'. [A great movie illustrating what "schizophrenia" is like, is "A Beautiful Mind", starring Russell Crowe.] Frankly, we all start out kinda schizophrenic. Much of the mind-repair which the spiritual life effects is to rid us of our fantasy ideas related to the topic of God: works, righteousness, good, etc.

So the sin-nature reflex urge beats endlessly, powerless to stop, a mindless urge we mistake for a valid desire -- and cave into. Here's how the reflex urge functions, and how it mutates in the life.

Sin's Fissioning "Dissociation" Transmutes life with God into a Caricature-Dungheap of "good"

Because the Person of God was rejected, Perfection was removed and life became shattered, hollow, small. What's left? A MEANINGLESS life, a sound-byte life, cutting out all 'letters' except "ME". So the brain dissociatively tries to get the rest of "MEANING" back! So, whether in the soul or still mindlessly beating at the soul from the brain, this self-absorbed, loveless! brain-urge plays all the following 'software programs' together, hacking for the right 'password' into the 'system':

  • Me-be-god: MEANNESS. Pride. Look at ME. My-characteristics-SHOULD be special, better-than-others, and that makes 'ME' happy. So: I-decide, I-should-judge, I-should-control, I'm-RIGHT, I-have-RIGHTS. Merit-Me. Merit-Me. Merit-Me. 'Original Sin, creator/cause of the dissociative reflex. If we analogize the reflex to 'being' a 'body' itself, the reflex 'body' is run by Pride; so Pride is the brain-of-the-brain-reflex, post-Fall.
  • Me-get-better-good: MANIPULATE. I'm-owed, I've-earned, more-makes-right, don't-settle (don't be content!), improve improve improve. 'Nervous system of the dissociative reflex, post-Fall.
  • Me-be-good: MARTYR. The "kernel of truth" that once perfection existed; now, corrupted by the irrational 'conclusion' that if "I'm good" I can recapture that former state. 'Self-judgement, in the merit-improve 'loop'. 'Heart (cardiovascular system) of the dissociative reflex.
  • Me-do-good: MORTGAGE. 'Trying to make the recapture work. Ergo, I-must-work; I-must-earn; I-achieve-good-if-I-"do"-something with my body, since it's the body which caused the problem in the first place ('a dissociative accusation, since the soul sinned and corrupted the body). 'Digestive system of the dissociative reflex: ergo the need to be running all the time.
  • You-do-good: MANAGE. Defense mechanism of "projection". What's true of 'me' is dissociatively ascribed to 'you', so 'I'm' no longer 'guilty' of failing to be 'good'. The reflex's 'lungs' (pulmonary system: COPD-afflicted).
  • You-be-god. MASSACRE. 'Reflex's reproduction system. The "you-be-god" program thus has two 'subroutines' which run in tandem: a) to find God, regain that happiness, and b) less nobly, 'you-be-god responsible to please me'. So 'you' have to be idolized/iconized, live up to 'my' expectations. So if 'you' fail even the tiniest bit, 'I' become iconoclastic, thus 'punishing you'. 'Iconoclasm, thus bitterness, resentment, discontent with 'you' leads back to 'Me-be-god', because 'you' failed to be 'god', and thus 'I' must be 'god', after all. So the cycle begins anew, from 'Me-be-god'.
Thus the shattered soul runs its subterranean subroutines, fighting for survival. 'Like Anthony Perkins did with his 'mother', in the movie "Psycho". This, because we are guilty of (attempted) 'regicide', like Lady MacBeth. So, we keep washing our hands, compulsively: be nice, be good, get good, improve, merit-me, merit-you. Over and over and over. The urge can't stop playing, like the proverbial "Energizer Bunny". Notice how, Because it mutated from originally-perfect attitudes, it mimics true motives, so that one truly cannot see the hidden self-promotion drive.

Now, watch what was the original structure, to see how subtle is the problem we face. Our erstwhile, God-designed, true motives were noblesse oblige, the idea of loving Righteousness so much, one gives one's all TO Righteousness. 'Self' is not in view, except as a sort of grateful 'tool'. Rather, ruling/giving is for its own sake. It's a very humbling exercise, as one is looking outward, not inward. For that same reason, it is also Extremely Gratifying to be able to give. For its own sake. An Outlet, a Release of Love.

So, Adam got this experience, as Ruler of the World, which is why having 'someone to call his own' became so important to him. The design was God's way of giving Adam a basis for rapport, to understand God's Own Desire for "sons", God's Own Satisfaction in creation -- and hence, to share the same joy with God. So, the 'original' design went thus:

  • 'me be god' used to be recognition of God's Desire for "sons", valuing the PURPOSE of growing in Love to 'godhood': to enjoy Him on a higher level.
  • 'me get better good' used to be recognition of the POTENTIAL to grow in Love -- "from glory to glory", as Paul would later exult (2Cor3:18). God's Design, therefore: the expansion of perfection, via the added 'sphere' of Love. To have more Rapport!
  • 'me be good' was the PROSPERITY of the 'current' glory: being with God. It's good to BE a "me", because the "me" gets to be with God. It's a glory to be alive, because "me" gets to See God Now. So:
  • 'You be God' used to be PREFERRING HIM: "aggressive devotion" (my pastor's term). The glory of ruling illustrated Him, gave Adam (and the woman) a way to appreciate what it was like to be higher, Love so much. So, by means of ruling the rest of creation, they could learn how much God loved them. Growth in Love: Rapport.
  • 'You be God' also used to be PROMOTING HIM: "responsive respect" (my pastor's term). The glory of being ruled also illustrated Him, gave Adam (and the woman) a way to enjoy the sanctity of 'marriage' with God. Free. Safe. Uninhibited. It was the Inequality which enhanced all relationships, exploited the enjoyment for all: higher AND lower, alike. [Cf. Ephesians 5, 1Cor13, Romans 5-8.]

Notice how, in all of these used-to-be's, the Most High Was First, always. Enjoyably. Because, He's Absolutely Gorgeous. Totally Engrossing. Everything else, so what? If you are busy loving, self-merit doesn't even occur to you. So, were Perfect Adam here now on earth, he'd find our depraved-urge mutation weird: "What? Why do people go on and on about themselves? Whatever for?" So, he'd scratch his head. Imagine, then, how the Last Adam felt, Who by contrast knew quite well what the mutation really meant.

See the insidious mutation sin created? 'Self' replaced the Most High, so these same motives are now empty, frustrating, hideous. Not good, that man should be alone, looking only in a mirror for his satisfaction. But what else can the depraved brain do? It's been given contradicting directives by the soul: you-be-god (find-my-love), and me-be-god. So, the love-object has to be 'god', right? And, thus: 'me'. See? The brain can't help but BE in a dissociative 'loop'. The depraved urge can only be self-focused, and 'god' can only be used to justify self. That's how Satan lives. No wonder he wanted to unload the kingdoms of the world onto Christ. Imagine how horrible God would 'feel' if He lived under such self-justifying tyranny!

So, the depraved urge always results in frustration, since self-justification is -- well, boring. (Don't we all get bored listening to someone else preen?) 'Righteousness' mutates into a monstrous 'rightness'. Everywhere. All one has to do is talk to someone, turn on television, or 'the VCR. No wonder we feel tired. No wonder we sublimate (another defense mechanism) into 'gross' sins. And, into 'good'. Escape! That's what we keep trying to do! Escape this tyranny! [That's why 'hell' is not due to being bad, but due to man needing that much (painful) communication, so he can admit he needs God, and get out of this hideous self-loop. By the time you've read through to the end of Part V, you should be able to prove the foregoing statement true. Christians generally believe that hell is imposed by God, and that there is no way out of it. I don't find a single verse which says that a person in hell can't repent. Luke 16 shows the mental attitude, which is covered in Part V. So, since Adam could repent at his fall, since the Trial is still continuing (Satan&Co. are not in the Lake of Fire), even though the sentence is passed, there must be time to change one's mind. Furthermore, since Christ did pay for everyone, wouldn't a person in hell -- assuming he would ever change his mind -- wouldn't such a person get pulled out of there by God if he too repented? Is God inconsistent? Part V will cover this issue in more detail.]

Is there any good news, then? Happily, "yes". The urge only gets into the soul by means of volition agreeing to the urge. So, only one's own volition can make his soul "depraved" -- gradually, with each "yes" to the dissociative, genetic urge. In short, it doesn't matter that we inherit this urge from Adam's "fall." Of course, we all give into its insisting, never-ending push-pull, but at least we can (and routinely do) say no to it: even, if only to eat or sleep. Thank God for body needs, eh? Thank God for Bible Doctrine, which will truly free us from this stupid, relentless urge! Bible Doctrine can 'run down' the Energizer Bunny!

Well, where are we? Here: it seems as though Satan wins Round One of the Trial, because Adam and the woman both sin for exactly the same reason as Satan& Co. sinned -- they preferred something to God.

  1. The woman preferred the unknown Tree knowledge.
  2. Adam preferred the woman.
  3. Was knowledge, wrong? Was loving his wife, wrong? No.
  4. The CONQUERING preference was the wrong.
  5. They didn't grow up enough in Love for God, to set boundaries on their other preferences.
  6. Like a ship which can't dock in a safe harbor when the storm (of competing wants) hits, they became "shipwrecked", to use an NT keyword for this problem.
  7. They spiritually arrested, just as Satan had.
  8. So, they lacked the Love of God to steer them safely into port.
  9. As a consequence, their love for each other tanked. So when queried after the Fall, they fall to accusing first God, and then each other. Love doesn't accuse. Hatred does. Welcome to the human race.

  10. Their smaller stature (being merely human, not angelic) did not help prevent sin.
  11. Likewise, their smaller stature did not prevent them from being able to have a full relationship with God.
  12. So, their sin proves God's way of making the angels was not faulty, but rather, just another way to be free.
  13. Sin is not the issue. Failure is not the issue. Creature ability is not the issue. Not even being perfect is the issue. What 'help' was perfection, anyway? It didn't stop sin.
  14. So, how rational is it to claim one can 'count' with Him ever, at all?
  15. God's reply to Satan: 'You proved the Son right, even though you effectively caused the pair to sin.' Satan of course, disagrees.

  16. Wanting God in preference to whatever-else is the issue, God replies. So to avoid the desolation of loneliness, which sin creates.
  17. If the other wants don't "dock" like boats in the Harbor of Love-for-God, the person self-destructs.
  18. All the 'good' he does is trash, because it is in preference to God.
  19. So, man has cursed himself.
  20. So, the Trial will show just how this self-cursing increases, due to 'good'. As it says in Romans, the more one does 'good', the more he goes into the hole of debt. That is what God will keep on demonstrating, from this point forward. [Romans 4:5 is a pun on works producing "debt". Unfortunately, English translations don't idiomatically translate. (The keen English reader can tell that Paul's pointing out Rom4:6, faith, as the better answer, just the same.) Paul's saying that works have a reflexive result of making one go further in debt: that the one who works thinks he's earning something, but instead is reflexively only earning more "debt". It's very funny -- were it not also so tragic. At the Great White Throne Judgment, unbelievers will be judged negatively for their works: "and the Books of Works were opened". So, the more works, the bigger the judgment. So, their "debt" reflexively returns to them, just as Paul notes here in Romans 4:5.]

The 'Fall': Cursing-by-Association, but also Blessing-by-Association

How can God best make this demonstration, so we can find His Love port?

The FIRST Thing God does due to man's Fall is Sheer Divine Wit: He condemns man to "work".
Which also means, He grants man Time to realize the fact he needs God.

See His Humor? "Work" was what the pair tried to do with the fig leaves, since "earn" is their new, sin-stained, replacement mindset, in lieu of Love, Righteousness, God. So, as is typical of Him, He 'condemns' them to have what they chose, which is yet another way to say He always Insures Freedom. Here, freedom to have the consequences of a bad decision. The Garden was a place beyond improvement: no work. Don't work! Works don't work. Hence by condemning man to his naturally consequent, figleaf mentality, God graciously supplies the way for Sisyphean man to see that his works, don't work!

Of course we need Time to exist, so we can come to realize from all our huffing and puffing, that we are helpless. So God grants Time, too. Time is a Gift, not an automatic thing. In fact, He orchestrates time in 1050-year increments, contingent on us wanting to know Him. These time grants are personally awarded and measured by believers who super-mature by set historical deadlines measured from Adam's fall forward. #6 "Abraham-Moses" link section here in Part II, and Part IV will cover God's Orchestration of Time in greater detail; but for a quick overview on His Construct of time,
click here for GodsOriginalDeadlines.htm. It's narrow, so you can view this webpage and the deadlines side by side on a common wide flat-panel monitor.

The SECOND Witty Thing God does due to man's Fall: He CONDEMNS the human body's dissociative genetics.

Thus, Cursing-By-Association: man is now born in totally-depraved bodies with no human spirit, and thus no way to know God.

  1. Adam, not the woman, is the one whose sin is the judicial link here. Adam sinned with full cognizance -- unlike the woman, who "was deceived", as Paul explained to Timothy. (She had a self-deceived idea of what eating that fruit meant.)
  2. So "in Adam all die, in Christ shall all be made alive", and the use of the constantive aorist in Romans 5:12, to show that "all sinned WHEN Adam sinned."
  3. In short, the human body at birth would be judicially imputed with Adam's Original Sin, as that is the cause of the body's depravity.
  4. We know it's the body which is depraved, not the soul, since the soul is immaterial and can't be propagated; since God, Who is Perfect, creates each soul individually and imputes it as the fetus exits the womb (all the "mi rechem" and "mi beten" verses, for example).
  5. So it's a GENETIC condemnation and a real imputation, for the body is real, and Adam's Original Sin is what caused it to become corrupt.

This of course ALSO means that No Human Life Can Be In A Womb, Since God Would then Be Guilty of Miscarriage-of-Justice (and thus of physical miscarriage, as well). See, it matters a whole bunch to know what Bible says in the God-breathed, original-language texts -- so one doesn't accuse God of being guilty via the common 'prolife' blasphemy against Him.
  1. For Adam's sin is in the genes,
  2. so until those genes BIRTH something on which God must rule,
  3. God would be interferring with the free results of sin.
  4. Even, the 'sin' of mindless corpuscles, reproducing.
  5. So no soul can ever be in a womb, hence a fetus is NOT a legal person -- see Exo21:22 -- because what is NOT alive, has NO judicial relevance.
  6. Only when the fetus EXITS the womb does it become necessary to rule on whether a soul should be imputed to it -- and that, is God's Sovereign Decision.
  7. For the soul is God's creation, alone.
  8. Materiality never begets immateriality, however much man (evolutionists, or even demons) might fancy such magical power.
  9. Psalm 139:11-17 says all this only in God-breathed, original-language texts: David is astounded that God ruled to MAKE David a human being at birth. Unfortunately, the translations of the passage are lies, period. No kind way to talk about the translations, sorry: lying is the only accurate description, once you compare the original-language texts. See NoWombLife.htm for the proof: search on "Don't Abort My Word", which is a table providing exegesis and a corrected translation. Spend time on exegeting the passage yourself, if the abortion issue troubles you. It's positively sickening how this most-important proof of salvation's judicial structure, is masked by petty religious people with political agendas. If you don't know there's no soul life in the womb, then you cannot prove why the Cross works to save us. Satan isn't stupid: he knows that to crusade on abortion, aborts understanding of the Cross!

This of course ALSO means no baby can go to hell, for Christ died for ALL mankind -- and even a newborn is imputed with at least one "sin" due to his birth, Adam's. As a result, this condemnation, blesses; no gerrymandering of life, so all retain their free, non-seduced, natural properties. So also -- get this -- the woman's collateral "work" punishment, childbearing, was constructed to result in one perfect moment: meiosis. Hence the salvation covenant could be realized. For during meiosis, the Adam-sin chromosomes split off, so a Virgin Pregnancy could result in a PERFECT body exiting the womb. Hence there could be a Christ. [Two corollaries: a) now you can understand why the angels tried to corrupt the human gene pool, in Genesis 6. b) Mary was born from two human parents, so could not be sinless. Only Christ was parthenogenetically-created, by God. Why Catholics think they must make her sinless is senseless. Why 'perpetual virginity' is deemed the paragon of sinlessness is likewise crass senselessness, and indeed, self-contradictory. Did not God create sex? Was she not married to Joseph? Since the creation of the woman, It's been a sin to refuse sex with your husband: and vice versa. What about Gen1:28,2:24? And Onan's refusal to have sex, masturbating instead? God executed him refusing to have sex (Gen38:8-10). What about 1Cor7:2-5? So to say she was sinless, yet remained a virgin after His Birth -- that would be a sin! Moreover, doesn't Catholicism deem it a sin to use birth control? So, sex is mandated, to have kids? So, doesn't that make Mary anti-Catholic? Do Catholic teachers' brains ever turn on? Of course not. They are under the same blindness as the rest of the human race: it just shows up, here. Satan didn't like the fact he couldn't wipe out Mary's faith, which he needed to do to prevent the last eligible member of the Royal Davidic line (Mary) from bearing a Messiah. So he later 'gets even' with her, for preferring God: he gradually trashes her, by forging, from tenets in the phallic cult, garbage like "perpetual virginity". Satan's not stupid. He knows that anything connected with the word "sex" really hooks the human race, just as sex hooked Adam and the woman so much, they too forgot about God. So, Satan laughs at our blindness. And gets his revenge, so he thinks, on Mary. For, to know she was not sinless, to know she did not refuse sex after His Birth -- emphasizes her great faith! Thus Catholicism unwittingly degrades the very woman it means to laud, and Catholics are denied seeing the glory of one "blessed among women". Imagine, knowing you are the last person alive who can bear the promised Messiah. Imagine, knowing that your own dynastic bloodline is so persecuted, you are the last person left in it? For Joseph could not carry the royal inheritance, due to Jeconiah's curse. Imagine, the shock of being responsible to train the One Human Who'd save the world? Could you live with these awesome burdens? She must have had huge amounts of Doctrine! What a woman! What a couple! What a great power Bible Doctrine is, so loving, so protecting, so glorifying of the very Lord whose Thinking it is! The Word!]

So, free will always receives the consequences of its own decisions, just as God's Free Will does. No matter why the decision was made. No matter the ignorance, the cognizance, no matter how deceived. One chose, so one gets the consequence of that choice. For better, or for worse. So, Adam and the woman immediately became genetically depraved as a result of their sins (it was a natural result). So also, their procreation would be genetically depraved. The consequence was physical corruption, just as God promised when He said in Hebrew of Genesis 2:17, "dying [spiritually], you will die [physically]." (English Bibles incorrectly translate Hebrew moth-tamuth as "thou shalt surely die." That Hebrew legal phrase is used often in the OT, to explain the two deaths Christ will suffer on the Cross. For example, Isaiah references both deaths in Hebrew of Isa53:9, bemotayw clause.)

God's genetic Condemnation meant that He would no longer make man's body directly, lest the free consequence of Adam's free decision be tyrannically overridden. So, God waits until biological life exits the womb, and then imputes the soul to that body. Thus, God has not compromised what He makes, for the soul is Perfect, just as everything God makes is Perfect. He doesn't impute the soul to an incomplete body, because that is wrong: an incomplete body would be imbalanced relative to the COMPLETE soul. Just as He didn't breathe "lives" into Adam (and the woman) until the body was first fully formed, Gen 2:7. Here's why.

Important Trial Principle: The sine qua non of Perfection, is BALANCE.

Satan's entire argument rests on what's considered "good", but God's entire argument is based on what's PERFECT, which means PERFECTLY BALANCED. Absent Balance, not even God would be God. All The Attributes In An Entity Must Be BALANCED, Or There Is Zero Integrity To The Resultant Structure. Integrity, in turn, MEDIATES Balance. So, absent Balance in Integrity, any "mediation" is unbalanced, as well. Destruction results, in that case. The essence of sin, is Imbalance. So:

  1. ABSOLUTE and therefore Holy, Balanced God Never Makes An Imperfect Thing Or Person -- 'key issue, in the Trial.

  2. What's immaterial (soul, spirit), only God can make. So also, only God can remake (viz., at salvation). Man can't make immateriality from his own nature. (Trial issue: Neither can the angels.) Immateriality must be BALANCED to materiality at all times. That is why sin destroys. It removes the "spirit", an essential component of immateriality, so the being is no longer complete. So, only God can remake the self-imploded being (viz., save him). To do this, man must henceforth be born. The human spirit cannot be made until the person believes in Christ. So, to preserve balance, only the soul can be imputed, which alone makes one human. (Trial parallel: Satan&Co. can't make man 'good enough' to win the Trial, no matter how they empower man's body, e.g., by thought transmission or possession. This disclosure, like all others, is kindness, so they can avoid the frustration God foreknows they'll have if they don't give up and 'repent'.)

  3. So -- especially since Satan's always arguing partialities -- What God makes, what God wants, must be COMPLETE and therefore CONNECTED to God. It's either "the absolute BEST!" -- or nothing. Partial good, partial truth, partial life -- is never His Desire, is always unacceptable. God's Plan is for creatures to have Full Enjoyment -- never merely "partial". That's why sin must be paid for -- and on God's terms, never the creature's. Sin does two things which delete the potential of "Full": a) it deletes the Connection to God (destruction of the component of spiritual beingness); b) sin adds to the number of "competing loves". Thus, Fullness can only develop solely from what God does. Hence, God's Terms: Christ's Paying for the sins financed restoration. So creature merit is never the issue. So the issue with fallen creatures is exactly the same as if perfect: Grow In Love.

  4. Integrity requires DEPENDENCE On God to get that Completeness, so to be Independent, Free. For example, even biological life must be fully-developed, for there to be Independent Function; so until it is, there can be no soul life -- for the soul was designed for integrated relationship with God, but the body is now sin-tainted. Accordingly, substitutes for God will like spiritual cancer, drive the person crazy. For the only thing which can take God's Place, is "nothing". (Isaiah 44:9ff ties in, here.)

  5. Ergo (beautiful irony!)
    • Integration with God, thus Dependence on Him, causes Absolute, Balanced, Complete, Full Independence and Freedom.
    • Revolt, negative orientation to God which at root is in the 'name' of independence, instead causes ENSLAVEMENT to the item or person replacing "God".

[SideNote on the "prolife" fallacy: hopefully the reader can now understand why the so-called "prolife" stance is Satan's deft propaganda that God creates defectively. So, many well-meaning Christians ignorantly blaspheme God by being "prolife". Satan has long sold believers this idea, to 'soften 'em up' for his other me-be-good sales pitches. But they can fight him, easily: all they need to do is rethink, i.e., how the abortion issue correctly fits in. So long as one insistently buys Satan's pitch, God disciplines the believer with "madness" (Deut 28:28), the penalty for stubbornly believing a false doctrine. Technically, God withholds some of His protection for the believer, and then leaves him to Satan's 'care', with certain parameters specified (i.e., don't kill him). Satan&Co. administer "madness", essentially by magnifying what damage the believer does to his own soul via such stubborn insistence on a falsehood. In short, they don't violate volition, either. If you look at all the demon activity in the Gospels, and in the "five months" clause in Revelation, you'll see some examples of this rule.

It takes time for the "madness" to mature -- so the person can opt out of the falsehood. Satan makes sure, though, that "madness" in believers is patent to outsiders. Thus Satan uses obsessed Christians to maim others away from Christ. So, you might want to protect yourself: maybe privately use 1Jn1:9 repeatedly, and talk with the Father Who Loves You about the points below.

So God's Genius Transforms Cursing-by-Association into Blessing-by-Association

The at-birth genetic condemnation is a gigantic blessing: without God condemning us, His Goal of making "sons" could not be realized. This condemnation is vital to 'lifting' the Stone which is otherwise 'too heavy' on the Cross, Hebrew "dakah" in Isa53:5&10. Look at His Genius: because man is born condemned, he is eligible for salvation. Why? Because a Holy God must be recompensed for sin. So, if God is recompensed for sin, sin is no barrier to restoration. Heh -- only God's idea of "restoration" is not merely to restore us to Adam's pre-Fall state. Oh no. God the Father, ever the Genius, will parlay our restoration into receiving God's Own Righteousness! A far better status than Adam ever had! God the Son humorously reasons thus: "After all, I allowed man to fail, so I ought to make it up to him, right? I ought to make it up to Myself, too. So, I'll unite man to Myself, by paying for sins, by taking on Humanity" [cf. 1Tim2:5. Its tonal structure: God-is-United; so, a Uniting Mediator! What a play on words! by the way, many verses throughout the Bible depict the imputation of Righteousness at salvation: Gen15:6 and "the Righteousness of God in Him" verse (2Cor5:21) are but two of them.]

Wanna see some more of this Genius? Get this: there's no justification for making a perfect creature better, since 'perfect' is unimprovable: there's no "imbalance" to justify 'improving' the 'size' of the being's merit. So, God's Own Righteousness cannot be imputed upon perfect creation. So, the perfect creation always is 'less than' Infinite Righteousness, so is never able to be good enough, unless and until he grows in Love, as explained in Part I. So:

    a) Because the creature's own free will ought to determine his relationship with God,
    b) Righteousness denies God's Own Infinitely-Intense "Sons" Desire be satisfied,
    c) until and unless 1) the creature never sins and instead grows up in Love to become "big enough", or 2) he sins but also believes in Christ.

Of course, it was only the Christ who fulfilled c) 1), above, and that alone made c) 2) people eligible. Why? Well -- this is sooo Rich -- what was the "price" to God, judicially, of rational creation being "imbalanced" due to sin? Heh -- Righteousness! Since God's Righteousness was offended, Righteousness is the "opportunity cost"!

    In the field of economics, the term "opportunity cost" means the highest potential value one could have gotten out of the asset. For example, if you buy some land, the price of that land ought to reflect the economic value of what you can potentially do with it. (The Internal Revenue Service sometimes calls this "the highest and best use" of the property, in auditing the estate valuations of property.) So, if a property would be worth $1,000,000 if ideally farmed for the highest-value crops, and no other use of that property would potentially yield as high a value, then $1,000,000 is the proper valuation for the land, no matter how the buyer actually intends to use the land. Of course, if the seller can't find a buyer who wants to use the land that way, the seller may feel under pressure to sell at a lower value. Thus, the "opportunity cost" to the seller is the difference between the price he gets and the $1,000,000 he theoretically could have gotten.

    "Opportunity cost" concepts pervade all of our justice systems. As we saw above, IRS assesses estate taxes based on it. Congress and courts make/interpret laws (and award damages to plaintiffs) based on it. 'Year 2002 example: opportunity cost is piously invoked to justify the Enron 'investigations'. "Fairness" in politics is likewise based on it (all the discrimination and rights fights, etc). Really, every economic and political issue in life is fundamentally a consideration (or abuse!) of opportunity cost: the theoretical value of the best-use of the object, determines its 'price'.

    So, then: what's the "opportunity cost" of us, to Holy, Infinite, God? Well, what's His intended use of us creatures? To grow us up in His Essence, so we can be high enough to fully enjoy Him, and He, to fully enjoy us. In Love. That process produces a growth in Righteousness and Justice, as we saw in Part I. So, sin destroys the 'property' (us), rendering it totally worthless, useless, ugly. Even the 'righteousness' of the property is menstrual rags (Isa64:6, corrected translation of "filthy"). 'Which fact is obviously true, for the very essence of sin, evidenced in the motive of Satan's, the woman's, Adam's, (thus our) "fall" -- is the desire for self to do or have 'good' independently of God. Which means we reject God.

So that opportunity cost of our rejection which trashed us completely, must be "restored" to God! After all, we belonged to God, we became damaged goods, and the price of that damage, is the judicial damage to God! -- not the judicial damage to us. So, God would be paid this Righteousness, by "Atonement". But that's not all. We had belonged to God. Sin "stole" us from God, as well as damaged us. What shall God do, then? Well, He could do nothing, of course, since He's been fully paid. However, He still wants "sons"! So, He requires the paid-Righteousness be judicially-imputed, to "Justify" and "Redeem" our being 'returned' to Him. After all, we're now damaged goods, and we need to be fixed, heh. Further, since the "theft" and resultant damage had been self-inflicted, we must first agree to receive this imputation: by faith in Christ. Thus we are saved. Once saved, the imputed Righteousness is like a vessel (Rom8:4, Greek), to be "filled up" with His Integrity, too! -- Bible Doctrine -- so we can function in accordance with our newly-remade, tripartite nature: body, soul, and spirit. Far more, far better than Adam even knew! [Romans 5-8 stresses this whole topic, every jot and tittle of it. Really exciting stuff. Paul can hardly contain himself.]

Ergo, the eternity-past Mediator Clause in the Decree, which 1Tim2:5 records. Because, "only the BEST!" is good enough for Holy God. The too-heavy Stone would become the Cornerstone, and be "lifted", even as a (later) Moses would lift the brass serpent in the wilderness, so everyone could "turn and be healed". After He would be "lifted", He would be lifted into Glory (2Tim2:10-13, Heb2), forever the Mediator, forever the Executor of the yet-future Seed covenant (Heb7-10, Gal3). 'With a few surprises along the way, of course. After all, can't tell the angels and man everything in advance, before they are big enough to enjoy it.

What Genius! What forbearance! What Love! So, "Righteousness" had to be paid. So, Righteousness would become the Mediator-Lamb, and go to the Cross. So, God reverses, 'flips', condemnation into blessing. 'By Association! So, the salvation announcement at the Fall (Gen3:15c's "bruise" clause), which Adam and the woman chose (Gen3:21, animal sacrifice, foreshadowing the Cross), was the beginning of the counter: Blessing By Association with yet-future, Christ!

The Third Witty Thing God does?
'Replace the Garden covenant!
He authors a Faith-Only salvation,
+ post-salvation Faith-Only covenants.

Man now starts out with no knowledge or power. He starts out born, a baby, no longer fully-formed from the 'dust of the ground' as an adult. He is independent and alive, from the second he exits the womb. But he is an empty shell, at that point. Alive, now technically able to develop independently, but -- no knowledge.

All along, the Trial Deal was that if even one person, despite the twin [hell c) and d)] handicap of innate pressure against God and Satan's 'rule' -- if even ONE person still freely chose God, despite all that programming -- God's dramatically proven right, and Satan wrong. So, God will be very scrupulous not to 'sell' the Gospel. Hence, the human is free to grow either way. However, there's still the fact that man will now exist in numbers. But wait! If one person believes despite this double handicap, Satan is proven wrong. The Eden couple believed after they became depraved. Abel, one of their kids, believed. So, why isn't the Appeal Trial over? Why doesn't God zap Satan in the Lake, and say, "Okay, Trial's over"?

The Fourth Witty Thing God does due to man's Fall is to institute, "Family".

That's another reason why the woman becomes pregnant, instead of the man, for example. Paul gets a big kick out of God's Wit here, the woman will be delivered by delivering a Savior! in 1Tim 2:15. My pastor had no end of fun teaching us that quip. It's not the dour-God crowd's idea of a woman's place is behind a sweaty kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Paul says that her domestic role, avowedly as the servant of her husband, does not mean she is unequal spiritually. But the primary wit is the fact that the Savior will be born -- hence the delivered-by-delivery wordplay (sozw in Greek first means rescue, deliver, and then "save", so it's a great play word on pregnancy, being "delivered" of a child).

"Family" teaches synergistic love, ideally. Hence, the human is free, whatever his status, to freely enjoy receiving love from those placed higher than him in authority, and to freely enjoy giving love to those under his authority. So, always, some analogy to marriage is being displayed, even before there was a Bride. After all, who loves more than God does? Who ideally wants to be loved by God more than creation? So, it doesn't matter that some are "high", and others, "low". We all get the opportunity to grow to full enjoyment.

So, as the OT population increased from the first family onward, world-wide, and it gained some technological proficiency due to Satan's plan, it became progressively apostate. It focused more and more on "earthly things", because of the me-be-good drive, and because it was succeeding in relieving the punishment of "work". Thus man was homogenizing in his negativity toward God. Satan&Co. finally succeeded with such good results, they were able to interest the human race in inter-copulation with the "gods". So thoroughly did people agree with these many years of orgies (e.g., Greek and Roman mythology), so much did they reject God, that a world-wide Flood was needed: only Noah's family remained purely human. The gene pool which was supposed to produce the Savior was down to that family. So, the world got a warning period of 120 years. Then -- gone. The population started over again.

The Fifth Witty Thing God does, is to Invent Nations (initially divided by language).

Like "family", "nations" divide loyalties so man's volition is protected against the crush of 'majority opinion'. That's Witty, particularly in the manner He did it, taking a bunch of people at the Tower of Babel (where Babylon would later sit) and confuse (babel) their language. Funny how people divide up when they don't understand one another. Ignorance makes us hostile, insular. So the sin nature is actually turned to good account! Of course, you know that Babel was just ground zero for that Decree, so everywhere in the world the same phenomenon happened. The population was post-Flood, so it wasn't very large. [Don't go by buildings to guess population. Human bodies in the water for the year the Flood engulfed the earth would not leave relics behind. The buildings would of course survive, so you won't be able to tell if there is a hiatus in population. Frequent travel was a norm in those days, so often a skeleton crew was left behind while a larger population moved on, even when the earth was populated. Nomadic lifestyle was the norm. By the way Babel, like the Gen 6 invasion of the gene pool, broke Trial rules.]

There's a deep lesson, here. Division/competition protects and diffuses the problem of competing loves' pressure on the soul. Freedom requires competition. Social homogeneity eventuates in evil. What's popular will be (unknowingly, of course) satanic, at the core. So, any crusades, any activism, any ideas of world government/world religion are all from Satan, never from God. Whoever crusades or propounds such ideas is speaking for the 'wrong side' in the Trial. Beware of such folks.

So, there are to be nations, and God preserves them. (Acts 17:26. It's interesting that even in the eternal state -- see the last chapter in Rev -- nations remain.) Even so, the resultant nations themselves become progressively apostate. Clearly, blessing-by-association with individuals ebbs, for a nation is but an aggregate of individuals. So individual corruption spreads (albeit more slowly, due to the national divisions), and cursing-by-association still occurs. Despite nations. So how do the Covenants, whether God's or Satan's, interrelate?

Intermission: How Covenant Properties produce Blessing or Cursing, by Association

Before continuing to #6, God's rescuing the world by creating the Jews, a review of God's and Satan's Covenant properties is helpful. Covenants of Association are used to display Trial arguments about who's better, the Lord or Satan, for mankind. Knowing these properties helps one follow Trial testimony in the Bible, and helps one orient to his own time and covenant. For there is a great deal of argument in Christendom about what these covenants are, who are covered by them, and what these covenants offer. Those arguments will not be discussed here. In the description below you won't see the typical categorical coverage of covenants, but rather an aerial view of properties, broadly classed. For God's covenants -- and Satan's, for that matter -- always have shared commonalities. There are also certain changes, all of which have to do with Trial arguments. So as you examine what follows, ignore the typical covenantalist-versus-dispensationalist debates, and instead keep the Trial arguments in mind. Pan-history, Covenantal Properties are here aerially classed into seven categories A-G, denoting common verbal action in each covenant: Abiding, Bonding, Connecting, Doctrine, Extrapolation, Fellowship, and Governance. The specific covenants themselves thus differentiate according to HOW and to what EXTENT these verbal actions, transpire.

  1. ABIDING ASSOCIATION. To "abide" in a "covenant" means you live on what it says. So you are "associated" with it. Remember the "Covenants of Association" table near the beginning of this page? If you want association with God, you're blessed by living within the association terms, and of course every human being learns by means of associating thing "a" with meaning "A". So it's an "A" to "Z" association you learn, believe, and live on -- with God. Or, with Satan.
    1. God's Covenants progressively increase in spiritual knowledge and power -- meaning the revelation about Christ and hence intimacy with God, how well you can know Him.
    2. Satan's covenants increase in wealth of addiction-to-magic, same gambit as in Gen3. Increase in the knowledge of how to sin, do good and evil. Hence an increasing trend in both types of power.
    3. God essentially matches the human's development level to a spiritual-growth level, in the context of whatever counter-plan Satan is using.
    4. Satan's counter plans always aim to glorify man, so man will persist in self-focus, thus maturing in the me-be-god "Dungheap" mindset of the flesh-colored table, above ("Dungheap" link section, 2nd row in redbox near pagetop). So if he needs to use various lusts, political power and worldly wealth as the magic fruit, he does. If he needs to use religiosity, he does. Whatever it takes. It's kinda embarrassing to look over the long sweep of history and realize what lemmings we all are. Same ol' same ol' as Genesis 3 and we don't catch on till yet. Satan's goal is to foster Gotterdammerung by first promoting material prosperity, which means he must get everyone to hustle based on perceived self-worth. Then he easily motivates everyone to war with each other, in the name of grabbing someone else's wealth. It's the same magic ploy: fame, money, looks, etc. Those things only buy you someone else's determination to TAKE it from you. But you find that out, too late. Or worse, you are at peace -- and all those vaunted things don't please, anymore. You've no greater security, satisfaction, but rather more burden having to take care of all you've got. Surprise surprise!

    5. Once a knowledge-and-power covenant receives sufficient exercise for Satan to argue his points, God answering the meanwhile, a new and HIGHER covenant is next provided. The replacement is triggered by man almost universally rejecting whatever God has offered, so He increases the next covenant's spiritual richness: a higher intimacy with God can be had, than pertained prior.
    6. God also progressively heightens each covenant's difficulty, and progressively narrows the OT population to which such covenant applies, culminating in Christ.
    7. The progressive difficulty heightens Satan's advantage. For as God's covenants increase in proffered intimacy, that higher level ITSELF becomes the most significant handicap facing the grantees under such a covenant. Again, culminating in Christ.

      • For example, in Genesis 3:15, the Lord (Son) tells Adam that He will take on Humanity and provide salvation, defeating Satan. But doesn't tell him how, when, or who will be the progenitors, though obviously they will be descendants of Adam. Meanwhile, a civil war brews in Adam's own family, with Cain causing trouble, splitting up the family -- by building that city, since God didn't execute him for murder. For who would be the inhabitants of that city, but other sons of Adam?
      • But Abram, about 2000 years later, has to live with the knowledge that his PROMISED kids -- of whom he yet had NONE -- would be subjected to 400 years of slavery before they even become a nation from which Messiah will be born, Gen15:13. So Abram knows that his salvation won't occur for over 400 years; he'll have to be down in Paradise for hundreds of years, before he even goes to heaven (it will end up being 2000 years). And he has to pass down that information to his kids, whenever God finally grants them to him. That future is awfully hard to digest, year after year.
      • Of course, it's nothing compared to what David had to go through, knowing that Israel got cut out and all the covenants would instead rest in him owing to Israel's rejection of God as king, 2Sam7. God thus issued a torture sentence for all David's progeny for the next 1000 years, since now the bloodline of Messiah was fully disclosed. You had to register births with the priests in order to obey the Law and get the bris (circumcision). So your bloodline would be known for every generation. So you could be hunted down and killed by anyone who got access to those records.
      • Of course, Christ Himself is that Promised Messiah, and look what 'offer' He gets: he must live every day knowing His Purpose in life is to be horribly tortured (Isa52:14), to pay for people who don't want Him (Isa53:3-4), only to end up on a Cross during which FATHER HIMSELF imputes and judges all sin in Him. From childhood the Lord had to embrace this? How does one survive such 'blessing'?

        Hence Satan's relative advantage successively increases, even as God increases blessing to those of the greater covenants. Make no mistake, the blessings are huge. But the one getting the blessings, has an on-earth life of extreme torture. Blessings of time in 490 and 1000-year increments -- time for the entire world to go on living (true since Adam, see Mirroring.htm). Competence and agriculture and other types of benefit to the entire region or even the world, are God's idea of material blessings (listed in the 1st Facet of Part IVb). By contrast, benefit to the individual is mainly knowing God, with some material blessing to match -- but you know, the more material blessing you have, the more people pick at you to get some of it. Better to be poor, Solomon would frequently intone (in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes). If God marks you for blessing, Satan marks you for cursing, and the battle is on! Material wealth won't make you happy, it will make you a BIGGER TARGET. So again, Satan's relative advantage increases as God increases His Blessings in a covenant.

        So basically, as history unfolds you see the same theme: if you want God, you're in deep doo-doo. So those who believe in Him anyway are either the world's biggest fools -- and they sure appear to be -- or they are the world's biggest heroes, Gen5, 11, Heb11.

    8. OT group Covenants can be classified as three, which in Bible goes by a "who is the priesthood" criterion: family (husband is the priest), patriarchs (Abraham et. al.), Israel. [Group covenants cover spiritual relationship with God, so are corporate in nature. Personal covenants are due to high spiritual maturation toward God, so are individual awards by nature.]
      These each in turn answer the
      #1 Trial argument via stress on supernatural visibility (God-is-on-earth, will take on Humanity);
      #2 Trial argument, based on faith in the future ;
      #3 Trial argument, based on unseen and thus unknown information about God 'underneath' the seen and known rituals, laws, disclosure about God.
      'Faith test: do you seek to know/love God despite ignorance. Part IVd's "ET Roster of Victorious Waste" and "ET Compared pan-covenant" provide a brief resume on the kinds of Trial Issues and Answers each covenantal period provided. An overview of individual Star Witness Testimony will be provided in the "So, What?" link of this page (coming up below). Hebrews 11 summarizes the entire Trial, though mistranslated in 11:1 (testimony criterion=Doctrine, His Thinking), 6 (basis=having His Thinking), 11:40 (Rapture precedes Trib when Our Testimony ends).

    9. Christ's Covenant is dual-natured, so is the nexus of the Trial. On the one hand, His Covenant displays the 3 OT categories denoted above, so He's born under the Mosaic (covenant) Law of Israel, Heb7:28, Gal4; but He must create out from that Law, a Higher Spiritual life (ibid since Heb6:13, covered further in G. below, and #7 link section, last row in redbox at pagetop). His creation of that Higher Royal Spiritual Life will be legated to Church (focus of G.21 et seq. below, and Part III), since Christ is Seed and Husband to Church (Eph 5, Gal3).

    10. Church's NT covenant is by design the opposite of the OT. It displays the
      #1 Trial argument via stress on supernatural invisibility (New Covenant: God-Man Thinking, Jer31:31-34 fulfilled by the Seed);
      #2 Trial argument is based on faith in the past;
      #3 Trial argument is based on unseen and thus unknown information about God 'underneath' the seen and known (written!) Bible Principles.
      Faith test is do you seek to know/love God despite knowledge: of one's own abilities, of the world, of sin/good/evil, of religion.
      This is designed to parallel the ability-and-knowledge burden Christ faced.
      Thus opposite ends of Trial Argument SPECTRA are depicted, in the OT vs. NT epochs ("Ages"). "Filling all in all" in Eph1:23 includes the filling up of the arguments, showing that's the fulfillment of God's purpose, in Eph1:10: summing up of all matters in the Trial, and in the Design from Eternity Past.

