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God hears each of our thoughts, so the spiritual life is about learning how to think toward Him: Christ's counter-thinking on the Cross paid for sins when they were imputed and judged on Him, Isa52:13-54:1. Christ did that because He wanted to KNOW God. His Humanity's knowledge was limited, and in His Humanity He had to keep on WILLING to RECEIVE the knowledge from the Holy Spirit. He was motivated to do that, because He wanted to KNOW God. So He learned and lived on the Word, Matt4:4. Not, to gain status. Not, to think well of Himself. But because HE LOVED SEEING GOD. It was never about sin, never about religion, but ONLY about being One with God, John 17.

That same Love Creation Contract is the Legacy for our own spiritual life, Isa53:10-12, 2Cor13:14, John 17:13-24. Therefore:

  • The real spiritual life is thinking toward God, as we are Royal Priests under Christ the King, 1Pet2:5, 9, Rev1:6, Rev 5:10, Phili 2:5-10, etc.
  • The 'currency' aka 'blood' of that thinking, is Bible-in-your-head, lived on, Matt4:4.
  • Only the Holy Spirit can enable such thinking, even as He did for Christ Himself, 1Cor2, John 4:23-24, John 14:26, Isa52:13, 53:12c.
  • Hence whatever is wrong in our thinking, only God can correct (i.e., sin habits, incorrect beliefs, etc).
  • So the objective is to habitually Think Toward Father, no matter what denomination you are, what kind of person you are.
  • For, Eph2:10, each of us is HIS Craftsmanship.

    Here's a quick video on God's Grand Design, summarizing the above.

Consequently, one of the thinking patterns to develop, is self-auditing. Am I thinking correctly? What do I need to think better? One should never stand pat on beliefs. Standing pat is not holy at all; nor is it loyalty: it's stubbornness, fear, laziness. If science stood pat on its beliefs, human civilization would still be in rags. Truth proves itself, so "the ear tests truth" (Elihu, to Job), "test me in this" (God, to Malachi), "judge yourselves" (Paul, to Corinthians), "test the spirits" (1Jn4) are all mandates, not options. Notice how thinking skills get developed when you obey those mandates.

    Hence I write webpages to audit myself, account for beliefs, get closer to the truth about God: why He even bothered to create, and what is His Design for mankind. This webpage summarizes the main theses which resulted. You'll get a gist idea of the theses as you scan the "intra-page links" near this pagetop. Theses are also 'surprising', in that a) I really didn't know they would turn out to be the theses; and b) I can't find much corroboration for them in Christian teaching (other than through my pastor), yet much verification exists in Bible and history.

God's agenda is to make us into His Own Son via transformation of our thinking. But that agenda and the other truly big questions are dismissed by 'typical Christianity' as inscrutable; or, are given soundbyte, fuzzy, honeyed, and FLAT WRONG answers. So the webpages must also account for WHY that happens. All of 'typical' Christianity's 'answers' add up to you better hustle your buns for 'the church'. Yeah, and then you never know God? You can't obey Someone you never learn. Zech 5:5-7, are you doing your sacrificing for ME? Nope. For ego, for religion, for Satan's plan in Matt4 (temptations are all to do works for people). Whoops.

    For even in translation, look -- John 3:16 or John 16:9, which the Lord Himself said -- it seems pretty straightforward to me. When I read Revelation 7, that's straightforward, too. Believe and you are saved. At the beginning of the Tribulation, 12,000 of each of 12 Jewish tribes (leaving out Dan, giving double portion to Joseph, clever wordplay) are 'sealed' (=saved, see Eph1:13, 4:30). To say "sons of Israel" plus their tribe names is blunt, right? And "whosoever believes in Him shall never perish but have eternal life" is rather blunt, no?

    So why, all over the internet you find people adding verbs to "believe", as if you also needed those other verbs to be saved (repent-of-sin, invite, make-Christ-Lord, pray, get wet, live a 'clean' life afterwards, whatever that means) -- Bible clearly says those other verbs are at most Believer Priestly Privileges. So why misread the verses? [Some verses proving those are believer priestly privileges are bulletted in the "False Gospels?" link (top-left royal blue box on Home page). There are many more verses than cited, but the list given should be a good appetizer.]

    And why is it, some denominations call Rev 7 a sealing of Christians? Why do people read verses backwards, even in translation? I spent a whole day in a chatroom once, hearing someone claim that Adam sired Seth when he was 800 years old, reading the Gen5:3-4 verses, backwards! And insisting he was reading Bible correctly?

    So too, the blatant Bible statements that you only believe once, and you are forever saved, aka "eternal security" in theology. How can anyone misread John 3:16? Gen15:6? John 3:36? Believe once, it's blatant Greek, can't miss it. Forever saved, blatant Greek, can't miss it. But we do! Look on the internet! Only 12 sites I could find even understand the true Gospel (search on "how to be saved"); few sites on the internet understand eternal security (maybe 20 understand it, search on "eternal security"). But look how obvious: Cross Finished, results last forever, Greek tetelestai, you can't change it. You can't roll back time, duh.

    Amazing, the twisting of Bible people attempt, in order to fantasize they can somehow add to or subtract from Christ's Finished Work on the Cross. It's embarrassing: obviously any backsliding a believer does post-salvation, was paid for PRE-salvation, 2000 years prior on the Cross. To lose salvation would be to say God didn't get paid for some post-belief sin, which means God is a liar and incompetent, to boot. Yikes, how embarrassing, that the blatant text of verses like John 10:28-29 are explained away by people who so desperately want to say their good or bad behavior is as powerful as the Lord's FINISHED work on the Cross. That's a sin, self-righteous arrogance, claiming one's behavior or actions are that powerful: whoops. So then the one claiming you can lose salvation, having just sinned by making that very claim -- by his own accounting is unsaved! So who should listen to his interpretation of Bible? God isn't in an unbeliever. See the silliness of their claim that post-salvation sins weren't paid for on the Cross? Which claim it MUST be, since they think you not saved if you sin post- belief in Christ?

    So too, the blatant Bible statement that post-salvation, you must name your sins to God to be in fellowship and get His Brains. In 1Jn1:9, John uses Greek verb katharizw, same Temple-Cleansing word as in the LXX. Duh. Yeah, so if you don't use it, you stay defiled; so your understanding of Bible will be zilch, zero, nada, bupkis. Yeah, and that's why only two sites I could find on the internet, got 1Jn1:9 right. So how much of the stuff passed off as Christian on the internet, is worthless? Nearly all of it. Any accuracy you find is a parrotting from someone in the past who got something right. Even an unbeliever can parrot the Gospel. Even a carnal believer can parrot what someone else said correctly about Bible. Of course, that's the problem in Christianity, for centuries: everyone parrots, no one really checks out IN BIBLE to test a claim or interpretation. Rather, they go by what some 'respectable' person in the past says about it. Leaving unused the Infinitely Respectable Power of the Holy Spirit to enable them to vet Bible, which after all is a mandate (i.e., Eph5:18, 1Jn4:1-6).

    For absent 1Jn1:9, you can't understand Bible if it bit you. Christ was filled with the Spirit -- so must we be. Else, kiss your spiritual life, good-bye. Can't lose salvation unless you can reverse the Cross itself. Can be spiritually-comatose your whole life down here, absent 1Jn1:9. And then you get the privilege of being embarrassed at the Bema for not reading Bible properly. It's not as if John 3:16 or 1Jn1:9 have been mistranslated. Misused, yes. By those who want their works to count, just like the unbeliever does in Rev20:11-15.

    Of course, the eternal-insecurity folks who want their works to count, can't read 1Jn1:6-2:2, which is addressed to believers, showing them how to regain post-salvation spirituality and its basis of Christ being Risen, Our Defense Attorney. So the eternal-insecurity folks don't use 1Jn1:9: by their weird view, you can't sin after you believe in Christ, so if you do sin, you're not saved. Of course, they don't read 1Jn5:18 in the context, in the Greek (for it's mistranslated, should read "being sired by God" the Holy Spirit, see context) -- nor, in the context of the entire Bible, which specializes in showing believers who sin post-salvation, and graphically. So instead of naming their sins to God when they catch themselves sinning, they believe the Gospel yet again, and remain just as carnal as they were before. That accounts for why they can't read Bible. Noah's sins (homosexuality), Abram's sins (with Hagar and lying about Sarai being his wife), Moses' sins (2nd Meribah), David's sins (Bathsheba, murder of Uriah, numbering the people, balking at God's choice of Solomon), Peter's sins (the lot drawing), Paul's sins (going to Jerusalem, see his own confession in Acts 22), Mary's sins (her own testimony, Luke 1:47, "woman" verses the Lord spoke to her) -- all these, documented in Bible to teach us that sin gets worse after you believe in Him, so beware -- are those Bible greats unsaved? So when David writes Psalm 32:5, Psalm 66:18, when the Levitical priests took all those sin offerings, they took them from unbelievers? Where does it ever say in Bible, that once you believe in Christ you'll never sin again? Rather, doesn't Bible stress that once you believe in Christ, your sins multiply, due to the new antithetical pressure of becoming a spiritual being with God's Own Righteousness?

    The list of retarded Christian claims could go on and on. The top ten? Here's my guess: click here to watch my 'Spiritual Retards' videos on Youtube.

    Christians are retarded, because they cannot discern False Doctrine when they hear it. Yet False Doctrine always has 10 defining characteristics. Click here to see a video about them.

    False Doctrine always has False Teachers hawking it. Again, there are 10 'signs' of a False Teacher, so you can avoid him/her: click here to see a video about that.

    Thus there are at least 10 ways to wreck your spiritual life, via false beliefs: Click here for a video about that.

    False beliefs come from misreading Bible. Basically, a person misreads the Bible when he oversimplifies what it says, as illustrated here in this video.

Aha. So accounting for any theses in 'my' webpages, must also include why 'my' theses differ so much from "what's out there." Especially, if what's out there is wacko, cuckoo. And wacko is normative, in Christianity's history. For if you were alive during the first century AD you'd have heard the same stupidities. So many people trying to cash in on Jesus' fame, so much tripe pandered in His Name. It's a real miracle we even have a Bible. Wanna see how insane people were back then? Try, read the texts which aren't what we call Bible today. Most of those people must have been on first-century's equivalent of crack or something; funnier reading, than Mad Magazine or those funky tabloids which scream at you from the grocery checkout lines. It only got worse, from the second century forward. So all the above internet weirdness, is right in line with history. Which is to say, wacko.

    If God really lives, He makes sense in what He commissions be written. He empowers it, doesn't use a "Q" or other human source. And from Genesis to Revelation, you can see ONE AUTHOR behind it all. Can't say that, of any but the 66 books which have come down to us as the "Bible". The wanna-be-bible writings which Roman Catholics and others buy, are demonstrably fake. Authorship is like a fingerprint. So read an alleged holy book for its CONTENT, not its flowery bamboozle, and you'll know within maybe ten minutes if God wrote it. Of course, if you don't use 1Jn1:9 you can't discern anything, and if you are an unbeliever you are spiritually dead. So first believe in Christ, then use 1Jn1:9, and you can discern God's Authorship. God knows what He wrote. He won't lie about it. Therefore, 'my' material must compare and contrast the 'typical' Christian spin versus the Bible's answers.

Any thesis or tenet MUST be tested it for accuracy. So 'my' webpages are complex. Big questions have big answers. So to read these webpages, is a substantial investment of your time. Frankly, don't read unless a) you know God wants it, and b) you breathe 1Jn1:9 as needed, to keep having the Holy Spirit's Brains. Else, you waste time. To test, you need 1) good Bible software, like BibleWorks; 2) a knowledgebase, like Encyclopedia Britannica or better; 3) time for research, and hence patience. Again, please ask Him before you decide anything, breathing 1Jn1:9 so your request will be answered. [#1 reason why prayer goes unanswered is that we're in a state of sin when we pray. Second most common reason is that we don't ask the Right Person. All Prayer goes to the Father of Jesus Christ -- not to Christ, not to the Holy Spirit, not to Allah or Krishna or some 'saint'. Rather, to Father, Who of course is just as much God as Son and Spirit. If you pray to someone else, your prayer goes no higher than the ceiling, or is answered by demons. It's like calling the wrong phone number, or calling someone by the wrong name -- God will not answer, lest He be a liar and mislead you. See #5 of GodSystem.htm for more about the protocol of prayer.]

    There's plenty of material in the websites addressing 'typical' questions, but the focus is on the Big Picture answers. So you'll find stuff on the Gospel (i.e., upper-left blue boxes near pagetop on Home Page), on evolution (click on Testing Box near the top on Home page), on why there's no soul life in the womb (Caveat #4, near top of Home page). But these topics are part of top-down accounting, starting with Why and How God Thinks. It's like balancing your checkbook: everything must fit and balance to the Why and How God Thinks, or it's not properly accounted. Hence when you see any 'typical' content, the purpose is within the bigger whole of this top-down accounting, and is not intended to sell you on a particular 'slant'. For what you believe, what you fix in your own beliefs, is solely between God and you. Again, the spiritual life is about thinking toward Him, never mind the people-to-people agreements. People didn't make your soul, God did. So the thinking is toward God, never mind if people agree. There will always be some human who thinks you're a heretic, and some other one who thinks you're the most brilliant Bible student since Paul. So bleeping what? They didn't make your soul. They didn't save you. God did.

These sites are about God and His Word, not me or my beliefs. Moreover, I might change my beliefs tomorrow depending on what I learn from His Word, so what follows is by no means a guarantee of my beliefs; nor should my beliefs matter, as only God is important. But for those who insist on knowing despite the fact it's irrelevant, here are seven major personal tenets, which are explored and audited in all webpages.
  1. Yes, Trinity, but not like Westminster Confession's bad wording. The Confession meant well, but back then they had a poor idea of Bible, so the Confession is badly worded. 2Cor13:14's Greek says it better. Salvation is not juridically possible if God is not Triune, so scrap all that folderol about God being one person, or about members of the Godhead being somehow unequal because They don't choose to have equal authority. So Trinity means not Hydra-headed, "Three in One", but rather "Three AND One", Three Persons and Same Essence (Characteristics). 2Cor13:14 depicts Three Co-Equal Gods, not a Hydra-headed monster. Main webpage on this starts in the first section of LordvSatan1.htm. I also made a page just about Trinity citations, with a comprehensive video listing the verses: TrinityCites.htm.

  2. Believe in Christ once and you are saved forever, can't lose salvation, period. Yes, it's born again, you acquire a human spirit in order to grow up spiritually with reference to God Who is Spirit. Three types of life: biological, hence body life, to relate to other biological life; soul life, to relate to other soul life; and spiritual life, which post-Adam's fall we only get once we believe in Christ -- to relate to God Who Is Eternal Spiritual Life. Very simple, very profound. Video playlist on this the only TRUE Gospel, is embedded in this page: click here to go to it.

  3. Post-salvation, you must breathe 1Jn1:9 in order to be spiritual again. Only in a spiritual state can you learn Bible. Else all you'll learn is legalism and hot air, and you will never mature spiritually. You can't lose your spiritual life, but you do make its growth arrest and retrogress whenever you sin. Hence the need for 1Jn1:9, which is a license to GROW, since spiritual apnea occurs whenever you sin. So don't worry about all those nasty sinners you secretly wish you could emulate. They are comatose. You will be comatose too, if you don't stop resenting their easy access to 1Jn1:9, just like you have -- resentment is a sin, just like irritation, jealousy, pride, envy, self-righteous preening over your works compared to someone else's. 1Jn1:9 is your lifeline. Theirs, too. The video playlist illustrating this fact is also embedded in this webpage: click here to go to it.

  4. You must mature spiritually after salvation, or you end up a spiritual Royal Peasant forever in heaven and in the eternal state. Forever happy, but at the peasant level (a child's kind of happiness). Spiritual maturation is a lifelong process of learning and living on Bible, not works. God's System summarizes the five functional elements. Associated Youtube (and bliptv, Google) video is "5 Pillars of Christianity", click here to watch it.

  5. God's Plan for the believer is to convert his thinking into the same thinking as Christ's Own, and that's a Royal Spiritual Lifestyle you live privately before God in your head, 24/7. It's antithetical to religion, completely. Satan invented religion in Gen3. Morality is a non-spiritual adjunct to the spiritual life, and of course nothing spiritual is anti-moral. But morality is never spiritual, as it's about people-people issues, not living-before-God issues. I made videos showing how you can actually diagnose your own progress or regress in the spiritual life -- irrespective of your denomination -- using a summary of what my pastor taught. You can see those videos in context of my very long webpage on the topic, by clicking here. You can get his '1992 Spiritual Dynamics' series from 1992-2003 (#376, about 2100 live class lessons) for free at

  6. The OT was upgraded in Christ, so Church is never Israel. Derivation of Church comes from a different, pre-Israel Kingship Contract Christ received based on the Cross. Personally, I'm rabidly pro-Israel. God keeps His Promises, and none of His Promises to them will be abrogated.

  7. Yes, Pre-Trib Rapture, but not the popular version of Rapture like an action movie, "feel the thrill". It's an Angelic Trial Precedence issue, instead. Basically Christ invented Church to stop Time from ending due to Israel's rejection, which impacted the nature of the Angelic Trial, hence we are in Christ, not in Israel.

    The Bible proof for #6 and #7 is extensive, and requires much vetting. So I began the analysis here: LordvSatan2.htm's Covenantal Properties. Analysis continues down a long and winding path through the end of Part IV, sorry. All the NT is devoted to explaining this topic.

Hence these webpages diverge from 'typical' Christian output in certain major ways. Biggest divergence? 'Typical' Christianity is about morality and works. This tenet is juvenile, since what a dead-in-Adam body does is never spiritual, 1Cor2 and 1Cor15, Rom12:1-3 (Greek). So what's "spiritual"? Thinking God's Thoughts in God's System. Spirituality is not a denominational issue, but rather an in-your-soul-thinking issue. Because, we are given that job under Christ as Royal Priests due to His Battlefield Royalty awarded at the Cross, main theme of Book of Hebrews. My pastor has taught that theme for over 50 years. Others teach similarly, but they are very few. Bible tells you that what you think is the spiritual life (i.e., Prov 23:7, Matt 15:11, 12:34, Mark 7:20, 1Sam24:13, Ps 36:3, Prov 6:12, 10:32, 15:2, 15:28, Luke 19:22, James 3:6-10, Rev 13:5-6, Phili 2:5-10, Eph4:30ff, inter alia; and Romans 12:2, would that someone translate it properly). That spirituality is living on the Word (Ps138:2, Matt4:4), not works and being nice to people.

    Morality itself is a gift from God to make inter-human relationships happy. Morality is a happy thing, not a badge for preening. But it's used to preen, and it's NOT spiritual, in any event. Spirituality is toward God, not people. Higher life. Thinking life. Example: the First Commandment is spiritual. Can't Love God if you're not a spiritual being, can't love God if you're not using 1Jn1:9 (main theme in 1Jn). The other nine, are secular, moral. Obviously if you love God, you'll want to obey them. But you can obey them and not Love God, too, as they are morality principles, irrespective of your spiritual status (i.e., whether you are a believer in Christ).

    Isaiah 53 tells you twenty-one times that His Thinking paid for our sins, in the Hebrew. And guess what? It's largely mistranslated! So a frequent reference to that Chapter runs throughout my sites. "im tasim asham naphesho" are the eight most important Hebrew syllables in the Bible. They're in Isa53:10, and mean "if He will appoint His Soul as a Substitute for Sin (lit., guilt offering, red heifer)". There's this fascinating switch from male to female suffix in "appoint", since the red heifer offering was the substitute for sin, the guilt offering for the nation. But note: His Soul ("naphesho"). Every verse in the NT, and most in the OT, play on these eight syllables. So um -- thinking His Thoughts is the spiritual life. Paying for sins, even. Only a soul can think. ["Appointed" really doesn't cut it. It's more like reflexive, not passive; Him appointing His Own Soul as a substitute for sin. But further discussion is beyond this webpage. Isa53trans.htm retranslates the whole chapter. I'm still revising the translation, but it's good enough at the moment to grasp the idea.]

    My pastor didn't teach us Bible in translation, but from the original-language texts. Most Christians get Bible in translation, and the translations are horrible. So much exegesis material is within each webpage, since Bible translations are so often misleading, obtuse, or (frankly) wrong. So not only must the websites address what I did learn in a testable manner, but an inordinate amount of webspace must be spent comparing, correcting, what's the translated "norm". Else the reader has no frame of reference for analysis and testing. Testing improves thinking, so it's never a waste of time.

As a result, often the meanings and interpretations you'll find in my sites would be considered controversial. Much of the material is original research, too, especially Part IV with respect to how God Accounts for Time. Hence I write informally to avoid sounding scholarly, lest the reader be lulled by my learning Bible in Hebrew and Greek, into not testing the material. Lots of people claim to know Bible in Hebrew and Greek nowadays. That doesn't make them scholars. Rather, even if scholars, absent God's Brains all their output is garbage. You only get God's Brains via being in fellowship, which means NOT in a state of sin (1Jn5:18, correct meaning, that when in the Spirit you're not sinning) -- 1Jn1:9 being used like breathing. Hence God the Holy Spirit will attest to what's right and wrong in any material for a reader, as He knows what He passed on to a writer. Ergo my courage to write, though not a scholar. [Nerd note on 1Jn5:18: the verse, like all Bible verses, is a skyscraper of meaning. Human spirit doesn't have volition, it's a type of CPU, so it never sins. Only the soul sins. Moreover, since paid for by Christ, your sins were converted on the Cross, so again, no sin counts against you juridically. That only leaves your fellowship with God in time, while you still live down here, and as Paul had explained in Romans 8, you can't be filled with the Spirit and carnal at the same time. Hence the need for naming sins, which was true ever since Adam. So 1 John's about how to know you ARE filled with the Spirit, since the flashy visible spiritual gifts were all gone by the 90's AD when John wrote. So when you are filled with the Spirit, you're not sinning but in fellowship: hence the positional wording in 1Jn5:18, to remind you of the legal basis for that status, parallelling 1Jn1:5,7,9, etc. In this, he refers the reader back to what Paul said in Romans 8, which is another chapter on the function and result of the spiritual life.]

    Website writing tone is often engaging, abrasive, even obstreperous, with lots of wordplay, sarcasm, satire; not at all like the sweetness-and-light writing style in 'typical' Christian webpages. Political incorrectness is Bible standard. Bible in its original-language texts is written in those ways, and uses plenty of sexual-innuendo language which the translators cover up. So obviously I'm influenced by Bible's rhetorical styles, after decades of being exposed to them. God uses such offensive writing styles to make the text memorable, as well as get His Point across in the most trenchant way possible. Very easy to remember, that's for sure!

    Website references to my pastor are necessarily frequent, and are not intended to 'sell' him to anyone. These references are partly to reaffirm God's gift to every believer of a teacher (no two teachers or believers are alike, so there are many teachers God matches up); and also, a due diligence disclosure on the source of doctrines brainstormed in here. Word and teacher. God gifts both, and they are designed to function together to grow each believer, Eph4:11-16. So please do not regard what I write as indicative of what my pastor teaches: I'm extrapolating and vetting, not parroting him. Except during spiritual childhood, you don't honor God by parrotting; so you don't thus honor a teacher, either, Luke 6:40, Matt10:24-25, for purposes of Matt13:52 (in context). Hence you turn over (think over) what you learn, to learn more; else you'll never internalize what your teacher taught, and have a functioning spiritual life. So: to know what my pastor teaches, please consult his own material, at

    If relevant, it took me perhaps seven years of 60-hour weeks to compile and test the synthesis in these websites; the underlying thinking about the doctrines themselves, has been an growing obsession for several adulthood decades. All websites undergo continual revision and audit. Faith cannot stand still. Always something to learn and correct, since God is infinite, but we are not.

Central Practical Theme of the New Testament, explored in these websites: The Son of God added Humanity to Himself -- why? FOR FATHER. Specifically, to become King-Priest kata Melchizedek. And we are Royal Priests under Him For Father. As a result, the world gets blessed. We all wonder how it is that post-death, we won't sin anymore. We all wonder how it is that we can be saved forever. Well, think: there's this forever dichotomy between Infinity and finity. So how does God get paid for the dichotomy? It's not just the sin problem, but the shortfall in our very nature, as Rom3:23 so deftly states. Two problems, not just the sin problem. Shortfall of finity, not just of sin. Greek word for the shortfall in that verse is husterew, and it signifies someone who can't get to the finish line. Yeah, God is infinite, how can we ever get to the finish line of Infinite Glory? We can't. So we need a God-Man whose Unified Nature (two-in-one, a hupostasis) did get there, as our High Priest. Thus the ongoing thoughts in Him Who lives forever, pays for the shortfall, forever. And we Church are forever Royal Priests under Him, ourselves learning how to think forever. For that learning will produce a will+truth result the Holy Spirit creates, such that like Him, we will freely never want to sin. And the Divine-Quality Thinking which is His, circulating in us, is the "sweet savor". So His Glory circulating in our heads, makes up for the fact that we are forever short, of ourselves. It's thus a Royal Training Program to be down here, learning His Thinking, a kind of DDNA (Divine DNA), so to speak. Like learning a language, is thinking. You drill, you become fluent, you become fluent under pressure. That's how sins got paid for, and that's how the infinity-finity dichotomy, is justified (bedato yatsdiq Hebrew clause in Isa53:11, kai plasai tei sunesei dikaiosai clause in LXX).

    Books of Ephesians then Hebrews and then 1Jn, focus stridently on this theme, which Christ forecast in the Gospels (esp. John's). Hence paying for sins has a dual purpose: it was needed for that OFFICE to exist forever. Book of Hebrews painstakingly traces this out, and if you read it over and over even in translation, you should get a glimmer of that idea. Christ COUNTER-THOUGHT on the Cross, thus paying for sins. So as His Legacy, we are a kingdom of Royal Priests, 1Pet2:5,9. What does that mean? Well: Priests think thoughts which please FATHER, and thus the world is blessed. That's how it was in the OT (Torah=spiritual tfellin, always on the head, in the thoughts, wordplay in Deuteronomy) ; now it's a Royally-Upgraded Thought Pattern, for Church: Christ in you, the confidence of Glory, Col 1:25-27, Eph4:13, "hupogrammos" term in Peter (lit., copybook, used in 1Pet2:21).

    Royalty must be trained, and all that training has to complete down here ("finish the course", "endure to the end/completion") for us to "inherit the kingdom" (become a king); rather than be merely IN a kingdom, 1Cor3:15 inheritance, with all that woody human battling and hustling, burnt at the Bema.

    Father is pleased by Royal Thinking like His Son, and all that hustling for mere people, won't build the Thinking Father likes. So the pretense of "honoring the Lord" when the believer won't do what the Lord did, Matt4:4 -- well, how arrogant can one get? Fake humility, all that churchinanity stuff -- it's Satan's Plan, not God's, as Matt4 reveals (they are all good deeds temptations). It honors Father to learn to think like His Son, period. The "re Satan's Plan" links at the top of the webpage explain more on this works versus thinking battle, which is really the substance of the Angelic Trial. If you prefer, click here and start reading about it.

    The blessing by association with us was the impetus for the Thinking webseries. Series is windy, long and complex, a comprehensive vetting of Bible's story of God's Grand Design, from eternity past to eternity future. For decades my pastor taught Blessing by Association since Adam's fall, but to be honest I didn't understand him well. So I had to vet the idea myself, as my pastor only got an hour a day to teach (7x per week, for most of his career, nonrepeating). Every webpage is tied to the Thinking series in some way, growing out of it. Series is still being edited, but it's been out now for about seven years. Basically, the world is blessed in ways only God can do, simply if you are spiritually maturing. First Facet in Part IVb of the Thinking series lists seven categories of those ways. There are more than seven categories, of course. So the flipside is, we're responsible for God NOT doing those things, if we refuse to mature in His Word. His Word, not our works. Scary stuff, to not grow up in God's System.

In sum, it's about Your Own Spiritual Life: it's about testing whatever you see, hear, think, for the sake of developing spiritual Thinking Skills which emulate Christ's and thus please Father, 1Jn4:1, Heb11:1 (Greek, always mistranslated). Bible reasons out stuff a lot, and the people in it are always adding concepts, verses, things about God together. The practice develops the soul; you'll live with God forever, so developing your own soul is His First Priority for your life. As you practice analysing, thinking, daily using, rebutting or reinforcing a doctrine/tenet, you gain skill in thinking toward Our Mutual Dad. Then HE responds by blessing everyone in your periphery, and your home country. The more you grow, the more He blesses. Blessing isn't restricted to what's shallow and pleasant -- God has a bigger definition than our puny ideas of blessing (i.e., Israel had 400 years of slavery, that sure didn't seem like blessing, but it was). So even bad stuff is a blessing, guaranteed by the Cross.

    For God's Spiritual Communion Communication Policy is John 4:23-24, 1Jn4: God's Brain 'talking' to your brain as you read anything at all, anywhere at anytime -- principle of John 14:26, to implement and sustain 1Jn1:3-2:6, per John 15's Vine and Branches System. From Him Alone, do you get proof. So you know you didn't hallucinate it. Bible proves itself, since it is our Instruction in Writing, 1Cor2:16, in order to inscribe our souls, Jer31:31-34 as explained by Heb8:8-10:17, Heb4:12, and the "lithoi" and "hupogrammos" concepts in Peter. That's the idea, fulfilling Isa55:8-13, the quintessential Decree of Our Transmutation in Christ. So of course it's a nettlesome transformation, to go from a soul of barbed weeds, to Bridal Words: Esther Goal, per Matt16:18 and John 17. In the ancient world, you prepared for a royal marriage over some years (especially the last 18 months), beautifying both soul and body for your Husband. In this modern world, with bodies that are full of the sin nature, it's the soul which needs preparation: and it takes a lifetime. No matter what your denomination.

    All else is irrelevant; doesn't matter how right you are, how right or wrong someone else is, how person "A" allegedly 'compares' to person "B". But it Matters Altogether, that the spiritual brain gets developed, since all you take with you at death, is your soul. For God shouldn't have to live with morons forever, Isa55:8-9! So it's not 'selfish', but Honoring God, to grow up yourself. Which He does TO you, as you learn, test, and "practice righteousness", as 1Jn puts it -- living on the Word in your own thinking, before the Lord. And it should go without saying that no one but the Holy Spirit can correct whatever is wrong in a belief. So again, it doesn't matter so much what the denomination is, but rather that one be in God's System so the Holy Spirit runs the spiritual maturation process.

    It's just Him and you, 24/7. That's what best blesses, everyone else. God will use your growth to bless the entire world, even as He has always done -- more so now, since you are a Royal Priest under Him. Why that's true, I've tried to explain in all these websites. Happy brainstorming!

Best short webpages

In addition to the "True Spirituality" table immediately below, the following short webpages (or sections) are most useful for big-picture orientation to God's Plan for each of us. These are:

  1. Royal Gospel Brief on the Home Page. Associated Youtube video playlist:
  2. GospelDisclosure.htm (more pithy than the Brief);
  3. Most important of all websites is GodSystem.htm, a (blissfully short) primer on the Five Elements of the Spiritual life. This is the most important website, because it's on the underlying pan-covenantal mechanics of the spiritual life, without which no one from Adam to Abraham to Moses to David to Christ to Paul, ever learned Bible or understood God. Abraham had to believe to be saved, Gen15:6. So do we, John 3:16. So too, the foundational mechanics of the spiritual life are always the same. Associated Youtube (and bliptv, Google) video is "5 Pillars of Christianity", click here.

      Those Five Elements/Pillars are all physically testable in your own life. Try practicing them for a month or two, see for yourself. Doesn't violate any denominational tenet, runs beneath them all, and really the same underlying mechanics were true in the OT. Covenantal differences run atop these five sine-qua-nons in all covenants, all denominations. Again, you can test it and prove it out. Most emails I get, are on how 1Jn1:9 literally changed that person's life. YOU CAN PROVE THIS, IN YOUR OWN BODY. Try it, make 1 John 1:9 a habit, see for yourself. The 1Jn1:9 video follows below in the "True Spirituality" section. Or, click here to view it now.

  4. You -- in Me!, brief table showing how God's Purpose is to transmute the believer in His Son's Thinking (learning and living on Bible, essentially);
  5. ArchiDes.htm, which is the underlying goal of His Plan (solving the incompatibility of nature between Infinite God and finite human); and
  6. Your Royal Priesthood Destiny with potential for Eternal Kingship, which is your Legacy in Christ. That entire webpage is about the Destiny, but the table is a good brief on your position in it. Another good site (but it's much longer than the Destiny table) is DueDisclosure.htm. A good but short Word doc showing how all this plays so you can monitor your spiritual progress, is SMP.doc. That acronym stands for "Spiritual Maturation Process", and the doc is six pages of color-coded charts which diagram how spiritual maturation 'plays' in the life. The pagetop of the "Your Royal Priesthood Destiny" link above has another link to the video playlist explaining the chart, and is well worth the time (2+hours) spent listening. NO ONE in Christendom except people trained under my pastor, even know about this material (which therefore violates no denomination). Yet you can literally prove all of it true in your own body, if you just 'do' it.

    Longer explanation in that same page, spans the "Spir.Child" through "Pleroma" links in Part III of the Thinking Series. It explains the nature, structure, and function of the post-salvation life for Church -- and you can test it all by living it in your own life, see the effect in yourself. Takes 30-60 days for you to notice internal results; and in a year of practice you will mature so fast, others will notice too. (It's really easy, so the temptation is to think it too easy, quit in favor of Satan's huff-and-puff churchinanity plan, the norm of retarded Christendom.)

  7. The nature of Time itself is critical to understanding the spiritual life, hence TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc is a 30-page Word doc worth skimming, especially its #1 and #9. Nothing like it on the internet or in print, because this Bible Doctrine got lost during the 'Church Fathers'. So of course vet it with 1Jn1:9 as needed.

    This How God Orchestrates Time (from Adam's Fall) is unique in Christendom. The doctrine was known to Israel, and to believers -- until the bilious Church Fathers rejected the Rapture, beginning sometime after 94AD: that was the original scheduled beginning of the Trib under the OT, had Israel accepted Christ. All this is explained in the webpages, beginning with Mirroring.htm. Very long and heavy stuff. Took me 2 years of 60-hour weeks to research and write up.

    I learned this doctrine IN the Bible during May 2004 as a result of asking God to show why my pastor taught that believers buy time. I couldn't see the proof from the teaching, but knew from Eph5:16 and Col4:5 (which he cited) that the doctrine was true. Bible proof is both unknown but vast, from Genesis 5 onward, and it's not hard to vet, but time-consuming (heh) because there are so MANY verses. For God tracks this Accounting in multiple ways, bases the entire Bible dating scheme on it. The entire Accounting construct is even built into Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter (begins at 'our' Isaiah 52:13 in Hebrew) -- which Isaiah uses as an Annual Countdown To Christ from the date he writes. Really shocking. You can conclusively prove Rapture is pre-Trib, kicks off the Trib immediately (no hiatus), as a result.

    Suggest you first watch my videos (fullscreen, when needed). The full video collection is viewable at Mirroring.htm.

From the above seven sites, you get a quick but comprehensive sense of God's Plan for your life. All my websites focus on the big picture; the forest, not so much the trees. Because, Christianity doesn't see God's Forest; and so isn't in it. And so, isn't growing spiritually. But: only God can fix what's wrong with us. So only if we are in His System, will we grow. So we worry about being on the right playing field, right forest; which first means learning WHAT 'forest', is really God's. God then will trim our trees, grow our trees, as needed. No two of us are alike.

If you'd rather a long, comprehensive reading, then go through the Thinking series in order. Thinking.htm is the first page in that series. It will take you months to read and analyse it all, but you'll have a very comprehensive and provable view of the 'forest'. The series starts with 'today', then goes back to eternity past, then gradually leads you through today and then ahead to the end of time, so you can see the macro fit surrounding 'today'. That's the rhetorical time format John uses to craft Revelation, so that's how the Thinking series is crafted: Classical Greek drama always centers on 'today', with flashbacks and flashforwards. The whole series must run between 1500 and 2000 printed pages, so don't try to print it out?

By contrast, if you want a shorter summary but in a novel format, try PDR.doc. Novel is unfinished. The objective is to dramatize the doctrines in Thinking series, this time from a fictional story centering ONLY on "today", to see what 'world' is painted by the doctrines. Idea is to get a hands-on sense of how the doctrines play in one's life TODAY. You could then write a chapter about yourself, armed with the beginning of the story. Paradoxically, that exercise will help you see your life from above yourself. Four main humans are depicted, two male and two female, not much said about any of them, so you can either 'adopt' one of their names, or write in your own name, going from there.

Micro counterpart to the Thinking series, though much shorter, is the DDNA webseries, starting with DDNA.htm. It covers the internal transformation of thinking you go through, whereas the Thinking series is more about the macro historical Angelic Trial fit of your current spiritual life, so you know where you are in the 'play' of God's Script. The above "You In Me!" short table (bullet #4 above) is a good summary of the DDNA series. The full DDNA series interfaces with the Thinking series on Angelic Trial Witness outcome, for what God does inside you, is used outside you, to bless the world and prove God right in the Trial.

The DDNA and the Trial effect, even the continuation of the world itself due to spiritual maturation, is mammoth. The mind is naturally inclined to disbelieve it. So (again), related to both series is TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc. Its #9 shows how God granting time due to spiritual maturation and voting to learn God, works since Adam on the grand scale of history. But the text might not make much sense until you've read through Part IV of the Thinking series. How God grants time and its provable impact on history both mathematically and historically is pretty dramatic; there's nothing like it on the internet, so use 1Jn1:9 as you read, if you read, asking God to confirm or correct. He will.

Finally, Brainout LordPages Update is a blog on webpage and video updates for 2009 forward, both completed and planned (so you know what to delay reading, too). You can also use the blog for anonymous feedback; it's blissfully easy to use, no registration or userid stuff, not like those complicated forums at Delphi or Yahoo. Also, I love feedback on any mistakes you find, disagreements, etc. So any criticism of substance is always welcome.

So now, here are the surprising theses/conclusions, broadly grouped. Webpage names can be typed into your browser after the ""; or, you can click on the pagename, if it lights up in your own browser's link colors. (Tip: make your browser's link colors weird, say fushia and off-green, so you'll easily find links -- or, use your tab key in a webpage, to jump-by-link.) I strongly recommend you read DownlTips.htm, which is about downloading options, if you plan to spend much time reading the pages. Or, Google on "downloaders", software which automates downloading (like Teleport Pro).

True Spirituality

So Here's the First Surprising Thing: most Christians don't even know that True Spirituality is an Absolute, a state of being. You're only spiritual, if Filled with the Spirit; you're only Filled, if breathing 1Jn1:9 when you've sinned. So only between sins (sin being solved by use of 1Jn1:9) are you spiritual. Hence I use 1Jn1:9 like breathing. This was always true in the OT, as well. You are spiritually comatose, carnal and worthless, unless 1Jn1:9 is breathed as needed, no matter how credentialed you are, or how many good deeds you do. Caveat3.htm has more detail. The videos below introduce you to this doctrine.

For a longer demonstration of the same doctrine, CLICK HERE to read more.

