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Appendix: The Lord vs. Satan: SupCtHeaven;

aka, the Trial of Human History.. aka, Did God err?

Satan's Counter to God: 'Script' Strategies and Tactics

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This is an addendum to the Appendix, which had been a collection of playlists from my Youtube videos. Unfortunately, suddenly in 2015, for Firefox 28 and prior, Youtube's embed program no longer tolerates multiple playlists on the same webpage, except in the ORIGINAL ORDER first pasted. At the end of this page are the embeds; first half has links and description. Thus any kind of browser can still access the playlists. Sorry it's so complicated!

Vimeo's embeds don't work either, after the second embedded video. Which means, you can't embed more than two separate vimeo videos per webpage, and they've no provision for embedding a playlist (aka 'channel').

So you're stuck going directly to Youtube, or vimeo. Or, for downloads, go to brainout.net/downloads/movies . Eventually I'll copy all Youtube videos there. If you can't wait, send me Feedback, tell me what to upload. Meanwhile, for vimeo, all videos are downloadable from their own watch pages in up to four formats, including the original I uploaded. So:

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    False Doctrine Vids

    Bible mistranslation, teaching, reading, Lie Detection: False Doctrine, click here.

    Genesis Vids

    Vimeo playlist is better; each vid is downloadable in four formats: click here.

    Youtube lacks the meter videos, uses poorer resolution: click here.

    James 2 Exegesis: The Word Works To Mature You
    (& proof how Christians misread "faith without works is dead")

    James videos continue in vimeo, but concern his meter, click here.

    The Youtube videos focus on his rhetorical style for the text pan-letter. First Youtube video is general orientation of the book, followed by 11 videos walking you through keywords in both chapters 1 and 2; last 12 videos use a color-coded mapping system for both Greek and English, to show James four-fold rhetoric, and are really useful to prove what he means. (Handy way to learn the Greek, if you don't know it already.) Link: click here for Youtube James primer vids.

    James' letter is on THE WORD WORKS, never you. So James harps on how carnality wrecks spiritual maturation, beginning in Chapters 1-2. So the chirpers who claim "faith without works is dead" as if James were talking of salvation, can't read Bible. For a one-page master description of this video series, James2VidDesc.doc, click here.

  • If you want to download the Word doc showing the mapping, JAMES1-2INGREEK.RTF, click here.
  • To properly view the Greek fonts in that rtf, you need BibleWorks fonts installed. If you don't have them, click here, download, and then maybe you must reboot your computer afterwards.

    King James Only Blasphemy (KJVOB)

    Right now, this series is ONLY in Youtube, KJVOB series, click here.

    As shown in the first three videos in the playlist, KJV-only is the latest manifestation of a satanic movement deluding Christians since the second century. Or well, you can argue Satan started the movement back when the Greek OT was translated circa 273 BC, because after the fake 'Letter of Aristeas' was penned, there was a concerted effort to wreck the Greek, by filling it with extra false text. Scholars all know this, and can separate the additions. But the layman doesn't know. So that's the origin of the 'Apochrypha' in Catholicism, etc. Lots ot bogus text in Genesis 5, Esther, Daniel, etc. Fortunately Greek changed a lot and we have a bunch of valid Greek text too, so if you've Bibleworks or some other good software, you'll see the additions bracketed off. Even if you don't, the text itself won't balance (like in Genesis 5, where the LXX corrupter got tired trying to make his list balance to the Babylonian kings, and left off trying mid-list). Or, it's weird (like some really wild stuff in Esther or Daniel). The Hebrew text isn't perfect in every copy and every verse either, but happily where the Hebrew fails, the LXX succeeds. And, vice versa (esp. in Genesis 7-8, where there are several Hebrew date errors that only the LXX gets right).

    Satan's been trying to corrupt our Bible for centuries. But we have too many copies. God makes backups, so it beomes a bit tedious, yet is rewarding, to find which verses came from Him. THERE ALWAYS will be at least one verse copy, which has the right text.

