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2nd Spir. Life
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1st Reason,
Priestly Bride of Christ
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Royal Life Far Harder
3rd Reason,
Qorban Thinking
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You, in Me! Baptizw
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Royal Defeat
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Reasons' Sum: His Escutcheon!Your Soul
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Life of Honor
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#2, His Word
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#3, Royalty Makes
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Conclusions' Sum: Your Potential Escutcheon

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Part III, The Lord vs. Satan: SupCtHeaven;

aka, the Trial of Human History.. aka, Did God err?

God's Script: NOW
Father Answers Son's John 17 Prayer, and Builds a Bride

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The Bride Cometh; and with Her, "Wifely" Blessing by Association

We saw in Part II that at His Session, His "kata Melchizedek" Office yet had no kingdom to go with it. Yet He's to be the King-Priest over king-priests to Father?! The only Priesthood to last forever, and the only one to the Father! As Hebrews Chaps 7 and 10 so wryly explain, The Lord's Humanity wouldn't even BE a priest, under Israel. Think of how the Godhead would humorously respond:

    What, a King of the Jews and a King-Priest, yet no kingdom? No Priesthood for the King of Priests? Ahhh, yes. That's right, now We Remember. Yes, Israel had turned Him down: the first-intended priestly, 'holy nation' for His Deity, had said 'No!', just as Satan pointed out. Hmmm. So, what kind of kingdom should He receive, to commemorate this Victory over Satan forever? A Bride. After all, Israel rejected Her Husband. [Look up OT "Husband" verses, and especially Ez16, Jer2,3,5,11, Hosea.]

    And Yes! Rabbis must marry, to even BE rabbis! The Son, though, was not allowed to marry, since the Cross was His Task. And yes! Yes! He's the Seed, the Fulfiller of ALL covenants! 'Sown in dishonor', Raised with Maximum Honor! Oh -- and shouldn't He have progeny? After all, Israel's covenants include a thousand years of perfect peace on Earth -- how to achieve that peace, without friendly nations living alongside Israel, hmmm? So, We hereby Award Him -- in answer to His John 17 Prayer and His Matt16:18 Executive Decision to have a Church crafted upon Himself as Petra; in answer to His Acceptance of the Isa53:10-11 contract in John 17 -- a Bride. This Bride shall be His Battlefield Royal Family, Co-Rulers, His 'progeny'. Beginning Now, at His Session. [See Ephesians 1&3, Galatians 3&5, Hebrews (whole book), Colossians 1, 1Pet1, 1Jn3, John 14-17, Romans 9-11, Rev1-3,19-22.]

    And Yes! This Priesthood is forever FIRST, to Father! Filling all in all, Firstborn of Creation, Church of the Firstborn! So this Bride will be His Body, Heading Everything! Under Him Who is Everything! FOR FATHER! And all the sons of the Firstborn receive His Spiritual Life, "every spiritual blessing", so that they may elect to be in Him in their Souls as much as or as little as, they choose: which election shall determine how close they will be to Him within His Royal Kingly-Priestood -- forever, per the "great ones" apportionment clause of Isa53:12.

Hebrews 1 and 2 state that due to His Strategic Victory over Satan, Son's Humanity receives a second kingdom from Father: Church. 1Jn4:17 in Greek sums up the reason: to "complete" His LOVE. God's Love is an Absolute. Meaning, this second Kingdom is supreme over all others, except that of the Godhead Themselves, Eph1:15-23. Paul stresses this fact by calling the Age of Church, "the Age Over all Ages", a Greek lexeme in Eph3:21. [Verse is poorly translated. It should read, "to Him, the Glory! by means of the Church, even by Agency of Christ Jesus: throughout all generations of this Age Over all Ages, Amen [=I believe it, a Hebraism]." Anarthrous construction in Greek requires in English, the insertion of articles or demonstratives to signify the same meaning. By the way, beginning in 1985, my pastor spent seven years exegeting Ephesians, and the foregoing is roughly his re-translation. The book shocked him; he consequently re-tooled all his prior 30+ years of teaching due to it; he did this almost daily, to his own congregation. I have and heard all seven years; but also I understand now from Scripture, as well. Shocks me, too: daily.]

    So, He is King-Priest, and we are His Kingdom of Priests, and our Kingdom is Head of all the others -- forever. (1Pet2:5,9; Acts 1:5,8; Rev1:6,5:10.) Whoa: so the last -- are first. That statement sure needs a lot of explanation, huh. So we get it: the entire NT. Ergo Hebrews, Ephesians, Corinthians, Colossians and Galatians are singularly devoted to explaining in deft detail, that Royal Legacy of, as 1Jn4:17 puts it, His Love's "completion in association with us", which incorporates by reference the earlier Book of Hebrews' 11:40: "for apart from us [being completed], they will not be completed." [Heb11:40 is quoted in corrected translation: in Greek you don't repeat the same phrase twice, but put it at the end, to show it applies twice. So "completed" is put at the end, to show the subjunctive aorist CONTINGENCY of Israel and OT people inheriting, contingent on us being finished, FIRST. This is the root reason why Rapture kicks off the official Tribulation. Part IV will as a threaded theme, explain that reason much further, since no one in Christianity seems to talk about the true reasons. All translations you can find of Heb11:40 are similar, but largely fuzzed over; New Living Translation, surprisingly, caught the flavor the author of Hebrews intended in the Greek -- anticipating Heb12:1-2, which uses marathon racing terms. Latin Vulgate is good. The French, Spanish, Italian seem to 'miss the boat' in translation. I can't tell if any among German translations are good. Next, 1Jn4:17's phrase "in association with us" is Greek prep "meta", and should have been translated that way in English. It's a climactic statement which began building back at the beginning of Chapter 4. Moreover, English of 1Jn4:17's "has been perfected" there is misleading, unless you know it's a legal term. Greek verb is clearer: means "has been completed". Verb is "teleiow": it means to "perfect" in the sense of completion of a contract, in English. The contract is John 17, which is based on the previous eternity-past contract of Isa53:10-11. See DDNA.htm or Isa53.htm's last full screen, since you can't get a translation of ALL the original-language text in Isa53:10-11, from any published Bible translation. This Love Completion is about the contract, the expressions, with respect to finity: but these are all intra-Trinity expressions. DueDisclosure.htm explains why. As with everything concerning God, there are no soundbyte answers, and the surface impressions one gets are all shocking and even offensive.]

    There are basically two kinds of arrogance: 1) inferiority arrogance, and 2) superiority arrogance. Woe to the one made superior, who doesn't fulfill his God-given role in a superior manner. Woe to the one made inferior, who doesn't fulfill his God-given role in an inferior manner. For God is superior to all, yet sacrificed His Own Son, having made Him inferior to all, Isa52:13-54:1, Phili2:5-10, Hebrews 1-2. So if Church is made superior to all In Him, whoa: we'd better not be peasants. The one God-given a peasant role has a right and even a duty, including all the privileges and pleasures, of being a peasant. But the one NOT given by God to be a peasant, but rather Royal, had better doggone well live up to those rights, duties, privileges and pleasures. So a peasant gets the privilege and pleasure, of ignorance and a life of his own. But the Royal, whoa: the Royal must banish ignorance, and is never his own person.

    So none of us who lived and ever once believed in Christ since that first Pentecost of June 30AD, through the day the Rapture occurs -- none of us so living and having believed, are ever entitled to be peasants. Whoa. What a scary inheritance, to miss.

The Cross was about a lot more than salvation: salvation is but a floor, a "foundation" (1Cor3:11). The Grand Strategic Purpose of the Cross was to unite "all things" IN Him, main theme of the Book of Hebrews and Ephesians, visible even in translation, in their respective Chapters 1 and 2. Remember the humorous end of Part II? "Shall God not also want Full Blessing for Himself? Who else will freely choose to be grown up in Love?" Well, that's the theme of Ephesians, for Paul engagingly parallels a famous Greek play, to show God's Vast Blessing Humor. The play is "Ion", by Euripides, about how the Greek Sea Peoples were created by a liason between Phoebus Apollo (ancient name for Satan, by the way) -- and Creusa, a human. So Paul uses that famous play to show the Real Begetting Plan of God!

That's the issue: SONS! For Father For Father For FATHER! Starting with, THE Son! "YH", Who became "WH": Son of Man, Son of Israel, Last Adam, First and Last, Faithful Witness, Alpha and Omega. And therefore Founder, Pioneer, Originator, Archegos, Head, High of new Order of Priests. King-Priests: Church. Thus, requiring a New Covenant. For, each Covenant must have its own Priesthood, Heb Chaps 7-10! A Kingdom of Priests, even. For the FATHER of that Son. Forever. So, at the Second Advent, He will also be "King Over Kings", us. (Note: "King of Kings" is a Greek lexeme, which is more properly translated, "King OVER Kings").

Not good, that God should keep Themselves to Themselves, heh. So, there's the "kingdom", as it were, of the Godhead: Father, Spirit, and Son. The Father is the Head of that "kingdom". To celebrate Their relationship, Their "kingdom", creation was made. That would entail a Cross, since God would never permit rational beings to be unfree, as we saw from Part I and II. Want proof? Read the Matt22 wedding parable for a neat summary on why God Chose to create a) angels ("bottom layer" meaning of parable), then b)Humanity, then c) Israel, then d) Church ("top layer" meaning of parable). Funny thing is, the identity of the Bride isn't mentioned there: gotta see the Book of Esther to know that.

Of this rational creation, the angels together comprise a kingdom, for His Deity. He made them for the Father, and the Father gifts them to the Son (cf Col1:16-18): so, He's "Lord of Lords", Head of the Angels. Humanity comprises a kingdom as a gift to His Deity, headed up by Israel: "Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad" (the "shema").

However, Israel is also a gift to the Son's Jewish Humanity, as "David's Greater Son": "The Lord said to my Lord, Sit down until I make your enemies a Footstool for your feet." (Ps 110:1.) "Footstool" is the Millennium. For, He's Seed, the fulfiller of all the OT covenants, and it's during Footstool He will fulfill them. For at last Israel, long the laughingstock and "footstool" of world conquest, will head them all. The ugly duckling will become the Eternal Swan. God Keeps His Promises.

So, as it says in Hebrews 1, now EVERYTHING comes through the Son. For this Son, this Perfect Payor of our Salvation, also defeated Satan, as we saw in Part II. That was way beyond what the Law required of a human being. The perfect execution of a uniquely-difficult spiritual life: one requiring maximum intimacy with God. Granted, that unprecedented intimacy -- which should have killed His Humanity long before He reached puberty -- that intimate spiritual life was needed to pay for sins, which is why it could not be granted until the Son took on Humanity, John 3:34, 7:39.

    See, to pay for sins, you have to know How To Think At God's Own Level. Which is why the life itself, is one of unprecedented Intimacy with God Himself. Remember, though He is also God, He didn't use His Deity to live the spiritual life, but was taught it by the Holy Spirit, wholly. It really should have killed Him or driven Him mad, long long long before the Cross. Man can't take contact with Deity and survive. Even contact with demons drives a human crazy; how much more, contact with Very God?

    Isaiah 52:13-54:1 graphically depicts, blow by blow, how He paid for our sins: with Divine Thinking the Holy Spirit deposited in His Human soul. That whole passage is so mistranslated, who can tell how He paid? So, see Isa53trans.htm, for a better translation than you can obtain in any published Bible I can find (online or off). Isaiah explains 21 times(!) that Divine Thinking paid for sins; THINKING in HIS SOUL, not His Body: after all, sin is thought, lacerating Him. So He pays with God's Thinking, since God is the one Wronged -- notice it's the same essential currency, THOUGHT. Only a dingbat would deem His Physical death -- body is mindless corpuscles -- as contributing a 'dime' to our salvation. If anything in the body could ever 'pay' for anything, then there would have been NO NEED for a Cross! Duh.

    So that means total Intimacy with Very God in His Human Soul, while at the same time not using His Own Deity to do any of that paying. For God should not pay for sins, but rather the one who did the wrong. So He was made sin, that we become the Righteousness of God in Him that first nanosecond we believe in Him, 2Cor5:21 (in context). [In Greek, different words are also used for death: apothneskw, which has to do with the soul's function of separation from the body, cognate noun being thanatos. By contrast, a mere body death is nekrow, and nekros, from which we get the English term "nekrotic death". Body death. So it's real clear in the original-language texts of Bible, that He suffered Substitutionary Spiritual Death and hence Soul Payment for sins, not a physical death. Unfortunately English Bibles translate both Greek terms and their cognates with the fuzzy word "death", so Christians have long -- and without excuse -- deemed His Physical Death as the payment for sins. No: His Physical Death is part of His Victory, Ps31:5 being His Dying words to attest to that fact (Luke 23:46), which Paul plays on in the last half of 1Cor15. See godnotmag.htm's four "Trichotomy" tables, and Grail.htm's first section for details.]

    This Requirement of learning total intimacy with Deity yet not using His Own Deity or Humanity to 'help', even -- should have driven Him utterly mad. After all, notice how wacko everyone gets when they have some contact with God. More about this will be said in the "Third Reason for Invisibility" link section, but for now, reflect: do you think Adam would have been tempted, if he wasn't wigged out by those daily visits from the Lord in the Garden? It wasn't a picnic to live in the Garden. Surely the woman was wigged out enough she even was willing to talk to Satan, who she knew was controlling the pet's vocal chords. You don't talk to the opposition unless you are very upset, right? Every believer from Adam forward wigs out when he gets some kind of contact from God directly. Psychological behaviors vary: Cain gets psychotic, Abram falls asleep, Moses makes excuses, Gideon keeps putting out fleece. When the psyche can't take the shock of a thing, it engages in defense-mechanisms of varying kinds. And Bible shows all of these. Deity is Shocking. Hence we deny the Truth about God. Anything to gain a bit of precious distance from Him. So for Christ to go to maximum intimacy, whoa. Should have killed Him. Truly.

    Atop that unfathomable shock, everything was a sudden-death round: absent the Cross, He'd not fulfill the Jewish covenants. He'd not vest as King-Priest kata ("according to the order of") Melchizedek, if He didn't perfectly complete the Cross. It shouldn't have been possible to succeed. Truly. For the kind of life He had to learn, was entirely alone (He was too far advanced for anyone to be comfortable around Him); yet He was always on the operating table, as it were: doing nothing. For the more advanced you become, the less you do; the more powerful you are, the softer and more skilled and more strategic must be each move you make. For you have too much power, relative to the capacity of others to receive it.

    Above all, He should have never lived past childhood, since He is in Himself, two natures: God and human. How does a human child resist the temptation to use the Godness? Even harder, as He grows? Every day He lived, 24/7, He must resist the temptation to use His Deity. And to make it more difficult -- a fact my pastor often stresses -- He had to use His Deity to keep holding the universe together (Heb 1:3, "by the Word of His Power"). But not, for His Own Spiritual Growth? But not, to do stuff for Father? No. It's easier to not use something you have if you never use it; very much harder, if you must constantly use it for only some purposes, but never for others. So His whole life down here was light-years beyond what the Mosaic Law could even address. So the Word He lived on from the Holy Spirit, crafted out from the Old Testament, was a spiritual lifestyle light-years bigger than anything which had ever been granted to anyone. And we inherit that lifestyle. We, the Church.

As a result, we are in Hupostasis with THE Hupostasis, the Christ ("hupostasis" is a Bible keyword designating His God-man nature). So, like Him, we are given power vastly beyond what we understand. By the time you finish reading this Part III, you will hopefully come to realize that your every thought is given the same importance as His Own. Why? Because Every Thought Can Be Made INTO His Own. By, the SAME SPIRIT. Hence, with the same responsibility, and the same effects. Granted, we don't pay for sin -- but the world is held together only because we are here. And the future after us, only happens due TO us, as Heb11:39-40 climactically states. For the Covenant vested in Him, and we are His Body. It's an awesome inheritance, to have believed in Christ.

    Everything goes through the Son, so Now He is the Everything, NT Greek moniker "ta panta", usu. translated "the all things": Everything is IN Him, beginning Now, at the Session, Eph1 (esp. 1:15-23). Everything means everything: nothing happens 'outside' Him, for He is the King-Priest to FATHER, before Whose Eyes Now Everything Must Reflect His Son, just as promised back in Isa52:13, 53:12, 54:1. Everything was separated due to spiritual death, last half of Romans 5, and all of Hebrews. But He paid the "opportunity cost" of all creation on the Cross, as we saw in Part II's "opportunity cost" table. So much of the NT is devoted to explaining what happens Now that cost has been replaced -- by Him. The cost was, sin. The cost is now, Him. Vastly higher cost, so vastly higher responsibility and privilege, obtains for us Church.

    As a consequence, our spiritual lives are harder and higher than all other covenanted groups. Romans 8 explains the battle between flesh and Spirit giving rise to a pregnancy which births eternity in Him, ending with the triumphant "nothing shall separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus!" Book of Hebrews explains how this Builder of the House (Heb3) is now the Living Temple (threaded theme) and He Himself is the Holy of Holies (last half Chap 6, all of Chap 9). Revelation, of course, shows how it all turns out, beginning with Him taking the Title Deed of Earth and slowly opening it, Rev4: culminating in Operation Footstool, 2nd Advent Millennial Reign. And then, Reigning for all Eternity.

    Because, for Father to see what Pleases Him, Son must be the Everything -- and we are His Body. So whatever facts, people, events -- they Now must and do, reflect only Him. For with everything being In Him, everything is sanctified, theme of Heb10. Everything past, everything future, hence what we see of ourselves and the world down here is not what life means, Rom8:18-39. Shout for joy, you barren one, Isa54:1! Everything Now Descends from Him Who Had No Descendants (Isa53:8)!

    So He is King-Priest kata Melchizedek, to Father. And all the universes, past present future -- are in Him. Nothing existed apart from Him as God; and now nothing existed or exists or will exist apart from Him in His Humanity, either: Heb1:2-4, Col 1:15-20, Eph1:15-23, Rom 11:36, 1Cor8:6, Greek. [Mistranslation here is really bad and insulting. For example, the word "world" in Heb1:2 is completely wrong: aiown in the plural really signifies the covenantal Ages of All Time; meaning all TIME is constructed for and to and in and by Him. Greek preposition dia is causative, conduit, parental. The construction is anarthrous. Verses 3 and 4 are worse in translation (i.e., 1:3 uses the moniker Hupostasis to signify God-Man, but is not transliterated), and would require too much explanation right now.]

    So everything which exists at the time of, or comes into existence after, the Session, is a "how" and "where" Inside His Seated Status. How is a thing, person, event in Him. Where is a thing, person, event in Him. Him Seated. Him Victorious. For He beat Satan, and Now it's time for The Everything to get everything put under His Feet. Beginning, Now. So the replacing Truth, is Him. Look for the "in Him" value in everything, to find the True Value. For that's what Father sees, and must see, to even allow an existence. Everything serves a Priestly Purpose to Father, Now. Now, and forever.

    So like it or lump it -- everything you do, think, are, is IN Him. For Him. Through Him. By Him. Because of Him. All prepositions, Him. When you see your life and your world, to you it has certain meanings. But actually, your life is being orchestrated, yet never gerrymandered, so you are truly free. Both God's Meaning and your own, play in your life. You only see God's orchestrated meaning for your life as you spiritually mature. You can see He orchestrated the lives of Bible people. So what, are they the only ones? Nope. Every life, believer or no, was paid for BY Him, so every life, believer or no, has a to-Father meaning which plays. Even though, we are each free and therefore freely craft our own lives. THAT's the "hupostasis" of being of ourselves, yet in Him. We believers are in Him, saved. The unbeliever is in Him at the Cross, potentially saved. Either 'flavor' is a type of hupostasis, union, union-of-opposites, no longer separated, so God's Meaning for Everything is achieved.

    So look: greater comfort, security, absolution from your flaws and failures, you couldn't have! You are not your own, but His. As is, everyone and everything else. For everything is, Him REFLECTED. So everything and everyone is In Him. Forever. The old things, the old meanings, the stupid worldly ideas we have, all truly, passed away. So all these temporary worldly ideas are just tales told by a lot of idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying outhen. Nothing. They were all replaced -- by Him.

    It was ever thus, since Father would never have even Decreed Creation, had He not forever known that all would be in Him, from the get-go. What passes for our values in life are all but tools to paint the Grand Painting Father wants to see forever. We only see horizontal meanings in life. But the Truth is, everything rather is Vertical in Meaning. All prepositions, Him. The horizontals we see are actually expressions, reflections of Him. So what we think the horizontals mean, is entirely wrong. Ephesians 1 sets the record straight. The shemah in Deut 6:4 set the record straight. Sin is defined as rejecting Him, Gen3. So any horizontals are superfluous, if their meanings are assigned apart from Him, since nothing is nor ever shall be apart from Him, John 15. Worst sin you can commit is to put anything in the place of God in the First Commandment. And it's a sin, only because it never works. Whatever pleasure you think it will bring, it won't. Whatever meaning you want it to have, it won't. You'll just be fantasizing the meaning. Because, it's only about Him. Period. Father wouldn't have it, any other way. So you are only breathing, because your life represents Him. Whether you ever believe in Him or not, whether you ever grow up into your post-salvation inheritance or not. And no one in Heaven, angels or people, cares a flip about anything or anyone else but Him. Like it or lump it.

    As you cruise through Bible, you'll see how the horizontal meaning of an event, had quite a different Vertical Meaning; and it's Only the Vertical Meaning, which lasts forever. Joseph explained that to his brothers when he said (Gen 50:20), you meant it for evil, but God meant it for Good. This duality is all over Bible. Quintessentially, it's expressed in Isa53, beginning at 52:13 to show how Christ's Exaltation is realized by Him being tortured so badly, He doesn't even look human, 52:14. So the horizontal is the torture, but the Vertical, is Promotion above everything else. So too, in your own life. What you think a thing means is due to your horizontal view of it. But the Vertical Meaning for you, is instead the truth -- and that meaning will blow you away, once you learn it. Again, only as you mature spiritually will you ever come to understand this Vertical Meaning, for spirituality is not detectable by soul or body. Live in God's System, keep on doing it; gradually, you will learn God's Vertical Meaning for your life -- because, you are commanded to learn His Will in order to LIVE ON that Meaning. [The term "God's System" is a Greek Bible word, "henotes"; it means the Divine Order of Things, God's System for maturing you in His Thinking. Term is used in Eph4:5, for example. Sadly, God's Head is almost always cut off in translation, so the translation "unity" makes it look like men living harmoniously with each other. No, the idea is to be in harmony with GOD, and if you purview Greek literature, that's how Greek henotes is used; idea that once you are in harmony with God, you are in harmony with everything else. So that's why Paul picked "henotes" in Eph4:5. See the Exegetical Synopsis link in RightPT.htm for the longer Biblical definition of "henotes".]

      After typing that paragraph, I lost concentration so went to clean my balcony which my apartment complex had newly painted, unbeknownst to me. The painters had broken some of the furniture, and left old scraps of old paint strewn all over, such that you had to pick up the individual pieces. I didn't notice all this until cleaning. So immediately -- after using 1Jn1:9, for I was ticked off -- the John 14:26 recall hit my mind: apply the VERTICAL meaning to this situation! It was a struggle, but as time passed it was easier to do. Now, that cleaning is a pleasant memory. Past. Forever past, and forever pleasant. So notice: even the mundane irritations of life, have Vertical Meaning. Which, once you know them, make you glad the spit hits the fan! How much more Glad, then, is Christ Who Paid for cleaning us, Heb12:2!

      So what was the Vertical Meaning? Col 1:24-27, for as you use Bible in any situation, God matures you faster, particularly under pressure! That's the theme of this webpage, what God does to you as a consequence of your being saved. Vertical, baby, is the way to live!

    Here's the flipside of this Hupostasis, everything-in-Him: man refuses the Vertical Meaning, in favor of the horizontal. Man insists that the horizontal meanings he sees, should instead be his gods to worship, to satisfy man's penchant for self-glorification. We Christians are no better. Look: WE deem the First Commandment met if we do things for mere people, for crying out loud. But "people" is nowhere in the First Commandment, which is that you Love GOD With All Your Heart and Soul and Mind. So none of 'you' is left over, for people. But oh, man wants his horizontal works to count, just like Cain did.

    So all human history is the battle between the Abels who vote Vertically, and the Cains who vote horizontally; between those wanting God, and those hating Him. It was ever thus, back before Adam was even made, for 1/3rd of the angels became cains, starting with Haylel Ben Shachar (now called "Satan", a title). Eyes on one's own abilities given by God, replacing God Himself in one's own estimation. It's a subtle thing, or a gross thing, but it's always the battle of choice.

    Here's God's Choice: the Godhead throw Themselves down before Truth and before Each Other due to Love (Ps138:2b, 89:14-15, their Self-Chosen Titles demonstrating Their Mutual Love for Each Other). DueDisclosure.htm ("Kingship" link at pagetop) has more info on Their Voluntary Submission, in its "Hupostasis in Trinity" link.

    So what else would be happiness, if this is God's Own Happiness, His Sovereignly-Chosen Vertical Meaning of throwing Self Down Before Truth? That's the same option every souled creature gets, yet another Vertical Meaning for this Hupostasis in Him. Sure, we humans choose to make self god, just like Satan did. But that choice can be reversed, and now the reversal has the most importance and value in all history. Because, all really is in Him, Now playing to completion. Positionally it was ever thus, and will forever be. But Now, the Victory Strategically Won, we Church get to be the agent for the Tactical Victory which Lasts Forever. That's God's Vertical Meaning for each of us. So it's our choice as individuals, how much we want to go under the 'knife' of Heb4:12 and Vertically Share in His Plunder, as "great ones" of Isa53:12 (wa et atsumim yehalleq shalal clause, see Isa53trans.htm for the corrected translation).

So Now, is nothing is 'outside' Church, since He is Everything; since Church is His Bride, His Body, becoming pregnant to the 'delivery' which is the Rapture -- the Completion of God's Love Expression, Contract. [Part IV is on the precedence for and nature of, the Rapture. Very different from what mainstream Christianity imagines.] Note this Macro Corollary Result: the "new covenant" to Israel is thus expanded, given a sibling, to make it better. This "better" is the main theme in Book of Hebrews, which also demonstrates how Church rescues Israel and her promises, so she doesn't lose them due to rejecting Messiah. Everyone knew when Hebrews was written that Temple Destruction, the fulfillment of Dan9:26 in accordance with God's Accounting System for Time, was imminent. [Mirroring.htm and Part IVa have details.] After all, Israel has been the footstool of humanity for a very long time. After all, God had promised her repeatedly that after some "little while" of punishment, she would be restored. After all, she was so persecuted and pressured since alone among all the nations, HER God would be coming down, taking on Humanity, paying for sins -- and then rule the world forever. And now He had completed that task. Non-Jews didn't like that prophecy very much, and now sure didn't like hearing from these new Christians, that He'd risen and was ruling! So, they plundered her often in the past, and were getting ready to do it all over again. So, 'someday' she ought to have everyone else be a footstool for awhile. And she will: in the Millennium. The "new covenant" accomplishes that. God keeps His Promises even when we don't, 2Tim2:11-13.

    So, the expansion of Israel's profit to include a sibling kingdom, the Church, benefits Israel even as it benefits the Son's Humanity (cf. Hebrews 7-10, and 11:39-40). Our Now is the preparatory phase of "Footstool". So, when we come back to rule, we will be the "footstool nations", in that we guarantee Israel's supremacy. As Bride to Our Husband who Rules Israel, it's the wifely thing to do. All nations will be blessed thereby. Beginning Now. [Reminder: just as anyone post-Abraham became a "Jew" by faith in Him, viz the rule in Gen15:6, so also any Jew becomes part of the Bride of Christ in exactly the same way: Gal3, John 3:16, Acts 16:31, and NT "priest", "holy nation" verses. So, reminder: God keeps His Eternal Promises to all Jews who believe Now, just as He always has, and always will, to those Jews of other covenantal periods in history who believed/will believe. Beware: Anti-Semites would cut the Jew out of God's Blessing, and many among them are 'Christian'. So, á la the promise in Hosea 4, and Isa63, God will torturously cut out the anti-semite slowly. I've actually seen people suffer due to their anti-semitism. Better to have no eyes!]

    Since He had to intimately know Father and Spirit in order to be developed sufficiently to become the Living Payment for our sins, and because we are intimately related to Him (not distant) as Body and Bride -- the blessing by association to go through us is vast. So too, the cursing, when we ourselves are negative. The unbeliever is never to blame for Divinely-authorized bad stuff in the world. Man is born apart from God, so not under God's Jurisdiction, since Satan owns the world. So any bad stuff God Judges are due to the bad believers on it, Lev26. Same, for the good stuff. Only due to the good believers on it. You're a bad believer while you are absent from God's System (link at pagetop); you're a good believer, while you are in God's System. For everyone else is not under God's Authority, per the terms of the Trial. Even though, He owns everyone and everything, and everyone and everything is in Him. God respects Authority. (Part IV will cover this system of blessing in great detail. At present, the idea of you being the conduit for blessing or cursing, is being introduced. More about how that works will unfold as Part III progresses, especially in the "Summing up" link sections.)

    Accordingly, think of yourself as part of a distribution system of blessing, just because you breathe and learn Him. Isn't something you do (reverse of Churchinanity, Satan's claims). It's a juridical matter, for the world rejects Him, but you don't. So for the world to be blessed, every jot and tittle of your life, utterly matters. Hence the need to get under and stay under the 'knife' of Heb4:12, on God's Script in God's System. For you are being TRANSFORMED (more on this follows in the sections below). Being transformed signifies it's being done TO you, not something you do. Even the secular world has long depended on what got done TO royalty, and millions died for that privilege: until after WWI (other than Americans), soldiers in battle died "for the king" or "for the queen" throughout history! Preserving Royalty is long the world's fascination, treasure, and dying satisfaction. Ever much higher is this truth, since you are Royal in Him. Humbling, in fact. You breathe, and your home nation is blessed Divinely. You'll see more why and how, here in Parts III and IV.

    Preview of coming attractions: Christ's Payment on the Cross bought everything, so everything is in Him. That means anyone in Him who is saved, is used to DISTRIBUTE the plunder, main theme of Isa53. He got plundered by God, so now the Plunder is to be distributed -- all of the NT focuses on this purpose, especially Paul, constantly using keywords in the LXX of Isaiah 53, to reference it. So you are by mere breathing, a conduit for the betterment of the world -- or, for its cursing. If you can't wait to learn more about this, then click here to peruse the First Facet of Part IVb, then come back here. It's so important to see how VITAL is your learning and living Bible, aka God's Script, in God's System.

    A greater work is not possible, than The Transformation God makes of the believer -- you, me, any other believer. He's so pleased with the transformation He makes, He 'reimburses' the world for its time in putting up with us: only His idea of 'reimbursement', is -- well, Infinite. Just as, Abram only wanted one son, but God wanted to make ALL sons through The Son from Abram's loins, so too His idea Now, is much bigger than we'd ever imagine, Eph3:20-21. So for you, look: your family is impacted, your locale is impacted, your home nation is impacted, and hence the world. This impact is multifaceted and it goes on forever. As you mature spiritually you will actually see this impact, for God means to train you in understanding it. It's humbling to the extreme. Nothing bad gets wasted -- but instead, is 'repaid'. This is literally true, but until you've matured enough, you can't detect it, since you need the Holy Spirit's Brains, to properly analyze the data. It's real. The primary impetus for writing this Thinking series about the Trial was to learn that impact, a doctrine my pastor has taught for over 50 years. Yeah, it's really true, shockingly so. Hence in this series I attempt to describe it.

"Now" -- an NT keyword for Church's Age/Covenantal period -- is the time when we learn how to grow up into this our future King-Priestly, adjunctive role. It, like all things with God, is voluntary: maybe we want it, maybe we do not. Remember the Three Core Trial Issues from Part I? #1, God Provides Enough; #2, we choose or refuse God, based on what we know; #3, we choose or refuse God, based on what we don't know. So here in "Now", we choose based on both #2 Trial Issue, what we know about Him, and #3 Trial Issue, what we don't know. As always, these choices have their free consequences, Col3:25. The free consequence of choosing Him, is His Training us (His Power, never ours). The free consequence of choosing against Him, is Royal Punishment. After all, Royalty has responsibility. If it shirks the responsibility, it should be punished. 'Especially if it is in training to rule.

You are to be a King-Priest for FATHER.
That Is Your Destiny to accept or refuse.

The real person, is the soul: the fact you have thoughts is your evidence that you are a living soul. Not, the body: body is just a bucket of biology, mindless. So it matters not at all what race or gender you are, those are material dead attributes which function as a kind of 'house' you amble around in. Your soul lives forever. Question is, WHERE does it live? Believe in Christ, and you are instantly and forever saved-to-God, Acts 16:31, 4:12, John 3:16. Never believe in Christ, and you go to hell, where the burning on the outside, is nothing compared to the burning on the inside, souls loving their hatred of God. Don't believe it? Read Luke 16:19 and following, see how the guy in Hades loves to call himself a martyr so much, he USES his suffering to make Abraham and Lazarus suffer. So how much does he really feel the pain? Sure didn't stop his manipulating tactics! (That is not a parable. Real people are named.)

So believing in Christ is the better decision to make. Instantly, right now, you can just think "Father, I believe in Christ", and in that very moment you have eternal "salvation". So now you're forever saved. Okay, NOW what?

Well, here's a brief on the meaning of your being saved. "Salvation" means you are saved from hell, since it first means you are forever saved and separated ("sanctified") to God, Heb10:10-14. Moreover, as introduced prior to this table, everything is in Christ; He thus became "the Everything", as The King-Priest kata Melchizedek, to FATHER. Hence you are reborn in Him, that first nanosecond you 'obeyed' by believing, John 3:16. Hence you became a Royal Priestly spiritual being.

You can't feel or detect these facts, because nothing else about you changed the moment salvation began; your soul and body remain the same as before. The non-spiritual can never detect the spiritual per 1Cor2, whole chapter. Feeling is absolutely never spiritual, but a body thing: not even your immaterial soul, feels. So if you 'feel' spiritual, it's a big lie, because feeling is material, coming from the material body. You are now a "trichotomous" being, with three types of life: spiritual life, soul life, and body life. The latter lives on feeling, has no ability whatsoever to think or detect. Feeling is its 'truth'. The soul has a limited ability to detect truth, but it cannot detect spiritual truth, nor anything spiritual. That requires a spiritual LIFE, which you get only as a consequence of being saved. For more on Trichotomy, click here and review the four "Trichotomy" tables in "God is Not a Magic Doll", godnotmag.htm. [Failure to understand Trichotomy explains why Christianity is so inane that it invents magic doll ideas of spirituality, worshipping them. Pagans worship those dolls too, so a carnal Christian -- one not using 1Jn1:9 -- follows the same silly ideas as the pagans do.]

However, since you are now a spiritual being, your new human spirit can 'talk' to your soul via the Holy Spirit, so you can learn to detect and enjoy, this new person you really are. Learning, however, depends on your continuing consent. But where you go after you die -- nothing you choose can change that, John 10:28. You can't cancel salvation, because your spiritual being can't be corrupted, one of the points made by John in 1Jn5:18: God is a Spiritual Being, see John 4:24. You now are, as well. Your human spirit, which is your 'born from above' (aka "born again") spiritual nature (John 3, Titus 3:5), does not have volition or consciousness, nor is it detectable or corruptible: for within it resides God's Infinite Righteousness (i.e., 2Cor5:21) and His Own Eternal Life (John 10:28, 3:16, 1Jn5:18, etc). Only your soul, which has volition, can sin.

    Because your soul can still sin, you have recourse to 1Jn1:9, which purifies you from the sin, since the sin was paid for on the Cross. Use it like breathing. For the quality of the life you have while you remain down here, and the quality of your life in heaven, are vitally impacted by how much you 'live on' 1Jn1:9 -- for that's the only way to learn Bible, to have the Holy Spirit's Brains. Absent 1Jn1:9 you are spiritually comatose, so you'll get a huge amount of Divine Discipline to remind you to use it; you can even be executed by God for not using it, 1Jn5:16 (see also Ananias' story, in Acts 5).

    This Part III is dedicated to explaining the ramifications of your new life and the life-or-death importance of living in God's System (link at pagetop) for which you need 1Jn1:9. I use it probably a bizillion times a day, whether I'm sure I sinned, or not. Very few Christians know what you're about to read. So the material is designed to be testable. But you can't properly test squat apart from 1Jn1:9. Make it a habit to remember to use it, else you'll have spiritual apnea, and waste your time.

Moreover, the kind of spiritual being you became that first nanosecond you 'obeyed' John 3:16, you also cannot change. So what then must change -- at your option -- is your soul. Souls think, and that's all souls do. (Repeat: feeling is a body thing giving 'feedback' to the soul, and is never spiritual.)

    So your soul's thinking needs to be "renovated" into God's Thinking, before you can detect God, your salvation, and enjoy this new life you have. That's why we have a Bible. ["Renovation" is a huge threaded NT theme, using many metaphors, playing off Isa55:8-9, John 14:2-Chap17; but the explicit "renovation" metaphor is hard to see in translation. Eph4:23, 12:1-3, Hebrews 3-4, Eph3:15-19, "stones" verses, might show the vocabulary in some translations. Greek is unambiguous. See also Romans 12:1-3. Romans 121-3.htm shows the corrected translation.]

    DNA is the "instruction set" for your biological life, and nothing operates absent your cells' DNA. Even more true, DDNA, God's Thoughts, are God's 'DNA'; since God is a Spiritual Being, He is Pure Thought. Hence our need for the Bible, which is the Thinking of Christ, Who is both God and Man (1Cor2:16, "Word of God" and many other verses not well translated in English). Because He is also Man, we can get God's Thoughts, for that's what He got as a MAN, while He was down here. He paid for sins with God's Thinking deposited in His Soul by the Holy Spirit, per Isa53:10-11; you'll see more about that fact, as you read down this webpage.

    So you can now get those Thoughts, which are now in Writing. For your 'soul DNA' is the product of your past decisions; only God's DNA can change your soul to fit Him. Again: that's why we have a Bible. As John notes in 1Jn5 and throughout that epistle, since you are a spiritual being born from God, that nature cannot be corrupted; but your soul is corrupted. But if you get God's 'DNA' to replace your own 'soul DNA', then your soul heals, and becomes like His. That is a continuing option you have, so long as you are down here. You will take God's DNA with you in your soul ("true riches" verses). Get enough of His DDNA down here, and you become a king in your soul, so you will also inherit a kingdom, for all eternity: people who didn't opt to get enough of His DDNA will be your subjects, Isa53:12, Rev1:6, 5:10; and you all will be freely, extremely happy. Forever.

Now, for some important details. That first nanosecond you believed in Christ, you became a Royal Priest by spiritual nature. You can't change it for all the tea in China; so your real job and real position forever, starting down here, no matter how much of a scalawag you are, is -- Royal Priest. Just as one could only become a priest in the Levitical priesthood by being born from Aaron's genes, so also it is for you: your spiritual birth from Christ makes you a Royal Priest by Spiritual Nature, His 'genes' which saved you, birthed you. Which spiritual birth occurred, that first second you believed Christ paid for your sins, John 3:16.

    So your real name is "[your-name-here], Priest-Royal."

    Priest-Royal, you. Means that once your body dies, you will crave this role. It will be a craving of your own free will, and you will have it forever. Nothing else will satisfy you. Question is, what you learn down here, determines how well you can satisfy that craving -- up there. You'll never be frustrated again, post-death. But the scope of your expression, will be shaped by what of Him you learn down here. That is your destiny, and your consent shapes it. So it's up to you: God has kitted you out, given you a Script, a System and a Teacher. And, this warning (or wonderful news) about what awaits you 'up there'. Not at all like Christians imagine, though the Bible is plain enough: Book of Hebrews shows it all. Christ died so He could create a new Priesthood, a Royal Priesthood for Father. Bible in Hebrews and elsewhere shows how we will be like Him, when we are dead: so what else do you think you will want? If this is what Christ wanted, that's how it will be for you also. As goes the Head, so goes the Body, as Paul frequently explains in all his epistles.

    The sad thing about religious vocabulary is that it is fuzzy and used to buttress ego. So when you see words like "Royal" and "Priest" you'll tend to roll your eyes or reach for a Kleenex. This is serious stuff: it's a diplomatic post, a governing thing, and you should be frightened of not learning it. DueDisclosure.htm, the "Kingship" link at pagetop, walks you through some of the harder-hitting aspects of life in a royal/diplomatic position. For you are really in it, now. Deeply. Permanently. So you can't get out, either. My pastor often quips that an evangelist ought to give a warning message with the Gospel: beware of believing in Christ; for once you do, you can't get out of it!

    So skip the warm fuzzies of religion. Think heaven's (not earth's) politics. Think heaven's (not earth's) power. Think most of all, of soldiering and honor. For you walked straight into the heavenly battles going on above us, whatever a scalawag you were, that first nanosecond you believed in Christ. It's an erudite battle, a battle of words, of innuendo and lawyering. So there's a lot to learn. Learn, not earn. Bible Greek word "diakonia", which is always mistranslated, means ENVOY. Representative of a King. Etymologically, it means a server of food. Words are food for the soul, hence "emissary" is also meant by the term. The classical Greeks made dual-entendre plays from it, since a low servant and a high emissary could be signified by the same word. That's you. That's me. That's a lot to learn.

For this is a uniquely-powerful Priesthood which does not play on the world's stage, yet all the world depends on it. Since the world rejects God, the only blessing the world ever gets is due to the Positive Royal Priests (believers) living on it. If those Priests are negative, the world gets disciplined (i.e., bad weather, war, etc). Pretty unfair both ways, right? Welcome to the reality of being Royal. It's always someone ELSE who gets hurt, since royalty must always be protected. Hearing this makes you wanna OBEY, right? Yeah, that's your Royal Priest Spiritual Nature showing its 'face' to you. See? You can't not want to be a Priest! [Believers have always been the only source of blessing to the world. See Gen5, Gen 6:7-9, Gen 11:26ff, Lev26, Deut28, 32:7-12; Dan9; then, read Revelation Chaps 6-19, to see how a no-priesthood world (during Trib) gets judged by God. That's one of many reasons why Church is not in the Trib: believers are a conduit of blessing. See also Book of Jeremiah.]

So next, understand this: Israel's spiritual life was a besideness, a "with" God. Even Moses, for example, could never be more than a "Friend of God" (Bible title for him). The Promise of Brideship for Israel was conditional upon enough believers growing UP in the OT style spirituality; idea was to in sufficient numbers, accept Christ as Messias during the First Advent. As we saw in Part II, they didn't do that. So, the Bride still didn't get 'formed'. That's where we come in: 'grafted', as Paul notes in Romans 11 (see also Heb4, same concept). Part IV focuses on our Trial Legacy from Israel. And as a result of it, we are IN Christ, not merely "with" Him. The constant "in Him" refrain in the NT stresses that intimacy. For, we are married to Him. That too, is a part of your spiritual nature Now: your desire is for your Husband, so to speak.

So for Better and for Worse, we hapless Christians are Bride, Body of Christ. Much closer than "Friend": not merely 'with' or 'among' or even 'nearby'. IN Him, in fact. ["With" is a Bible keyword designating the OT level of relationship with God; showing how the Holy Spirit worked WITH ritual, ADDED TO what human stuff was there; Shekinah Glory in Temple was WITH Israel. See also Acts 1, Ps23:1, look up translation of "Emmanuel", etc.] So our spiritual life, by contrast, is exclusively IN God. There is nothing 'beside' our spiritual life; because in John 17, Christ prayed for our Oneness with Him even as HE is ONE with Father. That's serious stuff. ["Oneness", of course, means total rapport, not some mystical or phallic thing. TOTAL INTIMACY. All the "in Him", "in God", "in Christ" and synonymal keyphrases depict this relationship; there are a bizillion ways Bible stresses it; it is the fulfillment of Jer31:31-34, which Heb8:8-12-10:15-17 explains.]

So unlike other covenantal groups, your life is totally dedicated to Him whether you like it or not, whether you even knew it or not; everything about you, no matter what your societal status, what do's you have in your day -- are all "Qorban", an OT term for an item, animal or person wholly owned by God and doing what He wants done. Welcome to the reality of being Royal Priest. Not what you thought, huh. Ooodles of responsibilities, and the privileges you have are quite shocking; so there is much to learn, and self-control will be your number one priority. For the ruler, must be the most ruled. More about Qorban will be said in the Third Reasons (for Invisibility and Royalty), later in this Part III. The point to "get", is this: you don't own yourself. God has a Plan for your life and you can reject it, electing your horizontal meanings instead, just as the world elects. But whatever you do will still end up serving HIM, as that's your Vertical Purpose. Forever.

So you can never lose your Priesthood, because it is part of your spiritual nature. For just as Adam was created a Husband, not merely a man, and Isha a Wife, not merely a woman; so also the Last Adam gets a Wife. So, "Your Desire shall be for Your Husband" (Gen3). So, from the second you were saved, your only happiness in life will be the same as Christ's, which is His present to you: "My food is to do the Will of Him Who sent Me."

    It is your job to think Word before Father 24/7, says Rom12:1 in the Greek (always reverse-translated). It is your job to know God's Will at all times, says the Greek of Rom12:2 (also reverse-translated -- Word proves you). Because, you represent Him. So to learn that Will, you have a Textbook and a Trainer to transmute your thinking, says Rom12:2-3 (last half v.3 is also reverse-translated, see Rom121-3.htm for the corrected trans of all three verses). Both the Book and the Trainer, are not human: the Book is the Bible, and the Trainer is the Holy Spirit. He will match you up with a human teacher He personally selects; through whom, He will feed you spiritually. RightPT.htm is on that topic; and GodSystem.htm, the most important among all my sites -- is on the training system in general. Doesn't matter what denomination you are, or how 'scriptural' you think you are; you must be doing those Five Elements in GodSystem.htm or you'll be spanked royally. Just try violating one of the Elements, see for yourself.

    So you have the Royal right of privacy; intercessory, conversation-with-God and other prayer privileges -- every one of them, nuclear weapons! You also have many other closeness-to-God privileges which this webpage covers. There are no no no go-betweens. Christ, not someone else, paid your sins. So there are no go-betweens. No animal sacrifices, no little penances, no others to whom you confess sin; no one is more holy than you (please take that fact quite seriously) -- nothing, between God and you. The Tabernacle Veil was split, from top to bottom: no more barriers, last half Heb6, end Rom8! For by One Offering, Himself, He has sanctified you for All Time: from the moment you first believed in Him, you elected to take that offering. It cannot ever be rescinded, because He sanctified you for All Time. (Heb10:12-14, Greek, plus Rom6.) Consider yourself trapped, for you were born Spiritually Royal.

Next, there is a potential inheritance you CAN lose, which is designed to also function within this Royal Priesthood: Kingship forever. Actually two kingships: one which only lasts during the Millennium, and a separate kingship which lasts throughout eternity. Bible keyphrase for this is "inherit the Kingdom", or sometimes simply, "inherit". It's a potential, because it's a LEVEL of Priesthood function which you must grow into down here, via God's Script. So, while down here, you are also a Crown Prince, in training to become a King: this role you can forfeit, but so long as you are down here, it is yours to learn.

    At any moment down here, you can accept learning it, or turn the learning down. If you turn it down, you will shrink; so, down here, you will be more miserable than Satan (he was to rule on a lesser level). For God's Script is always, to learn Love. That is how anyone becomes big enough to enjoy Him. Will you accept it, or turn it down? If you accept it, you will grow up in Christ (explained in the next section). If you turn it down, you will still be a priest forever, but your priestly office will function at some lower level (tailored to you personally). So, while you didn't have a choice to be made united in Him, you do have a constant choice about whether and how much you want the relationship to be a merely 'legal' marriage or a truly intimate union.

    What Part I called "God's Script" ("1 John Outlines God's Script" link section) is |God's System|; so learning and living Bible in God's System, is the way you accept learning your inheritance, moment by moment. Those Five Elements need to be the habit of your life, 24/7. When you sin, just use Element #2, 1Jn1:9, and you're back in the System again. Doesn't matter what else you do, as the System is all-comprehensive, can take anyone 'wherever' that person is, and grow him. So just keep on keeping on in God's System, and you'll become a King. This Part III and even more Part IV, will walk you through the vicissitudes and Bible verses which highlight that process. Most of Christianity doesn't even have a clue about this System, largely because Christians study Bible shallowly, and in translation. But again, live in God's System and God will prove it to you directly. He always vindicates His Word.

This dual King-Priest position is unique, even as Christ is (shemah, Yisroel!) Unique. All past and future priesthoods were and will be for the Deity of Christ; but TO FATHER is the Son's Humanity, King-Priest; we are His Body. So no one else is given to be King-Priests under The King-Priest for FATHER. Forever thus co-ruling the entire universe. (See Rev1:6, 1Pet2:5,9, Rev5:10, "Bride" and "Body" verses in NT, plus Heb5-10, 2, 4, 1Cor6, uses of katharizw in LXX compared to 1Jn.)

So obviously, your 'job' is not at ALL related to works, etc. because your 'job' was positionally inherited already, when Christ was ON the Cross (see Rom6). By what Christ did; which (Heb10:9's "second") you inherit. Inheritances can be conditional, or unconditional. Your priesthood is unconditional, in the sense that when you believed in Him you didn't know nor were you given a choice about whether you wanted to be a priest-by-nature. However, the kingship inheritance IS conditional upon how much you grow up in God's Script, for the most obvious reason in the world: kings must first be trained, to become competent rulers. Now in law from time immemorial, and so also in God's law, the recipient of an inheritance must always elect or elect against it. So, you have to learn your inheritance, just like anyone has to learn how to be rich. And you can only learn it by God's Script.

    So you learn wealth, by having wealth. Yours is a wealthy office, right now. If you mess up, others get hurt, because you are wealthy and they are not. If you do well, others are blessed. Because, again -- you are wealthy, and they are not. Royalty and wealth have always been about Honor. True Love is Honor, not attraction. Honor means placing others above the self, and the purpose of wealth and royalty is to use those assets Honorably. Especially, spiritual assets. Eph1 grants "every spiritual blessing", which is the highest class of blessings there is. All else rank below these "true riches" of His Thinking. So you are commanded to get that Thinking and learn to live on it, 2Pet3:18. Don't do that, and you perish: Hosea 4:6. Israel lost out because she refused her much-smaller portfolio of spiritual assets. You will lose more if you refuse yours -- but it's your option.

    True wealth makes you happy. By contrast, there's no form of wealth in this world which can make you happy. People think they will be happy if they look better, feel better, and above all, have more money. But if you actually get those things, you are quickly disappointed -- they bring with them only bigger problems. It's a real shock to have spent so much time and effort to get worldly goods, only to discover that they aren't at all what was advertised. By contrast, if you live for HONOR -- and living for Christ is the highest honor there is -- then anything you have or lack, eventually becomes a source of happiness to you, however problemmatic. Because you have the True Wealth -- seeing Him, living for Him -- so everything else synergistically amplifies that enjoyment. Granted, your enjoyment of wealth is a learned thing, so it takes some years to see Him from all that Bible study you'll be doing -- but it happens. Takes maybe two or three decades, sometimes a shorter period -- but it happens. So either stay in this for the long haul, or quit now. But be sure you've believed in Him for salvation before you quit, 'doing' John 3:16. That way you never go to hell.

So, then: You accept God's Script by persisting in 1Jn's Script (Part I). You elect-against-the-Will, you turn it down by refusing 1Jn's Script. Your choice: God's Script, or Satan's. For, if you refuse 1Jn's Script, you are opting for Satan's Script. 'Whether you know it, or not.

Most Christians turn this offer of Kingship down. They want a distant relationship to God, and just the goodies of status, of stuff they can preen over in front of other humans. Now you know why verses in the Gospels about mothers going against daughters, why you have to bear your own cross, why you must leave everyone else to follow Him, exist. It's an isolating thing, to be a king. So the training you will undergo to become a king, will be isolating -- even if you spend your life amidst people non-stop, your thinking will be progressively alien to theirs. And they will eventually notice that fact, no matter how you try to hide it (as you should, since kings don't throw their weight around). It was a lonely thing, to be the Messiah. So his kings-in-training, will undergo the same experience of hostility, of ostracism, etc. Many verses about this in the NT, and the stories are all over the Bible. It was true in the OT that the prophets were scorned; even more true, for those in Church who would truly follow Him. The loud, gushy version of Christianity is all satanic tripe, and a lot of it isn't even believers, but Satan's fake Church of Rev17. So the believers largely reject Him, even as Israel largely rejected Him.

That is what you must choose, if you'll choose His Inheritance reserved for you: having Him grow you up on His Script in His System -- or you running after the world's satanic prescriptions, most of which are moral and godless (morality as the replacement for God, actually). No middle ground.

Which is why there must be kings. It only takes a nanosecond to believe in Christ and be saved forever. But then what? If the person has rejected learning Him, and thus rejected the Kingship offer, the person becomes but one of the "many" He inherits, per Isa53:12. Per that same verse in either the Hebrew or Greek (it's usually reverse-translated), Christ inherits Everything (not just a portion) and then HE apportions among the "great ones" -- i.e., the Kings of Church -- the "many", those who are saved. People booty, literally. For when you reject your Conqueror, that's what you are: "spoils". Now, even the lowest person in heaven is utterly happy. So being booty is a happy thing. But happier still, to be closer to the King of Kings -- which requires you yourself, BE a King. They elected distance. You don't have to. They will get the distance they elect. You don't have to. God's Will is that Everyone be a King, the "every spiritual blessing" clause in Eph1. But 99.9% of those "many", will elect against His Will. You don't have to. And if you elect His Will, then you will inherit your portion of "the many", as a king over them. For their benefit. A role which you will crave, for you have been trained down here to crave it. And they will love being under you, and you will love benefitting them. No middle ground.

Big choice for you to make, 24/7: what think ye of Christ?

Satan is dead certain we can't handle such a Royal-Priestly Training role. Satan banks on our not wanting to execute the spiritual life of the Son in our depraved bodies. Most of all, he's quite sure that the number of rulers needed won't happen -- for it takes a lifetime of arduous (and very enjoyable) growth in Bible Doctrine, which no one wants -- to reach Pleroma, "the fullness of Christ" (Eph3:19, 4:13), the spiritual maturation level one must reach in order to "vest" as a king-priest under The King-Priest, the Christ. Satan's thus thinking: I can still beat the Most High! Not washed up yet! So I'll implement my DIOS plan, make God foreign to them! Make Myself the foreign god over them! Deflect their attention away from this spiritual life -- and prove Him wrong! [The "DIOS" plan is explained under the "DIOS" link in the Appendix. More about it follows passim throughout Parts III and IV.]

Whoa. Must be pretty important, then, what we inherit in Christ.

Synopsis: What's Different about Our Spiritual Life, Now?

I. Church gets Unique Kingship from His Battlefield Royalty, Ps110

For us to get this Royally Invisible Spiritual Life, something had to first be killed. Hebrews and Galatians make it clear that the Mosaic Law no longer applies to us, because Christ fulfilled the Law, died perfect, and was thus Resurrected. [E.g., Matt5:17, Rom10:4 "for the PURPOSE of Justification" s/b trans. Foreign translations beat English Bibles here, and caught Paul's wordplay, since "end" in foreign languages has "purpose" and "fulfillment" connotations which today's English lacks; same is true for the foreign equivalents of "for". At least the ones I can read: French, Spanish, Latin, Italian, Portuguese and here I can even read the German, what a surprise. Translations don't convey the drama, though: Paul is shouting (no verbs in Greek means high Attic-quality drama). See also Gal3, Rom7-8, all of Hebrews, esp Chaps6-10, which explain He was depicted BY the Law.] Instead, we have the "law of Christ", the "law of liberty", the "law of grace": all of these terms are synonyms. As it says in Heb 10:9, "He took away [lit., killed, abrogated] the first [covenant], in order to establish the second [covenant, ours]." After all, the Law pointed to Him, and He fulfilled the law; so a New Law comes from Him -- not from the Mosaic law. This is the main theme of the Book of Hebrews, to explain that Change in Covenant. We also know that Israel has not been abandoned from Romans 9-11; so what applies in this period of time, applies to all people spiritually born in this period, irrespective of race, Gal 3. Jews who believe in Christ during this covenantal period are part of Church, even as anyone who believed in Him during the OT period would have been thus a Jew. So the covenants to Israel have been put on hold, to be fulfilled later. ["Later", per Luke 21:24, Heb 11:39-40, and Daniel's prophecy about the final of the 70 weeks, for example.]

So now the Second, replaces what was killed: His Spiritual Life which we inherit, was both INVISIBLE and ROYAL when He was here. For He was born a King, and due to the Cross, became the King of Kings. So it's a lifestyle of King-Priestly Thinking toward Father which we inherit, since His Thoughts paid FATHER for sins, Isa53:10-11 (inspired Writ, not translations). He was born King of the World, not just Israel. For the Messiah of the OT was to come and rule the world through Israel. More about that fact is covered in Part IVa, since all of Church's Precedence derives from the past. And the past always was a prophecy of a WORLD ruler (i.e., in Isa9:6, 11:4,10); not just the ruler of a dusty backwater country no one liked!

His Three Kingships are:

    1) of Israel, local, as son of David.
    2) of the World, non-local, as Messiah:
    with Israel as the head country, in a federation of kingdoms during the Millennium. So over other kings who are kings of those other nations. So
    3) Battlefield Royalty over the entire universe in the Eternal State:
    for having defeated Satan &Co. It's from this 3) that our kingships derive, and in fact we only become kings if we prove to be victorious witnesses in this Lord vs. Satan Trial.
Thus 2) and 3)'s "kings", become us. He has three kingships, and we potentially get the latter two of them, Rev1:6, 5:10, 1Cor4:8 (sarcastic), 1Pet2:5, 9 and a host of less-obvious-in-translation verses thoroughly explain these three kingships. We'll lump these as one kingship under the 3) rubric for purposes of Parts III and IV, since that's how the Bible lumps them (i.e., Book of Hebrews lumps the two as one under the kata-Melchizedek Battlefield award). [Greek word stephanos is a crown of achievement, and represents wealth awards; it's not related to ruling. Greek word diadema is for ruling. Unfortunately English Bibles translate both "crown" so you can't tell the very great difference between them in Bible.]

NOTE: as Part IVa will explain in excruciating detail, Israel's relationship to Messiah has not changed long-term: her unconditional covenants will still be realized, because God vested them all in that Son of David, fulfilling the promise in 2Sam7. So it is NOT true that Church took over from Israel, for the Kingships are SEPARATE so the covenants are separate, too.

  • Book of Hebrews stresses that point throughout. It's a running subtheme, which maybe you can see easily in translations of Heb7:15-28, 8:7, 9:15-17, 10:9.
  • Meanwhile, Israel the Nation's Covenant is "off" temporarily, due to her own willful abrogation of the only conditional covenant she had -- the acceptance of Messiah, which was evidenced by the Mosaic Law which she thus broke.
  • Purpose of the Law was to train for His Future arrival, see Gal3 and Hebrews 3. Paul also explains this in Rom9-11 and other passages. So, this abrogated status lasts until the Times of the Gentiles ends (term is in Luke 21:24).
  • Since "times" means two covenantal periods in Scripture, you are to understand that both the Church's time, and after it the official Tribulation, are subsumed under that moniker.
  • Tribulation has a dual function: a) to complete Israel's last 7 years per Daniel 9, and b) to complete the warring against her by the Gentile nations.
  • Daniel was told all this in Daniel 9 (i.e., in the legal preface on why the 490 years was granted); and Daniel 10-end of the book, outlined how the Gentile warring would go: for Dan9:26c was open-ended, lasting "until the very end". For only Messiah will restore Israel.
  • The Israel of today is truly God's, but the Nation is not. Different covenant applies to protect our beloved half-sister (for lack of a better term): Gen12 and 15, the people-protection covenants.
  • So kiss all that stupid British Israelitism and "Identity" bad scholarship good-bye. [The incredibly-inept use of Bible by the British Israelite and Identity people is briefly covered in SatStrat.htm's "Macro Tactics" link section, Second Major Macro Tactic of anti-semitism. The "Grail" people are among them, too, for that silly "Grail" idea is anti-semitism, writ large. Grail.htm covers that claim.]
  • So kiss all the errors in Covenantal Theology good-bye. CHURCH IS COMPLETELY NEW. Christ had to invent it to SAVE TIME, as shown in Part II's "Governance" link.
  • Three separate Kingships mean three separate precedences, but they are all housed in Christ. Again, Part IVa will walk you through all this. For now, just absorb the founding fact of it, pending elaboration in Part IVa.

As you'll see in Part IVa, which covers the macro-historical and precedence issues of the Trial and hence the Rapture's kicking off the Tribulation,
      • Christ INVENTED Church de novo
      • to PREVENT TIME ENDING With His Crucifixion, due to Israel's rejection of Him. Else there would have been a Mistrial Verdict. [You can click here to download Ten Ways This Timeline Differs, a Word doc: it seeks to summarize the issues of Time Ending and Mistrial, to save the reader time deciding if he wants to slog through the hundreds of pages which comprise Part IV. The Word doc is only 29 pages: the Mistrial issue is on page 25; the other pages are devoted to explaining God's Construct for Time, so you can see how Time would have otherwise ended with the Crucifixion, due to Israel's rejection.]
      • That meant He COMMITTED To Pay for Untold Extra Billions Of Sins -- ours -- in ADVANCE. So now the potential for Mistrial is whether all those paid-in-advance SOULS, come to exist as advertised. Else, it's like jerryrigging Evidence, and the Prosecution (God) would have to call a Mistrial -- and SATAN would win.
      • Church as a FUTURE entity was to be BUILT UPON CHRIST HIMSELF
      • at Father's discretion,
      • CONTINGENT upon Christ's Successful Completion of the Cross,
      • since that's how He would DEFEAT Satan in the Trial.
      • See Matt16:18, ratified in John 17:20-21, theme of Hebrews 2. See also Acts 1, Heb1 and Eph1 on the Father's-Discretion criterion. Note carefully that Church was purposed in eternity past but wasn't put into operation until the Session, Eph1:4 compared to verses 19-20.
So we know that our covenant is not the Mosaic Law, just as the Gal 3 and Book of Hebrews repeatedly state. (Hebrews, about once or twice per chapter, rhetorical devices vary.)
  • Any carryover provisions were affirmed by Christ directly in the Gospels, or are stated in the epistles, usually via incorporation by reference, quotation, or exposition (i.e., Rom13-14 are an expositary which demonstrates OT principles which carry forward, 1Jn uses Greek term "entole" as an incorporation-by-reference in 1Jn2, to show OT stuff like the 10 commandments carry forward).
  • Above all only CHRIST is in charge of administering any punishments or enforcements -- no 'theonomy', please: Acts 17:26.
  • We further know that the covenant applicable now is in preparation for Footstool, Ps110.
  • For during the Millennium, the Kings crafted down here, will then be ruling Gentile nations under Christ, per 2)'s Kingship provision, above.
  • There is no 1) or 2) or 3) Kingship operating on earth Now, because the world (not just Israel) rejects Christ.
  • Christ is Seated in Heaven, so all the rulership operates from Him (no political 'arm' of Him is allowed -- Rev17 harlot seeks to violate, usurp His Role throughout the Times of the Gentiles).
  • As shown in Part II's "Covenant Properties" and "Governance" sections, The CHARACTER of "Bride" isn't the same as was offered Israel, for
    • that offer was pre-Cross,
    • was NOT of an unknown number of future believers to be decided at Father's Discretion by 29AD when He made the commitment in Matt16:18.
    • Above all, since His Payment FOR future people had to be Higher,
    • He Had To Develop Further Himself, to pay for them.
    • So our Bridal Covenant is light-years higher than could have been offered to Israel, BECAUSE CHRIST IS BIGGER than He otherwise would have had to be, to pay.
    Again, Part IVa focuses on these PRECEDENTING issues, as they together constitute the LEGAL reason why Rapture precedes the Trib; as they constitute the Trial Context for our battles in our spiritual lives and the incredible historical impact we INVISIBLY have, Here and Now -- on earth.
  • We are to prepare for 2) and 3), and the preparation is to emulate His 3) from the time He was down here.

    That's the legal basis under which we are operating. "Kingship" link at pagetop (DueDisclosure.htm) is a longer monograph on the legal and hence diplomatic structure, derived from this precedence. Part IVa will cover that in more detail, in its "Bible remains a mystery to Church" link section. For we are on Trial, even as Christ was on Trial when He was down here, Heb11:1 (see Heb111.htm for corrected translation), 1Jn4:17.

    Much more about the macro-historical meaning of our being on Trial and the INVENTION of Church being de novo based on the 3) Kingship, is in Part IV (main theme of that Part). But here in Part III, the focus is on the parameters of the Royally Invisible Spiritual Life we individually inherit upon that first nanosecond of faith in Christ, John 3:16.

II. Church gets Uniquely Bridal, Spiritual THOUGHT Life of DDNA, God's Apodoses

Hence two main Characteristics now constitute the Spiritual Life of Church: INVISIBILITY, and BRIDE-ROYALTY. The level of visibility was high in the OT, because Christ was Coming, so would be Visible when He arrived. But since His Visible Self was rejected, He is now INvisible. So the INvisible aspect of the spritual life, which was always 99.9% of the life even when the OT rituals etc. were extant -- is now 100%. Secondly, He is King of Kings, and we are awarded to Him, so unlike the OT folks, we have Royal Standards to learn and live on, because everything upgraded to Royal level (viz., James calls what was Lev19:18 the "royal law" in Jas2:8). Royal wealth, too: all those "riches" verses in the NT are the Wealth of His Thinking, which is His Love. My pastor stressed these facts repeatedly, and they are pretty easy to find even in Bible translations.

God has always 'been about' Oneness, Marriage, theme of Eph1. God is Trinity, because Spirit and Son choose to subordinate to Father, rather than be independent. Even though, they are Equally God. That's a "marriage" commitment. So also, God the Husband to Creation, the Wife: so the Wife must be made equal to be Fit Bride, Gen15:6 and 2Cor5:21. So we the Bride of Christ due to 2Cor5:21, are a unique spiritual species MATCHED to Christ per 2Cor5:17's Greek: so we Church will be the Chief Representative of Creation for all eternity; that's why we are Married to the Husband Who is the Substance, the Hupostasis of All Creation, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are therefore in an exclusive hupostasis with Him; Him, not the world. The world refuses Him. So the Divine Call out to the highways and byways of the world has a limit, just as does any proclamation: you got the due-diligence disclosure, so if you refuse it, no more will be said to you. Sign of Jonah. Meanwhile, we internally develop toward Him, growing up in our Bridal role: invisibly, for the Wife is the property of Her Husband, and is not for anyone else.