Surprising Theses re God's Nature and Plan for Us

  1. God's Nature is Hypostatic; thus everything else in creation is also, and our Royal-Priestly, Diplomatic Role both down here and in eternity is also in hupostasis with The Hupostasis, Christ, TO FATHER. We all know "infinity" in math as an endless series of numbers from negative to positive. The larger meaning of that, is true Infinity, which is STASIS THAT UNITES all opposites in a manner which JUSTIFIES. Only Love can do this. Only Love can fulfill Righteousness and Justice. So God Sovereignly LOVES everything, bad and good, and JUSTIFIES it all through His Son. In short, He could just bing! everything to make it perfect, but instead chooses to do it the hard way, "filling all in all" as Paul puts it at the end of Eph1. Sites most focused on this doctrine are: DueDisclosure.htm, the "God's Paradox" section; and, search on the three "Utterly Divine Physics" tables of SatStrat.htm. Or, at least read DueDisclosure.htm's "Hupostasis in Trinity" section, here.

    It becomes pretty easy to read Bible and see where the verses fit, once you understand what Bible means by "hupostasis" (which is always mistranslated when it refers to God or Christ). This Hupostasis actually gets constructed in your soul as you live in God's System, as you'll see in Bullet #3 of this subsection.

    Did it ever bug you, that stupid "God is Three in One" claim? As if God were hydra-headed? Drove me crazy as a new believer, listening to some hippie in my freshman year describe God as this "egg" thingy. If that idea bugs you too, you'll want to really go through the "Hupostasis in Trinity" link section of DueDisclosure.htm. Boy, that Westminster Creed -- elsewhere sometimes brilliant, but not here -- messed up God's Trinity Nature big-time, as did the RCC (which the Koran emulates), claiming God would be "diminished" if more than "one". It's One Voluntary Corporation, dummies! 2Cor13:14's Three [Greek, monadic] Articles of Incorporation, not an Egg of 'one article'!

    Other relevant sites concerning this and other stuff on God's Nature are: Godindex.htm, which shows from even logic how God can only be God if He has certain Characteristics, and is Trinity. Justice doesn't work to benefit GOD, any other way. But DueDisclosure's text is (imo) a superior explanation.LordvSatan2.htm's first section, "in the beginning.. God" and TrinityCites.htm also have useful information about motive and Bible verses. The latter needs to be longer, but God uses whole rhetorical STYLES to communicate Trinity in OT and NT, so I just classified some of His styles. Thus at least you get an idea how to spot the many deft OT references to Each Person in the Godhead. Bible in translation can't portray the wordplay in the original-language texts, which typically depicts Father and Spirit onomopoetically or in fathering, breathing concept-play. Awesomely Witty Writ, especially using the "He" construction (three He's in a passage display how Each Member interfaces/responds to the Other, how They Work Together, Isa63 being my favorite chapter of this kind of He usage).

    That our primary role is a Royal Priesthood To Father, and not to bleeping people! is amazingly unexplored in Christendom. Book of Hebrews and the Gospels (especially John's) are unequivocable. Shocks me, that we don't know this. That's a hupostasis, too: again, the above DueDisclosure.htm is the most succinct presentation of the Royal Priesthood role, especially the "Our Diplomatic Brief" section (15 items). LordvSatan3.htm walks you through what it means to be a Royal Priest in much more detail.

  2. God only wants to use His Sovereignty to LOVE, because Love is the Integrity of God. It's not love as we understand the term, but is Absolute. The Rulership gets reconciled, so that the Love can justifiably function without compromise. ArchiDes.htm goes through how Love is God's Head Attribute. I also did a short PowerPoint presentation on it, GodsHeadAttribute.ppt, if you want to download it.

    Here's a quick video on an example of how Bible explains Love is God's Head Attribute, via use of the genitive in 'Love of God' verses:

    DueDisclosure.htm also shows how that reconciliation is hypostatically solved as a juridical matter, with Love actually being the Sovereign cause for the valid juridical nature. The "Thinking" series, which starts with LordvSatan1.htm, explores how this Love is God's Integrity (back before I knew that's what it meant, lol), as a running thread throughout its 1500+ printed pages, with major comparison to alternative ideas, plans, man's and Satan's works, etc.

    Calvinism thus fails Bible audit, inter alia. For that apostate sect in Christianity yells loud and long on God's Sovereignty and Grace, but then strips Him of both, making Him a hateful tyrant, when you read the fine print of Calvinism's insane formulations. And it fails, because it fails first to examine HOW God chooses to USE His Sovereignty, and why. The why, is Love. Else why even want to be God?

    There's absolutely nothing like this "Love is the Integrity of God!" in theology or on the web, other than through my pastor; and even he said he couldn't find anyone prior to him who ever taught it; so this is truly a surprise. What's so weird, is that once you're acquainted with just the idea, you can find Bible verses proving it true no matter where you look IN the Bible. You know: once you've seen an Corvette, you thereafter can identify it. It's like having this Obvious Truth staring you in the face for centuries, and you suddenly realize that. Revolutionizes theology, imo. We've been so focused on sin, that we forgot to ask why God did this salvation thing.

    So added explanation is needed here, to acquaint you with the idea. Let's start with something obvious: Paul was right when he described "Love" (Canon, in that chapter) as seeing Him face-to-face (1Cor13:12). This Author didn't make Himself Good. God just always exists. There's no past, no future; it's all One Big Now. So what's His Own Attitude toward His Own Existence? He's shocked. For, He didn't do anything to deserve to be God. Many a Christian would find that sentence heretical, as if it's only 'holy' if God were Sugar Daddy or Petty Judge, demanding from everyone else, homage. Not so. The fundamental juridical irony 'behind' God's Nature is this unmatched condition of just always being perfect, with no 'cause'. So, because He's Perfect, He is shocked to freely be perfect. So He Loves. And He loves, each other God. So They call Themselves by very revealing Names: "Father", "Son", "Spirit". They don't use Their Perfection to pound-the-chest, see-how-great-I-am. Oh no. They instead elect to fall prostrate before Each Other. With Son and Spirit, this is pretty easy to understand: Their Self-Chosen Titles, are utterly subordinate. But if you've ever been a parent, you understand how "Father" title would be the most subordinate of all: for you'd give your life, for your kids. No hesitation. So where's the expected banging of the sceptre? Nowhere. But for children, what must you do? Rear them under a sceptre, until they grow up enough to not need it. So, that's why much of Bible vocabulary is childlike (on the surface, and only in translation, the original-language texts are far richer). For us. We need that vocabulary.

    So as you grow up on the Book, you'll grow past the childish relationship of rules and roles; and then you will see the Author for Who He is. And then, you'll know mature glory. For every verse IN the Book, is about God's Shock at being God, and the Glory of the Prostration-Love which is innate to His Character. It's not an anthropopathism, to say God is Shocked. Love loves Justice, and it's UNjust to be Perfect, without a prostration counterpart. Paul uses 1Cor13 to explain how the then-future completion of Canon would fill us UP with the Revelation of God: so we can indeed, fully learn Him. Paul references this completion, showing God's essential shock and Prostration-Love when he writes (NASB -- brackets are my corrections):

      "1 Corinthians 13:4-13

      4 Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, 5 does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, 6 does not rejoice in [association with] unrighteousness, but rejoices [in association] with the truth; 7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

      8 Love never fails; but if there are gifts of prophecy, they will be done away; if there are tongues, they will cease; if there is [the temporary gift of advance Bible] knowledge, it will be done away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part; 10 but when the perfect [Head, Canon, Christ's Thinking in writing] comes, the partial [gifts] will be done away. 11 When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. 12 For now we see [Him] in a mirror dimly, but then [when Canon completed,] face to face; now I know in part, but then [when Canon completed,] I will [be caused to] know [God] fully just as I also have been fully known [by God]. 13 But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the [greater] of these is love."

    Beginning in 1997, my pastor started to vastly revise his teaching about this composite nature of God's Integrity. From what I can tell, no one has taught so comprehensively about His Integrity, since Paul's statement, above. But from Bible you can easily prove all this, once you know that nearly every word "love" in translation, only ever means "Divine Love" in the original. His Word is Love, just as Paul was given to write, here. Not an emotion, but a thinking: Christ's. [1Cor1:5,10 is Paul's theme, His Head coming into our heads. But the translations cut His Head off, and just leave our own. So you don't see the threaded wit throughout the epistle; culminating, in the fabulous "huperbole" (surpassing, Head atop Body) in 1Cor12:31, so you don't know that Paul is talking about Canon=Christ's Thinking, so His head being in ALL the Body, is the developmental goal for Church. Ephesians is on the same topic, and Colossians is (in part) a shorter amalgamation of both books' principles.]

    So all websites have 'threads' on This Core of God's Innermost Nature, for it is the First Foundational Thing To Know About God. It's also the main purpose of all pages, to see God Himself better. All sites in the next bullet focus on the topic here, but three of them are most apropos. Paradox.htm's "God's Four-Part Trial Answer" link covers the undeservedness foundation for God's Philosophy of Justice. The deeper Prostration-Love reason is covered in "God's Paradox" section of SatStrat.htm. The shorter "Paradox of Merit" table in LordvSatan5.htm sums up the Trial and this issue of how Merit cannot be the proper basis between Infinity and finity. Their Relationship thus is a Corporate Association, hence "one", to carry out this Prostration-Love goal to Infinite-Quality fruition; hence the Decree to create. DueDisclosure.htm focuses on this Corporate Relationship, the Decree, etc. The historical implementation of the Decree and its ultimate results, is the focus of the Thinking webseries, beginning with LordvSatan1.htm. However, the first section of LordvSatan2.htm begins with a brief on God's Triune Nature and hence, Triune Decree; which in turn, shows His Nature. For the purpose of the Decree, is to fully express, Each Member to the Other, this prostration-Love character; which Love, is the EXERCISE (not surrender!) of Sovereignty:

  3. Hence to solve the Infinity-finity dichotomy, God's Love Authorizes and Wholly Provides a CYCLING Solution; thus His Character is built INSIDE the finite being; this is the Essence of God's Plan, so to make sons at His Own Level of existence. Think of it as a transmutation (Rom12:2, Greek). Your 'soul DNA', your own thinking, being transmuted into God's DNA, aka "DDNA". Thus far, I can't find anything written on the internet which properly recognizes 1) this dichotomy, and/or 2) its solution, and/or 3) the fact that Isaiah 52:14-54:1 explains the solution. (My pastor's teaching on Love is the Integrity of God clued me into the circling/cycling nature of God's Solution.)

    So how utterly surprising, that Christianity limits the question of our relationship to Him so childishly; it narrowly focuses on behavior and sin, when Rom3:23 plainly tells you there's a far bigger issue: "all have.. come short of the Glory of God". We're not infinite, and that's a problem, even were we perfect. Not fair that God should have morons for companionship. Sin only complicates the problem, but finity is the source of it. Yet we don't analyze this problem?

    So websites focusing on how God solves this problem are: ArchiDes.htm, first four bullets in Fixes.htm, the "God's Paradox" section and the three "Utterly Divine Physics" tables of SatStrat.htm, and all of the Thinking series (starting with LordvSatan1.htm's "Integrity Properties" section). One good-but-short explanation is on the Home Page. It's "God's Royal Itinerary for us", and it has lots of Bible verses. Another one is Dedicated.htm, which succinctly outlines God's plan. But my favorite explanations are two: the short "You in Me"! table link in LordvSatan3b.htm, and God's Soliloquy. That latter is a subpage within the long DDNA webseries. The Soliloquy is a dramatized version, as if God were speaking to you directly. DDNA webseries shows what He does to the soul, which is the same exact process as what He did to Christ's Soul, and THAT process is explained blow-by-blow, in the Isaiah passage mentioned above: it's contractural. Hence DDNA.htm covers the details about that eternity-past, Isaiah 53 contract; and what the Holy Spirit does inside your soul, as you grow in God's System.

    Yes, God really makes sons as good as He is, and as big as He is. Both. Not just one or the other. He is HOLY. So will not tolerate lesser-than's in Nature. He can do it apart from our consent, but He only WANTS to do it with our consent. For, Love is the Integrity of God, and Love never coerces! It's not hyperbole, 2Cor5:21. Look: God being Omnipotent, can't He just bing you instantly, and make you whatever He wants? Of course. So why would He settle for you being less than Him? He doesn't have to settle for that, because of the Cross. What Father did to Christ, was make even Him, Big Enough For God -- even in Christ's Own Humanity (Heb1:3b-4, Greek; elaborated on, in Chapt2). Christ was already big enough as God; but Humanity, however perfect, is finite. So Christ's Own Humanity had to be grown into "The Way, the Truth and the Life" -- to be Big Enough For Total Rapport. Isaiah 53:10-12 says all this. So, here is a better translation: Isa53.htm. To quickly see the corrected translation, hit the end key when you load the page, and then scroll up a little. Much longer and I think clearer translation example is in Isa53trans.htm, which translates the entire chapter three ways and provides a separate .rtf document so you can peruse the original Greek and Hebrew texts; thus you can see for yourself, Isaiah's wordplay (upness, carry off, aroma, booty, pregnancy, birthing metaphors). Incredible stuff.

    To see how incredible, look at this corrected translation of the whole chapter, which uses Isaiah's Hebrew meter, but with English words: Click here to download the 2-page Word doc. The Isaiah links above contain the videos on it (esp. toward the end of the playlist), but are yet unfinished.

    If you're pressed for time, read DueDisclosure.htm for an overview on why no-lesser-thans are allowed. We start lesser than, but that's only the start: see Heb2. See, Love never coerces, so how far up we go, depends on consent; Sovereign God wants it to be an agreed thing, what He does to us. So Christ went ALL the way, Heb1. So we can too, Eph4:13, Eph3:19. It's not hyperbole, but "the surpassing greatness of His Superior Power to/toward/for us who believe", Eph1:19 (largely my pastor's translation). Since Christ paid, we can reject, but that only restricts how we process the Divine Nature we got at salvation (2Cor5:21, 1Pet5:1, 2Pet1:4, John 3:16, Heb3:14, Heb 11:6, etc). DDNA webseries seeks to show how God builds upon that Divine Nature, as Romans 8 (esp. 8:4) explains. All 1Jn is about this building process. Our rejection doesn't 'cheat' God of anything; only ourselves.

    Yeah, and there's nothing on the internet about this most important fact that Infinity is Qualitative, and means THOUGHT. So it replicates without mass. So it doesn't 'diminish' God to replicate Himself, because Infinity is non-spatial (quality, not quantity). Hence to "make sons", God need merely put His Thinking INSIDE the being, for the compatibility to exist. The being's finiteness then is not a hindrance, but rather is the other end of the nature of infinity, the "tapeinow" (going-low, Phili2:8). [The only Bible translation I saw which got v.7's kenoo right was (surprisingly) the "BFC", Bible en francais courant. French term there is renoncé, renounce/divest yourself of rights you have. There, "kenoo" does not mean "emptied" there, for crying out loud -- how would God 'empty' Himself, lol! BTW: some of the German and Italian versions' idioms might be right too -- I'm not sure.]

    So while finity itself is never compatible, the Infinite Thought Quality Residing Inside finity, Makes it Compatible; with the result that the 'shell' of finiteness, is no longer a barrier. This is what happened to Christ. This is what God can do to us as well. The problem from God's end is not 'can' He do it, but is it Juridically Valid? For Love loves Justice. No matter what it costs. Here, it's juridically valid only if a) the payment for all that adikia is made, which Christ is grown Big Enough to do (see Phili2:5-10, DDNA1.htm). And b), if the Big-Enough results, are POURED into us, Rom5:5, 1Cor1:5,10,12:31-13:12, Eph3:15-21. Which is therefore His purpose, Eph1:15-21. Now you know why God-Father made the contract of (what we know as) Isa53:10-12 with God-Son, "If you will Give Your Soul as a Substitute for Sin". Which God-Spirit breathed INTO His Humanity successfully during the First Advent; and then, into us. Infinite Quality, inviolate! Which further makes suddenly clear why we must be Indwelt and Filled: can't run Infinite Quality, without Infinite Quality buffering and Infinite-Quality Operator. See, the spiritual life is a being, not a doing; a being in The Being, ho own, Exo3:14 (LXX): The Great I Am, Who became Man also and tabernacled among us, John 1. Hupostasis!

    That's why you have all those many "sons" passages and allusions all over the OT and NT. That's why the big deal was for Abraham to sacrifice his son -- first by waiting till he was age 100 to even have a son, and then by going to Mt. Moriah to slay him, 20+ years later -- Sacrifice His Son! His Son: not someone else or something else. Note that precedence well: Propagation of sons first depends on the First Son Being Sacrificed. Because, that's the Prototype Soul. Soul-to-soul hupogrammos (copying, Petrine term). So for Him, that's a going-low. So, it becomes Reproductive Process, as Isaiah deftly describes using five infinitives in the LXX of Isa53:10-11; which process, was promised really since Gen3:15, but baldly in Ps139:17, Jer31:31-34 (which Heb8:8-10:17 explains). Just as Israel was reproduced from Isaac, the son of the Promise; and He did it, long after Abraham's almost-sacrifice. [Isaac was in his 20's back then. He didn't marry until he was 40, and he had no kids even then, until he was 60; and even then, only had two, of which only one, carried on the promise: Jacob. It's always and only about FAITH, in God's jurisprudence, see Rom9.] By God, Israel was reproduced, Isa63:16 -- really cute wordplay on both Abram's name and the Father's future fathering of His Son, YH 'becoming' (the WH). So too, we are reproduced from Christ. What Divine Genius! God, the Ultimate Sirer!

    Why does this going-low, work? The going-low Opens, Increases soul capacity. If you've ever sustained a long period of suffering and finally came to accept it, you probably also realize that what you once considered important, you now disregard. Why? You grew bigger. You don't play with toy soldiers or dolls anymore, and you don't play with immature values, when your soul outgrows them. Many people have immature values, so even when age 80, they are only age 5. True maturation is maturation in values; followed by, maturation in the structural integrity, to keep to those values. Here, we're looking at the Infinite Values and the Holy Spirit's power to reproduce and Hold Together, the believer thus grown.

    When grown, you no longer need goodies to motivate obedience. Sure, you'll always be temptible down here; but you outgrow the idea that you should get goodies; instead, You want to obey 'just because'. Just because He's God, for example. So, it's pure. Absolute Righteousness has two facets (covered in "God's Paradox" section of SatStrat.htm), not just one. First facet, demand for Righteousness to be absolutely met. But second facet, demand that NO Righteousness also be met. For righteousness isn't righteousness, if it can't withstand all unrighteousness. Hence the KJV of Eph6:13, "having done all, to stand." Hence the Lord's statement to John the Baptist, "We must fulfill ALL Righteousness." ALL facets. Not just the first one. So, that Rom5:5 filling-up-with Truth (ties to Rom8:4) increases the capacity of the soul to withstand. Hence the soul gets bigger: you have to BECOME something you were not; all the works in the world can't even begin to accomplish soul growth. All suffering in life is designed to open and increase soul capacity. It's the "depth" dimension of the building (of soul) Paul talks about, in Eph3:15-21 (there are many parallel passages in Bible, too). DDNA1.htm's "1st Aspect Summary" link portrays the dimensions of your transformation: what you become under the Heb4:12 Surgeon's 'knife' of Your Mentor, the Holy Spirit, in God's System.

  4. Consequently, to solve the Finity dichotomy for Himself and for us, to set up the CYCLING System, His Thinking "blood" paid for our sins on the Cross; Not, His Physical death. Really surprising, that people don't know this: thinking is metaphorically depicted as "blood" throughout the Bible. That's why the animal bled to death, to depict the Soul Pouring Out to Death (refrain in Isa52:1-12, emphasized in 12). I could hardly believe my eyes, that only one or two pastors even teach the fact His Thinking paid for sins; that 90%+ insist that His Physical Death paid for sins. It's a juridical mismatch! Body doesn't sin, the SOUL is what sins: body is just a bucket of biology, obeying its soul-master. Thinking alone defiles (refrain of the Lord's in the Gospels). Bible gives you the blow-by-blow story of it, in Isaiah 52:14-54:1: Isa53trans.htm. Translated Bibles fuzz over and do not translate all the God-breathed text (partly because the inspired original is very violent and graphic). The Chapter proves that developing His Thinking was Father's purpose (Isa52:13, compare with 53:11 even in the Hebrew); that Thinking was what paid for sins (Isa53:10-11); and that Thinking is to be developed in us (Isa53:10-12). So, all websites carry the thesis that the spiritual life of Christ is His legacy for us. So the true spiritual life is a Thinking, not a doing. Moreover, the false idea that He died for our sins physically, is covered in Grail.htm.

    One big reason that we believers are so clueless about Cross mechanics, is that we don't study Bible. So we don't know that CHRIST DIED TWICE: first a kind of substitutionary (not real) 'spiritual' death, to 'match' Adam's two deaths -- Adam really died spiritually, and as a consequence died physically. So Christ reverses the process: as a SUBSTITUTE for us (Romans 5:8, 2Cor5:21), He is imputed with sin, which thus replicates the EFFECT but NOT the nature of spiritual death. So it's worse, in that Christ is still spiritually ALIVE, so EXPERIENCES it, "knows" sin. (By contrast Adam just went wacko, as Genesis 3 reveals. He didn't understand anything afterwards.)

    We don't know this because the Bible is mistranslated in all the key verses where this duality of deaths is located. Here are a trio of videos in Youtube on the topic, showing how the mistranslation masks the vital proof of how He paid for sins:

    Want more detail? As part of my "Time Travel in Genesis" video series, I go through ALL the verses which use the same terms. CLICK HERE to access the page, but then watch Episodes 6d through 7d, to see the many hayyim and then muth-tamoth verses.

    Of course, the BIBLE doesn't matter to Christendom. Isaiah 53:10-11 is quite explicit in the Hebrew. ALL sins are to be paid for, Hebrew 'asham' in Isaiah 53:10, that's the contract. And ALL sins were paid for by His Thinking, bedato yatsdiq in the Hebrew of Isaiaha 53:11. NOTE THAT WELL: it doesn't say, 'b'damo', by his physical blood, but "bedato", BY HIS MASTERY OF TRUTH KNOWLEDGE. Duh, you have to be ALIVE and thus THINKING, to use your mastery of truth knowledge, huh.

    The blasphemous stupidity of 'respectable' Christianity never ceases to amaze me. Of course, that's why Christendom doesn't even know when Christ was born, when He died FROM BIBLE. And the Catholics, can't even count to THREE! Oh well.

  5. So what happened to Him, is to happen to us, since we are Royal Family of God in Him: Bride. Websites most centered on this soul-opening process are as follows: DDNA.htm; the more-Bible-familiar vocabulary of LordvSatan3.htm, helps you see better the BASIS for this spiritual growth opening God creates. The opening itself is covered extensively in the DDNA webseries, and in "Combat" table in LvS4d.htm. Again, the Isa53trans.htm and GodSystem.htm help you see the mechanism you actually live, to get this opening to happen to you.

    We just saw from #4, how opening His Soul on the Cross to the deepest depth -- the imputation and judgement of our sins -- made Christ Big Enough. With the result that, He is the "Firstborn of Creation" (title used in Book of Hebrews and elsewhere). So, He is The Progenitor, Heb12:1-2 (fulfilling Isa52:13,15, 53:8, 53:10-12, 54:1, and 55:1-6, and all of Heb4). So, since most Christians will not go through the Spiritual Life legated from our Progenitor (not 'doing' Heb 4:12, 11:1, Heb12:1), but some will; those who do, will also become progenitors: Bible term for them is "Pleroma" (i.e., in Eph3:19, but it's a keyword throughout the NT). These are the "kings" under the King of Kings (i.e., Rev1:6, 5:10, a fact long known, since it was sarcastically used by Paul in 1Cor4:8-9). [Central thesis in my pastor's teaching is about "Pleroma", so if you're under him, you might want to focus on those lessons.] So these "Pleroma" people are reproductive, too. Some of that reproductiveness occurs down here, but the bulk of it occurs in the eternal state: the immaturely-spiritual who died, will be IN those kingdoms, and will grow from the thinking of those kings. So Father gets ever-more "sweet savor" of His Son's Thinking, in aggregate. To see this fact as both the goal and a contract, read DDNA4.htm; note that "the great ones" in Isa53:12 are apportioned "the many" by the Lord who inherited ALL (53:12 is mistranslated in every Bible I could find and read in BibleWorks).

    Website sections which concentrate most on the Eternal Progenitor-Progeny System, are: "Third Aspect" link in DDNA3htm; "Summing up the Reasons" through "Summing up the Conclusions" links, in LordvSatan3c.htm (long section, has four Corollaries); the "Third Reason" links in LordvSatan3.htm; "Doctrine Diamond Facets" of LvS4b.htm (all Seven Facets). All of LvS4b.htm is about the fitness-of-numbers, progenitor and progeny creation and function, to knit and kit out, a Fit Bride; since that system is God's primary criterion for choosing When The Rapture Occurs: see Eph2. God's making a living temple of believers as a 'body' for His Son Who IS the Living Temple. Eph1 tells you that was the plan, all along.

    Notice the Genius of God: it matters not at all what you or others seem to be vis á vis people! Just like Paul says in Gal3:26, you are just as much a "adult son of God in Christ Jesus." (Greek term "huious" is adult son, meaning eligible for heirship; it should have been translated that way.) God is out to remake your soul's thought structure and values, which is exactly the way DNA works: for DNA is an Instruction Set, telling your cells how to be. So by consenting to God's Instruction Set, you get DDNA, which tells your thoughts how to be. Spirit said, "Light, BE!" in Gen 1:3. So that's what He says every time you consent to His Remaking You with God's 'DNA'. Line on line, precept on precept. So it matters not at all what you do, but what you think. Not at all, what your occupation, societal status, religion, culture, gender, etc. You can be in a wheelchair, or running the world, doesn't matter. For this world is not God's World, but Satan's, John 18:36. So all one does in it, will be burnt up, 2nd half of 2Peter. So get the training in the DDNA thinking, and that's what makes you Pleroma. So you can run a Kingdom in God's Eternal World. Forever.

    [Sidebar: My pastor has taught for years! that the spiritual life is only, learning the Royal Thinking of Christ, 2Pet3:18. He began harping on this Royal Role, way back in 1977, when exegeting Romans verse-by-verse. But from '92 onward, that was the sole theme. So if you're under my pastor, you might want get his "92 Spiritual Dynamics" tapes (about 12 years long, one hour per day); since they focus on the mechanics of this 24/7 thinking process. You'll see how he comes to realize it's all about the development of what he eventually calls, "Love IS the Integrity of God!", May 7 2000 tape. I heard that lesson four years later, after writing these webpages; but the pages in essence derived the same conclusion from earlier in the series (the 1997+ section, circa Lesson 800 et seq). Using BibleWorks, I was able to confirm in Bible that finity is the problem (which is why we can't do anything to be saved); how God solves it ON the Cross (i.e., that Isaiah passage). How thus we get the same spiritual life -- which brings us full circle back to what he'd been teaching since 1977, though expressed from other Bible passages.]

  6. The world is only blessed through believers, so if the believers aren't growing up in Christ, the world is cursed; unbelievers have NO juridical standing, since they reject God; so they are not to blame for what goes wrong in the world, either. This Blessing by Association exponentially upgraded due to the Session, for Church: for she is the [Representative] Body of Christ. Again, since this world is Satan's, God has nothing to do with it. So any cursing or blessing it gets from God, only is due to what's related to GOD, Luke20:25: believers, Acts27:24. For the root relationship between God and the unbeliever, is the unbeliever rejects God's Rights: since God made the soul at birth (I made you outside the womb verses, always egregiously mistranslated, like Isa44:2). At the 'birth' of Adam's sin, God separated Himself, and instead imposed the procreative process on the woman, Gen3:16; which is why there is no soul in a womb, Gen3:22 (witty use of min preposition in that always-mistranslated verse). But since God must alone decide whether to create a soul at birth, then there is a) a juridical connection God must rule on, and b) a condemnation which is thus immediately eligible for salvation, since Christ paid for Adam's sin, which we biologically inherited (in the body which exited the womb). So if God then creates and imputes a soul, that soul should acknowledge God as the True Parent. For only God can make a soul. Acknowledgement is Heb11:6 expressed first as John 3:16. But the unbeliever hasn't done that. So he can only get punishment warning, principle of John 3:36; the Tribulation thus can only occur if there are no believers initially on earth, since at that point the unbelievers are so negative, they need that dire a series of warnings, John 3:36 writ large.

    At some vague level Christians commonly know they are the source of blessing to the world. But HOW that blessing works and WHAT it is based on, they often blasphemously apprehend as works; but "salt" is Word in you, never works, principle of Hosea 4:6 and elsewhere. More than anyone else I can yet find, my pastor taught in detail the how and what for decades; but (confession time!) I still didn't see how it worked. Oh but now, I do. So, I try to explain it. What's surprising: Christendom never grasped the True Nature and Function of Our Royal Priesthood for Father as a completely separate and new priesthood: totally the reverse, of what obtained in the OT. Moreover, Christendom doesn't grasp how this Blessing is especially needed, since the human race is embroiled within the Angelic Appeal Divorce "riv" Trial. Book of Hebrews takes great pains to explain this changeover; tons of Trial vocabulary and explanation run throughout the OT; but can you find any understanding of it in Christendom? You just try. Snippets exist, nothing comprehensive.

    The Laodiceans were under indictment by the Lord because they were saltless believers; which is isagogically witty, since their location was famous as a place you went to party and vomit (so you could party again, faster). They had lots of respectability and works, but no Word. So they considered themselves good and rich, but were bad, blind-of-Word and poor. That's the indictment of Christendom, ever since. We preen over our works, but wouldn't know the Word if it bit us. No wonder there's historically been so much cursing by association with us -- for we ever choose Rev17, Satan's plan. Lots to answer for, at the Bema.

    All of the Thinking series is focused on this intertwined topic of Our Priesthood and the Role of Our Blessing By Association, under the 'play' of the Angelic Appeal Trial; that was my main accounting analysis goal, to see the intertwined 'play'; start with Part I of that series if you wish to trace it, LordvSatan1.htm. It's better to first orient to the legal issues via the shorter synopsis in "Our Diplomatic Brief" of DueDisclosure.htm.

    A provable dramatic demonstration of how God literally grants the world time to live based solely on believers, is in #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc. That Word doc connects to all the time-related webpages, so it's a good place to start. You can read its last two pages, to get the structure of God's Blessing Accounting System for Time. #9 demonstrates historically, from Bible you can trace yourself from Adam (once you know Bible's own accounting calendar, which is unlike anything else you can find in Judaism or Christian theology), how God has keyed Time itself to either maturing believers or to mass believer votes. The longer Mirroring.htm underlies the Word doc, documenting in more detail from Bible how time is constructed based on Christ, person by person from Adam forward. GeneYrs.xls is the calendar itself, running from Adam through 2007. The generic calendar is shorter, and is in webpage format, GodsOriginalDeadlines.htm, which was altered post-Cross due to the Last Adam (Christ) resetting Time itself.

    It shouldn't have to be said that all the noble works on the planet, don't add a minute to Time. But learning God in God's System, does. Why? Because God grants that: learning Him is a privilege, not a work. He wants it, so He blesses the world as a consequence. The math of His Granting Time can't lie, doesn't have a sales agenda, couldn't care less if you agree or not, doesn't need human approbation. Math is auditable. The above webpages go through the math, the verses, show how God literally used the sabbatical years to buy time, as well as His Time Grants to Bible people. You can vet this. Why no one has done so in Christendom, I'll never understand -- well, maybe because everyone's eyes glaze over when vetting Bible numbers and dates. It's a slog to vet, took me two years, but it can be audited. And it's all in Bible and you can match the timeline to real history you can really prove.

    Other categories of Divine blessings God grants due solely to believers learning Him on earth (and post-mortem) are summarized in LordvSatan3c.htm's Conclusion #2, but also passim through the page; see also Part IVb's First Facet. A macro-epic synthesis of both God's Blessings and Satan's Gotterdammerung 'blessings' upon Church, is in Part IVc.htm, whole page is on the topic. However, you may have to start with LvS4a.htm to see the threaded Precedence and the Bridal Contract, etc. on which all these Blessings (and Satan's counters) are predicated. Lots of reading, here: will take a good month to even read, let alone vet. (Part IV took me about four years to write.)

    This entire doctrine of blessing has been missed in Christendom. We've traditionally accounted blessing to come from the 'obedience' we think we do, shallowly defining that as our behavioral obedience, whether we ascribe to popular "respectable" creeds (never mind how much real Bible disagrees with them), whether we are moral. Big lie. So the truth has been that those who learned God were the cause, from Adam's fall, forward. Obviously if you learn God and live before Him, you're not gonna want to be immoral. But you're living for a higher reason: Him. God told Abram to leave his father, Genesis 12. To many Christians, that would be immoral. So there's something higher than what we account morality, wanting God for Himself. We don't. So the world gets cursed, because we don't.

    Morality is for the human race, and anyone who obeys moral laws is blessed, secularly. But the big blessings like Time, weather, competence, and other stuff only God can do -- comes solely via believers learning Him, and even if only one on the planet is doing that, the world benefits. So every individual thus counts. But not, because he's behaving properly. That's the lie Satan sells, that pious BEHAVIOR is spirituality, stressing morality, since Satan wants all the good works he can get. Thus deceived, you hustle, so you don't learn God but instead bustle in the good deeds just like Satan tempted the Lord to do, in Matthew 4.

    So now you know why no good deed goes unpunished. God-deeds, not good deeds, is what God wants. Again, Thinking series goes through this in detail, as the works myth is a main obstacle to Christian understanding of the spiritual life; which myth has to be accounted for and refuted, before one can see what real spirituality means. The world depends on Christians living the real spiritual life, not works.

  7. You're only a Believer and saved from hell, if you have ever once Believed ONLY in Christ for salvation, no other verbs, John 3:16. So if you've never done that before (or aren't sure), DO IT NOW. See "Royal Gospel Brief" on the Home Page. A more juridically-pithy version is GospelDisclosure.htm.

    This shouldn't even be a thesis: how can alleged 'Christians' be so unable to read John 3:16? For surprisingly, not even 10% of Christian websites tell you the true Gospel; but instead, they add verbs to believe and totally muck up what Christ says (which all Bible has said since Gen3:15, i.e., in Gen15:6); thus all their satanic gospels, save NO one. That is totally shocking. What, are they not saved? Moreover, even among those who get it that John 3:16 is the only way to get saved -- who realizes the nature of the problem, Rom3:23? Two-pronged problem, and it's not about sin, John 16:9. So who recognizes that we have a medical and legal problem, so we can't heal ourselves. Hence John 3:16, not works. Hence ONLY "believe", works. Not "invite", not "repent", not "baptize", not "receive", not "accept". One verb: believe. My Gospel Playlist from Youtube demonstrates that, and is on this page: click here to watch it.

    Of course, some Bible verses on how-to-be-saved are mistranslated, like Rom10:10: verse should end "BECAUSE of salvation" or similar phrase, see Rom1010.htm. Last 10 videos in the above embedded player cover the Romans 10 exegesis, as well.

    Of course, obviously adulterated some verses, like Mark 16:18-20, are some later scribe's invention. Those who want works cling to such verses with all their heart. But Bible is consistent: it's ONLY believe, from Genesis to Revelation. See Gen15:6 even in translation: it's an accounting transaction, echoed in Isa53:10-12, 2Cor5:21, Rom4 (whole chapter), Galatians (whole book), Eph1:13, etc.

      But then, if 1Jn1:9 isn't used or the person isn't even saved because he added other verbs to "believe", well -- then he can't even READ the Bible. "False Gospels?" link (near-top-left, royal-blue box) on Home Page walks you through the false verbs in more detail, so you can test them yourself. But here's a quick summary: if you add to "believe", then "believe" is NOT enough, so you are NEGATING "believe". Here's a great analogy. You've probably been hit with popup ads which flash, saying oh, you win! You get this free computer! Click here to give us your name, etc., so we can send it to you! Yeah, and when you do that, what happens? You scroll and scroll through all these useless things you must first buy, to even get to the screen where you can register your name! So to get that computer, you had to PAY something. So then it's NOT free! Even so, salvation cannot be encumbered by popup ads religion sells. Salvation Really Is For Free, and Only For Free, which is why it's ONLY "believe". No additive verbs, no popups, just All-SuperNatural God, John 3:16!

      For the last seven years I've been trying to understand why Christians add verbs to believe, in their false gospels. It's been going on for centuries, and it is rampant today. So who among us "Christians", is really saved? You can hardly find a pastor or evangelist for the past 50 years who gets the Gospel right, even the really famous ones (who I'll not name, it's too embarrassing). Every Sunday class and during many of the weekday classes for gotta be decades, my pastor harped on the problem of the Gospel being misrepresented, so that people don't get saved. I resented all that repetition. I was dead wrong to resent it. It's a consummate shock to see how people lauded as spiritual giants over the past 50 years, DO NOT give the correct Gospel. So it's worth your time to investigate the matter. People you know and love, might not be saved! People you don't know, people you hate even, might not be saved! No sane person wants any other human to be burning in hell. But we Christians are to blame for misrepresenting the Gospel, so those people will burn due to our lies! It's not tolerable!

      Why this problem of added verbs, thus negating the Gospel so no one is saved by doing them? From what I can tell, since believers don't use 1Jn1:9, they don't realize that the verbs they add, are verbs only a BELIEVER can do (i.e., you can't confess with your mouth you believed in Christ UNLESS you ALREADY did it). So that's the heart of the confusion. They look at verses which have other verbs, or believe and other verbs, and don't recognize that all those added verbs are AFTER "believe" in the syntax of the sentence, or in the near context. Basic grammar of any language, eludes them. Basic grammar: if ONE verb is used in a sentence and the verse of that ONE sentence says you're saved by 'doing' that verb, THAT VERB ALONE is enough. Hence John 3:16, like Gen15:6, and many other Bible verses ONLY list "believe". So it's the "believe" which God has ordained to be the denominative verb saving you. The other verbs in a sentence are extra, RESULTS of "believe". Is that clear enough? This grammar rule is true in any language, and especially in Bible.

      Logic eludes them, too. The "accept" and "invite" false-gospel people don't realize that you'll not invite anyone you don't first BELIEVE in, so it's not the "invite" that saved, but the "believe" which preceded. The "repent" people don't realize that you won't repent anything UNTIL you first BELIEVE, so again, the "believe" preceded. Pick any other verb and it's the same story, the "believe" has to precede logically, or that other verb, won't happen. So when these adding-verbs people read Bible verses with these other verbs, they read the verses bass-ackwards. So it's not a Greek-geek thing, but sheer stupidity. Good news is this: only believers can be this stupid. An unbeliever is likely more logical. So likely all these dufuses adding verbs to believe, are themselves saved, since they are unable to read basic grammar and are illogical. Satanic clouding of believers is Satan's #1 goal. It shows. The other good news: the Holy Spirit only transmits the CORRECT Gospel, so there are people saved despite false gospels being given, since they won't 'hear' the false parts, but only the TRUE VERB, "believe". Whew. If you think back on your own initial faith in Christ (assuming you remember that event), you'll probably remember that "believe" was the burning issue for you, nothing else. I remember that, others I know do also. Yeah, because the Holy Spirit makes "believe" the issue, John 16:9.