    11. Tribulation thus has a post-script character, for Trial purposes: it's Satan's closing argument, which is really a revolt in the courtroom (at Trib mid-point). The Tribulational people don't have their own covenant, but a parenthetical return to the Mosaic Law, lived much as Daniel in exile had to live it -- still protected by the pre-Israel Abrahamic promises; yet to be a believer then one becomes a Jew. They have a speedier maturation, with the 144,000 tribal Jewish evangelists being martyred within the first 3.5 years (Rev 7's roster of bloodlines compared to Rev14).

      Besides the math of Daniel 9:26, this lack of priesthood is your biggest Bible banner that there's no Church in the Trib. NT everywhere says we are a priesthood and a corporate temple in our bodies, not some building (most dramatically, in 1Cor12 and Eph2). But no priesthood is in the Trib, and Rev11 tells you no Temple is there either, since God's sarcastic command is to MEASURE for foundation (preparatory to BUILDING a temple on unimproved property). If there were to be a priesthood during the Trib, rules for it would have to be created. But none are given, because there are no priests, no covenant. Hebrews spends five chapters on this, i.e., Christ couldn't BE a priest under Israel's covenant, so Church is not Israel: you can see this even in translation, Chapters 5-10. Ergo the Trib is unique among all groups in that it has no priesthood, covenant, temple. Hence the closest analogy for its own "Abiding Association" status, is to Daniel in exile. Daniel could pray, but all believers can pray. Daniel doesn't offer sacrifices or other official priestly functions, as indeed no one could, for there was no Temple. So no Temple, no priesthood, no contract is operating. But that doesn't mean Trib believers are left without provision, as the Trib sealing of the 12K per tribe, shows. [Nerd note: Dan is left out, Joseph gets double-portion.]

    12. Millennium is of course the fulfillment of the OT promises for it, and is all Mosaic Law -- but in an updated memorial format, with different sacrifices, Temple structure, and a different head priesthood. In effect, both Trib and Mill are hybrids of the Mosaic Law, updated for Christ's having Come. Satan is in prison during this time. The Trial purpose for the Mill is to demonstrate that had Satan achieved his goal of perfect environment, it still wouldn't work -- not even, though the Lord Himself Rules. Satan is allowed out to make his rebuttal at the end, fostering the final rebellion which is put down. Then eternity begins. It was scheduled to begin in 1144AD had Israel accepted Christ (Part IVa and Mirroring.htm's "Christ" link covers how that date was derived). But of course now with Church, there's no saying when the Trib and hence the Millennium, will begin.

    Over the long span of man's history, and not counting the Garden as a covenant, effectively seven covenantal groups will exist, again divided by who-is-priest: family, patriarchs, Israel, Christ, Church, Trib, Mill. The world only goes on living for the sake of harvesting these folks. But their own lives? Attacked, if they want God.

  2. Why covenants? Because, it's only about BONDING, BLESSING, Love. Every second past, now, and forever, Life is about whether one wants to be with God or not -- and how much. Each second is volition's 'vote' on that topic alone, whether self knows it or not, likes it or not; the 'vote' thus programs the self, resulting in virtually every true success or failure, every true relationship in life. So too, the Angelic Trial is solely about whether one wants to be with God. So: God says association with God is alone beneficial. Dissociation from God is not. Remember, God didn't make Himself Gorgeous. He just IS Gorgeous. How, then, to give this disclosure to fallen mankind who is totally helpless, totally bereft of any knowledge of God? Covenants are systems of association which mankind can understand. Covenants are legal agreements of relationship, technically (i.e., marriage is first a contract). So covenantal terms sound (to the uninformed) cold, loveless. The opposite is clearly true: for Who enters into a covenant, if He doesn't Love the one with whom He chooses obligatory relationship? Who Keeps On Displaying that Covenant by means of a very common fellowship act: dining. (Cf Gen 2:16, 3:6,21; 8:20; 15:9ff; all of Leviticus, 2Chron Chaps29-32.) In the ancient world and even in many cultures today, dining resulted in a kind of obligation. The sense of obligation survives in Western so-called 'advanced' culture as a sense that if you have me over for dinner, I ought to do the same for you. A closeness, a bond, happens over a meal. Business relations depend on it, hence all the entertaining which business does. Well, that bonding sense is as old as mankind, so God uses dining to portray His Desire for Total Fellowship, 24/7.

    In short, Covenantal Commandments are the strongest way to say 'I Love You'. God has Bonded Meaning Which Blesses, if you 'obey' it. Sadly, our depraved me-be-good/god urge keeps clouding this most important meaning in those Bible verses. God is saying I Love You whenever you see even the smallest "thou shalt". See, we're born with this genetic inferiority complex, which Pride, at heart, really is. So, if the tone of the words sounds harsh, we don't hear the content as being good, even if the content is good. It's amazing how we let the sound of a word block out the meaning. Like, "commandment", "law", "obey": we hear these words, and then automatically associate them with some kind of 'work' we must do. Just like when we were children. And we never 'grow up' enough to become positively curious, so we don't see that all these "commandments", "laws", "obediences" are Covenants of Love. Just like we didn't, when we were children. See? we arrest. Just like Satan did. The "I love you" gets interpreted negatively, for we only hear the tone, never hear the content.

    Prove it now: yell out "I love you!" in the nastiest tone you can to your pet. See if you yourself don't react negatively. Now, then: notice how, if the tone is not-nice, it's not seductive, either? Satan, who has a voice like a beautiful pipe-organ (Isa14), uses unctuous (very very nice) tones when he talks (e.g., in Matt4).

    So-called 'spiritual' people often use mellifluous language, softly, sooooo oh lovingly. Underneath, the content -- is pure sadism. Look: say I sweetly tell you we're supposed to become gods via the 'evolutionary process' of reincarnation. Sounds good, right? And why does it sound good? Because if that's the process, there isn't some god out there telling me I'm irredeemably bad, the way Scripture does. So I'd rather buy literally anything else but Bible.

    Don't believe that people are so hung up on being inferior (like Satan) that they'd buy anything? Oooh, let's look at the fine print of the 'reincarnation' message: how long does it take? Um, after how many lifetimes, returning to this dirtball? And I don't get to know the prior lifetime(s)-of-learning at rebirth? So I'm condemned to make the same mistakes over and over? Oh, it's okay because everyone has to go through the same thing? So we all suffer forever, so that makes it okay? Oh. More-makes-right. Okay. (Meanwhile, the attainment-of-god pea isn't under any of the three walnut shells.) Now, which would you rather have? A seductive lie, or a harsh truth with totally-wonderful blessings because of that harsh truth? Which is better then: A harshly-spoken blessing (to avoid beguiling you), or a feel-good curse?

    Moreover, God is Authority. Doesn't He have to let us know what works and what doesn't? So, then: if God didn't phrase blessings as commandments, maybe we'd think we shouldn't have them. If God didn't phrase harms as "thou shalt not", maybe we'd think we should have them. For example, most of the world has historically believed revenge is a virtue, a duty. Hatfields and McCoys. If someone kills my brother, I must kill his brother, or my own family is dishonored. It's considered a duty in most of the world. From ancient times, to now. Shakespeare's plays use this fact in a subplot. So also, this 'virtue' of revenge accounts for nearly ALL of the problems in Middle East, Bosnia and Afghanistan, for example. It's a religious duty, to take revenge. (The Macedonian movie, "After the Rain", is on this topic. In "The Godfather" movie series, Al Pacino goes back to Corleone, Italy, and asks where are all the men. Answer? Killed by "vendetta", the Italian version of revenge murder. Of course, Michael Corleone was there in the first place, to avoid being murdered in revenge for killing Sterling Hayden's character, Captain McCluskey.)

      By contrast, look at Leviticus 19:18. It says something like "you shall not take/seek revenge nor bear a grudge against the sons of your people, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself." This commandment is a blessing. By 'obeying' it, one is spared the soul-scarring pain of being upset with another, and is given the soul-enjoyment of loving another.

      The blessing is extreme! Imagine having to dedicate your life to revenge, for the sake of honoring god/family. What a waste! Every time we turn on the television, we see souls doing this very thing. Nicole Simpson's father. The Arabs (sorry, but revenge is a cardinal rule of their culture and of the Koran -- well, earlier, even -- since Ishmael was born). The blacks-must-be-repaid thing. Those on a witch-hunt against any President, from Nixon onward (Watergate spawned a new culture of revenge, in America). The 'prolife' movement is really a witch-hunt against those who have sex out-of-wedlock. Those now on a witch-hunt against Enron. See, even if there was once a valid wrong done -- see how those who seek revenge only wreck their own lives, in the pursuit? All in the name of being 'right', of course. Yeah, while Satan laughs his head off!

      So, also: think of anyone you know who had some bitter experience he or she can't 'get past'. The person keeps mortgaging the present to that past, in self-absorbed revenge. The person's life just spins down into bitterness, and wallows there. TV is full of such persons. Life is full of their locked-in-revenge cries. My husband hurt me! My wife hurt me! My father raped me! My mother locked me in a closet! My neighbor stole from me! White people enslaved my ancestors! Black man burned my car! And on and on and on. When does anyone get a life? Oh, no -- revenge is a black hole. It sucks the revenge-seeker, and all around him, dry. Think of the billions of dollars which could be freed up to actually help people, if we didn't spend those billions on revenge!

      What a blessing, to be commanded "Vengeance is the Lord's!" so you can forget about the (alleged or real) wrong! To say, "God commands you, stupid revenge-urge, to go away!" What a blessing, to be able to say, "God commands you, stupid brain, to love others as much as self!" Tactical Nuclear weapon, this (once self actually wants God enough to use it): brain is trying to obey God (mistaking 'good' and 'self' for God, due to the DNA mutation from the Fall's 'programming'), so the command 'scares' it. That 'scare' BONDS to the urge: for awhile, when the urge rises so does the memory of the 'scare'. Hence you get the blessing of relief. The 'scare' is eventually forgotten: like a puppy, the brain will repeat the revenge-urge. No problem: just command it again. After sufficient repetitions, even the depraved brain-puppy will learn to stop wetting on that part of the 'carpet' of soul. This is how sin is gradually reduced in the life: recall of applicable Bible bonding and hence replacing the usual sin habit in 'response'. By that same Bible-response mechanism, Christ would later fulfill Lev19:18 to its other-end-of-the -spectrum: the total aggressive/ responsive Love on the Cross. It's a reprogramming, but only God makes this reprogramming effective for healing the soul. (All human efforts to improve will only cross-addict one inside the sin nature, and one will fancy improvement, but the addiction deepened and shifted into something worse, more refined.)

      We Church receive His other-end Legacy: "the royal law" (Jas2:8). Much more will be said about it in Part III.

    So, the BONDING BLESSING by association with God flows through the covenant, and the covenant's commands are God's declaration and provision of BONDING Love. Sufficient usage of the covenant's associative properties grows up one in Love. Sufficient disusage (or dissociation) causes cursing. Moreover, association with others associated with (and especially, using) God's covenant, blesses the one having such association. Likewise, association with others who are dissociated from or not sufficiently using God's covenant, curses the one having such association.

    The OT people had the same Bonding Goal in their lives, but it was materially expressed. The OT is very physical, concrete compared to the advanced abstract nature of the NT. As you'll see in "G." for "Governance" below, this differential in OT covenants was primarily due to man starting out with no knowledge, so he must be taught from scratch, much as a child is taught. Consequently, material blessing was used to communicate one was properly Associated with God, and hence the Blessing by Association could be readily identified. The true Bonding and Blessing, of course, was in knowing God for Himself. As you'll see in the "So What?" Evidence Testing section later in this Part II, believers came to prefer seeing Him to whatever good or bad they had in their lives. That's the point of living, seeing God. Meanwhile, the blessing flowed through the covenant to them and to the world, as they were bonded to Him in their own thinking. It's the Bonding which results in the Blessing, for the Testimony God makes of us, is that we freely find association with Him, the Best Blessing of all.

  3. God is Pure Thought. Hence the root CONNECTING concept of Bonding and Abiding in Association Covenants, applies first to Thinking for the purpose of Rapport. Every thought you think is in a context. Behind every word is a meaning which is gradually forged and constantly refined in your thinking due to associations you have. We each choose what these associations are to be, and hence two people can see the word "faith" and yet that same word will not have the same meaning to both people. One will say "x" demonstrates faith, whereas the other will say "x" demonstrates no faith. If brought into the conversation, a third party will say "x" neither demonstrates nor disproves "faith". Same is true of color. For example, I can't stand the defaults in XP, but love the Windows classic style, in which my 3D objects are set at the color R113 G114 and B73 in Display Properties. Result? 'A khaki olive green or sage. That eases the eyes when viewing text (matte colors absorb glare), and means "peace" to me. But it is a frequent color for combat gear, so many would find it unsettling, based on the their associated values for that color.

    Each person differently connects a context to whatever "a" we mutually see. To the extent we mutually "connect" in our contexts, we have rapport. Of course, in Truth there is only one set of parameters properly defining "a", but we're not God, so we don't learn all those parameters equally quickly, nor equally well. But we associate with each other, and hence our body contact is a contagion for better and for worse, of THOUGHT. There's a Body Of Association which attaches to every word we have in our heads. And each of us associates meaning, a bit differently from anyone else. For we are each unique. Hence the amount of Rapport we will have with each other -- and especially with God -- is determined by how much we "connect" in our mutual, associated valuations. Bodies of thinking colliding or communing, in bodies of flesh. This colliding and communing can help one question his own definitions and hopefully learn more -- or hasten one's intransigence. The latter, of course, whets cursing-by-association.

    Ergo: "Associate" is a choosing or being "with"; "Bonding" is the result of the association chosen. "Connecting" means how all the surrounding associations and bondings from "a" to "z" interrelate or connect to "a". The ABC sum thus constitutes a 'body' of thinking on "a". Given that we are a society of multiple bodies, each 'body' of thinking is therefore INTENSIFIED for greater or less, rapport. Especially, with God Whose 'Body of Thinking' is Infinite, Full-Spectrum. Hence the example about "faith" above resulting in three different 'bodies' of thinking, one per person viewing the idea. Therefore our interaction in bodies of flesh means our bodies of thinking are constantly colliding or communing within our selves and with others -- resulting in blessing-by-association if we learn God from it, or cursing-by-association if we do not. Much more interaction due to the multiplicity of associated bodies: therefore, much greater intensity of either blessing or cursing, thereby.

    Intensity is thus aided by multiple, Connecting Divergences. Unions of opposites. It's one thing to pick up a five-pound bag of sugar. Quite harder, to lift a 100-lb sack of flour. Your muscles grow the more you can do the latter than the former, yet doing it is unpleasant, seems altogether harmful, a struggle. Same, for the exercise of thought. Humanity is essentially preoccupied with itself; without struggle, we never really ask the bigger questions, except to entertain ourselves. So the divergence of a low body associated with, bonded and connected to a soul capable of higher interests, begs the question of why we are in such bodies. The divergence of many disagreeing bodies in a society, begs the question of why the divergence exists. Finally we become curious about the bigger questions: like, about God. We are often thus motivated, only to get relief from that painful divergence. Seeking relief by learning meaning, we finally look up to God. At that point, we CONNECT to Him.

    Therefore, note this paradox: we are finitely immaterial, so need a physical body to best relate to God Who Has None. Reason? Being finite, we need a divergence in the sphere of beingness, to better relate to God Who is Infinite Divergence, Full-Spectrum, Yet 'united' at all 'points' in His 'Body of Thinking', which in that union-of-opposites, is Perfect.

    1. The Unity of God means that "all" is "in" Him, hence "all" means all the low, too.
    2. Eastern religions are mistaken about infinity, so claim that God is therefore evil, as well. Nope.
    3. God however holds everything together in an Integrity that is unified, or else nothing could exist.
    4. In essence, He makes good on the bad, so that the bad can be the truth it would naturally be, yet is used to cause Divine Good.
    5. Else the truths which are bad, could not be allowed to exist. But to shave off or prevent the existence of what could be a bad truth, would be shaving the truth itself, and hence a type of lie-via-truncation.
    6. Consequently God associates, bonds, covenantally connects a meaning He assigns to each truth, as part of a Decree on what OUGHT to be "Truth"; hence a good meaning assigned, is not inherent to any bad truth itself.
    7. Rather, only by God's Inventing and Connecting a Meaning He Omnipotently Chooses, will that bad thing have a Divine-level, "agathos" good result.
    8. This is the very basis for the Decree structure of creation, which is founded upon the Cross, not the typical Decree listing you see in theology. The Cross is First On the Decree List, not in the middle somewhere after the Fall. Notice the paired high-low divergence of Isa52:13-14. All existence can thus truly be free and divergent, because there will BE the Christ, Heb1:2-4. [Christian theology is way too anthropocentric, so begins its analysis with man: that's what's wrong with all the decree theology, whether infra lapsarian (the closest to the truth), or sub-, supra-, etc. They all begin with man, and that's bass-ackwards. Christ FIRST, and only as a result is there a Decree to create, Isa52:13-14. Christ IS The Reason For Creation, not an afterthought or a 'fix' due to sin: see Eph1, Heb1:2-4. So properly reordered, the "Decree" formulation in theology should go something like: "1. Christ will exist. 2. Therefore creation can exist. 3. Therefore creation can be free to sin or not. 4. Therefore if creation sins (1st class condition, it will), Christ will pay for it all. 5. Therefore anyone who believes in His Payment is given salvation from that moment forward forever." Etc. Notice that foreknowledge would be implicit in #5, yet #5 is a principle applying irrespective of the results, John 3:16; so God didn't have to blind Himself to His Own Foreknowledge about who will believe, as Calvinism childishly claims. So also, faith has no merit though a faculty of personhood, which thus knocks down all who would childishly claim their faith 'contributes' to salvation. Energizer bunny sin nature romps in both childish camps. Best to stick with Bible, instead.]
    9. You'll find these Divergence Decree verses in just about any page within the Bible, like barren made bounteous, valley exalted, mountain made low, dead made alive again, etc. Such full-spectrum, deliberately ironic language, represents the refrain of God's Baptising, Bonding, Associating, Connecting Decreeing Doctrine of Justice He Sovereignly Wants to See, Everywhere He Looks.
    10. So, this same Decree structure is needed for finity, as well. Finity, even if perfect, can never measure up to the quality of God's Good, 2nd prong of Romans 3:23.
    11. So again, God must hold finity together and make Divine Good from it, or there's no justification for creation to exist, even were we perfect.
    12. Now you know why even Christ relied on the Spirit the whole time He was here: even His Own Perfect Humanity wasn't good enough, Mark10:18.
    13. This problem of the Infinity-Finity Dichotomy explains why God creates as He does: links on the Dichotomy are at pagetop, constituting the main thesis in all 'my' webpages. God and Bible make total sense, once you understand the Dichotomy. Frankly, you could solve all the physics and economics conundra we have, once you understand the Dichotomy. Better still, you can understand God, Himself.
    14. So witness the solution to the Infinity-finity Dichotomy:
      1. Finiteness and Infinity have one particular quality in common: personhood. Made in His Shadow-Image.
      2. How so? Well, Infinity is punctiliar, that's why theology calls God "omnipresent", and "the whole of God is in every place." That can only be true if Infinity is QUALITATIVE. A point has no dimension, so no mass, takes up no space, hence is a qualitative concept. Real-ness doesn't require mass or energy. Only finity requires mass and energy, because its realness is bounded and defined by mass and energy. Hence we can be made in God's Image, so long as God is Infinite and HE does the making. Hence the only definition of "God" worthy of the name, is Infinite. Bye, bye, animism and polytheism!
      3. We saw at the top of this webpage that the only way for Perfection to 'improve' on Infinite Enjoyment was horizontal: ergo, create creation.
      4. Likewise, the only way for finiteness to have more expressions with God, is for finiteness (soul, spirit) to have a body.
      5. The body is to finite soul (&spirit) what creation is to Godness: an added sphere of expressing self, relationship.
      6. Male/female structures depict the effect of soul intimacy on body intimacy, and vice versa.
      7. Hypostatic Union is the Ultimate Statement of the divergence of intimacy.
      8. For divergence, intensifies. Therefore, leverages greater gain or loss in direct correlation to the degree and amount of divergence. Think of it as spiritual physics.
      9. An atomic bomb essentially triggers due to negative divergence. That intensifies pressure.
      10. So too, the divergence between soul and body, or spiritual life and soul life, intensifies the experience -- and hence potential learning, rapport -- of both.
      11. So imagine the intensity of being both God and Man, yet not splitting apart?

      12. Yet if not splitting apart -- if FUSION rather than fission occurs -- then knowing God the Father is far more Intimate and therefore Intense for the Humanity of Christ; the experience of Him Being Humanity AND Godness Himself, is far more Intimate and Intense, than were He merely Humanity, alone. FUSION with sin is what happened at the Cross, and that fusion completed the fusion of intimacy with Father, Hebrews 2:9-10's Greek. [English "made perfect" should be rendered "made complete", Greek verb teleiow, a tracking keyverb in Hebrews and other epistles. Idea of completing the contract of God's purpose, Eph1. Read Hebrews context from Heb1:2 through 2:10; then read the whole book to see that completion is the main theme of the book, fulfilling Isa52:13-14's +53:10-12's Decree. Culminating in Church, Heb11:40.] When you get to G.13 et seq. below, and #7 "Jesus the Christ" link section near webpage end, you'll see that this divergence required Him to create a far higher Royal Spiritual Life out from the Mosaic Law, just to stay alive -- let alone, endure the Cross. (The Cross was a lesser problem than Him just living another day.)

      13. This God-Man divergence would make it far easier for Christ in His Humanity to fail, and thus Satan's got an even greater advantage.
      14. But so too, Christ Himself in His Humanity, can better UNITE to Father, Spirit, His Own Godness. In fact, fully.
      15. Hence we need to become ourselves "intensive, not extensive" in order to have more Intensive Rapport with God. Part III's "Third Reason for Royalty" will cover this in more detail.
      16. So having the divergence of lowly bodies achieves this intensity, which we can potentially use to learn Him better.

    15. Now for the flipside: The Divine Design of body-connectedness intensification, is also used by the sin nature to perpetuate itself. So the body needs training to become wholly responsive to the soul. One of the ill effects of Adam's sin is that the body rules the soul, hence is not responsive.
      1. Soul thought is designed to control the body, which requires your willing the thought; there are no emotions in the real you, your soul.
      2. Rather, the body has emotions, for emotions are merely a feedback system: the bi-directional connection between soul and body, part of brain's pain/pleasure nervous system hooked up to special glands in the head (I forget their medical names). This fact is so profusely documented, even Alan Alda hosts a PBS program on the brain showing how stimulating those glands, stimulates emotions; neurologists in experiements have been able to isolate and even cut off emotions in patients; certain types of brain damage prevent particular emotions from being felt, and the individual doesn't react; certain types of mental illness obstruct emotions (i.e., in sociopaths, which is why they feel no compunction about killing).
      3. Since emotions are strictly biological, having no intrinsic discernment of their own, foods, alcohol, drugs, make one feel good. That's why music, good weather, etc. feel good. That's why sin feels good. Body can't tell the difference between true good and evil, so emotions mislead: since the body is but a collection of programmable and programmed corpuscles. Period. We're wimps, puppets, if we give into our emotions.
      4. So, until the body is trained to be responsive to the soul, it is very much in the way: the sin nature is in the body (part of DNA), and so emotions respond to it. So, fallen man is afflicted with a competing love. (That's why urges and lusts, phallicism, mysticism, gnosticism, asceticism, legalism, activism all occur -- the competing love 'wins'.)

        Prove this to yourself right now. Sit down in a chair and start saying as many nasty words as you can, in the harshest voice you can. Keep it up for about 10 minutes, be sincere about it, pretend you believe what you are saying. See if you don't become very angry, as a result. Alternatively, practice boxing or kicking in the air as hard as you can, pretending to punch out an imaginary opponent. See? In either experiment, you programmed your own anger, so your body responded: in the first instance, you did it solely with thought; in the second, anger-like movements made the body respond. Body didn't do it to you, you did it by an act of will. So all the stimuli outside your will, are doing it to your body, as well. Advertisers and politicians count on that stimuli to sell you their 'products'. Religion counts on external stimuli to sell you its claims, most of all.

        Emotions can be stimulated from the outside, the inside, irrespective of any valid meaning. Whenever some event similar to some other past event occurs, the body sends up a feeling associated with whatever was programmed into it from that past. So, if you cave into the feeling, you just made it stronger for no valid reason. This is why crime, addiction, mental illness, and all manner of stubborn problems remain in life. We are ruled by our bodies, because we love the feelings too much, and give in; we let all the urges of all stimuli around us, program us. We are what we ACCEPT.

      5. And how did we get this way? When a baby or infant first sins (i.e., becomes irritated, which is inevitable), the sin nature's urges penetrate the perfect soul God had made.
      6. With that penetration came an emotional association, setting up an attraction to repeat that same sin.
      7. So, a double whammy: from that moment forward, the sin nature on the 'outside' (in the body) has a connection to the inside (the soul).
      8. This connection quickly broadens as the child grows.
      9. So, instead of the soul controlling the body, the body controls the soul. We are puppetted by our body feelings, and mistake the feelings for truths. It's embarrassing. If it feels good to be intellectual, we'll still be giving into the feeling! That's why the evolution crowd doesn't see how silly evolution is. No different from all those holy rollers, because they mistake the feeling for the Spirit. It's embarrassing!
      10. Each sin deepens the proclivity to repeat it, for sin is an addiction we all inherited at birth. Biological life is addictively infected with sin. As we cave into the body, its addictions broaden in scope: that's why a sexual sin will morph into crime, why self-righteousness morphs into immorality in the name of morality. Think of it like a virus or mold, if that helps you understand how the infection of sin spreads. So, like a virus or mold which infects some parts of the 'body' (of thinking) but not others, a person might appear and even act normal, but if his sin preference is tempted, he'll crave giving into it. Eventually, even if he must risk danger or do something crazy to satisfy that craving, he'll do it. Sins are addictions, and contagious (more will be said about contagion in Part IV). For this reason, criminal sins must be punished severely, i.e., capital punishment -- to quarantine and cauterize the contagion. You get surgery for cancer -- well, sin is a mind-cancer, and must be treated just as ruthlessly. But only God's Truth going into you, whether the laws for the human race (morality sans its 'dark side'), or Bible -- only that, works.

      11. Our being a multiplicity of bodies in association with each other, intensifies the sin nature's fissioning, divergence power. Hence God's invention of first work, then pregnancy, then salvation, then family and even nations, will fragment the power of the sin nature, curb its advance. But not stop it. For only God's Truth being 'eaten' (learned and believed, "eat" is OT metaphor) -- only God's Truth being eaten daily, can nourish and empower the soul to eventually gain dominance over sin. It takes a lifetime.

    16. Second Flipside: as a believer you are in an "Association" covenant (Here A.10, Church), and thus the source of blessing or cursing to the world -- partly based on your own proximity to others. Part III and IV will demonstrate the awesome nature of that blessing and cursing. Here in Part II, the idea of blessing-or-cursing by association is being introduced, for God answers Satan and protects the human race by means of covenants-of-association. So, we just saw that having a body intensifies the potential growth with God. It also potentially exacerbates the sin nature, Romans 7 being the quintessential passage on that. Thirdly, body-proximity if growing in God means a progressive blessing by association accrues to your periphery: since the Fall, God has routed blessing or cursing based on believers. Parts III and IV will demonstrate that. For now, just grasp the idea. Your proximity to other bodies means both you and they are contagious. Your thinking is contagious to them (even a negative reaction illustrates the contagion), and their thinking is contagious to you. Similarly and for quite different reasons, the blessing God confers is routed based on believers and those related to them. So your family, co-workers, neighbors and others in ever-widening 'orbits' are blessed or cursed due to you. Blessed, if you are growing in God. Cursed, if you are not. Leviticus 26 displays both blessing and cursing in a macro context. Satan of course knows this rather well. So this Connectedness due to the Covenant is double-edged in aggregate, as well as individually in one's life.

      HUMAN INTIMACY KEY==> Association in groups of humans necessarily occurs. We are families. We are (ultimately), 'neighbors'. We are not islands to ourselves. Our bodies are in proximity with each other. So, then: God declares His Love not only in the covenants themselves, not only in the blessings He bestows through those covenants, but also through individuals who are using them. So, the ones 'obeying' the covenant are used even after death, even blessing the 'unrelated', so to speak -- those negative to God's covenants. All under the Seed: Christ's Payment was used retrospectively to justify the OT folks' existence, and prospectively to justify the NT folks' existence (Heb9). No one escapes God's Love. True Love is not a feel-good attraction thing, Ps138:2b. True Love is Integrity: God's.

      Of course, this Human Intimacy Key also works in reverse: if you choose to associate with those who reject God, the cursing they must receive to wake them up to Him, will overflow to you. And of course, the big problem we all face is the same as Adam faced in the Garden: choosing another human, over God. That's the reason why the human race was cursed in the first place, and it's still true. Problem is, as God upgrades His Covenants, the cursing increases because a greater Blessing is being rejected. The greatest evil in the human race is the replacement of God with people in the name of "good". That's exactly Adam's sin. So to hear all the stress on to-people stuff in pulpits and religion is by far the worst, most vile evil promulgated on the face of the earth. Same exact ploy as Satan made in Genesis 3, piously repeated daily in the mouths of Christians and others!

    The OT people had the same Connecting Goal in their lives, but what they could know about God was limited. In "G." for "Governance" below, you'll see what the limits were. Parts III and IV cover OT proximity-of-bodies routing for blessing and cursing on behalf of the entire world; links to these sections are also in "G." below. The Part III and IV material is quite extensive. Here, we're just reviewing God's Purpose and Covenant Design as a setup for the "So What?" Evidence Test section which follows in this Part II.

  4. God's DOCTRINE, aka "Truth" is thus codified in Bible (aka "truth") to grow us spiritually if we learn and live on it, in God's System. Via the Holy Spirit's Power we learn and live on Doctrine, since He's the Soul Builder. Thus we grow in that Associative, Bonding Blessing Connected Rapport, via learning and living on that 'Body' of God's Thinking, Bible Doctrine. Consequently His Growing Bible in your head constitutes the only long-term deterrent against the destructive, congenital virus of sin we all inherit at birth. Christians are quickly demoralized about theirs or someone else's behavior, expecting that because we've believed in Christ, we'll magically become good people; so Christians spend billions of dollars on this-or-that allegedly 'holy' prescription to transform themselves, and then wonder why those things don't work! Well they don't work, because they are all big lies. The rituals are lies, the self-help books are lies, the works are lies, the magical phrases you utter are lies, and even your spouting Bible becomes a series of lies, if you're not Doing What Jesus Did -- for no money and no cost. What's that? John 4:24, Matt4:4, per Isa55:1-2, 8-11!

    In Greek, "pistis" is a verbal noun from "pisteuw", "to believe". The noun, usually translated "faith", first means WHAT is believed, not the act of believing. So as James kept on wryly noting, DOCTRINE works the works. Of course, since it's translated "faith", then the reader mistakes the action as his own, rather than GOD'S WORD doing the work. In the Greek you can't make that mistake, for James inserts or omits the article ("the") to distinguish GOD's Word versus man's works. Very witty: click here for my exegetical video playlist on James 1-2. (Start at the second video in the list: associated RTF doc is in the video description, might save you time.)

    So here, the Actor Par Excellence, the Verb Par Excellence, is dramatically rendered into a noun (like any good Greek drama writer would do): DOCTRINE. DOCTRINE WORKS. Word Works. So What Would Jesus Do, is What Word Jesus Did, is What Word Jesus 'Doctrined' -- believed. Witness: Even Christ couldn't become sinless, apart from Him growing up in God's System.

    • He associated Word with everything in His life, Matt4:4.
    • So that bonded and hence blessed His Thinking.
    • The Connections became Total, fusing on the Cross, so the Communion with Father hence became Total, even though His Humanity remains finite.
    • So This Doctrine is the ultimate Blessing By Association: Utterly-Connected Rapport with Him. God's Covenant is therefore in writing to learn and live on as long promised, Heb8:8-12.
    • So it's WWJT, What Word Jesus Thought = What Word Justifies Transformation, Isa53:11. In Him, and in us. Watch how:
      • As we saw in C.14.l above, Christ was imputed with sins on the Cross; so for Him that 'hit' like temptation, massively and all-at-once.
      • "Temptation" is a kind of 'imputation', in the sense that self is vulnerable to attraction from the temptation which 'hits'.
      • So there is no need for shame about being vulnerable: 2Cor 12:9-10.
      • Doesn't matter if you initiated the temptation, or something/someone outside you initiates it.
      • So when temptation 'hits' your soul, your soul must RULE on it. If you rule on it with Bible, you defeat the attack, and your soul just got a little bigger. That's how He did it on the Cross, mechanic of Matt4:4 constantly lived.
      • "Sin" only occurs when you rule positive to a temptation rather than ruling a Bible principle or thought or verse, to defeat it. In practice, it's hard to tell the difference between an imputation thought/feeling, and a genuine sin-thought. James talks about the implanting of Word, to counter the birthing of sin, in James 1.
      • So, just use 1Jn1:9 and move on like Paul counsels in Phili 3:14. Very plodding, trudging, marching tone in the Greek. English translation is okay, but can't duplicate the trudging cadence.
      • Expect the attacks to be constant and in the background, like some noisy neighbor you can't get rid of -- a temptation to be demoralized, give up. It's really the weight of the past programming which now has God opposing it, hence the need for the delicate surgery of learning and living on Bible in God's System. Use 1Jn1:9 a bizillion times a day, therefore.

    The persistence and even worsening of sin post-salvation is a big shock to Christians. They think that because they are saved, they are supposed to magically stop sinning now. No, at salvation the war really begins: your sin nature was in control before you were saved, but now there's competition. This, the OT shows over and over via its stories re Abram, Moses, David. Paul explains the struggle in Romans 6-8, Gal3-5, Eph3-6. Christians also think narrowly of sin as restricted to the oooh-aaahhh items like fornication, drugs, crime. Oh no. Every time you get ticked off in traffic, every time you feel fear or guilt, every irritation, every I-deserve thought -- those are all sins, too. And we have a bizillion such thoughts, every day. The self-righteous category of thoughts alone must occur in a Christian's life hundreds of times a day. Can't escape them. Can only use 1Jn1:9, keep trying to fire Bible at the temptation, move on. The real spiritual life is what YOU THINK. And it's like learning a very difficult language. Expect constant assault. If you don't seem to have constant assault, use 1Jn1:9, for you only get 'peace' from your sin nature when you're in a state of sin. Part III will go over how the spiritual life plays, so you can tell if you're making progress. You don't measure it by how often you sin. For that will be a near-constant thing, hence the need to develop 1Jn1:9 as a reflex. Part III's "Third Reason for Royalty" has some helpful hints on what thought habits to cultivate. "First Reason for Invisibility" walks you through the spiritual life process and its maturation, which takes decades.

    Once you realize how often you do sin, you'll be tempted to sin again, by being demoralized. Just keep firing 1Jn1:9 and find some Bible promise YOU like which makes YOU realize how much God loves you. It's vitally important to your spiritual life that you don't dwell on failure. See Matt9 (story of the psychomatic paralytic). [Nerd note: yes, it was psychomatic. Even in English you can tell, because when he heard the Lord tell him his sins were forgiven, he is suddenly able to stand up and walk. If you compare that statement with the other healings the Lord did, you'll notice it stands alone, so in that case was not a physical problem. Soul healing, of course, is the real need: see Isa53:5. The Greek of Matt9 makes it much clearer that his paralysis was not due to a physical malady.]

    • For, Bible is an antidotal thought pattern powerful enough to pay for sins on the Cross. Part III will go over the parameters and mechanics of it so you can measure progress. Read Psalm 119 if you want to see how OT people used it (that Psalm records the then-Bible thinking of people being tortured on their march to Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar, taught them by Jeremiah).
    • So as you learn it and live on it, you will experience this increasing power in your own life.
    • There is NO substitute. Whole lot of pretenders, though.
    • So, when grown enough, Bible in your head replaces and hence crowds out sin and even, most temptations. You're too busy thinking Bible, see. Again, Part III's "Third Reason for Royalty" shows why, especially its "You, in Me!" and "Multisphere" tables. System was the same in the OT, but not as highly developed as ours.

    • Bible's secular provisions can be and are used by humans worldwide, whether they know the provisions are in Bible or not. Most people of any type anywhere on the globe believe in the rudimentary Bible related to morality, like don't steal, don't murder, etc. God gave those rules to the human race, as we'll see in #6's "Her Secular Blessing" section, below (link in 5th row of redbox near pagetop). Because Bible Doctrine IS the Truth, such belief strengthens their souls against the anti-morality impulse (urge to beat someone at something, manipulation, etc): the stronger the belief, the stronger the defense. But the full power is the monopoly of the believer, both in OT and NT.

    • So, if a person habitually ingests the whole of Bible Doctrine (so to speak) under his right pastor, over his lifetime he will come to have enormous virtue as a result, and enormous happiness -- all because, he comes to see God so well and so often, he's 'distracted' from temptation and sin, and his soul eventually gets control over the body via such ingestion. Doctrine becomes the pattern of his thinking, replacing the body-built sin nature patterns.
    • For this is how Christ Did It, Matt4:4 pattern. He'd have had no defense against temptation, and thus remain sinless, if He didn't Think Word 24/7. In short, His Godness didn't enable Him to avoid temptation, His Perfect Humanity didn't enable it, but only Spirit-Provided WORD going and running in Him enabled it. So if that's what MADE Christ, that's what makes us, too.

    • The real blessing in life is to know God. This is how you get it. The real blessing in life is to be able to defeat your sin nature's urges, one at a time. This is how you get it. For every problem we have in life, is due to sin: whether it's some sin in ourselves, or someone else. Sin is really an attempt to RELIEVE a problem which only creates bigger problems. People murder, based on the magical idea that if they kill that person, their life will somehow be better. Big lie. It just gets worse. People steal because they think they will get relief from the thing they steal. Big lie. Same with drugs, climbing up the rungs of success, you name it. Satan has everything, and is the most miserable: hint hint.
    • If you're so busy thinking Bible and enjoying applying its meanings all over your life, temptation has a hard time getting your attention. Meanwhile, you're learning all kinds of new enjoyments. It's rather enjoyable not to sin, to be instead thinking of something else -- like doing a good job, caring for someone else, being free of all that self-image garbage, etc. When you watch a movie, you aren't thinking about how good or bad you are, you're thinking of the content of the movie. That's why you feel rested after you watch it. Much more true, when the "movie" you are watching, is God's Movie, the Bible. Playing live in your head, anytime you like, and you don't even need to find the remote control! Personal Testimony: Bible is more enjoyable than anything else in life. Frankly, all else becomes quite boring, and slow. Try it.

    • A child thinks that good feeling is happiness. An adult knows that good meaning is happiness. But what's "good"? Well, a lot of what even we adults consider "good", is a big lie, because like kids we think that what relieves something in the body, is a real benefit. That's not true, as we find out usually in middle age. This is how you get God's Content to replace the feelings and the lies: Bible Doctrine. Day by Day.
    • The way God defeats sin in you is the same mechanism as He used on the Cross. What happened there? The sins kept on HITTING Him, until they were all exhausted, principle of Eph6:13 (KJV). So you don't 'fight' sin, you instead think Bible and let God fight it: stand still and watch the deliverance of the Lord, He will fight for you today, Exo 14:13-14. That's what Christ did on the Cross. For the temptation, was to give into their overwhelming urges. But instead of doing that, He just LET them hit. He kept on replying to them with Bible: we know He used Psalm 22 and 31 a lot (what He says on the Cross are all snippet-quotes from Bible). So God won't defeat sin in your life by some majestic thing He enables you to do. Oh no. You'll be a lamb, just as Christ was, with the temptations hitting you. And you are to respond the same way: thinking Bible 'in reply', letting the temptations hit you, "disregarding the shame", as it says in Heb12:2.

    The OT people had the same WWJT rule but got their Bible directly, often orally -- the eventual writing of Bible was a promise they ardently awaited, Jer31:31-34. Meanwhile, they had to make do with oral communication, ritual, etc. So Bible was written down serially, only when the God-sent provider was soon to die. Or, when a lot of folks needed the new provision right away, but the provider couldn't travel to them all (e.g., Moses wrote immediately, as there was so much demand, died before finishing Deuteronomy, so Joshua finished it for him). We post-Cross have the entire 66 books of the Bible, so that's (partially) why our covenant is the opposite of the OT folks. But notice: WWJT was the same rule for them, too. They just didn't have HIS Thinking in writing, but we do. He crafted His Thinking from the OT, for us to have in writing. That's the main reason why our covenant is the opposite from OT in character. Part IVa's "Bridal Contract" link lists our oppositeness in 16 categories. "G." for "Governance" below will highlight some of these differences.

  5. Doctrine works, but like any effective EXERCISE program, one must adopt it for life.
    • Your soul needs daily workouts even more than your body does.
    • Christ called it FOOD in Matt4:4.
    • Your body extrapolates from food, the nourishment it needs.
    • So Extrapolating Bible in your head, is how you grow spiritually.
    • This is the most important thing to understand about the spiritual life: you EXTRAPOLATE from Bible.
    The quitter will spiral down faster than if he never started in Bible Doctrine, dog returning to its vomit (Prov26:11, 2Pet2:22): you literally starve from Word and then choke on the fake food you make in an attempt to feed yourself, instead. We really need to think differently about what "spiritual life" means. It's A Training Process, to ready us for Heaven. It's a FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD daily dining, and is very tasty. "Taste the Lord, for He is good", said David (Ps34:8). You don't get upset, if you need tasty food. It nourishes, and you enjoy it at the same time. You don't get upset if you have to practice piano, if you want to learn how to play. You practice many hours, and wish you could practice more. You don't get upset about practicing basketball shots, if you want to play basketball. You don't get upset about practicing a language, if you want to learn it. Well, the spiritual life is all of that. But do we practice learning and living on BIBLE? No. We practice rousing emotions in songs, we practice social life with Christians, we practice rituals and works, we practice just about anything but learning how God Thinks. The OT people had the same disinterest we do. Some things never change, even when the covenants do.

    The ONLY reason you'll ever be unhappy in life, is that you're not eating Bible at the time. Guaranteed, Luke 11:28 -- "blessed" should be translated "happy" (literally, "happinesses", makarioi). See, as people age, they come to realize all those childhood pleasures were fleeting; they become ever more disillusioned as a consequence; then, ever more brittle and demanding. Sure, when times are good they can even be noble; but when bad times occur, poof! Dr. Hyde comes out. No staying power, because no virtue; no virtue, because absent Bible Doctrine, the person is dependent on externals for his happiness. As one ages, it's less pleasant to move around, one loses some physical attractiveness and strength; by the end, even food becomes too much 'trouble'. Sins committed hasten this descent into jadedness; thrills become harder to sustain, harder to achieve. The capacity to enjoy deadens. By contrast, with Bible Doctrine 'living' in your head, you find aging much more meaningful, even fulfilling, despite problems; apart from it, aging is rather a horror. You have to believe lies, to survive. Of course, the person still under the sway of his sin nature is largely unaware how miserable he is. Psychological defense mechanisms 'protect' him from the truth, you see. The person who blames others, who looks to others to 'do' for him, is a marionette. Take away the buffering prosperity he has, and Dr. Hyde comes out, big-time.

