For Believers in the LORD Jesus Christ

Know that Every Believer is a Priest-King in Training for God the Father: Your spiritual life is measured by what you THINK in His Hearing, and NO other criterion is of any consequence. Therefore God the Holy Spirit gives us Spiritual IQ via 1Jn1:9 usage* to learn Christ via learning Bible Doctrine under one's God-chosen right pastor; thus we become Fit Bride (Eph4:11-16 baldly says so in Greek); else, we will be spiritually comatose, retarded. So, let's be 'online' with the Spirit, and thus LEARN: grow up!

Text-embedded Links above, and links in the Home Page, provide further accounting details as to how and why the foregoing is true, so you can think for yourself and see for yourself, before the Lord Who Bought Us for God Our Father.

Forget religion: Christianity is a RELATIONSHIP, not a religion. Religion was invented by Satan in Gen3, and you can always identify its Rev17 power-lust characteristics (i.e., any and all Christian activism). Satan invented and continually sponsors religion, to defame God: flee it like the plague. Religion has sought to keep the Bible restricted from the common man, hard to use, hard to read, for most of Scripture's existence. Religion is completely and utterly irrelevant, even as sin became irrelevant, when it was nailed to the Cross! ('Theme of Romans 6,8, Col1, 2Cor5, all of Ephesians; Heb1-2,4,9,10,12!) For the upshot of the Bible is this: Christ's Victory at the Cross was total and permanent and all sufficient, just as promised in the OT Lamb sacrifice depictions (see Heb10). That's why He shouted "Tetelestai" (lamely translated "It is finished")! So all that remains, is for you to decide how much about that Victory you want to learn while down here, and thus participate in, forever. Your Royal choice.

* Footnote re 1Jn1:9 usage: Just like in the OT (Ps32:5, 66:18), 1Jn1:9 says if you name your sins to God, you are in fellowship/online and thus empowered by the Holy Spirit; else, your spiritual life is comatose. Verses 6-10 help you 'see' this fact, and many other verses in Bible confirm it. You lost your brains that first nanosecond you 'did' John 3:16, so absent the Holy Spirit's brains, you are one dead puppy, even while you live.

Forgotten sins get treated as if you named them, if you have named something you remember. So don't deny, but don't dwell on remembering, since morose self-focus is itself sin. Often I just use 1Jn1:9, sure that there was "arrogance" of some kind. I use 1Jn1:9 probably a bizillion times a day, like breathing. Even if it's a temptation: because with thought sins -- and all sins are thought, body has no soul of its own -- you don't always know when "temptation" became "sin". 1Jn1:9 works: try it regularly, and see for yourself.

Important: "NAME", not "confess" is the real Greek meaning of the 5th-century BC legal term, "homologew" in v.9. It's only a "confession" in the sense of ADMISSION OF GUILT before the court [of Heaven, here]: look up the verb in the LXX, too. The term has NO connotation about how you feel, penance or any of the nonsense which accompanies the modern-day layman's MISuse of the term "confess". Do your homework. Don't let the religious crowd fool you into thinking that somehow you have to name your sins to another person (You are a Royal Priest yourself). What, do you think the Lord will be pleased if you die ignorant of Father's appointment of you as a Royal Priest under His Son? [1Pet2:5,9; Hebrews 5-10, central theme; Rev1:6, 5:10; also, specialized terms like "near" (means slave-dedicated-for-life-to-Temple-service, in Greek), are in other verses.]

Feeling is a body thing; emotion is not spiritual, and isn't even IN the immaterial soul. So any 'feeling spiritual' you get, is a feeling of arrogance, and you need 1Jn1:9 all over again; so fire Bible at the temptation to need to 'feel' something, á la Matt4:4, which is the true spiritual life. The same arrogance about feeling caused the Lordship-salvation people and the head-versus-heart-belief people to mistake even the way to get saved, so who knows if any of them ever really believed in Christ? See "False Gospels?" link on the Home Page, upper left blue box near pagetop (or blue box of same name in "Basics" box). Principle: Justice is based on facts, not feelings, not experience, not whether some believer does some sin which shocks 'us' who have almost no facts, but love judging others. So we get judged back, Matt7:1-2. Anyone Who Believes Is Immediately And Permanently Saved (Greek of Acts 16:31, John3:16-end chapter, Eph2:8-9). Anyone who uses 1JN1:9 is not only forgiven of judging (etc.), but "purified from ALL wrongdoing." Never underestimate the Power Of Christ On The Cross! (Corr. trans from the Greek -- Apostle John is using an OT term, katharizw. It's the same word used in the LXX (Greek OT) for purifying the Temple, which is now 'moved', post-Cross, to your body, per 1Cor6&12, Eph2-4, and Hebrews chaps6,10,12.) It's what you think, not how you feel. [Only God made Christ Lord! See Heb1-2, Chaps6-10:5-17, Ps110:1. "Heart" in Bible refers to the circulation of thinking: check how the word is used throughout Bible. Prov23:7 doesn't have the word "heart" in it, but instead "soul". Still, the idiomatic meaning is aptly translated "heart". Heb word is "Leb", and Greek is "kardia", and the metaphor is used to denote the soul, alright -- but isn't in that verse. Blood is always the metaphor of thinking, in both OT and New.]