    REPEATING: YOUR LIFE IS TOWARD GOD, NOT TOWARD PEOPLE. Christendom totally reverses that fact, and thus makes a sham of spirituality. Wife is exclusively for her HUSBAND, not for other persons. All relationships she has to anyone else, are THROUGH her Husband, not through herself. The Christian who mistakes spirituality for morality and works will end up being a FRIGID wife, and will never mature spiritually. That's why the Rapture hasn't yet occurred. Christians reject their Husband, in favor of other people. It's a type of fornication, replicating the original sin of Adam (choosing the woman over God).

This unmagical-yet-SUPERnatural Royal Spiritual Lifestyle System, is metaphorically depicted in DNA biology and in Greek debating rhetoric's "protasis" and "apodosis". These ideas were introduced in Part I. Same processes occur INSIDE you with any learning you do: how much more, the SUPERnatural learning System of God's.

  • Every cell in your body is "instructed" how to live by the DNA residing in the cell.
  • Your entire biological life is in that DNA. You live or die by it, you get sick or well by it, 100% of it invisibly runs your biological life.
  • And, the biological life of everything else in this world is determined in exactly the same way. BY INSTRUCTION.
  • Technically, the DNA makes a new cell by first REPLICATING itself.
  • It multiplies by means of DIVISION, an apt metaphor of the spiritual life, which requires you 'divorce' this world in favor of learning God.
  • So, in biological DNA, first a bunch of upcoming new DNA pieces are produced by the ribosomes inside a cell.
  • Then, when they are ready to be joined up (parallel: when all that disparate, discrete stuff you learn under your teacher is ready to be knitted together in you) -- then the DNA itself, splits.
  • The free-floating pieces then join in very precise manner to the split DNA,
  • and two DNA strands result from the one which had been split.
You can click here for the DDNA webseries or use its link at pagetop and bottom, to go through this metaphor in more detail. If you're not already familiar with DNA, start with its "Introduction to Love" link. If you just want to understand this split-to-replicate precision, click here for DDNA1.htm to read its "1st Aspect, Summary" link, which provides the biological details so you can better see the spiritual reality the biology reflects.

Notice the metaphorical parallel in the spiritual life: your 'soul DNA' is a set of instructions you've WILLED since birth. You tell your soul how to be, by taking what comes into your soul, and ruling on it. So the task is, to replace your own rulings with God's Rulings -- aka the Bible -- so you can become closer to Him, and hence become a King. For God is Ruler by nature, so you must become a ruler in order to be closer to Him. So it's just like DNA, except that it's Divine DNA, aka "DDNA" in my sites -- Christ's Thinking, replacing your 'soul DNA': line by line, precept by precept. When all those discrete learnings under your pastor have reached a critical mass (think of quantum mechanics), then your 'soul DNA' is ready to split and be spiritually re-engineered. It's a Cloning of Christ's Thinking. Each time, solely upon your discrete consent. Again, much more on this process is thoroughly explained in the DDNA webseries.

    Bible nomenclature for this DDNA metaphor doesn't use our modern "DNA" terminology, but references like concepts: crops (i.e., Luke 8), seeds, children from the Seed (Gal3, 1Jn, Philippians, James1). The whole repeated idea of His Thinking replicating in you (i.e., Phili2:5-10) is easily as advanced as our modern DNA concepts, particularly with respect to brain DNA -- which require their own salt generators, isn't that ironic, since "salt" is a metaphor of the Word in the Word? Paul seems to refer to what we know as DNA concepts directly in 1Cor12 (Body and Head), and all of Philippians is built around a megalunw theme, which is magnification-by-childbearing. So all that reproducing terminology plays on Isaiah 53, especially verses 2-4, 8, 10-12, 54:1.

The second metaphor is derived from rhetoric, and was introduced in Part I.
  • Everything that comes into your soul, no matter from what internal or external source, is an "if" requiring you RULE on its meaning.
  • Your ruling is a "then".
  • In rhetoric, the "if" is called a "protasis";
  • the "then" is called an "apodosis".
  • So God's Apodoses are what you need to replace your own.
  • That's what happened on the Cross: all sin is an apodosis, a conclusion based on some "if" temptation.
  • If we were tempted to be jealous, we ruled YES on the temptation, and sin was born from that, James 1:14-15.
  • So when that jealous sin came into Christ, it was an "if": but His "then" thought in reply, was God's Apodosis, rather than reacting to the jealousy.
  • So in this example -- which illustrates what happened to each sin on the Cross -- the jealousy "apodosis" instead converted into DDNA (mixing metaphors is excellent Greek rhetoric).
  • So all that 'soul DNA' of sin, got converted to DDNA on the Cross.
  • And all this, was by eternity-past contract, recorded in Isa53:10-11; its key five infinitives (in LXX, never translated) were first enacted in and on and for and now through, Christ -- to us.

NT explains this conversion extensively. The "First Reason for Invisibility" section which follows this Synopsis, will introduce you to those five infinitives: they together invisibly constitute what God does to you as you learn and live on Bible in God's System. [Every NT verse points back to that contract in some way. Again, the DDNA webseries seeks to show in modern lingo, how this process works, especially since no one translates the LXX of Isa53:10-11, except Brenton. You gotta amalgamate both texts and then translate them, to see the full meaning. I prefer the poetic translation's amalgamation in Isa53trans.htm, as it follows Isaiah's Hebrew meter scheme.]

    If you examine the 'flow' of NT Bible verses carefully, you'll realize this type of reasoning and thinking is going on in the mind of the writer. Always a premise, followed by a conclusion, with pilings of corollaries from it. You'll see the Lord do it in the Gospels, and you'll see each NT epistle after the Gospels and Acts, is similarly constructed. This is most easily seen in Romans and 1Jn, for both are quite methodical in crafting a premise then compiling conclusions, then taking from the conclusions new premises, etc. That's the 'flow' of thinking which is supposed to develop in each of us. It's natural for the brain to think that way, but it's completly SUPERnatural for you to conclude God's Apodoses. Need to be living in God's System, to train in that.

A whole SERIES of Thinking Skills come out from this process of DDNA building by the Holy Spirit, and the use of God's Apodoses on a repetitive basis, every day you live in God's System. It becomes a truly Royal Thought Life, and it's light-years smarter than the smartest person on this planet. Essentially, you learn to:
  • become constantly more aware of God, thinking toward Him -- and knowing His reply, John 14:26 style -- while simultaneously
  • monitoring your own thought for temptations like incoming enemy fire, parrying them with Bible principles or verses you know;
  • monitoring your own thought for sins, using 1Jn1:9 when you detect them;
  • analyzing BIBLICALLY every thought you have, idea which hits, prospective do -- even when watching television or brushing your teeth;
  • losing attractions to sins you once favored, and gaining attractions to new sins you would never have imagined;
  • hit by outside circumstances which are progressively more and more enticing or upsetting;
  • knowing ever more about the future God has in mind for you, but above all
  • seeing Christ.
Repeat: these thinking skills are often simultaneous, once you are mature. Even your secular IQ will markedly increase, never mind what science says -- you need a bigger capacity to think toward God, so you get it from Him. Idea is to widen the scope of thinking, since God is Omniscient and therefore the knowledge typology is an all-at-once, multisphere thinking style. It takes decades to get to a 24/7 fluency, but if you practice and seek these skills, they will develop much faster. How you do that, is of your own devising before the Lord. Since God runs the System, human smarts don't matter, here. A brain-damaged person can learn just as much as you can. No human ability 'helps' God, and no human handicap, handicaps God. In the spiritual life, we truly start out equal, and only end up unequal because we are unequally WILLING to learn Christ. [Spiritual insight is a matter of connecting the dots, but only God knows how they connect. Well -- He can connect the dots for a brain-damaged person just as He can do it in anyone allegedly 'smart'. So it doesn't matter how smart person A is, compared to person B. It matters instead, how WILLING.]

III. Church gets Unique Inheritance at the Rapture's Evaluation Seat, aka "Bema"

In the ancient Roman world, after a conflict ended the general or king would evaluate the performance of his troops and hand out punishments or awards. This was done from a raised platform somewhat like a proscenium stage, called a "Bema" (with an eta, not epsilon). So the Lord's Bema 1Cor3, occurs in Rev4:1, the Rapture. We will then each be be graded on how well we learned and lived this Royally Invisible Spiritual Life, parable of Matt25:13-29. [Matt25 is a series of nested parables depicting the eternal future. There are two sets of meaning layers; Paul, Peter and John often use these parallelisms (in translation, you best see Paul's in Galatians; John's, in 1Jn). First set of meanings: believers versus unbelievers. Second set: believers who grow up in Him, versus those who refuse. So the stingy servant in the first set of meanings, is contrasted with believers. But in the second set of meanings, he's the believer who doesn't invest what God gave him at salvation. Ancient rhetorical discourse was always dense and deft like this.]

    Book of Esther is a historical account, but also a prophetical one from which Israel was to draw her warning, given the fact that such warnings were heavily stressed by all the prophets. Due to Esther, the Jews were preserved from extermination while they were in exile. Then-King Ahasuerus -- aka Xerxes I who'd just lost to Themistocles at Salamis -- loved Esther so much, he overruled his councillor Haman (very dicey thing to do, in the ancient world). Now why did he even look for a wife, about two years prior to warring again with the Greeks? His prior wife, Vashti, refused his command to appear. Seems like after that, he immediately went off to Greece, to finally end it with about 250,000 troops. He ended up limping back home, with heavy casualties and the loss of most of his navy. And how did he find Esther, once returned? Oh, the meanwhile eunuchs combed his vast kingdom for the most beautiful and appropriate women. They had to spend a good year or two, becoming suitable for viewing. All the women selected by his eunuch entourage, he formally married: those women became his harem. To be in the harem was an honor, and a life of ease: so competition was fierce. For once the king selects you, if he thereafter rejects you, no one else can marry you. So the King takes on the obligation of supporting you the rest of your life, if he selects you at all. It was often a big, cushy deal, compared to the normal life back then.

    But only one woman would become the replacing Queen: Esther. The choice depended on how well the woman trained to be pleasing to the king, and then how well she succeeded at it. Of course, the biggest criterion of all was to Love the King. Obedience without love is not worth a farthing.

    See the parallel, now? Matt22:9 is due to Matt16:18. And that's where we are, historically. "Upon this PETRA" -- famous moniker for Christ throughout the OT, since it was the BedRock on which the Ark stood -- "I will build My Church." The woman was "built" from the rib of the man. We are to be "built" from His Structure of Thinking. That's why we get a Mentor, and a Book. Like Esther, we have a lot of training time before we marry the King officially. And those of us who don't do that training won't be ruling, but will be of the King's 'harem', so to speak. For you gotta become a king, to be close to the King. Rank has its responsibilities, because of its privileges, as my pastor never ceased to remind us. "To whom much is given, much is expected", said the Lord (Luke 12:48).

    So the Bema will reveal who among us are Esthers. Together as a Body we have an Esther function, but individually there must be a few who are crowned, to take care of the rest of us who DIDN'T care to learn Our Mutual Husband. Part IVb covers this issue from the macro standpoint. Here in Part III, the focus is on what IS the spiritual life we individually need to learn, in order to get crowned.

Thinking God's Thoughts means getting the Royal Training, not magic at all. Not thinking God's thoughts means refusing the Royal Training, not magic at all. Because, the First Characteristic of spiritual development is always, thinking. For it's your soul which is saved. And what a soul does, is think. There is no emotion in the soul. Emotion is a body thing. So it's the invisible thinking, never the visible body, which matters. Pretty awesome thing to learn, huh. Can't go by what people say or fit in with them, huh. You'll be graded on what you think and do with your own soul in your own Royally Invisible Spiritual Life!

    The size of your soul determines the scope of your free thought, just like the strength/flexibility of your muscles determines the scope of your range of movement. God wants you to be KING-SIZED, and He can do that to you by training you how to think as He does: via His Book. But He won't coerce. So, your ability to think is determined by your choosing to live on God's Script in God's System.

    We are thus in training to be kings, so there is no such thing as a 'mother church' or master denomination. Instead, we individually -- since we each are to be kings -- we individually learn how use the Book of His Thinking in God's System. We won't end up equal, though we started that way (Gal3:26), because we won't equally use God's Royal Provision. We will be negative to some parts, positive to others; we will accelerate growth in the parts we like and understand, and will not, in the parts we don't. But we will be graded on all parts, Col3:25, Phili3:18-19.

    The grading occurs constantly down here, since we are in 'spiritual school', as it were. If 1Jn5:16 happens, the person FLUNKED the spiritual life. Still, 'graduation' occurs at death, and unlike secular graduation, where you can sigh with relief and get a diploma, well -- we get graded on our performance. Most will flunk. Saved, but no rewards, because the Holy Spirit's Mentorship was refused, God's System was refused. So those who refused, will be the people booty divided among those who did not refuse. The Lord does all the dividing at the Bema, Isa53:12 (and many NT verses).

    Again, as in the Esther story which the Lord wryly and allusively uses in Matt22 -- the biggest "pass" criterion is that you Love the King. Obedience without love is sterile. Love without obedience is a lie. Trick is for BOTH to be running in tandem. Can't obey what you don't know, and can't love Someone you don't know. 99.9% of Christianity neither knows how to obey, nor knows God. Instead, magical idolizations about God are invented and worshipped: click here for God is Not a Magic Doll, godnotmag.htm. Gonna be a lot of crying at the Bema. Knowing all the Bible on the planet won't win you a crown. Being totally moral won't win you a crown. Being emotional won't win you a crown. Gotta be learning Bible to learn the KING for Himself. Only then will you come to know and thus love Him. And then, your obedience will have precious meaning to you, and to Him. And then, you will be crowned.

    So if we refuse to learn, what must happen? God has to change us into His DDNA apart from our volition, so we retain free will yet never sin again, post-death. That means He'll not change us except to a de minimis level, since our free will didn't choose to be much changed. So either we agree to learn down here, or we agree for Him to force whatever are the needed changes down here, such that we will freely never sin in eternity. You know what that means, right? Lots of spankings, Heb12:5ff. So that also means your scope of free thought will be limited to the scope of your thinking down here. So if your scope of thought down here is all works-based and people-based, you've programmed the parameters of what God can justifiably 'upgrade' to a very small level, compared to His Plan for you: which is exclusively CHRIST-based thinking ("in the Beloved" clause in 1Cor13:12 +Col 1:27 +2Cor3:18 +Eph1:6 +Eph3:15-19 +Eph4:13, see context). A peasant is free, and can have integrity; a king is free, and can have integrity; but the scope of a peasant's integrity is very much smaller than that of a king, because the ability to process thought in a peasant, is lower. If you don't learn to think like Christ, you opt for a peasant's level of thinking -- forever.

    Notice how it is possible to be a Royal Peasant forever. Look around you: people have different jobs, and the jobs are generally matched to their thinking skills. Your boss will likely promote you if he sees your thinking skills are too high for the job you have, because he needs those skills elsewhere; he can easily replace the lower skills. Because, people are lazy. You know how it was common to ridicule those learning, in high school: well, it's 99.9% 'common', to denigrate learning God, in this life's 'school'. Peasants always defame learning to justify their own disinterest. Hence the believer so doing, gets a peasant's job -- forever. No matter how highborn. For his disinterest constitutes a dishonorable abdication. So it is, in the Millennium and Eternal State.

    Your Royalty in the Priesthood 'harem' is a guarantee you will be cared for while down here and forever; down here, it's a guarantee you CAN get the requisite Royal Training -- if you want it. So long as you're still breathing, it's not to late to Vote Yes. But there's no guarantee, that you will rise in rank within the Royal Family, since that depends on whether you accept the Training, and how much: just as was true for the harem from which Esther came. Thus it is for even secular royalty: not all royals, rule. So how much more, among Christ's Own? Christ Himself comforted and warned the apostles about all this, in John 14:2ff. He's not talking about physical houses, but about royal rank, in the Greek. Sure, as a result of your rank, you will have finer (or baser) accoutrements to go with that rank, including a place to live. But "My Father's House" is in Greek, a royal house. So means a Royal Family, with its many rankings. Again, that's even true secularly: how much more, for Christ's Own?

    The reason to want to be high -- the only reason it's worthwhile -- is to be closer to Him and to honor Him more. For He chose to be the Highest. So we must also. This fake humility business about "oh, I don't want a reward from God" spits on the Cross. 1st Reason for Royalty in Part IIIb will cover that hatred-masked-as-humility-statement. For now, just think: HE CHOSE TO BE #1 so to Honor Father Who Is #1. So should we. Aim high, train hard. Leave the grousers to their grousing, they're still in JUNIOR high school. Flunking it.

    Since only the Holy Spirit can make you understand Bible, your own intelligence matters not at all. Funny, how an uneducated peasant in human terms, can learn so much about God simply because he's interested and WANTS to learn Bible. So he learns to read, so he can read Bible. So he learns 1Jn1:9, and reads it literally, thinking, "Oh, I should do that!" So, he does it. Then it dawns on him that he needs a teacher, so God leads him to one. So, he keeps on using 1Jn1:9, and learning from his teacher. Because he's interested in God AS God, he talks with God all the time, and it will naturally occur to him to keep using 1Jn1:9, so suddenly HIS prayers all count. So he grows. So he becomes more intelligent. So, he asks higher questions, gets higher answers, and before you know it, he's reached spiritual adulthood, even if he doesn't know he's living in God's System. If he keeps on growing -- which he will, so long as he keeps on wanting to know GOD better -- he'll mature (more on the stages of spiritual development follow in the next section). So here's this initially low-IQ person who just plain wants to know God. So, he will. And all those ecumenists who prided themselves on how smart and educated they were, won't. So, see: it is important to be a diligent scholar. But unless you want to know GOD, you'll go nowhere.

    Most Christians, educated or no, don't really want to know God, they want to feel good about themselves and get goodies. So "God" becomes a vehicle for that, in their minds. Whether they take the erudite route to assuage ego, or the hate-academics route to assuage ego, it doesn't matter. It's not God they want, but instead, to assuage ego and get their material wants, gratified. So they live loveless lives, eventually become quite prickly and self-righteous, whether they adopt the ascetic mode of falsely-relating to God, or the lascivious (i.e., emotional) mode. If you don't want to know God, then just forget about it. All the huff and puff on the planet gains you nothing, 1Cor13:1-3.

    When you don't want to learn God, if you persist in that attitude, your ability to process information will disintegrate. Your soul size will shrink as you age in this disintegration. At the end, your interests will be narrow, and self-focused. Everything will upset you. You will regard yourself as deserving more than you got from life, and you will be bitter. You will imagine that you hide all these attitudes from others, but the truth is, you're a walking advertisement of the misery which accompanies someone who doesn't want God. And others will indeed learn, not to make your mistake.

    When you do want to learn God, if you persist in that attitude, your ability to process vast amonts of information in every academic discipline will be light-years faster than a scholar's. Still, you respect the discipline of a scholar, and you become able at it -- solely because you want to know God better. So you're always using 1Jn1:9 and monitoring your thought for Biblicity, and as you increase in soul size, you can process ever-wider amounts of both spiritual and secular information -- which you then can quickly categorize and link to the relevant Bible passages. So at the end, your interests will be all-encompassing, and God-focused. Everything will interest you. You will regard yourself as deserving far less than what you got from life, and you will feel overpaid, graced out, wanting to somehow reciprocate. Others will indeed see those attitudes in you, and will want to emulate.

In sum, due to His Successful Completion of the Cross, He instituted a Royal New Covenant: it's under this Covenant that we derive our precedence, our rules of learning, our Royally Invisible Spiritual Life, in order to Train in our Future Brideship. [Repeating, this is the main theme of the Book of Hebrews; most folks miss this fact when they read it, in part because Bible is so economical in its use of language, and is rife with wordplay; you're expected to read with your brain on, 1Jn1:9 breathed as needed. For example, the Royal stress is deftly conveyed in Hebrews, by the term "Melchizedek", a King-Priest who lived at the time of Abram. If you don't understand that background, you won't understand the Book itself. Moreover, the term "New Covenant" is therefore used in tender wordplay. For the "new covenant" was to be the Bridal covenant the Jews would receive, had they accepted Messiah. That's the central theme in Moses, Jeremiah and the later (post-586BC) prophets. Messiah was to institute this New Covenant, and so the writer of Hebrews is assuring Jewish believers that in fact with Church, the New Covenant will be instituted: with us as the siblings, rescuing Israel. The fact that the letter is in Greek itself is important, as indeed all the NT is in Greek for that reason: for Vashti had refused, so Esther is Church, but the Husband will not abandon His First Love. And in the end (theme of Rom11), she will return to Him (like Gomer returned to Hosea).]

So if you were to chart the topmost features of Our Royally Invisible, Marital Covenant in Him, the chart might look like this. The verses in the table are merely flagship verses. Other verses tying to them are in the thousands, and are selectively referenced passim, in this Part III. Ask God to show you verses which you will recognize, for it's hard to guess what you'll find useful.

Divine-Quality ROYALTYDDNA manufacture by the Holy Spirit from Bible you learn and use, gradually TRANSFORMS your soul into Functioning Royalty, Isa53:10-12, Col 1:25-27, Rom12:1-3, Greek.Daily Learn and use Bible in God's System, Eph4:12-16 (esp. v.16), Greek. (Click here if you're not already familiar with the definition of "God's System".)
Divine-Quality Bridal Invisible INTIMACYDDNA manufacture by the Holy Spirit from Bible you learn and use, MATURES your soul so you can have a dynamic, intimate, 24/7 relationship with Christ Himself -- long before you die, Isa53:10-12, Eph3:15-19, 1Jn4:12-17, Phili1:21, 2Pet3:18.Daily Learn and live on Bible in God's System, with emphasis on practicing God's Apodoses in 'reply' to every thought or proposed action, á la Ps35:28, Matt4:4, 2Cor10:5, 1Jn3:10+3:18 (Greek), Rev22:11.
Divine-Quality CROWNING at BemaDDNA manufacture by the Holy Spirit from Bible you learn and use, MATURES your soul to become King-Sized: so you inherit a kingdom of believers who didn't mature like you did, Isa53:12, 2Tim4:7-8, Eph4:13.KEEP learning and living on Bible in God's System; KEEP 'replying' with God's Apodases, Phili 3:14, even under pressure -- just as was true for Christ.

    You will constantly fail and constantly succeed. Omniscience sees all-at-once, and all failure doesn't depress God. He converted all sins into DDNA at the Cross, so failure can exist side-by-side, as Truth would dictate. For failure is a truth, in that it is a fact of life. Any soldier of any war can tell you that fighting is 99% failure, 1% success. But it's the 1%, that makes good on the 99%. Much more true, in the spiritual life. So do what Paul does, Phili3:14. Keep on truckin'.

Satan is out to stop the Wedding, as we saw in Part I. The Royal Spiritual Life is wearing on the soul. The constant besidedness of failure tempts us to want some chippie substitute like ritual, emotionalism or works, to make us feel less like failures all the time. Satan knows this better than anyone, because he QUIT. So he wants us to quit, too. Don't you think angels had the same offer as we get, for their size and natures? Is God ever inconsistent? If He wants unity with us, He surely wanted unity with all the angels -- first. Part II was on that topic. So now it comes to Church, and the covenant is upgraded, the other groups having all refused too much. Those who accepted, got their own rewards, though the OT folk will get theirs at the 2nd Advent. We precede them, Heb11:40. Point is, we are the group Now. Satan's out to stop the Wedding, so He can prevent God's Promises to the OT people as well as to Church, from being fulfilled. For if Church doesn't complete, then God is a liar. Again, we saw those issues 'born' in Part II's "Covenant Properties", and how Christ INVENTED Church to prevent a Mistrial Verdict -- yet set up potential for a BIGGER Mistrial Verdict, and Satan agreed to that. So, this Part III shows what spiritual life we must mature in, to "win". Next, Part IV will focus on that macro fight in history, so you can see the larger picture of the HISTORY you are making, when you do what seems a little thing, "just live on Bible".

Ergo, Satan intends to prevent or disrupt this DDNA growth in God's Matt4:4 Apodoses, toward Oneness; principally, Satan inserts his own viral DNA and passes it off as godly, see godnotmag.htm. So it's no walk in the park, to learn and live on this Bridal covenant. It's a Battlefield Royalty we inherit, because you have to battle it out in your soul, day in and day out throughout your life. Your enemies are your own soul, everyone around you, and Satan&Co. False ideas of spirituality and God abound everywhere. It's even fashionable to say there is no God, so that must be battled, too. Your own life is filled with a million fragmenting details, making it difficult to think. Your own life is filled with sound in every direction, whether music or TV or people talking at you -- making it difficult to think. All these things will be used to obstruct spiritual growth, and the people thus used do not know they are being used. You are being used also. We're all in this battle together. So the rest of this Part III will cover the vicissitudes and parameters of this New Bridal Covenant we Church get, and Satan's many subtle attacks against it. Part IV will focus on the larger historical context of the Bridal Covenant and the Grand Strategy of both sides, plus the historical impact of it: for the Rapture is determined by when in aggregate, the Bride finally grows up. That, no one but God can know.

So let's now examine further, what this "Invisibility" means for each of us, our Invisible Spiritual Life. In Part IIIb, we'll turn our attention to what its "Royalty" means.


So Christ's Thinking was invisible to the world when He was down here. You only heard parts of what He thought, when He spoke. But God sees every thought. So, the First Characteristic of the Spiritual life is Invisible, because it is Thinking. That was always true, really. Now it is true solely, for Church. There are no rituals, anymore. Even the Eucharist, which seems like a ritual and is commanded, is a Thinking Thing: "do this -- in Remembrance of Me", 1Cor11:24-25. So Church spiritual life is solely a Thinking Thing, never magical nor rote. A Supernatural Thinking Thing: God's Thoughts, God's Script, in God's System, Matt4:4.

First Reason for Invisibility, His Invisible Spiritual Life during 1st Advent, is now to be replicated in us: Divine Thinking "in earthen vessels".

The first 30 years of the Lord's life are barely mentioned in Scripture. Obviously He spent that time learning Doctrine, for He used it constantly, as the Gospels depict: esp. Matt4, His debut. All His Thinking, was Bible Doctrine. It circulated constantly in His "heart" (a metaphor for the soul), even while He slept, lest, just as any other human, He lapse into sin during sleep. It was a constant source of joy to Him. When He paid for sins, the Payment -- His Thinking! -- was likewise invisible to man: the Cross was enshrouded in supernatural darkness on that fateful Wednesday, from 12pm - 3pm.

God's Apodoses

When you think, you mix information with your scale of values about that information, to derive decisions. Hence there is a lot of protasis-apodosis thinking: if-this, then-that.

Protasis: If "a".
Apodosis: therefore "b".

    Now "a" can be anything. It can be simple: "I go to the grocery store". It can be complex: "the universe is expanding and contracting at the same time, the speed of light is constant, and time-space is a unified continuum".

    So "b" can be anything. It can be simple: "I will buy milk." It can be complex: "the 'pants' unifying both quantum physics and the general theory of relativity, must be an imperfect vacuum, not mass."

If-then thinking is going on in your head, 24/7. So what apodosis you match to the protasis, governs your entire life. Much like DNA (same mechanics, really), which is an instruction set for your cells, your 'soul DNA' tells your soul, how to think. You program your own soul, 24/7, by means of the apodosis you choose each time. That choice stores in your brain, and then serves as an instruction the next time a similar protasis arises. This happens billions of times during your day. Every day. So just as Prov23:7 says, you are what you think.

Note well: you are RULING on the apodosis, not merely analyzing it. So if your apodoses are incorrect, your rule still 'sticks' since you are in charge of your own soul; you are thus influenced by those past rulings. If you got jealous, it becomes easier to give into jealousy the next time. If you resisted jealousy, it becomes easier to resist it the next time. So too, with God's apodoses for every "if"; especially, if you practice them over and over. More practice makes for more ease, more integrity makes for more enjoyment. For all God's Thoughts, are pure enjoyment to Him. Else, He'd have sinned and we'd all not exist -- or, we'd be automatons, like Satan&Co. prefer.

    Math tells you much about how truth is constructed. There are dynamic boundaries and relationships among variables. Change the variable, and even the formula changes, depending on the fundamental relationships between variables. For example, if you believe in Christ, your entire human nature is rendered irrelevant to the spiritual life, John 4:23-24, Matt15:11, Mark 7:20. All that matters, is that you have a soul. Therefore your relationship to your body, is entirely the opposite of your secular relationship to it. Secularly, we must do things. But spiritually, we must instead avoid doing things, and instead BECOME something we are not: thinking like Christ Himself, Phili2:5, Rom12:1-3, 2Pet3:18, Eph3:19, Heb12:2, 1Pet2:21, many other verses.

    So notice how the apodosis to "if spirituality" can be quite wrong, if you don't know or misread Bible: if spirituality, then works. If you rule that apodosis true, you'll go nowhere in the spiritual life, Heb9:14, 6:1, 1Cor3's wood, hay stubble, all "works" verses which don't have (nee: definite) articles or do have Divine Actor verbs in the original-language texts (hundreds of these, always mistranslated). So matching up the right apodosis with the right protasis requires that Word to be in you. And you'd better be able to know what that Word is (i.e., translations mess up what God really wrote). Else you'll just be exchanging one false apodosis, for another, and still not be 'spiritual' or 'scriptural'. Yet think that you are.

    Temptation is a false apodosis to some thought which hits your soul, no matter what source the hit or the temptation. Source can be generated by you; can be generated by your body's reaction; can be generated by someone else: including, by Satan&Co. They can send you thoughts, feelings, etc. God sends you thoughts also (but never feelings). This is how invisible communication, works. So you always have incoming information. Question is, to match it up with the correct apodosis. Else, you are programming falsehood into your soul. As James explains in James 1, sin is "born" when you choose the temptation's apodosis. That's why it 'implants' in you. James therefore concluded that you need the Implanted Word to re-engineer all that bad soul DNA, and give birth to Divine Thinking, instead (Jas1:14-21). This, is doing the Word (v.22-25).

    So the defense against the false apodoses of temptation, and the false apodoses of false spirituality (which is based on sin, usu. self-righteousness or emotion) -- is the Real Word God Wrote. You are what apodoses you CHOOSE.

So to say the Bible constantly circulated in Jesus the Christ, means He learned it. Then, used it. So He lived on God's DDNA Apodoses, Matt4:4. So, He learned Lev19:18, don't-take-revenge. So whenever He was tempted to want to take revenge, He'd recall that verse as a weapon against the temptation. So, He learned David's Psalms. So, He thought about those Psalms constantly, enjoying their meaning, finding stuff in His Life which depicted their meaning -- which would be everything in His Life. For everything reflects God, just as David so often says. That process of course, developed His Own ideas and values about God, life, things. So totally did His thinking thus develop, that He became "the Way, the Truth, and the Life." For Life, is a thinking -- thinking Truth, here. Hence the Way to Live is to learn Truth: God's. Then you think it, 24/7.

    That Word, was built in Him line on line, precept on precept, by the Holy Spirit, and you can see that thought process in writing, Now: the Bible. Every writer demonstrates it, so you too can get it, promise of John 14:26, which was a promise fulfilling Jer31:31-34, as Heb8:8-10:17 explains; and all that, was to fulfill the "strike" promise in Gen3:15. [Of the various meanings of the Hebrew verb shuph in OT, the idea of striking or repeated striking, and laying in wait in order to strike, seems to be the common root idea. Bruising or crushing would be a result. LXX uses different verbs to translate the Hebrew in Job 9:17 and Psalm 139:11, so the Hebrew must have a broader range of meaning than "bruise" in Gen3:15.]

    So now you know the answer to the popular question, "What Would Jesus Do?" It's "What Word Jesus Did", really. Which is, What Word Jesus Thought. James explains all this in James 1: you are a "doer" of the Word if you are a "thinker" of the Word. You learn it but don't forget it. All those "faith" words in James mean the Word you Believed, not your act of faith itself. And the verbs in James are Divine verbs, not human-action verbs. For God must "do" the Word IN you, James 2:22 [Verse uses the Divine Actor verb sunergew, mistranslated "works", thus cutting His Head off -- "faith" should be Word-Believed. James has been saying the Word works ever since Jas 1:1. So he's closing the point about what 'doing' the Word means (well, ends the point in Jas 2:26 showing it's the Spirit who Works the Word in you). Pneumatos there is anarthrous, so means the Holy Spirit; "works" is also anarthrous, meaning the Works He does in you; but the translation cuts Him out again, as if "spirit" were man's life, and the works were man's.] It's the Divine Word, so takes Divine Power to "do". Hence the constant need for 1Jn1:9 and Matt4:4: living on God's Script, in God's System.

    So with many Bible verses circulating in your head, whoa -- you can learn His whole Thought Process. Frankly, once these thoughts link up fluently, you'll have more proof of God and His Nature than you can bear. Seriously. Like spokes, every verse connects in certain ways to every other verse, so you see whole matrices of truth relationships. Just like math, you can learn these and become fluent in them and they can become naturally a part of you. I type as fast as I can in the websites, rarely stopping to research, usually remembering verse numbers and snippets. That's John 14:26 at work (for I breathe 1Jn1:9), born of decades of being under a pastor who taught Bible daily. Time was when I couldn't remember a Bible verse if you paid me. But now it's fluent, and my fingers can't actually type fast enough; what comes out on the page is inferior to what I understand. That's how fast the spiritual life plays, once His Thinking has been put in a believer. So, that's what happens when you learn Bible with His Brains instead of your own; His Ability, not your own. Well, that's what Christ did. Fully.

Hence Christ got fully built in God's thoughts: "full of Grace and Truth", as John's Gospel puts it. As Isaiah 52:13-54:1 bluntly states, He paid for sins with His Thinking. Of course, even logic would tell you that: He was immovably nailed to the Cross, so all He could do, was think. He said "It is finished", while still alive, so His Physical Death didn't pay for sins. [Click here to review the "Trichotomy 4" table in godnotmag.htm, if you don't understand that His Physical Death didn't pay for our sins. Failure to understand Trichotomy explains why Christianity doesn't understand how our sins got paid for on the Cross. First section in Grail.htm might also prove helpful if you have trouble understanding how His Physical death didn't pay for sins. As for the Isaiah passage, since it's so badly euphemized in published Bibles -- obliterating the very description of our salvation! -- I had to retranslate it three (similar) ways, in Isa53trans.htm.]

    God is Pure Thought, and in a very precise array and hierarchy. Like math, if one 'dot' differed in the wrong way, ALL Truth would be different, because God is undivided in Nature. Moreover, since part of His Undivided Nature is Omnipotence, if one 'dot' of a thought varied from the Truth, Reality would thus vary. Hence Reality is what it is, and is stable, because God's Will Attitude is Love for the Truth. That is His Integrity, By Sovereign Choice. God's Attributes don't 'lock Him into' a particular attitude. The Attitude He Has, is Able to be enforced by His CHOICE, due to His Other Attributes which He keeps on CHOOSING to be stable. He could sin if He wanted to. He doesn't want to, isn't at all attracted by sin like we are. So by growing in His Thinking, we too come to regard sin as unattractive, and though temptation always hits, we learn to say 'no'. In eternity, we will not be attracted to sin in any form, and will never sin by CHOICE. We won't be even tempted, either. It's not magic, it's Learning Truth, which brings about this result.

    So: that's why the Lord's Humanity in Matt4:3 immediately rebuffed the thought of some stone becoming bread to feed Him with Matt4:4. Had that thought not been met by God's Apodosis of "not by bread only -- but on every Word which proceeds from the Mouth of God" -- the stones WOULD have turned into bread. Because, He is also God, and God need merely THINK a thing -- and it is so. So how did His Humanity get such total control over even the body's innate hunger-imagination reflex (which occurs when you've fasted a long time)? Satan was trying to bypass volition, to use that body reflex of imagination, see. It didn't work. As you read below, you'll see why. [Right there, you know the idea God 'emptied' Himself and the idea that somehow Jesus wasn't God while down here, are flatly untrue. Can't be tempted to use Omnipotence, if not God. Satan's telling us more, too: that he couldn't defeat the Lord's Humanity, unless he bypassed His Human volition, taking advantage of the body's natural imagination reflexes (recalls of images of food due to extreme hunger). So that tells you how True the statement, that He is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life".]

Isa53:10-11's LXX says there are the five contract verbs that happened in Him, to Him, of Him, for Him and hence VIA Him:
          1. Purify,
          2. Plunder,
          3. Point out (enlighten),
          4. Plassw (sculpt),
          5. Perfect (make righteous/justify the ACTION DONE, which was the imputation and judgement of sins to Him).
    In both the LXX and the Hebrew text, beginning in Isa52:13, are threaded key thinking terms and their conceptual synonyms: da'ath in Hebrew, and suneisis in Greek. These terms signify fluent mastery of Thinking Truth, and are climactically used to show Him Thinking Masterfully to pay for our sins in the original-language texts of Isa53:11: usu. mistranslated "By Knowledge" in English Bibles, it should at least say "by means of His Divine-Truth-Knowledge", because that's what b'da'tto in Isa53:11 really means. So you miss what is here stated as the very mechanic of your salvation and justification ON the Cross -- because the translation TRUNCATES meaning, rendering it fuzzy and obtuse! That's the most common translation error in Bible, truncation of meaning. No wonder we Christians are all so confused. It's hard enough, when you have the right meaning: thinking Truth is harder than any sport requiring dexterity, alertness, comprehension, etc. Hence these five infinitives could and did occur.

    For what God Thinks, is Who He is. For what God Thinks, is what becomes Reality. For what Christ Thought, became the Reality of Payment for Sins. For What we Think, becomes our 'soul DNA' and is hence accounted BY our own free will, as 'reality' for us. So these five infinitives are needed to correct and expand -- in short, Transmute -- our 'soul DNA' into DDNA, God's Thinking. Christ is the First and Biggest Soul to go through this process, which happened all His Life and culminated on the Cross. So He is the "FirstBorn of all creation" as Paul puts it (Col 1:15 -- other NT writers use similar nomenclature). So what happened to Him -- the five infinitives -- is to happen to us. [Nerd Note: OT people couldn't get the spiritual life we do, primarily for this reason. His Own Soul wasn't built yet, so they had to make do with lower mediation/transmuting devices: hence the heavy emphasis on rituals and practices all day and all night long. The meanings were beautiful, but the practices themselves were very complicated; good news was, if you enjoyed the meanings then you enjoyed the practices, and since you were so focused on both, you didn't have much time to give into temptation. But that put a primacy on learning the meanings behind the motions, and the motions themselves; primacy, on USING the motions and the meanings all day and night. Which as we know, didn't happen except in a few individuals. It's always how you value a thing -- your apodosis ruling -- which determines the quality of your life. Their highest enjoyment level is for us, mere child's play, as my pastor continually reminds us. Hence their covenants are obsolete, and don't apply to us, as was explained earlier. More about this changeover follows in the Third Reason for Invisibility in this webpage.]

    We inherit the same five-infinitive process: NT threads these five infinitives throughout its text, and nearly every verse 'looks back' at these infinitives through a legal writing method known even today as "incorporation by reference" (not merely "allusion"). That means the whole structure of the referenced passage is grafted into the meaning of whatever other passage, references it. (Bible uses incorporation by reference in nearly every verse after the Book of Genesis, by means of deft keywords or phrases from the passage referenced, into the 'current' verse.)

Via these five infinitives, God thus used sin to leverage Oneness, solving the Dichotomy of Isa55:8. It's not about sin. It's about the Oneness. And we get that: John 17 is answered, "Yes!" "Salvation" is about a lot more than paying for sin. God didn't just solve sin, He solved the dichotomy between Holy Infinity -- and puny sinner humanity. All via One Human, Christ. Whose Thinking we can now get DDNA'd into us, so we truly do become like Him. Just as God always promised, ever since Gen3:15. Now you know why you are a Bride-Level Royal Priest forever, that first nanosecond you believed in Christ. You are one in Him, main theme of Romans 6-8, all of Ephesians and Colossians, and especially John's Gospel Chaps 14-17, and all of 1Jn. The priesthood and covenant changeover to Church is tracked in the Book of Hebrews. In short, this Divine Truth is the answer to John 17 and is covered extensively in Bible.

    So these five infinitives explain how we can become what we are not, how we get God's DDNA, how we get God's Apodoses: for the purposes of Rapport, Shared Compatibility, with Him. Isa53.htm focuses on the exegesis and translation of these five infinitives; Isa53trans.htm integrates the whole chapter 53 to show the corrected-translation, context (52:13-54:1, Bible chapter-and-verse divisions being an invention of the 12th century).

    Compatibility-of-Thinking is God's Goal: "sons". It's never about anything else. Togetherness, flat. Hence God's System to transmute you, line on line, precept on precept, spiritual dendrite on soul dendrite. Your physical brain's dendrites are all fixed at birth. By contrast, spiritual dendrites get built one by one, beginning at the new birth. The more dendrites you have, the more thought flows, the more compatible with God you become in your soul. So that's the purpose of being down here, once spiritually born ("from above", corr trans of John 3:3, 7). DDNA produces those dendrites as you live in God's System: the process begins slowly and sporadically, at first. In "spiritual adulthood" it then rapidly multiplies: this is true spiritual growth, as 1Jn4:12-16 explains.

    God is Infinite. This process takes a lifetime. So just hunker down and decide if you're sufficiently interested in God, for Himself. Else you won't have the motive to stick to it. Think: it takes a good 13 years to train as a doctor. Four years college, four years medical school, at least two years of internship and at least three years as a junior physician in somebody else's medical practice, before you have any competence. How much more ought it to take, to become LIKE CHRIST -- especially, when it took HIM, 30 whopping years to train? So either learn and live on Bible because You Want To Know God -- or quit now. You already believed in Christ, heaven is secure for you.

    "Lifetime" varies. So, therefore, does the speed of spiritual maturation. A VERY strong motive to learn God for Himself makes you mature faster. So yes, it's possible for a child to become spiritually mature, so there are children who've done that and died young. The 144,000 Jewish evangelists of the Tribulation -- 12,000 per tribe, Daniel left out, Joseph has double portion, all killed off by its mid-point -- they become mature in 3.5 years or less. So it depends on how much you want to know God, versus all the other stuff you want in life. Your call, how much that is.

    Here's the biggest reason it takes so long: finity is NOT compatible with Infinity. Sin of course is utterly incompatible, but even worse -- Sin Divorces. So there is no chance to regain compatibility. Hence the Cross; hence 1Jn1:9 post-salvation, which legally invokes the Cross as the basis for regaining compatibility (hence no penance, works, etc. make up for sin -- that is being admitted, too). For, just as those five infinitives converted sin in Him, so too His Soul's Pattern of Thinking can be converted in us: by means of the same five infinitives playing on us. That's why Isaiah exults in Isa54:1 about the sterile, bearing kids: kids of the Seed, 'children' of His Thinking. Paul and the other NT writers make no end of reference to this exultant result, since the very purpose of the NT is to get His Head -- now in writing -- into your head (i.e., per 1Cor1:5,10, 1Cor13, Rom12:1-3 all in Greek, and all mistranslated). It fell to John, to sum up and finish the writing of His Head, so in the Greek of 1Jn (and Rev) you find the most concentrated incorporation-by-reference terms in all the Bible. Every verse elsewhere in Scripture is referenced in that one short epistle. Deftly. So now the compatibility gainable, is available to any believer who wants it. Every second, per his discrete consent, more Infinite Quality Thinking of Christ can be "deposited" by the Holy Spirit, so that these "true riches" can be cycling in the believer's soul: subjective and objective genitive, the Love of/for God. So the compatibility problem, is solved! Forever.

    Satan's contention is that God could have just binged! us to have this compatibility, make the end product we would become, from the beginning -- so there's no need for anyone to go to hell, God is sadistic, unfair, or unable to 'do it right'. The Trial and your Transmutation into Christ, proves Satan's contentions wrong. Can't be more important, than to get in and stay in God's System.

    For God's counter to Satan, is that Compatibility Transmutation Requires One WANT To Be Compatible, Hence Consent Is Always Required. God being Love, won't violate the corridor of your consent. So as much compatibility with Him as you want, you can get. It takes time, and it's against everything in your human nature, to transmute. So it often feels bad. You're going under "the knife" (machaira, in Heb4:12), to be operated on by the Holy Spirit the entire time you're down here. The more you transmute in your soul, the closer you will be to Him forever. Frankly, that's the real and only important meaning of salvation. Being in Him. All else isn't even worth discussing, but whatever else you prefer, you'll get that. Satan&Co. and all unbelievers, prefer as much distance between themselves and God as possible, thinking-wise. That's the only reason why there is a hell. With God, you always always always get exactly what you want. Forever.

    However, even most believers do not want to be close to God. They want their own ideas, and to be their own gods. So most believers will be far away from Him, in Heaven and in the eternal state. Everyone will be fully happy and forever sinless, in heaven: but not, fully compatible. Perfection doesn't mean compatibility. It means everything is in its right place, and everyone is happy with that place. No coercion, fully desired, each size and shape different and UNequal. Numbers tell you that: no two numbers are equal, ever. So the 'compatibility' of $1 with $1,000,000 is pretty small: only $1's worth. But it's connected, not divorced. So it is, in heaven and in the eternal state -- but wholly by choices we make, down here.

    Repeating, because you will often be discouraged by what you think is slow progress: To grow up in Christ takes a lifetime. Even took Him 30 years in isolation, to ready for His final two phases of growth, the pressure of fickle and addicted humans (all of us, effect of sin nature); and then that final unique pressure, the Cross. So if that's what happened to Him, what must happen to us? "Love is the Integrity of God!" my pastor shouted during one Bible class, totally stunned over the plethora of Scriptural proof about it being true. So we know that Love being Integrity, means it doesn't coerce, and is never wimpy or maudlin. You don't want the Gift, you don't get it. And to not want the Gift of God can only mean the spurner -- hates. Granted, given the many false ideas out there, it takes a long time just to know God's System even exists and is the right 'path'. But everyone individually gets enough time. Bristlers who don't like the path can bristle down here and even in hell if they want. Love will not be less for them; Love will also never compromise. Doesn't ever have to compromise. So what we choose, is what we get. Freely.

How Isa53:10-11's Five LXX Infinitives Play Daily in His and hence Your Own, Life

Every time you learn or use Bible Doctrine in God's System, God sees and does these five infinitives to that learning or usage: thus He builds "gold silver precious stones" -- all metaphors for Word in you, see "riches" verses as well as 1Cor3 -- as you learn and live Bible, in God's System. He loves seeing it and doing it to you. Knowing that fact makes the difference in how you regard everything in life. Nothing you do is a failure, even if a failure. For God can work His Power upon it, and He loves doing that. So, I live on the information you're about to read. If you use it every day, you'll see its power. More importantly, Christ lived on it and all the NT writers focus on these five verbs. So let's now examine more closely, the meaning and usage of these five infinitives in your own daily life. Every day, they are happening to you as you live on God's Script in God's System. Witness the Precedence and Mechanic of our salvation, our transmutation process into having His Gorgeous DDNA Apodoses, multiply and cycle like synapses, dendrites and axons, in us mere earthen vessels! Oh: if you don't know already, an "infinitive" is a part of speech which in every language I know of, signifies that the verbal action is a goal, purpose, objective, and even a standard to practice. So true, here! As usual, the verbs are listed in their vocabulary forms rather than their infinitival forms, so you can find them more easily, in a lexicon. Don't use Strong's, it's not meant for deep Bible study, but only as a mnemonic. Find something stronger like Bauer-Danker (aka "BDAG"), Thayer or Kittle which provide extensive verse listings, Greek lit. occurrences, tally of usages, morphology and etymology.

  1. "Purify" Infinitive, katharizw (pronounced kath-ar-IDZ-oh), hence ATONEMENT: Full of DDNA, Christ in His Humanity could and did 'reply' to all those incoming sin apodoses, with the Replacing Apodoses of God's Thoughts. So when the sins of lying, murder, resentment, i-deserve, jealousy, etc. hit Him like javelins (meholal clause in Isa53:5), His 'reply' of replacing apodoses converted the sin apodoses into God's Apodoses. Think of it like genetic engineering, for that's what Isaiah said happened. Our 'soul DNA', so to speak, is our thinking. Sin is thinking, so all that evil 'soul DNA' was reserved since eternity past and poured out on Him on the Cross. As the sins hit His Soul, His Own "DDNA" (Divine Thinking, Divine DNA) replied with the correct apodosis (alternative to the sin 'answer' to temptation). Over and over and over, billions of times, and all faster than the speed of light. So that purified the sins and converted them to make Christ's Soul BIGGER. Part IVd will cover the effect on Him, but you can see here that katharizw's purifying was with respect to the sins hitting him.

    Principle: when you think God's Apodoses, a Purification process goes on. When you name your sin, katharizw means you are forever purified from it, 1Jn1:9 uses that verb just that way. Forever, because the Cross lasts forever, to Omniscience. See also Hebrews 10, which stresses the forever-nature of His purification on our behalf.

    But you also 'purify' whatever you are thinking or doing by using God's Apodoses, applying them to anything or everything, even toothbrushing or watching TV. For think: nothing in life is pure. Human ideas and purposes are always petty, banal, waste-of-time but necessary. So how to purify them from their smallness? Associate them with God's Apodoses, and now that petty thing is an OCCASION for your use of Bible, even as all the sins being imputed to Him provided the OCCASION for Him to think Bible in 'reply' to them. So if even our sins got purified by means of that 'occasion' of the Cross, how much more, the helpless stuff of life, which can't even sin, but only be annoying to one who can? And think more: doesn't it ATONE for the thing you're stuck with doing, if you can USE it as an occasion to play with Bible? What do you think the OT people did all day and night, given the fact it took probably 30 minutes to just fetch water?

    Satan just doesn't get it. Sure, God could have binged! us all from the get-go to be perfect, but then all these potential OCCASIONS for using Bible, would never exist. They'd end up as woulda been, iffy history that never occurred. Worse, all of us would not be anything like we are, our freedom to choose thus curtailed, the "hell c)" or "d)" in Part I. That's worse than being a Stepford wife -- at least the Stepford wives were drugged. Here, you'd know that you missed a whole side of life. God won't do that to us. Satan would, and does.

    In the trenches, just assert the verb. It's happening at a deeper level, and you are blindsided by whatever pressure is hitting, so appreciation for the purification process, will seem remote. Just assert the verb. Because it's going on, more than ever. Christ shouted Ps22:1 over and over and over, to remind Him of it.

  2. "Plunder" Infinitive, aphairew (pronounced af-a-REH-oh), hence PROPITIATION: Christ Himself Became Bigger in His Own Soul, due to all that incoming sin being converted into God's DDNA Apodoses. That too, Isaiah stresses, in v.12 (which is why Isa54:1 is so witty). Greek verb aphairew is usually translated "take away", but that's a bad English translation. It really means "carry off as plunder", because the root concept is to take something away which belongs to someone else. Main theme in Isaiah 53 is that the Lord was 'raped' by our sins as a woman taken in plunder, becomes 'pregnant' with us as a result, and gives 'birth' to our salvation. So Paul and the other NT writers play with aphairew a lot, whether using it directly or using the many synonyms for it, to stress our Plunder of Thinking in Christ. The writers all zero in on the plunder meaning which Isaiah climactically builds to, in Isa53:12-54:1. It's satisfying, get it?

    Principle: when you think God's Apodoses, a Propitiation process goes on. You are plundering "true riches" of His Thinking, and that's innately satisfying. The Lord uses aphairew this way, in Luke 10:42. The NT uses aphairew in the context of taking something away which belongs to someone, and it has a specialized meaning of taking away sins, in the OT. But think: that's a kind of plunder, and Isaiah talks about sins as plundering Him, in Isa53:10 where this verb is used. Taking away sins is indeed, satisfying.

    It's just flat satisfying to learn and live on Bible. Because you're in a body, everything in this life is a hassle. So learning and living on Bible is a hassle, too. But Bible's not to blame. Moreover, it Propitiates for the hassle of learning and living, in all other aspects of life. For, no matter what you're doing, you can think Bible anytime, anywhere. So no such thing as a waste of your time. Now, isn't that satisfying? Frankly, everything else by comparison -- isn't. The more you learn and live on Bible, the more previously-attractive things will become unattractive to you. You'll go through an irritability phase in spiritual adulthood (next section) during which it's like someone finally gave you the right glasses, and now you can SEE so clearly! Yeah, and what you see is that this world chases its tail, and calls itself holy for so doing. So you'll be tempted to right the wrongs you now see so clearly. God will spank you for that, and eventually you'll calm down. But you've crossed over the border into "Bible is more enjoyable than anything else." Welcome to the Twilight Zone, when you do.

    In the trenches, just assert the verb. This is even harder to detect under pressure than katharizw would be. Helps to remember that we get pressure in order to better understand what happened to Christ. So try remembering Heb12:2, here.

  3. "Point-out" Infinitive, deiknumi (pronounced dike-NOOM-ee), hence RECONCILIATION: His Very Soul was made Total Light on the Cross. Before the Cross, He was also Total Light, but 'smaller': the only 'portion' of 'light-making' (for lack of a better word) which remained to accomplish in His Human Soul, was to Convert Sin into Light (=OT metaphor of God's Thoughts). So that last stage of light-completion happened on the Cross, Heb 2:10, 5:8-9, 7:28. ("Perfect" as a verb means to "complete" a process or contract, even in legal English: Greek verb is teleiow.) [So many verses on this, too many to quote: look up all NT "light" verses and every verse with plerow or teleiow and their cognates, particularly in Paul and John's books, and Book of Hebrews. The latter two words and their cognates are used like twinned DNA threads, so trace them carefully.]

    As a result, He could bequeath to Church the selfsame DDNA process, via His prayer in John 17 (i.e., the "oneness" and "sanctify" clauses, esp. v.20-21). He had to vote on it in advance, for that would determine who would be made or not made, to pay for.

    • See, it was a Vote Whether You'd EXIST.
    • The OT people already did exist;
    • but Christ also had to choose who He'd pay for -- who didn't YET exist.
    • John 17 is His Voting Response which basically gives Father carte blanche as to who to make, believers and unbelievers (atonement is unlimited, God is thus never cheated, and freedom is not gerrymandered, either).
    • So that determined the sin content which would hit Him, since Omniscience knows all the potential as well as actual, etc.
    • Hence He became Bigger in His Soul due to the ADDED size of the sin content which got converted, #2.
    • So here in #3, the Result: Total Light, even in His Humanity.
    • My pastor always tells it like this: when your sins came up to hit Him, He knew you personally, and had the option to say no. He didn't say no. So you don't need to say no or feel guilty, either. [My pastor also stressed each time when exegeting Hebrews 1:4, that the Lord's Humanity IN His Humanity, became bigger than all the angels put together. Not just His Status (God never grants a status which is under-or-over matched to nature, that would be Unjust). So here you can see how that got accomplished. Greek verb "auxzanw" (sometimes transliterated without the "z") means to GROW BIGGER; sometimes it's translated as "increase" or "enlarge". You'll find it used for the spiritual life a lot, in both OT and NT. Now you have a better idea what that means. Isaiah uses the growth metaphor earlier in the passage, threading it from Isa53:2.]

    This is not at all a mystical or gnostic thing. We know now and the ancients always did too, that matter converts into energy and vice versa. They knew better than we apparently do, that thought converts from one kind to another. That's a DNA-style function, which is why DNA works as it does. So too, a thought coming in from person "A" to person "B" converts in person "B", yet remains the same in person "A". Because, thought is contagious, an 'RNA' which replicates immaterially with other immateriality. So to say sin converted means it converted IN Him. Those were our thoughts of sin, and they remain our thoughts -- but now the conversion is also true, and hence atones, propitiates, reconciles and redeems our own existence (which really is thought, the body coming along for the ride). So now you see simultaneity: our thoughts continue to be what they are, and yet God's Omniscience can in advance assign them to Christ for conversion. Which makes Him Bigger Light than pre-Cross. Total fusion of thinking with Father -- and also, with His Own Deity, resulted in His Humanity. [You'll find that this fact is recognized in varying ways among some pastors. Mine speculates a kind of 'blending' might have occurred post-Cross, for lack of a better word. There's a similar idea being considered by the Watchman Nee people. Greek Orthodox has its own way of describing the result. In short, this recognition of what I'm terming "fusion" has been around for centuries. I picked the term "fusion" of thinking, as that result doesn't alter the best theological definition of "Hypostatic Union" (esp. the "without loss or transfer of attributes -- the union being permanent and eternal" clauses). If the thinking is fused, the other human attributes wouldn't be altered or mixed, since thinking is immaterial by nature. Clearly His Humanity is a far bigger finity, greater than all the angels put together, per Greek of Heb1:4. Not as we know "humanity" now, obviously.]

    Greek verb deiknumi means to point out, make known, publish, declare, enlighten and even teach -- it seems to be the most common method to incorporate Isa53:10-11 by reference, in the NT. [Aphairew is used in carry-up, carry-off wordplay very thickly in Isaiah; he thesauretically weaves in every version of the carry up/off idea possible, seems like. NT writers thus imitate his style with as many carrying verbs and nouns as they can pile in a book, stringing them from the carrying of our sins to the carrying off of the riches of His Thinking. However, they prefer to use synonyms (especially komizw and harpazw, the latter also being the official verb for the Rapture) more than aphairew . By contrast, deiknumi is repeated more often, as well as played on thesauretically.]

    Principle: when you think God's Apodoses, a Publishing process goes on, and what you're publishing, is your Reconciliation of the Truth. That Enlightens You, both in the sense of seeing better, and in the sense of 'weight lifted'. For in accounting you must reconcile the books. Especially, THE Book, the Bible -- it and what you believe, must match. Or you will never be happy. Remember, you are a Royal Priest by nature, so you need this. That's why you have The Book. It proves God 100%, if you'll study it diligently. For any protasis requires a reconciling apodosis, for the entire concept to 'fit', Balance. So when you choose God's Apodoses in Bible, you're Publishing the Balancing Reconciliation to your soul -- but more importantly, to Heaven Who Hears You, 24/7. You might seem to be alone down here, but count on it -- if you're using Bible in your head, you have an Unseen Audience, Heb11:1!

    In the trenches, assert this verb and try to find even one Divine Apodosis which reconciles the pressure for you, and keep on asserting that. For me, it's "DDNA", or simply "dendrites". For Christ, it was Psalm 22:1, the Psalm of sins hitting Him on the Cross, foreknown by David. He told His Disciples He'd longed for that Cross, Luke 22:19 being the occasion He foreknew when He'd finally be 'set aside', since it was true 10 Nisan, nominal 14 Nisan, first day of Passover on the then-incorrect, calendar. So four days later on true 14 Nisan, nominal 18 Nisan, He's finally on that Cross from about 9am until 3pm: beginning 12pm, Psalm 22 reconciled everything for Him, and His shouting it is a happiness, not a complaining. He's telling the audience -- those around the Cross, us reading about it -- that He's now being judged for their sins and it is a relief for Him, Heb12:2. Combat is a relief when you've trained for a lifetime to be in it. The spiritual life is back-ended, all the profit finally showing up at the end, so a lot of hurry-up-and-wait characterizes the life. So the training has to be harder than the combat you'll undergo, or you won't complete it successfully. So it is comforting to finally get it. More about Combat will be covered in the "2-3-4-5 Evidence Testing" table below, and especially in Parts IVc and IVd. The final stage of your spiritual life is almost pure combat, as you'll see later on in this First Reason for Invisibility.

    For in the trenches, the objective is to hang onto what you believe most firmly and keep firing it. Will stand you in good stead, hold you together when you are close to an unconscious state (i.e., sleep deprivation, too much pain, too little food, etc). Spiritual dendrites are manufactured by the TON when you're under pressure, but you are so blindsided -- if you can think one or two words, that's a major victory. So repeat them over and over. If you find the RECONCILING item, obviously you will see the comforting propitiation and atonement meanings, which refresh you amidst the pressure.

  4. "Plassw" (=to sculpt, Greek) Infnitive (pronounced PLAH-ssoh), hence REDEMPTION: thus the dichotomy between finity and Infinity, was solved IN His Humanity. So He's THE Beneficiary, as Isa53:12 explains (usually mistranslated). He thus distributes His Own Thinking booty (and hence the people He purchased as well) to those "great ones" who grow up like He did: merizw clause in Isa53:12, which is incorporated by reference in Rom12:3, Eph4:16, other verses.

    "Plassw" is the most important of the five verbs, for it depicts the actual SCULPTING of His Thinking as first happened in Him, and from there -- to happen in us. The Hebrew counterpart verb is yatsar, and you'll find it used for sculpting the 'body' of a thing, person, mountain, etc. So the NT doesn't actually use plassw, but yet references it with many synonyms to play on its wry meanings. Idea of sculpting a 'body' of thinking: His. Very witty. The Hebrew in 53:11 is b'd'atto yatsdiq; LXX deiknumi and plassw clauses are used to translate but those two Hebrew words. Point is, the Hebrew text means what the LXX says, but the NT writers play with the LXX verbs. Paul never tires of body-of-Christ's-thinking analogies -- him the only virgin apostle of the lot of them -- so line by line, precept by precept, DDNA dendrite by God's Apodosis, the 'body of the Head' is to go in your head. And "plassw" accomplishes that.

    Principle: when you think God's Apodoses, a Play Doh process goes on. You yourself are Redeeming Time by crafting from your own free will, Bible in your head to apply to your life. See why it redeems? Here YOU are, a lump of clay with these Diamonds of Doctrine in your head, and from them you craft something -- under the Spirit, but the Spirit isn't forcing you to do this, He's ENABLING it. Well, think of how pleasing that is. God likes that even better than if He alone made up whatever you do. Just as, you'd treasure a clay animal your kid made more than something you make yourself. It redeems, doesn't it! Don't you find yourself glad despite all the hassles of child-rearing, when the kid actually comes up with something on his own? So too, does our Heavenly Father. [Play Doh is an American commercial plastic clay sold to children for their school crafts, non-toxic. It's probably sold worldwide, by now. It was invented when I was a kid in the 1950's. I loved it, TinkerToys and Lincoln logs. Bible is the ultimate version of such creative toys, and it's actually the Thinking of Our Beautimous Lord! Don't ever let anyone tell you that to be holy you have to be boring. Bible is anything BUT.]

    Now for the bad news: in the trenches, you FEEL this happening. The pressure you experience is the sculpting knife, and you're on the Heb4:12 operating table, so what you want to do, is keep on using your favorite Bible verse or just assert this verb, over and over. Our sins 'sculpted' Christ on the Cross. So in our own lesser crosses, the pressures 'sculpt' us, too. We either come out of the operation totally mad at God, or we grow by leaps and bounds. Never underestimate the power of failure to grow you. Look what happened to Paul, who blew it in Acts 21-22! My pastor spent the spring and summer of 1999 teaching "the fall of Paul". Yeah, then God turned around and gave him Canon to write! Just KOKO like Paul did, in his post-fall epistle, viz., Phili 3:14. That lumbering Greek is how you'll feel, too. Just KOKO.

  5. "Perfect" (lit., make righteous) Infinitive, dikaiow (pronounced Dick-eye-OH-oh), hence Result of Redemption, JUSTIFICATION: when Christ 'replied' to all those sin thoughts with replacing apodoses of God's, Divine Righteousness was produced out from those sins; the fact is echoed in 2Cor5:21. Isa53:10-12 repeats this fact several times, and Isa53:10, has the initial contract offer: "If you will give Your Soul as a substitute for sin". Interesting how "Soul" is put in the center of two clauses, a common technique in Greek to make the same word be subject/object of both the clause preceding the word, and the one following it (similar construction is in Rom8:28 and other verses' locations I can't offhand remember). Now you know how we get Divine Righteousness: it's first a conversion ON the Cross -- and then an exchange into us. Romans 6-8 therefore elaborates on how that same process plays in us, to exploit the results of the Cross. Two kinds of Righteousness here: first, the DDNA base, 2Cor5:21; then atop that, the previous infinitives' work building in us (per Eph2:10's Ionic dative of purpose for epi), what my pastor likes to call "capacity righteousness" -- all that DDNA building and functioning in you as you grow in God's System. This is the growth toward Kingship, a status of closest Rapport.

    Principle: when you think God's Apodoses, a Perfecting process goes on. The protases of life don't do squat for God. But they are justified, to Him and to you, when His Apodoses are used to 'reply' to the protases, even as happened on the Cross. It's the same mechanic. Obviously not the same scope, to apply Bible to your toothbrushing -- but since it's the same PRINCIPLE, it's justifying. After all, God has no need to watch you brush your teeth. But He loves hearing you think Bible, so while you brush, you can ponder something, remember, analyze -- so now your brushing is ASSOCIATED with that thinking, just like our sins became associated with Christ's Thinking on the Cross. Association is what justifies a thing. If you bought a lottery ticket and scratched off a winning number, bet you'll keep that ticket as a souvenir. By contrast, if you scratched off a losing number, what do you do -- throw it out. So here, the Justification -- your use of Bible in the activity or thinking -- is Associated with something that otherwise, would only be worth pitching in the trash.

    In the trenches, dikaiow finishes the Association, bonds to it. What happens is that the next time you have the same or similar activity, the remembrance of the Association is much faster and stronger. You go from asserting the verb to enjoying the verb, with the pressure coming to signify the verb, rather than itself. So the pressure, actually changes in meaning. Same kind of idea happens in physical exercise, as you repeat the exercise, it becomes less a hassle and more an enjoyment, until you attain so much proficiency, any pressure in it is actually enjoyed. It doesn't happen overnight, but you can see the progress, even after a week or so of repetition.

    This is the upswing in what one can call the "Circle of Plunder" that these five infinitives create. This dikaiow connects back to katharizw and the whole thing begins anew, over and over and over. Explains how Heb12:2 can be true. For that verse said He enjoyed the Cross, as my pastor never tires of explaining. How do you enjoy a cross of any kind, much less, His? I ask God that question every day. Well, this is how. So here, repetition is the key. KOKO as with the other verbs, assert assert remember assert. Here you see the payoff. No wonder Isaiah says in Isa53:11's Hebrew, yireh! yisbah! bedato yatsdiq, tsadiq av'di l'rabbim! "He will see! Be Satisfied! By means of His Mastery of Truth Knowledge, He makes Righteousness/Justification, My Righteous/Just Servant for the masses!"

    Here's what the world doesn't understand. A pain or a pleasure lasts for only a little while -- but the memory, lasts forever. Think of some party you went to -- or other event, time -- where you enjoyed yourself 'a bit too much'. Look back on it now. Do you feel a little chagrin? Yeah, and now you're stuck with that chagrin as a Remembrance forever. By contrast, look back on some horrible experience and what you learned from it. That learning lasts forever, but the horror, only a little while. That's what Bible keeps telling us -- we will live forever in either heaven or hell, what memories will we want to have? Only Bible in your head makes good viewing for Father, so guess what's the only happy life game in town -- for us? Matt4:4, always occurring! That's happiness forever. Not the "lala" emotional kind, smile here. But true contentment.

