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Synopsis of God's Architectural Design

All have come short of the Glory of God, says Romans 3:23b. That is an Infinity-finity dichotomy problem. Sin is but a subset of finity, so is a lesser problem to solve. This page is an overview of how the larger infinity-finity dichotomy is solved (which meanwhile also solves sin).

To understand the nature of this dichotomy, we must first review God's Infinite Nature. In reality, God is Undivided In Nature, And Need Do Nothing To Sustain It. So if He were classified as having "attributes" (as is the norm in theology), those classifications are just artificial, for purposes of understanding His Nature better. Hence God's Righteousness doesn't exist apart from His Nature as Love, Omnipotence, etc.

So whatever He does 'do', it's a CHOICE, not really a requirement: and we are sure this is true, for if God were really required to do anything, He would not be free, but the requirement would be the 'god' over Him. So if He chooses to create, it's not because He needs anything, but because He Wants To Express Himself In That Manner.

So when examining His Attributes, we learn why He Chooses As He Does. So: among God's Undivided "attributes", there is an organization and a hierarchy. At the top of this hierarchy, is God's Sovereignty: it is expressed, exercised, as Impregnable And Never-Changing Love. Hence, Love is the Integrity of God, as my pastor likes to say. From what I can tell in the last five years' research, my pastor's April-May 2000 discovery that "Love is the Integrity of God!" (quote in his 5/7/00 tape), is the biggest theological discovery since Paul was given most of the NT to write; for this "Love is the Integrity of God!" is exactly what Paul and his fellow God-breathed writers, were explaining (John being the last one, using Love as his central thesis). [1]

Hence Love Is The Driver 'Head' Of God's Attributes, His Sovereign Will's Expression. The "Integrity Properties" section of LordvSatan1.htm explains how this "driver" function works. [2] But here's the crux: were this not His Attitude (static present tense, God has no beginning), then God wouldn't remain God (all non-love attitudes are destructive). All His Other Attributes are thus 'passive', the Tools Of Will, so that Will can effectively and competently Express; the Will is otherwise Free; but Effective and Competent Expression requires the other Attributes: else Will would be frustrated, incompetent. Note that because God loves, He LOVES all His Attributes, so will never be frustrated or incompetent. He doesn't love His Attributes because He 'has' to. Love is never a 'have to', but a WANT to.

For WILL is always the 'husband', the 'driver' of even the human soul: how much more, of God Who invented the soul in His Own 'image', Gen1:26-27? Question is, What Is The Attitude Of Will? In God, it's LOVE. Absolute, just like God is Absolute. For God is undivided, so Love is "characterized by" the other attributes, and they by it, as my pastor likes to say. And you can see why: Righteousness And Justice Alone, Cannot Solve The Problems, They Can Only Rule On The Problems. No Judge can pay for what he adjudges, for example. So without Love As The Problem-Solver, which requires Will Loving, then.. there are no solutions. See how easy it is to know Love is the topmost Attribute in the 'hierarchy' of God's Being?

So you could metaphorically say that Sovereign Love is the 'Head' of God, and all other Attributes function as His 'Body'. Hence He CHOOSES to use His 'Body' of Attributes DUE TO His Love. So you could say He Always Chooses To 'Touch'/Express All Else Through Those Other Attributes, But In All Events, The Reason Is Love. Heading, all.

    Put mathematically, you have a 'hupostasis':
    1. Structurally, the Integrity of God is composed of Will+Truth, with "Truth" being here designated not in its normal sense of 'one' of God's Attributes, but rather the sum of all His Other Attributes except Will: since all of His Other Attributes together constitute the Truth of He Himself (i.e., the Truth of Omnipotence, Omniscience, Righteousness, Justice, Eternal Life, etc). This idea is more thoroughly addressed in the first section of DueDisclosure.htm. Yes, "inseparably united", as indeed are ALL God's Attributes, but -- the inseparability is due to Will WILLING it, since God being Omnipotent, He can clearly STOP willing it at any 'logical' time.
    2. Functionally therefore, the Integrity of God is His Love, the Sovereign EXPRESSION of His Will. For what would the rest of His Attributes be worth to Him, if He didn't LOVE? One can never say God is 'forced' to be God, for then He'd not be Omnipotent. Hence WILL=SOVEREIGNTY=LOVE is His Integrity, functionally. So Structurally, "mutual flanks" (a term my pastor uses), but Functionally, Love is the Driver: God's Own Self-Sustained Motive to BE and DO 'whatever'. [Self-note: Lesson 1890 92SD, first heard on 5/12/06, when Col. changes the Love equation versus all the years prior, thinking the prior equation wrong. It's not wrong, but a refinement. Often when he 'corrects' something it turns out later to be a refinement, an advance on what went prior, and that's clearly true here. But I need to word it better.]
    This distinction matters altogether. Reality at anytime can be WILLED to change ab initio, as if it never existed. So God must LOVE what He Is and He Decrees, since by doing so He must SEE IT. So what God chooses to SEE must be gorgeous beyond description. Quick application: nothing is even allowed to happen if its outcome isn't Gorgeously Righteous. Meaning, God is not a masochist nor a sadist, and instead we just apprehend Him childishly. But we can grow up. We might not understand how that Gorgeousness can be, of course.. but we can learn the answer from Him. Which clearly God Decreed we do, else there'd be no Cross, and no Bible.

    His Love is WAY bigger than we even seek to know. We only cheat ourselves if we restrict our apprehension of Him to human-human ideas of being a good boy or girl. Much more than that is given us, per John Chaps 15-17 and 1Jn. Relationship with HIM, 1st Commandment, never mind the satanic spin of mere people as a substitute object of love!

Hence Love Really Is The Integrity Of God, for it HEAD-GUARDS all other Attributes, and in turn is Body-Guarded By Them: like "mutual flanks" in military parlance. For God is Undivided, but not some computer lacking self-determination. Look: if Love didn't love Justice, how could Justice exist? Justice can't 'guard' anything on its own, if there is no originating DESIRE. Similarly, Righteousness describes what is just, and Justice would 'execute' -- but apart from Love, neither of these Attributes has Will's SUPPORT. Love is the WILL expression, and in turn to BE COMPETENT, needs Righteousness, etc. But since God is Undivided, this dual function requires no effort. So God being Eternal and of this "composite" character (another term of my pastor), He is effortlessly Unsustained. [If you are a fellow taper, notice how this dual-guarding structure exactly reflects what he taught in those year 2000 tapes about the dual-column flank of Doctrine+Reciprocity; how the latter is defined solely as Love For God Himself, never mind people. Big harping topic in those tapes. The Integrity of God book of 2005 isn't yet updated for it, either: the blurb on "Reciprocity" in the book, is on the lower topic of impersonal love for fellow believers.]

    To say "guard" doesn't mean necessity, so much as HONOR. Greek verb "terew", used frequently in the NT, means to CHERISH, and hence "keep", as in keep close, keep under lock and key, keep separate. (LXX=Hebrew equiv. in OT, varies from natsar to ratsah.) In a word, Love. In us humans, there is frailty/weakness, so "guard" also has a defensive meaning of necessary protection. But notice how that 'guarding' remains an Expression of Honor, even when no protection is needed. So the always-faithful spouse nonetheless 'guards' her chastity, as an adamant expression of her love for her husband. So we are to Guard the Word (warning in John 14:23-26, usu. mistranslated "obey") due to love. See also 1Jn2:5, Jude 6,21. Due to Love for Word, you will all the more 'guard' it, even though there's no threat, since you love it. Love is possessive, so 'guards' by nature. In us humans, love is dysfunctional, frustrating. But not so, in God. So God infinitely 'guards' in the sense of Loving, Cherishing, Honoring. There is no necessity, no threat, only Love.

So Love is the Driver, but Love only Wants to Execute via the Other Attributes. So Love is Expressed Through The Other Attributes, precisely because WILL is the driver, and the other Attributes are the Ways Of Expression Love Sovereignly Chooses. See how easy this is to understand?

    Quick Application to us: it's not just the Truth you know, but What Attitude You Have Toward It. Two 'columns', as it were: will, plus truth. [First section of DueDisclosure.htm is on this topic. See also "God's Paradox" section of SatStrat.htm.] In God, these are not separated. In us, they are. So you can know Bible better than anyone on the planet, but without the Love For God Himself -- you'll go nowhere, 1Cor13:1-3. Conversely, if you have all this desire to throw yourself down for Him, but too-little Bible understanding from the Holy Spirit, you'll go nuts in your "zeal without knowledge". So, like God, the believer must have TWO 'columns', not just one. So it is in God, and Infinitely, naturally; so it needs to be in us.. supernaturally. From Him.

    Preview of coming attractions: we humans don't love Righteousness and Justice as God does; we don't know Truth as He does, and of course we ourselves have none of His Own Attributes. So.. if He can put His Attributes in us, then we can love as He does. That's the central thesis in my pastor's classes from the year 2000 forward. You can find proof of this all over Bible, and my websites are independent due-diligence research from the Bible; all of which research, can therefore be independently tested by any reader so inclined.

So Love Rules over All Other Attributes. Rules over, but never overrules. That's Integrity.

    Historically, theology of any stripe, even Christian or no, has always immaturely mistaken God's Undivided Nature as somehow constituting a 'restriction' on Him. Bible's "love" verses prove quite the opposite is true. Because He is As He is, He is Totally Free to do anything; including, of course, change Himself. But He won't. It's not that He can't, or that He is 'influenced' by the rest of what He is. Quite the opposite. He Won't Choose To Change, He Loves How He Is, And He Always Retains The Ability To Change. It's a WILL, not a restriction, that 'keeps' Him the same. So yes, He IS Immutable -- but because He WANTS to be, not because He 'has' to be. [1]

    So God never has to overrule His Other Attributes, and they are always ruled by His Love. All this, because God is Undivided, and all of this, by Choice. Finity is of the opposite nature, hence the dichotomy. We need external support, cannot hang together on our own; we need to be overruled as needed, even were we perfect, for we are not infinite. We always need the Bigger -- Him -- to put into, the smaller -- us. But you'll see that, in the following paragraphs.

Ergo: just because God is Omnipotent, doesn't mean He ever chooses to violate Truth. For, God Loves Truth (Bible refrain). It's not a problem of God being able; rather, the problem is What's A Justifiable Way To Use Omnipotence? For love, loves: so would always insist on Loving Competently. Which requires, Truth Be Loved. Which thus requires, what's JUST in that Truth, be loved. Which of course requires Omniscience, to know all that IN the Truth, and IN Justice. Which requires Righteousness Pick What Works. Love Loves These 'Requirements', And In Fact Chooses Them. So again, God Is Not Restricted By Them.

Ergo: here's the Truth about the Infinity-finity dichotomy: to create, means Finity Will Be The Opposite Nature From Infinity, however much empowered and virtuous. Finity is not holy of itself, therefore "comes short" of God. So judicially, God cannot be intimate with what He creates -- but Infinity is all about, intimacy. That fundamental truth is a 'heart' problem which God's Architectural Design, must answer. Else, there can be no creation. It's not that God lacks capacity for intimacy, but that creation does. So this truth about the inherent dichotomy between Infinity and finity, renders creating unfair: owing to, the relative gap in creation's capacity for intimacy with God.