  8. Even as it's JUST BELIEVE to be saved, it's JUST THE WORD to be lived. Matthew 4:4, John 4:23-24 make this plain. The Original Word, not a translation. Because just as you didn't add anything to "believe" to be saved, you don't add anything to God's Word, to grow up spiritually. God is Consistent: NO ADDITIVES, ever. No other verbs save you but that first "Believe". No other word develops you but the Word God Wrote. So we have a Word in Writing; God preserved the VERY WORDS of the authors He empowered. Not, any translation. Caveat2.htm explains why, as do the Thinking webseries (starting with LordvSatan1.htm), and the DDNA webseries (starting with DDNA.htm). There's no reason not to know this, for even apostate Judaism stresses Torah-in-the-head. They just don't have it in the head, but imagine they do. No way not to get the message that thinking Word is the ONLY spiritual life. For thought is what you ARE. So thinking God's Thoughts is the only way to be with GOD. God, not people. But we don't see that, anymore than the Jews do. So:

      Every night on the news and every day in people's mouths, you'll find some valuable nuggets, but also a whole lotta junk. So yeah, you can only 'ingest' such thought, constantly culling through the junk, eating far more than you should: yet after consumption, always feeling vaguely dissatisfied. But it's far more efficient and nutritious, to have as little of that junk consuming your brain, as possible. So yeah, you can learn something of God's Word in translation; if using 1Jn1:9, you can even learn a lot. But to really see the whole picture, you need the Whole Word, which has no junk in it. Lots of scribes tried to junk it up, but God foreknew all that. So, we have numerous copies preserved BY God over the centuries. Some, in weird ways. Seriously, the story of how we got our Bible is more suspenseful and interesting than your favorite movie thriller. Try Christopher deHamel's The Book, sometime. It cost $50 when I bought it at Amazon, a few years back. So maybe share the cost with a friend.

      Since the Holy Spirit empowers you via 1Jn1:9, you can't claim that learning this Word in a language not your own, is "elitist". It's a SUPERNATURAL power, the spiritual life. Always was, still is. The brief on this fact was covered at the beginning of this webpage in the cream-colored table on "True Spirituality". So now, it's level playing field. Your human smarts are of no value. Your desire to learn Bible is all that matters. Holy Spirit takes that consent and makes you ABLE to learn, even as He made you saved when you merely believed in Christ. Your power to believe didn't contribute anything; it was a consent. So it is, ever afterwards. God is consistent, no one is left out of His Plan. And His Plan, is to teach you the Bible He commissioned. Not a translation. No matter what your 'IQ', you lost your brains when you first believed, and can ONLY live on His Brains, now.

      Granted, we have this Word in pieces, called "MSS" in theology; granted, over the millenia some over-zealous scribes thought they'd 'help' God by putting in their own ideas, adulterating (or mis-copying) the texts. But because we have so many pieces, we can tell where the adulterations and errors are. These many texts, then, are preserved in the most remarkable way, allowing full counterfeit detecting (aka "the science of textual criticism"). Which detecting we wouldn't have, if we possessed only a few 'nice' copies. Every text has errors somewhere; yet among ALL the texts on that set of verses, will always be one without errors! Hence, the Bible is in aggregate, "infallible and inerrant". It's totally amazing. Blows me away, baby. The cause of this infallibility and inerrancy, has a name in theology: "Verbal Plenary Inspiration". It's in the "Testing" box of links on the Home page.

      The errors are really important, for they help you prove the date of the text, the problem people had with the text, and a whole host of other useful clues for interpretation, isagogics, etc. For example, some dingdong got it into his head that the LXX of Genesis 5 ought to 'match' an old Babylonian roster of kings which was also based on the Genesis 5 heroes, and was still extant at the time the LXX was compiled. So, the dingdong tried to change the LXX, basically adding 100 years to the begetting age, but then backing out the 100 years to derive the same dying age. Poor guy, he got tired doing that, and before the roster ended, he just flat gave up trying to make it 'balance'. I do some accounting for a living, so I can really identify with the guy's exhaustion; can't you? So you learn much by the errors in the text, even as you learn much about God's Faithful Preservation of The Word He Means Us to Learn.

      So it's ONLY the Word, and ONLY in the original-language texts, God intends for you to learn; translations are adjunctively quite helpful. But they aren't your main course -- unless you wanna pig out on that junk food and yet stay hungry. So God went to a whole lotta trouble to preserve the original words of the authors He Himself Empowered. So the "tongues" He wants to empower you to read and understand, are the ones He preserved IN those texts. So to see Him better. No additives, no fillers: for nothing shall separate you from the Love of God in Christ Jesus, end Romans 8. So the words Paul really wrote in the first century, are the same exact words you yourself can read. From God's 'lips' to Paul's, and from Paul's via that Same God, to yours. No additives, pure nutrition, and -- far more tasty than any translation! The translations are snoozy, not merely inaccurate. Sheesh: God must be made boring, to be majestic? That's sure not HIS Style, whoa: the original language texts are delicious beyond description. Leave it up to God, to demand that Righteousness be tasty!

      God never has you make bricks without straw. But you're electing to make bricks without straw -- so your whole life will fall apart -- if you learn Bible only in translation. Count on it: virtually every Christian who's "lost faith" in Bible, lost it because he stuck to translations. Every Bible documentary I've ever seen that's wrong (all of them), uses translations (some pretend to use the original text, but you can tell they don't). Every teaching that's wrong, is based on translations (all of them, but some others don't read the original text pan-Bible, either). Translations provably malign God, and with a deftness that is superhuman; so, they are internally contradictory. Egregiously so. The "Satan's Plan" section of this webpage, will explain why. Again: this is provable, if you're willing to do the legwork. It's not hard to see: it is, however, time-consuming.

      All of my websites demonstrate the extreme loss of enjoyment as well as understanding, that results from using Bible translations. In the "Testing" section of the Home Page, you'll find specific links to Bible passages which illustrate how bad translation, literally wrecks what you think the Bible says. But frankly, every website must cover mistranslated verses, to further whatever explanation the page is advancing. That section has a number of exegesis pages, too many to link here. Ideally you get under a pastor who teaches you Bible in the original language texts, so you wouldn't need outside exegesis pages. But I have to create them, since most people reading these pages are only familiar with translations, so what I say Bible says, won't make sense to them if I don't provide corrected translations. Hence every webpage must spend some space on correcting the published Bible translations, as well as the exegetical webpages in that "Testing" section of the Home Page.

      The damage resulting from reading only translations or not properly reading Bible in the original-language texts is devastating, and makes Christianity look bad. For that reason, we don't know Christ's Birth and Death dates, which the original-language texts of Bible, disclose; we don't know how Passion Week transpired, though again the Greek tells you it took FOUR days between Arrest and Crucifixion, which was on a WEDNESDAY, no doubt about it. You can't find a Bible movie or documentary which recognizes it took four days. They all treat Him as being crucified within 24 hours or so of His Arrest. Bible doesn't say that. We don't read it. We don't care! We humans get pretty upset if someone who claims to love us, doesn't remember our birthdate; if someone doesn't know a loved-one's death date. But do we care about the Lord's? Not at all. Bible is plain, we don't read it. So of course we don't know the Exodus date, though Bible is plain; we don't know David's birth and death years, we don't know when the Temple was dedicated, when it was rebuilt, etc. -- all of these dates are in Bible, but we don't use it to know the answers. We go elsewhere (i.e., David's death date is based on Josephus, not Bible, no excuse for that). So we lose faith, because we can't prove "when" a Bible event happened. Yeah, well, if you won't read Bible, you can't prove it true! Sorry, there's no excuse for all this bad scholarship on Bible dates in Christendom. "re Dates, Prophecy, History" intra-page link section on this webpage links to the Bible dating webpages, so you can test for yourself, whether the foregoing paragraph is accurate.

      Again, you have this Mentor, the Holy Spirit, Who is the Only One Who Breathes Divine Writ; into the writers, into the teachers, into your soul. But not, into intermediaries. There is no valid 'horizontal' relationship in life: it's all Vertical, First Commandment. Any lateral relationships are designed to only go THROUGH Him. Bypass the Vertical, and your laterals all go crash and burn! just like in Gen3, when Adam picked his wife over God. Period. So it's ONLY His Power. Nothing between the Word and Him, Him and you, Heb12:2. God has to gift the teacher, and He has to empower the teacher, so even a teacher is only valid because God uses him to link understanding in you. And that, only if the teacher is learning from God, himself. So no intermediaries, really. So all translations are defective, however much we'd try to make them better, it's impossible to replicate the Infallible, Inerrant Word God Preserved. For we're really supposed to be learning the Preserved Word, not a translation. So to not learn that Word God went to so much trouble to preserve and empower learning, means one doesn't want God.

  9. Our Spiritual life is thus learning His Thinking, not works. Upgraded to Christ's Own Royal Level. Because, we are to be a Kingdom of Priests, Under Him to FATHER. Again, it totally baffles me that Christianity doesn't 'get it' about why we are here post-salvation. Kings Must Be Trained. You're not born competent at Kingly Thinking. Kings think for a living; their job is 24/7, not 9-5. It's hard to learn how to properly think; and you'll never make much valid money in life, unless you learn how to think. Body stuff is not worth much even in this world, which is why a CEO gets megabucks, but a hamburger-flipper, only a few. So body stuff is positively worthless, in the spiritual life -- the body can't ever go into eternity, 1Cor15. That's why Christ Threw His Body Away On The Cross. Can God make it more obvious? Did Christ give money, to save us? Did He do moral works, to save us? No -- He wasn't doing anything while nailed to a Cross. Could barely move, even. So what did He 'do'? Nothing. Instead, HE THOUGHT THOUGHT THOUGHT, under maximum pressure to stop Thinking. Hardest thing you'll ever 'do', is think. Especially, thinking God's Thoughts.

    We're talking THOUGHT GYMNASTICS, here! It's exhausting, a killer life, and if ever you wanted an excuse to disbelieve in Him, here it is. Look: Alertness, awareness, attention, concentration, focus; monitor your thinking for incorrect thoughts so you can use 1Jn1:9, develop an arsenal of 'replies' from Bible you've learnt; being enough aware of body 'hits' (stimulation to tempt arrogance, fear, etc) yet not so aware that you obsess or become demoralized; meanwhile, using that Same Bible learning, to engage in all manner of analysis, reading-between-the-lines, insight and matching action to thought -- in everything you think and do! Toward Father our thinking, 24/7. Even doing the dishes or brushing your teeth is tough work, if you have to keep that Thinking going! So much waste, when God can just bing! it and make it work? Why????

    Yet notice: nothing is menial, anymore. So notice: nothing else is 'big', anymore. What once seemed important -- is no longer. All the kingdoms of the world, lose their attraction. For Nothing is Harder Than The Bible's Standard, 2Cor10:5 "bringing every thought into captivity to Christ." Nothing is richer, either. Once you taste those "true riches", everything else is anticlimactic, and emotion is completely irrelevant. The moniker "Christ" often refers to His Thinking Pattern, i.e., in Gal4:19 and Eph3:15-21, Eph4:13. Hardest of all Thinking Patterns to learn. Dense, multifaceted, able to absorb large amounts of input quickly, whew. With the speed of a NASCAR driver, no less. Able to deflect the most subtle of temptations, Matt4. Hardest and most-satisfying life you'll ever live, period. Don't underestimate it?

    All websites are on this Royal Training Role which constitutes the purpose and goal of our post-salvation life down here; it's traced out from eternity past through time in the Thinking series, beginning with LordvSatan1.htm. That's the macro picture. For the micro picture, read the DDNA webseries, beginning with DDNA.htm: it covers how that actual buildup works IN you. But the best amalgamated summary of both webseries, is now in the "Synopsis" through "First Reason for Invisibility" link sections of LordvSatan3.htm. Part III is all about your Royal Inheritance in Christ, its structure; Part IV covers the massive effect of the growing Christian, on history, in the Angelic Trial (covered below in the "re Satan's Plan" section). The 'play' of this inner life and its training are best summarized in the Seven "Facets" links of Part IVb, LvS4b.htm, and the "Intensively Prepare" link of LvS4d.htm, but they might not make sense if read out-of-order. You decide.

      Other than what my pastor teaches, I can't find but kindergarten-level material by anyone else, whether on the internet, or in print. It's not good to name names. Lots of teachers out there have some idea this is important, and within the last year or so a few have begun focusing on the issue of what we think in our souls; but going by how they phrase the problem, their explanations are mired down in human-human behavior issues, still. They don't get the Priestly Role Of Our Thinking Before Father, yet; and they don't get it, largely because they don't realize that Christ Paid for Sins Using His Thinking, as Isaiah 52:13-54:1, so painfully explains in the original-language texts. Once they realize that, their teaching will skyrocket in value. Then, of course, their congregations will leave them for a sweetness-and-light guy who yet knows nothing.

      When my pastor taught about Integrity being the Love of God, he completed the theology Christendom has missed lo these many centuries. What was his reward? The congregation rejected his teaching, as you can hear him say to them many times in the recorded year 2000 classes. I didn't know that until sometime in 2005; the websites have the same conclusion about Integrity being the Love of God, but derived from his earlier (1997+) classes, what I call a Love Circle (#3, God's Cycling of Infinity inside Finity, Word in you). So now two corollary conclusions: if it's a Circle, then it's to Cycle in you; so secondly, if it's Cycling in you, it's exhausting, for you are becoming bigger than what you were, analogous to professional-athlete training (Paul's frequent metaphor, i.e., in 1Cor9:24-27). Well, that explains the rejection. And hence, the lack of teaching on the subject, lo these many centuries.

    You can prove all this with but a month's trial: 'do' the Five Elements in GodSystem.htm; for with daily use, you can privately test and see for yourself. No money, no ritual, no gimmicks, no set do's, no denominational slant. If you read nothing use nothing else, read and use that. There really is an underlying spiritual mechanism, and whatever's amiss belief-wise or sin-wise, etc. can only be fixed by you Becoming Wise In Bible in God's System. For there is only a Vertical Relationship, 24/7. It's about life with GOD, not people; and life with God has no denomination or religion or even gender or societal barrier, period. For, God made your soul, directly at birth, Gen2:7. See also DueDisclosure.htm to orient to the larger Fit between God's Own Nature, and the nature of the spiritual life you get IN Him, plus the 'diplomatic office' of how it 'plays'. Very different picture from what is typically pandered as Christianity, sorry.

    Okay, but does it really work? Well, yeah: once upon a time, I couldn't think my way out of a paper bag. Couldn't remember a Bible verse, if you tortured me to try (I have a notoriously bad memory). But now look! I rarely have to look up the citations, anymore, I type these pages at my top typing speed, wearing out my fingers, because the Bible fluency is sooo fast. It's my fingers, which are too slow. This Bible just runs in my head, 24/7, even when I'm sleeping; and all the kingdoms of the world are worthless, by comparison. True happiness is way beyond emotion. (Emotion is only a body thing, anyway -- a soul doesn't even feel; it lives instead on knowledge.) It's progressive, and for a long time it didn't seem to be working. But do what Paul counsels in Phili3:14, and you'll get there. John 14:26 is real. I'm evidence of that. Yet still remain, Eze16:6, weltering in my blood just as much a dufus as the day I was born. That's the power of Bible in your head, in God's System: He turns the old you into a chrysalis for the new you He Personally Makes with your discrete consents. So you see them live side-by-side, thus can better appreciate what it must have been like for Christ to be God and man -- yikes!

    It's never too late to start. "Stand Still, and watch the deliverance of the Lord", Moses told the people while their backs were to the Red (then named "Reed") Sea, as they watched the approaching Dust Storm of Pharaoh Amenotep II with his chariots. So you can stand still and watch Him skyrocket your spiritual life as you lay on the Heb4:12 operating table, with Mom (the Holy Spirit) as the Attending Physician. Oh: I'm on the next table, beside you.

  10. But the purpose and payoff of the spiritual life is knowing GOD. Intimately. He's Gorgeous! His Word is Gorgeous! Note that: HE is Gorgeous. His Word is Gorgeous. So why settle for less? God doesn't have to settle for less, and neither do you. Not those idiotic always-less dreams, emotion, visions or other slapstick, childish stuff. Oh no. Only Satan&Co. handle the lesser-thans. God's Standard is better, higher, truly enjoyable, even when hurting. God's about True Intimacy. True Love. He builds His Word in you so you can be IN HIM, even as He is in you. It's a status quo, a constancy, a Contentment. Even when hurting a lot. It's not a performance thing. It's a Being Together Thing. Kinda hard to describe, but it is not emotional. Best descriptive word? It's an Absolute Rapport. An absolute intimacy. All barriers are down. And it lasts forever. Doesn't matter He's Infinite, Perfect -- and I'm not. Infinite Word is in my puny head: His.

    This is God's Plan for everyone, and DDNA webseries best shows how it works internally. "Thinking" series is the legal counterpart (beginning with LordvSatan1.htm). Frankly, if you just do the Five Elements in GodSystem.htm every day, and keep trying to do them (i.e., 1Jn1:9) through ever-bigger parts of your day, you'll see within what -- two to six months -- a dramatic difference in your understanding of God, of Bible, in your prayer life. You'll also be under more attack (next section); you'll therefore have hands-on understanding of what "DDNA" means. So keep it private, this getting into God's System. Certain pursuits within the spiritual life advance you faster or retard your progress more than others, even if you are in God's System: each one of these can be tested as well, absent money-begging and other gimmicks, etc. They are succinctly summarized in two tables within the fairly-short, SpirTips.htm.

    "Love"=Christ's Thinking, in the NT. It's a play on words, a metaphor. Hatred is a type of thinking. So too, its opposite -- Love is a type thinking, not an emoting. Emotions can stimulated by doggone near anything, so are absolutely not reliable, as indices of thought. So when you see Bible talk about Love, it means His Thinking the Word. Balder verses on this are in Romans 5:5, whole chapter of 1Cor13. (1Cor1:5 talks about His Head being in your head, but the translations, cut HIS head off and substitute your own, lol.) The "surpassing" in 1Cor12:31 is wordplay (head surpasses the body, very witty).

    Knowing God makes you grow up spiritually, but frankly it's the only reason to want to live. So the more you know Him, the harder it is to want to live for anything else, and you'll reach a point where you can only go on living, because you know Him. Part III's "Pleroma" link covers that problem. Part IVd covers the struggle. The problem with spiritual maturation is that your standards rise, so life becomes more intolerable. Only knowing God, compensates. Helps one appreciate the problem of the Cross better.

  11. Miscellaneous theses which some will want to know:
    • I don't think unbelievers are stuck in hell, but rather they WANT to stay there; LordvSatan5.htm's last link covers that concept. Luke 16:20ff shows the mental attitude, as do verses on Satan, esp. in Matt4; 2Pet3:9 is "NEVER willing", in Greek (denying even the idea that God would ever become willing), very strong. So that means people can get out by believing in Christ, but probably never will choose to believe in Him, loving their own martyrdom too much (like Satan does).
    • Your spiritual life will have punning physical circumstances, relationships with others, or even illnesses which 'pun' the problem: SpirPath.htm covers that idea. Bible shows a lot of punning of physical illness due to spiritual illness, because in hupostasis, the secular always reflects the spiritual. But only the person with the problem, can diagnose it. You can't diagnose someone else, and many times illness (etc.) are 'crosses', due to spiritual advance. So beware how you use SpirPath.htm.

    • Bible says Life begins AT BIRTH, not before. You'll never understand why we are not evolved, why salvation is available, why it's permanent, if you don't understand WHEN and HOW you BECOME human. Prolifers, like pagans, think that 'human' means biology. So for centuries, to keep peace with the pagan-minded, almost all "womb" verses are blasphemously mistranslated, reversing what God had the original writers, write. It's pathetic, because the mistranslations are obvious and easily provable. Why do that? No one sane naturally wants an abortion; people only seek one as a last resort. So why cover up the TRUTH in the Word, that there's no life in the womb?

      Again, you can't understand The Spiritual Life's Structure, God's Justice Attribute, or anything about How Christ Paid for Sins on the Cross if you don't know Life Begins At Birth, pattern of Gen2:7 (soul created AFTER body formed, duh). The entire structure of Isaiah 53 (which begins at 52:13) is based on the Hebrew preposition "min", which signifies "beyond, outside of, separated from, away from", and it's paired with "womb" (beten or rechem) to show God alone makes you a 'you' at birth. Hundreds of deft references to this fact in the original, dozens in the Isaiah passage alone (because we got birthed due to Christ being made pregnant with sin, an obvious death).

      Chief website on this topic is Caveat4.htm, which covers the overview (focusing on God's Justice as the reason why no soul life is ever in a womb); re the categorization of verses showing all that, including an exposé of the mistranslation of Ps139:11-17 (which prolifers abuse absent homework), is NoWombLife.htm.

      Click here to view the Youtube playlist in Youtube.

      I'm not pro- or anti-abortion, and am adopted, so I don't care for either side in this utterly pagan, unholy, fake-Christian debate over life-in-womb; God says leave Caesar out of it, in Exo21:22 (compared to v.23), a verse which even the Catholic Bible (Douhay-Rheims) properly translates (at least in BibleWorks); some versions mistranslate v.22, but at least six get it right. See also what Rebecca did, Gen25:22 -- that's Who Governs This Question. So the coverup of womb verses to reverse what God wrote gives ignorance some excuse; but not that Gen 25:22 and Exo21:22-23 passage. So of course we prove that we don't at all care what He says, for we don't Learn What He Says, and thus we blaspheme Him, preferring Caesar as our 'god'. Why we keep doing it, well -- see the next section. Gramma Satan likes to sweeten our egos, and we all got one, prolifer or no.

Satan's nature and plan for us

  1. We're in an Angelic Appeal Trial between the Lord and Satan which predates the human race: man was created to be the non-angelic witness in this Trial. This Thesis synopsis will be long: for there is much disinformation about the Rapture, which is in fact a Trial DEADLINE. The Trial is in response to Satan's charge (and motive to rebel), that God demands too much from His creatures; that to have a relationship with God is harmful to the creature. So, God is not a loving God. I tried to dramatize this background from Satan's perspective, in the first chapter of PDR.doc. You might want to skim it before reading further. Satan's other arguments are illustrated throughout the Thinking webseries, but most notably in Part 1's 'Core Trial Issues', and in the Appendix on God's Paradox.

    If we don't understand the Trial and the Precedenting Bridal Contract from Israel, we'll mess up the Legal Nature of the Rapture and not perceive its Trial Deadline significance. ALL websites therefore have this Trial as a running subtheme; this synopsis should thus prove helpful. Longer synopsis is in DueDisclosure.htm's "Our Diplomatic Brief". Longest and most comprehensive Trial coverage is in the Thinking series, beginning with LordvSatan1.htm. Best summary of the actual categories of legal Trial arguments made during man's history is in Paradox.htm. Satan's side of the arguments, plus his overall Trial strategy and Trial tactics are best covered in LvS4a.htm, LvS4c.htm and SatStrat.htm.

    When you examine what the BIBLE says about Satan, rather than listening to all that lurid garbage pandered about demons in Christendom -- you realize Satan is a very moral person. In fact, that's why he rebelled, on the grounds that God is not loving. Matt4 summarizes his accusations against God, would that anyone bother to analyze them. All the temptations are accusations that God won't do the required GOOD DEEDS which Satan contends should be done. Now the root idea, is this: God can just make everything work perfectly by willing it. So if He won't do that, He's immoral. Sound familiar? That same argument is made against anyone with power or money, looks, etc. Echoed billions of times per day in complaining mouths. And it is a valid question, too: why did God make it so we have to pee? That's a hassle. More importantly: why did God make it so He'd FOREVER have to look at us peeing? We live moment-to-moment, but Omniscience sees each moment forever occurring. So put yourself in Satan's place -- why would God do this? Either He's nuts, or not omnipotent. Of course, the answer is Absolute Love for Truth which He WANTS to be full-spectrum, however small or horrific, just as much as for the high ease of binging anything He wants. But oh! That's an awful hard answer to swallow. So Satan and 1/3rd of the angelic realm, spit it out. PDR.doc spends its first chapter on their upset over God in a dramatized format, to speed comprehension.

    Here's a link to the set of videos I'm making on the Conflict: click here.

    Bible is first and foremost a Trial Disclosure. That's why Moses began writing from the past, to show how the Trial progressed, for when Israel was called out as a nation, she was to be a National Witness to the world about this Trial. Trial language is thickly strewn throughout both OT and NT, but is nearly always blotted out in translation. Sorry, but Satan&Co. don't exactly want folks to know what's in God's Deposition (aka Bible).

    There are three massive, intertwining doctrines to explain here: Trial, Precedence, and how God grants TIME itself to the human race. Trial and hence the Rapture are foundational to the amount of TIME alloted the entire planet; which amount no one can predict, for the Trial goes on, in Heaven. The reason we remain down here post-salvation, is to be developed into Witnesses for this Unseen Trial ("elegchos ou blepomenwn", Evidence Unseen, in Heb11:1, always mistranslated). So how much time remains, depends on BELIEVER VOTES. #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc tracks the impact of believer votes since Adam. God keys Time itself to specific voting periods in history which He designed. It's a massive doctrine, and I can't find anyone since Canon completed, who teaches it. So be sure you use 1Jn1:9 and ask Our Mutual Dad for any confirmation, as you read. He witnesses to Truth, and alerts you to falsehood.

    Thus the Rapture has zippo to do with politics and who-aligns-with-who, so just throw out all that drooling over historical events to see if these are the "end times, brother". Of course they are! Every Generation Can Be The Last. That has always been true. Because, "witnessing" is a matter of voting in This Trial, not a to-people thing at all; and no one can predict who or how long that will go on. It could have all ended before the Flood occurred. Nothing to stop Christ from being born from Noah's loins, coming, paying, and -- finis. It could have ended with Moses. So see: the Rapture has Trial precedence, a contingent trigger based on believer development. So every generation could be the last one, that's the default. Only Israel is an exception to that norm -- why, is covered later on.

      Happily, some pastors do teach about the Trial, and have done so for many years; my pastor isn't the only one, here (for a change). So you can find stuff on the internet about the Trial, but I can't find anyone other than my pastor who understands the Legal Basis for the Rapture. So I had to spend four years vetting, and Part IV of the Thinking series focuses on that Legal Basis, LordvSatan4.htm. It's divided into four subpages, and each of those subpages have more subpages (very complex story): start with LvS4a.htm to get the Precedence straight (all law goes by precedence, since precedence is a Justice requirement of consistency).

      My pastor has taught the doctrine of Precedence, Bridal Contract, and the resultant Believers Growing being the Criterion of Rapture for many years. He calls the Rapture, "the End of the Rebuttal Phase of the Angelic Appeal Trial" and has taught that doctrine for decades, too. Although I did believe him, and I didn't reject the doctrine, I was (confession time!) too lazy to appreciate it. Worse, I used to think only goofy Christians were interested in the Rapture, even though via four years of my pastor's daily exegesis of Revelation, one can't mistake the doctrine. God spanked me for my former prejudicial disinterest, too: lol, I had to essentially repeat the four years in website writeup, since I was bored/prejudiced during those first four!

      My pastor has also taught that believers are used by God to literally buy Time, for decades. I didn't understand that, either. So while vetting the claim, I ran into Daniel 9; turns out Daniel 9 is not merely a one-time grant, but is rather phrased as an accounting convention. So Gabriel speaks using familiar time-accounting lingo to Daniel. That's why Daniel doesn't ask Gabriel to define any terms. Daniel wouldn't have to, if everyone already knew that lingo. Turns out, it was commonly known. Moses uses it (Ps90:4), Luke uses it (Luke 3), Matthew uses it (Matt1), Paul uses it (Acts13), just to name a few. So Daniel 9 is simply an accounting convention which is based on how God Accounts Time itself. An accounting system which people knew.

      Next section will show how you can prove all that, and also how it ties to the Trial. Nothing like this is on the internet, sorry. I don't know if my pastor teaches it (he taught for 50 years, and I've not yet gone through all the lessons). Wouldn't surprise me if he did, though. It's too easy to prove out, almost mundane. But gives you a ton of doctrine on How God Blesses and Dispenses Justice.

    Time Precedence: Only Believers Must Get
    Time Grants. Else, The World Ends.

    Rapture is first founded on a Precedence which limits Trial Time; hopefully you just saw some of that meaning in the above videos. Additionally, there's a subsequent precedence which has nothing to do with Church per se, but everything to do with the biologically-degenerative effects of "Adam's Original Sin". Term is my pastor's, but also in the biological meaning layer of Gen 2:17, Rom5:12, and pretty much all the death verses which reference man's deteriorating biology. In short, there's a macro MEDICAL limit on Time. When Adam fell, his days becamed numbered. That was a medical result. Now that the body is tainted, it can't keep living. So will die. Over successive generations, the tainted genetics will mutate. Further sins will further corrupt the passed-on genetic material, even as the first sin did. So genetic deterioration due to the sin nature means that at some point, the biological material would be too corrupt to sustain the imputation of a human soul at birth. That's why spontaneous abortions occur now, and at some point, the corruption will only generate abortion; so, humanity must end.

    To some exent, how you think will speed up or slow down some of that biological degeneration in your progeny, since thought very clearly affects biological (and especially brain) health all by itself; but at some point biological degradation will still be too much. For it is due to sin entering the biology: sin is a soul function, but its effects are additionally biological; hence the sin nature, now genetic, will not be 'touched' by God. That's why childbirth instead of repeated Gen2:7 creations, occurs. That's why the soul is imputed at birth not before, since unless the fetus is biologically viable, it's not right to impute a soul to it. God's test of viability, is that the fetus can be born: breathing criterion in Gen2:7 -- after body is outside and fully formed, see also Exo21:22 (fetus is not a legal person). So eventually, there will come a day (happening only sporadically now) when no fetus will exit the birth canal, owing to the genetic degradation. So the world is in a kind of aggregate time-bomb status, no matter what. While no one knows how long that will be, the human race has degraded so much in the 6,113 years since Adam's Fall (as of end 2007) our solar system's Sun, will probably outlive our biology. But that's by human calculations. Only God controls time. So let's look at how He does that.

    Given the sin nature, and the above time-bomb backdrop, now let's examine Bible's (provable) Doctrine that God grants the world Time, solely due to BELIEVERS. That's why you have the Genesis 5 roster: the world would not have continued, had those believers not been at the top, per generation. Moreover, at least one believer every 490 years, must be sufficiently spiritually grown to justify awarding another 490-year segment of time for the entire world. So the Rapture can be halted, manipulated. For Time was always a contingency based on believers, and still remains a contingency. Time continues due to positive believers; its quality, due to positive believers; it worsens or ends due to negativity (viz., the Flood).

    This is all summarized in the last two pages of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc, a Word doc brief on how God uses Time in the Trial -- "Differs" from the usual theology and timelines, in that ONLY the Bible is used. Typical theology shuns Bible in favor of astronomy or pagan materials to construct timelines, which is big mistake on their part. That's why there's so much controversy over Bible dates, NO ONE IS READING IT to learn its dating system. So they use NON-Bible material and of course therefore contradiction results! But, lol, I just believe Bible, for God wrote that Book -- so Bible is what I used, so you can audit what I found. Duh, it's perfect and no contradictions, either. Use that Word doc for an overview, then track its underlying Mirroring.htm and its tandem worksheet GeneYrs.xls; the latter ties to Mirroring via the light blue (i.e., people awarded time), dark green, and gold rows. When you compare the pivotal historical events which occur near the gold and green rows with the 'blue', you thus should be able to prove from Bible, history and math that all grants of Time are based solely on those selected believers being spiritually grown by the gold and green Deadline years. It's a relay race. Before one 'gold' (490-year grant) completes, someone else must be spiritually developed enough to 'carry the baton' (renew the 490-year grant). Abraham, for example just makes spiritual maturity in the nick of time: the absolute 1000-year grant would end four years later. Another close call, when the Temple was completed: four years later would have been the end of the third 1000 grant. Since the purpose of the world getting another day is to develop believers in the Trial (next subsection), these time grants are Deadlines of Development. It's like investing; you have to get sufficient yield within a reasonable period, or you should stop investing. Like throwing good money after bad, at some point it's not worth extending time. And above all, from Adam forward the genetic time-bomb is ticking. Periods of apostacy make biological degradation proceed more swiftly. That's why life expectancy after the Flood deteriorates so much, even in the Bible heroes listed.

    In brainoutFAQ.htm#6a, you'll most quickly see the Bible proof of the dating scheme, in outline form. GeneYrs.xls merely plots the verses so you can more quickly see the 'math' results.

    Mirroring.htm contains the associated videos; you might find them helpful. You'll see the player, when you load the page. Videos are added to it periodically, as there are many more to do.

    These Time grants determine whether the world will keep going -- but also, whether it will suddenly stop, no matter where things are in the Trial. As you'll see below with respect to the First Temple, any grant previously given can be cut short. So, these time-grants are in contiguous 490-year sets (560, counting the intercalation of a 70-year voting period). There is a second class of grant which covers civilization (not just believers), which spans 1000 years (1050, including the 50-year voting period, such that 490+70+490 is 'inside' the 1050).

    To better see these grants, trace some of them. For example, note that 490 years is granted between Noah's son Shem (gift to Noah) to Abraham's son Isaac (gift to Abraham); from there, to Joseph's enslavement, and 490 years after his enslavement, the Exodus occurs. 490 years from that, the 1st Temple is built; its premature demise is used to craft the last 490 in Daniel 9, which ends with Christ. And He died at what would have been the end of the 1st Temple's second 490 had it never been razed (950-490-490=30AD). Which is also to say, He died in the 1470th year to the day (3x490) of the original Passover (1440-490-490-490=30AD, same 14 Nisan). God keeps good time, huh. You can see all this easily in the worksheet, as you scroll down. All the dates are in the Bible. Its OWN dating system is self-auditing; so it 'catches' your mistakes. Its purpose is to show how God Orchestrates Time as a Balance Sheet based on Believers He Develops Spiritually. Duh, we already know God can tell time and give us right information. What we don't know, is WHY He does it with such vigor, in the Bible.

      So now watch God's Accounting Precision in what follows. In Daniel 9, God crafts a new 490 from the Remaining Time Due the 1st Temple. It had its own 490 which began when Moses' 490 ended (1440-950BC), but died 126 years short of its own 490's ending (950-586BC). Isaiah memorialized all this 200 years prior to Daniel, since Isaiah was the one who first prophesied the destruction and later rebuilding, of that Temple (i.e., beginning in Isaiah 40): Click here to watch the short Youtube video on it. Or, click here to watch the full version. You'll need to play it in HD, fullscreen, to see the text and dates well.

      So contingent on the Temple being rebuilt during the 70-year voting period from 586BC-516BC (Dan 9:2), a new 490 can be crafted, of which the 126 will be a part (=reimbursed 70, 49, and reserved 7). Therefore the 364 years it was standing, can likewise be reimbursed (126+364=490, with "62 weeks" being the sum of the 70 and the 364, and the other two remaining pieces, severally accounted in Dan 9:25, 27). Hence Daniel 9:24-27's 490, balances perfectly all the way back to Adam, and forward to Christ. When you track that accounting, you find God reserved not one, but two seven-year periods, and the outer time limit was the 1000th anniversary of David's death (which theologians always date 7 years too early, for they misread 1Kings 6:1, and instead go with Josephus). [Bible says David was king for 40 years, and that he became king at age 30. Josephus says David died at age 70. So that would mean David did NOT live even a year, after his abdication/retirement in favor of Solomon. So the first five chapters of 1Kings, which chronicle David living 7 more years after he stopped being king, and then three more years after his death, must all be a complete mystery, huh. Oh well.]

      Since you know this outer time limit ties to David's 1000th anniversary-of-death, and you know David ruled 40 years, you can easily calculate the birthyear of Christ: 37-40=3BC, or very late in 4BC (which turns out to be 25 Chislev 4BC, when you add up Luke 1:26, Haggai2, and look at priestly course names, inter alia). So then you notice that 3BC is the 1000th anniversary of David's consolidated Kingship over all Israel. So is all this just fancy dancing? Or God's Orchestration of Time? Well, track Mirroring and GeneYrs.xls, see for yourself. This isn't the only pattern of convergence, but it is the most important one, and it balances to all the others.

      But when Dan9:26 played to finish Messiah, it got cut short by 7 because Israel rejected Christ (so His 40 years' as King to parallel David, got cut to 33) . The second seven is reserved in Daniel 9:27. So the first reserved one played from 64-70AD (66-73AD, by some other accountings). So Daniel 9:26's prediction of the razing of the Temple, still happened as forecast -- but with a double-seven. There's one seven remaining: the Trib.

      So it's not possible but that the Rapture kicks off the Tribulation, mathematically. Time ran out when Christ died; had He not died then, we'd not be alive, now. For His Death renewed/rebirthed Time itself, just like the Bible says (i.e., Gal4:4). That's why we are used to redeem Time itself (as an extension of Him), Col4:5, Eph5:13. It's not hyperbole. Clearly no amount of human works accomplishes squat to increase Time. So why does God do this granting? Next section will begin to answer that question.

    Post-Canon (96AD) the individuals thus granted these 490s, are of course not identified. Post-Canon you can still track the attendant TRENDS proving the time-grants continue, and you can see the effect of the deadlines being met (many close calls): the trends themselves, are explained in MirrorNOW.htm, and the worksheet shows how the trends predictably play out. Historical entries into the worksheet post-Cross, are regularly added.

    Upshot: whenever God might be 'planning' the Rapture, if there isn't some believer awarded a time grant prior, then the last such award becomes the intervening deadline: because, that's what happened to Christ Himself. And -- also as happened to Christ Himself -- like the First Temple, that time grant can get cut short due to massive believer negativity. So it's truly possible for the Rapture to occur at the wrong time; it's possible the Rapture could be pre-empted or triggered too early due to negative believer votes (next section). For Precedence governs: this is how Time has been granted since Adam, and of course Christ is the Last Adam, so there's no justification to change how God grants time. When you vet history post-Cross, you find out that the 490s still play predictably: so someone is getting those grants each time. It's a Justice Consistency requirement: God will never gerrymander freedom. Believer votes govern. More on why, follows next.