The Four H's of His Happiness, in which We can become Heirs

So what counts to the Father, is Divine (DDNA!) Thinking: Bible Doctrine circulating in our souls, since it is that same HAPPY Thinking of Our Highness, Who paid for our sins. See these four H's, Heaven's Holy Happy Highness, Now Complete Seated, Our King Forever! The Highways and Byways of earth the Holy Spirit searches, to add to His Harem! Harvest Time! In rural America, they used to have something called "Four-H Clubs", which were designed to teach rural folk better farming practices. So now witness the Divine 4H version, to Harvest Humanity and fulfill the prophecy in Isa53:10c, of His Hand Happily Harvesting Humans, w'hephets y'hwhah, b'yado yitslah!

  • Hefty Happiness, His Strength: How strong His Happiness? First, it took Christ a lifetime of learning Word, to have the requisite spiritual strength-of-will: to not react even once to any temptation; to not react even once to the absolutely repugnant, javelin-piercing! imputation of all sins! To not react even once to the Father's turning His Back on His Own Beloved, Judging Him! For three agonizing hours, the intensity of which is greater than all horizontal time, He was simultaneously 'separated' and yet together, with Father, Who He loved more than His Own Life. Could we bear such desolation? If we, who are so puny, react so strongly to others' sins, how much more should the Lord have reacted? Yet instead He called it "joy" (Heb12:2)? Imagine such Thinking! Imagine such Freedom! Imagine such Love, that the Cross was a joy! Who or what can defeat such a Happy Person? ["Separated" in that the imputation and judgement of the sins on Him, was the sum total of the hellish experience that being knowingly apart from God entails; but together with Father, in that He is sinless, Himself. The sheer pull of that divergence should have split His Soul apart. Tells you how Inviolable His Soul was. Tells you how Inviolable the growing Truth in you, can make you withstand all the pressures of this life. As my pastor likes to put it, the Lord tested the 'prototype' to 2000 fathoms. We only go a few fathoms. So it works.]

  • Hearty Happiness, which is thought-based, never emotion (emotion only resides in the body): Thought is the foundation of that happiness -- or, of misery, Ps23:7. Will requires thought. You have to want something, and the content of what you want, is the THOUGHT of it. What it means to you. Will, thus, always expresses itself in thought. So, the thoughts you want to think are the real "you". Not what you "do". Not what you "own". Not what others say or think you "are". What you think is the real you. Your soul. Outers tell you nothing: as God informed Samuel about David, man looks on the outside, but God looks on the inside (1Sam16:7). For only the inside, is the real you. Your soul.

  • His Own Happiness Character, which is an Absoluteness: So why not have His Happiness in your head?
    • Thought is invisible,
    • thought is the real you, and
    • His thought is what paid for sins;
    • thought is the content of Bible Doctrine, and
    • that thought, His Mind, is now recorded for us.
    • So if you learn God's Script in God's System, this Bible will be in your head (Greek of 1Cor1:5, :10, 12:31, all of 1Cor13);
    • you will thus become like the Head.
    • For again -- the real you is your soul -- so then the real you, is His Thinking in your soul!
    • Bible Doctrine is His Soul, Mind, Thinking (1Cor2:16's "nous" means Mind, Thinking -- that part of the soul).
    • Do you want to think His Thoughts?
    • That's the issue, so you become the functioning "Royal issue" of Him, if you do think His Thoughts.
    • So if your thought is to get His Thought, then the above five infinitives happen to you all the time:
      • katharizw, His Thoughts Purifying and therefore Atoning for what otherwise is a waste of your time;
      • aphairew, Plundering and therefore Propitiating that same time;
      • deiknumi, Pointing out and Publishing the Reconciliation of that time to all Heaven for ALL TIME -- as All Time is Always Occurring, to Omniscience;
      • plassw, Sculpting Redemption of the time, Col 4:5 and Eph5:16;
      • dikaiow, Perfecting the contract of the five infinitives, Justifying the time.
    • And you get all this DDNA production of "gold silver precious stones", made wholly by the Holy Spirit,
    • by daily practice of learning and living on His Word, bonding the Word's Divine Apodoses to every protasis in your soul -- just as Christ did. Same mechanic.
    • Else, you choose to be estranged. Your choice. (These are legal terms: "issue"=legal term for legitimate child of, progeny, heir -- very important in Royal lineages. "Estranged" means still legally-related, but distant or separated.)

  • Husband-Intimate Happiness: So Father demonstrates that His HAPPY Thinking in Our Souls,
    • makes us ONE in Him,
    • the Compatibility wholly wrought Inside Freedom, Unsauced.
    • One in Him,
    • and therefore happy NEW persons -- by our choice, not God forcing it.
    • By Choice, His and Yours, the 'real you' being changed into the 'real Him'.
    • Hence Fit Bride.
    • For, a Royal's Thoughts are only compatible with another of like Royalty: His.
    • Coalescence of souls, togetherness, flat!
    • Married-in-soul, not in the goodies of the King, or due to fear of hellfire.
    • Married, so to be King-Priests to FATHER,
    • thus solving the Infinity-Finity Dichotomy problem of Isa55:8.

God's Love Alphabet for Eternity

The Royal Issue is always Love. This Trial is about Love's Completion, 1Jn4:17.
Part I and II introduced this Trial, which is about whether you grow up in Love.
Trial Proof: growing up in God's Love creates Soul Integrity and thus Happiness.
Can't grow up in God's Love, unless you want God.
Three Core Trial Issues in red font from Part I:
#1 Trial Issue, God provides "enough"; so
#2, you can accept OR reject Him based on what you know; so
#3, you can accept OR reject Him based on what you don't know.

Now watch how all that plays out here, with respect to God's Larger Love Alphabet:

  • Alpha Achieves Archegos Agape Omega. With Christ's Completion, the #1, the amount of knowledge made available, is the highest. Thus the Bride can get the most. However, as we saw with the angels and Adam/woman, knowledge alone doesn't produce Love. Loving the Knowledge produces love. Who wants knowledge unless it is deemed beneficial? So, can't want the knowledge, without first wanting God. So, the 1st Commandment.
  • Bride Becomes Body Of His Love. As Bride, you can know more than any other set of fallen humans. You can thus come to Love more than any other set of fallen humans. That is God's Plan for your life -- which He provided, to honor the Son. What's best for God, is what's best for YOU. And nothing less than the "Best" is acceptable to Him. Nor, ideally -- to us!

  • Church Canonizes Conduit Of That Love For Everyone Throughout Eternity. "Canon" doesn't mean some institutional church's writ. "Canon" means an accepted body of LAW, which is our Bible. Accepted, in Heaven. Accepted, forever. For GOD determined what is Bible, not some dippy council of Constantine's day. Those people didn't even know how to read Bible, even though they were fluent in Greek. So "Canon" means GOD'S Word GOD (not humans) ordained. [Just read what those so-called "Church Fathers" wrote at It's enough to make you vomit. They couldn't even count to three, couldn't even read the Jewish law or calendar, couldn't even figure out when the Lord was born and when He died -- never mind the Bible is BALD on both dates! Massive moral degeneracy, in those 'Church Fathers'. Incredible arrogance. No wonder God warned everyone of Revelation 17, which the "Church Fathers" were then just starting. No wonder the Rapture didn't occur. Those people couldn't even read Matthew 4 or 2Cor13:14, else they'd ever have needed any councils to decide the nature of Christ's Hupostatic Union or the Trinity.]

    Now here's the scary part: Church -- us believers between Pentecost and Rapture -- will Canonize The Conduit For Love -- forever. All will go through us, for we are Body and will thus be Bride of Christ. We will govern. So just think: how will you feel, if you haven't learned His Canon? Not good. Just think: you get an intimacy and a governance opportunity NOW, which will forever circumscribe what you have in eternity. Big, or small. Your choice, how much you want to be a conduit forever.

    Flipside: all those other believers who had the same opportunity as you but refused it, will then have YOU as a conduit for what they refused to learn. So they won't be unhappy. They will count themselves blessed, to get that Love THROUGH you.

    So too, no one in the past who couldn't get that level of Love Development, is shorted its enjoyment. This is THE reason for you being Church, vis á vis your life down here, and forevermore. You are to be the conduit for the greatest outpouring of Divine Love in all history, and in all eternity. This is why Paul and John get so excited when they talk of Love and Church. This is why they keep on stressing that Church is the culmination of Everything, stressed in Paul's Eph1:15-23, John's 1Jn4:17, which points back to Hebrews 11:40. For the Trial, is all about and only about, GOD's Love. Satan disputes it. We are the quintessential products of It. All made by the Holy Spirit, Romans 5:5. No wonder Paul and John and the writer of Hebrews wax so eloquent about the Treasure of Word building us!

  • Dendritic DDNA Development In That Love Is The Purpose Of Your Life. The believer's spiritual life Now is therefore a progressive 100% development of 'obedience' to the 1st Commandment, a Love so Absolute, you don't want to live for anyone else but Him. This, is the sine qua non of rapport with God. For the Love is Now 100% Divine, and since Christ is both God and Man Completed, Romans 5:5, we can get THAT Love, the "Love of the Cross" as my pastor kept telling us. [Beginning in 1996, this was his main teaching theme, to which he'd return time and again. And here it is, 2007, and now I finally understand what he means! Hope I can explain that meaning, properly!]

      Absent obedience here, all "works" are pure trash. Worthless. Ugly. Repulsive. If God wanted "works", He'd have made us automatons, like Satan's trying to do. So, we know that our spiritual life is a progressive growth in the "knowledge of Our Lord and Savior" (2Pet3:18). And from that comes His Own Love, which causes us to glorify God (ibid).

      Glorifying God isn't mouthing "how I love Jesus" or praising Him. What glorifies God is that He be REPLICATED, so His Own Glory is reflected everywhere. God sees everything. He shouldn't see anything below the level of His Son. So for that to happen, His Son must be built in us. Surely you know how little praise matters. That and a quarter might buy you a phone call during an emergency, in rural America. So true praise, if praise were an issue -- and it is, Hebrews 13:15 says so, "through Him" -- then through Him, Becoming Like His Son is the only acceptable praise, Heb11:6. Which you do, if you want to know God, thus learn God. You then love God. And then even toothbrushing, is a work beyond compare. For you are Thinking Like His Son, when you do it. [Hebrews 13:15 is mistranslated. It's about what constitutes true versus false worship, praise (context is 13:9, then the Jewish-law ritual crowd, running strawman warning comparison of the letter, since Chapter 2). 13:15 ties to 2Cor10:5, is about EVERY thought or word coming out of your mouth, since you are a believer in Him. It's a command to WWJT, essentially. To be like Him, since we are Royal Priests (13:10). I don't have time to retranslate it here, now. Key Greek words are diapantos=constantly, and homologew, as a participle, which is not "giving thanks", but "admitting" -- i.e., admitting you are a believer, naming sins to Him, a whole thought pattern of admitting truth (constantly, diapantos) -- it's a courtroom verb of admission that a given fact or precedent is true, ties to 1Jn1:9 which also uses homologew -- so you will be Filled with the Spirit and thus "through Him" is realized -- it also ties to many other verses. So even with this short note, you can readily see that you're not to run around constantly saying "how I love Jesus!" like some holy roller, making God look like an idiot.]

      If Christ's Thinking is built in you, then you truly become LIKE Him. Else, you are not. It's exactly like DNA, except here it's GOD's 'DNA', Dendritic Nucleotides' Agape. Built line on line, precept on precept, God's Apodoses replacing the natural human ones. You are what you think. So if you think the thoughts of Christ, then you are LIKE Christ. That's why you have a Book.

  • Eternal Enabling Love, God's Own Attribute, Energizes you. There are two really cool Greek verbs which demonstrate this: sunergew and energew. Our "energize" comes from these verbs. Greek sunergew is an intransitive verb, which means it takes no object, occurs INSIDE, and receives the action from an outside source: here, God. Verb is used in James 2:22 and Romans 8:28 to show GOD does the work. Pity God's Head is cut off from the James verse. The second verb, energew, famously used in 1Cor12:6,11, Gal 3:5-6, Eph 1:11, 20, 3:20, Phili2:13, Col 1:29, 1Thess2:13 (parallel to James 2:22 & :26) -- all these uses of the verb show Divine Actor. 2Cor 5:14 is the result, His Love Holds You Together, sunechw. Bible uses the "sun" prefixed verbs to stress God working ON you and stuff in your life, to Energize His Love in you.

    God 'stays' God because He loves. "Love is the integrity of God!" my pastor shouted on May 7, 2000, utterly excited about the discovery, having searched for it 50+ years. At that point, he'd been basically teaching the same thing, since 1977 (Romans series) -- but you only see that when you go back that far in the lessons. God knows what we're learning, but often we don't recognize what we're learning until long after we've learned it. That's true here. Abraham didn't know how much he loved God until he almost-sacrificed Isaac -- God stopped him. You don't know how much you love God until you are tested with something that really gets to you, your worst nightmare. More about this will be said in the "Spir.Maturity aka Pleroma" link in this webpage. God Enables via His Eternal Love, because that's really why He wants to be God. Which you know immediately, for if He didn't LOVE, how could He stand knowing all that He knows about us? It's not like Omniscience ever turns 'off' or can be set aside, forgotten for awhile like we get to do. So this Enabling Eternal Love is the Quintessential Meaning of Everything, True Integrity, the reason to want to even breathe.

      This Love isn't like anything humans know, because it's Divine Love, not human love. Divine Love is a thinking, not an emotion, for God is pure Thought, never changes (e-motion by definition means change). So the closest human concept is Absolute Honor. Dying for your country with no qualms at all. Wanting to do it; yearning to do it. Paul gives a succinct definition of this Love, in Romans 5:6-11. It's superhuman: Divine, actually. For the word "love" is usually the Greek word "agape", which only means Divine Love. [To know the meaning of a Bible word, you must look at how the BIBLE uses it. Bible never uses agape for human love of any kind, but rather only for Divine Love. Greek high philosophy and literature did the same thing, so you are expected to know agape only means 'the gods' level' of love. THAT quality, never below. Sadly, translations almost always cut out the "Divine" meaning embedded in Greek words.]

  • Fulfillment Of His Love Finishes God's Purpose For Creation, theme of Eph1 and 1Jn4. In short, our inheritance from Him is Love; "from the beginning" (keyphrase in 1Jn, playing on Eph1), this was the purpose, and we Church are the culmination of it. So our task, is to grow up in That Love.
    • All the other "covenants" had this same goal. However, they had restrictions, the amount of Divine Love transmissible was less -- since Christ had not yet been 'built'. So to best maximize what Love they could develop, they had visibility. We do not get visibility, for we have the Invisible Christ Completed living IN us, Col 1:27. Third Reason for Invisibility will cover this in more detail.
    • Until He completed His Office down here, those who knew Him on earth got more, but still less than we can get. For He had not yet been completed. So Canon was not completed. (Heb2:10's "perfect" means "complete". Keyword. See also 7:28.) (Scripture is Now complete because Christ is complete: Heb1, 1Cor13(end), Heb1:1-4, 10:8-12 bookending Heb10:15-17, Gal3 "Seed" passage; the warning in Rev22:6-21, especially given the writing style and content of that Book. See RevPlay.htm on the last passage.)
    • So when they grew in Love for Him, they could not grow as far as we can, because there was no Soul of Christ to 'copy', 1Pet2:21, clever Greek term hupogrammos, the way you learned to write by copying what you saw.
      • Ergo the lower-level, OT enduement of the Spirit (Greek pimplemi, which you felt),
      • but not the Filling of the Spirit (Greek plerow, a Total Filling, so there's no feeling),
      • was available to the apostles: they could have received the Spirit being "with" them. [For more on pimplemi versus plerow, see pimplemi.htm. English Bibles sadly truncate meaning by translating both verbs "fill", so you don't know there's a vast distinction between them.]
      • However, as Christ foretold them, at Pentecost the Spirit would be IN Them. (Indwelling, and thus Filling, John14:17, Acts1:5,8,1Cor6:16-19 w/2Cor13:5&14; Gal5:16, 1Cor2,Eph5:18,6:18,1Jn1:8-10.)
    • So the OT people couldn't fulfill the First Commandment fully, because Christ had not come in the flesh, John 7:39. [Skip this smallfont note if uninterested in the corrected translation of the verse. English translations are off, each one in a different way. Here's a corrected translation. CAPPED text corrects the big mistakes in the English translations, which either fail to translate idiomatically, or fail to use the matching English idiom. John 7:39 is a parenthetical statement, so it needs parentheses. Hence this translation: "(Now He said this, MEANING the Spirit, WHO those believing in Him were ABOUT TO receive; for the Holy Spirit HAD NEVER YET BEEN GIVEN, because Jesus was not yet glorified.)" A Greek verb in one clause, if to be matched to another, has a similar verb in the matching clause. So "mello" (to be about to be) is matched with "to be", to show that 'receive' had never yet happened. So in English you have to replace "to be" with GIVEN, to convey the same matching idea. So much for those who think the Spirit is somehow 'less' God; that He didn't exist before Christ was Glorified, or had to come out ("proceed") from Christ or Father! Oh: "not yet" is a special term, not the usual Greek "ouketi". Instead, it's "oupw" (oo-poh), and is also used in Heb12:4: it's a parental idiom. In both places, that Greek word conveys connotation of being-too-soon or too-young yet for the item to be RECEIVED/done, etc. Like, if a child says, "Daddy, can I drive?" and Dad replies, "Oo-poh!" Get it?]
  • Growth Of Church In His Love Thus Glorifies God Forever, Transmitting The Glory To Everyone In Eternity, So Everyone Shares In It. Synergy of Love forever, Compatibility has always been God's Goal from the get-go, main theme of Eph1. So notice how much higher:
    • His Invisibility is a human handicap, overcome by learning the Visible Word. That means Divine Power makes it happen. For no human can naturally love who/what he does not see -- and especially, from a mere Book? See 1Pet1:1-8, Rom8:24ff, and especially Heb11:1 (see Heb111.htm for corrected translation).
    • Paul describes this Growth-in-Love process with the height-depth-length-breadth metaphor of a Body or House of Love, in Eph 3:15-19, among other places (echoed in reverse order, in 1Jn4:12-16). Building a Structure of Love. On the Cornerstone Foundation. (1Cor3.) Our Precedence.
    • Thus, Our Now-Living-and-Seated Invisible Love -- Love is a moniker for Christ's Head, 1Cor13 (the head paronomasia is in 12:31's huperbole, which parallels en clauses, so plays on anarthrous logos+pas, both nicknames for Christ in 1Cor1:5 when the head paronomasia began) -- Now His Word getting into our words, His Head getting into our heads, replicates His Love by replicating Truth in us via Rom5:5, the Holy Spirit pouring Word into us (Word=Water, in OT).
    • Again, Love is an Attribute, not an emotion. God's Attribute, not a condition which waxes and wanes. So since God is Undivided, Love=Truth=Righteousness, etc. So this Love, when Canon completed, will be completed in us as we learn it, climactic point of 1Cor13:13, and 1Jn4:17. More about 1Cor13:13 follows in the next section. [People don't understand that 1Cor13 is on the completion of Christ's Head, so they don't understand Paul is talking about the superiority of His Head in your head, to all other spiritual 'gifts'. Fortunately a few pastors -- mine is but one -- do their Greek homework and understand this paronomasia basis for 1Cor. It's the New Covenant Promise of His Head being in writing, since Jer31:31-34, which Book of Hebrews invokes as bookends, to also stress the Completion of Canon as being the criterion for completing Church (8:8-12 compared to 10:15-17). God's wit and humor always provide a LOT of doctrine via such enjoyable wording. We therefore miss all that wit and humor, so we don't understand what Bible means, and impose upon it a boring and dour mien, especially in translation.]
    • The Cornerstone, the Living Word, brings out water from the rocky sin nature we all are, to produce Living Stones of Living Water from us petrous, littlestones! That Water produced in us, waters everyone else: both here on earth and for all eternity!

  • Heaven's "His Highness" Happiness, is to be Happening In You. So it's about becoming like the Most High -- By Personal Agency Of The Most High. Satan, you'll recall, wanted to make himself like the Most High. So this Trial is about who makes you, and what you become as a result. Not about how you feel, what you are humanly, or what you do. It's a Transformation process: becoming more like Satan via Satan's system; or, becoming more like Your Lord through the very System He bequeathed to you, which the Holy Spirit makes happen IN you. So that you can be In Him wholly, even as He is in You.

  • Impossible, Invisible, Integrity Love For Impossible, Invisible, Integrity God, Infinity Integrated and Intertwined Inside Finity -- SOLVED! Heh: instead of having our eyes on people, eyes on things, i i i i i me me me me, we can have the perfected, seven I's of God! Again, this is a wholly Holy-Developed 100% Divine Love, not partial. That's the change in the covenant Christ wrought on the Cross. No "people", "things" or "self" in the First Commandment. Christ upgraded it, so changed it to "You shall love the Lord your God in (by means of, in the sphere of) all your heart (believing-in), and in all your soul and in all your UNDERSTANDING/THINKING-of-DOCTRINE." [Matt22:37, Mark 12:30, Luke 10:27.] That capitalized text is really the pithy Greek noun "dianoia"; means all your thinking. Every thought, 2Cor10:5, Heb13:15. Not just some thoughts. So no room for people, no room for things, no room for self: "bringing every thought into captivity to Christ", 2Cor10:5. It's a command, not a suggestion. It's an IMPOSSIBLE command, so only God can fulfill it via Romans 5:5.

    So now, with Filling, Full Divine Love can be built in our souls, Romans 5:5. Conversely, every thing anti-love which exalts itself in our souls, can be finally defeated. "Every lofty thing" is not really the right translation in 2Cor10:5a: it's every arrogant thing, puffed up with itself, deeming itself on par with or substituting for learning God, having an equal claim on your attention. But there's no hedgeroom in the First Commandment. But until His Soul was built, who could love God so exclusively, yet have anything of the self left?

    Ironically, if God is First and Only, then you really DO love people, as 1Jn diagrams throughout his epistle. Human love is not love, but need pretending to be love. Look how people abuse each other in the name of love, and you'll see we might mean well -- but we beat each other up with our importunings, our flatteries, our anything-to-get-our-way lifestyles. Cut it all off. God First and Only. Then you truly don't need anyone, so can truly love, 1Jn4:19.

    Need and love are mutually exclusive. So the person who bugs you about being more attentive, doesn't love you. Love wouldn't ever ask such a thing. All those many demands in the name of you loving an object, is a broadcast that the object so demanding, hates you, needs you, and lies to self a claim of love. Very easy to detect. Very hard to live with. Again, true love is alien to the human race, having died in Gen3. We crave it, but when we 'love', we become insecure: hence needy. Hence what was meant as 'love', isn't. God's Love is not needy, not insecure, as 1Cor13:4ff explains. So the trick is, to get in God's System, and get God's Love in you, Rom5:5.

    The world deems it immoral, really, that you should not devote your life to people by the world's definitions; never mind, that those definitions cause all the strife, jealousy, hurt and war ever on this planet. God, of course, gets no attention: he's just a dog who should fetch for people, too. So the world will hate you for pursuing the First Commandment and excluding them from your thinking; not realizing they are getting blessed as a result, so -- who really loves them? God. And thus -- you. God always cuts out and then grafts in, culminating in Heb10:9. That's how our DNA actually works, biologically. Fitting, huh. Our Divine Instruction Set, our DDNA, God's Apodoses' spiritual maturation process First works that way: to cut out the world from our thinking, so only He is the Object of our thoughts, Eph3:19. Then He grafts in what really blesses and loves the world.

So here's the resulting Invisible Pattern of Your Developing-into-Christ Soul daily occurring "to produce a reflection" as Paul puts it -- of Him, 2Cor3:18! ["To produce a reflection" is my pastor's translation but I'm not sure this is the verse. I don't remember the Greek words, only that snippet of the translation, it sprang to my mind, so it remains, pending my further homework. I can't find the phrase in BibleWorks. It's true that the meaning is reflected -- pun intended -- in 2Cor3:18, but there are other verses. "Mirror" is a common moniker for the Word in the Word, often used allusively. So when you are produced by it, you reflect Christ, i.e., sea of glass is Church, in Rev4. That, my pastor stressed often, when exegeting Rev and James.]
  • God's DDNA Apodoses to realize happy endings to harrowing protases in life, 24/7, á la Matt4:4. This practice of DDNA Apodoses which you learn and live on Bible daily, produces a
  • Compatibility of Thinking goal wrought by Consent; not, by Ordenes del Caudillo, the alternative "C" Satan would prefer.
  • Instead, All Compatibility is wrought one DDNA precept at a time, each one being carefully processed by the Holy Spirit in your soul via five infinitives, each of which innately
    • katharizw, Purifies and thus Atones for what otherwise is a waste of His and your time;
    • aphairew, Plunders and thus Propitiates that same time;
    • deiknumi, Points out and hence Publishes the Reconciliation of that time to all Heaven for ALL TIME -- as All Time is Always Occurring, to Omniscience;
    • plassw, Sculpts Redemption of the time, Col 4:5 and Eph5:16;
    • dikaiow, Perfects the contract of these five infinitives, hence Justifying the time spent.
  • As a result, you have a four-H Harvest of Happiness which is Hefty, Hearty (thought-based, not depending on circumstances), His Own, and Husband-Intimate. Of course, that makes Satan&Co. heave all kinds of hell your way, but you can handle the hassle, at that point.
  • So Your Divinely-Larger Love Alphabet On Trial, is styled the "Archegos' Bride Conducting a Developing Eternal Fulfillment Growth of Glory in His Highness' Impossibly Integrated, Integrity-Love." That's your soul in-progress, on any day you breathe.

  • Little wonder then, that the worst sin you can commit, is to not use 1Jn1:9 after you sin. So just name the sin to God and move on, Phili 3:14.
    • For all sins were paid for on the Cross,
    • so if you use 1Jn1:9, God will transform your soul.
    • If you do not,
    • you refuse the Transformation,
    • are spiritually comatose but fancy yourself holy,
    • thus you make hell for yourself and everyone else,
    • with a lot of heavy wooden garbage to be burnt up at the Bema, 1Cor3.
    • That's 99% of Christianity, historically.
    • Doesn't have to be you.
    • Greek word "adikia" means abuse-of-justice-by-a-judge, and it's the "wrongdoing" or "unrighteousness" word at the end of 1Jn1:9, of which you are purified, when you use the verse.
    • Else you are not, for you've judged yourself still holy;
    • so your self-blackening soul won't be cleaned until you use 1Jn1:9 or die, take your choice.
    • Third Reason for Invisibility covers "adikia" in more detail.
    • "Law of Double Punishment" is the subseries of 1992 Spiritual Dynamics my pastor used to teach this evil of not using 1Jn1:9.
    • Seriously: make it a habit to breathe 1Jn1:9 many times a day, even if you're not sure you've sinned.
    • Else your soul will shrink and blacken, and you won't even know how miserable you are. But everyone else, will.
So now, let's look on the bright side. Suppose you choose to grow up in God's Script? How will it play, as you age in Christ? Well, you are used to complete the Love Alphabet for everyone else, even as we saw Christ's Own A-I complete our alphabet, from Part II:
  • You are used to JUSTIFY the many who did not grow up in Him, so YOUR growth can now be in them.
  • for you are their KING.
  • used to make LUTROSIS (ransom, redemption) under Him, becoming a
  • MEDIATOR under the King of Kings, for your
  • NEPHESH was made like His, and therefore you
  • OVERCAME Satan in the Trial, just as 1 John 4:12-17 explained, as a
  • PRINCE of Peace, under THE PRINCE of Peace.
  • For like Him, you were QORBAN (3rd Reason for Royalty), so a
  • RESCUER and Redeemer of Time,
  • SANCTIFYING your Kingdom because you grew in Him, which was the
  • TELOS (completion) of the Bride Contract, John 17. Thus
  • UNIFIED in Him, you received a kingdom to memorialize the
  • VICTORY in Christ, in which your subjects will all share. So as a
  • WINNER, you get the privileges promised in Revelation 1-3, forever,
  • XARISMA, Gifted. For you said
  • YES to the Holy Spirit's growing you up, hence you become a
  • ZERA, seed for the Thinking of Christ in your own kingdom, 'fathering' their thinking forever.

See, we really sell God short with all our Brother-Foot Churchinanity. God wants EQUALS for His Son, not footmen. No fellowship with a footman. But intimate Fellowship, with a Bride. So those among us who opted to be footmen, considering themselves the more holy by opting for the low, will get what they wanted -- and be distant from Him, forever. Most of the women in a harem seldom saw their husband. Married, but oh so distant. Most of the people in a royal entourage rarely see the Royal Person of it. Depends on the intimacy, how often and how close.

Since Our Royally Invisible Spiritual Life is truly a DDNA, God's Apodoses', Learning-Love Transmutation process, then the Life's process is to be 'housed'; and within that housing, your Royally Invisible Spiritual Life experiences distinct stages of growth. So let's now examine the housing, and the growth stages.

His Seven-Faceted, Royally-Invisible Spiritual Growth 'House of Thinking'

So, then: how do we live out this spiritual life? What do we 'do' to grow up, "serve the Lord"? Should we shake tambourines and sing "Do, Lord"? Do we froth at the mouth and spout gibberish? Do we pray to merely "get" something? Do we sing hymns to get that good ol' feeling? Do we say grace because "it's expected"? Do we 'nod to God' on Sundays, like He's dirty laundry? Do we hustle? Do we trumpet the Gospel to the hostile, like pearls before swine? Do we knock on doors, stand on street corners "proclaiming Christ", to get brownie points? And then, consider ourselves good martyrs, for being scoffed at? Do we wrangle over denominations? Do we judge others? Do we feel guilty about how Christ paid for us? Do we want others to feel guilty? Do we crusade for causes, activism? Do we seek laws, so to make a 'Christian nation'? Oh no. The spiritual life we inherit from Him is none of these silly, wasteful things. Instead, we inherit the life He lived -- which had none of these stupid "works" in it. [A careful review of the Gospels reveals that Christ refused ALL of those works. Adamantly.]

Answer: we don't live out, we live IN -- Inside Him Who is Our House, our Vine, NT keyword "abide" (and many synonyms). Put simply, that means learning and living on Bible, His House of Thinking, 24/7, in God's System. This is the most common of the NT metaphors. In the early 1980's, my pastor coined the terms "Divine Dynasphere" and "His Palace" for this House, which he learned from teaching 1John's Greek. Trouble is, people don't even grasp what expressions like "house-of-thinking", or "learning and living on Bible" mean. The poetry of these Hebraistic metaphors, are obscure to those who don't know how Moses likened the Word to a house you lived in, slept in, ate in, 24/7 (Deut Chaps 6ff). You know: you might go to or even move in a house, but that doesn't mean you are FAMILIAR with that house, especially if you only stay in a few rooms, ignoring rest of Bible. Yet we've just seen that quite a lot is being done with that 'house' of Divine Information to renovate your 'soul DNA', the 'house of thoughts' you've built up over the years. We just saw that our Royally Invisible Spiritual Life 'begets' a God's Apodoses', DDNA Transmutation of our very souls being processed with five infinitives to produce four happinesses and nine Love Alphabet results.

Bigger Answer: God generates this DDNA Transmutation in you to create Abiding Togetherness aka Communion with Him. Each "Him", 2Cor13:14. For the OT folks got "You, with me!", Psalm 23:4b. But we get, "You, in Me!" It's all about Togetherness, Relationship. Period. Now God is Diamond-Quality, and we live in transparent houses, before heaven. So this House, is the Diamond of His Thinking. Again, it's good Greek rhetoric to mix metaphors. Your House is the Hardest Kind Of Stone, Diamond. But you need to learn its facets, explore it, live in it, to see its splendor and strength...

  1. Abiding FUNCTION. Greek verb usu. translated "abide" is menw (pronounced MEN-oh). Its cognate noun is used mostly as a suffix, mone (MOH-nay). The Lord uses the term in wordplay in John 14:2, very witty way to announce His Legacy (monai means dwellings, it's soundplay). It gets even more witty as He thesauretically branches into the parameters in the following verses -- for the next three chapters! Consequently, the NT's MAIN THEME is to explain how you learn to menw: meaning, to live in Him. Basically, the NT elaborates on what the Lord Himself explained in detail during the Last Supper, which we have recorded in John Chaps 14-17; and that discourse, was to show how the five sweeping contractural infinitives of Isa53:10-11 (in LXX), get DDNA-accomplished into Church.

    • Abiding: gotta pause now and go back to that last Passover, so you can see the context in which "abide" was presented as the Legacy for Church. Put yourself in 30AD, the year of that Last Supper. He knew He was going to be crucified four days later to fulfill the Passover Law, since He's the Lamb of God. Moreover, everyone at that Last Supper knew the Isaiah 53 passage, for it's the Grand Central Station of the Old Testament: it provides a rather gruesome and shameful, blow-by-blow depiction of Messiah being rejected by the Jews, and paying for sins. The language is graphic, and depicts Him being 'raped', really. So our sins would soon "abide" in Him -- and then Father would judge those sins IN Him, as well. He would be intimately 'together' with us via our sins.

      So we are in Him then, Romans 6. So He is in us -- Now, Romans 5-8. So Now you can think Bible 24/7, WWJT -- What Word Jesus Thought, Matt4:4. Any second you breathe, you draw analogy to your life that minute, to something in Bible. You solve problems with it, you eat with it, sleep with it, constantly using it like breathing in everything you think and do. That's what Christ did, as He Himself says in Matt4:4. That's what Moses told the people to do with it, in Deuteronomy 6 and 9 (represented by the tfellin, strips you bound on your head depicting Bible in your head, and on your arms, depicting Bible in your daily use of your body). It's a Lifestyle, living on Bible in God's System, and has no religious connotation whatsoever. Everyone lives according to some beliefs: these, are yours. Standards, ideas, goals, stuff you want to keep on touching, knowing, seeing: Him. So, His Thinking is codified in writing, so we can LIVE in it, walk in it, BE in it 24/7. So you practice living on Bible, and you'll be failing all the time; but also, succeeding all the time. Failure and success are always constant companions, wherever you live. So Live In Bible in God's System, 'abide' there in your thinking. And God will make that lifestyle, grow in you. That's the spiritual life!

      Here's how I do it, so you get an idea of the 'layout' of "abide". You should design your own 'layout' before the Lord, that's your Privilege as a Royal Priest Yourself. So here's the one I use, generically presented:

      • I get up. My first thoughts are toward Father, motivation for getting up, so I can get more DDNA as early as possible, that day.
      • I analyze my own to-do's, and see how Bible applies to them, to decide how to accomplish them. That's a type of Bible class, kinda like an exam. It's interesting, always something new learned in Bible itself.
      • During the day, there are many irritations and frustrations, so many temptations. So I'm always playing racquetball with them, using 1Jn1:9 a lot.
      • All day is like a conversation with Our Mutual Dad, asking questions, often "What should I be thinking now?" reasoning out answers to issues in my life toward Him, enjoying restful moments, remembering verses, thinking about doctrines I've learned. Many reminders throughout the day: true back-and-forth of dialogue, John 14:26 style.
      • If watching TV or doing menial stuff, I look for Bible themes in the activity/story. Again, more Bible class.
      • Then there's the 'formal' Bible class of the day, the formal lessons to learn now and live on the next day, under one's pastor.
      • Before bed, quiet time, talking with Him aka prayer, learning still, living on Bible still. Wine of His Thinking; for me, Remembrance -- that's the heart of communion. To be with GOD, not necessarily with people.

      Notice how it's about Life with Him via the BIBLE -- doesn't matter what denomination you are. If you think one denomination more 'spiritual' than another, well -- stay in the denomination but keep living on Bible, in case God wants to upgrade or correct what you think right before Him. It IS an issue what you think right before God: so if your own conscience is hurt by not being in a denomination you think 'right', don't violate your conscience, see what Paul says in Romans 14. Notice how that Chapter shows we can have incorrect understandings, deem things holy which are not, and vice versa; so we shouldn't stand pat on our beliefs, but keep on asking God for upgrades and corrections.

      Just be sure to stay in God's System so that any needed upgrades or corrections will occur. Else you'll slip into a fake spiritual life, even if you have the 'right answers'. For one big problem with all denominations, is that they pride themselves on having the right answers. Then the life becomes a matter of being right, rather than being with God, and your spiritual life tanks -- you'd be abiding in how right the answers are, not in God. The denomination or church ends up replacing God, even though surely that's not intended. You can tell when this happens: the person who's replacing God with his denomination or church will bristle if there's any criticism of it, will be legalistic about it, will be fixated on how right his denomination or church is, and talk about it all the time -- rather than, talking about God Himself. So such a person's not occupied with God, but with his own rightness. False abiding, therefore -- passing oneself off as holy. Notice how it doesn't matter if he's right, he's still wrong, because the wrong 'god' is being worshipped.

    • Birthed And Being Together In Him: the Lord wanted the apostles to know this in-ness would be His Legacy "out from" (birthed from) that horror, which would begin later that same evening; an evening they all knew was the true 10th of Nisan, not the nominal 14 Nisan used by the Sanhedrin who'd not yet intercalated the year. For the Lamb is set aside on the 10th of Nisan. Slain on the true 14th. So here they all are, morose; because they are eating Passover lamb on the wrong day, awaiting the Lamb of God to be captured on the right day -- THAT day. To next be slain on the nominal 18th, which that year would be the true 14th, just as the Law commands. They needed cheering up. So they got the discourse of John 14-17. [Passover corrected timeline (and related Mosaic Law to prove it) is in PassPlot.htm.]

      And what He told them was, He'd be STAYING in them. Yes, He'd be tortured, crucified, and would rise again and then leave to go to the Father. But He would Indwell them, meaning -- abide. Be in communion. But it's a two-sided thing, rapport. So the very Isa53:10-11 LXX infinitives which were and would be done to Him all the way through the Cross, they'd get as well -- after He was Seated. Hence the Vine and Branches command. A command of Togetherness. Which togetherness, is a rapport; which rapport, means like-mindedness; which like-mindedness, the Holy Spirit would produce via Scripture recall, John 14:26. Which Scripture, would be added to, the "hey kaine diatheke" as the writer of Hebrews puts it: the New Testament of His Thinking. (Heb8:10's fulfillment, illustrated as fulfilled in Heb9:15-17, then brilliantly bookended to show Church is the carrier and reciprocating, wifely-rescuer of Israel during our "Now", in Heb 10:16. Heb11:39-40 in Greek stresses our rescuer role. Part IV is dedicated to this topic, since it's the reason why Rapture kicks off the Tribulation, a contractural promise relating to how much time Israel had remaining, how her time gets rescued, due to her rejection of Messiah.)

      So He's explaining to the depressed apostles how He takes away the first (the Mosaic Law) to establish the second (His Thinking in us earthen vessels) so we can abide in Him -- forever. Oneness. Togetherness, flat. So the rest of the NT memorializes and expiates on, this Passover discourse. Because Our Lamb lives in us. So we can learn to live in Him.

      So that's another dimension of the Abiding Function, not just going through the motions of it, but Remembering What It Means. And what is that? "Christ is in me!" "You, in me!" "You, in Me!" The Third Reason for Royalty will explain this in more detail. For now, the point is this: He's REALLY IN YOU. You're not just going through the motions, all alone, on your own, it's only the world you can see and God is something like Harvey, the white invisible rabbit (movie "Harvey" starring James Stewart). It's not imaginary. Invisible yes -- God is too big to see with physical eyes. But Real, Royal, Royally Invisible. So when you think toward Father, Son and Spirit are there also. Indwelling you, just as promised the disciples. You'll come to know this well, as you mature. John 14:26 is how you get Divine Feedback or insight into your day. It's not voices and visions but a true Knowing you test with Bible -- but you won't realize that, unless you keep on keeping on in God's System. Your perceptions will be enhanced secularly, too. More about that will be said in the next section, on the growth stages. Point is, you will have understanding you will know came from God, and you can prove it's God and not the demon boys, a bad dinner, or your emotions, 'hallucinating'. But again, this growth takes time. So just keep on keeping on.

    • Compatibility With And In Christ: You 'live in' a person if you share the same thinking. If you don't share that thinking, you can be in the same room and yet be farther away than the moon. And miserable, to boot. Christianity is a relationship, an abiding. Not a religion. So the spiritual life is a spiritual growth process -- in His Thinking. The function here is to daily seek to see Him better, understand better what it is and was like, for Him to BE Him. If you want to grow fast, make this a daily habit. Just set aside a short amount of quiet time and ponder what He's like and what life for Him was like, being sure you use 1Jn1:9 as you do it. That's why Communion is a mandate, but unfortunately Christians abuse it into a social hour, and Christ is the LAST person they think about. Christ said, "Do This In Remembrance Of Me", Luke 22:19, 1Cor11:23-25 -- "Me", not other believers eyeing each other with all their fake piety. The Eucharist is designed to give you time to think about Him, only. So do that, with or without the trappings of a church function. You will grow very rapidly in the First Commandment -- the only one that fuels all other obedience, and makes obedience a happy thing, not a chore -- if you do this.

  2. Abiding DESIRE. The root idea of "menw" is STAYING: lingering, tarrying, remaining. But more than mere position, you stay (etc.), because you WANT to do so. Reluctant to leave. This is the second "flank" of menw, the desire. It's not merely gritting a thing out, functioning like some robot or resentful, confused slave. Rather, "menw" emphasizes your State Of Thinking, your REASON for staying: your thoughts occupied/staying on someone or something, essentially. So your body stays, too. Hence the verb is used for where you live and remain; for marital faithfulness; for martial loyalty; for remaining truthful. All these, connote staying despite pressure, even -- because you want to stay so very much. Hence "menw" is a very homey, marital-intimate, shared rapport; very martial-honorable term. Its cousin hupomenw (lit., to stay under) is a favorite NT keyword, and is usually translated "be patient" or "endure". Those meanings don't convey in English the ardent desire to obey or endure which the Greek has built in it. That matters, since God's goal is to build us up in His Love -- main theme of 1Jn -- not legalism, which 1Jn warns ardently against (as does all the NT). So when you see "persevere", "endure" and other words which in English have this horrible, huff-and-puff-God-is-a-Tyrant translation, look to the Greek, which is probably menw or hupomenw or a synonym, being translated.

    Love is something you train in. It's not human love, as we saw in the previous section. Love has to be LEARNED, so of course your body and soul will have urges against it. Don't feel bad about that. Your body is allergic to the Divine, product of Adam's fall. Just use 1Jn1:9 as needed and keep on trying to learn and live on Bible in God's System because you want HIM, too. Battle of the Wants, theme of Romans 7 and 8 -- that's a daily combat you will face until you die. But the Desire to Know Him will keep on increasing, right alongside all those tares of the world's wants. Two crops are growing. God harvests them both at the end, and by then you'll be mostly Wheat, totally in Love with Him, Matt 13, Luke 8:5ff.

  3. Abiding DEVELOPMENT. Note Our Archegos (Pattern, Progenitor) again: He didn't 'do' anything which made Him Our Savior. Rather, He BECAME something: The Way, the Truth, and the Life. Because He Became, and because He menw'd in the Spirit -- that Way (heh) sins could be plundered "out from the labor of His Soul" and converted into DDNA, as the prior section's five infinitives demonstrated. See, we aren't like God. We needn't feel ashamed of that. We need God to transform us, even as Christ though Perfect, also needed that. So, He voted for the Compatibility. So, we can, too. God could have just zapped Christ to make that compatibility; can just zap us to make us compatible. But Love doesn't want to do that. Love wants to stay within the corridor of choice in the love object. So, it's not at all about being good little boys and girls, about performance, but it is a struggle to change from what you are, to what you want to be. That's true even secularly. So it takes God's Power to transmute you to be like Him -- a power you Vote for Him to use, since He won't coerce. And you'd want to vote, not to be a good little boy or girl -- but because you want to know Him better. Because you want Him. Just Him. God will make that happen as you vote. As you'll see below, it's a gradual process which takes decades -- took Christ Himself 30 years -- not unlike physical or mental maturation in its timelines. So it's okay that it's hard. The thing is to keep on voting for it by living in God's System, Philippians 3:14!

    Notice how Abiding Function and Abiding Desire combine to produce Abiding Development. You can't vote without information. You can't vote FOR something you don't believe in. So from all that Abiding Function, you have information which the repetition makes easier to remember; and obviously your Abiding Desire has been building also, since to repeat the Function, you had to Desire that. So here, Development results, again gradually -- but you vote for more. That's why Phili 3:14's keep on keeping on is so important. The Greek is lumbering (note the accent marks for the plodding nature of the stress): katá skopón diókw, eis tó Brabéion, tes ánw klésews -- tou theóu! en Christoi Iésou! Sounds like a tramping soldier, right? Yep. True Spirituality is a plodding. Notice how the exclamation comes at the end. Spiritual profit is back-ended, long downtime, huge payoff. After all, when you buy a house, you don't get the profit on all those mortgage payments -- until you move OUT!

  4. Abiding PLUNDER. So our Royally Invisible Spiritual Growth Pattern -- is His. So our spiritual growth structure parallels His Own. Those five infinitives we saw at the beginning of this First Main Characteristic of Invisibility, all act like a Circle Of Plunder:
    • the sins imputed and judged in Him being made plunder IN Him;
    • then Him being plundered to make us;
    • then Him being plundered for His Thinking On the Cross,
    • which became the NT, as Paul wittily notes in his threaded Head-and-Body book, 1Cor (English masks Paul's wordplay, cuts God's head off).
    • Then there are the financial take-offs from Isa53:12, which the NT incessantly repeats (covered over in translation, often): plunder booty deposit wealth riches glory gold silver precious stones hope love clothing housing food drink wine water. Well, every word which depicts something material man hankers after, is used as a metaphor signifying His Thinking. Yeah, and it's true!
    • Most remarkably, the share of teaching a pastor gets for his own congregation is also tied to the plundering in Isa53:12, using "metron.. merous" (meros means a part of a whole, and metron means an allotment, both are financial meanings). You'll see variations of that phrase used to incorporate Isa53:12 by reference in John 3:34, 7:39, Eph4:7, 16 and Rom12:3 and elsewhere (lexicons like Thayer's and Bauer, Danker, list the salient verses). The phrase specifically ties to "merizw" in the LXX of Isa53:12 -- an apportioning of PLUNDER. So when you see "every spiritual blessing.. in the Beloved" in Ephesians 1,
    • and Christ's Love-Thinking depicted as a HOUSE in both Eph3:15-19 and 1Jn4:12-16, well -- would you be surprised, anymore?

    Because the spiritual life is back-ended, the realization that you are plundering Riches of His Thinking -- which Plunder is your Inheritance in Him -- takes some time to recognize. You begin doing it from spiritual childhood forward, simply because you're living in God's System -- but that fact it doesn't register as valuable, it registers as a 'chore', a thing you are supposed to 'do'. Children do chores, not knowing why they are valuable. So it takes time to see how RICH you are becoming. However, if you use the five infinitives in the previous section to solve problems, analyse life's situations, you will begin to see the fifth one -- dikaiow, Perfecting Justification -- which completes this Circle of Plunder.

    As you practice using those infinitives in your life, you'll speed comprehension of the FACT of this wealth. Our God is a God of Wealth. Wealth means responsibility, which you want because you love spending everything on Him. Every other use of wealth ends up being disappointing. So your Abiding Function and Abiding Desire lead to an Abiding Development of an Abiding Plunder which you might not see happening, for some years. But again, if you practice asserting, analysing or problem-solving with the five infinitives, you'll see that Plunder much sooner. I need instant gratification, because it's stupid that God should have to see me be a human: remembering those five infinitives, is how I get it. He's DDNA-doing to me what pleases Father, and that's how I get through the next minute of any day. So it works, to use those infinitives and thus see the Abiding Plunder.

  5. Abiding VICTORY. Whoa. Even though we are fallen, we get this so-ROYAL spiritual life? Yes. For that is the Trial Issue: can we fallen humans grow up in the same spiritual life as His, since not even the angels got it? We saw the nine-member Love Alphabet. This is a six-member Trial Alphabet, and both alphabets play in our lives, to see if we know our Spiritual ABC's. Notice the tug-of-war quality to the Trial Alphabet, in what follows. Due to that tugging, you begin to see the Abiding Plunder. Ironic, that it takes Combat to see what you've won already.

    • Absolute Unity: more than anything else -- even more than saving us, which consternated Satan to no end, in Matt4 -- Jesus the Christ wanted to be One with Father in His Humanity (also stated in John 17). Really, look at it from His View: He's already God, but His Humanity is limited. The very Hypostatic Union Nature of His would make this desire for Oneness the Absolute Driving Motive of His Human Life. Should have driven Him utterly mad, to be One Person with Both Natures, one of which was limited. So here, as you mature spiritually, it will get much harder to tolerate being human, living in this world. The fantasies about what life means down here will gradually fade away, and baby one day you wake up and see it's all a farce. That's a PLUNDER sign. For the world didn't change, YOU did. You got Bigger in your soul, closer to His 'size'. So the struggle for unity with Him becomes harder, yet your Abiding Function, Desire, Development and now Recognition of Plunder -- are stronger for it. You won't feel like a victor, you'll feel vanquished, but you will come to see the Plunder value of your now-bigger-soul, just the same.

    • Bridal Legacy: He wanted us to get that same Oneness He has with Father, John 17. Thus via God's Script in God's System, we get to be DDNA-transformed, just as He was. But the purpose isn't performance: it's Love. Togetherness, flat. No barriers, as Paul notes at the end of Romans 8. Oneness is the reason, not works. This too, is a PLUNDER sign, on the Victory side. For the longest time, the Christian thinks that his relationship with God (and therefore people) should be and is based on "performance". It's not. We constantly fret over our performance, hence looks and possessions, in an effort to be 'approved', 'loved'. But real love even of the human kind, isn't based on anything but one soul to another soul. You either 'connect' or do not, and all the 'goodies' are just excuses -- or ways to mask incompatibility. So here your motive for keeping on, and more -- your recognition of God's Love for you -- becomes distinctly intimate, just for its own sake. Just Him. This is where all that Abiding Function "C" for communtion remembrance, pays off. It changes how you think about Him, for now you actually know Him, and He's not the common claptrap character of Sugar Daddy or Petty Judge Churchinanity paints Him to be. So the Relationship grows much more intimate here. That is a Plundering. That is a Victory.

    • Conflict And Competition: so we can toss out all the competing religious nonsense pandered by the human race, right now: that garbage only transforms us into the character of its author, Satan (see Part II's "the Fall" link section). Nothing more evil than religion. Nothing more evil than anything which aims to be on par or substitute for knowledge of God, 2Cor10:4-6, a passage vilely mistranslated to show you the evil of religion. The subject of the three verses is the WEAPONS (Greek word "hoplan") of the Word, verse 4, a plural -- you know, Swords of the Word, machaira and romphaia, OT metaphors which the Lord Himself uses often in the Gospels and in Revelation? So Paul is not the subject of the verses. Verses 5-6 are thus egregiously mistranslated, making it look like Paul is an avenger, when instead he's describing the Power of the Word Weapons in Your Soul's Many Conflicts, finally defeating all the disobedient thoughts in You. There are no "we" verbs in those verses, the Greek text plainly shows The Weapons Do The Work! That's why Paul switches to dramatic participles, an Attic Greek drama rhetorical style which graphically depicts the defeats 'received' by the objects The Weapons are used on! Oh well, God's Head gets chopped off yet again in translation, and man just has to put his head where God's was. That's religion for ya.

        This is a Plunder sign, too, and you are indeed aware of it. Here, you get a great deal of satisfaction putting down your old hangups about God and the nature of the Relationship. So the Victory here becomes really obvious. Of course, those around you who still buy those false ideas, well -- you'll be tempted to battle them, as well. Not good. God will spank you for that. Battle your own demons while living in God's System: leave God to handle the other people Himself.

    • Demonic Opposition: of course, Satan doesn't want us to know how powerful menw'ing in the Word is. As noted earlier, Satan doesn't believe we puny believers will ever "finish the [marathon race] course" of Royally Invisible, Spiritual Growth to Pleroma Maturity, Eph4:13's finish line. Satan thinks the Lord's being Perfect somehow 'rigged the deck' and made Him win. So, Father is out to show otherwise. By showing off His First-Born Son, by DDNA replicating His Mind in us. One (agreed) 'love-deposit' at a time! No intelligence or other handicap of any kind matters. Not at all. For Christ didn't use His Humanity to 'assist'. The Holy Spirit ran the Whole Thing. So if His Humanity didn't factor in the success but was rather just as advertised, a mere shell, a Lamb -- then it does not matter that we have old sin natures, limited intelligence, et cetera ad nauseam. The humanity was never used, and is never used -- then, or now. So Satan will do all he can to mask what constitutes the Real Nature of this Invisible Spiritual Life, which is life in God's System, learning and living on Bible -- especially, by sponsoring as much demon influence to mistranslate and misteach Bible, as he can muster. So we are all targets; all of us will sometimes or even often mistake Bible's meaning, because we are all under attack from time to time. No need to be embarrassed or put down the other guy. For any of us can become casualties, overnight.

        The Plunder sign here is almost immediate, but as in the Plunder of Absolute Unity, you don't recognize it for what it is. Closest analogy is to high school: people made fun of students who actually learned something in the classes, calling them "nerds" and other not-nice names. That, because it was only "cool" to want whatever bugged your parents -- here, NOT learning. It's not until long after graduation -- say, at a reunion 10 years later -- that you see the nerds with the money and prestige, and the mockers, twice-divorced or some other misery. Much more true in the spiritual life, you won't see how SUPERIOR it is, until you come across other Christians who maybe mocked you or others, for persisting in it. Temptation will be to get cocky or try to 'help' them. Talk to God a lot during this discovery-of-your-Plunder phase, for it's a nettlesome fact, in adulthood. That's when you begin to see how rich you are. That's when Demon Opposition rises, too. Satan&Co. have no time for children. But they will FIND time for you -- then.

    • Enabling By Spirit, Ejects The Opposition: so notice, being Filled with the Spirit is the most important -- and only enabling -- function you can have. Worst sin, is to refuse to use 1Jn1:9. Worst sin, is to do something on your own. Because then you are becoming like Satan. It's always and only Satan's power or God's. No middle ground "then" in the Garden with the two trees; and no middle ground in the Trial "Now". Still the same two trees, really: the world's, or -- the Cross. The Plunder sign here is that you begin to realize the Power of the Spirit, for as you age in Christ, The Bible begins to make more sense, than the world does. If you keep on living in God's System, you'll see better and better as you age. And for awhile, you'll not recognize it's the Spirit doing that to you, rather than your own smarts. When you become a spiritual adult, Abiding Plunder here will keep you growing. The cockiness of finally SEEING will tempt you to crusade, etc. on your own. Big mistake. So the earlier you try to spot this Plunder sign of HIM doing it TO you, the better prepared you'll be when the cockiness sets in.

    • Fake Piety And False Doctrine Expose Real Hatred: the weirdest thing about folks' reaction to the Gospel is that they are insulted. They view the Gospel as some kind of slur against them, as if the proper criterion for getting into heaven ought to be how good a person you are. They don't recognize that our puny nature is utterly detestable (even to us, lol) -- and it's a medical problem, due to sin, since we reject God. Love won't override rejection. They also don't recognize that if you turn down what is free by the One Who Made Your Soul, well -- how good can you be? Shouldn't someone who gave you the gift of life and freely supports your life -- after all, God can zap you any second, and you'd not exist! -- shouldn't that Someone get paid something? And can you, a mere object of creation, pay anything? Nor are you expected to, since the Gospel is that Christ Paid. So just believe in Him and be forever saved. Now, think: how evil does a person have to be, to reject that information? Would you be a good person if you rejected a no-strings prize of a million bucks? Isn't being forever in heaven worth more than a million bucks, since you will never have to work -- forever? So what's this weird reaction of insult? Where's the slur in the Gospel? I see Love there, John 3:16, Rom5:8, many other passages. So if someone sees 'hate' there -- who is doing the hating? Not God.

      Your average 'Christian' idea of spirituality is just as hateful, always cutting God's head off in 'translating' either the Word or the life. Work work work WE WE WE WE WE do -- never what GOD does. Sickening. Click here to review just how sickening, just how successful Satan has been in replacing God with his own idols, in "God is Not a Magic Doll", godnotmag.htm.

      So the world, hates. So whose idea is better -- the hating world's, with its unending hypocrisy of masked hatred, preening over its good deeds and then stabbing the good-deeders in the back (read up on Belsarius and Stilicho in the Roman Empire) -- or God's Loving Gospel and subsequent Heb4:12 surgery?

      Ok, what was the point of the above digression? Oh, huge: the Biggest Plunder Sign is that you have come to Love GOD, the hallmark characteristic of spiritual adulthood. So all the above fake piety will trap you, because you'll think you need to 'do something for God' to express your Love -- and you'll think you don't love God, if you don't do that stuff. That's a reciprocity motive, which is also endemic in the hating world. The world demands reciprocity its own way, and the demand stems from hatred, not love. But you now beginning to Love, so will be attracted to the world's demands, because to you, they mean Love. But they don't mean love. You can tangle yourself up in knots here. So that's your Plunder sign, that you ARE so attracted, due TO wanting God. So now you have yet another Plunder Index of your spiritual advance. But resist the urge to 'do something' other than keeping on in God's System. Talk to God constantly about any reciprocity motive you have, lest you cave into the world's alleged 'reciprocity' which is in fact evil, substituting for learning God with one's works. Remember Matt4? Satan tempted Christ with good deeds -- because, the Lover of Us All wanted so BADLY to help us. So guess what will happen to you, who are now a 'dividend' of Him? The same dang thing. Plunder index, baby -- when you are tempted to do good deeds because you need an outlet to express Love for God, then you've arrived. Very messy. The pressure is intense from that point, forward. Hurry up and wait, sit still, study Him -- that's the spiritual life.

      So these six members of the Trial Alphabet, designed to derail your spiritual life, only serve to act as eyeglasses so you can see the Plunder. After all, the objective of the Trial is to plunder you, rather than allow you to plunder the riches of Your Archegos, and grow BrideWorthy. Hence these Plunder signs all constitute a kind of Victory index you can use to see that hey -- I'm growing! So you keep on doing what you did to get you to this place. If Abiding in Function, Desire, Development, Plunder got you to be Abiding in Victory, keep on doing what you were doing. Then all of these Abidings will grow further. Again, it won't necessarily feel good. But you can know it's true, and that is satisfying, whatever your other feelings. Always the wheat and the tares. Fields growing wheat also have weeds, bugs, smells, and lots of nasty stuff. And the wheat needs all that nasty stuff, to grow. So do you.

  6. Abiding INTIMACY. So, we all get His Same Life, because growing up in That Life makes us 'Fit Bride': which FATHER wants for His Beloved SON. So we can be Intimately Together with Him forever. Now you know why there are literally hundreds of "in Him" verses in the New Testatment. That's clever Bible shorthand to (inter alia) incorporate by reference, the Vine and Branches explanation of John 15 (which obviously was known before John penned that chapter). Having gone through Abiding in Victory, you become much more aware of what it was like for Christ when He was down here. So your intimate understanding and hence rapport with Him, grows. This is the ultimate goal of the Christian life, to See Through His Eyes. This becomes a kind of constant understanding, the more you age spiritually. You seek to make parallels, 'rehearse' what He'd think in your own circumstances, to identify better with Him. At first this seeking is intermittent, but it becomes more an issue and a question mark in your mind, developing in strength over time. It becomes an all-consuming focus ON Him in maturity, Phili 1:21.

  7. Abiding COMPATIBILITY. Your new spiritual nature is therefore the opposite of the OT folks', who were stuck with seeing Him 'at a distance', Num24:17, Matt13:17, Luke 10:24, 2Cor3:1-18, 1Pet1:10-12. So your spiritual life is not based on the OT, as we saw in the "Synopsis" section. You don't even get the same "race" of human spirit as other believers "Then" or "Later". "Now" believers get a uniquely-coalescing human spirit, akin to how the woman was exactly matched to Adam. In short: we're all spiritually-designed to exactly fit the Christ. So, like Him, we are Indwelt by the Trinity, Filled (until we sin, ergo 1Jn1:9's importance), etc.

    As shown in Part II and even more in this Part III's Third Reason for Invisibility, the Mosaic Law wasn't 'big enough' to develop Him, because the Cross was His Task. So His Human Spirit from the get-go had to be bigger than the Mosaic Law's system of spirituality, could develop. So our human spirits at salvation, must be tailored to fit His Own. And, they are: Paul exults about this in 2Cor5:17, with the Greek words "kaine ktsis". Those words mean "new-in-species creation!" as my pastor likes to translate them. Not just new in time. He is a Unique Spiritual Species, and we are of that same species. And from it, we are to Grow Into Fit Bride: an Esther, corporately.

    Birds can fly, but horses cannot. Horses can pull huge loads, but birds cannot. Each species has special abilities which make it unique, so obviously the species are not equal. Nor are individuals within a species equal, though they have the same 'building blocks' by nature. By contrast, we start equal to each other in spiritual nature, since we all have the potential destiny of King (a main theme in Galatians, 2Cor5). So our like-kind spiritual nature, requires special spiritual food to grow up the way God intended: His Thinking. However, we won't equally grow up in His Thinking, because we won't equally choose to grow up in it. So we won't be equal down here, nor in eternity, either. But while down here, any decision made, can be reversed. So the only reason we don't remain equal spiritually, is due to differentials our free choices: how much and how often do we choose God's DDNA Apodoses, in lieu of our own? How often do we keep living on God's Script in God's System? You are what you choose, in God's Plan. Period.

    Again, "Compatibility-of-Thinking is God's Goal: 'sons'. It's never about anything else." That's why we get the same five infinitives happening to us, as happened to Christ. That Circle of Plunder results in Compatibility. But, we can choose how much Eternal Compatibility we want, even as down here we can choose to become or not become, compatible with people around us. So: if the sons don't end up being of equal compatibility, they end up being ranked, John 14:1-2. That's inequality. But the only thing bad about inequality is its incompatibility with your own nature. In heaven, everyone is suited to what they are, and especially because they chose to be what they became. God provided all the tools and the power: we chose unequally to use what He provided. So the results are unequal. Bristle about that all you like, down here. But up there, you'll see the justice and happiness of such a structure. And if you grow up to become a King as is your God-provided destiny to refuse, you will love throwing yourself down for your kingdom. No preening, in heaven: preening is boring, 1Cor1:31, 2Cor10:17, 12:9. So all the preening down here, is laughable -- up there. No one 'up there' enjoys lording it over someone else, because Our Lord Threw Down His Life for us. That's everyone's idea of maximum enjoyment, to throw self down -- up there (i.e., in Rev4:10-11). Just the opposite of life down here.

    So what was the point of that digression? To explain what you'll face vis á vis people you know and see in the world, versus your own growing compatibility level with Him. It becomes extremely painful to see loved ones and others elect incompatibility. Husbands and wives who don't equally love to learn God, grow apart. Same, for other members of the family or friends, i.e., Luke 12:53 (context begins in v.49). You will eventually have to choose between keeping peace with those near you, or growing up further in Christ. Compatibility is always a decision, in God's Plan. The world largely refuses to give up its claimed moralities of being compatible with people, in favor of being compatible with God. So abiding or not abiding here, will be the true test of your life. Bible is full of data on this subject: turn almost anywhere in the Gospels, you'll see the Lord talking about it. It's no exaggeration to say that maturity arrests for most people, over the compatibility issue, for you CAN'T serve both God and "mammon" (meaning the world's ideas of good, not merely money). James 4:4 throws down the gauntlet, Romans 8 and Galatians 5 explain why that enmity, and there's no way around it. You will be most tested on this VII of Abiding. It hurts. Only Love for Christ which you Developed from Abiding Function and Abiding Desire, while staying under the Spirit (1Jn1:9 used), will be sufficient power to carry you.

So these, the Seven Facets of your House of His Thinking, Your Diamond House -- each 'room', gets polished. It often hurts, it's messy, just as it is in any renovation of a secular home while you still live in it. Especially, since you live in a Diamond House, which is the Hardest Stone, so needs the Hardest Polishing, Isa52:13-14. That High-low Decree of God for His Son, is extended to us. We go through High-low, because the divergence between them, stretches, enlarges the soul. So the Diamond, actually Grows. Obviously this Diamond is not like any kind you find in nature. So as it grows, it goes through yet more renovation, as the hookups to make the whole house 'run', must be made. Like adding additions to a secular home, these are also messy, and you can't wait until it's all over. But it's never over. It just keeps on getting bigger and a new round of renovations begins, Eph4:23. Because, God is Infinite. So at some point in maturity, you learn to reconcile the fact that this is a never-ending process. Those five infinitives never stop. God loves doing them. Once you've matured enough, you'll be glad the house never ends its renovating. For by then, you'll come to love the process, too.

Overview of the Spiritual Maturation Process

1Cor13:13's "Faith" (childhood), "Hope" (adulthood), and "Love" (maturity, aka "Pleroma")

Use the videos and text below to help you get a hands-on grasp of the real spiritual growth process you'll go through, as you age (or retrogress) in Christ. The spiritual-maturation diagnostics begin with the fourth video in the list. The last one, shows you what to avoid. You can download the clearer originals of these videos: links are in their video descriptions on Youtube.

Click here for SMP.doc, which the videos use. It's a Word.doc, a set of six flowcharts: one per stage of Spiritual Maturation plus a generic overview chart. Videos basically talk you through the charts. They are color-coded for comparison and are easy to understand. You should be able to diagnose your spiritual maturation level within 10-15 minutes(?), even before you read what follows.

This is the ENTIRE POINT of being alive. To grow up in Christ. Nothing you are in human eyes, not even your own eyes, matters. Living really is Christ, far better than anything else you'd ever dream of being. But you won't learn and enjoy that fact, unless you mature spiritually. Most Christians, do not.

Only my pastor has taught the stages of spiritual maturation, and alone has taught the Pleroma stage, so far as I know; one can't find material like this on the internet, except through pastors who also learned the material under him. By contrast, the material on the House, DDNA, the five infinitives, 4 Happinesses and God's Love Alphabet is a repackaging I did, indirectly derived from his 1985 Ephesians and 1992 Spiritual Dynamics series. So what follows below on spiritual maturation, is synthesized from what he taught in those series; so at times I must use his terminology (since there's no one else). Thus you can audit his own material for Biblicity, as suits your inclination. [I try to avoid using his terminology because his material should be heard for itself, and I do not wish to sound like a parrot. That same respect should be accorded any pastor. However, there are occasions where a pastor's terminology is best used, i.e., so you can audit it yourself; and above all, if there seem to be no other pastors who teach the same subject matter. It just so happens in this case that the pastor in question, is my own. Hence his terminology will be stated as his, but with my description, and of course you'd thus be cautioned not to take my statements as accurately representing what he says, but would verify them yourself. These websites are for brainstorming purposes only. Teaching Bible is a very different discipline.]