    Satan's thus made multiple claims that the 'original is corrupted' from Aristeas onward. He did it well enough to convince the Jews to abandon the LXX they themselves were used to write, circa 70 AD in the name of the Greek being solely 'Christian' (a patent lie, as no Christian wrote Bible text pre-Christ). Next, he did it via those arguing against Jerome, then via the Muslims in the 600's. More lately, Satan makes this same contention via the Mormons, 19th century. Today, it's the KJVO who chant the same satanic mantra. Not to mention, the fake scholars like Bart Ehrman who chant the same thing. You can prove them all wrong in five minutes. :) Problem is, folks don't question the accusations, but just 'buy' them. :(

    For Satan's goal is to kidnap Scripture again, as was done by the end of the 2nd century. Thus you are 'controlled' by elites who feed you a translation which agrees with the spin they want you to have. Here, the Protestants are being used to accomplish the same goal, versus the newly-born 'catholicism' of the 2nd century AD. If you examine all the arguments, the parallels to that 2nd century are completely disturbing. Hence you can see that Satan is sponsoring the KJV-only movement, right down to the allegedly mystical properties of the letters (a Gail Riplinger claim in her videos, viewable by her minions on Youtube). History repeats itself.

    So to combat this most evil heresy, which seeks to trash the REAL Word of God preserved, you'll see two things in 'my' KJVOB videos: a) how the proponents of the KJV-only movement are completely incompetent and thus prove to be satanic dupes; but b) how the KJV itself is not only imperfect, but its translation sometimes maligns God. KJV has good translations also. Every Bible, however, suffers from mistranslation, and in every case you can prove that the mistranslation maligns God, obscures important Bible doctrine, and most of all -- the mistranslation evidences extremely poor 'scholarship.' The videos have extensive supporting links, and provide a panoramic review of the issues involved, including many exegesis videos; so you can see for yourself, how verses came to be mistranslated. Mistranslation is unavoidable in any large body of text, so don't blame the scholars! They even admit the mistranslations, see the 1611 Preface to the KJV, and the first three videos (and their descriptions) in the playlist. God preserved His Original Words amidst all our errors, so we can always correct them! That's actually what the KJV translators themselves, wrote!

    Prolife Blasphemy

    This series also, is only in Youtube presently. Some videos are downloadable here. Others are in brainout.net/downloads/movies .

    Youtube series Link: click here for Youtube playlist on Prolife Blasphemy

    Prolife is another false doctrine; Satan uses it to promote anti-semitism and mask Bible's real doctrine of What You Are And How The Spiritual Life Works; he especially targets Jews i.e., via David Duke's diatribes against this Bible doctrine -- for all Jews know Bible says there's no soul life in the womb. Sheer common sense would tell you that, but Bible tells you so in maybe 340-500 verses, stressing GOD as the Creator Of Your Life, not the womb, not anyone else. So of course Satan has to cover that up as well as make it into an anti-semitic device, fooling millions of Christians who hate God's Word so don't read up on what Bible says. So in this series, I'm slowly posting the original Bible verses showing that God says you're not a 'you' until BORN.

    Here are the embeds. If you use Firefox 28 or prior, the playlists will NOT match the text title; for after the initial set is pasted, any other playlist inserted among them (here Gospel), skips over the insert and duplicates the last playlist! In latest Chrome and IE 9, the embeds work properly, and this 'bug' doesn't happen.

    False Doctrine:


    Gospel: I INSERTED this after making embeds of linked ones above and below, and behold! Playlist id code is really Gospel, but in Firefox 28, instead the NEXT playlist (James) shows as the playlist! So now all the playlists move up one, and this Gospel playlist disappears entirely! Instead the last playlist repeats twice, though it's NOT in the code! Click on 'View Source' in your browser, to see how different this page iframe code here is, versus what shows up in Firefox 28 (and presumably other browsers of like vintage)!

    James (was correctly below this text, before I inserted the Gospel playlist. Ditto for all the others which follow, so the Gospel playlist is ignored and instead all the other embeds improperly 'move up', in Firefox 28 or like browsers):


    Prolife Blasphemy