    Trial Precedence: Witness TO God, so Believers-Only,
    Determines How Long Trial and hence Time Lasts

    So let's next examine the overall rule of TRIAL PRECEDENCE. Webpages covering this section will be listed later on. But here, let's just look at a flagship chapter in the Bible on it, to see the idea. Quintessential statement about it is in Hebrews 11:1, which is an introduction to a sampling of Trial Witnesses, since ABEL. The writer updates to reference Church's Role, because Chapter 11 is a parenthetical elaboration on the ending warning of Chapter 10 (Temple soon to be destroyed, maybe the Rapture will come); but the underlying statement is always true since Abel, as the rest of the Chapter goes on to illustrate. So here's a corrected translation of Heb11:1 which tries to reflect the writer's poetic meter: "It's about Confidence in Word! Son's Thinking on Trial! Evidence, Unseen!" Heb111.htm provides details on why the corrected translation is valid. So Hebrews 11:1 tells you what true "witnessing" means, beginning a whole chapter on the topic, going all the way back to Abel. So Past is Prologue. Past Witness, to GOD, not people. Past reason for Time Continuing, Believers, not unbelievers. Notice how everyone the author picks, were alone, i.e., Moses' decision to leave Egypt is recorded -- he's alone at that time, and it's a Thought which is praised. So the Trial Witness, just as Heb11:1 so cleverly exclaims, was Unseen. You can't see Father Who Hears Every Thought. And your Testimony, well -- Word you believe, is technically invisible. So notice how Thought is stressed. Ouch -- how long have we had Hebrews 11? And yet we childishly define "witnessing" in only one narrow way, to mere people, as if they were more important than Father Who Hears Every Thought? Wow, our Unseen-To-God Witness isn't very good, huh.

    Precedence for the Rapture, Unseen-ness: the Trial is not based on unbelievers, so the Rapture is not based on unbelievers. It's believer votes throughout history, as illustrated by the pan-covenantal Heb11 roster. Therefore the time allotted, is related to Believer Voting, not related to unbelievers. So that's why Noah was saved in the Flood with his family, but everyone else drowned -- Noah and family got built by the time they finished the boat, so -- time was up! Look: God makes every soul. When a soul rejects its Maker for an entire lifetime, God is being way more than patient. No greater arrogance than to reject the One Who Fathers your own soul. Not even your human parents or spouse, could do that much for you.

    Hebrews 11 therefore ends as it began, with the blunt statement of the Rapture due to the Trial -- "without us [being completed, tie-back to Heb11:1], they (OT, Israel) will not be completed". Last is First, see. But why? Well, to find the answer, you go to the past. Precedence, past is prologue.

    Precedence? Look: Christ became King-Priest kata Melchizedek, a Trial Victory Title, For Father. So too, you are to be made into a King -- under Him Who is the King of Kings (another Trial Victory Title). Notice that well: His Kingship here has zippo to do with Israel, has everything to do with Father, Ps110:1, Hebrews 6:13ff. As Hebrews 7-10 keep stressing, He'd not be entitled to any priesthood under Israel (wrong tribe, and not a son of Aaron, either). So His Kingship here predates Israel. Therefore so does ours, since ours derives from His. So: you are here For Father, to be developed For Father, so whatever else happens while you undergo that process, is condimental. Trial is used to develop you For Father, and in fact a Successful Witness results in rewards which you get to have forever -- For Father.

      So technically our relationships with people are condimental, since priests are to be set apart, isolated to God (root meaning of "sanctify", hagiazw); but since we are already here for the Unseen Trial, God will exploit us as blessing to other humans, as well. Wait till you see how much, as this #1 unfolds! We just saw in the previous section that God literally CREDITS TIME to selected believers -- who of course are Successful Trial Witnesses. Christ rebirthed Time. So under Him, we are given that as well. Pile all the good deeds up from Adam through the Millennium, and all of them together, can't even alter a minute of Time. So a far greater work God does in you, than you can ever do. So much for the Brother-Foot idea of working your buns off being God's Will. He has bigger goals, than that.

    All this For-Father meaning, is the Book of Hebrews' primary thesis: Priesthood change, covenant change, For Father is the Reason for the Season (Church Age, in modern lingo). For the precedence changed to What He Inherits As A Result Of The Cross, theme of Hebrews Chaps 1-2, 12:1-2, 10:5-17 (really 8:8-10:17). So Church does not derive from Israel, does not have the covenants of Israel, because Israel rejected Messiah. That created an abrogation in its covenant, Heb Chaps 3-4, 7:18ff, 8:7, 9:15, 10:9, all of Chapter 10, 11:39-40 (etc). Which is why the reach-back to a Priest-Kingship prior to Israel, is cited as Precedence (Melchizedek's). As you can see, Book of Hebrews traces out the Trial and legal changeover to Church, for the reader. As Heb12:2 puts it, HE is our Pioneer, Our Originator, Our Precedence, our Progenitor (Greek word "archegos" means all those nouns and others like them). Him, not Israel. And it's "He" post-Cross, Hebrews Chaps1-2. Not, pre-Cross. So that's why new Kingly Titles are given Him, and we are given a Royal Covenant of potential inheritance as King-Priests, not merely priests. Which requires, Royal Training. Again, not like Israel. More about all this, will be explained below, in this #1.

    His Titles are Trial Victory Titles for defeating Satan in the Trial. That's a threaded theme in Hebrews and elsewhere in the NT (but most easily seen in Hebrews, probably). So that's what our Training is about. Trial training is Kingship Training is Training for Father. To learn to Think like Our Archegos, Christ. Again, it's unseen, what you THINK in your soul. Even you can't see it. But God can. More on how your soul's content is Trial evidence will follow in the next section.

    For now, notice this: all that prophecy about the Tribulation, belongs only to Israel. Rapture is not related, it's just used to trigger Israel's resumption of "time". Instead, the actual cause of the Rapture is entirely based on how you vote to train in your potential King-Priest inheritance For Father; just as only believers determine how long time continues (the 490-year time grants, for example), so also only only believer votes determine when the Unseen Testimony ends: and that, triggers the Rapture. So if you're busy looking at anything else, then your voting will be zilch, nada, niente, goose egg, cero, zero, zip, bupkis, 1Cor3:15, 1Cor4:8. So too, your rewards. Can't have a 'job' to train in Kingship but ignore it, and get kudos at the Bema, k?

    Trial Basis and Evidence, Believers Only:
    Whose Thinking, God's or Satan's?

    At heart, The Angelic Appeal Trial is about whether God loves us, and whether His Plan for our lives is better than Satan's. So to demonstrate the free results, both God's Plan and Satan's, play in our lives -- our choice. You are always choosing between One or the other, whether you are a believer or not, whether you know it or not. LordvSatan1.htm orients you to the Trial basis, which began pre-Adam, back when Satan fell, Isa14:13-14, Eze28:12-19. That's the precedence. [Because Satan was behind the king of Tyre, God draws parallel so to alert the King of Tyre to his desperate situation. Obviously the King of Tyre was not made perfect, and did not pre-exist mankind, and was not an angel. But Satan was. This deft sudden-change-of-subject paralleling is very common in OT rhetoric. ]

      Satan hates. But he didn't used to be like that. He used to be in love with God, so to speak. But he didn't grow up enough in that love, to God's level. So it torments him, now. LordvSatan1.htm and SatStrat.htm's "Paradox" walk you through how he went from initially loving God, to his current unquenchable hatred. It's really love which didn't mature, owing to a problem in compatibility maturation. So the love never really dies, but it can't enjoy loving. So turns to hatred, in an attempt to compensate. That's why Satan shows so much admiration for Christ in Matt4, yet must deride Him at the same time. It's a tragic situation. But the meanwhile, it explains why he's positively obsessed with defeating the Lord. An incipient fictional version of this account is in PDR.doc. Fiction makes a great auditing device to test concepts for overall sense.

      When a young boy is first learning to like girls, he often does mean things to them, because he likes them. The boy doesn't know what to do with his attraction, and tries to resolve it by being mean. So now multiply this problem by a billion years and a bizillion smarts -- and you get a glimmer of what a hellish soul life, Satan and the demons have. For they are all attracted to God, admire God -- but they can't handle the HE focus such love engenders. Giving up the ME focus is something they won't do. Love doesn't want a me-ness. So, it becomes a mean-ness.

      So what happened back in eternity past, was that Satan and one-third of all the angels, rebelled against God. A huge civil war ensued, for we don't know how long. Eventually everyone finished choosing sides, and then God convened a Trial, 'found' the one-third guilty for rebelling (legal term, means the evidence justified the 'finding'), sentenced them to a not-yet-created, "Lake of Fire" (a new universe, Matt25:41). Before that sentence was carried out, Satan (="opposing attorney") appealed on grounds that God is unloving, unfair, abuses His Power. Hence we exist. Again, LordvSatan1.htm walks you through that origin and the root arguments.

      The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life were real trees, but of course the fruit of either one, was just fruit. Whatever biological benefit might have been gotten from eating, obviously the point was Volition Choosing to eat from one Tree or the other. For by making that choice, your SOUL was choosing either God's Plan -- or Satan's, for your own life. Thus it has been, ever since.

    Each choice begets a change in your soul; of course, you will make a bizillion choices over a lifetime. With each one, you get God's Thinking deposited, or Satan's. Certain layers of God's Thinking are available to the human race (i.e., morality); for the Christian, he must be in God's System, to get God's Thinking. Else, it's all Satan's Thinking being deposited, even when it seems to be about Bible -- because only the Holy Spirit deposits Bible; and He'll never do it absent 1Jn1:9 used as needed (OT version expressed in Ps32:5, 66:18, Gen3:12-13). Fellowship with the Holy Spirit and carnality are mutually exclusive, theme of Romans 8. So use 1Jn1:9 like breathing; spiritual apnea is not good; that's called "mataiotes" in the Bible, a literal vacuum sucking up Satan's thinking -- and you'll think yourself spiritual the meanwhile, 1Jn1:6-10!

    So what happens to your soul is accumulative, and becomes Unseen Trial Evidence. Does your soul become happier, more content, integrated with God's Thinking deposited, or -- Satan's? Satan's thinking results in the soul being preoccupied with ME. God's Thinking results in the soul being occupied with HE. So it's the ME thing, versus the HE thing. God sees God and happily exclaims, "He! He! He!" (deft Hebraism in the OT for Trinity). So that same Happiness, HE! wants for us. Each "He". By contrast, Satan sees God and unhappily exclaims, "what about ME ME ME?!" (Load LordvSatan1.htm, search on "modern dialogue", then read below it for a quick sidebar on Satan's me-ness preoccupation.)

    So that's the core Evidence, here: are you happier thinking like Satan, or like God? LordvSatan2.htm 's Dungheap Table explains the inner working of this Me versus He Trial issue, because as a result of Adam's Fall, our soul's urge goes from He -- to Me. What a misery. LvS4d.htm covers Evidence Testing of your soul, once God has developed you. Before that point, you are in Training, and you go through depositions from time to time (cross-examination, but unofficial, to test you for potentially becoming an official Trial Witness for the Prosecution, God). So this is a lifelong transmutation-in-His-Thinking process. If you end up being qualified for Evidence Testing (which means you became an Official Witness for the Prosecution, God), you will find that out, usually sometime after you've been in it. You'll also know how well it turned out before you die, 2Tim4:7-8.

      Notice how it's results-based evidence. So if Satan had 800,000 on his side, but God had 1, the number of people is not what constitutes victory. It's the QUALITY of life on either side. So clearly, 800,000 unhappy people versus one happy person means the happy side wins. Christ was the Happiest Person Ever, Heb 12:2. Now you know why there only had to be One Person That Highly Developed, to defeat Satan in the Trial (Heb 2:14). Now you know why only 8 people in an Ark, were victorious witnesses, happy people -- versus the maybe millions of very miserable me-ness half-humans, who drowned. (Yes, half-humans. Gen 6 Hebrew/LXX is plain that the demons cohabited. The demons were incarcerated in Tartarus for that little caper, 2Pet2:4, Jude 6.)

      Notice how the body life is superfluous. Body reflects thought (that's one major reason we sicken) -- but body activity can often be exactly the same, with antithetical thought. Example of the woman with the two coppers, in Mark12:42. Her thinking made that little amount of money given the Temple more valuable than the merit-me thinking of the rich guy before her, who put in a whole talent (million dollars). Both activities were giving money to the Temple. But the souls behind them, couldn't be more different. So "good deeds" are never measurable by what goes on the outside, but what's coming from the inside. It's what's inside the soul that defiles the body no matter what the body does, Matt15:11-18.

      Every favorable mention of good deeds/works in the Bible should really be translated "GOD-deeds". In the original-language texts, grammatical nuances alert you to God-in-you-source, so God Alone is the Actor making the deed, good (cf. the Lord's quips in Matt 19:17, Mark 10:18, Luke 18:19). For example (one rhetorical style), Greek text omits the (nee: definite) article ("the"), or uses it monadically so you can't mistake the God-deed meaning in the original-language texts. I tried to illustrate this style using James 1 and 2 in the Greek. See the last 11 videos of the following "James 2 Exegesis" playlist; download the color-coded Word doc, from the video description: Click here to see the playlist

      God's head gets cut off in translation, and man's is placed atop, so the ME-ness preoccupation replaces the HE-origin of the works. Very sad.

      So technically unbelievers are not Witnesses for God's side in the Trial, since they can't do any GOD-deeds until they are born again, John 3:3-36. But since they are to get the Gospel, there are many elements in God's Thinking they need and receive, as logistical support so they can respond to the Gospel. God thus invented morality. Ideally, the thinking of morality provides a kind of societal and internal stability plus contentment, so that the Gospel can be heard. That's why you have the structure of nations, of law, etc. So an unbeliever is in essence voting for his portion of God's Thinking when he votes to obey law, be moral, etc. Satan then exploits the resultant prosperity to make the unbeliever think that because he's moral, God should accept that morality in lieu of the Gospel. Thus the unbeliever comes to regard the Gospel as offensive, by -- in effect -- God's Own Gift of morality! See how clever Satan is?

      Satan's always playing both sides of the fence. He wants to beat God to the Millennium by creating a nice moral world which needs no God. On the other hand, he needs to divide and conquer, so he also sponsors immorality, which destabilizes a society. Satan picks and chooses where to practice this destabilization, and of course sponsors it the most, in nations he can use to harass other nations of strong believers -- or (preferably), he'll do it within nations of strong believers. But that's hard to do, unless the believers are negative to God. So the US is full of negative believers. That's why we have so many problems, see Lev26.

      For the believer must vote on a higher plane than mere morality, and it's difficult to do so. The believer has the Royal Responsibility of voting to learn Bible, to even be VOTING on God's Side. Repeat: if you're not voting to learn Bible, then you're not voting for God. But if you are, then God 'replies' by depositing that Bible in your soul. Then the results are all Divinely handled -- with each such occurrence also contingent on the believer choosing for God to handle it, not the believer himself. Bible (and theological) Doctrine of "kenosis" means Christ forewent doing of His Own Nature (Divine and Human), in favor of the Holy Spirit doing TO Him. So that's His hupogrammos ("copybook", term used in Peter, usu. mistranslated "example") Legacy for us.

      For God to be doing it, you must be in God's System. Else you're voting against God, and for Satan. As you spend more time in God's System, the voting level toughens. LordvSatan3.htm's "First Reason for Invisibility" walks you through the spiritual maturation stages and their vicissitudes. For it takes time to age spiritually; to go from ME to HE in focus. As your focus progresses in "He", the difficulty increases, too; and you end up having to become very familiar with God's Word, to avoid the many traps: things which at a younger spiritual age, would be God's doing -- but at your age, are too young so will not be God's doing. Kinda like insisting on using training wheels for a bicycle you've outgrown. SMP.doc is a short six-page diagram of that shift in focus, spiritual growth by stage from childhood to "Pleroma" (Bible Greek term for maximum maturation, a pregnancy-to-full-term).

        So it gets harder to detect whether the impetus for any action is from God's Word, rather than your own. It's a very messy process, during spiritual adulthood; for often you think you're doing God's Word, but it's really your own -- again, you're too old now, but clinging to what used to be a from-God category. Solution? Just use 1Jn1:9 and keep seeking for God to be the determiner, not you. Christ always looked up before making any decision, Matt4:4. Paul calls this "bringing every thought into captivity" -- really difficult habit to get into -- in 2Cor10:5. That means you are constantly thinking Bible, constantly in a kind of conversation with God, constantly monitoring your thoughts, constantly firing Bible at temptations, constantly analyzing what's God's Will, constantly monitoring the coordination between soul and body to have spiritual competence according to God's Will. It's exhausting. And nothing in this life is more fulfilling, either.

      So all that theonomy junk, all the many crusades to get other people to change their behavior, all the many Christian works, are on Satan's side: believers are doing it themselves, just like the unbeliever is. No Spirit in all that, just ego. See how clever Satan is? Same tactic of making morality the spiritual life, as the tactic of making morality the substitute Gospel. And we fall for it, every time: "MEGA" table in LvS4c.htm covers these four elements of Satan's clever herding plan: Morality, Emotion, Gross sin, and Apathy. With the result that, we think ourselves GREAT (mega=great, in Greek).

      In all events, the believer is the only valid Witness in the Trial, and both God and Satan use believers they prepared; and of course they don't prepare anyone not voting for them. Notice also how the goal is to get the believer to reject God (viz., beginning Job1 and 2). Sin is just a tool to enable the rejection. It's never about sin, in either side of the Trial. That's why the "G" in "MEGA" is "Gross sin" -- to make what is not an issue, an issue in the minds of man, thus polarizing man between those who practice gross sin, and those who judge it. So all of them are sinning now -- all looking at each other, not at God. Quite successfully clever, huh.

      The more of God's Thinking which grows in you, the more like Christ you become in your soul. Therefore the happier you become. Therefore as you age spiritually, the more stuff can hit you, whether prosperity or adversity -- and you keep on preferring God. It's a mental attitude testimony, a pattern of thinking which becomes instinctive. It's arduous, it's fun, it's refreshing, it's "all things". Full-spectrum.

      By contrast, the more of Satan's thinking which grows in you, the more like Satan you become in your soul. Therefore the more prickly, manipulative, phony, hateful and bored you become. Therefore as you age carnally, the less stuff can hit you, whether prosperity or adversity -- and you keep on preferring to deride. It's a mental attitude testimony, a pattern of thinking which becomes instinctive. It's ennui, a sighing martyrdom complex much like the manipulator down in Hades in Luke 16:20ff. You literally shrink into a little, black, vibrating lump of soul coal. But you will fancy yourself, a diamond. We all know someone like this. It's devastating.

    Hence soul RESULTS of the choices determine Trial Outcome, not the votes themselves. So that's why Noah and family, only 8 persons, were a victorious witness, versus the maybe millions who drowned. Those who drowned, voted for Satan's plan, and the results of their lives were unbelievable cruelty, boredom and hatred. Noah and family voted for God's plan, and the results of their lives were happiness and love. So it's not how many vote for God, but what results come from the votes.

    Most believers historically vote for Satan's plan as well -- but you can't lose your salvation. You can only lose the happiness in this life and the additional inheritance of Kingship (which glorifies God more than wood hay stubble) -- in eternity. Not worth it, to vote for Satan's plan.

    Church Completion

    We've just seen that an individual believer's soul changes constitute Trial Evidence. But in aggregate, we believers (aka "Church") are in Training FOR the Rapture -- which Deadline, is predicated on Corporate COMPLETION of Church. That's our current macro-historical status in the Trial, which is defined in Bible as the time bubble of Daniel 9:26c. That Corporate Completion is to simultaneously Create A Legal Bridge, to justify fulfilling to Israel her promise of the Tribulation (Dan9:27, elaborated on in Zech, Isaiah, Eze, Revelation) and Millennium (ibid). For when Israel rejected Messiah, she rejected Her Brideship Promise, so it passed to Church: Matt22 analogy of Vashti and Esther, with Church getting the highways-and-byways Esther role. Just as for Israel, the question is aggregate spiritual development, for Church: but at the Maturity-of-Christ standard, Eph4:13. For He completed His Cross BEFORE Church existed. This fact is vitally important, as you'll begin to see, henceforth.

      What does it mean to say the Church, a body of believers between Pentecost and Rapture, must be 'completed'? Well, have you ever played the "Sims" game on computer? You create a society, and then run it. Lots of infrastructure is needed, there's the question of what people have what skills so what aggregate wealth can be produced, so that the polity can be strong, and the people, happy. Balance is important. All these are RULERSHIP questions, too. Ruling over such an entity, kinda like ruling a household, a business, a factory -- only much bigger. And here, ruling it forever.

      Rulership is a parental thing. You must Love Absolutely -- or rulership is an intolerable burden. For all those you rule, are lower than you. That fact hurts, because if you love, you want Intimacy. But it's precluded, to the extent they are lower. Every king knows this. It's isolating, to be a king. So you must have a huge amount of power, and a matching amount of love, else the use of power will hurt both you and those you rule: for love motivates using power to resolve the Inequality, in order to get greater Intimacy. So Divine Thinking must be crafted in your soul, if you are to be a King forever Under Him. LordvSatan3c.htm walks you through these issues. Very beautiful, somber thing, to be a ruler. Love alone, makes it worthwhile.

      Rulership is a delicate thing. Too many rulers is like too many cooks in the kitchen. Not a tyranny of one ruler, yet not a democracy either. Too many rules is worse than too many cooks. Plus, a certain kind of SHARED THINKING is critical to the happiness of a polity. Rapport is important in a marriage; it's absolutely vital, to the health of any polity. So to craft such an ideal state, well -- it requires much training and matching in COMPATIBILITY.

      So spiritual maturation is essentially a compatibility change. As a child, the focus is on ME. As an adult, the focus changes to HE. As one matures in spiritual adulthood, the Love becomes Absolute. For it's God's Love in which you mature, Romans 5:5, Eph3:15-19, 1Jn4:19. [Most "love" verses in the NT only mean "God's Love", Greek word agape (agapaw is the verb) is a famous technical term ONLY meaning a-god's-love, in Classical Greek literature -- but translations always cut "God" out. No excuse for that. So when you read 1Cor13, put "God's" in front of "love", see what a difference it makes. In fact, do that whenever you see "love" in the NT, see what difference it makes!] So compatibility becomes absolute, too. Word is Divine, and it's the Thinking of Christ, and God is Love; so His Word is Love; so as He deposits His Word in you, just as it transformed His Human Soul, so it transforms yours, Rom5:5, 1Jn4:19.

      So God, ever the Lover of Freedom, is building a federation of Kingdoms for His Son to fulfill the Son's Desire to have a federation of Priest-Kingdoms to serve Father forever. What serves Father, is Divine Thinking. So what needs to be built, are whole Polities of Completed-in-Son Thinking. That's far harder, than building a whole country from scratch!

      In short, you're to be built in the Son's Thinking, For Father: that building changes your soul, and what God does to your soul, versus what Satan does, is Your Trial Witness. Unseen, obviously. Even we don't really know our souls' testimony. So what testifies, is also what builds you in Son's Thinking for this future -- For Father. For ever. Frankly, it becomes a killer life. And nothing else satisfies, either.

      So it takes time to mature you spiritually. Then in aggregate, to balance to the number of believers who voted for Satan, so don't have the thinking they need -- but they can get it through the Kings. That is, if enough time can be justified, for the development of those Kings. When those Kings get completed -- the balance being completed -- then the Rapture occurs. Much more about the completion-in-numbers criterion (and the many Bible verses on it) is in LvS4b.htm.

    Satan Angles for a Mistrial to Prevent Church Completion

    Hence Satan angles for a MISTRIAL Verdict, by trying to prevent this Bridal Bridge from COMPLETING. A "Mistrial" occurs when the Authority in charge of the trial, proves 'guilty' of evidence tampering, or not living up to Trial rules. Since that's a breach of fiduciary (aka "public") trust, a Mistrial Verdict must be issued, and the defendant goes free. Can't ever be tried again for that crime, either. Secular always reflects spiritual, so the origin of today's legal concepts of mistrial, are sourced in this pre-historic Trial and its terms. For example, Satan is essentially accusing God of tampering with evidence (bribing a Trial Witness, Job) at the beginning of Job 1 and Job 2. Now you know why Satan's angling for a Mistrial. If he can get it, his (and his side's) freedom would be thereafter unimpeachable. So he fancies himself a kind of savior for all the fallen angels, and all of mankind in hell. And he would be, if he wins. I try to present his point of view in fictional novel format (yet unfinished), in PDR.doc. Its first chapter explains how the demons look at God, and us. They fancy themselves, messiahs. Just like Satan does, in Isaiah 14:12-14.

    MISTRIAL KEY: In a legal trial before a jury, there must be "Discovery of Evidence"; if the procedure of "Discovery" is materially violated, the defense can call for -- and likely get -- a Mistrial Verdict. For "Discovery" means you lay out the evidence beforehand to the opposition. Can't introduce any evidence in a trial, which wasn't first 'discovered' (disclosed) to the opposition. Moreover, "Discovery" requires that you put ALL the evidence 'out there' for the opposition to attack; this includes the opposition's right to search ("discover") everything you have which might be useable as evidence. So: you generally cannot introduce new evidence once the trial has begun, unless you can prove you newly got it; even so, you never can do it, without the opposition getting advance full disclosure and the time to refute it, before the evidence is presented in court.

    Omniscience thus provides a kind of legal "Discovery" disclosure, which we call "prophecy" (i.e., beginning in Gen3). Because, all evidence must be presented to the opposition in advance of being presented in court -- else it's a Mistrial. In effect, Evidence not presented properly or withheld or misrepresented, is a kind of tampering. Skewing justice, cheating. That's bad enough, in anyone. But if Authority for the Trial (i.e., the state) does it -- a Mistrial Verdict must be issued, and the defendant goes free.

    Evidence tampering comes basically in two flavors.

    • One, you withhold or otherwise tamper with evidence you have,
    • or two -- most relevant to THIS Trial -- you claim something as evidence which doesn't actually exist, or doesn't exist as represented. Prophecy is a Promise of Evidence which doesn't yet exist, but due to the nature of "Discovery", it must be disclosed in advance. My pastor has taught for over 50 years that if even one of God's Promises didn't get fulfilled, Satan would win in the Trial. I didn't understand why he kept repeating that, because he had to keep his explanation 'simple' for the congregation. Now I understand: it's "Discovery".

      In civil cases in the US, "discovery" often means the witnesses for one side, get the equivalent of a subpoena to show up at the law offices of the opposition lawyer, and must give a "deposition" (=testimony) to that lawyer. It's recorded by a court reporter, and the side you're witnessing for, is not allowed to help you in any way. The representative lawyer on 'your' side just sits there. You get cross-examined, and it can be very intrusive. If you pass the "deposition" cross-examination, 'your side' would be allowed to call you as a witness in the actual trial, for passing means you prove to be a valid (i.e., not bribed or 'coached' or "sandbagging") witness. But if you don't pass, then you cannot be used as a witness in that trial. That's exactly how it works in the Bible, too. First, actually.

      You've also seen this principle of evidence tampering demonstrated in courtroom movies and many crime drama series: a claimed witness suddenly disappears on the day he's to testify; the murder weapon in police hands goes missing; a letter claimed to be written on a certain day by a certain person, turns out to be a forgery/hoax. If it can be shown that the prosecution/judge/police were the cause of these (and like) problems, it's a Mistrial. O.J. Simpson's lawyers were constantly looking for evidence tampering so they could save him time and money by getting a Mistrial Verdict. Every good lawyer seeks it; doesn't matter if his client is guilty or innocent, it saves time and money, so must be pursued.

    Re this Angelic Trial, both "Discovery" and "Trial" happen in two places at once, but not in quite the same way: in heaven, and here on earth. Hence we must get prophecy too, as we are essentially judging whether we want to go with God, or with Satan. So we're evidence, but also a kind of jury. Because we have this dual role, prophecy (discovery evidence) isn't all disclosed at once. It's part of the Trial Basis, what we choose based on what we know in advance, and what we don't know in advance. So we vote on what is disclosed, and then more is disclosed, etc. That's why the covenants differ. How people vote on what they know, and what they don't know. LordvSatan1.htm covers the issue of known/unknown, and LordvSatan2.htm centers on covenantal differentiation as the known/unknowns, change. So over time, more and more disclosure is given. And like Rev19:10 reminds us, all disclosure centers on the Person of Christ: in the OT, He was upcoming. In the NT, He's already come and gone. So the OT people voted on a witness of what they had not yet seen, whereas the NT people vote on Him Who Was Seen. In all events, most people didn't see Him. So it's a question of what results when we believe the court reporters of God's Deposition, Isa53:1, 1Jn1:1-5, see exegetical comments for the latter verses which tie to Isaiah in 1JnTransandExegNotes.doc.

    Because humans are simultaneously witnesses and jury, because Time is only granted if there is a sufficiently-developed believer; because mass believer negativity can literally stop time, look -- there are many ways a "Mistrial" can and even must be declared. Hence Satan's often nearly won a Mistrial via believer rejection, to prevent the First Advent. Since Precedence is Prologue, look at sample moments in OT history which almost resulted in a Mistrial prevention of the Incarnation. Note how just one believer (could be you or me, analogously) made all the difference! Note also how the near-Mistrial circumstances vary. The partial Witness roster in Hebrews 11 serves to show the meaning of the voting testimony for selected individuals. #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc tabulates this voting record and its impact on history since Adam, in more detail. In all events, absent these votes Christ couldn't be justifiably born, due to massive believer apostacy. Here's a gist summary.

    • Had Adam and the woman not voted for salvation in Genesis 3:12-13 (the "and I ate" clauses), it would have been a Mistrial, then: the Divinely-promised human race (Gen 2:24), would never have existed.
    • Had Noah not voted to build and go in the ark (along with his family), it would have been a Mistrial, then: same problem, promised human race would have ended -- before the Savior could be born to pay for it.
    • Had Abraham and Isaac not voted on Mt. Moriah, Mistrial -- no Messiah (promise to Abram). That's why the Bedrock on which Isaac willingly lay (he was over 20 years old at the time), became the Holy of Holies Arkstand.
    • Had Jacob not voted to go to Egypt, another Mistrial. Again, no Messiah would have been born.
    • Had Joseph not learned to stop leaning on people to get him out of an unfair jail sentence, there'd have been no Israel. Mistrial!
    • Had Moses and Israel with him not voted, Mistrial. Promised nation must exist for Messiah-to-come.
    • A Mistrial nearly occurred when Samuel had to appoint Saul, king -- for God as King had been rejected. But before Saul rejected God, David voted for Him.
    • So the promise of Temple and Messiah-Coming-Kingship bypassed to David (2Sam7), and
    • it still was almost a Mistrial when the 1st Temple was destroyed; for no Temple means No National Contract with Israel, hence No Messiah, either.
    • But Daniel voted, Daniel 9. That bought time so others could vote.
    • During that time, enough voted to go back and rebuild during the 70-year voting period of Daniel 9:2 (deriving from Jeremiah).
    • Yet almost a Mistrial when the 2nd Temple was slow to be finished, hence all that nagging in Haggai. But Zerubbabel said yes, whew.
    • Still almost a Mistrial after the Temple finished (but Jerusalem still not finished per Daniel 9's terms), when Haman almost succeeded. Jews would have been wiped out, but there was an Esther.
    • That bought time for an Ezra and a Nehemiah, to exist and vote to rebuild Jerusalem. It got done at the very last minute (the 70-year reimbursement on the flipside of 516BC ended 446BC, yikes)!
    • What if Mary said no to Gabriel at the Annunciation? Or what if Joseph had said no to Mary! Mistrial!
    See? All those timely votes were used to justify time's continuance so Messiah could be BORN per the Daniel 9 timeline. Else, God didn't keep His Salvation promise (Gen3:15, 15:6, all that prophecy in the OT). Moreover, look at the Time Promise: Daniel 9:26's Messiah-cutoff year ends 37AD, see "David" links and Mirroring.htm's #4. No other way to calculate it. No other year balances to all other Bible dates, either. So Christ died in 30AD (the extra seven had to play, therefore, in fulfillment of the remainder of 9:26 and raze the Temple) -- or there will never be a Christ. Makes it easy, pre-Cross and post-Cross, to identify Who is Messiah.

    For Christ, The Chief Trial Witness, the One Whose Human Soul would be Fully Integrated with very God the Father even throughout the Cross! -- He, therefore, must be and is fully Disclosed in all respects in advance, Rev19:10. Hence His Birth and Death Dates were exactly calculated, prophesied in the OT and occurred, based on this 490-year relay race of Blessing; which is, God's Accounting System for Time. So if His First Advent had to be fully disclosed in advance so Satan could try to prevent it, then the Rapture must be fully disclosed, as well as the Second Advent. So, all of them are. And in each case, a Mistrial on grounds of Evidence Tampering would occur, if what was disclosed in advance by God, doesn't occur 'as advertised'.

      For example, He was born in the 1000th anniversary of David's consolidated Kingship: had He not been, it would have been a Mistrial, for the 1000 years granted David, was up. No one other than Messiah after David, could be granted 1000 years -- for Messiah was promised to David, 2Sam7. Israel having rejected God back in 1050BC, couldn't 'inherit' Messiah except THROUGH David. So time went through David, after that. Similarly, the Christ died in the 1000th anniversary of David's retirement from Kingship (David died 7 years later) -- again, lest there be a Mistrial -- that was the outer end of the Davidic time grants (no others remained). For All Time is entirely designed around Christ (Heb1:2, Greek, with "time" usu. mistranslated "world"): He's the Reason why only Believers' Positive Votes are used to justify the earth getting another day.

      Now you know what Paul means when he writes that the Lord came in the "fullness" (pleroma, a Greek culturally-loaded, pregnant-by-god term) of time (witty paronomasia w/"born of woman", Gal4:4, 1Tim2:15). Yeah, no time remained!

      "Day of the Lord", like all other Discovery (aka prophecy), is dual. What we call the First Advent, was the First Day. Isaiah uses that term a lot, and in Isa61:1-2, it's an Arrival, a Visitation. The Lord invokes it in Luke 4:19, the official announcement of His Messiahship; He also invokes it in the "evil generation seeks a sign" analogy to Jonah, but you can't tell from the translation He's talking about the Proclamation of Official Visitiation of The King (kerugma parallels pleion, in Matt12:41; see also Luke 19:44). For if He didn't arrive in time to renew the 1000 years, then we'd all not be here.

      The Day's Arrival is tied to the 1000th anniversary of David's Kingship: you can learn this by tracing "Day" and 1000 references, and by doing the math on the dates. Once you know God's Accounting System for Time, you can correctly calculate Daniel 9, and thus get the year exactly. Then you notice that hey -- it's the 1000th anniversary of David's death, that Daniel's 69 'weeks', end. So you can easily backtrack to the beginning. Now that same conclusion could have been derived back in 586BC, too. So it's almost six centuries of advance notice, even if you pretend God didn't disclose it until Daniel 9. (He began that disclosure with Moses, Ps90:4 and the construction of the Passover-Pentecost holidays, see p.18-19 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc.) Same Accounting, doesn't matter when you calculate it. Again, Mirroring.htm walks you through the math.

      Review: in Daniel 9, God crafts a new 490 from the Remaining Time Due the 1st Temple. It had its own 490 which began when Moses' 490 ended (1440-950BC), but died 126 years short of its own 490's ending (950-586BC). So contingent on the Temple being rebuilt during the 70-year voting period from 586BC-516BC (Dan 9:2), a new 490 can be crafted, of which the 126 will be a part (=reimbursed 70, 49, and reserved 7). Therefore the 364 years it was standing, can likewise be reimbursed (126+364=490, with "62 weeks" being the sum of the 70 and the 364, and the other two remaining pieces, severally accounted). Hence Daniel 9:24-27's 490, balances perfectly all the way back to Adam, and forward to Christ. When you track that accounting, you find God reserved not one, but two seven-year periods, and the outer time limit was the 1000th anniversary of David's death (which theologians always date 7 years too early, for they misread 1Kings 6:1, and instead go with Josephus). [Bible says David was king for 40 years, and that he became king at age 30. Josephus says David died at age 70. So that would mean David did not live even a year, after his abdication/retirement in favor of Solomon. So the first five chapters of 1Kings, which chronicle David living 7 more years after he stopped being king, and then three more years after his death, must all be a complete mystery, huh. Oh well.]

      This reserving of TWO sevens, was depicted in the Hebrew meter of Psalm 90, and Isaiah plays off it. To watch the Youtube playlist demonstrating that interplay, click here.

      But when Dan9:26 played to finish Messiah, it got cut short by 7 because Israel rejected Christ (so His 40 years' as King to parallel David, got cut to 33) . The second seven is reserved in Daniel 9:27. So the first reserved one played from 64-70AD (66-73AD, by some other accountings). So Daniel 9:26's prediction of the razing of the Temple, still happened as forecast -- but with a double-seven. There's one seven remaining: the Trib.

      See, the Trib belongs to Israel, never Church, so Church cannot be in it. It's an accounting promise, made back when there might not have even been a Church. The websites most focused on demonstrating the Bible verses and accounting math of the above paragraphs are Mirroring's "David" and "To Be or Not to Be" intra-page links, and PassPlot.htm's "(Pink Table)" link. So you can prove the accounting balances, so it's not even remotely possible that Church is in Trib; nor is it remotely possible that Trib or Millennium are figurative/allegorical/ fulfilled, etc. Numbers can't lie. Numbers can be audited for balance. Do it or do not, as you choose. Especially, numbers which are crafted based on God's Orchestration Rules for Time, as Moses showed in his Hebrew Meter of Psalm 90. To see the Hebrew Meter rules and the videos, click here for BibleHebrewMeter.htm. The Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 Meter playlists are also in Youtube.

    So you'd think with all the near-Mistrial Verdicts which almost prevented His First Advent, He'd play it safe once He got here. Oh no. For when Israel rejected Him, what does He do? Oh! the Lord announced Matt16:18, knowing that He was creating The Greatest Potential For A Mistrial, by promising New Evidence Which Didn't Yet Exist: Church. Us! Think about that for a minute. Evidence tampering flavor #2, claiming evidence which doesn't exist or doesn't exist as represented. See the added potential for Mistrial the Lord caused? What, is He crazy? Satan must have mused.

    Ahh, now to Precedence, again. See,

    • God has obligated Himself to certain promises to the human race, and Bible therefore must be written to disclose them (Discovery);
    • but He has also made those promises Contingent On Acceptance By The Covenanted Groups.
    • In Israel's case, there was only one such contingent promise.
    • Cut out, graft in -- the other promises are unconditional, granted to individuals; Israel is only the indirect beneficiary through Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Christ.
    • That contingent promise, was Brideship,
    • and it was contingent on VOTING for Messiah when He came.
    • They didn't.

    So Satan felt he had grounds for a Mistrial Verdict, since all the unconditional promises were BRIDGED to the conditional one (Brideship); but the conditional one, was rejected! Look:
    • all the unconditional promises were to be through the Seed, Christ (theme of Gal3).
    • But He was the One they rejected. He got the covenants (note how Paul makes a big deal out of Seed, not seeds).
    • So how will Israel get what was unconditionally promised? See the legal loophole Satan exploits?
    [Compare Gal3:16's Greek with Gen12:7, 13:15, 15:5, 17:7, 21:12, 22:17, 26:3, 28:13, 28:14, in the LXX, because they all are translated as plurals, but Paul makes a stink about them being singular, Christ. And all these LXX verses use the singular neuter construction Paul's playing on in Gal3:16. Then look at the LXX of Isa53:10, which also uses sperma in the singular neuter. Boy, look what happens when we don't read our Bibles. You can't see the Legal Bridge problem, if you don't know that Seed is singular. Just one Bridge, Christ!]

    However, Matt16:18, Christ As The Bedrock announced He'd build the Church on Himself -- all heaven must have shouted wildly when they heard THAT! ("epi tautei tei Petrai", not the diminuitive "petros", lol! Never on Peter (="petros" in that verse, a chip), why won't people read the Greek!)