Ergo: here's the Righteousness 'printout' about the dichotomy: "Holy" means Perfect Integrity. Unshakeable, unbreakable, having no needs, and nothing can dent. Finity is the opposite of all that: dependent on barriers, needy, easily breakable, and everything dents it. So long as sin has not occurred, finity is able to live with Holy God, because there's no rejection of Him. But that still doesn't make finity of compatible CAPACITY -- the nature itself remains the opposite of God's Own Nature. For Infinity, is uncreated. So the finity-not-rejecting-God, merely means that Compatibility Can Be Justifiably Built from that starting finite state. Which, only God can do. Which, since the finite being has volition, requires (by God's Own Choice) the being's Consent. Capacity to love, growth IN capacity to love, is always a matter of Consent.

Now note the resulting Love paradox: God is love. Love is all about throw-down, pour-out, subordination, substitution, Giving. It's a Desire, not a preening. It's the Ultimate Strength, not a weakness. So Sovereignty is Love, and (as I know now), God's Integrity is His Will Attitude Of Love toward the 'rest', anything and anyone He 'sees'. Which is, everything and everyone. Throwing Self Down is what Love always wants to do, with or without an object. Which is wonderful, since the 'objects' are His Own Attributes, and the Other Members of the Godhead, the Son and Spirit (Whose very Self-Chosen Titles tell you bluntly that throw-down is Their Sovereign First Desire). Father throws Himself down for Son and Spirit, and vice versa. But to throw down requires the object be Holy. It's wrong to throw yourself away on an inferior. But Infinite Love's Very Nature Is Foregoing, Throw-Down, no matter if or what object. The unfairness remains, again, at the recipient end: an inferior recipient would not enjoy its inferior ability to reciprocate. Sooner or later, being loved would become an intolerable burden for an inferior.

Next note the resulting Justice paradox: if God does not create, He denies love, expression. That's not Fair. Worse, if He does not create, He has shaved truth, for the truth is He can create. But this truth means God must Sacrifice Himself If He Does Create, for whatever He does create, will be insufferably lower in glory, than Himself. It's worse than the burden of caring for a child who has some disability which cannot be cured, and will never kill the child. The relationship ends up one-sided, with you constantly at the giving end, having little or no fellowship with the child who cannot understand you, however much you love; however much you pour yourself into that child. Such an outcome is completely unjust to all parties, as it creates a 'hellish' relationship, since there is this huge gap in nature and especially, RAPPORT. God would thus wrong Himself and His Creation if He creates! Yet also wrong, if He does not... unless He solves this utter incompatibility problem, by means of the very injustices which unavoidably result from that creation.

So what's the Solution? Witness the utter Genius of God's Integrity Love: if God sacrifices to God, then.. it's not a compromise. Infinity-Infinity, matched. No gap in nature or rapport. So no hellishness, no matter how much Love throws itself down. Competence among all Members of the Godhead is inviolable, so there is no sacrifice, even if expressing AS sacrifice. Perfect happiness at all times. What could be more Righteous, Just, Loving? So that's why you know God must be Three: "Father", "Son", "Spirit" titles express the throw-down of Love, and it's Holy. DueDisclosure.htm covers this relationship in more detail. For now, just notice that if Each of Them is Giving to the Other, then no matter what They do, it's Perfect. No violation. So the only question remaining is the competence of how They accomplish this Mutual Giving, with respect to finite creation. What an answer, Bible gives...

Key to this Solution will be an Intermediating Point of Contact (my pastor's term) between Infinite Love, and the injustices which result from finity's existence. Injustice, the "come short" of Rom3:23b; injustice, any rejections-of-God which the finite being, might choose. From this point of contact can be crafted a Union between innately-foregoing Love, and the injustice: for the contact cannot be had from another source. Righteousness cannot justify touching, what is unRighteous. Justice cannot condone, what is unJust. So God's Love is the Solver, which Contacts and Creates, Union; which Love is His Sovereign Attitude, Infinite and thus Unbreakable.

    So if you were to describe the 'flow' among His Attributes, it goes something like this: Love 'looks' at Righteousness and Justice, Truth (etc.) to 'decide' how to competently express itself. Then 'orders' the answer to be done. So Love 'contacts' Righteousness and Justice, and the latter two 'refer' to Love's 'order' in execution. In reality, God is one Big Now, so there's no 'deciding', but there is a real path of reasoning constantly 'on'. Endless paths, all perfectly connecting, actually.

    So Love is always the ContacTOR; Righteousness is always the ContacTEE; so Justice is always the Point of Contact itself, since Justice is the Function of Righteousness. So think of Righteousness and Justice, as the 'neck' of God's Attributes. So everything 'below the neck', must go through Justice, to insure Competence in all Love Expressions: for that's how Love wants it to go. But 'above the neck', comes down from the Head: Love, Ps89:14, 1Cor13. [1] Notice how it doesn't matter that God is perfect, so needs no insurance. This structure is not used because God is 'vulnerable', but because He Loves it. Again, God doesn't ever have to do anything.

    So: contact among the Godhead, is -- so to speak -- infinitely fast, full, free; really, One Big Nowness. Each One is Equal. Being Equal, Each One wants Love to go through the Other Attributes of the Self, since Competence is Loved. So you could say that InterPersonal interactions are 'contacted' through Justice (the function of Righteousness), but all interactions are driven by Love. So Love remains the "point of reference" (another one of my pastor's terms); meaning, Love is the Reason for all interactions. So it Heads all other attributes, and the other attributes are the 'body', analogously.

    Because Justice is the Intermediary Point of Contact, everything Reconciles Through Justice. Again, even though God-God interactions are totally inviolable, They choose to interact via Justice, because They Love Justice (e.g., Ps89:14-15). It's not a 'threat' issue, but a Love issue. God Loves His Attributes, so loves using His Attributes. [Again, DueDisclosure.htm has more details. Look up all "love" verses in Bible, especially in the original-language texts, see for yourself. It's not rocket science, but you do have to breathe 1Jn1:9 the whole time, because the sin-nature human idea of love really messes up the view of love verses in Scripture.]

So to solve the Infinity-finity dichotomy, God sets up what amounts to a Love Circle of Cycling Infinity: so to effect a Union Between Infinity And Finity; which the latter can Live in, thus obtaining Independence from all its native incompatibilities vis vis Infinity. For if Infinity Unites with Finity, then the oppositenesses native to finity, have an Alternative Life: one synergistic with Infinity, owing to the cycling of Infinite Attributes within the finite being.

God tells us exactly how He designed this solution back in eternity past; and exactly, how He makes it work. You'll find this explanation most succinctly stated via five chained Greek infinitives in the LXX of Isa53:10-11: which infinitives first made everything Holy.. in Christ. You won't find this most-important verse pair in translated Bibles; but it's in the inspired Greek text which the Lord and the apostles used: all the NT quotes it, almost constantly. I can't find anyone on the internet who recognizes the mission-critical importance of this verse. That's astonishing. So test it all yourself. [Baffles me that this has gone so unnoticed all these centuries. So vet what's said here very carefully under the Holy Spirit, breathing 1Jn1:9 as needed.]

These five chained infinitives are:

  1. "katharizw" (kath-ar-EEDZ-oh): to Purify/Sanctify/Make Holy, via imputing His Son's Humanity with all sin (function of Atonement, in Bible).
  2. "aphairew" (ah-fay-REH-oh): to Plunder His Son's Thinking (function of Propitiation, in Bible).
  3. "deiknumi" (dike-NOOM-ee): to Exhibit His Son's Thinking, the Light which is God's Own Glory (function of Reconciliation/Peace, in Bible).
  4. "plassw" (PLAH-ssoh): to SCULPT OUT FROM His Son's Thinking, Righteousness (function of Redemption, in Bible).
  5. "dikaiow" (dick-eye-OH-oh): to Justify/Make Righteous at God's Own Level (result of redemption -- salvation/sanctification, in Bible).

    Notice the going-down quality of the first two infinitives, the joining quality of the third (joining of opposites), and the going-up quality of the last two, which are the results of the third. Hence, a Divine 'circle', encapsulating creation without compromise. Man can't ever effectuate these results, but he can learn and consent to them. [All natural science (and economics, politics, what-have-you) will only work in this same five-infinitive process, because the 'spiritual science' of our salvation works this way. So if you're a scientist and you puzzle over some conundrum, find the science equivalent of whatever 'infinitive' your theory/hypothesis lacks. This is God's spiritual 'unified field theory', which unified us in Christ. So all other proper theory will function as these five infinitives. No deviation from them will ever be successful, wasting money and time.]

    This is an ongoing circular process, these five infinitives; like an investment which keeps on getting bigger in value, due to the present value of the ever-building, capital base Wrought At The Cross. Happening therefore, in us. For we are finite, but we live forever. Christ is the Progenitor, and He lives forever. He is a Living Propitiation (big point in Romans 6, 2Cor5, 1Jn2:2). So you have a complete, dynamic system of Unity 'flowing' between Infinite God via Christ to the rest of creation.. and then back up to God. Ahhhh, He 'Drinks' with Satisfaction, 'Smells' the "aroma"; "sees and is satisfied", as Isa53:11 puts it (Hebrew text). So the Thinking is ongoing, and connected at all points. So this circle of Thinking is endlessly propitiating at every 'point'; which it would have to be, since hell also lasts forever. See? Because Love is Head, this endless process is always satisfying. [DDNA.htm's "Third Aspect" has details.]

    Infinity is PUNCTILIAR. Every point. One Big Now in 'dots', like a Georges Seurat painting. Meticulous. So: at each 'moment', each 'dot' is Atoned, Propitiated, Reconciled, Redeemed, Justified. The Grand Investor, Who will Wait, Never Had to Wait. It's a painting, Eph2:10, Infinitely Satisfying to View and 'Hear', in every 'dot'; and each 'dot', lasts forever.

So God's Architectural Design, is to 'repeat' those five chained infinitives, so to 'clone' His Son onto all freewill creation to the extent they consent. (See Eph2:10 and Rom12:1-3, in the inspired Greek but not in translations.) First consent is believing in Christ for salvation, John 3:16. Second and subsequent consents FILL UP that foundation (explained more in the next section), per Romans 8:4 (inter alia). The contractural provision in Isa53:10-11 is based on consent, so contracts are made with freewill creation, too. Each 'class' of freewill creation gets its own tailored contract (aka "covenant", "testament"), even as each individual within that class, has an individual option to consent. His Son's Humanity is the Prototype, the First Consenter, the "Archegos" (Founder, Pattern, Pioneer, Ruler, Leader); what happened to Him Who did not sin during this raising to the Glory of God, can thus be REPLICATED in us who do sin, resulting in our permanent sanctification (theme of Heb10, esp. Heb10:10-17, 2Cor5:14-21). So what was a 'cliffhanger' for Him (had He sinned even once, the whole design would have tanked) is our base, Our Foundation, 1Cor3: we are permanently sanctified that first second we believed in Him, John 3:16, Romans 5, 2Cor5, Heb10. So we are ENABLED to copy Him because we are saved/sanctified (ibid, but not well translated). [If you are under my pastor also, get Lesson 1745 of Series 376 "1992 Spiritual Dynamics", live class of 5/24/2000. Probably also get about 10 lessons just before it, to see context. I first heard that lesson today, 7/19/2005.]

So: since Infinity is Uncreated, its Attributes of Truth and hence Love (etc.) got put into Christ, who became "The Way, the TRUTH and the Life." God being undivided, His Truth Attribute is part and parcel of all other attributes; so, the dichotomy gets resolved by Truth being DEPOSITED into the finite being, just as it was deposited in Christ (i.e., Rom5:5, which is a one-verse summary of the Isa53:11 mechanics). So: at that point of contact, a union is made: Truth to will in the soul, thus enlarging that soul. So the dichotomy is solved by means of such union, and the union is DEVELOPED by means of successive 'deposits'; each one, made contingent on creature consent. For Love never coerces.