    By contrast, once sufficiently trained in Bible Doctrine, the soul-dominated body enhances all one's relationships to express enjoyment of, to, and with God. Ergo the need to grow up in Love, the need to dock all competing loves under Him. What was a curse, association with and via the body, becomes a blessing in the spiritual life. As you'll see in the "So, What?" Evidence section below, even the promise of 400 years slavery for Abram's descendants didn't make him or them, unhappy. Satan's plan can't offer an associative antidote to that kind of horrible 'promise' and produce a like contentment. For Satan's plan produces jadedness, quintessentially expressed in the French word, "ennui". [Man, I didn't appreciate the value of growing on Bible when I was young. So many things other people got to do which I felt I should not get, and then decades later I learn I'm the happy one? Because, they ran after the world's stuff, and of course got disappointed. I couldn't do that, felt deprived, but God mattered, so at length I forgot about that deprivation. Then in composing these websites I realized how much happier I was than pretty much everyone I know. Big shock, bigger grief to want them to have the same happiness, but of course they consider Bible bupkis. It's heartbreaking to watch them so bored and frustrated with their lives.]

    So the Association Covenant You Pick will be exercised by you over your lifetime. If God's, it results in Evidence of "So, what?" to any competition in life. If Satan's, it results in ennui, a matured martyr attitude which Satan himself has. Your choice, which "E" you EXERCISE -- Evidence? Or, Ennui?

    God doesn't 'do' magic. He does, however, supernaturally transform the believer to become more like Him via EXTRAPOLATING Bible out into the soul, Rom5:5. For God's Goal is Togetherness, oneness. It takes a lifetime to learn this. Bible is a zip file. Only God can unzip it, and He unzips it in your head if you live in God's System (link in upper left corner at pagetop). So there are no magic Bible verses you can claim, no magic rallies you can attend, no magic pastors out there you can parrot to get the Ghost or whatever. Yes, you claim verses. Yes, you study under a pastor. But no, those functions of themselves won't make you spiritually grow. You have to THINK OVER the meaning, and you have to WANT GOD for Himself. Else you're just wasting your time; you will be blessed, but you'll end up stuck in spiritual childhood, fancying yourself all grown up now. And then disaster will hit, and you won't know why. And the why, is this: God wants a real relationship, not goodies. So if you don't want Him, you don't want to think over what Bible you learn, and you don't want to know God for Himself, what you want instead are goodies. So one day, the goodies stop. This, to wake you up to the real purpose of having a spiritual life. True in Adam's day, true today still: Hebrews 4. Sadly, 99% of Christianity is in this rut. So were 99% of the OT people. God kinda gets tucked aside when we do the things He wants, but without interest in Him or what He says. So 99% of believers, end up miserable at the end of their lives, disillusioned and not knowing why. Well, now you know why.

    Your soul is real. Your life with God is FOREVER. So line on line, day on day, precept on precept, plodding on plodding -- you learn Him. Many thoughts in God. Many thoughts in you. His Ways aren't your ways nor His Thoughts your thoughts, Isa55. So kiss all that Christian claptrap goodbye: you know, about throwing faggots on the fire, "Victorious Life", etc. They think just like the woman in Genesis 3, that being Christian is like the forbidden fruit, magically transforming! Well, the truth is rather sobering: your sin nature doesn't like your human spirit which you acquired upon faith in Christ, Gal5:17, Romans 8. It's a never-ending battle you'll fight every day. You will get dominance over the sin nature, but it's in baby steps, and takes most of your life. If you want to know God, you won't care about how long it takes, for every day you learn something about Him. You will go through spiritual maturation stages as you grow, so you can track your progress (focus of Part III). But just settle it in your mind now, this is a PERMANENT change, so takes time. You are being developed into someone who will Never Sin Again post-death, without magic, but with Truth being deposited in you. Same depositing mechanism as Adam went through, and he lived 930 years. Same mechanism as Abram went through, and he lived 175 years; from age 75-99, he matured enough to even get the promised son. About 20+ years after that, he'd matured enough to sacrifice that son. Same depositing mechanism as Christ went through -- so go you. He was Perfect and it took Him 30 years of Doctrinal exercise, daily, 24/7. So it might take you a tad longer. Worth it. [Nerd Note: if you think you're too old to reach the goal, think again. Just keep plugging. Those Tribulational martyrs all grow up in 3.5 years, and surely they are not all young! The spiritual growth process varies greatly in length per stage. Think of animals: while it's true most animals have a similarly-short 'childhood' and adulthood, some have a long 'childhood', like certain fish, parrots and turtles, or the 17-year cicada. Once an adult, the cicada takes only a month to fully mature! The cicada then dies. You won't. You live forever. God also lengthens life when volition turns positive, see the example of Hezekiah's illness in Bible, 2Kings 20, 2Chron32, Isa38.]

    So the OT covenants were essentially Word-in-you Doctrine, Eaten, Exercised and Extrapolated. The methodology used to get Word in them was essentially the same as for us, God's System: but the format and scope of their EXERCISE was generally of opposite means and far lower understanding, than what we Church inherit in Christ. Their association covenants were lower than ours, so involved a lot of visibility and ritual, as we'll see in "G" below. The visibility hampered how much they could learn, for Christ had not yet come; the visibility and rituals substituted for that fact. No one could get His Thinking until He became Human, and HAD thoughts to transmit. Once He lived out as a Human, His Thinking was written down so we could 'copy' it, 1Pet2:21. The OT people couldn't get that. Still, the underlying idea was to use their association formats as given (i.e., the rituals), to LEARN and LIVE ON God's Word as then revealed to them. We get better things (main theme of Book of Hebrews). Part III will cover the OT vs. NT differences in more detail, with many Bible verses. This Part II is just an overview.

    Extrapolating Bible means you think over the underlying meaning in each word of the Word, to see Divine Truth. Bible is spiritual math. God took the Truth and from it created creation to reflect that Truth. So everything in math itself, all the laws of physics, economics, all the structure of biology, every type of animal and plant, reflect Truth in specific ways. So what you see, is always METAPHORICAL of what you can't see. Hence the OT visible covenants were taught and Bible written, via metaphor. You'd then EXTRAPOLATE from the metaphors, Divine Truths -- just as you'd work out a math formula, today. You see OT writers do this, constantly comparing or describing something about God in metaphorical terms like weather, man or animal power, faithfulness, love, majesty, even punishment. The rituals are all metaphorical. Example: "lamb" is a common OT metaphor, so you'd extrapolate meaning by thinking out what the attributes of "lamb" meant. That way, you could better understand the Spiritual Lifestyle of the Lamb to Come, and be spared a lot of angst. Because if "lamb", then not "badger", so you don't have to badger yourself with works. Lambs don't work. They eat, sleep, get sheared of wool which makes itself, and then they die. So you learn to live like a "lamb": notice how that single word tells you much about Christ, the spiritual life, and how you approach your own life, depending on God -- not on some animal strength, works, rituals, etc. So the OT people had the spiritual life communicated to them, metaphorically. If they didn't learn the metaphors, they became the wrong 'animals', and of course got frustrated and punished by God.

    As you'll see in G.13 below and #7 link section near the end of this Part II, Christ extrapolated the OT all the way up to and through, Divine Truth itself. This is how He BECAME the Truth. Truth gets built this way. Again, it's just like math, or learning a language. Lots of repetition, lots of practice, day in and day out, applied to everything you think and do and see. That's what He did, so that's what God foreordained for the human race -- because CHRIST would exist, therefore we do. Because CHRIST would live this way, therefore we do. Pre-Incarnation, the OT people had to make do with a "shadow" version of Him, as Hebrews Chapters 7-10 explain (elaborating on 1Cor13's last four verses+Ephesians 1-3, inter alia). Post-Incarnation, we get the Real Thinking of the Real Person. Intimately. Again, Part III covers Church in detail. For now, just get the idea that extrapolating from Bible (i.e., metaphors) to see Divine Truths is the mechanism, and only God can do this to you, opening the Bible 'zip file'.

  6. This Abiding, Bonding, Connecting, Doctrine-Eating, Extrapolation Exercise Structure, plus body-proximity being used by God to connect and thus bless even those who choose dissociation from Him -- results in FELLOWSHIP with God. Directly, for the believer involved in the covenantal properties of the previous verbs; indirectly, for anyone else. Notice that: fellowship with GOD, not people. First Commandment, the entire point of even being alive. Being with Him. In Him. Of Him. To Him. All prepositions, Him! That is living, and when you are enough Extrapolated in the covenantal verbs, you wonder how you ever survived, prior. For all else in life is dull, by comparison. Yet vibrant, via the Fellowship with Him You Now Well Know.

    Satan therefore wants to make sure that all those contractural verbs are his definitions, rather than God's. Satan's #1 tactic is to preserve God's Words, but FAKE their "fellowship" results. So that you have fellowship with Satan, but you are Faked Out into Fantasizing you have fellowship with 'God'. Ergo, all the many religions and their counterfeit 'god' ideas, to trap the human race. Thus "fellowship" is today an odious word, full of hypocrisy; anyone sane wants to avoid people who urge you to "fellowship" with them. You just know they will be syrupy -- and full of daggers.

    So when you read words in the Word, you'll never understand Him properly. Instead, man's head substitutes for God's. Christ is replaced with either Peter, or pick-your-favorite-fake-leader-here. God-deeds are replaced with good deeds. Divine Love is replaced with emotional needs that grab others and weigh everyone down. Three good fake-out definitions common in Christendom, are actually Bible mistranslations in literally hundreds of verses. Greek "agape" only means Divine Love: but it's translated "Love" in English, so you'll always define it as human love, emotional. Second fake-out: Greek word "ergon" in Bible almost always refers to God's works, not man's -- tip off is an anarthrous or monadic construction (no fronting "the" or a unique-Greek usage of "the"). But in translation, it always looks like man's works. Third fake-out: God's Head gets chopped off in verses depicting His Thinking is What Word Works -- translations of 1Cor and James, are especially egregious on that count. This mistranslation occurs because "God" is not mentioned by name in the sentence. The result? Faked meaning as something man does, rather than what God does. So when you read Bible with the faked-out meanings, you don't notice: after all, you're reading the same words.

    Yet if you study the Word in the original-language texts with 1Jn1:9 "on" as needed, the Spirit bypasses all those bad definitions and alerts you to the right ones. So the fact believers for centuries misread the Word, proves they don't care enough to learn what God actually wrote -- from Him. Lukewarm spirituality is Satan's specialty.

    • Hence Satan has almost carte blanche to FAKE what God does, for his own ends. To FOOL people into thinking his prescriptions are 'right' or 'godly'. To thus make them FAIL in the spiritual life, and reject God. Hence no FELLOWSHIP occurs, theme of 1John 1:6-10, Jude, 2nd Peter 1.
    • Satan's overall strategy throughout the centuries is summarized in the "STOP OMEGA" link in Part IVc, with Morality as his primary fooling mechanism. For God did invent morality, so Satan exploits that to his own ends.
    • Just as Satan tempted the woman with "a better good" of being like the Most High via a silly prescription, so he's tempted and won over the human race, ever since. Pre-Fall, Adam and the woman didn't need to know what "morality" was, and they'd certainly have never believed that good deeds would accredit them with God. That idea would have been laughable. But not laughable, to the Energizer-Bunny, terminally-insecure sin nature which wants magical morality credits, endlessly hungry for them.
    • The body is thus Satan's target: just as it was with the woman, just as it was the problem he himself could not overcome (he was overawed by his own beauty and abilities). Our bodies are weak, so it's easy to feel insecure. Even a cold germ fells us. And you can pretend to be brave until you're blue in the face, yet that doesn't add to your strength one whit. So we're easy targets for any magical ploy which we can use to fantasize relief.
    • Ergo Satan crafted his own covenants to FASHION a mankind associated with his own counterfeit 'blessing' -- so to win in the Trial. In a word, the carrot of "comforts".
    • And he uses body proximity -- the pressure of FITTING IN, wanting to be liked -- to do it. He's leveraging God's blessing-by-association rules, to craft cursing-by-association.
    • Naturally, God's covenants are beneficial, but Satan's are not.
    • Naturally, Satan's covenants appeal to the body, but in all events God's do not.
    • Satan's covenants all appeal to power and attractiveness in the self (hallucinated or real).
    • God's covenants appeal to looking at God and depending on Him, rather than looking at self and depending on self or others.
    • So God's covenants lead to blessing, internal contentment even under suffering.
    • Satan's covenants lead to cursing and jadedness, where enjoyment is but FLEETING; and instead ennui, governs the life. Read the biographies of so-called "great" people. See how most of them end up defeated, betrayed, assassinated, or otherwise dishonored. This isn't to say they are bad people under Satan's spell (no one can read their souls) -- it is to say that this world's lauded achievers don't get their money's worth for all their efforts. So the 'blessing' the world offers is not worth a FARTHING.

    Hence Satan crafts his own "abiding", "bonding", "blessing", "connecting", "doctrine", "eating", "extrapolation", "exercise" structures. They vary much, depending upon the sin nature proclivities, which proclivities basically break down into two sides: morality, and immorality. Both are used by the sin nature to make self feel "good", and both are dependent on body ideas, which in turn break down into perceived comfort and attractiveness. Hence, always the bid for power, to get more of that comfort and attractiveness. The morality ruse is a way to pride self on how good one is, how foregoing, while basically tricking others into getting what one wants. That's no different from the base immorality uses, though the latter is more honest about the taking-from-you intent. However, it becomes necessary for the self to be tricked into claiming that its action is benevolent, to appease the me-be-god urge. So above all, PEOPLE are stressed. People, not God. People, in the name of God. Same ploy as Genesis 3 used on Adam. He had to choose between God and his wife. No contest. We have to choose between God and people. No contest. And we'll fool ourselves by calling that choice "moral", just as Adam must have done.

    To see Satan's definitions of these structures, just turn on your TV and watch it for an hour or two. Notice how people people people and admiration admiration admiration and be good be good be good is stressed every second on the second. Performance. Power. Macho man. Macha woman. Nothing like real life, yet everything like the power grabs in real life. Everything in Satan's structures is reified to doo-doo's for approbation. No learning of God for Himself, oh no: God is cast as Sugar Daddy or Petty Judge, a distant two-dimensional cartoon character described epithetically, shallowly. So we're all urged to get satisfaction from this world, and the real god, is me-be-god or people. Happiness is the proverbial pea under the walnut shell you never get when you pick it, packaged prettily on TV to beguile you into thinking you can actually obtain happiness down here. Yeah, right. So you don't notice that even if you got that glitzy life, it's worthless. If you know anyone who's even slightly famous, you'll find that they don't have the glamorous life which on the surface, you'd think they'd have. They find out it's more trouble, what with everyone grabbing at them. That's why rich people seek seclusion: they need it. Of course, Solomon explained all that, in Ecclesiastes and Proverbs.

    Same ruse was true in the OT, as you can tell on any page in the Bible. Always someone invading, tricking, playing games on one person or another, in the name of serving the people, being attractive, thinking well of self. It's nauseating. Notice how the Bible heroes progressively didn't cave into that, but looked to God, instead. Took them decades to learn to prefer God to the world. But it happened, eventually. They learned God's definitions despite Satan's propagandic, counterfeit replacements. First an unlearning, a waiting, seemingly endless and fruitless. Then, God delivers. For they grew enough to enjoy what Blessing God had in mind, for them. We'll see all that in the "So What?" Evidence Test section here in Part II, a bit later on.

    So it's the Tale of Two Fruits, Fable or Fact? the 'fellowship' with the world's shallow sterility, or the Fellowship with Father. Christ picked the latter, and because He did, He actually needed a Cross to Forego all else, as an outlet. For Father, or Forget it! For Father, is First.

    Governance Level in OT Covenants

  7. GOVERNANCE in God's Grace Covenants therefore Gradually increases in Grade of Growth available to believers under them. Remember, there are two types of blessing God's covenants convey, in any era: first, direct from God, accessed via self's 'obedience'; and second, indirectly, via those who are 'obeying'. But what constitutes "obeying"? What if you misinterpret a provision? Then you're not obeying God's covenant, but instead obeying Satan's. That was the bane of Israel, misinterpretation of the Mosaic Law, distorting it into roteness, as you'll see in #6, below. Hence for Church, knowing OT vs. NT covenant properties unlocks many a key to "rightly dividing the Word of Truth". Cursing for us would be more severe, since we have the whole Bible, and the OT folks did not. Consequently, if one thinks an OT provision applies currently but it does not, one will stunt his spiritual growth until he eliminates the too-low provision. It's roughly analogous to having a Maserati, but riding on a bicycle: you won't GO to the destinations God planned for your life (Eph4:13!) if your chosen transport is too slow. This is essentially the problem Christianity has had, for 18 centuries. It's still riding an OT bicycle, and only taking the rudimentary NT doctrines, slapping them on top. That's like riding a bicycle with a flat tire! You don't put new wine in old wineskins, the Lord reminded everyone. Wine, His Thinking, is from HIS Skin!

    The Governance level of OT covenants was limited to a kind of besidedness with God. God was part of your life, the most important part, the dominating part -- but you had a life on your own, too. So the rapport was limited. The covenants even from the beginning were actually too sophisticated for humans to invent or understand, given the covenants' extreme metaphorical richness and Divine Wit. Also, the covenants were utterly impolitic, and not at all enticing, either. Works entirely spoofed. Hence you can spend hours on just one of the rituals, tracking its multistoried meaning and connectedness to everything else metaphorically depicted. That's why the OT covenants are in large measure, skipped over in analysis today: we don't understand them in our puny minds! Yet compared to how God would upgrade the covenant in Christ, what follows below in blue, was mere child's play:

      Due to the Fall, man in the OT started at ground zero: no knowledge of God, no actual knowledge of sin/good/evil, but instead urges toward them.

    1. Accordingly, the hallmark properties of all Old Testament covenants were ritual and visible supernaturality. First ritual was Abel's sacrificing lambs. First supernaturality, God talking conversationally with people as if He too were human i.e., Adam and the woman, then Cain, Noah, Abram, etc. The 'discussion' with Adam after the Fall and Cain demonstrate the informal conversationality. Very impolitic for a god to depict Himself as a lamb -- oh, that invites ridicule from 'stronger' gods! -- quite demeaning, to have intimate conversation with a mere mortal. What, no go-betweens? Makes this God look small! Doesn't honor the human, that this God is not "macho". Of course, that's your big tipoff, this is the Real God Who doesn't Flash His Cash, and doesn't want you to, either. lo toar LO, wa lo hadar, wa lo mareh as Isaiah would later quip (Isa53:2).

    2. People were taught to associate what they saw (i.e., in the ritual) with what they couldn't see, as a vehicle for learning God. What they saw, was a God Who did all the work, you only contributed the problem and reaped the benefit. You only got in trouble if you accredited yourself, as Cain tried to do with the vegetable thingy. There He goes again, being impolitic, making Himself the slave instead of you. How majestic is that? "The Sinbearer" is lying at the door of his volition to save him, Gen4:7? What God phrases His warning as a Promise? Only the Real God would stoop so low! [Gen4:7 is vilely reverse translated. It's not "sin" lying at the door, but Christ the Sin Bearer. Get my pastor's Genesis 75 series and some good lexicons if you don't see the mistranslation in the verse. I could see the mistranslation via the lexicons in BibleWorks, not merely from my pastor's correction, so you can find it, too. I don't care which pastor gets it right, Word of God should be properly stated!]

      Here we see the EXTRAPOLATION rule. You do something. Whatever you do, has certain characteristics, parameters. So you analyze what 'laws' lie beneath those things. And you analyze them, to learn more about Invisible God. So the covenants all had metaphorical depictions in their rituals, the teachings, etc. Succinct and easy to remember, you could ponder the meanings while you walked, washed, tended flocks, ate, etc. OT writing style is extremely succinct, seems ambiguous only because it's OMNIDIRECTIONAL. So OT text often baffles translators, for there's no good way to render all the multilayered meanings derivable from the interconnected metaphors. I could spend years on Isaiah 53's Hebrew, alone. Can't translate all of what it says, gotta use the original text and chew on it. That's what the OT people were to do with everything they saw and heard. Most didn't do it, but the method was available, and as you see David and the other OT writers engage in that extrapolation, you realize they played with the metaphors all the time.

    3. IMPOLITIC Rituals for learning, sacred behaviors and structures, complemented the communication -- dreams, visions, prophetic messages. They're all distinctly Mad Magazine-type spoofs on their pagan counterparts. First, notice that these methods are taken for granted, treated axiomatically by Moses in Genesis. So everyone knew well what he meant when he wrote, he didn't have to elaborate. Next notice what he mentions, the anointing of rocks, the dreams, the ceremonies of eating which God then burns up. Burns up: meaning, He didn't need to be fed. Meaning, He'd do all the work. My favorite is the scene in Genesis 15 where Abram -- who came from a family of pagan priests before he met God -- goes to all that trouble to cut everything up as God tells him, and then God doesn't arrive! So Abram has to chase away the birds etc. for the rest of the day. Then he falls asleep. THEN God replies to him while he sleeps, with a 'covenant' which no pagan would want. Then Abram wakes, God does the quintessential "I will protect you", covenant-ratifying symbology of PERSONAL food oven and lighting-the-way Torch "passing over" between the halves. Passover, get it? No pagan god behaves in so demeaning a manner: people are supposed to behave like that, not gods. Using a mean, common, earthly cooking vessel normally carried with you or stuck in the ground for your daily food cooking. Slavish, again. Yeah, because this isn't a fake god, but the Real One. Now you know why the Word is called Food and Light. It starts here, when God Conveys His Word, His Promise, His Oath -- by means of a mean oven and ordinary thrushes, both alight and working. God working. God, not man. God cooks, God lights, we benefit. How impolitic!

    4. Thus we see that principles of Divine Thought and Nature were communicated as straightforward, concrete expressions metaphorical of the unseen principles. Like, the God who accepts a rock used as a pillow for a sacred stone, Gen28:18, read context. Notice how God makes unilateral promises in clear language. No Delphic Oracle for Him! Who disallowed fancy monuments (requirement that an altar be unhewn). There He goes again, acting 'common'! By contrast, the pagan rituals and god-concepts were all obtuse, pompous, full-of-hot-air mysticism. Not here with the Real God! So yeah, extrapolation was what you did with what you saw. Notice, though, you didn't extrapolate inanity, like the pagans did. God depicts His covenant as a mean oven, so it means cooking, fellowship, not some weird flowery emotional prose of no meaning and less sense. God depicts His covenant as light, so it doesn't mean your soul was initially in Him and you by your own efforts make yourself light and float up to the heavens, as Eastern mysticism (aka gnosticism) claims i.e., heaven depicted as "drinking orange light" in one holy book you can buy today: lol -- drinking fire? GOD gives light to illuminate, not you. GOD provides, not you. Very straightforward extrapolation, all rooted in common sense, is God's way of communicating.

    5. It was a spiritual system attuned to their human limitations: one learned principles by doing. Man was trained like a child: do this, do that, this is right, this is wrong, trust Daddy, have faith. Following the steps, painting by the numbers, like animal sacrifices. Like washings. Like eatings. To motivate them to ask why those particular rules, versus the more glamorous rules of pagan people. Here's another dimension of the metaphorical system. The more senses which are engaged in a learning process, the better one learns. This is especially true if the actions are common, repeated. So of course you won't know the meaning behind the motions, right away. But you learn the motions instinctively, so then you have time to ponder and enjoy the motions.

      Children learn by doing, until their brains develop enough so they can learn from 'pure' principle. It was like basic math, not differential calculus or physics. Yet if you analyzed the metaphors enough with God's Power, not even the most sophisticated math or physics could compare. The OT is so metaphorically dense we moderns don't understand it: you must WELL KNOW the meaning of each metaphor and extrapolate interrelationships from them. It is true spiritual math, every bit as sophisticated and comprehensive, as unified field theory in physics seeks to be. Yeah, you can't understand it on your own. Breathe 1Jn1:9 and keep asking God about those metaphors, study with His Brains -- and then you'll understand them. Each metaphor is of something common. But to have so much information about each common metaphor in your head, at once, extrapolating the principles they depict and interrelate them -- requires Divine Power. On human power alone you'd have to spend your life writing out all the meanings, and maybe after 50 years of writing non-stop, you'd have a vague idea of their interrelationships. Well, the writers of Scripture had instant understanding: so they had to get it from God, to make so much wordplay on all the metaphors.

      Unbelievers can't read Bible, so don't know how to read God's Word metaphorically. This requirement of Divine Power is most amply proved, because we all know that good literature -- and the Bible is considered good literature, even by its detractors -- all good literature, employs metaphors. So how is it, that a provable genius like Julian Jaynes, mistakes what Amos says as being childish? Most people I know can't even follow Jaynes' pro-evolution arguments in his Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind book (I can't remember the full title, but it's a classic you can find at Amazon). Jaynes devotes most of his thesis to how old Greek and Bible literature was concretely expressed, therefore man was not possessed of a self-consciousness, which (according to him) evolved over hundreds of years. So the rich metaphors of Greek and Bible literature are a complete blank, to Jaynes. Not only him, but look around the internet: Bible debunkers all see those metaphorical descriptions, and mistake them for literal. A metaphor is a REAL thing which IN PRINCIPLE depicts something you can't see, like a law of God, or God Himself. Anthropopathisms are metaphors. Anthropomorphisms are metaphors. We all "get" that when we see Shakespeare: why not, in the Bible? See: Satan&Co. mask our normal intelligence when it comes to Bible, and we really need Divine Power, to read it.

      So too back in the OT, when Bible was still being developed, you went through the motions, and if you didn't EXTRAPOLATE the metaphors inherent in the activity, you didn't learn God, and would mistake the motions for magical things. Just like the woman did of Satan's Tree in the Garden, heh.

      Pagan religions all treat the ceremonies as literal things or mystical things. That's why cannibalism was popular. Attributing magical properties to the LITERAL object in the ritual, rather than ABSTRACTING, EXTRACTING, EXTRAPOLATING the Divine principles metaphorically. Thus you know the Bible's ideas were first, and the pagan mystical meanings are deformations from the Bible, rather than the other way around. Abel sacrificed a lamb to memorialize in advance, The Future Lamb Who Would Come to Pay for Sin. Later cultures sacrificed animals as if what THEY did paid for sin. See the difference? See why the Mosaic Law is so rich and sophisticated?

    6. Thus we see that man's "meaning" was Associatively Bonded and Connected to demonstrate Doctrine, the spiritual meanings, which man could then Eat, Extrapolate, and Exercise in his daily life. How man could thus tell the Fake fellowship of Satan's plan from the True Fellowship, in God's. Hence, even the most menial secular activity would remind man of the spiritual relationship he had with God. These everyday physical expressions naturally became intimately associated with God. The repetition alone would 'train' the body to make such association, if the meaning was extrapolated each time. Hence any activity always bore resemblance to some ritual, and thus to some God-meanings. Such association facilitated pleasurably learning Him so man could progress out of the concrete, and into the higher abstract understanding levels, metaphorically. How ungodlike, to make mundane activity and rituals bear so much resemblance to each other! Unless, of course, it's the Real God Who chooses the mundane so you can enjoy your small life the more, by being reminded of Him, in it. Clearly no ego problem, in this "God". And do you think Abram could ever cut animals in half again without being reminded of the contract? Could he ever look at a personal oven or common torch again without thinking of God? And of course, God made the sons contract via circumcision! So as my pastor loves to quip, Every time Abraham urinated...

      How impolitic, to make the common phallus remind you of the god! Oh? Do you know, most of the totems in pagan cultures are phallus symbols? So notice God's spoofing -- A Real Phallus By The Real God Is Used To Make A Real Holy People. From Dead Skin, A Living People Living Forever Before Living God. Do you begin to see some of the Genius behind the metaphors God picks to communicate Himself? The associative, thesauretical pleasure is Endless Wit! Easy therefore to remember, Tasty therefore to remember. Who but the Real God would think this way? And by picking common things to display His Thinking, you not only have constant reminders to enjoy -- but best of all, you a common nothing, He must want. For after all, if even the lillies of the field are so well clothed -- if even the grass here today and tomorrow thrown in a common oven which has the honor of Depicting God's Integrity Love for Abram -- how much more important to God are you! The Lord would have endless fun using the metaphors when He was down here. Just read the Gospels, look at His Genius in Extrapolating from them.

    7. Such association thus facilitated growth in spiritual intimacy. Or, it facilitated volitional mutation of Truth into false magical ideas, just as happened to the woman in Genesis 3. Essentially, you derived meaning by extrapolating the metaphors thesauretically, so derived the abstract, from the concrete. How quickly you could do this, and how much you wanted to, would vary. Volition, again. The angels could decide how much to play with what they knew, and so can man. The angels knew a lot more, and from their initial creation. But it's always a question of how much you want God. So if you want God, you play with what you know already, and try to learn more. If you don't, you don't look at what you know already, or change it into something else you prefer. Hence over time, the physicality interfered, constantly mutating into roteness or magical distortions. People progressively chose not to think about the meaning of the movements, and thus depraved the God-meanings -- grabbed by the "Energizer Bunny", our old sin nature inherited from Adam's Fall. Thus depraved in their minds (Romans 1), "God" would mutate into a designer label that self was 'good' if he aped the motions.

      Of course we Christians exhibit that same attitude. Like the Jews eventually did, we too create little pet observances, ascribe to them magical spiritual properties, all crafted from Bible verses. Yet demonstrating, we don't know what those verses mean. For we don't EXTRAPOLATE, but ENCHANT. We want Disneyland: light that candle, chant this prayer, thus get magical blessing from magical motions, ad nauseum.

      Hence in movies and most media depictions, "Christianity" is falsely defined as Catholicism. Or, some other form of magical movements prevalent in Protestantism. The goofier, the more accepted. Woo-woo, rah-rah, no meaning, just motions. Just like the pagans.

    8. The covenants' granted degree of intertwined secular and spiritual knowledge & power increased as time passed, to feed the desire for greater intimacy, and to counter the 'magical' misuse of God's ritual and visibility meanings. What made the transition from the family priesthood covenant to the patriarchs, was the promise to Abram that THE Son would come from his loins. So the priesthood passed to the sons of the Line. So the upgrade in knowledge and power, was 'matched' to the narrowing of who would be the progenitors of Messiah. Humorous, how they used their priesthoods so intimately, i.e., Job's thinking when he sacrificed animals, Abram's nervous excitement when the Lord talks to him at Mamre, Jacob's irrepressible desire for contact with God any way he can get it, even if it lames him (and it did). Notice that the OT itself was serially written, demonstrating a progressive increase in how much and how well you could come to know God. This gradual unveiling 'tracked' man's learning about God, so that he didn't get information too early or too late. Tied, to the gradual unveiling of the bloodline of Christ, since the OT itself is about Christ's Coming. As that revealing became more detailled, of course the covenants themselves had to upgrade. With Abraham this upgrade started, as we'll see in "Cursing-to-Blessing" #6 division on the Jews (after this section on Governance).

    9. So above all, each succeeding OT covenant/Dispensation/"Age" stressed Personal Relationship. Very impolitic of God to want a personal relationship, rather than a macho-man, distant dominance! Yeah, because GOD wants a personal relationship, not Macho Man. This is the big difference between God of the Bible, and all other holy books and religions, and always has been. Pagan ideas of god are all power-based, so distant and macho-man, prostituting. You prostitute yourself before the god, and he gives you goodies or good feelings, in return. God of Bible is the exact opposite of all that claptrap. It's true that Judaism and later Christianity morphed the Real God into a pagan prostitution system of rituals and works; but if you really study Bible, you readily see He's not as advertised by His apostate 'handlers'. As Jethro Tull put it in the 1970's, his "Aqualung" album: "He's not the kind you have to wind up -- on Sunday."

      Notice how God talks directly to the priests, like Job (family priesthood example), then (patriarchs) Abram-later-Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. Notice that an angel, not God, talks to Hagar (so she was a believer, and not in a fake "Allah", either). Every supernatural manifestation in the OT is distinctly personal in nature. Someone you know well, with whom you are on a first name basis. No fanfare. Notice also how the rituals are all of a dining character. Again, personal fellowship in nature, not the overblown rituals of the pagans. Remember when Dorothy, the lion and Tinman first 'met' the Wizard of Oz -- before he came out from behind that fake machine-thingy? Yeah, the bombastic machine thingy strumping its power, has always been depraved man's idea of what 'god' should be like. Nothing like the Real God. Which The Real God proves, by His Direct and Real Personal Contact -- with those who believe in Him. No grandiose temples and gargantuan statues to intimidate and overwhelm, as if that's what relationship should be; no mystical, complicated rituals to obfuscate. Just God, and just you. Was that way since Adam, is that way, still.

    10. This stress on Personal Relationship was based on the Promise that God (Son) would come in the flesh. Hence covenants hallmarked by visibility, reminded them of His Future Visibility, A Promise Of Savior To Come. Unilateral promise. This God just ups and announces Himself to Abram, Isaac, Jacob. Takes the initiative, just makes the Unilateral Promise, just as He did with Adam, Noah, etc. We merely reply with believing or not, Gen15:6 pattern. There's NO human-works component anywhere in the 'contract' with God, you'll notice. Oh, how impolitic, for the god to demean Himself and want nothing in return? Shouldn't the people be giving Him, not the other way around? LOL. Look: if you're the REAL GOD, then nothing people do will be at your level, so you just have to love them unilaterally, to create in the first place. So all the pagan egoism with its fancy structures depicting rather weak gotta-have-man's-obedience gods, betray who's really behind them: men or demons. Insecurity needs power over others, needs others to 'pay' it: security, never has those needs. [By the way, this core insecurity-versus-security truth explains why religions of the world mutated. The Real God was universally understood, but not universally accepted; so folks mutated what they learned in accordance with what parts of the Truth were acceptable. Thus, the unacceptable God-meanings were gradually substituted with whatever meanings people preferred. It's historically traceable, a kind of conceptual DNA.]

    11. But Christ Had Not Yet Come, so intimacy with God had a ceiling. The metaphors acted as a shadow picture in remarkable detail -- but no picture is as good as The Real Thing. So His Human Thinking -- which would be more intimate, versus rituals -- wasn't available to them. Book of Hebrews likens the OT ceiling to a "shadow", and Paul in 1Cor likens it to seeing through a dim mirror (Word=mirror, in Bible). The besidedness-nature of the relationship was a necessary ceiling to start with, since He hadn't Come Yet, so there was No Soul to Copy and instead have an exclusive INSIDEDNESS with God, a 100% dedication. Hence the most you could anticipate, was for God to be #1 -- First Commandment -- and keep aiming for as much intimacy with Him as you could get. So the priests were privileged, in that their lives were dedicated to God -- but even so, the thinking was split between God and this world. So that's why what would become Israel's Nazirite vow (covered below) was so desirable. You got to set aside a given amount of time solely to be 'spent' contemplating God. But you had to end it sometime. That's why those who could become prophets or other dedicated persons (pattern of Anna and Simeon in Luke 2) -- were so happy for that privilege. Intimacy was a goal, but one couldn't have enough, until He came. This goal is quintessentially expressed in Jeremiah 31:31-34, the "new covenant" promise which Israel anticipated. That's why they'd not miss the Ark, because He'd be alive (Jer3:16). Prior to Israel, this same goal was desired. You wanted a relationship with God for Himself. Just because.

    12. Moreover, Time Was Running Out. The sin nature mutates and progressively degrades biological material in each future generation from Adam's fall. As time passed this macro degeneration also gave Satan more opportunity to win, and the progressive increase in God's covenants, thus meant man would be less and less interested in knowing God, ceiling or no ceiling. Moreover, as the covenants progressed, the TIME promise which began at Adam's fall, reified into a deadline for Messiah to come: this deadline was the last forty years ending in 37AD, which was the 1000th anniversary of David's death. Part IVa will cover the significance of that deadline in the context of Israel and the Rapture which thus derives from the deadline; but here, notice that Messiah's Very Visible Date Of Arrival signified the End Of Time. So more than just a ceiling on knowing God, was in view. Time had a deadline.

        Thus you know the Mosaic Law, for all its limitations, was capable of being used to the uttermost intimacy, even though Christ had not yet Come. After all, it would be His Job to extrapolate from it sufficiently to Become The Truth. And by the deadline, too: same 40 years as would be allotted David for his rule, was allotted to Christ. As it would turn out, the world was so jaded and degraded, that He was rejected seven years prior to His allotted deadline, dying in 30AD in the year of David's 1000th anniversary of retirement. Again, Part IV covers this in detail, especially in Mirroring.htm -- here, notice the Governance ceiling on knowing Him also had a physical time deadline. Foretold, 1000 years in advance, when David died (in 963BC).

    In sum, then, the visibility and in-your-face supernaturality, the politically-incorrect rituals, the common-ness so that one would be constantly reminded of God throughout one's day -- all these physical governances characterized the OT covenants. As they narrowed and upgraded, people would become more and more polarized, voting for or against God with more vehemence. As an index of that vehemence, notice the decline in the number of verses which show God directly speaking to someone. Instead, 'buffers' are more used: the prophets. For if people are so negative to God that intimacy is not desired, then The Intimate One To Come will only come to those who want to hear Him. And as time passed, only a few individuals, did. That's why Malachi ends so abruptly. Just a prediction of John the Baptist as the herald of Messiah.. then end. Time? 397BC, the beginning of the "62 weeks" in Daniel 9. [Mirroring.htm will go through the entire timeline, but here just notice the derivation: 586 begins the Daniel 9 countdown, as it's God's Decree, not a human king's: 586-70 years to make up for the sabbatical years Israel didn't observe, -70 more to 'reimburse' for the first seventy, was the 140 years allotted for the rebuilding of Temple (first 70) and Jerusalem (second 70). That takes you to 446BC. Then come the 49 years, and at that point the 126 years of the 1st Temple's SHORTED time (950-460BC allotted, but 586BC demise) was made up. That's why the 62 weeks could begin in 397, and OT canon could end. 434 years later would be 37AD, the End of Allotted Time. Again, Mirroring.htm takes you through the Bible verses and the entire timeline construction and import in extensive detail.]

    From there, the degradation of the biological material from Adam's time resulted in a mortality which precipitously fell during mass negativity (witnessed also in Christian times, i.e., in the Dark Ages) -- or rose, when there was higher positive volition to knowing God. But there was a deadline. And Christ would thus have to arrive and complete His Most Difficult Task, when mankind would be at its lowest ebb. That ebb, would be epitomized by man worshipping himself, his cultures, his arts, his military conquests. Making himself, god. Time has been stuck in this characteristic 'bubble', ever since.

    Governance Level in NT Covenants

    So finally, the OT covenantal system had to be scrapped, Hebrews 6:13-7:28, +Chapters 8-10. All its levels had been tapped out, the requisite Trial Arguments made and Answered, and man finally refused to learn from it. Something higher would have to replace it. Enter, therefore, Jesus the Christ. Governance Level in NT covenants is an INSIDEDNESS, far more Intimate than the old besidedness of the OT. As you'll see in Part III's "Third Reason" links, Now God IS your life, there's nothing outside, as the Lord explained when He updated the First Commandment (i.e., Matt22:37). His WHOLE life, both Inner and Outer, was dedicated to God: that's the Legacy He left for us, as well. So that 100% inner dedication required a Higher Priesthood and hence an upgrade in covenant, as Book of Hebrews explains: His Own.

    1. Hence OT Covenants associate from outer to inner; but NT covenants associate from inner to outer, due to Christ's Own Nature as God-Man. Fallen man started out as a child, with zero knowledge, so like a child knows the "outer", first. With Christ's Birth, all that changed, for as God-Man He'd have to BECOME the Truth. He must therefore extrapolate OT Bible's metaphorical structure completely, to ALL Divine Truth Levels in His Human Soul, Heb2:10. We saw in #C.14.l of this section, the problem of Divergence. It was bad enough when Adam was created, the divergence between his then-perfect body, and his soul. So, God created the woman. That increased the divergence, since in key ways she was of opposite nature, though still also human. Oppositeness which fits, is still an oppositeness. When Adam and the woman fell, that divergence multiplied out to infinity (as in math's idea of continual process, not infinite in quality). So think how much the divergence would be, if God and Man in one Person? How to handle that and not split apart? So His Spiritual Life would first have to BE an insidedness, in order for Him to be integrated within Himself. Else, His Human nature would separate (i.e., sin under the pressure). An outer-first associative life would be too slow. Seems impossible, huh.

    2. God-level Intimacy was therefore immediately required, since only GOD is Truth. "Messiah" means intermediary between God and Man. Hence Christ would have to be thoroughly intimate with God, even though man, because What Truth He thinks, should be Perfectly and Intimately Coordinated to What Truth Propitiates Father, especially while on the Cross. Ergo, just as Isaiah explained in Isa52:13+53:11 (yaskkil in 52:13, +bedato in 53:11), He would have to invent the requisite Royal Spiritual Life out from The Mosaic Law, Heb7:28, Heb2:10 and 12:2's "Archegos", Gal4. This made His Life maximally harder, requiring an extrapolation from the metaphors which is essentially, Infinite in Qualitative Structure. This invention would have to begin at birth. You see it beginning then, in Heb10:5, which He spoke from the feed trough ("manger") on the day He was born (my pastor stressed that He spoke Heb10:5 at His birth, which Greek text not English, proves). So here we realize that Spirit began empowering and teaching Jesus, immediately.

      It's important to understand that God's Nature is natural to Him. So He doesn't treat His Power as magical, and we shouldn't either. Ants would consider us gods. We don't think of ourselves that way. So look: when we do things, we have reasons for doing them, good or bad. We don't (hopefully!) sit around and pride ourselves on being better than the ants. Instead, we (ideally) make decisions how to use our abilities to benefit ourselves and others, etc. God is Infinite Power, and never exercises His Power absent proper Reasons -- because that's how He wants to live. So the fact He empowers Jesus' Humanity to speak at birth (or maybe the Lord did it Himself, I'm not sure) -- shows you the reason for such an action. Acknowledgement and acceptance of His Role is what Heb10:5 tells you. For that acknowledgement to be made, obviously even the Baby would have to be empowered to know and understand, immediately. That would make it harder to grow up, you'll notice. It's hard on the human to be so far superior to everyone around him. Hard on those around him, to know he's superior, too. So it's not as though God's use of Power tipped the scales in favor of God. No: God uses His Power to make it harder on Himself, not easier. The covenants all have that feature, as we saw in A.6 of this "Covenant Properties" division; and that harder-if-higher feature, derives from God first doing it to Himself.