      This was a huge surprise. It's tantamount to winning the SuperBowl in the last three seconds of a tied game by the most spectacular running touchdown in the history of American football. And you had good seats! Or, pick what you would consider the most stupendous event you could witness, which you would forever cherish the most as a "you had to BE there" memory. All history is rescued at this moment, when He says Matt16:18 -- but at an incalculable extra cost -- to Him. You and I would flat not be here, absent Matt16:18.

      God decreed to create. That's a complete cost. All care for creation is something only God can do, so it's a forever-commitment, a forever-burden. So think: Now This One In His Humanity effectively authorizes a Carte Blanche Creation -- Which He must, in His HUMANITY, Pay for On the Cross -- in advance! Unseen!

      That's His Legacy for us, too. We are to be developed into Kings -- in advance! It's a present-value-of-dividends concept. And thus we are made to 'pay' for our kingdoms in advance. Brideprice concept. It's NOT hyperbole, and obviously only the Holy Spirit can produce the requisite capital and in advance! That's why Hebrews 11:1 reads so dramatically in Greek. Isa53:10-12 is the contract it references, especially verse 12. For it's not what you are to 'do' -- lol, all the works on the planet can't produce a Divinely-Thinking person -- it's what you are to BECOME. In Your Soul. Soul Size big enough to House a Kingdom of souls. Forever. Hint Hint -- He BECAME "The Way the Truth and the Life". How? By Matt4:4, living on the Word. So if you live on the Word, what must you become? Hint hint!

      You realize, of course that His Voluntary Added Commitment here, ups the ante for the Cost of the Cross beyond reckoning. Billions upon billions upon billions of added sins! You'd have to be God to even calculate its added value. I tried to explain this extreme drama in two places: the first chapter of PDR.doc and Page 23-26 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc. Try to master those sections, if you've time and inclination. Will completely change the way you look at the meaning of your life. Validly. YOU ARE EVIDENCE!

    Okay, but how is His Election in Matt16:18, Legally Justifiable? Why isn't it an abuse of Justice to suddenly claim New Evidence -- especially, since it admittedly does not yet exist (will build, not have built)? Wouldn't that require a Mistrial Verdict? As Seed, Pioneer, Chief Trial Witness ("Archegos" in Heb12:2), Christ had the Right to make this choice: but He must successfully pay FOR it. He also had precedence. When Israel rejected God at the Exodus, God offered another Trial Witness, Moses -- to wipe out all of Israel and start over with Moses only, Deut 9:14, Num14:12. Moses refused, in order to save Israel. David ended up getting a similar offer, in 2Sam7. David had to accept it to save Israel, since at that point Israel had rejected God as king, in favor of a human king. So God raises up a human king, and makes to him the same offer as made to Moses, on the grounds of Israel's rejection. David accepted.

      So now in Matt16:18, the Lord invoked that precedence -- again, to save Israel. It must have been ironic to Him during Passion Week, that He Himself would be wrongly convicted and sent to the Cross via seven mistrials, just like Isa53:8 says. Here He is, invoking precedence, creating New Evidence Which Doesn't Yet Exist so He Must Pay For Them (us!) In Advance, and He knows all that -- but He's convicted seven times on no evidence, though so many were bribed?! [The Seven Trials were: before Annas, then Caiaphas, then full Sanhedrin (Sat-Sun); then Pilate #1(Sun), Herod (Mon-Tues), Pilate#2 (Tues), (Wed, the day of the Crucifixion) Flogging/Public Acclamation. See PassPlot.htm's Division #4, "PostScript" for a synopsis. Took four days -- following Passover 10-14 Nisan rules exactly, but the Jewish calendar had not been intercalated that year, as Bible stresses -- so Passion Week did not transpire like any movie on it, why don't people do their Bible homework!]

      Yes, it's exactly analogous to the book of Esther, which is why from Matt16 onward (through Matt24) you find the Esther theme (i.e., parable of the banquet, Matt22). For a Witness is always allowed to speak freely, to Testify in His Own Free Will, To Commit Himself. Coercion is not allowed. But Cross Examination (pun intended) is allowed. And He voted for it. Much higher stakes, therefore.

      So much higher status, too. The Lord has many titles. Each one is real, not ceremonial. Many ownerships. Had there been no Church, He would have all the world ruler titles, Israel would be his Bride, but -- not at the same level as Church gets, for Israel had to agree before He finished the Cross. Moreover, having elected Church He's paying a lot more than He would have. So needs a Title to go with that Higher Payment. So that raises His Payment for us even higher, for if HE is promoted and we don't yet exist, then we have to be made bigger to go with His Promotion. So not only is the payment for untold billions of extra sins unbelievably higher, but the funding for what we are changed into in order to "fit" Him must also be paid. LordvSatan2.htm's "Christ's Evidence Test" link covers these facets in more detail., as does LordvSatan3.htm's "Synopsis" link. All of Part IVc, aka LvS4c.htm, is dedicated to the Mistrial issue. Part IVa's "Bible is a mystery" link is a comprehensive summary of how Rapture and Mistrial, relate.

      So this is a big deal. Hence pre-Cross, you'll see the Christ's expanded Approval of the added cost expressed, in John 17 (the "those who believe in their word" clause near the beginning of the prayer, and especially in verses 20-21). In that prayer, He gives Father carte blanche to ordain as many souls as Father is willing to do, and expressing His Will to pay for all of them. Far bigger price than initially. Now you know why Ephesians 5 talks about Christ and Church as Husband and Wife. And This Husband, is King of Kings. So we have to be a Royal Bride, not merely a Bride. Israel was to be a Bride and priest nation. We have to be Royal Bride and at a higher level. We have to become a federation of kingdoms. Which requires enough of us to be made kings. That's why the Thinking series is so long. Strange how every Christian knows He's King of Kings, yet we know nothing about the Kingship Training Purpose of our Royal Spiritual Life. Satan smacks his lips!

      Again, in Discovery, the opposition must have advance opportunity to refute any new evidence/witnesses before introduction into court. Opposition must agree to the evidence being submitted. Satan agreed prior to Matt16:18 -- he couldn't refute the precedence of Moses and David, and in fact such precedence favored him (narrowing the range of targets) -- here it seemed like Christ was committing Himself to an even greater folly. For Church has a higher standard to meet, since Christ would be completed prior to its existence ("I shall build" clause in Matt16:18). That Higher Standard, is to be like Christ HIMSELF, Eph4:13. Israel's Brideship Promise was a lower standard, a priest nation. But for Bride post-Cross, there would have to be KING-Priests, not merely priests. Because at His Completion, HE would be King of Kings. Well, then Kings need to be produced!

      If Israel failed the lower standard, and even its kings failed eventually, 586BC -- and we are all human, so we'd have failed, too -- then how is it possible that Church will have kings? Do you see how Satan must feel? This should be a no-brainer, slam dunk to garner a Mistrial Verdict! So that's why he agreed Matt16:18 could be introduced as new evidence, a commitment by a Witness (valid there), based on precedence (valid there but ouch -- Moses should have accepted, and David should have refused), and best of all -- not remotely possible that this "Church" will develop enough Kings, so then the Promise will Fail! Pigs will fly before that happens!

      Much more expensive Cross, then. Because we will be Church post-Cross, we have to be developed to His Level, Eph4:13. A King should never marry beneath himself; dishonors his inheritance, to do so. We are not the same spiritual species as other believers, 2Cor5:17's kaine (new-in-KIND) ktisis, in the Greek. Hence we are all Royal Spiritual Species to match Our Husband, that first nanosecond we 'do' John 3:16. That's why this world and its wants will never fulfill you. Only living in God's System will fulfill you. Even as, it fulfilled Christ Himself. We are truly mated in spiritual nature, now.

      As a result of our higher nature and the Holy Spirit's Training us in God's System, no human attribute counts. Smarts don't help. Dumbness doesn't hinder. Holy Spirit's brains are given without measure (John 7:39). So yeah, study one's brains out, a King must be trained to THINK. Priest thinking toward Father means Thinking Training! And you can have an IQ of room temperature on a cold Chicago day; you can be handicapped, an invalid, anything you consider an impediment to learning -- and it makes no difference. God can teach you. Just want to learn Him. That's how great is our spiritual life. Even pigs can fly.

      So this Matt16:18 is a big deal: we'd not even be breathing, else. And its impetus, its precedence, is Israel's rejection of her own (lower) Bridal contract. So yes, because He approved paying for us, there could be more witnesses, and thus a Bridal Bridge despite Israel's rejection, so to rescue her: but the Chief Witness agreed In Advance, to pay. Hence the Matt16:18 BridePrice Contract of "Upon This Bedrock" -- pointing to Himself -- "I WILL build My Church" -- clever analogy to how Isha was built for Adam -- is much bigger. So the Bride's Dowry (from Father) must be much bigger, too. Groom paid in advance, this time. So is due YIELD. [The sheer genius of Bible even extends to matching case gender. In Isa53:10's Hebrew, "tasim asham" switches to female gender, contract to be a Substitute (red heifer) offering for sin. Here in Matt16:18, "Bedrock" is female noun Petra, and of course so is "church" (ekklesia). So He's incorporating the "asham" reference of the eternity past contract with Father, into this verse, and of course in both places, HE is the 'female' offering, but "naphesho" -- HIS SOUL -- is male (in Isa53:10). Do you get it? The female was built (Hebrew banah) from the male (Isha, from Adam's rib). So we are built from the Bedrock-mothering of Christ, which Isaiah keeps on repeating with unending wit, in Isa53 (i.e., using min preposition, Hebrew verb anah, culminating in the victory shout of Isa54:1)! Oh, what Divine Wit! Blows me away, our Bible!]

    Satan's Mistrial Strategy Key: We Church are a Promised Group, which Christ bought BEFORE we existed, and which Father approved on the Cross, by imputing and judging all of our sins on Christ. So now it's a question of whether this Discovery given, will pan out as advertised (prophesied). If not, then it's a Mistrial! It would be "evidence tampering" if evidence is claimed which does not exist; Christ fully paid for Church BEFORE it existed. So if it doesn't complete, then some of the Discovery (aka prophecy) claiming it as "evidence" would be a lie, since some of that "evidence" never comes to EXIST. Hence, a Mistrial would have to be declared.

    As noted above, this Mistrial claim has been made many times. Many near misses. So now, it's a real question of whether Church -- His Body, get it? -- will be born. Dicey question, that. Christian apostacy hit the Rev17 standard beginning in the year John wrote that chapter, 96AD. Excepting a local country's generation (or two) every couple centuries (and especially since 1830), it's been very bad, ever since. [Massive efforts to roll out the MSS of Bible began circa 1830. So interest in Bible peaked like never before. No wonder, then, that atheism and all manner of God-debunking ideas also peaked like never before, beginning about the same time.]

    In short, the stakes are much higher, now, for Christ has paid for creation which didn't even yet exist. So a prepayment made, but not yet delivered on, and the Judge in the Trial not only agreed to this prepayment, but imputed and judged His Own Son for it? Whoa -- patent Mistrial Verdict, if not achieved. No way around it: if this Bride doesn't complete, then Father violated a contract with His Own Son (John 17). So the Judge would have to be disqualified. No way around a Mistrial Verdict, then. Satan smacks his lips. Last section in LordvSatan2.htm and first section in LordvSatan3.htm cover this angle in more detail.

    Worse, we Church have the Most Impossible Spiritual Standard ever given. Satan really ought to be winning, so his Rev17 success is understandable. For look: Paul calls our Church age the Completion of all the "Ages" (1Cor10:11, Eph1:10 and 3:21, usually mistranslated; other verses too). Meaning, the highest of all the covenantal groups in history. Being the Body of Christ, we dang well better be the highest, or Father is cheating His Son and it would be -- a Mistrial! Seems like no matter where one turns, a Mistrial Verdict is right around the corner.

    For note the dual dilemma about the Rapture and Satan's best-ever chance to manipulate it into a Mistrial Verdict. First Dilemma: a prepayment for souls which didn't yet even exist, means Time Must continue long enough so those souls can be born and grow up. As we saw with the 490-year Time Grants at the beginning of this #1, from Adam forward Time has always been a contingency, based on a few positive believers; at the same time, those negative can in effect cause time to halt. At some point, you can just pull out the positive ones (i.e., Noah, precedence for Rapture) and leave behind those hating you. But also, if the haters are too many, too deep -- just end Time itself. Nearly happened many times, already.

      So what if, like Israel did, Church believers vote for Satan, not God? After all, they have been, nearly 100% even. Then time will end (Rapture, here)! But it hasn't, huh. Again, remember the Trial basis is about RESULTS, not numbers of bodies per se. The body-count issue has to do with how Father kits out eternal polities. But only One Person paid for all sins, so only a few Witnesses are needed to prove all God's points in the Trial. Only a few Rulers are really needed, too (LvS4b.htm's 'GAAP Balancing' section covers the numbers). God's not a bureaucrat. So maybe it only takes a handful of believers who grow a lot, to make up for the non-growth of millions. That's been the pattern since Adam, after all.

    Second Dilemma: once these souls are born, they must a) become believers, and b) enough of them must be spiritually developed into Kings, so that the polities of the Eternal State, will be properly kitted out. For if eternal freedom, then happiness depends on a synergistically-balanced hierarchical society (lit., system, Greek word henotes) of Divine Thinking, Eph4:13+Eph4:16. But what if time must end too soon due to too many believer votes for Satan, before a) and especially b), complete? Takes time to want God and believe in the Gospel; takes even more time, to grow up to the Stature of the Maturity of Christ (Our Matt4:4 Standard in Eph4:13). See the problem?

      Look: the Rapture -- Matt25:10 parable of the virgins, plus Greek tachú and "thief" clauses, etc. -- could have happened in Paul's day (Phili3:11, 1Thess4, Eph6, 2Thess 2, scolding); in Peter's day (2Pet3:4-11); in John's day (1Jn2:26-3:2). It's a question of what kits out a perfect polity, spiritually. As time passes, and more immature believers reject God's plan, the needs for kitting-out, grow bigger. More kings are needed. So if the Rapture must come due to too many negative believers, and hence no more Time Grants can be offered -- then the necessary complement of kings won't be completed. It's a real risk. God will never gerrymander free will.

    Note how clever:
    • since God had to provide the information in advance or it's a Mistrial,
    • if Satan manages to prevent or cause the Rapture to occur at the wrong time, the Legal Bridge cannot be justified, and it's still a Mistrial.
    • For the presented (prophetical) "evidence", turned out to be untrue (Rapture not occurring or not under the Promised condition of Church being completed).
    • Hence the promise to Israel cannot be delivered (i.e., the commitment of Heb11:40 would be violated);
    • thus God has in effect misrepresented (made a false claim about) that (prophetical) evidence, too;
    • hence a Mistrial must be declared, even though it's not God's Fault.
    Satan's not stupid. He really thinks he's trapped God, here, since we believers don't vote for God, but for Satan.

    Arching over this Mistrial Risk we still have that Sword of Damocles, the sudden-death, 490-year Contingency Time Grant Deadline!

    • What if Time cannot be granted to a believer -- which required Full Spiritual Development
    • because no one wanted God to grow them that much?
    • Then of course it's a Mistrial, no matter what, right away!
    • For wherever Church would then be in its aggregated development, believers can't vote en masse,
    • if No Time can be Justifiably Granted in which to vote!

      This, in fact, will trigger the Rapture: at some point, no more time can be granted, just like Daniel 9 was the end of Time. See, Church is Inserted Time. It's not even promised like Israel's time was. Ending for Church is therefore not date-predicted. But the cause for the ending of Time is exactly the same as in Daniel 9. For there, look: the 1st Temple was granted 490 years -- but as we saw earlier, its time got cut short by 126 years. We also saw that due to Israel rejecting Christ, His Own Allotted Time was shortened by 7 years. So even when a grant is issued, that doesn't guarantee time will continue. Satan's avid about ending time beforehand, as the GeneYrs.xls events historically demonstrate. So past is prologue. It's dramatized in the first three chapters of PDR.doc. (Sometimes you have to create a fictional story, to depict more quickly, the underlying issues which you can prove true in Bible over a longer period.)

      Again, the more you vote for Satan's plan, the more like him you become. Well, traditionally over 99.9% of Christianity votes for Satan's Brother-Foot fake spiritual substitute of works. By the end of their lives, that's the only thinking they have, and their souls are saturated with legalism and pettiness. They are spiritual children, not mature Kings. So they aren't developed in Word Thinking, to become kings, but instead fancy they are, 1Cor4:8. So the kings aren't sufficient in number for the Church to Complete. But instead, the bad reason for the Rapture still remains the more probable (parallel to the Flood, as the Lord explained in Matt24, also 2nd half of 2Peter). So if the bad reason must be invoked and the good reason (Kings completion) is not true at that point -- it's a Mistrial.

      So what do we know? We know that the value of living in God's System is extreme. What the Holy Spirit can do to make you like Christ with each moment you live in it. For if He could with the Quality of His Thinking pay for all sins in human history in but three hours, then surely His Thinking going into one saved soul, 'buys' much. DDNA webseries is on that. Part III of the Thinking series is on that. Part IVb's "Diamond Doctrine Facets" is on that. Pleasure to Infinite God is of infinite value. Word in you is of Infinite Quality. Cycling. Treasure in earthen vessel. So it doesn't matter if it's only one or a few vessels, does it. So you and I, well -- maybe only two are needed. Maybe only six. We vote yes in God's System, and the Holy Spirit, Who is of Infinite Value, works in us. So what must His Work, be worth? Infinity. So on a numbers basis, the likelihood of Church being recalled at the wrong time, seems nearly 100%. But hey: maybe only one person remains to be developed for Church Completion. If the Holy Spirit is of Infinite value, then it was One on the Cross. So it can be but one, Now. That's God's economics!

      Look: God is Omnipotent. He doesn't have to restrict Himself. And my limitations don't matter, His do. Well, He has no limitations. So He can choose to bing me, or choose to make His Word run in me whenever and however. I just keep voting. While on the one hand there's a risk of Satan winning, on the other God can have whatever He wants at any 'time' He wants. So if He wants 1000 people developed in His Word, there's nothing to stop Him, is there.

    Paul ties to this Our Trial Bridal Bridge purpose and standard, in 1Cor10:4; and all the Book of Ephesians explains how that Bride gets built to the new and higher standard of the very Maturity of Christ (Eph4:13). Book of Hebrews elaborates on Ephesians, and then 1Jn explains how your individual Trial Witness is to successfully play. Then finally, John wrote Revelation, so the believer in Church could see the aggregate finish to the play, a quadrilogy of Now (Church), Trib, Millennium and (fourth 'play'), Eternal State: typical Greek competitive drama format with Hebraistic links to OT imagery after Chapter 3, since Plays #2 and #3, Trib and Millennium, are promised Israel. RevPlay.htm covers the quadrilogy, as does LvS4a.htm's "Ergo the world roils" link through the end of that page.

    Thus we know Satan's strategy for Mistrial Verdict, will not work. But it can. Meanwhile, where do you or I figure in? Will we end up vibrating lumps of coal, happy to be in a kingdom, 1Cor3:15, because we voted for Satan's Works Plan rather than God's Word Plan? Or will we end up Kings with kingdoms of our own with which to honor the Lord, because we lived in God's System all the way through to the Holy Spirit's completing our souls in Him (Eph3:15-19, 4:13, 2Tim4:7-8)?

    Rap the Rapture

    There are two ways Church will end, shame and success: God has disclosed both being true when it does end. But not, the configuration. So Church can end due to Satan finagling a shameful diplomatic recall due to believer apostacy -- not balanced in the Ruler Complement. So God won't give Satan a date, as that would tamper with the configuration results, with the freedom of the Defense (God being the Prosecution). LvS4c.htm covers the importance of impredictability to freedom (threaded theme). It's dramatized by "Balderdash", a demon forecaster in the first chapter of PDR.doc. (Search on "Balderdash" thrice when you load the doc: third time begins the explanation of configuration issues.)

    God thus only predicts that the balance (enough Rulers) will be accomplished. Never says when. For Satan also needs to be warned that his scheme won't work, even as he has always been warned, time and again. Of course, because God won't commit to a date (if He gave one, it's yet another Promise to keep) -- Satan thinks God is hiding a weakness. Poor guy, he never learns.

    Oddly enough, Satan's Number One Goal in his tactical strategy against believers, is to mask/distort Bible's doctrine about the Rapture. By doing so he best forestalls Church Completion. This was a complete surprise to me. Rapture has never been a doctrine which excites me; typical Christian looks at it like an action movie, and it's sold that way, so while the doctrine is true enough, the depictions are lurid and no intelligent person likes to consider them. So I couldn't understand for the longest time, why the NT harps so much on the Rapture, and why Satan&Co. spent so much time right away -- debunking it. The only doctrine they attack more, is the Gospel. Why? What makes the doctrine about the Rapture so important, that knowing it is a threat? Sure seems to cause more spiritual problems than it solves. Well, for one thing, it is a threat to know God's out to make Kings; that He doesn't need too many, to justify calling for the Rapture. That could be motivating. One has a real shot at it, if the requisite number is few. And it is. In any generation, ALL the kings and ALL the needed people, could be completed. Yikes.Part IVb, LvS4b.htm covers the Balance-in-numbers Bible verses and doctrine, to show how Bible defines "completion". The extremely long and technical Part IV with its many subpages, is dedicated to exploring the doctrinal validity of the Rapture from every angle, taking four years to synthesize. A short dramatization is in the first chapter of PDR.doc.

    But here's the bigger payoff for Satan, and it's weird why it works. If you misapprehend the Rapture, you completely misdiagnose both the nature and the timing of the spiritual life. This inevitable misdiagnosis results in a supplanting false doctrine purchased of spiritual-life-by-works: that's Satan's side in the Trial. (Satan's side is all about good deeds for people, see Matt4.) For if you don't realize Rapture's imminency, you won't see either the Urgency or the Thinking Purpose of your King-in-Training Spiritual Life. As a result, you won't be voting for the Royal Training, since you'll be hustling in Brother-Foot stuff thinking that's 'spiritual'. Cute.

      Satan's plan is to fool believers with Fake Temple and Fake Church and fake (or no or misdated) Rapture; thus he aims to delay or manipulate the Rapture to his advantage. He's been wildly successful, especially with his spin on Rapture (from Latin "rapto", derived from Vulgate mapped-to-KJV, in 1Thess4:17). Christians routinely dismiss the doctrine entirely, treating Revelation as allegorical or already fulfilled; else they misdate it, put the Church in the Trib, and/or treat it as something THEY do to 'help' God; they use it as a preening badge, an escape hatch, an emotional thrill. "Feel the thrill" it says on the back of Left Behind (first book). So to claim the Rapture a 'thrill' is a type of voting for Satan: the correct doctrine and legal basis for the Rapture, are absent. So of course the Rapture is thus discredited, even by those who believe in it! [I bought my copy of Left Behind from a thrift shop, so I don't know if other copies of that first book, contain the same advertising ploy today.]

      Hence the 'scholarship' on the Bible's Doctrine of the Rapture is generally pathetic. Some great strides were made toward the end of the 1800's, but people got too titillated, and now it's just another horror movie or bumper sticker, in Christian minds. So just like the "G" in Satan's "MEGA" Plan (LvS4c.htm), people get their eyes on people. The intellectual looks down his nose at those goofy "Tribbers", and the "Tribbers" snub the intellectuals. So the latter don't study the Bible to learn what the Trib really means; and of course the former, won't look at something goofy people study. Heh. So now no one is looking at God's Word, huh. Satan's not stupid. He substitutes people for God, every chance he gets!

      Of course, works are much more attractive than a prophecy of a sudden ending, huh. The alluring thing about works is that you get instant gratification, and you feel you've achieved something. By contrast, the real spiritual life progressively delays gratification. For it's not a magic thing. It's Training. Yes, it's supernatural. But it's Professional. Look: the spiritual life is like training to be a doctor, and the alleged-works version of 'spirituality' is like training to be a greeter at Walmart. So if you think your life is but works, you won't regard learning Bible as important. You'll memorize the Lord's prayer and make the right noises and sing how you love Jesus and will learn nothing. Moreover, thinking your works are buying you something with God, you'd not think you needed more training.

      By contrast, if you knew you had a long-term Training to undergo which at any moment can get cut short due to the Rapture, you'd give that Training priority over everything else in your life. Word would become first, not just something you mouth on Sunday as a good luck charm. For you'd know you'd soon need that Word. Same thing, if you thought you would die tomorrow and you knew you'd be going to heaven. You'd want to read the Book which Tells You About The Place. It's funny how dying people always keep a Bible close. Is that what it takes? Well, how about learning the Rapture? You can die tomorrow. You can be raptured tomorrow, too (rapture means SNATCHED UP, not oh-how-good-i-feel, lol). Same analogy. See how the immediacy of it changes the perspective? Just like the REAL possibility of dying! For it is!

      Just think: internet Christians by the millions in chat rooms, discussion forums, Youtube all chirp loud and long about how they love Jesus, and oh how bad sin is and oh how bad the atheist is and oh how nasty that girl who had an abortion and oh this and oh that and..oh what a huge bonfire there will be in 1Cor3's Bema, which can happen in the next five minutes! burning up all their claptrap. They have ZERO interest in the Word. How can you prove it? They don't CARE what the Bible says in the original-language texts, or they FAKE a knowledge about it! Really disgusting. Wouldn't you want to know what REAL WORDS God had Moses write? What REAL WORDS Christ spoke? Not them, they don't want to know, they just want to fake it! It was the same thing in secular high school and college. People only wanted good grades so they could have STATUS. The actual LEARNING, didn't matter to them. Anyone who really cared to LEARN something, was demeaned, as a "nerd".

      Yeah, and Christ was the Biggest Nerd of All, Matt4:4. Okay, fine: then they can be distant from Him forever, even as they put a distance between learning His Word and their souls, Hebrews 11:6, John 4:23-24, John 17:17-21, Hebrews 4:11-12! Yeah, there's room for everyone at Father's Table, but how far away from the Head will you be, Luke 14? ['Faith' is WHAT is believed, in Greek. WHAT is believed, is Bible. So the entire test is on what you learned and what you believed. And if you didn't learn Bible as it was written, then you didn't learn it. A good 50% of the meaning is lost in translation; sometimes as much as 80% is lost. So what you believed, was partly Bible, and partly your imagination. Ooops!]

    Notice next how rejection, distortion, or trivialization of any Bible Doctrine, acts like a virus, and eventually wipes out all the other Doctrine you know. Just like viral RNA, attaching at first to other Bible doctrines which have some 'trait' in common. Then, replicating and mutating, such that a wider variety of 'traits' will become compatible, and hence attachable. That's how a virus takes over your body, and that's how rejection/distortion/trivialization of Bible, take over your soul. Deadly. Insidious. And you can't see the devastation, until it's almost too late.

      Watch: Rapture is viewed by people who reject/distort/trivialize it, as being a spectacular, supernatural, horrible thing happening in the future on earth. You can't find a Bible documentary or movie which doesn't stress the action-movie nature of the political machinations, the cataclysms. And no one covers WHY it happens, what's the precedence, Biblically. Only what happens, oooohhhhh mankind is such a bad boy, we're Christians so we are better than them, because we get Raptured and they don't. Yuck. So the supernaturality as an action is thus stressed -- and mindlessly, since the WHY is not covered.

      Now watch this deft transition to derail one's spiritual life completely: the Filling of the Spirit is supernatural, too. In fact, you can't live the spiritual life, without Him. He's Your Holy Breath. So most people react or respond to what, regarding the Rapture? Its SUPERNATURALITY. So now ALL Bible doctrines which relate to supernaturality are vulnerable to the same virus of goofy interpretation or outright rejection (etc). So it won't be too long, before the rejector, stops using 1Jn1:9. Then he's hors de combat, (lit., outside the combat theatre, no longer able to fight), no longer a potential Trial Witness for God's side. Such a person is spiritually comatose, so on Satan's side. Clever, huh.

      It's quite uncanny that those who reject the Rapture the most, also most misrepresent the Gospel; also reject 1Jn1:9. By contrast, those most accepting the Rapture, are also most accurate in giving the Gospel, and also most accepting of 1Jn1:9; many of them actually use it. I've tested the foregoing claim time and again, searched the internet. These three doctrines hang together: Rapture, Gospel, and 1Jn1:9. Well, without the Gospel, you're not saved; without 1Jn1:9, you have no spiritual life at all. The Rapture helps you orient to Time, and gives you a real sense of scheduling. So those rejecting it, don't have a sense of time, don't have a spiritual life, and maybe aren't even saved. Moreover, Legalism is extreme in the rejectors. They are so busy hustling for god (really Satan) they don't have any time to think. It's so bafflingly tragic. John 3:16 is plain. But these people add verbs. 1Jn1:9 is plain. But these people deny it, or add verbs, penance, all kinds of goofy stuff. Many among them think that after you are a "Christian" you never sin again, too. Weird!

      Test the above paragraph; survey people or look around on the internet, see if you too find a direct correlation. There's a whole lot of debunking of 1Jn1:9 on the internet, really surprising since the text is so bald even in translation. Again: you're either getting God's Thinking or Satan's at any moment by your own choice. And if you're not choosing 1Jn1:9, you're choosing Satan's thinking. My pastor made such a stink about 1Jn1:9 day in and day out for decades, I sometimes skipped Bible class, tired of the repetition. What a fool I was! 1Jn1:9 saves your life. Don't neglect it.

      "Rap the Rapture" link section in LvS4c.htm, traces the inner spiritual denouement of rejection. So 1Jn5:16 ends up routine, and the Christian never even makes it into the Trial docket. Again, during Discovery, the opposition has a right to refute the admission of evidence. If the evidence doesn't pass refutation in Discovery, it doesn't go into court. 99.9% of Christians therefore have no testimony, except on Satan's side. And Satan only introduces them to accuse them, and order their 1Jn5:16 capital punishment -- on his timing, of course. It's strange that of all doctrines, rejecting the Rapture ends up being such a catalyst of spiritual denouement.

      When atheists on Youtube explain their 'deconversion' from being a 'devout Christian', they invariably and unwittingly testify that a) they were in an apostate, legalistic form of Christianity which THEY thought valid; b) they didn't use 1John1:9 or even know about it; c) they didn't believe in the Rapture, or had a goofy version believed. Often, they never even got the Gospel right, thinking you had to 'invite Christ into my heart' or other FAKE gospel trash. No wonder they deconverted! They never had a functioning spiritual life!

      Your average Christian will end up an atheist by the time he dies. Or, insane. And Satan knows this. So to debunk the Rapture by denying it, or selling it as a 'thrill' -- is key to derailing Christians. With devastating success!

    Historically, Rapture was gradually discarded by the end of the 2nd century AD; and funny -- that's when the Rev17 harlot entrenched, too. Thus apostatizing Christendom for centuries. "LvS4a.htm's "World Roils" link traces out the gradual rejection of the Rapture during the first century, which every NT book also records. Part of the reason for the rejection, is that people held onto the Jewish accounting-for-time system God gave them, which told them precisely when the world would end, 1000 years in advance. #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc demonstrates it, and Mirroring.htm's "Jesus the Christ" link does also. Videos summarizing this schedule as Israel then knew it, are many. Here are two which start the topic at different ends. First, the explanation of the structure Israel had once known until about 45AD: Click here for Part 10g of the Yapping series, and then keep clicking on the response videos, which take you through Part 10s15. Series is yet unfinished.

    Psalm 90 is the hub proof of Dispensationalism. All OT metered passages about prophecy and time, follow the Psalm 90 metrical structure. That structure, is based on God's Rules for Time, since we are in the Angelic Trial. The purpose of Hebrew meter, is to remind the person who learned the text orally, to always remember What Time it was. The meter was needed to be sure you remembered the words correctly, so you'd then be reminded Where You Were In Time, l'moed!

    Christianity forgot all that, when it apostatized. I made videos demonstrating how Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 'mate', and what dispensational 'story' they tell. Click here to watch them in the Bible Hebrew Meter webpage, or click here to watch them in Youtube. Watch at least the first three and last two videos, to get the gist of what Israel once knew. There are many more passages than just those two; but since no one in Christendom knows of this doctrine and can't even tell what Bible Hebrew meter IS, it will take time (heh) to cover all the related passages.

    Due to Moses' Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9 (and really many other chapters), Israel had a full schedule for Time ever since David's death; by that schedule, eternity should have begun by 94AD, which in their terms was the end of the fourth 1050 from Adam's fall, which was year 4200. (Modern Jewish calendar is off by almost 350 years, so just use Bible.) There was to be a 57-year hiatus between the end of the fourth 1050-year segment of historical time, 'bridged' by Messiah's timely death, had Israel accepted Him. That's what Passover to Pentecost depicted, the 57-year interval (one year per day), with the Omer commencing countdown on the LAST (not first or second) day of Passover. If you look at GeneYrs.xls in Excel's "View" then "Custom Views" options you'll get a popup dialogue box. Scroll down to "Christ Resets Time" or "Civilization 4000" to see those 57 years on the calendar since Adam's fall. The believers all knew this. So they expected the Rapture to follow according to the original Schedule. When it didn't happen -- never mind the Lord's warning in Acts 1 -- they became disillusioned.

    You need to know NT book-writing dates which any Study Bible ought to have in its prefaces, to see the rollout of the Rapture warning and its increasing rejection. I copied the Scofield Bible's estimates of the bookdates, in PopeMyth.htm.

      Go in chronological order by book date, not in NT order. Matt24 should be bold enough even in English, drawing parallel between the 2nd Advent which people can see and predict, versus the unpredictable Rapture. Mark's Gospel (circa 68AD) uses "euthus" to show the rejection of Rapture (his writing style is very sarcastic, drawing parallel to the apostate audience getting his Gospel and the apostate Jews who crucified Christ); 2Peter's "slowness" scolding, Paul's scolding in 1Cor4 and 2Thess2, 2John's scolding, Luke's portrayal of the Jerusalem Church in Acts, Hebrews 5:11-6:12, 10:15ff, are all Rapture Warning passages. (There are more, but these came quickly to mind.)

      Paul gets quite caustic with the Thessalonians and the Corinthians over their legalism, using the urgency of the Rapture to light a fire under them. All of Mark's Gospel stresses the imminency of the Rapture using the refrain, "euthus" (usu. translated "immediately").

      Whole Book of Hebrews is based on the supposition that since the Temple will soon be destroyed, maybe the Rapture will come then. Peter stresses Rapture urgency too, in the last half of 2Peter (illustration of Noah). According to God's Rules for Time which the Jews then knew, Abraham matured 54 years EARLY; 14 of those years got used up to build the 2nd Temple; so a 40-year 'credit' remained. So everyone expected the Temple to be destroyed in 70AD. When Paul was executed by Nero in 68AD with Nero dying shortly thereafter, the siege of Jerusalem suddenly gained priority, as it was the Year of the Four Emperors.

      I've done a ton of videos on this topic, now. Each book has its own vimeo channel of related videos, which you can find here: brainout/channels. The books issued in AD 67-69 were (in order written): 2 Timothy, Peter, Jude, Mark, Hebrews. The videos show how you can prove the writing date directly in the text. All Bible books use the same technique.

      John also uses the Rapture as the underpinning of his letter, with the twin themes of "antichrists" and "if he should appear" 1Jn3:1-2, and Bema reference in 1Jn4:17. Of course, Revelation 4:1 IS the Rapture, and John wrote it.

      So much focus on the Rapture in Bible, means believer misunderstanding of the Rapture was a key reason for Christian failure in the spiritual life, even back then. So it's a problem now.

      In the OT, the problem was the same: Messiah's First Arrival was exactly predicted, by Haggai 2's ending; yet people weren't motivated to prepare, either.

    Since Genesis, we've always had a problem with His Coming, so it's not only the Rapture's version which discomfits us. Satan exploits this. Note how all God's covenants form a connected whole, spoking around the Trial basis of whether you vote for God or Satan, based on what you know or don't know.
    • Pre-Christ, pre-Israel, date-unpredictable First Advent. Flood then Babel and historically a time of extreme cruelty. So the imminency of His Coming, didn't matter to us.
    • So, reversal: now Israel gets prophecy, because Messiah comes from Israel, so now His First Advent is made Date Predictable, via selected Jews, with the year being told Daniel (Dan9:26), and the month and day, given Zerubbabel (Haggai2:23). Once you have Daniel, you can calculate the exact year; once you have Haggai2, you can calculate the exact day, for all the rest of the information is recorded (i.e., the priestly courses came from David, and they are prophetic of His Birth).
    • But notice how people didn't prepare when they didn't know when He would arrive, nor when they did know.
    • So when He Arrives the First Time, the virgin Israel, is already deflowered (prefers someone else).
    • So He founds Church which doesn't yet exist to play Esther, and gives HER an "I'm Coming" promise -- again, Date Unpredictable. And we don't listen, either.
    • So back to Date-Predictable, the Trib. We know from Revelation that no one will listen then, either. Seven years to grow up spiritually is awfully short! So we Church who have much longer, are very remiss, huh.
    See? No matter how God explains, how He crafts the covenants, we don't care about Him or His Son. He must be Absolute Love, then, to go to so much trouble, and the Evidence of what happens to souls who believe in Him, proves that. End of Trial.

          Summation, per Hebrews 11:1, 6, 39-40 (in Greek, all verses are mistranslated):
          1. We are here to train to become Kings For Father.
          2. That Training, changes our souls.
          3. That change in our souls, forms our testimony in the Unseen Trial going on in Heaven.
          4. Which Trial, might end at any second or a thousand years from now, since we don't know what other souls are 'testifying'.
          5. So do we want to complete our Lifetime of Training before the Rapture occurs?
          6. So functionally, every breath is about voting to get in and stay in God's System.
          7. Hence the need for 1Jn1:9 like breathing, to avoid spiritual apnea and
          8. a Mistrial Verdict.

          See Heb111.htm for proof of Hebrews 11:1's mistranslation. Later videos in Youtube will cover the whole chapter, sometime in 2010 or 2011.

    So our testimony is to God, not people. Then, to angels (and presumably dead believers); and only rarely, to people down here. For if people down here aren't hearing God the Holy Spirit, how will they want to hear puny you? Just the opposite of what 'conventional' Christianity supposes. Sure, to-people witnessing is important: but you must do it sparingly, like the Lord did in the Gospels. For if it's spiritual, it's Vertical, never horizontal. From God, to you: you have no brains at all, if not His, Eph4:23. Then 1Jn1:9 breathed, "spiritual" means exhaled toward God, not toward people. Trial issue is just like the Garden (1Jn's theme): do you choose God over people, or people over God? So you are being heard by Father every second, and due to the Trial, unseen angels (and I'd guess dead believers, if angels) are watching to learn more about Him via you.

    "Hastening the Day of the Lord" (2Pet3:11-12), therefore means a dedicated-to-God lifestyle (2Peter 3:11's huparchein..eusebeiais), hence completing this Training; not, what you do for people. Yet notice how you do the most for people, IF you complete the Training. For the sooner the Kings get completed, the sooner the Rapture will occur. Believer votes in Training, not stupid drooling over historical events which always look just like prophecy. Because, duh -- they are supposed to look just like prophecy in every generation. Because any generation is supposed to be the Rapture generation. Now you know why.