    Of course all this sounds impossible, and even wrong; for God is doing all the work. But it's only God Who is Infinite, so only God can solve the problem. So look at the point of contact, and point of reference, to see why it's not wrong:
    1. Point Of Contact, Christ Is Sinless, So Gets Filled Up With All Truth, Which Is Just To Do; point of reference, God the Father and Christ His Son (and of course the Holy Spirit) all want this to happen, due to Love. So next,
    2. Point of contact, SINS into Christ, because (point of reference) He Wants To Gift Father, which is Just; also Father and Spirit Want To Fill Up Christ So That Unlimited Rapport Between Them Can Flourish Forever, which is also Just, resulting in 2Cor13:14, the Divine Articles of Incorporation being fulfilled in His Human Nature, as well. [DueDisclosure.htm is on the Articles of Incorporation: "Hupostasis in Trinity" link begins that concept.] So next,
    3. Point of contact, Romans 6: we are IN Him ON the Cross, since these are our sins; hence 2Cor5:21, an Exchange of sins for Divine Righteousness, is JUST (Isa53:11's infinitives +Isa54:1, summarized effect). So next,
    4. Point of reference, Romans 8: we can Get Filled Up with Truth just as Christ did, also because (point of contact) we were in Him ON the Cross, threaded theme of Romans 5-8: all the Isa53:11 infinitives 'act on' that Divine Righteousness, as they did ON Christ Himself. What a Begetting Plan! Infinity cycling inside even sinner finity! Filling all in all, Eph1!
    DDNA, Divine DNA, cycling IN us, having been made from our 'sinner-soul' DNA, our non-God thinking! DDNA.htm has more details. It is no exaggeration to say that everything you learn about God in God's System (see GodSystem.htm) is Converted into Divine Quality 'DNA'. That's what those five infinitives, accomplish. That's how we got saved, and that's how we unite with God Himself. It's a Thinking thing, a Rapport thing, a Becoming: YHWH is a concatenation of two Hebrew verbs, "hayah" (to be, Absolute Existence), and "hawah" (to become, presaging His adding Humanity to Himself). So we are IN Union via the Union of His God-man nature, not merely positionally, but functionally!

    See, God really IS Omnipotent; this LOVE Solution resolves the Judicial issue Infinity faces; so it is Just to Use Omnipotence to do this 'impossible' thing. For "nothing is impossible for God", as the Lord repeatedly told the disciples (Matt19:26, Mark 10:27, Luke 1:37). As Isaiah loves to put it (see Isa53trans.htm), He who had no kids (Isa53:8), Who was made desolate (ibid), thus births all progeny, Isa53:10-Isa54:1! The Stone too heavy to lift got lifted (Heb "dakah" in Isa53:5,10)!

So for us to decipher all this, His Architectural Design.. is the key to discerning truth, to separating out all the religious tripe from the real Meat of the Word God provably wrote. For God alone is able to reveal it, and God alone is able to make those five sweeping infinitives, happen in our own souls, via depositing His Truth, Rom5:5, theme of Romans 8 (esp. v.4). Think of it as a circle, a cycling of Divine Thinking which was built in Jesus the Christ, being built in us. Building. Building vocabulary in the NT is extensive, and often quite deft: "epi" ("upon") used in the Ionic dative of Eph2:10, neatly sums up how God builds us via and ON His Son. God does it. God is the Builder. I can't find a single verse in the NT (or the OT, for that matter) which doesn't deiknumi (point out, show) this goal as the foundation for our existence. For it's all about, Begetting: building a 'house', for Father. That's why Son made the Isa53:10 contract, which He's explaining to the disciples, in John 14:2ff (all the way through the end of John 17).

    Right design, means right solutions will rightly work. Bible uses a lot of architectural vocabulary, roughly 50% of the inspired texts -- remember all those verses about TEMPLE and TIME, and the famous John 14:1-2, "in My Father's House"...? Three whole Chapters (14-17) of John's Gospel explain God's Living Temple building purpose.. of Believers, a Royal House/bloodline (Thinking is true "bloodline", not mindless corpuscles). Not, some dead-but-pretty edifice to gawk at, with John 8:32 being chiseled up so high, you can't read it. Oh no: Holy, Infinite Truth is to be chiseled into our souls, which is His Thinking, Isa53:11's "plassw", the "Sculpt" infinitive: John 17:17-21, Heb10:15-17 (Greek); see also Gal5:1, John 8:32, Eph3:15-19. All of the NT is on this topic, and pretty much all of the OT as well, with at least 50% of the original-language text being outright allusive or squarely on the topic of the BUILDING.

Now that we've seen the 'Head' of this Divine-Love Solution,
let's examine more closely, the 'Body Building' so Lovingly Designed...

So God the Master Architect, solves this Design Problem of Infinity/finity dichotomy, with a Design Solution that also takes into account the problems sin creates. The Decreed Design is deliberately conditioned upon creature consent. Hence it operates only through the Precedent-Setting Previous Contract of Isa53:10-11, requiring thus Mutual Consent. So our "point of contact" is a Justice Requirement: there must be Consent. Of course, Love is 'behind' that Justice requirement, as always. For Love (Integrity) never coerces.

  1. The Problem To Be Solved: Infinity-Finity Dichotomy, rendered hopelessly irreparable, due to sin. Infinity is unbarriered, needs none, wants none. Finity by contrast depends on barriers for its survival, which means finity cannot have intimate relationship with Infinity; for if one 'dot' is 'missing' from Infinity, the entire structure of the relationship, is incompatible. Sin only compounds the problem to the level of what can be termed 'soul rubble', a demolished soul, finity-beyond-repair. Due to sin's shattering of soul, the soul can't hear God, process information about Him; worse, the soul instead has replacement 'knowledge' which is "depraved", a corrupted database inside a Hostile-to-God operating system. Whatever keys are pressed by the still-inviolable free will, they will all be GIGO (garbage in, garbage out). Genesis 3 shows how sin results in total soul devastation: man became blind and blaming, hateful and fearful, forgetting all he knew about God prior to that first sin. Adam became that way: we being born IN Adam, are born that way. This sin nature is in the genes: see Rom5:12, 1Cor15:22, Romans 6-8, most "flesh" verses. So the problem is what we are, not what we do: for one does based on what he is. And we are garbage in, garbage out by nature.

      Sin is an atom bomb. Each of us first 'exploded' with sin sometime during infancy, when we first gave into the temptation urges of the genetically-tainted sin nature (Rom 5:12, 1Cor15:22, Greek). Thereafter, an affinity between the soul and the sin-nature-tainted body, exists; free will is still just as free, but will naturally want to give into the proclivities, due to that affinity. Note the parallel to God's Nature: Will loves the other attributes, yet can choose against them. We remain in His image, in that sense. Thus we can be saved and remade to become compatible. But to do that, requires going against our nature, even as God goes against His Own Nature willingly, to impute our sins to His Son's Humanity, on the Cross.

      Meanwhile, that sin-nature affinity between soul and body, is now innately (and mindlessly!) hostile to God. So, the will wants to say 'no' to anything compatible with God (i.e., self-righteousness is not compatible, Rom2, Isa64:6, Phili3:8). That's the only reason why sin feels good. (If you had no sin in you, you'd not like sin. God has never sinned because He never wants to do so. But your other attributes in your soul changed due to sin, so now it feels good, not bad, to give in. The feeling is strictly your body -- soul thinks, doesn't feel -- but the affinity makes one imagine that the body's reflex of emotion, is in the soul.)

      Hence due to sin, Holy God cannot justify 'touching' the sinner, however much Love would want to do so, because sin is first and foremost a rejection of God (whatever else bad is only of secondary relevance). So Love being rejected, it must stand off, juridically speaking. God is Omnipotent, so He can technically bing! any of us at any time, to make us perfect. So it's not that God lacks the Power to solve the problem; rather, there is no justification for solving the problem, if the object refuses the solution. Hence the Cross has two functions: first, to provide the mechanism whereby this 'touching' can occur, and second (the main goal) to solve the Infinity-finity dichotomy. Hence one must believe in Christ, to consent to the 'touching'. Hence one goes to hell only due to refusing to give that consent. [Nerd note: "refusing" is a lifelong requirement, to go to hell (John 3:18,36), so obviously no baby goes to hell. Further, since it's a Consent Requirement, no works can constitute consent, Eph2:8-10. If you are under my pastor, check out his lesson 1748 (and 10 lessons before and after that one) in Series 376, '92 Spiritual Dynamics. There, he explains the relationship between Love's "Point of contact" and "point of Reference" so you can see the above paragraphs perhaps more clearly (and in his own vocabulary). ]

      John 3, Romans 5-8, Ephesians 2-4, are signature chapters on this topic (well, add 2Cor5, Hebrews 5-10, which are also important). In short, Bible is all about this topic of the dichotomy, and the added problem sin creates. Salvation is just a floor (1Cor3), hence the moniker "born again" -- but what about after you are finally born a child of God (Gal3)? Gotta grow up IN that new nature (theme of 1Jn, Ephesians). Else, you remain of rudimentary compatibility, kinda like an adult human and a baby human are both human: you are a spiritual being if you ever 'did' John 3:16; but you are a baby spiritual being, if you don't grow up in God's System. GodSystem.htm (link at Home pagetop) and LordvSatan3.htm (Part III of Thinking series) explain this grow-up issue in more detail.

      This growing-up issue was what the angels were presented, first: same five infinitives, since Holiness is two-pronged (HIGH enough, not merely not sinning, Rom3:23). Again, finity versus Infinity means the finity needs to grow up TOWARD Infinity. They started with full knowledge, and the idea was to never sin while you grew up in God's Love (how you value Truth you know, not merely how much Truth you know). At least 1/3rd of them rejected that Plan, now known as Satan&Co. So humanity was created, to demonstrate the Efficacy of the Divine Design for angels (application of deiknumi clause in Isa53:11). Humanity initially being perfect, had a lesser amount of initial Knowledge, because lower; but the issue, structure and goal were the same. And they sinned, too. So our being born sinners, changes nothing but the depth of the structure: we start out with no knowledge, and anti-God proclivities. But the solution, is the same. Hence it was never about sin, but about growing up in God's Love, John 16:9, all of Eph1. The five infinitives are all-encompassing (which is why there are no direct objects in the text except Christ in Isa53:10). [Auton, accusative, causing scholars no end of head-scratching, since Christ is sinless. They forget the upper prong, being made BIGGER, to God's Own Level in His Humanity, not merely sinless Himself. For katharizw means also to make Holy, Bigger: not merely purify from uncleanness. For the dichotomy means a LACKING of capacity due to the limitation of being finite. So by being filled up with our sins, and them being converted by His Thinking which God the Holy Spirit ran, the sins made His Human Soul Bigger.. the purifying of them with the Thinking made Him PURE and Bigger, as a result.]