      So here is God doing it to Himself: attach Humanity and thus create the greatest potential for destruction, ever. For He has to be integrated not only within Himself, but with respect to Father and Spirit. God-level intimacy must be 100% from the get-go, yet He has to also grow up as a human being, no influence or trickery? So of course the spiritual life required to not only create that 100% integration for His Own God-Man nature, but also for God-level intimacy with Father and Spirit, is eons higher than the Mosaic Law. Yet, under it. There's no other way to make it harder on God Himself, than to create such a situation. God would not have been paid if even for one second, the Humanity -- baby or no -- sinned. (This problem is covered in much more detail within the first four bullets of Fixes.htm.)

      Paul isn't kidding around when he pens Phili 2:5-10. Kenosis is the topic of the Fourth Reason for Invisibility in Part III. Upshot: pretend you inherited billions of dollars but you weren't allowed to use a penny of it except as ordered; you had full and ready access to the money at all times, and it always stared you in the face. Yet you'd have to keep saying "no" to using it, even though it was permanently yours, and no one could gainsay you if you chose to use it. Repeat: you are not physically restricted in any way, at any time, from using the fortune. Instead, there's only a voluntary compliance on your part, which of course you can refuse at any time. The "order" is something you want to obey, but no one has the right to tell you that you must obey it. Oh and by the way, the "order" is for you to be TORTURED beyond human endurance. Yet, not do anything to buy your way out of it. Who could live with such pressure?

      One thing which my pastor stressed repeatedly is that Jesus the Christ as a Human had to keep on willing to hold the universe together, which was a required use of His Deity at all times. In effect, that means His Attention is constantly split and torn: on the one hand, constantly using Deity to will the universe keep on going, and on the other, constantly willing to AVOID looking into Deity to learn something, do something, help Himself or someone else. This split in concentration should have killed Him all by itself. So of course He'd need to have Intimate connection within Himself and would have to have that power from Birth forward. But again, that makes it far harder, not easier, as noted above. As my pastor liked to put it, for SOME uses He had to tap His Deity, but not others. It's easier to only use it one way or only avoid using it -- but far harder, if you have a mix of reasons for usage, all of which have to be extremely precise and coordinated. For as God and Man in one person, that's His Job to hold the universe together, Heb 1:3 and Col 1:16-17. But then to eschew usage, when the world depends on Him remaining sinless? And He's got to think like this when a BABY? Mind-boggling.

      Mind-boggling, but you can readily understand how it works. The Holy Spirit would inform Him, and He'd then obey what the Spirit said. We have the same procedure, though we don't will to hold the universe together. It's a difference of scope, but the procedure is the same. If God tells you to do something and you do it, the power you tap (in His Case, an order to tap His Own Deity, here) would be part of that command. So, humanly, while we are supposed to also be filled with the Spirit at all times, sometimes the command also requires we move or do something with our bodies, coordinated with the Spirit-Filled thinking. That's a mind-boggling coordination, too!

      It's like driving, really. When you drive you must focus on the road, on other cars, and whatever else is clamoring for your attention from the roadside or the radios -- you must 'filter'. Slip for just a second, and you can kill yourself with the car. So you are paying a SELECTED CORRIDOR of attention for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE but must avoid any deviation from that corridor or purpose. So now you know what it was like to be God-man: He'd focus His attention in a 'corridor' of Deity, i.e., willing to hold the universe together; but would ESCHEW looking beyond that corridor or purpose, i.e., to learn something from Deity, rather than from the Holy Spirit. Not at all hard to understand the Hypostatic Union. Impossible, though, to imagine having enough soul strength, to never falter for 33 years...

    3. Hence His Seed Covenant [Isa53:10, Gal3] required He be Filled and Indwelt by the Spirit, Indwelt by the Father. Can't get that level of spiritual development without Divine Indwelling. For who but God could know and make what constitutes an "infinite" soul structure of Truth for sufficient intimacy? Do you begin to see now why the OT people couldn't get the Mind of Christ, even prospectively? There was no justification to make a covenant with mere mortals that would result in making them BECOME Truth. That would be unfair. (This is an important Trial issue, the fairness of God's covenants.) However, if God-Man, the covenant must have making His Humanity BECOME Truth as its goal, else the entire Personhood of Christ won't be sufficiently integrated. Ok, but that takes time. Yeah, so He'd better be Indwelt the meanwhile! See the precedence being set for Church, why we too are Indwelt?

      Soul of itself obviously cannot be infinite; but like brain DNA, could get the needed soul 'dendrites' to hook up in the right places for Infinite Divine Truth to circulate properly. For Truth is categorical, so has a structure. Truth categories aren't infinite in number, but in quality and fractilic function; even as, "God" is not infinite in number, but Three. Hence Divine Truth as a Structure can indeed be built inside a finite soul. But it would require Indwelling, to work properly. Not only would God have to build it, but God would have to run it at all times. Only the human's consent would be used. Hence the Infinity-finity Dichotomy mentioned in C.14.l of this "Covenant Properties" division, is solved both structurally, and functionally. Union of opposites. Divergence. Spiritual "unified field theory" as the five infinitives of Isa53:10-11 LXX, depict.

    4. For His Destiny was to pay for all sins within a scant three hours! On the Cross! That required accomplishing an inner growth of lightning-fast, infinitely sophisticated, immediately comprehending Thinking -- like Omniscience. In a Human? You can't find any doctrinal 'meat' about Cross mechanics on the internet. I've never heard anyone but my pastor even attempt to explain the mechanics or logistics of it. But think: three hours is a very short time to pay for all sins in history. So the payment must be made nearly as fast as Omniscience, itself. A human's thoughts are fast and many: you might think a million thoughts in a day, or at least a hundred thousand. Thinking is the way your soul 'breathes', for crying out loud. So in less than a nanosecond you can sin. Irritation, fear, anxiety, stubborness, hatred, impatience, guilt, self-righteousness -- who doesn't experience many moments of these, each day? They are all instinctive, and they are all sins. Body sins are maybe 1% of one's sins. The mental process is lightning fast, compared to the body process. But God's Level of Thinking is faster than light. So how can Christ pay for all sins in the human race? At God's Speed, only. Else His Thinking won't be of sufficient quality or quantity. That means many levels at once of understanding, reply, acceptance -- despite all the pain obstructing His Thinking? It's incomprehensible, let alone possible, for a human to do this. So clearly, the level of spiritual growth required, far outstrips the Mosaic Law He'd be living under. So He'd have to Become the Truth, just for this reason alone.

      So He had to invent a far Higher Spiritual Life, not only because He'd be God and Man in one person, for total intra-personal integration; not only, to utterly interface with Infinite God the Father and the Holy Spirit, else the entire salvation plan would tank; but also, to pay for all sin in only three hours by means of Thinking, alone. And obviously that's how He did it, even if you didn't know the 21 soul-paying clauses Isaiah uses in Isa53 -- because a person nailed to a cross can ONLY think. [Crucifixion takes three to seven days to kill you, as insects and birds bite and all your organs swell up: you eventually die of suffocation. Meanwhile, being NAILED, all you can do is think, feel, know you are being crucified. The fact people gloat over your suffering is rather inconsequential, by comparison.]

    5. Now the plot thickens: He also has to beat Satan in the Trial while on the Cross, Ps110 contract. This is a supplementary cost, the expense of the Trial, itself. Paul seems to be alluding to this cost at the end of Romans 5, for he ties it to our being made Royal forever (5:17-21, see my pastor's exegesis in '77 Romans if you're under him). This contract is pre-creation, and His assent is recorded from eternity past in 1Tim2:5 (per my pastor, no verb in the Greek there shows the timelessness). Ephesians 1 also covers this pre-creation contract, as does Isa53:10-12. It was a separate Battleflield Royalty Covenant He had with Father from eternity past for defeating Satan, called "kata Melchizedek" in the Book of Hebrews. So not only does He have to pay for sins, but He has to defeat Satan in the Trial. What's this line item of cost? Well, as shown earlier in the "opportunity cost" table (link in third row of redbox at pagetop), directly or indirectly Christ has to pay for all creation, not just for human sins. Angels -- at least the fallen ones -- sinned. In fact, since they will live forever, the fallen ones will go on sinning forever, as indeed all of unbelieving humanity. So this cost has to be paid. Atop that, is the cost of waging war and winning, since history went on before the Cross, and would go on after it. So the Strategic Victory would be the payment of that expense, as well as proof why Satan is wrong. Satan contends that what God designed is flawed; that God's covenants are unfair. So the God-Man Divergence, flawlessly executed by One Who Has the Right of Refusal all the way through the Cross, proves Satan's contentions utterly wrong, and pays for the expense of the Trial. All this is atop the expense of the sins, themselves. So again, the Law will not be sufficient spiritual provision for such a Victory, and His Consequent Priesthood would have to be separate, Royal, and hence Higher. This is the main theme in Book of Hebrews, esp. Chapters 1-3, 5, 7-10.

      So how did Christ's Payment on the Cross, pay for ALL sins -- since some of them never end? STRUCTURE. His Thought Structure got completed on the Cross, Hebrews 2:9-10. That's why He beat Satan, too. Romans 5 & 8, and Hebrews 10, He never ends. So the 'cost' can be paid even though the process never ends, if the Structure is built. So again, DIVERGENCE: forever, Christ will live in His Glorified Humanity, constantly thinking Divine-Level Thoughts. So too, the unbelievers live in the Lake of Fire, constantly thinking sin. That's why hell can go on forever, else God would have to disallow it. We believers also, will always be thinking forever, and in aggregate we reflect Christ. So in aggregate, the payment is ongoing, though now we are dividends on His Cross Payment. See?

      This is the essence of 'opportunity cost' in economics: the Present Value of a Future Income Stream. Negative income from the aggregate thought structure of unbelievers and fallen angels, more than offset by the Positive Income of the Thought Structure of Christ Himself and His 'dividends', believers and elect angels. So the Payment on the Cross had to be enough to pay for the STRUCTURE's completion. That's why it could 'finish', yet thoughts and sins, go on forever. You are a soul. That's a structure. But your thoughts keep on going. So pay for the Structure, and then the thoughts are paid for, too. See?

    6. Worse: to beat Satan in the Trial involved yet another supplementary cost to pay at the Cross: a Bride Price. Here, the original one, for Israel. Doesn't matter that she will reject Him, so will not be Bride. Does matter that He agreed to pay in eternity past. The kata Melchizedek contract required a Bride, because it's a Kingdom and a Priesthood. Since God is Infinite but creation is not, even when saved creation is perfect, it is still short; saved creation didn't universally and equally opt to learn God as God provided, so there's a shortfall in chosen spiritual development, as well. Hence mediation is required forever, and there are extra costs to furnish the requisite spiritual 'capital' for it all. Secondly, hell will exist forever, and a kind of pleasing counter-thinking must be ongoing, and in large numbers, as "dividends" so to speak, memorializing His Payment for it all. Hence the Mosaic Law was to train the Bride for this role, and Israel was the first offeree. Hence in order to retroactively pay the proper Bride Price for that contract -- because after all, He dies on the 1470th anniversary of the Mosaic Law -- He'd need an even higher spiritual life than required to pay for sins. For to buy an upgrade in spiritual life for a Bride, requires greater spiritual funds. So again, while the OT Mosaic Law was fine for training a Bride, it was wholly inadequate for the Groom Who Pays for That Training. He would have to make a higher life out of the Mosaic Law, in order to pay for the Bride of it (again, Hebrews explains all this). Israel was told of her potential Bridal role often in the OT, how it was dependent on her Accepting The Groom When He Came: the Mosaic Law was to prepare her for an eventual Priest nation role (see Paul's summary of it in Gal3, then look up all Lord-as-Husband type verses in the OT). The time to complete her consent to that Bridal contract ended with His paying for sins, Daniel 9:26 -- because a separate deadline of David's 1000th anniversary of death, intervened (covered in Mirroring.htm, link follows below). Hence if Israel didn't accept Him when He came, time would end with His Death. She didn't. He paid anyway.

      One can speculate how much of that payment gets shared out with Israel at the 2nd Advent and during the Millennium. Surely it will, for many people who believed in Him died prior to the Cross, and we know their inheritance structure is likewise in material terms, i.e., the "talents" parables about the cities awarded, and Hebrews 11's comment about how those believers looked forward to a better 'country' than they were living in (on earth). So it's not as though the payment stays in escrow. Isa53:12's w'et atsumim yehalleq shalal tells you it won't be escrowed, but instead is shared out "and to the great ones, He will share out the spoil" is one way of translating it (published Bibles don't translate Isa53:12 properly, see Isa53trans.htm).

    7. Worst: due to Israel rejecting Christ when He came, Time Would End Prematurely, if He didn't suddenly invent a Replacement Bride and Pay for Her ON the Cross, in advance. So Church was literally invented as a post-mortem entity near Passover 29AD to prevent the world's ending, Matt16:18. See John 6 and 7 for the background, how Israel rejected Him for admitting He was the Bread of Life. Hence Church couldn't begin to exist until after He successfully finished the Cross, for His Election is contingent on Him successfully completing it. See His John 17 prayer, especially verses 17-26. That prayer was contingent on His Success. How much it cost and what would be purchased as her accountrements, Father alone would determine, Acts 1:5,8. That's the main reason why Rapture can't be predicted, it's up to Father who and what will be Church.

      This doctrine of Christ pre-paying for Bride-Church to SAVE TIME -- the reason why Matthew 16:18 is recorded -- goes missed in Christendom because we look at people rather than God. For centuries Matthew 16:18 has been blasphemously mistranslated and misused to cut the Lord's Head off and put Peter's atop. Peter must scream daily from heaven for someone to redress that grievance. That redress didn't begin to happen until the Reformation, and even in every Bible documentary you see today, the verse is still vilely mistranslated and used. No excuse. "Petros" only means "LITTLE ROCK" in Greek. "Petra" only means "BIG ROCK" (i.e., cliff) in Greek. Someone deliberately cut out the "little" and "big" meanings the Greek conveys (think of "pebble" versus "Bedrock" in English), and then vilely transliterated "Petros", but not "Petra", so the English reader can't see the difference. PopeMyth.htm has a collection of videos on this topic walking you live through the Hebrew, Greek and Latin pan-Bible, to prove how vilely Christ has been maligned via the bad 'scholarship' on this verse.

      As a consequence, the blasphemers don't get to know what the verse means: which is ironic, since the verse means their own EXISTENCE was voted for by Christ, back then. Else they'd not be around, to blaspheme. Peter sure remembered the "little" meaning in his name, using all kinds of little rocks in his letter (i.e., lithoi, citation stones given as award certificates or voting pebbles you carried to prove you had a right to vote). 1Cor10:4 quotes Matt16:18, so Paul knew what it meant. Maybe one day Christendom will, as well. For we are all purchased here by Christ, unilaterally and in advance, see also Eph5.

    8. This meant He'd suddenly have to pay a Far Higher Bride Price than originally contracted, for billions of extra people who didn't yet exist. So that added cost all by itself, upgraded the Intimacy level required to even go to the Cross, in the first place. So again, a far higher spiritual life would be required, since obviously this future was known since eternity past, theme of Ephesians 1. But it was contingent, so couldn't be forecast to Israel. After all, she might have accepted Him.

      Whereas point #19 focused on the extra payment for the Bride, here in #20 we're looking at the added cost of all those who will NOT be saved, because they will NEVER choose to believe in Him. This is analogous to the cost of the first-born in Egypt. God memorialized them. The Jews only got delivered out of Egypt due to the first-born dying, and God never let them forget that. So too, here: it's been 2000 years since the Cross. Something like 20 billion people or more have lived on this earth since then. Pretty big extra price to pay! [The 20 billion is a conservative estimate, probably too low. Derivation is in Part IVb's "God's GAAP Balancing" link section, first purple centered text you see in that section (shaped like a rimmed pot).]

    9. Not only is the Bride Price higher for the extra peoples' sins, but it's also higher because His Post-Resurrection Status would require a Higher LEVEL of Bride. So yet another supplementary cost at the Cross, is added. Think of it like this: suppose a royal belonging to a small kingdom contemplates betrothal to another of similar 'value' kingdom. Their royalties are matched, so no problem. But next suppose that the potential groom inherits an entire empire from his uncle who just dies. Then he has to rethink whether he should marry a now too-low, royal princess. For a Ruler's marriage affects everyone, not just him. It's a Judicial Matching issue. So here, Christ is suddenly of FAR Higher stature if He succeeds, and this Bride is to be built AFTERwards, not before. So the requirement for Bride would have to be far higher, so a far greater training, so a far higher Bride Price would have to be paid -- in advance. All this, one year before He goes to the Cross -- and He knows when it will be, the following Passover.

      Post-Cross, His Success meant He'd be changed. He'd be higher. His Battlefield Patent would be bigger, since He paid for more people. So His Bride would have to be higher than Israel would have been, both because the kingdom inherited would be larger -- all those extra people -- and because His very Royalty itself would have to be bigger. A king of a smaller kingdom doesn't need as much wealth, as a king of a far bigger entity. Since this bigness is a Soul Size in Him -- for it's a Royal Priesthood, a Thinking before Father -- then the aggregate 'soul size' for the Church would have to 'match' His. So no longer could the old spirituality and its soul provisions, be anywhere near enough. We have to become a brand-new spiritual species in Christ, 2Cor5:17, Gal6:15. So that means a much higher payment at the Cross. The Law couldn't even begin to touch this, as He has to pay a cost for His Own Authorship of a Higher Spiritual life atop that Life, itself. For Father is to kit out the Bride as Father deems fit, so only Father can even say what that cost ought to be, John 17:17-26's carte blanche language. It's mind-boggling. Now you know why the Rapture can't be predicted: it's predicated on how we MATURE in Christ, Eph4:13, based on that John 17 passage. More about this will follow, in Part III.

      So He pays more, analogous to the empire-inheriting groom's prospective father-in-law taking from his own personal property, and flat giving it to the princess to make her big enough -- and the groom then pays a higher bride price to the father-in-law, to still get her. Since the Groom is suddenly bigger, so must be the dowry. But if the dowry is bigger, so must be the Bride Price. So His Very Success at the Cross becomes yet another cost-creating line item which in turn He must pay for. Because, He loves FATHER. And by way of extrapolation, us. So when you read the verse "you were bought with a price" (1Cor6:20, 7:23 evokes Matt13:36) -- now you know something more about what kind of price and how much.

      Bride must match Groom. So that higher stature due to His Success is Eph4:13, the most shocking verse in the Bible. Even the KJV gets it right!

      Ti gar oun, So what do we have?

      • He must Become the Truth, just to stay intact.
      • He must Become the Truth to have Total Rapport with Father and Spirit.
      • He must pay for all sins in history within three hours, despite excruciating pain of every other kind.
      • He must pay for both the Cost of the Trial, and defeat Satan in the Trial.
      • He must pay the original Bride Price of Israel.
      • He must pay the added sin cost for billions of extra people Father will decree be born due to Israel's rejection, to even get some among them as Replacement Bride, Church.
      • He must pay a Higher Bride Price ON all those extra people, due to His Own Cross Success, so that Church can inherit it, and not be 'too low'! Tell me: can His "contract" with Father be worse than this? See why Satan is strategically defeated? See why we get this incredible spiritual life (covered at length in Part III)?

    10. Post-Cross, our Church Royal Spiritual Life is Adult at HIS Level, Eph4:13! Since we are the Replacement Bride built after the Cross, so after His Success and after He inherits the Battlefield Royal Patent -- we have to be built to HIS Level, to even be an eligible Bride. Notice: Replacement BRIDE, means a NEW Covenant. Not, a takeover of Israel's covenant. So the first Bride Designee in effect abrogated the betrothal, only a new Designee occurs -- not, a takeover of what the rejector Designee, had. So Church does NOT replace Israel.

      Consequently, our covenant is not like Israel's -- her covenant is now way too low, Hebrews 7:18 -- because the Precedence is His Battlefield Victory for a far larger and new group of people, not the status quo ante. Paul calls the Law a "boy-leader" (older boy supervising younger ones, Gal3:25, see context), a child (1Cor13:11, 13's "faith") -- pending the Completion of Canon and its teaching by Our Real Tutor, the Holy Spirit. Christ was taught by Him. He had to Become the Truth, not merely learn Truth. That same standard applies to us, John 4:24, Rom5:5, Eph4:12-13, 15-16, 1Cor13:10-13. Obviously we fall far short of it. For 2000 years have passed: that fact tells you at once how difficult it is, because we've still failed to corporately reach the goal -- and how big it is, because time hasn't yet ended. So the extra payment, Divine Intimacy Level plus Standards are beyond comprehension, had we no Holy Spirit to explain what Bible tells us about it.

    11. Obviously, since God is Consistent, there is a continuation of some OT provisions, but all is "in Christ" -- keyphrase in the NT (i.e., Romans 10:4). So the OT rules were redone de novo and upgraded IN CHRIST. (Example: Lev19:18 upgraded to Christ's Own Impossible Love Level, James 2:8, 1Cor13:4-7.) Part III will focus on what changed, what stayed the same, what was upgraded and continues.

    12. Even as Christ is Royal Adult, even so the format of spiritual development for Church is inner-first: getting the Mind of Christ (1Cor2:16, 2Pet3:18, Rom12:2-3, Philipians 2:5-10). Flat opposite in nature and mechanics, versus the OT. Therefore: unlike the OT, where body coordination led to spiritual coordination, the NT spiritual development pattern is spiritual coordination leading to body coordination -- the reverse of mainstream Christianity's teaching. The NT is thus abstractly worded, versus the concrete expression of the OT. We first extrapolate Divine principles to craft concrete actions, the exact reverse of the OT. It's not merely the Trial spectra being answered, as stated in A.10 of this "Covenant Properties" division: it's an internal development mechanism in order to reach the new Eph4:13 Bridal Spiritual Growth Threshold. Royalty trains for most of its life before ruling. He trained for 30 years, 24/7. We obviously need a longer time, since we sin, don't want the rigor, and for most of our lives we're clueless as to what even constitutes the spiritual life, because Christianity hasn't caught onto the THINKING STANDARD as the criterion, till yet. It thinks our Royal life is merely a souped-up version of the OT doing system. Yeah, that's why we Christians remain spiritual children!

    13. The Cross was LAST, not first. Accordingly for Church, "works" are last, not first. Our Royal Training is first, just as it was for Him. Because first, as God-Man He had to Become the Truth, before He'd have the requisite spiritual strength and Intimacy with Godness, even in His Humanity. He is God and Man. You are body and soul. Just because you start out as body and soul, doesn't mean your soul and body can well interface together. Much more true, of the divergence between Godness and Humanity, especially when born Humanity! The point is, the Hypostatic Union of One Person in Two Natures with One Will able to tap both, made it harder for Him to live down here, not easier. So His Spiritual Training was light-years harder than the Law could offer. So it's Royal Downtime, for Church. You train for decades before you're qualified to do a work, even as a ruler-in-training must endure maybe 40 years before he can rightfully ascend a throne. For we are in training to be kings, as you'll see in Part III. Until you are trained, you can't be trusted with doing anything. Accordingly, "works" are last, not first: got to grow from a seed (of the Seed) to a full TREE before you can bear 'fruit'. (By analogy, the OT covenants would grow you spiritually to the level of a "bush".) Once a fruit-bearing Tree, the "work" becomes far greater than even what Moses (et. al.) could accomplish, theme of Hebrews 3. So unlike the OT spiritual life, Church's Royal Spiritual Life is back-ended. Peasants "do", as soon as possible. Royalty "sits" for as long as possible, because its job is to THINK. Takes decades of training in Divine Royal Thinking, before you can 'do', anything. You first have to BECOME like Him in your soul, i.e., Gal4:19, Eph3:17-19, Col1:27. Those are not indwelling or position verses, but spiritual growth thresholds.

    14. This change-in-covenant to Church is the proximate cause for the pre-Trib Rapture, why "the last are first", Matt19:30, 20:16, Mark 10:31, Luke 13:30, explained in Heb11:40. Church wasn't on the schedule. So there is no time allotted for her, and Israel ran out of time -- so Church can't 'borrow' from Israel's time. Part III and especially Part IVa, cover this fact in detail. In gist: God predicted ALL future time deadlines via Daniel 9:24-27; so ever since David died, you had a complete future calendar to the end of the Millennium, which would have been 1144AD (year derivation is in Mirroring.htm, search repeatedly on that number, it's covered passim). The Daniel 9:24-27 passage merely confirmed that original calendar. (Christendom is unaccountably ignorant of this Bible Doctrine, so it's covered extensively in Mirroring.htm.) We Church were not part of that schedule. Hence the Lord's unilateral pre-Trib INSERTION of Church is the very reason for the pre-Trib RAPTURE of Church. Thus the original schedule is elongated, but NOT changed -- God still keeps His Promises as advertised in the OT. (Nerd Note: Greek word for Rapture is harpazw, means to snatch up, Latin equivalent is rapto, hence English "rapture" has zippo to do with emotion, but rather with rape, plunder. Another Greek term is exanastasis. Both are in Bible.)

    15. Whether Church completes is a New Trial Issue, as Church constitutes New Evidence in the very middle of the Trial. Hence Satan can suddenly win a Mistrial Verdict, after all. God keeping His promises as advertised is THE central issue in Trial 'play'. If even one of God's Promises fails, it's a Mistrial, and Satan wins. The Promises are themselves Evidence in the Trial, and Church is a NEW Promise. All heaven must have shouted! when Christ saved the Trial by voting to make Church in Matt16:18. For He invents New Evidence as a Promise of no certain fulfillment -- then pays for it all, in advance. That means God the Father charged Christ with sins of people who didn't yet exist, so if even one of them doesn't COME to exist, then God failed to deliver: to claim evidence you cannot produce is grounds for Mistrial.

      The import of this new potential for Mistrial cannot be overstressed. Israel rejected Christ; Church can, too. Church has rejected Him for 2000 years, now. God's Promise is that Church will complete, but there's no deadline promised as to when. So Satan has a new potential for victory. If too many in Church are too apostate in any generation, then the Rapture must occur as Discipline -- analogous to the destruction of the 1st Temple. Only Church has no time guarantee protection as Israel did. As Israel's time ran out, there's no time which Church can be allotted. Christ bought the Millennium on the Cross, so His time purchase didn't go to Church, that's a purchase for Israel. Mirroring.htm walks you through God's Time rules.

      So if Church must be recalled too early due to her apostacy, then Satan wins in the Trial.

      Moreover, Satan's rights of argument and rebuttal are in essence renewed at the higher level of Church. That blunts the Strategic Victory of the Cross, for now a tactical victory of Church Completion is required -- or Satan still wins. For it can be argued that since Israel failed, the contract provided her was insufficient, inasmuch as it was replaced. Better still, the new standard for Church is so much harder, all the prior arguments get to be made again with reference to this new and far higher standard -- a spiritual life not previously available to mere mortals, as we saw in this G.15. Since Church is New Evidence introduced in the middle of a Trial, then all future Evidence is contingent upon this New Evidence first proving valid. If invalid, i.e., if Church doesn't complete -- then it doesn't matter what the future evidence would have been, it's a Mistrial and all ends. Part IV is devoted to the Mistrial question. It has to be listed here, since this section is on how Covenant properties cause blessing or cursing by association: Mistrial is a major issue, if not the issue, in determining whether cursing occurs for everyone.

    16. The future covenants and future history itself, change character owing to the insertion of Church. So all future promised covenants are now at risk, due to a potential Mistrial Verdict, Heb11:40. Moreover, had Israel accepted Christ the promised Tribulation would have had a certain character with associated costs. Same, for the Millennium. But now, both periods follow Church, so the information and character of each period will be very different, very much delayed, lots harder to live through, and the covenants themselves have to reflect Church. Messing with TIME has a huge impact on the future. Church is an insertion which elongates Time itself, hence all the believers who would have been alive during the originally-scheduled Trib and Mill (94AD et seq.) are long dead, and part of Church instead. We ourselves wouldn't have ever existed had Christ not inserted Church, because according to the original schedule, eternity should have begun in 1144AD (year derivation is covered in Mirroring.htm). That's a major change in how blessing or cursing are governed throughout all eternity.

      Question is, will Church become a blessing or a cursing to those future? Blessing, if we live our spiritual lives as God Designed. Cursing, if we do not. The awards at the Bema are in large measure determinative of what quality Trib and Mill believers will get, since Church is the culmination of the Trial, Eph1:10's "summing up of all things" (Trial matters). More about how Church is the summation of the Trial will be covered in Part IVb. Again, the point here is to track the avenues of blessing or cursing via covenants. Church's covenant impacts the covenants future of it, even as Israel's covenant and her own rejection of it, triggered the creation of Church.

    17. Tribulational believers now have Church doctrine to look back on. This is a mixed blessing for them. Since it's fashionable to debunk the Rapture with no Bible homework, the poor Trib people will be faced with a paper trail of bad but 'respectable' scholarship to confuse them. Church is not in the Tribulation, you have to be an idiot to think so. The Tribulation is a real and future period, you have to flunk basic math and accounting, to think otherwise. But if respectable people say a thing they are believed, never mind how wrong they are. So millions of lives both now and in the future Trib, are harmed due to the bad scholarship. Conversely, those who can see the role of Church now and later, will be used to bless future history; because of them, many Tribulation folks' lives will be saved, for they won't fall for Satan's fake-Church-in-Trib. It's vital to understand that Tribulational folks don't have their own covenant, so they will be blessed or cursed owing to the character and quality of Church, even as we Church are blessed or cursed by the character and quality of prior scholarship and history coming down to us. Again, God always uses body proxmity -- here, writ large over eons of history. Lots of bad scholarship in the past, by Jews and Christians alike. The world suffers to this day because of it. Some good scholarship came down to us also, by which we are blessed. All this will be made known, at the Bema.

    18. Millennial believers will have Church doctrine to look back on. This is a real blessing to them. The Millennium is a hybrid of some aspects of Church. The OT Millennial predictions were upgraded in Revelation, reflecting what happened during Church. That makes sense, given that the Mill is now very much delayed, Christ literally bought its time on the Cross -- precedence from Adam forward, believers literally buy time -- so He's owed more for His 2nd Advent, as a consequence. For example, in the OT there's no discussion of Gentile kings ruling Gentile nations on behalf of Christ. But Revelation talks about it (Rev1:6, 5:10, 20:6). That's an upgrade for Israel's benefit, though for Christ's Own Benefit, FIRST. Part V will cover this in more detail, but not much is predicted about Church in the Millennium, except that we will be co-rulers. Which makes sense, given as Christ invented His Spiritual life, and out from His, we invent ours -- that's His Legacy, which Part III will cover in more detail. So given that God will not predict when Church completes, predicting its future composition wouldn't be appropriate, either. Volition determines, since volition is king.

The OT vs. NT, child vs. adult contrast in covenants, doesn't mean that the OT people couldn't grow to a spiritual maturity. They did: but their 'maturity' was much lower, concretely defined, versus Christ's totally-ABSTRACT ability to think. That's why Paul compares the Law to a "boy-leader" in Gal3:25, or a "prison" in Gal3:22-25, and writer of Hebrews calls it a "shadow" (passim term in the book). Paul also likens the Law to a "veil", in 1Cor13, 2Cor3 (Hebrews uses that analogy too). This fallen-man-is-a-blank-page OT condition advantages Satan's plan, too. Remember, at the Fall all Knowledge of God fractured. Its fracture is evidenced by total depravity: genetic dissociative reflexes of me-be-good. So, man is like a demolished building, with respect to any 'race memory' of God. Moreover, he's got all these physical urges which are destructive to him, but he's got no discernment about them, for that discernment -- depends on knowing God. Satan now has an opportunity to give man knowledge, too -- just as he did to the woman. It takes time for the "knowledge of good and evil" to develop. It takes time for the knowledge of God to develop. Not only on a micro level, from baby to mature adult, but also on a macro level -- for mankind. From 'scratch'. From zero. After all, a parent can only train his child based on the parent's knowledge. So, mankind needed to be "grown up" on a macro level, over the millennia. This situation was thus ideal for all the knowledge-and-power "covenant" levels to be displayed, tested, proven. And, eventually, 'their promises conveyed. (See Heb 11 on the conveyance issue.)

So of course, Satan's 'covenants' for man have the same structure: teach sin/good/evil by 'doing'. It becomes essential to stress body stuff as spiritual, post-Cross, for then the wrong covenant is being followed by believers, and they will not grow up. Hence via outer-directed methods Satan&Co. influence the content of man's inner nature. In the OT, Satan needed time to 'educate' man, to technologically develop him. Man had no idea what 'improvement' means, as we saw with the fig leaves. All he has is an urge to be 'better'. But what does 'better' mean? Well, he can identify with a full stomach, with being sheltered, with pleasure. So, that's the base for the teaching: physical things. 'Just as with a child. Physical things are visible. Hence, the OT covenants are hallmarked by visibility, palpability. So, too, are Satan's covenants. So in the OT, Satan&Co. manifest themselves as the "gods", which are famous in all the world's pantheons throughout history.

So now we return to the OT: the stage is set to appreciate why God set all this in final motion, by creating the Jews out from the nations of the world.

How Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob become a Blessing-by-Association RACE: the Jews.

Recap: from the Fall forward, Satan has had the better advantage. God has 'restricted' the communication of Himself to go from outer to inner, so if Satan can focus man's attention on the outer, he can forestall or minimize any inner learning. So, the more ritual and physical metaphorical observances and laws are viewed as rote things or magical practices, the less man will associate them with knowing God. "God" will then become a designer label, which is already the brain's depraved conception of Him. Many are the religions which stress doing rotelike practices; many are the religions which gain their pleasure from mysticism, chanting, and magic. "God" is just a genie you invoke to do your bidding, so man is just a pawn for Satan to nurture.

Over time, Satan's plan became the more popular, even with all the protections from #1-#5. Man progressively opts for it despite all the 'competition' of working, birthing, family, nations -- skipping right over #3, God's Covenants. So those positive to God are way outnumbered. Put into military terms, God has a narrowing population for 'distributing' His body proximity, blessing-by-association. That makes it harder to justify keeping the world alive, as Satan happily knows. For Satan wants Gotterdammerung. God wants to save the world. What action can God take, given His Self-Imposed restrictions and covenants, structures to protect free will? Focus the covenant's power within a smaller group, and 'find' a way to keep that group going. "Concentration-of-force", one of the cardinal military principles of success. In short, leverage: a "remnant", "salt", a "pivot". As goes the group, so goes the outflow of blessing or cursing; those who reject the group will be severely disciplined.

The smaller the group, the greater responsibility and pressure on each individual within the group, and the more growth would be required. Ouch. What can justifiably be provided, yet not 'tip the scales' of the Trial away from Satan's favor? From which branch of humanity should the Savior come? Whatever Branch it would be, the 'father' of it must be SO positive to God, a bloodline can be justifiably INSURED.

God does a Sixth Thing
to Insure Man's Freedom:
He reposes His Covenant
& Spiritual Standard in
the progenitors of

Thus came into existence the Jew, due to the faith of Abraham, then Isaac, then Jacob/Israel. After Jacob, the line could no longer be threatened, for those 3 were the "remnant", so were used to provide blessing-by-association to their descendants. And via those descendants, the Jews -- provide blessing by association to the entire world. The world will go on living at this point SOLELY due to these three and their bloodline, until Christ successfully dies on the Cross. Like it or lump it.

Blessing-by-Association is the way God orchestrates not only life down here, but Time itself. While many pastors know and teach something about God's Blessing-by-Association through believers -- on the internet, usually called "salt of the earth" -- no pastor seems to teach how God GRANTS TIME to a super-mature believer roughly every 490 years, so that the world can go on living; He's been doing that since Adam (first grantee, 130 years post-Fall). Pre-Abrahamic grantees were Adam; (probably) Jared; Enoch; Methusaleh (two contiguous grants?); Noah. Grants are 490 years and 1000 years. Noah thus received both a 490-year grant and a 1000-year grant. Bible demonstrates this in various ways, so you have to do some sleuthing. The links below will help speed that sleuthing, if you choose to use them.

Of immediate relevance to the text below, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob each received TIME GRANTS of 490 years, which justified the world's continued existence. Abraham also received a 1000-year time grant (which began with the birth of Isaac). The other recipients were Joseph (beginning with his enslavement, and 490 years later was the Exodus); Moses (beginning @Exodus, both a 490-year and a 1000-year grant); David (six grants, listed in the "David" link in Mirroring.htm); and through David, the First and 2nd Temples each received 490 years. That 2nd Temple's grant is the theme in Daniel 9:24-27, and it's based on the 1st Temple's not completing its own grant, so God crafts the 2nd Temple grant from time left over on the 1st, with an outer boundary of the 1000th anniversary of David's death: That's Why Messiah Came When He Did, And That's Why Tribulation Is Still Future; David's 1000th Death-Anniversary Intervenes, Cutting Off Time, So Messiah Had To Die By That Deadline. Christ Arrived and Died based on deadlines tied to David's Kingship dates and his death. That's why the world was allowed to continue until Christ came. He bought the Millennium (which is really 1000+50 years, the latter being a voting period in God's Accounting). Post-Cross, someone on this planet must still be awarded at least another 490 years (and probably 1000), for Time to continue -- but the historical deadlines for the awards are calendared from the True (not nominal) Passover 30AD, the day He died (Jewish calendar ran 4 days fast that year per John 19, verses are in PassPlot.htm).

In short, due to the faith of Abraham, then Isaac, then Jacob/Israel, we're all alive; if not for their faith THEN, Christ could not have justifiably come and of course we'd all not be here. The Judaic bloodline could no longer be completely eradicated, even despite later apostacy, and the Messiah could be justifiably born. In short, those three witnesses in the Trial were successful enough that Satan could no longer use apostacy's cursing-by-association, to justify exterminating the Lord's human progenitors.

God's "So what?" Evidence Test, Glory, versus Satan's

What "work" did these three do? How was it that they proved superior to Satan's way? What's God answer, via these three? Here's the pattern for all God's and Satan's answers in history.

God's Answer: "Faith [Doctrine] works", James humorously begins his letter. [The 'straw man argument' of Jas2:18 is the context. James began in James 1 noting how one needs Doctrine, to be a "doer of the Word". The idiot in 2:18 is trying to divorce The Word From works. Alas, if the reader doesn't 'get' that point, his me-be-good urge will distort James' "faith [doctrine] without works is dead."] Hebrews 11 is dedicated to the same theme, as is the humorous "work out your salvation" verse-pair (Phili2:12-13), which concludes "God works..to will and to do." Romans 8:28 is Attic Greek drama language, Our Hero even makes the intransitive, transitive: working together everything for ultimate good to those who love Him! Not to those who do works. For, only God works. Not creatures. We believe, He responds with His Script. We receive, He gives. He keeps on "pouring power". "Pour" and "Power" are Bible keywords for God the Holy Spirit's Power being given us, like in Isaiah 32:1, 44:2, Romans 5, 2Cor12:7-10, and Eph. In the OT, the knowledge-and-power levels were much lower than ours, today: yet even those much-lower levels beat Satan's achievements. [Isa32:1 is mistranslated, should be "The King" -- Jesus the Christ, not "a king". Only New Living Translation seemed to catch onto the right idea. The moniker of Him being The Righteous King is a refrain in Isaiah, visible in Isa53:11 among other places. LXX text in 32:1 is anarthrous, so it's not just any king, but the King to Come, Son of David. Isa44:2 is blasphemously mistranslated, because "mi beten" always and only means BEYOND the womb, OUTSIDE the womb, and you'll never understand Isaiah's frequent wordplay with preposition min if you don't translate it properly. It's a keystone in Isa53, which is all about the BIRTHING of our salvation. Yet in 44:2, only Louis Segond got the BIRTHING translation right. Sheesh. Everyone hates the Word of God, loves to fit in with past bad translations -- fit in with people and their petty prejudices, but not God! Here it shows in spades. No wonder my pastor always went ballistic when going over mistranslations of mi beten verses to show there's no soul life in the womb! I'm going ballistic myself, so better shut up now...]

Satan's Answer: "Works work." Satan's achievements were then and remain today, considerable. It cannot be exaggerated how much human history owes to him. If you think that man's advancement through history is coming from man's own abilities, think again. If Satan&Co. didn't enable man to progress secularly through their own "enduement" system, we'd all still be huddling in caves. [Satan's achievements wouldn't be possible without God's underlying Laws, because apart from those Laws nothing could have the structural integrity to hold together. But we humans, too dumb to live, can't use those laws as well as Satan can. In short, Satan's using God's Truth, alright -- and thinks he's making a better use of it!]

Mankind is stuck in the middle. We can get either God's Plan or Satan's, remember. Each system has its own "covenants". Knowledge-and-Power. We have to be empowered by one or the other, to advance. We aren't able to advance on our own.

    INTEGRITY KEY==> Remember Adam and the woman? They were initially perfect. So, beyond-improvement. So, God created them without need for improvement. So, they were content. So, they had no ambition: ambition requires discontent, to exist. The option was to grow in Love for God. That would make them bigger persons, but since it's growing in the relationship, the goal was to enjoy the relationship, not 'improve' the self. If you love someone you just DO. So you dwell on stuff about them, hang around them, drink in every little detail, and you're not thinking of yourself, at all. You don't need to bother with the self. So, because they were perfect, God built no 'improvement' system into them. God is not "partial" anything, so 'improvement' is anathema to Him. It's Perfect, or nothing. So, God built no 'good' system into them. So, 'good' is never good, because God didn't put it in them. Any 'good', any 'improvement', thus, must come from outside.

God's Rebuttal: that's why the Cross must provide Total Salvation to spiritually birth us, for we are spiritually dead. 'Improvement' does not exist. Only upon total salvation can man be remade. Remade, not improved. How remade? God's Script creates spiritual growth via "deposits" (Greek: paratheke) of Divine Thinking: Bible Doctrine. This deposit is made by God, to each "faith-yes" assent of ours. The Depositor is Perfect. Each "deposit" is Perfect. Use of that deposit is a Love Issue, just as it was for the angels. So, another "faith-yes"; so God perfectly uses the Deposit in you, however small. Perfect use of each Perfect Deposit yields little Perfect "dividends". The accumulation thus replaces the 'good', the 'improvement' doo-doo (which volition, succumbing to the congenital brain defect of dissociation, programmed into those initially-empty neurons). Each Diamond Deposit replaces some doo-doo. Replaces, not 'improves'. Replaces, not makes 'good'. Replaces the previously-programmed associations. Thus one's dissociative 'reasoning' is gradually replaced, so the person can become sane, whole, happy. Not do's, doo-doo's, works -- but, Knowledge. For the neurons will only put out what was put into them. If what was put into them was do-do's, not knowledge-of-God (which requires positive volition), then the neurons will only put out cannonfodder: "wood, hay, and stubble" (1Cor3). People perish for lack of knowledge of God -- Hosea 4, Lev26, Deut28. No amount of works can make up for that deficit.