Okay, now that we've seen Our Abiding-in-Him 'House of His Thinking', it's time to look at the vicissitudes of Our Royally Invisible Spiritual Growth. Life "in Him" is a progressive Spiritual Maturation which God does to you as you vote to keep on keeping on God's Script in God's System. The structure for this maturation which we've seen thus far:

  • Your House of His Thinking has these seven 'rooms': Abiding Function, Desire, Development, Plunder, Victory, Intimacy, and Compatibility.
  • Within the House, you receive Divinely-verbal processing upon your soul, to manufacture DDNA multiplication and God's Apodoses' usage: katharizw (purification), aphairew (plunder), deiknumi (publishing), plassw (produce by sculpting), dikaiow (perfecting/justifying).
  • Think of these verbs as the 'electrical structure' of the House; as you learn and use Bible in God's System, you're using the 'electricity' of them. So they both BUILD the electrical structure ever further, and they provide the actual power, the meanwhile. 1Jn1:9 uses katharizw to tell you the power's not on, if you're not using it. So you'd be in the dark.
  • Again, the Holy Spirit runs the entire House. You just live in it, Eph2:10.
  • The Spirit causes these verbs to also create all the House 'furniture, food, clothing, money', etc. -- since Word is likened to every material thing man needs, in Bible.
  • So, these five infinitives also create a growing four-sided contentment within the House, which means you progressively Enjoy Living in the House. This contentment is progressively Hefty, like His; Hearty, thought-based (not emotional); His Own Kind of Happiness, which is Absolute in character, independent of circumstances; and Husband-Intimate, a contentment progressively related directly and exclusively to, with and in, Him -- because as you mature, you see come to see Him IN that House and live with Him in it, Eph3:15-19.
  • So the House, the verbs, and the growing happinesses of dwelling in it, all result in a nine-member coalition of spiritual maturation in God's Love Alphabet. As you mature, these members link up to form a cohesive whole sentence, no longer disparate letters: "Archegos' Bride Conducting a Developing Eternal Fulfillment Growth of Glory in His Highness' Impossibly Integrated, Integrity-Love".

    Complex, huh. So now you know another reason why only God can mature you and make you like His Son. Consequently, from salvation forward it's only about growing up in God's Love within His House, just like Paul says in Eph3:15-19, like John says (parallelling Paul in reverse order) in 1Jn4:12-17. So if you turn out the lights (sin), then use 1Jn1:9 to switch them on. Note well: works, ritual, and all that stuff which passes for Christianity, are all outside the House. For the House is Immaterial, housing your soul: we are behind the veil with Christ, theme of Hebrews 6 (last half), 9, 13:10; anything outside That House will not go with you to heaven. So only what's inside the house, will go with you when you die. Now you know why the Lord called learning and living on Bible, "true riches", Luke 16:11. (My pastor likes to call it "The Edification Complex of the Soul", a description which sometimes portrays this House differently, because his metaphorical structure is different. But you can see even from the above Bible verses and John Chapters 14-17, that there IS a house in which you must mature spiritually.)

So as you grow up in God's House of Thinking, you are being progressively weaned off from the world's ways of thinking, and instead weaned into Son's Thinking. Therefore, you go through a protracted and messy switchover in both Viewpoint and Focus. Viewpoint, from the human/worldly viewpoints, to God's. Focus, from being on self, people, earthly stuff to -- Christ Himself, exclusively. It's no exaggeration to say that the biggest benefit of the spiritual life is to come to the point where you see Christ 24/7 with every breath you take, Phili 1:21. Maturity is always a progressive switchover in viewpoint and focus from the childish preoccupations with self, people and things, to the larger issues of life itself, even humanly. If you're a king or President of the United States, you have no personal life. Everything is the job. So how much more, if we are in training to be Kings Under Christ, will our own Royally Invisible Spiritual Maturation shift out from the tiny-mindedness which characterises Christianity, into the Big-Mindedness of God's Perspective?

    So obviously it takes decades to mature spiritually. The meanwhile, the experiential end of this weaning-off-the-world and weaning-into-His-Thinking, plays amazingly like its psychological counterpart, with a lot of the same behaviors and motivations, i.e,
    • Christians drooling "I love Jesus" and singing their many songs, having their petty fights -- are just like toddlers cooing and crying.
    • Christians bludgeoning each other with Bible verses and telling others how to live, stressing good deeds -- are just like teenagers, with the same ego need to fit in.
    • Yet here's the big exception: you can be physically age 80, but age 5, spiritually.
    • There is NO connection between physical age and spiritual age, because the latter process is SUPERnatural, not natural.
    • Only living on God's Script in God's System will mature you spiritually.

    Yet if the spiritual maturation process doesn't proceed in tandem with your psychological maturation, eventually your spiritual IMmaturity will erode whatever psychological maturity you once had. This, because we truly lost our brains at salvation. It's the reverse of what happened to Adam: he died spiritually, so lost his connection to God, so couldn't use the information he had, prior. So too, being born spiritually, we can't use our prior life's ideas to mature in Christ. That's why we need a DDNA transformation: there is much to UNlearn. So the spiritual birth and its life, is a real change which in many ways acts like yet is antithetical to, human secular maturation; but since the spiritual life is Royally Invisible, we don't know all that until we've matured in His House. So, just as Adam tried to access his pre-Fall information and insanely concluded figleaves, fear, and accusation from it all, so we too will keep on reaching back to secular information, and draw wrong conclusions. We are indeed all brainouts, at salvation -- so if we don't get in the habit of living on the Holy Spirit's Brains, we will become retards, even psychologically.

    By contrast, genetic retardation is mere biology, and unless too severe, it's no hindrance to spiritual maturation; brain-damaged people in my own congregation learned Bible as well as I did; and my pastor now has Alzheiemer's, which wrecks the brain -- apparently he can't even read now, so obviously can't study the Bible which he used to read in Hebrew and Greek, teaching it all to us that way -- but you know what? My pastor can still think spiritually. I myself have been in situations where I am barely conscious, yet 1Jn1:9 (which I even remember when dreaming), Scriptural recall and use is no problemo, gringo. That, Because the Power Source is Not Human. So God Provides The Power, That House Is Real And Lasting, just as Christ promised it would be (Matt7:24, Luke 6:48) -- and It Works. Even if the rest of you, can't. In fact, anyone who learns Bible in God's System becomes noticeably (and unevenly) smarter secularly, as well -- I've seen that happen, too. It goes with the territory, you need some secular upgrading to accompany the real purpose, spiritual maturation. If you need a higher IQ, you'll get that (gradually); if memory, you'll get that (John 14:26 stresses the memory faculty); if some talent, you'll get that. I can testify to that, too: a foreign language I'd learned or stuff I'd forgotten 20 years prior said in Bible class suddenly comes to mind, right when I need to remember -- but don't ask me what I had for breakfast! Point is, The House Works. Just as advertised, in the Bible.

    Accordingly, Spiritual Maturation impacts soul and body maturation positively if it is happening, but negatively, if it is not. Again, there is no natural connection between the two, but when you are saved, the spiritual impacts the secular for better and for worse.

    Important Caveat: if you started spiritual growth in physical adulthood, you will have adult expectations of what is really a child's stage; you will either fancy yourself spiritually older than you are, because you have an adult's vocabulary and viewpoint in other ways; or you will become frustrated with yourself when you don't see the 'progress' you would expect from an adult. Additionally, we are all 'mature', 'adolescent', and 'childish' on any given doctrine, so our maturation is uneven. So a physical adult who sees himself not learning or growing as fast as he expects, will be prone to guilt, etc. This is unnecessary, but it will happen anyway. Helps a lot to realize that the two types of growth, spiritual and natural-human, are similar in characteristics, but totally divorced, else; since the Holy Spirit alone accomplishes spiritual growth, the physical adult can relax over his own yet-childish, spiritual needs. It's okay! What a great day that is, when you know it's really OK to be of so divergent a spiritual age! The only thing that's NOT "okay", is to quit using 1Jn1:9 or be under your own God-appointed pastor. If you like self-torture, do one of those two, and you'll get the spanking of your life.

    Second Important Caveat: If your learning Bible and your Abiding Desire to Learn God for Himself don't keep up with each other, your spiritual life is toast. My pastor called this "mutual flanks" in his year 2000 Bible classes (also in 1988). Idea comes from parallel lines of troops, such as in the summer of 1944, when the parallel lines formed after D-Day didn't stay close enough, so the Germans escaped through the breach and the war lasted a year longer. The Bible you learn is one "line" and your Desire to Know God, is the other. It's real easy to focus on either Bible learning OR the Desire, and thus miss the other. DDNA2.htm covers this problem. Point is, Christians get so puffed up about learning Bible that it ceases to be about learning God, and instead becomes a matter of ego-patting. At that point, your spiritual life is toast. Learning Bible is to Develop Love for God, Roman 5:5. If that's not happening, don't even bother studying. Conversely, the Feel-God crowd effectively spurn learning Bible, in favor of their emotions, so they thump Bible or blubber Bible verses, learning nothing. Their spiritual lives are toast, too. Always monitor your motive for learning Bible and don't dismiss the need to be a serious student. Bible study requires the discipline of the highest academic honor, without the pompousness. [Man prides himself on what he knows. Don't know why that would be something to preen over -- it's the knowledge that's worthy, never the knower of it -- but Pompousness Masked is a problem in all the sciences, and especially in the hallowed halls of Bible 'learning'.]

That's the gist of the overview. Now let's get into its subdivisions and benchmarks you'll need to track your Royal progress or -- ahem -- regress. My pastor divides spiritual growth into 8-9 classifications, denoted by what he calls "Problem-Solving Devices", some of which also are Bible-thinking Stages Of Spiritual Maturation: I'll subdivide this First Reason into his classifications. Other pastors classify them somewhat differently; but all these come from Bible, no matter whose nomenclature.

1Cor13:13's "Faith" (childhood), "Hope" (adulthood), and "Love" (maturity, aka "Pleroma")
    Bible itself subdivides spiritual maturation into childhood, adulthood, and maturity (i.e., in 1Jn); but also, by characteristic thinking patterns, as in 1Cor13:13.
  • The Spiritual Child's Thinking, is characterised by "faith". [In the immediate passage context, it's also a moniker for the lower OT style of spiritual living, since Paul is trying to show that the visible gifts won't compare to His Head Completed in Writing (Jer31:31-34 referenced, still-future, since Canon wasn't yet completed in Paul's day).]
  • The Spiritual Adult's Thinking, is characterized by "hope": Greek "elpis" has a very different meaning from English, so elpis would be better rendered "confidence" or "confident expectation" throughout Bible.
  • Spiritual Maturity has its own special Bible vocabulary, "teleios" and "pleroma" -- these are usually fuzzily-translated "end" and "filled", respectively, but sometimes a translator recognizes their perfecting-contract and "filled-as-in-fully-pregnant" meanings which the Greek includes. More about those terms will be explained in the Spiritual Maturity section, below.
  • In 1Cor13:13, Spiritual Maturity Thinking is denoted by the term "Love": Greek word "agape" always and only denotes GOD's Love (always truncated to mere "love" in translations, thus cutting God's Head off and confusing millions of people). [In the immediate passage context, it referred to the completion of Canon, since Paul made a cute reference to the Head using huperbole in 1Cor12:31. Idea was that the gifts were temporary, pending completion of the Head in Writing.]

    So in 1Cor13:13, you see the Maturation Process, how God means to grow you: by abiding in His Son, menw'ing in His Love Complex, His Diamond House; which is to say, learning and then living on His Thinking in God's System. Notice how it has zippo to do with works, denominations, how right or 'scriptural' you or someone else is; has nothing to do with crusading, potlucks, church attendance, giving out the Gospel or all the other substitutes for learning Him which Satan's Churchinanity panders. [Fake Church in Rev17 seeks to look like God's Book, so uses God's Provision -- to kill God's people. Very effective. When learning Word is given short shrift, when man is stressed, when the typical Bible translations are taught instead of the Inspired Word -- you're looking at fake Christianity. Matt7, by the teaching fruits you know who are Satan's people. That's 99% of Christians in every generation. Israel before her had the same problem. So we are all in this trap together. Hence the need for God's System, and living in it -- especially, living on 1Jn1:9, thinking toward God as much as possible, and getting under your own God-appointed right pastor, to avoid the many landmines.]

    As you Royally and Invisibly Grow Spiritually, your Viewpoint and Focus can be distinguished, thusly:

  • Spiritual Childhood: marked by growing in "Faith" -- Bible Doctrine, and your belief in it. This is a gushy stage, and very charming to witness. Most any 'Christian' chat channel is full of spiritual children. Of course, Christians who have been too long in this stage are not so charming, yet they're present, too.
  • Spiritual Adulthood, which begins by your having "Hope": Confidence in Word. That initially too-cocky confidence gets spanked; it finally settles down and grows into Absolute Certainty; the meanwhile, Your Focus Shifts to God Himself; so then follows
  • Spiritual Maturity, which is hallmarked by "Love" -- God's Own Attribute of Love, which began developing from the growing "hope". This takes awhile, as Divine Love is alien to the human race. It is multidimensioned; in some ways, you become a child all over again, much like a person newly in love. You do truly "fall in love" with God here, so it's a problemmatic stage. All the 'tares' of human love must mature first, so you can grow past them; human ideas about "love" must be replaced with God's Apodoses about what Real Love is; so you might 'plateau' for awhile. Just keep on keeping on in God's System. As that Love for God grows, it gradually coalesces into Occupation with Christ, so
  • Pleroma begins sometime in Spiritual Maturity: Focus on Christ. At this point you are entered into the Trial as Witness for the Prosecution, God. Divine Love is a FOCUS, not an emotion. So "Love for Christ" is a Focus, an Absoluteness; never a feeling, though your body will react with a gamut of feelings due to your soul's reactions. Love=Focus on Him functionally means that you define everything in terms of Him as a habitual way of thinking, almost without effort; born of long practice, it's a reflex, an instinctive way of thinking, not an emotion. Again, "Pleroma" means "fullness" in the sense of pregnancy, i.e., in Eph3:19 and 4:13 (the latter tying back to Isa53:11, how He became pregnant with our sins and thus birthed our salvation). So that's why you enter the Trial Witness Docket. You go into 'labor', it's a test of whether your FOCUS can be broken. Sin doesn't mean you broke focus. Quitting the spiritual life (i.e., opting for a substitute Rev17 idea or ceasing to use 1Jn1:9 and study) -- quitting, that's a Break. But use 1Jn1:9, to get back in. You might have lost some maturity during the time you quit, but just get back in the House and keep living in it. Again, this Part III will cover this and the above stages in more detail, below. Part IVd focuses exclusively on the Trial Witness Evidence Testing.
  • Pleroma, once completed, means you've finished the maturation "course" in God's Love Alphabet, and you'll be Crowned as a King Under Him -- forever. So usually (but not always), you die victorious soon afterwards: 2Tim4:7-8.

    Romans 5:5 ties in, to show the mechanic God uses: He grows you in His Script, and Eph4:11-16 shows you He has a System (Greek word "henotes") for growing you up in His Script -- hence the term "God's System" in 'my' webpages. Consequently, you go from "Faith" to "Confidence" to "Love", by growing in God's Script in God's System. That's the maturation process. Whatever denomination or other quasi-cultural behavior you also engage in the meanwhile is adjunctive, and hopefully helpful. Some people remember and use Bible better if they are engaged in rituals, others are too put off by the robotics, so instead they sin. Some people like formal churches, others find the hypocrisy too much -- and thus sin, instead of learning. But you are to determine all that, privately before the Lord. The System, is His House -- it's not optional. Anything you add to it, well -- that's a private Priestly Matter between Him and you, and is optional: see Romans 14.


Again, what Spiritually Matures, is your own soul's Viewpoint and Focus. All this begins at salvation, and of course you are clueless, then. The House is new, so it's unfurnished, has only de minimis electrical structure and power: for the only "Word" in it, is the Word of Your Salvation. At the new birth, you've no clue what "salvation" means, either -- you've just got this vague idea that you won't go to "hell", whatever that is -- and you'll live with the Lord forever -- whatever that means. Bible verses feel good, but the meaning is fuzzy to you. So you're not particularly comfortable in your new home, and you've no idea what to do or how to live in it. In fact, you don't even know you are in His House. For we literally start out "born-again", trichotomous persons with a new spiritual life, but an older soul and body life (lit., "born from above", John3:3,7; Tit3:5, 2Cor5:17).

    So we're Royal Spiritual Babies, however mature we might be as humans. You can't feel your new birth, you can't touch it, you can't taste it -- it's Royally Invisible. Remember 1Cor2: what's spiritual is not discernible by non-spiritual means. Corollary: works of themselves are never spiritual. Anything you can do in a body is not spiritual, as Christ explained to Nicodemus in John 3. Paul elaborates on that fact in Romans 8, showing that the flesh is inimical to the spiritual life. So forget works. This is about DDNA transformation, not works. You begin with human viewpoint, so you view God in human terms, focus on earthly things, just like mainstream Christianity and the world does, even though you are saved; you can't do anything else, because you don't have enough right information from Bible to transform your thinking. So when you read Bible, or when a spiritually-immature person translates or teaches it, the Bible is given a distinctly anthropopathic 'spin', focusing on stuff you can see like works, rituals, pleasing people as the definition of spirituality, etc. That's only about 10% of Bible content -- but it's the only portion of the Bible, a non-spiritual person can read. And you are non-spiritual, even if saved, if not breathing 1Jn1:9. The 'lights' in His House are "off" because then you're not Filled with the Spirit. So you'll get out of Bible study the same ideas as the unbeliever. For you have no Inner Light to enable reading, 1Jn1:6,8,10.

    But by contrast at Spiritual Maturity, 1Jn1:9 is as natural to you AS breathing, so you've become saturated with the quite-opposite, Divine Viewpoint, Isa55:8-9; you literally think of everything from toothbrushing to death, in terms of Christ Himself, Phili 1:21. This change is accomplished supernaturally, and is always run by the Holy Spirit, but it becomes a natural part of you, and is in fact how your own soul, works. This change does not occur without trauma. But by the end, while the trauma has even intensified, your Focus and Viewpoint remain on Christ. The Focus cannot be dislodged. Then you die, victorious. Again, only God can make this happen. Only God makes the House, furnishes the House, and Enables you to Enjoyably Live in it. Whew. Now you don't have to tangle yourself up in knots trying to be a good little boy or girl: Romans 3:23 tells you that's impossible. Impossible is what God likes, and that's all He accepts. Thus He does The Whole Thing. Whew.

    Humans are incapable of loyalty, though we sure try to be loyal: but we are too needy. So when we don't get what we think we want, we go find someone else who'll give us what we want. Love is just a word, never a reality. So it's technically impossible to be loyal to God. Especially, under the mounting pressure of prosperity and adversity, which accompany spiritual maturation. You still sin; but you don't quit the System permanently. That's the test. Sin is not an issue in the Trial, since Christ paid for it all (it was a sudden-death round issue for the First Adam and Isha, and for Christ the Last Adam, but no one else). So as you spiritually mature, your sins change and become refined, not the gross and silly stuff of childhood; although it's not sin which God actually changes, but your focus and viewpoint. So sin stops being interesting to you (well, the old ones stop, but new ones take their place, lol). You're occupied with Him now; you've got Him on your mind. That's how you change, essentially. That's the Trial test of how you change, versus the changes Satan&Co. 'provide' for the human race.

    Since Viewpoint is a collection of attitudes, these attitudes are habits of thinking which are being matured. As noted earlier, the line-by-line nature of learning and living on Bible in God's System, is essentially a REPLACEMENT of the world's apodoses, with God's Apodoses. So for every protasis in life, there will be two apodoses to choose from: the world's, or God's. As you learn Bible, you learn God's Apodoses, and you learn to 'reply' with them to your life's endless protases, kinda like learning a language, much repetition and failure en route. As you do this, your attitudes will change. You realize that the old ideas you had, are incorrect and unattractive. So

  • Your Viewpoint's Roster of Attitudes change as you learn Bible information, because you realize the prior information you had wasn't good -- it's very refreshing, this change.
  • Because refreshing, you develop new Bible habits of recall and use of the new Bible information, and therefore
  • new Bible Patterns of Thinking 'Action', so to speak -- accrue.
  • As a result, your Viewpoint reshapes from the prior human ideas, into progressively-more-Divine Truths. Isa55:8-9 is happening to you, all wrought by the great electrical power of those five infinitives, wholly run by the Holy Spirit, daily in your life.

    It's pretty enjoyable. God's Truth is refreshing to know. Not at all boring, or grunt work. Yet your old sin nature will come to buck it with whatever excuse it can muster. And from outside, you'll receive all kinds of temptations to quit, particularly from those close to you, who don't value learning and living on Bible as you do. That's why Strongly Believing And Wanting To Know God, matters so much. You'll need that motivation, to counter the attacks from within yourself, from those in your periphery, from the world, and from Satan&Co. Again, gotta keep the two lines together: learning and living on Bible, which is the Abiding Function 'room' of His Diamond House -- and your Abiding Desire to know God. Gotta live in both 'rooms', not just one. They are connected by the door of volition: yours.

During "Pleroma", the final Stage of Royally Invisible Spiritual Maturation, this switchover in Viewpoint and Focus from earthly to Divine, is demonstrated by two other maturations, and both constitute Conclusive Trial Evidence to justify your Crowning: i) your maturation in what "Relationship with God" means, and -- oh what a surprise -- ii), your maturation in Weakness. These two are Core Evidence Witness Depositions in the Trial: for they 'answer' Satan's root contention that God made creation defective, as we saw in Part I. Most Christians would keel over if they knew this is how it's supposed to end. But look at Christ -- His end was a Cross! That's weakness, that's maximum maturity in what "Relationship to God" means. So this is the Plan for you, too, since you are Bride, the "B" in God's Love Alphabet.

    For this Royally Invisible Spiritual Life is only about Relationship With Invisible God. Maturing in it. Since it's only about Relationship, it doesn't matter if one is strong or weak. For Love in the believer -- as demonstrated First in Christ Himself -- is Absolute. That's the real Testimony of Love: 1Jn4:12-17, Eph3:15-19 (parallel passages). And here's what the Testimony reveals:
    • The four-sided Happiness is likewise Absolute, because it has become wholly God-dependent, and thus INdependent of everything else.
    • You contribute the problems, God contributes the solutions, and all along it's not about either one: but only about Being Together, Ps23:4b. Flat.
    • You were placed smack dab in the middle of the Godhead the nanosecond you believed in Christ, as my pastor likes to say. Bride-in-Training, "You, In Me!" upgrade on Ps23:4's mere "You, with Me!" (Hebrew, shouting). In Him on the Cross, theme of Rom6. In Him in His Head, theme of 1Cor. In Him being in your head, theme of Ephesians -- your Focus, Eph3:19 at this point.

    In any nation's cultural dramas, the ultimate fidelity depiction is either the soldier who fights nobly to the death -- or the wife who waits on and for her husband, even when he's long absent or seems to mistreat her. So if it's only the Relationship and not the goodies of the battle or the husband, then it's Really Love On Display, because it's Really Love On Trial:
    • That's why Maturing in Weakness is so strong, 2Cor12:10.
    • Testing whether you still wait on Him, when He seems to be abandoning you or mistreating you, is something supernatural, indeed.
    • Testing is tailored to what "gets to you", what's your Breaking Point.
    • When you're weak, it's an intolerable thing.
    • When God doesn't deliver you out of that weakness, it's even harder to bear, see what Paul did in 2Cor12.
    So scrap the idea of testing being some glorious thing you see in the movies. There's nothing glorious about real combat, except the Actual Meaning: Him. The activity is all horror and failure on the surface, like Hamburger Hill.

    Christians don't get this.

    • They know they are supposed to suffer, 'somehow'. But they don't know why. They don't know how.
    • They don't get it that God being Omniscient, requires that if you want to know Him well, you have to experience the simultaneity of All Truth -- all the Good Truth, all the Bad Truth.
    • So the Plan of God for your life is very much back-ended, because you first have to be Filled up WITH Truth, so that it's "online" simultaneously in your soul.
    • Then all the spit can hit the fan, to show off the total Integrity-Love with which the Holy Spirit, furnished YOU in HIS House.
    • That's what happened to Christ. The Cross was at the END of His Life, and prior to it, all He did was walk and talk. Search the Gospels carefully: not even one good deed is recorded of Him, prior to the Cross. But what is recorded of Him, and baldly -- is that He learned and incessantly talked, BIBLE.
    • You can't count the miracles, those are Divine Power to demonstrate He's also God, not a charlatan; miracles are no effort for God, and even He put the Word up but the miracles down, for example in John 6:26, 63.
    • Why didn't He do any works? Because, He was busy Learning And Living On Bible His Entire Time, down here. That's the "work" Father wants, as per Matt4:4, John 6:63.
    • Then, when filled up with that Word, He could be Tested. In the Absoluteness of the Relationship. In Weakness.
    • Lambs are not work animals. They get fattened up, and then slaughtered. They don't get hooked up to a plow, they get led to the Water and Food. They don't get saddled up to ride for miles, they sit all day and eat and drink. At the end they get killed; and even their wool beforehand, they don't make, it just grows from all that sitting and eating they do; requires Someone Else, to even shave that wool. Get the picture?

    • So Christians being clueless, will scream and holler for prayer the minute something bad happens, not learning why they get the 'bad'. It's there like everything else, to TEACH.
    • So they tend to view God anthropopathically, which is the hallmark viewpoint of spiritual childhood and adolescence, so they usually are entered into evidence, if at all -- on Satan's side.
    • Christians typically expect that if they are spiritually mature, they are strong people: doing great things for God, racking up lots of good deeds, and busy. Nope.
    • The opposite occurs: the mature believer does nothing, and it really gets to anyone in his periphery (i.e., Job's wife, Job2:9; Sarai, Gen16:2; His Own Brothers, John 7:2-5; the folks at the Crucifixion, Matt27:40).
    • For, our spiritual lives are the same as Christ's. So His LAMB Maturation Pattern is ours, 1Jn4:17.
    • He deliberately Became Weak, you'll notice, due to His Focus on Father: and He was viciously taunted for it, first by Satan in Matt4, then by all the humans, even in His Own Family.
    • He didn't give into Satan's temptations to be flashy in Matt4, because FATHER mattered more than anything.
    • Even so, He didn't accept the fawning He received from the many groupies.
    • He didn't speak in soothing tones, but was instead very sarcastic at times, quite scathing and politically-incorrect.
    • He didn't fight back when accused, struck, beaten.
    • He didn't fight the arrest.
    • He didn't bring Himself down from the Cross.
    • So notice: Strong Focus begets a 'weakness' with respect to everything else.
    • For Love is a Focus, and everything else is of weak importance.
    • So kinda like Paul said in 2Cor12:10, when he is weak, then He is strong.
    So since most Christians don't get this, most Christians won't mature to Pleroma and won't get crowned. So somebody has to "inherit the kingdom" -- get crowned -- and rule over them. Forever. The Rulers are all Pleroma people who matured in the Meaning of Relationship and Weakness, for that's how Christ won. Then God's Love Alphabet is truly realized: "Archegos' Bride Conducts a Developed Eternal Fulfillment Growth of Glory, in His Highness' Impossibly Integrated, Integrity-Love." Conducts, symphonic. Conducts, electronic. Conducts, conduit for all other blessings to flow. That's how we are in Him, so that's how we inherit kingdoms, too.

Any realtime tracking of these Royally-Invisible Spiritual Maturation Stages, can be a pistol. You periodically need a spiritual 'checkup', but don't become anal about it, obsessing over 'where' you are. Spend no more than maybe 15 minutes, and if you start to obsess, quit analyzing. Each Stage will have the same benchmarks, but a different description to reflect its character during that Stage. The benchmarks can be helpful for gauging how 'childish' or 'mature' you might be on a particular doctrine or idea, too. They are also helpful in human interaction, so you don't over- or underestimate the spiritual growth of people around you, and thus by your words upset them or yourself, as Romans 14 warns. [It's real easy to mistake someone as being older spiritually given a mature secular vocabulary, especially if he's fluent in Bible terminology; it's real easy to mistake someone as being younger spiritually given an immature secular vocabulary or uncultured mien. So many heartbreaks can be avoided if you know the spiritual benchmarks, and disregard the secular ones. Again, a person can be very smart, well-mannered, so will seem mature spiritually, but is in fact in his "terrible 2's." For spiritual age and secular age are not at all connected.]

Within this Royally-Invisible Spiritual Maturation, here are seven benchmarks of growth you can use for diagnostic purposes. They work in tandem, so the area or doctrine on which you are the most childish -- that's the area or doctrine holding you back from faster spiritual advance. We all have such 'pet' areas or doctrines we won't release, and they will fell us, if we don't let go. The benchmarks are:

  1. CONSUMING BIBLE. How much and often you learn and live on Bible, and generally what you think it's about. A lot of people don't advance spiritually because they won't take Bible seriously; or if they do take it seriously, they treat it as either a catechism or an ego boost. You learn Bible because you want to know God: not to predict the Rapture, prove science wrong, show how smart or 'spiritual' you are, or any other reason. To the extent you don't take Bible seriously, or you have some other motive for learning it (i.e., ego-petting), you won't mature, but will shrink in your soul.

    Motive is the last thing to mature. Gotta have info on which to base the motive, so just be aware that you'll catch yourself studying for the wrong reasons. Just use 1Jn1:9 when you do. Motive is a subtle thing. You think it's God you want to learn, but it becomes something else, often because just learning something new is gratifying of itself. That's a trap. So occasionally you'll get spanked. Ask yourself what's your motive. Then use 1Jn1:9 and truck on.

    Other related issues: sure, you're studying for the right reason, trucking along, but -- you're supposed to notch it up from the level of study you're in. Yet, you're not doing that. You get spanked for this, too. The stuckness might be due to you having 'favorites' among your Bible study topics, so the ones you like less, aren't getting learned sufficiently. We all have favorites, but the less-favored shouldn't be neglected. Another version of this happens in spiritual adulthood, when you literally are ON FIRE to learn Bible. Then what happens is you neglect your secular life. God uses 24 hours to teach you Bible, not merely the formal learning period. DDNA2.htm covers this "on-fire" problem. I've been spanked a lot for failures like this, so I speak not only from the Bible's verses on the topic (i.e., Heb12:5ff), but from (ouch) experience. (Part IV's topics were once among my least favorites, ones I avoided like the plague, all that technical Bible dating and why the Rapture. So I got Royally spanked. You can't imagine how much spiritual growth speeded up, when I finally studied them -- cost eight years of my life, almost non-stop. Don't be stupid like I was.)

  2. "SPIRITUAL SKILLS" (my pastor's term) you live on: how often you are using 1Jn1:9 and only therefore Filled with the Spirit, plus what Bible you live on. I. isn't working if you're not doing II. Your spiritual life tanks without 1Jn1:9, just as the OT Temple was defiled and the Holy Spirit left until the Temple purified=katharizw, so also you the living temple, must use the verse. To the extent you don't learn to habitually do II. during the day, you will gradually stop doing it, and your spiritual life tanks. I use 1Jn1:9 a bizillion times a day, probably against thought-temptations (so it's not needed), but I don't even stop to take a chance. This II. is mission-critical. You can overcome wrong motives for learning Bible if you keep on doing II. and try to get the motive right -- the Holy Spirit Builds The Motive And The Proper Execution, see Phili2:12c-13.

  3. THOUGHT PATTERN, which of 1Cor13:13's 'divisions' habitually characterizes your thinking. This is the fastest index of 'where' you are spiritually, so most of the description in the following sections will be spent on how this pattern plays.
  4. Your idea of RELATIONSHIP TO GOD, during that Maturation Stage. Since maturation's #1 goal is to mature your idea of Relationship to God, this too is a very fast index of 'where' you are spiritually.
  5. Your LOVE GROWTH during that Stage. V. is wholly an adjunct to IV., so to the extent you are childish in your idea of Relationship to God, you're not growing in V., either (main theme of 1Jn).
  6. Your TRIAL STATUS during that Stage. This is a heads-up on where you are in the Trial. As you mature your role in the Trial becomes something you must monitor, as you are not your own, and you must regard yourself as an entity, impersonally assessing where you stand and why.
  7. Your WEAKNESS GROWTH during that Stage. This too is a heads-up on where you are in the Trial. You have to be able to tell the difference between weakness which is due to immaturity, due to Divine Discipline, or -- most importantly -- due to your being in the Trial Witness Docket. Very subtle, the differences between each of these weaknesses, for they often look the same, on the surface.

In sum, Spiritual Maturation leads to a marital-style abiding in the Word despite Weakness; and as you mature in it, the Word becomes a Coalesced Whole to you. You begin to see the Big Picture the Word Crafts, and that Picture is a Mosaic: Him. You begin to see it, because you begin to Reflect Him. That's WHY you can see it. So your Abiding Function and Abiding Desire massively increase. Every 'room' of His House becomes impregnable, what my pastor liked to call "watertight compartments", for he likened Christ's spiritual life to a prototype submarine which could go to greater depths than we'll ever need. So you live in it. Which Abiding, living, likewise demonstrates a martial loyalty despite warring pressures.

It can be daunting to analyze this Spiritual Maturation as a structure, let alone know where 'you' are on the spiritual map. So to easily interrelate
  • The Five Infinitives,
  • the 10 Thinking Skills you might have seen in the "TULIPS?" webpage,
  • His 7-Faceted House (just covered above),
  • The 4 Happinesses,
  • and above I-VII Benchmarks
  • with Spiritual Life Maturation,
    CLICK HERE for SMP.doc. It's a Word.doc, a set of six flowcharts: one per stage of Spiritual Maturation plus a generic overview chart. The charts are color-coded for comparison and are easy to understand. You should be able to diagnose your spiritual maturation level within 10-15 minutes(?), even before you read what follows.
  • In each of the subdivisions of spiritual growth below, you'll see the Benchmarks repeated with the salient functions/structures, explained in more detail. The Word doc charts are quite helpful, as you read what follows.

    Spiritual Childhood

    This is page 2 of SMP.doc. Notice how the colored-in blocks are few, and baby-pinkish. That denotes a zero to tiny maturation in the spiritual life. Most Christians you meet will be spiritual children, 99% of the population on any given day. Now you know why Christianity is so childish. With that many children in adult bodies, childishness is deemed 'holy', given the titanic size of the group. Man forever mistakes huge numbers, for truth. But God uses almost imperceptible and even ignominous means to show His Truth. For example, much of the NT is seemingly repetitive, with only a small phrase or word changed. That style tells you the enormous impact of the "small, still Voice" of the Holy Spirit Who you can't see or feel. So in the bullets which follow, the bold text will be repeated in each maturation section, for tracking purposes, emulating the NT writing style -- but within each future section, be careful not to gloss over the text around what's repeated, and thus miss the very small changes in text which depict GIGANTIC maturation in the spiritual life for that stage. [This is especially important in 1Jn, Ephesians, Colossians and Hebrews. 1Jn makes deft changes in repeated text to show you the enormous meaning of such a change. The smallness of the text change versus the enormity of the meaning, thus stands out. Sometimes it's only a case change or a preposition change which he makes. James does the same thing with the insertion or removal of the article -- oh, John does that too in order to tweak the Jewish calendar being four days too fast, in John 19. My pastor warned us many times to track these types of changes. If Christianity had done that, it would not be in the dark about when Christ was born and died!]

    In short, spiritual maturation is a process of first learning, then using, God's Apodoses. As you grow via this constantly-repeated process -- much like learning a language -- God matures you in the Apodoses, themselves. Here in Spiritual Childhood, the only Apodosis you think you know, is "salvation". But you've barely learned how to spell it.

    1. Notice how, of the five contractural action infinitives which happened to Christ on the Cross per Isa53:10-11 LXX text -- only two of them (colored, pinkish-flesh tone) are largely operative upon you, katharizw and aphairew.
    2. Parts of the other three verbs, are happening also.
    3. For at salvation you come into your new house with a lot of 'baggage' from your old life; so there is a lot of soul debris to throw out.
    4. Accordingly, the first thing God does, is to purify (katharizw) and take away (aphairew) old ideas, replacing them with His Apodoses: just as He took away Adam's and Isha's figleafy loin aprons, and replaced them with animal skins (depicting His future Coming to pay for sins), Gen3:21.
    5. So the bi-directional pointer indicates action done to the maturation blocks below it by the infinitives;
    6. but also, the Holy Spirit causes the blocks to feed back to the infinitives, for the process is circular and its 'sphere' increases depending on that feedback;
    7. thus each infinitival action, enlarges. So you grow exponentially.
    8. Pointer placement tells you the goal of the stage: here, it's the clearing away, aphairew.
    9. For there is one infinitive "on point", through which all the others, "run".
    10. So here in Spiritual Childhood, taking away false ideas is the major goal of the stage.
    11. Your new Love Alphabet can't begin growing in you, until the old alphabet you've been living on (world's ideas) gets cleaned out.
    12. So this happens (as it were) one 'letter' at a time. Precept upon precept, easily and slowly.
    13. So now you're learning the beginning of that Alphabet: "A" is for Archegos, Leader, Pioneer, Originator, 'Father'. Time to learn Who is your New Parent. (Heb12:2 and Isa9:6, which doesn't directly refer to God the Father, but rather to the fathering-of-eternity action on the Cross, pointing forward to Isa53:5, play on ab'di, My Slave; our salvation being birthed in Christ back then. Abi'ad, My Father of forever-future and ab'di, My Slave (the "i" means "my") both have the same Hebrew letters, very witty. Isaiah loves to embed the Trinity doctrine whenever he can.)

    For of course, in Spiritual Childhood, you're young; so you don't have any Divine standards. So you project on God your human (usually body-oriented, emotional, moral) ideas; that's how you read Bible, too. For of course, we don't start out abiding in the Word: when spiritually-born, all you can do is wet your spiritual diapers, and drool. That's the beginning of weakness. Nothing's weaker than a newborn. He's in you fully, but where is your head? Drooling! Blubbering how you love Jesus, lol. Can't well do anything else, as a spiritual babe-in-the-woods. So until Bible is built up enough to shift us away from our human ideas, we'll shake the tambourine, nod to God on Sunday, get the Ghost, and make all manner of drooling doo-doo works, as depicted earlier. We do these baby things because we're too young in the Word (Bible term is usually teknon or brephos, see Eph4:14). So we have no defense against Satan's propaganda, which he aims at our depraved me-be-good urge -- to keep us thinking of God in human terms. We also do these things, because as spiritual babies, we are hungry and hurting. We do those works to alleviate tension. We'll thus also wonder if God really exists; wonder if we are really saved; wonder if we can lose our salvation; make nasty comments about how others will lose theirs. To alleviate tension, we'll also constantly 'eat' our favorite-flavor sins (be they moral sins, or immoral sins, per the genetic urge pattern). But Doctrine is our food, now. We'll starve if we don't get it. All those 'stupid works' manifest spiritual starvation.

    Retardation in animal life (therefore including human biological life) is caused by many possible factors. One of them, is poor nutrition. This is maximally true for the spiritual life. When one abides outside His House aka God's System for too long, one retards spiritually. It's a nightmare. However, cure is possible by a determined, sustained return to God's System, so it's always worth returning. Problem is, as one retards spiritually, one becomes a petulant child, very stubborn and i-am-god oriented, so one thinks of self as spiritual, already mature. A sweet personality often masks this prickly, retarded nature, which compounds the problem. So one doesn't regard self as being retarded, but as a spiritual giant. But others notice the rapidly spoiling, hypersensitive child beneath all that masking -- so God gets maligned (God is always blamed along with the 'bad' Christian, count on it). And no matter what someone might say to the spiritual retard -- and one shouldn't say anything, but it blurts out in exasperation! -- the spiritual retard, won't hear. The actual psychological ability to hear disintegrates, so that what you say to the person is not at all what they think you said, no matter how clearly you try to express yourself. All kinds of imagined meanings are attributed to what others say. It's weird. People hallucinate when they are starving. Much more true, for the spiritually-starving.

    The Exodus generation are the consummate illustration of spiritual retardation among a mass of people, Numbers 11:6. Next illustration are the many retards in the Book of Acts (Peter for awhile, end Acts 1 and Gal2:11ff; Paul, for a while, Acts 18, 21; the Judaizers all the time, and the Jerusalem church all the time, and anyone emulating them today). In short, spiritual retardation is more the norm, and we all experience some like-stuckness, during our spiritual life.

    So usually at some point disaster must hit to wake the person up to questionning his apodoses. Since 90% of Christians don't grow beyond childhood, they end up retards. When enough people are spiritual retards, God must judge the nation or locality per Lev26 and Deut 28. For we are Royal Priests, and the world's weal depends on our growing up in God's System. We're always treated as adults, even while we are children. So we are responsible, no excuses. Now why is it, we fail so routinely? Oh, because we're droolingly reading Bible; imagining that now we're saved, we're instant experts! Yeah, and it takes some 13 years for a doctor to even finish school: how much more, the Christian of the Infallible Christ?


    Principle: in all life, Formation precedes Function. Until the Formation completes, there is NO life. Just as we saw in Part II's "sine qua non of Perfection: BALANCE" link, there must be balance between structure and function. Thus, Structure Creates Function; until the STRUCTURE has passed a threshold-of-completeness, there is no ability to function. You can't use a car until a) it has been BUILT, b) you've LEARNED the RULES of driving, and c) you've become COMPETENT at driving. So:

    • Until a check clears your bank, your deposit is not yours, your bill paid is not paid, etc.
    • No fetus breathes in a womb, so it's not alive;
    • Formation of Christ preceded the Cross.
    • Formation of Christ, preceded his functioning at a Filled-up-with-Truth level so high, He called the Cross, a joy (Heb12:2). ["Joy" in Greek means true happiness, not some emotional thing. Way bigger than emotion, is God.]
    • Formation of Church, precedes the Rapture.

    • So formation of the believer, precedes his successful spiritual function, and he is formed by means of Truth deposits under the Spirit -- that's the main theme of Romans 8. As is usual for OT writers of Scripture and Paul, this explanation is made via marriage and pregnancy analogies.

    • So, no believer without Bible Doctrine can do any 'work' whatsoever to please God, 1Jn1:8, 10. Even with 1Jn1:9 used, you have to be trained in that function before you can operate in it. So until you have the Doctrine, you aren't trained (i.e., few can give the Gospel properly). Doctrinal Standards must first be BUILT. Then, you have to learn how to USE what you learned, breathing 1Jn1:9 as you do. There is no "Good" absent the Holy Spirit 'in' it. [Greek word "agathos" only means Divine Good: but as usual, translations cut God's Head off, so you only see "good" in translation and don't know this.]

    • So, there is no production except wood, hay, stubble, unless Circulating Doctrine is running the soul of the Spirit-filled believer at the time of the activity. (See 1Cor3, compared with Heb5:11-6:6, 9:14, 11:6; and Jas1:1-2:23. James, especially, screams this fact.) ["[F]aith", as a noun in the Bible, most often means believed doctrine. Idea that the doctrine is in the soul, and one believes it. That turns the Doctrine "on" (well, the HS does it really), and then non-manmade precious gold/gems are manufactured. James2:14 repeats this point via a bracketed analogy to how man's believing in Christ doesn't make him regenerate -- HS has to do that -- 2:26 is the other bracket, and interprets the one in 2:14. That's why v2:14 is there; it explains that man alone accomplishes nothing, but rather, Work of God. Bible Doctrine is the Work of God, always. So, parallel to the "Lord, Lord" verse, Deut 30:11ff, Romans 10:9-10. Can't just mouth a faith, have to actually believe the Doctrine.]

    • Hence the requisite STRUCTURAL LEVEL of 'eaten' Doctrine in the soul determines one's spiritual-developmental stage. Next, one functions in that stage by 'eating' yet more Doctrine, so to get to the next-highest structural level, etc. One always needs to 'eat' Bible Doctrine; one never outgrows that need. Heh (cry all the way to the bank, baby). To 'eat' Bible is a Bible metaphor for learning and believing and living on it, idea that you need food to survive, and Bible is spiritual food, i.e. Jeremiah (15:16) says, "I found your words and I did eat them" when he found Bible 'lost' inside the Temple.

    • Hence the most dangerous people on earth, are Christians who FOR TOO LONG don't know and therefore misuse their Bible. They are all satanfodder.

    So here are the seven benchmarks of Spiritual Childhood. Again, to the extent these benchmarks characterize ANY individual doctrinal understanding or belief you have (i.e., what "love" means, what "God" means, etc.), you will be stuck here. You must eventually mature in all seven benchmarks, because they all are interdependent. So each of us is relatively 'childish' with respect to at least some aspects of our Bible understanding and belief. That's what holds us back from spiritual progress. Find out where that 'childishness' is, or it will fell you. God will spank you many times, to help you diagnose it.

    1. CONSUMING BIBLE. So, just like Christ when He was a spiritual (and physical) baby, we too need Bible doctrine: it feeds us, just as it fed Him. When you start out, it's really critical to get into God's System. Learning Bible Doctrine under whomever is your right pastor is the most important thing you can do. You thus acquire Truth Standards in your soul, which help alleviate the tension. That, because 1Jn's Script causes those perfect "deposits" we saw in Part II: the Depositor, the Holy Spirit, is perfect. The "deposit", the amount of Bible Doctrine we believe on learning it, is likewise perfect. So, Biblical Standards come to replace any depraved "good and evil" in our souls. We thus learn God's definition of "right and wrong". The learning here is both sporadic and rudimentary, especially since the average spiritual child thinks himself more spiritual if he does things, versus 'only' studying. The peer pressure is intense, just as it was when you were a physical child. When you were young, everyone focused on little do's. Big mistake to do that, for the spiritual life. Bad habits begin early, and all the typical Churchinanity emphasis on do's make you a doo-dooing Christian -- potentially, for life. We know physical children need to go to school for some years, before we expect them to hold down a job. So why is it, we so DISrespect the Word that we think we're supposed to hustle, shake the tamborine, sing in the choir, knock on doors -- right after we're saved? Christ didn't do any of that; He spent a lot of time alone, learning -- look how He talks when He's only 12 (Luke 2:49)? So should we.

      Spiritual children who raise children often impose on them a horrible idea of what life with God means. The legalism of the spiritual child is just like that bully in the playground who considered himself 'adult' only if he could beat up everyone else. So here, the spiritual child will go one of two routes: he will think works are "it", and beat his kids up to think the same way; or he will turn learning Bible into a "work", thus poisoning its meaning to the child he raises. I've seen a lot of both categories, and none of us escape physical childhood unscathed from the religious legalism of our parents. After all, most of us are born when our parents are in their early 20's, so they aren't exactly spiritually mature. Accordingly, there's a lingering taint in our minds which the parents did not mean to impose. And it gets passed down, generation after generation. Hence many among us find learning Bible unpleasant because it's been SOLD as being unpleasant. That's a handicap which is overcome only if you want to learn Bible, because it tells you about GOD. But it's a rocky road, to be sure. Between the God-is-unpleasant salesmanship for CENTURIES, and the snoozily boring translations of Bible, it's a wonder any of us grow up at all.

    2. SPIRITUAL SKILLS. Here in Spiritual Childhood you use 1Jn1:9 fitfully, so get purified from your Adikia (usu. translated "wrongdoing", but it's technical for being in a state of sin); you are Beginning to be sporadically filled with the Spirit; when Filled, you are living on Basics, like Claiming Bible promises you find, learning basic doctrines under your right pastor, playing with basic salvation and Essence-of-God concepts. A spiritual child who just wants to know Bible and starts studying it, will 'do' these skills instinctively. Although Bible translations are snoozy and boring, when you're new to it, everything about it is interesting. Your thinking is fuzzy, anyway. So you'll read and read and memorize and speak and spout and you love it all with the love of a child. So you'll read about 1Jn1:9, interpret it literally as you should, and do it. So you'll read in Bible about teachers, and it will naturally occur to you that you should have one. I went through that, so does everyone else. I daydreamed in Italian class about finding a teacher -- the book still bears the daydreaming scrawl, "Te Desidero Imparare" -- not knowing that my college roommate's teacher was the guy who'd end up being my pastor. But God knew. And I was a really stupid spiritual child: everything you see criticised in my pages, well -- I did them, too! It's normal. Just don't stay in the stage too long. But there's hope, however long one stays childish. So here, if you want to know Bible, God will cause you to know about these skills, and you'll regard them as an enjoyment, not a chore. The rebellion comes later, heh.

      In spiritual childhood these thinking skills are disparate and halting. Repetition makes them become instinctual. So the hallmark signature of spiritual childhood is that these skills have not yet MERGED into a sense of "Grace" and "Doctrinal Orientation" (terms are my pastor's). So the spiritual child who remains too long in that childhood becomes graceless, legalistic; doesn't see the overall doctrines Bible verses signify, but rather just parrots the verses, or parrots the teacher's teachings, not really understanding what he says. There's no coordination between the pieces of information. "God" is a set of parrotted soundbyte-y platitudes, and when queried about what the words mean, the child can only respond with more parrotting. Children, parrot. That's all they yet know how to do. But that's okay: the practice will stand them in good stead, later on when enough pieces of Bible information are 'eaten' (learned and believed).

    3. THOUGHT PATTERN. So the chief Thought Pattern Characteristic, would be called "faith". Which means, the development of a habitual learning and believing Word. It's fun, in this stage. All the Word you learn here is a jumble, but it feels good. Makes you feel like you're touching God. And, you are. So your "faith" viewpoint is an attitude which habitually continues and gets stronger, sporadically: you are living on God Lives, because what you're learning doesn't seem to make sense on its own, just yet. The words sound good, and you believe them, but you really don't understand anything. It naturally occurs to you to talk to God a lot. Read the Christian emails that circulate about what kids say on their Sunday School essays or tests. You can see God is real to them. Pity we lose that faith, as we grow older.

      Again, the older you are physically when in spiritual childhood, the more you will think you understand something, because you expect your spiritual age to match your chronological age. It doesn't. Stubborness is a real problem for the chronological adult who's a spiritual child, which is most Christians today. Hence the need for this description, so the "childhood" nature which is totally supernatural can be seen, appreciated, and not fretted over. Doesn't matter how old you are, does matter whether you are growing. No shame in it. Who said there was no such thing as a second childhood? Here it is!

      The first meaning of "faith" is WHAT you believe, not so much the act of believing itself, whether it's in the Hebrew or Greek. Second meaning is the act of believing, itself. For you first must have an OBJECT, to believe in. Then, you believe. That's how you got saved, and that's always the priority, the OBJECT -- "what think ye of Christ". In this stage, "Christ" is magical to you. That's fine! Again, the only thing wrong with spiritual childhood is the same thing that's wrong with physical childhood: there comes a time when one must grow up. And human maturation, even more spiritual maturation, will not progress until you are willing to leave childish ideas behind, 1Cor13:10-13.

    4. RELATIONSHIP TO GOD. Your idea of "Relationship with God" in this stage is childish, so it's emotional, feely, touchy, lots of do's. God is like this new toy to play with. A new person to know, but you see Him with a child's eyes. So when you do something Bible says you should do (as you then understand it) you are childishly happy and a tad boastful. Judgemental, too, the way children are when they see some other child mess up. So it's all about whether you took a shower, Daddy, but your brother didn't. Folks who sound smarter than you will either look like spiritual giants to you, or will make you feel threatened. Lots of accusations about 'heresy' and 'unscriptural' here. Most of those accusations are wrong, since Bible is progressively understood, and a later sophisticated understanding is not 'heretical' compared to the familiar words one heard in Bible class. But the kid doesn't know all that, yet. So what you construct is a kind of loudish belief in God loving you. It's very touching to watch. Very much childlike trust. Very easily deposed, since you are a child. So: very attractive to satanic predators, too. 'Deflowering innocence' is a real attraction to anyone loving evil. Spiritual molestation is the worst and most prevalent kind in the world today, Eph4:14. But Matt18, God 'visits' the predators -- count on it.

    5. LOVE GROWTH. As children, the closest thing we know as "love", is an emotional, childish trust. It's largely passive, responsive. We obey, because we trust. We don't really understand anything. We parrot. We believe. We are children, so that's all we can do. We get a lot of Divine Discipline (Heb12:5ff) at this stage to correct our childish, whiny ideas: of God, of the spiritual life, of our status. It's pretty painful, so Satan is keen to "help" by offering as much false doctrine as he can: like Brother-Foot Churchinanity. Even so, children are given do's secularly, so they will eat up the do's and think of God anyway. That's what you were supposed to do with the do's, under the Mosaic Law. In fact, all do's are doo-doo's if you're not thinking about God when you do them. So unless the child is beaten up over the do's, he'll get through this emphasis on action with little harm.

      Sooner or later you'll question the relevance of the do's, and that questioning occurs early in childhood. That's good. The earlier the questions begin, the better. A sign of impending or entrenched spiritual retardation is that the questioning stops. That means the spiritual child has either been beaten down so has lost his natural curiosity -- or, has turned the do's into a system of feeling good about himself, in which case it becomes a threat to his ego, to question. Bad news. That child will grow up to be a tyrant with the thickest blinders he can buy. It's a very common, sad story. Overemphasis on works and ritual pass as holy, so that feeling one gets from them coddles people into not asking questions. Bad news. Then one day disaster hits and now God is thrown out with the baby's bathwater, in disillusionment with the works and ritual. Very common biography of the average "I used to be a Christian".

      "Used to be" any religion, really. Children readily notice hypocrisy; it equals "you lie to me", and that's a very serious threat to a child, whose fledgling trust is so easily lost, anyway. Religion is nothing, if not hypocritical and shallow. So many a 'former Christian' is 'former' due to religion, but so too many others of non-Christian faiths. Afraid to be open in the disavowal, the child will settle for fitting-in. As an adult, that becomes his god. Love for God then will not develop, because God=hypocrisy was ingrained, early on. Takes a long time to recognize that God is not people, not religion. Usually something abnormal must happen, for the equating God=bad, to even be questioned. I hated and dreaded church when I was a child, and went to many different kinds, so it wasn't a particular denomination or church that I hated. All of them were horrible, except when empty -- but God, he wasn't like people. So the trick was to tune out the people, and just think about Him. Many others I've talked with over the years, tell a similar story. It's common.

    6. TRIAL STATUS. Notice how this Stage is marked by IGNORANCE. So, Part I's #3 Trial argument, wanting God based on what one doesn't know, is demonstrated. It's demonstrated, in that even a spiritual child knows more than the wisest unbeliever, that GOD ought to be paid for sin: else there can be no relationship. Every unbeliever religion bangs the drum in one way or another about how you'll be punished for the wrongs you do -- but notice how cagily they all avoid saying how God gets paid for those wrongs. Always the excuse: He doesn't need to be paid, He can't be paid, God has no partners, God is Love: yeah, and if He's Love, doesn't He love Himself? If He doesn't love Himself, how the heck can He love YOU? For even a spiritual child knows God is Holy. The child doesn't understand what "Holy" really means, and he's very emotional and obnoxious: but for all that, he's light years smarter than the wisest unbeliever, about how "holy" requires payment in order for Relationship To Be Just (i.e., to go to heaven). The widespread 'evangelical' movement, for example, for all their goofy misuse of Bible, can get it right that you only have to believe in Christ to get to heaven, John 3:16: because Someone had to pay God for our sins.

      Yeah, out from the mouths of babes, Thou hast perfected salvation, á la Ps8:2!

      The unbeliever, the all-religions-are-ok crowd, are all UNjust. First, they maintain that their ceremonies, their washings and taboos, the givings they like, God should accept. Which means they dictate to God: just like Cain was trying to do with his vegetables (Gen4:4-5). That's unjust. God isn't a dog, but they essentially claim He is or should be. Moreover, if all religions are okay, then God doesn't get paid what HE deserves: so that's unjust. Moreover, all religions conflict with each other. Not all of them can be right, therefore. So to say they are, is to say God Himself is Unjust; and instead, God's just a doormat, truth is a lie (lies conflict); hence justice should not exist -- at least, not for God. Instead, God's just supposed to accept everyone and they tell HIM what to do, 1Cor2:15. So all that, is 'wisdom', see. It's only wise, to be unjust!

      The poor child is thus assailed by those dippy arguments, since he yet lacks enough Truth, to refute them. Which arguments, always publically polarize around Bible, but not around any other faith (hint hint).

      So notice the impressive testimony here: the world is blind to its fixation, thus advertises that He is the Christ, just like the Dumb Dome and the Wailing Wall do (subtheme in Part IVa); but the child keeps believing in Him, though he feels threatened. That belief-despite-ignorance overcomes the world, theme in 1Jn. God loves His Children, and He vindicates them utterly.

    7. WEAKNESS GROWTH. The Core Trial Issue of WEAKNESS begins developing here. Satan accused God of making creation 'defective', as was explained in Part I. So the goal of the spiritual life is to -- get this -- perfect (complete, legal contract verb) you by Maturing You in Weakness, 1Cor4:9, 2Cor12:5-9. The seeming 'weakness' of faith is where that development begins. Christ didn't play macho man, He picked weakness. Hebrew word "he-heli" in Isa53:10 means "lovesick", there and in other passages (usu. translated "grief"). Love is so strong, it renders all else, weak. So it 'feels' weak to trust, to respect, to obey, to have faith. But those are strengths. Christ wanted weakness to express the strength of His Love for Father. For us. So, God the Holy Spirit maximally matured His Son's Humanity in Weakness. Not macho-man. That's the gameplan for us, too. Probably the biggest mistake theologians and Christians make about the spiritual life is that they expect to be shining heroes like in the movies, if they are 'right' with God. Nope. It's about Relationship, only. Not performance. So as you mature, your performance by human standards goes down, not up. Like Isaiah depicts with his rising and carrying words in Isa52:13-54:1, it's really a circle: you grow up up up up up -- and then are cut down down down down. And in those downs, love's strength is really shining. But it won't look that way, feel that way, to humans. It will look shameful, ugly, worthless, instead. Isa53trans.htm retranslated the foregoing passage, with a focus on this circular nature of true love. You can't get those nuances in any Bible translation I know.

      So the progressive Trial Evidence to be given in a believer's life, is how his progressive weakness doesn't motivate him to quit the spiritual life. In 99.9% of the cases thus far quitting occurs, or the Rapture would have happened centuries ago, as you'll see in Part IVb. So those who progress through Pleroma are extremely few. But it all starts here in childhood, with that beautiful, innocent, ignorant wanting to believe in God. Just because.

      Since the spiritual child can't really understand why Christ did what He did, he feels weak, to believe; and of course he's made fun of, by the foolish world which deems its rabid penchant for beating up God, 'wise'. So the world dumbly broadcasts its insanity in movies, documentaries, songs sung at fund-raisers for hurricane victims, newscasts, you name it -- all managing nicely to malign the Bible's John 3:16 Grace statement that there is only One Way to God (see also Acts 4:12). Weird thing is, this broadcasting was just as prevalent 2000 years ago, as today. Almost in the same words! Take a gander at how Christians were burlesqued in the 90's AD when Revelation was penned, then compare to what's said today.

      The most remarkable trend of history throughout history, is the world's fixation for-or-against Jews and Christians. It just continues generation after generation, like the Energizer Bunny. More reliable than your next bowel movement. Part IV and the Appendix will spend a lot of time on this phenomenon, so more need not be said here.

      So just for the moment, reflect: how is it, no unbeliever intellectual who knows history, catches on to all this fixation? Or even the simpler obvious thing: if Jesus the Christ is always the target, just who do you think the Real God must be? Could Satan make it more obvious? You realise it's Satan who's advertising that Christ is God, right? By always pointing Him out, just as Mark showed the demons behaving in his Gospel? It's a picture-refrain in Mark: The Lord does a miracle, the demons make a stink of Him being the True God, then all the people hate Him for that, even more. The more miracles the Lord does, the more He has to hush up the demons, and the more the people hate Him. So who's the really dumb pawn, huh? Not the spiritual child! The child is constantly vindicated by that same God the world loves to hate! So the weakness of the child's "faith" is stronger than all the world. No wonder 1Jn (e.g., 5:4) reads as it does, for Every Generation of God's Children.

      Of course, the spiritual child doesn't know any of this vindication. From his low level, from his weakness, all he sees is worry and threat and fear. The kid slaps the tambourine, drools his works everywhere, goes on street corners proclaiming Christ, makes a fool of himself in a bizillion anti-Biblical ways, always tempest-tossed per Eph4:14. But he keeps on believing, whaddya know. And you can bet from all his drooling, many other droolers got saved. Because even a child can understand and repeat, that quintessential power-of-God-to-save verse, John 3:16! Greater power than all the world, that. Coming from the mouth of a child, Ps8:2!

    Spiritual Adolescence

    This is page 3 of SMP.doc. Notice how the new colored-in blocks have grown in scope and are goldenrod, versus the 'pinkishness' of Spiritual Childhood. That growth in color and scope, denotes a further maturation in the spiritual life.

    1. Notice how, of the five contractural action infinitives which happened to Christ on the Cross per Isa53:10-11 LXX text -- you've progressed to the enlightening one, "deiknumi".
    2. Parts of the other two verbs are happening also.
    3. For now you're beginning to enjoy your new house, and a good bit of the 'baggage' from your old life, has been replaced with God's Apodoses.
    4. Accordingly, God now focuses on enlightening you (deiknumi), while still purifying and taking away (katharizw, aphairew) remaining old ideas, still replacing them with even more of His Apodoses.
    5. Here the bi-directional pointer indicates Coalescing Understanding within the maturation blocks below it, by means of the infinitives. Because, you've learned a significant amount of Bible, but as yet can't put it all together to ORIENT you to the 'big picture' of Grace and Doctrine, which are the operative spiritual life, Jn1:14, 17, 2Pet3:18.
      • Grace is operative, because God is Love and that means Freedom to grow or not. Doctrine is operative, because what you grow on and in, is Truth. So you need orientation to these twin pistons of your spiritual life, and the doctrine you've learned, gets knit together so you can see and use them, daily: the "GODO" team. For they act on each other.
      • As a child, you needed to learn right and wrong, so got legalistic about how good you were and how bad others were. As an adult, you need to learn Love, so you need to learn tolerance -- especially, of yourself. For here you begin to notice you don't conform to the standards, either.
    6. Again, the Holy Spirit causes the blocks to feed back to the infinitives, for the process is circular and its 'sphere' increases depending on that feedback.
    7. Thus each infinitival action, enlarges. So you grow exponentially. Growth here is so rapid it's traumatic, analogous to human maturation in adolescence. For the big goal is that that you become more independent of the world but more dependent on God, Luke 2:49. [In Hebrew culture then and now, you are an adult at age 12, when sexually mature: that's why you have a bar or bat mitzvah, at that age. The Lord was more mature than a mere spiritual adult by that age. So He's reminding them of His future role when He says that verse. They had forgotten it, and are treating Him as if he were still a child. You know this, because they not only left, but went on a whole day prior to even looking for Him. They temporarily failed to be good parents -- understandable, given the pressure of being parents to their own Savior!]
    8. Pointer placement tells you the goal of the stage: here, it's a coalesced, orientational enlightening, deiknumi.
    9. For there is one infinitive "on point", through which all the others, "run".
    10. So here in Spiritual Adolescence, orienting you to God's Big Picture of your spiritual life, is the major goal of the stage.
    11. Your new Love Alphabet's A-for-Archegos, wants a "B", Bride. The new "B" can't begin growing in you until the old, false "B" you've been living on -- for "bad", body-stuff passing itself off as spiritual -- gets cleaned out. For God's definition of "Body", is the Body of His Son's Thinking, 1Cor12:31 (Greek huperbole), Col2:19, Eph4:16.
    12. So this happens now in groups of letters, coalescing. Precept upon precept, knitting into whole paragraphs all that disparate Bible you've been learning. Traumatically, quickly.
    13. So now you're learning the next letter of God's Love Alphabet: "A" is for Archegos, Leader, Pioneer, Originator, 'Father': but "B" is for His "Bride", aka Body, the Church. Time you learn to Whom THE Father, will marry you off. (Isa9:6 also ties to Isa53:12's wa-et atsumim yehalleq shalal "great ones" clause, which means there are rulers under Him Who is made the fathering-of-eternity.)

    So if we instead keep on growing spiritually, and progress in God's Script to eat its solid food, we hit Spiritual Adolescence. Here, we begin to have a measure of independence, because enough of the Divine Standards and obedience have shaped our own thinking, our own values. So we lose dependence on the world and its ideas. We begin to obey God's ideas instead: not merely because we have come to trust Him, our "Faith-Rest" function now established -- but we obey also because we ourselves have come to VALUE His True Standards. A child needs to trust a person, because he cannot understand the principles; an adult comes to trust the principles, so doesn't need to trust the person as much, to obey. Here the "person" was your teacher, the world, your parents. But now it SHIFTS to God Himself, and His Word. Notice how this added motive, "ourselves" is a sort of self-confidence: emerging spiritual self-esteem. See, God is inherently satisfying, refreshing-to-know. So, we become more interested in God Himself. As a by-product of this learning, we begin to 'overlook' the me-be-good urge, so the urge can't sustain our attention as it formerly did in childhood. We're 'too busy' learning Him, you see.

    So, learning Him causes one to relax, become happier. Thus is woven the foundation for adulthood: like Christ, we start to disregard non-God knowledge in favor of regarding God. Naturally. Easily. Enjoyably. As a by-product of our increasing enjoyment in knowing Him better, we come to respect our own existence, our own motives. Our lives come to have a value of their own. We start to lose dependence on others' opinions of us, as the arbiters of how "good" we are, so we worry less. In short, we start to lose dependence on "being good". God has replaced that depraved focus, with Himself. Temptations become less interesting. God becomes ever more interesting. Because we respect God more, we come to respect everything else more, too. Including our own selves. See how Love is beginning to bloom?

    True esteem, like true love, means the flaws don't matter. A human being is alive. Your parents don't have to be perfect, and neither do you, to justify your existence. False self-esteem is really based on the opposite premise: that you are Good Enough, and thus you deserve to exist. You hear false self-esteem touted everywhere, from weight-loss contests to all manner of self-help programs. You deserve you deserve you deserve -- if you do something worthy. That sets up a hamster's treadmill and you just end up exhausted. Great satanic ploy, those figleaves of Gen3. True self-esteem is not like that: true self-esteem recognizes Grace. It's not even based on good, because it's based on GOD. God didn't make Himself, so "deserving" is ludicrous. So guess what? You live! God lives, and so do you! All these flaws exist! Grace, that they can! Grace and Doctrine team up in Spiritual Adolescence, to propel you toward Spiritual Adulthood. Like mental adolescence, it's a rocky time, because there's a Merging Of Understanding going on. The kiddies are still wrestling with right and wrong, and their idea of "grace" has yet to be mated to Bible-in-head. But the Spiritual Adolescent, is going through that mating process. So he becomes independent of others' opinions -- and more dependent, on God's Opinion.