  2. The Solution Decreed: Put Infinity Inside Finity As A Hupostasis; thus via that hupostasis, CYCLE INFINITY INSIDE FINITY, to unite them and create fellowship/like-mindedness (1Cor1:9, Greek), based on mutual consent. Hence, The Uniquely-Born God-Man, Jesus The Christ Was Made And Is To Be Cloned Into Everyone Who Believes In Him. Note the elegance of that solution. Volition, His, in Isa53:10-11: Yes, Father, I will give My Soul as a Substitute for Sin. Volition, ours once saved: Yes, Father, I want to be built with Your Son's Thinking, in lieu of my own. Notice how sin doesn't matter, nor can works matter, since the issue is being BUILT with His Thinking -- BECOMING something, not doing something.

      What we became when we first sinned, was shattered. Soul fission. That's the natural, negative-derivative, effect of sin. Rejection of Infinite God has a total destructive effect on the rejector; for the power of that derived effect, is due to the nature of the One being rejected; and the nature of the rejector being smaller, is thus totally shattered. Had God not made you at birth a forever-living, INdestructible soul (Gen2:7 pattern), you'd never even survive your first sin. For in Divine Physics as in secular physics, derivative power always derives from the Object, never the subject.

      But sin also has a judicial effect, and that got passed over, decreed from eternity past to be reserved and given to Christ on the Cross. For the judicial effect, is what Love must contact in order for Love to be the Point of Reference (meaning, relationship basis) between God and mankind. So sins contacted Christ ON the Cross, but since He didn't sin, the sins were 'replied to' with Divine Thinking (but IN His Humanity, the Infinite Truth cycling under the Spirit). Hence the sins all CONVERTED into "DDNA", Divine 'DNA'; thus the exchange of His Righteousness for our sins, could be imputed to us (2Cor5:21, in context -- see also Romans Chaps 6-8). Hence Christ alone IS the Passover. What He BECAME, not what He 'did': 1Cor5:7 in context, lead-in to Chapter 6.

      So what He became, started from a 'base' of human perfection, and that perfection remained ("lamb without spot or blemish" verses), but it didn't contribute anything. It merely was the house to receive the imputation and judgement of sins due us, Isa52:13-54:1 (see Isa53trans.htm, because translated Bibles fuzz over what the inspired Bible text actually says). So what we are to become, starts from a 'base' of spiritual death and soul fission. But the Same Truth being poured into us post-salvation -- salvation being what solves the spiritual death problem (Tit3:5, 1Cor15:22, 2Cor5, John 3), so becomes the 'base' for solving the soul fission problem -- this Truth, can build us in the Same Way; solely via the Spirit's doing it, just as He built Our Way, Our Truth, and Our Life (Eph4:5's meaning). One Lord, One Doctrine ("faith", in English Bibles), One Baptism (in the Spirit, Romans 6) ON the Cross! Hence we are One in Him, fulfillment of John 17 positionally (judicial effect), and hence structurally (natural effect, John 3:3&7, "born from above"). ["Born again" is really not the first meaning of gennethei anwthen in Jn3:3,7: "born from above" is the first meaning. See Thayer's full lexical entry on the term anwthen, and Bauer, Danker full lexical entry meanings #1 and #4.]

      Translation of 1Cor5:8, as usual cuts God's Head off, ignoring anarthrous constructions (anarthrous=Divine, in Bible Greek, it's a frequent NT rhetorical device of distinction between Divine versus human quality); so the translation lies, making man's "sincerity and truth", rather than God's Integrity, (lol!) the cause of 'unleavened'. (Leaven=OT metaphor of sin.) But Greek anarthrous nouns eilikrineia and aletheia are joined by kai, so are equated: Paul again refers back to the five infinitives of Isa53:10-11, this time to katharizw and dikaiow, the beginning and ending infinitives. For to be unleavened is to be Justified, Pure. Notice how that gets done: "but by means of the Unleavened Bread of Integrity, even The Truth" (last clause in the sentence). You could also and probably better translate it, "but by Agency of the Unleavened Bread of Integrity: in fact, The Truth" [plays on His Moniker of Way Truth Life]. [The second translation is more in keeping with Paul's running rhetorical style of Head and Body. His Body is the Unleavened Bread, and Eucharist is the immediate context. Notice how obvious that is, since anarthrous. So notice how Christ is cut out completely, not just His Head, in translation!]

      For as Paul explained via his "unleavened" analogy (anarthrous, again) in 1Cor5:7, since you are in Christ, you are Passover, as He is. For you really Permanently Changed Nature the first nanosecond you believed in Christ. You are now as good as God (2Cor5:21), you have His Own Life (John 10:28), and you are a spiritual being (Tit3:5, 1Cor2) -- but with the soul fission, remaining. So you still think like you did before you were saved, and indeed have no way to tell that you are saved, due to that soul fission (salvation is "from above", so not discernible by human means, 1Cor2, 2Cor5). Task is to learn how to be this new person you are, and the Truth being poured (Rom5:5) into you via God's System (e.g., "henotes" usage in Eph4 and 1Cor), does all that. So the Fission Becomes Fusion in His Thinking. So you instantly became what you were not, before salvation -- you are now Near, like, God (i.e., per Eph2) -- but without the Function, since your soul remains shattered. It remains shattered, for volition produced that natural effect, so only volition can consent to God fixing the tohu wa bohu (Gen1:2, Hebrew -- metaphor of soul rubble depicted by the earth's being trashed by Satan&Co). So growing up in God's System is your life now, and everything in your life, right down to toothbrushing and traffic, is being used to Train you in His Thinking. But only, as you consent. And you consent, if you live in God's System (using 1Jn1:9 when you sin to re-enter). And you do not consent, if you don't live in God's System. So if you do not consent, no Function will be built atop your new nature, and you will (so to speak) remain like a baby forever and ever. Saved, happy about it, but.. that's it. God has bigger plans, and as you grow in His System, you'll come to learn His Plan for you (tailored to each believer, personally).

  3. Again, this insertion of Infinite Truth into each finite believer is all via contract, and it matters not at all that you sin; sins were all paid ON the Cross for the entire human race, 1Jn2:2; so you but acknowledge that (Greek verb homologew) by admitting the sin, 1Jn1:9 (precedents are Ps32:5, Ps66:18, the Levitical sin offerings). In fact, you can't learn how NOT to sin, if that contract isn't operating IN you, since soul fission occurred, and it takes Divine Power to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. So, the LXX of Isaiah53:10-11's five sweeping infinitives designate the process of Cloning His Thinking inside fallen-but-believing, mankind. You can see the full translation in either Isa53.htm or Isa53trans.htm (latter covers the whole chapter, from what we call Isa52:13-54:1); there are many complementary translations to make of the passage, each of which acts like a 'floor' of meaning within an astonishingly-well fitted, building. You can prove from the original-language texts of Bible that the rest of the Bible, points to this Chapter; which chapter, explains the ramifications and implementation of this eternity-past contract between Father and Son.

  4. So the macro picture of human history, is the history of God Implementing the Solution. Starting with, the Decree to create CHRIST, which is in Isaiah 52:13 (the real beginning of Chapter 53 in Hebrew); then giving freewill creatures the option of Choosing the Solution. For man (and probably angels also), God includes provision for the soul fragmentation which sin engenders, aka "salvation". ["Thinking" series takes the position angels also sinned and indirectly get saved through Christ via the Cross, but also shows how that might not be true, in the "What if angels didn't have Salvation?" link of LordvSatan2.htm. My pastor has taught and believed it both ways, and the latter position is what he seemed to finally decide was correct. I can't find any Scripture disagreeing with either position, so far; hence both positions are presented in that webpage.]

      To the extent that freewill creatures refuse the Solution, they are free to have the natural consequences of their several (and per-instance) refusals, John 3:36 (unbelievers) and Col3:25 (believers). [Note in John 3:36 that "believe" and "obey" are parallelisms. You aren't obeying if you aren't believing, no matter how many good deeds you are doing. Hence Revelation 20:11-15, unbelievers go to hell for their good deeds because they did NOT obey the Son, by Believing in Him per John 3:36. Couldn't be plainer that works don't save, that all sins got paid on the Cross; so you should use nothing but 1Jn1:9 like breathing, to stay in the Spirit. I must use 1Jn1:9 a bizillion times a day, even if I'm not sure I sinned, for this reason. Because the parallel to John 3:36 for believers, is Col3:25. "Adikia" is the last word in that verse, just as in 1Jn1:9 -- so if you aren't using 1Jn1:9, you are compiling a lot of wood, hay, stubble and Divine Discipline which will get you executed per 1Jn5:16, and embarrassed at the Bema, 1Cor3 and Rev4:1.]

      But they are not free to have the judicial effects, for God is Judge. So they are never imputed and judged for sin: To Make Holy, God The Father Must Impute And Judge His Own Son's Humanity, the "katharizw" and "aphairew" clauses of Isa53:10 -- else there can be no judicial redress or grounds for relationship with creation. For All Must Be Made Holy, Even Sin -- For Holy God To See It, 'Touch' It Juridically. Which happened only in His Son's Humanity ON the Cross, main theme of Book of Hebrews (esp. Chapter 10) and Romans (esp. Chaps 6-8).

      So the judicial effects, are all paid. So there are Replacing Judicial Effects, Isa53:12 -- sharing in the Plunder of Him. But one can Reject Receipt of those Replacing Effects; in which case the rejector is "electing against the will", 2Pet3:9 -- so doesn't Inherit the Will, either. In all events, because the judicial effects were not imputed and judged on anyone but Christ, God is never cheated. We can only cheat ourselves. ["Electing against the will" is a modern legal term, but its origin is in the Bible. Idea that you are a named beneficiary of a testamentary inheritance/bequest, etc. So the executor of the testamentary will comes to you and makes known your eligibility to receive the inheritance. You can refuse. At which point, the will has contingent clauses about how that property is transferred or handled.]

  5. As the cleverly woven explanations in 1Cor 1,2,5,6,7, 11-13, Romans 8 and Ephesians 3 and 4 depict, this implementation and cycling of Infinity inside finity is effected by the progressive and therefore VARIEGATED, depositing and running of God's Own Attribute of Truth; onto, God's Own Attribute of Righteousness (Rom8:4, 2Cor5:21); within, the variegated group of saved humanity, as each individual variantly accepts it. That "noble deposit" is Christ's Thinking; by contract, He became our "copybook" (Petrine term, Greek hupogrammos); so His Thinking can be replicated. The implementation pre-Christ was a "shadow" version (theme of Heb10). But now the "fullness of Christ" can be deposited in us. Bible's shorthand moniker for this goal and its function, is based on the fact that the Deity of Christ Indwells the believer (so the believer is to be dwelling in His Thinking, theme of John 15 and all of 1Jn) -- "in Christ", aka "Christ in you". Idea of filling the Living Temple (the believer) with the Thinking of Him Who is Glory (NT wordplay on God filling the Temple, in the OT).

      For since Truth is God's Attribute and God is Infinite, that Infinite Quality can be REPLICATED. It's a justice problem and a logistical problem and a legal-consent problem -- all of which, can be solved. Hence the Soul of the Humanity of Christ was first built in the Truth (hence "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"); hence we can COPY Him if we also learn what He thought in His Humanity, which is the NT; to go with His Thinking as God, the OT. So we "eat" (believe) this food once saved, in order to "grow in grace and in the knowledge" of Him (2Pet3:18); in order to reach the "fullness of Christ" (Eph4:13); which results in "Christ in you, the confident expectation of glory" (cute wordplay on His Indwelling and His Thinking being built in you, Col1:25-27).