Satan's Rebuttal is a mad mortician's (see Jude 9): dress up the body, perfume it, play Frankenstein with it. He wants us all to stay dissociated, dead, so he can prove God a liar. Dead we are, spiritually. Incapable of any 'improvement', any 'good'. The depraved me-be-good urge is our death-twitch, just as physical corpses twitch once newly dead. Thus Satan associates the impossible 'improvement' and 'good' in our minds with the idea, "God". This is his way of insulting God -- which, of course, we can't see. He wants us to be dead to God, so God can't fulfill His Promises. 'Good' and 'improvement' replace God, thus. And so, we are Satan's marionettes. In God's Name, of course -- we twitch.

While they lived under God's Answer in the Garden, Adam and the woman had neither motive for self-improvement, nor the need. Satan had to create one. He did this by tempting her to 'gain' knowledge: that's an improvement temptation. Satan had to trick her into thinking God was withholding something from her. Thus, she became discontented. He thus set into the human nature a new thing: an unquenchable desire to improve, improve, improve. A-better-good, me-be-good, me-be-better. It was not native to man. It was 'empowered' from the outside. The "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" was OUTSIDE them. It was Satan's plan, hanging on that tree. She knew that, because, like Adam, she knew everything. Yet Satan tricked her into thinking that Knowledge was really something God was hiding, in Satan's name. Why could he do that? Because she (and Adam too, for that matter) spiritually arrested before growing up enough in Love. Thus, she (and Adam) exchanged knowledge of God, for Satan's plan. Thus, they would have remained forever discontented, had they not accepted God's replacing covenant.

Thus Satan's Answer motivates, teaches, uses and proselytizes man's 'strength' -- born of sin -- to achieve secular advancements, competencies and moralities which are truly admirable -- were it not for the motive of replacing God. Therein lies his flaw. Satan's very great achievements suffer from their inherent loneliness. No matter how great one becomes, unquenchable dissatisfaction remains, and even plays ennui as virtue. One can only enjoy self-love, which is a form of spiritual masturbation, for a little while. As time passes, the enjoyment wanes, and the addiction requires greater 'doses' to get the same thrill. 'Despite all the goodies of the world. So, one becomes bitter. And, finally, quixotically, glories in one's own futility: curl up with L'Etranger, The Razor's Edge, or Ulysses (by James Joyce), sometime. Such is the Evidence, the 'glory' of Satan's plan for mankind.

Conversely, with God's Answer -- even under the minimalist provisions of the OT -- the most deprived believer was happy, as Hebrews 11 records. Moreover, all the fantastic goodies were of no value, compared to the Joy of Knowing God. See? A replacing reciprocation, the outcome of all those perfect deposits of Bible Doctrine, SUBSTITUTES for the natural reciprocation need. God is enough. One 'gets' God in advance, see -- and the knowledge of that fact so compensates the soul's need to be loved, that a reciprocal love for God becomes the soul's outlet. 'Instead of sin, human good, or evil. Because, knowing Him is enough (i.e., "that I may know Him and the Power of His Resurrection" Phili 3:10). So a funny thing happens: one wants to suffer for God. God doesn't need that. God doesn't want that. But we need it, we want it, even though our suffering buys nothing. We just want to waste ourselves on Him, and we want that waste to 'do something' for Him. Via the Spirit, that otherwise useless suffering can be turned into true Divine Value. That's why the Cross works: the Holy Spirit CONVERTS all that sin to make Christ's Soul functionally infinite, completing all His God-Man dendrite connections, per the purple text in the "Governance" subsection (link in redbox at pagetop, 4th row). Isa52:13-14, 53:10-11 is the Decree Contract to do that to Him -- and we get His Contract. Much more about this conversion follows in #7 below, and is the main topic in Part III's "Third Reason for Royalty", and Part IVd. ["Third Reason for Royalty" is my favorite section in this entire series, the hands-on key to enjoying the spiritual life.]

What a tennis match, on which our lives depend! So let's look at some selected OT Witnesses:

  • Witness, Abraham. God had promised Abram ["Ab"=Father, "r'am"=high places (for offering sacrifices), so "Abram"=father-of-high-places] most of the "middle" of the world as a land-grant inheritance, unconditionally (cf beginning at Gen12). Folks not familiar with geography or commerce don't much understand, especially since today the Middle East is largely desert, what a tremendous promise this is. Think: the Middle East joins three continents. Any travel or commerce must go through it, for much of commerce must be done over land, to best protect the goods being sold. This makes such Land priceless, a "father", for the goods go 'through' it. So, the geographical position creates a huge potential for wealth to the polities over which those goods must traverse (and that's largely how folks in that location make money, even today). Furthermore, the Middle East itself is very rich in resources. We know about oil, now. (Heh: "oil" is a Bible metaphor for the "anointing" Holy Spirit!) There is much more -- problem is, water is needed to turn "on" these resources. (Heh: "water" is a Bible metaphor for the Word!) So, if the requisite water can be had, the Middle East would become the richest region in the world. (And it does: in the Millennium, when AbRAHam's covenant gets fulfilled.)

    By contrast, creature-merit values can never say 'so what'. They are unfulfillable, fantasized, obsessions. Hence, any merits achieved always become progressively-sterile benefits. So, the rich "Richard Corey" kills himself. So, the Howard Hughes becomes a demented recluse. So, the "star" becomes a drug addict. See how no matter what achievements Satan enables man to make, however quantifiably noble they are -- however much hunger is reduced, however many hospitals are built, however high man's Satan-inspired technological achievements -- however great all of these are, and they are very great -- see how they are nonetheless empty?


    Merit remains always dependent on externals.
    Faith, by contrast, loses dependence on externals,
    since God is the Only External one comes to value.

    'Even in the limited, visible OT set of covenants.

  • Like Father, like Son. Witness, Isaac. Name means "laughter", "he who laughs"; God named him that, because Sarai had secretly laughed to herself when the Lord forecast Isaac's birth during His Theophany ("Angel of the Lord") on the way to destroy Sodom and Gomorah. Of course, as God, He heard Sarai laugh to herself behind the tent. So, at that moment, He told Abram the child will be called "Isaac". Heh. Of course, when Abraham had gone and circumcised himself, at THAT point, he too got a new name, to reflect the turning-on of the ability to have heirs: AbRAHam, father of many nations. "Sarai", too, for her womb was renewed: she thus became "Sarah", "princess". All this, because they BELIEVED. Docked faith, at last, led to Abraham being able to dock his phallus into his beloved wife! ('Hope you're not offended, but the Bible does use such sexual wordplay!)

  • Then there's the irrepressible Jacob, who so wanted to be 'up-close and personal' with the Lord God, he even "wrestled" with Him. All throughout his story, one theme keeps popping up: Jacob really just plain loved Him. Sure, Jacob inherited the family trait of manipulation, but alongside that was a real hunger to know the Lord God -- 'just because'. Even the English can't hide his excitement at every instance of actually having sight or contact with Him. Notice how each instance is pure: just the Lord and him. In the beginning, you see the manipulation trait struggle with the pure interest. Pure interest: wow, I just saw Him! Manipulation: well, if He will be with me, then I will... But look! By the time he's returned home, many years later (he stayed in Succoth for a long time), when his daughter is raped, the Lord is #1. No Revenge. He stays quiet. [It's his hasty sons (full of the family take-charge genes!) who revenge-kill every male in Shechem.] So, he had become an Israel, a Prince of God.

    The Bible's wording, especially in English, is easily glossed over. To say a person got married, was childless, or had sons, or died -- it all seems like a listing, no real points to be made. You have to think as you read, to see the meaning. So, think: didn't each of these three men have truly torturous lives? Constantly on the move, constantly threatened by grasping enemies, set upon within and without their own families? Amidst all this pressure, not to mention the command pressure which always accompanies wealth: how easy would it have been for us to wait 99 years for a beloved son? How easy would it be to give him up? How easy would it be to see the finally-beloved son marry -- but remain childless? How easy, too, for Isaac? Could you live with all that pressure? That poor guy had no end of trouble -- so why didn't he resent his situation?

    PRINCIPLE: What do you want? Whatever it is, God wants to give it to you more! Forget what your sins are, forget what your weaknesses are. Couldn't God bing! you in a second, and make those problems go away? So, they obviously don't matter a whit. It's God's Will To Fully Bless You. Fully. Not partially. Completely, Forever, Fully. He just doesn't work any other way. So: do you want it? Then grow in 1Jn's Script. Grow to Full Love. Then you will be big enough: Eph 3:19-21. That's the key demonstration in the Evidence Test. In Part IV you'll see how it's exponentially bigger for us, now that Christ is seated.

  • So, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all came to endure their 'nightmare', having endless strife, and yet not having what they thought they wanted -- because they loved God the more. They did not fully know what God had in mind for them. So, because they did not fully know, all their "competing loves" docked in God's Love Harbor, irrespective of 'goodies', Independent Of Them. Free. He was 1st, everything else was "So, what?" So, like Job before them, they passed the Trial Witness Evidence Test. Then God 'responded' by giving them, forever, far more than even their dreams-come-true. That's the Glory of God, baby.

    So, despite all the very considerable satanic pressure against them, these three formed the cadre of blessing-by-association. So, under the terms of the Trial, God the Father could justify the continuation of the "sons": the biological Jewish line, despite any progeny of no faith -- so Christ could come in the flesh. No matter 'what'.

  • Joseph finally learned how to wait on the Lord, so grew up enough to say 'So what' to his brothers' constant maltreatment, and the fraudulent claim of rape. Despite every kind of injustice, Joseph nonethless grew -- and grew out of his own need to defend himself. So, he crossed the "mature" threshold. Thus, God made him the salvation of Egypt -- and, of his family. He too, never saw the promise fulfilled, though: his deathbed blessing proved it, since that blessing was a forecast of the future slavery the burgeoning family would suffer. So, although the family later declined into apostacy, and thus into slavery, they were preserved. Just as Joseph forecast on his deathbed, it would take another 400 years, once the people Israel were established in and despite slavery, for the nation Israel to be established. At that time, they were to fulfill a promise-of-the-promise: to carry his sarcophagus when they left Egypt. And so they did.

  • Like Abraham, and because of him, Israel too got a covenant, a "promise": to be a holy nation to God, forever. His special Possession, His Chosen People. Obviously, this is one of the "many nations" promised to Abraham, so this particular promise is a fulfillment on the promise to Abraham. For, Israel, his legal heirs, would be occupying that Land forever. Note how the people are called "Israel", after Jacob. "Jew" is an Anglicized concatenation (via the German "Juden") -- originally from the Hebrew "Yehuda" (Judah), the deathbed-blessed kingly tribe among the Jews. "Hebrew" also denotes the group: the term being Anglicized from "Habiru", an ancient gentile word denoting some of the groups' activities. "Habiru" meant "wanderers", referencing Abram's peregrinations in touring his future inheritance, while he was here. His wanderings communicated the Gospel (as it was then revealed), for he wandered, Waiting For The Promise.

  • Again, it took 3 men to justify the nation Israel's continuance, due to their spiritual growth being rewarded by God with blessing-by-association to the entire nation: Moses, and later Joshua and Caleb, the first "Jeshurun" class (spiritual elite) of the nation.

    Hence these heroes, with their so-who-compares-to-God "docked" faith -- thus these heroes secured a nation. Just these three. Just as a little leaven leavens a whole loaf, so a little salt preserves it. So, again, despite everyone else's apostacy, enough blessing-by-association could be granted, so the nation Israel  could justifiably continue.

    The Nation Israel becomes the Blessing-by-Association

    God's Spiritual Covenant
    thus refined and expanded into

    the most-richly-associative,
    NATIONALLY Codified
    Giftset in History:
    the Mosaic Law.

    Really, there was never anything like the Mosaic Law in history, unless you can find some ancient precursor to Mad Magazine, spoofing every religious practice which Satan authored since Adam's Fall. For that's what the Law does, and baldly: spoof religion, showing why works don't work! When a people can get the Death Penalty for NOT resting, you're looking at a God who hates works and spoofs religion (i.e., Isa44)! On the other hand, the laws of cleanliness, jurisprudence, and civil law were just not in practice by nations -- until the Law came along. You have to be deaf, dumb, and blind in reading Bible, not to know all this. The Law became the foundation of Western culture because of its competence, not because of its geographical origin or the fact Jews moved to the West. Um, did you ever look at how much the West pogromized the Jews? So the last thing the West would want to do, is adopt the laws of a people it persecuted. And we couldn't read Bible worth a tinker's dam anyway, as proven by our rank inability to see how often the Jews washed themselves (we Westerners took a bath maybe once a year). In short, we Europeans were dog-doo-doo. And stank like it, too!

    The Law demanded a smart populus, not a bread-and-circus rabble. It was and remains extremely sophisticated in its thought patterns, its wisdom, even in its secular laws and jurisprudence. This isn't to say there weren't any precedents. Rather, the precedents since Adam had all so mutated into degenerate ideas, the very protection God intended via nations was threatened to the point of extinction. For, the upcoming Messiah was to pay for everyone; but the laws of nations were so detrimental to preserving the then-developing national entities, humankind might not last long enough for Him to arrive. In fact, just as with Abraham who was developed in the very year that TIME was supposed to run out, so too Moses was developed at the very end of the 490-year TIME grant given Joseph. That TIME ENDS if someone isn't developed within a 490-year period is Trial Rule since Adam's Fall, and is the main focus of Part IV's Mirroring.htm webpage: that's why the Rapture must precede the Tribulation -- it's a TIME problem in Trial terms. But for now, Israel is the one who had to EXIT on time -- or Time would have ended. And she did -- almost at the last minute. Jesus the Christ, to Whom the Law pointed, would die exactly on schedule, 1470 years to the DAY that Israel celebrated its first Passover. God has this 'thing' about Being on Time.

    Hence the two main purposes of the Law were evangelical for all mankind, and the meanwhile, to demonstrate how to have a prosperous secular life, and save the world from its disastrous course. That's why the Exodus had to be so dramatic, and the Law so extensive. This bifurcation in the Law was designed to preserve the human race, and Israel was made the National Posterboy of it -- due solely, as we saw above, to Moses and later Caleb and Joshua. As you might guess, this Law made Israel a frequent target of invasion by jealous or resentful nations: her law was truly offensive to everyone else, much as the tenets of Christianity are considered offensive, today. So in the listing below, there is quite a bit of overlap between the categories. We'll have to cover these in reverse order. What follows is a sketched summary, too: much of the Law's detail (i.e., Bible verses) are covered extensively in Part IV (especially Part IVa, Mirroring.htm and PassPlot.htm); so should not be repeated here. Just notice here, the broad sweep of the Law's Blessing By Association Purpose.


    1. The Mosaic Law was an entirely new creation, in that it Codified For a NATION What "Law" Should Mean. Israel was a nation UNDER law, not some king making laws to suit his whim. By contrast, other nations' laws were all blended between religion and the state.
    2. God was the King. There was no human king. Moses was just the spokesman, and wasn't even a priest. God was the King over the 'stranger' who chose to make his home there, as well as over any believer-Jew; as well as over any non-believer Jew. God's Kingship, then, meant that the Law's spiritual provisions were used to evangelize those within the nation, as well as from without. So spiritual giving was optional, but since the Levites also had national functions because God was King, the (usually) 10% income tax ("tithe" in English Bibles) was levied on the entire populus. For Israel was to be a priest nation, different from all others: hence, God (the Son) was King. Later, of course, when apostacy had set in, Israel wanted a human king, so to be like other nations. (after the apostacy period of the "Judges", Saul was second king; David, third.)
    3. God made HIMSELF subject TO the Law as a Party to the Contract, Permanently. This surely had never happened before. "The gods" never made themselves subject to anything long-term: dealings with them were ad hoc and conditional, Delphic-Oracle vague, impish. Not here, not with This God. For every dire statement there are three unconditional committal statements by God, in the OT. Awesome stuff.

      Note how impolitic and insulting this is to other nations. Here GOD is the King, not a human, yet religion is utterly repudiated by this God. For HE SUBJECTS HIMSELF to the Law. That makes the law more important than God, TO God. So religion goes right out the window: for in every other nation on earth, before, then, and ever since -- religion asserts itself as the higher law over law. NO! Says this God. All those Christian theonomists are dead wrong, therefore. Romans 13 echoes this rule of Law First, so any Christian who alleges to disobey in the name of God, all those crusades and politicking you see -- are completely anti-God. For God subjects Himself to Law.

      Most of what became European history was a gradual freeing of nations from the evil of religion, with England leading the way. Any nation which still shackles itself to religion never prospers. You can set your watch. Russia remained backward due to its shackling itself to the Russian Orthodox Church; Latin America only started to come out of its own doldrums to the extent it also frees itself from the RCC; China was long enslaved to its animistic religion, as indeed was Japan. The Middle Eastern countries which most embrace secular governments most prosper, and they aren't client nations to God. But they are embracing the secular laws God offers as FIRST. So, they prosper, as you'll see in D., below.

    4. Because God subjects Himself to Law, the Mosaic Law's civil codes could be adopted by any nation, and often were (e.g., by Babylonia and later Persia). This, because the outward purpose for giving Israel the Law, was to benefit the whole of mankind. Believer, or unbeliever. Um, no 'god' gave away anything. So this was entirely new. It was tantamount to an unconditional contract which God would BIND HIMSELF TO, that if you "x" nation NOT Israel, also adopted the civil codes, God would bless you also. A later Nebuchadnezzar and several Persian emperors would take God up on His Offer. So did the Western world -- eventually. That offer is still valid, no matter what the race or nationality. [Think about stoning, for example: since the whole populace was supposed to stone to death a guilty person, how hard it would be to want to testify against some future person, how hard it would be to want to lie against someone, knowing that you yourself would have to help kill them? Shirley Jackson's famous short story, "The Lottery" shows how even an irrational basis for stoning was a problem for people to take: how much more, a rational one? Where you yourself must participate in the execution? See how humane that rule was? I bet a whole lot less accusation was made, for folks (naturally) don't like killing, especially if they have to be the physical agents of it.] [The civil codes were Decalogue and Judgements, aka "Codex I" and "III"; in LXX of 1Ki2:3 these are called "entolas" and "krimata", respectively; 1Chron29:19 substitutes "prostagmata" for the latter -- English is bad, even the Tanakh. You see the God's dissemination-to-mankind purpose if you have a software program like BibleWorks, and search on those LXX words for the three divisions in the law, "entolas" (Decalogue, "commandments", accusative plural, 155 references), "dikaiomata"/"marturia" (Ordinances/Testimony), and "krimata" (Judgements -- or, variantly, "statutes" or other English words). It's interesting how the Decalogue and the Ordinances are stressed, always saying that if anyone follows these, they will be blessed on Earth -- descriptions are pretty detailed and graphic: there are about 50 verses in the OT which use those words. Judgements (which cover things like civil law, hygiene, diet) don't get the same amount of stress, but are "incorporated by reference", a legal term which goes all the way back in time. Hebraic and later Greek incorporation-by-reference was done by listing first-and-last in a list to mean the whole, or only the first in the list. 1Jn uses this practice, as do the Gospels, and which of course is done in the OT a lot.]


    5. Obeying the Law therefore, was FIRST a way to live with GOD on ALL the earth with and despite sin, never a way to be saved or 'earn' a thing before Holy, Infinite, Jehovah Elohim! What was the First Commandment? "You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength." Well, you can't obey that commandment without first BELIEVING in that same LORD. Hence the shemah, "Hear, Oh Israel! The Lord Our God, the Lord is Unique/First/United/One!" Note the "our God" (Elohenu), and "Unique/First/United/One" (echad, term qualitatively means unique/first almost exclusively, search on the term). So you were saved. Of course, some people CAME to Israel because they believed in this God. That's why they wanted to be part of the nation. Others came because they wanted to have material prosperity, but after being there for awhile, believed. Yeah, that was the idea!
    6. "For with the Law, came the knowledge of sin" (Rom3:20) and "the power of sin is the Law" (1Cor15:56), as Paul would later explain. Never were there more ways to sin, than when the Law came out. For, were there no sin, there would be no Law needed to mediate it. (ibid, both passages, plus all of Galatians.) So the FIRST purpose of the Law was about sin. Sin provisions were Ordinances, aka "Codex II" in the theology of the 1930's, Biblically known as "dikaiomata" in LXX of 1Ki2:3, "marturia" in 1Chron29:19, and similar terms.
    7. Most of what the Law prohibited as sins, were mandated as 'holy' in the other nations on earth i.e., making graven images, orgies, drugs, human sacrifice, taking revenge, castration, rape, across-the-board theft, across-the-board murder, permanent slavery or permanent purchased HaEretz inheritances, cutting out women from inheritance, mistreatment of animals or someone else's property, etc.

        So basically the Law demonstrated why ALL the other nations' laws, were WRONG. This fact would get Israel in trouble over the centuries. Pagan polities justified the above activities in the name of 'punishing', or in the name of 'dedication' to the 'gods'. Mosaic Law exposed all that hypocrisy. So if you were a pagan nation and had to deal with Israel, you really were offended. Much more so, if Israel proved to be a more successful nation, than yours. Same taking-offense problem persists, even today. The Arabs are nothing, if not jealous of the Jews.

        Much inept 'scholarship' faults the Bible for ordering the killing of whole towns, during the limited 40-year period when Israel entered the Land. Each town was given plenty of advance notice, as you'll see in the surrounding context. So anyone SANE, would have left. So anyone INSANE would have stayed. These inept 'scholars' also don't investigate the persons against whom God gave these orders. God ordered populations whose idea of 'fun' was to murder everyone, rape everyone, have sex to the screams of their own children. Pederasty was rampant, as was homosexuality, drugs, brutality of every kind. These were TERRORIZING people. They disrupted the trade of the Fertile Crescent. If you really investigated their practices, your objection to God would be, "why didn't He order their extermination sooner?" When you see those Palestinian CHILDREN learning in GRAMMAR SCHOOL how to make bombs (per the kids' own report to Diane Sawyer, and of course everyone knows the Hamas Bunny from Youtube MEMRITV videos) -- then you know the entire population, is evil. Criminal. Children taught to be killers. You can't rehabilitate the kids. They will kill to be LOYAL, as that's the only loyalty they know.

        The same is true for many other groups, like most of the American Indian tribes, whether North or South America. Brutal people. But of course, inept 'scholarship' against the Jews, reflects a satanic involvement which must spill over to 'cover up' the very same brutal history of other peoples, lest those who were wiped out by God in the Middle East, be shown as a very common type of brutal PAGAN mankind.

    8. The Levitical priesthood didn't have any material inheritance promise, Lev 18:23. They only had assigned cities with pasture land since their office was to sacrifice; but they had NO governmental power whatsoever. That stricture wouldn't sit well with other nations' priesthoods, who wielded much secular power. Israel's priesthood thus made the other ones look greedy. For example, when Pharaoh was pleased and promoted Joseph, he gave Joseph the best land in Egypt, as part of Joseph's being made a head priest. The upper class of Egypt would become jealous over that (Exodus 1, see Mirroring.htm's "Joseph" link for details, and "Jochebed" link in MisTrans.htm, plus Exodate.htm). Point is, other nations' priesthoods got rich and owned a lot of property, often wielding lots of political power as a result. All that was forbidden the Levites. They belonged to God, so had no actual inherited lands, etc. It's true that what became the Sanhedrin ended up having a kind of governing authority, but it was juridical, and subordinate to God Himself under a leader who was NOT a priest (initially Moses). Of course, over time this God-ordained system would be corrupted, but it wasn't the design God made.

    9. Israel as a nation was instructed that it BOUGHT TIME FOR THE WORLD. Nothing like that anywhere in history, because it had not happened on a national scale until the Exodus. #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc walks you through the math. There's an interplay between the sabbatical years and the non-sabbatical years which results in a literal 'purchase' of 50 years as an appendage for world voting to the 1000-year time grant. So if Israel observes its sabbatical years, the world gets a 50-year voting period. Of course, 70 years between the 490-year time grants were for Israel to vote (see Daniel 9:2 where that point is stressed, and Daniel uses it to vote aka pray). Those sabbatical years literally purchased voting periods which the Jubilee years represented, as you'll see in that #9 of TenWays. Of course, the Temple being operative was the criterion for the world to go on living, post-David. Hence the need to vote for its restoration, during the historical 70-year voting period which ensued after the 1st Temple was destroyed. GeneYrs.xls' "1st Temple" option in Excel's "Custom Views" Menu displays the historical voting periods surrounding the demise of the 1st Temple, and bridging to the 50-year voting period which was soon to follow. It's incredible, how God keys Time to the 70-year and 50-year voting periods, since Adam.

    10. Animal sacrifice depicted the Redeemer-to-come. This, of course, the world had long known -- but forgotten. Ever since Genesis 3, animals were slain in the same way as they would later be under the Mosaic Law: humanely, cutting the carotid (this cuts pain -- btw, Cain killed Abel that way, learning how to kill by watching Abel do it). This reminded mankind he'd forgotten about the ORIGIN of animal sacrifice. The blood of the animal would pour out each time it breathed: depicting by that exact function the 'breathing out', pouring out that the Redeemer-to-Come would do with His Soul -- that's why the later Mosaic statement, "the soul of the animal is in its blood" was made. To reset the analogy, so people could learn. So too, with many other offerings (drink pouring out, depicting the animal sacrifice, and with the same meaning). So now mankind was reminded that the entire thing depicted how God made a covenant with Noah and Abram by means of a specific format of sacrifice with which they were already familiar. So it's as if God is yelling, "See? All this ritual is for teaching. Not, not not not not -- sacrificing or works. And what does the ritual teach from Time Immemorial? A Promise Of Redeemer-To-Come!"

        Over time, God's Promise -- which represented what GOD Would Do For Man -- was negated by reversal, to what man would do for God. Thus man reasserted himself as god, as god-pleaser, as god-maker. History is full of such reversals, in every people of every region on the planet. Mosaic Law, therefore, restored the public meaning of the sacrifices, and at the national level. That the Jews themselves would come to reverse the meaning just shows you how the First Meaning was GOD Sacrifices For You -- so you know the pagans had all gotten the message, ever since Abel.
    11. However, the animal sacrifice system had never been promulgated for an entire NATION, until Israel. As a result, the sacrifices were different. Moreover, the Law's dining Passover and other Communion fellowships were all new. Generally, you ate part of the animal to demonstrate faith in the promise. Again, prior to this there had only been family priesthoods. For the Levitical priesthood was to transition Israel, train her for a future (Millennial) role of being a Priest Nation (which back in those days, she hadn't yet spurned). As Abram had done, so Israel would do, as a nation: be a messenger of the True and Only God, for unbeliever and believer, alike. If one became a believer, he became a "Jew". If one remained an unbeliever, he was a "stranger" (see Rom9:1-13). Israel began with only believers. It would, of course, continue with unbelievers and believers alike, racial Jews and racial non-Jews. All these classifications were explained in the Law, for the promise to Israel had many layers. [The Gen12 protection, as well as Levitical priesthood 'layers' did not require one be a believer, but rather, be racially Jewish. It's quite wrong to say you're not Jewish if not of the Jewish faith. Bible makes it clear that Abraham's bloodline is protected secularly, as well. It is true that if you become a believer in Christ, you are no longer a Jew, per Gal3. No racial or sexual or any other human distinction divides the Body of Christ.]

    12. So in the Law -- unlike ever before in any religion -- human and all other sacrifice was essentially forbidden. All those Mosaic rituals had the opposite meaning of Future Memorial, not appeasement. The Law's rituals all depicted a Sacrificing God, for Whom you did nothing. Nations had never heard of that before. To them, sacrifices and offerings were to appease the god, get favors from him. There was no culture in which only the nation's god did the sacrificing FOR the people -- until the Mosaic Law.

      1. For in the Mosaic Law, animal sacrifice Depicted What Elohim Would Do: take on Humanity and pay for all the Sins of Mankind. So if you didn't Keep the Law, you were rejecting that Promise, and would be punished. The Christian counterpart to this is to not use 1Jn1:9, as you'll see in the "Fourth Reason for Invisibility" in Part III. It's always and only about whether you believe in God or not, just as for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. BELIEVE, not works. For again, the sacrifices Taught That Coming Savior, so by observing them you demonstrated FAITH. This point can't be stressed enough: all other societies' versions of animal sacrifice depicted man's works to appease some god; but alone among all national codices, the Levitical sacrifices were a Promise of What GOD Would Do For Man: save him, by means of a coming, human, substitutionary "Lamb". Which believers then ate (eating is a metaphor for belief, in the Bible) to depict faith-fellowship with God. Like a rabbi (who is not a believer) explained to me a few years back, the central theme of the Law is that no covenant exists, without the shedding of blood. It was to celebrate that Covenant. Made unilaterally by God. Agreeable or not, by man. [See Hebrews Chaps 2 and 9, which explain the point the rabbi was making. Why unbelieving Jews today don't 'get it' that the Covenant Was Sealed By Christ stumps me. Isaiah 42:18-20,44:18, etc. was sadly right, as the Lord explained in Matt13 and parallel passages.]

        Lambs are not work animals. There's not a pantheon on the planet which has for a head god, a lamb. Why? Because a lamb is HELPLESS. It's not even an adult sheep, and sheep are the most helpless and wayward of God's creatures. So for God to depict His Saving Work as a Lamb from Abel forward is downright insulting, to pagan man. Not at all "macho". Yeah, because this is the Real God, Who doesn't need to be macho. And obviously too, if you provide a lamb for sacrifice, you're due no credits, since you're providing a WEAK animal, not a strong one. This Lamb sacrifice was the most important in Israel, required daily at beginning and ending of day in the Temple, to propitiate the entire nation (i.e., Exo29:38ff); it started during the time in the wilderness, and continued until the Temple was defiled, each time. That's how important it was.

      2. Moreover, the sacrifice of the BLEMISHLESS animal only-God-could-miraculously-make -- notice this: it was the ANIMAL which got sacrificed, not the person who brought it. Get that loud and clear: you couldn't make a blemishless animal. God would have to foreknow your sins and make sure in advance that the animals needed would be Born and Develop In Time, so you could sacrifice them for sin offerings, thank offerings, etc. Substitutionary Sacrifice. The sinner placed his hand on the animal to identify his sin with the animal, and the sin thus was 'imputed' to the ANIMAL. So, by sacrificing the sin-imputed-animal, not the person, the person was made 'clean'. See? No Works. Did the animal 'sacrifice' by plowing 15 hectares? No! Did it sing songs, bleat, make pies to give to churches, and that was its 'works'? No! Did it run around telling everyone how to live moral lives by its own standards, and then go to God to get rewarded? No! So if the animal itself was the sacrifice, and God Himself had to make the animal itself: where can anyone imagine he can do works for the Living God?

        Notice, again, how in the "middle", a negatively-oriented person concludes he works, but a positive orientation looks at how God's Promise works. Same Facts. Same Ritual. Same Animal. Different Orientation.

      3. Christ was depicted by the animal. What works did Christ do? He talked a lot, He healed a few people, He fed a few people, and He Voluntarily Hung On A Cross. All of these, the Holy Spirit enabled, and Christ agreed to them -- notice that. Christ never used His Own Divine OR human power to advantage Himself or to advantage us. Even via those few miracles (which He deprecated In Favor Of Doctrine: see John 6-7 in NIV, esp.6:26), He taught what He Himself First Learned. He used the Power of the Spirit (and sometimes His Own Deity, where the Father wanted it done) for a few validating miracles foretold by the prophets, so Israel could know it wasn't seeing a 'false' Messias. But, no works. He didn't save us by never sinning Himself, nor by any good deeds; not by giving to charity, not by running around the world setting up peace committees, not by crusading, not by having bazaars or sing-alongs or rousing revivals. Instead, just like a Lamb, He Himself was HIMSELF sacrificed. He hung. For us. Without using one ounce of His Power. What did He use? The Holy Spirit's Power, via the Bible Doctrine the Holy Spirit enabled His Humanity to Fully learn. Because, when positive, One Relies On The One Promising. Resting, even, instead of arresting into 'works'.

        MOST CRITICAL TRIAL KEY ==> Like a Lamb, Christ relied entirely on Someone Else: Father, Spirit. The OT sinner relied on Christ to come -- that is what the animal sacrifices PROMISED. The sacrifices depicted the promise that no, God would not take or seek revenge for the sin, but would rather impute the sin to a coming Savior, Who Would Voluntarily Take It. So, when Christ came, He too relied: not on His merit, but instead, on the Holy Spirit to sustain Him, even on the Cross. Thus Jesus, Human, did the exact opposite of what Satan did, based on the same facts. Different 'orientation', huh!

        So, then: where does any sane person come up with the 613 Talmudic 'laws', eating certain foods, being moral, etc -- as counting for anything whatsoever with Holy God? Think about it. Christianity has long since multiplied the grace of the Bible into excessive works-obsessions, too. In fact, all religions do. Check it out. That's Satan's plan and Trial Answer, as we saw in the "So What" section just prior. Satan's, not God's. But in the name of "God", naturlich! Do you see how insidious is the replacement of the Most High? 'Replacement of Love Into Hate, 'Of Grace Into Works?

      4. See, that's the point about the Law. The God didn't want works. Instead, He wanted you to what? "Trust in the Lord"; "Love the Lord"; "Wait on the Lord". That was utterly antithetical to the machismo-god cultures which had dominated the world since Adam's Fall. See how Cain started the machismo thingy, in Genesis 4, running out and building a city, so that all Adam's kids split into pro- or anti- Cain camps. Then notice how the CAIN camp's "Lamech" boasted about murdering a little boy clinging to his father; moreover, this "Lamech" ("Strong", "Power"), abuses God's Orchestration of Time rules, invoking "seventy times seven" (Gen 4:24) as a REVENGE KILLING of that man and his loyal child. And of course, his two wives were supposed to be proud of him for that? Don't you think they secretly wished he were dead, for after all, that boy could have been a son of theirs? So you just know that all families were brutalized. Yeah, that was the history of Cain's side of the progeny. Totally anti-God, pro man's works.

        So of course God now demonstrates His No-Works policy concretely, contrasting with the religious customs of the times, so there could be no mistake that this God was different. Why else do you think Moses gives the speech he does, in Deut Chapters 1-9? At least a dozen times he repeats the fact that Adonai Elohenu is Unique, who ever heard of anyone like Him? For again, as Paul would later note (Romans 3, Romans 7 1Cor15), with the knowledge of HaTorah, came the knowledge of sin. Woe to those who call good, "evil": and evil, "good" -- but ahhh the revenge and power-lust and always-looking-over-your-shoulder is not necessary! Freedom from all that (swear word-here), at last! The Real God isn't like that, at all! HalleluJAH!

        • What god had ever refused to have a nice temple, or altar men could make? This One did, quite adamantly too.
        • What god ever accepted mere thought, as a "sacrifice"? This One did.
        • What god ever gave straight answers, by means of Urim and Thummim? This One did.
        • What god ever set up such independent laws of evidence, refusing hearsay testimony? (Joseph was convicted on the hearsay testimony of Potiphar's wife.)
        • What god only demanded you do "works" which were of benefit to you? This One did all of that, and called "sin" only that which harmed mind or body.
        • Above all, what god ever on earth, gave you the Death Penalty for NOT resting? Oh, this One did! Even your animals had to rest, or you were in deep doo-doo?
        • Not only that, but there were entire YEARS you had to REST, or you'd be punished! No god and no polity could even afford to give its entire people that much time off! Imagine how embarrassed Israel was to have to explain in Diaspora and upon return to the Land in 538BC et seq., that their Temple Was Burned Down because they DIDN'T observe those REST years?! They became famous for that -- do you see why?

        • Remember how the Temple got started: David felt bad about having a better house than God, 2Sam7. God's reply to David via Nathan is hysterical, in that Chapter: What, did I ever ask you for a house? Do I need a house? What house can contain Me? Tell you what -- I'll give YOU a house forever, ok? Then God grants that house, and in fact about 50% of Bible text is spent on House-related archetypes, as what God wants is a House of Sons, starting with THE Son as the Real Temple. So here you see a strange confirmation of no fancy Temple wanted by God, demonstrated by Him ordering one! Because, that Temple was to depict David's Greater Son, until He came. And when He left, that Temple was to be destroyed, Daniel 9:26. And not until He Returns, is it to be rebuilt, Ezekiel 39ff through the end of that book is all about that final Millennial Temple. In the eternal state, there is no Temple, Revelation 21:22ff -- because Christ is the Temple, just as said from the beginning. Tell me: is God witty, or what? Even when the Temple is built under Divine Order -- it repudiates man-made temples!

        • Yeah, to prove false all other gods, and stupid, all taboos! So see: there had been nothing like the Mosaic Law until Israel. Not even close. This is a true threat to the world -- both back then, and now. It's one thing to have a successful nation. Quite another, if you find out that your culture's 'gods' are dog doo-doo compared to someone else's. We all have gone through some kind of faith crisis in our lives. There's a lot of hurt, followed by iconoclasm, followed by relief in the "right" faith we now consider ourselves to be in. That damages not only a nation's reputation, if it hung its hat on one religion or another; it damages family and friend, business relationships, the whole bit. You'll hang on to what's familiar, if the economics are not so good -- but when your faith goes, everything else tanks, too. Mother-against-daughter type stuff as in Matt10:35, Luke 12:53 (see context). The most virulent wars and conflicts are over differences in faith. So that's the biggest threat of all.

      5. For the sake of man's sanity, the Law proved that it was impossible to fully obey: True Righteousness is way above works. For, if anyone failed in even the tiniest part of the Law, he broke the Whole Law: and, once the Law is broken, you can't atone or make it right again -- but you can get the cleansing of the animal sacrifice, if you believe in the One Depicted by It, the Redeemer-to-Come. (See Exo15:26, Lev18:5, Lev26:14-15, Numb15:39, Deut4:2, 4:40, 5:29, Deut27:26, Rom2:25, Gal3:10-12, 5:3, Jas2:10. -- over 3 dozen verses.) Righteousness is Perfect, not merely 'good'! Thus, the Ordinances all taught man needed a Savior. For no one could ever, of his works, please Holy God; for no one was righteous, no not one (Deut 33:26, 1Sam2:2, Job 14:4, Ps14:1-3, Isa64:6, Jer17:9, Micah7:2, Rom3:10, etc). Look carefully at all the prescriptions in the Mosaic Law, and ask yourself the obvious question: where oh where does it ever say that by doing any or even all of the works that one can save himself? Can atone for past sins? Nowhere! Obedience to the Law was for earthly benefit (cf Lev26:14 for a sample of the legal wording in Scripture). Check it out for yourself! [See Deut 4:8, 2Kings 21:8, 2Chron 33:8, Matt22:40, Rom 10:4, all of Hebrews 7, Gal5:3, 14, James 2:10 on the impossibility of obeying the Law, to show it was about Grace, not works.]

      6. So, this desert God repudiated human works by means of works (i.e., the Sabbath-rest observance), in favor of study by all the people, not merely the priests. This "God" made a "Law" which was pure Grace! The First Commandment: "You shall love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart And Soul And Mind." No one could execute that -- it was Deliberately Impossible To Do. Who can Love Infinite God, people complained in Deut30. What, shall we send someone up to Heaven to get the secret? Or, send someone down to Sheol to get it? They were being flip, sarcastically complaining about how it was impossible to do this "Law"!
        • Yeah, and that's why they had one year out of seven -- the 7th -- during which ALL they did was study.
        • Next, basically two other years out of the seven likewise got spent that way,
        • since in the 1st year following the 7th, the crops were dedicated to God; and
        • after that first year of planting, they also couldn't eat of the harvest, example in Isa37:30, referencing Lev25:20 --
        • which basically guarantees not only three years' worth of produce accomplished in only ONE year (the sixth -- compare Deut 15 with Leviticus 25), but
        • that sixth year's crop, will NOT ROT for the next three years (Lev25:21-22)!
        • So what was to occupy their time, three whopping years out of seven? The WORD. What a prosperous life! [Deut 15:1's Hebrew term "qets" literally means the edge, the "cutoff", so is mistranslated "end", but in English should have been translated "beginning". Technically a year has two "ends", the "end" which begins the year, and the "end" which completes the year. Translators missed that, so of course Bible gets blamed for contradicting itself, as usual. This timing was reckoned from Day of Atonement to Day of Atonement. The Day of Atonement is the counterpart to the day the Lamb was set aside for Passover, so that 10 Ethanim was the counterpart to 10 Nisan. In history, the true date Christ was arrested would have been 10 Nisan on the calendar, but that year it hadn't been intercalated, so was running four days fast, which is why Christ could eat the Passover yet die on True Passover. Details are in PassPlot.htm.]

      7. So, the entire point of this "Law" was to prove how only the "God" could do the work! [Deut7:7,8:17,9:4-5, Rom11:17-20.] So, rest! So, this desert God didn't want its believers to even work for their own initial wealth (note how the Egyptians paid them back wages as a sendoff), nor their food; they were punished, and even executed, for not resting enough; their 'sacrifices' required the desert God to make such animals (blemishless lambs!); their 'wars' were generally fought by the God, Who only allowed them some minor fighting, to keep fit, usually once the enemy was on-the-run. This desert God wanted the enemy to be certain Who was fighting them, and gave long Grace notice! before the attack -- in the only language such brutal folks could understand: war. Who had ever heard of such a God, Moses reminded the people in Deuteronomy (Deut4:7-8,32-35).

      8. The promise by this God to His people was intimacy, to be gained by knowledge-love, totally apart from phallicism. In other cultures, unity love with the god required fornication with temple priests/priestesses, human sacrifice, permanent virginity, castration, etc. Yet this desert God wanted intercourse of the mind, not the body. Who had ever heard of that? people asked each other. What, no cost? No drugs? No alcohol? No feeling? [Research carefully any ancient polity's religious rites, and you'll find that in any of them, some kind of drug-induced 'high' was deemed holy and necessary for contact.] Only thinking, which the rituals mnemonically aided? Certainly the covenant of this God is strange, indeed. And the Word of this people spread quickly; some who heard of the Habiru God left their homes, to be with Him. Most, entertained by the stories, just scoffed.


    13. Those with a shallow (or mis)understanding of Scripture try to liken the Law's secular provisions to Hammurabi and other polities, when in fact almost every provision of the Law poked fun at the idolatrous and secular structures in other societies (both past and present). God humorously explained all this using rituals and rules which deliberately resembled those of surrounding polities so they could see how stupid they were, and change over to the Real God. Some did notice. The burlesquing quality of the Law is metaphorically rich. Pick any particular ritual, then compare it to pagan cultures, look at the difference in MEANING. Don't be fooled by the similarity of motions.