    The biggest behavioral change in this stage, is a QUESTIONING. No longer content to be a child, one begins to wonder why about everything, to have independent and provable knowledge about it, for oneself. That's not rebellion. One wants more than just soundbyte answers. It's a salient characteristic of maturation. Of course, the rebelling, retarding child will mimic that questioning to defend his ignorance, constantly demanding answers which fit the answers he wants. But you can tell the difference between true versus false questioning in children, and you can tell the difference in spiritual children, too.

    Religion dissuades questioning, since then its satanic nature is exposed. So if the growing Spiritual Adolescent is still trapped by religion or religious people, he will experience much more trauma than is normal for the stage. Many people peel off here. Since Christianity is incompetently and childishly taught, yet rigidly imposed, so those who want real answers are frustrated; if they don't have sufficient interest in studying God for Himself, they will painfully separate from religion, yet still ascribe its satanic ideas as truth, so will claim God doesn't exist, the Bible is bunk, etc. Very common feature of daily life is to hear the disgruntled believer, complain how he lost his faith. Yeah, he found out that he wasn't believing in the truth -- yet doesn't desire the real truth, as his questioning is false -- he's not seeking God, but rather enjoys his anger at the falsehood. Such a believer will not grow up if he persists in such iconoclasm. Our parents aren't perfect. Neither are we. If we lambast the feet of clay we find, we'll never get new feet, and go anywhere fruitful. That's the fate of many who 'walk' into Spiritual Adolescence, but it doesn't have to be your fate.

    So here are the seven benchmarks:

    1. CONSUMING BIBLE. You are beginning to see the big picture: all those pieces of Bible-class data you learned under your right pastor are beginning to have a coherence about them. So you start to think on a higher plane than formerly. So you aren't merely claiming promises, but also the reasoning behind them. You are extrapolating from what you are learning to form new amalgamated conclusions, and you are beginning to live on those conclusions. Bible is easier to read than it used to be, and sometimes you find yourself using it like math -- all by yourself! You don't need to be spanked as much by God as when you were a spiritual kid, and you begin to see how all that right-wrong debate among the (overwhelming majority of) Christian children, is graceless. So it bugs you, but you use the Grace you are learning to live with it, sporadically. More often you debate, as rebelling begins to bloom. That's the dark side of a growing independence.

    2. SPIRITUAL SKILLS. Here in Spiritual Adolescence, you use 1Jn1:9 regularly, so you are regularly filled with the Spirit; when Filled, you are still living on basics, like finding Bible promises and claiming them, learning basic doctrine under your right pastor, playing with basic salvation and Essence-of-God concepts. But it's almost second nature to you, now. Additionally, you are living on what my pastor likes to call "Grace Orientation" and "Doctrinal Orientation", with "Orientation" being descriptive of your merging thought pattern.

      The hallmark signature of graduation from spiritual childhood is that these thinking skills MERGE into a sense of "Grace" and "Doctrinal Orientation" (terms are my pastor's), rather than remain disparate, halting activities. These skills all combine to become a higher base of spiritual living, a kind of 'team', so you're using them all at once. Just as it takes several different types of movements to bring up a rifle to your shoulder, steady it, ready it, fire it accurately in one motion, it takes several types of thinking skills to coordinate so you can accurately 'fire' Doctrine at a target. And as any sharpshooter can tell you, the ability to swiftly, smoothly, and competently do all those motions with instinctual calm, is a life-saver. So much more true, in the Royally-Invisible Spiritual Life!

      Or, perhaps you prefer a ballerina analogy. All that practicing of 1st-5th positions, the plié and jeteé -- is disparate, like Spiritual Childhood. But being able to put them into an actual routine during which you don't keel over as you dance -- is Spiritual Adolescence. Or, a piano analogy: all that practicing of scales over and over and over, the positioning of your hands and fingers (gently high, please), the disparate learnings of the differences between notes and their names, the length of time between a quarter note and a 1/16th; the difference between "bass" but it's not a fish, and "clef" -- endless Italian names to learn, tempos and chords and a clicking metronome which drives you nuts -- that's Spiritual Childhood. But being able to consistently play several short tunes by Satie or even Debussy -- perhaps without flair, but at least without eyeing the music, only a few errors -- that's Spiritual Adolescence.

    3. THOUGHT PATTERN. This Orientation teams up into a GODO of 1Cor13:13's elpis, aka "Confidence". It's incipient, here. You become impatient, and the on-fire quality of spiritual adulthood begins kindling in your spiritual 'belly'. So it seems like you are instead Waiting for Godot, and you can't understand why others aren't as excited about Bible as you are. For now your GODO is fitting together and you actually begin to see for yourself, stuff your pastor long taught as true, which heretofore you just blindly accepted. So you also begin to emulate the confidence you now begin to see Paul and the NT writers exhibit in their epistles. You start understanding that confidence and their thought patterns, and you start understanding their whys. That does a whole lot to increase your confidence in Bible: nothing like understanding the whys, to audit and thus prove, validity. So your confidence in God, alike increases; you still don't know how to argue against the world, and with this new burgeoning confidence, you will try, lol. But that's okay. You get combative. That's normal. For now all those former mere 'words' which you'd heard in Bible class after Bible class, are becoming whole concepts you can see as it were aerially, and oh boy you want to practice flying! Which, you should. That will bug your periphery no end, too. Through Darkest Adolescence, a 1960's book by comic writer Richard Armour (book is only available used, at Amazon) will help you get a grip on what Christian adolescence is also like. Same basic characteristics.

      So the chief Thought Pattern trait, would be called "Orientational Confidence". Getting the big picture, now -- and knowing it, too. And wanting more. An enlarging habitual learning and believing in Word -- because YOU want to do it, not solely because it's 'right'. All the Word you learn here begins to coalesce, and as it does, the focus becomes increasingly -- God Himself. The words still sound good, and you believe them, but now you really begin to understand what God is about. So what you do is gain the faculty of independent Bible thinking. It's this changeover from learning Bible just because you want to; this changeover of thinking about it independently without someone telling you how it fits, is how you cross over into spiritual adulthood. As a spiritual child, you were supposed to think what you were told, do what you were told; so you were a bad boy or girl, if you did anything on your own; you were a good boy or girl, if you didn't question, if you just believed everything your teacher taught you, as if that teacher were God Himself. Now all those childhood training wheels are falling off your spiritual bicycle. And with only a little regret, you begin to leave it behind.

    4. RELATIONSHIP TO GOD. Your idea of "Relationship with God" in this stage is still emotional, feely, touchy, lots of do's; but there's a 'weight' to the thinking, and it's beginning to take over your childish ideas. You ask heavier questions when you talk with God, and you start talking with Him more often; you start spending much more time analyzing. You still live in two separate worlds; generally when you are doing something in the world you don't think about Him during that time. Like the spiritual child, He's only on your mind sporadically, but the intervals when you forget Him are much shorter, as you've more to ponder. You begin to wonder what His Plan is for your life. Most of all, you begin to wonder what it's like for Him to be Him.

    5. LOVE GROWTH. Love becomes glitchy, here, because you're newly able to do it, and your emotions are wacko. A war begins between your Orientational Confidence, and those around you who aren't as advanced; plus, your confidence in yourself is still vulnerable. The GODO team is new, and it's your moderator, but you've only begun putting it all together. So you become testy, even churlish, but if the interest in knowing God better persists, you'll grow past it. Still the childish trust lingers; still emotion is associated with "Love" in Bible; but you're learning to be more tolerant -- at times.

    6. TRIAL STATUS. You're at the crossover point between Part I's Core Trial Issue #3's "ignorance", and its #2, where you Start To Know Something. You stay on the fence for awhile, back-and-forth. You'll cross over to #2 if you make the decision that you "must get serious about learning Bible." And then you actually do get serious. Every Christian I know who crossed over tells that same story. "I just needed to get serious about Bible Doctrine." It's really funny how they all use that phrase, no matter what church or national background they might have. I've heard people in chat channels say that from distant countries, other churches, not at all related to my own. It's also a common expression among people in my church, too. We all go through this same recognition that Bible ought to be more -- well, dominant in one's life. The traditional 'Christianity' answers and prescriptions, no longer satisfy. And we begin to understand here, that those answers and prescriptions aren't in tune with Bible, either.

      So kinda like John the Baptist yet not so starkly, the Spiritual Adolescent sporadically begins to seek a kind of self-imposed isolation, which at that spiritual age, goes against his nature. For Adolescence is all about, fitting-in. The isolation is maybe of short duration, but it sets a tone and the study begins in earnest. Sometimes there's a question, "should I be a pastor" or other 'offical' church career job, revealing the desire to dedicate oneself, not just go to church like everyone else -- and not to assuage ego or get human approval, either. Idea is, this pursuit of learning God is not something you do because it's expected. It's rather an interest of its own and you want to allot a good deal of time to it, and you genuinely want more time -- because you have bigger questions.

      You're vulnerable to satanic attack here. Chiefly, you're vulnerable to the satanic ploy which seeks to siphon off your desire to dedicate yourself, into some fake works program so to occupy your time so much, the study you wanted, you've no TIME to do. Then you'll atrophy, dying on the Vine, as it were. So the Abiding Desire 'room' of the House becomes all-important, here. If the Desire to learn is strong enough, the fake-y substitutes sent your way won't much grab your attention, or will be soon discarded. If the Desire is not strong enough, you'll get hooked. Most Christians who reach this Stage, don't go beyond it: Revelation 17 politicized religion, grabs their growing interest and traps it.

      For here you start to separate from people in your thinking and start to separate yourself in thinking unto GOD. That's the beginning of Real Love: His Own. It's a dangerous time.

    7. WEAKNESS GROWTH. Again, Trial Application: Weakness is growing. You become more dependent on God's Opinion, which is Love and therefore Grace; so you become gradually more INdependent of all else. Which paradoxically, makes you think of yourself as weak. And it's true. But you are actually stronger Spiritually, and that is More True. Hence the loss of self-preoccupation, because Grace justifies your existence rather than "good", theme of Rom4-5. God is Good, so nothing else need be. And God's Good, is just there: uncreated. So no other good need be. It's a gradual awareness of how Truth=Grace, so you become weak -- because you are learning to Love that Truth.

      It's really true that the world hates truth, grace, love. Litmus is the constant complaint that God should accept what we say is "good", just like Cain had done. So the Spiritual Adolescent is awkward for another reason: he's not yet matured in God's Script, but he's developed enough where he sees he must separate from the world. Yeah, and when you grow up enough, you leave your mom and dad. The world was our womb, so we were born dead to God. Now it's time to grow up and leave the thinking of our 'father and mother', theme of Rom6-7. There, Paul explains the conflicting feelings of disloyalty to the 'old man', human viewpoint. Divorce must come, sometime: He paid for it, on the Cross.

    Spiritual Adulthood, I

    This is page 4 of SMP.doc. Notice the enormous maturation which has occurred; so many new and grass-green sections, far greater than Spiritual Adolescence. That growth from goldenrod seeds to a crop of grass, denotes a huge advance in the spiritual life. Indeed, this stage represents what my pastor calls a "Tactical Victory" in the spiritual life. Hence the stage has two subparts, so page 4 of SMP.doc covers the first one. Historically speaking, only about 1% of Christians ever get this far, and they won't ever be popular on earth which Satan controls -- but they are famous, in heaven. So it's a dangerous phase.

    1. Notice how, of the five contractural action infinitives which happened to Christ on the Cross per Isa53:10-11 LXX text -- you've progressed to the birthing one, "plassw". Greek OT employs this verb to translate Hebrew yatsar, used to denote the formation of body parts, mountains, etc. Idea is, you're born now, just as Adam was created an adult, Gen 2:7. Paul plays on that meaning in Gal4:19 with reference to the Last Adam, covered below. Again, the Spiritual Adult is now capable of reproduction, analogous to sexual maturity, time for marriage. So that's the major theme of this stage of spiritual maturation, marrying your mind to Christ's. It's a long phase, typically from one to three decades, during Church.
    2. So note the other two verbs: plassw not being complete until the stage completes, it and dikaiow's blocks aren't yet fully green. The verbs work as a team. Verb dikaiow does mean to make righteous, but its first idea is to JUSTIFY, to Legally Perfect (Complete) something: and the result of that, is the righteousness.
    3. For now you greatly enjoy your new House, and most of the 'baggage' from your old life got replaced with God's Apodoses. In fact, God's ideas are more familiar than the old ideas, though the old stuff still assails you, dynamic theme of Romans 6 and 7.
    4. Accordingly, God now focuses on sculpting FUNCTION (plassw), while still purifying, taking away, enlightening you (katharizw, aphairew, deiknumi), still replacing the old with even more of His Apodoses.

    5. Here the bi-directional pointer indicates Coalescing Action within the maturation blocks below it, by means of the infinitives. Because, you've learned the Big Picture of the operative spiritual life, but as yet can't translate it into the RELATIONSHIP which is the purpose of the spiritual life, Col 1:27, Eph3:15-19, 4:13.
      • "Personal Sense of Destiny" is purpose of your own life;
      • "Personal Love for Father" is purpose, because living for Him makes life worth living -- that's Christ's Own Testimony.
      • "Impersonal Love for all mankind" is a far higher love, honor rather than attraction-based; and it's purpose also, because then life with humans not like you, becomes fulfilling; for God is Love and that means FREEDOM to grow or not, which you learned back during Grace Orientation -- which is the 'root' of Divine Love. God didn't make Himself Good; neither do you.
      • +H is purpose, because what you grow on and in, is Truth about Him. Each Him, Father, Son, Spirit. So you find contentment in just Knowing Them; the doctrine you've learned gets knit together so you can see Them daily, 2Cor13:14.
      • As a Spiritual Adolescent, you needed to learn tolerance; so now as a Spiritual Adult, you need to learn Love -- especially, for yourself. For here you begin to Love Father, and you will find your own shortfall, intolerable. Hence the need for a Personal Sense of Destiny, in which you orient to yourself as GOD has planned the crafting of 'you'. You start to see yourself in "third person", objectively. [Psychology is dead wrong when it accounts habitual speech about the self in third person, as a symptom of mental illness. That can be true -- when the individual can't confront himself -- but in fact true maturation means the self regards the self as an entity. No king or President or business owner can successfully 'rule' until he regards himself as dispensible. Your lose your personal life to whatever you have charge over, and you'd better be willing to do that, if you want to rule well. Notice that the Lord usually talks about Himself in third person in the Gospels, i.e., calling Himself by titles like "the Son of Man" -- that means He's viewing Himself as an Office, ignoring His personal feelings. The other NT writers also do it.]

    6. Again, the Holy Spirit causes the blocks to feed back to the infinitives, for the process is circular and its 'sphere' WIDENS depending on that feedback. For now you're advancing along a very broad front, as the greening depicts.
    7. Thus each infinitival action, enlarges in a widening fashion. So you grow exponentially wider in scope of understanding. Growth here is quite traumatic, analogous to falling in love; whether you detect that trauma or not, varies by underlying personality.
      • For the big goal is to fall in love with God, Rom 5:5, 2Cor13:14, 1Jn2:5, 4:7-8,19. Notice how you have to know God to love God.
      • So wanting to know God is the major tactical strategy of this stage in spiritual maturation. A lack of wanting will result in spiritual retardation, so Bible becomes a dry preening of how well you know it. Sad fate of many former Spiritual Adults who spun out during this phase. The "Abiding Desire" room of His House was rejected. So all the other rooms, go dark. Lots of casualties, here.

    8. Pointer placement tells you the goal of the stage: here, it's a sculpting of Love Function, plassw+dikaiow.
    9. For there is one infinitive "on point", through which all the others "run". But these two act together as one, with emphasis on the formation side, plassw.
    10. So here in Spiritual Adulthood, developing your Love for God is the major goal of the stage, Rom5:5. Notice how justifying-of-hope is emphasized in that verse, pointing to the dikaiow purpose, goal.

    11. Your Love Alphabet's A-for-Archegos, gets a "B", Bride. Your Personal Sense of Destiny Developing, Your Personal Love for God and honor for all mankind Developing, your Divine Happiness Developing, all make you realize how Bridal you are becoming. So you are Becoming to Him. So you are made Conductive, Developing. That's the spousal thing to do, Eph3:15-19.
    12. So this happens now in groups of sentences, coalescing. Precept upon precept, knitting into whole pages of all that disparate Bible you've been learning. Traumatically, quickly. You've asked question after question, and it seemed as though you'd never start to learn the answers. But now, you do. That burgeons your hope just as Paul said it would, in Romans 5:5. You become content. Even, too content, cocky, as you'll see in the paragraphs below.
    13. So now you're functioning in the first four letters of God's Love Alphabet: "A" for Archegos, "B" for His "Bride" -- now your cognizant Destiny. So, you're being Conducted to be Conductive, Developing. Time you prepare for your marriage, by meeting the Groom. (Paul ties Isa53:12's wa-et atsumim yehalleq shalal "great ones" clause, to learning Him via Bible, in Eph4:12-16, especially verse 16; also, Romans 12:1-3, 1Cor Chaps 12 and 13 -- that's the main theme of 1Cor -- and also, Col 1:12. For there are to be rulers under Him Who is made the fathering-of-eternity, and that's Church. This idea of sharing in Divine plunder, riches was a main theme of the Lord's when He was down here, i.e., the parable of the stingy servant, Matt25:14ff. Paul stresses it too.)

    Hence continued spiritual growth on God's Script in God's System from Spiritual Adolescence, produces Spiritual Adulthood (i.e., "young men" in 1Jn). It is a MERGING of what you've learned into a cohesive 'body' of thinking. Bible describes this stage as giving birth in Gal4:19. English Bibles truncate the translation to "Christ formed in you", so you don't know what kind of "formed" it is. God's Greek is not so bashful: "formed", because delivered, the birth pangs are over! Born! In short, like physical/mental adulthood, spiritual adulthood is a new independence, a life on your own, a transformation. Just as no fetus is a human being until born, because it is not independent of the womb; just as conceiving of the idea of sin doesn't make it sin until it too is born (see James 1:14-15, NAS); just as you have to be born again, not conceived again (i.e., just because you conceive the Gospel doesn't mean you are saved, else everyone who has merely heard, would be in heaven); just as you can't be graduated until you have completed the prerequisite courses, so also you aren't a spiritual adult until His Thinking has become an independent structure within your soul (right lobe, aka "heart", technically). No building can take tenants until it is completed! Gotta grow up first. Then you are 'born', so to speak, into adulthood. Not before. Only then are you eligible to have an Adult Spiritual Job. You usually can't do outward-works which "count" until then. (Well, God will throw the works HE wants to do via you smack! in your face, so you needn't go looking for them. A work He wants will make your sin nature bristle with an urge to say "no". Heh.)

    1. CONSUMING BIBLE. For what distinguishes this phase is that the Basic Structure of Christ's Own Thinking has formed in you. It's a comprehensiveness, though at basic levels. It's also habitual. So your Focus and your Viewpoint have merged. God just isn't on your mind during Bible class or prayer, anymore. You begin to see Him as a Person. So when you study Bible now, you study it to see Him better -- and you do. This is a monumental shift in your reason for Consuming Bible. When you were younger you had many motives for doing it: to be good, to think well of yourself, to justify believing, for the attacks against Bible worried you. But you've instead become so curious about how GOD is -- His Personality, why He wants to do things -- that the other motives, kinda fade away. The world and its wants still intrude a lot, but this newly-emergent focus on learning Bible to learn God Himself, shifted you into the "birth" that is spiritual adulthood. For Christ is all about, looking at Father. So now, you too begin to look at Father. By the end of this stage, you will look at Father as an instinctual habit, for you will come to want to live on His View of anything, even brushing your teeth. At the beginning of this stage, though, the idea of looking at Him as a habit, is newly born.

      See, as we grow spiritually, we age. As we age, we can see others more maturely. A child is utterly threatened by change, and really can't see his parents as persons. So they aren't allowed to fail, and any thing which looks like a threat is frightening. But as you age, since you are older, you can see older people -- as people. So God, the Ultimate Person, stops being a cartoon character, and you begin to see Him as a Person. For Himself. And you love seeing Him. It stops being an issue so much of right and wrong, but just flat wanting to know Him. And of course, what's really happening, is that you are becoming more like Him -- which is why you can see Him better.

    2. SPIRITUAL SKILLS. These are instinctive at this point, but still glitchy: use of 1Jn1:9 is remembered more often throughout your day, so you are more often filled with the Spirit -- in large measure, the remembrance is prompted by you wanting to just think about GOD. So when you do want to think about Him, you remember to use 1Jn1:9. You begin, therefore, to question more broadly the 'big picture' of your salvation, why did God do it, how could it benefit Him. So you try to add up many types of doctrines in an effort to learn something about Him; you now find yourself doing it in free moments, while waiting on the telephone, or even in the bathroom; not merely when you are in Bible class. Verses start coming to your mind when you need them, slowly at first. Again, the structure of Christ's Thinking has now formed, been born: so it begins functioning as a whole, having a life of its own. So the effort to remember, diminishes greatly. Or, increases greatly because now you are "getting serious" about Bible. When a person "gets serious" in a relationship, marriage is not far off. Even more true, here.

      The hallmark signature of graduation from spiritual adolescence is that these thinking skills MERGE into a "Personal Sense of Destiny", as my pastor likes to put it. That becomes your base, built atop the previous thought patterns which were using 1Jn1:9, being filled with the Spirit, claiming the promises of God and rudimentary Bible reasoning; to those spiritual-childhood Bible Thinking Skills were added Grace Orientation and Doctrinal Orientation, during spiritual adolescence. It took some time for GODO to integrate with the earlier skills and for them all to team up and coordinate; but that's happened now. So by analogy, if you were able to raise and fire a rifle in one motion, now you can do it in your sleep. If you were able to do a simple ballet routine without falling down all the time, now it's too simple for you and you start eyeing something in the "Nutcracker". If you were able to play "Goliwog's Cake Walk" by Debussy without banging the piano, now you are up to a subtle Chopin nocturne. In short, a wholistic view of the spiritual life has taken hold in you. For you are born, independent, and can function. You still screw up. You're just reborn for the third time -- to adulthood.

      The Personal Sense of Destiny is entirely due to a new Love for God the Father. You begin to see yourself through His Eyes, which makes you become more objective. It's glitchy, for what you come to see is often disturbing, so you are impatient with yourself, the world, etc. At the same time, a growing contentment at having the answers, mediates the upset. So you'll zigzag between these two poles of contentment and upset. So your spiritual skills will often focus on this mediation, to keep you on an even keel. Paul describes this stage poignantly in Romans 6-7. Battle really begins here.

      To say you have a "Personal Sense of Destiny" doesn't mean that you know your future death date, who you should work for (or marry, if you are yet unmarried). Rather, it's a growing awareness that this Bible you've been learning is real, God is real, your future is real and will really be with Him. There's a 'body' of understanding about it, which in turn means you have a 'palpable' grasp. "God" is no longer a two dimensional, candy-cane idea.

    3. THOUGHT PATTERN. "Hope", Greek elpis, which Bible uses as a shorthand moniker for Confidence in Word, characterizes your attitude during Spiritual Adulthood. What is spiritual adulthood like? Two chief soul traits of this stage are: cognitive recognition that His Thinking should govern, and thought-fluency concerning the content of His Independent Standard. There's no roteness about true fluency. It isn't the child's parroting, like spouting Bible verses, creeds, etc. Instead, it's the ability to Think Doctrinally, to analyze an issue and determine God's general position on it. 'With doctrinal reasoning to support the analysis and conclusion. There's a distinct confidence in one's ability to do this, because there's a distinct cognitive Confidence in the Standard. A less-salutary characteristic of this stage is a temptation to cockiness, due to the fact one begins to know he knows more than his contemporaries.

      My pastor uses terms like "cognitive self-confidence", and "spiritual self-esteem" to explain this stage. The "esteem" comes from the Confidence in the Standard, but since the Standard is in the self, it translates into a certain self-confidence, as well. The characteristic doesn't mean one is yet competently obeying; a new spiritual adult's obedience function due to the structure must first coalesce. There's much more to learn, but the Holy Spirit has interlinked the Doctrinal Database with the soul's norms-and-standards 'compartment'. As a result, the soul has found and accepted its 'place' with respect to Him, so a kind of confidence and contentment mark the inner life: it's a kind of Structural Rest. Before this point, as is true in regular adolescence, a huge struggle about "whats" had gone on. Now, enough of those whats are resolved, so a kind of restful attitude ensues. So, at this point the spiritual adult also begins to recognize where he is in God's Personal Plan for his life down here -- and, in eternity. My pastor calls this turning point "a personal sense of destiny": God's Personal Agenda for your own life becomes known.

      This "spiritual adulthood" stage is the first tactical objective God has for the believer's life. It's a Tactical Objective, as my pastor likes to explain, because you can't grow up in Love until and unless you first become an adult. For our spiritual mortality rate is extremely high; most believers don't want to know God, they want the goodies and status of being Christians, so they opt for Satan's Rev 17 substitute Churchinanity, over the centuries. The Church Fathers, for example, were demonstrably spiritual children, given their weird and legalistic writing. Bible wasn't at all clear to them: you don't need to convene councils to decide whether Christ is also God, whether Trinity is Biblical, if you READ the Bible. It's not debatable, Matt4:3 and 2Cor13:14 ARE VIVIDLY CLEAR. So, those people couldn't read the Bible, because they didn't use 1Jn1:9 to get the Holy Spirit's brains. And, it shows in their extremely legalistic, anthropopathic slants, persecutions and weird ideas, turning body stuff into magical spirituality, blaspheming the Word thereby -- for CHRIST did none of the things these dolts account 'spiritual'. Yet these folks are regarded as spiritual giants? Well, even today Christians laud them, not noticing how Different Christ Is from all of them. So children laud other children, and no one grows. It's the tragedy of 18 centuries, and it still continues. Therefore the Spiritual Adult is utterly rare, and it's a Major Victory in the Trial if you even get this far. The second bookended Tactical Objective is Spiritual Maturity, explained later below.

      This stage is a Coalescing Of Everything You've Learned, and you become Doctrinally Competent. Since an underlying structure got formed, you're now moving into function. It plays like discovery-after-discovery as all that got knitted in you, actually starts working. You'll easily mistake yourself for a genius. For you are: but 'Mom' (the Holy Spirit) is running the show. Yet you don't recognize that, often trying to 'help' by providing answers people don't want, and by impatience at others' disinterest or ignorance. So you get spanked. Then you begin to recognize it's the Holy Spirit, not you, Who's the Genius Behind Your New Thinking. Additionally, if you had a sin nature which favored lasciviousness, it now shifts over to the other side, legalism. If you were legalistic, you'll shift into lasciviousness during this stage. Your life is being freed up from the old patterns, so (lol!) you also switch sin patterns, too. Paradox: the bigger you get, the more you sin bigger sins which are subtle. Big people make bigger mistakes because they are big, see.

      Again, as in Spiritual Adolescence, the 1Cor13:13 moniker for this Stage is "hope". This "hope" is also the beginning of Love, Rom5:5; the latter starts growing per the four dimensions of Eph3:15-19 and 1Jn4:12-16 (parallel passage) from this point forward. So we now obey for an additional motive: to express gratitude to God. Life has become very enjoyable, even when being disciplined. We've come to know Father pretty well, now. We enjoy thinking of Him so much, we look for ways to thank Him. He's on our mind, most of the time. We often find ourselves asking, "What does God think of this?" -- and the answer is often instantaneous.

    4. RELATIONSHIP TO GOD. This is the biggest behavioral change: Knowing God Becomes A Burning Issue. You have a bizillion questions about Him personally. Why why why why what does He get what does He want. The pronoun has changed from "me" to He". It can be very traumatic, because here the Focus Shifts. Hence your idea of "Relationship with God" in this stage is a stable and urgent recognition of Him, so you do think of Him often during a day; but it's still somewhat emotional, you're preoccupied with your obedience, maybe; overall, you spend more time just thinking out how He is. So you are alone more -- and want to be. You've distanced yourself from your earlier Christian friends, if you had any, so you can spend more time alone to think about what you're learning, to talk with God, etc. So, at this point, "Christ formed in you" means the necessary Rapport Base with God has been built. You can't use it well, but it's there. The rapport function is stable, but basic; the Maturing Merge of the world you live in and the God you think about, is only beginning. See, the focus shifted to God, so now all your other foci must shift, too.

      Unfortunately, a side effect of this shift is that others in your periphery notice it, even if you do not. Some will be resentful and jealous; often the believer in this phase becomes obnoxious, because he comes to resent the disinterest in God which he's newly able to see. So whether it's his fault or that of others around him, marriages, families and friendships break up here, Luke 12:49-53. You'll have to choose. Most people when faced with a choice like this opt for the people, so do not grow up. Lots of casualties in this Spiritual Adulthood phase, for that reason.

    5. LOVE GROWTH. In short, due to that hope, you begin to Love God. Starting with, Love for Father. Love is still somewhat childish but its pace escalates, now. So, the aggressive facet of Love begins to develop, as gratitude needs an outlet. As 1Jn repeatedly notes, this Love-for-the-Father-outlet causes the 'overflow' of loving the brethren. You start to view people more objectively. That provokes a kind of overflow love to people: it's Divine Love beginning, which has no strings. It isn't based on attraction, but on God. So it doesn't feel good, and it 'plays' as a kind of respect (true love manifests as respect or honor).

      True marker of love is that your thoughts are occupied by the love object. And, secondly -- you respond honorably. Not necessarily competent at it, but that standard of honorable response has become more important than whether the love object is honorable toward you. Being right for its own sake is being replaced by a desire to rightly love. So we can initiate love, at this point. And we do: toward the Father. See, rapport begets the ability to be happily intimate, not the other way around. [FYI: this is the main reason why sex before/outside of marriage is so disastrous to the soul. Body can't take intimacy until soul has rapport, and body's design can't handle sexual rapport, outside of marriage: if "it" was "good", you think you are in love; if "it" was "bad", you think you are not. Soul's free will is thus significantly impaired by non-marital sex, because then the body dictates to the soul, with the result that soul satisfaction becomes progressively cut off. Other sins of course are very destructive, as well; however, sexual and criminal sins more quickly destroy the cohesiveness of society, owing to the dysfunctional effect on the relationship between soul and body that these sins engender. For, these types of sins separate body urges from soul dominance. That's why, for example, repeated sins of these types cause successively-higher need to repeat them, leading eventually to impotence: unfulfillable urge, no matter how often repetition occurs. Same pathology as for any type of addiction, needing ever-bigger doses to get the same high; eventually, no dose of any magnitude can give the addict a high. All he's left with, is overweening need.]

      Again, Hope produces Love, Rom5:5. This happens because the fundamental need all humans have, is to have a relationship with God. You realize you have that. Again, there's a distinct shift in all your Viewpoints from here on out. You need people and things less; you're not only newly secure, you're even cocky. You know God, and you know you know God, and wow! So you begin to ask new questions, re-prioritize your life, shed old hobbies and loves so to make room for more time to just learn Him. For you are confident in your knowledge, and it's a constant satisfaction to you. So you begin to simplify your life and isolate yourself. You might not even notice that fact. But others, will. Again, many won't like it. A 'wall' seems to be forming between you and them. That's true, too.

      Love increases when it isolates. That's a surprise. Live and let live. The frenetic pace of childhood and spiritual adolescence, with its crying need to tell everyone about Jesus, shifts -- you begin to realize that's not how God wants it done, and you decide you need to "get serious" about Scripture. For yourself. So you begin to isolate yourself. This will bug some of those close to you. So you will get some flak for this. But now your desire to know Him for Himself is independent of that pressure. Still hits you, you still fall down -- but now you keep on getting up again. Paradoxically, this shows more love for the brethren, since you are now doing the one thing God can use to bless those who are not doing what you are doing. For you, are doing the Word -- by learning Him. Just study, does all that. World couldn't even begin to do what God does to bless, click here and scan Part IVb's First Facet. No human works can buy the world time, good weather, competence, good crops, freedom from enemies. But God says HE will, Lev26. And if you scan that chapter, you notice that the contract is about Abiding in Word. Oh! Abiding in The Abiding House of His Abiding Thinking, bottom row in the SMP.doc charts?! Yeppers.

      For awhile, life after entry into Spiritual Adulthood will suddenly calm, because you're now getting an Abiding Contentment from Abiding in His House, huge deposits of His Four-Sided Happiness. 'Calm before the storm of Trial Testing. Rest up and enjoy, for you need this "R&R"!

    6. TRIAL STATUS. Romans 8:28 begins to apply at this point. You've moved out of Part I's Core Trial Argument #3, which was Ignorance; and you've moved into #2 Core Trial Argument, do you choose God based on What You Know. This is much harder. So, the spiritual life intensifies, for there is no burden greater than the burden of so much knowledge in such puny, fallen bodies. Yet there is no greater enjoyment either, since the knowledge, is of God!

      True wealth, "true riches" verses in Bible, all mean knowing God. Wealth is a shocker. If you don't have it, you imagine it to relieve you of certain burdens, and to afford you leisure, etc. What you never expect, is that the responsibility going with it, is far bigger than whatever problems it solved. New and bigger problems replace whatever the old ones were. So you can get cocky or resentful or burdened -- it takes awhile to sink in. Knowledge of God is the greatest form of wealth, so is exponentially bigger in 'weight'. You don't own yourself, especially when you know God, so it's a real shakeup to your self-image. Exhilarating and enervating (you feel so small). So again, Weakness is Growing, and you are innately tested at all times to just keep on keeping on God's Script in God's System -- or, to peel off. You are very vulnerable here.

      KNOWLEDGE KEY==> This burden of knowledge begins the deliberate parallel to the burden of knowledge Christ had in His Humanity. No greater test, no greater burden, existed for Him. Every second He had the burden of knowing Who He was, and What He was to do. Important: as mentioned at the end of Part II, what made bearing our sins so awful, was Knowing them Intimately. [2Cor5:21 makes this point: "For He [Father] made Him-Not-Knowing-sin, Sin! as a Substitute for us, so that we become Righteousness-of-God in Him." Verse has word-play which English doesn't show. I translate it here to depict that word play. Paul uses the accusative for "Him" (the first Greek word, for max-emphasis), and "Sin!" So, Paul shouts the equating of "Him" and "Sin!": meaning, ALL sin was imputed to Him. We know Paul shouts, since there's no verb between both 'sin' words. Next, Greek prep. 'huper' stresses substitution: alludes to OT animal sin-sacrifices. Next, "become" is subjunctive of both purpose and result, with 'hina' ("so that"). There's zero doubt. The parallel verb structure yells final Justice by Exchange (His Righteousness for our sins). ("[B]ecome" is also the left-out verb.) There's no "the" before "Righteousness": so Infinite quality is thus shouted. So again, Paul stresses totality-of-salvation. Finally, the "He" pairing Scripture so fondly uses denotes equating: here, saying Christ was good-enough-for-the-Father, i.e., equal. So, we get that, too: Father thus made us Infinitely Righteous, "in Him". This verse yells that judicial fact. So there is no way to claim salvation 1) needs our 'help', or 2) can be 'lost'. (Selfnote:L1320 says more on verse not listed here.)]

      The Pain of the Cross was a Knowing Pain, because that was the "cost" of the sins, to Divine Righteousness. So: it's Knowing which is the greatest burden -- and the greatest Joy. Satan had had a smaller version of this burden, so of course we have to go through a parallel: due to Satan's failure, due to Christ's Success.

      As will be explained further in the "Third Reason for Invisibility", finity can't handle knowledge of God. Intimate knowledge of God is supposed to drive one crazy. Were it not for how God reveals Himself (delicately, carefully, lovingly) -- we'd all be dead. Man cannot take too strong a dose of knowledge. It's like overeating food. You can die from overeating knowledge, just as you can die from overeating food, and obsessive accumulation of either is bad for your health in every way. The bigger you get spiritually, the harder it becomes to live with this burgeoning knowledge of God. Life down here becomes smaller, since life down here is innately unsatisfying. So the "stretch" between the beauty of knowing Him and the horror of puny life down here, becomes excruciating. So now think how it was for Him Who had Perfect Knowledge, to then go to the Cross, where all our puny thinking, lacerated Him?

      So, during the calm, our understanding of His Greatness coalesces; as a result, our awareness of Him intensifies, and that Knowledge creates new and traumatic pressures. On the one hand, we become shocked, because we know so much more about the differential between God's greatness, and our smallness. It's not that our confidence is shaken, but rather, our desire to live has undergone a dramatic change: we are living for the Father now. We thus are constantly tempted to despair, since what we want to do for Him is so much higher than what we are yet able to do. Due to the new "Rightly Love" motive, we revalue everything in our thinking. So as you might guess, we become weaker, not stronger. Because, the Love has become stronger.

    7. WEAKNESS GROWTH. Consequently, this stage is very traumatic: we've fallen in love with Him. When you truly fall in love, the Love Object is more important to you than you are to you. Another Person literally occupies the central space where your thoughts of self had been. It's hard to admit true love for Him, partly because the sin nature can't handle that admission, and partly because true love always wants to do 'more': you feel you don't qualify, for whatever you 'do' for Him is always too small. False "falling in love", by contrast, is loud: gushy, emotional, me-praise-me garbage.

      Additionally, a second major class of new traumas hit: we are sooo much more aware of what's wrong in the world! It's like getting eyeglasses for the first time: oh, how clear everything is, now! So, a kind of double-whammy ensues: falling-in-love with the Father, coupled with falling-out-of-love with the world. One is literally torn apart, internally. This tearing-apart also occurs because enough Doctrine has been built in the soul to make it functionally incompatible with the dead world of one's dead body: Romans 6&7. So, a new spiritual compatibility must be forged, in order to live in this dead body, this dead world, but unto the Lord! Every past thought-structure needs to be replaced or redone! (Romans 8.) Moreover, for awhile, this change-in-loves' trauma will not be recognized for what it is.

      Remember it was said back at the beginning of this First Reason for Invisibility, that Christ converted all sins into "DDNA" on the Cross? That's spiritual re-engineering. DNA doesn't split until there are enough compatible pieces made by the ribosomes, to complete the new strands. Well, here you've had so many Doctrinal pieces made by your human spirit's 'ribosome' factory (done by the Holy Spirit), that now you're ready for splitting and DDNA replication, all over the place! Well -- splitting means a fragmenting process, preparatory to a bigger integration process. So it feels like you're going nutso. Really, you're being knitted together. In God's Way of Doing Things, the loud meaning is always the opposite meaning. So when it feels loudly bad, it's quietly better. [Nerd Note: don't go by feeling; go by Bible Doctrine. As you do, you will notice that bad stuff has better value, regularly. That's a Justice valuation: gotta get a bigger rate-of-return (ROI) on the bad stuff, than on what's already working well.]

      DDNA Integrity Key==> Remember how psychiatry says mental health is based on an integrated personality? Well, that's the issue in your spiritual life, too. Integrating the Ever-Increasing Knowledge of God into Your Life. Into your daily routine. Into pressures of adversity and prosperity. Into, in short, your body. So you can become able to express Love. So that you can become able to do for Him what you want to do. In short, God wants to give you the ability to have what you want -- and what you want, from this stage forward -- is to Show Love for Him. Only, you're not able! Body's weak! You need to grow, make the body the 'footstool' of your own feet! Through constant living on 1Jn's Script! Look: if the desire doesn't run out in front, you can't get the motive to learn integrated strength over your body.

      So, that "integration" is to progress, from here onward. See, 'sacrifice' is not the issue. Love is the issue. Integration 'seals' Integrity, thus insures Love, so you can become free, forever -- to Love. No matter what.

      This desire-exceeds-ability stage is thus awkward, because 'true love' has hit you. Doctrine-body coordination goes awry. On the one hand, the sin nature will be screaming with defense-mechanism urges like sublimation, denial, etc. On the other hand, the hugely-increased desire to Thank Him isn't matched by the body's obedience. Instead, you find yourself giving into temptations you used to habitually spurn! Again, if you were lascivious, you'll become legalistic; or, vice versa! So, you'll feel like a spiritual failure, but the opposite is true. Hang in there! So, you will have arresting urges, and will be constantly tempted to be 'anal', going overboard in one direction or another; for sitting still, resting, is exactly what you need to 'do'. So, the sin nature will resist 'rest', big time: because, as we saw in Adam's Fall, its 'good' concepts are all doo-doo's!

      So in this temporarily-weak state, one also gets hit with many outward enticements: "competing loves", "suitors", as it were, to "kidnap" your love away from God. Prosperities with people, things will be introduced. Also, adversities. Satan needs a level playing field on us, and we need exercise. So, the function of the spiritual life refines: doctrinal usage shifts into subtlety. Life intensifies, so is at once much more enjoyable, and much more problemmatic. All the while, Love for the Father causes progressive focus on Christ Himself. Think of it as the Bride, not-yet-officially-married, but growing up in her Father-in-law's Royal House, as was once custom. As she grows, she comes to understand her Groom-to-be, better. So, love for the Groom develops, too. As this growth happens, competing suitors try to snatch her away, before the wedding.

      The snatching-away temptations will be extreme, and extremely subtle. You'll fail most of them, and fail most of the time. This, because the doo-doo genetics developed a tit-for-tat valuation of life: i do for you, you do for me, and that is supposed to be 'love'. But it's not love, it's fig-leaves craziness. Churchinanity. Or, rebelling against Churchinanity. Both are sin-nature functions, and neither is God's Thinking. Be, not "do". For, Love just is. Under bad circumstances, good circumstances, no circumstances, any circumstances, "the all things" (Big Bible keyword), all circumstances. You need to be weaned off the earthly, preoccupied idea that doing is supposed to be some kind of 'evidence' of love. Love just is, in God. In you, at this stage, that fact has only been born. It's real, it's in your soul, and like a baby, you don't know what to 'do' with it!! But you are to 'do' nothing, for the do's in the Christian life are all back-ended, after you are grown enough. Christ didn't go to the Cross until the end: after He learned to Completely Rest. That is Kenosis. So, you'll be jumpy all the time -- and through this jumpiness will come a lot of failures. Then, through the failures (!) you will learn what unconditional love means: God's, for you. Then you learn to rest, for then you learn that Love just is: No Barriers, no works, no conditions!

        Morality=spirituality is the way most Christians and non-Christians value the spiritual life. They are all wacko. They get wacko, because a) there is a genuine recognition that morality is "good", and b) it's attractive to be nice, to follow rules for harmonious interaction. It's also very difficult to be moral, just as Paul quips in Romans 7: until there was a law saying don't covet, he didn't covet. Like he also says in Corinthians, the power of sin is in the Law. It's "in" the Law, even though the Law is good, because sin is a derivative (separatist) power, deriving its power from the power of good (sin has no power of its own, so caroms off true good, to derive power).

        So, when people aim at morality, the counterurge is fueled, because the sin nature hears 'good' in morality, and tries to appropriate it to make-self-god (which is the quintessence of the sin's nature). So, to resist the counterurge, one either rebels outright (becoming lascivious), or one becomes religious in observing moral laws. This latter becomes ever-harder and nastier: oh, I didn't light that candle in 4 steps, but in only 3, so I am a bad person, 'cheating'. So, the eyes gradually get off God, and on what obedience one does (or doesn't do); on, what obedience others do (or don't).

        This is the cruelest and most subtle of snatching-away divorces, happening 'below radar', so to speak; and that's why Morality is the main objective of Satan's MEGA plan (explained in Part IVc). To Divorce You from God in God's Name. 2Tim2:26-3:7 explains the many sad forms of this divorcing. So, having been all this time surrounded by morality-touted ideas of spirituality but nonetheless having become independent of them enough to actually begin to love God -- every enticement in your body and on this planet and even off this planet will come against you. For, if you make it past this stage, you will likely stick with the spiritual life through the end. That, Satan can't afford, as you'll see in Part IV.

      It's a truly marvelous stage, but it often feels awful! See, being an adult doesn't mean you know how to think and act like one. It takes practice, and "practice" includes distractions you find both unpleasant, and pleasant. So you're tested:
      • Do you revert to childish dependencies (like defending yourself or seeking support), or do you become more self-sufficient, depending only on His Thinking?
      • Does the admiration (or antagonism) of others, who recognize your (spiritual) competence, trap you in 'helping' (or 'refuting') them?
      • Do you get tied up in earthly things, like politics and Brother-Foot Churchinanity? That's a big temptation here, for you'll ache to 'provide' the Doctrinal answer(s)!
      • Does your desire for Him remain (or return quickly) under the pressure of distraction, or do you peel off, chasing Satan's worldly windmills?
      In short, the Trial is in full swing: do you want God, or not? After sufficient practice in the above tests which largely center on morality's 'competition' to be your god instead of God, your adulthood function stabilizes.

    Spiritual Adulthood, Substage II

    This is page 5 of SMP.doc. Notice how the 'grass' of the spiritual life deepens in color, and there's more of it, due to aging spiritually. Here, you have successfully weathered the first hurdle of comfort due to becoming a spiritual adult and having certainty about Bible. Lots of people thereafter lose interest in the spiritual life, and become complacent -- at which point, they arrest. But for a few among the new spiritual adults, getting all these answers only fuels a greater interest in God. So what happens next, is a divorcing. For if you want to know God, there's only so much time in a day, and you have to split that time between knowing Him better -- or knowing the world better. So you enter Spiritual Adulthood II, if God 'wins out' in importance. So this is a divorcing substage. Notice the enormous maturation which has occurred; the divorcing results in near completion of most blocks, and the plassw structure has completed. Historically speaking, you've just entered the same spiritual territory as Paul and the apostles in their later life. This is the Divine Design for all of us, but most of us don't want to know God, so don't grow in the Design. So it's a more dangerous time.

    1. Notice how, of the five contractural action infinitives which happened to Christ on the Cross per Isa53:10-11 LXX text -- you've progressed to the justifying one, "dikaiow". Greek OT employs this verb to translate Hebrew verb tsadeq, used to denote the justification which results in righteousness (both justification and righteousness, never are the two divorced). Here, the development task is to Justify ENTERING you as Evidence for the Prosecution in the Trial, aka "qualifying the witness" in modern legal trial parlance. For if you complete this substage, that's what happens to you, pattern of Job 1:8. Can't be entered in Evidence until the defense (Satan&Co.) gets to depose you. So here in Spiritual Adulthood II, you are being deposed. Ergo you get what my pastor calls "momentum testing", four (to seven) categories of tests in the areas of your own thinking (Bible vs. sin nature apodoses, essentially); systems (in the world, i.e., injustice happening to you); people (obnoxious and nice, eyes-on-people problem); prosperity and disaster (eyes-on-circumstances problem). The tests can be subtle (like germs or a mosquito), or gross (like an elephant or a bomb), usually both. They seem to be serial, notching up in strength with each repetition you 'pass', until an overall threshold is "passed". That threshold, is Occupation with Christ as the Apodosis you live on, to get through the pressure. Some of these tests will carry forward in Spiritual Maturity, depending on the content of your deposition.

    2. So note the remaining verb: dikaiow is not complete until the stage completes, so its block isn't yet fully green. You finish this stage when it fully greens and matures into Combat Olive, as you'll see in Spiritual Maturity's diagram on page 6 of SMP.doc.
    3. Here in Spiritual Adulthood II, you become totally at home in His House, and in fact are uncomfortable anywhere else. The 'baggage' from your old life is still outside in the world, and you don't want to be around it, for nearly everything in your thinking is replaced with God's Apodoses. You will thus keep seeking the same old enjoyments, by habit; but will always be quickly disappointed in them, not knowing it's YOU who changed. For God's ideas alone make sense. The old stuff still assails you, dynamic theme of Romans 6 and 7. By the end of the stage you find out all this, and you'll generally quit trying to derive enjoyment from what has for you, "passed away".

    4. Accordingly, God now focuses on justifying you (dikaiow), while still purifying, taking away, enlightening, sculpting you (katharizw, aphairew, deiknumi, plassw), still replacing the old -- with Christ Himself. For if you complete this phase, you will become Spiritually Mature, and that means Christ becomes your life. You will see Him in everything, and don't want to be seeing, anything or anyone else. That's a kind of Justification -- your reason for wanting to live, to see Him. You won't be competent at getting rid of the competition, yet. That comes during the Pleroma phase of Spiritual Maturity. But here, the true fruit of Abiding Desire to see Only Him -- begins. For you discover during this substage, that only God makes you happy (the +H block in the page 5 SMP.doc chart). True fruit-bearing is an attitude of wanting to see only Him, and everything else is a "so, what?" in your mind. That was the Trial testimony from Adam forward, demonstrated by Abraham's willingness to sacrifice even his own son, because he saw Him; by Moses leaving Egypt. Hebrews 11 explains that attitude, not works, is true Trial Testimony which glorifies God.

      • Christians are worldly. Like the world, they think their works demonstrate faith or love. James shoots down that false definition in James 2:18-26, showing that it's Bible In Your Head You Believe which does the work, his theme since James 1:1.
      • If you learn God for Himself, the first thing to die in your mind is the cockamamie idea that works count for anything, Rom4, Gal3, Heb 6:1, 9:14.
      • The world values works, but Christ didn't do any works, instead He hung on a Cross, doing nothing. God the Holy Spirit did everything TO Him to sustain Him.
      • Christ went out of His way to not use His Own Abilities, Power. For then the RELATIONSHIP would have a 'god' between Him and God, which would be the 'works'.
      • Hence the Christian who prizes works of any kind, never matures, but remains body-oriented, just like the unbeliever.
      • So it's a rare thing, to have matured this far in the Trial, and the pressure to "do" something is enormous, since as a human being you too naturally feel an urge to reciprocate, which in human terms is a performance question.
      • Hebrews 11 demonstrates that all those heroes shunned performance, looking for "better things" -- a key rhetorical device in the Book, Attic "kreittwn".
      • So in this substage, you have the same attitude, and thus are justified for entry into Spiritual Maturity, when your testimony will be Eternal, demonstrating the Fulfillment of "Christ in you, the Confidence of Glory". All that is yet future, in this substage, but that's the goal of it.

    5. Here the bi-directional pointer indicates Coalescing Happiness within the maturation blocks below it, by means of the infinitives. Because, you've learned the RELATIONSHIP which is the purpose of the spiritual life, Col 1:27, Eph3:15-19, 4:13. So now it's time to finish off your Attitude, so that you come to see Your Groom.
      • "Personal Sense of Destiny" is purpose of your own life; at this point that purpose and sense is coalescing into seeing Christ Himself. Living, Christ, Phili1:21. It's not operational, but is a goal you now begin to want ardently. The fact that you begin to want to see Him only, demonstrates the Happiness is independent of the world and all its ideas.
      • "Personal Love for Father" is purpose, because living for Him makes life worth living -- that's Christ's Own Testimony. Now it's yours, as well.
      • "Impersonal Love for all mankind" is purpose also, and has become fulfilling, even when glitchy; Divine Love for people is a growing habit at this point. Problem is that you'll be naive and assign to people a greater nobility than they have. This naiveté will get knocked out either in this substage or during Maturity, depending on how much of a hangup it is.
      • +H is purpose, and you've found a lot of contentment in just Knowing Them; the doctrine you've learned is knit together and you see Them daily, 2Cor13:14. More development accrues during this substage to put all the Focus and Viewpoint onto Christ Himself. Think of it as Father preparing to move you into the Groom's House, which House you've been living in all this time, but without having "intimate relations" with the Groom. In Maturity, those intimate relations begin, so this substage is preparatory to it.

      • As a Spiritual Adult, you've learned Love for others -- but not so much, for yourself. For here you Love Father, and you find your own shortfall, utterly intolerable. Hence the need to ramp up your Personal Sense of Destiny, in which you see yourself more often in "third person", objectively. The need to be better than you evaluate yourself to be, interferes with that objectivity. For it's not about 'performance', but human love claims 'performance' as the sole index of 'love'. So that final human-idea impediment, needs to be knocked out during this substage. Depending on how anal you become about your performance, this impediment might linger on and get knocked out only during the final phase of Pleroma. (Hangups which are deep will carry over into the Maturity phase, my pastor often explained. We all have hangups.)

    6. Again, the Holy Spirit causes the maturation blocks to feed back to the infinitives, for the process is circular. Here, its 'sphere' DEEPENS depending on that feedback. For now you're to deepen in the Relationship to Christ, as the greening is wide, and you need more stability. This is a very unstable substage, lots of zigzagging. For since the objective is to Justify you to Stand Trial, you will be severely tested before you are Qualified to be a Witness for the Prosecution (God).

    7. Thus each infinitival action, enlarges in a deepening fashion. So you grow exponentially deeper in coalesced understanding -- of Him. Growth here is most traumatic, analogous to staying in love despite pressure; you know trauma in this substage.
      • For again, the Trial is about God's Love -- it's His Love which is On Trial, and so do you still love God when the spit hits the fan? That will be the test in the final phase, so to set up for it, you need the deepening. "Deepening" in associating every experience, bad or good, with Christ. So you get a broad-spectrum set of tests to provoke that kind of association, which my pastor classifies as "momentum testing".
      • So wanting to know Christ is the major tactical strategy of this stage in spiritual maturation. A lack of wanting will result in spiritual retardation, so Bible becomes a dry preening of how well you know it. Sad fate of many former Spiritual Adults who spun out during this phase. The "Abiding Intimacy" room of His House was rejected. So all the other rooms, go dark. Lots of casualties, here. For it's one thing to Desire to know someone. But once you DO come to know That Person, what you learn might kill your Desire to Become More Intimate. Relationship is measured by "for better and for worse", and here you come to understand the "for worse" side. So again, it's real easy to peel off, here.

    8. Pointer placement tells you the goal of the stage: here, it's a sculpting of Love Function, plassw+dikaiow. This time, Love for Christ Himself, subjective and then objective genitival meanings, Eph3:15-19. Love circle.
    9. For there is one infinitive "on point", through which all the others "run". But these two act together as one, with emphasis now on the Justification side, dikaiow. Particularly, Justification for Living becoming Him. Just Him.
    10. So here in Spiritual Adulthood II, developing your Love for Christ is the major goal of the stage, Eph 3:19. Notice how justifying is emphasized in that verse, pointing to the plassw purpose, a building goal, emphasizing His House and how you want to live in it, surpassing all else (i.e., worldly knowledge).

    11. Your Love Alphabet's A-for-Archegos, got a "B", Bride. Your Personal Sense of Destiny Developed, Your Personal Love for God and honor for all mankind Developed, your Divine Happiness Developed, all make you realize how you are Becoming Him. So you are ready for the actual marriage, Conductive, Developed. That's the spousal thing to do, Eph3:19.
    12. So all this happens now in groups of paragraphs, coalescing. Precept upon precept, knitting together whole chapters of all that disparate Bible you've been learning. Traumatically, quickly. You've asked question after question about what it's like to know Christ intimately, and it seemed as though you'd never start to learn the answers. But now, you do. That burgeons your hope just as Paul said it would, in Romans 5:5. You become content, but lose the cockiness. You'll indeed be lame, weakened. For when you are weak, then you are strong, 2Cor12:10.
    13. So now you're functioning in the first six letters of God's Love Alphabet: "A" for Archegos, "B" for His "Bride" -- now your cognizant Destiny. So, you're being Conducted to be Conductive, Developing. As a result, you derive momentum for living due to awareness of the Eternal Fulfillment which awaits, since now you've met the Groom and are Happy, so want to become Intimate with Him. (Paul ties Isa53:12's wa-et atsumim yehalleq shalal "great ones" clause, to Eph3:19, Eph4:13 and Phili 1:20-21, to denote the childbearing fruit from Intimately knowing Him via Bible. Also, Col 1:27 and all of 1Cor Chap 13 -- that's the main theme of 1Cor. For there are to be progeny under the Church rulers under Him Who is made the fathering-of-eternity. This idea of sharing in Divine booty, riches was a main theme of the Lord's when He was down here, i.e., the parable of the stingy servant, Matt25:14ff. Paul stresses it too. Childbearing is the main theme of Philippians, Greek verb megalunw in Phili 1:20.)

    So if God 'wins' in importance, if you keep on in Doctrine during the trauma of this Spiritual Adulthood stage, you will progress to its substage of coalesced Spiritual Adulthood, which Paul calls "Christ at home in your hearts". (Eph3:17; English Bibles usu. say "dwell", and they always mistranslate the temporal participle, so you can't see that God causing you to love Him is what makes Christ be 'at home' in your thinking. In Greek, the participle precedes or is co-terminous with the main verb, which here is menw. This you learn in Bible-Greek101. Aaargh.) My pastor calls this substage, "cognitive independence" and "spiritual autonomy". Christ then is indeed at home in your soul. Having made some gigantic bloopers, having tasted Divine Discipline for them, you're now far less cocky, too. Heh.

    So, from this substage forward, God's Agenda for your life becomes an issue: you want to know and learn to stay on, His Agenda. And you'll be able to prove it doctrinally, too. That's another parallel to how Christ Knew His Role. And had to know. So, also, do you: In advance. For, that is the Core Trial Issue #2 Test: do you keep on with God's Plan, despite what you know?

      The Big Focus Change here is the recognition that God has an Agenda: my pastor's term for this is "a Personal Sense of Destiny", using the "hope" meaning in Greek as a "door" in 1Cor13:13. That began back when you first became a spiritual adult. Personal Sense of Destiny grows ON you. For God's Love never coerces. You become gradually aware that you want more out of the relationship with Him, and the focus is steadily on what He wants. So in this segment of adulthood, the scope of that question morphs into what He wants for the rest of your entire life. It begins to matter that you are doing a lot of deciding about your life -- and what if God has other ideas? You begin to want a "de novo review", if you know that legal term.

      In the larger sense, your enlarged understanding of God's Script has produced the faculty of measuring your life in light of eternity, and you've a fair idea at this point what "eternity" will be like. So now you begin to wonder how what you're deciding 'today' fits in. You can't know, so -- what does God want? So as you can see, your idea of "Relationship with God" has begun to be -- Total. 100% Him, and zero everything else. You won't recognize that for a long time, and may even project onto Him some demand you obey. You become anal about it -- that's your Love being demanding of you. Not God demanding of you. But it takes maybe years to catch onto that fact.

    Meanwhile, your focus during this substage shifts from your own agenda, your past plans, your past orientation to life, and instead you focus UP to what His Overall Plan is. It's a massive shift in values, and the hallmark behavioral change of this substage. Frankly, few Christians get this far. They're like Peter in Acts 1, dictating to God a set list of choices, and then God chooses 'second'. Not right. But here God's Choice becomes what you want to know, irrespective of your own choices. It's a struggle, for the self is being divorced. Love for God fights with the sin nature's self-preoccupation. Some people don't have much of a struggle here -- the struggle comes later. Depends on how 'set' you are in your ways at the time you hit this stage. Basically, you are shifting from living for yourself by your own standards, to an unknown -- living according to something God might want you to do with your life for the rest of your life.

    You get another nice R&R period, here, to learn what His Agenda is. Once you know it, your R&R might end, for you always get tested on something you've learned. In any event, what could be called Paul's "thorn" eventually occurs. It's personally tailored to you, and usually starts out toned-down, escalating as time passes. The "thorn" keeps us stable -- or, allows Satan to spin us out into his system permanently. In order to get the 'thorns', this "at home" substage is a prerequisite, so 'thorns' contain vital G-2 info about vulnerabilities within the Divine Standards' structure in your soul: you are also 'told' where in the spiritual growth spectrum you have stabilized. One is not yet fully mature, but one is no longer in his spiritual 20's, either. Therefore, one will be "childish" on some doctrinal topics, for example. In other words, the "thorn" is designed to catch you up, so to speak, so that you are mature on all doctrines, all applications (how you use "eaten" doctrine).

      Caution: most Christians peel off, here, assuming they even get this far. You can't even imagine how desolating, how horrible is the resulting Divine Discipline. So hang in there! Or, if you fall out, get back! 1Jn1:9 aggressively! For, the "thorn" test is not just one test. It is a progressive thing, in more than one area, and the tests become successively more intense. You might pass an adversity version, only to be undone by the seductive-prosperity version. Again, the only way to survive is to live on Doctrine. 'Which, paradoxically, is the glory of continuing!

      For these "thorns" mean God is essentially saying, "You don't need them removed! I've grown you to such an extent, you don't need relief! Instead, I'll use the thorn to flip the frustration into fulfillment! Pleromai!" So these 'thorns' are designed to make us happy -- if we keep on with Doctrine. Here's why. Going through the 'thorns' strengthens your coordination. That's why you need their progressive intensity. You'll think you're failing all the time, but instead you're gaining skill at an accelerated pace, not merely learning more doctrinal principles. Thus, you gain more Doctrine-to-body independence from externals. The body is learning to obey Doctrine MORE THAN the other stimuli which hit it. As a result, your body is 'taught' independence from externals. That's why God doesn't remove the thorns: they're your best friends!

      As the word "thorn" implies, it's personally tailored to you: so, the problem continues (with rest periods), it's bothersome, and it really 'gets' to you. Don't mistake "thorn" as solely being painful, and don't adjudge others' 'thorns' as somehow better or worse than yours -- for, just as Christ is Unique, so each of us are. Prosperity brings its own kind of "thorn", and it's prosperity, not adversity, which is the harder "thorn" to tolerate. Adversities are generally for spiritual 'youngsters'. You're getting older now, at this stage; thus, like Christ, the "thorn" of what you CAN do, is the harder to live with. Further, as 2Cor12:7-10 explains, the purpose is to grow past the bothersomeness. Past the weakness. Past your cockiness, too, at being so spiritually grown, versus your contemporaries. Past all the obstacles which separate you from full rapport with your Husband. So, the tests you fail will get repeated, as is usual in God's Plan. 'To grow you up enough to pass them!

      GLORY Key ==> The glory of the spiritual life is to not need anything but Him: not need sleep, not need reciprocation from others, not need your wants -- and above all, to learn your own "kenosis": to not need your own "can-do". Unlike Satan, you learn to not need your own abilities, your own righteousness. All you need is Him. "Fourth Reason for Invisibility" covers "kenosis" in more detail.

      It is a truly fabulous way to 'get married' to the Lord, Who at this point is becoming the Center of your thoughts, 'taking up quarters', as Paul puts it (2Cor12:9, corrected trans of "dwell" -- it's a military term, which few lexicons even recognize). Doctrine is so unimaginably powerful, His Thinking! -- it brings you to this glorious independence, living beyond the limitations of one's own humanity, living on the power of His Thinking. 'With Him, even while hurting, humanly powerless. 'With Him, even when prosperous, humanly powerful. You're learning "how to be abased", and "how to abound". All this spiritual exercise escalates your confidence. For, you finally come to realize He just plain loves you! You finally come to realize you just plain love Him! 'Just because'!

      Well, you won't realize all this until you are in Spiritual Maturity (next stage, below). But it actually begins happening, here. When you later look back, you'll see it. While you are in it, you only see that you are between and betwixt. Doctrine is your glasses, you fly on instruments.

    Remember the "So, What?" Evidence Test in Part II? Well, a precursor of that ultimate testing level, is now happening to you: all else is rapidly dwindling down to the "So, what" level, though it won't feel like much advance is going on, and you'll zigzag a lot. But the truth is: it's just a matter of 'bringing to completion' this Love, in you. Which God the Holy Spirit will keep on doing, with extreme tenderness. So the tests must keep coming, so to 'complete' us, even as Christ was completed. ["Teleios", "complete/perfect/mature" is another Bible keyword, a synonym for "Pleroma" (fullness). Look up all verses with these keywords, to help see how this paragraph is true.]

      If you are under my pastor, in his '85 Ephesians series he classified seven types of "Momentum Tests" which you undergo during this stage. Later, he condensed the classifications to four: people testing, system testing, thought testing, disaster testing. As these names imply, the "agent" affects you, and you will be tempted to respond in kind. But test passage requires you learn to say "So, What" instead, since you are so busy looking at God, not the agent. Obviously the agents have no clue of being so used. In thought testing, you are both agent and target. That category gets harder and harder to handle, requiring more and more monitoring of your thought (i.e., to catch a sin and use 1Jn1:9, to catch a temptation and fire Bible at it á la Matt4:4).

    Again, the big issue here is a Divorcing from the self and the world, replaced by a Marrying of God's Will for your life. You don't 'divorce' the world by going to a mountaintop or special 'community' of believers. It's a Thought Pattern Change: All Your Values Reverse. More fundamentally, the Thought Basis shifts from being world-based, to being God-based. Because this is a massive Trial shift (like a series of really fantastic touchdowns), you won't recognize that's what's happening for some while. Instead, you will be increasingly disoriented, not knowing that the Very Basis For All Your Values Is Being Replaced: God's Thoughts have so much built up in you, the 'weight' of them has begun to crack the very foundation of your 'normal' human thinking, which by nature is to-the-ground, this-world-oriented. His Thinking has been growing and chipping away at other areas, on the phalanxes, toward the 'center' of your human mindset. And now the center is breaking. Your own Waterloo.

      Think of the Hurricane Katrina victims who lost everything they had. They were totally disoriented, then became angry, then became withdrawn or resentful or resigned. In this stage, all that will occur. But something else happens which is even more devastating: you don't care anymore. It's an active motive, a reversal of former interests and values. If you used to be a photo buff, you'll suddenly lose interest in all that stuff you acquired. It plays like depression, but isn't. Very easy to mistake. It plays like iconoclasm, but isn't. Very easy to be tipped over (Matt4's 2nd Temptation) into depression or iconoclasm. Very easy to mistake: for the truth is, your values have changed because God is SO much more important, everything else is rapidly becoming that "So, What?" Evidence.

      Given the zig-zag conflicts which characterize this stage, it seems like other issues are really playing (like whether you are obeying Him or not), but there's only this one, about preferring Him -- you are nearing Occupation with Christ, the hallmark of Spiritual Maturity. So the other apparent issues are surface; just decoys, or of much lower relevance. For if Satan&Co. can't steal you away, you'll end up marrying Him in your thinking, and it will be almost impossible to win you back. Again, it's never been about sin, because Christ paid for sin. It's only therefore about Love, since it's God's Love which is On Trial. And now, so are you: because here, you come to Love Him. Or, you'll divorce Him in your mind and run after the tinsel Satan&Co. sell. Most, do the latter. Can't lose salvation: can lose the promise of a lifetime -- total rapport with Christ.