      Since God is Judge, and free will is free will, both the nature of the creature and what he does with it, cause variance. This variance partly accounts for the differentiation in association contracts (aka "covenants") offered each group in time: angels have a different set of contracts versus humans, and humans differ by group in what contracts they also receive. In all events, however, salvation is the same (John 3:16, 2Cor5:21 -- see Gen15:6). In all events, however, Getting The Truth In You is the same mechanism. However, the degree differs: i.e., OT people can't get as much as we do because Christ hadn't yet grown up, John 7:39. Since God is Judge, each provision is more than fair, and is perfectly matched to the individuals in the group, as well as to the group itself. For God must see it all, and thus He has Infinite Vested Interest in being fair -- that's the Love, Ruling -- else He'd not have imputed and judged sins to His Beloved Son's Humanity on the Cross.

      The results of this variance produce varied individuals, hence a Federation of Kingdoms for all eternity. No one is equal at the end, though all started out equal in Christ. Because, we don't equally choose; so we all get exactly what we choose: justice as point-of-contact, again, with Love as the point-of-reference Reason for it all. So some will be kings ("Pleroma" in Eph4:13, 3:19 and elsewhere), while others will be paupers. [More precisely, all of Church are equal in Christ, but as a whole Church is a superior spiritual species versus the other covenantal groups, 2Cor5:17 and all the NT royalty concepts. But we all are equal pan-covenant, in that we get the Righteousness of God at salvation, Gen15:6, 2Cor5:21. In all events, we are not equal at the end because we don't equally avail ourselves of whatever covenantal provisions, are offered.]

        You can roughly gauge your level of spiritual progress by how well you perceive and respond to, God's Justice and Love. A spiritual child will perceive God's Justice as Sugar Daddy/Petty Judge, and bludgeon everyone else with that perception, too. A spiritual child will perceive God's Love in emotional terms, since he is too immature yet to even see God's 'neck' of Righteousness/Justice, so can't see above the 'neck', to God's Love. So the spiritual "height" (Eph3:19) is too short. Of course, as the spiritual child ages in God's System (see GodSystem.htm), he will get 'taller' spiritually, so will come to have a more mature (nearer eye-level) view of God's 'neck'. So at some point, the Holy-Spirit-run spiritual growth, results in perceptions of Righteousness/Justice with much more Grace-orientation: so he relaxes about the differentials in righteousness he sees in others, for example, and is FAR less inclined to judge. As this growth progresses further, the erstwhile childish preoccupations with people and things, give way to a progressive focus on God Himself, FOR Himself; which, frankly, is the reason why one begins to orient to Grace in the first place.

        As this pattern of DDNA transmutation keeps up, Love becomes visible, for enough Thinking of Christ has been built for the spiritual-dendritic connections to make this LOVE 'visible' in spiritual perception. So a dramatic (and usually tumultuous) shift in focus occurs in spiritual adulthood, though the emerging spiritual adult, might not notice its true identity for some while: the shift is AWAY from people and things, to be more exclusively ON God Himself. For Himself. [When this shift occurs, the person will likely think he is going backwards spiritually, for the new focus makes him see himself as inadequate, because He's now seeing God so much more clearly. That's how love always thinks -- it's never enough for the Love Object, when you truly love. So hang in there. "First Reason for Invisibility" link in LordvSatan3.htm sketches out the vicissitudes.]

        Further maturation shifts the focus to Christ Himself: spiritual maturation begins to consolidate at that point. From that point forward, Love for Him takes over the motivation, holds you together, 2Cor5:14. God's Own Integrity from all that learning of His Thinking (Bible, in God's System, so Under the Spirit) then produces what Paul talks about in Eph3:19-21 (in context, from v.15). The DDNA Head -- Christ's Thinking -- now goes through a completion stage in your head; as a result of which process, you 'see' Him face-to-face (always via Jn14:26); so you are at eye-level, above God's 'neck' in your perception of Him; in what Paul calls "Pleroma" (term in Eph3:19, etymologically the 'god' filling you up with his 'seed', apt metaphor of the Real Seed). So then, "Christ in you, the confidence of Glory", Col1:25-27, Phili1:21, is your life. You don't finish maturing until you die, which God determines; or, if you quit before you die, you won't finish, but until you die, you can always use 1Jn1:9 and go back. Analogous to mental secular maturation, the more you mature spiritually, the harder it gets. This is a REAL spiritual transmutation of your 'soul' DNA into DDNA. It's fulfilling, but it gets very tough internally, as you age. Divine Love is not natural to man, and he bucks it.

      Hence Isa53:12 is fulfilled: there are "great ones" who receive the "many", who are parcelled out like people-booty, by Christ Himself. [Isa53:12 is blasphemously mistranslated in almost every Bible I can read (most Romance languages +English). Again, no translator means to be blasphemous, but it happens just the same. Thus we know Satan&Co. manipulate us all. For, the translations generally make it look like the Lord only gets a 'share' with everyone else, how vile. The exceptions seem to be: Italian "IEP", the NVB 1995 Sao Paolo Edition, and Portuguese "ARA" 1993. The Vulgate looks like it's okay, too. I'm not good with German prepositions, which have many nuances; so I'm not sure whether the German translations are ok. Brenton's English is based solely on the LXX, so its rendering of Isa53:12 isn't complete, but does make it clear He inherits all, and then HE parcels out the booty.]

  6. The Glory accomplished by God in Christ is truly infinite, just as Ephesians 1 exults; from the nadir of the Cross, to the pinnacle of Trial Answer Completion and the commencement of Eternity. "God's Four-Part Trial Answer" link in Paradox.htm, the "Combat" table of LvS4d.htm and its companion "Paradox of Merit" table in LordvSatan5.htm, all focus on how Gifting, not deserving, is the only juridical basis for relationship God accepts. For God is UNCAUSED. He didn't 'merit', being God; nothing He did, 'made' Him God. So love is never about deserving, since God never 'did' anything to 'deserve' to be God. Moreover, merit issues kill and are barriers to Love: so long as merit remains a requirement, then relationship between two beings is BARRIERED by the merit; so love then cannot go except to merit; so the two beings really have no relationship with each other, but only to the merit. Thus the merit, not either person, is the 'god' over them both. Love would never accept that fornicating Separation. So the problem was to remove those barriers, even God-to-God; so the Greatest Work of All Time, the Cross.. is simultaneously no work at all, but itself a grace gift (Holy Spirit enabled Christ to endure the Cross; Christ didn't do it on ANY of His Own Power).

      Love loves foregoing. Love loves Freedom. So merit would never be the basis for relationship, except for the sake of insuring freedom. Freedom to Give. Freedom to Receive. Freedom to Enjoy. For Love is all about, Togetherness. Flat. No conditions. However, if the other person in the relationship has limitations, then the freedom to express Love is curtailed. Which curtailment is no compromise to Infinity, since Infinite Love loves infinitely foregoing; and as we saw in the first section on God's Nature, the Expression of Love is God-God, so no limitation with respect to finity compromises the Expression God-God. So the justice issue isn't merit, but the Sharing of Love with the finite creature; not to overwhelm the creature, and not to harm but rather to synergize, its enjoyment of the communion, the Togetherness: "filling all in all", end Eph1.

      Love and hence capacity-for-relationship, is measured by how much one wants to forego the self. It's not a merit question, but a capacity question. If you love comic books, you 'find' all kinds of reasons and time to 'spend' on them. You have a huge capacity for the comic books, owing to your love of THEM. You're not thinking of the self when you pour over your collection; you're thinking of the collection itself, and NOT your self. By contrast, if you hated comic books, you'd not be able to bear even a minute touching one. So Love is measured by the desire for the Object, which desire produces the capacity. The Integrity of the Love thus becomes the litmus of your ENJOYMENT. Again, it's not a merit question.

      So if you must do or be in some circumstance you can't stand, but your motive for staying there is something ELSE you love, you suddenly have capacity for what you can't stand -- again, boundaried by how much that LOVE for the something else, 'carries' you. So, 2Cor5:14, the Divine Love For Christ God built in us, holds us together. (Divinely holds us, God's Head is chopped off again in translation, "sun" prefix in verb sunecho. Sun-prefixed verbs are always God-doing-it verbs, see a lexicon of Thayer's caliber or better. See also Greek of James 2:22 and Romans 8:28, where God's Head is chopped off again, in most translations.)

      By contrast, if you love hating, then your fixation on other objects is to claim merit in the self. So you must progressively deny merit in anything else. So you must progressively lose enjoyment in whatever you do; increasing hatred becomes your 'enjoyment'. So again, note how merit is still not the question, but is being used as if the question, to justify hating the more. So the soul who makes merit claims, is a shrinking soul. Prickly, however nice the mask.

      If theology had figured out that Love is God's Head Attribute early on, we'd have a fully-integrated, mature theology by now; we'd have realized much sooner how the sin problem isn't about sin itself, but about the resulting capacity-for-relationship shrinkage that sin produces. When someone hates you, you can't well have a relationship with them. Separation is a must. So here, Love must order Hell not because Love wants that, 2Pet3:9; but because the haters want it, Luke 16:20ff. That and so many other theological conundra would have long been reconciled happily, under the recognition that Love is the Integrity of God.

      Again, the capacity-for-relationship differential was the initial Architectural Design Problem to Solve, since finity is hopelessly short of Infinity, however 'large' the finity. For finity of any size, is dependent on BARRIERS. But Infinity is Unbarriered. So any barriers can only be removed, via the Cycling of Infinite Truth inside finity: thus the barriers finity needs, are bypassed for the sake of the Relationship with God. Sin renders the desire for that Relationship, dead. So juridically, Love must stand off. This deadness-of-desire expresses itself in a replacing interest in merit. For one dies to wanting God Who Gifts, in favor of works one earns. One loves the earning, not the learning, when spiritually dead or carnal. Hence one hates, and not loves: for if you love, you want to learn, not earn.

      It's extremely important to rightly "divide" (interpret the boundaries of meaning in) Scripture. If you carefully analyze how God-to-God relationships are described, you realize that Each Member of the Trinity STOPs SHORT in their interactions, for the Volitional Response of the Other Member. So Father judges, but that's not a work, since Son pays; but Son pays, via the Spirit's empowering Him, rather than by using His Own Power. So in each case, NO Member of the Godhead can quite call what He does, a "work" -- for Another Member, 'rules' on it. So Father, not Son or Spirit, ruled on the imputation and judgement of sins -- but that didn't PAY them. So Son, not Father or Spirit, ruled on RECEIVING that imputation and judgement, so He truly did pay for sins -- but His ruling to receive, didn't EFFECTUATE the payment. Instead, Spirit, not Father or Son, Effectuated the payment -- but didn't actually pay for sin, Himself.

      See the irony in these fine distinctions? By stopping short of a 'work', the action taken by a Member (including Christ's Own Humanity) is a Gift, instead. Offer Given, made Subject to Consent. And the Consent is not a work either, since just after the consent, what Effectuates delivery, is undertaken by Another Member -- Who also stops short, pending consent. So the judicial problem was: can the Gift, be Given? That requires a Unilateral Decision on the part of the Giver. So it IS a competence question (all justice requires competence else love is not love).. but it is not, a works question. Is this the Right Gift to Give? Will the recipient be benefitted by it? Will Justice be compromised by Giving it? Giving has a lot of justice issues, inherent. Higher justice, giving. So the lesser justice issue of merit, need not become relevant: it was 'outflanked', so to speak.