  2. Satan sponsors RELIGION as his alternative plan for the human race, Gen3, Rev17. You can test and prove the identity of Satan&Co. strategies; they advertise their authorship/sponsorship by wordgames and satire against the Bible, no matter what holy book/religion they sponsor. All of Thinking series is on this topic, especially SatStrat.htm; plus, LvS4c.htm, especially its "MEGA" table (search on that term). The spoofing godnotmag.htm gives you a great synopsis of religious goofiness -- which promotes a magic-based relationship with God -- so you can see the satirical religious derision played by Satan&Co. on ALL of us, no exceptions.

      Matthew 4 really tells you the whole story: Satan is the quintessential religious person, so all those temptations were to-people GOOD DEEDS temptations. The Lord would have sinned by doing good deeds! So you kinda have to begin with LordvSatan1.htm, to trace Satan's own merit-me mindset. Summary of his mindset is in the "God's Paradox" (first) section of SatStrat.htm. Fake Church is depicted in Rev17, and it's the political activism, the religiosity, the mammonish attitude of big-is-better, earthly measures of 'holiness' which characterise Satan's counterfeit of Christianity. Which counterfeit you can see play 24/7, every time you turn on some 'Christian' station or listen to the inanities of the 'Christian' right. Every website thus has some running subtheme about this Fake Church which passes itself off as the 'body of christ' (small letters, since Christ has nothing to do with it, His Name only being mouthed, not learned). [Again, if you're under my pastor, get the tapes on Satanology, Genesis, Ephesians, Revelation. The latter two series are very long (Revelation is four years, Ephesians, 7 years). Exegesis of nearly every verse is provided. Lessons 800 et. seq. of 92 Spiritual Dynamics upgrade those earlier series to show how Matt4 was played against the Lord. You'll see how Satan thinks, and why religion is -- as my pastor likes to say -- "the devil's ace trump." The term "ace trump" is the highest, most powerful card in Contract Bridge. You can look up Contract Bridge on the internet.]

      You can categorize his religious strategy as "DIOS": SatStrat.htm covers that acronym in detail. You can categorize his human-herding tactics as "MEGA": LvS4c.htm covers that acronym in detail. Again, as summarized in #1 above, the purpose of religion is to garner votes for Satan's side, to finagle a Mistrial; the temptation in the Garden (Gen3) is RELIGIOUS -- and has been so, ever since. LvS4c.htm covers his Mistrial strategy in the most detail.

      Essentially religion Reverses God to make Him 'foreign', so you end up worshipping a non-existant idol. This is done Derisively, with as much Imbalance (of truth and emotion) as possible, with as much Obfuscation (clouding) as possible, resulting in Substitution of the 'foreign' idol yet with the name of "God" still slapped on. No where does Satan practice this DIOS plan better, than by stripping out the proper meaning from the very Word of God, leaving only a holy-sounding shell. That's our next point.

  3. Mistranslation, misuse, and Misidentification of what's "Bible", together constitute Satan&Co.'s favored attack-Word plan against the human race. They therefore sponsor a religious spin on Bible teaching and translation; so when you read Bible, you get the impression it's about religion and works. But that's a blasphemous lie: which lie you can prove, from the original-language texts God Himself had written. Almost every video I do, focuses on Bible mistranslation, to show how Satan plays these games. Point is to see with your own eyes, the massive effort Satan&Co. mount in every generation, to make the Word of God, 'foreign' to us.

    Here are some links to my playlists in Youtube which focus on Bible mistranslation. Best to just use the links, then select the videos you want to see, within Youtube:

    • Bible Mistranslation collection in general. This playlist generally contains the header videos of other Bible mistranslation playlists, so you can branch out. Click here to go to it.
    • Exegesis videos. Some overlap with the Bible mistranslation videos occurs here. Same idea, a collection of header videos. Click here.
    • Hebrews 11:1 mistranslation, which is also in my Heb111.htm webpage. In many ways this is the most mistranslated verse in the Bible, and the most important. It says that BIBLE IN YOUR HEAD BELIEVED is what's on Trial, and will cause the completion of Church, just as for Christ, when He was down here. So of course in translation, the people, headed by Christ Himself, are all cut out, turned to 'things'! So of course you'll then misread the whole chapter of Hebrews 11! Satan's not stupid, huh. Here are the videos: click here.
    • James 2 is probably the most abused book of the Bible, owing entirely to mistranslation. For Greek pistis means WORD BELIEVED, and in Greek you insert or remove the (nee: definite) article to distinguish between man's works, and God's Works. So in translation, James 2 is a travesty, as indeed was James 1. Notice what a difference it makes to know the Greek meaning: click here for the James 2 exegesis video playlist. That playlist has a Word doc of both Chapters in Greek and English, which color-code James' rhetoric. So you can download it, and analyze both Chapters easily for yourself. After you do, you'll either want to strangle or laugh at all those idiots who chirp, 'faith without works is dead'!
    • King James Onlyists trumpet the best-known MISTRANSLATED Bible. We've been saddled with its errors for centuries, the documentation of what's wrong with the KJV was even acknowledged by the translators of it, in their initial Preface. Yet obviously we don't CARE that the Real Word of God is mistranslated. For, most of the later Bible translations ape the KJV, so perpetuate its errors. And now, of course, there are dingdongs saying God couldn't even get it right until 1611, so I guess Christ had the wrong Bible??? So I had to do a whole playlist on the KJVO-Blasphemy. Click here to go to it.
    • Prolifers base their anti-God stance on mistranslated verses. Here, a lot of the blame should be placed on the politically-correct 'scholars' who, century after century, deliberately mistranslate what Bible says in these verses: click here to view the Prolife Blasphemy playlist. Coverage of mistranslated verses begins in Episode 4 (after the weird face videos).

    See? Satan knows when it's important to Deride, Imbalance with emotion or works, Obfuscate and reverse-Substitute Bible meaning. And we don't catch on, till yet!

    Learning all this took some years, was one heckuva surprise. I wasn't looking for demonboy games. I was looking for Doctrine about God. Well, part of the Doctrine about God is that the demonboys play satirical games against Bible, especially in Bible translation. What a surprise. So, every webpage will show Bible mistranslations. I didn't learn Bible in translation, so I always have to account for a verse by correcting what you will find. So after correcting hundreds of verses, I began to see a pattern of mistranslation. Some patterns were demonstrably of human origin (covering over Bible's many X-rated words). Most patterns were way too smart for humans, i.e. making a verse in MIStranslation, malign God -- and yet the translator didn't catch on? You just know he'd not do it on purpose.

    It's the strategically precise (and rather witty) mistranslation or misreading, not just any ol' messup, which alerts you to demonic Obfuscating involvement. We just saw a short example, where the first five chapters of 1Kings show David very much retired and alive, then dying, then three years ensue, and you know by 1Kings 6:1 it's really the 11th year of Solomon -- but the 4th year, since David. It's the 480th year since the Exodus, and David became King in the 430th year after the Exodus. So he died at 77, can't mistake it. But everyone does! See? So the entire Bible timeline can't be balanced, and of course the BIBLE -- not Josephus or the scholars, perish the thought! -- must be wrong! Of course 1Kings 6:1 should be dismissed as a "scribal error" -- not scholar error in reading the plain text of the first five chapters! Honestly, the commentaries on the verse make you want to puke. See? We're cannonfodder for Satan&Co. if we are outside God's System. Degrees won't protect us.

    The patterns of mistranslation occur in definite, predictable categories: verses related to sex, money, grace, God's being the Sole Actor (not man), God's anti-works position, the Holy Spirit's sole empowering role -- these are usually reversed in translation, versus what the original text says. A short example of mistranslation which specializes in slapstick derision of God, is in MisTrans.htm. Every verse in Bible is somewhere mistranslated; sometimes the errors are small (i.e., not translating "bara" as "created from NOTHING", in Gen1:1). Sometimes the errors are catastrophic (i.e., portraying the Holy Spirit as a sinner, in Jas4:5). Not even possible that humans would intend to do that. So it's someone clouding us, century after century. Same exact patterns of clouding, too: DIOS!

    If not reversed in translation, Bible verses are reversed in Bible teaching. Same exact DIOS pattern, and you'd have to be a demon knowing well the original-language texts, to so deftly and derisively reverse what Bible says. We're all pawns of Satan&Co., and the only defense is to get in and stay in God's System. It's awesome, and it's gone on for centuries, so you know man is not capable of being the real agent for all this long misuse of God's Word. Satan&Co. tap our arrogances, especially our religious arrogances. So that's how they get away with it. We'll soon see a glaring example in Matt16:18, two paragraphs below.

    Look: it's easy for us Christians to see how the Koran is derisive and slapstick; to see how Greek myths and the myriad of third-world polytheisms (i.e., voodooism), are silly. But it's not easy for Moslems and the third-worlders to see that. It's easy to read 2Nephi in the Book of Mormon and realize the Holy Spirit didn't write it, since clearly He'd not command a murder, then command the murderer to dress up in the victim's clothes and imitate the dead man's voice just like the engastramuthos demon does. So we dismiss the Book of Mormon. But Mormons don't. Now think: these people have real souls that really think and they're generally very moral! So how can they be so duped, century after century? If they are duped -- aren't we?

    So when one is used to regarding a mistranslation or tenet based on a mistranslation, or a tenet that flat contradicts Bible as nonetheless true (I mean, there aren't three days between Friday and Sunday, everyone knows that) -- it's not so easy to accept that we are being just as derided, as the Moslems, Mormons, and third-worlders. But we are. Same exact 'rhetorical style' in mistranslation and mis-teaching, as in all those obviously slapstick presentations of God. Wow, we now need a big example of our being so duped, huh.

    Mistranslation Leads to Derisive, Blasphemous Misuse: Example of Matt16:18

    I did many videos on this verse. Tracing how the Catholic blasphemy got produced, took time. Basically they transliterated Greek petros to make it into a Latin noun with an adjectival form so one could easily confuse Petra in Greek with petros, thinking they were the same word. You'll find the videos embedded within my main webpage on this topic, PopeMyth.htm.

    As part of the KJVO-Blasphemy playlist above, I also covered Matthew 16:18. Here are those two videos, so you can see the text. You'll need to view them in HD ('720p' setting), fullscreen, and make sure Annotations are on:

    Matt16:18 is provably based on CHRIST, not Peter. "Petra" is used in Matt16:18, and is a famous term in the LXX (OT in ancient Greek, used by the Lord and the apostles). "Petra" is used 104 times in the Bible, according to my search on the MSS in BibleWorks; most of these are in the LXX. Each time, it refers directly or indirectly to the Rock of Our Salvation, but the KIND of Rock it is, is mistranslated. Petra means a kind of bedrock like the type which characterizes a CLIFF. So it comes to mean hiding in Christ, and is used that way in the LXX and in the NT. It came therefore to signify the BEDROCK center of the Holy of Holies; so means Christ, never Peter. All you need do is search on "Petra" (in all its morphologies) to see this. Took me maybe half an hour. (I show that search live, in the PopeMyth.htm webpage videos linked above.)

    Now: also in Matt16:18, you find the word "petros", and THAT is the word used to signify Peter's name (male gender noun, versus Petra, which is female noun). The Lord merely states Peter's Aramaic name (Kephas) in Greek: meaning, a mere chip off the Petra, Christ Himself. It's a beautiful way to say Peter is in Christ. Peter loves making allusions to that quote in his letters, constantly using hupo-prefixes, calling his audience "lithoi" -- pebbles God votes and writes on, just like him.

    So the first error, is that Petra is MIStranslated as "Rock", when it should have been rendered, "Bedrock". Those are two very different words in English. Now watch how that mistranslation, leads to misuse.

    So in Matt16:18, Christ talks about Himself not Peter ("petros" in the verse), when He says "On this Petra ("BedRock") I will build My Church". You absolutely cannot mistake it in the Greek. Coupled with the word houtos, which when used alone in the NT is a pointing device, you know Christ is pointing at Himself (lit., "this one"); it's often used by a speaker to designate himself impersonally, in the Gospels (maybe in OT also, I didn't check). So why can't you find even one 'Christian' documentary which doesn't claim that "Rock" means Peter? The Greek words petros and Petra are not the same words or gender, and tauta ("this one") modifies Petra, not "petros". This is first-grade Greek. There's no excuse. So the only way you can misread it is in translation. Which is quite misleading. Takes a lot of arrogance to make that claim, especially since everyone knows Christ is the Rock (i.e., 1Cor10:4). No scholar should ever make that claim. It's dishonest to the text. See how Satan&Co. can cloud us? See why?

    Surely people who misuse Matt16:18 have no clue that to claim Peter is the "Rock", deletes the Lord altogether; and instead 'makes' Peter, higher than Christ! Yet no one challenges all this bad scholarship; and the documentaries get repeated over and over and over. Satan&Co. thus are behind that kind of cohesion. Man isn't smart enough to competently conspire century after century. But he is dull and disinterested enough to never do his homework, lo these many years.

    Furthermore, Peter never even went to Rome; it was Paul, not Peter, who lived and died in Rome! But the RCC never lists Paul as a pope, lololol! So not only is popism a lie, but also the 1st-century AD pope roster is easily proven false from the Bible itself. Irony of ironies, that: the best manuscript of the Bible we have, is "Codex Vaticanus": a fabulous Bible "MSS" secretly protected by the Vatican until 1889, when Samuel Tregelles essentially forced the Pope to publish it. In short, what proves the RCC's list of 1st century popes a lie, is a Bible they protected. And they protected it well, we owe them much. [Vatican only allowed him to look at the manuscript; he wasn't even allowed to touch the pages, or take notes. So he memorized what he read for 8 hours a day. At night, he wrote out what he could remember, and then later published that. Vatican was thus constrained to publish the whole manuscript for world, about 30(?) years later. Wasn't until about 1942 or 1953 -- I forget which was the year of the encyclical -- that Catholics were even allowed to exegete their own Bible!]

    The Koran does the exact same kind of derision as Matt16:18. Christ is depicted as sinless in the Mary sura, but Mohammed is a sinner. Yet Christ is but a herald of Mohammed (ibid)?! See how the reversing interpretation of Matt16:18 makes Christ but a herald of Peter? And the Koran even depicts a 2nd Coming for Christ! But not Mohammed. What, no one catches on to the derision of both Mohammed and Ishmael, that a JEW, a son of Isaac, returns and is the Victor? Y'allah!

    See how we don't do our homework? We're satanfodder! This Matt16:18 is but one easy-to-understand sample of how Satan's Rev17 religion strategy, plays. Not just upon Catholics, but on all sects of Christianity; for all sects, practice the same kinds of ignorant blasphemy -- just in different 'flavors'. See PopeMyth.htm, and Caveat3.htm. To see the 'forest' of Satan's game preyed on us, skim LvS4c.htm, and then dig into his own 'forest', SatStrat.htm.

    So I must make a big deal out of mistranslations in each website. It's not to criticise people or denominations but to demonstrate Successful Satanic Strategy. We are all in this together. Frankly, it's a miracle we get as much of the Bible right, as we do!

    For a general overview of the problem of mistranslation, see Purposeo.htm's second Purpose, "the Cup" (blue text shaped like a cup); then, read through the end of that webpage. If you prefer succinctness as I do, try these next two sites: "About Bible Mistranslation" an appendix to the DDNA webseries; the link gives you a few pithy examples of the centuries' long sweep of mistranslating Bible in ways that insult God, clearly -- so you'll know it's not man, but Satan&Co. who are 'herding' us all. For it is certain that no Bible teacher or translator ever intentionally maligns God. So all this error-naming is to show the superhuman power behind it: and thus we are all vulnerable, so inter-human blaming is utterly irrelevant. Also, "Bible's Badly translated" link in RightPT.htm gives you a comprehensive overview -- there, in the context of why you need a pastor who studies (and maybe also teaches) the original-language texts of Bible. There are also many exegesis webpages in the "Testing" Box on the Home page, which also illustrate how satirical wordgames are played with Bible translation (when you compare the translation versus the original). I don't like doing exegesis pages, because people should get that from their pastors, instead; but since the Bible I know has no published translation remotely resembling it, I must furnish proof of interpretation.

    And here's the worst kind of satanic mistranslation game, aborting the spiritual lives of all prolifers: in Caveat4.htm, you can click on NoWombLife.htm, then page down to its "Don't Abort My Word" table; there, you'll see how the original text of Psalm 139:11-17 says that no life is in the womb -- but oh! the mistranslation, aborts what God had David write, by strategically reversing the meaning of key words! For centuries it's been mistranslated, lying against God, claiming soul life is in the womb. There are many videos on this Psalm, since it is so mistranslated, cutting CHRIST HIMSELF out of verse 15, just like Matthew 16:18 does in its translation. The "Don't Abort My Word" table has a link to the Psalm 139 videos.

    It's awesome, how much Satan hates God. Almost as awesome, how much we Christians also hate Him.

    As you'll see in the Prolife Blasphemy videos (click here to go to that playlist), the prolife stance essentially claims God Himself is a murderer and a sadist, when you remember that spontaneous abortion is frequent (so no human caused it); when you think with horror over how those body parts developing, would then 'feel' to a 'soul'. When children are teething, that's painful enough; when you undergo surgery, that's painful enough: so how arrogant, to claim God would be sadistic enough to put a soul in a womb? And you just know, not one prolifer ever born with a soul (all of them), would ever mean to call God a sadist. So the joke's on them; Satan&Co. are having a gay ol' time. All because they could reverse Bible's "womb" verses in translation. [About 340 of them. I've no time to go through all that. Search on "womb" in English, then compare the prepositions in the original languages. Bible always says out from (Heb prep min, Greek prep ek), which means FROM OUTSIDE, never from inside; but only in "womb" verses, is the preposition reversed in translation. That's not an accident, sorry; not too sure Satan&Co. are really to blame, here -- looks more like a political spin humans keep perpetuating. A lot more womb verses are in the original languages than you'll find translated in English, too. So those verses are just flat obliterated in translation, i.e., "me amal" in Isa53:11's Hebrew.]

    Now, there's an important reason for all this reversing derision. You miss what God really says, and what He says in these verses, is quite vital to your spiritual growth. For example, in Ps139:11-17, David's exclaiming on how He gets to be birthed to hear God's THINKING (v.17 is climactic), and is totally amazed God would even bother to birth him. But if you're busy using the passage to prove life is in the womb, you don't get the point of v.17. So you don't know the purpose of being alive, either.

    As to Matt16:18, we saw in point #1 that the Lord is using precedent from David to save Israel just like David did, by stepping down (going to the Cross) in order to get the Post-Mortem promise (2Sam7) -- here, invoking a whole new type of spiritual species, Church. Which ups the cost of the Cross for those not-yet-born people! As well as, saving rejecting Israel. But if you're busy using the verse to say Peter is the head of the Church, well -- you don't see any of the real meaning. What a tragedy. So you also won't get all of Paul's and Peter's references back to that invocation, such as 1Cor3 ("foundation"=bedrock), 1Cor10:4 (Trial Witness role), Eph 2 (living stones), Eph4 (building-verbs analogy, idea of being built into the BedRock, Eph4:13+16), virtually all Peter's rock analogies (hupogrammos, lithoi, all the hupo prefixes, partly signifying you're to be written ON, etc). And of course Heb6:19-20's Anchor analogy will be utterly mystifying. So a whole lot of Bible enjoyment is missed because Matt16:18 is mistranslated and shallowly reversed as to its import. Satan&Co. know how to cloud us, huh.

    Can't really know Bible in translation, sorry. The translations are too messed up, and God preserved the original-language texts of the completed Canon, as the replacement for 'gift of tongues', so to speak. It's never too late to start: don't worry about your own limitations, you lost your brains like every other believer, and are supposed to live on His, per clever Greek of Eph4:23. [Eph4:23 is usually mistranslated "spirit of your mind". Nope. It's "by Agency of the Spirit for your mind", with the first idea that by means of your thinking the Spirit runs you. Several different translations could be accurate; but in all of them, you have NO brains but His, due to the way the genitive case is used -- ties to 1Cor2. Replacement-of-tongues analogy: Paul's stressed point, in 1Cor13:9ff.]

    So His Brains via 1Jn1:9, enable you to learn the God-breathed, original-language texts of the Real Bible He Personally Commissioned; enable you to separate the fake-bible books from the Real Ones He breathed into the Real Authors He empowered. Never underestimate the power of 'Mom', the Holy Spirit, to teach you via your own pastor. God is neither sloppy, nor an elitist. [The mothering metaphor begins in Gen1:2, rahaph, usu. mistranslated "hover" -- the verb means a mother hen brooding over her chicks, so is a fabulous metaphor signifying the Holy Spirit's self-chosen restoration role for the human race.]

    So when analyzing, look for the derision-against-God between the mistranslation, and the original God-breathed text. It's embarrassing. They fool us all, 'faster than a speeding bullet, faster than a spitting cobra. Now you know why the Bible is so repetitive. Even Satan&Co. can't mess up ALL of its translation!

  4. So every webpage ends up covering mistranslation examples, mainly for other reasons, but also for this one: they are perfect and validating evidence of Satan&Co.'s Strategic and Tactical involvement. Bluntly. Again, by seeing the pattern, you see it's superhuman, and you see the strategy and tactics. Which you can then compare to Scripture's doctrine about them, to tie empirical evidence you can see, with the principles you also can see. Awesome stuff.

    Basically, every Bible mistranslation predictably follows the conventions of the Temptations levied against the Lord in Matt4. When I realized the pattern of mistranslation was actually and deliberately matched to the Three Temptations' methodologies, then I knew I wasn't hallucinating the satanic origin of the patterns. It was a real surprise, and shocks me still. So please, as I keep on cautioning the reader, don't take my word for it, your job is to think Doctrine out for yourself before Father. TEST THIS:

    • God's head is chopped off and man's is placed atop. 1st Temptation was to get Christ's human head to imagine Bread; at which point, His Divine Power would automatically make it, because He's One Person With Two Natures. (One Will -- if two wills, this wouldn't even BE a temptation, He couldn't have given into it, lol.) So had He given in, this would have 'replaced' His Divine Mandate to not care for Himself; thus replacing with the human head's decision. Also, stresses feeding the belly-hungry people, rather than living on Word-Bread. There must be thousands of verses which in translation cut God's head off. Look for anarthrous constructions in the Greek of 1Cor, James, Hebrews, Ephesians. You should find several hundred cutoffs, right there! A faster example where everyone's head is cut off from the Lord's Own Head and all believers in Him -- reducing everyone to a mere "thing", is in Hebrews 11:1.htm. Click here to quickly view it. [My pastor spent a lot of time explaining how if He'd have imagined making the Bread, it would have just been! there. Imagination is an act of will, and when so hungry one will naturally imagine food. I believe the lesson numbers on this begin with Series 376 1992 Spiritual Dynamics, Lessons 800 et. seq. (which begin the revisiting of Matt4 in the context of the 10th Problem-Solving Device, Occupation with Christ).]

      We just saw Matt16:18, and more detail on how it came to be mistranslated, is in PopeMyth.htm's "Gender Hoax" link. It shows the original Greek text (I had to transliterate), then the corrected English translation, then the Latin. So you can trace how the reversal, occurred. Clever, huh. Yet in Latin too, you don't mix gender, so "this Rock" is a female noun, so cannot mean Peter. But hey: if you want to promote a lie, just ignore Latin grammar rules, even as the Greek grammar was ignored in order to misuse the verse and claim power over people by inventing a pope. Never mind that even the Catholic Bible gets 1Cor10:4 right, which explains Matt16:18, referring directly to it. See? Cut God's head off, put man's atop, and thus reverse the verse's meaning! Yeah, and it's this verse which sealed Satan's doom, so of course he'd be more interested in misrepresenting it, for here the Lord invents Church to save Time itself!

      Greek words "agape" and "agathos" mean only DIVINE Love and Good, respectively. Greek culture had no other meaning for the words. Idea was to participate in the Divine, but the source was always Divine, never man's native quality. So gotta be maybe 1000 verses in Bible if not more, using those words, yet in translation all of them cut out "Divine", so appear as man's love and man's good. See how vilely anti-God and deft the mistranslation? See how frequent? And you just know a translator would never intend to be anti-God. So he's being clouded, following past 'respectable' mistranslation. Look in any Bible you like, and these words are always mistranslated, cutting God's Head off!

    • Key clauses or meanings in the original-language text are just flat chopped off. This is actually a rule you are taught to follow in seminary. 2nd Temptation cuts out a key clause in Ps91, thus reversing its meaning in Satan's quote. Frankly, that's why "Divine" is left out of translations of agape and agathos, because you're only allowed to use one English word for one original-language word. So "Divine Love" and "Divine Good" is the real meaning, but it gets chopped to "love" and "good". If you obey the rule, the 'translation' reverses the original. For example, in seminary you're clearly taught that "huper" only means, "as a SUBSTITUTE for", but you are required to translate it "for". (See Mounce Basics of Biblical Greek, Appendix on "huper" and other prepositions for this seminary rule. I bought that book at a seminary based on the Greek syllabus, so I know it's taught.) So what's that? A bargain basement "for"? See Romans 5:8, compare what meaning you get if you put in the capped meaning instead of the insipid "for" in that verse! Same thing is done with all womb verses. (Prepositions min/ek mean OUT FROM, OUTSIDE, BEYOND, never 'inside' or 'from inside' -- but "from" in English is the general translation followed!)

      Another bald example is 2Pet1:9, covered in the "True Spirituality" table (link at pagetop). Go to that table, then click on the "click here" section, to read about how Greek labwn is cut out of translation, completely, yet remains in the original. That chopping reverses the meaning of the verse in translation. No Bible translates it, from Geneva Bible until any Bible translation out now. Five centuries, this word has been chopped out, overlooked, forgotten! Verse should read, "having forgotten TO TAKE purification" -- Greek labwn means "to take" in modern English, and "purification" is our famous katharizw verb in cognate noun form, same as John uses in 1Jn1:7,9, famous OT word. Peter's point is that people forget to name their sins to God, so the translators forget to put the "take" in translation! See how Satan&Co. mock us hapless believers? No one noticed this gaffe for five centuries? Check any Bible you like! It's unreal, how we keep skipping over this participle, labwn! Surely man is not so smart to avoid it. Gotta be satanic clouding. [Nerd note: one of the rules of Greek is that you can translate a participle as a finite verb. You'll find that rule in Mounce and Wallace and other seminary textbooks on Greek. Should find it also in the university websites which teach Classical Greek, such as Perseus of Tufts. Peter's use of a noun plus a participle plus a noun is a dramatic stress; in drama Greek you switch to nouns and participles rather than the normal daily construction of finite verb and noun. In English we don't have a similar construction, so the "having forgotten to take purification" being what Peter means, is a better English rendering.]

      Now look how clever: the eternal insecurity people claim that man never sins after salvation, so if you catch yourself sinning, you must not be saved. So what happens? You remain carnal, for you read "sin" as meaning you're not saved, so 'solve' it by faith in Christ again; rather than, TAKING PURIFICATION by naming your sins to God like John explains in 1Jn1:6-10, echoing the earlier 2Pet1:9; which echoes David in Ps32:5, Ps66:18; and of course all the Levitical offerings for sin, taught the same thing. Unbelievers don't bring animals for sacrifice, k? Only believers do that. You have to believe in God to think you must bring an animal to the priest, or name your sin to God. ONLY believers name sins to God anywhere in Bible, OT or New. Yet notice how that provable doctrine is REVERSED by mistranslation! It's so witty but so devastating, you don't know whether to laugh or cry! So the believer who reads the mistranslated 2Pet1:9 will think himself not a believer, for he has sinned. So remains carnal ever afterwards, but fancies himself not sinning -- just as John tearfully explains, in 1Jn1:6-10. Devastatingly smart of Satan &Co., to cut "labwn" out of 2Pet1:9, doncha think?

    • In Bible translation, the stress is always on to-people stuff, the world and its glories, versus what the original says. 3rd Temptation, which is a combo of 1st and 2nd, kingdoms of the world rather than Cross. Baldest example of this class is in Heb1:2 where "world" or "universe" is actually substituted for the Greek word in the verse which means "time". See how clever? Time means He's God, and God did it for God; and Time is what the Greek says (aiwn, Ages, literally). To change "time" to "world" instead, is to make the world, superior to time -- and oh how cleverly -- obliterate Bible's Dispensational doctrine (that happens all the time, too, see also Eph3:21, which in Greek says that the Age of the Church is higher than all the other ones, a lexeme). For God's setting of Time for a particular covenant to run, is rather more important than this world, huh. And of course if you don't know that, you'll mistake what covenant applies to you (i.e., imagine that Church began in Abram's tent, a common fallacy).

      Look at any televised Christian broadcast. Notice how the stress is on "the whole world", usually with graphics of the globe in the background. Listen to the speech of the speakers, pastor or otherwise, and you hear the stress on numbers, on how many people "all over the world" are listening to the broadcast, always a worldly measure of greatness. Where do you think they get that? Not from Bible in the original languages. The Lord didn't flash Himself in the 2nd Temptation, didn't take over the world in the 3rd, didn't feed the world in the 1st. But we Christians literally drool over doing those things, and pander those very activities as 'holy' in TV broadcasts -- over the whole world. So who's running Christianity? The demon boys. What Satan couldn't get the Lord to do in the Three Temptations, he easily gets us Christians to do, in mistranslating Holy Writ and in deed.

    Now you just know there's never been a translator born who deliberately set about to mistranslate Bible based on imitating Satan in Matt4, right? So the true masterminding behind all this mistranslation isn't human, huh. We humans are at fault for not doing our homework. The mistranslation errors are usually really bald, stuff you were warned to avoid in 1st year seminary. How embarrassing.

    The pattern of mistranslations being based so consistently on Matt4 actually gave birth to SatStrat.htm. So test Bible verses in the original compared to the translation you're using, for the above three mistranslation tactics. You should be able to see them as well.

    From the above Matt4 pattern, you can classify Satan's strategy and tactics with the moniker "DIOS": a foreign god, making God 'foreign' to us, a 'language' we can't read. "D" means "Derision"; "I", Imbalance, "O" Obfuscation, and "S", Substitution. Derisively Imbalance understanding so to Obfuscate and Substitute, what's God's Word, for what's Satan's word. Works every time, too. Essentially the meaning of the Word is stripped out and replaced with morality, emotion, gross sin, and apathetic ideas of God (again, the STOP OMEGA table in LvS4c.htm). But the 'shell' of the Word, is left intact: so you think you 'know' the real Bible, since you're mouthing translated words in "The Bible". But you don't know it at all. It's now foreign to you, having been mistranslated in a foreign-to-God's Original-Language Texts. Clever, huh. Superhuman, provably. But not from God.

    Bible was basically kidnapped for 18 centuries, and was always hard to get; most people were lucky if they had a torn portion of a Psalter or something. Elitism was the excuse used to keep Bible from the common man. MirrorNOW.htm shows that based on God's Accounting System for time (Dan9, 490-year increments), God successively freed Scripture to become available to the common man. It's amazing; like clockwork, since the Church Fathers first got enough control to begin the kidnapping (Rev17, baby). By 200 AD, Bible's original-language texts would become unintelligible. For schools gradually stopped teaching Greek and even Latin in university, so the languages fell into disuse in the West (p.758ff M. Cary, Chapter XLIII, History of Rome St. Martin's Press, 1965). By this same time, the Rev17 harlot structure had essentially completed (by M. Aurelius' day, so it came about a generation earlier).

    Ever since the Cross, seems like every 200 years within the ending of a 490-year time grant, original-language texts resurface somewhere and some small group forms to study them, usually a grass-roots thing, evangelizing and teaching. Then by the end of another 200 years, Scripture goes hidden again. "200" is a loose number. But it is regular, and close to that number. We've had our rollout of original-language texts at an unprecedented scope, since about 1830; it will be say 200 years, come 2030 or so. Doesn't seem that Scripture can go hidden ever again, in this computer age: but it is already, widely ignored. As is obvious, from all the "new" translations which actually copy the old mistranslations. Kinda sad.

    Same find-then-lose pattern happened in the OT (Samuel found Scripture, then maybe 350? years later, Hilkiah found it during King Josiah, then Jeremiah found some more -- all nicely hidden in the TEMPLE, for crying out loud). Scripture would go lost, then it would be found, and the King would call for it to be read to the people, they would cry, vow fealty, go home -- and forget it again. Well, some things never change.

    Christopher de Hamel wrote a simple history of how we got our Bible, as mentioned earlier; he didn't claim kidnapping, exactly; but if you match up what history he (or others) provide and the MirrorNOW historical trends you can also check empirically, whoa: you'll see that kidnapping and freeing trend, play out. 19th century, it broke wide open, and we got the Real Bible God Wrote! So now everyone and his brother can claim to be a Hebrew or Greek 'expert'. Oh, what a nice problem to have -- at last!

    So a passim theme in the sites concerns this epic rollout of Scripture in the original languages as an actual 490-year goal in ever-wider-geographical-distribution, stages, a goal you can trace; MirrorNOW.htm is the most comprehensive and succinct among them. Of course now, anyone can get a free copy of the Hebrew or Greek text on the internet. For more usable copies, you need to buy Bible software with lexicons far better than Strong's (which lacks morphology, etymology, locations of verses using the same word, etc).

    But here you'd do well to just read any books on how we got our Bible, and then analyse why it was so persecuted for so long, and so consistently. Why even today it's always popular to debunk the Bible -- with the debunkers, always using translations. When a thing is so consistently abused for so long, it must be from God, huh.

  5. Satan &Co. brazenly mock us with slapstick wordgames, headgames, to prove we don't know our Bible. In some ways, this is the biggest surprise of all, and I didn't see it until the pattern of their games was evidenced so many times in so many ways, I couldn't miss it, anymore. They play on Bible, relentlessly. So if you don't know the Bible, you'll get skewered for your ignorance. Of course if you don't believe in demons, they'll accommodate you in other ways, to give you some other name to call them, like "ghosts" or "aliens". Objective is to get your attention. Not a good idea, to give it. Proverbial give an inch, take a mile problem. Any interest in the "supernatural" will be used. They crave attention. So they cultivate interest in the supernatural -- preferably as a lurid thing, for they deride us as stupid animals with gross pleasures. For if you want what they sell, God has to let them 'play' with you. Free will always gets what it wants, in God's Decree. Here, free will is being 'sold' something and it 'buys' that thing.

    Notice that by deflecting and SHAPING your interest in the supernatural into something titillating, the Real SuperNatural God will likewise be deemed goofy or will only be accepted if titillating. That's why they promote their own fake definition of supernatural, to suit man's animalistic proclivities. They're not stupid, you know. By promoting the lurid, the true demonic herding done by the word games, goes unnoticed. Demons are highbrow; they play highbrow games. The lurid stuff is pandered to mask those games, and you have to be interested in the Real God without wanting titillation, to see the real games.

    So they do this word-gaming in fake bible books (esp. Koran and Book of Mormon, sheer genius satire); they do this gaming via "UFO" and "medium" (i.e., channellers) sponsorship; they mock us via religions of all kinds; they do it in movies, politics, you-name-it. They do it relentlessly, constantly, because they hate us, and they imagine they hurt God, by so doing. Examples:

    • You'll notice if you examine the characteristics closely, that "aliens", "ghosts" and "spirits" all behave as demons do, in the Bible.
    • Sure, demons are extra-terrestrial, lol!
    • Sure, they 'visit' you from another 'planet', lol.
    • Sure, they linger down here after death, lol.
    • They were there when your great-granpa struck gold, lol.
    • They know what your gramma or uncle died of, they know the speech patterns, the facts of yours and their lives, so they can pass themselves off as spirits who've "moved on" to any stupid person who thinks he's a medium! That human won't know the difference!
    • Notice that in the popular channeller sessions (i.e., on women's cable tv) that the demons make it really hard on the medium to know the information. It's always vague. Some mediums are charlatans, but some are geniunely duped by demons, so the vagueness isn't always an act. Delphic Oracle was notoriously demonic and famous for its vagueness which always got you in trouble.
    • Or, as aliens -- they are older than all mankind, get it? Ancient, even.
    And no one notices the similarity of "alien"+"spirits" to "evil spirits" in Bible? Joke's on us! SatTacExamp.htm is the second half of Thinking series Appendix, and its "Ex" links provide you with a brief sketch of their wordplay in famous holy books like Book of Mormon, Koran, etc. (That page needs more examples in more detail, but it takes a lot of time to document the superhuman wit. Meanwhile, use 1Jn1:9 and ask Our Mutual Dad to lead you to examples which He knows will best grow your understanding.)

    See the "Mothman" link in SatTacExamp.htm for a live example of their obsessive, slapstick games which Mr. Keel wrote about back in the 1960's. If you read his book and know Satanology, you can see the burlesquing strategy and tactics. The event really happened. The hallucinations really happened, and one can't but feel compassion for all the people involved, and especially for Mr. Keel. The movie version was very different, yet the stuff depicted in either book or movie, is of the same pattern as in the Gospels, Acts and the OT; their play on Greek and Roman culture is the second of Seven Signature Characteristics in SatStrat.htm to advertise their authorship. It's embarrassing, how we don't catch on.

    Next categorical example: the common afterlife promise, in their fake holy books. It's a scorcher. Try this experiment with any other holy book: strip out the flowery-i-love-you's, mystical vocabulary, and Delphic vagueness. (They always play with and on, Greek and Roman cultural concepts, words.) What's left? A 'picture' of 'god' which is cruel and capricious, deriding all who believe in the holy book portraying him. For there is no surety about your afterlife: it's vague. Sounds like you have to do things your whole life, and maybe in your next life you'll be better off. Maybe. Screw up, and you definitely will be hurt, though quite how, is -- fuzzy. The more cruel among these fake-god books tell you that you must keep coming back to this dirtball planet in one life form or another; and maybe can break free of it, after thousands upon thousands of years. Or, you break free if you do something spectacularly noble (but silly) and sacrificial: say, if you starve or torch yourself in public (popular ideas, even back before Alexander's time). In all events, you have to really work at it, and -- well, maybe it will work. How cruel.

    And derisive, for the 'heavenly' afterlife these books sell -- even if you slavishly followed their dicta, so are a shoe-in -- is kinda hot, going by their usual descriptions. Here the most clever wordplay is employed. True genius. Like,

    • the holy book (name protected) that says when you die, you "drink orange light". Someone read that aloud to me. "How beautiful," that person remarked. I remember thinking, Yeah, dummy: you're drinking FIRE!
    • Or the holy book which says, "in Paradise there will be shade." Notice how Delphic, that refrain: "Paradise" is a well-known compartment deep within the Earth. Greek plays and Bible have much to say about it. So notice
      • "in Paradise there will be shade", but who said YOU will be in it?
      • And the only 'shades' living near it are unbelievers, in the compartment called "Torments". Aka, Hell. Where there is -- FIRE!
      • And only due to that FIRE! can they VIEW Paradise (cf Luke16:20ff);
      • so they will see indeed, that "in Paradise there is shade" –
      • for it's DARK now. Because Paradise is EMPTY, since the Ascension! [Eph4:8-9, fulfilling Ps68:18; see also Judges 5:12, 1Sam30:26, Est2:18 and (future) Rev20:1ff, Col2:15.]
      • So yeah, shade is THERE, but NOT where YOU are. Where you are, is -- FIRE!
    • Or the holy books which essentially all say you float up to the Light when you die: so what's LIGHT, and rises? FIRE!
    Do you see the common pattern? These books differ greatly in their geographical origin, time of writing, and 'client' people -- but they all promise FIRE! at the end. And the 'god' never gets paid, either. So the 'god' is a masochist, and would like it very much if everyone joined him.