      You'll notice I'm merely sketching vicissitudes. Specific thoughts, specific ways to live on Bible, all these are of your own crafting, before the Lord: He is the Precedence, and He invented the spiritual life out from what was the Law. So Now His Law is individualized. You have a Script, a Teacher, and a System. What you do with it, is up to you. You are unique. How someone else handles the same pressures or circumstances or temptations is utterly irrelevant. God chose you from before the foundation of the world. You. It's as if there were no one else on the planet. As you near Occupation with Christ you will come to know this, and it will shock you. For God is Infinite, which is truly a hupostasis, a dot-like Infinite Quality. As my pastor sometimes reads to us (quoting someone else), the 'whole' of God is in every dot. Well, you are a dot. Uniquely. Other dots don't matter: frankly, they get the same relationship you do, and in each one, it's as if they were the only person on the planet, since the 'whole' of God is in every 'dot'. Because, Infinity is not diminished by a plurality of objects. (A fact which the Westminster Creed, Catholic Unicity and Koranic definitions of 'oneness' fail to comprehend.) So it's only God, and only you in the relationship. Each relationship.

      So the spiritual goal is, to get to the point where you are in HIM in your own thinking, the way HE is Infinitely In You, Col 1:27.

    So this precursor phase of divorcing (cutting out) and marrying (grafting in) is how God does things. So now that's happening IN YOU -- you are cutting out the world and your own ideas of life, and grafting in a preference for GOD's ideas for life. That's why it's so traumatic. For when you begin to love Someone, that Someone's Ideas matter more, than your own. So look how God shows His Love: Cain who hated God, was cut out; but Seth who wanted God, was grafted in; Ishmael who rejected God, was cut out, but Isaac who wanted God, was grafted in; Esau who said no to God, was cut out, but Jacob who said yes, was grafted in. Levi who rejected God at Shechem, was cut out, but Aaron who said yes, was grafted in. Now notice: then Levi was grafted to Aaron due to Moses, who refused to be God's Mouthpiece to Pharaoh. And on and on, with the last cutting out being Solomon's line, and Nathan grafted in, such that Messiah -- who is due to David, Israel having been cut off and grafted only through David -- such that Messiah could be born to graft in the world, 2Sam7:13ff. Even DNA works the same way, splitting before it replicates. So too, it went with Israel: the two walls of Eph2. We are sibling to her. She was cut off, as Paul explains in Rom11 -- yet grafted in, since any Jew who believes in Christ is automatically part of Church, even as we were grafted in due to her Jewish Messiah (big tweaking point Paul makes in Rom9, 11).

      So we all should have been cut off, unsaved. But by cutting out and then grafting in, Christ Himself saves everyone.

      See, It's based in HIM. Here, your Foundational Viewpoints are Switching Over, and you are doing the same cutting out and grafting in. God is no longer on the outside of your life, anymore. You are switching bases from your former world-based thinking to solely Christ-based thinking. Cutting out the world from your preferences, and grafting in Him in Whom you were grafted on the Cross, theme of Rom6 and 11. So now you come full circle, and what happened to Him on the Cross before you were even born, is now happening to you "in Him". God likes circles: subjective and objective genitive, plenary!

      This earthquake-like divorcing has already been going on since you first entered the spiritual life, and it ramped up markedly when you hit spiritual adulthood. But now it is coalescing via first separating, just like DNA does when it's ready to replicate like rabbits. First, the DNA 'staircase' splits. That's what's happening to you. Latin quip "non possum vivere tecum nec sine te" (I can't live with you, nor without you) is pretty apt, here.

      Key to success here: keep on thinking toward Him as a 'conversation'. Toward Father. It's supposed to be communion 24/7, eventually. So you won't survive this phase unless that 'conversation' keeps going. But if it does keep going, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. (Aka prayer, but in the broader sense like David and Christ and Moses used it.)

    Spiritual Maturity, aka Pleroma Phase

    This is page 6 of SMP.doc. Notice how all the blocks get filled up and go from grass green, to Combat Olive -- which becomes Peace Olive, if you complete the maturation "course", aka "endure to the end". See 2Tim4:7-8, Matt10:22, 24:13, James 1:12 (see also 5:11 for definition), Heb10:36 (in context of 4:1, 11:1). It isn't salvation that can be lost, but delivery of your kingdom. There are many "saves" after salvation to complete. At this point, you've been brought through all but the last one, the saving of your soul from thinking about anything or anyone but Him. This stage can take a decade or more, to complete. You usually die soon afterwards.

    The biggest salvation atop the salvation which places you in heaven forever -- is to be saved from having a human viewpoint of life, and thus miss out on seeing Christ while in this puny body. Only seeing Christ will make you happy, both now and forever. It's a big lie that being a good person, matters. So what if you are a good person? Christ is PERFECT, and what did He do with that? Spend it on FATHER! In short, rather than waste His Time preening over how good He is, He can choose what's more enjoyable, and spend His Time looking at Our Mutual Dad. Which is more enjoyable, to stare at self in the mirror, whoopee -- or look at God? No contest! So: can't you spend being any kind of person on Father? God will make good on you, so you don't have to worry about it. Thus go the rationales of the Spiritually Mature Person God has made you become, at this stage. It's a happiness and freedom from the unbelievable waste-of-time sin nature, which forever focuses on itself, in a dungeon of hallucinated merit. Focus on self is a waste of your time. You could be looking at God, instead!

    You'll learn that fact the hard way by flunking the spiritual life, or the easy way by growing up to this stage. For you will see Him if you make it this far, just as Paul testifies in Eph3:15-19. Your maturation in Christ completes here -- via combat. For if you complete this stage, you will indeed be "one" with Him in your thinking. That's the goal of the spiritual life. At the beginning of Maturity, you have successfully weathered the two hurdles of comfort due to becoming a spiritual adult and having certainty about Bible; of the pre-Maturity Trial Witness Justification. Lots of people before you flunked. You are now in the rarest group of humans in history, and are famous for even getting here, in the record books of heaven. But the fat lady hasn't sung yet. So what happens next, is a childbearing test, essentially. Do you, as Christ did, 'birth' the same kind of thinking While In Labor, Isa53:11? For your job as King forever under THE King, will be to bear children who think like Him, among your own allotment of believers who flunked the spiritual life. So you complete the Pleroma substage, if Christ 'wins out' in importance -- under maximum pressure, your own series of 'crosses'. So this consummates the marriage to Christ, in your head.

    So the truth is, sin isn't the issue, happiness is the issue. Being good or bad, sinning or not, anything OTHER THAN seeing Him is unattractive, a waste of your time. But you don't know all that, until you have completed Spiritual Adulthood II or nearly -- because you didn't have enough Bible in your head functioning, to realize what it all meant. "Christ in you, the Confidence of Glory" is a real statement of happiness, in Col 1:27. Sure, that verse is in context of winning in the Trial, but the larger meaning is the Glory of seeing Him, itself. Nothing compares to it. So of course along the way, you shed sin habits and false ideas about human good, etc. But the real story is seeing Him instead of everything else. Because everything else, is anticlimactic, a waste of your time. Here in Spiritual Maturity, you've come to that happy place, Heb12:2. Worth it!

    Notice the enormous maturation which has occurred; the divorcing results from Spiritual Adulthood have filled up with Him as the Replacing Apodosis in all things, in your mind. That's the goal of our Royally-Invisible Spiritual Life, for then Like-Mindness is Total. Without Like-Mindedness, 'performance' is irrelevant. And God alone can make this Like-Mindedness, so God Alone can make it 'perform'! Hence testing this Replacement Intimacy with Your King has yet to complete, for all prior testing was to see if you'd choose Him. But you did. So the plassw structure completed, and now its tandem dikaiow structure has completed, but not the dikaiow FUNCTION. For until you chose Your Husband, you couldn't exactly have "intimate relations" with Him and thus GO into labor. Historically speaking, you've just entered the same rare stratosphere as Paul and the apostles in their last stage of life. Again, this is the Divine Design for all of us, but over 99.9% of us don't want to know God, so don't grow in the Design. When push came to shove, the Christian only chooses to mouth "Jesus", and wants the form of marriage, its status -- but not, its intimacy. So now you're in the Spiritual Olympics, as Paul likes to put it. Everyone else you likely know, was disqualified. So you feel quite alone, and are one of the weirdest birds on this planet. Phili 2:5-10 will be important to remember, in this stage.

    1. Notice how, of the five contractural action infinitives which happened to Christ on the Cross per Isa53:10-11 LXX text -- you're solidly in the justifying one, "dikaiow": it's now cross-hatched to show it's functioning on all cylinders. Here, the Justification is to exhibit why you are Just Evidence for the Prosecution in the Trial. For if you complete this stage you get crowned, pattern of 2Tim4:7-8, James 1:12, Rev1:6, 5:10. Tests are personalized based on your own ideas of worst nightmares, and dreams come true which you had to forego, prior -- here you get them all, at once and in successively-bigger 'doses'.

      Abram's big stumbling point in maturation was that he wanted a son. Moses', that he wanted to avoid confrontation. So here's the Test: Abraham finally gets that son after he's been sexually dead -- and then, 20+ years later, must kill him. Moses, who actually had the power to free Israel as the next Pharaoh, is supposed to throw that away, in favor of isolation; then, after he's learned to love isolation, he's ordered to go back and do what he hates most: confront the new Pharaoh. Worse, he's now to free Israel, something he had to refuse, 40 years prior. Worse, he now gets the most confrontational group of nitwits ever to grace this planet, the Exodus generation -- and when he finally loves that confrontation, God retires him.

      See the irony God constantly employs? Embrace what you don't want, but eschew what you do want, and when you finally do that, the thing you learned to eschew, you get -- the thing you learned to embrace, is taken from you. True Twilight Zone. All the while, the person is voting that God's ideas alone make sense. Even when they don't make sense. That's a Love Testimony. Accordingly, Matt4's temptations are all based on God's Ideas Making No Sense: not feeding the poor, not being flashy, not defeating Satan. But the Lord preferred Father's ideas, just the same. So will you.

    2. So note there's no other verb: dikaiow is complete, so its block is cross-hatched, functioning to complete all the other (cross-hatched) blocks on page 6. It's a demonstration of completeness which already occurred before you got here. The demonstration is extremely intense, so again the fat lady hasn't sung yet. You can't afford to be complacent or cocky, even though you are in this class, the rarest of individuals in all human history. Alexander the Great is nothing, compared to you. But knowing how high you are, is really of no consequence -- that's Trial Evidence -- what matters to you, is knowing Christ, and like Paul said, the fellowship of His Sufferings, Phili 3:10.
    3. For now you want Him to be glorified in your body, Phili 1:20, bearing Him children in His House. The 'baggage' from your old life means nothing to you, but once upon a time it mattered -- so all that 'baggage' comes back into your life, in a successive series of ironic Testings: this, to show everything in your thinking is replaced with God's Apodoses. Also, to demonstrate Operation Footstool, your complete reversal from how you thought as a spiritual child. Also, to show how everything you used to want, God wanted to give you more -- but you had to be grown up, first.

      Again, Abraham only wanted one son. Was that too much to ask? No, it was too little. God wanted a universe of sons. So after Abraham passes the Test of being willing to kill the one son he longed for -- solely because God said so, even though it made no sense, morally -- now Abraham is mature enough to withstand the prosperity of being a kind of father of our salvation, blood-wise. For THE Son would be coming from his loins. Paul makes no end of witty parallels with this, throughout his letters (i.e., Romans 4). Same kind of no-sense-obedience is demonstrated in all the Bible greats, especially Christ. So for you, here all the old desires which got conquered BY Christ in your heart and soul and mind, get fulfilled. For now they are 'under' Him in value, and that will be demonstrated during the Pleroma phase, just as it was demonstrated with Job, Abraham, David, Moses, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel -- and most of all, with Christ Himself.

      As a consequence, the Testing here plays in two ways: i) you get all those erstwhile-desired things, and ii) they all are later taken away. That test pattern is the same, since Adam. But here in Church, it's a 100% exclusivity-of-Christ exhibition: that He alone matters with or without, anything else. A King must be Trained In Having. So therefore, must you.

    4. Accordingly, God now focuses on justifying your function (dikaiow), while still purifying, taking away, enlightening, sculpting and structurally-perfecting you (katharizw, aphairew, deiknumi, plassw, dikaiow), still replacing the old -- this time, with Christ Himself. It's not that you stop sinning. It's that your thinking is the same level as Christ's, the Eph4:13 level. For Christ became your life, and you think like Him from here on out. Same playing field, not the same scope; same kinds of motives and thoughts as He had, you will have. You see Him in everything, and don't want to be seeing, anything or anyone else: that is your dream come true, and it comes true, here. Your reason for wanting to live, to see Him -- so you do. Your reciprocation motive is to emulate Him -- so you do. God makes you competent at getting rid of the competition. Again, you don't stop sinning, you stop wanting anything but Him, even when normal human deprivations assail you. The true fruit of Abiding Desire to see Only Him -- completes. True fruit-bearing is an attitude of wanting to see only Him, and everything else is a "so, what?" in your mind. That was the Trial testimony from Adam forward, demonstrated by Abraham's willingness to sacrifice even his own son, because he saw Him; by Moses leaving Egypt. Hebrews 11 explains that attitude, not works, is true Trial Testimony which glorifies God. And now it's your live testimony, too. You won't recognize this perhaps for awhile. (Not everyone in Evidence Testing knows it until sometime after being in the Pleroma end of Maturity.)

      • Christians are worldly. Like the world, they think their works demonstrate faith or love. You prove how false is that definition in your own body, for what gets tested, are the values Christendom holds dear. Bible In Your Head You Believe, Replicates What He thought, WWJT: so you don't crusade, you withdraw.
      • For you learned God for Himself, and the cockamamie idea that works count for anything, died. If He doesn't do it in you, it's not worth doing. Bible in original languages constantly says that God achieves HIS works in man, but you can't see that in any translation. So the Bible's ironic and insistent portrayal from Genesis through Revelation, of you becoming great SOLELY due to what HE does to you, is always missed by Christians. It's not an outward thing, it's an inward transformation. So here, you demonstrate that fact via your thinking as God puts you through His Paces.

      • The world values works, but Christ didn't do any works, instead He hung on a Cross, doing nothing. God the Holy Spirit did everything TO Him to sustain Him. That's now happening to you, too. You pass the test if your motive is higher than morality. The 1st Commandment is higher than morality. Father is higher than people. So good deeds were the subject of testing in Matt4 and the rest of Christ's ministry on earth. He didn't do what Satan thought was right; He didn't cure everyone, feed everyone, flash His Divinity to prove He was God. He didn't put down immorality or Satan, even. He just walked and talked. So do you.
      • Christ went out of His way to not use His Own Abilities, Power. For then the Relationship would have a 'god' between Him and God, which would be the 'works'. You now think the same way.
      • Hence you emulate that Do-Nothing Waste, here.
      • So the pressure to "do" something is enormous, just as it must have been, for Him Who Loves More than Anyone.
      • Hebrews 11 demonstrates that all those heroes shunned performance, looking for "better things" -- a key rhetorical device in the Book, Attic "kreittwn". So do you.
      • So in this stage, you have the same testimony, and are added to the Hebrews 11 roster in the Pleroma Docket (so to speak) of Heaven, where your testimony will be Eternal, demonstrating the Fulfillment of "Christ in you, the Confidence of Glory". All that comes to pass now, in this stage. Happening one moment at a time, "Evidence Unseen!" as Hebrews 11:1 puts it (see Heb111.htm if you've not seen its corrected translation already).

    5. Here the bi-directional pointer indicates Coalescing Occupation with Christ, a Love Focus energizing all the maturation blocks, by means of the infinitives. Because, you've learned the RELATIONSHIP which is the purpose of the spiritual life, Col 1:27, Eph3:19, 4:13. So now it's time to show off your Viewpoint, your Attitude, and Focus: Love Rapport with Your Groom. God does this showing off: to you, to Satan&Co. At your end, you're constantly thinking you don't love Him enough. But look how your thinking gets upgraded:
      • "Occupation with Christ" is your Destiny in life, per Eph4:13. Seeing Christ Himself. Living, Christ, Phili1:21. It's operational. Happiness is Him, period. Completely, utterly independent of the world and all its ideas -- all of them are anticlimactic to you in this stage. So like Christ, you come to think all the kingdoms of the world are worth squat compared to the RELATIONSHIP.
      • "Occupation with Christ" is Loving Father, because Father Decreed to see His Son everywhere He looks, Isa52:13, 53:12. That's Christ's Own Testimony. Now it's yours, as well.
      • "Occupation with Christ" is true love for all mankind, same as His. All the phony ideas of what's good for man are rejected, in favor of Him. So Father rewards the world with blessing only God is capable of doing. Because, God honors His Son, and now you do also, hence the world can be hugely blessed because you please Father by fully reflecting His Son. This blessing is so gigantic it takes most of Part IV to explain. Satan gets defeated in the Trial by the Pleroma Witness. That begets a lot of Justified Blessing for the world which only God can do, and Satan can't argue against it, due to your testimony.
      • "Occupation with Christ" is True Happiness: your contentment is knit together in Him Who You See Daily, 2Cor13:14. Father moved you into the Groom's House, you have "intimate relations" with Him. And you are fruitful, constantly bearing His Thinking in your heart and soul and mind. That's Divine Currency, and the criterion for awarding you a kingdom in which perhaps millions of people who didn't learn to think like you did, need to get it from you. Forever. You'll see more about this criterion in the Reasons for Royalty in Part IIIb and IIIc, and in Part IV. Royalty means Royal Thinking. We all like emulating Royalty. So there has to BE a Royalty forever, to emulate. Christ is that Royalty, and we are Rulers to the extent we think as He does. So that's why it's true happiness and love for mankind, to grow up in His Thinking. Happiness, for you want to be fruitful FOR Him, as any loving spouse would desire.

      • As a Spiritual Adult, you've learned Impersonal (attraction-INdependent) Love for others -- but now in Spiritual Maturity, you love yourself. For here you see yourself in "third person", objectively. Depending on how anal you've been about performance, this demonstration might linger during the final phase of Pleroma. Deep hangups carry over into the Maturity phase, my pastor often explained, i.e., that you don't love Him enough. The idea is to demonstrate their defeat to you, that you don't have them anymore. Abraham didn't really know God was #1 to him, until he actually tried to kill Isaac. For if you deeply love Someone, you'll always make excuses in your soul about how insufficient, your reciprocity. So it has to be shown, how much you do love -- to you. So you become grateful and relieved, to see what God has accomplished in you, and thus view yourself in third-person terms. This is nothing like what the world calls "loving youself", which is a kind of silly preening "I'm a good person." Being a good person is irrelevant. Seeing Him is alone relevant, and as a result you want to reciprocate, but the Love for Him means you will never consider any reciprocation sufficient. So you are relieved and grateful to see God demonstrate that sufficiency, which after all HE created in you. Whew.

    6. Again, the Holy Spirit causes the maturation blocks to feed back to the infinitives, for the process is circular. Here, its 'sphere' deepens and widens to the Fullness of Pleroma. You seem unstable, lots of zigzagging, but actually you're being punched all the time, 2Cor 4:7-10, 12:7-10 -- it's really a demonstration that the much-higher tests don't knock down your Occupation with Christ. You experience deprivations which go against normal, God-given human desires.

      • It was normal for Abraham not to want to kill his son, even moral. But he had to go against it. Yet why didn't Abraham turn against God?
      • It was normal for Job to want his children to live, to want to be healthy. Yet God made him go against that.
      • It was normal even laudable, for Moses to instead become Pharaoh and legally free the Jews. But God said "nope", and instead had Moses do it in a spectacular way, 40 years later. After that, they wandered around for yet another 40 years, though travel to The Promised Land from Egypt, took maybe a month (a week or two, if travelling light as their scouts did).
      • It was normal for Paul to be paid for the missionary work he did; it was normal for Paul to teach. But what did God do? Oh, Paul worked for a living (tentmaker) and was chained in Rome for the years he wrote the best books in the Bible. Moreover, his eyesight failed, so someone else had to write for him, which means he dictated all that Divine Writ off the top of his head -- getting it right, the first time. This, while chained between praetorian guards?
      • Doesn't make moral sense, that God would treat His heroes this way.
      • But then, going to the Cross makes no sense, either.

      Yet notice the circularity and depth: the Love is so total, even what makes no sense, even what deprives, doesn't stop the love for God, end Romans 8.

    7. Thus each infinitival action, enlarges in a completing fashion. So you grow exponentially Complete in coalesced intimate understanding -- of Him. Growth here is beyond traumatic, analogous to staying in love despite Your Loved One, slaying you. It's a true dying to everything else in life.
      • For again, God's Love is On Trial. So do you still love God when the spit hits the fan, and even normal human moral needs go unmet? That's the test in this phase, essentially. Christ had to reject literally everything but whatever Father wanted, no matter how odd it might seem. For again, if there's anything else 'between' God and you, then that something between, is the real 'god' of the relationship. Marriage is for Better and for Worse, no go-betweens.

        This fact shows up starkly in Matthew 4. All Satan's temptations are MORAL, and on moral grounds. Think over the following bullets carefully, using 1 John 1:9 as you do it.

        • It was MORAL that the Lord convert stones into bread and feed both Himself and the world.
        • It was MORAL that the Lord jump from the Temple to demonstrate He's God to the world, so they would believe in Him.
        • It was MORAL to do fake obeisance to Satan, take over the kingdoms of the world, and then zap him into hell where he belongs.
        • It was IMmoral not to feed the world when all He has to do is command the bread, "Be!" just as in Genesis 1:1, 3.
        • It was IMmoral not to jump from the Temple, thus making people have to WORK at whether He's God or not, causing them pain.
        • It was IMmoral not to fake obeisance to Satan, take over, then zap him into hell where he belongs -- again, for that means the human race must undergo so much more pain.

          But notice:

        • It's MORE MORAL to serve God, than to serve man. For Who is the First Person in the First Commandment? There are no "people" in the First Commandment, and even the "love your neighbor" comes second, as 1 John stridently notes throughout his letter. You do NOT love people if you don't love God: main theme of 1 John.

          TEST PASSING KEY: You have to choose as Christ did in Matthew 4, here in the Pleroma stage. In a way, that's always been the test since spiritual childhood:

        • Choosing to study Bible and 'do nothing', rather than all those doo-doo works which Satan's world wants (1st Temptation);
        • Choosing to keep learning God rather than flashy emotional activity (2nd Temptation);
        • And then once a competent spiritual adult, Choosing to be WEAK and let God do it TO you, rather than you doing it yourself (3rd Temptation). For what He'll progressively do to you, is DEPRIVE you, so that you become spiritually INDEPENDENT of all human needs. And, you want that. Because, if it's not HIS Will, you don't want it.

          All these tests have been going on in your life, and you didn't know that's what they were. You thought you were bad, you WERE bad, and yeah you got spanked. But the larger purpose was for this goal, here in Pleroma. To choose God -- specifically, Christ -- over all else in life. Even, over all other MORAL things in life. Even, when God seems to be treating you IMmorally. Just as, in preparation for the Cross.

      • So Occupation with Christ to know Christ is the major Strategic Victory of this stage in spiritual maturation, Phili 3:7-10. A lack of Occupation will result in misery you can't even imagine: for in this stage, He is Your Life, and anything else is hell by comparison. The hardest part of being in this stage is that you come to yearn for crosses you are yet unable to bear, for you need that Love Outlet. The "Abiding Intimacy" room of His House is THE room you live in: all the others now have doors which lead off from it.
      • 'Mom' the Holy Spirit has indeed developed you -- even as, He developed Christ Himself. It goes against sane human nature to want to suffer, Romans 5:6-8. So the Completion of His Eph2:10 Developing Work in making you not only near but Intimate with Christ -- is made complete by means suffering, pattern of Heb2:9-10, 5:8-9. Which suffering relieves you when you receive it, Luke 12:50, 22:15, Heb 12:2, Phili3:10, 2Cor4:10, 12:10.
      • Notice too: you get NO sense of victory from this. You are WEAK, there's only failure; any success you'll deem too little, for There Is No Price Too High; whatever suffering is too small, in your own estimation: Philippians 1:29. Isaiah 53:2: Lo toar lo, wa lo hadar, wa nirehu. Wa lo mareh, wa nechmadehu.

        The Incarnation? Not him!
        No glamor,
        Will we see;
        No Worthy Sight
        Will we esteem of him.

    8. Pointer placement tells you the goal of the stage: here, it's a sculpting of Love Function, dikaiow. This time, Love for Christ Himself, JUSTIFIES ANYTHING so far as you are concerned, the "emoi" keyword in Phili1:21. Subjective and then objective genitival meanings in "Love of/for God", Eph3:15-19. Love circle. Demonstrated as Complete, Inviolate. We are here to be completed in God's Love, which also completes the Trial, 1Jn4:17. "Love" is a moniker for His Thinking both there and in Rom5:5, throughout 1Cor13. Idea that when Canon got completed, so God's Love Demonstration in the Trial would be completed in Church. And at this stage, you are Witness to that Completion, which occurs in you.

    9. For there is one infinitive "on point", through which all the others "run". So here emphasis now is on the Justification-of-Love Completion side, dikaiow. Justification for Living being Him. Just Him. How that's better than Satan's, the world's, and all other alternatives even God Himself could design. You go through ever-higher testing cycles during Pleroma. Each one demonstrates it's Just Him, a beyond-human Love: God's Own.

    10. So here in Spiritual Maturity, Fulfilling and Glorifying your Love for Christ in your body is the major goal of the stage, Phili1:20-21, Eph 3:19. Notice how justifying is emphasized in those verses, pointing to the dikaiow purpose, a birthing goal, emphasizing His House is Fruitful in you and you in Him, surpassing all else in your life. Clearly all the works in history, however noble can't even begin to produce one dot toward that goal. It's wholly Divine, produced solely by the Holy Spirit in you, fulfilling Eph2:10. So you are now, Fit Bride. Demonstrably.

    11. So your Love Alphabet's A-for-Archegos, got a "B", Bride. And you married Him. And you became Conductive, Developed. And now, Progeny-Fruitful, Fulfilled. That's the spousal thing to be, Col 1:27. Be, not do. Brides get done-to, and the 'job' of a Bride is to be something, not do something. Be -- compatible, companion. Again, all the works on the planet from the Fall until eternity can't add one dot toward that goal. It's a transformation, not a toil.
    12. So all this happens now in your head, coalescing leaping growth in groups of whopping chapters. Precept upon precept, knitting together whole books of all that disparate Bible you'd been learning. Traumatically, slowly; traumatically, quickly. You question within this new-found intimacy with Him, and you know His answers in mammoth detail, almost immediately. Like a pregnant woman, you are flattened by this knowledge growth within you, even crushed by it, 2Cor12:7-10; and you wait for your deliverance, pattern of Psalm 22 -- which He shouted on the Cross, Matt27:46.
    13. So now you're functioning in the all the letters of God's Love Alphabet: "A" for Archegos, "B" for His "Bride" -- now your vested Destiny, when the stage ends WITH that deliverance. So, you're Conductive, Developed. As a result, you derive Eternal Fulfillment Growth in Glory for your Happy Husband, as you now Intimately have His Impossibly Integrated, Integrity-Love. You are now one of the "great ones" in Isa 53:12's wa-et atsumim yehalleq shalal. For you yourself are the fruit, the booty now capable of bearing fruit just like you, your children for eternity, a whole kingdom of them -- all due to what you became in Him, never from what you did yourself. Sheep are not work animals or mere beasts of burden. Neither are you.

    So during Spiritual Maturity, the goal of the Royally Invisible Spiritual Life is finalized: one coalesces into mature Occupation with Christ. Bible has a number of ways to express this stage and its result. Here's a quick sampler:
    • 1Jn uses the term "fathers" to denote their spiritual reproductivity. So notice how Occupation with Christ characterizes those "fathers" in 1Jn2:13a, 14a.
    • Peter had written similarly, sometimes using "elders" in the maturity sense, not as the teachers.
    • The doxaxzw verse in 1Pet1:8 tells you their attitude, succinctly. My pastor spent a lot of time on the etymology of that verb.
    • Philippians 1:21's "living, Christ! Dying, profit!"
    • Catchphrase is often "love of Christ" and similar terms in the Bible.
    • NT Bible Keywords for this stage and its victory are many, but the most common are: pleroma and its verb plerow, teleios or telos and its verb teleiow,, artios, nikaw , etc. If you wish to understand Pauline writings and the book of Hebrews, track these Greek words, especially derivatives of plerow and teleiow. Else you'll miss their NT meaning.
    • The Lord used these terms often, especially in John 14-17; many synonymal meanings made of them.
    • These terms are all incorporations by reference of Isaiah 53, explaining it; especially, explaining how Daniel 9:24 and Isa53:10-12, are accomplished in Church.
    • Pleroma is perhaps the most important Greek keyword, since it's the standard for the Rapture, Eph4:13 -- Rapture is determined by the date when we Church in aggregate, "arrive at the destination" of maturity at Christ's Own Level. So, Bible uses it to denote the final stage of spiritual growth, i.e., in Eph4:13 and earlier in Eph3:19.
    • Even the OT uses Pleroma in a lower but a final sense, like the fullness of a good old age.
    • It's a cornerstone word in the NT and there are innumerable wordplays on it, so I'm really surprised that nothing I can find in the history of Christendom (except in gnosticism, which is the wrong meaning), references this stage. Even the Koran tweaks the Greek meaning of Pleroma, in its At-Tariq sura: you'd have to know the Greek etymology of Pleroma (Bride Fruitful) to get the 'houri' satire of that Sura.

    In the Bible, keyword "pleroma" as a maturation level means
    • you are childbearing; specifically, you bear the seed of the gods -- that's the Greek-culture origin of the term.
    • Bible plays on that original meaning with extreme wit, especially in Ephesians. For Paul crafts the letter as 'plot' of the Real God doing Real Begetting, playing on his readers' common knowledge of Euripides' play "Ion", about how the Greek peoples came from a god who impregnated a woman. Ephesians is thus one of the most witty letters in the Bible. You can't see any of this in English, and of course you'd have to know the play. Paul uses the same analogy throughout Philippians, since its theme is about Reproduction (Greek verb megalunw in Phili 1:20, Magnify by Reproduction, same as Mary used in the Magnificat, Luke 1:46, very witty). [I don't recall if my pastor ever noted the parallel to that play, when talking about Ephesians. But I discovered the parallel due to something else he said. When covering Revelation's "frogs" reference, he said John was making a reference to Aristophanes' play "the Frogs", so I had to read the play to know what John meant. Very apt allusion, since the frogs in the play were manipulating Dionysus. In thumbing through the book which had other Greek plays, I ran across Ion at that time. I was exegeting Eph2:10 to better understand my pastor's teaching on it -- see "Fit Bride" table in Part IVb -- and then discovered the parallel while writing out what I learned. So as far as I'm concerned, my pastor's the cause God used, to result in my finding out this very bald parallel between Ephesisans and "Ion". The parallel will blow you away, if you study it. If ever you doubted that the Word is from God, those doubts will be banished, after you see the parallels.]
    • So in all his letters, you'll find Pauline themes of marriage and begetting; all of them seem to reference that play and "pleroma", to show that the Seed in You=Word in You "bears fruit" to Father.
    • As a result, your Royal Priesthood Kingship is thus fulfilled, as a king is the seed bearer for his kingdom.

    So in literal function, Pleroma thus means
    • The Authority "Seed" of Christ -- Bible Thinking -- and
    • Your Bridal Motives to 'make love' by means of having That Seed rule you,
    • All Coalesce, Merge At Eph4:13, Christ's Own Level.
    • The degree and plane of one's Viewpoint, Focus, Thinking Pattern and motivation, come to fully reflect and thus 'display' Him, during this stage.
    • This echoing edifice of His Thinking is structural at the beginning of Spiritual Maturity; it becomes functional by one's successful end.
    • Its full functionality is proved by the Testing, and is the criterion for awarding Kingship.
    • Again, the 'glitch' of sin still occurs, but recovery from it produces big spiritual gains: Abraham, Moses, David, Paul experienced huge failures during their senior phase of spiritual growth. Big failure seems to typify the stage, and recovery either propels one into huge gains or success, or solidifies the gains. Losing the battle, but winning the war as a result.
    • So it's not the absence or level of sin which characterizes Spiritual Maturity; rather, the individual's 'heart' circulates at the Eph4:13 level.
    • That is to say, both your internal motives and fluent Bible information cycling in your thinking, are independently cohesive -- at Christ's Own Level.
    • So what justifications motivated Jesus the Christ, now motivate you. His reasoning is yours, too.

        As you'll see more below within the benchmark descriptions, the believer's entire operating system of thinking has upgraded. When we were spiritual children, our ideas of Bible, God, salvation -- and our motives for obedience -- were of this world, childlike, material, do's based, and selfish. What we get, what we do, what we think, how we compare to others. The words in Bible sound nice, but we've no clue what they mean. Instead of studying Bible to learn its own definitions, we childishly superimpose on Bible, our own baby ideas of the Word's meaning. However, if one undergoes extensive study of Bible for itself, it will gradually disabuse the student of these false and worldly ideas, supplanting them with God's Own, as Bible defines itself. Hence, maturity progresses; and as it does, one grows past these narrow and puerile ideas, coming instead to see God Himself. One thus comes to prefer to look at God, eventually to the exclusion of all else in one's life. That Exclusivity Viewpoint is the hallmark attitudinal characteristic of the believer in the Pleroma stage of Spiritual Maturity, Phili 1:21.

        A virtuous king thinks big. His own person is redefined as the office he holds; his status is but the means to carry out what's best for his kingdom. By contrast, a peasant thinks small. All his concerns are about himself, his status, his looks, his promotions in the eyes of others -- the larger issues of world welfare do not concern him, and he rather belittles as 'pretentious', anyone who doesn't share his own petty prejudices and ignorance. Same analogy as the difference between a parent, and a child. Christ thinks Big. That's His Job. Yours too, if you'll intimately grow up in Him.

    • This kingly thinking is not humanly possible in a sin-nature being -- additionally, we were not on earth when He was, the Bible is an enigma to the immature or disbelieving world, everyone disputing its meaning -- so how can we have HIS same thinking, so Biblically accurate? Clearly, then, such thinking can only be of Divine Origin and Power. For only God would know what His Son Thought, what He meant in His Book.
    • Moreover, Satan doesn't believe we can learn, live, and eventually love like Christ Who Never Sinned. But by now of course, he's seen that we can. It rankles him.
    • Not surprisingly, very few humans actually mature and thus finish the Pleroma "course" -- likely under 335 people, since the Crucifixion (search on "335" in Part IVb to see the derivation methodology).
    • Historically, perhaps ten thousand people at least entered this stage of maturation, because the continuation of a client nation to God depends on it; since history continues, we have to assume that number or one near it, obtained; at the same time, most don't complete Pleroma, or the Rapture would have happened centuries prior. Part IV will cover the Rapture and its criteria. [Again, to derive this mathematical conclusion, Bible ratios in Part IVb's "GAAP Balancing" link are used. The valuation can be derived in varying ways; the ratio of those entering Pleroma and thus preserving their respective nations would be much greater than the ratio of the number needed for Church to complete. No matter what Bible ratio you use, no matter how you adjust it, the resulting number has to be very small.]
    • In short, it's tough to "finish the course", but not impossible. Divine Omnipotence makes it possible, despite all human (and demonic) obstacles.
    • For with God, if you vote "yes" He enables your "yes" preference to have perfecting effect. ("Perfecting" as in "completing", legal sense of the verb. One never stops sinning.) So just keep on voting, persevere, Heb10:36, James 1:1-4,12. If you fall down, use 1Jn1:9, and vote "yes" again.
    • DO NOT QUIT. For those who didn't complete this phase, all quit the spiritual life. They made excuses, blaming their teachers, the Bible, even God -- same thing Adam did after the Fall, in Gen 3. Or they hid their blaming, picking something silly as a substitute spirituality. Now you know why the historical roster of Pleroma folks (in "m." and "n." above), is so small. Neither you nor I need to be among the quitters: God sustained Christ all the way through the Cross, so He can surely sustain us in our smaller 'crosses' of this Stage. Just get up again using 1Jn1:9, and you're not quitting.

    My pastor likes to explain the Strategic Importance of this stage as follows:
    • The believer has completed the Divine Tactical Objectives for the spiritual life, which are
      • Spiritual Adulthood manifested as a "Personal Sense of Destiny", and
      • Spiritual Maturity, itself.
    • Spiritual Maturity is thus a watershed; it also constitutes entry into the bookended Strategic Objectives of mature "Occupation with Christ" and "Pleroma". There may be some delay or hiatus between the commencement of Spiritual Maturity, and entry into mature Occupation with Christ, owing to leftover issues from Spiritual Adulthood II. Often there is an overlap, with the latter stage ending and the new Spiritual Maturity stage separately beginning, i.e., "momentum testing" results are successful in some ways but retarded, in others. [It's really hard to generalize this hiatus. Basically, the individual's focus must coalesce into mature Occupation with Christ, to cross the threshold of Spiritual Maturity. As each of us is different and the issues we face vary, one might mature to that level quickly when faced with (say) disaster testing, but yet not so advance from prosperity testing. If the progress therefore in some areas is very advanced but in some areas not, the "momentum testing" in the retarded areas will continue, and thus characterize the beginning of the Spiritual Maturity phase. Think of it like a student who is not held back a grade due to overall progress, and his remedial correction in a few subjects is carried on during the next grade.]
      • The first of these bookends is mature Occupation with Christ. ("Occupation" is my pastor's term, but it's been used by pastors before him also, Watchman Nee being one of them I could find. While I'm not sure how other pastors use the term, mine uses it to describe what's going on in the soul: one's thoughts are constantly 'occupied' with Him. Note: Occupied, not preoccupied. The latter is discernible by its childish content, i.e., trying to prove Jesus existed, insistently characterizing Him in two-dimensional parrotting terms, emotional fixation of many kinds. A common tactic of Satan&Co. is to foster loud PREoccupation with Christ as if that were 'holy', to prevent mature learning of Him. Same 'advertising' tactic as they followed when He was down here, as Mark's Gospel repeatedly shows. So what passes for focus on Christ in mainstream Christianity is generally preoccupation, not Occupation.)
      • The 2nd Strategic Objective of completion and also operation, is "Pleroma". Again, the Greek word originally meant to be made pregnant by a god, so it's that kind of English "filled up". Since the term originally meant a filled-up pregancy to the point of giving birth, it came to have the general meaning of fruition, completion, i.e., of maturation in operation, attainment, finishing, that kind of "end"; so the term generally stresses the process.

      • Hence this Spiritual Maturity Stage has the same "Pleroma" name to stress its Bible purpose, giving birth to His FULL Thinking. So it begins at mature Occupation with Christ, which itself graduated the believer from Spiritual Adulthood II, into Spiritual Maturity; it culminates in yet another Bible keyword listed above, teleios. That Greek term stresses the result of Pleroma. Greek "teleios" is famously used in Daniel 9:24 with the Divine "sun" prefix, idea of God working everything together to finish His Goals. So, Bible often uses both terms (and their synonyms and cognates), to reference and explain the ultimate strategic goal God has for the believer. (If you track them in Greek, you get a very clear picture of what God calls the spiritual life, versus works.)

      • In short, Pleroma is the result of Occupation with Christ. That focus on Him really begins in Spiritual Adulthood, but it doesn't mature until one enters Spiritual Maturity or shortly thereafter. You get out of Spiritual Adulthood II by focusing on God, and your happiness in knowing Him naturally propels you to thinking more about Christ Himself. As you go through "momentum testing", this maturation in Focus occurs, as your motive to continue under the testing, requires it. Again, the development of a mature Focus on Him is but a structural result, for structure must precede function, as we saw in the Spiritual Childhood subsection. So Occupation with Christ matures in function, during Spiritual Maturity.

        Structural maturation in focus, occurs to the extent that "He" replaces "me" as the meaning for living, the Object in one's thinking. It's analogous to how even human psychological maturation (i.e., the ability to love) occurs to the extent that the individual stops being self-focused, and starts being other-focused in his values. A person who perpetually defines everything in terms of himself never grows up, since self-focus is the essence of childhood. Example: a child will learn something and pride himself on being a good person for having learned it; he really doesn't understand the content, but has basically memorized it, can parrot it. By contrast, a mature adult will learn something and be focused on the content of what he learned, admiring it, rather than himself. Since Christianity largely prides itself on how much Bible it claims to know, its Bible grasp is almost nil, since it deems the value of learning, to make the self 'good'. That's how a child reasons, so that's all a child understands. That's why Christian theology has remained ignorant and childish, all these centuries. [That we don't know His Birth and Death dates despite Luke 1:26 and John 19, that we still call His Crucifixion "Good Friday" despite John 19 and Matt12:40-41+Matt28:1, shows our incredibly puerile theological retardation. For humans make a stink about their birth and death dates -- but we have zero respect for what the Bible says, about His. Pathetic. PassPlot.htm has details about these dates. It's awesomely embarrassing, how easy they are to prove.]

        Of course, to become God-focused requires God's power, and no amount of human maturation can accomplish it. For human maturation, is in human things. But spiritual maturation is in spiritual things, theme of Gal 5 and Romans 8. So one must obtain the spiritual thinking of God Who is Spirit (ibid +John 4:23-24, 1Cor2). Moreover, that means spiritual information about God must have coalesced to the point that the individual can focus ON God, because he has come to know God via Bible in God's System. Absent a progressive and replacing focus on God, the believer will not progress to Spiritual Adulthood; and his ideas of Bible, God and the spiritual life will remain trapped in human concepts of works, ritual, feeling and magic -- all of which intensify self-focus, rather than maturation.

        For this reason, interest in God becomes the propellant for spiritual growth, even though that interest of itself, is impotent. Love never coerces. If the individual is interested in knowing God, God will provide the ability to understand Bible via the Spirit in His System. It takes years of study, but to the individual interested in God, study is a desirable thing, not a preening device or a chore. Hence the spiritual growth to Occupation with Christ is likewise desired, not a status to be obtained in order to call oneself good. Better things have come: seeing Him, forget all about whether one is good -- one's goodness, after all, was purchased ON the Cross 2000 years ago, 2Cor5:21. So the development of Occupation with Christ, is a maturation in Divine Love solely by means of Divine Power.

    • These Strategic Objectives fulfill God's Answer in the Trial, as we saw in Part I's "Integrity Properties" section: God's Love will build your structural and functional integrity to God's Own Level. But Love will never coerce. God being Omnipotent, He can of course bing! us to be any way He likes, without any interim 'process' component. But He won't do that, because our freedom to CHOOSE that outcome would thus be overridden. Satan thinks God ought to sweeten the process, and God's essential reply is that any 'sweetening' shaves freedom to be something less than total. So any achievements and results, would be a sham, dependent on the 'shaving', and not truly free. So the results would be also lies, since the results would therefore depend on the 'shaving', so any 'love' results would not really be love at all. So here in Pleroma, the free result of a believer choosing to know God despite the burden of the Full Thinking of Christ demonstrates the superior nature of God's choice, versus Satan's. More importantly, the believer thus freely developed is truly happy and uncoerced.

    • Hence the eternal rewards a Pleroma graduate receives, all of which maximally Glorify God, are "beyond all we can ask or imagine", for these rewards are based on Christ (Eph3:20, in context from "Pleroma" used in 3:19). It's beyond imagination to Intimately know Him and love Him with God's Own Attribute of Love. It's beyond imagination, to actually become like Him as a consequence of knowing Him, which results from learning and then "abiding" in His House of Thinking, theme of 1Jn2:1-3:2 (which play on John Chaps 14-17). [I'm still translating 1Jn directly from the Greek, not yet finished, 1JnTransandExegNotes.doc. So you won't be able to see this meaning from the English. If you're under my pastor, get his exegesis of 1Jn, which is verse by verse. I'm not using that exegesis yet in my own translation, but will test myself by it, later.]

      Nothing is impossible for God Who Wants To See His Son Everywhere He Looks. So you have to be made into a reflection of Him. You could call it a kind of cloning of His Thinking. That's God's objective for the believer's life. Any "Christlike" 'performance' God Wants, can only come from The Same Thinking Being There, First. You can't do like Christ, until you THINK like Christ. Which Thinking you can't even know until Bible is as natural to your soul, as breathing. Which, only the Holy Spirit can deposit in you, Romans 5:5.

    Ok, next suppose you were in this stage. What would you be like? Well, you are in only one world, now: His. You're a One-Note Person. All items, people you see with your human nature, have been completely redefined as expressions of Him. Just Him. If you watch a movie, stuff in the movie will remind you of stuff about Him or Bible. If you brush your teeth your thoughts 'go' toward Father, about His Son, or you ponder something in Bible, glad for the time spent on your teeth, to think about it. If you are laid up in hospital you spend time analogizing your suffering to the Cross, taking advantage of the pain to learn more about what it was like for Him. In short, you are besotted. Everything reminds you of Him in some way, and your thoughts keep "abiding" there.

      So people will unexpectedly tell you that doggone it, you see everything in terms of Bible. For you do; it's so natural for you to do that, you don't even think about how others might hear the parallels you draw. Christ thinks that way -- everything expresses Scripture -- so you see Him talk that way all the time in the Gospels; so too Paul, Moses, David. It's now innate for you to think that way, as well. The world view you once had, is gone. To hear others have the former view, sounds alien. Total reverse, from spiritual childhood. So of course you also sound alien, to them. They will mistake your focus for religosity or even pushiness to make them believe. So you learn not to talk, to guard your words. You are as boring to them, as the proverbial wife who only and forever talks about how great is her husband. For He is yours, and male or female, your attitude toward Him is like that wife's. Everything fascinates you now, because it all depicts Him, and if you don't guard your words you'll gush or bore them. Not good.

    For the switchover to Occupation with Christ is THE behavioral change of your life, literally eclipsing all other loves. He is the total motive for your existence, then. If you had "Spiritual Self-Esteem" aka "Cognitive Self-Confidence" and "Spiritual Autonomy" in Spiritual Adulthood, now you have "Cognitive Invincibility" in Spiritual Maturity. In short, you no longer merely believe Bible is from God, you KNOW it is, you know what it says (always more to learn, of course) and you live on it, day and night -- here, to keep seeing Him and know His Will, just flat 'be together'. It's about Togetherness, never religion, in God's Plan. (Quoted terms are my pastor's, used in the '85 Ephesians and '92 Spiritual Dynamics series.) You live on 1Jn's Script 24/7, even when dreaming during sleep. Temptations are higher than ever, but sin is occasional -- and has far worse consequences, if 1Jn1:9 goes unused. We're mature adults, now. Don't expect the spankings of childhood, to alert you. Here are the seven benchmarks. Notice how they all seem to be on the same topics; so unlike in earlier stages, you now can't easily tell I-VII apart. For they all merge, here.
    1. CONSUMING BIBLE. You consume Bible now to know Him better, and you're doing it 24/7, whether in Bible class or not. Bible is always on your mind, because it is His Thinking, and you can't get enough. Everything you've ever learned and now learn about Him burgeons, coalesces, melds, merges, and the resulting communion in Him is truly beyond description. Paul isn't kidding in Eph3:19-21 -- those verses literally come true and you experience them, 24/7. True communion is a constant knowing, not a feeling; it's a status quo in all circumstances, bad or good, kinda like breathing. Togetherness, flat. Feeling long since became recognized for what it is: puny body reaction to stimuli. Not even worth your time. Getting control over the knowing and the feeling reaction is a major problem, given the vastness of the increase in knowing God. Dream come true. Body can't deal with it. True riches, have arrived. My pastor likes to describe this as you receiving the "spiritual blessing" portion of your "portfolio of invisible assets" in a "down payment".

      Paradoxically, it's so big that all other pressures you will ever face are no longer effective -- except because they are sooo low by comparison. Instead, it's the Knowing in the context of the other pressures, not the pressures themselves, which makes life difficult. So that's why Pleroma is a longish phase -- gotta learn how to have these true riches of knowing Him in such abundance. For everything else is dead, slow, low, by comparison. It's like the rest of the world lives in slow motion, a tape recorded at 1 7/8ths which is played at half-speed. Like having to live in close quarters with a willfully-stupid person. Very hard to live in the world which is too small, too slow -- compared to knowing and seeing Him spiritually. So you keep consuming Bible, redefining all your earthly experience in Bible terms -- just to get through it.

      How Christ survived being so high among us puny humans, is almost impossible to understand. Imagine being a genius living among small-minded folk. Imagine being a devotee of Gibbon, or physics -- but your companions with whom you must live and work, are only interested in what they ate for dinner or who they dated. Imagine being a clean modern person, suddenly thrust into the bathe-once-a-year, slobber-over-your-food, Middle Ages. It's intolerable! But you come to understand what it was like for Him, because now the same incompatibility-with-the-world, happens to you. You have to live on Bible, to survive the day.

      So, God gives it all to you, in unending scope and depth. Anything you want to know about God you can know, and both the vastness and speed of comprehension, is overwhelming. That's the pressure, and of course that's #2 in the Trial Core Issues, do you want God despite what you KNOW. Christ had to know sin -- despite being sinless, so the knowledge He got was total and horrible beyond description -- so the test was, would He still want God? Same (smaller-scale version) idea, here.

    2. SPIRITUAL SKILLS. These are now fused; you live on all the 10 Thinking Skills (second row of boxes in SMP.doc, p.6). As a child you had been confused, easily conned by the world's many chippie substitutes for spirituality. But now the "con" of this world has left you; so with and in Him you are FUSED, instead. One-in-thinking. So 1Jn1:9 is always online and handy, as instinctive as your next breath. So you are almost constantly filled with the Spirit. Doctrine is all-comprehensive, firing all the time, and it's truly abnormal if you have a thought which isn't related to Bible. It's actually disconcerting to think in any other terms. Again, this stage is the opposite of spiritual childhood. Back then, remembering 1Jn1:9 was something you only did if you got spanked, or your pastor reminded you to do it prior to beginning Bible class that night. Back then, you could barely spell "salvation", let alone know what it means. Back then, you were full of the world in your eyes, and everything about being saved had this distinctly material definition of having no more pain, being finally comfortable, having loved ones around you, etc. But here in Spiritual Maturity, the world is the last thing on your mind. For you are in all the Rooms of HIS House, Abiding Function is almost Total, and that Abiding Desire, consumes you. The Abiding Development, while yet to experience its teleios completion, can. The Abiding Plunder is vast, you're receiving all the on-earth portion now, it's overwhelming, the riches of knowing Him. The Abiding Victory you've yet to taste, but you see Him -- it will happen, in good time. Most of all, you live in the "rooms" of Abiding Intimacy and Compatibility. You moved into them as your primary rooms sometime soon after you left Spiritual Adulthood behind. And you really don't want to be, anywhere else. For when you were a child, your new house was both small and empty, equipped only with a table, some chairs, and a cot. Now you live in a sumptuous mansion, greater than any you can find in the travel movies or international for-sale listings. All those vaunted castles and chateaus mean nothing to you. You have a better domicile: His.

      The hallmark signature of graduation from Spiritual Adulthood is that these thinking skills MERGE into "Occupation with Christ", as my pastor likes to put it. He becomes your base, built atop 1Jn1:9, being filled with the Spirit, basic promises and Bible reasoning; then came the GODO team, who coalesced all your understanding into a relaxation which gave rise to Spiritual Adulthood's characteristic Personal Sense of Destiny. Back then, your PSDestiny became a burning desire to know God for Himself, so you progressed into a motive and function of seeing Bible in terms of Love for Father, and all the earlier thinking skills ended up serving the Love-for-Father purpose. From there, you became happy from seeing God, and your need to derive happiness from circumstances, diminished and dwindled to almost nothing, despite the successive "momentum testing" (my pastor's term) which characterized your graduation from Spiritual Adulthood -- to where you are now, here in Spiritual Maturity.

      But that's all a base now. In fact, your base is now Occupation with Christ, and every thinking skill groups 'under' Him in some way. Indeed, every thought you think relates to Him consciously and directly in some way. "Unto the Lord" is no longer a nice Bible refrain people mouth but never understand. For you, that's your every waking moment, and even now in your dreams. So now all the thinking skills have merged into Just Him. So by analogy, if you were able to fire a rifle in your sleep, now you can deploy a whole army, complete with Kyle und Kessel. For it never happens anymore that only one set of doctrines or verses come to mind: oh no. Now, battalions of them do. You're giving up ballet and the piano in favor of combat, because of His Combat. In short, the Focus of Christ Himself has taken hold in you. Everything else, so what? You still screw up. You're just reborn for the Fourth time -- to Pleroma. For here, you're Growing Up In The Marriage.

      My pastor likes to say you grow up three times in life: physically, mentally, and in the intimate partnership of marriage. Well here, it's similar: you're first born spiritually, then born into adulthood, and now born into Intimacy with Your Eternal Husband, be you male or female. So it's the Fourth Growing Up, if you lumped all your pre-salvation growing up as the first one. So your spiritual skills have morphed to become intimate-marital and martially-oriented in content, focus, and nature. For that's what Greek verb "menw" means: marital intimacy homey-ness, and martially-adept honor.

    3. THOUGHT PATTERN. 1Cor13:13's "Love" is your thinking. Growing in scope and competence. All directed, toward Him. So far as you're concerned, you've already died and gone to heaven, even while still in this body. Analogous to, how He as God Came Down and took on a Human Body. And the last place you wanna be, is down here. Once this place seemed fascinating. Now, it's past. Not present. Something you have to keep wearing, like old clothes. So this place is alien, a post you're in, and happy to get whatever He wants to send you. Your body, of course, is deaf to the spiritual life, as indeed it always was. So as a spiritual child, you took your feelings seriously, as if they represented some truth. Now, you laugh. You know better. So the body keeps on its doo-dooing urges, and you've learned how to live with that -- kinda like living with a disease that will never kill you, but will always goad you. Been there, done that, move on, Phili3:14.

      So living on knowing Him is alone how you function; everything else is anticlimatic, now. So it no longer matters what circumstances you get: the good ones are too boring, and the bad ones are too annoying. Actually, the bad ones are better. And you'll get them the most, here (usually, piled up in cycles, with enough prosperity to keep you disoriented).

      You are one weird bird in this stage. Normal human motives are to get good. Normal humanity needs things to be good, and everything in human nature is about improving what you got, to get better. But you, oh! You are "he-heli", lovesick, Hebrew term in Isa53:10. You need it bad. You need bad, not good. Christ needed the Cross as an Outlet for His "he-heli" Love. Now, so do you. Antithesis of what a normal human should want; antithesis of what a normal human should be able to take, antithesis of life as we know it. Seems masochistic. But Love is sooo Big now, it desperately needs a SuperHuman outlet. Christ said He longed for the Cross, in Luke 22:15. That "longing", well -- um, you better look up meaning #2 in Bauer, Danker lexicon for epithumew, as it takes the accusative in that verse. So you need it bad, and you need it to be bad. Smitten but smart about it, that's you in your thought pattern.

    4. RELATIONSHIP TO GOD. This Focus on Him is a totality, a constant, a new base of operations (not really new, but perhaps newly-recognized for what it is). Him. Personally. Intimately. No goofball stuff. Rather, Honor is the closest word which can be used. Utter, total, Honor. And oh, your body can't take that! It's an Absolute Attitude but is inside a body which survives only on limits, so the divergence between your puny body and the Absolute Standard of Love, is intolerable. Love is not emotion: emotions are in the body, and they are all wacko, and you just learn to ignore them. Same, with circumstances. Love is not a rah-rah, strumming-harps thing. If anything feely can be said about this stage, the feeling is "trauma". For you are ever traumatized by the fact you can't meet this Standard, and everything else doesn't, either. For the trauma is the gigantic differential between the Word Whom you know, and anything else. In short, "Relationship to God" is total. You're not competent to deal with it, but it's an Absolute Attitude in you, just the same. Every thought you think references the Relationship. You might become anal about whether "God wants" you to eat fruit or Cheetos, here. For 2Cor10:5 is your all-consuming passion. Religion long since "left the building", so the motive here is love, not me-be-good garbage. What He wants is the Total Arbiter of your decisionmaking, so you want to know What He Thinks about even the most menial topics, like what you eat or wear. So you pick what's both tasty and most nutritious, since that's the most like Bible. So you pick what's most attractive and Royally-honorable in light of who will see your clothing (so as not to embarrass or impress them) -- since that's the most like Bible. See how SMARTLY besotted one becomes?!

    5. LOVE GROWTH. The Trial is about Love, which by nature is a Unity, since God's Undivided: so Love is Righteousness is Truth is Justice is Omniscience is Omnipotence, etc. God's Love is on Trial, so you are therefore simultaneously growing very strong in His Love; yet, weak and needing Him more than ever. Doesn't matter anymore what your circumstances are. You've lost pretty much all attraction to this world. Your human nature is adrift, since even it can't maintain the attachments. So you are sometimes very disoriented. Your attitudes are pretty much the reverse of spiritual childhood. God used to be a mystery to you; now you know Him better than you know yourself; people used to be a mystery or a snare to you; now, you don't need them. Bible used to be a collection of words in a book which put you to sleep; now, it's your living thought pattern. The world used to be an exciting place, and how you looked or acted and what status you had was important; politics and world affairs and its actors seemed to be the movement and shaking of history; now, well -- what do I have to pay attention to? Above all, the former nervousness and naive attitude which hallmarks spiritual childhood, is way past gone. You instead think like Paul does, in Philippians, viewing your life down here or in heaven in terms of stages of being in Him.

      Seriously: He alone matters. Philippians 1:21 is really your life, in this stage. Everything else is too small, makes no sense -- even though you know those old rationales. They hit you and maybe you fall down even a lot -- but the focus shifts away from Him, not at all.

    6. TRIAL STATUS. A believer's attainment of Spiritual Maturity is a major setback for Satan, as Part IV will show. Consequently, Spiritual Maturity is the most dangerous time in our spiritual lives, for the very few of us who even make it this far. Here, Doing Nothing is all-important. See, at this point it's inconceivable to you to get off Doctrine. See, at this point Love and Honor for Him galvanize your every thought; though you don't know it yet (for whatever you want to do for Him, it's never enough, in your view), your Love and Honor toward Him are structurally invincible, because the Doctrine in your soul has reached a structural level of Invincibility. But oh, how intense the Love-for-Christ. It's as though you'd hit spiritual adulthood all over again, and you'll be tempted to think you're a failure. So, a new trauma, too. Time to go from Structure, to Function. After all, the fat lady hasn't sung yet!

      Mature adults get mature and subtle circumstances in which to function. So, internal (and varying external) prosperity and adversity will cascade into the life at this stage: here we receive part of our escrow blessings, because Christ is First in our lives. That prosperity can kill maturity, because it is sooo wonderful. So the only way to keep going is to fight against prosperity: combat. Paradoxically, that's all one wants to do, too, if he keeps on keeping on! For you have HIM, now: what more can you need?

      But oh, the pressure to 'just rest a little' is huge, and the joy of the prosperity one has is Divine! See the parallel to what the Lord faced? He could have used His Divinity. He has always 'had the prosperity' of being God, but had to keep aggressively choosing not to use His Divinity to benefit Himself (Phili2:5ff) for that Task. So too we, at this stage, 'can' avoid combat. We too need to 'kenotically' avoid our can-do! Because oh, if we permanently peel off here -- and very few make it past this stage -- we will be the most miserable, most punished, believers on earth. For having grown so high, to peel off, is a mighty big fall. One had grown 'bigger', but now 'leaves' Him. As with King Saul, "nothing" will fill the void He once Occupied. Any Divine Discipline is a blessing, compared to such utterly frightening emptiness. Trouble is, as a mature adult, you don't get outside spanking, until it's almost too late to recover! Moses almost lost it for his smaller OT top-class, "Jeshurun". Paul almost lost it. The risk of loss has never been higher, than at this point in the spiritual life.

      So we need to "keep concentrating on Jesus" as the Greek of Heb12:2 begins, to survive. In a way, it's easy to do, since by this stage He is our life. We see Him every second, in every circumstance, in every speck of dust -- even when we sleep, He's our focus. The shock of Occupation with Him settles, and matures into Honor. This stage of Love manifests as an ongoing, professional and truly royal attitude: romanticism has long since departed. The desire and ability to "obey" is so honor-driven, folks in the periphery may mistake the Love for Him even as "cold", because they can't understand a Love which is above emotion. See, Love is now "without price", as Isaiah noted.

      So now the Core Trial #2 Issue of Knowing reaches its peak phase: this Spiritual Maturity is the beginning of the "Pleroma" stage Paul describes in Eph3:19. As my pastor puts it, you have "reached the high ground." Yeah, and you couldn't feel more like a helpless baby, either. For you've matured in your understanding that you are weak: God is everything, you are nothing, and like Paul in 2Cor12:9, all you want to do is boast in your weaknesses. So now you are truly strong: in Him. Holy Spirit runs the entire show, and you're on the operating table from here on out.

      The "2-3-4-5 Evidence Testing" table below and all of Part IVd focus on what you go through as Trial Evidence, so more won't be said here in this VI.

    7. WEAKNESS GROWTH. In many ways, when you enter this stage, you begin all over again. The surprise in Spiritual Maturity is that you are Weak, not strong. The goal of the spiritual life is to mature you in Weakness, not your own strength. Love's development makes you weak, as anyone in love demonstrates. But this is Divine Love in which you are developed, and your human nature simply cannot handle it. Christ opted for this; we of course had no power to begin with. God was and remains Omnipotent to start with. God was and remains able to bing! you with power to start with. So what God 'hankers for', so to speak, is Weakness. He's already Omnipotent Strength. We started out at the opposite end, and craved strength to alleviate our many weaknesses. We learned instead, to just trust Him; then we learned to Wait; then we learned to Love; at which point, it no longer mattered whether we were strong. Total reversal from childhood. So now what you crave -- big evidence test, this -- is what God 'craves'. Going down, tapeinow, Phili2:8's motive. Going down, just to have a cost. Because you are weak with love for Him and for mankind, Hebrew word "heheli" in Isa53:10. It's an Absolute, despite your puny nature. Which that nature demonstrably can't handle. You are living almost solely and almost all the time, on His Thinking. Nothing else can sustain you, and nothing else motivates you, either.

      Christ was Made Sin As A Substitute For Us, 2Cor5:21's Greek. So the closest a believer can come to knowing that experience, is here. That's why you are on the operating table. Prosperity or adversity, are the same. It's a simultaneity, a communion, and you are utterly helpless, no matter how well or badly your body seems to be operating. No matter how nice or horrible, are your circumstances. The divergence between the high spiritual life and the dead body life, is exponentially increasing. Feel good, feel bad, your soul is torn apart, either way. A "cross" isn't defined by how it feels. It's defined by the divergence. So you get both kinds, feel good and feel bad. And hence, you are helpless. And you want to be helpless: it's the culmination of all you ever wanted, Just Christ, Phili1:21.

      Here's why. Omniscience is TOTAL. So all the bad, all the good, all-at-once, occurring. To be close to God, you have to become like God, which is why you got His Righteousness that first nanosecond you believed in Christ, 2Cor5:21. Post-salvation, the goal is to get you to finish being filled up with DDNA, His Thinking, per Rom8:4's Greek. Per Rom12:1-3, that's a Transmutation process, which results in a 'building' per Eph3:15-19. And where you are on the spiritual map at this point, is Eph3:19 itself. At the beginning of it; and you'll stay there, until you die completed in it; or, you spin out in favor of Satan's plan. Zig zags and sin are still normal; it's Whether You Divorce (a permanent rejection), not the ups and downs of being totally in love with Him. Absolutely so.

      Here, then, what you have been learning all along, comes up-front-close: Two knowings are co-existing. The bad -- which at this point is anything other than His Thinking -- and the Good -- the Agathos, Divine Good (always mistranslated), which is His Thinking. It's like two circles of awareness, one heavenly and the other hellish. Even were you sitting on a yacht in the Caribbean during a beautiful day. Nothing compares to His Thinking. So you are getting trained in the all-at-once quality of God's Omniscience, on a smaller scale. It's the simultaneity which is being developed. For the Cross is a Simultaneity: the sins hitting Him and all that Divine DNA going on -- all-at-once, side-by-side. For that's how it really is, in Omniscience. One big Unity, a System of Truth. Playing live. Never ends, never changes, all-at-once all-time-at-once. And you gotta 'taste' that in larger doses, from here on out. It 'merges' you, to go through this.

      It's this Simultaneity which completed Christ on the Cross, Heb5:8-9, Heb12:2. It's two circles, and they are in a kind of tandem, and they also cycle ever bigger until a fusion (for lack of a better word) occurs. Then, completed, you (usually) die not long afterwards. Again, parallel to His Ps31:5 dying words. It's very rough, and you couldn't want any other experience, more. [Phase takes a long time for the believer, sounds like. My pastor tried to guesstimate the time for Paul, who made it (2Tim4:7-8): I'm not sure he ever settled on a number of years. Assuming 30AD was when Paul was hit in Damascus, since he died in 68AD it took 38 years to finish, but who knows how reliable a period that is for other believers (Paul was also the worst sinner in history, as well as the most-developed believer).]

      It's Total God-Dependence, On Trial. For after all, only God is Good, and only God can create Integrity in you. At this stage, Love means you don't find acceptable anything you can do on your own, and you're given can-do's to REFUSE, just as Job, Moses, David -- and especially, Christ. What you can do is not acceptable, for what you want is what God Can Do, instead. Thus you seem to be extraordinarily passive, and to your human nature, it's surreal: Why aren't I DOING something to relieve this pressure? will keep hitting the brain. But the fact is, just as you might have become anal about what to even eat or wear, you just plain want God's Decision to govern even the most traumatic big things. Like, whether you will live or not. You're not sitting on a park bench waiting for a million dollars to drop on you. You're waiting for His Decision on a thing to be known; or, if known, you're waiting like Abraham did, for it to be enacted. This is the absolute antithesis of what you thought spirituality was, when you were a child. The absolute opposite of what the doo-dooing world, considers "good", "strong", "right". Just as Satan thinks in Matt4, so also does the world. And you are dead opposite, all of them. Reflecting your Lord the Lamb Who Did Nothing, Dying to Everything.

      For it's a paradox of Royal Rule, that you just sit there. Learning that poise is extremely difficult, and while the outer mien is passive, the inner mind is extremely active. So you're very selective about what you do, pending sufficient information from God. Which, at this stage, you often get quickly; and if you do not, you know you're being tested for patience. It's anything but passive, but will look that way on the outside. Just like, a sitting Ruler would look.