      That's why 2Cor13:14 reads as it does. Grace of Christ, all of Him. Grace, not works. In most good lexicons, the very first meaning of Grace in Greek, is "delights"; delights which are above-and-beyond, having no judicial occasion; unowed, just because. Above, therefore, the justice-owing questions. Above, therefore, merit. So also, Father's Love. Love is Head, above questions of Justice; so also, the Communion ("fellowship" is okay, but too tame) of the Spirit. You can't buy love. You have rapport with someone or not, irrespective of merits. The shared thinking is just 'there' or is not. No amount of merit can create rapport, as many a newlywed couple find out to their chagrin.

      So we who are total DEmerit, benefit. So God Who is total MERIT but is UNCAUSED, benefits, for we can be Made Holy. Yet not by means of any work on His Part, for what HE does, is first a gift God-to-God. So, no compromise to Justice. So, salvation is through faith, not works (Eph2:8-9, basis for the Temple building chapter and verse of 2:10). So we are for FREE, Converted Into Merit: because GIVING is the basis, not merit: and it's the basis, God-to-God. Father, to Son's Humanity. Son's Humanity, to Father. Spirit, to Son's Humanity. Spirit, thus to Father. A circle. Airtight legally, baby. Unimpeachable, "once for all time", Heb10:10-14.

      See how merit claims are completely shorted out? For God didn't make HIMSELF, God. So all merit issues are completely irrelevant. Competence is relevant, but person-to-person merit issues are Rejected. Even and especially, on the Cross. Because, God Didn't Earn Being God, He Just Is God. Merit is not earnable. Sure, it's taught to us children as if earnable, to learn the Value of Competence. But one remains retarded forever, if one ever thinks merit is something one can genuinely earn. Satan is thus retarded. We need not be.

      For the Truth is, that Truth is full-spectrum. So for Truth to be Just, everything must be made Holy. Well that means Leveraging Good From Bad, not cutting out the bad. So bad is made a 'womb' (labor pains, "me amal" in Hebrew of Isa53:11), so Good Is Birthed Out From It. That's the competence of God. So you learn as a child to go through a bad thing to get to a good thing. And if you don't recognize that you aren't earning the good that results but rather get it as a GIFT, then you will never understand your so-great salvation, nor anything in this life. Morality sours when it stays childish, insisting that its behavior 'merits' something. Hogwash.

      For the Truth of LOVE is, that Love is full-spectrum, too. God throws Himself down! That's the First and Constant choice of Sovereignty, because God is Love. So Wants All the Bad, just as much as the good, yet without sin (because sin destroys competence). So goes through this CIRCLE.. going down, down, down, making holy even the dung beetle, for Holy God must see and touch it juridically, to Justify Seeing it. Then, having done so, up up up up -- up on the Cross, up in the Ascension, up Seated, bringing up with Him, all mankind who likewise look UP and believe ON Him. See the analogy? See how pervasive it is in Scripture, God's Throwing Himself Down due to LOVE? What can defeat it? Nothing! Outhen, 1Cor13:3! [Isaiah is amazing. He threads birthing and down-up vocabulary throughout Isa52:13-54:1. In Isa53trans.htm I tried to depict these threads: the down-up words are usually in italics. That chapter is really worth spending a good month on, in the original-language texts. Sheer rubies, all of it.]

      Of course, this circular nature and hupostasis, is reflected everywhere in the world you look, too. Light converting matter, for example, and vice versa - the quintessential realtime portrayal of God's Infinity-in-You Communion Design, the "deiknumi" and "plassw" clauses of Isa53:11. Then there's Economic equilibrium. Orbits. Sideways-8 of mathematical infinity. Fractals. Black holes functioning as star wombs and star graves. Financial leverage. War and peace, work and rest. Aging (ashes to ashes, dust to dust). Cell development. Cycle of all life itself, the dead always nourishing the living, and the living justifying the dead, Hebrews Chaps 9-10, leading captivity captive, Eph4:8ff. Constantly the hupostatic nature of cycling down (to save mankind, Immanuel!) then cycling back (up, to God Who Gave Salvation). Just as Divine Thought is to be cycling in us By Design , so also the entire nature of everything in the universe reflects that cycling. Sweet savor, Hebrew (OT) words ala, ola, up-to-God, Greek en and epi ("en"=cycling, in-the-sphere-of, by-means of; and "epi" means upon-foundation, atop, idea of going UP).

      All this, depicted in the Greek "he agape tou theou" (pronounced hay aGAHPay two THEH-oo), which is ironically translated either Love of God (belonging-to, from), or Love FOR God. Subjective and objective use of the genitive, a Greek-geek CIRCLE feature which Latin also has, rendered famous in the "amor matris" line of James Joyce's first short story in Ulysses. Rendered first famous in eternity past, Isa53:10-11, "If you will give Your Soul as a Substitute for Sin".

  7. So God is anxious (so to speak, Jas4:5, Ps23:6) to BUILD anyone anywhere, anytime.. who wants to Know Him. Doesn't matter what you are, what you were, but who you will be, if God pours His Truth into you.

      For God is not content with evolution, but with REVOlution. Back to Him, united. Never separated. So scrap all those dippy evolutionary ideas and their animistic, metempsychosic (reincarnation) originators -- God Transmutes you instantly in His Son, 2Cor5. Old things have passed away, and you're only down here still -- to choose how much resultant COMPATIBILITY forever, you want. For Love doesn't wait, and yet forever waits. LOVE never coerces, yet nothing can defeat it. Your choice, whether you want to throw away your old life, or spend it emptily like Don Quixote (Satan): chasing after this world's windmills, thinking them.. giants.


FootNote #1, Due Diligence Notes: For you to vet source material, I must disclose sources; generically, it never matters who is the human source, since only God is the Source of everything; but it does matter if you need to vet source material under God, for your own due diligence. Ergo: I didn't invent this "Love is the Integrity of God!"; my pastor learned it via the subjective and objective genitive (inter alia) of Romans 5:5 and similar verses, with 1Jn4:19; all this, under the rubric of researching 1Cor13:4ff in order to refine the teaching on its Love=Canon=Head wordplay. So I'm never 'selling' my own pastor, when I mention him as a source; you need to know what the sources are, or I've mislead/hampered you in your own due diligence; hence it's wrong not to disclose them.

    2nd Disclosure: I didn't know his Year 2000 teaching until December 12/04. But during 2000-2004 when I wrote most of my sites, I got the same information as he was then teaching, but via extrapolation of his earlier lessons (1996-1999 92SD tapes). As a result, I also had been learning about the subjective and objective genitive in Rom5:5 during those earlier tapes, and in connection with the same verses (i.e., "love of God" verses and 1Jn4:19); then, I stumbled on James Joyce's quip about subjective and objective ("amor matris" quote in his first chapter of Ulysses); which 'happenstance' (yeah, right, no accidents in the Christian's life!) turned on a grammatical lightbulb: oh, it's a 'Circle', the role of Love in God's Integrity! That's WHY we can love as God does, which 1Jn4:19 flatly says! So if you are under my pastor or listening to his year 2000+ tapes, you'll see some differences versus 'my' writing. I'm updating the websites piecemeal: this page, DDNA.htm and DueDisclosure.htm are somewhat updated, yet sparsely.

Theology's historical development is an index of aggregate Christian spiritual development over the centuries. So its lowness or highness of understanding, tells you much about Christian immaturity, as a whole. So: you can't imagine the enormous amount of theological debate which has gone on for centuries, about which of God's Attributes, was topmost. You'd think we all thought of God as just this depersonalized collection of attributes, kinda like Satan was insuinating in Gen3 with his "Elohim" epithet in Gen3:1b (rudely calling God by only 'His Last Name', as my pastor puts it).

So historically, denominations roughly divide over which of His Attributes is deemed topmost, and the divisiveness among Christians resulting, would oftentimes be slapstick, if not so tragic. All in vain! Makes one feel rather stupid now to realize how obvious the answer has been, all along.

Love is the Content of Sovereignty, else Sovereignty wouldn't hold together, and Righteousness and Justice would never be Fulfilled.

So this "Love is the Integrity of God!" is the first explanation I can find to properly synthesize all the many ideas about how God's Attributes interrelate, into a Perfect fit -- all the other ideas are defective in some way, and (usually) the proponents know the ideas are defective. From what I can tell, the main reason all our ideas have been defective, is due to mistranslation in 1Cor. This mistranslation cuts the Lord's Head off everywhere His Head is mentioned. So we only 'see' from the 'neck' down, hence put a 'body' spin on what Paul is saying, and run around clueless, like headless chickens. Watch:

  • Paul's main theme in that epistle is Head and Body, showing how Head=Love=Word.
  • Paul's central thesis is stated in the Greek of 1Cor1:5 and v.10, but the translation cuts the Lord's Head off, so you don't see what Paul says.

  • In 1Cor1:5, the Greek wordplay is ho logos en [your] logoi, idea of His Head in our heads, Word CYCLING; but it's anthropcentrically, legalistically mistranslated. It should read, "because by Agency of The All, The Everything [a moniker for Christ's Thinking, defined in Jn14:23-26] you were made wealthy in Him: by means of all His Word, even by means of all His Understanding". Paul is referring them back to the eternity-past contract of Isa53:10-12 when he says this, especially the five infinitives of 53:10-11 in LXX, as the MEANS of implementing Isa's suneisis and merizw LXX keywords (in Isa53:11 and 12, respectively); because the Lord Himself referred to them in His John 17 prayer via "sanctify them in Thy Truth: Thy Word is Truth" (Jn17:17-21, carefully note context). [Nerd Note: In 1Cor1:5, Greek hoti means BOTH "that" to denote content of a previous reference (Grace Gift, verse 4), and it's causal. English has no good equivalent, so I opted for "because", since causality is the stressed theme in v.5. Next item: in Greek, when you have a passive verb (made wealthy) and then en phrases, where a Person is the object of "en", it should be translated "by personal agency". If my pastor taught us that once, he taught us that 1000 times. Moreover, the chaining of the "en" preposition should be translated "by means of", though the inherent locative-of-sphere quality of "en" is always present. Next item: plurals of pas are used as substantives when standing alone. Paul uses the anarthrous panti (so we know he means Christ, for it's anarthrous in Jn14:26, too) and then panti again as an adjective, to refer BACK to the first panti; then he uses it a third time.. there's no mistaking Whose Word and Understanding this is, k? Moreover, panti plus the entire sentence, refers back to the plunder clauses in Isa53:10-12's LXX. We know it's HIS Word and HIS Understanding given the wording of the verse, and its anarthrous construction (no articles in the entire verse, a rarity). So it's a real faux pas to have cut His Head off and put man's head atop in translation, claiming it's man's words and man's understanding, sorry. Back in 1611 or so, this is maybe excusable, but certainly not since the 1800's, when classical Greek was something of a lingua franca among intellectuals. So even more clearly, the 20th century "new" translations just copied, didn't actually re-translate from the original languages, gotcha! Concerning the tie to John 14, remember that the date a Bible book is written is always after the terms are known. Every book is written at or near the end of a person's ministry, with the exception of Paul and Jeremiah, who had to write far-flung audiences contemporaneously; the idea is, to leave behind a written record of what they said. So John was written in the 90's AD, but the content was known from the time the Lord was here. That's why there is so much axiomatic idiom in Bible, like "all things", ("ta panta", or anarthrously, just "panta", in Greek); which idiom, leaves modern lazy heads, scratching.]

      So in John 17:17-21 we see the same dual hypostatic structure that is God Himself: Will willingly bonds to Truth. Love for the Truth. Love the Head Attribute, without which, all the truth knowledge is meaningless: 1Cor13:1-3, contrasted with 1Cor13:4-13. So all other Attributes are True, so are Characteristics of the Truth. Undivided. One.