    14. God's Satirical Mosaic Law was plainly teasing in every respect. Take the Nazirite vow, for example. This was the most respected, sacred religious observance in all Judaism. Paul didn't even get past it after he believed in Christ (Acts 18, 21), and God had to spank him for still observing it, post-Cross! So look:
      • One made the vow to abstain from wine for the days of the voluntary vow, among other things.
      • Ok, looks like the other cultures so far, a way of sacrifice -- but wait! wine was used in the sacrifices -- huh? What's this? Wine is made by fermentation; so, in the Law, yeast/mold etc was always a metaphor for sin -- idea being, sin makes you drunk, addicted, and eventually kills you.
      • So, the Law did not forbid drinking wine as a liquid, but since this was a Purification Vow, you didn't drink it. (NB: the environmentalists are dead wrong about returning us to the past to get a cleaner, safer environment. It's never been better than it is today. Check it out: pollution was horrible in pre-industrial lands, because people used rivers as toilets, burial grounds, trash dumps. So, wine was needed to get sufficient liquid. Check out the more primitive cultures today which have water supplies. Back in SPQR, the writers of the period over and over lament water pollution by the masses.)
      • What, a god who doesn't want his celebrant drugged?? In most religions, the celebrant was supposed to get drunk or drugged and do something stupid or get a trance in that state, to show his love for the god. Can Satan&Co. be more obvious in their unquenchable desire for attention, for revenge, than to make this a nearly-universal law?
      • Then there's the ritual itself (see Num6). What a stitch!
      • Look: the one who made the vow, then let his hair grow until the days of the vow were ended; then, cut off his hair at the end of the vow, and threw it into the fire underneath the Peace Offering which burned just outside the Tabernacle door (on special days, that is).
      • No human works: depicted by the hair growing long (more, by the no-shave rule), so no 'hair mystique'! The long-hair-confers-virility idea was spoofed uproariously! Because what do you do at the end? Throw It Into The Fire. Could there be a more dramatic spoof? Hi, you can't stop your hair from growing, it does so without your help, and then when it grows, you BURN it. Why else do you think God later on gave Samson strength? To show that strength comes from God -- note how Samson's last act was to pull down a temple, and he had short hair at that point.
      • Even more, look: Then, the hair gets cut off, not phallus. Ooops! All those self-castrating priests just wasted their time! Just cut hair to get sanctified? Yikes! Then, hair thrown into the fire! -- not burning children, not self-mutilation, just hair. Again, no human works. There's more spoofing going on in this 'vow' than this brief description mentions -- and, of course, every ritual/rule in the law was a multi-level satire.
      • But you get the idea from this one example: God is the best Humorist, ever! Notice how the tone of the spoofing is calculated to encourage? Kinda like Isa55's "come buy, eat! ..without money, without price" passage. Ahhhhh. The real sanctification rite is nice! [Test it yourself. Grab some Egyptologist or other who well knows the surrounding customs, get the exact nature of the rites and assigned meanings -- then look for the parallel in the Law. Examine how its own steps spoof the one you're comparing. I really wish someone would make a movie of this, but it would have to be for mature audiences only, since 99% of historical religions involve sex (from castration to mandated frequent fornication) and drugs. Today's versions all do, too -- the excessive stress on abstinence and virginity, especially in the RCC's lie about Mary -- is no different from Cybeline cults. Obsession with sex pro or con, is the essence of pagan religion: Bacchus, Vestal Virgins, Cybele, Druids, pick any religion in history. All are preoccupied with sex.]

    15. For another example, the portions of the animal offered for sacrifice under the Law are downright funny, compared to the 'competitors'. What other god wanted the offal, entrails as the sacrifice? This desert God wanted the whole offering burned up -- an offering which only He could make (blemishless animal). Or, for the more commonly-made offerings, He wanted only the "fat", the entrails, burnt -- which weren't healthy for man, to begin with! Moreover, often men merely waved the nutritious portions, and then ate them. The sinner literally 'got fed' -- usually the choicest meat (meat was hard-to-come-by, in the old world) -- and he got it, as a result of sin! As did the priests! What sacrifice, what loss, was that? None at all. Do you see the spoofing, yet? This is like saying, Yeah, I know you're going to sin in advance, so I'll provide the sacrifice for you, and then feed you for having sinned. So what becomes the punishable offense for you, is if you don't EAT what most of the world drools to get its hands on. No religion ever on this planet ever had provisions like the Mosaic Law, sorry.


    16. Consequently, God 'advertised' Israel to the world by means of its supernatural events.
      • The enemy would often disappear without a fight (i.e., during Elisha);
      • or, would be defeated by inexplicable causes (i.e., during Isaiah);
      • prophets were credited with magical powers, famous outside Israel (i.e., Elisha).
      • Angels (cf. Acts7:53, Heb2:2) taught the Law to Israel and routinely visited its kings and prophets. No other nation had this kind of history, whether you believed the history or not.
      • Also, Israel was 'advertised' by means of its central location -- again, born of a supernatural promise given in 2085BC to Abram when he was about 75 years old, 645 years prior to the Exodus.
      • Also, Israel was supernaturally advertised by means of her successful wealth, agriculture, husbandry and weather -- when she was faithful. And advertised negatively, when she was not (Lev26 contract).
      • Idea was, GOD blessed this place, and if you wanted blessing too -- you moved there. Many did.
      • Two-thirds of the initial Exodus population were converts. No wonder Amenhotep II, the Pharaoh of the Exodus, only had nine annual campaigns. His troops drowned in the Reed Sea. That was a large national birthday advertisement, huh. So large, the Greeks not the Hebrews, renamed it the Red Sea.
    17. God blessed Israel Visibly, to portray the Richness Of Salvation. The Mosaic Law's system of memorial sacrifices meant that as you neared Jerusalem, you'd be overwhelmed with the smell of cooking meat and animals. Since meat was hard to come by both then and now in agrarian societies, the smell of cooking meat had a long cultural connotation of banqueting fellowship, prosperity. You couldn't just kill a calf or even a lamb for dinner -- unless many people were reclining to eat. Even a small goat could feed maybe 10-15 people or more. No refrigeration, so the animal killed had to be eaten within a day or two. As a result, you'd instead drink milk and eat cheese, grain, eggs, birds, figs, dates, lentils, certain insects (usually fried, good source of protein), maybe very small animals, or fish -- for a single meal with just a small family. Hence as folks neared Israel, all this prosperity of food animals usually reserved for nobility -- was quite striking. That the God would have so many animals sacrificed as a memorial of the Future Sinbearer, and you ate some for sinning, well -- that was pretty attractive, especially since the God promised to provide you with the means to do these sacrifices which you ate, if you merely believed in Him. Add to that, the visible prosperity of all her trading income due to people having to pass through her for commerce, and you've got one rich nation to eye -- and maybe, resent.

      Atop all this was Israel's longevity. No other nation in history remained intact for as long as she did, 1440BC-70AD. This persistent existence would advertise her as being born from the real God, never mind how horribly apostate she became. For Judah remained a ruling line of sons over the same nation lasting about 400 years, though for most of that time they were vassals due to their own apostacy, raiding the Temple time and again to pay off invading kings. David became King over all Israel late in 1004BC, so call that 1003BC. Nebuchadnezzar took away the last of them in 597 (Jeconiah aka Coniah) and then 586BC (Matthaniah aka Zedekiah). Samaria began with usurpation at God's order even, Rehoboam son of Solomon being such a jerk. But jerk or no, the line of David uniquely continued longer than any other family line you can find in history. And the royal line still continued even after the Babylonian captivity, but routed through Nathan, son of David and Bathsheba (born later than Solomon was). You can't locate that kind of continuity elsewhere. [All the Davidic dynasty comes solely from TWO SONS directly from David and the same woman, all the way down to Christ, 1000 years later: Solomon, and Nathan; line switched to Nathan's, after Jeconiah, who adopted Shealtiel, since Jeconiah was in Babylonian prison from age 18, until his 50's; that's why the promise is made of Christ to Zerubabbel ("zeru" means "seed", very clever) in Haggai 2. Nothing like that royal longevity, in history. By contrast, the average length of a kingdom worldwide is something like one to four generations. Then it is invaded or overthrown. Successors usually claim relationship to some past ruler as justification for usurpation, and in part adopt the previous customs, to provide an illusion of continuity. Rome, for example, claimed to be very ancient, but in fact only the geography was the same. It went through many different rulerships, often by usurpation, one dynasty of no long length being taken over by another, sometimes with an intermarriage. Egypt, of course, was long famous for that pretense. Every 'dynasty' started with some general either assassinating a prior Pharaoh or being appointed by that Pharaoh, as he had no children. Arab history is much the same. So too, Russian history, Chinese history. Legitimacy of the usurper is established by claiming ties to the past, but it's only a claim. Even our modern system of nations didn't begin in earnest until Gutenberg made the first movable-type Bible, which happened when the 100 Years' War is deemed ended, and Constantinople was overrun by the Ottoman Turks. Even so, we Europeans next spend about 500 more years, fighting over boundaries. So what we call stable nations today, is historically new. Most nations today weren't even born until after WWI or WWII ended. While it is true that the royal families of Europe can trace their lines backward for several hundred years or more, their actual rulerships were of different polities, switched in patriarchal line frequently, none more than five or six generations. For continual warfare kept on redrawing the map of Europe and which of the royal lines headed what polity. So you can't say that any one royal family anywhere on earth had a continuity of nationhood rule like Israel's record. Yet it's patent from Bible that Israel's royal family largely weren't worthy of their role, the refrain "for the sake of My Servant David" invoked by God to preserve them. Israel's longevity perhaps explains mystical attachment to claims of descent from that royal line (i.e., Grail myths and alleged descendants in the news). Certainly it can't be explained by anything else, since Books of Kings and Chronicles aren't at all flattering.]

      All this, as language of accommodation: man's ideas of blessing are being granted so that man can come to see Who is the Real God. Thus, to promote Israel in a negative way, as well -- as a target for plunder, so Israel would toughen up. Moses warned them in Deut4-9 just before they entered the Land, don't get fat-headed about your so-great prosperity, thinking you are somehow superior to others. (See Deut9:4 -- parallel passage for Church is in Rom11:17ff.) Consequently the tenets of the Law as well as the advertisement of all that ola factory prosperity and longevity, made many nations around her jealous and angry. You don't end up having very good foreign relations if your Ambassadors have to admit that Israel is slated to rule the world, and that all other gods are false. Of course, Israel became quite adept at hiding this message -- so God spanked her often (i.e., Isa28-37, reliance on Egypt and the wimpy ambassadors with the Rabshakeh).

    18. The Mosaic Law in its entirety is the monopoly of Israel; everyone else can only adopt its secular parts -- with attendant beneficial consequences. The only place where sacrifice was allowed, was in Jerusalem's Temple (precedence Lev 17:8-9, rule Deut 12:13-14). So to go there and sacrifice, was a kind of subservience to the nation, as well. Advertisement? The God of this nation, is the only one in the universe. This advertisement constituted a kind of ultimatum: choose Israel or get spanked. So on a political and economic level this exclusiveness naturally was offensive, too: surrounding nations polarized. For if you believed in the God of Israel, well -- you'd have to GO there. You couldn't be a king in another polity and believe in the God of Israel without somehow becoming subservient to Israel. So no one was neutral. Notice the trouble Nebuchadnezzar got into when he finally acknowledged God (i.e., Daniel 4): he lives maybe another seven years, and chaos comes in behind him. Both the Medes and the Persians who supported Israel experienced anti-semitic conspiracies, even within their own courts, even at the cost of their own lives. The Haman story is but representative, demonstrated by the ease with which he could even implement it. [I've long been perplexed about the centrality of sacrifices being in Jerusalem, once the Temple was built. ISBE Encyclopedia says that Israel had two types of altars, both layman (unhewn or piled earth) and official, terming the latter "horned". I can't find anything in Bible to support the idea of multiple altars once the Temple was built: why didn't Daniel sacrifice to God in exile? Why didn't anyone else in the Captivity? The only legal altar seems to be that in the Temple, and all the text spent on sacrifice is solely in context of Temple sacrifice. Were sacrifices legal in other places, they ought to have their own rules. Which brings up the logistical question: did you have to trek all the way to Jerusalem, every time you sinned? I've not gone through what my pastor had to say on the topic, yet. That people would sacrifice in other places anyway, legal or not, is clear enough. But it's not clear that those sacrifices would be acceptable. Fausset's Dictionary says Jerusalem was the only place, citing the Lev and Deut passages in this paragraph. That's consistent with what I'm finding too, thus far. Still, the legal territory would be restricted to inside Israel, so if you didn't live there, you'd have to move or travel, to sacrifice. Politically, that's tantamount to saying you are vassal to Israel. So no external king could be neutral: he'd either have to become an enemy or an ally, no middle ground.]

      Moreover, people from other nations voted with their feet to go to Israel; so those other nations lost taxpayers. Not exactly something to warm your foreign relations with your neighbors. Probably the chief complaint against the Jews in history is that they are so stuck on themselves, deeming everyone else to be inferior. But if you were THE people of the Real God, wouldn't you become cocky, too? Paul warned the Romans about that, in Romans 11. [See Exo19:3, Lev26:46, Rom3:19,9:4; Deut 4:8, Rom2:12-14; Acts 15:5,24, Rom 6:14, Gal2:19. Christians who try to appropriate the Mosaic Law as spiritually applicable to them are dead wrong, for the spiritual provisions of the Law are temporarily 'on hold', in favor of the superior set of provisions Christ Personally authored down here. Parts III-V will cover the interrelationships. You can quickly see the fact of it, though, in Galatians, Ephesians, Hebrews: the whole books are on that topic, yet are baldly visible even in English in their Chapters 1, 3, 4, 5; in verses like Heb 7:18, Heb9:14-28, all of Heb10. The Ephesians counterparts of these latter three Hebrews passages are interwoven throughout Ephesians, but most notably in Eph1:15ff, end of Eph1, middle of Eph3, and Eph4. Climactic 'why' of the change is in Eph4-6: chapters aren't well-divided in English, so look at the point being made, and consider the 'true' chapter to begin at that point's beginning (usu. a few verses back or forward of the chapter division).]

    In sum, Israel and her Mosaic Law were designed to advertise the Real God, and how God wanted nations to operate for their own benefit. It was an in-your-face advertisement. Again, not Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends And Influence People. More like the Terminator. God has never been politically-correct. Ergo, this God was King of the nation Israel. Other nations had mere humans for kings. See how intimidating and offensive that is, to those outside Israel? See why Israel eventually caved into wanting a mere human king? We Christians have the same message, essentially. Yeah, and who likes us? No one. As you might imagine, the surrounding polities were greatly affronted. The 'gods' of those nations were said to be demons or non-existent, a lie! What an insult! What an outrage! What, their gods were not gods, but demons (see Isaiah 44-45); their rules were (morally, or immorally) evil? Obviously, these other nations would loudly hear such claims: it was like an underground declaration of war. And, maybe they'd retailiate. The claims hurt other nations' egos, because the claims were obviously true. If the claims were obviously false, they could be laughed off. But Pharaoh's shame began this nation. It was the Greeks, not the Jews, who renamed the Reed Sea the RED Sea. So the Greeks didn't rename it that due to testimony from the Jews, obviously. So they heard what happened there from non-Jews. Most seriously, the claims would potentially hurt the agricultural and taxation profit in those other nations, since peasants/slaves were routinely abused. Think: if you were some peasant in a neighboring kingdom, you'd conclude like Rahab would later do, and prefer Israel. So, you'd leave or practice what you'd learned about the Law in secret. If enough slaves do that, the depopulation is noticed -- and resented. For if you even secretly converted, God would find a way to provide you with a private exodus of your own.

    Again, to read the Bible in the English -- especially in Kings and Chronicles -- this hugely dramatic story of Israel appears instead as one long and dry train of facts. But on closer inspection, you realize Israel has been terrorized by its neighbors from inception. Satan had to exploit this "advertising", by fostering anti-semitism. Mostly, by its own cousins the Arabs: Amalek, Esau/Edom, Ishmael, Midian -- about 13 tribes or more. Imagine living under constant, unrelenting attack. Not to mention all the other polities nearby. For Israel was rich. So, whether jealous over not being the legitimate heir (Arabs), or jealous over someone-else's-trade-wealth (other nations), many peoples sought to destroy the tiny nation of this Weird Desert God. Even, of course, today. But God vindicates His People.

    So what good was the Mosaic Law for mankind?

    So the only protection the world had against this me-be-god, love-of-death 'virtue', was the Mosaic Law. Using others to get something for self, revenge, death, power-lust, hatred -- these were considered virtues, for crying out loud. The Law exposed these as destructive, as sins -- "for the power of sin is the Law", as Paul would later note. So 'obedience' to these self-destructive things could be justifiably reversed. It's literally a difference of being human versus becoming an animal. Animals must use, take revenge, kill, seek power, hate -- in order to survive. But God gave "ne shemmah" to man. Man is not an animal. So for man to become animalistic is the death of his humanness. So having the Law is this fantastic privilege, making the difference between life and death, as Moses told the people in Deuteronomy (6,30, and passim). "Choose life, so that you may prosper."

    So Israel became a safe haven for those who wanted God's truth, amidst a rapidly-apostacizing, me-be-god world.

    David, the source of Messiah, David's Greater Son, Psalm 110!

    What's David's Evidence Test, such that God would grant him so much? What works did he do? Zip. Huh? Yep, zip. Ever since Adam's fall, the world only continues living, due to time grants to believers. So the latest of the time grants operating, governs when the world ends, irrespective of anything else -- UNLESS another believer can be awarded a new time grant by the latest grant's ending. Think of it like the www.net10.com prepaid cellphone policy: you have to buy new minutes before your latest expiry date, or you lose the cellphone number. Of course, the world continuing is rather more important than your cellphone, but it's the same basic accounting method which God uses. It's a relay race: baton must pass from the current carrier to someone new, before the current runner is supposed to stop.

    Well, David was given SIX grants of time by God, more than any other believer, which I can prove impacted history. You can see these grants in the "David" link of Mirroring.htm and in GeneYrs.xls, but here's the gist. 490-year grants were three:

    • King over all Israel, late 1004C (treat as 1003BC in your calculations): 2nd Temple reconstruction deadline (516BC) is tied to the 490th anniversary (513BC) as the outer cut-off date, whew.
    • Next, the year he retired from kingship, 970BC: Esther's going into Xerxes' harem is tied to the 490th anniversary, which is also the year Themistocles defeated Xerxes at the Battle of Salamis (480BC). Had that not happened, Xerxes might not have come home, Israel woulda been toast, and we'd all not be here. She marries Xerxes two years later, whew.
    • Then, the year of David's death, 963BC, seven years later than scholars presume (they misread 1Kings 6:1, Mirroring.htm explains how). Purim is tied to the 490th anniversary, the deadline for its resolution. Thus Jerusalem could be rebuilt by the 446BC deadline. Again, Israel woulda been toast, there'd have been no rebuilding of Jerusalem because there'd have been no Nehemiah, if Purim conspiracy had succeeded. It was foiled, the year of or before, the 490th anniversary occurs (473BC).
    Next are three 1000-year grants, all tied to the same Davidic dates. These are even more dramatic.
    • The Lord's Birthdate is tied to the year David became King over all Israel, occurring exactly 1000 years later, late 4BC (on Chanukah, see PassPlot.htm for derivation).
    • 1000 years after David retired from Kingship (which scholars mistake for his year of death based on Josephus), the Lord died due to Israel's rejection, Passover 30AD (again see PassPlot.htm); that's the 1470th anniversary of the original Passover to the very day. (1470/3=490.)
    • 1000 years after David died is the end of Israel's time, used by God to craft the Daniel 9 timeline, 37AD. (God is the One Decreeing in Dan9:24, not a human king, so start the count at 586BC when Temple razed, see Jeremiah 25:11-12 and Dan9:2. Add 140 years to the 490-7, because there are two voting periods of 70 years each God is using when He Decrees. God uses intercalated years, not lunar years, in tabulating the 490s. So 586-70-70-483=37AD.)

    • Messiah would have had the same 40 years' ruling period as David, had Israel not rejected Him (late4BC=3BC thru 37AD). God keeps real close tabs on David, doncha think?
    • So notice: This 1000th anniversary is also why the seven years is reserved for the Tribulation in Dan9:27. The 490 year grant to 2nd Temple runs past the deadline -- David's 1000th anniversary of death intervenes.
    • So the extra seven is real time reserved, but yet conditional upon, and has to play after,
    • Messiah redeems Time: the Millennium, a typical 1000 year period followed by the typical 50-year civilization voting period which intercalates time since Adam. (GeneYrs.xls plots these deadlines for quick reference. 490+70+490=1000+50 as the God's Basic Time Accounting Structure since Adam. Mirroring.htm explains why.)
    • The 37-30AD difference is 'paid' Israel between 64-70AD. So that finishes up the leftover credit balance on Messiah's time owing to Israel's rejection.
    • Thus all Israel's time is paid for by the time Messiah dies.
    • So 1007 years are truly and literally owed like money; but cannot be paid until after Church completes, since 7 years before Messiah returns must be the Tribulation, and His Return begins the Millennium.
    • So none of that time is available for Church; the seven years was reserved back in 538BC, time of Daniel 9; the 1000 years was paid for 50 days before Church even existed.
    Again, this is only a summary, full details are in Mirroring.htm.

    So what did David do, that the entire world depended on him, ever since? For even Messiah's Birth and Death are keyed to David's dates. So what the heck did David do? BELIEVE, that's what he did. Belief depends on the merit in the object, which is why you believe you should buy one computer versus another -- or, why you believe Christ paid for your sins. It's a pile of doo-doo to claim that your belief does aught for God. You believe due to what the Object does for you! That's true whether you believe Red Gold tomatoes are better than Hunt's -- or whether you believe Christ paid for your sins on the Cross. No one believes anything but what he thinks the OBJECT is true or more beneficial, versus some 'competitor'. So it's the merit of the OBJECT, which is the basis for belief. So scrap all that Christian nonsense about belief having merit, about whether your faith is greater than mine or mine than yours, as if the differential could make one of us better than the other. Bulpucky. Faith is knowledge-dependent. Adam lost his knowledge at the Fall, not his ability to believe in God. So get knowledge of God, and your faith will increase. Which you'll do, if you want to know God. Because, you BELIEVE that it's worth your time to know God, compared to what else you could do with that same time. Again, Object-dependent, knowledge-dependent. And all knowledge of God comes from Him, so it doesn't matter what your IQ or academic qualifications, capisce?

    David BELIEVED and kept on believing, even as Noah did, Abraham did, Isaac did, Jacob did. But in David's case, it was harder to keep on believing, for unlike the others, David literally took over ALL covenants when Israel rejected God as King, in favor of a human king. David is God's replacement, so in 2Sam7 when God gives David both Temple and Messiah which the Temple represented the meanwhile, all Israel depended on that grant being fulfilled. And the world, depended on that Temple remaining standing. No one after David, however great, was given a historical grant of time. Not even Elijah, not even Daniel. Only the Lord would be the next grantee. [This seems to have been a Trial rule. The grants of time shifted from an individual to Israel at the Exodus. Moses' personal time grants were the basis, so his continued; when Israel rejected God as King and God replaces the king with David, it's a kind of flowthrough, since king over Israel. But then the grants are housed in David's house, as if he alone IS the nation, from that point forward. Again, Mirroring.htm has the details. It's an awesome thing you really can track from Bible, and were it not for an error in accounting I'd made with respect to Daniel 9, I'd not have found all this while trying to audit and correct the error, which took two years. God knew what He would do with that error, heh. I know exactly how God used the error and two other people -- my pastor's revisiting the Lord's birthdate, and a reader query on Jochebed -- to alert me to this Accounting System.]

    So what David did, was believe the Lord when He said that David would become king eventually -- but David didn't do anything to bring that about. He waited, just as Abram did. When God finally made him king 10-16 years later (probably closer to 16), David brought the Ark to Jerusalem, and again God was front and center, in Israel. During those 10-16 years, he fought Israel's enemies, despite being chased all over the country by Saul, who also knew of David's anointing, and was jealous of him. But David never lifted a finger against Saul. In short, as you read Samuel you see how David kept on thinking of the Lord first, kept on believing, waiting. Sure, he made some fantastic mistakes and sins, especially after he became king (i.e., with Bathsheba, adultery and then murdering her husband to cover it up, the census, being stuck on Absalom, other stuff). But he didn't stop believing and teaching others about the Lord.

    God gave David the architectural plans for the Temple (1Chron 28:11+19), and while he lived a good bit of Temple construction peripheral to and preparatory of the actual building, took place. Actual building was not allowed to begin until David died. Yet God gave David the Levitical priesthood design, liturgy, and the names of the priestly courses are prophetic about when Messiah would come, as well as prophetic of certain other key dates in Israel's history, see HebCal.htm which plots them. David taught his son Solomon what came down to us as Proverbs. You can see David's thinking in the Psalms. Point is, David (="Beloved") believed the Lord. He believed when confronting Goliath, and he believed when turning over the kingdom to Solomon (which seems the hardest thing for him to do, see 1 Chron 22 compared to 29). During the seven years after he retired, he designed the Levitical priesthood and made Temple preparations. Four years after he died, Temple construction began (960BC, 1Kings 6:1). God thus began a new time grant when the Temple was finally dedicated in 950BC, which was 490 years after the Exodus, the year Moses' 490-year grant, ran out. Whew: just in time! [Had the Temple not been built by then, David's time grants wouldn't have turned on, because the Temple was post-mortem, so a voting issue for Israel to accept or reject: its building begins during a 50-year civilization voting window, see GeneYrs.xls. Temple actually completes construction by the end of that period, but is not dedicated. So the deadline for dedication (when God fills the Temple) went by Moses' 490, not by David's. After the Temple is up and running, David's time grants govern. That's what you learn when you crunch the numbers. Try it and see for yourself.]

    Could you live with so much riding on your shoulders? With so much knowledge of the Temple, alone? No wonder David had to live another seven years after Solomon ascended the throne. Those seven years were horrendous, as 1Kings Chapters 1-5 reveal (they chronicle the seven years until David's death, which is why 1Kings 6:1 suddenly says the fourth year of Solomon, context being fourth year after David died). But God enables!

    There are many things to say about David. God really put him through the ringer. Gives him an anointing, then seemingly makes him an exile. Makes him wait. Civil war and war with the Philistines characterize his life, which is always in danger. Yet for all that, looks like for him the Evidence Test was primarily to lay down his crown. But David's whole life is one big "So, what?" whether it was to fighting Goliath, or -- eventually -- turning over the kingdom to Solomon.

    Don't mistake body achievements for the real Test. The body stuff just tells you how faith is tested. Competence in doing body things is not itself a measure of anything. For the test is, do you keep on believing, even though it looks like God abandons you or otherwise is not keeping HIS Promise? Can you live with the burden of knowing what God gives you to know, the meanwhile? That's the hardest part! So, do you keep waiting on the Lord, or do you try to "do it yourself" to relieve the pressure? You flunk if you do the latter. Every great believer flunks. But then he gets back up again. You can, too. True flunking occurs if you do NOT get back up again, into God's System.

    The Royal Jewish Savior is born! To Bless the world by Intimate, Baptized Association with man's sins!

    The Seventh Thing God Did
    is the Greatest,
    Jesus the Christ:
    Who is Born to
    The Entire World,
    as long foretold by the prophets.

    His very Name tells you of His Hypostatic Union (God-man nature), and His purpose, for His Name means "God is with us", "God is our Salvation", and similar phrases.

    Folks wonder, why did He Arrive then? To save the world: for its Time was Ending, Gal4:4. The world had only 40 years left to live, as David's 1000-year grant based on his death, ended in 37AD. God crafted a 490+140 year grant of time to the 2nd Temple in Daniel 9:24-26, out of time left over from the 1st Temple's 490-year grant (which got cut short in 586BC), capped by that outer limit of time granted David. So the world was living on 'David time', so to speak. Hence the Lord's Humanity HAD to arrive by late 4BC -- on what by then was Chanukah, promised Zerubbabel in Haggai 2 when he dedicated the foundation of the 2nd Temple (Nazareth="Dedicated"=Chanukah, heh) -- so He would live the same 40 years on earth as David ruled. Else, the world would have ended. Part IVa goes through the history of His Story. The associated PassPlot.htm and Mirroring.htm elaborate on how Bible tells you His dates of Arrival and Departure. Here in Part II, we're just tracking Blessing by Association and the Trial Arguments through His First Advent. And here, He's a Blessing of Time and a Trial of Salvation: He Arrives and On Time, as Promised for 1000 years you were to count down, ever since David's death. He Arrives, To Save Time and The Human Race.

    Consequently, at the time the Lord took on Humanity, the most abhorred religion was the Mosaic Law: for it denied divinity to any but Israel's God. Judaea was regarded as the armpit of the Roman empire, and to pull duty there meant you were out of favor with your superiors. Feisty and weird people, those Jews. The rabbis of that day made the Law a travesty, a tyranny. Mishnah records their rules. Tripping over wens, their perversion of the Law was demandingly punctiliar. Even when they correctly spoke Torah, the listener only heard how their God was terribly revengeful, exclusionary, and superior(!) to all other faiths -- which, this God universally condemned! And oh! He's coming down like at the end of a Greek play, to take the world over? HA! So the world would likewise have to spend its life in all of those olive-bulk, pilpulling minutiae, just to please a desert god too petty to respect people? Such was the attitude of those who did not believe in the Law.

    Into this self-righteous, jaded, no-love world the Lord came, now also Human. His Task was not merely to observe the true Law. Oh no. His task was far worse: He was to be the Redeemer Who the animals sacrificed, depicted. To be that Redeemer, He must INVENT a New, Royally-Invisible, Far Higher Spiritual Life out from the metaphorically-rich but shadow-of-Him dependent, Mosaic Law. By associative sacrificial ritual, the Law taught that forgiveness was obtained by transfer of the sin to the Redeemer, depicted by the animal sacrificed. The sinner put his hands on the animal. The animal thus became associated with "sin", as the Redeemer would (later) be. Then the priest slit the animal's throat. The human sinner then ate part of that animal (usually), to associatively illustrate faith in the substitution. Okay: but HE IS the Substitution. So the Law will not be enough for Him, He'll have to invent Something Higher and Better, Hebrews 2:10, 12:2, Chaps 7-10. Here's His Spiritual Life Invention 'alphabet', why and what He must create, become -- to fulfill His Unique Nature and Role in History.

    1. ARCHEGOS ARK: Greek word "archegos" in Heb2:10, 12:2 means "Originator", "Inventor", "Author", "Pioneer". The First One, the Archetype from Whom all others derive. Christ, unlike all other men, was to be the Redeemer promised under the Law, so He must Arrive under the Law; yet, must craft a spiritual life which is light-years Higher than the Law, in order to ATONE for the sin committed under the Law. For to be that Redeemer, He had to become The Living Ark, God and Man, Jer3:16. Not just one or the other. Why? Man was the guilty party, via personal sin. Adam's imputed sin merely set up the "curse", the predisposition. Even Adam in perfection had sinned, so fallen man's predisposition did not constitute an unfairness -- this, in answer to Satan -- so man has to be the one judged. However, man could be judged either by paying himself if such payment could be made, but the Law proved it could not: you'd have to never ever break even the smallest jot or tittle in the Law. [This is the mistake unbelieving Jews make, both then and now. They fantasize that their many observances actually comply with the Law. But they eliminate the heart of the Law, that you must believe in Messiah-to-Come, Who is provably Jesus the Christ. Thus it doesn't matter how much they fantasize obeying all the other provisions of the Law -- which of course they don't obey, it's impossible -- to not believe in Him, is to fail the entire Law. Paul and the other NT writers explain this; Christ kept on explaining the same thing, when He was down here. You can't cut out the heart of the Law, the First Commandment, and be obeying the Law, no matter what else you do. You don't love God if you don't believe in the Substitute He appointed in Isa53:10, period. The Ark represents that Appointment.]

      Or, man could believe in an Associated, Atoning Substitute (depicted by the animal) paying for him. That Atoning Substitute would have to be God as well, even though paying in the Humanity, because only if God-Man could the requisite Intimacy with God be built, so that the thoughts IN the Humanity, could be high enough to PAY. For the Payor has to think at God's Level to compensate God for sin, Isa52:13+53:10, Jer31:31-34 thus enabled. So merely obeying the Law perfectly, wasn't enough compliance for the Payor Himself. The Payor would have to be Higher Than The Law, Himself. The Law was fine for teaching about the Payor, and the sacrifices thus prospectively depicted what that Payor would do. You demonstrated belief in the Payor, by 'doing' the sacrifices. But of course until the Payor actually paid, the sacrifices never took away sins, theme of Hebrews 10.

      The rest of the Law, its prescriptive behaviors and commandments, were for living well on earth. The rules didn't buy you salvation: rather, if you obeyed them, they bought you earthly prosperity from God. Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 are quite clear about this. Israel could not obey, did not obey, and no one can obey all those laws. The Redeemer by contrast, would have to obey them all and be Thinking like God Himself. So must first BE God Himself, adding Humanity, else the requisite building in that Humanity, couldn't be juridically justified. For if God creates Law, the first One to obey it, should be God Himself. We saw that in "B" of Israel's "Her Secular Blessing" link section (5th row in redbox near pagetop). Rulership and Law house in a Person: but that Person, is Himself the Most Ruled. Consequently as Hebrews 7:28 explained, He Arrives as Human under the Law, to fulfill the higher pre-Law contract He made with Father, as God.

      This God-Man requirement was depicted by the Ark, a box in the Holy of Holies roughly the size of a large chest (27"h x 27"w x 45"l, Exo25:10): it was covered in pure gold, to signify Deity; underneath the gold was acacia wood, to signify Humanity. [Look up how thorny and essential to commerce acacia trees are. Very meaningful!] So, just as Adam had brought to us cursing-by-association, so also the Lord could provide blessing-by-association. And much more, as Romans 5 explains. (For more on the Hypostatic Union, Click Here for Brief Help. If you want lots of help, Click Here, read the "Nature of God" section.)

    2. BIRTHING BEAUTY from BAD: Substitutionary Payment resulted in Atonement, Hebrew kopher, "covering". Idea that a payment 'covers' what's owed. However, that Atonement still requires subsequent mediation: the Payment must be Living, Himself. (See Heb7:24, Rom 6:4-10.) So that's a REDEMPTION cost. For although wrong committed stops, the Omniscient One Seeing the Wrong -- sees it forever. So the Payment must Live Forever, as well -- Bonding Side By Side to and with, the wrong seen. This is another reason why the Payor must be God and Man. For Substitutionary Atonement is not a one-shot deal, something to do which ends. But rather, Someone to Become: Romans 6 and Hebrews 6, 9. For the thing atoned, must also be Redeemed. This is the root idea behind the Opportunity Cost table here in Part II (third row in redbox at pagetop). Priesthood is first an ongoing mediation toward God, and first in the sense of compensation-to-God. To 'cover' or make worthwhile the ongoing 'expense' of Omnisciently seeing wrong, there must be a compensating 'right' to balance it. That requires a Living Priesthood with Compensating Thoughts Omniscience Continually Sees, to derive compensation. It's a compensation, if the bad seen is made into a TRIGGER for the Compensating Thoughts the Priest has in 'reply'. So the Priest has to be a Forever-Living Payor, Himself. Hence mediation involves ongoing, living Intimate Association: a joining-of-peace "hupostasis" between incompatible bad and compensating good, Isa53:5's "raphah". Joining both, using the bad as the trigger for the good Priestly thought in 'reply', reconciles the bad, makes it worth having. [Hebrew "raphah" means a sewing-together, but is translated "healed"; it's hard to properly translate the play on words between "by His Wounds" and the stitching-us-up-in-His-Wounds-to-buy-Reconciliation that "raphah" really signifies. I can't read that passage without being reminded of the Caesarian section method of delivery.]

      In short, an instance of bad is not compensated merely by an instance of recompensing 'reply'. Rather, that instance of bad must BIRTH BEAUTY: Someone Who Lives Forever. If so, the bad then has a pregnancy meaning (e.g., per Rom8:11ff & Isa54:1), and no longer merely its native meaning. Hence each "bad" becomes a "brith", karat-cutting a covenant for long-lived seed, yireh zera ya'arik yamim, Isa53:10b+Dan9:26! But who's the first "zera"=seed? Why, the Seed Himself, Galatians 3:16! So "bad" is redeemed, if it 'produces' Him! Then from Him come the other "zera"=seeds, Gal3:26! That bad-brithing thus compensates for the bad's own birthing, as the Someone's Compensating Thoughts Thus Birthed and Brithed -- go on forever. Hence the bad is used to create or increase a Person. For if a death, then life must come from that death. If a reduction, then an increase must come from it. Okay, then: He will be hit with bad, so must be far greater than even one who perfectly executes the Law. Much more, He'll fulfill the Isa53:10-11 contract to birth many sons to glory, Heb2:9-10! Isaiah's Hebrew is all about birthing. Even the English can't hide the ecstatic conclusion of birthing from sterile, in Isa54:1. Yeah, and that birthing contract is from eternity past, so it predates the Law! [Galatians 3:17 measures from Jacob's entry into the Land, compare to Exo12:40-41 which Paul is indirectly citing. For at that point -- entry into the land -- Jacob was the last seed family head. Israel left as a nation 430 years later to the day Jacob entered, Exo12:40-41. So Paul traces it down from Jacob, to finally rest in Christ, and wants to make sure the reader understands that the Law's entry didn't interfere with the promise made to Abraham's seed, prior. That's really important to stress, for Church's covenant derives from a separate pre-Law Kingship given Christ, hence not from the Law and not from Israel which was under the Law. That's why Christ has to invent a new spiritual life, as you'll see better if you keep on reading, here.]

      Human thinking is innately disgusting, totally preoccupied with itself, with the world, vaunting its own abilities and rights as if it were so wonderful. And totally disinterested and even hostile, toward information about the Real God. Insisting that HE OWES the human for anything that goes wrong, as if man's puny moralities compensated God in any way. How vile, to so demand of God. So the Real God should be paid for every such thought. Untold billions of them.

      Sidebar corollary: nothing bad that happens in this life goes unanswered. God has to see it forever. So every bad that happens has an answer from eternity past which plays in the person's life before or after that bad thing occurs. So the person can take advantage of it. Most often, bad is used to remind the person of God, of the Gospel, of the Bible: for man naturally tends to look up when he perceives suffering of (what to him is) sufficient intensity. So for example, many a person tortured or raped in Nanking during WWII, many a person drowning on the Titanic before WWI, many a person burned in WWII Nagasaki due to the atomic bomb, many a person slaughtered in Rwanda recently, many a person killed in battle or in any horrible event you want to name -- remembered the Gospel or Bible at that time, and reaped spiritual benefit from it far outweighing the suffering. And they will be in heaven so you can get their testimony, too.

      This extreme disproportionality between an instance of wrong done and the requisite ongoing compensation due, represents the dichotomy between Infnity and finity. That's the main reason why He has to become God and man in one Person, yet from Humanity do what only God can do: it's not compensating, else. The Mosaic Law wasn't designed to be compensating, it was designed to teach. So Christ must make His Own Superior Spiritual Life out from it, brithing the Compensation in His Own Humanity, to be the Birther (and hence Brither) from Bad, forever. How poetic, as Hebrews notes in the last halves of its chapters 2, 4, 9.

    3. CHRISTOS the CORNERSTONE, making COMPATIBLE COMPACT: God is but 'one' party in the Mediation of salvation (Gal3:20, NAS). The other party, representing mankind, thus must be a Ruling Mediator -- "Christos" in Greek -- Who IS the Sacrifice Which Unites Everyone, not merely sub-mediators like Moses and the priests (Heb Chaps 3-10). To be a Mediator, one has to be equal with both parties in the mediation -- hence again, both God and Man (1Tim2:5, Job9:2, 30-31, Job 19:25-27, among other passages). Unlike the requirement for being God-man to pay, this God-Man requirement is due to the Mediation, itself. Association between groups requires a mediative Head; especially, if the two groups are incompatible. In the OT, a "mediator" was a third party who had enough in common with both groups that both sides trusted him. (For more about Mediatorship, Click here.) Everyone must once agree to be bound by the Mediator's rulings, or there's no mediation -- today it's called "binding arbitration". Later disagreement could not cancel the first agreement, just as later disbelief in Christ can't cancel the First Belief in Him. As Galatians 3 and Hebrews explain, the Levitical priests represented God, in the mediation of the Mosaic Law: hence one brought the animal (depicting Christ) to them. But as Hebrews explains beginning in Chapter 7 (through 10), the Real Mediator must be Continually Living before God, and Have Sacrificed Himself.

      This addresses the issue of shortfall and incompatibility between the parties, not sin itself. For after sin is paid off, the incompatibility remains; so intermediary issues remain; so an Intermediary -- Priest -- must remain. The compensatingly-high thinking in the Priest, makes up for the unsatisfyingly low thinking of the other parties to the mediatory association.

      We all instinctively know this, yet we don't apply it to our relationship with God. No one just drives up to the White House and saunters in to have a chat with the President. There are go-betweens. No one waltzes into Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen a casual question. There are intermediaries. You don't open the door to a stranger, there must be an intermediary introduction and some vetting before you'll let the person into your house and your life (unless you are insane). And above all, no one can approach God except a Priest. In the OT, there was a specialized priesthood. To pray, you didn't have to be an official priest, but you did have to be a believer in Him, Heb11:6. That 'office' of prayer request really is based on an Intermediary, Christ -- in Whom you believed, prior. Thus you got access.

      Intermediaries justify contact. This go-between role is necessary if freedom exists, because if freedom, then we aren't compatible. Protections and shields are necessary, as much for the sake of those incompatible, as for those employing the go-betweens. If "A" is rich but "B" is poor, it will actually harm "B" to have much contact with "A", since then "B" will suffer from intensively seeing his relative inferiority. Better to have intermediaries, so "B" can freely develop out of poverty with less suffering. How much more true, with respect to spiritual poverty.

      Yet Infinity wants no one to be poor. Poverty is incompatible with God's Nature. Yet how to preserve freedom and enable upward mobility for those who want out of their spiritual poverty, meaning their incompatibility via á vis God? If sane, we are all rightly intimidated by His Highness. Hence the need for a Priesthood, and of course we Church are that Priesthood forever, under the King-Priest, Who is the Cornerstone between OT and NT. Ok, then: if the Cornerstone, then the OT Law has to be upgraded, else the Bonding God wants, won't be completed (theme of Hebrews 1-2, 7-10, playing on Eph1-3). So, that's what He does, here: upgrade the Priesthood Spiritual Life to the Royal Standard of God's Own Level, for ALL ETERNITY. And He does it, out from the Law.

      Again it's a birthing, here of a Compact for Communal Mediation by the Ruler: were it not for the unsatisfyingly low thinking, there would be no need for a Priesthood. So the Priesthood is 'brithed' due to the need for it, which arises from a bad thing, free incompatibility between persons. So the Priesthood He "births" must be far higher than the Mosaic Law which could only prove its need (Heb7).