    LOL, they are so obsessive in their games, they even do it using real buildings. Like, the Dome of the Rock illustrates Daniel 9:26c+Matt24+Rev11:1 being true -- but neither the Arabs, nor the Jews, nor the Christians, recognize that satire on our ignorance. Makes you wanna smack yourself up the head, when you finally do recognize it. Best webpage to read on this topic, are two links: "Stone Witnesses" link in LvS4a.htm; and then, "Rev 6-17 trends" link in LvS4aContinued.htm. For more detail, a series of categorical examples ("Ex:" links) are in SatStrat.htm. Study its "Seven Characteristics" link and then look in any fake holy book you like. You yourself will be able to diagnose who really wrote that book, and it ain't no human bein'.

    All the important mistranslations in Bible, and all the important apochryphal/fake-holy books, practice this same slapstick reversing derision. Reversing derision is an obsession of Satan&Co. They practice it everywhere they are involved. So the fastest way to tell if a book (or anything else) is from the demonboys, is to look for reversing derision against Christ, God, a Bible hero or a Bible doctrine, right down to the bleeping numbers, for crying out loud. The derision will be very clever, it will reverse keywords or doctrines and even numbers in Bible (the fake book/thing will do this, making a play on the Bible meaning and then reversing it); and if you dig into the original-language text of the fake book and the Bible, seeing how the former plays off the latter, you'll see it's impossible that a human came up with such wit. We're just not that smart. Blows me away.

    Apart from the witty derision against Bible in the classical Greek plays -- which are too highbrow to comment on in a website -- the two smartest demon books seem to be Koran and Book of Mormon, so far as I can tell: snippets of the wit demons use in those books are covered in SatTacExamp.htm, see their "Ex" links. Also, search on "Section 85" in SatStrat.htm for another Mormon 'holy' writing which derides the truth as doo-doo via flowery words. You can spend months connecting all their reversing derisions in those two fake holy books. See also EnochTest.htm, demonstrating how "Book of Enoch" is a middling-effort, demonboy toy, not their best wit but the slapstick derision of God and Enoch, is obvious enough -- it specializes in reversing Bible numbers and Bible doctrines, painting both God and Enoch as capricious, stupid, silly -- not at all coy. Paints the angels as silly, too. Again, all of SatStrat.htm's "Ex:" links provide illustrations of their slapstick reversal patterns, which you'll always find echoed in Bible mistranslation, compared to the original-language text. Same patterns, faithfully followed, means the same beings are behind it all.

    Perhaps an easier example to demonstrate this reversal, is by noticing how the fake gospels pandered all reverse the verb ORDER. All fake gospels add verbs to "believe", and at least since 1950, 99.9% of what you'll find pandered as the 'true gospel', is really this fake one of added verbs. So no one believing it is saved. For, the added verbs are verbs only a believer can do ("accept", "invite", "repent", etc). The first verb, without which the others can't validly happen, "Believe" -- is what saved you. So look how clever: if they mask that fact, and instead essentially reverse the order by saying you must add verbs as a condition of salvation i.e., baptise -- well, then you are not saved. For although you had to believe to even want to be baptised, you believed you needed to be baptised also, to be saved. So you were not saved, because you didn't believe that "believe" was solo, enough.

    So to prevent your salvation, Satan&Co. promulgate adding verbs only believers can do, and using Bible verses to make that lie believable. Which lie keeps you an unbeliever, for you didn't ONLY believe! See how cruelly clever Satan&Co. are? Same with 1Jn1:9: if you add penance to it, you cancel the naming, for it's ONLY name your sins to God, no added verbs. So you remain carnal, if you add some promise to God you'll never do it again, if you add penance, if you add the condition that you must go to a priest (you are a priest, so you name your sin to God). So if you even got past the hurdle of the false gospels and became a believer, you remain carnal after that, never growing up, ending up in heaven a spiritual baby forever. Satan wants God to be saddled with spiritual babies, that delays the Rapture. Clever strategy and tactics, this DIOS reversing.

    Makes one yawn, their obsessive pettiness, how they prey on humanity with their many headgames and yes, including miracles or at least they send you images to make you think you see miracles like crying statues and such. So if you think you see the Virgin Mary, you're seeing a demonboy image sent to your eyes. For the brain tells the eyes what the eyes see, ask any opthamologist; that's why formerly-blind people must be taught to see; that's why hallucinations seem so real. Same for feelings. Satan&Co. send ideas to your brain, which they know will be 'read' as something you see or feel, and your body can't tell the difference between hallucination and reality. Only those outside you will know better (i.e., all of us in 2005 (?) who watched hundreds of hallucinating people gathering around the salt stain on a Chicago underpass, claiming the stain was an appearance of the Virgin Mary, televised by Dateline). They send feelings, thoughts, images, dreams, visions, abilities, healings (which is just a demon exiting), tongues (their favorite burlesque), you-name-it. They aim to make the victim obsess, since obsession is the hallmark of mental illness. They specialize in slapstick, both gross (like the movies, an image they cultivate and then 'play') and refined (like evolutionary theory, a refined slapstick of animism which they pass off as 'smart'). Demonic activity is extremely witty, but still a slapstick like the Three Stooges. And we humans are ever the stooges, for it.

    The big difference between human imagination/delusion and demon-sent stuff is that the latter has the above characteristics, and it's impossible to get rid of. The latter is only overcome with John 3:16 (if never done) +1Jn1:9 (i.e., live in God's System) and recalling as much Bible as you can, like firing a weapon. Increase your interest in learning the Word of God, talk with God all the time (that makes you remember to breathe 1Jn1:9 and think Bible) -- and you really will become bored with all else. Probably every believer who grows to spiritual adulthood will experience some period of demon hits, given what Scripture says. Boredom is best. God is more interesting, anyway.

    Lots of people mistake any supernatural experience, thinking it comes from God. Well, the only supernatural experience GOD sends, is perception of Bible, in the original-language texts or translation, while you're in God's System. Now that, is truly spectacular. All else is boring by comparison. No feeling, 'neither!

    Know your enemy, the Bible counsels (i.e., the wolves in sheep's clothing verse, 1Jn4, "roaring lion", etc). Not get nervous, titillated, but informed. So that's why much website material is spent on how they think, their strategy and tactics. You can't help but admire their wit: but then the Wittier God, made them. Made them, made us, Same God over all: the Lord Jesus Christ. Provably. So you end up knowing the Wittier God a whole lot better, by knowing His enemies who are after all, His other, rebelling, sons. Even the wrath of man and fallen angels shall praise Him.

  6. Therefore human nature is innately corrupted with sin in its very genes; these genes are all predisposed toward religious ascetism, or rebellious lasciviousness. So Satan&Co. tap those proclivities, but we are clueless, mistaking what we think or feel, as valid. My pastor has taught this doctrine for decades, and there are a few others who recognize it. Bible keyword is "flesh": it's a pejorative term. LordvSatan2.htm's "The Fall" link takes you to the origin, sketches out the nature of how we became innately corrupt. Our modern discipline of "psychology" is really about the nature of the sin nature, though psychology doesn't recognize that fact. So a lot about psychology is covered in that section of LordvSatan2.htm. SpirPath.htm, and godnotmag.htm, are helpful illustrations of how our sin nature 'plays'.

    Satan&Co. tap this nature, constantly, herding us like sheep (they never miss a chance to mimic God). They could care less about sin, because it's genetic: you can't get rid of it until you die (Rom5:12, 1Cor15:22). They only care about sin if they can use it to blind us to the Truth. And the Truth is, they care a whole lot about keeping people out of God's System, the root structure of the spiritual life. That System does handle sin, for God grows you out of sin; you discard childish sins, and get tangled in adult ones, heh. Never mind, only the Holy Spirit can grow you out of 'em. LordvSatan1.htm introduces you to their arguments, so you can see they use sin to accuse God, not us (though we are nominally accused); Paradox.htm presents those arguments in categorical format. Because we sin, we should never want the Royal Spiritual Life. That some few of us nonetheless do want it -- utterly, unendingly surprises them. We are the only ones hung up on our sins; so they cultivate that hangup, desperately hoping to keep us preoccupied -- so we'll never look up.

    Many of my video playlists illustrate how well they religiously trap us. These playlists shouldn't have to exist. But they must exist, because people don't even know BASIC BIBLE stuff like how to be saved, that the Lord's Humanity paid for ALL sins with His Thinking, how to get in fellowship with God, etc. When you view playlist videos, be sure to examine comments people make. Astounding, how Satan & Co. can cloud the simplest doctrines, even when clearly presented in a video!

    • Those who refuse 1John1:9 of course never have a spiritual life, and prove unable to even read simple pronouns in 1 John: click here to view playlist.
    • Calvinism never learns the higher things of God, since it's stuck in its theological playpen of defending its own apostacy, and for centuries: click here to go to it.
    • The Gospel is simple enough for a child to understand and believe. Yet has to be explained over and over, and STILL the adults, can't understand it? Click here to view playlist.
    • Lordship and other works-salvation people never learn to read James 2, so either remain unsaved, or never grow up spiritually: click here to view playlist.
    • One-Legged Theology means never understanding salvation, the spiritual life, the Rapture, or what Bible says about creation: click here to view playlist.
    • So of course the basic Structure of the Spiritual Life and its mechanics must be called 'advanced'! For who today knows these obvious rules? Click here to view playlist.
    • KJV-only Blasphemy therefore finds a ready 'market', since the sheep are soooo dumb, they think that God couldn't write the Word correctly until 1611! Click here to view playlist.
    • But hey: that's nothing compared to the Prolife Blasphemy. Prolifers are sooo dumb, they can't even tell that unless you are breathing on your own, you're not alive! So of course they cannot read plain Bible saying that very thing! Click here to go to it.
    • Young Earthers never learn to even read Genesis, so of course they stay spiritually retarded: click here to view.

    Bible scholars overlook the Bible's own writing styles with such regularity, it's embarrassing.
    • Mark's Gospel is clearly the third one, but reversed (aha!) and claimed as a 'Q', the first from which all others are drawn? LOL! Click here to see videos showing Mark's Gospel QUOTES from Matthew and Luke, rather than the other way around. You realize, of course, that Mark was too young to be able to WRITE the first Gospel. But hey: logic doesn't matter, in today's Bible scholarship. Videos will begin with Mark 1:1 and go through the whole book; they will be added ad hoc.
    • NT extensive quoting of Greek LXX is suddenly disputed now. How is that possible, when hundreds of NT quotes are clearly seen in the LXX? And interpretative quoting is no longer understood by scholars? How can there even BE a KJV-only claim that Origen wrote the Greek OT? How can there even BE a claim that the NT was originally in Hebrew? Well, look at this playlist yourself, see how ludicrous those claims are. And then sigh, noticing that Satan & Co. have NO trouble blinding us to the Word of God: click here to go to the LXX playlist.

    • Bible Hebrew Meter is of course unknown or debated among scholars. But look how simple to see it, in Psalm 90! Wouldn't it have to be simple, since every Jewish schoolchild had to memorize it, Deuteronomy 6 injunction, Deut 30:10-11 commandment? Click here to go to the Psalm 90 playlist. Or, view it in context of the rules for Bible Hebrew Meter which Psalm 90 clearly employs: click here for BibleHebrewMeter.htm.
    • Isaiah 53 cleverly plays off the Psalm 90 meter. click here to view the 2nd and 3rd videos of that playlist, if you didn't already view them in the Psalm 90 playlist.

    Sigh. We humans bray about how we love Jesus, and betray, how we don't. So look at us the way Satan&Co. do: all animals poop. But only a few abnormal animals who also poop, also want to learn Christ. Wow and ouch. PDR.doc is a fictional story told from the demon perspective. Since there is so much popular media disinformation about Satan&Co. versus the MORAL nature of higher-echelon demons the Bible largely paints -- especially, Satan's high moral arguments -- it seemed a good idea to write a few dramatized chapters. Yes, it's fiction, but the demonic attitude and many of the doctrines there are straight from Bible, which you ought to be able to prove. Characters, of course, are wholly fictional, crafted in order to tell the story. It's an unfinished work, so you are welcome to craft any story lines of your own, and it's a good exercise to write yourself into the story, so you get a better sense of the big picture.

Dates, Timings, Eschatology and History

  1. Exodus date is 14 Nisan, 1440BC and you can prove it. See Exodate.htm and its larger counterpart, Mirroring.htm. Many 'Christians' claim to 'lose faith' in the Bible, simply because they can't read it, so can't 'prove' the Exodus chronology; especially, its 400-year span (430 years, including the non-enslaved years). One of the big 'scholar' hangups here centers on how many generations were born after Jacob entered the Land. They don't get that tally right, mostly owing to a maligning mistranslation of Exo6:20, on Jochebed. Oilá, conundrum resolved: "Jochebed" link in MisTrans.htm has the details. Save yourself wear-and-tear. Always assume the Bible right. Then God will prove it to you, just as would your math teacher, making you go through the proofing steps. You aren't to doubt the postulates and theorems you get, yet you must prove them anyway -- how much more, that Greatest of Theories, God's?

      The Exodus has bigger significance, a higher counting role: it's the paradigm of God's salvation plan, deft and beautiful; and God chose to count 'me' in it?! Every 'me', whoever we are? To see that bigger meaning of the Exodus, read the next item on the Passion week.

  2. Passion Week chronology is corrected versus the usual scholarship. Christ died on Wednesday, true 14 Nisan 30AD, and Bible says so. Publically-promoted 'scholars' pay scant attention to Passover rules and Hebrew calendaring rules, though the Bible spends huge amounts of text explaining both. Hence such 'scholars' egregiously mess up what happened the Week Christ died, aka "Passion Week". Not one movie or documentary I've ever seen (and I've a 'passion' for those things) ever gets it right. Worse, since the late 1800's it's become commonly known that Christ died on Wednesday, not Friday, because from the original-language God-breathed texts, you can fairly easily know; so where are the movies and documentaries on that fact? Nowhere. If you ever find one, please let me know? Look: making mistakes is fine; takes time to learn. Perpetuating them is not fine, especially when claiming to be an expert. The 'scholarship' on Exodus dating has been abysmal for centuries, and continues to be, without shame; but it's even worse, with respect to Passion Week. No excuse, sorry. See PassPlot.htm and prove to yourself how that Week transpired. Use PassPlot.htm to see the beauty of that Exodus story for the human race; for all the Jewish holidays are built around it. In passing, you'll realize that God really can count! And then after thinking it over, you'll be so stunned at how He orchestrated everything, you'll want to prostrate yourself in worship forever. I'll never get over the meaning of this webpage.

  3. Jesus the Christ was born 25Chislev 4BC, and Bible tells you that, too. In that year, 25 Chislev (1st day of Chanukah) equals what would be 25 December on our calendar. PassPlot.htm covers this in great detail, with about 12 videos showing the essential verses. PassPlot itself goes into much more detail -- too much, for most people. Of course, the Birthday of the Most Important Person in history, ought to be kinda important to foretell. So of course the Bible spends a lot of text, telling us precisely WHEN He'd be born -- 1000 years in advance.

    Of course, every nativity play ever done, is quite wrong: there was NO Star of Bethlehem, and no wise men present at His Birth, either. The videos in the above PassPlot.htm link, will demonstrate that from the Bible, live. Amazing, how much we Christians hate Bible.

    You'll need the worksheets in #4 below, to see how God orchestrated His Birthdate within the vast design of Time itself. For a thing is not accounted, until its big-picture purpose is accounted. God times things precisely, and every timing teaches you some doctrine He wants you to learn.

    What's surprising here is that like most non-Catholic Christians, for decades I didn't believe His Birth really occurred on what we call Christmas Day. My pastor, like most others, pegged it sometime in September; then, suddenly in the year 2000, he changed his mind. So I didn't know why he suddenly opted for a Christmas Day Birthdate; a friend of mine and I spent months vetting that idea. So imagine the irony, that the "ninth month" which is Chislev, provably contains His Birthdate, and God is rather witty and bald about it, in the Hebrew wordplay of Haggai 2. But not only there (never base an interpretation on just one passage, lol).


  4. PassPlot.htm necessarily provides a lot of information to plow through. Most important will be its "Modest Proposal" link so you see the purpose of Chanukah in God's Calendar. For it fills a kind of 'hole'. That idea will take some time to even understand, since you can't find anything like it on the internet. Moreover, there are many Bible verses and historical tidbits to analyze; because surprisingly, there's quite a lot of prophecy about His Birthdate (exactly) in the OT; for God always told the world from Daniel 9 forward, the exact date Messiah would be born and would die. It was supposed to be known in advance, just like you are supposed to know a calendar of events. For God's Calendar for Israel, is a schedule of how history itself, goes for the entire world. So of course His 25 Chislev birthdate is a threaded theme in the names of the priestly courses, in the dates associated with rebuilding of the 2nd Temple, in Nazarite (Numbers 6) and Chanukah wordplay in the Gospels. It's pretty shocking.

    Because, a well-known thing gets a lot of wordplay and nicknames. We don't have to keep on repeating that Christmas is December 25; instead, we say "St. Nick", and "stockings" and other associative elements of the holiday, because we all know what those are. In short, there's a special vocabulary which goes with Christmas; even so, back for His Birthday, there was a special vocabulary Jews used. Yes, Jews. For His Birthday was announced to Zerubbabel, as a present for rebuilding the Temple -- the foundation day for the Temple would become the Foundation day for Messiah. In short, a Birth. Very witty. Will take you a long time to prove out the material, if you are inclined.

    One aspect of His Birth the above websites do not cover in any detail, except maybe here: the Quirinius census thing. Augustus Caesar radically changed the tax code sometime after the Roman Republic unofficially became an empire, circa 27BC. From what I can tell, the implementation of that new code for the provinces was started sometime in 12-10BC, and from that point onward tax registration ("census") was an annual thing, no big deal. Annual, k? No imperium can long operate without money. And every year, people moved around. How else to know where to find them to collect taxes, if you don't have an annual registry? So all that stuff on the internet implying that the census for tax purposes was something less frequent than annual, well -- makes no sense. Census-taking for other purposes would be more involved, and hence would be less often. But a new tax code based partly on a head tax -- radical departure from what had been the law prior -- demanded a census. Annually. It would be locally administered, of course -- but the initial setup would be more involved, lots of new procedures to coordinate. In short, when Luke is saying "Quirinius", it doesn't mean that Quirinius had to be in office in the year the census occurred; but he was the one who started the new code's implementation for all for the provinces, not just Syria. Which from what I can tell, began circa 12BC. If you find better dates, I'd appreciate an email.

    But not all the provinces started under it at the same time. Bible tells you Herod collected taxes for Rome, and thus the Quirinius system went through the Jews, not the Romans; even the History Channel documentaries on Herod, know that much, and of course if you cruise the internet or so-called scholarly material you can find plenty of corroboration. So what's the confusion about the Lord's Birth year? Herod was dying in 4BC, had been on the brink of dying for about a year prior. So the Romans had plenty of advance notice and stepped in directly, as they'd need to handle it post-Herod, duh. Hence it does make sense to say it started in 4BC, at the end of the Roman civil year -- and yes, that's the time of Saturnalia. Here's why. First, Rome wasn't getting its taxes from Judaean citizens, it got them from Herod. For Herod had been financing Temple reconstruction to ingratiate himself with the Jews; moreover, he often paid the tribute to the Romans out of his own pocket. In short, the Jews were paying taxes to Herod as a nice political concession by Rome, since Herod was King of Judaea; nice also, to help quell the constant agitation by the Jews against all things Roman. Moreover, Herod often remitted large percentages of the taxes. So Herod paid the due tribute to Rome, and as a loyal friend of Augustus, Herod could be counted on to pay accurately. So the new tax code's terms could be easily implemented when needed, with such an ally -- so loyal, Herod would will much of his property to Augustus directly, when Herod died. Rome would directly take over then. Obviously Augustus KNEW he was Herod's beneficiary, because it would be up to the beneficiary, to manage the transition. Wily Herod probably even made Augustus beneficiary, to win living concessions. Israel was always rich and cosmopolitan, for nations ran through it, in order to effect trade across three continents. True then, true now.

    Repeat: by 4BC Herod was slowly dying from a number of diseases which affected his mental acuity. Augustus, who used to spend his vacation in Caesarea with Herod about every five years, grew alarmed over his pal's deterioriating health; so, as Emperor, was concerned about stability of tax collection -- Judaea was a lucrative source of income, as it made tons of money due to all the travel through it -- so 'other arrangements' would have to be made. In fact Herod would die only four months later, just before Passover, in what is better dated 3BC (eclipses occur twice a year, and scholars pick the wrong year, not comparing it to Bible; but Bible gives you a more reliable timeline); so the lingering degeneration had to be obvious to everyone, at least the last two years prior, given his ragings. [Remember AUC dating is fraught with problems, owing to our messup with the BC/AD calendar under Pope Gregory. Further, eclipses occur twice a year, so those who hang onto eclipses as their basis might be one or two years off. Since God provides the exact date of His Birth in Bible, I'd rather trust the Bible, than someone using an semi-annual eclipse event whose date in the first place, can be up to 6 years wrong.]

    It wouldn't be hard to do such a census in Judaea, physically, since the Temple tax system was very similar, so one could use existing infrastructure. But it would take some time to set up the locals to administer the tax Roman-style, hence the mention about having to return to your tribe's hometown. Again, Jews were rabidly against Rome, so preserving their calm would be important: you shouldn't expect a Roman style or even Roman records, but instead Jewish records which were then remitted to the Romans to demonstrate the collection was accurate. But technologically, it would be an easy thing to do. And no one keeps outdated annual census records, just like you don't keep old newspaper. Instead, you recycle that stuff. So the lack of census evidence in an age when people washed out their parchments or crushed their old papyrus to use them again, well -- is understandable.

    You should be able to find out from the internet, plenty of information to corroborate at least the plausibility of the foregoing, to justify a 4BC census. I just don't think the issue is important enough to warrant a whole webpage from 'me'. This is all I'm willing to do on it.

    For you don't need to know when that census was to know Christ's Birth year, since He had to be born by the 1000th anniversary of King David's consolidated Kingship -- else all time would end. In short, Bible predicted 1000 years in advance, what year He would be born. Then in 538BC, God told Daniel via Daniel 9, more information which in effect ratified what He'd told David; 17 years after that, he told Zerubbabel via Haggai, the exact date, 24 Chislev (25 Chislev begins at sundown) -- God knowing but Zerubbabel not knowing, when the future Chanukah would occur. It's an awesome rollout of information.

    So you don't need to know precisely when Quirinius' (circa) 12BC et-seq. implementation of the new tax code, went into effect in Judaea.That the new Augustan tax code implemented by Augustus' roving emissary Quirinius went into effect also, well -- is extra. For Luke is not hiding His Birthdate, and he bluntly tells you the Annunciation was in Adar, in Luke 1:26 (using a chronicler's TWO Greek articles to state the month, so means the sixth month on the Jewish Civil calendar, not Elizabeth's pregnancy month). We just forgot how to read all the many ways God advertised His Birthdate in the OT, that's all. [Adar is the 12th month on the sacred year calendar, sixth month on civil; Chislev is nine months after Adar.]

    Confession time: the issue of His Birthdate, how Passover Week played, and the material in #4 were not at the top of my want-to-study-Bible list. I'm not really into prophecy and Bible dates. I prefer just knowing Him, learning His Character and living toward Him. I was prejudiced, frankly, against all the prophecy and date-droolers, and wanted to avoid all their questions in my websites. Well, God had other ideas. It cost me four years of almost constant analysis, often without sleep, to write Part IV of the Thinking Series. The pages referenced here in this "Dates, Timing.." section are all extensions of Part IV. And I've learned more about His Character from researching and writing them, than in the previous 52 years of my life. So much for my prejudice! In short, I got spanked. Royally. Deserved it, too.

  5. God Orchestrates Time from Adam onward, and you can prove it both doctrinally and historically. The fastest way to see this, is through a vimeo channel I created to explain the math basics, How God Orchestrates Time. The video descriptions all have links to other helpful material. If you just watch the videos in order, you'll see the construct. Bible uses this construct in explicit text (i.e., any references to seven, seventy, 490 and partials like in Acts 13). It also uses the construct for all dates given: which 'hub', based on 490-year and 1000-year cycles you can plot directly from Bible, GeneYrs.xls. Folks get these dates wrong because they don't restrict the search to Bible. Use only Bible's own dates from Adam to Christ, or you'll never balance to history. Bible is self-auditing. If you misread a date, it won't fit. DO NOT assume the Bible wrong if a date doesn't fit. Assume the source you used instead of Bible (i.e., yourself, Dear Dr So and So, etc.) is wrong, for that's the problem. Always. Seriously, people have committed suicide over misbelieving Bible dates for the Exodus, THEY misread the dates, but then 'lost faith in God' over it. THEIR MISTAKE, not God's. So if a date doesn't fit, you read it wrong, or your source did. USE BIBLE ONLY.

    Now, I didn't know all this at first. It took 10 years to prove it (since May 2004), and the proof just keeps coming, not done yet. Since 2010 I've been doing videos to demonstrate the proof in Bible. At first, though, I wrote webpages: the most comprehensive among them, is Mirroring.htm. Links which follow below are all in its white table, which you'll see as you load the page. It will take you months to vet the material, as it took me five years' research to write, and I keep finding more Bible proof of it every day.

    You'll also need to view the Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 videos (in vimeo, Jump Menu at page top), in context of the Bible Hebrew Meter which God uses along with many explicit verses, to ACCOUNT His Rules for Time. Can't understand Daniel 9, else. Two webpages help you do this. First, click here to go to brainoutFAQ #6 and keep reading through #6b to see the Biblicity succinctly presented. Or, click here to go to BibleHebrewMeter.htm, and view the Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 videos. You can detect the authors' own rules as you see the videos.

    People tell me it's addicting, to vet the material! Yeah, it is -- I'd go three days at a time, forgetting to sleep and shower! So maybe set an alarm or something. For if you want proof of the Bible's validity, baby -- you'll see it in spades, here!

    Of all my webpages, this doctrine is the most provable, yet the least available in Christendom. I don't know how it got lost so quickly, but Israel lost the ability to tell time somewhere between 45-100AD, because Josephus time accounting is all messed up. Just look at his Chapter 15, Book 7 on David, and Chapter 8, Book 10 of Antiquities of the Jews. It's completely crazy, his accounting. Inconsistent, too as if he never had a Bible for reference. Of course, the Jewish calendar is way off, and you can find many sites on the internet all trying to account for when the calendar suddenly 'lost' 200+ years versus the Bible.

    By the end of second century AD, the Christian understanding of this Doctrine of Time was completely lost. The so-called "Church fathers" -- all of them quite wacko, amazing how truth can morph into lies so quickly, read them yourself at -- didn't seem to know it at all. Through that website you can prove that knowledge of the Gospel was unknown by the end of the first century. The lies were entrenched by then. So it's little wonder that the Bible's accounting for Time wasn't known, either. [Nerd note: the only valid way to date a letter is by context and type of language used. A language changes quickly; for example, American usage today is very different from when I grew up, and even 10 years ago people did not speak American English as they do today. That morphing helps you date when any letter is written, whether ancient or modern, but it's a very painstaking thing to do. That painstaking convention is often not followed in the dating of Bible books, but should be. So you can tell that some of the dating estimated in the is way off, and those folks don't pretend to have it right, either. PopeMyth.htm provides the Scofield Reference Bible's dating of Bible books, which isn't exactly right either, but it's closer than most published dates I can find. It's a full-time job to estimate when Bible books were written, frankly.]

    Bible documents God's Accounting System for Time from Genesis through Revelation, and you can prove it against any historical record (i.e., timeline) you want to use. Trick is, to first develop the Bible's OWN timeline, which is what I do; you can audit the results for any mistakes, easily (though painstakingly, as there is so much data). Here's the original schedule of God's deadlines for time, commencing at Adam's Fall, in a short webpage: GodsOriginalDeadlines.htm. It's good to see just the basic schedule, first.

    Then you can look out into the non-Bible timelines, and see how they magnetize around the original deadlines. Post Cross (30AD), all deadlines shift seven years forward of the original schedule and are keyed to the year of the Crucifixion; for Christ had to die seven years ahead of schedule, to preserve Time itself -- and that, owing to Israel's rejection. Theology misses all this because it does NOT use the Bible for its timelines, or improperly reads the Bible; theology pooh-pooh's the Bible in favor of non-Biblical data (like astronomy, lol), which it instead uses to construct the common timelines you find. Judaic calendar doesn't use Bible, either, so it's way off. Needless to say, our BC/AD system is so far off, it's not funny. These non-uses and misuses of Bible account for why you get such divergent dates for David's Kingship (ranging from 1085BC to 1000BC), for Christ's Advent, and of course the Exodus. Sheer incompetence, frankly. That pooh-poohing of the Bible's own methodology for dating from Adam's FALL forward -- Bible dates from his fall, not from the initial creation of the world, Gen 3:17 (decree) and 22 (when the timing begins) -- to not use the Bible's own methodology is a huge mistake, which is why you can't prove when Christ was born and died, when the Exodus happened, etc. We really don't care about God. Even when we think we do. Nowhere does our lack of interest in Him show more, than in our incompetent dating of Bible events. People just rely on 'tradition', never doing any original de novo review. It's sad.

    Bible's own timeline is SELF-AUDITING. And once you construct it, you can find plenty of evidence by non-Biblical means. Again, in the above webpages like Exodate.htm and PassPlot.htm, that's what I did. You can test all this in Bible. That's the idea. Thinking before Father means self-auditing. So of course God gave us a self-auditing system, IN the Bible. TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc summarizes this system in about 30 pages, but the last two pages give you the encapsulated principles underpinning His Accounting. Read that doc in two-page Print Preview, for fastest review. Its #1 and #9 give you lots of accounting detail so you can prove yourself that it's a whole system which is self auditing all the way from Adam forward: Daniel 9 is but one usage of that System, in Bible. Seriously: if you doubt any date from Adam forward, you can use the accounting system God provides in Bible, to verify or correct any date you have in mind.

    Gist: God has set up real time to operate in 490-year units, ever since Adam. For the granting of time is a Justice issue, always. So God grants or takes away time, judges using time, blesses using time, and He has Standards for doing so. Daniel 9 is not a one-shot 'mysterious' prophecy, but a very familiar Time Accounting Unit which Daniel, like other educated Jews, was taught. Its components represent specific Blessing grants; we know about 40 years, for example. But we don't recognize there's an interlocking 1050 unit within which a "40" or a "7" or other piece, 'plays'. That unit, is a 490-year span, which forms a 1050 unit thusly: 490+70+490. Each 490 is a time award. So too, a unit of 1000 years. There must always be an award of 490 years and a 1000-year award actively running, for the world to continue. It must be awarded to a believer who supermatured by the historical 490 or 1000-year deadline, counting from Adam (first Adam, or now, Last Adam). So time stops if there is no believer who is spiritually-developed enough, to receive the award. This means God has conditioned the continuance of the world, on such believers. Pretty dramatic stuff. Pretty sobering truth. Good thing it's provable.

    Therefore in Daniel 9, He simply accounts for how He justifies yet one more 560-year grant of Time, despite Israel's apostacy. For time should have ended, when the Temple was destroyed. As always, there are conditions which have to be fulfilled for this time grant to play. Hence although Daniel 9 is a real grant of time, it is only one of many granted in the past; and its granting, is based on precedence. The Daniel 9 grant happens to be the one which carries the world until the outer deadline for Christ's Birth and death. Point is, 490 years is a basic Time Accounting Unit God has ordained since Adam -- which must be granted to someone on earth -- or time ends. For, owing to the nature of the Angelic Appeal Trial, God grants or debits time. Click here to read more about how Time and Trial, go together (on this page).

    Hence Mirroring.htm, a sublinked page within LvS4a.htm, gives you testable proof of how God orchestrates time from Adam forward. Mirroring walks you through how each 490-year grant runs like a calendar (both intercalated and non-intercalated) throughout history. Mirroring.htm uses Bible's own dating system to establish a provable, testable, timeline from Adam through Christ; page has a companion Excel worksheet (fitting versions 1997-2000), GeneYrs.xls. Companion webpage tracing out that Orchestration's essential 'play' from 30AD forward, is MirrorNOW.htm. The latter's dates need refining, but the concepts are okay.

    Based solely on the Bible's dating system, GeneYrs.xls lays out the entire timeline from Adam through 2006, but entries after 30AD are sparse. This is a long, ongoing project. There are seven TRENDS (covered in MirrorNOW.htm) which magnetize around the ending of a 490-year or 1000-year anniversary from Christ's Death. These trends begin about four generations prior to the ending (four generations=120 or 160 years), and they are very marked. So it will take some time to post historical data after 30AD and then test that data for bias.

    God's dating system is self-auditing, so you can objectively test for mistakes. It's very much like the secular practice of accounting, where you match the underlying Doctrine Between Events, to Find a Judicial Tie. So it's not like that business of finding conjunctions and moon/planetary cycles. Rather, God orchestrates time to the meaning of event1 and event2. So for example, event1, birth of Noah's kids. So event2, Abraham's son Isaac is born at the end of Noah's own 490-year grant. You'll see that last-minute timing often in Bible. Most dramatically, event1, the beginning of David's consolidated Kingship, which Bible shows was late 1004BC. David was awarded three 1000-year grants, and three 490-year grants, and the outer edge of them, determined when the Lord would be born and die. So the Lord had to be born by late 4BC, or time would end. So the Lord had to die by 37AD, or time would end, as that's the end of David's grants (latest grant ends with the 1000th anniversary of David's death, so the Lord also must die by then). Daniel 9 is crafted based on these Davidic grants. So notice: you first match the doctrine, and then look for any numbers convergences. It's a true accounting system, and God is real punctiliar about it. If you're familiar with amortization concepts in finance or actuarial science you'll realize that this matching of meaning character is quite capable of proving when one is in error. You can't balance a financial statement without knowing the matches in transaction character. So of course you can't balance God's books, either, if you don't match event1 and event2 characters. That's why we can't balance God's Book -- we don't know how. But the info is there in Bible, just waiting to be analyzed.

      If you can't seem to reconcile something, it means you've not seen the right verses to show you where the reconciliation is, or you've misread verses you have seen. Classic example of this is in 1Kings 6:1, a verse many 'scholars' dismiss as a scribal error. No, they're the ones in error. So here's your audit path: always ask why God gives you the verse; even if you don't yet know, Don't ASSume Bible is wrong. Never never never do any number crunching until you first learn what source Doctrine God addresses in the verse. 99% of all mistaken Bible interpretation really comes from this: people don't care about the Doctrine first. So they don't ask why. So they go on wild-goose chases, get frustrated, and 'lose faith in the Bible.' Save yourself some wear-and-tear: use 1Jn1:9, and ask God why, first. Daniel did that, in Daniel 9 -- else we'd all not be here, for time had run out!

      So why do we have 1Kings 6:1? Well, what is it about? It's about when Temple building commenced. Ahhh, why? Well, Temple Building is a post-mortem promise to David, in 2Sam7. It's a post-mortem promise, not only because David was a warring king, but also to illustrate the Savior Who would Die to Become the Temple. So David has to die for the Temple to "WH", become. So this verse tells you when David died; demonstrating, God's fulfillment of what HE promised David. Hence, "in the fourth year of King Solomon" means during the fourth year of Solomon's reign after David died. Mirroring.htm's "David" link has more details, of course. But for the moment, notice this: only Solomon's name is mentioned. Big hint, that. See, you're a King so long as you are alive, even if you have installed your son as King. Kinda like still being President after your term is up. Very common ancient rule. So since only Solomon is mentioned, David is dead. But only dead, for three prior years, so "in the fourth year" building commenced. Not too hard to understand, huh.

      Now watch how God self-audits that meaning for you: the self-auditor phrase, "480 years after" the Exodus, affixes the year at 960BC, no doubt about it. But as Co-Regent, Solomon was in his 11th year. But no Temple would be built so long as David is alive, so you now know David died 3 years prior. See? God knows what He's doing when he ties one number to another number. So you don't tie yourself up in knots!

      Which tells you at least one other very important fact: the people writing and reading that chapter knew when David died, obviously; and, they knew why Temple Building couldn't commence until he died. So they knew what 2Sam7, meant; so they followed the normal practice of dating from event "x", which here is David's Death. So they don't have to mention anything but that "4th year", to date the building vis á vis David's demise. Omissions tell you much about how well Bible was known to the contemporary audience. Even omissions are important Doctrines, just waiting to be learned. [On a deeper level, the omission tells you David's existence was foundational to the Temple's existence, that Israel didn't deserve to get it. When Solomon dedicates the Temple in 1Kings 8, he'll say that over and over to God. Because, Israel abrogated its contract with God in 1050BC, by wanting Saul. God cuts Israel out, grafts David in, and then grafts all Israel to David. Which is how it's juridically valid, for Messiah to save Israel. For, they had already rejected Him as God, back in 1050BC. See God's Genius Grace? This cutting-out, grafting-in pattern starts with Cain in Genesis 4, and runs all the way through Revelation. And I'd have never seen this pattern, if a keen reader didn't ask me about Jochebed. God uses everything to teach. Lovingly.]

      1 Kings Chapters 1-5, walks you through those prior three years. Occasionally it will give you a marker, like in 1Kings 2:39, there's an interruption about how Solomon didn't kill Shimei until the third year after David's death -- because Shimei had transgressed Solomon's exile order. So you know when this happened, in the narrative. Hebrew (and Greek, for that matter) are extremely economical languages, never repeating what's unnecessary. (Good example of Greek economy is Romans 8:28 where the Subject of the verse is also the Object of the following clause, in the heroic accusative.)

      Without this verse, you'd not know David was age 77 when he died. "77" is a deliberate reference to the 490 ("seventy sevens", in punning); it is also a predictor of the Hypostatic Union ("7" is the number of perfection/completion); so Luke 3 takes pains to prove Christ is the 77th son. Matthew also plays on 77 by using "14". These are witty literary ways to reference that the promised time, the 490 years (really 630, counting both 70-year voting periods) granted in reply to Daniel's prayer, was fulfilled. [Leave out any second "Cainan" from the Luke account; some scribe put it there long after Luke died due to a corruption in an LXX roster of Gen5, trying to make Luke look good. Luke got it right the first time, when he wrote under the Holy Spirit.]

      Again, by the way God words a verse, He tells you much. Everything God says is based on a Truth, which He then 'plays', because He wants to. Never arcane, never mystical. David is the Promised son whose Son will be Ps110:1 -- which bought the entire world time to be saved. Think your little life isn't important? Think again, Col4:5, Eph5:16, KJV (or the Greek)! We are literally here to redeem TIME!