  • In 1Cor1:10, the Greek wordplay is even more fabulous: Paul uses his humorous "beseech" sarcasm (see also Rom12:1, lol) that they don't splinter from His Head (thinking) but instead become Head-equipped (katartizw, passive voice, see Eph4:12)! parakalOH, what a verse! "I beseech you, brethren, THROUGH the Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that HIM [lit., this testimony of Him, vv6-9] you all think/speak [Attic Heroic accusative, His Head in your head, so you 'think' Him; His Word in your words, so you 'speak' Him]; and that you never ON YOUR OWN, schism/splinter [From Him]; but instead you RECEIVE-the-full-repairing-and-equipping, by means of HIS OWN Thinking, even by means of HIS OWN Understanding." Again, Paul refers them back to Isa53:10-12. See the difference, versus the translations? See how the translation egregiously cuts His Head off yet again three times in this verse, just like they did in v.5? But when the translation is corrected, see the awesomely-witty Greek wordplay pointing back to the correct meaning of v.5? Astounding, this Word of God! Downright blasphemous, the published translations.. wouldn't you say? [Nerd note: Greek katartizw means to first REPAIR (like surgery, mending a net, a fence, a roof) and THEN fully kitting out/equipping. Both meanings need to be brought out. Verb is also used in Eph4:12 to describe the pastor's job with reference to the mending and equipping of believer souls, which is what Paul is talking about here, seven years prior to writing Ephesians. Paul loves wordplay. So Paul uses every gender of autos to show completeness, parallelling the Testimony with the Having of His Mind. In short, to have the testimony (before God and angels, upcoming in 1Cor4:8-9, but introduced in 1:8) -- have the Thinking of Christ. So: the neuter of autos in v.10 technically refers back to marturion (testimony) in v.6, which is the only other neuter referrent (gender and case of autos in this later verse refers back to a noun of the same case in a prior verse); so means the TESTIMONY (deposition), but it's about HIM, this testimony, v.5. So in v.10, "me ei en humin schismata" is multiple entendre, idea of choosing their own testimony, their own thoughts, and hence schisming. Focusing on themselves, and looking at each other, equipping themselves with splintering schism, rather than looking at Him; rather than, being equipped inside by God the Holy Spirit with the Lord's Own Thinking (second autos in v.10 is male, meaning the Lord directly), and His Own Understanding (feminine use of autos, referrent back in v.5). Very witty, very much the problem they were having, which is why Paul is writing; very prophetic, for all Christian history after Paul wrote. Verses 11-29 go on to show the effect of being on their own, tieing together worldly foolishness with schisming; headless chickens. So wear the Head you have, vv30-31; else you will butt heads, because then you ARE buttheads. See? Like the clever genitive in Eph4:23, here in 1:30 is stated the principle that we lost our brains when we believed in Christ, lol: so only can have His Superior Thinking, now! This Head Replacement Theme continues in Chap2, see also 3:18-23! The unending WIT of the Word of God!]

  • After spending Chapters 2-3 on the Head, he proceeds to spend Chaps 4-6 on the 'body' of their bad testimony; then he sketches what constitutes good vs. bad Head Testimony in body-stuff (including religious fornication, by analogy) in Chaps 7-10. Then, he returns to the Headship Fellowship issue in Chap11 (testimony before God and angels, again). So Chap12 is on the relationship between Head and Body. Here, 1Cor12:7 is a crescendo verse, setting up a crescendo concept of United Head and Body, another Word=Head verse. Here in my pastor's corrected translation it says, "Now to each one is given for the benefit (didomi+dat of advantage) of the team (sumpheron), the Doctrinal Teaching (phanerosis) OF (objective gen.) the Spirit, for the purpose of being beneficial to the team." (pros to sumpheron, with pros as acc of purpose and sumpheron, idiomatically: it's Attic Greek prep phrase, concept of purpose of benefit to the organization.) [This is my pastor's translation, but you can verify it in the original MSS of BibleWorks. You have to cross-check how a word is used in Scripture, as well as in Greek lit., not merely look at lexicons. Bauer, Danker lexicon considers this verse obtuse. I don't know why. It's wordplay, the CIRCLE of the subjective and objective genitive, really, but in Greek grammar you have to pick one as being 'upper': it BELONGS to Him, but you listen TO HIM, so it's a circle, really; and the end of this circle is the purpose, so you 'pick' the objective genitive. Phanerosis has the root sense of bringing to light, which meaning you can trace elsewhere in Bible (cognates); and in the OT light always means the Word (it's a Hebraism); light is the result of Him being sacrificed for us, Isa53:11. So it's not about the Spirit revealing Himself, primarily. Only human ego can so mess up an established OT doctrine (God as Light for the world), to think that phanerosis is about the Spirit doing flashy body stuff, lol.]

  • So 1Cor12:7-14 is on the SPIRIT uniting the team; not, what they themselves do; and he ties the distribution to Isa53:10-12 (bouletai twice in Isa53:10, which 1Cor12:11 uses, parallelism of result (Isa53:11 uses phos, so phanerosis refs back to phos); diairew in 1Cor12:11 will tie to merizw in Isa53:12 and to melos in 1Cor12:12-27). So we are tied to His Body on the Cross, and hence to His Head which paid for it all. Can't translate all this into English, it's impossible. In Bible, you gotta learn to think like a thesaurus, lol. [Nerd note: Bouletai should be translated "He delights", because the normal word for "wills" is thelw. Paul uses the exact same word as twice in Isa53:10 LXX, which sheds light on (pun intended), which "He" was doing the purifying and plundering, especially given His Brooding Mother Hen role in Gen1:2. Awesome: need to think over that implication more, see if other verses support that idea. You can tell the Spirit is involved in Isa53, because of the frequent ffff'ing use of nephesh, with ruach actually embedded in the 'seeing' wordplay next to nephesh, in Heb of 53:11; ruach and raah sound alike, and of course you are in the dark apart from the Spirit, seeing nothing.]

  • Then there's the fabulous wordplay in 1Cor12:31 -- so at its end, he's just finished describing the non-splintered body, so now will describe the Head of it -- so he uses the fabulous huperbole (what is 'over' the body, surpasses it, see) -- as introduction to the famous Love=Word=Head of 1Cor13. The translator AGAIN missed the wordplay inherent in huperbole, so instead of translating it "surpassing" (which would help an English reader get the pun), he usually translates it "more excellent". Aarrrggghhh.
  • Paul always uses huperbole to reference Head, as in Eph3:19, and earlier in Eph1:19. Of course, the wordplay is missed there, too. So of course, Isa53:11 in the LXX is missed also -- deiknumi infinitive, in that verse -- which Paul pointedly (heh) uses, in 1Cor12:31. Pointing to the Head Attribute, His Thinking, Which is Love; which surpasses all (Eph3:19). Head, over Body.

  • So all 1Cor13 is on this Head Attribute. But we cut God's head off so think it's human love Paul is talking about, not His Thinking, which is agape, "Divine Love". Never human love. The persistent cutting-off of God's Head over the last five+ centuries of Bible translations is everywhere inexcusable, but especially here. Chapter flat doesn't make sense, as a result. Isa53:10-11's five infinitives are Personified.. in Him. Happening, to us in this Love Circle, which Paul is demonstrating here in 1Cor13; which Circle Paul would later remind readers is the Solver of Everything in Romans 5, esp. v.5. Couldn't be balder. And we couldn't be blinder, either.

  • So 1Cor13 shows the Hupostasis of Will+Truth, which means Love+Truth, the Greatest Spiritual Gift of All, Christ's Own Thinking.. going into us. When completed Canon, we grow up from our childish needs for flashy things. We grow up from merely believing, to confident believing.. to full-blown, Divine Love: for the greater of these, is His Thinking, which Is Love. God is Pure Thought. And in His Humanity, He BECAME the Truth. So Became in His Humanity.. Divine Love. One Person, One Will, One with Father in BOTH Natures. So now, we can be as well. John 17, fulfilled. Dichotomy, resolved!

  • 1Cor 14 is parenthetical, on what to do at the time with the temporary gift of tongues -- saying the Gospel to unbelievers, see Acts 2 -- which was to be phased out when the Temple was destroyed (Isa28, principle of last Discipline cycle of Lev26 to the Jews, fulfilling Dan9:26). Chapter 15, not using tongues, he reviews that same Gospel; then, switches to the 'other end', what happens to the body as a result of having believed in the Head, fabulous wordplay on the Riches (1Cor1:5) of now getting the 'spiritual body' of His Thinking, since only those Riches go with you at death (tying back to 1Cor3). Notice how Chapter 16 is on the administration of money. For 15 prior chapters he's been talking of Real Wealth -- Head in you. So no wonder Chapter 16 is like a footnote.

  • And not without corroboration in balder verses! John 14:23-26 ties Love to Keeping Word, even in translation; with "obey" mistranslated (but NASB is closer, though still diluted, "keep"): it's TEREW, the quintessential marital/martial CHERISH verb, so you guard what you cherish close to your heart; not something you 'do'. So Love is the Integrity; not, tit-for-tat, i-do-for-God-he-does-for-me garbage. John reminds the reader of this in 1Jn2:5, same keyverb, which after all is what Christ "did", Matt4:4. So imitating Him, 1Jn2:6, is to Love the Word as He did. Word, not works.
  • So John 17, the Love prayer, marital oneness. Marital oneness is a Shared Thinking; if you've ever known an old happily-married couple, you know something about this kind of oneness. (That's why sex is only designed for inside heterosexual marriage; the shared intimate thinking can't develop closely enough to go with the sharing of the bodies, in any other 'configuration'. Shared thinking with God is the only oneness which will make you happy. Anything else is too small, too 'removed', so is like sex-outside-marriage, in its ultimate-emptiness effect.)
  • So Eph3:15-19, a series of Love Circles in the Greek of each verse. Translation would require a whole webpage, but first look at three words in Eph3:17: katoikesai ton Christon. The infinitive ("to be at home, to dwell") takes the accusative of place, normally. So "to dwell in Christ", even as He dwells in you, is signified (fulfilling John 17 prayer); but Paul is using an Atticism when he uses the accusative case -- Drama accusative of general reference, the Hero doing the action of the verb. So Christ dwelling in you, again fulfilling what the Lord said back in John 14:20, the lead-in to verses 23-26. And how does this dual dwelling -- you in Him, Him in you -- occur? tes pistews en tais kardiais humwn -- His Thinking (usu. mistranslated "faith") in your hearts (believing part of the soul). Again, heart is CIRCLE, His Head in your head. That's rapport. That's what holds you together, 2Cor5:14 (sunecho), that's integrity. His Head in your head is the true riches of glory, Eph3:16. Couldn't be more obvious. In the OT, it was merely, "You with me!", Psalm 23. But now, it's "You in me!" Hence the dramatic Hero Accusative in Eph3:17 -- the ultimate Integrity Love circle! [If you are a taper, L.1826 of 92SD, side 2, covers exegetical points on Heroic accusative and the infinitive of purpose. I got the circle concept from the additional facts surrounding katoichew's transitive use, hence normal taking of the accusative-of-place, in BibleWorks: Bauer Danker and Thayer, meaning #2 in each. And you know it's both Hero and Place, because Paul didn't put (monadic) ton Christon before the verb: which would be the usual syntax, when stressing only the Hero; like Peter sarcastically does, in 2Peter 1:9 (with lethen).]