    So now you are one Weak, Helplessly-in-Love Ball of Being. Kinda like the Lord must have felt weak after deliberately fasting for 40 days, so Satan would have the Testing Advantage. So, at this point, God puts you on the Witness Docket in the Angelic Appeal Trial. No one but God, the angels (and eventually you) will know it, down here. He will do the testifying, since it's to show off what the Holy Spirit did to you, growing you up. You are still a dufus. But you maturely know you are a dufus. When you were a kid, you wanted to be grown up. Now that you are grown up, you know you are a kid. So you get "Evidence Testing", my pastor's term, maybe taken from its use in Heb11:1's Greek. Verse is always mistranslated, as are all really important verses in the Bible, lol. Corr trans goes: "For it's about Confidence in Word! His Thinking, On Trial! Evidence, Unseen!" Great play on words: "hupostasis" is a moniker for Christ used by the writer of Hebrews, by Paul, and probably by Peter (I'd have to look it up), since Peter is addicted to hupo-prefixed words. Usually mistranslated "substance" or "reality" (which the term also means), the writers use it in wordplay to show He's the Substance of Reality, the Substance of God (Heb1:3), the Substance of the Trial, the Money, the Wealth, the Substance and Reality and Sine Qua Non of Life. Without Whom, who cares if one lives? Life isn't worth living without Him, period.

    So that's how you think of Him during this last and greatest phase of the spiritual life. So you lucky devil -- now you go On Trial to test how true that attitude is. Yikes.

    To maximally demonstrate the value of #2 and #3 in the Trial, at this point we are successively hit with the same strategic pattern of tests as Satan applied against Christ in Matt 4: all the things we ever wanted AT ONCE; but, overlapping, we are also cascaded with all the things we never wanted, too. So, being "occupied with Christ" is what sustains us during these last, most-intensive tests ever faced: what my pastor calls the (usually-invisible) "Evidence Tests" (in Part IVd). [If you analyze the Matt4 temptations over some days or months, seeking each day to see yet another layer of meaning Satan aimed within each temptation; if you spend time thinking about what Christ Himself wanted and didn't want, you'll see how those three seemingly-simple temptations were utterly devastating. 'Operating on innumerable levels: subtle, quick, so-easy-to-screw-up!]

    God's '2-3-4-5' Evidence Testing Alphabet and Structure

    FREEDOM, LOVE and JUSTICE 'Unity' Key, TESTED ==> Remember Part II's first table, "Freedom, Love and Justice 'Unity' Key" link? Why the Trinity and Why the Hypostatic Union? Remember Part II's last table? How the Trinity Evidence-Tested itself ON the Cross, "God's Evidence Test of Himself" link? So, then: we know exactly the Evidence Test Answer from Son and Spirit: that Father is the Be-All and End-All of life, "ta panta". And Father? He has the Same Attitude toward Son and Spirit! Since Son and Spirit are Co-Equal but instead Choose To Subordinate to Father, what other answer can there be, for such choice? For the Son, that means creation reflects His desire for lateral cost, so to maximally express His Love for Father. For Spirit, that means growing the created rational beings to have that same attitude: fixing our tohu wa bohu even as He restored the trashed-by-Satan&Co. planet, in Gen1:2. [See "Creationism" entry in VERindex.htm for the other "tohu" verses to show that Moses is making that analogy to restoring us, too, when writing Gen1:2. If you are under my pastor, get his Genesis '75 tapes.] And of course, Father throws Himself down in Love, in that He must do what He least desires -- to Judge His Own Sinless Son for our sins which He also imputes to Him. So for Each of them, the dream-come-true, IS the worst nightmare!

    Parallel to Son, we get the consummate privilege of having His Same Throw-Down-the-Self, Love Attitude; it functionally demonstrates via constantly living on Christ's Own Thinking. Rapport. Relationship with God is the Reason for living, so expressing laterally this Reason is the grounds for any lateral relationships in life. For us, that means we want to use everything we have, bad or good (and especially bad) to also maximally express Love for Him (see last half of Romans 8).

    And the way you throw yourself down, is to DO NOTHING. God does everything TO you, instead. Just like the Cross.

    God's Evidence Testing Alphabet

    God's Evidence Testing Alphabet is a subset of His Love Alphabet.

    • Absolute, Autonomous God need merely Assume a thing, think a thing -- and it is exactly so. Because He Assumes All Power and Responsibility, not merely is Power and Responsibility, Isa45:7. Agathos, even.
    • So as Basileus of All He could just therefore Bing! everything to be nice and perfect, but then nothing has a free and independent character. But God is Free, so doesn't want Bondage; but rather, Benefit. Bigger Benefit than if it were always nice and perfect.
    • So, He could instead bing! everything to have a free and independent Character, and then bing! each thing to have the Cost He wants Crowning that thing, never waiving its own autonomy to be what it is. And then, Compensating that Cost. Simultaneity, hupostasis. Verbal Plenary Inspiration.
    • And so He Decreed that Cost, that Crowning, that Character, Isa52:13-14.
    • As a result, He Enables us free, souled creation to have His Same Autonomous Assumption Privilege, so to train us in His Own Omniscience and Omnipotence -- just as He trained the Humanity of His Own Son, Who is First God Himself. Thus born with Total Divine Power. Yet, Eschewing it -- in favor of the Enabling of the Holy Spirit.
    • Ergo we Christians have that Same Full Power, John 3:34 and 7:39 -- but not God's Smarts to go with it.
    • So the Christian life is about Getting, Growing, and being Governed in and by His Thinking; which Thinking, is how He chooses to use Himself and His Powers.
    • Consequently, whether we are ignorant of Him or well-versed, our own soul's motives 'Head' and hence govern the character of the experience; both meaning and effect will indeed be as we rule in our own Hearts, Matt 7:2, Prov 23:7. Which character, should be Honor. For He is Our Honor.
    • So instead of a good or bad thing just being a good or bad thing, it also becomes whatever meaning we Impute to it. So if you impute a bad meaning to brushing your teeth, the next time you brush, it will have bad meaning. If you impute too low a meaning to brushing your teeth, then the next time you brush it will have that low meaning. If you Impute too low a meaning to God or the spiritual life, then the next time "God" or "spiritual" occurs to your mind, the meaning will be too low. He is Our INTEGRITY, so aiming high is the name of the game.
    • By contrast, if while we are living in God's System we vote for God's Own Justice Rule to govern: and then He does.
    • So too, if we want that good or bad thing to have the Kingly character God wants it to have, in His System we vote that, and -- it is so. Hence Kenosis occurs, as His Kingship governs, instead of our own.
    • It's just like prayer, when you are Living in God's System at the time you pray. Prayer is a Legally-Binding Vote for a thing to be or not be. And so, it is Law. And so, it is Love.
    • Therefore whatever your Motive, whatever your (legal) Motion voted while Living in God's System, that's how it is: for you are a believer in Christ.
    • Hence while living in God's System, you can 'Nominate' your experience, your self, anything -- to glorify Christ. And it is so. Thus the Nature you are Nominating, is the Nature which is growing in you.

    • When Love is so deep that all the nicenesses are no longer enough to express Love, bad stuff becomes the needed Outlet. So we can Opt for the bad thing to benefit God.. and it is so. Thus Omnipotence plays within our own being, towards the Oneness Goal Christ prayed for in John 17. For Truth poured into our hearts, pours out as Love for God, Romans 5:5.
    • That Romans 5:5 Plenary Genitive Process thus results in the self being grateful, relieved, amazed, Pleased to have the Painful or Petty stuff. Like, a cross. Propitiation, even. Purification, even. Prosperity, even, Hebrews 12:2+Isa52:13+Isa53:12.
    • Alongside this incredible gratitude, the qvetching cacaphony of human objections constantly clamors in the soul. It doesn't 'play' pretty: it plays like Twilight Zone. But it's Qorban, wholly-dedicated-to-God in meaning. Just as Christ is Qadosh.
    • The gratitude Remains and grows; the cacaphony Remains and grows. So, you'll be constantly struck by thoughts of hate/ fear/ guilt/ whatever-most-gets-you about what pressures you face. Yet often each thought is met by an exact matching (often punning) Reigning counterthought of its Real Bible meaning. And, it is so! Royally.
    • His Thinking in you Stays the pressure; His Thinking gradually Supercedes and becomes Stronger and more fluent under ever-greater Stress of ever-greater Spheres, as the Testing persists. Horror and heaven, side-by-side. For that's how it is for Omnipotent, Omniscient, God. That's how HE wants it, and that's how you come to want it, too. And, it is so! Supernaturally!

    • TESTED Practice in His Thinking is the essential mechanic of how Christ paid for sins: Doctrinal CounterThinking, God's Apodoses. Incoming sins of ours, each Touched, Tackled by Bible 'reply', Turned Into, 'birthing' DDNA out from them all, enlarging His Soul for Total Rapport with Father. See Matt4 on the mechanic of this 'reply'. Part IVd will cover the "enlarging His Soul" issue. Isaiah 52:13-54:1 gives you a very graphic blow-by-blow description of the Cross, and deftly shows the counterthinking in what appears to be an "antiphonal"-like pattern of writing (initiation and response, musical/poetic/rhythmic term). Published translations bland out so much, you think you're reading Mary Poppins. So see Isa53trans.htm.

    • Hence Evidence Testing is designed to Unify the believer's thinking with Christ's; to Uniquely Parallel the Cross Demonstration of Unconditional Love. So to prove to both the believer and to Satan &Co. that even 'hell' with God, is heavenly, fulfilling the Lord's Prayer for Oneness in John 17. But all this success is UNSEEN by anyone on earth, Heb11:1. God appears to forsake, Upbraid the believer under such testing.
    • For God's Vote is to make every believer Victory Booty for His Son, Isa53:12; the believer's resulting Voting Value to History in his lifetime -- and for all time -- reflects how the Cross impacted history for all time, Heb10:10-14, 11:40. And this Voting Victory is to play as the Cross did, ending as if in defeat, in Vain.
    • Son wants us to glorify Father, to serve Father, and "service" is the most awesome Wealth Enjoyment for the believer, way above all the wealth this puny world has to offer. Father then 'turns around', as it were, and wants us to glorify Son, serve Son -- so this awesome Wealth Enjoyment is doubled. And He Wants it done in WASTED Weakness, 2Cor12:10, Isa53:4-5,7-9, since the world wants works.
    • "Enjoyment" -- Greek word Xara, lit. "unalloyed happiness" -- is not a body thing, but a soul awareness of Xpistos, Christ. Your body will feel degradation, not enjoyment. But your soul enjoys and wants the meaning that it serve Father and Son -- so you keep voting for that meaning, which you have come to Love. And -- it is so. For the eXcellency of Knowing Christ, Philippians 3:8.
    • For Yehwah can make anything glorify His Son, even what's Yucky. Doesn't matter, that dung of itself is bad. Remember Christ's last three years? Sin is surely worse than dung. Yet God truly makes it into Diamonds. Saves the best for last. Which feels/plays like doo-doo and Diamonds. All at once. Which you come to Yearn for, as all this time you become more and more aware that you cannot reciprocate. So You Need It Done TO You.
    • For again: all Absolute, Autonomous God has to do is think a thing.. and it is so.

    God's '2-3-4-5' Evidence Testing Structure

    Glorifying God is the monopoly of and a privilege for, the believer. Frankly, the reason why God didn't just bing everything and make it perfect from the get-go, was to enable us to have that Privilege. Think: God isn't the one who needs to be glorified, He's Pure Glory by Nature. But we His Creation desperately need to glorify Him as an outlet for gratitude: if you actually saw Him, that's all you'd ever want to do. Everything else you could do with your life would suddenly become irrelevant, unimportant, stupid. Frankly, if you persist in learning God's Script in God's System, you will indeed come to see Him in this body, and from that moment forward your life means nothing else to you. You don't have to die, to see God. But you do die to this life, even while in this body, once you see Him. Everything else ceases to have value, to you.

    For Church, there's the added fact that we are Bride, so our need to glorify Him is far more intense: Ephesians 5 upgrade on "thy craving shall be for thy husband" concept in Gen3:16. So during Testing the believer is so 'in love' with God he yearns for this privilege more than his life. Yet, can do nothing of himself about it. (You never lose your helplessness.) So to get pressure one knowingly cannot handle, yet be carried through it, is such a relief! For all this glorifying is only done through the Spirit, Who massively enjoys transforming us. "Fourth Reason for Royalty" link section in Part IIIb (link in red box at pagetop) covers how this testing 'plays' on the inside, so to speak. Part IVd will also explain how Christ's Testing 'played' on the Cross ("Christ's Combat" link).

      We Christians typically think Christ was glorified because awww, He paid for us, died for us, we want to praise Him for that. Our praise is worth squat. We glorify ourselves, not Him -- deeming ourselves to be worthy of such a sacrifice, so now He's worthy of such praise. How disgusting. For the truth is, there's ZERO natural connection between paying for us, for our sins and His Resulting Glory. Sins are ugly, our evil thinking is unbelievably ugly, and nothing about us is ever glorious. So we can't make glory 'happen'. So being imputed and judged with our sins did not make Glory happen. Instead, God had to flat Decree it Glory, and Decree that He would use the imputation and judgement of sins to Him, to do it. Isaiah 53 tells you of that Decree (especially 52:13-14, 53:9-12).

      By the same token, therefore, nothing you do in this puny body is worth squat to God, helps God, glorifies God, no matter how moral it might be. But if you live in His System, you can Vote For The Meaning To Be What He Wants, and then and only then, IT IS SO. Of course, you'd need to be living on Bible in God's System, to even know that, to even know how to vote. But you can. So now even brushing your teeth or going to the bathroom, can be "voted on"! And He'll Decree that It Be So.

    God Decrees. God Decrees what will be the Independent Truth, since Truth is His Attribute, something He can use, any way He likes. You can use your hands any way you choose. Well, God's "Hands" are His Attributes, and He can use them any way He likes. And He likes, training us up to think like His Son, Who is Also God -- so we get GODLIKE POWERS in which to be trained. One of which, is to Decree The Relationships between thing "i" which is in one's life, and thing "ii", the meaning it ought to have. In God's System, therefore, you want to be glorifying God, so you want "ii" to have a Glorifying-Him Value, no matter what "i" is. For after all, God is looking at "i", same as you. So your toilet time can be voted on -- along with everything else, to have a "ii" value that glorifies Him. It glorifies Him if you use that time to learn Him better, think toward Him, apply Bible to your life, ponder something or go over something in Bible class, pray, etc. Notice how "i" can be quite base (illustrated here by being on the toilet) -- and that baseness, doesn't matter. Nothing is more base than the Cross, where Christ voted all the highest "ii" values for all time! God's Apodoses, those "ii" values. So get cracking, start voting!

      Why does it glorify Him? Because His Meanings, God's Apodoses are being applied to thing "i". That's exactly how His Own Decree works, as we saw in "C" of the Evidence Testing Alphabet. The thing "i" is crowned with an "ii" meaning that is glorious to see, so one glories in it. That glorifies, elevates "i", for now it has that "ii" meaning. Since the One Seeing "i" is First God, and it's His Meaning, that glorifies God first. Reflects Him, reflects the Decree He made -- and you got the privilege of decreeing it, too. In the Trial this matters altogether, for Satan contends that God's ABC's are unfair, unloving. That God just inflicts pain by not binging! everything to be nice and perfect, incapable of failure. Different "f" preoccupies Satan -- failure, rather than Freedom. But you pick Freedom when you pick God's Apodoses -- and especially, you pick when you are under pressure of testing, which is always a failure situation. So see the poetry of the Test? Rich, huh.

    Consequently, Evidence Testing is essentially a Privilege, and hence a Prosperity Test of How You Use God's Power, pattern of Matt4, John 17. Sometime during Evidence Testing you will notice how this dual purpose of glorifying both Father and Son, is being accomplished in your own life; the total 'disconnect' between your earthly life and this purpose, will beguile you. But just keep remembering, all God has to do is think a thing -- and IT IS SO. Hence you get that same privilege, of Decreeing The Relationship -- in order to be trained as Christ was. For, Christ always used this Privilege (i.e., John 17). In short, since this is a Wealth Test, your voting is required: so you are to know you are in Evidence Testing, which is essentially a Decreeing, Voting Test based on Who You Know. That Knowing makes the test harder, not easier. Prior to this point, it doesn't seem to be necessary that you know you are in some particular test. In a way, the ignorance makes it easier (i.e., less self-conscious). But here, you are being cross-examined by Satan&Co., and you gotta know that, at some point. When, probably varies by individual and by the particulars of an issue. Again, that's the Trial Core: what do you think of God based on what you know (#2), and what you do not know (#3). Knowing is far harder. Knowing God and living in this body afterwards, is the hardest of all. So now, wham! you get it all: your knowledge of Him skyrockets, during Pleroma. That Wealth makes you weaker, even overwhelmed -- and it remains, this double-sided high and low, theme of last half of 2Cor12. So How Do You Vote When Utterly Weakened By All That Wealth Of Understanding? That's the Test Christ faced, so that's what happens to us in this last maturation stage.

    Because, you really are a King in Training, with THE King's Power. By now, you're supposed to know THE King's Thinking well enough, to rule on how His Power should be used. Under, The Same Pressure. Ergo, you get this Evidence Testing. When you were much younger, the meanings of things to you were immature: spout Bible, be moral, get a gold star, get approbation from people, feel good singing a song about Jesus. So that's all those things meant -- very little meaning, you voted on. So very little growth and meaning, resulted. As you mature the meaning of everything to you becomes Christ Himself, to heck with the everything else -- and that's the meaning which resulted. So, you grew up to this Pleroma stage. Here, the meaning you vote, thus has to be the Same As His Own Vote -- if the meaning you pick is too low, you'll continue to be tested until the meaning you vote, is stably on His Playing Field.

    Hence, there is an overall structure for all Evidence Tests. This structure is, by Divine (Father's) Design, parallel to what the Lord's Humanity experienced during His First Advent, since our purpose is to become like Him. We get the same spiritual life, so we get the same testing. It's not about how good or bad we are, but about how totally sufficient Christ is. That's the purpose of the Evidence Tests. Even a failing believer will have a parallel life to Christ's: in which case, he demonstrates to angels, esp. to Satan&Co. in the Angelic Appeal Trial, the effect of rejecting Christ (never loses salvation, but does lose out as a successful witness, etc). Important: the believer's life always ends in humiliation, just as Christ's life did. You will not be able to gauge whether the believer is a loser or winner via His dying method. You can only gauge yourself. Death itself is innately humiliating, no matter how one eventually dies. Remember 1Cor15:55-57. For the believer in Evidence Testing, those in the periphery will conclude the person died abandoned by God, to fulfill the clauses in Isaiah 52:14, 53:3-4.

      As you know, an attitude can be aped or mimicked, but is nonetheless fake. This fact is especially true in the spiritual life. We know we are 'supposed' to love God, and many of us fancy we actually do; however, in life's tougher moments our fancy is revealed as fake. Too much prosperity, and God is demonstrably but a badge for preening; too much adversity, and God is demonstrably valued as but a genie, to make things nice again. True love doesn't operate like this. Only Bible Doctrine empowered by the Spirit regularly cycling in your soul over a very long period of time makes true love exist (John 14, 17, 1Jn4-5). So, Evidence Testing manifests the result of all that athletic cycling. The cycling is conscious and vigorously willed, but it cannot be counterfeited. Satan and man's attempts to counterfeit love/God's Word are as hysterically (and pathetically) obvious to the Spirit-trained person, as the Monty Python skit in which 'pet store owner' John Cleese sold Michael Palin a dead parrot.

      This structure is God's Testimony, really, not ours. So, we can objectively observe it in our lives, once we've learned enough of His Thinking; usually, as is true of the spiritual life stages in general, the observation of this Testing Structure's progress is clear once the believer is past a given threshold, rather than while still in it.

    From what I can tell, this Structure has the following 'skeleton', or one very much like the description below. I like to call it the "2-3-4-5" structure:
    • There are TWO ANSWER CATEGORIES of Evidence Tests. 1) "Relationship-to-God" (my pastor's term): to what surpassing degree is living for God more important and valid than living for self? 2) "Relationship-to-Life" (my pastor's term): To what surpassing degree is living for God more important and valid than living for anything and anyone else? "Two" is the Biblical number-metaphor of marriage, fidelity, bonding, integrity, hupostasis (God-man, inseparably and totally intimately united). So you could think of these categories as a 'marital intimacy' demonstration structure. Therefore it has a "for better and for worse" high-low testing angle. High, when God is blessing you and/or you are competent. Low, when God seems to be cursing you and/or you are incompetent. When self perceives failure in self or someone else, that's a major test of relationship and fidelity. Satan's all about failure: but God's all about freedom, nailing failure issues to the Cross. So what seems to be the "plan" God has for your life, tests the Relationship to Him, and to your life: do you want to do something about it yourself, or do you decree God's Plan should govern you, instead? That's what Matt4 is about. [If you're under my pastor, he covers all this beginning about Lesson 800 through 1000, in the 1992 Spiritual Dynamics series, "Occupation with Christ" Problem-Solving Device. The initial coverage was back during the Ephesians series, but it's passim in the context of "Invisible heroes", so maybe specific lesson numbers won't be helpful.]

    • There are THREE PHASES OF PROGRESSIVE INTENSITY within each of the two ANSWER CATEGORIES, repetitively administered, somewhat akin to labor in pregnancy; or, akin to progressively-intense physical exercise circuits/levels: 1) Matt4-style, invisible, mental, internal but the 'testor' is external and subtle; 2) á la the Lord's ministry post-Matt4, public prosperity of some kind (even if the 'public' is but a small group), which acts like a setup for 3) a 'cross' entailing public-yet-invisible humiliation; again, even if the public is a small group. This 3) is administered by the Father, looks like; 1) and 2) seem to be administered by Satan&Co. (my pastor calls it 'cross examination'). "Three" is the Biblical number-metaphor of stability (e.g., Trinity are three)/perpetuation (i.e., "family" is at least 3). Production, 'fruit' cannot occur until there is a fertile union, so fertility-of-union is illustrated by the progressive intensities. As you'll see in Part IV, and saw in Part I, the test of the believer is whether he becomes a superior ruler to Satan&Co.'s rulership. Rulership is a type of parenting. So the ability to PARENT is demonstrated here.

    • There seem to be FOUR STAGES/LAYERS-OF-VICTORY within each of the three INTENSITY circuits: 1) Shock Administered, 2) Shock Answered, 3) Shock Aggressively Accepted, and 4) Shock Accomplished. The number of shocks you will go through depends on what shocks YOU, so the number varies by person. Shock can be pleasant or unpleasant, and in the Pleroma stage both are administered in just the right mix so that the off-balance nature of shock CONTINUES WITH PROGRESSIVE INTENSITY. "Four" is the Biblical metaphor of completeness, which is what the Greek words "Plerow"/"Pleroma" and "Teleiow"/"Telos"/ "Teleios" signify. So the believer in Evidence Testing can monitor his development using these four benchmarks; of course, no one can do a thing on his own. The Holy Spirit's ALL SUFFICIENT POWER is being demonstrated. The ALL-SUFFICIENCY of the Truth the Holy Spirit built in the believer is being demonstrated. God's Attribute of LOVE is also demonstrated, having been built in the believer via those millions of Truth deposits. Hence the believer's happiness due to knowing God despite shock, is being demonstrated.

      Again, these (at least) four stages/layers mirror the Lord's experience in His Humanity during His First Advent (you can also see smaller-scale versions of these stages play out in Job and Abram's life stories). Each of these four will signify benchmarks of progress in Pleroma, being filled up to the point of maximally glorifying God (see Romans 8 and 2Pet3:18, plus Phili2-3). These stages are also layers, because when the first one is passed, it continues, and the second is built on the first; the third, on the second, and the fourth, on the third. As in biology, development is occurring in all levels at once, but not equally.

      So Evidence Testing looks 'messy' or 'mundane', but internally plays like jungle combat; except that outwardly only you will look the fool; you will never look like any soldier or hero one admires. Quite the opposite: people will enjoy your being a fool, for you are depicting Christ, and they get to enjoy hating Him via seeing you (which, most of them do not realize they are doing). Hence, humiliation is the name of the game, in the Pleroma stage (any popularity you get is only a setup for a bigger humiliation later on): Isa53:3, in context of Isa52:14ff. We inherit all Christ is and has, including His Suffering, and for the same reasons. And with paradigmal purpose/result. (DDNA.htm's Third and Fourth Aspects focus on this topic.)

        In 1)'s Shock Administered, the shock 'plays' overwhelm, blocking-of-Doctrinal-thinking and analysis, blocking of competence, raw and sheer competing power. Here, the believer's seemingly-blind insistence that whatever God allows to happen to him is good, gets demonstrated. (Remember when Job said, "Even if He slay me, yet I will trust in Him.")

        In 2)'s Shock Answered, the believer learns to respond mentally to the shock with a progressively higher Doctrinal Orientation to reality, despite the pressure; in practice, this means a progressively higher and more competent recall of the doctrinal meaning of the shock (i.e., greatest gift God can give the believer, rather than abandonment or cruelty). As he matures in this Answering layer, he begins to use the shock to learn more about Christ Himself, since that is the highest level of Decreeing, analogous to God's Own, in Isa52:13-14. So by the end, the shock reminds him so much of Christ, he values having the shock. Progressive acceptance of the FACT of the Shock, plus progressive orientation/adjustment to the FACT of the Shock, is demonstrated here.

          This is where those "Problem Solving Devices" in SMP.doc (second table in each page) are so helpful in diagnosis. Took my pastor almost 18 years to explain them, so I can't hope to summarize them well in a webpage. Essentially, your maturation level shows up in what of those devices you use to get through the pressure. Sometimes, the pressure is so strong, all you can keep doing is use 1Jn1:9, thus being Filled with the Spirit. Sometimes, you can 'advance' by also using Faith-Rest promises, rationales, etc. Sometimes, you immediately relate the pressure to God's Plan for your life, so Personal Sense of Destiny is operative. Sometimes, you relate the pressure to Father being glorified, so that's Personal Love for God. Sometimes, you relate the pressure to either people being helped or how happy you are to be tested, so that's IL and +H, respectively. Notice how each PSD tells you how much you've progressed in that layer on that shock, as you're moving forward, the reasoning becoming more mature and stronger. Of course, the goal is to relate the pressure to what Christ faced, having the same motive, 'rehearsing' Him, so to speak. And in Pleroma, you will do that, for everything to you is about Christ Himself, period. So all this pressure is just a way to coordinate life pressure with soul's focus on Him. It's a killer life. And nothing else begins to be as enjoyable.

        In 3)'s Shock Aggressively Accepted, the believer advances to EMBRACE the shock, rather than merely passively endure. God doesn't avoid sin due to the 'threat' of sin wrecking His Godness, as some theologians would have you believe. Rather, God flat ENJOYS the truth so much, He's not interested in anything else. So here, you stop being threatened by the shock and actually become interested in advancing in it. This is an attitudinal change which basically shifts you from being defensive, to offensive. As any military guy or football fanatic can tell you, the defensive never wins. Only the offensive wins. So you switch from being on defense, to offense, here.

          Part IVd's olive/sage combat table will illustrate how this Aggressive Acceptance functioned on the Cross. The key demonstration in this stage/level is the 'flip' in the believer's attitude from passive acceptance to YEARNING to have the Shock in question. (See Paul's "fellowship of His Sufferings" verse in context.) This plays quietly, not like some action movie. Thoughts are quick and fast, and in a way are just quiet yesses. Constant. Part II's "So, What" Evidence Test section showed the quiet, resting confidence. For Church it's a much bigger Test & Testimony, since we are "in Him" but other believers in other epochs at most get to be (occasionally) "with" Him. Physical competence may be nonetheless absent: you can't go by physical competence as a gauge of test-passing success. It's MOTIVATION, not execution. Holy Spirit fuels both, and it's really up to Him whether the physical competence, works. You just keep getting up again, like a Joe Palooka doll. [In 1950's America, Joe Palooka was a 3-foot, inflatable, snow-man-shaped, boxer 'doll', with lots of sand weighting its bottom. The idea was to blow up the doll, and then punch it. Due to the sand weighting, the doll would weave down, but always return upright. Perfect illustration of what happens in Evidence Testing. Love motivation from all that Bible Doctrine weights you so well, nothing can keep you down from a 'punch', 2Cor4:7-10.]

        In 4)'s Shock Aggressively Accomplished, the believer completes a threshold level of embrace, so that either the shock is no longer a significant challenge (so added shock is needed), or the shock itself ends (the shock itself having been tapped out, rather than the believer being spun out). Demonstrated and measured here is the All-Sufficiency and Superior Competence of a) Father's Plan and b) Legacy of Son's Execution in His Humanity, compared to Satan&Co.'s 'parental' plan for the human race. Satan's plan is goodies-dependent. God's plan is God-dependent, goodies-INdependent. So the believer here is INdependent, and begins to see that for himself (God does the testifying, not us), what the Holy Spirit has done to and for him. Hence it becomes a joy to have the experience, Heb12:2. Not, demeaning. Again, the bad and good run simultaneous, as Omniscience sees all bad and good at once, so it's the growing presence of the added joy 'crowning' the bad, not a lessening of the bad, which occurs. Due to that increasing joy (which is a knowing, not an emotion), the bad will seem less. But won't be.

    • There are FIVE micro benchmarks-of-growth within each Shock: 1) strength, 2) flexibility, 3) endurance, 4) coordinative Integrity, 5) Agility. The last one means you've so mastered the shock that you use it to your advantage, loving what you would otherwise hate. You can see these five benchmarks play out in the Lord's Humanity within the Gospel depictions. For example, the lightning-fast, astonishing humor and agility of His Answers to Satan in Matt4 depict all five operating perfectly. In Part IVd's "Combat" table, you'll see how all five operated flawlessly on the Cross. Of course, if you read and analyse the Gospels over and over and over, you'll see how His Answers on any topic also demonstrate these five Diamond-Doctrine facets.

      "Five" in Bible appears to be the numerical metaphor of PROFIT/COMPENSATION/ LEVERAGE, e.g., in Exodus 22:1. All the uses of "five" I could find in Scripture (excepting those which were mere facts) seem to convey that a critical property of completeness (number 4) is its ability to GENERATE PROFIT (etc). Five was an integral to Temple structure, for example (i.e., Exo26:3). Moreover, 2 (marital intimacy) + 3 (family minimum number) = 5 (profit).

      You'll see both Paul and Peter make reference to these substage developments in their letters. For example, Romans 5 lists them (v.2-5: in NIV, the five are translated "suffering", "perseverance", "character", "hope", "love"). In Peter's epichoregew passage, that Greek verb for financial equipping for competent execution of the Greek play, is the metaphorical base (idea that God has equipped you): 2Pet1:5-7. [Translations are bleepingly bad. Rather than the testing focus on the five, Peter lists all seven pursuits ("7" is Biblical number of perfection), and in the Greek-drama ranking. These are (1) "Virtue/Excellence" (arete, a pregnant word in Greek lit., related to artios, a measure of personal competence to enthusiastically seek); (2) "Knowledge" (tech term in Bible for learning Doctrine, "gnosis", idea of competent understanding); (3) "Mastery" (egkrateia), of which self-control is but a part, idea of competent execution; (4) Stamina/Staying Power/Perseverance/Patience, Greek word "hupomone", one of Peter's favorites, idea of endurance; (5) "Spiritual Life" (eusebeia, mistranslated "godliness" in most Bibles), idea of spiritual rather than earthly means; (6) "Brotherly (impersonal, independent-of-object) Love" (philadelphia) -- Greek term means that one unconditionally loves the stranger as much as if there were a tribal connection, idea of the to-humans result of "Spiritual Life"; (7) "Agape" -- in Greek lit. this is a specialized term, and means Virtue-Love for God, which is only produced BY God, His Own Attribute of Love, the highest result of the "Spiritual Life".) Passim, you'll find a number of references to each of these five components throughout both Old and New Testaments.

        Paul's reference point is the believer's volition. First, the believer sees suffering, so he tries to endure it; the result of the two (which constitute strength+flexibility+endurance in 'my' list of five) is coordinative Integrity, denoted by Paul's terms (NIV trans.) of "character" and "hope". Last, is Agility (in 'my' list of the five), denoted by "love".

        Peter's list has a different reference point. For Peter, the financial metaphor is denoted in the term "epichoregew", a Greek verb signifying the entire financial backing of the expensive Greek play. Obviously, then, Virtue represents the totality of the funds, so is listed first; then, knowledge, without which the funds can't be known how to spend properly; next, mastery, without which the funds can't be competently spent; next, stamina, a quality of investing and sticking with the project to completion -- absent this, no project is finished; finally, the play itself, depicted as the spiritual life, here. At this point, Peter's listing tallies up to Paul's "character" and "hope". Then, the results of the play: two types of love: toward mankind, and toward God, the latter being the highest. Paul concatenates these as "love". Agility means one loves to do what one is agile at doing, so that is why 'my' list uses the term agility. For, 'my' list's reference point/metaphorical base is the development of spiritual competence.

      Of course, if you've ever exercised, you know that the first thing your body must learn is strength in order to increase flexibility, endurance, coordination, and agility; that the body itself goes through these stages of performance in its own development. So, too, the soul -- for it's the soul Christ saved/delivers, not the body.

        Think of the physical parallel, to better understand the spiritual one.
      • Ok: if you're a couch potato, starting an exercise routine is so arduous, all you can do is gut through it.
      • You won't be able to keep on keeping on without proper motivation. Getting back some attractiveness will not be proper motivation, and will not sustain you. Doing it to get (spiritual) strength will be alone enough to sustain you. (But in the beginning, all you can barely think of is, "God will make this work.") Notice how that motive of wanting inner strength rather than looks is sophisticated, yet basic and still defensive.
      • Next, as you become comfortable about the meaning of the traumatic exercise, you will keep on, and the body (soul) will gain strength.
      • As a result, you become more flexible in your thinking: you don't just grunt through it anymore, but can better appreciate, even find humor in what you are doing (a sense of humor is a sure sign of some flexibility).
      • Thus, your gratitude (toward God) increases. This increases flexibility the more, and causes you to endure.
      • As you keep on, of course, the stamina to endure increases, so you can exercise for longer and longer periods.
      • As you endure, you'll find your thinking level increases again to a thought pattern of coordination among the various strengths and flexibilities which are progressing. (So now you're thinking, "The Holy Spirit will make this work FOR FATHER", or even "This is what Christ went through" -- and you're learning from it.)
      • So, your stamina increases yet the more, because you're INSPIRED by the increasing Strength of Motivation.
      • So, your strength and flexibility increase yet the more.
      • So, your enjoyment increases yet the more.
      • After a year or more of this traumatic daily exercise, you have formed a thinking habit and set of values which is agile, so it becomes easier to defeat the temptations to sloth which had beset you.
      • In fact, you find yourself looking for challenges, so you can use these five assets yet the more.
      • You end up not wanting the 'cross' to stop. For, Father is Infinite, and nothing will ever be enough of a gift. Nor do you want the gifting to stop, for at this point you are so grateful to have gifts to give, you feel the 'cross' is so high a gift you need to reciprocate by getting yet more 'crosses'.
      • So, you do get more of them. Whether you are competently exercising, or not. For, again: your soul is saved and delivered, but the body always ends up being delivered over to the Conqueror Worm, Isa53:9a.

    God's objective is to run the believer through ALL the cycles of shock which shock him. So, these five substages/benchmarks play out in each of the Four Shock stages; the Four Shock stages of course, overlap and layer; each Shock stage is also playing at one of Three Intensity Levels which likewise continue, overlap, and progress; meanwhile, each Shock stage, within its then-current Intensity level, portrays some overall level-of-completion within each of the Two Answer Categories, concerning the importance and validity of Life-with-God compared to any other relationship (i.e., with self or anyone/anything else).

    So, Evidence Testing is relative to what you are and are not, what you like and dislike, not relative to another person's abilities, not relative to what society values or demeans. It's the if faithful-in-little, then faithful-in-much criterion; the handling of True Riches criterion. Again, because all God has to do is DECREE a relationship BE -- and, it is so. Consequently, it doesn't matter what you are humanly, and it doesn't matter how 'high' or low the human idea of your situation might be. So for example, if you are a paraplegic, what taps you to exhaustion the most will not be the same as what taps an Olympic athlete, but the athlete is not better nor worse than you because he can move his arms and legs. God doesn't need you to be able to move physically, to make you Pleroma. So, the Olympian will need to have his own version of what taps him despite his ability: for if any of man's ability is in the execution, it's a competing power, so is of no 'credit' in the testing.

    Therefore in Evidence Testing, the '2-3-4-5' Structure constantly demonstrates the uselessness of human/demonic power and success compared to the all-sufficient superiority of Truth-bought Love for God. Thus, the testing is humiliating: the human abilities you have, obviously accomplish nothing, or are demeaned; or, are taken away. Your life appears to have been WASTED. The deeper proof is that nothing separates your Love (i.e., no competition prevailed), even in (for you) maximum pressure, end Romans 8. Abba, Father, 2Tim4:7-8! This is not a Perfection test (you still keep sinning); this is not a 'performance' test (Holy Spirit does all the work, and you remain just as helpless as always); this is a Love Completion test, 1Jn4:17. You are Evidence, on Trial to prove whether God is Fair to make life so 'hard' on creation. And your Trial Testimony becomes: even 'hard' is heaven, to you! So what, anything else!

    ONENESS is the real purpose of Evidence Testing. And if you complete the course, that's what happens. More on this completion of Oneness Rapport will be shown in Part IVd's "Christ's Combat" table.

    Let's go through an example of a believer who grew up spiritually and passed God's Spiritual Tests: Moses. (We have a more intense spiritual life than folks in the OT, but the testing criteria are essentially the same.)

      First, though, what are the test criteria? WHAT YOU WANT. WHAT YOU DON'T WANT. COMPARED TO HOW MUCH YOU WANT GOD. The goal? To grow you so that all "competing loves" dock under God, and thus have the freedom to exist in harmony. See, it's not about "sacrifice", but about Love. It's not about deprivation, it's about FULLNESS. Kinda like being so organized, you can get all of what you want to do out of a day. Of course, that criterion is the basis for how one grows in Love, and the basis of the Trial. Just as for Job, so also for us.

      What did Moses want? To free his people. To see the Land God promised them. What did Moses not want? Confrontation. So one test for Moses, was to refuse his inheritance as Pharaoh. Notice why he didn't want it. Notice how, he didn't rationalize that as Pharaoh he could free them. Instead, we know from Hebrews 11 that he regarded being Pharaoh as interference with his spiritual life. So he wanted God, more: easy. Ahh, so God raises the "stakes". To what Moses does not want. Not so easy, to get trained for 40 years in the wilderness, married to an Arab woman who didn't like God's Plan for Moses -- and then to go back? To Amenhotep II, son of Moses' successor (the replacing Thutmose III when Moses abdicated near Hatshepsut's death, see Exodate.htm)? And confront him? Ohhh my. Moses finally learned to say "So what?" to what he most disliked.

      So, the Exodus. So, he gets what he wants, to free Israel. But what kind of people are these folks? Nuts. Abusers-of-children. Guilt-ridden. Legalistic. Orgiastic. Conniving. Activistic. In a word, "confrontational". So for the next  40 years, Moses has a very confrontational life. They blamed him for everything, from the first day of the Exodus, onward; they blamed him for trapping them at the "Sea of Reeds" (lit trans., and before God split it -- the Greeks renamed it the Red Sea owing to the carnage); they blamed him for every hardship they had, even to the days of their deaths. Their qvetching finally got to Moses at the 2nd Meribah, and he becomes angry. For that one sin, God says Moses can't enter the Land. It was a bitter pill to swallow -- you can see in early Deuteronomy how he temporarily became infected by their own qvetching, blaming his failure back on them -- but he finally learned to say "So what?" to losing his big dream. But wait! As a result, God gave him a Bigger Benefit than merely seeing the Land. God gave him the honor of writing the OT canon. (Maybe Moses had written part of it before 2nd Meribah, I'm not sure. Deuteronomy wasn't written until after 2nd Meribah.)

      See the pattern? The test is always designed to give you "more than you can ask or imagine" (Eph3:20). So whatever you want, God wants it more, as we saw in Part II. To get God's version of what you want -- which is way bigger -- you gotta first grow up. Ergo the testing. Meanwhile, the testing which benefits you is used also to answer Satan. And what's the criterion for the test? What is important to you.

      So the testing won't look big. Moses belonged to a visible time, we belong to an invisible time. Yet, the meaning is huge. After all, a malaria-laden mosquito can do more damage than an elephant. So, the "look" of the testing is no guideline to the bigness of the benefit, the bigness of the meaning, in our Church covenant.

    Let's take another example: Christ. What did He want, more than anything? To be one with the Father. To free mankind. So, He had to learn to dock all competing alternatives under those two motives. It was the docking which achieved ALL those goals. For example, in Matt4, Satan really did offer Christ all the kingdoms of the world -- a painless victory. No Cross. Christ refused it. Why? Because the Father would not have been paid for sin, which only Christ could do. Because the only way His Human Soul could become big enough to BE fully "One" with the Father, was by experiencing the Cross. [To see why, read here in Part III: "Third Reason for Invisibility"; next, "Third Reason for Royalty"; finally, in Part IVd, "Christ's Combat" table.] Also, He refused Satan's offer because, absent payment for sin, people could never be freed from the burden of sin, the me-be-good motive which destroys joy. So, the "competing love" of taking away all our earthly pain would not have been served, by avoiding the Cross.

    See? Christ got what He wanted. The Best Way. It wasn't a sacrifice. Why? Because He Loved it that much. He grew up to be big enough to fully get what He really wanted. Including, us (John 17 prayer). In short, Christ would not settle for "less than the Best" for the Father, for Himself, nor for us.

    That's what He says life is all about: go for the Best. So, false humility (Uriah-Heep arrogance!) has no place in the spiritual life. So, it's not evil to "want it all". However, as the Lord explained, no king who's about to go to war ignores the cost. One needs to prepare. Want it? Okay, then train. Train in 1Jn's Script. Then, you will be tested against what you most dislike, fear, etc. Get past those, learn how to "dock" those nightmares in God's Love Harbor, and then prepare to get way more than what you could have imagined. Yet still dock what you love the most, "under" Him.

    See, if everything is in its proper place, you can get it all. Kinda like a well-organized day, properly-ordered wants can ALL be achieved without "competition". So, go for it all, by going for God: "keep seeking first the Kingdom and His Righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." (Matt6:33.) That's not mere rhetoric. It's God's Will for your life! (Note: the "all things" NT keyword ties in here, heh, like in Romans 8:28.)

    That's our "Footstool" task. If everything goes under His "Feet", then we are Heads. Of polities in the Millennium. Of maybe whole solar systems, in eternity. Which we are designed to rule. Which sufficient growth in Love (Integrity) enables us to enjoy ruling. With Christ! The Happiest Person in the Universe! In short, this Plan fulfills us. It also fulfills all who we end up ruling. It is not wrong, it is not demeaning to be ruled, is it? What, is it a joy to be ruled by Christ? Of course it is. So, what -- will those ruled by us, call it "joy" to be ruled by us? Of course they will. God is not inconsistent, is He?

    LIFE KEY==> It's all thought thought thought thought. Thought alone makes for happiness or misery, thought alone paid for sins, and thought alone pays for mankind even now, as Part IVc explains.

    Second Reason for Invisibility: Mankind became blasé toward visible supernaturality, in favor of making self god. So needs the "sign of Jonah": silence. So needs a New Covenant for his preservation: Divine Thinking "in earthen vessels".

    Further still, look at the nature of man's reasoning at the time of the Lord's Deaths: men were increasingly skeptical toward fancy displays of godness; like Herod, they had come to want "God" only for entertainment. The flip side of this scoffing: they were increasingly fascinated with the idea of becoming gods. So, since this goal serves Satan the most, it would behoove him to switch tactics, and want any visible supernaturality to be downplayed. Moreover, it makes sense to say that Satan was apprised of the lines of God's Plan, in part so the playing field could be level between them, and so Satan knew that an end to visible supernaturality would be forthcoming. So he fashioned an appropriate counter -- man worshipping himself -- in preparation.

    Ironically, it is Now that man's opportunity to "become like the Most High" is indeed the highest -- "in Christ". So, God withdrew visible supernaturality as a system of communication. As prophesied by Isaiah and others, within 40 years after Christ's death, the Temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed, and the Jews would go into dispersion; gone was the entire sacrificial structure, and the Law of Moses became greatly diluted into mere me-be-goodism.

    So, too, would become the message of Christ. Even in Paul's travels he constantly had to contend with moralistic apathy among believers -- they had also diluted Christ into me-be-goodism. So, over those same 40 years, God phased out visible supernaturality from Christianity, in favor of a written Canon, so folks could have Greater Assurance than mere, doubtable, dreams/visions, or "gifts". Before Paul's ministry even ended, his gift of healing had ceased; in a most unusual weaving rhetorical style which he begins in 1Cor2, Paul prophesied the end of the spectacular spiritual gifts upon the completion of the Canon (1Cor13: study it in Greek). [That chapter has too many specialized words which have no good English equivalents. Moreover, the threeness repetition style in Greek doesn't work like the English one. Probably have to really exegete from Chapter 2, tracing the keywords to really understand what Paul is saying. He uses this style because the completion of Canon is the biggest promise in Scripture, the gem of the New Covenant promise to Israel. Watch how the Ps119 people, who were tortured in their death march to Babylon, cherish this Word, and you'll get some idea how the Jer31:31-34 promise was of the greatest value to them. The current kissing-the-Torah practice common in every synagogue is in part a reminder of this promise.]

    After all, as Hebrews 1 says, in the latter days the message would come Only Through The Son. The Son was now "completed" ('perfect', in English Bibles). So, now His Thinking in His Humanity could be codified, a promise long made in the OT (Ps138:2b, Jer31:31-34 are flagship passages), because the "veil" between God and man had been removed, split asunder by the Victory of the Cross. No more a unique Ark, but a unique God-Man. The First -- Christ -- had been fulfilled, so to establish this Second, Church. (Play on Heb10:9.) The First Adam had been replaced by the Last Adam, so that now, all the promises find their "Yes" in Him. (2Cor1:20)

    And now the Son had Ascended, waiting for His Bride to be prepared. So, we get our fulfillment of the Jer31:31-34 promise, first: Heb8:8-12 compared in context with Heb10:15-17, plus Heb 9:16ff (covenant means testament, Will of the deceased Testator), plus Heb11:39-40. Why? Since the Son is absent, He is invisible. Since the Son has risen, there is no need for the OT visibilities: His Bride, His Witnesses, represent Him.

    That's why 1Jn says that we are evidence of God in the world, which is a main theme of his epistle, why it is so dramatic. [E.g., 1Jn4:12 -- keyword 'menw' has a legal/testimonial/military connotation, as well as the root 'at-home' meaning -- much more about this is in Part IVd's "Evidence Test" section.] If we are evidence, our bodies indwelt by the Spirit (Rom8:10-11, among other places), then the evidence outside of us would be slim. Sure, there is the universe, but when was the last time an angel got up in front of a group, teaching? Instead, they are learning from us (e.g., 1Pet1:12). We are "in Christ" (indwelt by Him, as well as by the Father). We are the evidence to a skeptical, scoffing, man-be-god world. Ironic: here we really are indwelt by the Godhead, the closest thing to being in Hypostatic Union the way He was, and the world says, "Where's God? I don't see Him."

    Third Reason for Invisibility: Mosaic Qorban Law was fulfilled, so Now association with Him is TOTAL!

    As we just saw in the First and Second Reasons, Our Spiritual lives Are Designed Parallel With Him: Bride. So, Blessing. By Association. With Him. Married.

    Passages like Rom3:20,28, John 1:17, 1Tim1:8-11, Gal3:2,21-26, 1Cor15:56 all help us to understand that the announced purpose of the Law was to explain God's Holiness by educating man about sin. And, from there, to show how God would solve the problem by means of a Redeemer-to-Come. Within that explanation was the concept of "Qorban", meaning "devoted to God" and thus unavailable for any other use; it's foundational to the concept of redemption. Something -- and eventually, the Unique Someone -- had to Redeem mankind, and to do that, it had to be wholly offered up to God. The Levitical sacrifices, particularly the whole burnt offerings, depicted this requirement. Idea was, you'd have to be perfect and wholly burnt up for God, to fulfill the Law. Which, no one but Messiah would ever be able to do.

    Book of Hebrews thus contrasts the old 'shadow' offerings of animals and food, with the Real Offering of Messiah, so that readers could understand the scale of Qorban was therefore changed to His Own Level of Sacrifice. Hence when Christ did come and did pay, He Forever Sanctified all mankind, and especially Church (Hebrews 10:10-14), which is why salvation is permanent in any covenantal epoch (aka "dispensation" in KJV). But also, His Payment FULFILLED the Law, which is the main theme of Hebrews 8-10 (see 8:1, 9:28-10:1 for the thesis statement). For God is holy, and all those temporary sacrifices of animals and food, didn't really make anything holy: but Christ did (ibid). So the purpose of the Law was to "advertise" Him.

    To say Christ "FULFILLED" the Law means two things: 1) due to His Total Voluntary Dependence on the Spirit, He fully obeyed every jot and tittle of the Law; and 2) the Law promised a Redeemer: that's what the "Ordinances" (dikaiomata), aka "Testimony" (marturia) meant -- and Christ fulfilled the Role and Function of Redeemer.

    So, having fulfilled the Law totally, both as to its exigencies and its promise, the Law now 'resides' in Him as the "Seed", the Fulfiller of all Covenants (Gal3). That's why He upgraded provisions in the Law even during His First Advent. That's why Now, Seated, He is in fact Ruling -- invisibly. That's why now, we are Bride, being "called out" (Biblical term for election, but also for development, has OT precedents). That's why any Jew who believes in Church is one of US, just as we would have been one of them by believing in Christ, back during the time before He fulfilled the Law. So, Our role now has the same 1) and 2) characteristics.

    [Like everything else in Scripture, when you see what seems to be a contradiction, if the verse is properly analysed, either the seeming-contradiction is not there, or you've found a boundary line. Below the boundary line, a thing continues; above it, something else replaces. Just as with real property. So it is, with the Mosaic Law's continuance. See, on the one hand, the Law is 'dead', because its purpose was fulfilled by Christ. On the other hand, the Law lives forever, because Christ lives forever. That's why you see verses like (I forget the exact wording) no jot or tittle will ever pass from the Law, but yet, the Law is "rescinded" (NIV's word, I believe, for the key verb in Heb7:18). Scripture writers reference one or another 'boundary line' for reasons which should be discernible from the context. This is such a common method of explanation in all human languages, it's a wonder that when it comes to the Bible, boundary lines are called 'contradictions'. Amazing: even more so, when so many really smart people, who just don't like Scripture, seize on these boundary lines, yelling, "Contradiction! Bible is bunk!" -- and wind up with egg on their otherwise-genius faces.]

    So because Christ lives forever, and He is Seed, the Law continues under His Rulership: but He is the Source now, having Fulfilled the Law; so the Mosaic Law is SET ASIDE. That's what Hebrews 1 is all about. The Book of Hebrews takes great pains to explain what UPGRADES, and what stays the same. If you read it over a dozen times (or more) in translation, or study it carefully in the original, you realize that the Law was upgraded as a result of the Session, and -- most importantly -- that because "everything comes through the Son" (Heb1), The Son Alone determines how and what the upgrades should be. We know His Opinion, from the NT. The secular provisions were streamlined (no more stoning, etc. for certain sins, and some which were crimes are now solely in the hands of the Lord's Discipline, viz., adultery); and the prior spiritual provisions serve as case law, past guidance, kinda like history lessons, still very instructive about what Salvation etc. mean; but no more special food or food taboos, ritual or special days, for example (except the Eucharist), as Paul explains in Rom14 and elsewhere, and 1Cor8:1 onward, etc. Think of these uses of the OT as instruction and case law, our "boy-leader": but now, we are no longer children, says end of 1Cor13. See also, Gal3. [I use the lit. trans here of paidagwgos, for the English translations are too high in meaning, compared to the Greek. The Holy Spirit is Our Mentor, teacher, etc. Someone who was but a supervisor of nearly the same age as those supervised, and NOT a teacher, is meant by paidagwgos. Modern American practice of hiring a "babysitter", usually a teenager, is a good cultural parallel.]

    Hence the Law Became Intimately United In Him. So it didn't die, but became "better", even: because this bettering had itself been long promised, as part of the "new" covenant (Footstool, the Millennium). [Attic Greek word kpeittwn ("p" is "r" in Greek; "w" is long "o" sound) is a gigantic keyword in Scripture, usu. translated "better things", referencing the "better things" of the new covenant, main theme of NT, main promise of OT. Other words which indicate the same meaning are used in other contexts, so you have to separate out the variant uses: kalos (good), compound words with "phero" at the end (Lord liked those a lot), mallon (pregnant Greek term used often in elative conclusions), and even oblique constructions using "he", a disjunctive particle often translated "or".]

    This Uniting enables the fulfillment of one of the most-desired provisions in the New Covenant, and the Book of Hebrews spends three chapters explaining it: the promise was that the Jews could one day, know Him intimately. Beginning with the Session, that Promise was fulfilled. (viz., Jer31:31-34, which is repeated in myriads of ways in every OT Book, and relied on by, for example, the Ps119 people.) Before He completed the Cross, the Law was our schoolmaster (lit., boy-leader in Gal3; house-servant (represented by Moses) in Heb3); now, the Lord is The Master, Our Husband (Heb3, Romans 6 and passim); so we get a Mentor, the Holy Spirit; no longer a mere schoolmaster, Gal 3 and 5.

    So as humans, we skyrocketed from a distant relationship to God, to an intimate one, theme of Eph2. All because the Seed now lives forever; and the "law" lives in the Seed. Enter yet another reason why the Lord took on Humanity and became the Redeemer: by taking on Humanity, the Word could be 'written' in His Human Soul. His Human Thinking became transmissible without risk of killing a (later) recipient believer. All this was meant in the Jeremiah 31:31-34 promise, as a replacement for the missing Ark: the dead Ark would be replaced by a Living One! In one's soul!

      To get to the competence level where He could enjoy the Cross (Heb2:9-10's "fitting" clause; 5:8-9, 12:2) staggers the brain: we can't imagine it. Part II talked about the horrible pressure of knowledge, and the "Spiritual Adulthood" section #VII "Trial Status", explained the horror of imputatively-knowing sin. So, think about what a horrendous pressure on His Humanity it was, not only to know Who He was; not only to know what He was to do; but think very hard about how awesome it was to know the Father from the 'inside'! For, His Humanity would have to know the Father intimately in order to know how to obey, to keep on having sufficient Motive, to go on! For, His Humanity had a unique Task which, as we saw from Part II, was way higher than the Law could handle. Thus, He was Indwelt by the Father, and the Spirit, and was likewise Filled by the Spirit. That structure alone enabled Him to not die from such Intimacy, which of course no human before Him ever had (John 3:34, 7:39, again). Why He didn't die solely from this pressure alone, amazes me. It's far worse than the Cross He was training for! Or, how else do you think He'd have been able to train for it? You can't execute a task if your training isn't harder than the task you're to execute.

    Jesus Christ Upgraded Intimacy to His Own Level with Father -- for Church!

    There's nothing more shocking than this fact, which Paul so awesomely states in Eph4:13 (paralleling the individual-growth verse in Eph3:19) -- we can know God as well as Christ Himself. Verse 13's key clause "to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ" is the usual way English Bibles translate the clause. It's retranslated in RightPT.htm, for the Greek says so much more than the insipid English. But even in translation, look: to His Level? There's no mistaking that. God is not kidding when He says He makes us very Sons of God in Christ Jesus (Gal3:26). Now you can see better why: to be Holy, good-enough-for-God, well -- only Christ was that good. But we can get His Thinking -- and that's required, since the thinking is before Father -- forever.

    This massively-superior spiritual life is a change from childish, concrete-style knowings, to full-blown intimacy with Infinite God. So, kinda like the difference between knowing your ABC's, and being totally fluent in all the languages ever on Earth, including all the knowledge in those languages. "For no one has seen God at any time", John notes. But now, we can 'see' God fully: through the Son's Thinking.

    He changed OT-style concretenesses -- to Infinite abstracts. Hence the OT writing style is concrete (Christ coming down in a Body) versus the NT's highly abstract reasonings (Christ rose and is Seated). Hence it's an abstract, adult-based understanding we are to (spiritually) acquire, not the babyish, paint-by-numbers Mosaic Law. Obviously this Legacy is way beyond anything humans can do; and, just as obviously, light years beyond so-called 'works'.

    Hebrews stresses this fact repeatedly, beginning slowly in Hebrews 2, but then focuses on His Pioneering Spiritual Life almost exclusively from Chapter 5 onward; climax of the explanation is Hebrews 12:2. There, similar to Paul's explanation in 1Cor13-14, the writer of Hebrews tells the readers that our "now" is an adult spiritual life, as distinct from the childish, concrete 'knowing' available to OT people (i.e., the Law).

    Therefore no human limitations hinder the Holy Spirit's ability to provide intimate knowledge of God. When God says No Limitations, He means it. Since most Christians refuse to grasp that Now the spiritual life is adult, abstract-based, they never complete the spiritual life, and end up 'retarded' (so to speak) in eternity. It's "refuse", not "can't help it", or "the dog ate my homework", or "I had a bad teacher", since The Teacher is the Holy Spirit. And if you don't get your Mentor's Teaching, it can only be, because you refused Him.

    So, as part of our Legacy from His Fulfilling the Law, we Now can have His "law" (His Thinking, the "law of Christ") written in our souls. Read repeatedly Heb2,7-10; Romans 5-14, passim. The Hebrews passages are quintessential, written from the gigantic OT "promise" of this writing. Its upgraded twin is likewise in two parts: first, the macro Father-designed purpose is exactly this 'writing', panoramically described in Ephesians (much more on this is in Part IVb). But the other quintessential twin-part is in 1Cor13, a climactic chapter (begun in 1Cor2, then woven big-time into 1Cor6 onward). Really, the awesome wordplay on how the Head is to get into our heads which Paul weaves in 1 Corinthians should have a separate website. Just read 1Cor a bizillion times in Greek, and with a really good lexicon (Strong's is too weak), parsing out the concepts: you will never ever see Scripture the same way again, afterwards. (BibleWorks 6 supposedly has conceptual parsing tools, if you want computer help. If, though, you learned how to diagram a sentence in school, you don't need computer assistance.)

    We saw in the First Reason for Invisibility that we inherit His Spiritual Life, which means we are to get His Thinking transmitted to us, which those prior to us could not get (John 3:34, 7:39). Because this intimate contact is His Thinking, it's an invisible way to relate to God. So, the NT writing style is largely aerial, not ground-level. So, creative, not prescriptive do's. So, Deductive, not inductive: since the Christ crafted a New Spiritual Life down here, we abstract from Him, so construct the Royal Protocols as they apply to us individually. Just like He did. Takes a lot of intimacy with His Thinking, to do that. No paint-by-numbers. So, one of the reasons All Three Members of the Trinity indwell us, is to protect us from the extreme pressure of this intimacy. (Part I's "Bride" subsection lists some Indwelling verses.)

      INVISIBLE INTIMACY KEY ==> So that is yet another reason why He is not visible to the world Now: we have a different "Way" ('old name for Christianity) to relate to Him. And this "Way", it's light-years bigger than what even the best of the OT believers could receive. For, the OT system of functional relationship with Him was outer-based, kinda like body-contact. After all, knowing someone's soul directly is a far more intense relationship than one 'mediated' through mere body-contact: so how much more intense, to know His Soul? How much more intense, to know Divine Thinking, from the inside? For, Our Lord's Humanity knew the Father, too.

      My pastor is dying of Alzheiemer's here on 1/1/2006. For over 50 years he faithfully taught from the original-language texts of Scripture to a dull-of-hearing congregation, of which I am a part (long-distance now, since he retired due to the illness). As he became worse in year 2000+, God ironically gave him the highest level of Understanding-God's-Nature to teach; for I can't find anything higher on the internet or anywhere else, than his proof (despite his ailment) that "Love is the Integrity of God." Revolutionizes and matures all theology, once you understand that bold statement. Christ received that Integrity in His Humanity via learning Scripture, and that's His Legacy to us, Rom5:5. So yeah, that's also the only way you become able to resist sin in the process, as we saw in Part I's "Integrity Properties": but the far bigger result is that you Intimately Know God as Christ Himself Did. Nothing in life even begins to compare with Knowing God Intimately. [My pastor's materials on this are only available in live-class recordings on MP3. The books so far issued in his name since he retired in 2003 do NOT reference his teaching from 1997+. So get the 1992 Spiritual Dynamics lessons from the beginning, or at least the 1997-2003 almost-daily live recordings of the classes. Underpinning of those 1992+ lessons is in the 1985 Ephesians series (which is 7 years long, daily), and 1977 Romans (which is 4 years long). No price is on the materials and you won't be badgered for money or put on some mailing list. If I knew of anyone else teaching so deeply on God's Nature, I'd mention that pastor, but I can find no one. Seriously. If you learn how God is, that revolutionizes your entire life. Learn HIM as your first priority, and everything else troubling you will fall into place much faster, saving you time and rocketing your spiritual growth.]

    Because, God is pure Thought. So you relate to God, by Thinking Like His Son. Conscious thought is the manifestation of life; it takes up no space, and in God, is timeless. Therefore transcends time and space. It just IS. The sum total of all His Beingness is the Thoughtness. All thought of anyone ever is alive 'in' His. That's why the past, especially the Cross, is 'always occurring', since Omniscience is one of the Attributes of God's Thought. That's why you can read thoughts on this page, and the minute you do, they replicate in your own head -- yet still stay on the page, and in my head. No energy loss, no mass moved: immaterial. Ne shemmah, the spark of life, is thought. Therefore, the relationship to God is based on thought; in the OT, that relationship had to be buffered by physical mediators: The Mediator being chief among them. Now that the Mediator has come, gone, and is Seated, no more buffering is needed. So, the spiritual life Now is thinking thinking thinking thinking. No more body stuff is used in the contact between God and man -- the Cross nailed down all that barrier of physicality, forever: IN Him, not merely 'with' Him. So, IN the Spirit, not merely with the Spirit. So, the Indwellings, not merely 'Emmanuel', God WITH us. So the 0101010101's are the spiritual transmission and the real life. Far far closer to the way God really is. Now.

      SATANIC COUNTER STRATEGY KEY ==> Satan will still bang the drum on OT visible methods of relating to Him, because they are inferior to what Christ accomplished, and thus no longer needed. So, God will be "too high" to know. Satan needs to keep us in the dark, keep us looking at the ground, so we forget how all barriers to intimacy have been removed. So, you have to "do" things. And/or, you have to "experience" God through miracles, feeling-ceremonies, etc. Because, all these are not the spiritual life, anymore. Because, all these negate learning Him from the inside. So, learning Scripture must be relegated to the homily, merely adjunctive. So do's are more important than knows. So, the 'proper' attitude towards Scripture is lukewarm, dismissive: it should play a subordinate role! So, study of Scripture is relegated to the realm of the curious, the intellectual. So, you must be arrogant or highbrow to study Scripture. So, you must be arrogant or highbrow to understand Scripture in its original languages. Or, conversely, studying Scripture is a 'work' so you get praised for being so 'holy', as if the purpose of studying Scripture was to make-self-good, rather than to get contact with God!?!

      SECOND SATANIC COUNTER STRATEGY KEY ==> Since Satan well knew it would be impossible to forestall awareness that the Seated method of thinking (aerial) is Now the spiritual life, he also authors esoterica. In some measure, he always has, using the sound of the words to induce a trance-like feeling, and hence substitute for truth. Currently, the New Age drivel, with its nice, empty words illustrates the genre. In past years, there have been many versions. Mahayana Buddhism is one; Self-Realization Fellowship (a variant of Hinduism popular in California since the 1930's) is another; OTO is yet another; among Judeo-Christian versions, there are the likes of Kabbalism and (some versions of) Eastern Orthodox. There are thousands of versions, both within and without Christendom. In Paul's day, it was gnosticism. You can look all of these up on the internet. They all share the same pattern: lots of fuzzy, nicely-toned words which leave you wondering what-the-heck you read. Kinda like the typical politician's speech, but with even less sense.

    For, what the OT folks saw in shadow, we see with unveiled face, as the writer of Hebrews and Paul (in Cor) explain. There are no longer any buffers or limitations. Witness, though, how God makes what would otherwise be an impossible-to-withstand intimacy, manageable: you learn Bible Doctrine. See, especially in the beginning, learning Bible Doctrine, His Thinking, will seem like an "it": "it" seems to be telling you about Him. You don't seem to be seeing Him at all. Moreover, the 1Jn Script learning process mimics natural learning processes, superficially. Of course, the Holy Spirit is doing the work, but He is very delicate about it. So you sit under your pastor, and with many repeated learnings using the steps as explained in Part I, you aren't given 'too much' at a time. This seemingly-slow process builds your strength to withstand seeing Him. And, from there, to enjoy seeing Him, rather than being afraid. Gradually, the "it" conceptual-buffering dissolves. You'll come to see the "it" -- is Him.

    Spiritual-Marital Intimacy, this. For, we are Bride. Frankly, unless and until you come to know Him through that 1Jn's Script, you will be just as fearful of Him as any demon. But He's not far away. He Indwells you! So, that fact also means no aspect of your life is 'distant' from Him, either. But Now -- Marital-Intimate! As Charles Dickens noted in David Copperfield, "Barkus is willing"! Willing to marry you, His Peggity. You are betrothed to Him, but you could settle for a mere legal relationship: salvation, with no 'extras'. Then again, you can be Intimate with Him in All Things, All The Time, and especially when suffering! See? Satan's big contention was that man would only love God so long as God 'bribed' Job with goodies. Aha. Ok, so what if the greatest intimate joy of being with Him was delivered, so to speak, via suffering? Even the suffering of the Cross? Don't you think that, of all the vicissitudes of His Human Life down here, the most enjoyable time was also the most agonizing time? Wouldn't it be fit for the Father to design it that way? Isn't that what Hebrews 5:8-9 and Heb12:2 shout? Isn't Hebrews 12:1 thus saying we get the same potential?

      So, then: are you suffering? He's IN you! Are you standing in line, stuck in public transport? He's Right There! Heck, after you learn Him enough you can be in any mundane circumstance, anytime, anywhere -- and don't need some magazine, muzak or other 'entertainment'! You'll rather just think of Him, the Doctrine you know, all the time! So, then: do you hate paying your bills? Find some doctrine you can aim at it, and enjoy paying those bills, with HIM! Do you feel lonely? Get a hug from doctrine, from HIM! Are you being persecuted? Get refuge through Doctrine, in HIM! For, Bible Doctrine IS the Mind of Christ: 24 hours a day! Do you feel happy? Have a glass of wine to HIM (Eucharist)! For, all things are by Him, for Him, to Him, through Him, because of Him, all prepositions -- Him! (Col1:16-18+John 1:3.)