  6. Rapture cannot be predicted for two reasons: a) it derives from precedence of the abrogated marriage contract between Messiah and Israel; b) Believer Votes are the criterion for the Completion of Church, and hence the Rapture, in the Angelic Appeal Trial. So God won't predict the date, as it would be like rigging an election. For a synopsis (this page) on how the Rapture is related to the Angelic Appeal Trial, click here.

    The Thinking series is a huge and comprehensive explanation about the Trial; its Part IV explores the Trial issues (believer votes and Satan's attacks) which cause the Rapture. Believer votes, not prophecy, determine when and if the Rapture occurs. LvS4a.htm is the first of four subpages centering on the WHYs here; it's a lot to read. [Well, Part IVa is now subdivided into 4a and 4aContinued, to make page loading easier in geocities. You can access either one via the red-table links in either page.] You may need to start all the way at the beginning, LordvSatan1.htm, to get the background? The surprise here is that this very obvious reason for the Rapture, is missing from virtually everything you can find about the topic on the internet. My pastor taught many times that the Rapture is unpredictable, but since he has so much teaching on the topic, it's easy to miss his occasional comment about "precedence" being the marriage contract promise to Israel. In the OT, there are hundreds of verses on this contract; it was the basis for the Mosaic Law being conditional. So, the explanation for the True basis for the Rapture takes a good 400 printed pages, sorry. LordvSatan4.htm is your gateway to those pages. Took four years just to write Part IV. What Part IV proves doctrinally, Mirroring.htm demonstrates mathematically. Time really was over, when He died. There was no time remaining to assign anywhere else. But you'd have to master the Bible verses and the accounting system, to see that for yourself. (My pastor has taught this doctrine of growing Church believers being used to "redeem the time" for decades, but I really didn't understand what he meant until I wrote up Part IV.)

      There's a whole lot of Rapture-bashing and Rapture-gushing on the internet and in pulpits. The pseudo-intellectuals who pooh-pooh the Rapture as unbiblical prove they don't do their Bible homework. Daniel 9:27 couldn't be more bald; couldn't be more bald, the Abomination of the Dome of the Rock with its second Stone Witness, the Wailing Wall. Mutely testifying to Matt24, Daniel 9:26, where we are historically -- and forward to the two human Witnesses who will replace Dome and Wall, in the Tribulation (Rev11, very sarcastic chapter). The accounting math proves time ran out, so only the Rapture can be the bridge back to redeeming Israel's due time. Not to mention, there are many -- golly, maybe one or two hundred? -- verses on this doctrine. OT language always has a hiatal quality. NT language is more up-front. But you have to know the Bible vocabulary. Then you can prove it out. Takes a long time!

      Remember the bullet in the "God's Plan" section about how we get His Royal Spiritual life? Well, now that you've just read the bullet on God's Orchestration of Time converging on Christ, well -- what do you think God is doing with you? What happened to Him, happens to us: Isa53:10-12 contract (quickly summarized, at the end of Isa53.htm). That eternity-past contract 'folds' us in, so our lives are used to justify the continuation of Time. Based solely, on whether we are learning Him by the Book. If not, we are actually costing time, a debit. Because, there is no time to credit, unless we do what He did, Matt4:4. WWJT. And when enough of us have done that, the Rapture comes. Or, if enough of us stop doing that, the Rapture comes. Blessing-by-association or Cursing-by-association. With us hapless, hopless, dysfunctional believers. For Better and for Worse.

    The world only benefits because we need time to grow. And the benefit it gets, is more time. Time to believe in Him, time to reject Him. Kinda big benefit, huh. Rather bigger than any work you can do! But that's why the world kept on being 'alive' from Adam to Noah, God's basic 1050 accounting period, contingent upon Noah developing; then from Noah, to Abram, 490 years; from Abram, to Joseph (didn't require 490 years' elapse); from Joseph's enslavement under Potiphar to Moses at the Exodus, 490 years; from the Exodus to the 1st Temple, 490 years; and to Daniel, and then to Christ. That meaning continues, but via Church: for God's begetting Time itself following His Own Precedence: those who grow up in His Son. Church is the last group to get that role. More on this Learning importance is in the Doctrine Diamond Facets links of LvS4b.htm. Those links probably offer the best summary of how your thinking is worth megabucks to Holy God, Himself. Because, every 'penny' is made only by Holy God the Holy Spirit! Himself. For Father.

    The Thinking series is extremely long. If you want a shorter 'novel' type explanation for why the Rapture, try reading at least the first chapter of PDR.doc. Idea is to take the doctrines in Thinking series and test them by writing out what 'story' they tell, again still auditing for truth. It's a dramatization, with fictional characters created specifically for testing the entire story. Feel free to add a chapter about yourself! For you are in this Trial, yourself!

  7. Revelation's two-track nature. It's surprising that with all the very available information on Greek plays, that we can't read Revelation. It's cast using stock Greek play imagery and construction (i.e., all the activity is depicted over a "Day"), but keyed back to OT metaphors. Since Part IV is sooo long, what follows below is a short synopsis, to help you decide if you want to read all that material.

      Everything in the Bible is dual-sided, to depict His God-man Nature. So too, all prophecy plays on two tracks, in OT and New. Here, the Tribulation tracks are: 1) a syncopated paradigm (focus of LordvSatan4.htm's subpages), and 2) the official Tribulation (focus of LordvSatan5.htm and RevPlay.htm). The latter plays as an immediate result of the Rapture, whenever it occurs. You know this clearly, for the John neatly divides the time for you, using a Greek keyphrase, "meta tauta". This phrase is usually rendered "after these things" (or "after this", in the singular); Bible uses the term to wall off one "time" (Age, covenantal period) from another. So the official Tribulation begins with the opening of the seventh seal, and plays blow by blow.

      Hence Church is already in heaven by Rev4:1: the sea of glass (see 1Cor13:12, James 1:23) fronting the throne, before the 7th seal is opened. You need to know that the scroll is the title deed to Earth, so it is encumbered (legal term, look it up) until the 7th seal is broken. We Church, were the encumbrance of His Body, so we have to be completed before the 7th seal can be broken. So we are: "meta tauta" is a time divider, walling off Rev1-3, and walling off Rev4:1 off from the events following it. So that phrase bookends the verse. So John is the actor representing Church, and he goes up to heaven. Then the un-encumbrance ceremony begins: finding the Rightful Owner of the Property, etc. Very stylized, very Greek Drama. Note how the vocabulary shifts from NT (Chaps1-3) to OT imagery, beginning in Chapter 4.

      So Church is not in Trib, hence Rev17's Fake Church must be in the Trib -- to lull people into thinking it's not the Tribulation. That's why Rev17's fake Church began circa 96AD (which is why John wrote about it then). See, Satan doesn't know when the Trib will begin, either: so to get the needed credibility to fool people then, a FAKE Church needs to be developed Now; for age is always mistaken for wisdom. So by 2005, this Fake Church has been long on earth, and has established a respectable paper trail debunking the Rapture. So when the sudden transition to the Official Trib begins, Satan can "spin" the truth to suit his Gotterdammerung goals. SatSpin.htm provides a sample scenario to illustrate his gameplan using the Fake Church during the Trib. Because the Real Church -- us who've believed -- will not be there, then. Like P.T. Barnum said, "there's a sucker born every minute."

      The Fake Church is not named, but its location is pointedly depicted as centered in Rome. That doesn't only mean the Roman Catholic Church -- rather, it means ecumenical, political religion. And most of the denominations today are just as Rev17 in orientation, as any ponificate ever was. The prolife movement is pure Rev17, and totally anti-Bible, for example. (SatTacExamp.htm's page end has more on the prolife game, as does Caveat4.htm.) So that's why it's in Rev17, for it really plays in the Trib. But that's why it started soon after the Crucifixion (in Acts 15, frankly, those stupid extra rules for the goyim 'decided' by a council, not by God). The longer it goes, the more what's geniunely 'Christian' gets fuzzed up. 90% of so-called Christians can't even tell you the Gospel rightly. Satan's done a great job, counterfeiting Christianity.

      The Trib's underlying characteristics are precedented in the Exodus, with enough of Lev26 and Deut 28, so you can't mistake who is "God"; so it plays paradigmally in history as well. If you were used to Greek drama, you'd have no trouble "rightly dividing" the Book. See LvS4a.htm for the larger historical precedence (going back to Abram) which gave rise to this two-track nature; then read RevPlay.htm, which outlines the Book of Revelation using that Book's own "meta tauta" time-dividers. Once you know those time-dividers, the book tells you what belongs to which "time", and the entire book is written in classic, Drama-Greek quadrilogy (four plays, four times, duh).

      Revelation is clear, if you know something about Greek plays. For example,

      • you know it's not allegorical; Greek plays are always about underlying realities.
      • Metaphors have well-defined (here, Bible) meanings, so are not 'in code', sheesh.
      • Rev's not symbolic: the many Revelation tableaus were standard Greek Drama fare at the time John wrote, particularly for anti-Christian plays under Domitian (who would die soon after John finished writing). So the many Revelation tableaus 'reply' to those plays.
      • Further, most Greek plays are not fictional even in format, but are rather reality stories using stock drama images people far from the stage could understand. So the themes usually depicted stories about the gods, past battles, etc. So too, here.
      • Next, attendance at Greek plays was often mandatory; the state picked up the cost of the ticket, and you were in deep doo-doo if you didn't go. Because there was a message to be learned.
      • So Revelation is not an 'optional' book, nor in code, since the message was intended to be obvious.
      • Next, Greek plays were often part of a very lucrative competition for a prize. Well, the message here is about what the Christian wins by sticking "to the end" (refrain in Rev1-3), and the prizes are among the highest-known in the Roman world at the time John wrote: the voting pebble, a kind of award with free-pass rights where only the famous could enter, etc.
      • Finally, Greek plays were usually composed 'around' a single 24-hour format, with many flashbacks and flash forwards: here, "the Day of the Lord", the 2nd Advent.
      So if you spend time learning how Greek plays are constructed, Revelation should be much easier to understand. That scholars and Bible people have been confused for so long when Greek Drama data has been assiduously preserved, well -- joke's on us! We aren't doing our homework, plain and simple.

      Um, and it should thus be obvious, Revelation -- an apocalyptic book which goes to the end of time into eternity, completing the apocalyptic prophecy of the OT -- is the last book of the Bible. Hence the warning in Rev22:6-21, stated in classical Greek epilogue format, the lesson to take with you after the play (of history) ends, having been completely told, fulfilling Jer31:31-34, Isa53:1, Isa55:1-6, 1Cor13:12b-13, Heb8:8-12 and Heb 10:15-17. Malachi 4, closing the Old Testament, uses language similar to Rev22:6-21: the next event, heralds the coming of the Lord, and is undated. For us, that's the Rapture; but for the world, it's the Tribulation, last call! (The last Elijah was John the Baptist, see the Gospels, i.e., Luke 1:17, which quotes from Malachi; see also Matt 11:7-14.)

Science and Scholarship Flaws

The websites have turned out to be highly critical of many sacred cows, both Christian and non-Christian. Can't help that, don't want to criticise, but it means choosing to be nice to those who get God wrong, or biting the bullet and stating what's wrong. LOL, we all are wrong on something, no biggie -- that's why we have a Cross. Just fix what's wrong, and move on. But people are extraordinarily arrogant about their beliefs, and won't brook challenge. Even if the Word of God proves them wrong; even, if all you do is cite or report the verses. Then you get tarred and feathered. Okay, so be it!

For when a cherished idea is demonstrated to have serious flaws in it, shouldn't that be accounted for? As a result, I distrust everything I myself believe, until I can see proof in Bible. For in these seven years of analysis, only the Bible has proven correct, and everyone else (me included), gets it wrong in many ways. In God I trust -- let God be proved true though every man a liar, as Paul quipped in Rom3:4 -- everyone else pays cash upfront. But it's hard work to be in academia, theology or science or anything else. It's hard just to get dressed and go to work in the morning, let alone fight with all the red tape with which theology and science are irretrievably infected. So the academics are the best and brightest, the ones to praise -- especially due to the mistakes, because they know where the mistakes are. But the weight of the centuries forbids touching those sacred cows. So they must continue to bear them. Pray for anyone who has to be in academia.

Like theology, science is important. It should not be mocked -- or worshipped. But science like religion, is horrifically political, lots of egoes wrangling. Hence lots of political wrangling and ossification. That's the danger here in this 21st century. So a few webpages (or sections) focus on this religifying trend in science itself, which threatens objective scientific inquiry. We don't need to go back to witches and warlocks, but that's where the world is headed.

  1. Analysis of whether "God" exists is all too often tautological; but there's a way to avoid that trap. One needn't buy any religious idea, nor discard any 'scientific' idea, to analyse if "God" exists. The analysis process can be independent, of both. To the atheist, God is not allowed to act like God, and exist at the same time. Nice tautology, that. So any miracle claim 'proves' to the atheist, that God does not exist. For God to be allowed to exist, all 'his' behavior must conform to (what the atheist considers) the 'laws' of nature. Cute: so God is only God, if He's not God (i.e., subordinate to the Laws He created, at all times). The lengths of illogic to which people will go to deny God (in the name of 'being scientific', of course) is incredible. All your debates about creation, the Flood, and whether the sun stood still for Joshua, are centered on this tautology.

      A logical analysis alternative which avoids these debates and their tautologies, is in Godindex.htm. There are 14 composite, intellectual analysis paths one can use without any holy book, yet without having to choose common fallacies, either. You don't have to disavow evolution, you don't have to disavow logic, you don't have to disavow anything. Just observe and ponder. For if a thing is true, it needs to be thought through; that same thinking-through, will prove a false thing false. Logic is a great tool, so long as you keep on questionning the premise. So Godindex.htm is designed for that purpose.

  2. Evolution fails First Law of Math, so cannot be true. Evolshort.htm, which isn't short, demonstrates that the heart of evolutionary theory, called "transmutation", fails the first law of math, that no set can contain itself. So it cannot be a valid theory. How to fix the theory is covered; along the way, the problems cosmology has with Einstein's theory of relativity fitting with quantum mechanics, is briefly covered. (Same tautological problem exists in cosmology, as in evolution.) This piece is completely apolitical and a-religious. God lets falsehood freely exist. We should, too.

      Back in the 1950's when I and my generation were in grammar school, evolutionary theory had just become a mandated subject in public school. We were all taught "transmutation" was the heart of the theory. And functionally, it is. For an ape to become a higher quality of being than what he was prior, requires either transmutation, or some creature already of man's same nature, mating. Genetics can't permit any other method. But you'll hear modern-day evolutionists (who use the word "evolution" as if it were merely any ol' long-term development) -- you'll hear these defenders, pooh-pooh "transmutation" as something only belonging to the chemical world -- alchemy. Well, yeah. Evolution is bunk. Just like alchemy.

      For without "transmutation", there is no evolution -- so why is "evolution" so stridently advanced, and for so long? Because the 'theory' is constructed as a taxonomic tautology. Idea is, you assert the characteristics, and then only 'find' the characteristics you assert, thus claiming to have 'proved' the 'theory'. Tricky lawyers do this all the time in courtrooms, to win their cases. Scientists aren't so smart, but do the same thing. Godevol.html is a mercifully-short webpage showing how the 'theory' of evolution is tautological, so flunks as a theory (no valid theory can be tautological); page quickly offers some ideas to help fix the evolution construct.

      I don't believe in evolution, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be taught. But it should be taught as a hypothesis with significant problems. This isn't to debunk science, nor would I advocate teaching creationism in schools. Creationism depends on what religion you espouse, so should be taught by the parents, to the kids. So for schools, we need return to sound science: the evolution construct currently taught, is not sound science. But it can be fixed by admitting "Life" is a third independent component, so is the superior parent (besides matter and energy). Once you do that, you've not defined or even said, "God": but you have a superior parent explanation. For animacy cannot come from inanimacy, but inanimacy can come from animacy. Neither matter nor energy are alive. The ancients all knew this (i.e., Aristotle): we lumped "life" in with inanimacy, and thus create tautologies: an amoeba can't become superior to itself, unless an independent and outside and superior-attribute 'parent' which can only be LIFE, 'births' it. Simple, huh. Then leave the philosophers and the religions to debate what "life" means.

      By the way, Bible only talks about civilized man: Adam has a soul. Thus he is civilized, starting out in relationship to God. So if there were any hominid-like creatures before Adam, it's a body resemblance only, and not a souled creation. End comparison, because the soul is immaterial, so leaves behind no testable relic.

      Thus the evolutionary construct and Bible, are two completely different 'species', lol. Even in translation, you can tell the first man, is a) a taxonomist, and b) not a meat eater. His son Cain built a city, and was also not a meat-eater, but a prodigious vegetable farmer. So you can't even compare evolutionary theory and the Bible. What you can note, is that even 'science' will routinely date the beginning of civilization, at around 4000 BC. Which is coincidentally (yeah, right) the approximate time of Adam's fall, if you add up the (Masoretic-only) Gen 5 begats backwards from Abraham; I get Adam's fall as 4106 BC in GeneYrs.xls.

      By the way, Bible doesn't tell you how old the earth is, as that's not its focus. "Genesis" is Greek for "the origin of the man", not the origin of the Earth, and Gen1:2 tells you that the Holy Spirit restored the Earth, lollygagging six days to do it, to teach the man about time. Whoa, how people don't do their homework! Joke's on us again, and again -- for centuries. I did 47 videos demonstrating this from Bible's Hebrew, live : click here to go watch/download the Genesis videos.

  3. The Flood is not only naturally possible (remaining a threat even today), due to "Pangea" and "plate tectonics" (topic divisions in geology, look 'em up); but you can prove it happened, and that it did cover the entire planet. Is there anyone in the civilized world who doesn't know the entire Grand Canyon was under water? So we all have ample proof of either fast or slow, flooding. And we know it can be either fast or slow. So just because it's posited as slow, doesn't mean it was slow: once a fast flood happens, you'd still have compression occur. I'm not saying the Grand Canyon formed via the Bible's Flood. I'm only saying we have ample proof OF flooding. So should not dismiss a fast flood, since we know of the slow one, and we know fast flooding exists, and can exist over wide swaths of the earth all at once (i.e., those tsunamis and hurricanes suddenly springing up in 2005). See: we need to turn our brains on, but instead we turn off common sense which is amply empirical -- that's the danger science has gotten into, claiming something "scientific" without auditing the idea for common sense. For the same set of facts can justify antithetical conclusions, as here.

    Even in "Continental Drift" (slow-method) theory, the world started under water; and only because "Pangea" started breaking up due to plate tectonics, did continents begin to float. So it's not only Genesis, which states that once upon a time, everything was flooded. So too, every region of the world has ancient flood myths, and many of them are part of the creation story as well. People morph what they hear, so the truth is reflected in mutated stories. The Gen6 Flood stories date back to 2000BC and sometime prior, and are usually free on the internet. Now whether God used natural or supernatural methods to accomplish all this, I wouldn't know. It's possible though, either way. I don't agree with the atheist who thinks that God isn't allowed to act like God, so should be circumscribed to the natural systems HE Sovereignly creates. Even I can decide whether to let my supper leftovers 'naturally' decay on the plate, or wash them down the drain.

    So: I don't spend much time in any one page, validating the Flood. It was only important for testing WHY God spent so much text on its progress. Short video you can download on Genesis 6's text is NoahBday.avi. Not sure it's worth your time. My vimeo channel on this (still also in draft) is Noah Flood Precedence. It has that video, plus in the descriptions, links to the related docs and to a dissertation by Jack P. Lewis you can buy at Amazon, surveying the longtime recognition that the Flood HAS precedence. Yeah, it changed how Israel's calendar worked, because Noah's birthday became Passover (Exodus 12; Lewis doesn't cover this), ergo the importance of the topic.

    Else, passim remarks are made in webpages, i.e., about how plate tectonics is the natural origin for the constant threat of flooding, the world always faces (i.e., due to earthquakes spawned by plate tectonic action, California might just sink into the ocean, someday). Somewhere I noted the obvious everyone (including me, for awhile) misses: bodies which are underwater for a year dissolve or are eaten up. There will be no human remains, but only the remains of their tools, buildings, etc. Further, a one-year flood leaves no geologic mark, save tossed-up marine life (such as you find atop mountains in Iceland and Greenland). As for repopulation and travel back to old sites, think: eight people left, and all that booty to grab? How long would you wanna stay together? Heck, in 2005's Hurricane Katrina, even the New Orleans' levee flood wasn't but 24 hours old, before the looters started grabbing TVs, etc. -- though everything was wet, and there was no electricity?

    Ancient populations weren't necessarily big, either. And they moved a lot. If I remember properly from my trip there, Mesa Verde had a very small regular population (under 100 people?) but was a huge complex of caves over many acres; to look at them you'd think several thousand people lived there, if not more. But the peak population was something like 800 (?), and that only for awhile. Took all day to drive around and see the caves from a distance, even. So if you were roving, you'd have more than one domicile as you travelled. Also the right weather and dryness can preserve artifacts a lot longer, making them test 'older' than they really are. Carbon-14 is very much affected by water: material degrades faster, so will appear older than it is. Those cave paintings are dated by the materials, not by the artist's style: BIG MISTAKE, as any tester of forged paintings, can tell you. Here, I made up one so you can see for yourself: LochNessInStone.png, which if painted in Arizona, would make the 'scientists' conclude it was painted millions of years ago! But I did it in Microsoft Paint!

    So be somewhat skeptical of any claim of large populations soon after the Flood (which happened 2450BC according to the Bible) -- in our modern, sedentary, densely-populated society we'll ascribe a higher population value to a location than was probably true. It would still LOOK populated, if well preserved, especially any buildings. To distant eyes, a small roving band would obviously look like a bigger band if they regularly travelled to all the domiciles, and left stuff behind (like depots). It would be safe to roam about during the first 30 years or so post-Flood, maybe longer. One could travel 30 miles in a day on an animal, since provisions wouldn't be needed (no scarcity, no bandits, etc). And you don't know what the gestation was. Just because human birth now occurs at nine months doesn't mean it was always that way for all groups of people. Since both Noah and Shem had triplets, it's safe to say their kids did too. So again: there's more than one way to read the data on what seems to be civilization between 2450 and (say) 2200. 2 Peter says everyone but the eight in the Ark were killed, so the Flood was worldwide for a year in some fashion: enough to kill everyone off. I'm not sure the text is saying the entire world was covered like a bathtub for an entire year. Seems more like a series of tsunamis, but I need to do more research.

    In short, a little thought turning in the brain resolves a whole lot of first-blush questions about the Flood or anything else related to God. Just use 1Jn1:9, ask Father in Son's name to guide you. Some answers you'll get immediately, but the others might require God 'wait' until you have supporting information. Kinda like wanting answers requiring you first know differential calculus, God has to start at a lower level, first.

    The real issue is to know why God did it and what it means: LvS4a.htm's "Legatee" table explains that. You can search on "Pangea" near the beginning of that webpage, to get hints on how to study up on plate tectonics. It's a division within geology, and is pretty well-proven, by now. Again, I have no clue whether God used a natural system He created, or whether He just 'snapped His Finger' to do the Flood. Nor do I care. What is vital, is to know why He did that, and what the "Ark" represents. Don't go looking for it on Arrarat (Noah would never leave such valuable cypress wood behind, for it doesn't rot); go looking for the Ark's significance in Bible (hint hint, in Heb6:18ff). LvS4a.htm's "Legatee" table covers the meaning of the Ark. Pretty important to know, if you don't already.

  4. Likewise, the Genesis account is not about the initial creation of the earth, but about why Israel came to exist, using a floodwater aka TRIAL motif: parallel to the Flood, and to Earth's rehabilitation for Adam. Downloadable Video series: in vimeo, or the shorter Time Travel in Genesis portion, click here. Suggest you view the videos fullscreen where you see Hebrew text (BibleWorks 5 live demonstration of Bible and lexicons).

    More succinctly, you'll find the "Creationism" entry in VERindex.htm now lists the salient verses, and provides a corrected trans of Isa45:18. My pastor has taught this Restoration Doctrine for decades, since it is the theme of our salvation, hence God dramatizes via a true restoration of the trashed-up planet, to depict what He'll do within mankind. There is a sizeable group of other folks who (variantly) also explain that Earth got restored -- or at least there is a gap in time -- but they are narrowly focused on the 'science' of it, so miss the Doctrine God means by this fact. Gen1:2 is bald; the Holy Spirit restores what was trashed up, "tohu wa bohu" in Hebrew. The principle taught in that verse is that we are trashed up by sin, so He restores us, too. Search on the "tohu" morphings in the OT, and you'll see the parallel application. My videos cover this in detail, links above. For the very term "Genesis" in Greek (assigned in the LXX) means the siring of the man (Adam through Christ), and isn't even about how the universe got here. Yes, it's a literal 6-day restoration, so you can't even find a geologic mark to date when it was. So you can't say how old the world is. Because, it's not relevant how old the world is; what's relevant, is why God created man. So you can say how old FALLEN mankind is, and Bible didn't create Adam as a hunter-gatherer, but as a scientist (taxonomist, Gen2); his first-born, Cain, ran out and built a city, see Gen4. Also, they weren't meat-eaters. So whaddya know: we have little defensible evidence of civilized man before Adam's Fall (circa 4106BC, per Gen5 trace-back). So throw out all that 'primitive'-beginning nonsense in anthropology. They're guessing, which is their job. Fine. Guessing is good, but you can't prove or disprove BIBLE from anything guessed. So it's apples-and-oranges, to compare Bible with that 'segment' of 'science'. Why people even bother, is -- surprising!

    Of course, with respect to Genesis and doggone near everything else about Bible, scholarship errors abound: particularly, with reference to dating, doctrines, and Bible translations. As relevant, these errors are disclosed within website material. Scholars of yesteryear didn't have computers to catch errors like we do, so it's wholly understandable they made errors, doesn't detract from their greatness. So why do we keep covering up the errors? That's a running complaint in these webpages. It's not about the fact errors were made: who could avoid errors, with heavy codices, candles for light, and globbing ink? But it's the COVERUP which is evil. Just fix the errors as they are found, tell the people, be done with it. That's what you're supposed to do in science, academia, anyway. But we just go along, repeating the errors, rather than fixing them -- in the name of the common people, of course! Wouldn't want them to lose faith in authority, eh what? LOL -- we see authority screw up all the time, we're not that fragile with our loyalty. After all, folks in authority are human too. It's the coverup we mind, not the fact that authorities are fallible like we puny laymen are, k?

    And if you a scholar made a mistake, wouldn't you be relieved if someone after you, fixed it? Especially if you loved God, as most Bible scholars do? It's not as if being a Bible scholar were a popular or lucrative profession! So: see how we dishonor past scholars, by covering up their errors, as if we were ashamed to admit them? So we don't appreciate the fact that they got so much right, huh.

    Frankly, the larger point of disclosing the errors is to show how easily Satan&Co. blind us -- and to show what they choose to distort. For by knowing that, you know what doctrines they consider a 'threat' for us to know. Speeds one's list of study, therefore: if they routinely mangle the Gospel, for example, then you know the Gospel must be pretty powerful to know. If they routinely mangle the use of 1Jn1:9, then you know 1Jn1:9 is awfully important. Same with Trinity, the fact that salvation is permanent, and -- most important of all -- the fact that Christ paid for our sins with His Thinking. For if THINKING pays for sins, well -- what you do with your body, cannot be the spiritual life. But notice how almost no one recognizes that fact, never mind Isaiah repeats that Thinking Paid for sins 21 times from Isa52:13 through 54:1! Never mind, 2Pet3:18, Eph3:15-19, Eph4:13, and a bizillion other NT verses which all point back to Isaiah. So, see: if your enemy masks a Bible verse or doctrine, then you know it's awfully important to know. We need to fix these errors. We won't, of course. Hence the need to say what they are, and show the satanic coverup strategy which persists -- for centuries. For if THINKING pays for sins, well -- what you do with your body, cannot be the spiritual life. But notice how almost no one recognizes that fact, never mind Isaiah repeats that Thinking Paid for sins 21 times from Isa52:13 through 54:1! Never mind, 2Pet3:18, Eph3:15-19, Eph4:13, and a bizillion other NT verses which all point back to Isaiah. So, see: if your enemy masks a Bible verse or doctrine, then you know it's awfully important to know. We need to fix these errors. We won't, of course. Hence the need to say what they are, and show the satanic coverup strategy which persists -- for centuries.

Demonstrating how the Bible's own Hebrew and Greek text employ a sevening meter is the main thesis since 2010, when I learned Mary and Paul used it. It's critical to hermeneutics and textual criticism. God gave the authors a rhetorical style which Moses of course first used in Genesis: this style DATES when the text is written, POINTS to dates and other passages which interact with the text so you can understand how to read and relate it. So far from the creation story emphasis we moderns always misread into Genesis, for example, the actual pointing and dating reveal Genesis 1 is set as part of the WATER MOTIF (Moses=drawn-from-water, for example) to explain WHY ISRAEL. Think of it as a Declaration of Independence. Wow, that's sure different from what pulpits pander. Strong accusation then, huh. So a bunch of PROOF is needed to back up the claims, huh. Yeppers.

So too, Mary's Magnificat, unknown to the millions of Catholic prelates who mispraise her for centuries, actually demonstrates why God picked her: she knew meter and doctrine as well as Daniel, whose Chapter 9 she apes, tagging both his METER and his text. Which, she shows when she meters her reply to Elizabeth, and her reply made her immediately famous, treated as canon even by the time Zacharias replies to her. Luke merely recorded it. So why didn't the Catholic prelates tell their parishoners THIS is why Mary's so praised? Because they didn't know! Or if they knew, they covered it up and cheapened her achievement by lying, actually turning her into a sinner by claiming her 'immaculate' as if virginity was spiritual? Seriously? God needs to compete with the Roman pagan Vestal Virgins to get a hearing? LOL: thus the Catholics spit on her and Her Son Jesus the Christ, yet again!

But I didn't know any of this, back when I learned her meter. All I knew was that Paul was aping Mary's meter, and that Mary tagged Daniel to make her meter, all on the fly, as she alights from that donkey or whatever she did while replying to Elizabeth. That fast was her reply in meter, and that deft was her reply that Paul uses it to key off and craft his own meter in Ephesians 1:3-14. Click here for Paul's meter structure. Or, you can click here to see how deftly his meter with the text, forms an annual satire of yet-future, Church history from Christ's birth to Odovacer.

The whole meter story goes back to 2008, really, when by mistake I found it in Isaiah. I was merely trying to proof the Isaiah scroll in Chapter 53, to see if words were missing I could back translate from the Greek into Hebrew. But no words were missing. That took me on a journey to Psalm 90, then to Daniel 9, then to Mary and Paul. The journey is fully documented, but not in webpage form. It's in videos, Word docs, and pdfs which you can search on from the top of this page. Or, for a more orderly rollout, go to my vimeo channels (from the Jump menu at page top), and start with How God Orchestrates Time to get the underlying raison d'etre for God choosing meter. Then, go to Psalm 90, or to Isaiah 53. That will give you the basics. Technically, God started the meter in Genesis, and each book and maybe even each chapter of a Bible book will have a meter telling you at least WHEN it was written. Each video's description has many Word docs, pdfs, worksheets, htms, etc. which relate to the meter so you can VET the material yourself. 'Took me years to document, and I'll not finish before I die. But at least you can see the methodology, so you can find the meter yourself. Flagship piece for that is BibleHebMeterCharacs.htm. Use 1John1:9 as you read it, for God will speed up your comprehension that way and might well tell you particular chapters He wants YOU to test.

Yes, He will let you know: ideas will occur which are too apt and brilliant, when you TEST them out. That's why my tone is acerbic, here. Being nice doesn't get false doctrine, fixed. Asking God, will. So what: has no one been ASKING about this? Apparently not, and apparently even this dufus brainout can ask and get answers. Yikes! So if YOU ask, whaddya think God's gonna do? ANSWER!

Re my pastor

This section is for those who have heard of or have been or are still under my pastor, RB Thieme Jr. He died in 2009 and prior to that, was briefly famous and therefore controversial. Over the years since I got my first Windows computer from a janitor named Jesus ON my pastor's birthday in 2000, I've had a fair number of queries from folks who were under him or knew him, asking why I was doing this writeup. The reasons are pretty simple: I wanted to test what I learned, and what he said, for cohesion. I wanted to know what becomes the big picture if I correctly understood what he taught, and if what he taught was correct. For he won't be to blame even if he taught wrongly, for my BELIEVING in it. I alone will be to blame. So, at heart all this writing, and the videos, together constitute my own due diligence: for I am responsible to God severally for what I believe, and no one else can be blamed. Ouch.

    What resulted in all this writeup, etc., is surprisingly corollaic to what he taught; so far as I can tell, the material largely validates what he taught, and corrects some claims. Sample correction: the Decree in Daniel 9:24 does not reference a human king. My pastor had taken the common Christian stance that it referenced a human king, back in 1977. That's an incorrect stance, as Daniel's own text shows: WHO is decreeing, there? God! Where did He do the Decree? In Jeremiah 25:11 and 29:10-11! Now the really weird thing about Jer29:10, is that my pastor used that in his good-bye letter in 2003, when he retired due to God hitting him with Alzheimer's. I had NO IDEA that verse 11 would be key to this writeup, but of course God knew, and now you do as well.

    So too, if you run a Google search on the Rick Ross forums, you'll find 'brainout' there under the 'Thieme' thread: for answering baited questions like what did I find wrong in what he said; I only could list a few things, so I got booted. So too, some of his other students. The point of that 'thread' was to accuse Thieme, not to be objective, and we weren't as negative as they wanted. So now I'm unhappily a minor 'famous' person, too. Who cares? Pas moi, but the Doctrine is the Doctrine, k?

    For God vindicates His Word, and it matters not whose mouth He uses. Look: So long as someone insists a human king is referenced, the math goes awry. God accounts from His Own Decree back in 586 BC, not later (Jeremiah 25:11 and 29:10-11). So the math is 586+70+70+49+434=37AD=1000th anniversary of David's death, when Christ was long SCHEDULED to die. Thus Dispensationalism and so many other denominations, constantly get the Daniel 9 timeline, WRONG. So when Mary updates Daniel's timeline in the Magnificat, of course they don't know what she's talking about, either. So when Christ dies 7 years EARLY just as He predicted in Matthew 16:18, crafting there instead a New Spiritual Covenant (precedented on Psalm 110, as shown in Book of Hebrews) which He petitions Father to fulfill post-mortem in John 17, well -- the hoary heads all miss that, too. So then they don't notice how Paul follows up on Matthew 16:18, by tagging Daniel's 434 time-bubble as Paul's own meter (piggybacking on Mary's meter endpoint) -- to craft a prophetic timeline for Church, in Eph 1:3-14! Pity.

    'All because Christianity keeps trying to shoehorn Daniel 9's timeline, to end at His Actual rather than then-scheduled, Death, since the schedule was revised +3.5 (for David's AGE 77 death, patently that age in 1Kings 6:1 which scholars routinely misread), initially based on 2100-54 from Abraham's supermaturation (revision makes the new deadline 2100-57=2046 supermaturation + 2100 -3.5 = start sacred year 4143 from Adam's Fall = 37AD, ergo the extra seven plus the Trib hanging chad since He dies 7 years earlier)! Ouch. Just think of the billions of wasted dollars and hours people have spent over the centuries. All because we slavishly insist on following 'Dear Dr So and So' rather than the Word of God. Don't get me wrong: God has ordained pastors-and-teachers, and each of us is ordained to be under some male teacher at all times. Even so, that teacher is human, and is like you and me, entitled to be learning himself, entitled to make mistakes. So too, then we have to GO TO GOD about what we hear from the 'respectable' or 'scholar', and validate it. So when the Word conflicts, who ya gonna call? Not that gever (=nobleman, Hebrew), not Ghostbusters.. but God. Different G.

    If you knew how scholars have missed the boat on Daniel 9; if you knew the meter and other proof of how to get the Bible dates right, but everyone else keeps messing them up; can you justify remaining silent, before God? No. Doesn't mean you go on a crusade and picket those in error, that's silly (you can't live long enough and be in a million places at once), and it's not helpful. What is helpful? Explain the problem and then move on. No shyness, no apology, no frills, no sugar, but also no condemnation. To say a thing is wrong when it is provably wrong, is a deposition, not blamesmanship.

    So, now you know why I'm so caustic, here. It's warranted. When I die, I will have much to answer for, but not this. This, got disclosed. So in this material, stuff like the above gets corrected, and corrections are documented from Bible. Thus you can evaluate both sides: so you too, will have less to answer for.

    This material also surprisingly carries that pastor's metron merous (=doctrinal 'share', Eph4:16, Rom12:3, both tagging Isa53:12's merizw) concepts, principles, doctrines farther, and the meter itself most elaborates on the underpinning for his longterm contentions that a) We Are Royal Family Of God and b) God Therefore Uses Believers To Buy Time For The World. Those two contentions formed the impetus for my beginning to write and do videos, in the first place. I didn't understand the doctrines or the Bible verses proving them, enough. So, I kept on asking God to cause me to understand better what 'Thieme' taught, and where was the proof in Bible?

    Now, I have proof of those two doctrines, in spades. It is a HUGE surprise to me that this brainout would find that proof. The find, intimidates me. Too bad. A find is a find is a find, and it matters not, 'who'. If the find is the find is the find, then its validation is objective, no matter 'who' mouths it. So I have no right to stay silent. So now I know why there was a janitor named Jesus...

    Frankly, it seems to me the purpose for 'me' getting this stuff, is to answer the questions I had, and also to prove out what that pastor taught. For I didn't know when asking, that he was so controversial. I didn't know that so many in my own church, didn't understand what he taught and that so many more, disputed what he taught. Of course, by now (2015, when writing this section), I do know. Ergo it seems a bigger reason for 'me' getting this stuff, is to answer those who dispute him. For if God is behind it, the dispute is against God, not the teacher.

Elsewhere in 'my' pages, videos, audio -- you'll find the above repeated, passim. It's an important doctrine that applies to you as well: a believer of himself is not important. God's Word is important. And, God vindicates His teachers. So if God chose to use Balaam's ass or this one as a spoon for that vindication, so goes HIS sense of humor. The donkey who gets to mouth what He chose, well.. is pretty happy to be such a Dogberry. So frankly, I gotta ignore the 'me', and I can't take refuge in the excuse that well, I'm female so have a right to stay silent.

    That 'females should be silent in church' is valid, but I'm not in church. I'm in public. I'm not allowed under any law anywhere to stay silent if I know a crime has been committed, right? Gender is no excuse. Well, the crime of the Bible Being Misused should be admitted, no matter the personal consequence.. right? You can say to me, "well that's your statement, it's not necessarily true". Okay, but what if it is true? Then I'm not allowed to stay silent in any court of law anywhere. I would be subpoenaed, and would have to testify, if if if I might might might have crucial evidence. Okay, then this is martureo, and you can discard it if you want. I don't have the right to stay silent.

Even so, I would beg everyone to ignore the mouth, and instead just examine the claims, testing for cohesion and sense. If the claims are true, God will validate them. 'Nuff said.