  • Next notice five other words in Eph3:17: en agape errizwmenoi kai tethemeliwmenoi. LOVE CIRCLE, baby. 'Body' of His Thinking you dwell in for He dwells in you, katoikesai ton Christon dia tes pisteuws en tais kardiais humwn. So now, your Attitude of Guarding, terew, results from that Thinking being IN you, en agape errizwmenoi kai tethemeliwmenoi. "En agape", in/by means of God's Love (agape only means Divine Love, in Greek, so if you get it, you got it from God, never from yourself). "Errizwmenoi", Rooted in His Thinking, so Rooted in Love, like a kudzu plant, taking over all other 'vegetation' in your life. (The kudzu is the most prolific of plants, a real problem in America's southern states.) "Tethemeliwmenoi", thoroughly Founded In, established in a Secure Place, Impregnable. Integrity. Love=Word=Head. God's. Christ's. In you and CYCLING, the strength you received (passive voice of krataiow) by personal agency of the Spirit, Eph3:16. Couldn't be plainer, in the Greek. No good way to translate all this cycling wordplay, either.

  • But of course, wherever "agape" or its cognate verb is used on a standalone basis in Bible, we cut God out -- so instead of properly translating it "Divine Love" (etc.), we just cut off the Head of that Love, and say "love". As if it were something we puny could 'do'. What arrogance. This is the most common translation error in Bible, to Reverse the Divine Actor and Replace/Substitute him with some measly human actor. Egregious. And you just know, not one translator ever means to cut God out. So it's satanic blinding, at work. We are not able to resist sin or Satan, on our own: breathe 1Jn1:9 or your spiritual life is comatose and blaspheming. Which surely you'd never want it to be!

So over the centuries we've missed the Head, and gone on with our Titanic theologies, rearranging the deck chairs, playing music.. imagining our many tomes and tom-ers, spiritual Titans.

    No wonder Christianity has sunk so low, over the centuries. We couldn't even figure out God's Nature back in Constantine's Day; so stupid we were, that we convened bleeping councils, rather than conferring with God In Bible! But hey: it took 15 centuries, to even get back to understanding the Gospel (Reformation, its main cause for separation from Catholicism). Oh well: theological retardation notwithstanding, John 3:16 has always been accurate enough in translation for anyone to believe. Note how smart God is: LOVE is stated there as God's Reason for sacrificing His Son. Not, to get you to do works. The Love Preceded All Else, Founds All Else, themeliow/yasad, Foundation of The Temple. So, the Foundation of God, is His Love; hence the question 'became', the JUSTICE COMPETENCE to execute it. For love never wants incompetence. God's Competence, for God's Love. Undivided, saving you, clear in translation, despite centuries of theological puerility. Children like to bludgeon each other in the name of justice, and know nothing of love (see Fielding's Lord of the Flies). So they know nothing of justice, either: for Love is Sovereign, else what's the point of Justice? And since Love IS First, then Righteousness and Justice constitute the COMPETENCE expression of Love.

      Oh how easy to grasp God's Nature, once you understand the nature and primacy of Sovereignty's all-encompassing Love, Eph3:18: His Breadth, Length and Height and Depth! The five infinitives of Isa53:10-11 LXX doing that building-up! 1Jn4:12-16 portrays the Eph3:18 dimensions in reverse order, to depict the macro chronological development of Church: another circle, completing God's Testimony in the Angelic Trial; at which point, the Rapture and Bema come (v.17). All the centuries of religious councils' conundra vanish, and the Whole Building is easy to view!

    So of course we have also messed up, because Love By Nature Subordinates, so we've treated it as a subordinate Attribute! LOL, big mistake. it's because Love subordinates, that it is The Supreme Among God's Attributes, the only one which can Rule And Make Happy, all else. Peter's palindrome in 2Pet3:11, "huparchein" -- the Ruler is the Most Ruled! What wordplay! In his letters, Peter deliberately goes overboard to use every "hupo" Greek form he can; to stress how hupostasis comes from huparchein, since that's how THE Hupostasis, Christ, got developed! So what sort of persons must we really become? Just like Him, as per the contract of Isa53:10-12! See, in the LXX, "huper" is the operative preposition. So "hupo", its sister/brother, is a very common Greek prefix, as well as a prep in its own right: for you go under what you love as a substitute for whatever else, you're not going 'under'. What a brilliant way to illustrate the Master Nature Of Love! Subordinating! Undefeated! Invincible! So Paul writes in 1Cor13:13, "the GREATER of these is Love." That's why.

Thus you can immediately separate the sheep from the goats among the world's alleged 'holy' books. For only the Bible solution, pays God. No other argument pays God in any holy book you'll ever read. You can prove that. Pick any book you like. Strip off the flowery, seducing vocabulary to get to the actual, bare tenets. Then evaluate what they do for God. Nothing, that's what they do. We saw at the beginning of this webpage how, because Love is King of His Attributes, the King chooses to be the most 'ruled' BY the Other Attributes, so Justice to God Himself is the chief goal of His Love. Hence all juridical freedom, exists. Even, the freedom to go to hell. All fake holy books skirt (or even derisively deny) this most important, Love-Juridical issue. All of them. Test that claim for yourself. The 'god' character as portrayed by the book itself, tells you what 'god' wrote it. Tells you what 'god' those who believe in that book, want. Tells you how those book-believers themselves, are. Alikeness of character comes from what likenesses of 'god' you believe.

For the Holiness of God is His Love: for only LOVE can insure the Competent Function of Justice, and He's Not Competently Insuring Justice if He's Not Just To Himself! So Holiness is Love's Integrity, inviolable and inviolate. So the fake holy books cut out God's LOVE. Goatish of them to do that, huh.

Thus you can immediately separate the sheep from the goats in the world's Christian theologies, too. Notice how they all cut the Head-Love off, in what follows.

  • Those alleging God isn't 'free' to ignore His Justice are flat wrong. He'd not be God if He weren't free. Rather, because Love is His Head, He won't ever disregard His Justice. Never wants to. Not, 'can't', lol.
  • Same, for the goofy idea that God is unable to sin. Of course He is ABLE, dingdong -- that's what "omnipotent" means! -- but He doesn't ever want to.
  • Same, for the goofy idea that Sovereignty must cover Omniscient 'eyes' when deciding who to save. Sheesh. Why would the God who IS Truth, not 'consult' Truth? So God is only God if He ignores truth? Puleese.
  • Or, the goofy sibling insanity, that somehow Omniscient God shouldn't elect based on FOREKNOWLEDGE of who would believe in Christ; because somehow that basis of Sovereign Election, cedes power to man. Yeah, right. By that 'logic', "God" is a vulnerable, weak, and therefore capricious TYRANT -- and man is the 'lucky' recipient of his maybe-yes, maybe-no, benevolence? Yeah, that's how Bezite Calvinism and the Koran depict God; but not the Bible, k? [The Koran, like the Book of Mormon, specializes in Delphic ambiguity; so there's this really cool refrain about how you might not get into Paradise (never heaven, only paradise under the earth) -- even if you did believe in Allah. Book of Mormon twists actual NT Bible verses which mandate you be saved, in order to negate them; which is hysterical, since the Book of Mormon claims to have been written circa 586BC when there was no New Testament! Example: Acts 4:12, misquoted in 2Nephi -- the twists turn the mandate into a maybe-yes, maybe-no (in 2Nephi, "must" of Bible is turned into "might", therefore nullifying salvation for anyone believing in the 2Nephi verse, very clever). See SatStrat.htm's links on Koran and Book of Mormon, for further details.]

So all these centuries, we've cut God's Head off in our many theologies, of every denomination and no denomination; evaluating Him in body terms, hence the stress on His Power and Majesty, how He's owed sinless perfection. Or, when we do look at 'love', we give that Attribute a gushy role, as if God were human, 'motivated' by something outside Himself -- making us the gods 'motivating' Him, of course! But all this time, we've paid scant attention to why He Thinks as He Thinks, and What He thinks. We don't ask why; instead, we adjudge 'why' questions as 'unholy', disloyal, a 'mystery'. Thus we pat ourselves on the back for believing in Him despite not knowing why -- thus acceding to the same 'withholding knowledge' complaint as in Gen3! How vile: surely it's Satan's 'hand' which so blinds us; for we don't see God from the 'neck' UP, century after century. We poor humans, weltering in our blood (Eze16:6) thus judge God too narrowly, as if power was supposed to be His highest attribute. Guess again! Love is THE Power, as 1Cor13 proves. Oh well. Never too late to get into the original-language texts of Scripture.

It's true that we can't understand God apart from the Holy Spirit's power. It's true that Scripture is no soundbyte, and instead is this thickly-woven veil of superlative beauty. It's true that our nature in Adam makes us naturally afraid and resistant of learning anything about Him. But for all that, we have no excuse; so the only reason it took so long for a teacher to be able to fit the Description of God's Nature together, is that other teachers (etc.) through the centuries, didn't want to know God often enough and hard enough to be grown up to know Him. Many did learn parts of the answer, and well; and over the centuries, all these partials were helpful; but the answer is simple, and 'hidden' only if you don't ask God where to find it, in Bible.

In sum, it's never our fault and always our fault; no one is exempt. Always our fault, for the Word is plain, but we were puerile, instead. Never our fault, because only God can enable reading what's in front of our very eyes. So these our best and brightest minds of theology over all these centuries, couldn't read -- so we the laymen are even more blind (speaking humanly), more guilty. But God is gracious to us all, and has 'managed', thank you very much, to reveal the correct answer about Himself: which answer, has been sitting in the original-language texts of Bible, for anyone to discover, lo these many centuries. Subordinating it until the day when we will love the answer: 'now'. What a Love Letter, this Precious Word!

But Love is Faithful, ever providing the Answer: for with knowing the Role of God's Love in God's Sovereignty, a complete and unified-field theology, can now be Headed: replacing, all our many childish wranglings over which Attribute was King of the Hill. True wealth is this Love of God, as my pastor likes to say. Open Book is this Bible; and now available in public format, the Love Circle of Isa53:10-11's LXX, the Love Circle of subjective and objective genitive, all wholly provable from those precious, Infallible, original-language Bible texts: in this, the 5th ("profit") 490-year TimeGrant from the Crucifixion; for anyone who wants to know, anywhere in the world.. from the God Who forever wants to love us!

FootNote #2, Due Diligence Disclosure on LordvSatan1's writing: I didn't know back in April 2000 when writing LordvSatan1.htm that my pastor was then teaching the same thing: I was several years behind in his tapes, going sequentially. But those earlier tapes lead to the same shattering conclusions as in his year 2000+ classes. He retired in 2003. In 2005, his ministry published a revised Integrity of God book, but it reflects nothing of those year 2000+ classes; probably, because my pastor contracted Alzheimer's; so he couldn't put the material IN the book. So it's not like the tapes. So only the "92 Spiritual Dynamics" tapes from 1996-2003 have this information. Well, you can see him developing the doctrine as early as (maybe January?) 1988, Lesson 729 (maybe even earlier) on Eph3:19, in "1985 Ephesians" series: in that lesson the main point was that without Love leading, you don't grow up in the doctrine. Frankly, he's always taught that you have to grow from just study to loving God because of what you learned, and that love is God's Love IN you, growing from what you've learned; he started stressing that fact beginning back in 1981, when he exegeted 1Jn verse by verse. All this is surprisingly easy to vet in the original-language texts of Bible.