    4. DIVINE DIVERGENCE DECREE: the Mosaic Law pointed to Him and was about Him. So clearly, the Law would not be sufficient spiritual provision for Him Who it depicted, to pay for sins (7:18-28). For the Law only pointed to the One Who Would Pay, the Law itself didn't pay. Hence a Decreed Divergence: Isaiah 53:10-12 is a Decree higher than the Law could mediate, Isa55:1-9. Hence the spiritual life knowledge-and-power level He'd need to fulfill that Decree, had to be the highest of all, since He'd be made sin, the Lowest of All Paying for all time, Hebrews Chapters 5-10.

      If ever Satan thought that God created creatures unfairly, this combination of highest-and-lowest covenantal levels applying to Christ, was the absolute most 'unfair' combination possible. 'To which Christ would have to grow up enough to say, "So what?" 'No greater Test, no greater Witness in the Trial, than this One. Ever. Hence no one in history has or will ever have more ways to sin than Christ. What other rational creature could be tempted to speak stones into bread? Who, even including Satan, has such a power? No one but God. No one in history can have as much temptation. Who of us can be tempted to just say the-heck-with-it and destroy the whole world with a word? Who else had to pay for sins!

      He can't grow up enough if only man, and He can't grow up enough, under only the Law. If He could, then any man could, and there'd be no need for salvation by someone else. We'd all have to do it ourselves. God has testified all along that we CAN'T do it ourselves, beginning with the #1 thing He did to free mankind, condemning it to work. Ideally, as man ages he finds out how futile his works are, same things being done with sweat and toil, lasting only for a day or so, never really compensating for all that effort. Indeed, in Satan's plan one works his tail off, only to realize at the end that it wasn't worth the effort. For at very least, one ages, becomes feeble, dies. So what was that lifetime, worth? A grave, that's it. Pretty demoralizing. So God uses the natural consequences of sin -- a need to buttress ego hence works -- to show why works don't work. At which point, hopefully man looks up to God for deliverance. Or, shakes his fist from hell, because God won't credit his puny moralities and his works.

      Here, the issue is "What's the point of living?" Is it worthwhile to be born to have a life on earth, only? Would it be more worthwhile if one lived forever on this earth -- only? As one lives on this earth, even if life is very nice, it's an inevitable question, "Is that all there is?" like Peggy Lee used to sing. For the soul wants more than this life, push come to shove. We only think this world enough, because we are so mired in our struggles over basic things. But take away the need to struggle for the basics, and a different life question emerges: "why live?" Same too, if the muck of struggling for basics is too hard or goes on too long, we begin to wonder why. God's waiting for us to ask HIM why. So Divergence is Decreed, as the dichotomy between Infinity and finity requires intermediation so both sides can enjoy each other; but also, because humans won't ask why until we have intolerable divergences in our own lives.

      The Divergence which Christ must reconcile, besides that in His Own God-Man Nature -- is that of a Spiritual Lifestyle which bridges and unifies the Dichotomy for all parties. The lifestyle itself if successful, would be replicated in mankind forever afterwards. For that's the contract in Isa53:10-12, the making of sons from the Son. So this "D" covers life after the births of these sons, how they live happily with God forever.

      It's a killer lifestyle He must adopt. The combination of being God and Man, the combination of being the Payor for Sin, the combination of living on the one hand as a Priest before Father, yet with a lowness of being Human, is like being on that medieval torture device called "the Rack". And He has to say "So What?" to that. Satan couldn't do that, but instead went ballistic and rebelled in the name of God asking too much of His Creatures. Satan wasn't also God in nature, so didn't have to contend with that Divergence. But Christ is first God, so has the Worst Divergence, ever.

      It's hell not to be God. So only if God adds Humanity to Himself and crafts a reconciling spiritual life to make it heavenly to be with God, will there be any point in living. For if knowing God, what compares? Without money, without price, Isa55? Wouldn't it be worth it to suffer on 'the Rack' of a spiritual life which is founded on and fueled by, knowing God? Christ shouts "Yes!" Specifically, He shouts Psalm 22 and 31:5 on the Cross, the latter passage being His dying words, Into Your Hands I deposit my spirit, Oh God of Doctrine! Oh, so then knowing the Truth, knowing God Who is Truth, made the Cross worthwhile. Yep. That's way higher than the Law could provide, Matt4:4, Heb12:2.

      Such a "Rack" lifestyle is genuinely needed to become bigger, more able to see and enjoy God. Christ ONLY wants to live For Father, so there's no limit on the cost; since to Him, there's no reason to live if not For Father. Which Reason and Life, is legated to us Church. More about all that will be said in "F", below, and in Part III.

    5. HIS EXCELLENCY of EMBASSY: Heb1:2-4, Christ is Excellent in every way. Therefore His Spiritual Life Provision, His 'Covenant' is Separate and Much Higher, versus the Law. So He must INVENT a New Priesthood out from all of the elements of the Mosaic Law, Hebrews 6:13-7:28. [Hebrews 7:28 is reverse translated in every Bible I can read. The point since Hebrews 6:13 is that the oath predates the Law, sourced in the promise to Abraham. 7:28 closes that point showing that the Son came born under the Law to fulfill the predated oath. But somehow the translations all screw up that meaning, so the Bible in translation appears to contradict itself. Oh well. Greek is really clear, given the placement of nomos and huios -- that the SON comes under, in association with the Law, the oath is not the object of the preposition meta, but both nomos and huios ARE.]

      This is the main point in Book of Hebrews, explaining why the Law is set aside in favor of "a more Excellent Title", and "better things" in Christ. The Law was fulfilled in Him and by Him. But He takes it farther, FOR FATHER. See, Priesthood is the ultimate embassy. First, Representative for God, to God. Representative of God to others. His Eyes and Ears, so to speak, vis á vis others. Reflecting Him, to them. See also Gal3:15-16 compared to Heb1,7 and Col 1:15-20. The next point, "F", will explain this "E" more fully. For the purpose of "E" is to buy "F", to be the Unity Himself, through Whom all Creation exists. Else, there's no point in even breathing. For Christ lives FOR FATHER. All else is inconsequential to Him. (By the way, "name" in translated Bibles more often means Title, Rank, Personal Quality, whether in Hebrew or Greek.)

      We all have motives for living. Jesus the Christ wants to live For Father; all other reasons are too small to warrant breathing another day. We Church are made to 'fit' Him, so whether we know it or not, His Reason for wanting to breathe, is ours by nature at the spiritual birth when we first 'do' John 3:16. Part III will cover that. Israel didn't have that nature. The Law couldn't provide it. Sure, you could dedicate yourself to God, but as we saw in the "Governance" link section for the OT, they were stuck with a besidedness, of which God could be the dominant 'part' of their reason for living, but not the sole reason. Christ would have to craft that Soleness-Level of thinking and motivation while down here, before it could be transmitted to anyone else. Only then would the Divine Royal Embassy of Priesthood, be complete.

      An ambassador aka priest (Greek word "diakonia" in the NT means both ambassador and priest), has two main motives for wanting to have that job, and in this priority order: 1) he dearly loves his home country, and considers it the highest honor, if he can represent it. 2) He dearly loves the people to whom he is sent, and wants to do all he can to help them have a good relationship with his home country. In human affairs, these two loves create many problems, not the least of which is a distrust by either the home country or host country, as to the ambassador's loyalty. Atop that problem, the skill required to explain, mediate differences, make the relationships smooth, is a never-ending struggle. Much more true, for the role of spiritual ambassador. So the level of training is quite high, the years required are many, and of course there's an entire society of diplomats needed to interface with so many people, hence a ranking among them. So Christ is to manufacture the entire STRUCTURE of this Priesthood while down here: and He'll be the Head of it, the King-Priest.

      Every word counts. Every thought counts. So Christ trained hard, for this was His Life's Goal. A Goal requiring long training which we inherit but abuse, 2Cor5:20. Both down here and in the eternal state, this role translates into a kind of teaching, sharing, representing between whatever rank we each have, and those below or among us. Down here and in eternity, frankly most people are quite distant from God though saved. In eternity but not down here, it will be a HUGE thrill for them to hear anything at all about Him, because they are so distant. Down here, that's akin to but far bigger than the thrill people now get pouring over details of famous people and celebrities in the gossip shows (print and TV). In eternity, people will get ALL their information about God via Church -- and most of Church rejects God down here, so most will be like peasants, distant from God, up there: receiving instruction from those who got trained up in the Royal Spiritual Life He legated (focus of Part III). However, relative to those who are not Church, even the lowest Royal has more info about Him to 'gossip' about, than who are not within the Royal Family.

      So here He is beforehand, the One about Whom all this future will exist; and therefore the Pattern of Representation He creates, will stand for all time. That's way higher than the Law could achieve, because it essentially waited for the One Who would Fulfill it, to carry its purpose to the next level: His.

    6. FELLOWSHIP FOR FATHER! This Fellowship is the entire reason for creation in the first place, as we saw in the Unity table (first table in Part II). Hence the entire Reason for a Higher Spiritual Life, to get that Highest Fellowship with the Most High. Obviously the Law couldn't create Christ, but He could create the maximum Fellowship out from the Law, if He adds Humanity to Himself. Isaiah has this really cute way of expressing the Incarnation in every verse of Chapter 53 (which starts 52:13, someone forgot to watch Hebrew samex markers). In the contract of Isa53:10, for example, Isaiah closes with the phrase, wuh hephetz yehwhah BAYADO yitslah. "BAYADO" means "by His Hand." That's the Son's ratification to take on Humanity, "and By His Hand, to succeed/prosper" is how it's usually rendered in English Bibles, so you miss the Trinity play in the Hebrew. (Same form as verb and tetragrammaton in the first clause in v.10, but the Hand is ADDED, get it? My pastor noticed that, tied it to 53:1's "Arm of the Lord". Cute.)

      God shouldn't tolerate lesser-thans, and we of course don't want to, either. So the Decree is but one Decree -- to Create Christ, everywhere Father 'looks'. Isotropic property of the spiritual universe! It's therefore a Decree to Clone His Thinking in anyone who wants it! Think: is Fellowship with God to be something like the 'fellowship' we humans could have with ants? Or is there something better, fuller, more intimate -- instead of intimidating? Well, here's the answer. God-Man requires a Higher Spiritual Life, so those who are merely men, can have His Same Level! of intimacy with God. For once That Soul exists and is completed, His Thinking as a Human can be cloned in other humans. You read words and they 'clone' into you, if you believe in them. So the Word becomes Flesh, so that flesh can become Word. "For the purpose of bringing many sons to glory", is how Hebrews 2 explains this eternity-past provision, invoking Paul's explanations in Ephesians and Colossians. To wit:

      1. First Reason He needs a Royally Higher Spiritual Life, is due to His Own NATURE AS GOD AND MAN, to mediate that excruciating internal stretch. So this is a Fellowship within Himself need. Can't have fulfilling fellowship with others if you aren't integrated within yourself. The ARCHEGOS ARK reason (of this section) for His Existence was mandated by the Law, but the Law couldn't even address the resulting divergence in His Own Nature; for the Law was designed for mere sinner humans, Hebrews 7, Romans 7. We also saw this requirement Him to have a Higher Spiritual Life in the "Governance" link, G.13-14 above, but from the covenantal standpoint of how He needed to Become the Truth, in order to pay for sins. However again, it's first needed due to Who He is, Cross or no Cross, the Infinity-finity Dichotomy being solved within Himself, functionally (the Divergence Problem in "Connect" link's C.14.l in the "Covenant Properties" link section). Else it would be hell to be Who He is, shackled to His Humanity. Hell on His Humanity, always having Higher Standards mere Humanity can never meet, and hell on His Godness, always living with a Human Soul which can't execute those standards. So what His Invention of the Royally-Higher Spiritual Life first does, is Integrate, Mediate. That's why it's Royal Priestly in Nature.

        So here, the reason for a Royally-Higher Spiritual Life would be to make functional all the necessary connections between his Human Soul, human spirit, and His Godness: thus He'd be fully and functionally integrated as a Person. By nature these connections would be present at birth; but the functioning of them would require special spiritual design which no human before Him, needed or could use. However, if successful, then the resulting 'design' which made Him successful could be CLONED into humans, which Isa53:10-11 in the LXX, says was the intention. See Isa53trans.htm for a corrected translation of that whole chapter, or Isa53.htm's last full screen, for an amalgamated translation: for the NT writers, play off the keywords in the LXX. All the NT is dedicated to explaining how Isaiah 53:10-12, 'get done' in saved mankind. So Isaiah 53 is the Grand Central Station of the New Testament, the foundation of it. Christ the foundation, 1Cor3.

        That accounts for the shocking word "kaine" in 2Cor5:17, Gal6:15. For Paul says we Church are a new-in-spiritual-species creation, designed to fit Him. Which means we have those connections at the spiritual birth, in our human spirits. Just waiting, to get the Doctrine in us to fill them out, Rom8:4. DDNA webseries is dedicated to that proposition (link at pagetop). One could well argue that my pastor spent from 1985-2003 essentially elaborating on 2Cor5:17; for his entire goal was to teach the mechanics and nature of Church's spiritual life. It's not been done in Christendom: so far as I can tell he's the only one to really tackle the question. Everyone else keeps reverting back to the OT and slapping a few things on it from the NT, calling that the spiritual life, essentially some varied mixture of works and morality. Not so. Of course, Christendom hasn't figured out till yet that He paid for our sins with His Thinking, never mind Isaiah 53 says so in 21 different ways (21 different soul functions depicted, and 53:9's bemotayw tells you there are TWO deaths, not one, on the Cross, a fact my pastor stressed for over 50 years and caught a lot of heat for it, unfairly (imo)).

        So He's the Original we get to Copy, 1Pet2:21's "hupolimpanw hupogrammos". So He had to craft a MAXIMUM Royally-Invisible Spiritual Life, to FATHER's Level -- way above what the Mosaic Law could even contemplate. Thus He'd have Functional unity in His Own Dual Nature; thus, FOR FATHER Unity, Compatibility, FELLOWSHIP -- even, from within His Human Soul. John 17 proves He got that Fellowship Unity, and that He legated it, to Church.

      2. However, this Intra-Personal Integration would require He not use His OWN ATTRIBUTES of Deity to aid His Humanity, i.e., to avoid sin. So instead, a Higher Spiritual Life would have to be used in lieu of His Own Godness running the connections, making them function. Inter alia, Satan would have won in the Trial had God the Son 'rigged' His Humanity by interfering with it in any way, or 'helping' it in any way. Ergo all the Matt4 temptations to Christ to tempt Him to use His Own Deity. However, even if Satan made no objection, the eschewing of His Own Attributes is still required due to Who He is, Cross or no Cross. What "fellowship" is it, if He uses His Own Attributes? Well, it would be fellowship with Himself. Okay, but then He's STUCK with being in fellowship with Himself. Do you enjoy life by standing around looking at yourself in a mirror, "Oh how great I am"? Maybe Satan gets his rocks off that way, but any normal being far prefers to have fellowship with others, already quite familiar with the self. It's a question of varietal enjoyment, for crying out loud. So it's a mismatch, to use your own abilities or attributes, if fellowship is desired. Better if the fellowship itself is used. So if He's held together by Godness not His Own, then the fellowship with that other Godness, happens at the same time. Not mere brute power of His Own. Macho-man is not happiness, but aloneness.

        We will all live sinless in fellowship with God forever. How does that happen? Does God magically 'bing' us? Nope. We get what Christ got. He got the Truth in Him. We can get that same Truth, starting right now, down here. Notice again how this would be needed, Cross or no Cross. For happiness depends on not sinning. God wouldn't be happy if He sinned, and He doesn't sin due to what He knows. And what He knows, is that the Truth is so gorgeous, He's not even remotely attracted to sin, never mind that sin is also a threat. Wouldn't matter if it weren't a threat, it's ugly to Him. So He's not even remotely tempted. So if we knew what He knows, we wouldn't be tempted, either.

        So the solution -- as stated from the beginning of Part I -- is to get His Truth in us; which Truth God builds, God runs, we receive and don't use our own attributes. But we must consent, as Love never coerces. So Christ is the Prototype. Again, this is the purpose, Cross or no Cross. Yet the Cross is used to achieve that Intention: for by means of the Cross He is Completed, so we can be also, Heb2:9-10 ("perfect" in translated Bibles should be rendered "completed", Greek verb teleiow).

        Corollary: if He doesn't use His Own Attributes but instead relies on the Spirit, then that's the rule for us, too. Notice how that saves wear and tear. He's Perfect, yet doesn't use His Attributes. We're not to use our sinning, imperfect attributes, lol -- either. He relies on the Spirit, and we do also. Whew. So the only struggle is the natural temptation to use one's own attributes. Which struggle would have been the greatest for Him Who was (and is) the Greatest Ability this world will ever see. Repeat: every heartache in life is due to us using our own attributes, or being affected by someone else who uses his own. Only God's Attributes are satisfying, so the spiritual life is a gradual replacement of our own attributes, for His. This is accomplished via the pouring in of His Truth, Isa55:1-9, John 4:24, Romans 5:5, Eph4:12-16.

        Now for that to happen, it first had to happen to Him. His Humanity must be a Lamb, doing nothing. Just gets fed, sacrificed. Intimate association of the deepest, Best-and-Worst kind. As you'll see in Part III, the five infinitives in Isa53:10-11 LXX form a kind of cycling process through which all this happened to His Human Soul: so, those same infinitives work upon our souls. For Him, He'd have to go to the Cross to get those infinitives completed. Then His same process can repeat in anyone who wants it (our crosses being less, tailored individually), Isa55:1-9.

      3. As a result, a far-higher Divine Power Provision which is not His Own, is needed for His United Humanity to grow utterly strong, spiritually. So from Birth He must be INDWELT AND FILLED by the Spirit. That requires a Higher Royal Spiritual Life to match, as that level of Divine Power could not be allowed prior (John 3:34, 7:39). Again, "Governance" link's G.15 covered this requirement, focusing on what He needed to become, in order to pay for sins. But it wouldn't matter if He came to pay for sins or not, the combination of His internal nature and the stricture that He not use His Own Deity, would require a higher spiritual life just for Him to breathe another day. Yet you can't have a higher spiritual life, without higher power than heretofore available to mere humans. And if you have that greater power provided, what level must it be? And then, if a higher level, at some point the level itself calls for an even higher spiritual life than would otherwise be required, just to 'house' the pressure of the higher power upon a human soul. So it's a Catch-22, somewhat analogous to putting a Maserati engine inside a Volkswagen. Wouldn't the entire car design have to change? Engineers face design problems like this all the time. Much more so, The Spiritual Engineer. No wonder the Lord quipped you can't put new wine into old wineskins (Matt9:17, Mark2:22, Luke 5:37).

        Indwelling serves as the base-of-operations, protection, buffering for the extreme weight of understanding at God's Own Level, also mediating for Him not yet being the Truth (i.e., when He was young). Filling accomplishes the requisite Divine-Level Generative Power to get that Truth built in Him and then enables Him to live on it, yet not die and not be so overwhelmed, He wouldn't enjoy what He Divinely Knows via that Same Spirit. Note Well: Filling creates thinking powers, knowing powers, not something you'd feel. Perceiving and knowing God requires God's Power. Feeling is childish. God is not a child. The OT people needed the childish 'feeling' version of the Spirit's Filling, and in the Millennium that will be true again. But not for Royal Sons. Him, First. Us, cloned from Him, to the extent we consent. [Filling, versus the OT "enduement" method is very different; the latter is extremely limited, merely an adjunct to human power to execute particular secular tasks for spiritual purposes. Oholiab's skill, Samson's strength, David's ruling genius, Solomon's wisdom -- these were all examples of enduement. See pimplemi.htm.]

        God doesn't want to do it the easy way, huh. He'd rather go through all this trouble than just bing us to make us into what He wants. And He wants, for us to decide what we want -- here, how much fellowship with Him, how much and how fast we want to grow. And He gave His Son, so we could get this. And His Son, went through all levels of Intimacy, hence the need for Filling and Indwelling, whether there was a Cross or not. But of course, if free creation would exist, there would have to be a Cross to pay for it, juridically. Even though, God doesn't need to be paid. Love wouldn't want anything less than full payment, anyway. Christ gets a fuller and higher Fellowship as a result: Heb 5:8-9, 12:2 show His Reasoning while on that Cross. And this, is the Power System He uses -- legated to us Church -- to do, just that.


        FELLOWSHIP is the reason for creation, as we saw at the beginning of this Part II. Here, the MEANS of it becoming fully realized -- in Christ -- is accomplished. All the NT is about this accomplishment. Sin was just used as an instrument for ACHIEVING it. For nothing stops God from getting what He wants.

        Now, if this FELLOWSHIP is achieved, then performance doesn't matter, 1Cor13:1-3. God can make a high or low performance, any time He likes. But He likes, making the low high, Isaiah 54:1. And He likes, making the High low, Isaiah 52:13-15, Philippians 2:5-10. IN Christ, both. At once. So it's not about how you perform in order to GET Fellowship with God, it's how GOD PERFORMS to make Fellowship in ALL points. For Infinity, wants to be in everything, both High and Low. For Better and For Worse.

        Indwelling is first and foremost, a FELLOWSHIP Function. God FOCUSING on you. For your thoughts 'dwell' somewhere. So do God's. Dwell on Christ, obviously. So now, dwell on the believer in Him. We really are IN Christ. So now we are Indwelt, get it? (Okay, you can smile now.)

      4. So, in the Power of the Spirit Filling Him, He is to Execute the Word to its Maximum Metaphorical Extrapolation, all the way up from its metaphors, to the Divine Truths those words depict. Extrapolation is a Covenant Blessing, as we saw in the "Extrapolate" link section of "Covenant Properties", above. Genius of the metaphors provides endless learning, and the witty construction of the verses at once makes them easy to remember, and tasty to analyze. Again, "Governance" link's G.15-16 covered need for Word Extrapolation from the standpoint of Competence to Pay for sins -- especially, with respect to speed, since the entire payment would be made in only three hours.

        But Extrapolation is first, Fellowship with God. Competence of Thinking in order to have Fellowship with GOD, not to preen. As we saw in the OT covenants of "Governance", until there was a Redeemer, the Bible and ritual metaphors interfered, because there was only so much extrapolation one could do: so Rapport (aka Fellowship) with God was limited. Granted, their child-level covenants were far higher than humans can think; even today people don't understand the metaphors in the OT. Nor can they, apart from the Holy Spirit. The learning was superhuman, reinforced by the rituals -- but nowhere near as high as Christ would need for Himself.

        For God is Immaterial. So to have Total Rapport with God, one must think with Total Abstraction Ability, greater than all the math and physics geniuses put together. For as John writes in 1Jn, "No one has seen God at any time." So the concrete metaphors could at best be extrapolated to develop abstraction in shadow form, as Heb9-10 explain. But the Spirit is God. Spirit Filling Redeemer means TOTAL ABSTRACT THOUGHT is possible, so abstracting from the metaphorical richness in Word and from the Law to Divine Truth itself, is something He can make happen, John 4:24, 14:26.

        The ability to take a single word in Bible and extrapolate whole realms of doctrine from it is possible given the words themselves. The succinctness and deftness of word choice in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation proves God empowered the writers: humans just can't write that well. Every word in the Word ties flawlessly to every other word in the Word, with the ironic result that you only need a few words to derive vast estates of Truth from them. You can check your extrapolation in the same manner as you'd step through a math formula, auditing it. The precision of the extrapolation which comes from the succinctness and deftness of Bible words makes this auditing rather easy, albeit time-consuming. The trick is to trace all the occurrences of the keyword in question, and what other keywords are tied to it in the other verses. Or, take the keyword itself, think like a thesaurus and then do your tracing. Spirit enables this process to be lightning-fast, once you have enough Word in you. Of course, people variantly are willing to learn Word, so many can't see but a single meaning to a word, so can't extrapolate from it very well. Takes time and practice. Accounts for why some believers are more mature than others, some pastors more able to extrapolate than others, etc. Christ had to go ALL the way with this, on the OT. So the power of extrapolation Now for Church is even light-years higher than the OT people could get, because His Extrapolation is the NT, having been replicated in the minds of the NT writers. So we can get the same level from Him. It's only a matter, as always, of how MUCH do you want to know God. Never any other issue in life. Christ wanted God ALL the way, and got there. So now we can, too.

      5. But Indwelling, Filling, and Becoming-Truth Requirements together result in yet another problem which requires an even Higher Royal Spiritual Life: the PRESSURE of all this Intimacy. Fellowship means intimacy, and here it's Intimacy with Himself, with Spirit, with Father, and with Truth itself. That's a lot of pressure, and of course that's why Indwelling and Filling are needed. But here's yet another kind of Intimacy needed: the intimacy of the pressure, itself. That's a kind of fellowship, which Paul notes in Phili3:10's "fellowship with His Sufferings". God is Intensive, which means Pressure. One has to grow familiar with pressure before one begins to enjoy it, have competence in being under it. And if Intimacy with God and God-Nature, then Intimacy With The Accompanying Pressures, is needed.

        Again, all this is another Fellowship Issue, Cross or no Cross. In "Governance" link's G.13-16 above, that Intimacy and its pressures were required for Thinking Competence so He could know how to think and what to think, to pay. But pretend no payment was even needed: Intimacy still means Sharing God's Thoughts -- just because. Just because you want to be 'in' Him. Just because He loves you and you love Him. Christ Loves Utterly. So Utter Intimacy is provided by the combination of Indwelling and Filling. Which by nature means Utter Pressure, too. So it doesn't matter that His Soul is Finite. But then it does matter altogether, to have a Higher, Royally-Invisible Spiritual Life, to 'match' that unlimited potential for Divine Intimacy, to handle that attendant and unlimited, pressure. Mosaic Law just won't cut it.

        Again, He doesn't start out as Truth, but must Become Truth within His Human Soul. Of course, that means greater Fellowship, too -- which after all is the purpose of living with God in the first place, Cross or no Cross. Not, fellowship at the low level like that of a human to an ant, tantamount to no fellowship at all -- but at God's Own Level. God is Truth. So the more Truth Christ becomes in His Human soul, the more He knows Godness in that soul. The more fellowship He has with that knowledge. Well, that creates added pressure too. So in order for Him to be enabled to grow, He has to get more power than previously available, which in turn impacts the very design of the higher spiritual life, making the requisite "higher", higher still. Atop that design problem is the resultant Fellowship coming from being made into the Truth -- which is itself an added pressure, requiring that "higher" be even higher yet again. So what must become the Royally-Invisible Spiritual Life He crafts? The Law sure couldn't handle all that added pressure. Wasn't designed to, Heb7:18.

        Physical exercise and combat training essentially strengthen you, due to repeated pressure. Much more true, in the spiritual life.

      6. Yet only KNOWING FATHER INTIMATELY would suffice as the motive to keep breathing, Cross or no Cross. So that Intimacy would also require a Royal Spiritual Life far higher than under the Law -- especially, when being imputed and judged, "made" Sin (2Cor5:21)! Here again, the first issue is Fellowship, for what motive could sustain Christ on the Cross, but for the compensating, atoning knowledge that what was happening to Him, actually PAID Father? Notice that it's bi-directional. Christ would need to be compensated for not using His Own Deity and Humanity, especially since He loves Father so much. So the payment must please Him Who wants to Please Father By Paying it. You know He is compensated while on the Cross, for He keeps on shouting Psalm 22 as a PROMISE He's receiving: "Eli, Eli lama sabacthani" is the Aramaic version of that Psalm, quotation is from the first line. BibleWorks 7 has the Peshitta (Aramaic translation of Bible), and maybe the Lord is quoting from it; Aramaic was then spoken in casual or intimate family circumstances, even by Jews of that day. (Hebrew was reserved for Torah, and Greek for cultured conversation or conversation with goyim.) So His switch to Aramaic maybe tells you how deeply He loved the Psalm of what He right then! experienced on the Cross. Having waited so long to get there (see Luke 22:15-19 in this connection), it must have been satisfying to at last, pay (yireh yisbah clause in Isa53:11).

        So here is an added Fellowship category: His Own Satisfaction, being paid by the very act of being the Payor. It is self-compensating to be able to pay, especially if You Get To Pay Someone You Love With All Your Heart And Soul And Understanding (upgrade on the First commandment He invented, Matt22:37, Mark 12:30, Luke 10:27, compare to Deut 6:5's wording). 100%, not partial!

      7. Hence the Intimate Knowing which required a Higher and Royally Infinite Spiritual Life anyway, gave Him the SOUL SIZE to be imputed and even judged with ALL mankind's sins. This, the only category of Fellowship Intimacy He DIDN'T have with Father -- until the Cross -- as He had to remain sinless, Himself. Yet Father knows sins. So the Cross most of all, gave Him that Total Rapport to the Completed High of Knowing All Father Knows -- even, in His Humanity.

        Now you see why knowing sin actually benefitted Christ -- To Make His Soul Size Big Enough, So That Nothing Is 'Missing' In The Rapport With Father. Sins are "truth" in that they exist, and their true nature is sin. So to not know truth, however bad, restricts the Rapport. If one sins oneself, he no longer knows sin or anything else, except lies. So one lives in a fantasy world, having no fellowship with anything but those lies. Subsequently, one sin kills knowledge -- that's what Total Depravity is, a complete corruption of knowledge processing, as we saw earlier in this page from the effects of Adam's Original Sin.

        So far worse, for Christ to be MADE sin -- total knowledge of it -- and remain sinless, Himself. The pressure is unimaginable. Part IVd further explains His Soul Size Growth due to the Cross, in more detail. Here in Part II, we focus on how this 'fellowship' with Sin, completed Fellowship with Father.

        Thus being imputed with sins and the judgement upon them, Rapport Completes, and so does His SOUL SIZE: the required "sweet savor" (always a metaphor for thinking, in Scripture, cf 2Cor2:14-15) thus births forever, for both Father and Son, fulfilling ARCHEGOS ARK through EXCELLENCY of EMBASSY in this section. Consequently this FOR FATHER! purpose is fulfilled and endlessly fulfilling for Father and Son to look at, the yireh yisbah clause in Isa53:11: "He will see, be satisfied." Each "He", Father, Son, and Spirit.

        Since God is Infinite thus Immaterial, only Thinking which is Like-Immaterial, could pay for sins. Again, this is first a Fellowship issue. Like-Immaterial Thinking is Fellowship. That it also pays for sins, is 'extra'. For the measure of the offense of sin is not the sin itself, but Against Whom The Sin Is Committed, as the Law had long taught (i.e., the pay sevenfold, aggrieved-party-determines-damage clauses, etc). God is Infinite, so Is Infinitely Offended, judicially speaking. So notice the flipside: here the Gift He can give Father, makes that Infinite Offense, Infinitely Satisfying to Compensate. Forever. So here we see the Fellowship side of "B" for Birthing Beauty from Bad as the Substitutionary Payment God Requires. They are 'watching' the Birthing occur, Together. Togetherness, flat: Father Son Spirit. Forever. Son on the Cross, but Father Judging, and Spirit Empowering, so in that sense They are All Together On the Cross Forever. Because, no moment ever dies to Omniscience. [Nerd note: Infinite God is never actually offended because He is perfect. Offense is a judicial issue everywhere in Scripture, never a personal one: see Lev19:18, Jas2:8.]

        It makes a great package of Fellowship. After all, we get offended, too. And what offends, but incompatible thinking? Action comes from thinking. But thinking can exist alone, and many a seemingly-pleasant action is immediately destroyed in value, once you know the thinking behind it. The guy who gives a gal a nice present so he can get something from her -- so long as she thinks his motive is nice, she'll enjoy the gift. But when she discovers the true motive, the gift suddenly 'turns' ugly. Same is true vice versa, of course. Thought counts. Thought counts for everything. Incompatible thought is hell. So to the converse: compatible thought is heaven itself. So compatibility with Father is fully realized via Him being imputed and judged with our sins. Part IVc and DDNA webseries focus on this fact and its ramifications for Church.

    7. GRACE GOVERNS GLORY: two covenants thus Govern simultaneously in Christ's case in order to Fill, Fulfill, Finalize, Buy For Father, our "F" above: 1) the Law and 2) "King-Priest kata Melchizedek" (Heb 5-7, Gal3). These two covenants are to be Joined in His "Blood" (OT metaphor for Soul Thinking) on the Cross. So He's to be the Heir of All Things, the Ruler of the Universe Forever, the One to Fulfill All Covenants to everyone: both to those already-dead, as well as to those yet-to-be born. But, at what a price! Paying for all of mankind's sins? But, at what a price! Total Unity With Father achieved thereby! All to be done in the Grace Governing Glory of the Spirit, not via Christ's Own Attributes, but rather only with His Consent!

      Of all the things Christ wanted, He wanted to become King-Priest for Father, Psalm 110 being the contract both ratified. To be the One to Unify and Satisfy Father is the Lord's Own Personal Happiness, Heb12:2. Notice how this is a desire to serve, not to lord over. Even though, He is the Lord. Of course, since this is a Rulership Contract, He'll have to Invent the kind of Rulership He wants to make. Rulers make the rules. Rulers must have Brides. So He Invents both the Rulership, the Rules, and then legates it all to us. Cross is about much more than paying for sins. It's about Buying Blessing To Spend On Father. There'd be no point in paying for sins, else.

      We saw in C., the "Christos Cornerstone" section immediately above how Mediation due to incompatibility required He craft a higher-than-the-Law Spiritual Life. We saw in E., the "His Excellency's Embassy" section immediately above how Priesthood is essentially Ambassadorship, the Royal Level of which also meant He'd have to Invent the Pattern of Priesthood which would forever function. Here in "G.", it's a question of RULERSHIP. For an Ambassador doesn't rule, but a King does. Ambassadors speak for the king, are the mouths of the king: but they are not the brains of the King. Only the King is the Brains.

      So what must His Kingdom be? Well, He's the King: it's up to Him, to determine. The Law can't dictate that, He must take the Law and either throw out or update the parts as He chooses. You see Him do this in the Gospels. He's got two kingships to craft, first His Messiahship Kingdom over Israel and hence the world, designing it for the eventual Millennium. But more importantly, He must craft His Kingship for the kata-Melchizedek structure He'll have forever, in the eternal state. Quite a job, to do all that deciding and testing, in only 33 years. The Law was a guide, and could be nothing more.

      Christ wanted the Priesthood, His Own Life in every respect, and especially His Rulership, to be fashioned according to Father's Desire. So as He lived down here, He learned Father's Desire, and He 'obeys' it. As a result, His Life, Priesthood and Rulership, formed, solidified and were tested to the uttermost. Thus His Grace, received under the Spirit, becomes His Glory forever. And all is crafted to SUIT Him, theme of Ephesians 1, Colossians 1, both pointing back to Isaiah 52:13+53:12, the two 'bookends' of Isaiah 53 in Hebrew.

      So that's why Church inherits from Him, and also (ideally) lives to learn Father's Will on every jot and tittle, rather than running off half-cocked with ideas of its own. (Obviously the ideal, is not happening.) If you want to get a sense of this job and you like video games, play the "Sims" game. It's about ruling a hypothetical polity; the game presents you with problems to solve, people complaining, etc. Of course, if you studied politics or economics you can use that material to hypothetically construct what a good "kingdom" ought to be. It's a daunting idea. Kings OWN their kingdoms, they are not elected to office, and the people are property. That's how it is for Christ's Kingdom, Isa53:12. So that's how it will be for yours (wa et-atsumim yehalleq shalal clause in Isa53:12). Of course, you remember the parables of the talents, the one where those who made money with the money, were given as many cities as they had talents. It's an enormous responsibility. So what kind of thinking must be created in you, if that's your future? That's the issue Christ faced, since He was to own everything in His Humanity: and of course, now does.

      You are to craft your own spiritual life for your own kingship, before the Lord. That's nothing like the Mosaic Law. You extrapolate from the Bible, His Thinking. That's what He did, but now we extrapolate from both OT, His Thinking as God, and NT, His Thinking as God-Man. Of course, He did it under the Spirit, so that's the only way for us, too. Hence our need for 1Jn1:9.

      Christendom doesn't explain the kata-Melchizedek contract, even though it's the Royal Patent we inherit in Him. Christendom is rather confused over what differentiates us from Israel. Well this kata-Melchizedek king-priesthood is "it"; you are in training to become a king-priest, not merely a priest. Part III covers how that works, what you can lose, how you train, etc. Part IV explains how we got this and what Satan does to stop us from growing up. The kingship can be lost; so although you will forever be a Royal Priest to Father, the ranking you receive, depends on whether you completed the training ("endure the course", "endure to the end") down here. So you may or may not "inherit the kingdom" God reserved for you in eternity past. The Lord warned that each of us has a potential kingdom, "take your crown" verse in Rev3:11.

      So nothing about Church derives from Israel, as Hebrews 5-7 explains. She turned down the Brideship (Hebrews 3-4), so we get it -- but since we get it post-Cross, the "Brideship" we get isn't even like what Israel's would have been, Hebrews 7-10. For had she accepted Him, the Cross Price would have been lower, and thus the inheritance would have been lower also. But since billions of added people had to be created and paid for so that Church could exist, the Cross cost skyrocketed and so did the matching inheritance, Hebrews 1, 10. All this we saw briefly in the "Governance" link sections G.22-27. Again, Book of Hebrews walks the reader through all that with great care. Just grab your favorite beverage and read that Book over every day for a month, thinking about it whenever you can't read it. Read it at least 30 times. Memorize it if possible, talk with God about it frequently during the day. Translations aren't all that good, but even so with 1Jn1:9 breathed you'll get more out of it.

      The extremely long Part III covers our very separate Royalty in Christ. In Christ, not Israel. Part IV covers how we differ from Israel and what precedents created our status. Meanwhile and better still, the Bible flagship books on the differences are Hebrews, Colossians, Ephesians, Galatians, Romans and 2Cor, plus certain chapters in 1Cor (1, 6, 12, 13). Read those books over repeatedly, and talk with God about them as much as possible. It really matters to know your "portolio of invisible assets" as my pastor likes to put it. [When I do this reading over and over, I often find the NIV most helpful. Like any translation, it messes up individual verses -- but when you read large blocks of Bible, the overall sense of the book is the most important. NIV seems to convey that overall sense better than other English translations, especially in the OT. I found the NIV especially helpful in orienting to Book of Hebrews, while studying its verse-by-verse exegesis under my pastor. It captures the flavor of Galatians well also.]

    8. HISTORY's HIGHNESS: Jesus the Christ must become THE Highness of History. Highest in everything. Therefore also the Lowest, i.e., paying for sins, being in a hell no one else will ever know. Hence "filling all in all", end Eph1 -- leveraging from the Lowest, these Most Highnesses. There's no way the Law itself could 'rise' that high, but rather He would have to literally create that First-and-Highest-in-Everything from scratch. God had Isaiah predict that He would, via the yaskkil av'di yarum! wa nissa, wuh gavah me'odth! clauses in Isa52:13's Decree, and the bedato yatsdiq clause in Isa53:11. Of course the Lowness is decreed and depicted in Isa52:14-53:9, which was the "Decreed Divergence" need to create a higher-than-the-Law, spiritual life. But this "H" is the High End: a leveraged, catapulted result of the Divergence Decree.

      Conversely, since He must become Highest, the birthing and brithing leverage require He become Happiest: for Truth is Happiness (Luke 11:28, John 17), especially in F. "FOR FATHER" , above. Treasure Trove of Truth For Father. In a human? Forever?! So now you know why both OT and NT list all those titles for Him. They each indicate His Highest Highness with respect to the title category, and apart from those titles, there are none. Here's a sampler. Notice how these titles are sine qua nons, and rather sweeping in scope:

      • "The Word." Means there's no such thing as word, except Him. Greek "ho logos" also means "Reason", as in the reason-for-living, sanity, reality. But John uses the term Hebraistically first, in his Gospel. For "The Word" is the quintessential name for God as God, in the OT. Idea that He's the Final and Only Authority for Everything. It's shorthand for "the Word of the Lord", which if you love Him, is your dream-come-true, to hear Him. My Lord speaks! Idea of hanging on His Every Word.
      • "First and Last." "Alpha and Omega" are the first and last letters of Greek alphabet, meaning the Be-all-and-End-All of Life, nothing outside Him. So "First and Last" is that kind of first and last, a synonym for Alpha and Omega. Alpha Glory (as God) and Omega Glory (as Man).
      • "Word of the Cross", ho logos tou staurou. This clever statement (1Cor1:18) of the Hypostatic Union also tells you how He got through the Cross, hence the Title. Hebrews 11:1 will invoke it allusively when saying estin.de pistis [synonym for Word, since pistis first means WHAT is believed] elpizwmenwn. Three Equalities are presented in that verse, each in seven Greek syllables.
      • "Hupostasis", meaning Reality, Substance, Property, Value: writer of Hebrews uses this in wordplay, Heb1:3, 3:14 and 11:1. Idea that there is no such thing as reality (etc.), except Him. This is the second Equality in Heb11:1, Hupóstasis pragmatwn, "Christ's Thinking, On Trial!" So your "Confidence in Word" [pistis elpizwmenwn] is equated to His, since He's the Word you confidently trust. Again, the strength of your faith lies not in you, but in the Object in Whom you believe. Hence the third Equality in Heb11:1, elegchos ou Blepomenwn, "Evidence, Unseen!" This is the Trial usage of the Royal Spiritual Life He legates for Church.
      • "Firstborn of Creation", Colossians 1:15. Idea that all creation comes from Him.
      • "King of Kings", 1Tim6:15, Rev17:14, 19:16. These are references His Psalm 110 kata-Melchizedek Title, with the "of Kings" being Church believers who mature sufficiently to inherit kingdoms of their own. This is the focus of Part III.
      • "Ho PantoKrator", Greek for "the All-Ruler", literally. Means the Ruler of All, everyone and everything, no exceptions. Over 100 verses in Bible, usually translated "of Hosts" or "Almighty".
      • "Ta Panta", Greek meaning "The Everything", is one of my favorites; it's usually translated "the all things", but it's often used in wordplay as a moniker for Christ Himself (i.e., Romans 8:32, 11:36, 1Cor8:6, 12:6, 15:27-28 (rich!), 2Cor4:15, 5:18, 12:19, (maybe) Gal 3:22, Eph1:10-23, 3:9, 4:15, Phili3:8 (very punny), 3:21, Col 1:16-17, 20, maybe 3:8 ('exchange' of the old all-things for The Everything, cute), 3:11, 1 Tim 6:13 (pun with kai in ascensive as well as copulative), maybe Heb1:3+2:8-10, maybe Rev 4:11.
      • "Faithful and True Witness" about God, to man, but especially in the Trial, Rev3:14. There are three titles in that verse, and they all tie together. "The Amen", from Hebrew "aman" meaning to believe, also the closing of a prayer, acknowledging one believes in Him. Here, He's The Consummate Believer -- also, "The Ruler of God's Creation" -- result of His being the Consummate Believer (harkens back to Heb11:1), hence the "Faithful and True Witness". Again, tells you how He defeated Satan in the Trial, and our role as Church, down here. Believe, Believe, Believe. Not works works works which never work anything except Satan's works.