      LEGACY-FROM-CHRIST KEY ==> This is the Secret of the Cross. This is the success of the spiritual life, the very heart of it (pun intended)! Once you're seeing HIM, you're not seeing sin or temptation! Get it? So: you don't have to memorize prescribed ways of getting this association -- you are free to CREATE them. Because, Christ fulfilled the Law (Heb7), for "Christ is the End (our friend "telos", completion) of the Law." (Rom10:4.) In short, full, complete: that's why Paul also wrote that the Church ends the purpose of history, as Part IV will climactically explain. So, we get a full, complete associative process, now. Each of us can make our own set of associations, 24 hours a day!

      Click Here for more on how this Associative Thinking works -- which my pastor calls the "Problem-Solving Devices". That link is an elaboration of SMP.doc's 2nd table (click here to revisit SMP.doc), a brief on how to use those "Problem-Solving Devices". Pure Joy. As shown in the spiritual maturation stages of the First Reason for Invisibility, you can gauge your own spiritual growth by how far right among the Problem-Solving Devices, you use most (i.e., if you rely most on Faith-Rest, you're still in spiritual childhood, but if you're motivated by Occupation with Christ the most, then you're in Spiritual Adulthood or even Pleroma). I can't find any other teacher who provides such an on-hands way of gauging where one is spiritually. We need to monitor our progress: it's a big factor in motivation and maturation, to know where you are on the spiritual map. Of course, that was covered extensively in the First Reason for Invisibility. But here, you find out why -- to become INTIMATE with Christ! The OT people couldn't get this Intimacy -- but we can. So they had cookie-cutter rules. So we DON'T.

      My pastor discusses this fact of our Upgraded Spiritual Life in a most dramatic way. For a long time I didn't understand why he kept on saying that the Mosaic Law's sophistication is mere spiritual childhood, for Church. Meaning, that the highest advancement a Moses could get, is but childhood for us! Further, what my pastor calls the "Advanced Problem-Solving Devices (#6-10, if you just read the "Associative Thinking" link in the prior paragraph or SMP.doc) were not available to the OT folks. [If you're into his ministry, pull '92 Spiritual Dynamics lessons in the 1630's and early '40's. Backdrop really begins around 1600. It sounds like the big changeover to +L being a component of +I occurred sometime back when he re-exegeted 1Cor13, given his stress on the monadic nature of the article (he agape) there, + how machrothumeo should be translated "not swayed by emotion" given the etymology of the term found by Johannes Horst. Those, plus the other passages he mentions in these lessons, really appear to have been the 'lightbulbs' for him. At least they were for me, when hearing him talk about them.]

      Because, Christ invented an Adult, For-Father, Inside, Intimate, Highest-Level-Of -Love while He was here. A child's 'love' isn't really love at all, but need. The child can't really love until he grows UP. At which point, the love still has to go through a maturation process. When mature, love has definite giving characteristics which dominate. Receiving isn't the need, anymore; Giving is. Until Christ, mankind couldn't grow up to have an Adult Spiritual Love for God. There was no justification for it, until the Seed -- for, the Seed is supposed to Give to Father. Until then, the relationship to Father was only through the future Seed, so mankind had direct-but-buffered contact with Son's Deity, only.

      John 3:34, 7:39 confirms, Hebrews is basically on this topic, and 1Cor13's wordplay in Greek explains it basically as a body analogy: The Head-in-writing, aka "Love", "Perfect" renders what went before, even pre-Canon, "like a child". From "Love never fails" to "the greater [corr trans.] of these is Love" you have a complete parallelism in threeness style to explain how this Thinking Love is to be put from His Head into ours, in writing. So Paul is saying that all those spectacular substitute-teaching-until-Canon-Completed gifts were childish, compared to this Love, His Word in our hearts, the "better gifts" we are to seek.

      All because, HE is the Qorban now, theme of Heb10. Not limited, His Sacrifice, but all of Him. So no longer limited, because of Him, our relationship to God. So all of us are Qorban, too. No barriers. If you're familiar with brain dendrites, think of this changeover from the OT as going from a few dendrites to a bizillion of them. That's a huge jump in the scope of the ability to think. So, in the ability to relate. Utterly shocking.

    So the level of love-intimacy we can have as Church is light-years higher than what the OT folks could get. Because, there was (and of course is always) this Bridegroom Whose Thoughts invented that level of love in His Humanity. Because in His Humanity, the difficulty of Divine Knowledge killing us is overcome. So we can know more. Love is a Knowing, not a feeling, and we get the most of it. Misery, likewise, is a Knowing, not a feeling -- so we can get more of that, too -- only by rejecting this So-Great Lover. Can't lose salvation, can't lose Royal nature, CAN lose Fellowship, Intimacy. And be married, yet forever distant. For us, that is the biggest tragedy. Rank has its privileges, but also the misery to go with rejecting them. Wealth=Responsibility=Love. Learn it, or lose it, your choice.

    Fourth Reason for Invisibility: Invisibility maximally tests Love-for-God, especially in the face of visible alternatives.
    As Paul would explain in Romans, "who hopes for what he sees?" We see nothing. The world sees nothing. Satan claimed, if you'll remember in Trial Argument #3 (Part I), folks genuinely didn't know God existed, despite the "evidence" of the physical universe, Romans 1:19-20, Matt4:6.

    That claim didn't hold much water in the OT, since supernatural manifestations were frequently visible. That's why the old supernatural "god" myths are so globally-prevalent. They are based on people frequently seeing supernatural manifestations, and then rejecting God; in their rejection they create animal-gods and other substitutes, Rom1:21. Nonetheless, in the Bible and other 'holy' books, there's a taken-for-granted tone to the writings about such manifestations. The kind of miracle, its scope or meaning, might be impressive. The kind of deity might be pondered, doubted, debated. But the fact of deity, supernaturality was simply and easily accepted. Why? Such manifestations were commonplace. Now those manifestations are gone, from God's "end". So now, it's easier to believe Satan's side of the #3 Trial Argument. [If you cruise the OT you'll find a lot of people who are scoundrels also getting input from God directly or via an angel, like Balaam, the king who took Sarai, the Philistines, Cain, Pharaohs, Rabshakeh, Nebuchadnezzer before his zoanthropy, Cyrus, etc. And that's just the from-God category. Demons manifesting was commonplace, viz., the Oracle of Delphi. So the supernatural manifestations were of course more numerous the more mature you were, but they weren't restricted to believers or mature believers, by any means.]

    The most important Trial reason for going-invisible is this: Christ had the "invisible" burden of "kenosis": not using His Own Deity, but rather depending on the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Bible Doctrine the Spirit built in His Human Soul. Yet at times, just enough to make it difficult! He was to use His Deity, for certain miracles. Why? Because the people needed proof He was the real Messiah. Such proof had been prophesied, so that people could use the prophecies to separate false from true Messiahs -- of which Israel had suffered many. So, Christ had to do things like "disappear in the midst" when folks wanted to stone Him. Or, turn water into wine. Yet on the Cross, as well as before, He didn't use His Deity to "save Himself", as one of the Cross onlookers would (nastily) comment. So, when He used His Deity, it was solely under the Father's orders. Even though, He could have used His Own Deity for any reason He personally chose!

      Here we have to take a Greek-geek sidetrip to explain "kenosis", because Christian theology is generally puerile on the topic, forever trapped in 'bodily' interpreting Bible, missing its more mature meaning. Like in most languages, in Greek the 'normal' meaning of a word changes depending on what other words are used with it. The ancient use of the Greek verb kenoo had an etymological and often literal meaning of "to empty" (emphasizing usually the result, not so much the pouring-out action), but clearly the term is figurative in Philippians 2:7, the flagship verse on kenosis. There, the figure explains what He PUT ON (humanity), to show that kenoo is like doffing clothes -- or, more aptly, COVERING UP the nature underneath, so that only the 'clothes' of His Humanity, are visible to humans. Isaiah uses this same analogy with "toar", the Incarnation word in Isa53:14, 53:2-4 (then branching to other visible metaphors like lamb, in 53:7). Now this isn't too hard: if you take off your clothes, your own PERSON didn't change. So contrary to the silly refrain in some denominations, Godness does not "empty itself", lol.

      Some lexicons note that kenoo in the figurative use means "divestiture" (an English term with the root idea of taking off clothes), a laying-aside-of-privileges. For example, to take on a high government job in the US, you must set aside all your assets in what is called a "blind" trust -- the idea being that you can't thus influence your own assets with government policy, as a result. In short, the point here about "kenosis", is Objectivity and Humility. Not some kind of loss.

      Coupled with the Greek words for what the Lord puts on, slavemanship, you see clearly that Paul is talking about the figure, like clothing. Of course, common sense would tell you God can't be 'emptied', but then common sense doesn't operate much in Christendom. It's this kenoo, mistranslated "to empty" in Phili2:7, which gives birth to kooky ideas like Christ was only Human until He died, the horrible religious persecutions in Byzantine Rome over His Hypostatic Union in the second-fourth centuries, etc. Such folks can't read Matt4 or Phili2:5-10, so of course are truly stumped when Paul talks about being 'clothed' with Christ -- for centuries, even until today. How blind we Christians are! How great is the Holy Spirit's UNblinding Work!

    "Kenosis", as you may recall from Part II, essentially means to set aside abilities/ rights/ privileges you have in yourself -- in favor of another's. Love alone can be the motivation to do this, and Love alone is demonstrably the only happy reason to do this. If you love NASCAR, you set aside whatever else you could do while the race is on (usually) each Sunday, and watch it. You don't call that a sacrifice, you call it a joy! If you love Bible, you set aside whatever else you could do that day in favor of Bible class, and you don't say, "oh, I'm being good!", but rather "Oh, how wonderful, to have this!"

    Love 'Law' of Kenosis CrossOver

    • The point at which one's orientation to a thing is no longer oh-how-wonderful-to-have-and-do, is the EDGE of your positive orientation, your kenosis.
    • Beyond it, you don't set aside some competing want. That Edge Is The Limit Of Your Love. So that is The Limit Of Your Kenosis.
    • So past that Edge, begins your self-merit claim of "oh, I'm being good!", if you must do the thing anyway.
    • So that CrossOver becomes your limit with all things, for the lowest crossover limit in anything spreads like a virus to infect all other 'loves'. Your lowest love will always come to infect the higher ones, over time: it's like mold or mildew in the soul.

      Here are a few quick examples.

    • People who don't want God don't want to study Bible or turn study of Bible into a work they tout: that's a Crossover to how good they are, rather than genuine interest in God.
    • When a family member or spouse complains, "after all I've done for you!" or similar phrase, they bluntly advertise their CrossOver of love for you: the relationship in their eyes is instead a job in which they should be paid -- but you didn't pay enough. CrossOver shows at whatever you did or didn't do, that failed their expectations. People treat God like this all the time: "Why did God let this happen to ME!" as if they were too good for it to occur. And we wonder why things go bad in our lives?
    • There's a party or some other event to attend, but you just got home from work (or whatever) and you are "too tired" to go. You're really saying the event is not worth your time -- you've hit the CrossOver. If you have to go anyway, you'll have a lot of thoughts during the event about how noble you were to have gone (coyly, of course). People treat church this way. Like the laundry, something you must do on Sunday, get-it-over-with attitude of the wife or husband, in bed. No love there.

      So watch the viral effect:

    • If study of Bible is a work or something you don't want, sooner or later other like activities will be gradually or quickly shunned. So maybe you started out gung-ho for the ritual but not the Book -- in the end, the ritual will just be rotely observed, and you'll lose your faith.
    • If you give into the friend or spouse to live up to their expectations, the next time your failure will be cited on a lesser thing -- you were manipulated by complaining, so will be more manipulated again. Why change what works? So the love you hoped to rescue, actually became smaller.
    • More important events than the one you spurned in favor of being "too tired", will get spurned as well; doesn't matter that what you spurned was stupid, does matter WHY you spurned it (using an excuse, rather than the truth). Eventually even dressing or eating will be too much effort.
    • For when we hit our CrossOver, we will not admit it. So we use lies to justify our choice, whether the lie of claiming-self-good, or the lie of how bad the thing being rejected, is. And lies are like mold, eventually infecting everything else in the life.

      Here's the converse:

    • The more you learn Bible because you want to learn God for Himself, the more interesting the Bible becomes, the more the effort you spend is deemed a privilege, and the more you wish you could spend studying, when you can't. You FIND excuses to study, and FIND ways to get out of other activities. That's Love, baby. (Substitute "Bible" with whatever you love, and you'll see the CrossOver 'law' is pandemic.)
    • The more your spouse or friend values you, the smallest thing you do, provokes an outpouring of gratitude from them. They love you (or they have a very low opinion of themselves, or are manipulating you by flattery, lol). So whatever "you" do has more value to them, even excessive value.
    • You not only can't wait to go to that event, but you dress up better than required and get there early. Ooops.

      Test that bold statement, which hereafter I'll call "CrossOver"; see how it's not only a sort of spiritual law, but operates in every other sphere; and in all spheres, is just as predictable as the law of gravity. Weak link in the chain! Remember how Part I began, the wrong amount of lubricant felled a plane (Year 2000), killing 200 people?! They showed the part on television -- it looked like a pipe -- think of that. A mere pipe, improperly lubricated, wrecked 200 lives! So it is, with the law of the CrossOver.

      As we saw in Part I, Satan's CrossOver was that he got stuck in Love's Attraction and (some of the) Compatibility stages. So he just wouldn't get past kenoting himself, so to speak, in favor of the Son. Later on in Part I, we saw that the Son, Who alone was by nature good enough for God, Grew Up All The Way In Love Due To All Those Divine Deposits of Doctrine from the Holy Spirit; so Jesus had the exact opposite orientation: to Him, eschewing the use of His Own Attributes was a Privilege, a way to pour out Love for the Father; and, for us.

      Quoting that section of Part I: "Christ used the Power of God to execute the Love of God, rather than the Power of His Own Deity to execute His Own Worthiness." For Love, loves. Thus Love, kenotes. It's not a sacrifice, but a privilege. So, needs no, wants no, 'reward'. So, says no, wants no, has no "works" component in it. Remember, it was the Fall which 'invented' works out of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If no good nor evil is known, then no works can be known, for "works" bespeak improvement. (See John 6:26-end Chap 7 in this connection. NIV gives the flavor well.) In the Son's Attitude, Love conquered all. So, as Paul so deftly records in Phili2:5-10, the Son preferred to go to a death on the Cross, rather than give into Satan's normal-wants, normal-good-deeds offers in Matt4.

      Think about it: children are constantly making EGO issues of themselves and what they do: why? Because they Do Not Understand The Intrinsic Value of what they do, so resort to ego valuations -- something they do appreciate. Neither do we humans, understand the Extreme Value of Divine prescriptions. So we behave like children, and don't learn the value -- because we don't want to learn it. Worse, we are human, so we are fettered by needs everywhere. It's normal to want a whole lot of things, no sin in wanting. But -- where the want competes with God, that's a big problem. Bigger than the need to have 'whatever', is the need for rapport with God. If one wants to be happy, that is. So, as we saw in Part I's "Integrity Properties" section, God's Plan is to enable having ALL wants dock harmoniously in a hierarchy, so one can get ALL of them, without compromise. This, to parallel God's own Infinite homeostatic Happiness: "+H", as my pastor likes to call it.

    So, then: Integrity Love is Abnormal. One has to become abnormal about normal wants, in order to dominate them, so one doesn't lose inviolability with respect to Rapport/Love of God. First Commandment. If God isn't First, then the other wants become 'god', for the lowest one which wins over God, so to speak, takes His Place in our values: the law of the CrossOver 'replaces' the Cross! Which, of course, is the history of the Trial, the meaning of that Tree in the Garden, the history of the human race. Not good! Ergo, like in war, to get good, we have to fight. Have to fight the body with exercise, to make the body healthy. Have to fight normal wants, to make one's rapport with God healthy. This is impossible, though: ahhh, but not impossible if the Holy Spirit is running your life! 1Jn1:9 and your right pastor -- your freedom to learn and use Bible Doctrine! This is Kenosis, this is how the Lord did it all the way to and through the Cross. This is our Legacy from Him, even as we receive the same spiritual life He had; this is Christian marriage (covered below). All this GRACE! Pretty abnormal, huh?

      So also, we are to live: abnormally. 'On God's orders, not on what we want to do. On the Holy Spirit's Power, not our own -- the closest thing to being in Hypostatic Union a fallen human can have. See 2Cor5 and Rom8 in this connection, each whole chapter. 2Cor5:14-15 are especially cool: a circle of Love. See, Greek "of" is usually (not always) communicated in the genitive case. Belonging-to. But, from whose perspective? 2Cor5:14's "Love of Christ" -- subjective genitive, that Christ is the One Loving, or objective genitive, we love Him? Well, think of what Paul has been saying in this chapter, and says after the verse: it's a Love Circle! First, Christ loved us (1Jn4:19 ties in here); as a result, we come to love Him. So, first, subjective, then objective, genitive: the Love that belongs to Christ, He has for us; as a result, His Love being poured into us via Spirit's pouring Doctrine (i.e., Rom5:5) causes us to Love Him. And that Love, belongs to us. So, as 2Cor5:15 notes, we live for Him now: left side of the Love equation becomes the right side. (Romans 6-8 uses the same math-path.) Clearly, that's pretty abnormal. Supernatural, in fact. The Holy Spirit's Filling Ministry, in fact.

      This is Divine Love, not human love. So it takes decades to get it. God being undivided, His Truth being poured into us means all the other Attributes would be cycling as well -- ergo the need to be Filled, for Only God Can Run This Thing. But if you are Filled and absent sufficient Truth, there's not enough 'room', so to speak, for the other Attributes to function. So that's why, back in the First Reason for Invisibility, we saw how Christ Himself had to be filled up with Truth, to Love God. It's not magic, it's a process of Learning which God continually RUNS. That's how Infinity can cycle inside finity, what Paul means in Eph3:15-19. Subjective then objective genitive. Operational Compatibility, despite the fact we are sinner humans. You don't learn Bible in a day, and you certainly don't learn Love until you've been in God's System for decades. First you have to UNlearn almost all your human ideas, replacing them with God's Apodoses. Then you have to live on what you learned, and get to Spiritual Adulthood before the Love is even BUILT. Then, you go through this longish phase of falling in love with God, which is fraught with all the human love problems -- being anal, mistaking love for emotion, not knowing what to do with the self because God is where self used to be in your thoughts -- but it all settles out into Divine Love conquering those natural human traits and needs, in Pleroma Maturity. So really, it's not until nearly the end of your life, when you actually fulfill the First Commandment.

      The OT people couldn't even get to our Spiritual Adulthood: their "love" was akin to our Spiritual Childhood. For as we saw in the Third Reason for Invisibility, until Christ Himself went far beyond the Law in Intimacy with Father, there was no human soul to 'copy' into other humans. So the best the OT folks could get, was a souped-up version of human love: much higher integrity, yet of mainly human characteristics. The Bible heroes did an awesome job with the lower life they had. But that's all childhood for us, just the same, theme of Gal3.

      My pastor taught this fact for decades. Gist is, we get His Own Soul cloned into us, now. That's why we Church get commands to THINK like Christ, i.e., 1Cor2:16, Phili2:5-10, Heb12:1-2, dozens of different thinking verbs in the Greek throughout the NT. The Lord changed the First Commandment, upgraded it versus Deut 6:5. Compare Matt 22:37, Mark 12:30, Luke 10:27, notice that "mind" isn't in the OT command, but the Lord inserts it. "Heart" stands for believing Word, "soul" is where you do that, but "mind" is Greek word dianoia, which is "understanding", specifically the function of it. An athletic cycling of thinking -- well, the OT people didn't have the Mind of Christ, so they couldn't do that. But when He came, He was teaching them, and of course that teaching was put in writing, after He died. So then "mind" insertion into the First Commandment, could be done. Which means the other three, "heart", "soul" and "strength" -- would all be BIGGER. But not until Christ, could this happen.

      So yeah, it takes a lifetime -- but no one prior to Church, even had the opportunity to know God this well. So bear in mind that this kenosis process of Love for God triumphing over all else, is a lifelong thing; it will always be at odds with your life and nature, as you persist in God's System. True Love is an Absolute Honor, and humans just aren't capable of that. Holy Spirit alone can build it. So you must live an abnormal life, constantly competing with normal needs and wants, in favor of this Love growing in you. It's a fight to the death. And as you progress in it, you won't be satisfied by anything else.

    Ergo, our lives are deliberately designed to parallel His: that's the main theme in 1Jn, especially at the beginning of 1Jn2 and 1Jn4:17. And what was His Life? Matt4:4. Not flash, not works, not do's. So, our happiness and love and joy are likewise designed to parallel His: that too, is the main theme in 1Jn (and everywhere else in the NT, frankly). So, we don't get to do flashy miracles for others, to prove we are Evidence of God, for the flashy miracles were only for Israel's covenant, and that covenant is temporarily on hold. So, the Cecile B. DeMille type-days are gone, during Now: "behold, new things have come!" as Paul exulted in 2Cor5:17. That's why Christ Himself is not doing flashy miracles today. Rather, as we saw in the Second Reason for Invisibility, Christ Himself is Ruling, and He uses the 'sign of Jonah': Silence, in favor of getting Bible Doctrine. [Luke 11:29-30; read whole of Jonah too, in order to understand what the Lord means in Luke, bearing in mind that Jonah spent the rest of His Life teaching Bible Doctrine to Assyria, and his tomb is there.]

    Our "miracle" is to learn Bible Doctrine, God's Script, in God's System. Constantly. As 1Jn keeps stressing, and Romans 12:2-3 (among other passages, e.g., Eph3:15-21) confirms, learning and using Bible Doctrine transforms us, so that we eventually learn to Love at a level impossible for humans. That's the miracle, far greater than flash: "love for the brethren" -- which only spiritual growth via 'metabolizing' doctrine produces. For, in learning Christ, we learn to see as He sees. So this transformation is actually a 'crossover' of its own: we cross over from our own view, to His. And His, is Divine (not human) Love.

    So it makes a lot of sense that, as 1Jn1:8-10 makes clear, not "eating" Doctrine is worse than sin, for us: we are supposed to have the Truth IN us, not make God out to be a liar (i.e., denying Jer31:31-34's promise). 1Cor2, 2Cor5, Romans6-8 (and esp. Chap8) all tie in, here. For the Holy Spirit is Our Mentor and Depositor; being 'spiritual' means being "Filled" with the Spirit (Eph5:18, +"not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord", etc). And what does "Filling" do? Well, as Romans 8:4 in the Greek explains, the purpose of the Filling is to "fill up" ="plerow", which we saw back in the First Reason for Invisibility is a big Bible keyword. [English trans of Rom8:4 usually says "fulfilled"; which is ok, if you understand that Filling-up is done by the Filling of the Spirit to make you fulfilled in Righteousness.] That means, filling up our imputed Righteousness (see 2Cor5:21 in this connection), spiritually. Rest of Rom8 explains how spirituality means 'things of the Spirit', which of course must mean that the Spirit does the Work. For, as Rom8:8-10 explains, the sin nature is at war with the Spirit, and can't obey. Hence the need for 1Jn1:9, to stay spiritual.

      As we saw in Part II, the desert God of the Israelites always condemned works. Isa64:6 likens them to menstrual rags (literal Hebrew). That's why no man-made altar was 'ok'. That's why Moses had to take off his man-made shoes when standing on the same ground as the Burning Bush. That's why the Bush burned, for crying out loud (the OT equivalent of the 1Cor3 contrast between gold, and stubble). The idea was and remains that only what God does, is Holy, Good. All else is only fit for burning. Thus, the only way God would let David have a Temple, is if God "endued" the builders (Oholiab, etc) via the Holy Spirit, and even that would wait until David's death, for his son Solomon would not be warring. ["Endued" is such a vague English word. It's often misunderstood, from what I can find in Christian literature about the term. The Hebrew significance is clearer, since obviously the HS took Samson's strength and greatly increased it; took Oholiab's skill, and greatly increased it. That's not Filling, but ENDOWING (which I think is a better term), meaning to add to something the person already has. Theological term, though, is "enduement". By contrast, the Church is ENDOWERED -- hence, Filled; from nothing-of-her-own, but everything from her FATHER! Like any proper Bride, especially for Such a Groom!]

      Note that pattern: God does all the work; moreover, He does Temple-Building work only through the Spirit, and only in conditions of peace. So, it's totally consistent, this Kenosis of Christ, for Kenosis IS Peace. No 'competition'. So it's totally consistent, that we Church, who are also likened to a Temple (for the Cornerstone), have to be filled with the Spirit or whatever we do is dung, Phili3:8.

    Apart from this (unfelt!) Filling status, one is "carnal" and hence never learns Christ. That's the problem the Corinthians had, and that's why Paul spends so much time explaining to them what spirituality is. Since the Canon was not complete yet, part of the Corinthian problem was to distinguish between what spirituality actually was, and the visible gifts they got, to get the spiritual information during the interim. So, Paul shows that the spiritual life requires supernatural perception, as 1Cor2 explains in detail. Not works. Not dreams, visions, etc. By 1Cor14, Paul makes it clear that the gifts are just stand-in's, child-like devices (see end of 1Cor13 for the true beginning of that concept). So, once the "adult" version of the spiritual life is in place, nothing visible or natural is the spiritual life, anymore, because the Holy Spirit alone will use His Power to Deposit The Son's Thinking in us. Same way as He did, for Our Christ. [Bible uses "deposit" in a lot of ways: downpayment, escrow, and 'deposit' like a deposit of money. Greek words aren't all properly translated so the English reader can see all this financial wordplay. But in NIV, there is an attempt. Eph1's escrow-funding words aren't translated, but HS as "Deposit" (downpayment) is in 2Cor1:22, 2Cor5:5. Doctrine as "deposit" is in 2Tim1:14. Wish all the financial words were acknowledged in the English!]

    So it's worse than sin, to not use 1Jn1:9, for in rejecting that, one rejects the Holy Spirit. {The more I examine the verses about this and hear my pastor's teaching on it, the more I get the strong impression this is the Christian 'side' of "blasphem[ing] the Holy Spirit" ('unforgivable sin' of never-believing in Christ); no loss of salvation, but permanent loss of inheritance.}

      Of course, every sin requires rejection of Bible Doctrine, too: but it's for the rejection of Doctrine, not the sin per se, that we are punished. Christ died for sins already, so we can't get judged for them: not even the unbeliever can be judged for them (see Rev20:11ff). Instead, just as the unbeliever is judged for his works (ibid), so also, are we. Our rejection of Truth is just as the unbeliever's: as he substitutes his works for Truth, so also we reject Truth in favor of a substitution; for, activism, works, feeling, ritual are all synonymous and evil, since they are all things man does on his own power. Man's own, not God's.

      "Evil" is to substitute something else for God. That's why the Garden Tree was named "Knowledge of Good-and-Evil", for there is no difference between the two: the moniker "good" is masked evil, compared to relatively-honest (i.e., gross) evil. 1Cor3 records the judgement for the Christian's own works: only fit for burning. Adam chose the woman over God, and called it "good". So, has been making figleaves in the name of "good", ever since. But, to hide that fact, separates out the grosser rebellions and calls only them 'evil'. So calls his "good", "godly". Which God should credit, of course! Is there a greater hatred of God than this? 1Jn1:8-10, a theme which continues through the rest of his epistle, replies a resounding no, there is no hatred greater, and it ends in the sin face-to-face-with-death. (1Jn5:16, corr. trans of that clause.)

      When you are dying, you know what's the score. If an unbeliever, you know you are rejecting the Gospel, because it's your last call, and God is making it clear to you. If you are a believer, you know you have refused 1Jn1:9, and it's your last call; and God is making it clear to you. Granted, for some this last call refused, might lead to a coma or other vegetative state, so we don't think the person dead. But death is an internal condition of evil so permeating the soul, that you know you hate God. And you are glad to hate Him. So all those people in hell are enjoying their CrossOver to Hatred so much, they barely feel the flames: read Luke 16:19ff, notice the manipulative attitude of the guy in Torments. All of Luke 16 is on the self-righteous crowd. Hatred fuels self-righteousness, the ultimate, hellish outcome of the CrossOver: in the soul. [Nerd Note: Luke 16:12 is the key verse in Luke 16, for the "true riches" are elsewhere defined in Bible as the Word itself; here, Christ's Thinking. No one sins who doesn't make a self-righteous argument that he deserves something. So all sin is based on self-righteousness, and all self-righteousness is based on hatred. For to be self-righteous requires that something/someone else, be put down. So those using Luke 16 to put down the rich, prove themselves unable to read that chapter, and need 1Jn1:9 so they can breathe again. We all do!]

    See why Paul used the swear word skubala in Phili3:8, to describe his own religious works? What is Paul saying, with such a coarse epithet? That works stink; that they are best gotten out of you, away from you, flushed out of your life! [Yes, it's a swear word: my pastor has spent a lot of time explaining it. When trying to talk about it in a chat room among Greek geeks, I was kicked out of the room. Modern Greek version is "skat", and I was able to verify that, too. Of course, the Modern Greek term is also a biological term for animal dung. So of course, the ancient Greek skubala is prudishly translated "dung" in KJV, or -- worse -- "rubbish" in other English versions. Man's self-righteousness knows no bounds. As usual, we are censoring God.]

      Paul ought to know: in Acts he had made a Nazirite vow in the Temple as a political compromise to make Peace(!) with the Jerusalem legalists, thus murdering the very teaching he'd previously instructed under the Holy Spirit to the Thessalonians, Galatians, Corinthians, and Romans! (Chap21ff, but read all previous chapters for background; also 1Cor15:1-10, Romans 11:13, 15:24ff, Gal2 for background) Due to James' calling in his past favor (Acts 21:25; L1586S2) to start Paul out in the to-Gentiles' ministry, and due to Paul's own emotion -- Paul got religious, again. And God sent him where God had previously told Paul to go -- Rome -- but, under the circumstances of Paul's refusal, God sent him to Rome in chains. Hence the autobiographical tinge of Paul's comment in Phili3:18-19.

      Once Paul got to Rome, what did God give Paul to "do"? Did the HS tell Paul to 'do' a charity act, since Paul was wealthy, which is why Paul funded that dang vow at James' suggestion; which is why bribe-happy Felix incarcerated Paul for so long, Paul finally appealed to Caesar? Once Paul is safely under house arrest in Rome, did the HS give Paul a ritual of some kind? Or, Indulgences? Or even "penance" of any kind whatsoever? No No No No -- God the Holy Spirit gave Paul Doctrine To Write, just as He had done before. Hence, the so-called "prison epistles", the most concentrated and highest-level doctrinal communication in the Bible. Philippians, for example, was written under house arrest. By then, though, Paul had learned Phili2:5-10 is the way to live the spiritual life, not works. Phroneo, thinking, not doing. God's Power, not man's.

    So works, disobey: for then we aren't 'running' under the Holy Spirit's Power like Christ did; meaning, our thinking 'running' (Phili2:5ff). So, we get punished for that. (Heb12:5-12, in context of Heb12:1-2 in the Greek; English is much harder to follow.) Punished bigtime: if we don't wake up, the punishment escalates all the way to capital punishment, like it nearly did for Paul (1Jn5:16; see also Phili3:18-19). Kinda raw, ain't it, to be executed for doing good deeds? But kinda evil, ain't it, to prefer your doings to having His Truth in you (1Jn1:8-10, again)? It's the Word of the Cross that's the Work of the Cross! No wonder the writer of Hebrews accused his readers of murder: "crucifying the Son afresh" by their works! (Heb6:6.) So, shouldn't one be executed, if one persists in stabbing Him? That's what works do: doo-doo murder! If Paul, the #1 apostle in God's Opinion, was prone to this problem -- how much more, we?

    Bible calls this disobedience "adikia", usu. translated "unrighteousness" or "wrongdoing" in English, the last word in 1Jn1:9; and if you trace the word and its synonyms in the Greek of NT carefully, you'll find it is used in connection with grieving, quenching, or lying to the Spirit, Who is the One Who builds Truth in us. Just like He did, for Our Christ. So it's adikia, adikos, unrighteous, wrongdoing! to not be kenotic. To not live on Bible Doctrine, to not have the Truth in us. Just like 1Jn1:8-10 baldly says (note how John crafts parallel clauses in that passage, carefully matching the last clause in 1Jn1:8 to the last one in 1Jn1:9; to the last one in 1Jn1:10). Colossians 3:25 uses the same terminology. [Col 1:9-10 are the contextual base, so in Col3:25, Paul's calling wrongdoing, not getting the Truth in you. Of course, English translations of Col 1:9-10 are all mangled: for they reverse the Greek's Doctrine="Fruit" meaning in those two verses. First of all, the terms in those two are anarthrous, to signify only Divine Work and Divine Enabling and Divine Production: so the Filling of the Spirit is presumed. You learn about anarthrousness in 1st-year-Greek in seminary. So to reverse the meaning to man, is flat blasphemy. Moreover, the translators overlooked the basic grammar rule that in Greek, participles always precede or underly the action of the main verb; also, the rule that the most important stuff is placed at the end of the clause or sentence, in order to stress basis or importance (same rule is in modern Russian). So in the God-breathed Greek, the participles in Col1:10 prove that because you learn under the Spirit, "fruit" is the learning, and that's the work God is doing! So to refuse the Spirit is "wrongdoing", adikia, in Col3:25. It's really clear. But English translations make God's Word of no importance, giving man's doo-doo's, replacing importance. Such translated reversals illustrate the classic satanic 2nd-Temptation method of murder-by-distortion, applied on us hapless Christians. So this complaint is not against the translators, but rather more evidence of the Trial defendants, preying on us. So we need 1Jn1:9 as protection against their predations. "Appendix" link at either page end summarizes his strategy and tactics.]

      Galatians 6:7 and Hosea 4:6 and Hosea 8:7 show the rule here is consistent, in the OT. In short, works were never dikaios (righteous, just) without living on Doctrine while doing them. Sins always result from rejection of God's Word, from Satan's own fall, forward. But the real adikia/wrongdoing, is the rejection itself. Sin is but the excuse or the follow-through substitute one adopts: deceiving himself, of course. Just like John is saying in 1Jn1:8,10.

      Therefore, adikia and adikos are exactly the reverse of dikaios, righteous, so you can see why "unrighteousness" is often the translation, but in English, that's fuzzy. The words are also very pregnantly used in the (LXX) OT and the Gospels (the Lord uses adikia a lot) -- do a BibleWorks (or similar software) search on these terms.

    The root meaning of adikia (the noun) or adikos (the adjective) is, ABUSE OF JUSTICE BY A JUDGE. In other words, someone in a position of public trust misuses his authority. So it's not just any ol' small thing, that "adikia" references. If you are not on God's Script in God's System, you are worse than a murderer, because you are in a public-trust position and are abusing your position. We are Royal Family of God. As you'll see in the Second Main Characteristic, that means everything we think is of epic importance in the Trial, and hence on earth. Parts IVa-d will cover how that epic importance, impacts history. My pastor stresses these facts so much (how else do you think I learned about adikia), he spent a good seven years on a daily basis, exegeting Ephesians to prove the parameters to us. Hence DueDisclosure.htm ("Kingship" link at pagetop) sketches those parameters: you'd not want to spend seven years to learn them, right? Take it very seriously, to be in God's System. For you will get it very seriously, if you are not.

      Overall, adikia and its cousin adikos range in meaning from 'false testimony', to 'disputation', to 'wrongdoing', the gamut of rejection/rebellion. Notice, also, when you search (my pastor's classes tipped me off to this fact): no one in the OT ever got purification from adikia, but only ceremonial cleanliness. But we do get purification: katharizw in 1Jn1:9, usu. translated 'cleansed' in English, really means "purified". If we use 1Jn1:9, we are purified of all wrongdoing/unrighteousness; no longer just the symptoms are treated (that's "cleansed"), but the disease! For, adikia accelerates the addictive sin-nature sickness we inherited from Adam, even more than sin does, because adikia is an advance on sin -- which is to say, evil. Analogy: people go to hell because they reject, not because they sin; the rejection is the evil. So to be purified from adikia, is greater than any 'cure' man could dream of! See how great is our salvation? Folks in the OT didn't have the Mind of Christ available to them, because He hadn't become Human yet (John 3:34, 7:39). But we do. So we can be purified on the inside; they could only cleanse the surface, so to speak (see Hebrews Chaps 9-10 on this, it's a main theme of those chapters).

      [Greek verb katharizw is used for purification in 1Jn1:7 and 9, but I don't see it used the same way anywhere in the OT; instead, katharizw is only used in the OT for purifying the temple, the altar, its implements! Since John is very careful to use LXX terminology, this has to be a deliberate parallel; that we are purified analogous to the way the Temple was; and (v.7) that Christ's Blood does the purifying (John's way of saying what the writer of Hebrews wrote in Heb6:19, bookending to 9:11-14). And of course, that makes sense! For we are a Temple (1Cor6:19), that's why the Spirit Indwells us. John uses menw a lot deliberately to reference Shekinah Glory, in his writings (Shekinah is not a Bible word, but the concept sure is), and 1Jn repeatedly stresses the importance of being in fellowship using menw, treating it as a synonym for koinonion (sp), from which we get the English word "communion". Wow: this topic could easily take 100 pages to explain! Closest OT concept is really a setting-apart due to the Nazirite vow, for only the period of the vow: LXX uses "hagnizw" in Numb6, of course. So does Acts 21:24, the infamous vow of purification Paul got into. Katharizw is not used. Amazing. Moreover, further searching on the verb and its cognates in LXX shows that it was a promise of future purification, post-death. Because, ho Christos (LXX term) had not yet come. The Temple represented His Paying for sins and us being purified in Him -- hence it was the Temple which was purified -- see Isa53:10 in LXX, where katharizw is used ON He Who was made sin for us. So the OT people couldn't get purification. But we can. So if we refuse 1Jn1:9, we are liable to much more discipline; which Paul is warning about, in Col3:25. Note how the concept was known well in the OT, hence the fact that John's writing a generation later tying back to Paul and the OT, is very specific. God help the believers who don't learn this! Scares me to death!]

    Evil, adikia, or Kenosis, Marriage?

    Let's pause to look at evil for a bit. Sin is kinda like slipping on a banana peel, but EVIL is calling the slip, 'good'. [Hebrew term for "Tree of the Knowledge of Good-and-Evil" literally equates both good and evil as two sides of the same coin.] Self-righteousness is the base of all evil; the homosexual's sin of same-sex is but a sin, but his justification of it, is evil. So, every time that justification is used, the person thus justifying himself becomes more evil. Line upon line. Until hopelessly tangled. At the so-called 'opposite' end, the self-righteous prolifer is also evil, for he justifies his crusading, rather than letting God handle it, for the self-righteous 'Christian' crusader lusts. For the crusader, is looking man-man, rather than at God-man: instead of looking to God, he looks to man; so in effect, has 'intercourse' with man, refusing God's solution. It's a major topic in Isaiah, and has parallels in the NT (eyeservice, men pleasers, don't be like the Pharisees, etc). Hence evil THOUGHT semen, in members of the same 'kind'.

      Paul makes this very analogy in Romans 2 onward, equating moral evil, to immoral evil. Paul does the same thing in Galatians. The second you crusade, you are just as evil as Satan. Whether you know it or not. For God, not man, Alone works. Satan doesn't like that fact, and the crusader doesn't, either. So, not merely sin, but rejection. Rebellion. Whether the one in it knows he is, or not.

      As noted in Part II's small-font note about Mary, the Mother of the Humanity of Christ, it is a sin to refuse sex with your husband (cites are there); hence, the Catholic claim about her is patently false. For, if she refused sex, she'd have sinned, and not be immaculate; if she didn't refuse sex, then Christ had half-brothers. [Which of course is what Gospels say; Paul also notes it in Gal1:19, 1Cor15:7; see also John 7, 1Cor9:5, NIV. More on the origin of the Catholic position, from Catholicism itself, is in Part IVc's "RETIRE" section. The point matters, to show how easily Satan dupes us sincere Christians, in any denomination.]

      Why is it a sin to refuse sex with one's husband? Biggest reason: Both throughout OT (graphically!), NT, and in the Trial, Sex depicts Relationship with God. That's why He invented it. [Most bald NT passage in Greek is 1Cor6, which uses proskollaw, the sex-act verb in the Genesis command for a man to "cleave" to his wife. Heb is davaq. Baldest OT passage is Ezek16.] Hence homosexuality and all non-marital sexual acts are severely punished. Hence works are also punished, for they are a form of 'homosexuality': done to/for man, rather than God. A form of harlotry (Rev17). Hence Paul was so severely punished. Hence Israel was so severely punished. Get it? All these are forms of infidelity to God, because all of these substitute people for God. True fornication is with your attitude.

    Could God make it plainer? "Kenosis" is intimate Love. Setting aside one's own desires, in favor of the One intimately Loved. 1Cor6, Eph5: He wants a marital relationship; to substitute anything for the learning of His Son's Thinking is to refuse the spiritual equivalent of "sex", which is why sex was created in the first place, to depict what the spiritual life is really like experientially. For, the 'body' you need to 'make love' to God, is the 'body' of Christ's Thinking! A physical body is not enough (phallicism's chippie substitute); emotion is not enough (ritualism & feeling-religions' chippie substitute); works are for someone/something else, so obviously not enough! Why? Because Infinite Infinite Infinite God is neither: both "body" and "emotion" are finite, and thus change; God having no body, works don't "go" to God, but to people, lol. Duh.

    So: "infidelity" is in the soul, not the body: as the Lord frequently said in the Gospels, it's the thinking which defiles a man.The body merely 'does' whatever volition, which is in the soul, tells the body to do. That's why you have comments in Scripture, like

    • the Lord's pronouncement that if a man even thinks of committing adultery, he already has, by that very thought. (Matt5; Bible's 33 verses on "adultery" are very apt, here.)
    • "My ways are not your ways, nor My thoughts your thoughts" (in Isa55, a complaint about incompatibility, as well as how much Higher God is);
    • what the Lord said about how what defiles, is what a man thinks, whereas food just goes into the stomach and out from the body (e.g., Matt15, Mark7).
    • the constant stress on thinking (Deut 6, Phili2:5, Rom12, many other passages).
    • the constant censure about being "cows of Bashan", or like analogies/terms (metaphor for stupidest, in Amos' day); or "aphron" (usu. "fools" in Eng of Eph5:17).
    • Proverbs (and Paul) praising wisdom, and as a female (both Heb and Greek nouns are depicted as female).
    See? The 'good wife' thinks, and thinks like her husband. The "foolish" one, of course, doesn't. Solomon bemoaned women like that in Ecclesiastes and Proverbs; and Solomon, who married so many women, should know!

    So Fidelity is thinking like your Husband, FOR Your Husband (Eph5);
    infidelity is the opposite.
    Coalescence of thought then, is fidelity; which means, Kenosis.

    So, then: what's the Divine Punishment gonna hafta be, if we reject 1Jn1:9, we who are the ONLY ones in history who can GET purification from adikia? So, even more for we Church, the far greater evil is rejecting Truth, which we routinely do, given our appalling lack of interest in Scripture qua Scripture. So to not use 1Jn1:9, as (apparently) many in Christendom now find so fashionable to reject (claiming verses like Eph1:7 and Col 1:14, yet ignoring 1Jn1:9 and its precedents in OT, like Ps32:5 and 66:18), is to ask for Heb12:5ff to scourge self. Of course, for anyone who awakens (2Tim2:26) from his addiction-to-self-righteousness and USES 1Jn1:9, God converts that punishment to benefit, as indeed He has always done for believers. Else, the person keeps on being scourged, for to not "eat" Bible Doctrine results in spiritual starvation. Thus goes Christendom's goofy history, and its maladies among those who chose to starve (i.e., they go insane). Can't eat Bible Doctrine without 1Jn1:9, as 1Jn1:8-10 clearly prove, even from English. [Nerd Note: Not all maladies are due to sin or Divine Discipline. Many are, some aren't. One can't "judge" another's spiritual life by illness. Worse, judging means one maybe gets that malady in 'reply' from God! So be careful. See the "Spir.Pathology" link at either page end.]


    "Kenosis" is Love, and, like Love, it hurts: until one Loves enough. Thus "Kenosis" means living on Doctrine like Christ did, in order to learn to love enough (1Jn4-5, Eph3:15-21). Which, like physical exercise, 'hurts' until the (spiritual) muscles are strong enough. At that point, it's no longer a chore or a bother, but a joy to huff-and-puff. But one doesn't get there, on one's own power; nor, by one's own wants. Remember the mechanics of how He paid for our sins? So, then: what must we not do? Forsake learning Him! Could God make it more obvious? [Of all the things I can remember my pastor teaching, the one sentence which shocks me the most is his statement in 92SD, L1641 that the Trial Evidence Goal is for the believer to "have the exact same love Christ had on the Cross". When you review the "love" verses in Greek, paying very close attention to syntactical stress, you can prove that quote true. Truly awesome. ]

    As Part I explained, Love Completes Integrity, which is why its Completion IN you is a Trial Victory. Righteousness and Justice cannot retain their character and be 'foregoing', but "Love is innately foregoing", as Part I explained (quoting from it). For Love to rise to this level, it must be freely developed. Therefore the development of Love is your Trial Victory; failure to develop in Love is Trial Failure. And since "Love" in the Bible only means God's Love (term is always mistranslated, cutting God's head off) -- you cannot win, unless you are living on God's Script, in God's System.

    Here's why it's so important in the Trial. Love is voluntary, and the level of love is what sustains. Greek sunecho, keyword in 2Cor5:14: "sun" means "together", and "echo" has connotation of holding, having, owning. So, comes to mean what holds you together, sustains you, motivates you, keeps you going, keeps you wanting to keep going. Just the opposite of compulsion. Of course, if you don't love, and are legalistic like the dippy translators of that verse, you spin Love into a work, and screw it up by translating "sunecho" as "compels" or "constrains", sigh.

    So, then: lack of Kenosis means

    • adikia,
    • Evil which is Abuse Of Justice so even worse than homosexuality or whatever sin bugs you the most in others;
    • Trial Witness Failure,
    • apostacy which blasphemes God.
    Do I need stronger words to say how bad this is? Can't get worse than Heb5:11-6:12, which has so much scathing sarcasm, you can barely read it. Try "crucifying the Son afresh" as the writer's description of what works do (Heb6:6)!

    Sadder still, lack of Kenosis means the 'wife' is busy doing stuff which doesn't benefit her! For, what did God say to Isha, as the 'punishment' for her fall? "Thy desire shall be for thy Husband." Cry all the way to the bank, Church! Our Husband is our desire! How blessed we are, then, if He is willing to punish us for not going in His Direction?

    Which direction, of course, we almost never go in, since we are Eph4:14, "panourgia": prone to any anti-God definition of 'spirituality'. Witness: the recent movie, "Dogma" (starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Alan Rickman), which covered our panourgiac direction rather well. We either rush headlong into hedonism, or headlong into halakic 'holiness', bored silly; "God" is capricious girl who keeps secrets; just a Voice no one can hear without dropping dead; and all God's servants fall splat! on the road before mankind. At least hedonism is more 'honest', and easier to cure! For, mainstream Christianity is anything but kenotic: works-oriented; emotional-service-oriented; activistic; trying to influence government and people. Ergo, public; noisy, full of "brother-this, brother-that", sonorous (zzzzz) tones and self-righteous pronouncements -- oh: and walls full of plaques with lots of initialled degrees, but no common sense. Just like the Pharisees before us, so we Christians are. "My people perish for lack of knowledge", Hosea moaned. Not for lack of good deeds, though, aha! After all, doesn't every university have at least one building proudly carved, "You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free"? High up, of course. Where no one can read it.

    By contrast, the Lord Denied Himself The Use Of His Own Power: He didn't do any works at all. Not even one. Check the Gospels for what Scripture says and omits about His, the Most Important Life:

    • Where does Scripture show Him contributing to charity? Moreover, didn't He reprimand those who castigated Mary for buying the ointment for His Body, "the poor you shall have with you always?"
    • Do you see Christ waving placards for any cause whatsoever, or advocating any change in Roman or Herodian law? Did He campaign against abortion, pornography, or advocate anyone else do so? Surely you know those two practices are as old as mankind.
    • Do you see Him favor potlucks, bazaars, fancy 'revival' or 'healing' rallies?
    • Did He bing some miracle to end world hunger, or even suggest man try: or did He reprimand those who believed due to the few miracles He did do? (I.e., John6:26ff through end of Chap7, NIV.)
    • Does He spout nice platitudes, politically-correct hedges, or is He at times deliberately sarcastic and caustic (ibid)?
    • Do you see Him frothing at the mouth, "getting the Ghost", rolling in the aisle of the synagogue? Do you see Him sponsor emotional ceremony? Didn't He rather say, that 'he who loves me, OBEYS MY MANDATES? [Jn14:15, 15:10, 1Jn2:4,3:22,24,5:3, Rev14:12. See also Deut 11:13,22.] Where oh where does He ever mandate emotionality, ritual, and the other popular Christian stuff as the spiritual life? What would God ever need of such things?
    • Do you see Him, for Whom His "food is to do the Will of Him Who sent Me" -- do you see Him EVER advocate licentiousness, or rather, didn't He advocate morality for one's own earthly benefit, just as Moses counseled, in Deut 4:40 and Ecc12:13? One's own EARTHLY benefit, not not not salvation? For what did he tell the guy in Matt19:17? And, what is the First Commandment (Matt22:40, Mk12:18ff)? And if all commandments aren't kept, or are distorted, what happens (hint: Exo15:26, Lev26:14-15,Numb15:39, Deut4:2, 4:40, 5:29, -- over 3 dozen verses)?

    • Conversely, Do you see Him advocate 'theonomy', witch hunts, crusading, armies to come and free Jerusalem (you know, the excuse for the later Crusades); or rather: didn't He Teach about the Kingdom of Heaven, not about the kingdom of the earth? Where did He tell Pilate His Kingdom WAS?

    • Do you ever see Him praise giving large amounts of money -- or, rather, praise a woman who gave only a little?
    • Did He condemn the adulteress, or deliberately refrain from talking while her accusers used her to accuse Him?
    • Do you see Him lauding all that religious activity in front of the Temple -- or do you see Him turning over tables violently, like a robber of that day would do, to drive home the point that religious activity is robbery? For what did He say: they had turned a house of prayer -- talking with the FATHER -- into a den of thieves (substitute righteousness)! Oh no, 'gain' isn't to be had from asking God, but rather, from stuff one does himself!?

    • Do you see Him ever make loud, flashy sermons or prayers; do you see Him advocate set prayers you but chant, or rituals? Rather, didn't He warn everyone not to multiply their prayers with many words like the Gentiles do? Didn't He rather warn everyone not to pray the way the Pharisees do? Rather, didn't He tell the so-called "Lord's Prayer" only to the Disciples, as an outline, for crying out loud?! Rather, how does He Himself pray to the Father, in John 17? In the Garden?!

    • So do you ever see Him say any of the foregoing activities were good -- or, rather, did He say, "Why do you call Me Good? Only God is good" (Matt19:17, Mk10:18ff)? [The miniseries "Jesus of Nazareth" really covers this topic well. Amazing how the producer, Franco Zeferelli got away with it!]

    Didn't He condemn ALL such activities as Pharisaical and pride-motivated, in the Gospels? Didn't He say, "seek ye first the Kingdom and HIS [Father's] Righteousness", rather than the world and its righteousness? Wasn't the reason that the rich young ruler was given that deliberately-impossible way to inherit eternal life -- give away all he had and follow Christ -- wasn't that to show how love-of-the-world is not seeking "the Kingdom and His Righteousness"? Merely giving away all he had, wouldn't make him inherit, for what else did he have to do? "..and Follow Me"! So here's a deep question: when John the Baptist baptised Him, think -- did Christ need it to be saved? LOL! (See Rom4 and Rom6.) Even when the Lord converted the last Passover into the Eucharist, what did He say? "Keep on doing this in REMEMBRANCE of Me." Not, doing as a mystical experience, or cannibalism, or 'work', but -- dining together! Look it up yourself! [Luke 22:19, 1Cor11:24 NIV. "Doing" means "keep on doing", Greek word poieo. How anyone can get a literal wafer-changes-into-Body meaning out of Remembrance, I'll never be able to fathom. Spiked wine, maybe? Does no one remember that the Passover was originally and always a Remembrance of Deliverance From Bondage (Exodus 12)? Guess not, despite the fact that Exodus movies are among the most popular in Christendom (remember the 10 Commandments, starring Charleton Heston).]

    Ok, then What Did Jesus Think? What Did Jesus Do while down here? Well, look at the Gospels. What do you see Him do, except learn, use, or teach Bible? Gee, and that even before the Cross, on which obviously all He could do, was Think!

    Then where does Christendom get all its goofy ideas? Whose 'bible' are they avidly eating? Not God's.

    Yeah, not God's. Yeah, Satan's. Satan's counterfeit doctrine, 1Tim4:1, 2Tim4:1-4 (ties to Eph4:14). Mouthed to sound like the Bible, promoted on TV like you can't believe, even in mainstream network TV. Whatever is the false, gets lots of media attention. But the truth -- literal Greek, "the unhidden" -- remains hidden. In plain sight. Invisible truth, versus Visible Lies. And we panourgiacs just flock to them, hallelujah!

    Now let's look at what Satan does, how clever: Bible has all these warnings. Bible is mistranslated to make it look like man does stuff, cutting God's head off. So what 'you' think the spiritual life is, when 'you' see someone NOT 'living' it, can justify 'you' patting yourself on the back over how 'faithful' you are. So Demonation A and Demonation B can have at each other, each considering himself oh-so-faithful. And neither knowing what's actually IN the Bible. This happened in Constantine's Rome -- one of the most corrupt shameful periods in Christian history -- this happens today among believers. And of course, the same ruse is how the terrorists could justify flying planes into the Twin Towers on 9/11. Satan beats us all, baby, and he does it, via the visible. So that the unhidden remains safely hidden.

    The Dungheap VISIBILITY TRAP

    See how it's Now a lot easier for us to fail in the spiritual life? It's a lot easier to fall for Satan's Matt4 temptations: belly vs. Bible; splashy vs. silent spirituality; legalism vs. Love-For-God, the quintessential fantasy-over-freedom motive which felled none other than Satan himself. For we can't see God except via Doctrine, but we sure can see the lovely substitutes Grandma Satan wants us to 'eat'. Ay, Hansel und Gretel!

    For Satan's plan is at its most subtle, most complex -- totally visible, totally accepted by an ever-more-homogenized, competent world. There's no visible Divine manifestation. "Miracles" one sees are likely hoaxes. Any true miracles can always be explained away. So, world-improvement is the visible "miracle" Satan sells us, to replace God's "silence". Far more ways to trip up, than ever before. Far easier to fall for visible works. Or, "getting the Ghost". Or, praying for miracles which Satan&Co. can "do". Or, the psychic stuff (which is easy for them to make true). Or, that tyrannical religiosity known as "theonomy", which addicts the US, while I write. (Thomas A. Bailey, a famous American historian, maintains, in his The American Pageant, that we Americans have always had this mean theonomic streak, due to the types of religious sects which were popular at our founding.)

      Satan's complex plan, you'll remember from Part I, is to dismember God, and hence our spiritual life, down to the level of a footman. This traps the believer into wanting visibility, especially at a time when no visibility exists. This traps the believer into Divorcing God by not learning God's Script. Just as the strawman complainer in Jas2:18 wanted his works to count, but James retorted, theme since 1:1, that Doctrine Works. (Click here for my video playlist on James' exegesis.) Satan thus makes visibility-hungry Christian conclude JUST LIKE THE STRAWMAN in James 2:18 -- that his works, prove his faith! So if he doesn't work, he's got no 'faith', so not saved. Amazing, the genius of this satanic reversal, in plain sight!

      SATANIC COUNTER STRATEGY KEY, Repeated ==> Here, as in the Third Reason for Invisibility, Satan's counter is to bang the drum on OT visible methods of relating to Him, because they are no longer needed, to learn Christ. So, God will be "too high" to know. So, you have to "do" things. You have to "experience" God through miracles, feeling-ceremonies, etc. Because, all these are NOT the spiritual life, anymore. Because, all these negate learning Him from the inside, Now.

      So, learning Scripture must be relegated to the homily, merely adjunctive. So, the 'proper' attitude towards Scripture is lukewarm, dismissive: it should play a subordinate role: you know, grace the brow of some school building, hah! "You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free." Truth, not works. So, the "unhidden" (aletheia=English "truth", but root meaning is "unhidden"), is unseen. Hiding in Plain Sight. So, works! So, study of Scripture is relegated to the realm of the curious, the intellectual. So, you must be arrogant or highbrow to study Scripture. So, you must be arrogant or highbrow to understand Scripture in its original languages. Or, conversely, studying Scripture is a 'work' so you get praised for being so 'holy', as if the purpose of studying Scripture was to make-self-good, rather than to get contact with God!?!

      "Satan" means "opposing lawyer". Here that lawyerly finesse shows awesomely. For by defining the spiritual life as a visible thing -- when sheer logic would tell you the opposite -- Satan narrows vision. So you become more and more blind, get it? Blind people grope. So to best blind you, Satan&Co. stress stuff you can see. Therefore, what is truly visible proof of God -- i.e., the rampant, super-human wit in Bible mistranslation which lol anyone can prove is satanically directed -- goes unseen. Do you get the wit here? "By indirections, we find directions out" said Shakespeare (I forget which play, maybe Othello or Hamlet). So we become gropers, because we didn't turn a blind eye to works. So we will be blinded by the flame of our works burning, at the Bema: John 15:1-6, Rom11:16-22 (which references the content we know as John 15:1-6), 1Cor3, "glory..shame" clause in Phili3:19, Rev4:1's sea of glass (playing on 1Cor13:12).

    Moreover, what we are Now invisibly to "do", learn Christ, is unlike the simple Mosaic standard. Thus, "Learn Christ" is hopelessly complicated by the inanities of religion -- especially Christian religion, as we all use our Royal Freedom to learn. This freedom results in the endless factions and their trivia; past Councils, spiritual-baby-debates, intra-Family persecutions -- these all muddy the waters of what "learn God" even means. Here are some examples of how childish we Christians are about Scripture, even after centuries of having full written Canon! What saps we are for Satan's plan, perishing in our ignorance of Bible's Doctrine. As you read the bullets below, notice how we sincerely can't even think our way out of a paper bag.

    • What if I miss church on Sunday? Do I say set prayers? Do I name my sins to a priest? What foods should I avoid? Should I not dance or go to movies, since that's what unbelievers do? Is it a sin to wear makeup, or watch sports? Should sex only be for getting children? Should I get medicine for my illness, or trust God to heal me? Should I get a job, or sit on a park bench, and trust God to bring me a job? How do I know God's Will -- do I follow Peter's use of lots, do I get a vision, or do I open my Bible to a random page with my eyes closed, and then put my finger on that page, then open my eyes? How do I lose my salvation? Is baptism required? Does it save? What if I don't 'get the Ghost' and speak in tongues -- am I unsaved? I don't FEEL saved.

    • Do women wear long hair, or hats? Can women wear pants, and men, robes? Should believers meet in houses, or a building? Should we stop worshipping His Birth on December 25, since that was the pagan Saturnalia? Is Communion some kind of cannibalism, mystical experience? Which rituals are better than others? Which works are better than others? How much money should one give to the church? Should priests marry? Can people divorce? Should the church excommunicate? Is the Church Universal? Does Hell exist? Don't people who commit suicide go to Hell? How did Satan get paid by the Cross? Did Satan have sex with the woman in the Garden? Is evolution in the Bible? Is reincarnation in the Bible? Are dinosaurs in the Bible? What's the date of the Rapture? Are we in the Tribulation? Does 9/11 mean Bin Laden is the Anti-Christ? Are blacks from Cain? Are Christians the real Israelites?

    • Is "God" the same in any religion, just a different 'name'? Is "Trinity" in the Bible? Was Christ solely Human until He died? Did God die on the Cross? Is God One, or Two, or how many? Does Christ have One Will, or Two? What does "proceed" mean? Is the Holy Spirit a real Person, or a manifestation? Is Father more God than Son, than Spirit, because "Father"? Whatever THAT means!?!

    It's shocking to realize that believers took positions on the puerile issues above, rather than read their Bibles; and then, used those positions to ostracize, plunder, maim, and murder millions of other people, who disagreed! All this, in the very name of God Himself!!! See how vile, how body-bound is our thinking? And how come our ideas of God were so goofy? What's so mysterious about the Hypostatic Union? Why is Trinity so hard to figure out? Weren't Matt4:4 and 2Cor13:14 in their Bibles back during Constantine's day -- or even today? How body-bound our 'theology', how we childishly narrow spirituality to do's and days and eatings and dressings. Paul wrote extensively against all that, in Romans and Corinthians; that to the unbeliever these puerile things are alike relevant; so although we aren't bound by them, we don't flaunt our freedom in the unbeliever's face; but we aren't to regard these idols as important, either. But instead, we idolize those things even more than unbelievers do. Proving we only thump our Bibles.

      Satan, of course, gets his rocks off by encouraging us to "defend God"! That means WE, not God, are foremost, see. We, not God, are 'good'! God is the Victim, not the Victor! See Satan's bitter satire against the Victory of the Ascension and Session? See why theonomy and all like defense-of-God pursuits are the worst evil? See how they lead to the same plundering, maiming, murdering as has been true since the Session? See how he traps us, see how we stop growing?

    So no wonder unbelievers see no difference in being Christian, and rightly castigate us for saying ours is the "only way". It is the only Way: but the way we are telling them, is NOT the Way it is. But we are blind-of-Word, so don't know that. But we prove our blindness by the issues we fret over. And Satan&Co. laugh their heads off.

      The 12/19/2005 issue of TV Guide has a blurb on Barbara Walters' hosting a 12/20 special on how one gets to Heaven. She was asked why she did this unusual thing (p.20); she replied that while she was not religious, in part because it seemed ludicrous that there be only 'one way' to God, nonetheless the get-to-Heaven topic was interesting: not the usual 20/20 fare. Notice how axiomatically she states that there shouldn't be only one way to God? She represents the world's view there, aptly: she's miscasting the issue in terms of human good and sin, just like Christians mistakenly do.

      See: People Can't Believe In Christ If They Have No Reason. Satan stresses the visibility, so they won't see any reason. Because, we believers are busy Abusing Justice, adikia: for we are not learning the Word. So we are the cause of the unbeliever's not knowing Why Believe; for only the believer on God's Script in God's System, can know what the Bible really says. It takes Divine Power to learn Bible: power we are not using, because we are running after the idols of works. No kenosis, no love, so no difference from the unbeliever. Oh, we have a lot to answer for, at the Bema.

      Granted, the unbeliever will grab any ol' excuse to disbelieve. We were like them, so we know how it plays 'from the inside'. So they really need a better explanation than they get: same doo-doo as all the religions, what's the diff, all roads lead to God, then; i'm a good person, so I'm going to heaven. No, they aren't! But we aren't explaining why. We are competing, instead. Thus looking like them. As Paul noted in Phili3:20, we're no longer citizens of this world, but of heaven (see also Eph2:19). So we should learn that difference, ourselves.

      Never have I seen even a remotely-accurate documentary or TV program on Bible-related topics. I keep trying. Most of them don't even use the Bible, but only words IN the Bible which are also in fake holy books or the mouths of demonstrably-inept 'scholars'. For example, that incredibly puerile "Da Vinci Code" garbage is based on pseudipigrapha, Koran, Catholicism, gossip, but not on Bible (see Grail.htm). The 'scholarship' is laughable. Always. Very embarrassing.

      Hey: it's Satan's world, what do you expect? Truth? [Nerd Note: it's significant that Catholicism gets picked as the representative of Christianity, when virtually every doctrine in it is anti-Bible. That's not Catholicism's fault. That's not the Catholic's fault. That's people wanting to pick the false, so they can nod their heads. Many a Catholic doesn't believe in what the "Mother Church" -- Rev17, really -- teaches. And frankly, at least 50 years ago, even my relative's 1953 Catholic Missal books didn't require you to believe, but just offered all that ritual stuff as suggested. So again -- it's not the RCC's fault. Her harlotry is out in the open, easy to compare to Bible, and you could fix what's wrong with it and still be in God's System (after all, "mass" is a celebration, and if you know Bible you can celebrate it with Bible-in-your-head). Frankly, for centuries that's what people did (i.e., the Cluny monasteries so popular toward the end of the first millenium AD). We'd not have the Reformation without Catholics (they started it); we'd not have Codex Vaticanus without Catholics (Tregelles forced its publication). So no need to castigate RCC, every need to pray for them all. Every need to be alert to Satan's wiles. We are all dupes, absent God's Script in God's System.]

      So here we Christians are, with the lone monopoly on Truth, but we don't live on God's Script(ure) in God's System, so how can anyone have information to rebut the media blitz? So: in a scathing passage (beginning in 1Jn3:8), John likens the works-no-Bible Christian to a Satan, Cain, and a murderer. (1Jn3:17-18, translated in DDNA1.htm -- search on "nor in lipservice" once you load the page.) Now you know why.

      It's no exaggeration to say people are dying by the millions, and it's our fault. Takes a long time to get trained up in the Word so you can accurately represent Him. So those getting saved, are getting saved by a very precious few. 99.9% of the Gospel presentations aren't even the Bible's own Gospel, but are adulterations (see Royal Gospel Brief, left top blue boxes on Home Page). This is worse than genocide, and we only have ourselves to blame.

    In sum, all these many tangles are far more complicated than the Judaic obsessions ever were. We don't have the neat rules of the OT -- except to argue over. Do they still apply? Jews never had to worry about that. We, however, do. So yes, we do need to learn what's right. Yet, not at the expense of growing. Spiritual growth requires we get beyond these babyish obsessions (cf. Heb5:11-6:6). Satan intends to tangle us up in them, so we never grow up.

    Whoa. What a Royal Role, Kenosis. What a Royal tangle we've made by our CrossOvers into the visible, eschewing the Word. What Royal screwups we are. And why? LOL, because we are Royal Family of God, no matter what!


    Secondly, we, the Bride-Evidence, being Bride, are ROYAL, like our Betrothed. Royalty is essentially separated, distant -- even (in many ways), "Invisible" -- just as Christ Himself, The Lexeme of Lexemes: The King Over Kings, the Lord Over Lords, is currently Invisible to the World.

    CLICK HERE to go to First Reason for Royalty: Father's Gift To Christ is to make us Bride, Royal, High, instead of low; let us beware of plebeian arrogance.