      • "Son of man", a double-entendre for THE Man, Messiah, the Reason for Creation. That people are so confused about this title only tells you we hate to study Bible. Bible is very clear about what this title means, but no one bothers to read it. For the OT does not use the same words as He uses, so you can't compare any OT verse except Daniel 7:13 to Him, which verse He explicitly invokes (e.g., Matt24:30). Sadly, English Bibles mistranslate the OT references as "son of man". Wrong. They should be "son of Adam", signifying the person has a sin nature. The Lord is NOT a son of Adam, so doesn't use that title for Himself.

          The Lord's use of His title is vilely mistranslated in English Bibles. In Greek, He uses the governmental, official style, with TWO articles: you won't find this wording anywhere in the so-called "son of man" verses in the LXX. So the Lord deliberately and repeatedly states that He's the Official God-Man Messiah Daniel spoke of in Daniel 7:13. The LXX in Dan7:13 doesn't use the same wording, so as He often does, here He deliberately changes the OT text to show it points to Him: so He changes the text to ho huios tou anthropou two-article governmental official style, versus huios anthropou. He repeats His two-article Official Designation often, and the epistles carry it over: His wording is repeated 82 times in the NT.

          To prove the two-article official governmental style, see it written maybe hundreds of times in Chronicles, Kings, Esther, Luke 1:26, with respect to official calendar dates, etc. By contrast, the plain huios anthropou translates the Hebrew ben adam. But Daniel 7:13 uses ben enosh, not ben adam. So the OT Hebrew rendered "son of man" is wrong. It should be translated "son of Adam", i.e., said of Ezekiel maybe 90 times in his book, said of Daniel once or twice. We are all FALLEN sons of Adam, but Christ is NOT a son of Adam, but rather the Last Adam, Himself (last half of Romans 5, 1Cor15:45). So this distinction is extremely important, reminding you of His Virgin Birth so no old sin nature in Him. BibleWorks search on "son of man" yielded 182 entries, so there's a huge database you can use to prove what's said here.

      • "Son of God", which references both His Deity and His Humanity in Bible, sometimes. Nitwits claim that God can't have a "son", since Godness is not 'begotten'. They are nitwits, for they don't know the longstanding RESPECT meaning of "son". God the Son CALLS HIMSELF SON because that reflects His Attitude toward "Father", and of course "Father" calls Himself Father to reflect His Own Self-Chosen Role. Now, it's a cute pun also, because the Son's Humanity is indeed begotten, by 'Mom', the Holy Spirit, who Called Himself by motherly names ever since calling Himself a mother hen, in Genesis 1:2 (Hebrew verb rahaph means a mother hen brooding over her chicks).

      Each of the titles tells you a ton of Truth about His Nature, as well as what He had to accomplish in His Human Nature to get that award, all down here and all in 33 years. It's mind boggling, for He must have at least 100 titles listed in the Bible, and each one is an achievement. He's the Greatest Celebrity in History, and the most mistranslated, maligned. Highest and Lowest!

      Being the Best of itself is frankly not enough to warrant going after a goal. Human or self-approbation is of zero value, here today and gone tomorrow. Unless, you can be the Best for Someone You Love more than your own life. "FOR FATHER" makes it worthwhile to excel. To be able to share that For Father goal with everyone else, who after all will be under Him, also makes it worthwhile to excel. First Commandment, therefore.

    9. INVENTOR of INTIMATE INTEGRITY LOVE: to fulfill the First Commandment, required The Christ. The Mosaic Law could only command, not fulfill itself. So within only 33 years! He must uniquely Invent Intimate Integrity Love Solutions to the Imputations which will Impact Him and everyone else -- forever. That Intimacy with Self, Father and Spirit made it all the harder. For He had full understanding, John 1:14. 'Greatest knowledge, learned bit by bit via the Holy Spirit, using Bible as then written, which He constantly quotes and applies per Gospel depictions. Additionally, the command was to love God with ALL of you, not just most of you or part of you. God alone, not God and people, things. No one could fulfill that command in the Law, which is partly why the Jews were so flip, asking who can run up to heaven or down to Sheol to get the secret, in Deut 30. The Law above all was designed to prove that only Messiah-to-Come would Come to Fulfill it. So you obeyed the Law as best you could, waiting, thinking of your obediences as merely thanking Him, and even that, at too low a level. Well, if you loved Him you thought that way. Most didn't.

      So His Wonder and Enjoyment of Fully Knowing had its flipside, the knowing of bad truths: like evil, sin, man's utter disinterest in God. If you mature in the spiritual life, you will come to a place somewhat analogous to mental maturation, where you realize how bad life is. People become jaded as they age, but when you learn Bible, the divergence between the Gorgeousness of God and His Word and the vile quality of life down here -- especially, its claims of niceness -- is intolerable. Additionally, your normal urges as a sin nature being, the pulls from the world (especially, those who are close to you), the hits you get from Satan&Co. (generally unrecognized), all wear you down. Seems easier to just 'go along' with the roteness-loving world. So imagine how much harder it must have been for Him to know how bad things really are, yet be young, chronologically. Yet keep going on, knowing He'd end up at a Cross, with no one understanding His Mission, the meanwhile. Grief in knowing that however well He explained, people wouldn't understand and wouldn't care. Would die in their ignorance. Would hopefully at least believe in Him sometime, and not go to hell. But even so, would arrive in heaven, clueless. How do you live with that knowledge? It's a killer.

      "Governance" link's G.13-21 covered His making a Higher Spiritual life primarily from the standpoint of Higher Cross Price Required to pay for sins, the spiritual provision of Bride, costs of the Trial, defeat Satan, etc. But internally, He needed it anyway. Even had there been no sin or other costs to pay, for Him to have the Requisite Unity within Himself and with Father and Spirit in His Humanity, The Very Same Higher Spiritual Life was required, to Max Out The Love Fulfillment of the First Commandment. Look: Love is the reason to live. So to max out the Love AT God's Level was Christ's Goal. If that happened, then all creation could share in God's Love Fully. This is the main theme of 1Jn and Pauline writing, though every NT writer references it. You can't see that in translation because every "love" verse is mistranslated. Should be rendered, "Divine Love", not merely "love". For the Greek word is "agape", and it ONLY means "Divine Love" in Greek.

      This Divine Love is a knowing, a being, a status quo attitude which never changes, so is never a feeling. If the body has feeling, it's a reaction to the knowing. People don't realize the terrific burden knowledge creates. 'Especially, if it is Truth. Most of our suffering is really due to our associative attitude regarding what we know (or think we know). Feeling merely reacts to the knowledge. So, change the knowledge, or change its meaning, and you change how you 'feel'. Far more than any body problem or prosperity, knowledge weights a person. Ignorance really is bliss: childhood. How much more heavy, then, is the heaviest of knowledge -- that One is the Redeemer? No temptation Satan could muster can 'compete' with the Weight of knowing one has the power to wipe out all repugnancies -- but instead, is to bear them. Just like a lamb. Go to the slaughter. Don't 'improve', don't 'fix', leave unused one's power, like discarded clothes. [Note: Greek verb kenow, sometimes translated "set aside" in Phil2:7, is a Greek verb used for taking off one's clothing. You have the clothing still. You just don't use it, for the moment. True kenosis is avoidance-of-use, not -- God forbid! "emptying". What nonsense: how can Christ 'empty' Himself of His Godness? How can Infinity be "emptied", ever?]

      Can you "set aside" as a "So what?" knowledge you have cancer? Can you "set aside" as a "So what?" knowledge you can feed the poor? Can you "set aside" as a "So what?" knowledge that you will be blamed by the very people whose sins will lacerate you? Whom you know will hate you because you bought something wonderful for them? 'Takes a lot of love, to set all that knowledge aside like an old garment. Takes a lot of love, to not only obey the don't-take-revenge-nor-bear-a-grudge command of Lev19:18 and instead give the World Which Hates You, your 'cloak' (right to be served, rulership mantle). This One Who is truly Perfect, Innocent, deserving of all the footlicking man can do -- This One instead was to pay for all the hostility against Father, and against Him. With an attitude of gratitude! Maximum love for those who hate Him!

      How much do we ponder the terrible injustice of His Position, which God the Father imposed on Him? He was being charged with doing what even God Himself could not do -- pay for sins! This was the Stone 'too heavy for even God to lift', Isa53:5 and 10's "dakah". 'Too heavy, since it would be against Divine Righteousness to pay for sins. Yet here, the Cornerstone, is the Stone too heavy for even God to lift! All creation depended on His Humanity Never Once Sinning. His Humanity, Perfect, but just as weak as ours (Heb2:14,4:15), was to take on this task???

      Look at the impossibility of it: He could not use His Deity, or Satan wins; He could not use His human power, either, for it was not enough. The Mosaic Law was designed to interact with human power, so was "weak and useless" (Heb7:18) to prevent sin. So Christ could not use His human perfection at all. It was just a shell, just a blemishless lamb, for all the good it could do Him, in this worst-of-lives. Why didn't He rebel? Satan rebelled for far, far lesser reasons. Christ would have been justified in rebelling. To which of the angels did the Father consign to receive imputation and judgment of sins? In effect, associatively-paying the entire cost of creation, including the Lake of Fire, so the Father could 'look' at it all, and -- by associating the creature failure He saw with the Spirit-empowered Thinking of Christ -- be nonetheless propitiated? (Hebrews 2 and Rom8:19-39 tie in here.)

      Why didn't He ever even once resent Father putting Him in such a position? Such setting-aside of His Royal God-Man Rights -- that was the Father's Will. Why? Because Infinite Love-for-Righteousness had to say "So what?" to Omniscient Knowledge of sin, rejection, "hell" -- or creation could not exist. So, the Son would have to continually and perfectly say "So what?" on such a level: GOD'S Level. Yet, not use His Deity, but instead say "So what?" as a human?

      And that's not all! Far more is at stake. After all, sin destroys the person. Paying for it doesn't restore the person. Salvation restores the person, but via rebirth: the soul has to be completely reconstructed after that, because it is completely trashed by satanic and human viewpoint. More, still! After salvation, the person is to grow way beyond his own humanity, to be made like the Most High, so to be fit companion to the Godhead. Not pets, not automatons, not children. However, all of this is subject to the person wanting it, since Love never coerces. All of this was the Father's Will, not merely escaping the Lake of Fire. So the Atonement would have to be big enough to pay the Redemption Price, too. In the "Governance" link section on the NT, we saw how the Bride Price for that Redemption went up by billions of extra souls, owing to Israel's rejection in the last year before He died. And He knew that. And He unilaterally contracted to pay for whomever Father willed to be born, John 17:20-21, ratified on the very night He knew He'd be arrested, which was the day the Lamb was set aside (on the true calendar, versus the four-days-fast official one that year in 30AD).

      There's only one way to withstand all this, even embrace it: Integrity Love. "Love is God's Integrity", my pastor excitedly shouted over and over beginning about 1999, using those words from the year 2000 forward. Love is God's Head Attribute, and it's nothing like we humans call "love". Again, Greek word "agape" only means Divine Love, even in pagan Greek literature -- and especially, in Bible. (Bible's Greek uses "agape" in the classic divine sense, but it's the Real God Loving, not a pantheon. Bible uses other words for human love in variant categories.) You can't see that, because translations all cut God's head off and truncate what should be translated "Divine Love" as merely "love". Pity. For in human terms, love is attraction-dependent, so right there you know His Love wasn't like ours. There's nothing attractive about sin, nothing attractive about us, nothing at all attractive about the above knowledge He lives with, day in and day out.

      The scariest words I ever heard my pastor utter went something like this: "the same love as Christ had on the Cross", is the level of Love provided for us Church. Of course, that's Eph3:15-19, 4:13, which my pastor spent 7 years explaining. THAT level of Love, He invented and legated to us. Absolute Integrity. Absolute Integrity Love. For Love really is the Integrity of God, why He wants to be God, and none of His Other Attributes 'constrain' Him to think that way.

      Above all, the Mosaic Law could not create Intimate Integrity Love. As Paul explains in Romans 7, the Law only excited the sin nature, couldn't motivate Love, which in any case had to be Divine, to fulfill the First Commandment, Romans 5:5-11, 1Cor13:4-13. So the OT people lived with a level of integrity which is far higher than human, yet not high enough. Christ would invent that Integrity. Then His would be cloned into us, Rom5:5, 17-21, Eph3:15-19, Rom 12:1-3 (Greek), Heb 11:1b, 12:2, Phili2:5-10, 2Cor5:14-21.

      And what is Integrity Love? Believing. If the object of belief is good, then the strength of the belief is made good. Truth is good. If one learns the Truth and believes it, then the Strength of the Truth creates the Strength of belief even under pressure, as repeated believings turn into unbreakable ropes, due to the unbreakable nature of Truth itself. Belief is therefore Love. Belief in, due to the content of the Object. Here, God, for God is Truth. Christ essentially believed and kept on believing, and kept on learning, and believing and living on -- Truth. Father is Truth. Truth about Father. Spirit is Truth. Truth about Spirit. Truth in all categories, learned, believed in -- turns into Love, Romans 5:5, 1Cor13:7. So Integrity Love is an unbreakable believing-in which in turn is surrounded by the content of Truth Learned and Lived On. After all, no one lives on but what he believes in. Question is, what's the integrity of what you believe in? So will your integrity be. So Christ believed in Divine Truth, and kept learning and living on it: thus He BECAME the Truth. This Truth was built in Him, fully. Can be built in us, too. Building requires belief. No one keeps building when he stops believing. So the content of Truth proves itself valid, you believe it, and your soul strength just increased. So His Soul Strength became Infinite, essentially. So all this pressure against Him, couldn't break that Integrity Love. Built precept on precept, line on line, plodding on plodding, one day at a time. Constantly. Constancy. Integrity. Intimate. Invented. By Him. Legated, to us.

      And how do we know this? Hebrews 11:1. Verse is vilely mistranslated, cutting off Christ's head, and then also the heads of all the believers depicted in the verse (see Heb111.htm). Proper translation goes something like this: "It's about Confidence in Word! Christ's Thinking, On Trial! Evidence, Unseen!" The rest of the Chapter then goes on to illustrate OT witnesses who did just that, using the Word they then had available to them. See Psalm 119, composed by youngsters on the to-Babylon death march who were daily raped, beaten, starved, walked-to-death. In Hebrews, notice how believing keeps being stressed (i.e., Chapter 3, 11:6). Despite whatever seemed on the surface, the believers in that Chapter 11 hero roster kept on believing. That's Love. For them, the developmental level couldn't be as high as what we get, because we get Christ's Thinking and He endured the Cross. Hence the corrected translation of Hebrews 11:1, which verse is designed to explain what this Trial and the spiritual life, are all about. Cloning His Thinking into us, Greek term "hupostasis" is a moniker for Christ the writer of Hebrews uses (1:3 His Nature, 3:14 reference to His Thinking, 11:1 same). For He's the Substance of your life, the Reality you Believe in, and "pistis" ("faith") first means (in Greek) WHAT you believe, not so much the believing itself. Which means, WHY you believe. Due to its merit, never mind your own. His Merit. Him. Believing in Him. Believing in Him when everything about life with Him seems unattractive. When you are hurting. When things are bad. When things are good. When you can do something else with your own abilities -- but you don't want to, you want to just keep "looking to Jesus", Heb3:1, 12:2 (different Greek verbs, latter is undivided focus). Crowds out everything else in your life, docking it all eventually to a "so what?" That's the Trial Testimony, and that's Love. Eventually unshakeable Belief, Based on Truth: His.

      Belief requires information. Belief derives its strength from the object of the belief, and so the more Bible you learn and live on the stronger becomes your faith. So when you have trouble believing, it means you lack information. So then pressure is on what you do know, to "go out there" as it were into the dark of what you don't know. Remember the three Core Trial issues from Part I? #1, God provides 'enough' information; #2, you believe or don't believe based on what you do know; #3, you believe or not based on what you don't know. And by far, the hardest believing you'll ever do, is in #2. Christ knew everything. Should have motivated Him to quit. But what He knew was the Truth, and He BELIEVED in it. So, He didn't quit. Neither will we, if we keep believing, learning, living on what we learned like He did, Matt4:4. That's Intimate knowledge, hence Intimate Integrity Love: His.

    Christ's Evidence Testimony: it's Only about Integrity Love.

    So the

    So the Christ, exhibiting His Own Happiness, "endured the Cross" (Heb12:2). His Love triumphs even over the worst injustice. No wonder James would later call it "the royal law". The greatest Royal in all history, God-Royal and Human-Royal, set aside His Rights to pay for us scum. And Love doing so!?! No amount of human love can do this. But the Unique Monadic Love of Jesus the Christ was built by all those Perfect Deposits. Maximally. So even in His Humanity, His Love is Divine. Supernatural, yes -- but not hocus pocus. Not somehow 'supplied' by His Own Deity. No protection by ignorance or delusion (John 2:25). So will be His Legacy for the Bride-to-come, for whom He gladly paid, voting for her a year before His Cross in Matt16:18, ratified in John 17:20-21, explained in Eph5 and 1Cor10:4, 2Cor10:4-5, determined at Father's Discretion -- billions upon billions of us and our sins! Bride Price, in Advance!

    His Victory is all-encompassing. We Christians are rather dismissive of His Work on the Cross, chirping how He died for us. Yeah, and do we know what that means? Do we know what He purchased? Well here's table summarizing what He purchased: every "block" in it is a separate category of purchase, and the categories are broad. Each block is interrelated to every other block, to form a whole building for all eternity. The underlined text in each box is a link which will immediately take you to the relevant subsection in this webpage, so you can easily navigate back and forth to see how these blocks all interrelate. The milk-white blocks denote Divine Design which Church inherits; the blue ones, the role of the Law, now completed; the royal purple ones, kata-Melchizedek Kingship for Father Design which Church also inherits; the red ones, His Trial Witness, the topic of this section on His Evidence Testimony -- which Church also inherits. Thus you can integrate what you've read, with this section. Here's the table:

    Governance #13.
    Become Truth
    , associate Truth first, inner-life-to-outer-life, to be strong enough to pay for sins.
    Governance #14.
    God-Level Intimacy
    to keep Universe intact, yet Intimately think Truth: above all, when tempted or on Cross.
    Governance #G15.
    Indwelling & Filling
    , Independent Power Base to build and run Divine Truth in His Soul.
    Governance #G16.
    Think like Omniscience
    to pay for mankind's sins in but 3 hours.
    Governance #G17.
    Trial & King-Priesthood
    Ps110 added Cross fee for 'court costs' (all time) & proving Satan wrong.
    Governance #G18.
    Bride Price for Israel
    He paid this added Cross cost despite Israel's rejection.
    Governance #G19.
    Create Church
    Added Cross cost per Father's Discretion (design, length, spiritual features, etc).
    Governance #G20.
    Create new people post-Cross
    Added Cross cost re how many, per Father's Discretion.
    Governance #G21.
    Higher Bride Price
    Added Cross cost since His Success raises Royal Patent Value, as Church must 'match' His New Stature, Eph4:13.
    Fellowship For Father #1. Mediate & Integrate His Own Dual Nature, thus Become the 'Original' the Holy Spirit can 'clone' into Church. Fellowship For Father #2. Eschew His Own Attributes; instead rely on the Spirit to build, mediate and integrate His Human Soul. Fellowship For Father #3. Indwelling & Filling empower mediation, integration, & primarily, Infinite Intimate Fellowship w/God. Fellowship For Father #4. Absolute Extrapolation of Bible (i.e., its metaphors), all the way up to full Divine Truth and hence Fellowship with God. Fellowship For Father #5. PRESSURE of Intimacy. God is Intensive by Nature, as are His Attributes. Intimacy with pressure itself, thus aids Fellowship. Fellowship For Father #6. Knowing Father Intimately as the reason to breathe. Intimate satisfaction of being able to PAY Father. Fellowship For Father #7. Increase in Soul Size to get the knowledge of sin and thus Fully Complete Intimacy with Father.
    Archegos Ark.
    Fulfill the God-Man mandate as Redeemer, Promised by Mosaic Law.
    Birth Beauty from Bad.
    Birth Living Redemption "Seed" from sin, per Isa53:10.
    Christos Cornerstone.
    Birth Living Mediatorship to Eternally Preserve Freedom & Unite All Incompatibilities.
    Divergence Decree.
    Be Made Sin, Trial Proof that only knowing God makes one happy.
    His Excellency's Embassy.
    Create an Eternal Royal Priesthood
    Fellowship For Father.
    Create Eternal Fellowship-with-Father Structure and Function for all creation.
    Grace Governs Glory.
    Design Kingdom Structures for Rule in Church, Millennium, Eternity.
    History's Highness.
    Become the Highest Person in every category.
    Invent Integrity Love.
    Divinely Fulfill First Commandment under maximum unfairness, but in His Humanity!

    Pretty impressive accomplishment, huh. You know, we humans always underestimate God's Standards, Abilities, Desires -- and most of all, His Intensiveness. Like Abraham once did, we're always thinking 'too small'. Truth is one of the Divine Attributes. So, it is also a Standard. So, there is such a thing as God 'obeying' His Own Standard. Now: think of how BIG God is. What would He really want? What would He want to do? What would They want? What would They want to Have? As we saw in Part I's a)-d): had God made us differently, we'd not be free. If not free, then not persons, but rather something like pets, marionettes. Would Love, love that? Of course not. If we don't even enjoy being around the stupid, how much less, God?

    So, Christ proves it's not about power, so it's not about rights; it's not about power, so it's not about merit. It's not about power, so it's not about being-good-as-God for the sake of claiming any rights. Love doesn't love based on rights: who wants to be loved, due to rights? That's like being loved solely because of one's attractiveness, or possessions. Satan's argument had been precisely that love ought to be based on attractiveness, and rights. Satan's argument had been that power, not love, was the more important. Satan's argument had been that love comes from power, rather than power, from love. So Satan wanted to divorce the Most High, and thus rebelled, on the grounds that the Most High's standards were evil.

    Each God's Evidence Test of Himself!

    JURIDICAL JEOPARDY! Do we recognize that even the Godhead staked everything on Jesus' Willingness to Pay what is unfair to ASK Him to pay? Under The Worst Possible Temptations? Think of it: had He chosen not to pay, it would not have been a sin -- what did He owe the Father? Nothing: He'd not sinned, Himself. It was a Gift -- or, nothing. Can't make Him pay. He Has The Right To Say "No". Think of the ramifications had He said "no"! God would forego being paid, and all mankind would have ceased to continue. Only those already-born would exist: those who believed, well -- Righteousness would honor their having believed, despite not being paid, right? For it doesn't dent God if He's not paid. He doesn't really need it. The payment is a juridical thing, an honor thing. So, Himself honoring, God would basically live forever unpaid, had Christ said "no". Christ Himself, inseparably united to His Deity forever from birth onward, would maybe forever be at odds with Himself. And then again, maybe not. It's His Right to say no. [One could well argue the converse, that it would have been a sin to say no to Father's Will, on the grounds that even a Perfect Human is not Infinite. On the other hand, the Father's Will is that it BE a Gift, not a coerced or owed thing, and being Sinless, Christ really didn't owe anything. God isn't like us humans who say "gift", but then get ticked off if none given.]

    What a hellish thing for the Godhead to risk! And, it couldn't have been a sham! What a hellish thing for the Christ to continually know, every breathing second, awake or asleep -- could anyone live with such a burden, even before the Cross? Think of the burden He faced: could you survive five minutes, knowing even the Godhead staked Their Own Getting Paid on you?

      All this flummoxes Satan so completely, he reversed the apodosis and protasis in the 3rd Temptation's Greek (Matthew 4). Satan can't understand the Absoluteness of Love (and we can't, either). God had wanted Satan (and us) to grow bigger, so Satan could have the Full Blessing designed for him, rather than the smaller one he'd kept wanting.

    But God reasons thus:

      Should not God have a Full Blessing, Himself? Shall He Who wanted a Far Greater Blessing for all He created, shall He not also have Full Blessing, HIMSELF? Who else wants to share in that Full (Gk:"Pleroma") Blessing? Who else will freely choose to be grown up in Love? Sadly, like Abraham, Satan had wanted too little. But, unlike Satan, Abraham kept growing in Love.

      And Christ? He Did The Impossible! He grew up Fully (Gk verb:"Pleroo") in Love! Whereas Abraham had wanted 'just one' son, but got whole nations of sons, God wanted a whole universe of "sons" -- and got them. Through Christ. Who totally grew UP in Love. Christ, Who reasoned thus, on the Cross:

      Is Righteousness Righteous, if not GORGEOUS? No! Is Righteousness Righteous, if anything at all can 'dent' it? No! Righteousness must endure maximum unRighteousness! Yet Righteousness must be fully paid! All at the same time! Else, Righteousness is not Righteousness. But Righteousness is fully paid at all times, by Gorgeously Righteous Truth! See? Love Associates Everything With Truth, Righteousness. Therefore it is Free To Associate With Unrighteousness, Unconditionally. And thus incurs no cost, even when enduring maximum cost, because PREPAID by the Gorgeousness of the Truth. Talk about the ultimate in cost-benefit accounting!

      So He kept on reasoning, thus: GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! SINE QUA NON OF LIFE! For if something can 'dent' Love, is it Love? No! Love wouldn't be Gorgeous, then! Yet should Love love without mediation? No! Love wouldn't be Gorgeous, then! So Gorgeous TRUTH, DOCTRINE mediates Love and makes it Gorgeous TO Love, by forging a 'marriage' between Love and Righteousness and Justice -- so Love becomes Inviolable Integrity, Gorgeous! Glorious! For, 'The Lord Loves Justice.' Chesed and emeth march in advance, on point!

      Complete Integrity. Even in the face of maximum repugnance, like Hell. Forever. Love is thus free to express itself Fully And Without Compromise, because Love is always responding to the Gorgeousness of Truth. Good Truth, Bad Truth, Any Truth, Because Truth. Love is thus free to love despite even maximum repugnance; Love is thus free to love despite the pressure of maximum attraction. All 'competing' loves thus have 'compartments', each of which is Full, and Inviolable. So, Love can even love Satan&Co. So, Love can even love unbelievers in Hell. So, Love can even love apostate believers. So, Love can even love fully-advanced believers. All Loves Are Exploited; no compartment 'bleeds' into another, no compartment harms another. Love can fully live! And so He did, even on the Cross!

      [Sources for this paraphrased 'reasoning' come from the plays-on-words/concepts, in at least the following passages. Love-for-Truth-and-Righteousness Attitude: Psalm 33:5, 89:14, 138:2b; 1Tim2:5 compared with 3-6, Phil2:5-10, Ps22 (inclusive), Num11:23, Isa43:25, and His Theophanies, esp with Abraham and Moses. Gain-for-Self Attitude: Heb5:8-9, Heb10:5, Heb1 and 2, inclusive; Heb7-10, inclusive; Eph1:15-23, Eph1, inclusive; Eph3:15-21; and all "Footstool" verses. Additionally, Isaiah and the OT writers often equate the Members of the Godhead by talking about One of them then switching to Another within the same sentence, paragraph, or section, but NOT changing the Name used, i.e., still using "He" or "Elohim" or especially, "YHWH". This clever and tender switching shows not only Identicality of Essence, but Identicality of Thinking. Utter Rapport. That's such an utterly gorgeous rhetorical device for stating Trinity (albeit confusing to the reader of translated Bible) that I emulate it in my webpages: here, putting what Christ thought on the Cross, under the same "section" as "But God reasons thus". I got the "but God reasons thus" from Isa53:10's parallelling Father's wa YHWH haphets with wuh hephets YHWH of the Son. Each One states His Contract reasons in that verse. Holy Spirit is included, since Holy Spirit would be empowering the One who will ADD a "hand" (bayado, in the verse).]

    Accordingly, Each Member of the Godhead even put Themselves to the Evidence Test, given the Gorgeousness of the Truth! To fulfill Freedom, Love, Justice UNITY! Remember the first table in this webpage, "Freedom, Love and Justice Unity Key"? Father Son and Spirit all contract with Each Other to Make Sons. The Truth is so Gorgeous, They want to share their Very Essence with angels, humans! For what Gorgeousness is it, to have fellowship with beings too small? It's not Gorgeous for them, nor for Us! So They wanted the impossible: "sons", Gal3:26.
    • Since They are free, we are free, Gal5:1.
    • Since They know, we can know, 1Cor13:12.
    • Since They are Righteous, we can be made Equally Righteous, Gen 15:6, Rom 4, 2Cor5:21.
    • Since They Love, we can Love, Rom 5:5, 1Jn4:19. "Love" in translated Bibles should be translated "Divine Love". Greek "agape" never means human love.
    • Since they are Omnipotent, we can receive Omnipotence in Christ, Eph1:19-20, Phili 2:13, Col 1:11, Phil4:13.
    • Since They are Whole, we can be whole, 2Cor5:17, Gal 6:15, 2Cor13:11, Heb 13:21, Eph4:12-13 (mistranslated, see RightPT.htm or Eph41216.htm).
    • In sum, since They can make us come to share Their Essence, They can horizontally exploit Their Perfection: through "sons", Heb2:10, Eph1:3-4.
    • Because, the most Gorgeous One's Thinking can be 'cloned' into us to the extent we want Him, 1Pet2:21 (hupolimpanw hupogrammos, very witty), 2Pet3:18, 1Cor2:16, Phili 2:5-10, Gal4:19, Eph3:17-19, Eph4:13(!), Col 1:27, 1Cor13:9-13, 1Cor1:5 (Greek), 2Cor5:14, 2Cor2:14-15, many other verses. [2Cor5:21, Titus 3:5, John 3:16, John 10:28, 1Cor2:16, Rom5:5, 1Cor10:17, Eph3:6, Heb 3:14, 12:8-10, 2Pet1:4 1Jn3:2 are but a few more verses showing that we acquire Divine Attributes that God imputes to us and builds via Bible deposited in our souls. Romans 8 is the flagship book on that building. Eph1 is the contract for it, "every spiritual blessing" clause especially. The concept of "sharing" is in Isa53:12. If His Attributes weren't going into us, then we couldn't live forever nor with Him. Hence the need to be born again to become a spiritual being (God is Spirit), get Eternal Life (God is Eternal Life), get Divine Righteousness (e.g., 2Cor5:21). Becoming Truth and Love Roman5:5, is a post-salvation function repeated over the rest of your life, as Romans 8 explains.]

      Omnipotence can do whatever God wants. So this entire creation thingy demonstrates what God wants to do. Christian theology is forever constraining God, oversimplifying Him into "God can't be unRighteous", etc. Of course He can be UnRighteous if He wanted to be. But He doesn't want that, doesn't like it. His Attributes don't constrain Him to like or dislike anything, that's His Sovereignty choosing what to want or not want, totally free of influence by His Other Attributes. Sure, God is undivided in nature. But that doesn't mean imprisoned by His Nature. Else, He'd not be Omnipotent, get it? [God's Undividedness of Nature would mean that Sovereignty is undivided too, so God would not be influenced by any other attribute, as that would make Him less Sovereign. So the Sovereignty being undivided means the other attributes are all GOVERNED BY Sovereignty. Conundrum solved!]

      So God could choose to make us all little happy Stepford wives, perfectly obedient and happy from the get-go. In fact, that's what Satan says God should have done, charging God with being sadistic for making him, the angels (and now we humans) go through this Grow-Up-In-Love process. It's extremely painful to deny the self, to always see one's own inadequacy. And that never changes, perfect or imperfect, since finity is never ever going to be as good as Infinite Righteousness. Yet God replies, "FREE! Freely choose how much you want to be with Me and like Me, and I'll flat GIVE it to you!" One line at a time, to be sure, since we live one moment at a time. It's the slowness of growth that hurts, always having to choose for or against God. But then it's free, truly. That's His Reasoning, and why He doesn't choose to bing us into obedience from inception. Free "sons" is what He wants instead, Heb2:10, Eph2:10. Freely-Joined, Associating, Bonding, Connected-by-Doctrine Extrapolated For-Father! Governing Highness Integrity-Love Togetherness is what He wants. Not performance. He can bing the performance, any time He likes.

      Oh, but there was an awesome price to pay, to get these "sons". In fact, it was a stone 'too heavy' for God to lift, because it would be unRighteous for God to lift it. So the-Most-Beloved would have to be "lifted", to pay the awesome price!?! Oh -- what if We ONLY made Him? (Cf. Ex32:10.) So We'd not have to judge Him? Our Only (created) Son? Must even God suffer judging His Only Son, to get "sons"?

      Why shouldn't Christ have said "no" to the Cross, to spare His Father the pain of imputing sin and judging Him? He was certainly free to do so. Had He changed His Mind, there'd be no "sons". Isn't sparing Father pain worth more than "sons"? A sane person would conclude that: it's even moral. Satan concluded that in the Third Temptation of Matt4: Satan's nothing, if not moral.

      Think of the Integrity of God -- for, had His Humanity changed His Mind, the Godhead would become Satan's to rule forever. And the Godhead would have freely submitted to Satan, it would have been Righteous to do so. Those who believed in the Son would of course still receive the promised blessings, since Integrity never welshes. In short, even the Godhead would choose to forever forego just recompense for sin, if Christ did not want to pay. In short, even the Godhead would choose 'hell' for Self, if Christ did not want to pay. No influence, no gerrymandering, no rationalizing, no 'rigging the deck'. Free. That's Integrity! That's Our God! For "the Lord loves Justice". His Sovereign Standard, which God Himself Freely, Inviolately, Forever, 'obeys'! Without even the slightest "shadow of a turning", ever.

    So, all was staked on Christ. By the Godhead. Here, even God's Own Integrity Components were tested Infinitely! Just for the LOVE of it! Look: Righteousness takes Responsibility for sin (imputation, Isa53:5a's "pierced", tamely translated "wounded" in some English versions). Justice makes Junction (juridical contact) with sin (judging, Isa53:5b's "crushed", lamely translated "bruised" in some English versions). Love stakes Lordness (Godness), all! on the One Judged for sin (Isa53:10ff). Freely, honestly.

    Freedom, Truth. If it's not free, then it's not Truth. If it's not free, then it doesn't matter what's the Truth. But if it's Truth, it's Free, and ANY Truth is then worth dying for. Good Truth, Bad Truth, Any Truth, Because Truth. Because Truth is Gorgeous. Because Truth is Gorgeous, no matter what kind of Truth it is. God thus tells us that if this risk weren't taken, it's not worthwhile to even BE God. It works or it doesn't, but if no risk taken, then the Truth is shaved. Love would never love that.

    Thus even the Godhead Sovereignly Subject Themselves to Truth, Ps138:2b. No matter what it 'costs'. Why? For the Truth is -- Doctrine! Gorgeous! Worth it! Think over the enormity of Their Risk, here. Thus you will see the enormity of Their Love: for Freedom, for Righteousness -- even for us. Without compromise, Love Can Fully Live. Even in "sons".

    That's what Father Fathered in Christ for the human race (cf. Isa9:6, 53:5-6,11, Isa 63:11-16, fabulous Hebrew wordplay): the potential to grow that much, in Love. That's what the angels were designed to have. That's what Satan&Co. were designed to have. Because the Truth is, the Doctrine is, the Glory is:

    It's Only About Integrity Love!

    Consequently God TRUMPS Satan's arguments by making the Son's Humanity into "sin" (cf. 2Cor5:21, 1Pet3:18, 1Pet2:24, Heb10:1-14). Not even Satan could tempt Christ so much, since Satan has no power to impute and judge sins. All of the knowledge-and-power covenantal levels have now been exploited, upon the Ascension. Technically the Trial should be over, with only the 57 years promised to harvest Gentiles and play out Tribulation, remaining until Satan gets locked up. Then, the Millennium. For God has demonstrated why Satan's wrong in his claim that God made rational creation as a pet (i.e., defective). Moreover, Satan's petting (and petty!) plan never made man happy, however much the persons had in goodies, merit, strength, talent, morality. Yet even the lowliest of sinners found more happiness with God. Yet, even the lowest of jacobs could grow to greater integrity, hence more beneficial to mankind -- an "israel", a prince, a blessing-by-association. Yet, even the Highest One, Christ, preferred to cast aside His Perfection, not thinking it a gain to be seized and held (Philippians 2:6-7, Greek), instead 'spending' it, so to speak, on "the ungodly". So: no good arguments remain, for the Defense (Satan&Co).

    God is still on time, too. For here is the timeline, which you can see in GeneYrs.xls:

    Remember, God never coerces. The Jews did not want their King. That is why He was executed as "King of the Jews". The Zealots only wanted a political King, not God. God was supposed to be a Sugar Daddy, and this One refused. The Pharisees didn't want "competition", so they went to their most-hated enemy, the Romans, for help. After all, the Jews were under Roman rule, and didn't even have the power to execute their own people. Herod, for his part, was beholden to Rome, since it was Rome who rewarded his father with a kingdom, owing to his family ties and his loyalty to Rome during a dynastic dispute. Rome didn't continue that offer with the son, making the son only a tetrarch; which caused no end of rivalry among the always-warring Herods. (Heroes, they were not.) Moreover, Herod's father was a Hasmonean Arab, really, married to a Jewish (Hasmonean!) princess -- whom he later murdered; the son but married his half-sister BY that princess. So he had no desire for this Jewish upstart. The rank and file among the people were too obsessed about earthly things, so could easily be bribed to vote for the Lord's Death -- in lieu of Barabbas, the revolutionary (and criminal).

    Of course, as you'll see in Part IVa and PassPlot.htm, the Jews didn't recognize until it was too late, that they only succeeded in proving the prophecy of His Death right on time. Well, seven years early, in 30AD --

    Even so, the few who believed in Him weren't enough in number, and Church had only just begun. A king must have a sufficient number of people wanting him, in order to rule. The "numbers" issue has always been critical in the Trial, so Satan's success here was vital. If he can stop the Jews from wanting God, then he can stop Church from wanting God, and all the future covenants can't be fulfilled -- which is, all the covenants, for none of them were yet fulfilled. What a coup. If not fulfilled, then God is a liar, it's a Mistrial Verdict -- and Satan wins the universe. 'Wins control over the Most High. Kinda high stakes, huh?

    So, now what? So, our Now:
    Church, Bride, Evidence. On Trial.

    Because Israel rejected Him, the calendar for history -- depicted by her calendar -- stopped: the Passover-Pentecost 'time bridge' promised by Mosaic Law between 37 and 94AD, was "out". So the Trial would be lost. Accordingly, a year before He knew He would die (near Passover 29AD), Christ Invented a New Bride, partly to bridge that time gap: in Matt16:18 He announced "Church" would be grafted in. John Chapters 14+ cover the upcoming Church, passim. To replace the Israel who was to be His Wife (cf. Isa54:5 and similar passages), the Lord Jesus Christ paid for this Church, having ratified the contract just before He was arrested, in John 17 (esp. vv20-21). [The commitment itself is the "I will build My Church" verse, Matt16:18, which Paul quotes in 1Cor10:4 so Bible confirms the meaning. See my "Rock is Christ" and "Petros Lie" videos in PopeMyth.htm.]

    In 29AD, Satan was surprised. Grounds for a Mistrial Verdict, Jesus is handing a bill of divorcement to Israel! Wait! Maybe this is to my advantage! 'Church?' To wholly replace Israel, thus not keeping His Promises? No, not to replace Israel, but in addition to Israel. Vashti had been set aside, not cast out. Israel would be set aside, not cast out. Esther would be grafted in, and would rescue all the inheritance promises despite Vashti's rejection. So a new Queen is used by the King, to preserve everything previously decreed for the Kingdom. By creating, a SISTER Kingdom, later called "two walls" in Ephesians 2, and two Kingships, in Book of Hebrews. All which Christ Himself voted for in Matt16:18, ratified just before the Cross in John 17:20-21, and Father endorsed, on the Cross.

    Governance #G22.
    Rapture occurs when Church is built to His Maturity Level, Eph4:13.
    Governance #G23.
    OT scrapped, redone in Christ, upgraded.
    Governance #G24.
    Church Spiritual Life=His, Indwelt & Filled, Inner-First, Get His Mind, 1Cor2:16, 2Pet3:18.
    Governance #G25.
    Cross was Last, so "works" are last, but LEARN HIM is First.
    Governance #G26.
    Church Completion causes pre-Trib Rapture.
    Governance #G27.
    Church is New Trial Evidence: thus Satan gets 2nd chance for Mistrial. So Rapture's pre-Trib, can't predict it.
    Governance #G28.
    Church Completion is prerequisite for all Future covenants (from OT), Heb11:40.
    Governance #G29.
    Trib believers look back on Church, mixed blessing: denial of pre-Trib Rapture leaves paper trail harming millions in Trib.
    Governance #G30.
    Millennial presence of Church will bless, as our 'wifely' role then is to rule Gentile nations.

    Satan smacks his lips. Hmmm. Elohim agrees to my terms? For fallen humans? But they're animals. What kind of trick is this? Even we angels never had a spiritual life as did Jesus. HIS Royal Spiritual Life, far beyond the Law -- what fallen human could execute it? This is totally and utterly impossible. No way God wins, Now. He's shigaon! He does the impossible, pays for sins -- then flubs his victory by commanding the same spiritual life to fallen man? Oh, I was right all along! He really needs me to rule Him. And I will -- oh how I will!

    Satan believes the Lord's Human Perfection contributed to His Success at the Cross. He disbelieves what he knows: that the Spirit enabled Christ, Who didn't use even His Human Power. Satan thus still thinks something's rotten-in-Denmark, so to speak; or, that God's stupid. For to Satan, such Love is stupid, in the extreme: a truly-omnipotent God can't be God and love this much, can He? Therefore Satan disbelieves that our having sin natures, is no hindrance.

    See how flummoxed Satan is? See how he doesn't 'get it': Christ proved that it doesn't matter how low a creature is, because creature power isn't even needed or used! For, the real problem is Unity With Infinity, which only Infinity can solve! Click here for a side Brief on how Unity with Infinity is the real problem Christ solved. So it never matters that we've sinned; but only matters if we use His Thinking, which only the Holy Spirit enables. [Sin means you're not filled with the Spirit, so you won't be able to learn or use His Thinking, so obviously you don't want to sin. In fact, it's a far worse effect if you don't name your sins to God, because not only is the sin obstructing, but while in a state of sin you are REFUSING the Holy Spirit's enabling power to MAKE you in Christ's Thinking. So believers in Church have FAR more to lose post-salvation, than if they never believed. It's no cake walk, BECAUSE we're permanently saved. Part III will go over our Royal Situation in huge detail.]

    So now what? So, Our Now -- turn to Part III, and prepare to gasp. For you are in the worst and best time in all human history. As "Bride".

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